where does tony cazer teach dance classes at???????
my daughter is 11 and wants to do dancing like disco dancing for the stars?
Am I too old?
Is starting Ballet at age 14 too old?
Obama's new grove? He is also dancing with Ellen. What do think of this?
Can someone please tell me good salsa music specially modern one?
wich kind of dance is your favourite??
Is it too late to start ballet?
MY looking for the web site for jazzy D. studio of dance in fresno can you find it for me?
Fundraiser help! plz plz plz! emergency!?
how can i learn to do my turns without being in front of a mirror?
middle split help!! 10 points for best answer?
is it too late?
I am looking for Yuanji dance 元極舞music cds. Does anyone know where I can get them?
So you think you can dance!!?
One inch until i'm on the ground for my splits?
Wat should I do?!?
Any easy ballet moves?
Tips on how to create a dance team at school?
How to learn short hand easily in some months?
hi guys im a trained dancer does anyone know how i go about getting into music videos?
Will SAB allow girls who are 13 to audition for their Summer course if they are not on Pointe?
How do you do the one, two step?
Thoughts on pointe shoes? :)?
Help slow dancing please!!!!!!!!!!?
What drives a straight man to become a ballet dancer?
how should we put our photo in photos?
How do start breakdancing?
Whatis this ballet jump called?
how do u make a strip ...?
Allegro dance?
How can i become more flexible?
Do you really believe that if a man is...?
I need help with my ballet technique?
What are the different kinds of choreography?and what are the limitations of choreography?
what are good party songs to learn how to dance?
Pointe shoe brands?
How to get middle/straddle splits?
Can someone help me find this dance video?
does dancing give you curves?
Some ballet questions.Please answer?
have you ever been to a strip club?
Amazing choreographers?
How old is too old to learn classical ballet?
Was this appropiate for my dance teacher to say?
How can I get my body to be more flexible?
what are some good ways to freak dance?
Homecoming tips?
How does one go about deciding which program to see at NYCB?
Which ballet companies in USA has feeder school that has residency like Harid?
Short dress school dance HELP! ?
What song would be good for a jazz trio?
How do you do the walk it out dance?
how can i get new or better avatars?
How do i learn how to dance?
How do you become a background dancer for like concerts an stuff?
What is this dance move and how do you do it?
What are the best night clubs in London right now?
Is it possible for me to get in dancing with me being overweight?
Dance Studio help!!!??????
Is my body type suitable for ballet?
"this is for my people", lyrics, jamaica?
Upbeat Competitive Dance Team Music?
can someone choreograph a dance (or a section) for me?
i am 17 years old, is it too young to start ballet?
Should I go to boarding school if I want to be a professional dancer?
When someone says they are a ballet dancer, what comes to your mind/ what do you think of them?
Where to buy Freed pointe shoes in the USA?
How to write 2 paragraphs about dance ?
What are some good songs for Dance Competition?
Poll for dancers only plz: What type of dance is your favorite?
is pom or dancing a sport?
I'm 15 years old and just started taking ballet classes.?
oh my gosh please help me!!?
I am trying to outfit my Church Dance Ministry. Should I go directly to a store supply store or order off line?
Any slow dancing tips?
I Need Any Song Ideas For My 15th Surprise Dance?
dance camps in the UK?
who do you like better, cheerleaders or dancers?
Do you like African dance?
Broken Pointe Shoe Question?
Women: Do you dance with maryjane shoes?
I need dance photo ideas!!?
I'm looking for an emotional song?
how do i know if the gal at the club allows me to grind her?
Who Is Edna???????
Ke$ha tik tok. Just dance 2. How to make that shirt?
What is A good cheer for truing out for a high school squad?
Straddle Stretch?
Why is it that Clubs and Resturants Close so Early in San Francisco, California?
the songs that are mostly spoken with a song in the background.. but you can still dance to?
should i dance?
were can i get quest crew shirts from americas best dance crew3?
in CA! looking for a rave around northern CA i'm chill with goin to LA too.?
Which would make me more money. Lap dancing or webcam modelling?
where can i buy a multi coloured flashing 70s-80s dance floor from pls.?
what level of ballet/experience do you need to get to point shoe?
Famous French Speaking Dancers? ?
how to get into the splits fast?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!?
Help MEEE:((i wanna be a dancer but im afraid of my hight?:'(?
Do you feel like dancing?
can you begin with cheerleading when youre almost 18 ? or is it too late ?
what song is the dance to sitting and clapping on the floor?
who was voted off dancing with the stars 2 nite?
how do u say your my best friend in Spanish?
Dance Group/Crew Names?
What is the point of dancing? it is the most stupid thing i can think of.?
dance off!?
how can i choreograph for this song ( any dance moves would be helpful)?
Do women like to dance as much as I enjoy watching them dance?
Larkin Dance Studio (mn) has anyone been to..?
HELP , 10 points to best answer .Why am i so shy to dance / grind with boys at party when i know i can dance?
give me names of institutes/persons teaching western dance in jaipur?
how do i get some cold hard cash in 48hours?
I need to learn dances for my first school dance. Please tell me some good dances for a high school dance...?
what are some excercises to help you do the splits?
Are there any african-american Dance academys anywhere near Hemet,CA?
How do I ask someone to a dance?
Whats your fave dance?
Jazz shoe sizing question?
What are the clothes and accessories needed to dress a boy as a bharatanatyam girl dancer?
i have a dance recital today and im really nervous! how do i break the nerves?!?
Dance and Techno Ejay?
does anyone know the name of the song of the ballet dancers in step up revolution?
Sylvie Guillem or Darcey Bussell?
ok. in our town its mainly african american people (not offending anyone) how do i dance without looking like?
UDA Dance Camp advice?
Do you think you can dance?
I want to do pole-dancing! who's with me?
Cheerleading tryout?
soco dance lessons?
Can Turkish people become kpop stars?
I wanna learn break dancing.?
When can I consider myself a dancer?
If you take ballet, do you like ballet?
I need nickname help!!?
Broken Pointe Shoe Question?
what classes can you take at the Joffrey Ballet company in Chicago?
How do I learn to do a split within a month?
Can anyone suggest a good dance song?
Male Ballet Dancing Help!?
can we wear long frocks for salsa?
which dance is the most sexiest?
Do any of the Dance Moms Girls Have Google Plus?
Contortionists please help!?
question about splits?
What movies are there about ballet?
Who lives in San Diego, California,Who goes to dance classes?
Flexibility question(:?
How To Get Everyone To Dance ?
what is the connection of Choreography in latin and modern dances?
Who loves to dance 24/7?
Headspin Question...?
How long have you been dancing?
Pointe on different days than ballet?
whats your hobbie? ( like dancing)?
What are some good songs to use for high school dance team?
local raves for teens near orlando?
Where and how can I learn basic dancing for social events?
I want to dance at a nightclub.?
Bollywood Songs and Dance - Help!?
Please help, my....?
Do you think girls over 130 pounds can be dancers?
What is the difference between salsa versus merengue?
Fancy Dress Competition Dialogue for sunflower?
im afraid 2 go 2 my skools dances?
What is a good song?
Ankles hurting after first pair of pointe shoes?
How can I improve my splits?
I get to help out at my old studio. What are some things I should teach?
Where can I go for country line dancing in Mobile, AL?
How do you dance to house music?
I want to think of an original panto, but I can't think of anything!!! :((?
Wats good music to freak dance to?
Dance Competition? Please help!?
How do I get a switch second leap? HELP PLEASE?
Where can i download (for free) songs used on America's Best Dance Crew, season 3?
If I want to do the splits, should I try stretching for a few days or just have my legs popped?
do you dance better when you are drunk or sober?
what do zarzuela and flamenco dancing have in common?
How to grid!??????????
How can get better at kick dance routines ?
how do you get ur leg up really high like in dances moms miami?
Dance shows in San Francisco?
Need to learn how to dance, urgently...?
Will you teach me how to dougie?
smplyme sounds like shes got problems also she sounds like she is 40 plus plus daarling i guess weve all done?
Good inexpensive prom ideas?
Organization of a dance competition/battle?
Please answer!!!?
can someone please describe "two-stepping"?
How do you dance the Perculator by Cajmere?
A couple dance questions?? (:?
What are the terms used in Foxtrot?
How to get hot glue off a tutu?
Is 19 too old for ballet?
Anyone attending the Rockette Summer Intensive at Point Park University?
What would be a good solo song?
Does anyone know where Chris Brown recently lives?
I am thinking about starting dance and am a beginner what kind of dance class should i take?
Has anyone heard of a song called TORN? by LETOYA?
where is the best place to buy cheap ballroom dresses?
I need a good theme for a Hawaiian elementary school dance, any suggestions?
What's the time frame for you to learn windmill?
Good Jazz songs to choreograph a dance to?
How to fully extend my knee(ballet)?
Is 15 too old to start learning to dance?
Can someone give me a link of a review on any dance by New York City Ballet?
Guy watching me dance WTF?
What do I need to know about Dance and Cheerleading?
How do I begin to start a new hip-hop dance group?
If you were me and you tryout for cheerleading?
How did u Learn 2 DANCE?
what is toni braxton like?
You dancing?!?
how come alot of guys dont like to dance?
Need songs for contemporary / lyrical solo dance. Good ones.?
How to tell if I am grinding wrong.(Guy)?
Central pennsalyina youth ballet summer intensive?
Your favorite tights- ballet?
The rest about the dance question?
what are some sad songs I can dance to for dance class semester exam choreography?
how do the red wolves protect themselves form preditors and how do they protect their pups?
Should i go?
What is the standard of the DANCING at drama school auditions?
has anybody ever heard of Susan Hughes Gingrasso?
where in Los Angeles is a dance night club for 35 yrs old and up, with international and all kind of music?
Where does a guy learn exotic dancing?
Hey, what's a good dancing shoe for a guy? I plan to freestyle a lot, and I like black colored shoes.?
Who would win in a dance off between...?
What are some websites that show dance routines for free?
Any tips on dancing?
Can I learn different hip-hop dance styles?
how to win a dance contest?
Dance is it a sport?
What's the difference between ISTD vocational ballet and RAD vocational ballet?
How is my Pointe work? (Video included)?
How/ where can I learn how to breakdance?
How can I teach someone rhythm? Is it possible?
Does anyone have any excersises i can use to get en pointe faster?
How do you do a multiple piroutte?
How to get in shape for Dance Team and cheerleading?
How to keep my pinky toe from curling under when on demi pointe?
why do they call them apartments when they are so close together?
Only for ballet dancers?
What should I do for my 5-9 year old ballet class?
is 36 to old to go to nightclubs?
Interested in taking ballroom dance lessons but the nearest studio is an hour away?
Will it be impossible for me to be a dancer like them?! Please help?
Should i take tumbling classes ?
me and my sister are starting a dance group.?
Differences of Martha Graham and the artists that came before her?
What is your art :) ?
important please help?
is a pole dancer?
How can i earn to breakdance??
Why can't I do my splits?
what i post to do if some girl walk to my face and hit me.?
At what age do you become a professional dancer?
harry potter?
What kind of dance would you dance out of all of these?
Do you think i have a chance of making the dance?
Does anyone know the whereabouts of a girl called Bronwyn Crick?
what are some good lyrical songs to dance to?
need a dance partner?
How can I practice dance at home?
I need ideas for costumes. It has to be some toy in a young girls room.?
Would you take a belly dance class?
What kind of dance class should I take?
any info contemporary ddancer moya michael used to dance with akram khan company? Please???
when your doing that stupid dance at someones wedding ....?
um sweet 16 needa learn?
Where did Brooke Hyland from Dance Moms buy her 8th grade fairwell dress?
How do you dance to Britney's new song "Gimme More"?
how to dance techno at a club?
This one dance school is pennsylvania's tuition?
How can I find a female latin dance competition partner?
Super easy and fun K-Pop dances to learn by girl groups?
Should I preform?
ALL DANCERS: Will having extra belly fat decrease my ballet ability!?
What is this dance called?
good dance music please ^-^?
Help finding the right dance shoe?
how to sit with legs at an angle of 180 degrees?
It's my first solo and i'm nervous...?
what is a female and male ballet teacher called?
i want to have an end of the year party for my grade [7th] any places to have it in nj?
who or what inspired the creation of jazz dance?
am i too old to practice ballet?
why would a mother send her son to ballet classes ?
Arabic Music for Belly Dancing?
Is there any website for bellydance lessons for beginners?
a dance? help ASAP!?
What is the schedule of the auditions to be a member of UST salinggawi dance troupe?
Do you consider ballet a sport?
Wha dance classes should I take next year?
what are some traditinal frech dances?
school dance help! please?
Where does one find costumes for dance competitions. Need for ballroom, jazz, tango, etc,,?
homecoming themes? IDEAS?!?!!?
I Want to dance in a nightclub! what route should i go down to get there?
How can I get flexible to do the splits etc?
how can i learn to street dance ?
Urgent en pointe help, PLEASE!?
What type of dance clothes are these?
What is the University of Texas pom squad like?
Bboying/Bgirling: How Can I make My CC's Easier To Do ?
belly dancing yo.?
Do you have arches or flat feet?
Whatever happened to Mike Tango Foxtrot?
Where can one go for a night of ballroom dancing in Toronto?
plzzzz helpppppp!! dancingg?? help?
How to get into show business? Please read?
Dance Apparell For A Musical? Please Answer!?
Would a 17yr old dance teacher care if a student he thought was brilliant had no belief therefore disagree?
What to wear for my dance competition?
How could i learn to dance ?
i want to get motivated to dance like i used to do before. can someone say something nice..pliz?
i love dancing but i'm not very good and wanna know how...?
How can I learn to do the splits in a month?
how do you move your hips .. ?
Is dancing hardest sport?
Pointe dance for 14 year old?
What Should I do with my camera?
What kind of handstand is this?
its july what summer programs are left in Atlanta?
How to make blisters less painful while on pointe?
2 step.. help?
Any Flamingo DANCING Studios near OR in San Jose?
Where can i download dance mixer?
What collages have a dance team?
i need to break or badly sprain my ankle, please help!?
Please don't take the pizz, but do you think you can make and 'erect' your own pole for dancing at home!
How much money would I need to be earning to start thinking about buying a dance studio?
How do you stay spinning on dance turns?
How to make a college dance team?
i`ve been dancing since I was a little girl, but never ballet, do you think its to late.?
Lyrical dance solo songs?
Breaking in pointe shoes...?
What is the latest dance craze?
Places I can hold a dance workshop in Scarborough!?
What is the right age for a child to start ballet?
What's the story behind the Can Can dance?
how do u do the angus young (ac/dc) walk?
How can I get over my fear of dancing? (Help!)?
What would be a good place to find jeans for hip hop, breakdancing, and robot dancing? ?
Heel tap shoes for wide feet? (and large)?
I need help on grinding...the dancing kind?
How to Not Be Stiff When Dancing?
Profession related to Dance?
What should I wear for dance/drill team tryout?
where in winnipeg can i take hoop dancing?
Dance shops in bishops stortford ?
Who won Dancing with the Stars last night? Emmett or Mario?
Pointe shoe help?????
are you a dancer?
i wnat to find out how to become a dance instructor does anyone know what classes i would have to take?
How to stretch/strengthen leg muscles for five ballet positions?
where is the cheppest dance stodio in bridgeport?
Is it okay to do a handstand after eating food?
Is it normal for 12 year old girls to change sports or interests?
Odissi Dance Music Download?
What happened in the world on September 8, 1983?
Can Salsa music be danced 'apart' from ones partner, or does it have to be together?
Where to Learn Waltz in Queens,New York
Is Cheerleading considered a sport?why or why not?
What is a good name for a hip hop dance team??
Ballet SONG !!!!!!! ?
How to get more pirouettes in ballet?
question about homecoming dance?
San Angelo,Tx?
Is 14 too old to start hip hop?
Fasted way to learn how to do a good back handspring?
Are there any good bars or clubs in Syracuse, NY?
does anyone else do a little dance when you are excited or happy or something similar? explain?
what happened to raven when cory in the house came out? just wondering?
What are some dance studios!?!?!?
Does anyone dance around the house to full blast music while home by themselves??
I want to learn ballet. ?
cheer tryouts are tomorrow?
I need more choreography in my gymnastics routine help!!?fourth time please anser?
Song ideas for dance routine?
red dress ballet on youtube?
Are you supposed break in demi pointes?
What is a good price for dance classes?
Deciding whether to do a lyrical and ballet solo, or a lyrical and tap solo?
Dance Dance Revolution?
What is an ideal ballet/pointe dancer?
turfing vs flexing .. you decide?
what is going on in the world?
to ballet dancers?
How to present myself for my first ballet class (I'm a beginner and want to make a good first impression)?
what is your favorite ballet movie and why?
I'm 14 years old and I would like to take Pilates classes in NYC, does anybody knows a good place ?
Fast Dance Song Help!?
Ballet summer intensives: rock or Washington ballet?
I want to learn Hip Hop dance but I'm White?
can people please tell me some differences and similarities between modern and ballet? please. very soon?
Prestigious Dance troupes in Chicago?
Can a Man strip seductively?
Is 17 too old to start dancing?
What is the best style of dancing for exercise?
Why are most rap and hip hop singer mostly black?
How do you get more flexible?
Anyone know of a great latin/dance workout video?
Am I too old to do ballet?
Do your toes naturally curl from ballet?
what should I wear to a ballet performance?
What Ballet Technique can 6-10 year olds do?
What pointe shoes can i change into?
I am in jazz dance.?
Evolution of dance video can be download directly?
Water based makeup on pointe shoes? Please read!?
The OC (LOL @_@) I'm so ashamed!?
To Ballet Dancers?
what are the words to London Bridges and My humps?
Is there a website where I could find out how to do the Heizman dance?
What to work on? PLEASE HELPPPP!!?
does anyone that likes to dance know any good sonds?(:?
What type of dance is the Mambo?
Why are you even bothered to look at these questions?
What Should I Name My Dance Studio?
Why has dancing become into sex in public?
Where can i find hip hop dance shows?
what should i name my dance school?
How can i improve my turn out in ballet?!?
Is there a difference between a diving front walkover and a front handspring?
plz help urgent question! reply a.s.a.p.!?
To which song do you prefer to dance...?
Do you need to bring a cd to Britian's Got Talent?
How does this diet look for a dancer?
Dance solo song that's new and well known?
What do you think of belly-dance?
Im nervous i won't make any friends in my new dance classes?
what are some good dancing songs?
How do you count songs if dancing to lyrics AND beats?
How many years have you been dancing?
pole dancing 13 year old?
is there any free dance lessons online??
How long does it take to be a really good tap dancer?
Does anyone know the steps to callin baton rouge the line dance Video would be appriciated.?
what's a good name for a dance group with 5 people and it is all males?
Flexibility stretches for contortion?
N E dance moves?
good workout routine? dance routines? :)?
Good dance songs for a fast or slow lyrical solo?
How do I convince my mum to let me buy a pair of tap shoes she hates?
Whats 30+20=? Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp?
Pointe Shoe Question?
How do I make my reflexes sharper?
Where is a place in Greenville, SC for 40 to 50 year olds to go listen to live music and dance?
how many people like to hip hop dancing?
How much do you know about Indian classical dance ?
Can i dance like hritik roshan or harman baweja in free of cost?
at what age can i put my daughter into cheerleading?
Help with a ballet move PLEASE?
Place to dance with other teens and hang out in Los Angeles?
Does this really work for learning the splits?
i do my African dance?
Dance coach/partner?
it is my first school dance and i am so nervous any tips?
How to do an aerial cartwheel?
Hi! Can you tell me smth about dancing battles that are made in your country?
How is the walk, body movement, alignment with the partner in Foxtrot.?
America's best dance crew?
Breakdancing help? please. 10 points?
Am I too old to learn ballet?
how do I go about learning to slow dance?
what should I do for makeup and hair for my dance team we all have to come up with an idea.?
What is the name of the composition used in "Prelude to Action" by Martha Graham?
what`s your favorite dance and why?
Does anyone now a dance studio in northern new jersey who lets you start in January?????????/?
Would I have enough money for both dance classes?
When can you call yourself a dancer?
Never danced in my life help?
belly dancing question?
For all you ballet people :) can you tell me wat the name of this is?
What are the terms for the type of dance I want to learn?
How to get a solo for dance?
is acro dance like gymnastics?
10 things I should know before I start dance! ?
Should I rejoin dance?
Help! Need names for a dance competition?
How can I get more rhythm?
What type of dance classes should I start off with?
what are dark contemporary songs to dance to?
Question About Ballet Shoes?
How can you tell if your toes are straight or curled inside pointe shoes?
How do you grind at a highschool dance?
What is this new dance move called?
questions about becoming a dancer?
Working on a dance project...need some help ?
How many of you dancers find yourself...?
Best dance competition studio in Raleigh/Durham/Cary area?
I want to try out for my high school poms/dance team, but I have no dance experience...any help?
ThE BeSts TrAnCe And DaNce Songs....=)?
At what age can you put your child(ren) in a dance class, bella or gymnastics?
Kadazan traditional dance or traditional kadazan dance?
what are some good dance songs that have just come out?
Unsure about taking Ballet Technique 1-A?
what to look for in an adult dancing studio?
What do you learn in beginner jazz dance?
What do you think of competative dancing?
What is a school dance usually like?
Help on leaps for dance?
Can you do the "moonwalk"?
I need help with the splits?
I live in monmouth county NJ I am an adult & looking for African dance classes? know any?
music from before 1970's for GCSE dance composition.HELP!?
High school dance team confused?
Do you like to dance? Why?
How hard is it too learn a backhandspring...?
Why can all black men dance and white men can't?
I need a poem written about/for a male dancer. It will be under his photo in his recital program. Thank you!
Dance team...?
Why is Jim Carreys zombie face keep showing up?
Which Summer Intensive (ballet) should i attend?
dancewear question?
Too late to start dancing??
What Should I Do About My Ballet?!?
i need help finding dance music without words?
Am I too old/fat to do ballet?
daughter starting ballet?
How far are guys willing to go in grinding?[Dancing]?
Can you Dance?
Looking for a suitable Ballet Summer Intensive?
could you please tell me who was elimanated tonight on dancing with the stars.?
What are middle school dances like?
do you know any street dancing music or any street dancing moves?
Favorite kind of dance?
How to break dance good but easy moves?
What should a male ballet dancer should wear to a professional summer intensive?
Stretches that help improve leaps and extensions?
Am I arque or jarrete?
Can anyone please tell me about Alvin Ailey?
I want to become an exotic dancer.?
What song to use for Russian Ballet Audition?
Are there strippers in the north pole or even alaska? I mean wouldnt they get cold?
what's a good song to dance for a video audition ? (new)?
Who do you think is a better dancer, Fred Astaire, Bill Bojangles Robinson, Michael Jackson, or other?
still wonder????
Problems With Splits . . . ?
What are some of the most amazing, dramatic classical ballerina solos?
how to do a split into the splits?
Why am i so desperate to be a go go/nightclub dancer?
Starting ballet next year....... and the last time I have done ballet was when i was 6. TIPS AND HELP!?!?!?!?!
Ballroom Dance Music?
Any disco 's at Hyderabad r Secunderabad?
What are all of the ballet syllabus's?
Can redheads be ballerinas?
How long did it take you to learn A la Secondes?
Will I becom a professional chef and dancer?
Is belly dancing a good way to lose weight?
Can you think of any Movies which have a dance routine in them (doesn't have to be a dance film)?
Can I ever become a prima ballerina?
Teach me how to dougie?
I need some tips on Theatrical Dancing, please?
Where can i find Swing Dancing clubs?
I want to cheerlead but parents only let me dance?
What did you think of Eurovision Dance Competition ?
what are some of the musical theatre productions that you have seen ?
Why do ballet dancers always dance on their toes? Wouldn't it be easier to just hire taller dancers?
If a guy breaks up with on 2/14 what does that mean?
are mi toes too short for ballet ?? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Should i go?
Semi-Formal high school dance?
Pretty Lyrical songs that will make you cry for a dance in competition?
Help with Choreography Please?
i need a name for my indian dance group????
I want to become a great dancer?
Have you noticed this from Maddy on Dance Moms?
guys in ballet?
songs with typewriter effect in?
What are some slow reggaeton-like songs for a dance?
what do you thin about marilin manson?
Confidence Problem?
What does a fundamentals of movement course entail (dance)?
How can I tell if I'm doing my firebird leap right?
best way to imporve balance?
Good ballet schools in Phoenix AZ?
how to do a tilt and keep your leg extended?
Where do I find Bloch or Capezio ballet pointe shoes with straps on them for a resonable price???
What style of dance does Girls Generation do?
What is the Importance of a Flower?
where can you get dance outfits.?
How do i tighten the taps on my tap shoes?
Are there any professional male dancers that started dancing at age 22 or later?
how long will it take me to get a floor point?
How do y"all do an Breakdance move Call the Airflare and The 1990's?
Can you dance right in the streets of N.Y?
can u do the moonwalk?
Does anybody know of any texas dance camps goining on?
Would It be acceptable?/ ballet question?
Can anyone think of a fun and unique name for a dance duo?
Is Scottish dancing so much fun because of the whisky ?
am i a bad ballet dancer?
What is the song from so you think you can dance?
there is a dance production which features the dancers dancing in the "rain" and I can't remember the name.?
I am starting ballet pointe soon, what style shoe should i buy?
dancing classess in egypt ?
What moves do you think a toally new bgirl can learn in one month?
How could i be a cheerleader?
All Irish Dancers: What is your practice routine and how can I improve mine?
Ballet or Jazz?
where can i find a dedicated dance coach for my dance team in Casa Grande AZ?
do you like this dance routine ?
Break dancing for muture people?
Should I join ballet?
Where to buy cheap Hip Hop Shoes?
Help my baby sister has just left university to do pole dancing in the london clubs!how will i stop her?
Ballroom dancing in Park City, UT?
need to improve my ballet technique...please respond!?
Are U Okay??????
What do ballerinas do when they have their period and they need to perform?
En Pointe shoes ( toe shoes ) for low arch?
Is the capezio cobra canvas ballet slipper good?
Does anybody know where I can get dance lessons in the San Diego area?!!?
wat dance is the one in the following clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fqmoz0OGlg&feature=related?
Could I start pointe after two years of ballet?
How can I progress in ballet quickly?
Belly dance: what are the requirements to be a good teacher of belly dance?
Losing weight before audition?
Can anyone suggest good kathak teacher/institution in Gurgaon....Pls help?
if u have a wish ,what will u wish for??????????????
is cheerleading a sport?
I am looking for a song for my belly dancing class?
Is it too late for me to become an amazing dancer?
for cheer jumps (especially toetouches!) how high are you supposed to jump???
I don't know what to do?
Should I take up ballet classes?
can i become a good dancer?
what should i do?
does anybody know the krump video...?
When would I get on pointe?
adult dance classes in hampton roads?
can i study in NYU and have professional dancing classes in a studio at the same time?
What do girls think of slow dancing?
Do you like to dance?
i just started ballet and doing the 5 positions but how can i "turn out" right" withought hurting my knees?
What are some modeling, acting, dancing and performing opportunities available?
on ascale of 1-10 how well do you dance?
Can I learn how to dance salsa online?
Should I tryout for Strutter?
How to dance really well for a musical?
Is it to late to do Ballet?
Whats a good place to have a dance party in Miami, FL?
Is there a website that will find you dance schools that are in your area?
Dance studio for teens that are beginners (13 years old) near the Mississauga area?
Ballet moves help please?
High School and Homecoming-Help?
is it possible to be barefoot on pointe?
What dance class would I be in?
Hey guys what were your thoughts about Wisin vs. Yandel: Los Extraterrestres album?
what kind of dance are the pussycat dolls dancing?
does anyone still do the limbo?
Things to hold you up?
do you think dancing is harder than football?
What Is a Good Dance Crew Name?
For how long should I do ballet?
what kind of dance ias associated with broadway?
How to do a gymnasuim flip?
how do u dance at a wedding with predominantly black people?
Can you teach yourself ballet?
Raves/light shows???????????????
What do you think of this dance?
Do you know where to buy this crazy dance stuff? Pleas help...!!!?
What is the song in the 2009 remake of fame for dance auditions?
whats a good name for a dance group ?
what is the most sensual type of dance? tango? salsa? rumba?
How can I get a fast split..I love to dance But I need to master Ballet.?
I love to dance. and im not bad at it. so why does my dance teacher put me down?
What are the differences between Contemporary and Classical Ballet?
estimate on how long it will take to get on pointe shoes?
What should I do go to my track meet or go to my cheerleading tryout practice!!!!?
why do girls try to dance when they suck?
Should i wear it?
How is Denver School of the Art's dance program?
what stretches should i do to get my splits down before the new dance season?
I want to join an adult beginner ballroom dance class on Long Island, NY!!!!?
What is your favorite type of dance?
Is the School of American Ballet like The National Academy of Dance from the show Dance Academy?
How long can a dance gcse choreography last?
r u traditional ? i m testing u.....?
where is a dance and gymnastics school in palm desert?
BaLlEt / bEn StEvEnSoN??? HELP PLEASE!!!?
Can anyone help me with choreography to a jazz solo to river deep for a 15 year old please?
Ballet academy in Alexandria, Virginia area?
Can i do MA in dance after Bcom?
ballet question arch?
what is 2/4 and 3/4 time signature in philippine folk dance steps?
why does a black girl dance better than a white girl?
Should I quit doing dance?
i want to learn how to break dance.Any help plzz and i want a nickname to suit me as a break dancer?
Should knickers be worn under ballet tights?
What are some good lyrical jazz songs?
i cant dance any advice?
Does anyone know any Belleville (Ontario) dances?
I'm looking for auto cad for architecture book has more practice for design!?
Bring it on dance move. wonderin what its called?
Do I need new ballet shoes?
my daughter's ballet class teacher called me FACIST cause my daughter doesn't want to go to the class but I ma
What's a good place to get long dance tutus?
Would it be weird if I belly danced at a rave? Lol?
im starting compition dance and i have to tryout . PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Should minors be allowed to have lap dances?
Did ' Dirty Dancing ' revolutionise the art of dancing?
What to wear to a beginners modern class?
Pointe shoes...?
Any experienced pointe dancers???
I'd like to take ballroom, but am I too tall to partner?
plzz tell.....helppppp?
How do you do a death spin in ballroom dancing?
could i see the pictures of the cheeta girls 2?
How do I survive a middle school dance?
how to dance gracefully?
Booty clap?...how does that work?
does anyone know of any dance auditions near Michigan?
Daceing schools in the USA?
What are the best Tap shoes out there to get?
middle splits problems?
What are some aspects of competitive dancing?
How do I get flexible FAST?!?!?
who wears short, shorts? huh who?
Tips For Turning?
how to dance?
I don't like to party?
are they going to make a high school musical3?
Prop ideas door dance starships?
Does anyone know a video that shows an 8 count dance/cheer?
Alternatives for a barre?
Hairstyles For a Middle School Dance?
Who do you think should win So You think you can dance?
I am dancer I jerk,shuffle,breakdance,Hiphop I need a dance name can someone give me ideas nothing dunmb tho!?
i like to be a dancer and?
Can i use tango if i dnt have a frint camera?
Is this a good hula hoop for hoop dancing?
why doesnt any one like ballet?
what type for dance to do?
Where can I find some dance clubs in merriville?
i need ballet pointe shoes.?
ANY party/dance music ?
What is a handspring?
What would it take me to make it onto a university dance team?
is dance hard??
dance team??
dance related deaths ?
what's a good way to control erections during school dances?
Who knows what shuffling is?
what is the name for a male ballet dancer?
Do you wear underpants under a leotard?
Fast, Upbeat, Club remixes for jazz group?
Should i stop dancing (ballet)?
What are some good songs to listen to at....................?
Make-up for dance recital?
Strength of Thera bands?
why do some people think they to cool to dance?
Is it ok to make a funny pose at dance recital?
Trouble Dancing - Where can I learn to dance?
Can dancing en Pointe harm your feet?
Classical Ballet Stories?
What are some good dance songs?
hi what do you mean by butterfly streches? can you explain please.?
how to dress like a ballet dancer in everyday life?
(Southampton area!)Does anyone know of any dance clubs (or other activities)?
Learning "Sad Tango" ~ Rain (Bi) dance?
ballet/lyrical dance ideas for the song walking and thinking by Ra?
I am scared to start dancing agian. Should I start agian?
New Tap Shoes?
Are you a hip-hop dancer?
are there any modern songs that relate to america?
So You Think You Can Dance?
Does anyone know if.....?
when you're dancing, what does "grinding" mean?
I am trying to make up a dance and i cant think of any more moves can anyone help me?
what are the steps to dance like a cat?
How to dance at shows?
Where is a good place to do contemporary dance ?
from where i can download free music played by george zamfir ?
where can i learn tutting?
how can i build up momentum on my pirouettes?
Dancing Group Names?????????
is there a way i can make my boobs smaller?
describe the jazz age and some of the reactions to it?
Is it ok for me to get ponte shoes?
Why do ballet dancers always dance on their toes? Wouldn’t it be easier to just hire taller dancers?
How to be a highschool cheerleader?
The story "The Wedding Dance" is set in Ilocos Norte?
Whats 30+20=? Helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp?
What are some good ballet slippers?
How do you stop shaking when flying in a cheer stunt?
Whats the best color?
what emotions does dance forms like ballet,jazz,salsa and hip hop give?
Pirouette help please ? :)?
i need to get over people judging me?
What are some good/popular salsa and merengue songs to dance to(other than suavemente)?
how woul you differentiate a korean dance from a western dance?
Starting from scratch how possible is it to become a dancer at age 20?
Dance studios in Orlando Florida?
How can i get my splits?!?
A Few Problems? (: Help .?
how do you dance
How do you do a split?
Who would go and see professional dancers at....?
ladies, is it a bad thing to get hard while grinding??
What makes us less flexible when we are older?
Can anyone learn to dance or do you need to have it in you?
what do you want Communicate to the audience whilst dancing?
what dance move is this and what is the proper way to do it?
question about dancing?
I have to do 1000 kicks for dance team!?
What color ballet shoes should I get?
Which grade will they put me in taps?
Does anyone know any good Praise Dancing songs for girls ages 5-10 years old?
How to dance/grind with a girl that is a lot shorter than you?
is ballet fun?
Who is a better Dancer Ciara or Chris Brown?
What goes under a leotard? Sports Bra, no bra...etc.?
splits anyone?
Does anyone have any tips for learning the Mayfair Quickstep?
what is the opening song for emerican best dance crew in week 6 ?!?
What year did ballet come to the US?
Beginner dance class?
what is solo?
If you do RAD ballet or a RAD ballet teacher please help me(looking for best answer for todays)?
Is it hard to burn the ribbons on pointe shoes?
Is it worth it to quit what I love?
Whats your 2 favorite colors?
my school have stopped doing GCSE dance and im fuming, help!?
dancing trouble.?
how do u dance?
what is name of 'arabic' call made when watching belly dance with hand over mouth?
What r different dance careers?
I need help choreographing?
is it possible for an overweight person to learn latin dance?
do u feeli like dancing????
Are there certain streches that should be used before hip hop dancing?
anyone know how to do that dance move?
What is your favorite song to dance to? Ok to list more than one.?
DANCERS...what was the weirdest dance routine you were ever a part of?
Do you need to get your feet tested to do pointe ballet?
Amazing Colorguard/Winterguard quotes?
does anybody here like riverdance?
Has anyone ever danced at The New York City Ballet or American Ballet Theater?
I REALLY need help with finding a dance group name. HELLLLP??!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am 19 and I can't have an orgasm but some time I feel press as if I am about to pee, so what should I do?
Is it to late to start cheer leading or ballet at 17?
What is the name of the song in which people get down on the floor and dance?
Where can I find the Dancing with the Stars latina workout DVD?
How long does it take a beginner to learn......????
Who was cut from "So You Think You Can Dance" tonight 6-29?
Would you say I'm a little late in thinking of trying ballet?
Dance?????????? Plzzz?
Can white men dance......?
High school dance names for looking a like?
What to do when a dance teahcer plays favorites?
Line Dancing? Cool...?
What's the difference between Audition Ayodance, Redbana Audition,and AuditionSEA?
what is drill team for you ?
How can I strengthen my leg for ballet?
3)Have you ever bee in a performance situation, either as an audience member or a performer, where the audien
Should I quit ballet?
Can u shake it like a salt shaker?
Christmas Songs for my Dance Class?
Any tips on dancing?
what is a debutante ball and how old do you have to be to have one?
Who invented break dancing?
Blood on the dance floor concerts?
Is it possible for me to become a good dancer?
Where would I find reggae dancehall choreographers, dancers and dj's in LA?
Snappers level 2-53 need help pleaseeee tried all moves & still have a snapper left over :(?
Is it too late for ballet classes?
Who can dance better??? Ciara or Chris Brown?
i want to be a dancer !?
Dance songs.?
where is the best dance class in india?
how can i learn to do a split or a straddle any suggestions.i did it once but then i couldnt do it anymore!!?
how do you shake your hips like a belly dancer?
who likes me?
During Grind Dancing?
What are some ways to become a better dancer?
I don't know how to dance at homecoming, help ;(?
Finding Beginner Ballet for Teens?
1940/1950s songs for tap dancing routine?
what rhymes with person?
do u like to dance????!!!!?
What to expect in dance class?
how to dance like madd chadd?
Check this guy out!He's cool!!What kind of dancing would you say this is??
What do i do if i cant dance?
how do i make a crush realize i exist?
how do i explain krumping to my mom?
at most dance competitions can you enter a contemporary solo in the open category?
who do I go with to the school dance?
For a male ballet dancer, can a prince albert piercing be seen under tights?
How has traditional dance in India evolved to modern dance?
Is pogo dancing teached in ballrooms that way?http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/pogodancing.htm?
How should I act in a ballet audition?
How much does it cost to open/start up a dance studio?
Dance competitions?
cool dance moves for girls?
I've been trying to learn to dance, But I just CAN'T?
Is 14 to old to start ballet?
Magic of the moment music?
It this how Pointe shoes should feel!!!!?
Ballet boy need help?
I am parylized from the neck down. my doctors say i can never dance again. how can I dance?
Does anybody know any good stretches for straddle splits (besides doing a straddle split and pull throughs)??
Is it possible for a 40 year old person to have the strenghth to dance like a 18 year old?
i am 15 years old,is it too late to start ballet?
Tactel fabric in dancewear? Is it like Lycra or nylon or more like cotton?
Is 15 too old to start ballet?
How do you do the splits?
Can i still do ballet?
Help! I really want to start doing ballet and jazz, but i'm already a teen. Am I to old?
Is it too late to start dancing?
Is Pointe (dance) really hard?
what are the best french pop songs to dance to?
dance competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone who loves to dance come over here!?
What is a good Lyrical dance song ?
how many people find stripping or exotic dancing an art form or not?
Can I start ballet at 13?
my girl weighs 162 kilo she likes 2 dance but she gets into fights on the dance floor how can i stop her rage?
JV pommers help please?!?
Im 19 years old and want to become a dancer but i have no qualifications does this mean im doomed?
do you know any male dancers?
how old were you when you started to dance?
What type of dance should I learn?
Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Maddie Ziegler with Autumn Miller?
does anyone know the title of a song with the lirycs tell me why you love another its slow r&b the artist will
How do I get back into shape to start dance?
Can anyone suggest a good ballet studio in Mesa or Gilbert AZ for adult dancers?
What do I do on the day of Prom, before the dance?
any1 know any good songs to perform at my schools open day?!?
If I Wanted To Learn Dancing Like In Stage Musicals / Music Videos?
OMG! I just escaped from thy police!?
how could i find my true love?
What kind of flowers to buy a dance teacher?
What's wrong with my toe and how to fix it?
dancing help?
Any opinions on Dance Express in Vienna, VA?
compition ballet?
glee ice ice baby dance steps?
What am I supposed to do at school dances?
in the sound of music what happen when Maria and captin dance together?
I'm 15, am I too old to learn how to dance?
Why do people mock ballet?
any good dance songs that make u dance?
Is it possible to be friends with a guy, if you're a reasonably good looking female?
When exactly did disco die?
What tempo is ballet usually in?
If I start ballet at 18, will I ever be able to get en pointe?
looking for some choreography ideas for a christmas play?
what is a good age to start dance if you want to have a career in it?
trouble with my leaps?
anyone know any good remix's for bellas lullaby ? not carter burwell's. i heard a diff. one it was rnb/asian?
why is delaware the richest state but dont got a damn football team?
beginning ballet step... can't remember? please help?
Help Me Get Ready Please..!?
ATT: Dancers with Eating Disorders! Anything to contribute?
How Do You Think I Dance....?
Cheer leading dance songs...
what are exotic dancers.?
do you like to dance?
I have a mother who has picked her new husband over me. should I move on without her or not.?
Dancers only please. I have a problem, I have to only do 3 activities a week?
am I crazy?
Pole dance class?
What is this move in jerk it out?
How to slow dance with a guy I don't like?
How do I ask my teacher about pointe?
Does anyone here know what b-boying\b-girling is??
Can a 13 year old start ballet with no experience at all?
How young do girls usually start ballet?
What do you think of their techno/trance choreography?
Im doing dance camp and i want to quit but...PLEASE READ ON <3?
Ballet Classes in New York?
is ballroom dancing a popular style of dance? if yes, why?
Dancing, Please describe how you do it. (clean please)?
Is it okay for a teenage boy to start learning how to dance at the age of 14?
Where could i go too if i wanted too start ballet ?
Can any one help me by telling me how to do a split?
Where can I take a ballet class in Stuttgart, Germany?
why isn't it very popular for people to watch a ballet?
Are ankle weights okay for stretching?
SAB Summer Intensive age question. Please Help!?
(dancers) Take this dance survey?
Online video dance contest with cash prize?
dance solo songs for ballet..?