Need Opinion: Should my friend and I try this stunt?
name for a show?
Broke my tonail en pointe?
How can I help my girlfriend with dance?
80's party?
What is the difference between Classical and Modern Ballet?
can somebody give a website where to download jerkin songs (music for dancing)?
anybody know a good company to order dance supplies for thats cheap?
What level comes straight after intermediate foundation ballet in the RAD syllabus?
My jazz shoes hurt my big toenail?
what is your favorite type of dance?
i dance hip-hop but i think i look stupid?? i need advice?
Dance costume help!!!?
Do you have flat feet or an arch?
Tips to dance better?
help with finding dance lyrical songs?
how to do the spilts?
do u know a good dance school?
Is there any place in Singapore I can buy cheap ballet dancewear suitable for examinations?
Why didnt i make the team!!?
My dance teacher showed us the dance to this song, i think its weird but i like it, do you?
need help finding an online documentary video of a jazz tap dancer?
Should i go to the dances this year?
Would you consider Merce Cunningham a modern or post modern choreographer?
whats your coolest dance move?
What are good Dance crew names?
Hip hop not real dancing?
does anyone know any sick dance moves to like battle dance and show up people?
I didn't make the dance team for my senior year, now what?
please help me here :''(?
Can you use any vinyl flooring product over commercial carpet for a dance surface?
What do real dancers think of NFL cheerleaders?
looking for dance and zumba classes in queens?
CAn you name me 5-10 types of dances?
which type of samba is harder?
Line dancing is NOT what I thought it was!?
What is a website that tells about Allison Holker?
I want to dance, but don't know where to start to go. Advice?
swing music to dance to for a first dance at wedding?
dance song?
I wanna do ballet but I am scared?
Sport/ dance in which girls toss and catch a ball while dancing?
tell me the name of this music video, where this guy is breakdancing all the way through?
Lyrical song for a solo?
How long did it take you to get on pointe?
Why most of the girls do prefer dancing as one of the hobbies?
Is any one going to a dance tonight?
I asking about learning breakdancing will stun growth?
Will being tall affect my GCSE dance group choreography dance?? 10 points for best answer!!?
dance music please?
Is there any good site to practice dance?
have you got any dancing ideas?
Can running affect anything in ballet?
I would really love to learn to dance salsa. is there anything close to me (Cambridge), that's within reason?
do i need to follow?
what do I do if on Tuesday 14 my school has a MIX party . more info at bottom.?
Dancers, how long did it take you to learn A La Seconde Turns and/or Foutte turns?
First time on pointe help?
what will be the impact and consequences of the estroid coming to hit our planet in 2036?
How to be more flexible?
My mom wants to sign me up for a belly dancing class?
Dance ideas for last dance by donna summers?
How do I do this??????????????????
Im thinking about switching irish dance schools?
What dance can go with Follow You, Follow Me by Genesis?
What's the name of this Raggae song?
Contemporary Lyrical Modern Dance?
dance Related?
I dont want to ask anything.I just want to say that Thomas Whitehead the Ballet Dancer,TOOK MY BREATH AWAY!?
I get high (on your memory) Trance?
Any dancers out there?
Ballat classes in Nottingham, England??
no street shoes for dance class?
Has anybody heard of the Revesby Workers' Club in South West Sydney?
how can i have fun at a school dance when i dont like to dance?
Is it too late to start Ballet @ 14 ?
Dance Competition Sponsors?
how to prepare for ballet class?
what one hurts worse a tongue peicing or a nipple peircing?
What all do you need to be able to do to get accepted into Juillard for dancing?
Dance for guys?
what is the pavanne dance?
Dance Showcase At School?
What skills do i need to get in an advance class in ballet?
Song for a lyrical solo?
Does anyone know of a good studio to take dance lessions in NYC?
What would when two people dance in ballet what is it called?
has anyone ever had the intense desire to be a geisha other than me?
what do you call that little rose on birthday cakes?
Starting dance at 14? Too late?
hip hop move question?
Am I right in saying that when dance is filmed it becomes distorted?
where can i buy??
Bruised toenail relief after pointe work.?
Ballet audition age requirement?
How to convince my mom to let me take ballet?
i'm 28, is it too late for me to learn to cartwheel and do the splits?
Sadie Hawkins Dance advice?
Am I too old?
What's in your dance bag?
How would you approch a hot boy at a teenage party?
I need a good Quine surprise song to dance to any ideas?!?!?
What's the easiet kind of dance to do for a 14 old girl?
What is your favorite type of dance?
who do you think would get the title americas best dance crew
Anyone can suggest some good asian dancing schools/studios in Los Angeles?
can u name my hiphop dance group?
Hiphop and Jazz??????
Why do people dance?
opinions on dance songs?
can you dance?
Where can I find a 38DDD supportive/convertible bra?
Grade 7 Dance in 3 days.... HELP!!!?
I need to learn to do the splits. Any suggestions on how to stretch?
aim username ideas for ballet?
Are there any dance teams in new jersey i can join?
Question about High School Drill Team?
Ballet summer intensive camps?
Anything interesting about aerobic dance?
What can i bring for my first ballet class?
What happens when i go and get pointe shoes from a shop?
I need to do the splits..but i can't! What can i Do?
Question About Starting Ballet Again.?
How to deal with school and Dancing?
I want to take dance lessons but I'm very shy?
What is Barnard's dance dept like?
How do you slow dance at a middle school dance if you're a guy?
How do you do barrel jumps?
What is a good way to get more flexible?
Is ballet boring? In your opinion.?
how can i get a better turnout?!? HELP!?
Do you find grinding bad?
What ballet variation should I perform this year?
Sadies Dance ideas anyone?
When was the last time you..?
how to dance like mike song?
do i have a ballerina body?
What would be a good song for a little girl to dance on?
dance dance supernova question?
How much do dance paws run for?
what are some good compedative dance songs?
When did going nude on stage became legal in America?
Private ballet teacher in England?
ballet /string instrument instructor needed?
Lyrical song for 5 year old?
Will normal ballet be like ballet on Step up?
How long is a Dance Choreography?
anyone know any good dance songs that would be good to do for a talent show???
teen in need of help?
contemporary music for a dance, without lyrics?
where can I get private lesson to dance like the stars?
I am going on pointe soon and I was wondering which was better ...ouch pouch?? OR those gel toe-pad things?
why do boys like girls that belly dance?
I really want to tryout for cheerleading and tryouts are in May. In the meantime what can I do to get ready.?
How do I dance properly in a floor length ballgown?
middle split help!! 10 points for best answer?
highland dancing benifits?
How do you do an aerial?
Dancing! How much are the show tapper shoes?
How to learn to dance hip hop?
real nasty dance teacher problems?
Help w/ Handstand? ill answere your question if you answere mine(:?
I'm a guy...Dancing? =P?
Which is your favourite Classical Ballet? Swan Lake...?
Is the La Guardia High School Dance program for someone who wants to become a ballerina?
Hip hop not real dancing?
Is being 15 too old to begin ballet lessons?
getting married?
I can't dance at all and want to learn how. Where do I start?
Dancing to club music (male)?
What were nightclubs like in the 1950's?
Does anybody know Laura Naries??(dancer in SYTYCD)?
how do i find the confidence to dance in public?
How can I wing my feet more?
I need a really awesome lyrical song...?
Online dance lessons?!! Help!?
What is flooding?
What kind of dancing is best for a 14 year old GIRL?
does anyone know about lambada classes ?
Are there any Summer Intensives that don'd hold auditions?
would u date a South African man?
why did karen hardy of strictly come dancing suddenly stop dancing in the 1990s?
Ballet camps the the South?
contact of western dance classes available in north delhi?
Is there much work in the dance industry?
Dance and technology ?? Help!?
who wants to dance with me right now?
Which Brand of Dance Belt do you like to wear?
Why not contact Thopedo for the next dancing with the stars?
Niagara region dancing classes?
How do i fit in in a nightclub if i dont dance?
Learning jumpstyle from youtube.?
Do you have to have an amazing background in dance to be picked up by an agency?
Does anyone know any good stretches to do to get down to the splits?
Is it good to get pointe shoes with no ballet trainig? but have been dancing 11years? ?
Maddie's Song from Dance Moms?
Is 22 too old to study dance at uni?
Is Ballet still used today?
Ballet, Jazz or Hip Hop??
If you don't intend to be a professional ballet dancer, can you still go on pointe?
What are some some songs that i would include in my MASQUEARDE dance show?
what's ur favorite type of dance>?
Belly Dance question!!!?
What kind of swing was featured in that Gap khaki's commercial from the late 90s?
Can you think of a poem about "Dancing"?
do u have to go up or down a size in pointe shoes?
Easy dance jumps and turns to learn?
ok, i'm overweight, and have been dancing for six years. I just started pointe. how can i lose the xtra pounds
ballet step: i forgot the name!!?
how many years of ballet training before becoming more advanced?
arches for flat feet?
I suck at dance and its making me miserable...?
This feeling really gets to me and bugs me about this difficult older dance student? Nice advice welcomed?
elastic or ribbon on my pointe shoes?
ballet muscle question?
is "crank that" [[soulja boy]] and the dance still in where you live?
What style of dance for Jingle Bell Rock?
How can you dance at a party or club without looking stupid?
Would a Lady Gaga song be Musical Theater?
What r some good jazz songs for a solo?
America's Best Dance Crew question?
How to improve my splits?
What is a good song for a musical theatre dance duet?
Where can I find a rave dancing tutorial?
dance clubs, night clubs, latino MN??
Dance Tryouts Nerves?
really tight inner thigh muscles?
Is pointe dance hard?
Why do you love ballet?
Will dancing more and more everyday make me better at dancing?
Which leotard do you like the best??? *PICS INCLUDED*?
dance routine ideas for wide awake?
So you think you can dance AUS (judges) URGENT!!!!!!?
Can you dance? What dance is your favourite?
should i quit dance club?
Contemporary dance vs Jazz Dance?
Can anyone help me with this please? I am dying to learn.?
anyone know ANY 80's dance history?
I need to organise a dance show, how do I gather like-minded people for a committee?
What classes does SALA Classical Ballet & Preforming Arts Studio in Lndenhurst offer?
Where are dance studios located at?
dancing songs?
what's a good song to do a hip hop dance to?
Costume and choreography ideas for the song "Colorblind" by Natalie Walker?
suggest... between [V] Humse hai life AND [V] Dil Dosti Dance..... because I am confused ...?
What are some good bollywood songs that i can create a modern dance routine to?
Have you ever stayed after the funeral and after all left, just so you could try out some new dance moves?
Leotards with bra attached?
What DVD Can Teach Me Ballet?
Define Chanda?
precise step by step dance moves (sneaker night dance)
What do you do in a middle school dance elective?
does anyone know mercedes keiffer ??? can anyone put me in touch with her??? please???
who seen so you think u can dance??
What is that "moon walk"type move that Zac Efron does in the High School Musical, while he sings BreakingFree?
Can anyone describes me what is a lap dance throung mobile. My number is 919656035506?
what type of dance u first learned??
has anyone ever...?
How far can you do the splits?
What is the best pointe shoe in your opinion?
what are good dance music?
Am I too old to start dancing (well)?
Where can I get Salsa classes in my city?
Where in ohio can i take acrobatics or aerial silk lessons?
where in Connecticut can you go dancing?
what is a good school talent show song to dance to?
What to expect in IDTA Freestyle dance teacher's exam?
do you guys know where i can get a video guide for this breakdance moves?
Best dance lyrical song?
What do girls find sexier, hip-hop or breakdancing?
Whats a good type of dance that I could learn?
Where can I find "cheers" or suggestions for songs in reference to Quality Control.?
does anyone know the choreography to push it to the limit by corbin bleu?
What song should I do a hip hop dance to?
What does it mean when you are grinding with a girl and.....?
i am trying to learn the flare?
Need Information on Body Sculpting, Ballet and Jazz?
I need ideas for Quince songs.?
What is the "So You Think You Can Dance" comerical song?
How do I become a pole dancer?
Beginning ballet at 14?
where can i learn dance on bollywood songs for an upcoming wedding. it needs to be in south delhi or gurgaon?
Does anyone know the dance moves/steps to the song sweet home alabama?
What do you think of Kylie's Dance Creations?
Is it a good idea to try to become a professional dancer?
what should i do for my dance solo????? HELP!!!?
This is bad, I've reached my limit for answering, Voting, and 3 more questions to go. . should I stop now?.
do some dance academies teach disco club dancing and american pop dancing and retro?
How long will it take to get to the dance level?
Where can I learn to Circle Dance in London or kent?
I"m a half of foot of the floor when I do the splits!!?
I LOVE Ballet! What do I need to do to get a degree in Ballet Dancing?
The wobble dance on YouTube of the cheerleaders?
Free Hip-hop classes on the weekends for teens in nyc ?
Please help! (pointe question.)?
I am looking for some fun dance classes in Kansas City area - any suggestions?
I love to swing dance, and am looking for some new steps. Please share.?
how can i learn to make exotic dancer pasties?. tried search.. but all sites were gone:(?
How would you jump off a building and land straight into a garbage can without gettin hurt.?
What do you dance to?
What are some older songs that would be good for a jazz dance?
i need to be able to scream for a band? any tips on improving it?
Help finding a sad lyrical song?
Ballroom Dancing? Dips?
Most aclamed school of Dance in England?
a good song to gave a l@p dance to?
I'm in a dance solo block?
Teen dances / night clubs in Toronto Area?
What do ants eat?
Ladies - would you go to a Dance for Fitness & Fun eve?
Why don't more people skip to the loo?
((Reposted)) At age 17, am I too old to go en pointe?
What color should I paint my dance room?
What's your favorite crew from the second season of America's best dance crew?
What are stretches I can do to make me really flexible for dance?
what kind of dance should i learn.?
Starting dance at 14? Too late?
Dance classes......?
I want to go back dancing , does anyone know a good dance studio in central London ?
High School Musical Dance Steps?
Good dance / stripper DVD to buy?
wanna go to a club and i can't dance, good idea or bad idea?
Am i too old to begin at Ballet?
What is your favorite ballet move?
What Are Demi-Pointe Shoes?
SWING dancers! Do you prefer East or West Coast? And why?
If a female ballet dancer is a ballerina..?
I need a dance theme to go with this music?
why can i only do the splits by turning out my back leg?
Michael Jackson fans must dance?
how do you fire spit? I've seen people do it any chemicals involved?
PLEASE HELP!!! Where can I find videos online of advanced center work for ballet?
How do you dance the "Malina putada"?
what websites have free ballroom dancing lessons?
A dance costume for the song concert angel?
how do i keep balanced while doing an illusion?
What name do you like better? Kayla or Shelby?
Dancers or people living in Melbourne? Please help me I'm wanting to move there next year :)?
is 19 2 old 2 start dancing??
I live in Japan, where can I find hip hop shoes?
Can anybody tell me where can i find some good dancing lessons on the net?
What are the 100 classical waltzes?
Dancers: What's the difference between jazz and modern dance?
Will taking ballet improve my flexibility?
about ordering new pointe shoes...?
what kind of dance is this? Name?
Hitting heads while grinding?
Dance Costume Designers/Suppliers/Makers in the Philippines?
How do you grind dance ? help?
A dance moms question?
How do you give a lap dance?
How to not look awkward when dancing?
Can I start ballet ?!?
y do people have names?
Should I go to college first or dance ballet?
How do you prep for a toe touch? i am having a lot of troubles. i am in dance...?
Flesh pink or theatrical pink?
a 'Rising' Artist?
good dance moves for starstruck by lady gaga?
what are the best party places in bankgok?
Should I drop ballet classes?
How do I cover up or get rid or wear/scuff marks on my JAZZ SHOES?!?!?!?
I need help with my split!...?
dance or cross country? please help!?
Really good, simple dance to Tik Tok by Ke$ha?
Dance moms miami question? did it get renewed?
which is easier blood walk or crip walk?
Breaking someone?
Does anyone know the the special offer code for dancing with the stars tickets thru tickemaster in Milw. WI?
Nervous to start pointe for ballet! Pointe dancers please help!?
where can i take belly dance classes in korea?
What is the best dance website?
why do some people think that cheer leading is harder than dance?
did any of you watch So You Think You Can Dance this year?
How much do hip hop classes at the Bloomsburg School of Dance cost?
Slow dance songs for 8th grade farewell?
What Is The Best Ballet For Me?
I can't do a cartwheel!?
Dance team prep, how much time do I need?
How do people dance at raves?
does dancing helps you ?
Where can I learn to praise dance?
Any good middle eastern and north african dance styles?
How tall is Blake McGrath?
How should I ask a guy to dance at the dance on Friday?
What do I need for ballet class?
when grinding with a girl is it ok to get a bonnnner?
Country Dancing Dance Lists?
how can i fit in my class?
Easy ballet lessions?
How many kinds of Foxtrot are there?
How to dance better? <__7?
What is a good pointe shoe for beginners?
where can i learn hip hop dancing ONLINE?
Which costume should I wear for my 'Fame' dance? :)?
what do you think of a guy who does ballet?
What dances do you need to know to go to a dance?
Song dedicated to my cousin, help!?
How to get on pointe!?
Prop ideas door dance starships?
i suck at dance because i am not flexible. any tips on how to achieve high flexibility?
What are the dimensions for Shank on a size 10 pointe shoe?
Which Class-in dancewear leotard(s) do you have and do you like them?
How do I dance in club?
need help for a party tomorrow?
what is good juke music?
Dance Competition Songs for a Solo?
list out the countries with their cultural dances& which country have lot numer of c.dances?
does any one know the soujia boy dance to crank that?
salsa dancing?
Why Don't Backup Dancers Smile?
Can A Boy Wear Leotard and tights for a Ballet Beginner?
What to wear to ballet class?
i am doing a disney themed high school homecoming dance does anyone know how to decorate for that?
tap dancing?
what is your favorite dance?
What are some music videos from 2002-2006 that have a lot of back up dancers?
pole dancing classes dublin?
So you think you can dance 2008?
How do i come up with a good dance routine? For ten hip-hop dancers/gymnasts?
Can I go to the dance with my partner?
Any good ideas on a way to ask someone to a dance?
is it a little late to start ballet?
can i have a list of the best ballet schools around usa?
Slow dancing advice, please help!?
Anyone Know anything about dance poles? "stripper poles"?
Is my little girl too old to take up ballet ?
be good to be here?
whats the name of that dance?
Dance? Another Cinderella Story?
Salsa Styling?
i need help with dance by tomorow night?
Could i get really good at dancing if i'm self taught in 3 months?
Who is supposed to dirty dance?
Who should leave Dancing with the Stars 4/24/07? Who do you think will?
i wanna know if my girl is still a virgin..how could i do that without asking her???
how to do the middle splits?
any suggestions for a lyrical song about saving someone?
Dancing like Poreotics ? Help?
shy to dance?? as many answers as possible please?
Is 14 a little late to take ballet classes?
Hip Hop Dancing/ Break Dancing?
Does anone know of any baton twirling classes in london?
What is your favorite type of historical dance?
dance to lose weight..?
what type of dance style did you start with?
is there a dvd of maria tallchief dancing "Firebird"?
Anyone know of dub step?
Where can I learn how to breakdance?
what does the queen do all day?
so was lola a stripper?
why r guys so complicated?
Every time I dance I become tired fast?
How come most of the women I have seen Belly dance have Big Belly's?
i need help on some dance moves?!?!?!?!?!?
Is 15 too old to start dance?
dance presentation?
What is Reginald Ray-Savage dance and personal background?
Do you like to dance? Why?
DANCE HELP for why I love to dance!?
how to make you toe touch higher?
Will i get better at dance!!!!?? someone please help:)?
can you mix some music for me? pleaseee.....?
Ballroom dancing?
A question for all dancers....?
Ballet pointe shoe size???? Help please?
who can tell me how to teach myself dance without go to class?
Pole dancing lessons in leicestershire?
What is a better way to learn an Argentine tango?
Requirements to become a hs cheerleader?
How to get my straddle?
Cheer leading stretches?
is it good for me to live from home whit my boyfriend at the age of 14 yes or no?
Has Anyone wore these brand of pointe shoes before?
What are some intersting Types of Dances or Musicals from across the world to write a paper about?
dance choreography music?
How excited r u for high school musical 2!?
What shoes to wear at cheer leading tryouts?
Homemade hip hop costume?
What are some really good songs to give a lap dance to?
What are Professional Dance Auditions like (Los Angeles)?
how artistic exspression reflects the basic tenets of the islamic faith in music and dance?
can you smoke while you jog?
Good names for a dance studio? ?
If a woman ballet dancer is called a ballerina, what is a man ballet dancer called?
whats the last songs playing together at the end of Step Up 2, when they are dancing in the rain?
Dancer's Back Flexibility?
Can i still join Lyrical dancing if haven't took Ballet or Jazz?
Can I use clogging shoes as tap shoes ?
where can i find a carmen miranda costume for an adult?
CHEER QUESTIONS!? backing (:?
Why do I look weird dancing Hip Hop?
Has anyone heard of Fusion Dance in Minnesota??
Can you help me find a video to help a 16 year old girl learn to dance at a party/club/prom?
How to prevent ingrown toenails on pointe?
whats a good age to put your kid in gymnastics?
Best Nike Shoes To Dance In?
what are some cool middle school games for a dance?
I hurt my ankle in ballet, but don't know what I did?
1960s Evolution of the dance?
Friend lost a bet. What should I dress him in? Will put him in EXACTLY what is voted best?
Whats it called it ballet when they balance on their big toe only ?
what are all the types or forms of dance and what do they involve?
Anyone know any good hiphop dance studios?
my dance team and i are ready for something...?
who else likes to tea bag small furry animals?
high school dance t shirt ideas?
How can I turn barefoot without getting my toes stuck on the floor?
Why do indian guys move theird heads when they dance?
leotard and tights?
Is this too much?
What song makes you want to get up and dance?
my partner is a muslim and i m a marwadi girl so whai should i do. My parents will never accept?
is taking dance a sport?
Can I ever become a prima ballerina?
Are there any Irish Group Dancers in Los Angeles that preforms at weddings?
can i start ballet at 13 years old ??
good song for cha cha?
Girls, what are you more excited about during the prom … the dress or the guy?
Name of a ballet step?
where can i find a CHEAP choreographer in South Florida for my Sweet 16 that can make a dance similar to this?
whitch is the song that ya heard & after that ya felt like cryin???
Will I be allowed to dance on pointe?
any suggestions on halftime song and dance?
What type of dance is this?
Should I do ballet or cheer?
birthday presents for ballerina/dancer?
what type of dance or aerobics is this?
too nervous to dance at homecoming?
Are you a dancer?
I need to get limber FAST! Please Help?
where can i find dancing lessons online?
how long would it take me to be on DANCE competion team?
What does "# of dance pieces mean?"?
Getting my flexibility back?
Is there any good latin dancing in Sacramento? Need help anything will be much appreciated?
what was that song maddie danced to on dance moms?
what kind of dancing is this?
Thriller dance advice??!?
club paris orlando florida?
Does anybody know what happened to the style of breakdancing.?
whats the style of dance that Britney Spears does?
What kind of clothes / shoes do I wear to professional cheerleader tryout?
what club to go to on a saturday night in miami?
Why do you dance ? ................ What is your favorite form ?
could someone post the dancing steps of "Bop to the top" of high school musical please?
where are salsa dance classes in pune?
Dance songs?
Is 15 to old to just be starting dance?
What are some good twerk/grindin dance songs?
how do i become a backup dancer for a hip hop artist?
How to get better battu's?
How to ask a girl to slow dance?
I have to stretch everytime i do the splits:(( or else i cant go down.?
Who do you think will win america's best dance crew?
Is dancing a sport???????
I'm 20, is it too late to start Ballet?
dancing tips?
Who is the dancer in the SOBE thriller comercial?
what do you tjink of madonna's imitation of Christ's crucifixion in her concert??? was it blaphemous???
Is Black And Silver a good color for a dance? any other colors?
what is the name of folk dance?
Cute old school rap/ hip hop songs to dance to?
Breaking in pointe shoes...?
Whats the best kind of dance to pursue as an adult?
Any suggestions for an upbeat musical theater song for a duet with two girls?
need a dance story line?
Can I go to a club the moment I turn 18, at 12:00am?
OMG !!!! Dancing On Ice!!!?
so i want to dance ballet...?
Breakdance help s best answer!?
What is a double Over-the-Tops and triple Back Slides?
I want to learn to dance, Latin and ballroom where in London?
Is Bill from Tokio Hotel gay???!!!!?
I'm 15 years old and want to take up a sport. what would be ideal?
Topless dancing....??
Teen Clubs in NYC???????
I'm a gymnast. What kind of dance should I try?
Intensive Dance Stretching Routine?
Breakdance Instructions?
I just turned 17 years old and i would really love to get back into dance. Is it too late?
Do you have to be a certain weight to do contemporary dance?
I need help with pointe shoes ...?
Need a song for dance end of year concert!?
Trying to find a video dance piece I saw a long time ago where all the men danced on one leg?
Should I got to the summer audition?
please, please HELP ME!!!?
Are these good pointe ballet shoes?
14 years old and not good technique. Nervous for new studio. Need advice.?
what should i look for in a guy I'm 17?
What If someone asked you out to dance?
Anyone know any under 18 party/dance clubs in Northridge?
Should i take a dance class on Saturday next year?
How do I dance with a guy? 10 points best!!!?
How can i dance in pointe shoes without PAIN? but wait!!.?
Will I be good enough?
I have just started ballet and want to know a few things....?
good dance classes for hip hop near McQuire AFB,NJ?
i was either going to do a dramatic lyrical/contemporary solo or a creepy jazz solo..I NEED OPINIONS?
Do girls like being grinded at dances? if so, how should I grind her?
Which is easier... C-walk or B-walk?
Dance Academy Season 3?
should i push myself into box splits?
Help with a backbend!!?
how do you mix dance music?
Are there any private cheer coaches in gwinnett or hall county?
What do you keep in your dance bag?
Who is your favorite dancer on "So You Think You Can Dance" (2008)?
Dancers: Have you ever farted when doing the splits?
How to get back into shape for dancing?
what can I do to improve my salsa dancing?
Girlfriend wants me to join her Ballet class; help?
Hip hop / Jazz song ideas?
Help with learning dance?
Are there any ballet summer intensives that pay their RA's to work there over the summer?
Last 5 inches of my splits? HELP!!!!?
How do I overcome my fear of dancing in public?
have u seen ARMENIAN DANCING?it is just beutifull?
What is a good reference book on DANCE?????????????
What are some movies that have the theme of ballroom dancing.?
girls, what shoes make your feet the most sweaty and smelly, and does it bother you?
ballet leotards? suggestions?
institue of dance?
are abdc dance crews like 787 crew or break efx do they have gay guys cuz it looks like it?
Intermediate foundation jazz?
Songs songs songs ! for lyrical/contemporary!!!!?
Do you have flat feet or do you have an arch?
what are the basic gymnastic skills and their description?
Why do girls like to dance?
Good POP or HIP HOP songs to create a dance to!?
how about dancing on this song ?
this question is for mrs_ceebear! mrs_ceebear pls respond!?
What is/How do you do a Saut de Chat?
Help us name our aerial dance troupe!?
How do girls actully move/pop there butt?I can shake it but not pop it! Thanks?
what are some songs to jerk(dance) to?
What did the "The Garage" disco used to be called in the late 1970's? I first thought it was Shuffles.
Who is the best belly dancer?
whats wrong with me?
please help me i have a HUGE dilemma!!?
How to break dancing video.?
what is this kind of dance called?
best way to imporve balance?
Any bra that can PROTECT my breast from moving everytime im DANCING???
ramalama (bang bang)?
Did you ever go Disco Dancing in the 70's?
Breakdancing Teachers in Maryland?
Is there anybody out there that can teach me how to twerk via video?
What is the greatest dance of all time?
Does Anyone Know How To Do AN Airial?
Can I get The Lyrics of (you got served) Movie?
Is it too late to start Ballet @ 14 ?
what is the name of a black skinned break dancer...?
Can I become a professional dancer?
I have a Dance Audition tomorrow please please answer! I need help?
should i lose 6 pounds for ballet?
I need music help and in a hurry!!!!!!?
is dance hard??
What is the name of the song that Lacy And Lance Did on dacing with the stars Like 1 week ago?
I want to start dance but I'm 16 is that too old?
Who can get a video for........?
I have a dance performance coming up and the theme for the show is decades. Does anyone have ideas for a song?
which ballet should i watch: giselle, manon, romeo & juliet, cinderella, sleeping beauty?
I'm fifteen and I feel like its too late to start dance..?
What should I name my new dance group?
Where can I find a video tutorial of the Funky Chicken Dance?
Is it okay to dance in a bar/club if you are over weight?
What are the songs in mitchell davis's video the dance video 2?
How can I easily learn to dance the Charleston?
how to sit with legs at an angle of 180 degrees?
When and where do the girls from Dance Moms go to school?
Do you wear underpants under a leotard?
does any 1 kno where can i learn to dance like Nora in step up? What kind of dance is it?
pointe shoe padding/fitting problem?
Who sings some great merengue songs?
Whats your fave dance?
How to wear my hair to ballet class?
What are some good songs to do a hip hop dance routine?
Are my pointe shoes too small?
Ok which is harder: Ballet or Football?
Does anybody know where I can hire dancers to dance with me at my birthday?
Names for a dance work?
can someone tell me how 2 do the soulja boy dance or tell me where i can get dictions 2 do it?
can anyone give me a christian song? the one we can dance along with-with modern dance?
body image (fixing my body and my views of it) please help!?
How much is my Seth Thomas Clock worth?
How to shift weight from one foot to another foot in Ballet?
Wold you like to have a Hippopotamus Teeths?
Senior Lyrical Dance Songs?
I am upset because my mom cant afford dance classes? How can i change her stupid mind?
HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! this is urgent!?
Is my foot pointe good?
Does anyone know of a holiday good dance course in England?
What are some dance themes?
Is this true about dance auditions? Rest the last day?!?
What is dance moms point?
I need a good song?
Why can't bigger girls(plus size girls) do ballet?
i need a bollywood (Hindi) folk song to dance.?
what is the best way to control leg a butt muscles?
Ballroom Samba?
first pointe shoe fitting?
what are some good snacks to eat at dance?
what style of dance do you like best?
My daughter has taken ballet for the last 4 years and now she is not interested anymore, shld i let her quit?
How often should i practice breakdancing?
Am i to old to be a ballerina?
how can i acieve ultimate flexibility?
How can I start dancing again when I'm already 16? I forgot everything!?
Any good dance tips?
Are you taking or have you dance lessons? if so what kind?
Spotting issue! I keep falling out before i go into a second turn!?
Does any body know of any twenty and older clubs in chicago.?
Is tap dancing hard to learn?
How can i become a stripper and should i?
Dancers: foot undeez or foot paws?
Is dance a sport? or Is it not?
What do you prefer, ballet or modern?
i want to find any info ...?
i have broad shoulders.. and im a dancer?
Hey PPL, do you're no if the is any free learning dance videos on line?>? i want to lear! thanks?
How can you learn a good headspin?
Please help to put my little one in ballet school,can you recommend a good one?
anyboddy know a good dance school?
can you teach yourself to dance?
what is best dance for my 5 year old to get tall and lean? jazz? ballet?
is there any dance studios in nj that don not have a dress code?
Question about dancing at prom?
Does Girls like guys that dance any type of dance like breakdancing?
do u think dat chris brown should go 2 jail 4 hitn rihanna yea or naw?
Do you know of any Indian dance school or Indian dance team in or near seattle washington?
What do you all think..?
Dance story line ideas?
Type of dance?
what song inspires you the most?
What to wear in a hiphop dance practice?
who got eliminated on dancing with the stars wend. nov.8?
Foot Undeez to small?
After I learn the arm and body wave whats next?
How do I improve my rond de jambe en l'air in ballet?
Where can I find a good dance studio?
How to clean my ballet shoes?
I am having a huge boy/girl party what are some newer slow dance songs?
what is this ballet position called? just standing..?
question 4 dancers?
how many jobs are their in newton North Carolina ages 15?
whatto call an autumn school dance?
Swing Dance Grand Nationals?
How to get rid of pain on ball of foot underneath the second toe?
Theme ideas for a dance spring show?
What is the dance style in the "Push the Tempo" video (by Fatboy Slim)?
question that you might like?
How long does it take to learn your splits?
do you dance if so to what kind of music?
PLEASE HELP ME - Do my pointe shoes fit?
How u dance Bachata ?
Is there any adult hip hop dancing classes around the Joliet, IL area ?
When are homecoming and prom dances usually held?
dance grinding girls!! help!?
I want to learn to be a stripteaser is there DVDs I can buy to learn how to do so?
What are some dance schools in NY that have classes to teach LEAPS and TURNS?
how to improve back flexibility?
What are some good exercises to stretch the Muscles used in Tribal Belly Dance?
What are the names of the songs people dance to at parties? ?
How To Do a Back Kick-over at Home?
any good dance studios in washington or oregon?
Can someone help with these ballet questions?
which dance school is easiest to get into?
Soulja boy's "Bird walk" dance?
House (Trance) dance beginner moves?
what is salsa what dose for you?
why do dancing things have the word strictly? eg. strictly ballroom?
what is the web site to learn dancing for free?
when you buy dancing shoes do you buy them the same size as your normal shoe size?
Where can i find dance wear items like ballet shoes, ballet tops and bottoms in Manila?
Is there a wrong way to dance?
TO ALL DANCERS!! Why do you dance?
GIRLS ONLY! girls if we were in a "no rules" fight with a guy whats the best way to distract him then beat him
looking for electro-pop lyrical dance song...?
What are some good songs for a girl to praise dance to by herself?
does dancing give you thicker legs??
Any breakdancing/bboying tips x___x ?
Pole dancing classes?
I am dance choreographer and i need event managment companys website r number pls help me?
How to learn the splits in 2 weeks?
Help with Changements?
how can i make tap shoes non slippery?
Who knows anything about ballrooom music and the quartet "Bond"?
where can i get fictional environmental stories which deals between the forces of nature and humans?
how should a guy dance at a club?
dancers help!?
Dance classes?
Am I too old to become a ballerina?
I have the flirty girl fitness pole but it keeps slipping?
How can I show my mom that irish dancing is more than prancing with curly wigs and thick makeup?
What puts you in the mood for dancing?
Does anyone have any flexibility/dance goals for the new year?
how to prove my guy friends ballet is hard?
i take a lot of dance classes at a studio, but not hip hop and it seems whenever i go to a school dance...?
Does this look like a ballet body ?
What energy do i need for a dance class and a piano class HUH!!!!!?
Do you think these dance sneakers are unisex?
who invented dance?
Who still jives to ABBA?
What would be a good place to find jeans for hip hop, breakdancing, and robot dancing? ?
Ballet dancers: does this sound like a bad studio. ?
Can anyone give me information on freak dancing?
I REALLY need to deepen my arch: how?
can you guys tell me some songs for a ballet scholarship audition?
who would win in a dance off to the death, neil diamond or neil young?
Dance costume colour?
Any suggestions for a dance school/ programme(1 year) or dance instructors for a beginner?
Are you embarrassed by your Dad's dancing?
how can i get dont sweat that song it dope?
What is this dance move called?
where can i make a fathers day card and print it?
I want to be a nba dancer! Tell me how?
why do pretty girls get left alone in clubs?
What song should I do for a dance routine?
Any suggestions for lyrical songs?
Who got eliminated from dancing with the stars tonight i missed it!?
Do i need school to open up my own dance studio?
i need an observation about becoming a professional dancer?!?
Dance companies in the UK?
whats your fav movie?
Does anyone know where I can buy jazz sneakers?
What 50s dance move is this girl doing in this video?
What should I do ? Breaking out in the professional ballet world....?
Website for Entyce Dance Convention?
My dance teacher called me a budding dancer?
Can you bellydance with high heel shoes?
Is size an issue to dance?
What should I wear while cheerleading alone?
What is the name of this dance?
What is appropriate to wear to a tap dance class?
Does Michael Buble have a good song that you can swing dance to?
Belly Dancing Lessons... HELP!?
how many times have you heard this?
if i go to a dance with with the girl I like and then she denys it how do I proove it and how do I ask her out
Favorite song to slow dance to.?
anyone know a song that sounds like beyonce where she is singing about another woman?? like a gay song?
how can i learn how to do the splits in at least 5 days?
How to train my foot to point in air?
DANCERS! what do you wear under your leos ?
What classes should I take?
In music can you dance to the beat?? Can you pick up the rhythm?
what do you thing the worst dance of all time is?
A teenager wanting to start burlesque dancing.Yorkshire,Leeds?
anyone know of any good hip hop classes/workshops in nyc??
What should I learn next?
What is the "G5" Dance and where can I learn how to do it?
Whats a good song to dance to?
Is it appropriate to walk up to a girl when she is dancing with her friends and grind with her?
How to dance like a...Black kid?
what is the name of the french type of dance where the man roughly handles the woman - a word like Adajio?
What are some good solo dance songs (Musical Theatre/ Broadway style songs)?
can anyone tell me where i can find L' Italiano (dance verson) besides youtube?
So You think You can dance song question.......?
How to be a professional Dancer?
How do you slow dance with a girl thats taller than you?
Hitting heads while grinding?
WHere can i get good dance moves?
how many times have you heard this?
problems in dance group?
Why isn't there a category for Dance or Cheer leading?
My daughter is interested in taking either gymnastic or dance classes. Is one better than the other?
When did mikhail baryshnokov start training ballet?
where can I find a photographer to do a dancers portfolio in the north?
new COMPETITION hip hop songs?
how to do a front walkover?
do anyone know any Asian hip hop class in Houston?
Are these songs appropriate for a middle school dance?
Anyone know anything about Ribbon Dancing???
how to upload my video on everysing to take part in dance contest?
Dance crew?
whos a famous dancer?
Watch stretches could I do to get as flexible as these dancers?
I can oversplit? is that bad?
Whining ,The Dance Style?
My aunt is starting a new career as a stripper and we are trying think of a name for.Her name is Monica Marie?
i flare with my left hand but every other move i do is with my right hand bboy?
Does anyone know where I can take hip-hop dance lessons in Rhode Island???/?
how do you do the waltz?
I need an Indian/Hindi dance group name..?
Where can I learn Salsa in Kaiserslautern?
whats your song? the one you just have to dance to?
What is the dance called this kid is doing at 2:25 of this video?
Should i dance at school?
how do u dance at a middle school dance?
Melbourne Shuffle Popularity?
Joining the dance team as a Muslim?
Do yu think I could do it?
My bf moved and he never calls me wat do i do?
Do girls get mad when other girls dance sexy?
What is the new tori amos song that was danced to on so you think you can dance on may 31st 2006?
Does anyone dance @ Richens/Timm Academy of Irish Dance? If so what state?
Who makes you feel like dancing?
Can you get a refund on Color Guard Uniforms/Skirts?
Where can i find a dance move video sort of like the movie step up, I want to learn moves like that.?
How can I get more confident when I dance?
Do you guys think ballet is stupid?
I need help with dancing!?
can i wear mens dance trousers on the street?
How do you think dance have increased in the years of 05 06?
good salsa songs and artists?
Dance team questions? Please Help?
anyone know a site that teaches you how to dance like USHER?
White girls & dancing?
where is a good place to take dance classes in st.louis for adults?
i have my 1st ballet class tonite! im scared! help!?!?
does anyone know how to do a hand stand?
how to improve my developpe?
lyrical song for a tri-o ??
Is there any legal formilities to be done to start a private dance teaching school in bangalore,india.?
how to create a 16 count dance?
does anyone know of a support group/blog for dancers?
What day will dancing with the stars 2011 be on?
Is there any way i can learn contemporary dance....?
What is the best kind of material to put in pointe shoes??
I Have some Earings for a Girl that i bought and.... (help)?
Please give me any advice on dancing (ballet, tap, jazz,...). Any thing that can help or encourage me. Thanks?
whats this solo swing dance move called?
How Can I Do A Front HandSpring?
how old do you have to be to have a laptop and a golfcart.?
Age 2 Dance?
what is the meaning of the song "dancing" by elisa?
Is it ok to wear pointe shoes just for a day, if you're not going to dance in them?
Ballet: Memorizing All Steps in Class?
Does Anyone know where I can get another Spring for my Pro-Arch?
how can i work on my splits at home for dance?
What is the name of this warm-up position?
Am I too big for ballet?
Aren't you so happy that BENJI SCHWIMMER won So you think you can dance???
Pointe Shoe Help?! Russian Pointe or Suffolks?
Am I still considered a dancer?
who wants to dance the macarana?!?!?!?
Does anybody like to Tango?
Ballet dancers: does this sound like a bad studio. ?
First stripper gig tomorrow, help?
What are those little dance lights called?
is there a good place where i can learn street/break dancing near Greenhills, San Juan? (Philippines)?
does it make me less manly or gay to learn ballet?
What should Me and my friends do tonight...no alchol involved please?
I am 15 and 5'4 but I am scared that i have stopped growing?
what is a lap dance? where can you get a lap dance?
How do I get good at fast dancing for High School Prom?
ballet folklorico hair ornaments?
Is it ok to do Push ups,sit ups and other workout everyday for a dancer?
Upbeat dance type music for cool, fun pas de duex?
dance audition in Los angeles, Ca?
I need good songs?
How long will it take to get on pointe if....?
Where do I buy cute dance halter tops with matching spandex shorts?
iiWANNA be a cheerleader when I get to high school.. (I really need advice)?
I want to learn hip-hop,can anybody tell me some club or company(New York)and also their web site.Thanks!?
Dancing Problems. HELP!?
Is it too late to start Ballet at the age of 15?
So u think u can dance 2009?
How long should one do Ballet before beginning to learn other dance styles?
Dance Competition Songs?
Lyrical Duo? Song Help?
Dance Studio in Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico?
What is a good song?
I want to do Contemporary Dance?
"Machote" is there such a dance?
I can't dance! all my friends can can you learn or what can I do about it?
when is Ivan Vasiliev's (Mikhailovksy principal dancer) birthday?
i need songs that are along the lines of cops and robber, that are clean and danceABLE. like jailhouse. please?
Possible to go from fat to break dancer?
Deal ? or no deal ?
I am in charge of making up a cheerleader dance and i need a good, fast, fun song. Any suggestions?
What are/is a releves?
Why haven't pickles taken over the world yet?
Use Social Dancers instead of singers on Dancing with The Stars.?
how do you make a tissue dance?
Please Help: How come this doesnt hurt?
I am really lost!?
What dance should I take? I am 14 years old....?
does anyone know about the dance Ahidous???
How Do You Learn The Basics?
I need some help with the Salsa Mambo.?
Dancing...I feel so uncomfortable...why?
im so scared of middle school wat if i dont no where my classes r how am i the post 2 no where they r?
Why do you dance...?
ballet is tough, help?
Help? dance team???!!?
my dance teacher put me right at the back. when im the 2nd best in the class.. please help me!?
What song should i dance with my brother?