What are some good street hip-hop classes in LA for teens?
Learn to dance Forro?
I'm attending a wedding in Austria next month. What style(s) of dancing should I expect?
If you don't answer my question I might start crying!?
is it possible for me to become famous in japan for dancing?
Could my three-year-old where his ballet shoes to and from class if he wears a pair of Crocs over them?
do you like tango?
what song has the following words in it."saturday night and I aint got no money, got some money but i just got
Who goes to the dance studio "Dance With M.E"???
Where can i find hiphop dance classes in wiltshire?
What are the easiest VOCALOID dances?
what are some dance school?
anyways to get over being soar in a few hours?
Should i quit dance?
Dancers out there Plz help?
Problems with ballet, help?
How to Lindy Hop?
Very simple Indian dance steps?
Make my ankles stronger in ballet?
First time teaching-Tap dancers please?
Who portrayed 'Pandora' in "Dancing Queen" (1993) ?
does any one know of dance team openings for any youth dance teams on the south side of chicago?
RAD Intermediate DVD?
oes this break dancer have the skills to be the next web celeb?
I'm not flexible AT ALL. How will ballet class be for me?
Do you like to dance at clubs or do you just watch ?
What are some good names for a dance group?
Should I quit dance?!?
how to make the pom squad?
what stretches can i do to get more flexible?
Does anybody know how I can get a really flat stomache?
If you like a guy what do you do?Tell him you like him as a boyfriend or let him find out? or ask him on date?
Why do People think strippers are horribal people?
Is there a video showing the steps for this dance?
What are some Prom rides you have taken/are going to take to your prom?
TO ALL DANCERS!! Why do you dance?
how to dance? at parties and stuff?
A cute and creative name for a 6th grade winter dance?
What to wear to homecoming?
What are some other praise dance songs?
I did Ballet when I was younger is it to late to start again?
Is the zero gravity halloween party scary?
Ballet shoe help? asap?
how long have you been dancing?
Does the original expression thru dance during neolithic times translate to today's cultures? If so, how?
im going on my first date..?
Cherograpy for this dance?
Are you satisfied with the top four dancers of So You Think You Can Dance?
im 18 and want to dance ?
What weight is good for bboying?
I need a really really good lyrical song that people don't really use?
Need help finding a song for contemporary dance?
I LOVE dance but I SUCK at it! Can I "learn" to dance?
What is Blake McGrath doing Now?
what's the hottest song out there?
How can i finde sponser for my son-sport dancer?
Is this a reachable goal (ballet)???
What is the highest award you've gotten at a dance competition?
what are some good songs that are fun to dance to?
Who do you think will win So You Think You Can Dance?
What do you wear to your dance classes?
Dancing tips? please help...?
I want to start Ballet at 16?
who is all popin about GO-GO?
Is there any way I can learn how to do the splits?
What is your favourite dance TV show and film?
Sweet 16 Entrance song and dance?
Dance summer intensives that doesn't require audition?
Have you taken tap dancing? how did you like it? And how was practicing at home?
Does anyone know were i can find a video of the balanchine ballet elegie?
What should I wear to ballet class?
Looking for a great college for breakdancing?
is it weird to do a dance for?
High school spirit day, do you consider dance a sport?
are short people better dancers?
ceroc dancing in lincolnshire?
helpp! a dance is coming up.. how to dance?
what is a really cool balle dance move?
What should I wear to the ballet?
balletbaby about 2007?
Ballet after 20? Is it possible?
What should I do because there is this girl that I like and I want to dance with her at our school dancFriday?
Dance terminology?
HELP! I have a 5ft dancing santa but I can get him in the standing postion?ANY HELP?
So today in class i accedently pooped on my teachers foot!?
How do you do a front limber (tumbling)?
where can i take belly dancing classes in indiana?
do you do hula?
Anybody have any Drill Team Advice?
How many p/pz can't dance?
What stylistic qualities are used in street dance?
Can anyone help me find these ballet slippers?
Sexy and i know it - What is dance they do in the video? ?
Best Help! Best Answer!?
How to start a k-pop dance club? (high school)?
Cheerleading-Am I in a good size for a flyer?
Manhattan Youth Ballet Summer Intensive Scholarship: Worth taking?
how many inches is a ballerina's waist ? Average, estimate...?
what do i have to do to enter latin and ballroom dance competitions?
Where were you when we were dancing in the streets?
Why do so many exotic dancers in Atlanta get implants in the glutes.?
How Do I Dance?
Who is the best dancer in the world?
To tall to be a stripper?
What are the different types of Salsa dance, Like LA ON 1 , Cuban Salsa...?
what type of dance is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuIsBH13O50&feature=related?
Should men dance? Or does it make them look too feminine?
I'm 14 male, and I want to dance like the girls on Dance Moms.?
what level of ballet do you have to be in to start pointe?
Where can I find some latin dances classes in/near Torrance CA ?
Is She Too Old To Start Dance?
Songs about moving on in life or graduation?
the hype about pointe dancing?
Where is Cico from?
routine music?
Lap dances?
whats better, shuffling or breakdancing?
What style of dance is best for theatre?
Dancing on Ice or Strictly Come Dancing????
how can i become more flexible?
Is a guy dancing "gay" or "weird"?
Dance? Am u too old? What should I learn?
Do you know some good dancing music?
Can you do the Dance of the Dead?
What are some elements of swing dancing?
I am teacher in sri Lanka. i hv to do a concert for grade 1 students.Any ideas?
america's best dance crew?
i got one flare, i wanna learn how 2 get continous flares?
Which dance do you think is harder?
Ballroom dancing for seniors in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL?
I need the notes to play bewitched my blood.on the dance floor?
My daughter's ballet teacher after 3 and half years of ballet at the age 10?
i want to end my dance classes?
how does michael jackson do that loong spin?
i am only in 6th grade and there is grinding at my middle school dances and its eally gross?!?
Do you know where cheap dancing classes are in Kansas??
how much are the fees to go the school of american ballet winter term?
whats your favourite form of dance ?
Dance moves for Tell Me It'S Not True from Blood Brothers?
ballet or dance movies from the 1980's?
I am a dancer and everyone makes fun of me because they think it is a girly sport. (I am a girl)?
how can you get flexible enough to do the splits or make a bridge?
is it too late to become a professional dancer at 22?
What Level of acro should i do?
In game 13 #5 Private Dancers what dance are they doing?
how do you get a picture of cheetah girls?
who is the greatest tap dancer of all???
Am i way too old to start ballet?
what would be a good song to do a kick dance to?
How to get a confident handstand?
How was your first time?
grind dance = hard junk? uh first dance im a 15 year old guy need some help?
Need a 1 piece tuxedo for a rugby tour, the theme is come dancing?
Should I be in a Dance Show?
how to become flexible for dance?
how do you use duct tape to keep ballet flats on?
Pricing ads for a dance recital book?
Should I go into ballet for a year and then jazz, or go to hiphop?
Can you dance?
poll how would you describe your self when you dance?
Help w/ the stripping please!?
does this sound liek a good way to learn how to dance ? Hip-hop AND Ballet ...?
What are the best dance videos, dvd's available to learn club dancing?
What do i have to do to become a dance teacher?
Teen dance/night clubs in michigan?!?!?!?!?
how can i get someone to sponser my dance/bar club?
Guys? opinions on girls who don't/can't dance?
Is Ballet French??????????????????
Kpop Dance Covers! Urgent need for help :(?
Dance exam tomorrow!? Tips?
How to get box splits?
How to learn dance moves quickly?
How do I convince my uncle to dance naked for me?
Where can I find a ballroom dancing instructor in or near Gonzales or Baton Rouge, LA?
What is this dance called?!?
What is the name of Robbie Williams current album?
does anyone know a good hip-hop song for...?
I need help with my toe touch! Can anyone help me?
What should I wear to my upcoming school dance?
what stretching techniques do you find the...?
waha kind of dance stARt with the letter p!!!?
Which is better???
What happens if more girls than guys show up at a salsa class?
how do I get rid of the avatar that I can't.?
I want to learn how to do a round off back hand spring into a split!!!!!?
What do you wear to ballet class?
ballroom dancing?
Do you love/hate ballet?
please name some contortion classes?
Is it safe to look at sitesell.com/satisfies. h t m l?
i need a simple dance routine for the song Mr blue Sky by ELO for a group of about 40 people with limited abil?
Gym routine for dancers?
How old is too old to start dancing?
Should I make brother take ballet in pink after lost bet?
could I do ballet? 10 points?
Help for school dance?
How to impress your dance teacher?!?
Anyone know any studios that teaches Cumbia in ct?
Which classical Indian dance is traditionally performed by men?
What do the intrepid farmers of Namaha, Iowa use to square dance at the Farmall Promenade?
Can someone help me think of a name for a christian dance team?
Can a 9 year old girl practice ballet, without even taking lesson when she was a kid?
what is the meaning of jp?
Western Music Dance Teachers in Bombay?
are there any ballroom dances going on? such as the ones from back then only seen now in movies?
HSPVA Dance Out of district . . . ?
How my first day of hip hop went.?
What are good songs for a jazz or lyrical solo?
street dance gear?! please help.?
about physical education?
what can we do in Naples Dance Classes?
Is 4 years old too young to take my daughter to see Swan Lake ballet?
does any1 knows the lyrics little things by lillix?
Does anyone know the steps?
What's your favorite style of dance?
Double pirouette help? (En pointe, and off)?
what is the best way to form a cheerleading routine from scratch?
so what you hate Anita but you don't mind Harry Johnson?
help me please?
lol Dance Class....?
Is a persons body structure a factor in helping him/her dance better?
Powermoves for Bboy help.?
what are four factors that determine our ability to turn out in the hips?
Dance team money help?
What do strippers do when they have there period and they have to dance?
What songs can we perform to at an engagment?
In order to actually do ballet, do you have to start at an early age?
What should i put in my dance bag?
How to prepare for a Dance Class Audition?
What do you think of this girl's dancing?
learning how to dance....?
What happened in the world on September 8, 1983?
I really want to do ballet! What is it like?
How long does it take to loosen hip flexors?
Does anyone know of a good dance school that teaches hip hop in south florida?
I need help on how to motivate myself to promote my business as a independent dance instructor?
Gymnasts/ cheerleaders please help?!?
what cheerleading position would i be?
i need a dance team coach?
Need Tutu For Halloween?
what is the best dancing school?
how to learn how to rave????
how does jesse McCartney do the voice of Theodore on alvin and the chipmunks?
Is there going to be a just dance 4 coming out?
Half soles, dirty and sticking... (dance shoes)?
Hey..I am trying to find a dancing nightclub to get in2 in either mobile or pensacola..but im only 19..help?!?
am i a bad ballet dancer?
Are foot stretchers safe?
are guys supposed to get hard when grinding with a girl at a school dance?
Need help coming up with a dance team name!?
I need help with making a decision to ethier do dance or cheer?
Teen Night clubs in DC and the surrounding area?
Dance...please help!!!!!!!?
hyderabad dance school address?
Can i learn how to dance in a few months?
how can i belly dance better?
The Melbourne Shuffle?
Tips on second turns?
Why are russians such good ballerinas?
Dance compostion ideas ?!?!?!?
[POLL] Do you consider ballet a sport? Why or why not?
Tips For Keeping Up Energy?
How and where can i dance after highschool and what are the steps to get there?
dancing question?
What are the different types of men's ballroom shoes?
Any dancers or gymnasts out there?
Is it to late for me to take ballet?
any ballet eachers?
What is a good emotional song for a lyrical dance routine?
Why do I find Ballet easy?
How to give a lap dance?
When u dance reggeaton, r u basically just moving your hips?
Should I go back into dance? Particularly Pointe?
do you ever have the erge to pick yo nose???
is the peekaboo pole dancing kit sturdy enough to spin around on & work on carpeted floors?
how to learn hip hop dance online?
why do clowners believe they are krumping lol?
What you would Do with 7000$ ?
How can I become a dance instructor?
How does one do "the time warp"?
should i take hiphop jazz or hiphop breakdance?
Advice! Dance class drama!?
Dancers in North Carolina?
BreakDancing/Popping schools?
how do you dance at homecomming?
what is best dance for my 5 year old to get tall and lean? jazz? ballet?
has anyone takin any jazz or hip hop dance classes at orange coast college?
dance moves? also how to make your **** bigger and tone your tummy?
Is it okay to use Gaynor Minden for first your time doing ballet on pointe?
Where can I get the riverdancing/irish shoes?
What type of dance should I start out with? I am a beginner. ?
does anyone know where i can get this ombre ballet skirt?
Describe a dance performed by peasants?
I don't know how to dance! Where can I learn?
What comes to mind when I say ballet?
Cheerleading tryout?
who got booted tonight 11/8/06 on dancing with the stars?
Ballet dancers: how to pronounce this?
Is 13 too old to start ballet?
Whats the perfect weight to be a perfect circus acrobat at Cirque du Soleil?
If you are doing a pirouette BALLET, on wich legs do you prefer to spin?
how do you know god really excists?
How To Break Away From Stiffness While Learnin To Dance?
Does anyone know any dance audition websites?
What would happen if two Christians who don't get along on Earth meet in Heaven?
what is love? why love is importance for everyone?can we live withouth love? is there real love in the world?
guys answer? easy answer, will answer yours in return if you want?
Learn to Samba and Merengue DVD (UK)?
when does ellens dance dare end?
how do i get better at my leaps?
Where to buy dance foot undeez in san jose CA?
I need good pom songs!?
Contemporary Dance? ten points!?
what shall i wear to a dance rehearsal ?
how can i join a dance school for hip hop and r&b?
I was wonering if someone could give me some tips for Arctic Antics please tell me?
characteristics of Philippine dances?
What kind of ballet shoes are the best? ?
Teaching a Tap Class?
What can i do to go further in my dancing?
Belly Dancing...?
Dance question! Please answer!?
Why is it that I can't keep my turnout on a wood floor?
Any tips on Hand-Stand technique?
Does the Arch Genie work?
Thoughts on this type of dancing?
How long will it take me to go to higher levels in Ballet?
Improve My Dance skills....?
Any tips for lapdancing?
At school dances do girls put their arms around the guys neck loosely when dancing?
Melbourne shuffling Tips, Tricks, and Help?
Any belly dance classes in north delhi for beginners?
does glenda reade dancing school have an official website?
Do you dance? REAL DANCER'S ONLY PLEASE.....?
Where can i learn to dance on youtube?
Summer intensive 2012 auditions?
you will love his survey?
a song for a trio to tap dance to (PLEASE HELP)?
is there any dancing schools in or around coventry as i want to be a dancer but need to be in a school now?
plz help urgent question! reply a.s.a.p.!?
how do you make a bun for ballet class? (or any other dance?)?
Does any1 know of any sensual aerobics classes in harrisburg?
hXc dancing?
Do you think dance is a sport?
Any Hula/Polynesian/Tahitian/Hawaiin dance groups in the Santa Maria, CA area?
What type of dance is this? (Video included)!?
how to get better at breakdancing?
I love to dance but i'm not flexible enough can u help me?
how much running is safe for a dancer?
Does Capezio do pointe shoe fittings?
Please list all the dance moves you know?
What type of dance is best for me?
What do you think about grinding?
do you have to be flexilbe to do ballet?
what is this movement called in english dance terms? thanks!?
My parents can no longer afford my dancing, please help?
for cheerleading and dance...?
What do you think of Krump Dance?
I'm a guy - when you grind, do you move with the girl (Follow her movements)?
are there world competitions for breakdancing?
How to get a girl to dance with you?
what is the difference between modern and contemporary dance?
Are there some particular steps to the Hampster dance? If so, what are they?
MEAN ballet teacher. Help!!!?
How to convince my mom to give me pointe shoes?
HELP, I need some tips on Dancing!?
How much does a back up dancer get paid?
is 17 too late to be a ballet dancer?
What does it mean to have a 'ballet body'?
Where can I get Capezio ballet shoes for large feet?
Packing For a Dance Performance?
Recommendations for advanced salsa dvd?
Tips on how to dance in a club (I'm a man)?
What is Neoclassical ballet?
Cynthia Kniffin Dance Academy in Norwalk, does it have a web site?
A question for all the dancers?
A good song for...?
Got any advice for a new choreographer?
Which studio should I choose?
Can someone help me with choreography?
Why Boys and Girls should dance together?
I need dance ideas for a reacital with a theme of "the calendar"?
I need time signature help!?
i want to be a dancer but the problem is........?
when i'm dancing i'm loosing my breath very fast! is their anything i can do about it?
What should i wear to hip hop class??? HELP ASAP PLZ?
Who has dancing with the stars tickets to Connecticut they can give me for free (I'm only 12, I'd be happy)
i'm trying to learn more about dancing...?
Why do Irish Folk Dancers use only their legs and not their arms while dancing?
What type of dance is best for beginners?
What are good songs to dance too?
What ate five Characteristics of Primitive Dance?
where do paige hyland and chloe lukasiak from dance moms get their dancewear from?
whats that dance called from dance moms?
Too Old to start dancing?
Is this dance legit? Should it be used at dance party's?
how many languages can you speek,and what are they???
why do kids at high schools grind dance?
what Michael Jackson song to you think is better to dance to?
what makes a person dance?
I want to do ballet, but im already doing social and hip-hop. should i quit one to do ballet?
where can i find out about BALLROOM DANCE COMPETITIONS? like where they are held and when...?
How long would it take for a begginer to learn how to do crossover and dribble between the legs and all that?
I want to learn how to club dance? What's a good dvd or website with video clips?
How do i get the tunes for Street dance music?
How to grind or juke?
Why,,, why,,, why,,, in teenagers' dance competition, do the kids & parents have to be so mean and hateful?
Is it possible to dance with just using your face?
I was wondering about BLACK DANCING?
Boston ballet school?
How can I get better at spotting when I turn?
how do ballerinas balance on their toes?
I'm almost 14, am I too old to start dancing and become really good at it?
I feel so stupid and that this will keep me from getting a job in a professional ballet company?
Should I Take Dance Lessons?
english dance classes in zurich?
in kairali TV, Dubai Shopping festival, what song did Team D dance? was it meri majunubi ?
which is a better dance movie?
How to Perfect a Hand stand?
Am I too old to do ballet?
where does brayan adams come from?
Is Dance a Sport?!?!?
Does anyone know of any less energetic J-pop dances?
Ok i was wondering if Ny has any teen clubs?
what company is ballet maribor under?
Any NC dance camps with transpiration?
How do you do the lean snap part of the Souljah Boy dance?
Where can I find a good dance class .........?
know of any swing classes?
What are some good back stretches?
Is there promise in a professional dance career?
how can i distinguish between: salsa, merengue, and bachata?
How come most of the women I have seen Belly dance have Big Belly's?
do you think chris brown is gay or a virgin?
Need clever stage names for my new job as a male dancer...?
Belly Dance - To take classes or buy videos?
What do I wear to hip hop classes?
Dance fitness Instructor?
Do you ever get 'happy feet' and just HAVE to dance...no matter where you are ?
What is the ballet jump called that has both a fouette and a tuck?
dance colleges in london?
Did the movie Dirty Dancing change the way we dance or is it just me?
where would i find the results of the irish dancing mini munsters 2006?
becoming a cheerleader?
What style of dance would be most useful to learn for confidence and clubs?
I'm 14, am i too old to start dancing?
is dancing good for your health?
Age 2 Dance?
Whats your opinion of a 13 year old boy who dances?
I Want To Learn Crip Walking?
i need help with kick overs please!?
What to eat before and after class?
When is Sadie Hawkins Day??
What's this dance move called?
how do i start a small business?
Americas best dance crew 2008 tour questions?!?
embarissing storys?
being a profession dancer, question 2!?
What is a magority of the dance moves that they use in a dance routine for modern dance?
How do you get a ballet body?
Will going to dance school make me lose weight?? and what type of dance should i pick?
How do you know if you were 'broken'?
What do you think of Pole Dancers? Sexy and fit or slutty and wrong?
Best dance workout for a teen girl?
girls be honest. what do you think about lap dancers?
Im making a beauty channel and a dance channel on youtube any ideas on what i should call them?
pointe shoe tip help?
Help! I need a variation!?
I'm 13 and i need a lyrical song for my solo. I want a song that has emotion. any ideas?
what culture does contemporary dance come from?
leaps and turns helppp!?
I'm thinking about starting ballet again....?
any hula dancers out there?
What is the best work for out of work dancers?
where can I find tap dance classes in Los Angeles, CA?
how to stop being afraid of what people say are gonna say for me, and to stop being afraid to dance in clubs?
What would I have to be able to do if I wanted to try out for a dance acadimey?
Good Pointe shoe brands?
Where can I sign up for belly-dancing lessons?
ministry of sound red sea?
who really wants to leave anything to the imagination?
what are some lap dance songs that are really naughty
I want to try out for Pom Pon?
Where can you buy chachayote seeds to make ankle bands?
Belly DANCING??!!?
Where can I buy second hand pointe ballet shoes??
How long until you start en pointe and am I too late to start ballet?
Is there a stretch that uses the same muscles as the Butterfly Stretch?
Do I have a good chance of being Captain?
Is dance a sport? ??????
what is that pop locking variation called with the legs?
Can you explain how dances are performed together?
what is a good catchy song to dance to?
Am I too old to re-do ballet?
Help with dance routine?
how many dance are they other than shuffle,breakdance?
Summer Ballet Camp for Teens?
grind dancing?
methods of ballet dancing?
Any good american bellydance songs?
Do you think Micheal Jackson lucky to be a raper?
What does this mean? help?
My Sister Is Going To College & I Need To Pick Out A Song For A Dance Solo. It Can Be Anything. Please Help!?
Do you dance around in your room on your own?
Any Suggestions For Songs And Dances?
Why don't you get tempo changes in dance music?
Dance teacher interview questions?
r&b songs of 2010-2011 .?
My muscles hurt the day after i stretched?
Where can I find a listing of all the dance studios in my county that are categorized according to style?
What would you charge someone to create one minute of choreography for college auditions?
do u love kelly clarkson?
How do you prevent runs, rips or tears in pantyhose when dancing?
What do I do at a semiformal dance?
Name Ideas??
How to get into JKO ballet school?
Will I make it as a proffesional ballerina ?? 10 points best answer.?
Dancing question... please help!?
my pointe shoes dont work!?
I am 13 and 6 months, and jsut joined grade 5 ballet, am I too told?
How to get toned up? (dance ruitines)?
which stars got kicked off dancing with the stars 4/27/2010?
Whats your favorite dance and why?
Any 1 know how can i learn the BreakDance ?
double stags?
What is a good tap song for a solo?
Any suggestions for signatures? I'm 13 and my name is Bri and I'm a rebel ( our mascot )?
How to open a dance studio?
who won dancing with the stars?
Okay i really wnat to join my high school's dance team but i haven't dance in 5 years but i have my turns, and?
what are you made out of?
Ballroom dance classes in Houston, TX?
How should you dance with her if she faces her back to you & dances in a club?
where i can find bhangra classes in delhi?
while grinding what do girls like guys to do?
For which kind of dancing do you normally take off your shoes?
Do 7th Graders Grind At Dances?
what is better to wear a leotard or unitard?
What is the modern name for break dancing?
How can I respectfully and appropriately approach my daughter's dance studio?
What should i do at a club if i dont dance.?
I dislocated my knee sep. 10. will i be okay to dance at homecoming on sep. 22?
Good dubstep/skrillex remix to dance to?
I'm starting Lyrical dance. What do I need to know?
would i find dance easier if im a gymnast?
I don't know whether I like one of my teachers or not?
Does any body know how to do the Madison? I saw it in Detroit. It was a great looking dance.?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
Help with gymnastics spotting/teaching?
how much does a pair of black capezio jazz shoes cost?
How can i practice my arm positions in the barre and on the centre?
Going back to dance after 3 years?
Cool dance team names?
wat is a good cheerleading site to go to , to learn a cheer in a week? for a girl that is.?
Gaynor Mindens. 1/2 size or whole size up?
How do I learn to dance country ? Is there a web site I can visit that can give me some help ?
Eagles ballroom/rave in Milwaukee WI?
Is it too late to consider Ballet as a career?
Do you ever wave your hands in the air to show that you just don't care?
If a Eleven Year old wants to do to point but has little ballet experience is it safe to start when she is13?
How long would it take me to get my splits?
Have you ever partook in a belly dance in group at a festival, what was it like 4U?
getting married?
How many people stould up all night for the new year?
Need a lyrical song for a 17 year old?
Just a fun dance survey?! do it, you know you want to.. :)?
I keep my dancing a secret from my family?
Barnard college, department of dance?
weird.......magic/dance question??
how do i learn to do the splits?
What are step dance tryouts like in high school?
Is it possible to learn how to dance hip hop in less than 3 weeks?
I have my splits but can't get a flat jete? :(?
do you know this?
What is the difference between Dancehall, Coolie Danz Riddim and Reggaeton?
Why do ballet dancers need agility and how can it be improved?
Is this too young for pointe?
Do u guys know any good dark ballet songs?
Guys where can I get information about Sudha Chandran?
where can i take a dance class?
Do i really need dance resume for college dance audition?
Dance Remix Song thing?
can i dance for money?
I'm just starting Ballet am i to old to start?Any tips or ideas to help me get a head start?
plz help me talk some stars?
Is it too late for me to become an amazing dancer?
I have ballet today just got my period and it's heavy!! What do I do?
what is the example of theatrical dance?
Camp Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp?
Dance solo song ideas?
What should a guy wear to a middle school dance?
Should I do dance or cheer??????? s!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is ballet easy if youre flexible?
Can you do the gangnam style dance?
How to Dance?
Do you think belly dancing would be something cool to do?
Triple pirouette/ turn?
What is the least danced variation at YAGP?
Who were Lester Horton's inspirations?
Long Lake Camp for the Arts?
I want to find instructions on how to dance in the spirit?
which show is better so you think you can dance or americas best dance crew?
How to have a really good dance audition?
who would u rather dance with?
Where can i find any dance studios in minnesota?
whats the best way to ask your girlfriend to homecoming?
Does anyone practice Indian dance?
is it too late to start ballet?? i'm 12 years old...?
is anyone here a dancer/ballerina?
Which form of dance was introdued in the earth first?who was introduced this form?what is the history?
What splits are easiest to do? Front or side?
DANCERS!!! Private dance studio?
How can I improve my dancing?
I want to become an assistant for a dance convention?
where can I watch the best belly dancing?
how to tell my dance partner that I don't wanna dance with him anymore?
How do you do the "chicken noodle soup" dance?! I've watched videos on youtube, but I still cant grasp it?
Do you know good back stretching exercises?
How can I build up strength to be able to do toe stands?
are there any web sites that teach some good dance moves?
what kinda of dancing is this?
why do dancing things have the word strictly? eg. strictly ballroom?
My mom wont put me in my ballet classes?
What do you think would be an awesome theme for a homecoming dance?
Who is the best dancer you know?
What is a good outfit for a dance performance to "Disturbia" ?
Fill in the blank...Ballet is....?
What are the chances of me being a rockette?
what are turnouts?
Calling All Dancers!! Advice please!!!!?
**why is it too late**?
Pole dancing?
What is a dance on film class?
Does anyone know of any male strip clubs in the Sacramento area?
Did you cry at your quincenera?
Help me dance..?
Goin to A B-day Party , And i dunnow how to dance , soo. TELL ME ANY SITES THAT CAN TEACH ME HOW TO DANCE ?
Who was your fave So you think you can dance dancer?
Where can I take dance lessons?
Is it possible to download or simply get the songs used for the dance routines of dance group 'diversity'?
does any one know where they have ballet folklorico classes in la puente or cities nearby?
help me name my moms dance store ?
who LOVES dancing?
Is my body type okay for ballet?
Am I too old to start ballet classes?
what are some songs that are good to do a modern/lyrical ballet dance to?
How to ask a girl out to a dance?
Good ballet schools in Phoenix AZ?
How can I teach my asparagus to dance?
Best K-pop Girl Group Name?
need to replace this shirt?
how should i approach my dance coach in letting her know that she is pushing me too hard?!?
Can't decide which dance to take. ?
what is a non-studio dance course?
how long did it take u to do the splits?
Difference between Ballroom dance, Lindy Hop, and Swing dance? ?
Help with finding songs?
grinding technique?
to anyone who is a good dancer - how did you learn?
Why does everybody say dance isn't a sport?
Is it too late to start training to be a dancer?
What type of soft ballet shoe is best?
Where are there Florida folk dancing festivals?
What kind of costume should I wear for dancing to loud techno in a library?
What's your favorite type of dance?
Easy dance steps for the song walking on sunshine.?
Dance all I want to do?
Who dances national Latin American dances? What of these dances is pleasant to you most of all?
Ballet Question?
Were can i start breakdancing in sheffield?
Is it to late for me to learn ballet ?
I really want to do ballet?
Whos a better dancer?
Is there a name for this kind of dance, and where can i learn it?
What style of dancing is in this video?
girls, how often do you wear your sneakers or boots without socks? and if you do why?
i wanna find the lyrics for one song : jam and spoon - Butterfly sign. Can you helo me please?
What is my Bloch pointe shoe size?
what are the best jazz shoes out there?
Can someone help me with my leaps?
how do i slow dance with a guy?
What do u do if u see someone getting bullied?
How do you dance when nobody is watching?
Good dance music for partyy?
are they going to make a high school musical3?
how to dress and look like a ballet dancer in everyday life?
Doing a pirouette? spotting tips?
hip hop dance classes?
How do you slow dance at a middle school dance if you're a guy?
help me on music how can you make it?
Name a skip for dance?
A ballerina is female. What do you call the male dancer?
What shapes do you throw on the dancefloor?
How do you do the soldier boy dance?
do you do hula?
do i have to pay for her if she invited me to a dance?
I want to be a dancer..but will it still be possible if i am starting at 16 and have hardly any experience?
How do you grind?
Best/Favorite Tango Songs/Music?
Watching ballet online?
How do i start a dance group?
What is good music to use for tap class?
Should I sign up for ballet?
Beginner Friendly Hip Hop Routine?
I Would like too dance in a theatre how do i audition? and what do i do in the audition? i like street dancing?
Does anyone know where I could go ballet?
Am I too old to start dance?
were in winnipeg mb canada can you find teenage beginner ballet?
stores that sale cheerleader and dance and colorguard uniform in shreveport bossier area?
give some music that makes you dance?
Need jazz dance solo song!!?
What is this move called in Step Up 2: The Streets???? Please Help?
Im 16, do you think i could still learn how to bellydance?
Have any of you experienced any kind of harrassment, stalking, or bullying?
Help peoples!!!!!!!!!!?
What kind of ballroom dance has the most dips involved?
What is scientific about dance or ballet.?
What is your favorite ballet?
Jazz songs for a solo?
What are some new up-beat dance songs? (For Jazz Dance)?
I need a song for this boys dance!?
which is better dancers or cheerleaders?
How can I make 200$-325 in a week and a half for a summer dance camp?
isit ok to like a geek?no,lol just asking.?
can anyone give philippine folk dances in 3/3 and 4/4 time signature?
What are some good dance camps near 01720?
What are your top 10 songs to dance a hip hop routine to?
If you had to, how would you go about stealing the hope diamond?
How to be a go go dancer?
hip hop dancing?
I am looking for bellydance hip scarff mfgs and jobbers?
How do I prepare myself for starting ballet?
what is a good pop song that makes you want to dance?
On Friday is my very first dance?
Where can I take breakdancing lessons in Tampa, FL?
Pointe shoe fitting question?
I am 12 years old learning ballet for 5 years. I am ready for pointe.will pointe shoes hurt.?
Which type of dance is this?
starting pointe? and ballet classes?
what does it feel like to wear legwarmers in everyday life?
Who is/was the best dancer?
If ballerinas are always standing on their toes, why don't they just hire taller ballerinas?
Is pole dancing hard 2 learn?
What are the best dance instruction DVDs/Tapes for learning ballroom dances at home?
Calypso? Leap? I need help with dance?
Dancing Studios in Michigan?
what should I wear for my first hip hop class? (i'm a little overweight..)?
title of streetboys' latest dance and the artist of it?
Should I take Tap or Hip Hop?
What is it like to go to an audition to be a backup dancer?
What is a good dance to learn for fun?
I need help with my choice..?
What should be in my dance bag?
Would you rather go clubbing or do Karokee?
Check this guy out!!isn't he a hell of a dancer???
Why are ballet dancers short?
can anyone suggest some nice songs for merengue,lambada and salsa dance?
Should I move dance schools?
I wanna learn how to dance, but I'm broke...Does anyone know a website that teaches you dance steps? Thanks!
How come I don't feel comfortable? I feel like a stripper?
Who do u think should win America's Best Dance Crew?
what's sexier: salsa or cumbia...?
howo ld is chris brown?
What should I wear to my first ballet class?
who is the choreographer of the movie Feel the noise?
Hip Hop Floor "roll up"?
Some websites for good worldwide dance schools/colleges/universities. Need good level and variaties WORLDWIDE.
how do u give people stars on this thing?
Can you suggest names of some exponents in ODISSI?
Can anybody teach me how to lapdance?
Going to a nightclub for the first time, is there anything I should know?
Should I put my future kid in dance or gymnastics?
im doing higher dance and my theme is addiction, but i dont know what song to do for it , any ideas?
having trouble gliding(dancing)?
Can I put ballet on a college resume?
Who do you think is gonna win "so you think you can dance"?
What is the oldeset age that a girl should start ballet? and get somewhere?
How to do an aerial (for dance?)?
I am 13 and i need a floor length dress for a posh dance... HELP!!?
How do you grind? (high school level)?
Do you like dancing?
how can i be more flexible?
What are the big differnces between Russian style ballet and Balanchine style ballet?
Need help! I don't know what to wear to my NEW DANCE CLASSES!!!?
Ballet schools/centers in Chennai?
Is there more to dancing than two-stepping?????
Does anyone on here go to Ceroc dance? I've just been for the second time and it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Ballet Classes In Chicago ?
Should I take tap?
what dance class should i take?
Hi, I'm 14 and I'm going to be in a dance show in 2 months. I need to do the splits. Any advice?
Dance Clubs?
What is this move called and how do you do it?
How can I become a better tap dancer?
I need to do another dance for my sweet 16 any suggestions?
Can bigger boned boys do ballet or jazz?
Why do girls still take dance classes when they are like in their teens?
What are some good tap songs that aren't too old?
whats the easiet way to make a figure 8 with a glowstick?
Anyone auditioning to be the next Pu$sy Cat Doll?
where can i find a good site in order to find information about modern dance?
What does Martha [Graham Technique] help to develop and what is the best body to have for it?
How do I learn to dance?
I want to know how could i increase my confidance lable. How could i join Shimak's troup. please ans me.?
Bored student?
What is the perfect fifteen song for a father and daughter to dance? Spanish or english.?
I can't dance are there any instructional hip hop choreography classes on line?
Do you have any practice tips?
well, i have my left splits, but it hurts to do my left heel stretch. I can't get my leg up. Can you help?
How do you make yourself use your core/center in ballet?
can you suggest a good ballet movie??
dance tryouts :( !?!?
should i give up my dream?
Question about Indian Dance (Arangetram..?)?
Dance School's in London, near Hackney for 14 yr olds?
where to dance in NJ when you do not have a partner?
dancers are turning into gymnasts...all tricks and no feeling?
hXc dancing?
We have to do a dance in front of our class......?
booty dancing? like where your but shakes up and down?
Counting a linedance?
what do you think is the most elaborate dance sequence in bollywood?
i have some questions about ballet, help please :)?
Where can I find a clogging class for a 17 year old near Wilkes County?
What kind of dance is this!?
what qualifications can you get in dance?
do you like ballet?
How can i learn to dance?
Iam tottally beated?
Senior Lyrical Dance songs?
Which of these is your favorite dance style?
Do you like dancing or not and why?
How many hours a week do you dance?
Is the song "Dance With Me Tonight" good for a jazz dance?
If Laplanders lap dance and poles pole dance what do other nationalities do?
How can I be a better dancer?
I need help with my scorpion! (cheer)?
how do you make yourself more flexible?
Where can I take Lindy Hop or Swing Dance lessons in Harlem?
Do you wear socks with ballet slippers? Please help!?
Does anyone follow the "no pictures and no video recording" rules at recitals and competitions?
i need to break or badly sprain my ankle, please help!?
Started ballet at 15...can i get really good?
what sort of dress are you supposed to wear for a semiformal (junior prom)?
what can i do with a dance minor? I want to major in biology?
what web site should i go to too get online dancing lessons?
Having trouble with fairly new dance paws?
. So, who do you think will be going home tomorrow on dancing with the stars?
any dance place that teacher Latin dance on eastern long island, Suffolk county?
how to break dance? or how dance? ?
How to get the strength to do a switch second/tilt leap?
what are some cool walks?
What dance form has stood the test of time?
i want to dance but i need a good place to go one on one in elk grove california?
is this a good leg lift? LOL (pic)?
Will I have to wear my hair in a bun for ballet class?
They say I'm not old enough to teach dance??
Is it too late too dance?
Lost my passion for dance, help? I want to do gymnastics now...?
any gud dance choregraphy ideas for aaja nachle song?
what dances can you do wit lean wit it roc wit it?
I still can't get my splits! Any help please?!?
Please help I've lost it with this move? (Infinite-BTD)?
Contemporary dance improv ideas?
Dance question re professional training?
How/Where to start Acro in NJ/NY?
How to improve my Bow and Arrow.?
In your opinon, apart from bharatnattyam and kathak, what is the best classical dance form?
Does it damage your feet to dance on pointe?
How do dance help in bring one closer to god?
Good online dance supply stores?
What do you wear to a semi formal dance? ?
Whats the best color?
is this true about professional dancers? is this possible?? MIND-BLOWN!!?
can i ever go pro with dancing?
Basic jazz moves?? Help please(=?
gcse dance contemporary music for theme of daily routine?
dance companies???
Help! Rehearsals/Recitals! 1st year in dance.?
Am I too old to start dancing again?
Help with a la second turn?
What is the name of Maddie Ziegler's solo?
On Jan. 2, when I go back to school, is it a good idea to ask my principal if there can be a dance for feb.14?
where is the cheapest but closest Dance Studio near Florence, New Jersey?
I participate in lion dancing and would like to buy a lion. Where is a good place to buy a quality lion?
Im looking for old or new songs that have specific dances?
Dancewear Do's and Dont's...?
plz watch this vid...do i dance good?
What are some really fun and energetic songs to dance to at a party?
what are good contemporary songs to dance to?
ballerinas or ballet dancers?
iN the Mood To DaNce?? songz ?10 points >.<?
beginner in dancing ?
Does anyone know anything about Royal Academy of Dance/Ballet certification?
Where can I find someone to manufacturer and install poles within my dance studio? What poles are reccomended?
Name a famous female Mexican dancer?
Am I right about this?
help! from flexible people!?
i would like to know how i am able to help my 13 year old daughter be discoverd of her talent in hiphop dancin
does anybody dance here? like majorly?
What kind of dance is this?first time i have seen like this.?
What is that dance move called?!?
stiff dancing problem?
I feel fat at ballet class?
how do i dance sexy:$:$:$?
Are there any moves you have to know how to do for Jazz Dancing?
Can anybody give me instructions on making your booty clap?
non dancers only: is dance a sport?
Tips on learning how to dance on my own?
How to dance at a school dance for girls?
I'm 13 years old and seriously stressed?
i have a frnd he does know im gay shld i tell him?
how 2 ask a girl out 2 a school dance in 5th grade and how 2 dance?
how do i become a professional pole dancer?
Should I bother to continue with pointe?
what people, tv shows and movies have (the dance) salsa in them?
Hi! I'm trying to find an song from 80's.The song going on like ,,never ever,never ever gonna let me down
What is CPYB's summer program like?
Dance "STEP" of Philippine FOLK DANCEs. Pls give me site http:?
Check this guy out!!isn't he a hell of a dancer???
ballet ASAP?
Am I too old to start Ballet?
Who would you like to win So you think you can dance?
Based on the show dance moms who do u think has the best personality?
Summer intensive tips?
Gorilla and chicken dance?
What is your favorite song to dance to?
What is the title of the salsa song Corky and Cloris danced to on "Dancing with the Stars"?
Where can I get a dance band to stretch my legs and feet?
who sings the song to the dance "the dutchess hustle"?
At Duke Ellington School Of Arts, Can boys audition for other departments of dance, like Tap Or Hip-Hop?
What song would this be labeled in dance ?
How do you dance at a high school dance?
Girls won't dance with me on nights out!?
Please don't take the pizz, but do you think you can make and 'erect' your own pole for dancing at home!
I'm a male taking a partnering ballet class?
What is an easy way to do a cartwheel for someone that hasn't done one yet?
Great dance schools for...?
Why do people think that ballet is so gay?
help which dancer would you rather give a solo?
how do you do a compass turns or a la secondes in dance?
how do i get my puppet to dance faster?
Please help me... in two weeks i have my first dance exam and im so nervous.....?
I'm 14. Is it too late to start taking dance?
where can i take my 4 yr old for dance lessons?
Does anyone know where the house of the British-Irish male band One Direction? If you know please let me write?
How do I train my legs to do a split? I'm older now but I'm determined to do it?
Where can i take salsa classes?
Starting dance at 13?
Is 16 too old to start ballet?
how do i slow dance with a guy?
I am looking for a site that deals with majorette gear?
Please tell me a few good hindi patriotic dance songs. I want to choreograph it for independence day. Thanks.?
Does motions dance and fitness shoppe sell salsa shoes?
How can I be more comfortable with this dance move?
What would be a good idea to throw a great 18 party, one everyone will talk about......?
What were the dancers of the 1920's called??
How old does the Paris Opera Ballet School go when accepting new students?
does anyone know the name of the song from this comercial?
Anyone knows good dancing places in new york?
Scenario! - at a social/disco/dance?
I am a 37 year-old guy who has suffered a great deal with women in the past because I do not know how to dance
why do rhe guys have to wear tights in ballet?
Is there any Asian clubs/nightclubs bhangra or normal indian places in Leicester?
Is Dancing a physical activity?
AM I too late????
Need help with highland dance?
Freed pointe shoe review?
why doesn't Carrie Underwood dance?
Ballet help, any one out there who can help me? thanks!?
What are the steps of square dancing and what type of dance is it?
I want to enter a dance studio near Queens or Corona, NY but i cant find one please help?
for people who like chris brown?
exotic dancer/stripper?
I need some ideas for a dance action shot?
Pantomime Dance Duo Song?
What is the dumbest dance move you've ever seen (or performed)?
A floor part for our Dance routine.....?
here it is again peeps for new orleans only whats the name of this song she dancing to?
do summer intensives look for a ballet body?
I am from A;bad and I want to learn Salsa dance, did you know exactly location in Ahmedabad?
I wanna do a split, help?!?!?!?!?
are there any sites where u can import your own pics onto some1 else's body and make a funny dance out of it?
Dance songs??
How to dance at homecoming?
What type of dance do you do and do you like it?
Beyonce V Shakira who can work the waist?
how do you dance to this?
help find me dance classes?