Bellydancing! Lessons or at home DVD?
why? are so many questions on this site asked over and over on page after page?
is it better to take tap shoes the right size or a bit smaller?
I need a song to dance to at competition. For my mom?
wat is the kind of dance the cheetah girls do called?
Should I take the offer and become a stripper?
Does anyone remember Vlad who answered in the dancing section?
What type of dancing would you prefer to do?
Ways to ask a girl to a school dance? I need serious help!!?
Grinding at homecoming?
how to train to be a dancer?
do you already have to dance to join the dance team?
How many people you know dance better than you?
Belly dancing / egyption clothes shops in London/Surrey.?
wht is ur fave kind of dance?????
What kind of dancing should i do?
Popping help?
lately ive found a facination for ballet...does anyone here take ballet?
pointe shoe question?
Anti-cheerleader now thinking of joining...help!!!?
How do I become a dance choreographer with no experience? (MintChips49 if you see this please answer)?
am i too old to learn to dance?
How long should I work out for ballet?
My junior high dance team needs a good jazz song!?
Is rythm something you "either have or don't", or is it something that everybody can have.?
What are the dances standardized for international competitions?
Im 13 and doing a dance comp, need songs for a contemporary dance! Original ideas!?
DANCE at arena?!?! how old do you have to be to get in?
How do you initiate grinding on a dance floor?
Hottest male ballet dancer?
My husband wants to lose weight with me, but he won't commit, any advice?
What bboy moves should I learn?
Where can I find a cheap place to throw a party in Sacramento California?
Instrumental contemporary dance songs?
I need some contact address of Mrs Chandralaka?
How do you dance to Britney's new song "Gimme More"?
What is your favourite style of dancing and why is it so?
Does anyone want to see my new dance?
Ballet ......?
Should I learn to take a compliment?
How do i raise money? dance?
breakdance camp???
I need an excuse so that I don't have to go to a dance.?
Dance solo songs??With tempo and not slow!!!?
What can I do to train until I am back at CPYB?
how could i improve in hip hop?
what do boys in your ballet class wear?
Bharat Natyam/Karnatic Music- does it have scope for career?
Where can i get a dance studio to dance in?
Help, my girlfriend wants to be a pole dancer?
Good dance-mixes for a routine?
How does one go about becoming a pole dancer??
what songs make you want to dance?
Dance schools ..........................?
I need to find new dance studios?
what kind of dance is the best for developing grace, posture, and good form?
I need to learn how to dance!!!?
I Really Need Peoples Opinions.?
Out of curiosity... does anynoe here go to The Rising Stars Production Company?
How does a choreographer go about planning a dance?
What kind of dance is for me?
How do I tell this girl I don't want to go to the dance with her?
where can i find a poster of travis wall from "so you think you can dance"?
i want to learn bhangra in Delhi?
How could I dance to Ciara 1 2 step?
Belly dance routines?
Dance studios not practicing for soon recital?
what are the characteristics of phillipine dance?
good beginners electric guitar?
How do you dance in clubs? Is there any way you could dance and not look silly?
The girls in my dance class hate me?
Who sings the music the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre uses in performances?
Help me? Don't know what to do for dance...?
Why do dancers wear legwarmers?
I'm 16. Would it be too late to get into the whole dance class thing?
need help Yal?
Should I get refitted for pointe shoes?
What's the difference between jazz and funk jazz?
Dance studios in the Bellingham, WA area?
What is the focal point of dancing?
What kind of ballet shoes are the best? ?
So who is your favorite couple or individual on "So You Think You Can Dance?"?
Does anyone know any websites or videos that show u how to do the pool palace?
I need my own cute little dance everyone has one but me?
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance?
How many (ballet) pirouettes can you do in one spin??
How to make tap class more for my students?
What about being flexible?
Good hindi songs to do a dance on?
Who is you favorite choreographer?
i want to join the dance team for a university?
INDIANS what type of dance is this?
5 foot 3 and 82 pounds?
really good songs to dance to?
what should i do?
Information sites to buy Ballet Folklorico dresses or shoes?
im very cool at my school but i might need some advice please its important?
Wide Awake i didnt mean anything by that step up guy sorry?
Why song is a better acro song ? (please help) ?
How soon can a teen dance on pointe?
Ballet school?
I am in my early 50`s i want to start taking dancing lesson but i am so embarassed to ask?
Where can I find a decent hip-hop dance DVD?
How long would it take me to become good at ballet?
Is it pointless for me to still attend dance class?
How do I Bump and Grind?
How can I improve my ballet?
What are some good "how to dance" type dvds?
Has anyone ever been to socapa?
how to ask a guy out for the dance?
Girl Break Dancing?
do you know any dance videos with a christian song and thats easy to learn?
how much do pointe shoes cost? what are the best brands?
What is a good modern song to tap to?
What should i wear for the homecoming dance?
How hard is it to get into PNB School?
How would you define Bollywood dance?
If your a cheerleader, please read & help. I'm looking for a song that has rompe & temperature in it as a mix
Stripping/Pole Dancing.?
Only for ballet dancers?
Which dance form requires the dancer(s) to cover the most of stage?
Ive been offered ajob in California with the company i work with. I live in Ireland. im 29 Y.O, should i go?
How do YOU..........?
How to do a Back-flip with out going into Tumbling?
where can i find tap classes in Miami, FL?
what kind of exersice can i do to go up on pointe?
Dance Duffle Bag Help?
I do so much dance its awesome!!?
does anyone know a good song...?
Do I need Ballet to be a professional dancer?
could i use this song for my contemporary gcse choreography?
What are some good dance songs?
Is watching a ballet boring?
Does anyone know of any good dance music?
what color tights are mostly used in modern ballet?
Whats A Trick To Remember A Series Of Dance Routines?
where might I find belly dancing classes in Bangalore?
How would you describe the meter of the Dance of the Reed Pipes from Tchaikovsky's Nuter Suit?
what's best - ballet or jazz?
lyrical solo songs?
I have a question for a Ballroom dancer?
whats a good song to choreograph a jazz dance to ?
Does anyone know how much a backup dancer makes a year?
Good stretches for back flexibility?
I need some ideas for a good song for a lyrical solo....HELP!!!?
Best dance sneaker for turns?
Where does the numa numa song come from?
Song for dance class. Something that is like "Aint no other man" by Christina A.?
(Guy) I dont know how to dance HELPPPP?
Do you know of any under 18 clubs in South east London that play like Old Skool, Dance or Trance music?
When did going nude on stage became legal in America?
How many of you perform a foreign type of dance?
It is Tango dance sexiest than Flamenco dance?
what cheer moves to learn next?
Senior night gift ideas for danceline?
Do you think that a man dancing Ballet is less "masculine"? Why?
what does the only diffrence.... by panic at the diso mean?
How To Increase My Splits?
Why do I feel like dancing everytime I hold my pee?
I need some dance song ideas?
can the world stop hating one another long enough for peace to take hold and stop killing one another like its
can you become flexable in ballet at 16?
which dance is better? ?
help!!! dance studio help???!!!?
how do i tie my prepointe shoes?
I want to be a professional dancer?
dance song?
How do you bodypop? And Breakdance?
Hi guys i'm Sidney im 14 years old and i will like to know if i am too old to start ballet lessons?
where can i get a book to make a tutu?
What are the first three things/ images you think of when you see a ballet dancer?
What are the causes and effects of street dancing towards the behavioral pattern of teenagers?
I want to learn how to do a split but I don't know how ?
How do breakdancers dance in skinny jeans?
How can i improve fortes?
My School Is Letting Me Do The Dance !?
What does: Open Class – Pay as You Go mean?
Ballet or Pointe, which one should I take first?
Wich types of dance do you take/like?
History of Hip hop dance?
Should we take semi private dance lessons or class lessons?
I need to get better at freestyle [hiphopdance] HELP!?
Yet ANOTHER question about quick changes?
how do you do a backflip?
i need to find cheap dance shoe?
I want to learn dancing . Can some1 help me by telling which is the easiest and the fastest dance to learn?
Is it possible for me to join ballet at the age of 15 and still become a pro?
Taco puttin on the ritz?
Russian and Cechetti?
Is dance your life or aspiration?
Spring show/talent show dance?
HOW DO I LEARN SOULJA BOY???????? OMG I NEED TO LEARN IT!!!!!!! Please Help Me!?
Do you look at your poop before you flush?
What are some of your favorite dance moves?
Soilder boy?
Does this song want to make you dance?
do u think panic at the disco is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
What dance studio should I choose?
Help with something about dance?
TO people WHO like TO tumble....?
help me with dancing?
irish dancing?
For all the Irish Dancers CLICKS & THROWS HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Whats the sizing for pointe shoes?
Do have to be rail thin to be a good ballet dancer?
Bad balance in ballet shoes?
Dancer Dinu Tamazlacaru?
What type of dance??????????
How can I learn how to do Michael Jackson's dance moves?
about a dance.. and dancing and why more info inside?
Freshman need to learn their place in this world :)?
Does anyone know of any places to do irish dancing in or around staffordshire?
In need of ideas for a dance? Help me out :)?
Am 16 and want to go back into dancing or is it too late ?
How to shuffle fast (dancing shuffle)?
Would like to know any belly dance class in Bandar Sunway area or SUabng area?
What do i bring to my first dance classes?
WHat is the best video to buy to learn how to hip hop dance?
is ballet dancing easy ?
Belly Dancing Classes?
Which should you take first beginners pointe or demi pointe?
I want to become a ballerina! I'm 21, pretty flexible, and I have flat feet. Is it still possible?
Ideas for a tap solo song? ?
what i post to do if some girl walk to my face and hit me.?
How to make your bun look bigger?
how do you do the Jitterbug?
How can I improve my splits?
How's my samba dancing?
Is 16 to old to start ballet?
please please need help please.......?
leo's compatibility with pisces?
should i go to prom? why?
a good jazz dance song?
What good music can i dance to?
I have sore calves and shoulders from Just Dance 3 lol?
What is the function of naples dance studio ?
how can i get my splits? i a few months but i want to get them sooner.?
What dance is he doing here?
How do you do the 2 step?
i need a lyrical contemporary song THAT HAS NOT BEEN HEARD over like 5 times at competition?
Beauty girl?
what is your favourite dance style?
Dance recital makeup?
What kind of padding do you use in your pointe shoes?
Do you know of any reasonable priced ballet classes for a 2 year old in the DMV area?
if you dance, what types of dance do you do?
what should I wear to my semi dance?
i cant balance my hanstand!!!?
Difference of Russian Ballet?
where can i find cute dance outfits for dance practice?
Who can help me?
what would be a good song for my 7 year old cousin to dance to
Why are footless tights required for Modern dance? no sleepers...?
so who's a dancer on here? any kind of dancer i mean.?
does any 1 have any background information about this.?
RIGHT SPLITS????????????? i need them by the end of the month?????
Are NFL cheerleaders respected as dancers?
Do you have to be able to do the splits for drill team try outs?
Is there any good girl band names?
How to dance like this...?
Where to find a Ballet Basics video?
Should I go to a different dance studio for lessons?
what kinds of other weird dances are there?
Dance classes... what to take?
what does me matas mean in english?
What are some good drill/dance team songs?
How do I get better arches in my feet besides puttin them under the couch? (That compreses bones)?
Breakdancing - how hard?!?
Tap Dance Shoe Question?
Is dance considered a sport?
Am I to old to start with gymnastics? Im 13.?
Do you NEED dance gcse to persue a career in dance?
How much ballet and pointe training should I have before entering the YAGP?
Winter Formal Themes?!?!?!?
I'm looking for modern programs/intensives this summer?
Any good songs to dance my butt off ?
what is a good song to dance to?
i need some dancing classes??
Are u a diffrent person on the dance floor.?
RAD grade 6 ballet Syllabus?
How can I learn to pole dance?
I'm an older guy who got invited to a "Rave." If I go, do I have to join one of those "mash pots"
I hate normal people!!! who hates them too?
Caballo Dorado dance?
Anyone who is or recently was a student in dorothy stevens school of dance and theatre?
What is a good way to get more flexible?
what kind of body type does Ballet West take?
Looking for colleges for dance?
HELP!!!! Please....I have NO clue what to wear!!!!?
If you could choose a dance you want me to dance for you tonight, what would you chose?
is it to late to start ballet?
how to dance at a dance?
What is the name of the style of dancing in south america where two people kind of fight with spinning moves?
your favourite songs to choreograph to. (lyrical, contemporary, modern)?
Is it possible to get very flexible?
My boy wants to do ballet?
Did anyone hear the names the professional dance act on Strictly Come Dancing last night?
who will be competing in Spotlight Dance Cup Nationals this summer in Las Vegas?
Should I take breakdancing lessons from this guy?
Basic ballet moves/definitions I will need to start ballet? ?
What images come to mind when you think of the word "DISCO?"?
what should i do to become a better dancer?
anyone know of a good breakdanceing site that is free to use?
What song should I do?
where can i take a beginner dance class in houston?
Where can i find a website where i can sign up tp get free dance magazines for mostly ballet??
What is the genre of dances SHINee does?
Any Choreographers out there want to answer?
How can i become a DANCING BEAR?
chest pop dancing move?
do you have to be really skinny to cheerlead?
What songs would you/do you want to slow dance to?
rec and comp dancers plz answer?
Does , anyone know any dance moves ?
Please help!!!!?
Are there poems about dance?
If I start ballet now will I be any good?
Were Martha Graham's dances accepted at first? (her modern dances)?
Classic song in so you think you can dance?
Mintchips please answer:)?
I need aCute dance bag? any suggestions?
did you go to your homecoming dance?
What do you like to wear when you dance?
Does anyone know that club mix dance called the "eclipse" or something?
Lindy hop.?
Easiest way to grind with a girl?
wat happn idivided by zero?
where can i take salsa dancing lessons in bell county, kentucky?
im looking for live jazz in baltimore?
why every one has to dead every day?
Can you do the thizzle dance?
how long does it take to be Flexible if you try real hard?
Is playing piano a natural talent or does it take A LOT of practice?
what is the best pointe shoe for boys?
how tall r u, and how much do you weigh?
What is some new Dance music or hip hop music?
How to do get a girl to dance/grind with you?
I have a really arched back naturally and i am a dancer... what exercises can i do to get a straighter back?
tips on doing a fish roll/ fish flop?
which nightclubs are the best in london?
Sweet Bay Salsa?
Does Anyone Know A Site That.....?
school dance prob?
Pleeaseeee Helpppp!!!! With these dance moves!?
what are some good breakdancing songs?
Can I wear the same outfit for salsa & ballroom dancing?
why do some chicks just walk away when you are grinding with them at a dance?
were can i find a dancing partner.?
What song should I dance to for a talent show?
Parts of a ballet (pointe) shoe?
different types of dancing and description..?
grind dancing tips? please help?
my mom owns a dance studio and is having trouble with some stage moms. Help?
can i start dancing at 13?
Where to download all the Jabbawockeez dances to your pc with high quality?
Why am I scared to fall into a bridge after a handstand?
how good am I at tumbling? (VIDEO)?
how can I apply to so you think you can dance auditions?
How and Where do i begin?
any tips on increasing flexibility?
I'm taking a pole dance class and my thighs are covered in bruises. Will I always bruise or will this go away?
Is it ok to wear pointe shoes just for a day, if you're not going to dance in them?
is there such thing as ballet boarding school?
Nuter Snow Queen expression?
Is it too late to become a dancer?
I am keen to start Ballet, am i too old?
what stretches to use before stretching for splits?
The barbie dance-can you do it?
Can I start dancing at 15?
What should I name my dance crew?
where can i find how much is on a blockbuster gift card if you know please write back.?
Does anyone know thename of this song???
dance salsa in oxford?
do you consider dancing a sport?
I need some help choosing a bboy name any suggestion my name is michael?
I love to dance, but..........?
do guys find belly danceing attractive???
What's the latest song you've heard that's REALLY great for dancing (hiphop, street...)?
How old does a person have to be to be a stripper?
Who is your fav. On So You Think You Can Dance?
can any one tell me how to dance in the clubs?
movida in london?
Answer quick and ill choose as best answer:How do you get styles on just dance 3?
address of ashley lobos dance worx in delhi?
what do you call this ballet move????please help?
Survey about dance...?
What should i do????????
Mum says I'm rather fat.Can I still dance ballroom dance?
How to become a well known dancer? ?
Grinding is or isn't dancing?...Guys and Girls opinions please?
Son of Thriller and Vogue? What was that dance thing I just saw on TV?
where does latin dance classess held in delhi?
America's Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance???
Is 13 too old to start gymnastics????
Is 15 Years Old Too Late to Start Dancing?
Dance and Gymnastics studios?
where is the best nightclub where an over 28 can go to meet new friends in melbourne?
Tap songs needed for solo?
what is your favorite form of dancing?
Where can I learn to dance the Humppa? (Finnish folk dance)?
What kind of artistic expressions do you appreciate the most?
different types of dancing and description..?
A Dance Mission for a Kids Dance Teams?
who here knows how to dance?
how do u pot pictures in ur backgrounds?
Can I wear a strapless bra with my dance costume?
What kind of dance is this?
question for dance moms episode 18?
Is dance considered a sport or just an art?
Is it too late for me to learn how to dance (particularly ballet) exceptionally well?
Anyone have any good ideas for a dance Routine!?
i missing something extremely important should i keep looking for it or quit?
where can i take tap dancing class in iran?
How should I go about this dance course?
how can i do a backflip?
for strippers in arizona, how far do private dances get?
I need help with my 8th grade dance dress?
Good song?
How long does it take to learn hip-hop dancing?
dance time......?
How can I get in great shape for ballet?
How do you do the kick up breakdancing move?
How to do a Handstand?
Want to learn breackdancing?
A Musical Theatre Dance Solo Song?
Fast Bachata songs that are nice?
How do dance competitions work?
Ballet Positions??! Help Please...?
help withh axels!!?
what exactly should male dancers wear in contemporary class?
song to dance to for pe?
I have learned the foot works already, what should be the next?
How to get a Job as a Dancer!?
wats ur biggest pet peeve?
Does this sound that bad?
ballet who to tell my mum and dad?
2For non-disabled people, have you ever pick on a person who was mentally slow?
How do I turn more than a single pirouette?
Whats the best kind of dance to pursue as an adult?
Can you bellydance with high heel shoes?
Im 13 And I Want To Join Ballet?
On top of toes with no point shoes on? safe?
Looking for video comparing 2 different life styles?
information on Carolyn Johnsons: Watson Johnson Dance Studio.?
Do you have to audition to be a dance major?
Songs to play at a winter dance?
are there age limits to ballet?
im 5-6 inches away from my middle splits is this good or bad?
My husband is a very good dancer, but I have 2 MAJOR left feet. Can I be taught to dance and not look DUMB?
Any ideas on how to raise money so I can be in competitive cheer?
Give a suggestion song for an upbeat funky tap solo.?
My mum won't let me do tap or Irish dancing because I'm overweight, is that fair?
Can girls peck dance?
Do people think dance is a sport?
How to stop being so nervous in dance class?
What are appropriate jazz dancing clothes?
What are some good dance costume websites?
help with dance turnss?
Does anyone know where I can find historical Information on NYC Palladium Ballroom in 1950's?
When is Vegas Week? So You Think You Can Dance?
Are dance leotards fun to sleep in?
What are some good, newer songs to do the Electric Slide to?
How to get better at pointe?
What was the song playing for Kelley Abbey's choreography in the first episode of "So you think you can Dance"?
What are your favorite songs to dance to?
Jazz song for dance solo? Broadway/musical theater inspired?
I'm thinking of switching to jazz?
i'm a senior high school n im lookin fo a dance college that offers both ballet and hip hop.plz help thnks
the dance where a guy drops up a contact then picks it up. please tell me the website thank you?
how many hours per week do you need to become a professional ballet dancer ?
My chubby, untalented stepdaughter is trying to guilt trip me into going to her dance recital...?
Re-soling jazz shoes?
Where can I take group salsa classes in or around Toronto?
Where is jennifer lopez nightclub in los angeles?
what is ballroom dancing?
Which class would they put me in?
Does anyone know any dance teams to join in the Los Angele area?
what should i do to be able to do the ballet split?
How many times did Ryan Ramirez audition for SYTYCD?
is there a way i can make my boobs smaller?
What type of dancing is this?
What is your favourite dance form and why?
A question for all the high school dancers?
Too old?????
Good songs to give a lap dance to?
Dance team?
i need some uncommon Contemporary songs!?
can an adult begin pointe instruction?
Anyone Know a good dance studio In Bellevue?
What's the name of that split in the hip hop dance?
I don't know how to dance.?
If you were an exotic dancer, which song would you dance to?
What are some good songs to coreographe a dance to?
How many of you can do this body trick?
How to get skinnier legs for ballet?
do you like avatars?
Toe Pain and Cracking?
I can't dance... and I'm going to prom.?
@@@should i tell my girlfriend???
Doing the Right Turn (Salsa): How to do it?
Lyrical! hellllllppppppppppp?
How to get my leg up higher when i do Fouettes?
I Love Dance Competition?
For all you dancers who live in NYC?
help for dancing ....?
is there anyone out there around the age of 14 that i can add to my contacts?
What is this dance move called?
Hey, can abs and flexible body mix?
What's that kicking dance move called?
Is it easy to become a dancer?
How to get splits fast?
Education needed to become a professional dancer?
Is sixteen too old to start taking dance lessons?
anyone can recommend a ballroom dance school in makati?
Dancers: Can you please help me? This is kinda serious? Please answer?
How am I supposed to grind on her?
Is 17 too old to start taking Ballet?
Do you like to dancing with your friends at school's cafeteria?
I really want to learn hip-hop dance, but i am afraid i am too old to learn and i don't have time?
can i learn these steps in 2 months?
to dancers, 10 easy points for finishing this sentence!?
I was told to wear dance socks.What are those?
Is it me, or are there girls that won't realize grinding is a sexual dance??
breakdancing classes!!!!!!?
Do Portable dancing poles need screws?
Should I start ballet?
How can I perfect my splits so that I can go all the way to the floor?
does anybody know of a good dvd which teaches hip hop and street dancing?
Do I have good feet? [pics inside]?
Does anyone know of where you can learn to belly dance in London?
dancer user names on instagram?
Ballet Slippers....?
tap and jazz choreography?
Where I can find jazz dance moves images?
question for dancers.?
Any suggestions on good places to learn tango or other Mexican dancing, in Kansas City?
i dance everyday and i shake or turn my head alot when i dance, is it harmful to my brain if i do too much?
Help Picking a costume. plz help, suggestions or pictures!?
Can i appy for the single classes at broadway dance center any time?
Looking for an intense dance workout dvd! Think Dance Insanity!?
what Michael Jackson song to you think is better to dance to?
Is it too late too start again?
Where can you get custom made dance costumes?
if you are or have been a ballerina sign this, and tell how long youve been in ballet :D?
Dance Current Event ?
Should I do ballet or cheer?
HELP! I got my period in ballet class!?
What do you boys like about hispanic girls that can dance really hot?
I have a whole buch of dance costumes, but I cant resale then on ebay?
Who here does ballet just as a hobby? :)?
Theme ideas for the end-of-the-year junior high promotion dance.?
Can I become flexible in a month?
how to do the splits!! HELP?
Homecoming issue! HELP!?
As Im grinding with a girl?
Am I ready for pointe?
what to wear for a dance audition?
Does anyone know tha dances moves?
What do you think of dancers?
weird but...?
does anyone kno any other street walks like the clown walk the crip walk and blood walk?
Do I need to memorize all the ballet terms?
i wanna be dancer in korea entertainment company?
Is geneology all about rubbing up old lamps or something?
How hard is it to learn how to dance online?
is it a good thing to have a really big natural arch?
questions about belly dance?
if you had to shake your money maker how much would you charge?
Grinding at a high school dance? (dance)?
The best ballet dancer?
dance lessons online?
Hypothetical question (for a ballet story?)...?
what should i wear to a jazz class?
I need help with a nightclub dance.?
I want to belly dance like Shakira?
In ballet what do these terms mean? and how do you do them? susus, bourree?
how can you learn to belly-dance?
What is a good dance class for girls who want to be cheerleaders?
should i take ballet or lyrical classes for dance?
Does anyone know how to dance trival?
my sons 11 and he smokes what should i do?
im going to start taking a west coast swing class?
Am I ready for Pointe?
I need a name for my dance studio?
Male Dancers?
Info about post-grad ballet programs in Canada?
does anyone know what the vagonova method (in ballet) is?
How can I improve my technique? (specific parts)?
looking for salsa dance school in Hyderabad. can someone help me with the details??
Know any websites to watch ballet?
Do you know any Dance schools in USA where they teaches chronographs ?
Dance/Prom theme song?
who do you think will win Dancing with the stars? for me it is hands down Mario?
Dance moms dancewear?
Windmill tips ? Please (break dancing)?
What song should I do my modern/contemporary solo?
I'm 19 and i would love to learn ballet ...is it too late?
where can I find chippendales dance (topless stripper) for hen night in Bangkok?
What type of dance is this?
Any ideas on good lap dance music?
May I send greetings, letters, pics of families, etc to select troops?
wedding attendants dance to song?
am i too tall for ballet?
your favorite style/type of dance?
Where's a good place to learn how to do dances like salsa, tango, etc. in richmond va?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
Songs To Go With A Stomp Dance?
wat is four steps from the 1960's!?
What is your favorite type of dancing?
What should i do for dance?!?
Breakdancing school?
any one kown how to do you're a jerk dance?
looney tunes theme group dance, any ideas??, music??, choreography?
Starting tap again for the first time in years. Help!?
scary / weird music to dance to?
How to be the best dancer in dance class?
What type of music do you prefer? Your favorite genera? Group? Artist? Song?
Are you a cheerleader?
Any websites where i can learn clown walkn. ?
Which dance class to take?
How to become a dancer for famous singers?
WhO KnOwS HoW To DaNcE?
should i become a male stripper when i'm older?
Name at least 5 sexy songs for dance choreography?
Am I too old to go back to dance?
rate my dance? please...?
ugh.help my feet hurt sooo bad.........?
How long until I can go en pointe?
do you think it is too late to start ballet at age fourteen or should i do some other kind of dance?
Do I need a date for homecoming?
teaching ballroom dancing in Alexandria, Egypt?
What is the most embarrassing thing you can do in front of your "crush"?(nothing disgusting)?
Can any one hear do the heel-toe?
i am about to try out for the dance team and im nervous. What should I do?
Am I too old to start dancing Ballet with the goal of dancing en pointe?
My splits hurts!!!!!?
how did u become a great dance?
Is BOTY rigged and broken?
Any dancers......?
I am very intrested in dancing as a career but don't know how to start after school?
where can i find hip-hop and break dance classes in miami,fl 33157 zip?
I need help!! themes!!?
Is it still possible to get second/chinese splits at age 15?
How to dance in latin shoes?
Lyrical Dance - HELP PLEASE (experianced dancers) easy 10 POINTS!!!?
breakdance class in dallas?
where can i learn to dance hip hop online for free?
does the dream duffel thing work good?
Are you supposed to wear underwear underneath tights?
Can anyone relate "tensegrity" to dance?
i want to be able to do the splits, whats the best way to become more flexible?
How do I get better a dancing?
Does any ballet dancer actually have pretty feet?
What type of dance should I learn?
history and origins of tap dance?
jukin!!!!!???????? help please?
mancity?? wat aer 3 stars?
I need help with dance!?
how is the best way to become a great dancer without having a lot of money?
Could I make varsity cheerleading with no cheer experiience but dance experience ?
so you think you can dance Canada - What did you think of the first show?
what do you think of a guy who does ballet?
Can I become a geisha if I am not japanese but learn how to speak japanese?
Dance Sneakers?
Ballet dancers! What would you do?
How can i not dance like an idiot?
which moves and skills I should know to do competitive dance?
Does anyone know the top 5 dance colleges in the U.S.?
is it too old to start ballet?
What do dance teachers look for in order to move a dancer on to pointe?
Do you dance barefoot?
Gymnastics help?handstand tips please?:-) ?
Is 13 2 young 2 be serious about ballroom dancing?
What do female dancers and esp. ballerinas or circus dancers do when they have their period??
Dance schools or classes ?
I CAN'T DANCE and I like this guy! HELP! :-(?
Serious ballet schools/classes in NYC?
Are there any formal qualifications needed to teach Breakdancing? If so, what are they?
i love dirty dancing and was wondering is there anywhere in wa that teaches that ?
what made jack cole (father of jazz dance) famous?
looking for a soca dancing scoool,need a web site?
Can anyone give me ideas for motifs with the stimulus of the solar system?
PLEASE tell me some web site or blog where I can find cute clothes combinations for new year's eve...PLEASE
why do people wear baggy sweats when hip hop dancing?
How long will it take for me to learn how to do a split?
Who are some famous present-day ballerinas?
Bored student?
How to get my middle splits down FAST?!?
Do you like the name Brittney?
How do should I prepare for a dance audition?
What's a good song to dance solo at my gf 15?
does any body know any ballet dance classes in mumbai??....?
Wondering about music for my solo!?
dance ???!!!?
Pointe shoe fitting?? :)?
Which ballet school is better?
Is it too late?
Dance move-pin drop-thigh pain.?
How to dance at high school dances?
Honolulu Hawaii Ballet Studios!!!?
Should I wear spandex with my leotard for ballet?
Please help me make a list of the 'must' know dances and moves that one who goes clubbing should know..
Ocho Ocho dance? Have you heard of it?
Cheerleading help!!!!!?
Who is the choreographer for disney's video, "Push it to the Limit" Corbin Bleu?
what tights to wear to my dance class tomorrow?
Where can I learn to dance like poreotics and quest crew?
testing testing 1 2 3?
Dance Question!?
who created gangnam style dance?
Dance is a sport, isnt it?
Learning to dance at clubs?
How can I improve back flexibility?
I need nickname help!!?
Do professional dance companies care about un natural colored hair?
What should I wear to first dance class?
What are some good songs for the highschool dance ?
what are the different elements of dance?
Looking for a Trance Dance group in DFW or surrounding area (Mckinney, Allen, Plano, etc.)?
How to slow dance at prom?
Urgently need contract for bellydancer! Help me please!?
How does a 5'5 ballet dancer lose weight?
Can anyone give me a link to a website video that teaches dancing to oldies music of the 60's and 70's?
Recommended for pre-point?
what were the nike used by miley cyrus for her best of both concerts for the song lets dance? (the green ones)
How to noticed by dance teacher?
what is your favourite type of dance and why?
I'm restarting ballet tomorrow, what should I do?
Does anyone know of a swing workshop in the tri-state area any time soon?
are the girls on dance moms really that good?
Should I take Tap or Ballet?
Baton class?!?! NERVOUS.?
When do you think the human race will evolve beyound the need for sleep?
how do you do the "melbourne shuffle"?
Halo help- Breakdancing?
My Bro..What Do You Think?
i am having a party this year!!?
How do we get into the world of professional dancing?
What are the best hip hop dance instructional dvds ?
i am a fun funny smart crazy girl. should i try out for the dance team?
what are some good songs to dance too?
Pointe Shoe DILEMMA!?
Who did the majority of the ballet dancing in the "Black Swan" movie...Natalie Portman or ballerina Sarah Lane?
How do you "dance" with a guy like you no bumping and grinding and all that?
songs to dance dirty with?
i have a question about leg weights for dance?
Do you see a difference in "club dancing" and artistic dancing?
how do i become a better dancer?
i need help finding a tutu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Good Colleges with Dance Programs?
How often can you go to the taping of Americas Best Dance Crew?
How can I shimmy??
What dance team had that cute routine at US Open Swing Dance Champions?
what are some good dance studios in the los angeles area?
Do you think it's too late to start dancing?
is it true that the podium dancers @ bubble nightclub only wear bikini and it's very close to exotic dancing??
How do you Texas Two Step ?
Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?
Is 16 too late to re-start ballet?
I live in North Carolina and I am taking ballroom dancing I want to compete in competition how can i?
is that old dance called the macalana or macarana?
How to perform a lap dance?
Should I keep doing ballet?
what is a good type of dance to write a paper about?
My dance teacher wants to start putting weights on our ankles…?
Dancers(emergency) Please Help Me?
Is sodanca good?
I trying to buy adult navy blue shimmery footed tights,does anyone have a web-link or phone # help me please.?
I know an Asian-American who can't find a girlfriend. Any advice?
Should I dance on pointe?
What is the best thing to wear to a ballet dance audtion. The lady said you had to have black shorty pants....
Pole dancing?????????
What do you call a male ballet dancer?
Please help me decide which lessons to take?
What to put in an acro dance bag?
Are bow wow and romeaow haveing beef rite now?
Methods of strength and flexibilty in ballet/pre pointe ?
Know any good songs that ard good to dance to? If so, the Title and Artist, Please.?
how many Guys here dance?
where can i learn to dance?
What do you think of Gamba 97 pointe shoes?
What is a good hip-hop solo song?
how to become a better ballerina?
Can you dance and how good are you?
Gurls and Turfin'.......?
Am I too old or too fat to start ballet?
What clothing do you need for ballet lessons?
Is 4 Minutes by Madonna a good dance song?
Pointe shoes??!?
Ballet dancer workout?!?
What type of toe pads for dance (pointe)?
does monique marion love me?
Whats the difference between fouette and alisicone turns?
how do i convince my mom to let me quit!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
Dance mix song that says all day and all of the night...then it say get get get get freaky?
Are there latin dancing classes/studios in miami ,florida?
What is some good hip-hop music that I cance dance to?
How to grind from w. a boy?
mintchips49! I was wondering if you could tell me what you think about this?
What is this dance? Help please?
How can i do a split?
First ballet class??????
What are some good hiphop sweatpants for guys?
Can't Dance!?
Has anyone taken dance classes at studio 68 in London? and if so, are they good for beginners?
how do you protect yourself from web identity?
Dance Question Regarding Flexibility?
Fav dance from so you think you can dance?
who DO YOU think is going to win so your think you can dance? :D?
my daughter wants to learn western dance where to go?
is it true that Alex from "so you think you can dance U.S." is originally from Vancouver?
Songs with 'dance' in the title?
Tips on pointe (ballet)?
will you go to the dance with me?
how to remember dance routine, or small things your supposted to remember?
Salsa Music?
what are the best stretches i can do to make my bottom half more flexible faster ?
Types of Dancing?
dancing at clubs?
does anyone have good ideas for a good summer dance intensive?
How do guys like this?
How to give my boyfriend a lap dance?
What is/are the best Video(s) to get if u are wanting to learn Hip Hop Dance Moves?
pls somone give me information abour mrs chandralakha barathanatyam dancer?
Songs to dance in Quinceañera?
Why cant white people dance?
newest dance craze?
I need good dance recital songs.?
if i wanted to take ballet class???? please answer....?
does anyone do gymnastics??.and when u get n2 gymnastics do they teach u the basics, like how to do the splits
How old were you when you started pointe?
Similar songs to "We Dance On" by Ndubz?
How do I learn to dance?
Dance song help please :]?
could i use ballet slippers for jazz?
which art is harder ballerina or breakdance?
How do you do a pirouette?
How long have you been dancing and what kind of dance?
I have a school dance coming up?
If a guy breaks up with on 2/14 what does that mean?
What are some songs which I could use in GCSE dance?
What are some dance studios in phoenix, arizona?
what is the name of the song in the new commercial dance to the max 2012 in mbc max?
I'm fourteen and wondering, can I still take ballet?
What is your favorite olympic sport?
does anyone else like to sleep in a leotard?
5 year old BOY ballet dancer?
Going to a dance tonight, kinda nervous. Any tips? PLZ!?
Leaps in second. Please help!?
looking for ballroom patterns for children?
is dancing is fun?
Sexy jazz dance solo song?
Think I bruised my tailbone in my acrobatics class? Pleas help!?
dance academy song that ben dances to for sammy's death in the episode red shoes?
does anybody knows about any dance academy?
Contemporary Dance Concert Title ideas?
Ok three questions?
How long does it usually take to learn a back hand spring?
Names for dance crews?
Grade 6 RAD ballet syllabus?
Tips for a dance show TONIGHT!!?
What sort of dancing do you enjoy the most?
I need help for HIP HOP dance urgent!?
Where Can One Find Beginning Teen Ballet Classes in the Austin, Tx Area?
I'm sore how to ease the pain?
Club Dancing question for girls?
Whar arw the begining steps to becoming a ballet dancer?
How Can I Stretch For A Dance Intensive Without Injuring Myself?
Does anyone else think SHAKIRAs new video has bad dancing?
Where to buy Tutu Much ballet documentary DVD in Singapore?
has anyone gone to a CPYB summer intensive? how was it?
Hi I would like to try out for cheerleading but i have no experience in gymnastics or dance can i train for?
is it too late to start dancing??
ideas for dance music, please?
How did Jennifer Lopez first dance into our lives?
What are some good songs to choreography?
How long did it take you to be as good a dancer as you are now?
A dance sort of like the hustle?
How can I make my turns better?
Wesley Snipes is wanted for £6,000,000 tax fraud and faces 16 years in prison...?
I want to learn to dance but don't like close personal contact or partner dances what solo dances could I try?
what can i do if you wanna remember and cordinate the moves in a coreography better?
What would be the best way to ask a girl for a dance?
New to fire poi?
do u like to dance?
Is Dance Moms still on?
What does it mean to have "dancer's legs"?
What do you learn in hip hop?
notes of the filipino folk dances?
I'm a ballerina and a jazz dancer, I want to improve my turnout and be able to kick my legs higher.?
Dance company AUDTION?
how can I learn tango?I want to dance with my wife in wedding.?
I REALLY need help choosing what to do!!?
What is your favourite kind of dance and why?
Need to improve my plies! HELP!!!!?
Does anyone have any clever ways how to ask someone to the Homecoming Dance?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How much cash does an average stripper( Exotic dancers) in Florida make a week?
How can I be a better al around dancer? ?
What to teach in a dance class of 10 and 11 year olds?
high school cheer team??
Is Dutty Wine still a hot dance?
does anyone know any tips to achieve a front hand spring????
should i leave my boyfriend?
I was caught dancing in my room?
Dance Help (style/genre)?
I am Nervous?
does any one know of any salsa class for adults in baltimore?being a student I can't afford an expensive one.?
Help with lyrical dance to Set me free by casting crowns?
should I start ballroom dancing at age 13?
how can I become flexible?
Dance in college !! HELP quickly !!!!?
I don't know how to dance! Where can I learn?
Chest Stands??? Help!?
What type of dance is this?
what are extensions in dance?
What to wear, I'm giving my boyfriend a lap dance?
How do I improve my rond de jambe en l'air in ballet?
How to react to my dance teacher?!?
grinding ?!??!?!?!1?!!!!??!?!!?!?
At What Age or Level Should a Boy Start Wearing a Dance Belt?
why in Irish dancing, do you have to keep your arms straight and down to the side?
Good robot/dubstep moves to know?
i love to dance and i want to be a dancer?
do they make ballet pointe shoes that require no pointe training?
i need a ballet store address in shanghai-china?!?
i wanna learn dance; but i am helpless coz my body is too stiff; how to make my body flexible? plzzzz help....
how old were u when u started to dance ballet and or jazz?
Dance Routines HELP!!!?
What are good songs to stretch too?
is it true that matthew k (a contemporary dancer on sytycd) started at age 16?
I love to belly dance, do you??????????
How can I begin dancing?
what's the worst std you've ever had and how did you get rid of it?
The Jackson children middle names?
What can make me a better ballerina?
does any one at all know any where about 40 miles maximum away from manchester that teaches aerial silks/dance?
I need to get flexible fast!?
I went dancing and did some light grinding with clothes on and now freaking OUT about ?
Why do they call little kids dance class Pee-wee?
i need a song for my middle school kickline team..?
How do you do that chicken noodle soup dance?
How to become more flexiable?
What do you think about this?
o man i just killed a mosqito will i get aids?
Where can I find beginner dance routines?
how do u say move in spanish?
What is the name of the dance Beyonce does in Love on Top?
HEY! WHAT'S CRACKING?... my hip! Is this normal?
Does anyone know of any good dance schools in the bangor , Maine area?
Any tips for splits?
flamenco shoes?
What is the difference between dancing street jazz and regular jazz?
How does Kendall from dance moms get to do Abb's group dances if she is Supposedly at Candy apples?
who does lion head dance?
What is this dance move?
when you listen to like alternitive does it affect the way your personality will be??
How do i do the beat freaks dance and the last part(with all the people) in Somebody to love by Justin Bieber?
What's this dance?!?!?
Is my body shape wrong for ballet?
Do girls that are ballet dancers wear panties under their leotard, tutus or whatever?
How to make ballet slippers bigger?
Favourite pointe shoe brand/style?
In ballet class do you always have to wear tights?
Am I too old to start dancing?
how to belly roll in belly dance?
Would I make it as a Professional Ballerina?
what should i do?
can penguins tap dance?
what are some cool dance moves.?
How long did you have to do Ballet before you were in your first show en Pointe?
Another Dance question!?
What to buy/make for a dance teacher?
All cheerleaders, my friend needs some help, shes captain...?
La Bayadere (a ballet) Information? Thanks!?
What are the perfect songs to dance for a quincenera?
Ballet or jazz dance?
I am required to do some dance things in my dance audition. My bf said you don't need music but is that true?
how do you feel when you dance?
aim username ideas for ballet?
How do i get higher in ballet?
How do people dance at a black tie event?
What are some places to take individual dance classes in NYC?
good songs to do a lyrical dance to?
Beginners ballet in brighton?
does anyone know any good dance studios or classes for tap dancing in w.a?
What is this dance called?
i want to dance i am a stripper, but my husband dont want me to what dou think of that?!?
Do you like this techno beat??????