How can I do this?! (Dance.....)?
What are the Best 18 and over nightclubs in orange county?
What are some names of current line dancing songs?
How do you dance in a club?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! Bavarian Folk Dance Title?
How to make a dance leotard?
do people who dance wrk out?
URGENT! Help with music for ballet dance?
What do I do if My boyfriend asks me to the dance and I don't know how to dance?
take the lead - dance questions?
Where and how do I find/search for a Belly dancing teacher/class?
how do you hip hop dance ?
should i let MY BF go to the dance (WHERE I ANT GOING TO B )?
I want the list of salsa dance class in navi mumbai?
Movement and Music routine...?
Non dancer pointe shoes explanation :/?
Elements of dance.....?
When you are at a Homecoming Dance and your jeans rip while dancing, what do you do?
calling all of my fellow dancers!!?
Turns, Spins Dance? Help?
Can I have help on Leaps?
At your ballet school, what age to girls usually start pointe?
tumbling classes for beginners?
can someone teach me ballroom dancing really quick?
Dancers, choreographers, music lovers, etc! song suggestions for...?
Which way do you turn when doing pirouettes?
Any Teen Nights in Brooklyn, NY?
Am I to late to start dancing?
Does anyone know any good dance studios in Houston?
What kind of body do you have to have in order to be a professional ballerina?
How to do the poole palace dance?
How to perform the different steps to the Lindy?
i was wondering could gel pads used by ballet dancers still be worn with normal foot wear or would`nt they fit
I need a good song for an all male dance team to dance to, any suggestions?
What is a male ballet dancer called?
am i a freek...?
Do u know the name of this vampire romance book?
anyone know any good boogaloo music?
<:-) Questions?
What is the Best DVD to learn Exotic Pole Dancing? and What brand is the Best Pole to buy for your home?
What can a newbie do to not look awkward when trying to hiphop dance? Or any kind of dance?
Would you grind with me?
Lyrical Modern Jazz/Ballet dance class??!!! Help!!!!?
What is the difference between Street Jazz dance and Commercial Jazz dance?
Am I too old?
What is an easy dance I can learn in about a month?
I'm in search of a Bharathanatyam dance teacher in London, Ontario.?
Have music suggestions for PE unit on African-American "steppin"?
Perfect ballerina body?
Dance Group/Teens needed answers!?
What should I wear to a 50's 60's dance?
Has Polina Semionova ever performed at D.C.'s Kennedy Center?
do you think Jlo is a good singer?
What should I do about my daughter and ballet?
Dancing: Angelina Jolie and Johhny Depp - The Tourist?
How do I get a double pirouette?
Who is the white guy in the beyonce dance for you video?
any good dance schools near redmond, WA?
I WANNA DANCE!!! but should i?
Any good choreography/dance songs out there? :o?
What size leotard should I be getting?
Does ballet help with acro dance?
Ballet workout classes downdown Chicago in the evenings?
what types of clothing do mambo dancers wear?
what means ballet for you?
Doing a modern class, problems turning on the floor with bare feet?
Back tuck drills? And how long to get a backtuck?
Who creates the costumes for ballet companies?
How to get into splits faster?
What is the best way to learn west coast swing?
Which One Direction song would be good to dance to for a recital?
I want a dance scholarship in college......?
So You Think You Can Dance Question?
Obsessed with dance to a point of unhealthy?
Too big for ballet help please?
Should I even try out for my high school dance team?
Do you have to be irish to be an Irish Dancer?
Do you guys know were any dance classes are located?
Places for a Westerner to learn indigenous African dancing?
Am I too old to start dance lessons?
What are some older songs that would be good for a ballet dance?
Questions about pole dancing?
How to be a great cheerleader?Please help!Thanks?
what exercises would be helpful for ballroom dancing?
Any sites that are good for learning dance moves?
Poll! Cheerleading OR dancing?
Famous Choreographers/Dancers?
I wanna give my bf a lap dance but I dont know how to start it Please give me ideas :)?
HELP!PROBLEMS..i need urgent help?
What do you do when nobody asks you to dance!!!??? I am 13?
Fun ways to ask a guy to our spree dance?
dance cheography.. songs and moves..?
Has anyone ever taken a dance class and does it help you lose weight all over if you do?
I want to dace, am I too old?
best jazz dance studio in sandiego?
My muscles hurt the day after i stretched?
Do you think I have a chance at being a College dancer?
How hard are Sansha shanks compared to Russian Pointe shanks?
do YOU think i'm ready to begin pointe?
Is it too late to get back into performing?
Desperate to go on pointe?!?
any tips for a girl trying out for her school's dance team ?
How much does it cost to start dancing? [ballet, hip hop, tap, Latin or ballroom..] any ideas?
What are some Latin dance clubs in or around Mesa Arizona?
How Do You Dance Melbourne Shuffle?
I want to be a ballerina. Can you help?
hula hoopers! I NEED YOUR OPINIONS plz! (:?
Question for all girls (School Dances)?
names for dancing club?
Dance schedule ? Someone whose been in dance with experience?
does anyone have a video of dometry from so you think you can dance?
does anybody know what to do on a thursday night in los angeles more of a club?
why is 's MSGR service so screwed up as compared to , say, AOL?
what do i need to know for a highschool dance team?
does it matter where your hands and arms are during pirouette turns?
I'm on my cycle and I have to change clothes in front of my team. Is just wearing a pad ok?
i wanna ask this boy to the halloween dance but im afraid that he'll say no.?
Meanie Nigel?
wanted a ballroom dancing partner i am 6o and live in collie west australia?
What is the secret to a decent cabriole?
Hi. i want to get better at doing the middle splits for dance. it does hurt when i do so tho. any stretches?
What is your favorite form of dance???
Where is Ciara´s dance school UNIVERSAL DANCE STUDIO located?
Born without an arch? Ballet help? En Point?
Windmill Breakdance Help! ** For breakdancers only!**?
**how long will it take!!!!**?
Does anyone know cool nightclubs for teens (13-19)?
why dose she think its just a phase?
dance scott calgary?
hey im starting ballet this year and am just wondering do you have to be skinny to go on pointe?
I want to start in contemporary dance...?
I would like to learn belly dance?
How can a person sleep without having any respect?
How does a choreographer go about planning a dance?
What is the company that makes foot undies?
the song "cheek to cheek" (by louis armstrong) goes with what kind of dance? (i.e. swing, foxtrot, waltz?)
How much more difficult is it to tap dance with the heeled character taps than with flat heeled tap shoes?
What is a good song for a High School dance team jazz solo?
What is the name of the move he does at 1:05?
My mom won't let me do dance/gymnastics?
what does this movement mean ? ?
how did any one learn how to stand on there tippitoes like a ballerina ?
I look for a free website to learn lindy hop, swing and charleston.?
Whats a creative way to ask a guy to a dance?
dance classes england?
Ballet Questions for ballet dancers?
dance as a career?
I need some tips on dancing. Prom is friday, and I'm not the smoothest of the bunch...?
Is there anywhere in Rhode Island that teaches break dance lessons?
im going to a party and i cant even dance?
what is some good dancing music for 15/16 yr olds?
I Have some Earings for a Girl that i bought and.... (help)?
How do i come up with a good dance routine? For ten hip-hop dancers/gymnasts?
Where can I find a list of casual dance classes in Melbourne?
How much would these Tap Shoes cost?
where can i go to pursue in my dance.. example to do a teachers course in barathanatiyam?
Latin Ballroom Classes?
I am a dancer and everyone makes fun of me because they think it is a girly sport. (I am a girl)?
What is your favorite dance?
my mail inbox mails all transfer in outlookexpress now i return back?
What type of dance is best for beginners?
Help with telling my ballet teacher that I am moving on from classes with her?
Am I too old to start dancing (well)?
i am trying to learn the flare?
Has anyone ordered anything from ' JUST FOR KIX' ?
I have dance ballet since 5 years old and now I am 15.?
tiffany renne frazier?
Where are some HIP-HOP dance classes in Tennessee?
What size to get in Capezio Unisex Half Sole Sandal for a size 9.5 to 10 sized feet?
Are there any ballet schools that train professionals in England that would be willing to...?
what is the best style of handle for a pom pon?
whats a pointe in dance?
Flexibility in Dance? Any suggestions?
Whats more important Choreo or tutting/bboy/locking?
Point Park University Dance program?
Super fun and cool cheer competition cheerleading dance?
World Champion irish dancers?
Hi, does any ballet dancer here know how to speak german?
What do I do if My boyfriend asks me to the dance and I don't know how to dance?
Poetry I could dance to?
Which stars do you want to see on Dancing With the Stars starting March 19th?
Can I become a dance teacher?
Did So Real Crew deserve to be on final top 2?
calling all ballet dancers:what is this ballet move called? thank you?
What dances were done to acid house c. 1989 apart from Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box?
What are some low price decoration ideas for the theme of "A Night in Paris?"?
Ballet Dancers: Pirouettes ...?
I'm 14 years old, and I want to begin ballet... Is it to late?
Russian leaps!!HELP auditions coming soon?
calling all irish dancing teachers?
What are the levels in ballet?
What song should I dance to?
does anyone have good ideas for hip hop costumes?
dancers:what do you think about this dance?(video)?
Would they get mad at me for being late if I'm in another class?
I'm 17, i would love to start dancing. Would the Shepherdstown School of dance be a good choice?
is that old dance called the macalana or macarana?
Step patterns in the foxtrot?
does anyone know where i can get cheap jazz shoes online ?
Sassy jazz songs for solo?
Need ideas for dance team gifts from coach?
question for ballet dancers?
laguardis high school question?
Does anyone know the age of the famous dancer Gabrielle Roth who wrote "Sweat Your Prayers"-How old is she
What do coaches look for at pon poms/ dance team tryouts??
list the names of as many dance forms possible all round the world?
Ballroom dancing?
Have any of you experienced any kind of harrassment, stalking, or bullying?
michael jackson-speed demon - mp3 music feature:audio?
Belly Dancing lessons in Mississauga?
how to get my aerial ?
do u like dance or gymnastics better?
Is Body Wrappers a good brand for a ballet skirt?
A sassy, girly (jazz) song to dance to for a 10-13 year old?
Can you teach me contemporary Dance?
What is this dance class song?
What do you call male ballerinas?
How do I approach trying to grind with my date at a dance? ?
Good dance clothes website?
How to improve dancing?
when someone is lost what can he do to stand again???
What style of dance will go with this song ?
Starting ballet, do I wear pointe shoes?
what kind of people is good?
I want to know any place in long island that has dance class that teaches how to wine like a jamaican?
What are some good ways to ask some one to a school dance?
I am hosting a junior high dance off and need a list of dances. HELP!?!??!?
How do you get rid of nervousness?
Choosing between my dad and ballet. I need some advice?
chris brown or usher!!!!?
14 year old wants to be professional ballet dancer?
do you like to dance ?
Why do you dance...?
What happened to Footloose Dance Competitions??? Can't find thier website??
Where does an older person go to learn to dance in san diego?
Can you put pointe pads in ballet shoes?
For you ballet dancers out there, how do you improve your turnout??
Best way/place to learn swing style dance steps online?
i need dance steps/moves?
When i try to do a pirouette, i always come off balance?
Pulled my glute and/or have a pinched nerve. Happened while doing the splits cold?
Whats a good song for my solo?
What is that party dance song i guess, where u form a circle and start kicking?
Why do my knees turn in when doing my middle split?
I wanna learn how to dance, but I'm broke...Does anyone know a website that teaches you dance steps? Thanks!
Any cool dance moves?
Dance help?
Confidence level went way down:( ?
wuts a hecka good hiphop song 2 dance 2?
I have to stretch everytime i do the splits:(( or else i cant go down.?
Which dance type is the most intensive and beneficial to fitness?
what website do u go on to play DDR online?
homecoming help!?!?!?!?!?
Will I still be a good dancer?
How can i submit music to so you think you can dance?
Is the song "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop" good for a lyrical dance?
Can I start Ballet or it's too late?
what do you know about islam?
I'm 15 yrs old and i want to start ballet. can this be done?
How to improve flexibility on an injured ankle?
who is better singer keyshia cole or alicia keys?
Indian dancing (belly dancing) in Florida for younger girls (11)?
what all forms of dances do they teach at genesis,jp nagar?
Why do people try to be something that they arn't?
songs for a lyrical dance.?
How to know what size baton to buy, or where to buy one?
ballet classes?
Backbend question?.............and?
should i take ballet or hip hop?
pointe question. bloch pointe shoes.?
What type of dancing do selena gomez & drew seeley do?
What music is used in ballroom dancing?
are corsages common at homecoming?
What do you think of guys that take dance class?
Does any ballet dancer actually have pretty feet?
How Can I Be Relaxed While Break Dancing?
Is there any belly dance training centres in chennai????
Does any one know how to breakdance in the ct area 203?
La Bayadere (a ballet) Information? Thanks!?
how do you dance other than grinding without looking incredibly cheesy?
Help with shoulder rolls/fish rolls? ?
Danceing in a nightclub?
Help from dancers and cheerleaders!?
How can I dance at a party?
Tell me famous dance shoes?
Learning the splits in one day?
What muscles do you use in a develope?
has anyone studied business management at uni? or is planning on studying that?
What type of training would a person need to be a dance teacher?
What Classes Should I Take? PLEASE HELP :)?
does anyone know a good latin american dance studio, that teaches teens? (in johannesburg or midrand area)?
Do you like to dance barefoot or shoes more?
how do people learn the dances so easily?
some one out there help me i want to go belly dancing in liverpool?
when you Grind..?
I'm starting a jazz dance class at my college next week, what should i buy?
Dark themed ballet music?
colorguard clothing?
good dance movies?
What is the dance(style) called?
Will people like to use my new ballet dance technology?
Christman Dance Clothes Help!!!!!?
Why do people dance? How is it fun?
WHO LIKES TO DANCE??Ii do!i've been dancing for 9 years!!?
Formal Attire Question?
Hindi dance?
What style was George Sampson dancing in and could girls dance like that?
Is it true ballet teachers are mean?
Competition Solo Songs?
I am having a Quinceanera in 2 weeks and need help coming up with songs for people to dance to.?
Whats your favorite dance style?
rhythm plus dance studio stoney creek?
Is there any Dance Summer Camps?
Good songs for a cheer mix?
I need to know if I should get into lyrical or not!?
What are some current popular dances?
need help making a cheer for middle school try outs?
for young high school ballet dancers?
A quick question about dancing? :)?
Is it possiable to wanna be dancer?
how to ask a hot boy to the dance?
What do you think about Cali style shuffle?
Is it true that your toenail can fall out when you start pointe?
Who do you think is better, chloe or maddie (dance moms)?
Good songs to do for cheer dance?
Anyone want to sing and dance in the rain with me?
Do you only like to dance......?
Who all remembers your very first slow dance and who it was with?
Do Blood On The Dance Floor concerts have back stage passes? and do you like botdf?
i need some real cute names that start with the letter B?
Australian Ballet School Auditition?
How many of you are ballet dancers and do you have pointe shoes?
Am I in good conidition for dance?
Can anyone help me with this please? I am dying to learn.?
Can i build my own dancing pole.?
modern jazz dance history?
there is this one special girl i like. i have dreams about her. i want to dance with her at the x mas dance!?
How to Fancy Shawl Dance?
what are the main schools of modern dance? and the best cities to do it?
I want to do ballet? am i too fat?
Why aren't there any girl hip hoppers or poppers on these talent shows?
how to windmill breakdance.?
Im 13, is that to old to start ballet?
where can i find heel taps for character shoes?
My dream was to dance but I feel too old at 16 to start..?
Do you take dance class?
Decent dancing clubs in Sacramento?
What is the best Demi Lavato song for a lyrical/ ballet duet?
What are Some Good Songs for a 'Dance' Party?
pole dancing?
Why do i like slow dancing with my sister?
What is Pre Pointe? Thanks for all of the answers!?
why do we feel the urge to dance when listening to gd musique?
how do u give people stars on this thing?
Did/Do you know how to do the mambo #5?
how do i tell my teacher that i have to quit dance club?
what is the best song for cheer dancing?
Overnight dance camps in Minnesota?
How to dance at homecoming?
I'm an adult in need of QUALITY dance training, please help.?
who hotter chris brown or yung joc?
how do i find who wrote the song My Magic Guitar?
Can the way a person dances tell you about what kind of person they are in bed?
Please, may be you know good tap-dancing classes for children in LA, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills?
i am confused now,,, i have to prepare a dance which has to be on the theme "youth against corruption" ...?
i want to know the fees & mumbai address of shaimak davar's dance academy?
cheerleaders do you wear?
When will I be able to dance on pointe?
make your own music videos?
Any Hip Hop Dancers out there that can answer this?
Is the song "Dance With Me Tonight" good for a jazz dance?
What are some good dance studios in Northern Virginia?
I need info on being an exotic dancer...?
Two sections of a ballet class?
Even though I spot in dance i still get dizzy, help!?
Props for a contemporary dance?
backup dancer?
Can anyone recommend a bar with a dance floor?
What song should I do my modern/contemporary solo?
Could i still be a good hip hop dancer if i lack the booty?
Need a song for a routine..?
best dance major in college?
do you have to take ballet to do hip hop?
Favorite song to slow dance to.?
Why are male ballet dancers considred "gay" these days...?
A good theme for my school's end of the year dance?
How should I train for the dance team?
Is the, Carolina Ballet good? I want to go there for their summer intensive.?
How can I become a dance instructor?
Where is Russian Pointe Dance Boutique?
Dance team uniform websites?
does anybody know how to?
En dedan pirouttes from fifth?
so u think u can dance?
Me and my best frien slow dance?
music for street dancing of Spain.?
popping question. How do i make my chest vibrate?
What is the best idea to improve everybody's hate on everyone???? get it? Learn to accept, and what you are...
What are the top 5 ballet companies to go to in the world? ?
does anyone know of a site that teaches you how to walk it out.?
Am I too heavy to start dance lessons?
How do you dance at a country bar?
What is the difference between the country half-step and two-step?
step up 2 wet dance where can i find the two songs put together to download???
How's My Own Ballet footwork and The Rest Of My Workout? I Have To Know...?
so you think you can dance?
I have a dance comp for ballroom and I have one red dress and one blue dress! what to wear on my eyes?
Ballet dancers.................................…
What Michael Jackson song to dance to for a talent show?
Should I use ballet or pointe shoes?
i need help from a girl?
Is melbourne shuffle still cool? or is it lame?
I want to get my five year old involved in dance. Which type of dance would be the best for her?
a good Belly dancing dvd? I'd like to learn to belly dance but there are no classes where i live.?
What kinect game is better dance central 2 or just dance 3?
I have a question for the ladies, If a man gets aroused while dancing with a girl, is it uncomfortable for her
Looking for Dance dvds?
cool and catchy dance moves?
How much can i learn from a breakdancing session ?
how to be creative while dancing?
Do Males like "Twerking"?
Got any song suggestions for a lyrical dance?
i want to learn the dance for the song "devil goes down to georgia"?
Does anyone know how to club dance?
Where is a hiphop dance place that i could take lessons at during the summer?!?!?!?!?
Is it too late to be professional?
How to shake your butt?
do u like panic at the disco?cuz they rock!!!!!!!?
How can I improve my back flexibility?
how many western dance forms are there in the world?
How can I look like a good dancer…even if I'm not?
show ryohei chiba e-mail address?
Where can i Find a website for Trinity School of Dance in Durant Oklahom?
i need help with grade four cecchetti.?
what kind of dance does the dancers on Duffy's video clip for "Mercy" dance?
What are some good songs to give lap dances to?
What's a good pair of ballet shoes for beginners?
What's a good research topic that has to do with dance?
ladies, is it a bad thing to get hard while grinding??
Song w/Robot sound effects?
Has anybody here found a place, where we can boogie?
Name of a folk song help?
what kind of dance do you want my dog to learn?
have you ever learned how 2 do a dance only to realize that song is out now?
do you have to be in shape to dance?
How can I improve my arabesque?
how much should you weigh if you want to start ballet???
what style of dancing do you find the easiest?
I need good names for dance with black and white (some stars) and roses. Can anyone help?
what are some songs that made you go WTF?
Who is the worst dancer you've known?
How come some people look "dorky" dancing, and some look "cool", even if they're doing the same moves?
So You Think You Can Dance?
can i teach myself to bellydance?
Why are most rap and hip hop singer mostly black?
School dance????????????
i want to join ballet but i think im to heavy?
Is this a good studio for me?
Do u like vanesse hudgens?
can i be a self taught choreographer?
How much are Curtain Call Dance Costumes?
Overly emotional lyrical song that will bring the audience TO TEARS?
What is this move called?
New video on "core secrets" based on "Dancing with the Stars. Where do I find it?
Does anyone know if there are Pole dancing classes in Auckland City? NZ?
Why does a small kid sway when she/he listens to music? They have no prior experience seeing people dance.?
How much money do the professional dancers earn on Dancing With The Stars. How much do the Stars get paid?
Houston Hip Hop or Jazz Dance?
What are some intense stretches I can do for the next two weeks to help with dance?
How do i watch So You Think You Can Dance?
How to improve in these areas in dance?
Dancers help: Tips on spotting?
Is it practically forbidden for dancers to have a short hairstyle like this?
dance help please?
What to wear to a middle school dance?
dance lessons at age 16?
I was going to enter to a dance competition,but the same day I have to go to france to see my boyfriend.......
Howcan i improve my pointe,because i have flat feet!?
Is it too late for me to start dancing??
ok..this day is boring anyone know what i can do?..im in dance and there is nothing to do..?
How much does it cost to go to the Dance Academy Of Mansfield in Texas?
How to not be afraid of doing a back walkover?
What do you think of this dance?
What's a good, long lasting brand of pointe shoes?
dancers what was your age for the first time you took a dancing class?
why isn't it very popular for people to watch a ballet?
How do i ask to become an assistant dance teacher?
I don't know how to "chill". I tried reading magazines and eating potato chips, but that didn't work. . .
Any good latin dance classes in NYC?
if i want to make a party how i will start?
How to dance at skrillex concert?
Is ballroom dancing difficult to learn?
how do you put on canvas ballet shoes when the elastics and not conected?
Ballet or Gymnastics--- which do you like?
How to hold a chin stand longer and get feet closer to the ground?
costume idea for contemporary dance?
How are studs suppose to dance at clubs?
What are the terms for the type of dance I want to learn?
BALLROOM DANCE question for experienced dancers?
how do u dance the song break it off by rihanna and sean paul for a quincenera?
whats tpains new song called its something about danceing i think like i can dance better than you!?any body?
What is this dance called?
Dance Competition Team?
soulja boys "Bird Walk"?
Danity Kane Choreography?
Can anyone give me a step-by-step rundown of a Bournonville petit allegro combination called "The Dark Step"?
How can I make a beginner's twirling baton?
What should i wear to my dance audition next week?
Is it ok to dance with this condition?
Is there a site that tells you how to dance?
What do they usually teach in advance jazz dance classes?
What are some good songs for swing dancing?
Pole dancing w/ breast implants?
Costume for a dance solo jazz?
How do I improve my ankle strength and get higher arches?
Can anyone give me tips on how to do the splits?
Allstar Dance Teams in Illinois?
how to get more flexible???
eassy on african dance by pearl primus?
r u traditional ? i m testing u.....?
Chicken Noodle Soup Dance?
what are some good dance studios in portland oregon but are not as expensive?
tips on my pirouettes!?
Ballet video on Youtube?
whatz your favorite song ?
Which hip hop class is for me?
name of an old spain traditional music remixed to trance music?
i love to dance and i want to be a dancer?
How can I learn to street dance?
pinky toe pain on pointe?
i want to start dancebut how do i know what kinda of dance to do?
Few questions on a no-handed cartwheel!?
will my leg bones become abnormal if i start ballet?
Im so confused which slow dance should i be doing (highschool teen)?
people who dance ballet please read?
did judith jamisom from alvin ailey die? please answer somebody?
Pointe Shoe Help?! Russian Pointe or Suffolks?
What are traditional french dances?
Can someone think of a rave name? (just for fun)?
How can you download dance ejay on computer?
What are some good stretches? i am a dancer and pretty flexible but i want too gain a little more.?
How to get my splits all the way down?
Do you like to dance?
Anyone know the website for Chuckes Choreography in Houston, TX?
it's a dance move. You start by facing-up and lifting your body then with one leg start kicking foward?
8th grade dance question!!! PLEASE HELP!!!?
What song makes you want to get up and dance?
Ballet girls I need help! Which size of sweat shirt should I buy? Pics included...?
The wobble dance on YouTube of the cheerleaders?
Ive been doing ballet for about 4 years now and im in pointe just about to start. how do i strengthen my feet?
How do I form a dance crew?
how long dose it take to be a good dancer?
Is being able to point your feet a sign that you would be a good Ballet Dancer? Or mean anything in general?
Can someone help me come up with a Bgirl name ?
If i like paul oakenfold energy 52..any other suggestions on good techno trance?
How to learn to perform a lap dance in a few days?
Is 16 too old to try and get back into ballet?
Does anyone know of a pole dancing classes near kankakee,il?
High school dance class ..?
Do strippers take breaks?
Slippery Jazz Shoes ?? Help ASAP?
Does anyone know what the CPYB summer intensive is like?
What dances should i take?
Am I too old to do ballet?
dancing feeling the music?
Rap songs to do a lyrical dance to ?
What to expect when coaching dance?
Are some people just born unflexible and their body just wont become more flexible?
Does anyone know any ballet performances that will be in early March?
What can you expect from your first ballet class?
Do you know a good school for hip hop dance?
Splits and flexibility help please?
Do you think i have a chance of making the dance?
Is a robot dancing the robot or just dancing??? Help?
How to prepare for cheerleading?
What is dorming at SAB during their Summer Intensitive like?
Does anybody know a good dance teacher around Brooklyn,that has been teaching in Europe?
How to bubble PROPERLY??
I take ballet, and I'm looking for a good stretch that would help me with my split.?
Who got kicked out of dancing with the stars?
Dancing Tips? PLease?? 10 points!(:?
any advice on learning to pole dance?
i want to learn ballet i think its so beautiful if there is anyone who knows ballet ...any suggestions???
Is it to late to start dancing?
Whats the Proper name for Belly Dance Teacher?
can any 1 gve me site i can learn dancing ??any site ....?
How do you sew ribbons onto Satin Ballet Shoes?
am I ready for pointe ?
how to dance?
denise austin dance pilates video. where can you buy them?
how long does it take to work a pole ?
is dancing is fun?
What musical number to choreograph a dance to?
how to become a famous dancer?
App or website anywhere?? Help!?
Double/triple pirouette tips?
dance class?
How to Grind Dance in Middle School?
Dance for guys?
Do you know some good video of tap dance in the you tube?
how do i ask a sixth grader or a 7th grader out when i just met her?
Girls what type of dancing do you think is sexy?
Check out this hiphop dance crew?
What to wear to dance class?
Tips for beginner for dance auditon?
I want to be a stripper and am 17?
how to improve dancing?
how can u become a singer/ dancer/raper?
Do i need to take ballet to do lyrical?
good songs to play at a dance?
Should I go to Karate or go salsa-ing tonight?
You are NEVER too old to start ballet, right?
HOw can I become a pole dancer?
Busy dance schedule!! Ahhhh!?
What's the minimum of time to go on point?
What type of dancing should I do?
HELPP!!! My first dance lessons!!!!?
how to dance duraguense
song suggestions for a dance competition?
Will this help to get my splits down faster?
do you have to turn on your left leg in dance?
Is dance a sport? or Is it not?
What is a good way to get more flexible?
What are some cute ideas on how to ask someone to dance?
Is gymnastics a girly sport?
I'm having a dance party and ran out of good dance songs, any suggestions? to get the crowd moving?
Describe how latin and modern dances theyperform?
i need homecoming dance helppp!?
I need to find a good salsa class for beginners in central london this thursday 12th Jan - any ideas?
Should I quit dance or not?
Do you feel like dancing?
is learning how to choreography dance at 22 pushing it?
Who left in Dancing with the Stars?
Who is your favorite belly dancer?
How long does it take you to learn a high school dance team routine with and without your team?
Did you give up DANCE classes? (eg: ballet, ballroom, tap, jazz) Regret it, or glad to be out?
Do alot of dancers smoke?
I want to start Hip Hop dancing?
Good Songs to dance to??????
Hyperextension-knees coming up?
My daughter's ballet teacher after 3 and half years of ballet at the age 10?
Lyrical solo for a 15 year old?! help!!?
What are some dances to do at home?
can you dance?
what kind of dance should i start?
What are some videos on youtube to teach me how to Island dance?
For all dancers, choreographers, and music lovers?
Help?!?! Going to first dance and My date said she was gonna grind on me?
Anyone from the Carolinas still shagin' to that good Carolina Beach music?
How to get more flexible???? for contortion?
College dance team tryouts?
What are the best pointe shoes?
How can I dance for my husband and give him a lap dance?
teenage guys - what sort of a dancer would be most attractive to u!?
How do you learn to do the splits?
does anyone know any information on so you think you can dance auditions?
What is the marimba***** dance?
if a guy joins ballet does that make them gay?
Good 90s music (Dance songs) !?
Am i to old to start a dance class? i also have some questions! plese help! ?
Is ballroom dancing difficult to learn?
does a mixo wacko loo loo have a great fast food?
does anyone know of any cool songs....?
is having sex just for dance ok?
I want the old page back. Why do you people scumbag us with this nonsense?!?
Ballet Dancers...what is your view on this?
What's a drop-in rate?
estimate on how long it will take to get on pointe shoes?
should i take jazz or hip hop?
What are some good songs to dance to for a lyrical solo?
How to do a headstand in 5 easy steps?
Grinding and hooking up advice?
ballet: how long will it take me to move up levels?
Music mix for hip hop dance performance..please help!?
what are some songs that make you wanna dance?
dance moms question!!!!!!!?
Age Limit For Pointe Work?
How to build up armstrength for break dancing?
what are some song usualy played at school dances that are fun to dance to besides the cupid shuffle?
DANCERS do shoe inserts for flat feet help your point.?
Do you need to be a certain weight to dance balllet?
GCSE Dance stimulus help?
How to do a back walkover?
Which sport should I do? Dance or cheerleading?
who is the first man go to the moon?
What is that dance move called?
Need a lyrical piece of music?
Where's the best place for someone over 50 to take dance lessons in Scottsdale, Az?
I am having a flexibility issue in my Italian fouettes, please help!?
do i have good ballet feet?
How can I get more confident when I dance?
What is the best way to start to learn to dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc) in your teenage years?
Sadie's dance ideas..? ?
any information and history on the Russian ballet group Todes????? PLEAASEEE? Doesnt have to be Todes...?
Whats the best dancing to do to lose weight??
Teaching ballet?
Hip hop studio in South Bay Area?
Where can I find the whole ballet's on youtube?
What do I do about a dance teacher who constantly points out the same students in class?
Are there places to buy gently used or inexpensive Ballet shoes, dancewear in San Diego?
How can i become more flexible fast?
Career involving dancing?
where did Karina Smirnoff learn how to dance after she came to the US (some school in Brooklyn??)?
Dancing camps questions?
im so excited for dance classes but what do i wear?
Ballet.... I need help with my extensions!?
Cant do it again!!! ( tumblers / gymnasts only) ?
Dance College HELP!x?
Should i still dance?
Hows better Wisin or Yandel?
Canadian Dance Competitions? and American?
should i quit this dance class?
what is the meaning of jp?
How do i get tones of dance expierience?
How to Twerk Step by Step?
How to be good at hip hop?
Finding Beginner Ballet for Teens?
Just starting ballet...?
i want to learn to dance like michael jackson's style, chris brown style of dance.?
If you were an exotic dancer, which song would you dance to?
Mintchips49 and others what do you think about my schedule?
What do you think of this shoe for dancing?
What's a good way to patiently practise my irish dancing steps?
allstate dance competition name?
How come when I dance at a club the guys always try to feel me up?
whats something really controversal about russian ballet for a thesis paper?
what is the history of l.a dance?
So You Think You Can Dance audition clip song?
Can a woman ever be TOO old to learn to dance professionally?
what age should dancer begin point class?
I need to take Ballet...?
does anyone know who the dancer is on the xmas debenhams advert?
How do you learn to do multiple pirouettes?
How to breakdance for beginners?
Is dance considered an extra ciriclular activity?
Cool dance songs for party and also some pop songs!?
How to dirty dance with another girl?
ballet help please? toe to ankle is coupe whats toe to knee?
What are these dance moves called?
has any one else ever belly danced. does it tone ur belly. mine hurts.?
What's a good song I can do for my Lyrical solo for Dance?
Sidelined dancer, what can I do during class?
Where can I go online to learn dances?
True about toe nails?
Just a girl with a dream.... i'm sorta lost with everything and if anyone takes the time to read it that would?
Where can i buy these jogging bottoms, there used alot in street dance?
Which type of dance is more like lyrical/contemporary?
winter dance problem! need help :(?
Step-by-step how to do the bronx whine?
Better dancer Justin Timberlake or Bieber?
How much flat shoe ballet training must you do to start pointe?
Do you think cheerleaders are athletes?
Who is the best Steppin instructor in Chicago?
tips on spotting/dancing while wearing a ponytail?
Is someone got a dance dress for my daughter?Can u post it to me?
I want to do ballet? am i too old?
the songs that are mostly spoken with a song in the background.. but you can still dance to?
is it ok to get drunk while dancing naked covered in baby oil and chocolate buttons?
Do you know any good Streetdance videos?
What do you think of a 15 year old joining bellydancing classes?
Best night club in Macon, Georgia?
poll: which one u like most dance or singing?
do competition dancers ever get a break?
What do you think of this dance?
what do you like?
Help in dance class?
What you think about PussyCat Dolls?
What is you're favorite type of dance?
Is a tattoo bad for a dance major?
How do ribbons go on ballet pointe shoes?
How can u learn how to dance and shake your hips like Shakira? I've tried but I'm just not getting it.
What can u get from dance?
what do you think?
Do have to be rail thin to be a good ballet dancer?
Want to learn dance from scratch?
Is it bad that i don't know how to dance ?
What do you think is more gayish or none mescalin for guys to do...........?
where can a couple go to dance that has a variety of music, that does not sell alcohol?
how old do you have to be to strip?
i cant decide to do ballet or jazz HELP???
Are There Any Bands Similar To Danity Kane, The Pussycat Dolls, And Girlicious? Any Singers?
which is the origin of tango and that unlike other Latin dance?
Can I become a dance instructor with a minor in dance from a University?
Can anyone tell me how to learn dancing cha cha?
Is fourteen too late to become a pro ballet dancer?! PLEASE ANWSER MY QUESTION?
Should I take advanced dance or beginner's?
I need a serious lyrical song to dance too-i am 15 yrs old...any ideas??
What is Natya-Shastra a handbook of?
I know this is gross but...?
dance music for gcse exam?
Where are good places to get fashionable dance clothes online?
How to dance at a club?
In what country does belly dancing really originates?
How often should you clean your leotard?
How can i learn my splits?
im choreographing a dance to 'dreaming with a broken heart..' any ideas?
whats the best dance class to take as a couple??
What costume should I wear for a dance? The song that we are dancing to is Eyes on Fire By Blue Foundation ?
How exactly do you slow dance?
is a guy who does ballet hot?
Hadrid Conservatory body type?
Broken Pointe Shoe Question?
Is 14 years old too young to start dancing?
What is a good hip hop song for a drill team?
Can you start doing gymnastics at age 13?
How to dance? Highschool prom!?
who watches gen2?or who is in to all dances.like r&b ,ballet.and more.so can someone give me advice on dances.
i really what to join and hip-hop/break dance crew?
I wanna learn how to dance with a girl in a slow song?
Could I make it in High school cheerleading?
What are some good dancing songs to request for homecoming this year?
what is the most erotic form of dance that exists today [uk&or world]?
do people with flat foots useless and they cant be atheletes or join the army or dance is it true?
Is it a turn off when a girls a bad dancer?
am i to old to start ballet? help please!?
do u fell sexy(girls nd ladies )when u dance?
how to do a split?
getting over pointe with hyperextension?
If you had to choose one would you choose jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern or tap dace? and why?
what are the dance you like??
What are some good names for a praise team?
Should I be nervous about the homecoming dance?
Should I go to the Homecoming Dance?
What dance do you prefer ?
is this an appropriate line- i'm srry for hurting u, im srry for derision?
What would it take for me to be able to go en pointe again?
What is your favorite ballet move?
any good songs to praise dance to?
some stripping questions?
what did the mandans house look like?
hi, could you please tell me if someone can be a ballet teacher?
Anyone know the best way to learn how to do the splits & a russian split leap?
how do u dance?
how do monophonic and polyphonic music differ?
My left foot won't point sometimes? What did I do/pull?
loooking for a childs lyrical dress in rainbow colours?
what do you do when your in the elevator alone?
Dance club.. help!! 10 points best answer!! =] ..?
♥ List of Acro Tricks from easiest to hardest!?
I need to put together a cheer:dance song.?
I want to know what classes you need to take to be a psyologist?
if you are on pointe, how long did it take you to get to pointe?
For all the dancers, what kind of dancing do you do?
Great lyrical songs. :]?
Ballet is harder than most sports! Who's with me?!?
Help with school dance? Hair?
How Can I Learn How To Get Better At Stretching? And Learning How To do The Split?
how do you do fouttes?
I got a dancing pole for Christmas and as a beginner wondered if anyone could reccomend any moves, dvds etc?
50's dance moves with one person?
Good hip hop songs for a dance?
How can I improve my dancing?
New World school of the arts Dance Miami?
dance classes in gurgaon dlf phase2 or nearby?
What kind of dancing should I take?
can i get an introduction on traditional swiss dance?
Need help finding music!?
Where can I find ballet slippers/shoes for my tiny (23pounds) 2 year old who is starting dance class?
Why do my friends sometimes make fun of my for being a dancer?
your favorite dance?
where can i find a break dancing class in ventura county?
how do u lock (in dancing) like how do u glide and how do u windmill?
Go-go dancing question?
(BREAK DANCING) windmill help?
Do you know any good dance classes in Pittsburgh?
How hard is it to get into a dance collage? what are the requirements?
how to learn to.....?
For Guys only!!! Would you dance with a girl at a dance with the title "Miss Glenn Miller Swing Queen?
I would like to become better at ballet does anyone have any suggestions at what I should do?
Does anyone know any places where I can learn Hip-Hop dancing around the town of Kewanee,illinois?
What is that white, powdery stuff called that dancer's scuff their shoes in for traction?
Dancing with the Stars season 7 cast?!
What are youth ballroom dance classes like?
when is the next dance moms marathon?
I have 10 cheerleaders and we need to do some stutns???
how much do pointe shoes cost? what are the best brands?
How to give a lap dance?
contemporary dance solo song ideas?
Would YOU be able to Lift Me? Am I too Heavy?
pain during developpe?
i need to do a title page for african dance?
Caint catch my leg - splits help....!!!x!!!?
who do u think is gonna win america's best dance crew?
where can i learn the Disneys "high school musical " dance moves with out printing???
Good Music for a Dance Competition?
Should I tryout for the dance team? 10 points best answer?
What is Dylan and Cole Sprouses Adress?
what are some good songs/artists to belly dance to?
i love to dance and i want to be a dancer?
What was the song on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance?
How to get started on acro dancing?
What would you like to say for my if you knew that I had a graduation cermony last night?
My lil 5yr old sis wants to be a ballerina what music could i play for her to dance to?
i am starting a new urban/hip hop dance school and need a wicked, hip hop syle name! eg. vibe studio. help?
What's the best way to learn how to salsa dance?
Can anyone tell me the names of the breakdance moves in this video?
where can i find otso otso video codes for myspace?
How to do a tilt in dance ?
I want to become a better dancer?
Good hiphop songs for dancing for boys (ages 11-13)?
whats your favorite girl or boys name?
Trying to find a video dance piece I saw a long time ago where all the men danced on one leg?
POLL:Which is harder, dance or cheer?
is the YAGP workshop only for NYC finalists?
Starting dance as a teen.?
Does any body here in like to dance.?
Hip-Hop Dance Lessons?
um....some1 suggest da rite way? for smth at da club?
Are tricks important to becoming a professional dancer?
okay....here it goes my dad is GAY!?
How do I get started on dancing?
Can someone give me tips on an a la seconde turn?!?
How hard is it to dance dubstep?
Any advice on becoming a Latin ballroom dancer?
when to start point shoes ?
How does a girl grind dance properly?
I need a name for a dance company?
I started at 13, is that too late for ballet?
What is the National dance of the Philippines?
Best tampons for acro and ballet?
How did Jennifer Lopez first dance into our lives?
"if they could see me now" artist?
What is the best ballet magazine? Pointe or Dance spirit?
Do they have a dance for 5th grade graduation?
What your favorite type of salsa dance: LA, NY (Eddie Torres), Casino, Colombian or PR style?
kitri variation (don quixote) act 3 ?
How to fix my attitude?
What is the difference between Lyrical dance and Contemporary dance?
how can i learn the soulja boy dance online?
How to sew ribbons onto ballet shoes (not pointe shoes!)?
HipHop dance song help?
how many splits do you have?
Is this too much dancing?
I am 12 years old learning ballet for 5 years. I am ready for pointe.will pointe shoes hurt.?
Will yoga help my balance?
Americas best dance crew 2008 tour questions?!?
gloey holes in white county georgia?
CAN yu Pl3AS3 T3Ll M3 A DANC3 T3AM NAM3 4 Mii MiDDl3 Sk00l?????
list of dance songs for a wedding/party/quienceañera?
Contemporary Dance Songs?
What're the odds that a 'DDR' fan would like a gift certificate for dance lessons?
ALL DANCERS: Will having extra belly fat decrease my ballet ability!?
Pointe Shoes...Help!?
Do all pointe shoes have the same size?
I need reasons to dance?(ballet)?
Raves: can I go or not?
Pls suggest good hindi songs for a 5-6 year old girl to dance in a school competition.?
Help i need to dance¡?
do you like to dance?
what dance should we do for the talent show?
hoop dancing questions. help please?
Whats a good gentlemens club in Chicago? Nothing too ghetto!?
What do you require to set up your own dance school?
How to break in Pointe shoes?
How do i convince my mum to let me wear crop tops to dancing?
Is there any pole dance classes in Eugene Oregon?
Am I too old to start dance?
What site can I learn the TwoStep?
Would you rather be a perfect dancer with a horrible memory or a OK dancer with a excellent memory?
good dance studios in northern new jersey?
can i still do ballet even though im already 13 years old?
who will be on season 14 of dancing with the stars?
where in Tennessee or Kentucky are there good latin dance schools and or clubs?
saidies Hawkins ideas?
How : Tap Pick Up Help?
What can I do to train to be a latin dancer?
How do you dance to techno music?
If a Eleven Year old wants to do to point but has little ballet experience is it safe to start when she is13?
What are websites where I can create my own remix for a cheerleading dance?
Any tips for dancing with both legs?
I Love Dancing, Have It In Front Of The Mirror Or In Public, Why Do You Enjoy It And What Is Your Release?
my dance teacher...?
Good songs to dance to or make a music video with?
what is the name of a male ballerina?
Couples theme.?
How much does Just Dance 3 cost?
Any suggestions on a good dance studio in the Atlanta area?
What do you keep in your dance bag?
i need help...no not mentally?
Breakdancing Teams?
Questions about high school dances?
How can I larn to o a split?Hepl i really want to do a split but i cant learn any tips?
Can anyone tell me anything about The Pulse Dance?
Friend Fight About A Dance?
Competitive dance teams in the Austin or San Antonio, TX area?
Should I Take Gymnastics this Summer Or Dance?
Where can i find a Ukulele bass?
What are all the school dances?
How can I do the splits ? by teaching myself.?