High Caliber Models or Stiletto Upscale Ent?Which is better?Or are they both bad?
is there any website which helps to learn belly dancing?
My exams starts a day before my auditiom, shld I forgo it for my exam or juz beg my mom to let me go?
Question about getting my splits?
Is 14 too late to start dance?
How do you do a calypso leap in dance?
Need some help on dancing!?
I need help!?
How to prepare for a dance concert the night before?
Friend lost a bet. What should I dress him in? Will put him in EXACTLY what is voted best?
Do you think you can learn how to dance?
What are some newer fun upbeat songs to use in a jazz routine?
How do i start a dance group?
Can I take adult Ballet exam for beginner?
How much would a ballroom cost me? I NEED HELP PLEASE!?
Please help! 10 points?
Where can you find ballet classes in Lahore, Pakistan?
is belly dancing a good method to get into shape?
no school??
Pique turns on pointe?
contemporary dance and jazz dance?
How do foot thongs help, do I need to get some for my first ballet class?
What's a dance theme i should use?
What are the dance steps to Lois Lane's Chinese Checkers?
whats a good lyrical dance team name?
ballet stereotype for guys?
How do you do a Chaine turn?
How to clean suede sole ballroom shoes?
i heard this song somewhere it's has a really fast beat that makes you wnant to dance ...?
does anybody know some really good hardstyle songs?
On Oprahs talk show, the black eyed peas performed. Can somebody tell me how that dance thing was done?
how to start a dance group?
how to do belly dancing?
How to be a highschool cheerleader?
Do you dance like this at a party?
If I Ballroom dance three times a week?
Where to take pole dance classes in Washington state ?
Blackbird Irish Set Dance?
What do you do at highschool dance tryouts?
What I should wear at hip hop dance class?
Do the girls from dance moms go to school?
Whats that spanish song that's kinda like "freno freno fren fren freno" that you can dance to?
Why can't I do a pirouette infront of people?
What kind of Dance classes should I take?
How old were you when you went en pointe?
Where can I find a website that will show me the steps to do a dance??
Are there any good tap songs for a solo?
why are we becoming more aggressive in getting our own way?
what could i label on this picture?
how to dance?????!!!!!!!?
What is the most sensual dance?
Which is the best Salsa dance (LA Style) club in Los Angeles?
What is the dance from "Step Up" called?
I am in intermediate one ballet with the RAD, if I am switching to Cecchetti what level would I be in?
Dance experts please?
how do u tell some one to dance?
dance songs for my children?
Irish Step Dancing-does anyone know softshoe?
Attire for warm ups or barre?
While you're dancing, has your foot or leg ever "charlie horsed?"?
Where can I get Pointe Shoes for ballet For under $20?
Will running help my dancing????
What are some dance academy's in Indianapolis Indiana?
I like a boy bet a girl likes him to what shul i do?
is there ant way of hiding scuff marks on tap shoes?
Getting Back Into Dance?
Can someone who can't dance, learn to dance really well?
What is the best Dance?
Hip Hop Dance Wear: Studio One's Summerlin Dance Academy?
What is the best way to 'break in' pointe shoes for ballet dancers?
Which one is the most sexy for men, lambada or tango?
How long will it take me to do the splits?
Very Important in dancing?
How do I talk to a crush?
Dance Moves for Let the music Play by shamur?
what kind of shoes are good for hip hop dancing?
am i too old to dance?
Do you think I'm flexible?
I want to learn how to do the splits?
need a music playlist for 7 yearold dance party?
jazz or hip hop??? please help!?
High bun or Low Bun: i have another question for those who answered!?
Earn easy 10 points. What surprises you on the dance floor?
where can i learn dance in los Angles any type like jazz or belle or any other type even classic?
What variation should i do for Youth American Grand Prix?
Shuffle Pants, Phat Pants?
I am a dancer and i cant do my splits! how can i get more flexible?
Can you teach yourself to dance? If so what do you write on your CV?
how to dance with a guy at a school dance?
What are the best 18+ NIGHTCLUBS?
How to do a back handspring at home?
do some dance company's have certain height/weight requirements?
I do not know how to dance at all, help!?
How do you do the watusi?
How would I organise a Dance Summer school?
global dance festival in red rocks?
back handspring for rhythmic and level requirments?
I want Choreograph Dances, how do I start at my age/small city?
when does 2007 "So you think u can Dance" start?
WTF is the gangnam dance?!?! (not sure how it's spelled)?
Should i just quit my dance dreams?
Ballet-Too fat?
13 years old, too late to join dance?
Dance paws?
dance like michael jackson?
What will help in the long run(.s.)?
How can you dress like a nerd for a middle school dance?
AS level dance exam, poem?
omg need help!!?
I would like to know which schools in the United States are really the best to learn dancing?
I have my first salsa dance lesson coming up and I'm a bit nervous. Should I wear a helmet?
What is the name of the song the Boxcuttuhz did on America's Best Dance Crew in the 3rd Season of the 2nd Week?
In a ballet recital...do you have a say in what you absolutly will not do?
Lyrical dance duet songs?
I want to learn Belly Dancing, and I can't find a place where they teach it, please help.?
Is It Safe to be Dancing?
whats a famous dance?
Dance studio is having a recital and the theme has do with money, coins, cash etc can anyone help w/ the name?
What items do I need for pointe?
How to do pump turns?
What are your likes or dis-likes about Dance School's,lesson's or the industry.?
How do i do backbends, kickovers, and scorpions? more info inside?
While dancing my nose starts running.. Has anyone experienced this??
Are Ashley Tisdale and Zac Effron dating?
How to convince my parents to let me be on the dance company?
will putting wd40 on the bottom of my shoes make me glide/moonwalk better?
what song was supercrew dancing to at the abdc champions for charity?
Should i buy dance dance revolution?
where can i learn salsa, tango in pune?
I need a song for a lyrical dance.?
Too old for dance??
Which do you think i should take next year, ballet or jazz-funk ?
what are dance teachers called?
Proper Attire For Dance?
Does anyone know of an affordable ballet class for kids in Miami, Fl?
Can you still start dance school when you're 16?
Cute date ideas instead of a dance?
I want to make dance a career, how?
Wanting to do pointe...?
Electra Pole - Carmen Electras Dancing Pole, off peekaboopoledancing.com?
PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Is it truth that people who can dance are good in SEX?
What is the meaning of Social Dance?
what type of square dances are there?
How do you dance good?
Dance Teacher's !! What do you think of them ?
Where is a good place in Northern Virginia to practice dancing?
I can't dance!?
aiming position for beginners?
Please help! Can you suggest the best songs to do a ....... ADULTS ONLY!?
How do i improve my dance skills????
Girls what type of dancing do you think is sexy?
is breakdancing for jackasses?
I would like to take solo ballet lessons, does anyone know anyone who would be willing to teach a 17 year old?
How do you grind with a girl?
Im going to try out for the High school dance team, any tips?
What dance classes should I take now?
What to wear for modern dance auditions?
How do I know if someone likes me?
Is this Ir.pathan@gmail.com is appropriate email of irfan pathan?
Why isn't Willa Ford And Max C. touring with Dancing with the Stars?
So you think you can dance season 6?
If I lose weight do I dance better?
Greatest dance EVA!!!!?
ramalama (bang bang)?
I'm 16 years old and i am going to officer camp for my drill team. I need a cute idea for a gift for them?
Really good dancer at 13 years old!?
Should my Niece be wearing panties and a bra under her leotard and tights?
What's a good, long lasting brand of pointe shoes?
What are some of the best schools for dance?
Anybody here used to dance at Sylvia Birds dance school in Coventry, U.K.?
Back and front walkovers?
If a boy in ballet has long hair, what do they do with it?
I am parylized from the neck down. my doctors say i can never dance again. how can I dance?
Does tisch school of arts nyu dance department let in only ballet dancers but also contemporary dancers ?
Is There Any Professional Dancer I Can Interview?
I want to become a dancer. how would i go about it?
I need a full detailed answer on what is in your dance bag?
What are some good songs for aerobics class?
Am I a Bad Dancer?? =[ or =]?
HELP with a portuguese dance project!!?
In your opinion, whats the hardest ballet move?
how can i get my splits?
Should I dance again after seven years?
Does anyone have a good Chinese song for dance competition i really need one!?
does a ballet dancer need a portfolio?
does anyone know good stretches to help with middle splits.?
I am 14 and i am a boy who really wants to start ballet but?
What are some new, sassy songs for a jazz duet?
What kind of pointe shoes are there for people who have medium arches and still look good?
----->List as many breakdancing freezes as you can plz!<-----?
why are most dance classes for toddlers jazz ballet, rather than ballet?
Male Ballroom Dancers?
Where are the SASLA Clubs in Hyderabad?
how do you find a dance partner?
What are the best stretches for splits?
So you think you can Dance?
I can't point my big toe!?
Trying to find a certain ballet video?
Can I continue Ballet during college?
Im scared to go to my homecoming dance?
do u dance?
Where can I take hip hop dance lessons?
How can I learn basic ballet at home?
what is everyones favourite style of dance?? ♥?
What is 'asian dancing'?
What is your opinion about DID dance show?
Is anyone in skewl ryte now?!?!?!?
Should I do hip-hop or ballet?
What do you have to do in an Australian Ballet School audition?
Dance routines?
Can you get a lap dance at a playboy club?
Ballet Dancer, Could I do it?
What IF a ballet beginner starts off with learning pointework?
How can I make my leaps Higher?
could you all please please give me some names that i can keep for our band because we cannot think of any?
Should I take that Gel kinda padded thing inside the top of your pointe shoes out?
Freak dancing...how do you do it? guys what do you like a girl to do? special technique?
Is it wrong for a guy to like ballet?
whos in luv?
how do you dance to billie jean?
How can I remember combinations?
where can I buy electrolytes?? (In UK)?
Help! Do you have any good picture ideas that can be used as a stimulus for GCSE dance choreography?
Old good songs, do you know any? :)?
Tips On How 2 Do A Backbend Kickover?
Can I become a professional dancer?
What are some good stretches to work on back flexibility?
please help dancers!!?
why can't i memorize steps for dance audition? :(?
I want to ask about how can I get a sponsor for my performanceces projegts with my ballet studio because I thi
Is this okay for a 13 year old dancer?
My ankles keep hurting after rises and releves?
ok i know i cant do a lap dance?
The different types of feet for ballet?
Should I do cheerleading or dance for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award?
Have you tried Ballet Bible what did you think about it?
im 14 and going to a pointe shoe fitting. it will be my fifth pair?
are there any nightclubs in texas for teens?
Can anyone answer to questions I have about stepping / breakdancing?
Asking ballet teacher for work?
What is it like to be a professional ballerina?
I have a question for the ladies, If a man gets aroused while dancing with a girl, is it uncomfortable for her
where can 15 year start learning hip hop dance in cork,ireland?
I need tips on dancing, please?
whats the name of this song?
Dance moms miami question? did it get renewed?
Describe dance in one word.?
I need help finding a good song to choreograph to?
50's Rock 'n' roll Jive & Rockabilly Dancing in Canada?
Who is the indian best dancer ?
Does anybody knows who was th winner on "Dancing with the Stars" last night?
please suggest some names for dance fest in my college ?
You can see my self harm through my ballet tights?
Where does the element dance center get their costumes?
What do you think this names mean '' natasha '' ?
Should I go to my Junior Prom?
Who is the best Dancer Ciara or Chris Brown?
what is the meaning of anish and sumit?
Would someone overweight feel out of place at a Las Vegas dance club?
Song ideas for a dance theme of candy land?
Just Dance 2 won't let me play firework by Katy Perry?
I need a song for a lyrical duet dance?
good song for a dance?
is keyshia cole fine?
Which of these music are the best to dance?
How do i view the rock eisteddfod videos for 2009?
how to get my splits, extensions?
Dance classes?
How do I stretch my feet?
question for dancers.?
Does anybody like Cirque du soleils KA?
Can flexible dancers become unflexible?
Help with shuffling the running man?
What to do at my school's homecoming dance?
Is this good body for professional ballet dancer? which only 2% of people have?
I AM REALLY MAD NOW !!!! ***Can someone answer my question please i had asked this question 10times allready!!
how is cultured manifested in dance?
Id really like to go on pointe but im not sure how to start?
Great affordable dancing books?
What do u think of my DANCE VIDEO?
how to become a better ballerina?
Am I too old to begin ballet?
suggestions pleasee?
trying to book country music ledgend johny rodiguiz for dance-fund raiser for june of 2007?
I want to learn how to do the lastest dance moves do they have classes for this in baltimore city?
Starting ballet at 16?
What will I be when I grow up?
trouble with my leaps?
What are some Fil-am dance troupes based on the U.S?
For ladies only please....?
Who has auditioned for the Rockette Summer Intensive?
Do you want to live?
Do you think proms are over rated?
poll: which one u like most dance or singing?
Does anyone know some really good belly dance music?
what is the history of japanese parasol dance?
Mohiniattam is the fusion of which two dances? please answer this.?
Can you start ballet classes at 14 with no previous experience in ballet?
Any ballroom dance classes?
Is it a bad idea for a 15yr old girl to be an exotic dancer?
Collection of songs--for the music/dance buffs out there!!?
What is a simple yet effective way to become extremely flexible??
How to keep from getting sweaty in my school dance class?
as long as i chose a suitible style and colour could i get away with wearing a womens leotard?
why are ballet dancers feet so mest up?
I whant to join cheerleading but im chubby and need to know how to do splits and cartwheels n tricks?Any help?
Do you think they sell bun nets for ballet at walgreens or fred meyers?(not hair nets)!?
What would you think of me if I said I wanted to be a back-up dancer when I get older?
can you start dance at 15 yrs old?
Name me some dance songs that i can do a solo to?
doing a dance solo need a strong emotional powerful lyrical song?
How often do you need to stretch and for how long to not lose your flexibility?
How to get my dance skills back?
Does our new First Lady (Michelle Obama) need ballroom dancing lessons?
How do I over come my regret of starting dance late?
do you know any street dancing music or any street dancing moves?
Please help me... in two weeks i have my first dance exam and im so nervous.....?
why did brad pitt break up with angellina jolie????
Where can I get hip-hop dance pants for cheap?
For dance duet song ideas help!!?
Contemporary dance songs about the mirror, eating disorders, etc.?
funny things to do in a dance?
Is Jazz dancing hard?
ballet experts, i need help!?
Where are in San Jose are their economic ballet classes?
Girls: We date, it's great, but one problem - I don't know how to dance. Would you be willing to teach me?
How do I act like a funny mouse in a ballet audition?
Where is the phoenix dance school in edinburgh?
Ballet is harder than most sports! Who's with me?!?
where are some places you could go for dancing?
plez help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Advice please for breakdancing?
What should be my next YouTube dance tutorial?
lost one of my pirouettes suddenly?
Who here is a dancer?
I'm super nervous. Help? :/?
I am trying to think of a name for a dance club at school, I would like it to be Hillside ______.?
Am i to old to go back to dancing?
Hip hop harry is one of my favorite shows especially when they break dance what is your favorite part and why?
What is it called when you dance in a circle with your arms around each other?
Is everybody able to do the splits?
Am I too old to start ballet again?
How can i make a samba headdress?
who is x-zibit gf??? but bow wow's?
Can someone please give me a list of the Essential tricks needed for being a dancer?
Dance Set study- find it?
I'm 13 and A Beginner in Dance! Need Help, Please!?
Who is the best belly dance among these three....?
What leg exercises/stretches will help with no-handed leg extensions?
do you have to be skinny to swing dance?
I want to take ballet classes but Im 14 and have never taken dance?
jazz correction help....please..?
will I be able to learn, teach, and practice these dances by the end of june?
Do aliens dance or do anything for fun?
Can i tech myself how to dance ?
high school dance audition? 10points?
Good kind of dancing for a muscular person?
How is dance promoted in Australian media?
How did you learn to Bellydance?
Being a dance teacher?
Best banda and durangense songs to dance? (mainly for latinos)?
My costume is too short?
What color of tights can a boy wear for beginning ballet?
how many round does SME,JYPE,and YGE have?
do you think it looks silly tall women dancing on the dance floor?
What is a good on line shop for dance wear.?
what are some good songs for a dance party?
Did you know about Zumba Classes ?
what are some good excersises to do at home on pointe (in a short period of time)?
There's something wrong with my hip...?
What thread and stitch should I use with a nylon-spandex blend (leotards)?
ok me and my cousin what to dance to :(?
how to grind at a dance?
easy but impressive dance tricks/moves????!!!!?
How else can I dance at a club?
Help with starting ballet and getting back up to scratch?
Which type of dance do you like best???
When did salsa become a ballroom dance?
what should i called my hip hop, urban ladies dance crew?
i need to find a ice stating school for kids?
What's a good name for a dance group?
dance lesson for a beginner?
Making too much noise dancing upstairs?
what the hell is a Cutthroat party!!!???
which are dances your dance?
so you think you can dance!!!?
Break dancing, windmill help, using right hand!!?
I feel insulted by what my boy friend has said. Shouldn't I be?
Party songs?! Urgent!?
What are the best ways to improve my foots arch for pointe?
Is it hard to start dance at age 15?
Is there a certain age you need be to attend Bristol Hillman? Do you need to send in an audition tape.etc?
What are the most comfortable and stretchiest tights for Ballet?
how old should you be to start ballet?
What type of dance should I learn?
What's the difference between Ballet & Gymnastics?
Nervous for first day back at dance class?
Should I become a stripper now?
anyone know anything about bio centric exercises?
are there any catering halls in sands point, NY, Long Island?
Is there anyone out there that knows how to dance?
what is the dancing called that 2 men perform. It includes alot of strength movements?
how do you dance at a party?
how do you know when your really for dating?
How do I convince my mother to let me bellydance?
how do i convince my friend not to do dance competitions with me?
What is this dance move called?
does nassau community college have a kickline?
What is a double Over-the-Tops and triple Back Slides?
What do you think about doing a Modern Dance solo to Nelly Furtado's Say it Right?
Even tho Im pregnant is it ok to go out and dance ?
What song could me and my friend do a dance to for youtube?!?!
Hot music (songs) to dance to ?
POLL: Ballet Lovers- when you watch a ballet performance...?
How can I learn to balance out dance with my grades?
Squeaky Cecilia Kerche Pointe Shoes?!?
Do males dance Zumba?
Would it be a good idea to have a dance studio in my house? explained below?
Flat turnout and jumping jacks?
are there nightclubs for teens around the age of 13? or a little older?
Contemporary and Lyrical: What is the difference?
Looking for dance classes in middle Georgia.?
Is 14 too old to go back into dance & eventually do pointe?
Ballet Beginner...Starting ballet age 17 (grade 5 RAD) !?
who listens to high school musical?
So I was grinding with this guy at my school dance and I want to know if i was doing decent?
brief me up on the dancing background of Hemamalini?
What to expect first day of ballet 2?
Im going to booker high school help!?
wat is hip hop dancing?
What is that new dance with the Asian guy that went on a talk show and started dancing?
Dansing makes me happy, but...?
What are some dance crew names?
Ballet School Name Help?
Which website can I find free ballroom dance instruction?
Freed or Bloch?
Should you worry about how you dance at a party?
How do I get out of going to can-can lessons with my friend tonight? He always farts when kicking his legs up.
Anybody knows what kamasutra is?
Do you have flat feet or an arch?
Is this normal for pointe ballet shoes?
Who is the famous ballet dancer? 1960?1970?1950? 1940?1980?
why are people distroying the world?
Can i still learn ballet?
is it bad to call myself a dancer?
I love to ballroom dance. How do I get my boyfriend to take lessons with me?
I want to really know how to freak dance....?
how to do a double pirouette?
Do guys like girls who belly dance?
How do I Learn a dance routine in, like, 30 mins?
Help! which dance style do you think is better???
Does anyone know any website where steps of bhangra are explained??
How old is too old to learn to dance ballet?
Do you like poi?
Is dance only for girls?
Have you had any embarassing dancing experiences?
does ucla have dance major?
Any good, fairly easy dance moves for a girl?
Ballroom Dancing--ChaCha--Need online tutorials--?
What is modern dance?
am i a freek...?
I wanna hula dance in Tampa, Fl...any suggestions?
My friends, the dance commitee, and I are throwing a dance, we need a theme. HELP!!!!!!?
I want to go to university for dance?
what is the dance song?
I need a song! any help?
What are dance classes like? Or for a major?
What dancing schools is there around Apollo Pa.?
what is the easiest style of dance for a beginner to start off with?
Who do you want to win Americas Best Dance Crew?
i need to find a hiphop dance skool?
Any ideas for hip hop dance team music?? PLEASE HELP!?
whta do you think the dumbest new hip-hop dance is?
A poll for all the dancers out there! ?
How to dance tecktonic?
Are other dancers usually a lot of fun to dance with in performances?
What is a ballroom show case? ?
I'm 13 and I wanna become a proffessional dancer as soon as possible!?
Im from Australia, is it worth applying for the Julliard Summer Dance Intensive?
how comfortable and easy are ballet shrugs to wear?
how does the customs and traditions affects the folk dance?
Should I take JP's (from Mos Wanted Crew) dance class?
What are some good dancy songs?
Contemporary Dance --Techniques?
I need someone to give me a idea about dancing pleasee but it can not have drinking in it?
do you have to wear a type of sneakers to cwalk?
How can I be good with Salsa dancing?
Can someone teach me ballroom dancing in london?
I am 15 and 5'4 but I am scared that i have stopped growing?
What is this move called in cheerleading/dance? (pictures)?
am i ready for pointe?
hey, I'm a dancer and i want some tips on how to improve my turning.?
Popping Help, What is this called?
Center Stage (2000) What would you call the type of dance in parts 13 and 14 of the movie?
Is it possible to use dance for evil ?
what do you need to become a stripper?
Dance Competition tips!!?
How do you do an irish reel?
whats that song where theres people dancing on buckets, its like a summer song, quite old now?
What happened to Jared Morgan?
En Pointe?
How do i do a split? TEACH ME HOW?
Am I too old to learn?
What's harder dancing or cheerleading?
How can I learn how to do Michael Jackson's dance moves?
Have you ever had a date that couldn't dance...?
what do you think of this dance performance?
Dance Songs For School?
Why is prom so important to a girl, does it mean the same to a guy?
how does beyonce get those big pretty legs?
Jette leaps? Help!!!!?
youo swing me i swing you we drive on down the avenue after so many years they wore out the floor put in?
Do you like to dance?
What to wear to first ballet class?
Dancers help please!
any girls' costume ideas for the indian dance, 'sona sona'? it's a bhangra song.?
would you have to quit school just to do ballet at 16?
Should i wear underware with the leotards?
Do alot of dancers smoke?
I really want to see like a bollywood dance show, or musical in NewYorkCity. Does anybody have any info???!!?
Is it illegal to copy someone's(or a group's) choreography?
What is a good lyrical dance solo song?
Could someone give me a easy dance routine?
Ballet class? What to wear?
Choreography dancing?
Dancing with the Stars??
what techinquie do need to join high school poms?
Dean Koontz fans I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!'?
Gymnastics or dance??
What is a dance with two people called?
I want to open ballet studio for children.?
Why can all black men dance and white men can't?
Dance classes at home in South Delhi (G.K1)?
What do you think about strict instrustors?
in need of a gospel dance teams name..??
what kind of dancing helps you lose weight?
am i too old for dance?
Does anyone know what....?
How do I get a split?
How do you tap dance quietly in an apartment?
My ballet teacher told me to DUCT TAPE MY BOOBS!?
david alfaro siqueiros "the dance of the rain" analysis?
i want to learn how to dance a hip hop dance called the wizard can?
Will running help my dancing????
what is techno dance?
why do people spend so much time on this thing?
Where is a good website to find a unique dress ofr the 8th grade dance?
I m not a good dancer!! How do I Learn dancing for casual parties.?
How to achieve the splits/improve flexibility?
clothes for hip hop class?
Now that I have the dance/music answers help me with this.....?
What song should I use for my tap solo?
Do Americans like Tango? Why?
What to wear for a Jazz dance class?
where can i find an editor for my dance dedicated website?
Looking for a dance poster..?
how to dance at a middle school dance?
is there any dance studio my dancers and i can go to to learn a routine?
What Type of Dance Should I Pick?
how to get the right and left splits?
Should I try out for the The Rangerettes or Texas Pom Squad?
Is there any place in the Los Angeles area where I can take Jamaican Dancehall dance lessons?
how do i ask this girl to dance?
Who is the best dance master in Indian Cinema?
How can I audition for the SM entaintement ? I really want to audition for it .. And i am from Singapore ..?
any way to teach your muscles how to do splits?
which country does the dance salsa come from?
Stretches for a needle in cheer or straight scorpion?
who do you think would get the title americas best dance crew
Watch this clip! Good or not?
Is this tuition fee for Ballet too high?
What are good hip hop moves/dances websites?
My pet Baboon dresses up in my clothes and dances in front of ?
How do you do a cartwheel?
Why do you dance...?
What are some good conversation starters with strippers?
Will this help my flexibility!?!?!?!?
am i too late to start hip hop dance?
How did the popular dance boost the economy for America?
cool hip hop dance crew names?
pls who has the dream of having a kids team?
is stripping at 16 a bad idea?
So you think you can dance canada PLEASE HELp!?
Will I be able to go en pointe even if I started ballet at age of 24?
I CANT get my middle splits! HELP?
Where can i find modest ballroom dance clothes?
i want to become a dance?
Burlesque for a beginner?
What grade should a 20 year old girl start at in ballet?
how can i be a good boyfriend?
need a lil help!!!!!?
How do I give a lapdance?
Any good suggestions on songs about rough times and seeking change for a lyrical/contemporary dance?
I need songs about school?
You know ?
http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/2536946.html I'm 18 is this wrong?
how to dance powerfully like hyuna?
Hello does anyone know of any street dance troupes in Dorset?
what are the abbreviations used in ballroom dancing?
who loves ballet?
I am looking for an Irish Dance group to perform March 17 at our church in Yorkville IL. Any suggestions?
i danced with a boy at the school dance we were grinding does he like me?
who dancing with the stars this year?
What is pointe?
Dancer Diet?
are there any clogging dance lessons available in the E.Bay area?
Which Dance Studio Is Better?
What do you do if you have a big bust and you want to be a ballerina?
Rave question?
under extended knees?!?
Ballet, Jazz or Hip Hop??
Which Dance should I take?
whos your favorite hip hop singer or raper?
What should I wear to the Homecoming Dance? (I'm a guy)?
I need to find scholarly resources on Folklorico Dancing.?
Should I take up ballet classes?
To Dancers: What's It Like?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO?
What are some good songs to perform a 'ballerina toy' dance?
Does NYCB have a summer program?
help with this dancing?
hey! I'm in a talent show 3 weeks from now can someone tell me some sites with dancing.oh yea and its rapremix
How to learn street dance?Any street dance moves?
Would you like to learn how to Ballroom Dance....be honest!?
anyone know what the website is for the Canadian National Dance team?
my friends mom won't let her dance because she thinks that to dance you have to start when they little. HELP!?
I want to learn dance. suggest me a good institute, economical, at hydearabad?
How to grind/freak dance?
fouettes and grand jete's?
HIGH bun or LOW bun???!! NEED ANSWER NOW?
anyone else think strippers are overrated?
To Dance Or Not To Dance?!?!?
Does anyone know the dance to that Danity Kane "Show Stoppers" song?
School Rave lighting? What do I use?
What are some good dance moves?
How do you know when and where raves are?
Ice Dancing Musical Selection?
IN CALIFORNIA.... do male strippers take everything off?
Should I take up ballet classes?
Do you have to be a good dancer to dance at a Club?
How many dancers are in your dance group?
Do middle splits improve your turnout and if not, how can i improve my turnout?
Ladies:You go to a dance,but the only shoes u can wear are high heels or bare feet,what do u choose?
How old are you supposed to be when your going en pointe in ballet?
Is 15 too late to start ballet?
Songs for a modern dance routine!?
What should I do? Help PLEASE!!!?
should i pick up dancing? my only talent is video games.?
WHAT helio won dancing with the stars!?
plz help people who kno about salsa dancing........?
do u like souljah boys dance style?
How could i do hiphop dance and stunts?
Describe all the different dance forms in the world.?
How do I have a rock n roll themed dance?
How many people you know dance better than you?
question about my pointe dancing! dancers only!?
Any stretches for dance ?
How long does it normally take to receive your ADAPT jazz exam results?
what's your favourite brand of pointe shoes?
does anyone remember the Dance show on USA network called "Dance USA"?
Who was eliminated on Dancing with the stars week or last night 11/8?
What would be a good musical theatre song for a dance duet for 10 year olds? ?
where can i learn to breakdance in southend on sea, essex?
I wanna learn to dance like a jabbawockee ?
what activities do you think ill like?
Do anyone kno Cassie carter an dont try 2 be funny plz?
Can I learn how to dance?
Canvas or Leather Ballet shoes?
Where can i find an under age dance club?
Contemporary dance songs..?
where did you all learn to dance so well in clubs?
Is this Dancing lame?
Do scene girls do tap dance ?
what do you need to be a go-go dancer?
Would anyone be able to give me feedback on my dance please?, good or bad appriciated! Thanks :-)?
lifting legs in ballet?
I want to be a profesional dancer. How can i do this?
What kind of body do you have to have in order to be a professional ballerina?
Basic jazz steps or moves?
Career in dance? Help!!?
Tell me a bit about pointe ballet shoes?
Any Line dancing fan?
what is the history of malaysian dances?
If starting ballet at 26, will it be possible to ever go onto pointe?
What song did Donald & Peta dance to last night?
Why do girls like to dance?
are there any pole dancing classes in santa barbara, ca?
Can you use rosin on dance shoes that aren't pointe shoes?
Streches to do a split?
How do you break in your new pointe shoes?
Where can I find semi/professional Salsa dancers?
all travis wall fans!?
Is nearly fourteen too old too start a career in dance?
Ballet summer intensive in New York State, run by ABT's directors wife, whats it called?
Who is the best dancer?
Non ballet dancer buying pointe shoes?
Do u know the SOulja Boy dance????
Why do people from India think about their future alto before growing ?
what do you have to do to become a jazz dance teacher?
what is zumba dancing?
What's the name of this dance move? [get up from knees to standing]?
Whats this dance move in 0:04 called?
How do ballet dancers keep the stamina and strength while dancing 8 hours per day?
Dark dance routine ideas?
Good ballet songs???
Ways to get your stomach toned up?
what to wear to first ballet class?
What splits are easiest to do? Front or side?
Is being 15 year old too old to become a dancer?
Does anyone know of pole dancing studios in or around Grand Rapids Michigan?
What is a good song that i can do a solo too?read details?
how do i add back round to my e-mail address?
Do we need coca-cola to dance?
Any opinions on Lynette's School of Dance in Bethpage, NY?
Is age 10 too late to become a professional dancer? I'll answer your questions too!!!?
What is you're fave kind of dance.?
Where can I find breakdancing lessons in MA?
Do you think I'll make the DANCE TEAM?
I wanna learn how to do the split?
How can I convince my mom to let me take ballet lessons?
Do People Actually Listen To Hip Hop or Rap On Purpose?
I'm visiting Salt Lake City, UT, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good dance/night club?
How many UCAS points do you get from ISTD dance exams and Trinity Guildhall Drama exams?
About how many 8 counts are in 10 minutes for dance?
Dance team cheer/chant?
Ballet?!? (20 characters)?
Is this a good body for ballet?
Night Clubs in NYC?
Breakdancing moves for a beginner?
Do you wear boxers underneath a dance belt?
So you think you can dance!??
What do I need to know to try out for varsity poms?
In Ballet (dance) levels, whats the difference between Grade 1 and Junior division 1 and which one is higher?
Can I teach myself basic ballet at 17?
am i too old to dance?
Grind line?
A girl asked me to Sadie Hawkins Can I assume I can grind with her (mucho) at the dance?
Ballet tips on, well..ballet, anyone?
Everyone was dancing except for me...?
how can we really help poor ppl?
help with ballet slippers?
isn't it gross when girls grind on guys at dances?
i am 13 and would really like to do ballet- should i have started sooner or is 13 okay???
How can I learn to dance?
could someone explain what jazz dance and hip hop dance is?
HELP?!? Theres a dance going on at our school tomorrow night and i have 3 dates what do i do???? QUICK?
Whats that bumper sticker for that says "I *symbol* dance music"?
I want to be more flexible.?
Does anyone know any good exercises or stretches to get dancers into top shape?
would i look funny in a ballet class?
Is dance considered a sport?
Ballet, do i sound dumb with this?
how much should a lap dance coast?
Are there any showgirl places outside of Vegas?
In what ways can I create movement in a dance costume?
what are some cool, upbeat song I could dance to in a music video?
Help me plan a diet for a dancer?
dance moves?
what are some dance school?
I need help with an outfit for a casual back to school dance.?
minor in dancing?
Can I wear my soft soled salsa shoes out dancing if i use electrical tape?
I am 13 and am a little overweight. Can I still do ballet?
why they call this web page ?
What's the best place to Learn ballet in virgina ?
Where can I learn this type of dancing? (like Sonya Tayeh choreographs) .?
how can u become a singer/ dancer/raper?
ballerina problems. opinion needed?
Name for a middle and high school dance team!!?
Heather Mills and dancing?
Can I get my splits in time?
Girlfriend wants to go clubbing, but I'm not the best dancer...?
May I have some pirouette/ fouetté help?
Do you still know how to do the "Hokey Pokey" dance!?
Shouldn't it have been Kaba Modern and Jabbawokeez at the finale of america's best dance crew?
Good songs for pom, modern, jazz routine?
How to avoid/work with knee injury from beyonce dance routine?
Are you a great dancer?
I have no idea how to dance?
In irish dancing competitions, what do the judges look at?
where to find guaguanco rhumba clave music in nyc?
should i take hiphop classes but i suck!!!! :(?
Can I learn an aerial in 2 months?
PLEASE HELP! i can't dance! please answer!!!!!!?
What are appropriate jazz dancing clothes?
What you think about PussyCat Dolls?
Dance question?
Lower/mid back pain???
Mia Michaels Emmy Award dance?
what is the harlem shuffle?
What are some acrobatic things I should NOT attempt on a trampoline? ?
What Do You Have To Do To Audtion For The Australian Ballet School?
For all the people who answered this question or want to answer it here's a add on?
Dancing Choreography I'm clueless about is what goes first?
Do u like vanesse hudgens?
Dance or Gymnastics?
Im goin to b grinidin with a guy who likes grindin but im a little nervous cause i really dont know how.HELP!?
How to dance to Run the world (girls)?
What R Some Cool songs to dance to?
does anybody know where I can find a video clip of how to do the dance "la cucaracha"?
does anyone have a e-mailor tel # for daniel collins-photos-dance vancouver ca?
What to put in my dance bag?
In breakdancing,how can i give the best if i'm just more than a beginner and poor in battling?
Dance convention what do I wear!?
What is a good theme for a junior high dance?
I want to be a pro breakdancer....how long does it take to become one and know the windmills and stuff ??
Good songs to dance to for black history month?
How do I get a high merit or a distinction for the RAD interfound exam?
Who invented Morp? 10 points to best answer! :)?
Ideas for a door sign for cheer?
is a ballet hair bun mandatory for all the girls who wish to do ballet classes ?
Inspiration To Keep Dancing?
Tell me all about the sadie hawkins dance!?
How can I get my double pirouette?
Am I a natural dancer?
Dancing Lessons?
Which classical Indian dance is traditionally performed by men?
Does this dance make you cry??
How can I minimize pain on my big toe when dancing en pointe?
Who does Highlanding and what is your fav dance?
what is your favorite song? and who is the artist?
why do people like to dance?
Is it okay to wear knee high boots with 2 to 3 inch heels for ballroom dancing?
Pants in ballet class?
does anyone know the video of a white guy teaching a stupid dance? it's really funny and i can't find it?
where to get used salsa dancing shoes?
can you get pregnant from ballroom dancing?
What are the belly dance steps or exercises that one should practice the most?
How do you twerk!?!? steps please?
anyone know any good hip hop dance moves?
Can I do lyrical dance if I am a beginner to dancing?
What is your preferred style of dancing?
Is it true that white people doesnt know how to dance?
How old do you need to be to get into a rave? (other questions as well)?
HOW do you do the walk it out dance?
What song should I do?
my first highschool dance girls answer only please?
Winter formal dance ideas?
DANCE WARS: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann?!?
My girlfriend's mother is GAY but when her dyko buddy is gone she starts touching me alot.?
what is your favorite ballet movie and why?
How hard is it to get into the Carolina Crown colorguard?
what do you think is better ballet or modern dance? which one should i choose ballet or modern?
What is the dance in Bilyy Elliot called...????
who sings every little step maddie zieglers solo on dance moms?
what would be better to take Jazz or Gymnastics ?
How to stay all the way up on my pointe box?
how can I get better at dancing without stoping?
can anyone please help me?
ballet and big feet?
any ballroom dancers?
pole dancing? grinding?
Help with 'opening' hips?
I'm going to do solo's this year, is it hard/nervy?
i want to find out where i can get ballet lessons for my 4 year old daughter and how much they will cost, i wa
what do you know about Anne Patricia Iremedio?
I want some details Dance & Music concert?
What are some good dance team songs?
i dance and my hips make a popping noise?
how much are jazz shoes?
How to get on pointe?
Can I wear my ballet leo for gymnastics?
who do you think were some of the most influential artists os the modern dance world ?why ?what about post mod
How long does it take for you to be really good at ballet?
teen club in ny?
What excuses should I use to the dance instructor, to quit dance classes?
name of a dance begining with the letter p?
if you are qualified to teach a class are you allowed to choreograph?
Do you know a dance group based in Manila who can do the Masskara Festival Dance?
Apparel for a 'Summer Fiesta' theme school dance?
I'm 16 years old and I'm crazy about ballet. Would it be pointless for me to start dancing now?
Dancing like the characters in shake it up.....?
Are you en pointe?
Pointe shoes?????PLZ HELP?
Can someone tell me this dance move!?
whats ur favorite type of dance?!?!?
How do I get flexible fast?
i am a stripper and would like dance tips to improve myself.?
how do i strip dance for my girlfriend?
Indian dance class in CT?
What to Wear For My Performance ?
Help: we have to teach children how to dance?
how to flatten my stomach? I'm a dancer?
I need to find a dance school.?
What company made the dance shoes that Jennifer Lopez wore in the movie, "Shall We Dance"?
Does anyone know of any Bokko Dancing schools on Long Island, New York?
I need a picture that represents unity for a dance team?
Do you remember playing with parachute silk on the kindergarten playground?
I want to be an exotic dancer and my family is driving me insane!!!?
front handspring?
.s!!!!!!1Who knows how to dye dance tights for cheap?
How does one get involved with doing belly dance in a GROUP like at a festival or something?
Do you think I can start now?
Should I bring a clutch to the Homecoming Dance?
dance tutorials online for a performance group?
Can someone teach to do dirty dancing to my boyfriend?
samba dance!!!?
Can a "bad" dance class ruin my ability as a dancer?
How high can you go on your toes when you're in bare feet?
Do You Know Any Good Dance Camps In Canada . . .?
Stripper/Dancer Poles....Share your experiences with them please!?
On America's Best Dance Crew, how did Gary from the Jabbawockees pass away? U can leave links on articles plz
How do I dance at homecoming or be a good date?
where can i download hungarian dance no. 2 by brahms for the violin?
I am looking for any info on a Tap dancer named Glenn Shipley,like how ,when and where he died.?
What are the good songs on dance dance revolution extreme?
Has any one ever done this?
What's a good white dance shoe for dance team?
Science fair project with dance?
Wild/Animal Theme Song for Jazz Dance?
picking a jazz/cntemporary solo song?
Is it weird to stretch in an airport ?
Themes for Homcoming?
stretches to help improve turnout?
I need to know if I should get into lyrical or not!?
Why doesn't my dance teacher like me?
Do i look ugly(PIC INCLUDED)?
how to get middle splits fast?
Remember how Elaine danced on Seinfeld...?
what activities do you think ill like?
i want to do ballet but i'm not flexible?
Point? (dance)?
I always forget to Pointe ...?
I am doing a dance competition, I want to do a dance to a song that...?
Does any one know of any dance academy's/colleges within essex?
PNB school year.......?
dancers, or people who have been in productions with dancing, HELP!?
Why is justin timberlake so cute?
Where can I get dance sweats?
How Long Before You Can Be On Pointe?
I am a 26 year old going to college for a dance degree, Iam to old for this and what can I do with the degree?
Picking up jazz at 13?
Music for dance composition ?
how many of you like dance??
Am I too short to do ballet?
Should I shave my pubic hair for ballet?
How to do dance turns without getting dizzy!!! YES I spot!!!?
Where do I look when Im slow dancing with a guy?
is capezio a good brand for tap shoes?
Is dancing a good form of exercise?
i want to open a ballet studio for adults...?
which song is better for either a lyrical or modern dance?
Name for my multicultural dance studio?
My boy wants to do ballet?
Is there anything I have to know before I start going to a dance academy?
dancing at prom?????????????????
What do I do cheer issue?
what are the characteristics of folk dance?
Acro Dance...Help!!!!?
Ballet question Please answer?
Should I wear leotards and tights without bra and underwear?
X factor, Strictly Come Dancing.......?
should i take a nodoz. for the daNCE?
what is the right point shoes converter for grishko 2007 pointe shoes?
What shoes are good for break dancing and hip hop?
Would i get flexible if i stretch 10hours a day for 2 weeks?
What age is to late to start dancing??
Strict ballet diet help?!?
Is my ballet teacher wrong?
Ballet classes near Romeoville, IL?
Do you think Micheal Jackson lucky to be a raper?
is it usual to miss dancing?
salsa or ballroom dancing?
Bluebird Variation Costume?
tubling help???????
Does anyone know of any good dance schools in the Little Falls New Jersey area?
How do I make my feet sleeker for dance?
How To Become More Flexible?
faust ballet cleopatre?
Is dance hard to get into as a teen?
Do you have to learn to dance if you want to be in like Broadway Musicals?
I can't dance and I need advice!?
electirc slide?
Is my toe normal? It bends sideways?
Any cinderella theme decorating advice?
What does stupid mean?
What songs could you use for a newspaper themed dance recital?
Has anyone bought a SoReal Cru shirt?
Where can I buy a good dance shoes in Manila?
Simplest Kpop Dance Routine ( Links? Reccomendation ? )?
Looking for a Rave in Ohio or West Virgina?
I wanna learn k-pop dance but i never dance i was thinking to take workshop?
Is the YMCA dance just for guys?
what do you think is the best kind of dancing?
does anyone know a good dance to "this is why i'm hot??"?
Who is a better dancer chris brown or beyonce.
about dancing with the stars?
i need to no a secret of club penguin?
What's the proper etiquette and tradition for the wedding dance?
Advanced ballet solo songs??