I'm 13 and want to be a cheerleader is it too late.?
Why are fouette turns so much easier for me to do than a la secondes?
do you know something i can buy, book, dvd,or cd that can help me to develop my dancing skills? or a worshop?
dance lessons?
what is groovy dance moves and how to do it?
Dance Competition Help (:?
America's Best Dance Crew song...?
I'm 14 and want to start ballet!?
what is the average time taken between one part of a dance show on tv and part two ???
how do you do the 2 step dance that goes with the SONG by UNK?
Am i to old to start a dance class? i also have some questions! plese help! ?
Does anyone know the dance to Hot honey rag from the musical 'Chicago?'?
Hey I'm a stripper?
What dance classes do you take??
Breakdancing Windmills, help!?
does anyone have pictures of pointe dancers feet?
HELP with pirouettes?
What is that dance where you all get in a circle?
Just started street dancing, i find it hard remembering routines, does that mean i will always find it hard?
ballet advice please?
Leg extensions and flexibility questions. Urgent!!?
Should I take grade 5 RAD?
Is this too expensive for a tap class and term?..?
cheerleading tips anything abou cheerleading... how can i be a good coach?
i'm really scared?
thoughts on my dancing?
Does DANCING WITH THE STARS rock or what??
Help with a dance crew name?
which is your favorite Latin Dance? which is more fun?
who is the best breakdancer of all?
If you knew I were a dancer.....?
What's a good age to take my daughter to the ballet for the first time?
what is dance w/matial art?
I am looking for a great sassy Jazz solo song.?
Was dancing a punishable offence in Puritan New England?
I am 15 and 5'4 but I am scared that i have stopped growing?
At 13, will adding a pointe class, when my daughter already dances 11 hrs a wk, hurt her ankle growth plates?
Where can i find belly dance classes in Delhi with affordable fees?
I'm 14 and I want to start ballet but I'm confused of what kind class I should take?
Am I too old to dance? I'm sixteen, a guy and reeally want to?
Dancing with the Stars or So you Think you can Dance?
Where can I take a belly dance class in Augusta, GA?
Can I actually learn to dance online?
what are really good dance universities in california?
What exactly is expected at the Sadie Hawkins' dance?
How many hours do i dance per week to improve quickly?
What is are a few cute nicknames for my salsa teacher?
I need dancers opinon on a song and prop idea?
How do you get your splits if you stopped practicing?
what kind of food is best shoved down a baby's throat?
how do i get rid of hiccups?
could i use this song for my contemporary gcse choreography?
Is a dancer considered an athlete?
ned an opinion on dance shoe?
Beginner ballet, to pointe?
Struggling for themes for a Lyrical Modern dance?
do you know any schools that are just for dancing?
Am I still considered a dancer?
breakdance classes??
preprofessional schools and hyperextension?
who is dono_mar?
whats your favourite form of dance ?
A question for all the high school dancers?
Creative block- need help?
Could i get on pointe in ballet in 2-3 years if I'm in beginner teen classes?
How can I be a better dancer if I suck at dancing?
how can i achieve the chinese split?
can a 13 yr old girl start gymnastics without experience?
What should I do in this situation?
Do you know any popular dance songs that have the Cha Cha beat ?
what muscle's are used in ballet?
Ballet + Weight?
What is jazz with lyrical?
is it to late to do ballet ?
what is a good song to dance to?
i need good songs to choreograph a contemporary dance to?
First time stripping?
Breakdance classes in NYC?
I need help to get into a dance?
What to wear for modern, stomp, jazz, and contemporary?
I'm a fifteen year old girl and I really want to learn Ballet. How?
I need dance ideas for a modern/contemporary duet!?
Dance Theatre major, but no experience.?
Smiling and ballet... Are you suppose to grin while dancing?
Ballet question??
I can't really dance, and the homecoming dance is coming up. I have a date. What should I do? Any easy dances?
Why are people under 40 so prejudiced against older people dancing ?
dancing for a 4 year old in or near b45 postcode?
Are there any websites where I can learn how to grind/shake my butt better?
What is an awesome hip hop song to make up a dance routine to?
Is it normal to get rejected on the dance floor A LOT?
Where can I buy a crop top that won't show through a leotard?
What is the dance form called...used in the film TAAL?
who out there likes 2 dance?
Does any one out there have any tips on how to master doing the splits?
Hey, Maverick.... how do you sleep in a frog position?
Help with Dance Bag CheckList?
Grinding Dilemna?
ohio star ball on television?
How old do you have to be to become a Zumba instructor or take the classes ?
How does the guy grind.. when grinding???
Modest, cheap hip hop dance wear?
How do you dance tahitian?
Am I a Bad Dancer?? =[ or =]?
What do you think about pole/lap dancing?
Could you please stop dancing and singing?
anyone know?
how do u grind?
what are some spanish dances?
What happend to Sabra?
Am I to tall of a cheerleader?
I'm going to the ballet what should I wear?
can you give me songs of this type?
What is the exact date of the first ever moonwalk (dance)?
How to learn Garba.dandiya?
♥ List of Acro Tricks from easiest to hardest!?
Looking for an intense dance workout dvd! Think Dance Insanity!?
What is your favourite dance move? and why (optional)?
I need to learn how to slow dance in two days.?
How to properly get more flexible?
Is it too late for me to start dancing??
Imogen Heap, Thriller?
I'm thirteen. can I learn how to bellydance or am i too young?
What turns or leaps are easy to learn?
I want a new Belly Dance belt? JINGLE JANGLE?
WCS, or Jitterbug, or other, not ballroom?
What's the best way to get a girl to dance with you at a party / club?
whats should i do. plz help??
What do you think about tap dancing?
what is the most beautiful form of dance and why?
Why do ballerinas have such ugly feet?
I want to go into dance but...?
what cultural dance is the foundation for jazz, tap and hip hop?
Ballet east dance is known as?
How do you do a calypso jump?
i am looking for promotional work in cardiff during weekdays?
What is social dancing?
is it hard to learn how to pole dance?
Is it normal to dance naked in front of elementary schools?
Boston Ballet School?
how many types of dances are there in INDIA & name them.?
Dancer with tight hamstrings?
Any good songs to swing dance to??
best video online to learn a new dance?
How can i learn to do Splits and High Kicks within a month!!?!?!?
Help with a double?
What dance styles do kpop stars use?
Is it wrong for a boy to do ballet?
gosh..... pointe!!!!!!?
Music that I can use for dance?
Has anyone ever recreated Vernon and Irene Castle's famous dances?
My dad hates dancing and I love it. How can I talk to my dad to let me take dance lessons?
Irish dance majors plz??
Why cant i dance good ?
dance choreographer christopher bruce composed a piece about nelson mandela what was it called?
Am I eligible to be a cheerleader?
people dont write to me?
Any kinds of dances?
Is it to late to learn to dance?
do you need to do previous RAD exams to start ballet at intermediate?
What so you do at your first middle school dance?
CLUBBING HELP! How do you do this move and what's it called?
tips for someone who wants to learn how to break dance?
I hate the tight waist bands on the Capezio tights my studio requires. We have to wear a certain model now.?
Ballet dancers 2 questions?
4-5 upbeat jazz songs?
What is the most common name in the United States?
A good YouTube channel name for dance and acro tutorials?
What to bring to a trial ballroom dance lesson?
anyone know of any good hip hop classes/workshops in nyc??
can you be a freshman to be in the capo valley high school dance squad?
girls do you like a?
Which way do you turn when doing pirouettes?
Dance science experiment ?
is it weird for a boy to take ballet?
What should i say after poem to ask girl to dance?
Any other teenagers just starting ballet and having struggles?
can anyone tell me names of modern dance teachers in pune city?
i want to start my own dance class in bangalore but i dont have any idea how can i start this can anyone help.?
What size of Sansha ballet slippers should I get?
What does cheese mean in hip hop?
In line dancing, how do you know what dance to do to whatever song comes on?
Do ballet dancers ever have recovery time?
Help! My parents are lap dancing in my room!?
GIRLS: what do you think of male ballet dancers?
Would anyone know where I can find dance steps for weddings?
Does taking dance classes make you a dancer?
Does anyone have public school dance tips?
Can anyone recommend a good dance shoe for casual social ballroom dancing?
Do anyone think a 68yr old should go out to all the DANCE CLUBS ETC ETC?
Dance solo song? Instrumental?
Why do guys like lap dance?
I am co-chair person for my senior winter formal dance and i was wondering if anyone had any winter themes?
Which songs should I use for this dance?
How do I practice pole dancing?
Good 1940-1949 songs ? Please help me out ?
How do you learn to breakdance?
Would aerial silks and trapeze be considered sports?
What dance style is this?
What do you dance to?
What should I wear to a Bollywood dancing class?
would if you were a dancer and you work on a dance that took forever to make up and your dance couch....?
Is a canon sequence classed as a motif? Please help!?
how to calm my nerves?
does anyone have a good song to make up a dance to?!?
What type of ballroom dance begins with the word "blue"?
why doesnt any one like ballet?
Good songs for a group, duet, trio or solo?
I think i pulled my hamstring..?
Every time I point my toes, I get terrible cramps in my feet...?
Should dancing be considered a sport or art?
does anyone know any instrumentals that are upbeat but would work for a dance duet?
What Should i choose? PLEASE HELP ME!!!?
what should i do?
what songs would be good to dance at my quince?????/?
Should I restart dance?
fWho is Lourdes Lopez?
where can i find that song to ballet dance to, with beeps at the beginning? billy elliot?
where can i find a private dance instructor?
In dancing, what exactly are isolations?
Dance genre please help me here?
Help with ballet terminology.?
What stretches should I do?
Too Young To Swing Dance?
how can i lose weight? im 13 years old.?
Should I take ballet?
i need help on bboy footwork, can u help?
Tap routine song idea for 13 year old solo?
What's that style of dancing that people do in the South Side of Chicago???
what is a long formation?can you describe it?
Ballroom dance lessons...?
Every time I point my toes, I get terrible cramps in my feet...?
Who is the famous male ballet dancer from Europe?? I'm having a brain fart and can't think of his name.
Cool dance moves to impress women?
What is your favourite dance and why?
Here's some Dance Moms Trivia Questions?
Dance/gymnastics tricks that are easy to learn?
For Every Majorette/Baton-Twirler/PreviousMajorett…
Who out there can dance..what is your favorite style to do..and how do you learn it???
How to condition for dance?
Why is it so hard to find a good man to be your dance partner and just that?
Where can i get ballet shoe's..??
Argentine Tango?
How long does it take to get good at hip hop?
how can i learn to do the splits? or kick really high? like for the can can!?
Dancers!!!! How to prevent pubic hairs from showing through booty shorts?
grade 3 ballet what age?
What do you girls think if a guy takes a dance class?.......?
Can you be a stripper without pole dancing?
Am i a dancer at all?
What are some good hip hop songs I dance to?
Is dance a sport or just an art?
any body know how to do dutty wine?
How to learn Irish Dancing?
How to dance/ learn to dance?
Every time I point my toes, I get terrible cramps in my feet...?
What song would go best with?
What is a good so to do a jazz duet to?
How long does it take to learn the windmill?
What are my chances of getting into the School of American Ballet or Bolshoi Academy?
Where do I find ballet movements on the internet?
VCE Dance solo music?
dancers please answer and 10 points!!?
Are there any intensive ballet schools or colleges in Nc Jacksonville?
my dance teacher was horrible to me the other day! i don't feel like going to my next class. should i give up?
Can anyone tell me any gym near patel nagar and any school where i can learn guitar and dance near patel nagar
Songs for new year!!!?
Help PLEASE!!!!!!?
looking for adult hip hop class in san fernando valley, CA?
If I use wrist pads, would it make breakdance moves much easier or just easier?
My grandma is on the floor right now and shaking.. is this some new dance move? plz let me know?
Im 16 boy im gonna start dancing lession frm proffessionals frm next year help plz?
Is it possible to have a dance partner which you are 100% not attracted to?
Recommendations on good African dance schools in Africa for beginners/foreigners?
Whats the difference between hip hop and lyrical hip hop?
who loves dancing?
Question on ballet bullying?
Props for musical theater dance solo?
Hi, i join a salsa dancing class. Is it normal for my instructor, to always holding my buttock and my thigh ?
should i go to school for singing and dancing even though my momma told me not too ?
do you have to be really skinny to cheerlead?
Organic dance-wear? Please help?
I want to do ballet? am i too old?
when i go up on releve......?
what should i wear to my halloween dance?
what is the best dance school in London?
how to dance, and not be teased?
Easy kpop dance for a beginner?
Help when dancing and playing tag?
What shoes do you wear for baton twirling?
What is your cheerleading facility or center like?
Should I Major and Minor? Or Just Major? Any suggestions?
Cheap irish dance dresses 230 and below?
Please check out my new video?
How to learn ballet/list of all ballet moves?
would you rather do Dancing or Gymnastics?
Which monern/contemporary dance company is the best to be trained at?
Ballet Choreography for Pachelbel's Canon in D?
Which of these dance types should I take up?
i am really serious about dancing, i dance 7 hours a day?
Belly Dance / Middle Eastern Dance....?
can you not do ballet, but do jazz?
I need some information on dancing styles from the 21st century?
What's that dance scene kids are doing?
Alice in Wonderland ballet audition?
Starting ballet at 16, need advice.?
does anybody like squaredancing, why?
Teen Dancers in NC??????????????
I have 2 dance classes tonight and I am scared to go?
How can I work on dance this summer?
Do you think you can dance?
Can pointe ballet shoes really paralyze you?
Which dance college is best (UK)?
Who is the best dancer at ABT?
How can I learn to do the splits in a month?
Good songs to dance to?
Upbeat songs about crushes?
How To Make Your High Shool Cheerleading team/ Dance team?
How to NOT instinctively put your hands down when learning an aerial?
What should I wear to a dance workshop?
What is a Sadie Hawkins Dance?
when will I be on Pointe?
i feel awfull when i try to dance.?
breakdancing beginner advice...please help?
Is there any bboy routine that I could follow?
What songs are traditionally used during ballet barre?
What are some easy, yet effective dance moves?
What is crumping? Does it help to be crunk while trying to crump?
What is your favorite style of dance?
how can i make a dance floor?
Females: if you go out dancing, do you often take off your shoes and dance barefoot?
What were the dancers of the 1920's called??
What's in your dance bag?
What type of dance does Autumn Miller do?
why do girls enjoy dancing?
How to get out of going to dance?
Is there such thing as adult ballet?
a possible dance song?
are there any praise dance groups in phoenix arizona or vicinity?
The name of the amerindian dance?
what kind of dancers does the North Carolina Ballet like? and are they a good ballet company?
Dancing for better butt?
Are dance leotards fun and comfy for a guy to sleep in?
Dancers: torn meniscus!! When should I get surgery?
I need help doing my aerial?
How do the splits in 4 weeks?
HOMECOMING HELP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How old is too old to start ballet?
Dance:: Kumi Odori!?!?!?
Poll: What dance bag do you use?
when i can i start pointe?
Slow dancing at Senior Prom?
Balance in Ballroom heels?
What type of dancing to Diversity out of Britain's Got Talent Do [Video inside]?
Dance question?
Do you have to pay to enter and compete in dance competitions?
Help! Dance fees and stuff! You will save my life forever <3 :(?
What type of dance would win a school talent show?
COMPANY DANCE.?!?!?!?!?!?
What do you prefer ballet or ballroom? ?
What dance class should I take?
what are the dance steps and/or the name of dance to the song, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia?"?
Which of the two dances did you like more..?
Do you know any dance studios for kids?
Is everyone else in my ballet class dramatical or am I weird?
how do you do the pool palace?
Tips on how to do a Roundoff?
What should I do to be I'm the debutantes dance team for next year,?
What are the steps in the dance inowin which is a bisaya dance?
reasonable priced dance lessons / classes in queens new york?
if you could have one wish what would it be and why?
Is there wood at the ends of Bloch's demi pointe shoes?
Does anyone know if Bill Austin's Gymnastics has a website?
what gyms near smithtown NY have good samba classes?
what time is th best time to start ballet?
Pointe shoes sizes for Freed? ( from Grishko or Bloch)?
Freestyle Dance Move? ?
What is the difference between the English, the French and the Vaganova method?
How to get up on pointe fast?
Ballet dancers? I have a few questions?
How can I make my dancing better?
waiting to hear from work?
would grade 3 be too hard if im just starting ballet?
why do ballet dancers shave their underarms?
how do i do the three qurter shimmy?
dancing---what do you think?
How do girls actully move/pop there butt?I can shake it but not pop it! Thanks?
whats your favorite girl or boys name?
ballet dancers please read, advice wanted?
can sum1 send me a good video of jazz dancing and modern? PLZ!!!!!?
Stage makeup? Please answer?
Dancing at a club/party/prom?
Im interested in joining a dance class.....?
How can I learn how to dance and lose some weight?
Does anyone know anything about Doris Humphrey's The Shakers and/or Air for the G String?
who likes dancers and cheerleaders??
What dance style should I learn for a club?
Does anyone hav any good prom themes??
How do you stretch for a split?
How do I Improve my pointe work?
Will ballet turn my son gay?
I really need help with my windmills.?
Do u guys know any good dark ballet songs?
Are there any great dance schools in Malaysia?
Traditional Two-Step vs the Polka?
do you think a black and white party is for 50 year old parties?
Any good dance schools/studios in Washington?
dancing question?
any one no how to dance? because i do any i can use some new moves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What can i do to break in my tap shoes?
Americas Best Dance crew question.who looks better?
I need cool,**EASY** dance moves that i can put in to my breakdancing routine for my dance class, any ideas???
Can't believe it, this guy out dance Micheal Jackson!!!?
Breakdancing help!!!?
how can u tell when a person is tellin u a lie?
when in the club do women prefer if u ask them to dance or if u just go up to them n grind on them?
millenium dance complex vs. focus dance center?
Songs for lyrical/contemporary solo?
Did anybody go to the Olanta Festival over the weekend?!?!?!?
Dance Instructor?
Does anyone know of a good dance school in Chicago or Downers Grove, IL?
Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
How to start dancing ?
How do you do this dance move?
How to point your toes better in dance?
how many ballet classes should i be taking a week at age 15 if i want to become a prima ballerina?
what is putty wine.?
Why cant i land pherohettes well?
I'm 15, is it too late to start dancing? I have some dancing experience?
do you think dancing makes you feel better?
What hand to use for breakdancing one hand handstand tricks?
America's Best Dance Crew challenges - which crew has had it hardest?
what type of dancing is your faorite?
I am interested in learning to ballroom dance.Namely the salsa..any pointers I need to know going in?
Should I go to the dance?
I want to learn how to do front flips and back flips?
How long does it take to learn the 6-step bboy downrock/footwork move?
i need some good slow dance songs?
what is the difference between a crotch rocket and a pocket rocket?
I can't dance if my life depended on it?
What's the best club in Manhanttan?
Vegan friendly ballet slippers?
15ce dance move(answer if you know please)?
do women break dance?
whats a good youtube channel about friends who like to dance?
Bloch Protegee pointes?
what do you think is better dance or cheer?
Who is gonna win america's best dance crew!?!?
beginning pointe?
What are some good stretches to do so I can get my squirpion higher and get a needle?
Dancers please answer this question?
At a nightclub which color is more flattering, white or black?
Dancers, how many classes do you take a week?
LOVE by nat king cole dance moves?
is the hoky kokie what its alll about ???
I cant fit into to my jazz dance?!?
does anyone know where I can enroll in pole damce classes in northern Utah?
Sexy Song for pole dancing class??
What is the best contemporary dance company in the U.S.?
Can you do layouts with your mouth closed?
Where can i learn to dance in Clapham, South London?
Where to get stuff for ballet in Baltimore, MD? And what do I need for ballet?
Can you learn how to do the splits if you try hard enough?
What country line dance songs have the grapevine?
At what age can dance lessons start?
Easy s! Dance teacher in junior high?
Is it too late to take dance lessons?
Why is the stomp dance so important to Native Americans?
I was caught dancing in my room?
im being made to do ballet, but im a boy :(?
What type of Dance do you like the best?
I want to get my five year old involved in dance. Which type of dance would be the best for her?
I need help creating a dancer's workout?
I am frustrated not beign able to do the splits.?
hip hop/dance music video with guy afro who breakdances or does the robot?
Who thinks dance is a sport?
How to get past a mental block? in Dance with pirouettes?
So when I was little I used to break dance and then I got hurt really bad should I keep trying to do it.?
My first school dance is here. Any tips/advice for having a great time?
Dancers: what is a good series of stretches to be able to do a split? (preferable that works in a few weeks)?
Is there any nice dance moves I can easily learn out there?
Starting Dancing?
does anyone know a website that can help me how to kearn tap dancing?
why i can't dance hip hop?
im going to a dance and im not sure if this is dumb or slutty to wear?
Should I try out for the dance team at school?
Dancers only please. I have a problem, I have to only do 3 activities a week?
What pointe shoes should i get?
how do you freak dance?
ballet folklorico hair ornaments?
need to have a really creative idea for my lyrical duet with my friend, any ideas?
Are there any Street/Hip Hop Dance clubs available in South Wales mainly the Pontypool, Cwmbran/Newport Area?
what is the line dance where you stomp?
What is there fun to do in cuba?
There was Hip-Hop Tryouts Today? Do you Think i made the team?
How to ask boyfriend to a dance?
What do I need to be able to do before I start pointework?
Used or Discounted Samoan Dance and Twirling Knives?
What should I get as far as attire and shoes for a dance company audition in high school?
Places to learn how to hip hop dance?
Quick question about the Vaganova Academy in Russia?
Whats a good song for a six year old to dance to ?
What are the most comfortable pointe shoes?
Gymnastics at home or should i go to the gym?
I hate normal people!!! who hates them too?
i wish to perform a solo dance in college,can u suggest me any tamil song for it?
Dance recital gift suggestions?
Is there a "for dummies" book on Salsa Dancing?
cheer dance and band?
Does anyopne know the dance moves to "Push It" by Corbin Bleu?
Does anybody know of any good dance songs??
Dancing Lessons?
Is this the way dance is in education?
what can i add to hip rolling?
School dance tonight: Advice?!?
I need a song for a lyrical dance 10 points to the best song?
how much ballet do you need to know to tryout for douglas anderson?
How do I be more energetic in my routine?!?
How much does it cost, on average, to audition for a professional ballet company?
What are some fads current or old in your ballet school?
What can i do to become a gogo dancer.?
How to finish off the splits if almost there?
Good songs for a lyrical solo?
Good song to dance to...??
Can anyone kinda help me learn how to dance?
i wish to learn dancing........any suggestions?
the best pointe shoe for me?
Am I too old to do ballet?
Balance in Ballroom heels?
I can't dance at all & I'm doing my Sweet 15 ?
Pole dance class?
How to heal a pulled hamstring from dance?
First Ballet Class on Monday (10POINTS)?
Dance Professionals... i NEED HELP! :)?
Help with my leg lifts and splits? Please!?
Could I start ballet again?
Ladies (he!! men even)....you have to help me out with this one?
Why do my knees hurt when I plié?
can i know where i can learn to dance trance and techno in danceclub?
does any body know any dancing institute in Bombay??..which is the best..?
Is there a place in New York City to take inexpensive dance classes?
Does any body like to dance and if so what type?
Leotard question? Mine always falls down at the top/front!!?
plz help me i need the title to this song?
Dance Moves?
What are some good dance songs for a dance?
Ballet: Would I have time?
what are some sexy dances..?
who do you like best? neyo or chris brown?
What's a good kind of dance for a beginner?
What is a flash dance?
Am I a beginner or a average Bboy?
Where would I find inexpensive hip hop separates for a recital?
Dance song? Being abandoned?
I need to know something about The Harrisburg Ballet Theater?
How to begin a self ballet intensive routine for the summer?
i turned 15 my party is this weekend its a kind of dance party...how do i keep the funn going?
Just tell me?
Where can I find the video of the dance routine to Us by Regina Spektor?
How can I contact Arlene Philips?
if one cannot dance well like others, what can he do in a dance bar with some new friends?
How should i tell my friend?
Songs for a dance partY?
who won americas best dance crew 2009?
is there a standard term for a ballet lift of what are they called also what does eleve mean in ballet terms?
How to win dance competions?
Dance Lessons in Dublin CA?
i say potato, you say...?
I'm a bad dancer! How do I get better?
A song to DANCE and a song to HEAD BANG too? 10 Points!?
What shapes do you throw on the dancefloor?
How can i do a split?
Is dance a sport??
What is Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake?
What songs can I use for represent with a coreography Frace an japan?
Im intrested in taking up Dance as a Major. But I would like to know what is required of dance majors.?
What are your favorite types of dance?
What are like, amazingly slutty dance songs?
what do you look for a dance bar?
Tell Me How To Dance!!!?
im making a dance to "maneater" by nelly f.?
Getting back in shape to dance?
what would be a cool name for me?
PLease help dance group names? by thursday !!!?
What is the difference between dancing gracefully and dancing clunky?
Where are good place to dance to Reggaeton in Phoenix or surrounding areas?
there is this guy that i am in love with but my parents forbid it what shoul i do?
What are some good classic songs for a dance team performance?
Does anyone know where i could get krump dancing lessons in cincinnati?
Is mountain biking bad for ballet?
Can you do the scorpio?
What is a hornpipe, both dance and instrument please.?
defiition of recreation?
does anyone else love dancing?
how do you get low? not so dirty .. just like the dancing part of it?
Dancers...do you think this move would be possible?
How to make my schools Dance Team?
What's the difference between Argentine tango and American tango?
how many submissions are you allowed to make in this year's shake it up make your mark?.?
I want to dance ballet? advise?
What is the ideal age to start ballet?
What is there to do on weekends in Southwest Florida?
Where can I find pre-school dance class stuff?
Is it realistic for a 15 year old with no experience to begin dancing?
Am I too old to start dancing?
Is it o.k to be a ballet dance with curves?
help ive got to take a sh.it and i dont know what to do?
What to wear for contemporary dance class?
Need feed back on my grinding video ( ladies only )?
How can I build stamina for dance?
Accessories for pointe shoes to keep my feet safe?
Scholl talent show postponed?
Can you dance to peanut butter jelly time?
What do you think of a dance production of hansel and gretel?
How does a choreographer go about planning a dance?
Do you know any great dancer who looks just like this?
Jingle dress and fancy shawl native american dancing?
What do girls think of guys in latin dance classes?
can i take dance classes from u?
this guy is acting shady wat should i do?
What is in a ballet cirriculum?
can you lose to much weight dancing?
Which type of dancing includes the woman twirling around and the man basically doing nothing?
What is the name of this dance move(s)?
Broken Pointe Shoe Question?
help with pointe shoes?
Question about dancing and gymnastics?
When did the Gangnam Style dance originate?
do you like to dance?
Pointe shoes??!?
who is your favorite professional dancer?
i'm 16yrs.old n i just wanted to know if there are any dance classess for salsa in vashi?
Where in Chicago is there a salsa club that ALSO has free lessons before the dancing hours begin?
Themes for Homcoming?
i am loking for bharat natyam dance teacher?
Does anyone have MSN messenger? Dancing on the moon?
Japanese dances and things of the like?
what are some good duet ideas?
Please Help: How come this doesnt hurt?
Am i too fat to be a ballet dancer?
Is it bad to start ballroom dancing when your 14?
Anyone know where to purchase dancer cages for bars/clubs?
This is bad, I've reached my limit for answering, Voting, and 3 more questions to go. . should I stop now?.
My toenail is about to come off right before my ballet intensive! Help! And tips to get through the intensive!?
Can overweight people dance ballet?
the sole of my ballet slipper keeps coming off?
dance moves...?
Which Dance class should I take?
Grade 7 dance.... HELP!!?
Do girls have to be skinny to swing dance? That is all i see on videos. It kinda crushes my dream cuz i'm 150
Dancing With The Stars!?
how much would it take me to moonwalk?
What are tap ties?
how can I enhance my center leaps?
my ballet face? please.... only fellow dancers.?
I can dance w/useing my hips,poping my cheast/butt shakein what type of dancw would that be?
Who would you like to win So you think you can dance?
How to get a good point for ballet?
Injury just before Pointe shoes?
How much force does a ballerina apply to the floor when doing a turn??
how can i find a dance partner online?
how to dance cumbia?
Why do my leg muscles ache after dance class?
Ladies only - lap dance from a HOT male dancer? (modified)?
dance solo song help!!?
My dance team needs so badass nicknames for us girls..?
What drives a straight man to become a ballet dancer?
What is your favourite dance move? and why (optional)?
I need to learn how to dance in nightclubs, can you help please?
contemporary dance songs?
What are some good dance songs?
would you dance with me to any music you liked?????
What do you call a dance competition that last for hours until one couple is the last one to be standing?
is anybody a good dancer?
Would this video be considered inappropriate for a high school pep assembly?
QUESTION OF THE DAY whats the coolest night club you've ever been to?
Can I have dyed hair for my dance competition?
Am I too old...?
Do girls like guys that can dance bachata?
Which type of dance is the song "Leave it all to me" by Miranda Cosgrove?
Have you ever danced in the rain? Do you like dancing in the rain?
How to get a man to dance with you at a club?
Good lyrical solo songs?
where can I learn to krump in Toronto?
What is a good dance to learn for fun?
Am I too old to start ballet (pointe)?
what is pointe?
Senior Jazz dance solo song ideas?
Anyone have any ballet tips or live near/in Wayne County, Iowa and takes ballet?
Is thirteen and a half too old too start a career in dance?
What is your favorite dance movie?
anyone into dancing ,and especially tap and ballroom dancing>?
My mom thinks I am not "a ballet figure girl" and I'm going to regret about joining ballet? Argee or disagree?
what to do?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How do you create a wicked popular dance as in the jerk or soulja boy?
would you like to do some other type of dance?
is there a cure to being a dance-aholic?
So how do you get use to dancing?
Line Dancing..?
Help!! i have a squeaky pointe shoes???
How to make my feet look nicer?
What is a good salsa song to dance to for 90 seconds?
Why are ballet dancers short?
Do you like monkeys?
14year old jazz solo songs?!?
who is cute? chris brown or lilwaney?
are aerials (side) hard to learn?
Anyone Know Any Good Competition Dance Studios In North Babylon, West Islip, or Commack?
advice on starting dance?
how can i get them sponcership?
i go to dance classes i said mom i wanna be a dancer she said i have a 1 in a million chance and ur to small?
What is a good age to put your child in dance?
what are good songs to dance to for a sweet sixteen?
good lyrical songs for a solo or duet?
I don't know how to dance and Ive been invited to a danced! Help !?
Ballet summer intensives for less experienced dancers? (UK)?
Anyone know of a good city to live in?
WALKOVERS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Dancers is it too late to start to pursue a career of a dance teacher ?
Do u think the dougie still cold as f***?
where can I learn ballroom and latin dancing in Selangor? Thanks a lot..?
What can I do to Help get ready to go back into Ballet age 13?
Help with ballet summer intensive auditions?
looking for native american powows in michigan in june 2006?
What popular song has a popular dance that my class can dance to?
How can i make money at the age of 14?
certain line dance from the 80's?
What GCSE'S/Qualification's do i need to become a back up dancer?
i think i dont kno any thing in my whole life i want to learn more and more plz help me?
Should I continue with dance?
Ballet Songs...?
Dance music for K-8th grade co-ed group?
What would be a good musical theatre song for a dance duet for 10 year olds? ?
School Semi-Formal Dance?
how to become flexible?
from 31st Jan to 1st April ,how many mths?
Name some good songs to dance to.?
i'm 13 and i just stopped gymnastics. now i wanna start ballet but i can't find any suitable lessons. HELP????
What kinds of good ballet company that are in Kansas or Missouri?
dance highschools! HELP?
where could i get a solo custom for dance ?
Anyone know about maxixe?
Whats The Tap Dance Called That Has An Orchestra & Tap Dancers For Percussion?
What (bhangra/punjabi) songs are these??
quote help?
Nuter in Australia?
18th birthday?
please suggest some latest bollywood songs for girl solo dance..?
do you personally know any celebrities?
should i do jazz or hip hop? answer asap!!!?
What type of dance for one person is the best?
intermediate/advanced jazz class?
Tips to keep balance spinning when dancing?
To All Dancers!!!! Survey?
Am I too old to become a proffesional dancer?
what is winterguard?
Are pectoral muscles required for breakdancing?
how do ballerinas spin?
how to convince my parents to let me start street dance?
what are good contemporary dance songs like Allegria by Cirque de Soleil?
Hip Hop or BALLET?
This is normal, right?
Can anyone think of a name that starts with W whose genre is electronica dance? They play it at dances.?
High School musical 1,2 and 3?
My son is 10 years old and wants to start in ballet, is this too late?
how do i get 50 toes....I'm not crazy really I'm not TOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS?
I have a pair of pink ballet pointe shoes and now I need them to be red, how can I dye them?
what is a lap dance? where can you get a lap dance?
Who got eliminated in Dancing With The Stars tonight?
does ti have heripes?
what is the name of a male ballerina?
What happened to Jared Morgan?
dance company ? how hard is it?
i wish to learn dancing........any suggestions?
Belly dance ?!!!((((: ?
Please answer soon!! Can I become a "good" ballet dancer?
songs for little girls ballet dance?
I like this new kid but my friends make fun of him and dont think hes cute.what should i do???ask him out???
What are the steps of the Saguin-Saguin dance?
I'm 14 years old, and I want to begin ballet... Is it to late?
is pointe hard?
Any dance classes in south wales?
DJing dances? 7th and 8th graders please? =]?
what type of dance is it?
should i wear a formal or non formal outfit to the 5th grade dance?
why dont people dance in front others freely?
how would you guys describe "grinding"?
who do you add photebucket as your safe list?
Is it too late for me to become an amazing dancer?
what do you think of my dance
♥is dancing a good sport?????♥?
What should I do to help me learn dances faster?
Is it necessary to have a ballet foundation to do well in jazz?
Dance is an art is it also a sport?
i really wanna start preparing my body for ballet .?
am i too old to start ballet?
Emotional song to dance to (with possibility for Christian theme)?
How to get higher arches/more flexible feet?
I no how to kiss but when? WHEN????????????
dance moms question????
how long does it take to spin on your head in breakdancing?
What dance can I dance to "From this moment" by Shania Twain?
Where is a better place to meet a chick: at a bar or a dance club?
Do you always have to be African American to be a Delta Sigma Theta?
hey i need help on my essay.. what are some famous ballets.. or ballet dancers?
What are the names of some waltz songs that aren't very common?
I'm doing a school play and I have to come up with A dance and lip sync to "oops i did it again"
Whats the best salsa music song to dance to?
Can someone help me with my ballet legs?
how do you dance to reggaetone?
whast is lap-dancing?
suggest a group name fa good cause?
Is it a hate crime to attack someone because they are white?
anyone ever considered being a rastafarien?
Who's an dancer? how long have you been doing it and what type of dance do you take??
i worship onions im i a bad lizzard ?
Can someone make a real career out of dance?
did finger guns at the club last night?
What type of dance did Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) do on The Dick Van Dyke Show?
How do you do the jerk and the dougie?
How do I make my arms better in dance for dance team?
Should I take this dance class?
What do you know about brasilian movies?
What does a canon show in dance?
How to stop big toes from hurting on pointe?
How can I get into this position?
i am a male 44 single and i have anxiety i want to venture out and take a dance class but i'm 6ft 6in tall
What shoes should I wear to my jazz/hiphop class?
How can I calm my nerves before going on stage at my dance recital?
Is Salsa an African love dance?
How long would it take to be ready for this cheerleading team?
how do can you learn to do the splits?
Is it true that your toenail can fall out when you start pointe?
What is a good jazz dance song?
Are there any major chain stores that sell jazz pants?
what do u think of this outfit??? [[guys and girls]]?
Where will i get videos for samba dance of brazil?
if a person is overwieght, but they really want to belly dance, should they still try to learn?
Do you have to be trained in ballet to do lyrical dance????
Any good songs to swing dance to??
How strong do you need to be to do an aerial cartwheel?
Should I do Ballet?
Stretches for splitz is second position.?
What size tap shoe do i need? Pleaseee!?
How long does it take to become a very good belly dancer?
does anybody know where i can take belly dancing classes around dallas, texas?
Difference between Jazz dances?!?
What to expect and wear at a competition team tryout?
Just Dance 2 Sweat Points into calories?
Criticism and improvement on my pointe? (Photos)?
Teach me how to spongebob?
i want to be a dance teacher but my mum thinks dancing is a waste of time?
ravers what do u prefer glowstringing or free handing?
i want to be a cheerleader!?
How to get into the style of hip hop?
Question for dancers..?
How do I become flexible?
Varsity drill team help??
does anyone else like to sleep in a leotard?
PLEASE HELP! how can I improve my posture quickly for dance?
what is the name of a french west indian dance?
Do Guys Have Hand Signals They Give To Each Other At Clubs?
Who made the song "welcome to the hotel in California"?
what clothes do you wear to do lindy hop?
break dance question?
i wanted to know if there is an easy way of playing?
What is a good weight for someone who is 15 and is 5"2??
Latin Dances?
What is the best way to ask a girl out for a homecoming dance party?
How long does it take?
Do you have rhythm when you dance?
how to dance with a girl at a club?
Can I do the splits?
Who Won Tonight's "So You Think You Can Dance"?
Can I learn how to dance?
Where can I buy Templates of feet to put on the floor to teach people how to dance?
Looking for a someone who knows how to do indian dances?
when does next dancing season start?
does anyone know any good dance movies?
Whats The 3 Things You Wish You Can Do?
What is flex conditioning class?
Who do you want to win America's Best Dance Crew? Status Quo or Jabbawockeez?
What is meaning of karna?
Split Sole Ballet Shoe VS Full Sole Ballet Shoe ?
How Do You Slow Dance?
How do you keep a belly dance costume clean?
who goes country line dancing?
pole dancing?
POLL: Who did you last dance with all night long?
Ultimate Dance Party Playlist???!!?
Does anybody know 5 characteristics of primitive dances?.?
Teen girls dance group name ideas?
What type of dresses do women wear for ballroom dancing?
Does everyone have this problem when learning a new dance?
if you only have a little money.What do you give your mother for mother's day?
At what age did you start dancing?
Pole dancing GrandDad?
What's the best style of dance for adult "beginners"?
Should I try contemporary dance? Help!?
i dont know how to dance D:?
What does dance mean to you?
im trying to build up my xbox live friends i dont know how too?
what is this step called?
Am I too tall and old to start ballet dancing?
When do girls at the Vaganova School go en pointe?
What is a good song for a lyrical dance?
Recommended ...... What I need to improve in this song ... and you like it?
The Ultimate Dance Splits?
What can i do to achieve my dream of being a professional dancer?
what dance exeminations did you do?
Best Sunday night club in dallas?
Modern Day Dance Colleges?
I would like to join classical dance class [bharat natyam].?
what are some popping power moves?
But how could i join this troup?
Have you ever danced in public?
What Do You Have To Do For Grade 3 Tap ? x?
Where can I learn the latest dance called the shuffle?
Crip walk vs. Clowning?
Any opinions on Arthur Murray in Vienna, VA?
Why are my boobs small???? guys/ girls plz answer?
why doesn't anyone want to ask me out to the dance?
she denied her feelings to me....?
What is a good song for a "first dance" at a wedding?
how do u get on myspace at school?
what are some good dancing songs?
Any opinions on Danza Viva for World Dance & Music in Oak Park, IL?
Where would I go for online ballet lessons?
Is 15 too old to begin dance?
how can i learn how to do a split in two weeks??!?! i need hep BAD!^__^?
How to get flexible to do a split? ?
does "belly dancing" make your hips get wider?
what is the native negrito dance pina panilas?pls. answer me i need it for my project p.s. ans.w/ a pic. inc.?
what is you favorite song right now?
Ballerina moves on movement?
My dog fell into a wood chipper from the balcony where will i find him?
Does anyone dance at Delaware Valley Dance Academy?
Have any guys tried clogging? And is it fun?
What to use as a dance bag?
what is your dance style?
I take jazz dancin as well as tap im good at tap but what should i do bout my flexibility for Jazz plz help me
what are the things that protect your feet in ur pointe shoes?
can anyone recomend a good dance school in brighton sussex??
Dancer help? Really important?
SHould I take Hip Hop dance class to overcome my shyness?
Exercises to get better turns in dance?
How to dance like chris brown?
What R Some Cool songs to dance to?
Which type of dance would best fit me?
I need a little help -please do not skip this question-?
What is the difference between dancing on a college dance team and dancing at a competitive dance studio?
how to strengthen legs for dancing?
Why is it a stereotype that ballet dancers smoke?
Contemporary summer intensives for a beginner?
When people use Dickies for breakdancing (bboy), what type of dickies do you use..? Like work pants, slim fit.?
Can you think of a name for a Dance Studio?
Why wont Bapist dance?
is tap dancing hard??!?
CAn you name me 5-10 types of dances?
Do you know sapphire lee if you do write back?
Cool Names For a Hip hop Dance Group?
How to get better arches for ballet?
A russian ballet dancer who defected to the west. Rudolf ?
Can you teach yourself to dance?
I want to learn how to dubstep dance how can I do it, tips? I'm only 13 so go easy on the steps involved?
How to become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?
What are some good songs that make you want to just get up and dance?
where to get all about kathak dance?
can you wear ballet shoes even if you don't do ballet?
So You Think You Can Dance?
Im planning a debut-Filipino.. its a masquerade theme..?
I need a name for my new dance troupe. we will cover a wide range of styles. both girls and boys.?
How can I learn some fighting moves? ?
Help me prepare for ballet?
Stretches so I can do the right split?
Do English people like Tango? Why?
I have exp, but is it too late for ballet?
When you're going down the slide,?
how has the original chachacha changed?
Am i any good at dancing?
What is your favorite dance movie made before 1980?
does Gotta Dance Dance Academy teach rhythmic gymnastics?
what pointe shoes does sarah lamb, polina seminove and pamola herrera have?