dose anyone know anyone in liverpool who can lend me £8000 by 1pm?
I have a judgment against me, and they are threatening to garnish wages and bank accounts. What can I do?
Any chance I'll get a car loan?
Can you lower your credit score if you apply for a credit card?
When do creditors stop adding late fees?
Will paying old debt help or hurt credit score?
What is the importance of a Eurobond being a negotiable instrument?
What is a good credit card for a student to build credit with?
Help with Finacial Apps Math!?
im 13 years old what kind of job should i do?
Can I get an official printout of my credit report to use when I am applying for an auto loan?
How does a 1099-c affect a Judgement?
I just turned 18 and want to apply for a credit card, i have no credit history, what do i do?
CCJ & Defaults?
How do i make my credit score? i just turned 18 and every one keeps tellin me i should get a credit card?
Credit Card Limit Question?
Why did Chase increase my credit limit?
What is a "rental score"?
How do virtual billing addresses work?
I have a 690 credit score already are you kidding me? Ive only had my card for 2months?
So what's so good about credit?
Paypal ; do i need a credit card to get money off ?
Are Credit Debt and Credit Card Debt the same?
Does this constitute bankruptcy fraud in the state of Nevada?
Where can I find the best rate for a auto loan?
FDCPA credit laws and student loans, details please for our situation?
standing order arrived a little too late?
What are pay day loans? Are they scams or rip-offs?
Capital one credit card?
my husband owns several restaurants. can i open a credit card in the business name?
what happens when you cancel a payment on paypal/??????
Why haven't I received my stimulus check?
credit score?
Can a health club collection mark my credit without a judgement?
How do I get a Credit Card?
hi. is it safe if i buy movie tickets through my debit card.. coz they r asking card num & cvv m?
I'm writing a thesis statement for an essay on why people have trouble living within their means....?
how do u get an itunes account without using a credit card plz help?
How many credit cards should a guy have?
i have closed my credit card help please?
How to file Bankruptcy and is it recommended?
Anyone know how to cancel Experian Triple Advantage? They make it impossible to find!?
Credit Card and Cash or Credit.?
help, how to improve credit score?
How does the interest rate lock work in a home loan ?
Please help!!!!!?
debt to credit ratio/ increase credit score?
Bad Credit At 18..but before I was legal.It Wasn't' Me.Help Me?
Not horrible credit, but want to buy a home and need advise. . . .please read?
I recieved a first letter of intent to collect from Computer Credit Inc. Will this be reported immediately?
Difference between doubtful debts, provision for doubtful debts, bad debts, and provision for bad debts?
I need an unsecured loan, I have horrible credit but I have a co-signer. Any suggestions on a lender?
I need to borrow 15000.00. I have a vehicle that is paid for and worth 18000.00. does anyone know who would le
simple loan application form?
Bank Accounts Do U Think They Helo?
Can you track down the shipping/billing address from your credit card statement?
If someone steals your identity...?
When Buying Something Online When They Ask Name Of Card Do You Put Just The Brand Or You Put Credit Or Debit?
Why is it better to use credit on your debiit card?
I bought a visa debit card my green dot? PART 2?
Continental Credit Card: 25000 miles?
how much to lease car with none or bad credit?
Credit Card for low credit - chase just denied credit card to me - reason: not able to verify duration/history?
Should I call the police on this debt collection agency?
I R.RAMOUmy dob is- 11-09-1971. i want to check my cibil record ... What do you mean by "cibil" record,?
Can a gas station ask for your ID when using a Debit card?
BEST Credit Card?
can i get a bank loan with no credit?
credit cards??? ahhhhh!! doest make sense!?
What are some fast LEGAL methods for raising a credit score???
Remove old debts from credit report?
why would it be wrong to max my credit cards and retire to Thailand?
monthly payments on credit card when I am not even using it?
Who can I IMMEDIATELY contact about internet fraud?
i dont have credit card and live in iran . how i get credit card ? tank you?
l heard that if l owe visa, or mastercard money. That after 7 years, l will still have an r9 rating. And they?
Can I deposit this check?
Question of debt collection!?
Auto loan interest rate question?
Credit card didn't get charged worried?
A question about credit cards?
Target / Visa Giftcards?
should i forge my mom's signature for a credit payment?
Add credit card debt to home mortgage purchase?
How can I remove negative information from identity theft by my son without making a report? shows that i have $30,000 in open credit debt, but I know that i don't! how can i check?
who knows where a loan shark is in georgia im in debt and i have poor credit i need the money baddd?
what is available supply of credit?...and how credit brings the equilibrium in the financial market?
which is the free credit report done 1 time a year?
If my estranged husband files for bankruptcy, will it affect my credit ?
can I claim back for unfair bank charges?
Is this a legitimate loan? Anyone heard of loan like this?
Looking for a Mortgage loan 100% financing, 0 down........?
can you get a home loan with a 575 in florida?
Where can I get a credit card that doesn't have a fee?
I'm confused! How are you supposed to pay on a credit card to build your credit score?
Have you ever gotten a "FREE" credit report?
PayPal payment question?
Is there a website?
Can i buy a house with a tax lien that is not mine on my credit report?
I use my old email to login to paypal, but registered my new one. what one do i use on payment forms?
What does a credit card bill from a bussiness card look like?
What happens if your itunes has a credit card on it, and you redeem a gift card?
Received item and next day Paypal refunded me the money.?
Which bank issued the 1st credit card in Malaysia?
How to do me to you credit?
where can i get a free credit report without paying?
Credit Score following A Hard Inquiry with Credit Increase?
Why can't the we start over and erase U.S. debt?
How should i enter my credit card number in on ordering form on internet?
What Bank/CU in Wisconsin does 100% HELOC equity loans?
Do you have to be a student to get a student credit card?
After 7 years a past debt collector is trying to collect the debt surly the statue of limations now apply?
what is the number to check your credit balance with Vodafone?
What do you think about Pre-Paid Cards ?
What personal information does a company need to report to credit agencies?
what percentage of a trust does the trustee receive for payment ?
Apply for credit card?
Is 00665 a good credit score?
Question about my credit and how to save it due to Verizon's mistake.?
Help with using a credit card?
Is there any way I can get proof that I don't have a credit score?
Bank of America opening an account question?
Xbox live payment options help?
What is the best way for a small business to take credit card payments over the Internet?
Payment Services: Any Online ?
does opening credit card accounts increase your score?
Credit Cards?
Is it true that companies look at your credit score?
Offered repo settlement can the bank take the repo off your credit?
I lost my American Express gift card.?
how do i qualify for an apartment as a business owner with bad credit?
what happens when a electronic check bounces with a collection angency......?
My credit is bad real bad? (New York)?
Credit and interest?
I need a $2000 loan from a private source any ideas who to contact?
Not been paid, what to do?
Question about buying Pre-Paid cards?
How to put a note for foreclosure of term loan?
i have no credit and need a car?
Is there a statute of limitations for federal credit unions?
Is taking out a loan a good way to build credit?
can anyone do anything with your credit card pin and name?
Question about debt collection?
Can kids have prepaid card?
"is it better to pay balance partial or in full on credit card when trying to improve credit"".
Want to apply for Credit Card but under 21?
What's the best way to get rid of or erase bad credit.?
Anyone had problems with HFO services debt collection in the UK?
my daughter as been using my credit card,igave it to her several months ago,but now as refused to pay the bill
If we get married can his creditors come after me for payment.?
should i pay them off?
Are credit card companies allowed to place a hold on checking accounts?
eBay bank deposit Question?
How do you use a Commonwealth Debit Card?
Credit card balance transfer?
How many points can you realistically raise you credit score in a matter of a few months?
ok i have recived so many emails regard my email that i have won a lottery so i would like to know is it real?
Should I call the credit bereau regarding my deferment loan issue?
Consequences of filing bankruptcy as a law/accounting student?
I owe $1500 on one credit card, My account has been sold to a collection agency. I have the money, do I pay it
Will I qualify for an fha loan?
What is a prepaid visa card and how does it work?
i have a quick question about a credit card?
Credit card?
How does printing money work? As in, who regulates how much money a particular country can print for themself?
Curious, if you're a small business and you need to report a debt on a debtor's credit report, how do you?
What do secured credit cards mean?
how many people worker in google company totally all stuff including manager.also google main office address?
Can a hotel charge a fee to a lost debit card?
Credit Question Regarding A Home Mortgage?
Question about unsecured credit card debt?
Can I get a loan with no credit?
What is the best thing to do if a charge company can not tell you what you got threw their card?
Will the bank give credit/a loan to a couple working full time that are renting?
Paypal won't accept the money from my visa?
What is an "outstanding purchase" charge on the credit card.?
Do those pre-paid credit cards really help you build your credit?
Question about capital one card?
Whats a reasonable answer to have a security freeze on my credit report?
I like money. Do you know were I can get it?
I make 55,000 a year what would be my credit limit on a chase freedom credit card?
How can i get a PayPal card?
will be turning 18, how to apply for credit card?
Asking for a lower interest rate?
help!! i need this extra credit please help!!!~~~~~?
Can you declare bankruptcy without having any loans or debts? As a tactical move...?
are prepaid visa cards international?
How will my late payment affect my credit?
what happens if I don't pay Paypal charge back?
What does it mean when Best Buy says "Your application is being processed" after you fill out for financing?
Why is it so hard to refinance my home.?
are Consumer Credit Counseling Services beneficial?
Does this check expire?
Can you check you credit score without an active credit card?
I have bad credit, no bank account and need $600 right away for emergency purposes?
Can I send a bill to Sprint for wasting my time?
Removal of late payment on credit card?
I have a credit card with an apr of 31%, If I lend out £200 from this card until January 2nd then pay the?
when I return an item without a receipt and get store credit, can I buy whatever I want or are there restricti?
Can you buy in Amazon with a Pre-Paid Credit Card?
In commercial lending, what is "first priority pledge", and how is it different from "assignment"?
how many cash deposit can we do at one time in bank of america?
is there any banks that let 17 year olds have there own banking accounts??
which Credit card companies are better? The Visa company or The Capital One company?
what would my credit card payment be on a $5000 balance with 11.9% interest?
when somebody buys your mortage note, does that mean?
I owe the I.R.S. 3,000 and I just paid them 2,000 in April I applied for a passport card so I can go on my c?
why does paypal take money?
Can you add money to your card with another credit card?
what is the fastest way to set up online web acceptance of payment by credit card?
Credit cards with o% interest?? Plzz help!?
Is there a bank that doesn't have overdraft fees?
Paypal splitting payment between bank and credit card.?
debit card mail?
Do you have to wait until your credit card posts the balance & u get a statement before you get reward/points?
Can i still charge my atm card as credit even if i dont have the full funds in there?
if your credit card has your name on it but your parents pay for it does it help your credit?
can an 18 year old get a loan for a car?
Debit or Credit? Which one do you choose?
American Express card for college student?
what is agency manager, information personnel and training officer?
Tried to activate my Walmart Visa card, thought i already activated it..?
How to Pay Scene Visa Credit Card?
is the sony credit card from capital one reliable?
Is it better to pay off a credit card in full, or make smaller payments?
What credit score is accepted for a 28k auto loan?
Does a motorcycle loan help build credit?
how can i view my Lowe's Visa statement?
How can a startup company obtain a loan?
My father's name was at the bottom of my credit report!! He has used my SSN in the past.?
can i refund something i bought with a visa online?
What is a credit card transaction?????
I have taken a Home loan from SBI last year. Rs 11 lacs @ 8% for 15 yrs with EMI of 12000. Am I paying more?
Can I get a crisis loan?
If i make a payment to someone elses account via faster payments, will they have information of who I am?
Sell house or continue to pay off credit cards?
i had a fnanb visa and the bank sold the accounts and know i dont know who has my account?
Should I repay my Credit Card debt or my HELOC debt first?
can a bank approve a loan, then decide to cancell it.?
Someone called my work asking if I still needed a car loan and I never applied for one. Identity theft?
tell my mom her visa will not get stolen?
Question about Amazon store card purchases?
when a hotel make an imprint of my credit card, are they already charging me even if i have just arrived?
What is meant by "prime minus 1%" in reference to loans?
What do you think of my Debt?
Can you have refunds on a gift card?
Can ATM card of United Bank of India be used as a Debit Card for online shopping?
My Interac debit card doesn't have an expiration date, what do I do?
Credit card way to deal with it..?
I need Best Buy Giftcard?
If you agree settle to settle a credit card debt, then is that account closed?
Will bankruptcy eliminate judgements?
What are my options or what will happen if I get sued for a defulted Auto Loan?
Need to establish credit.?
I have a question about credit card fraud?
Regarding fraud of
Should I get a BOA Rewards AMEX card?
Why do companies do a credit check before hiring?
Any ideas on what type of credit card is good for bad credit?
what is a good zero percent credit card?
Are online payday companies legal in Florida?
I made a payment using pay pal?
If I have no credit, will I be denied by Orchard bank for a secure credit card?
Iam being harassed by a colector?
best way to consolidate credit cards?
If a debt holder has "charged off" an old debt, can a collecting agency legally collect on it?
is this government grant legitimate?
in massachusetts will a bank go for a deficiency judgement and garnish wages?
different between debit card and credit card?
credit repair company?
Can i get a credit card through my boyfriend?
How long after filing bankruptcy can I get approved for a mortgage?
I co-signed for a friend with the caveat that he would refiance in one year, but he is almost in default.?
Free gift cards help!?
Question About Lowering My APR...?
school loan and credit?
2nd chance personal loans?
Use credit card to put money into high interest online savings account?
Are there any sample form letters for getting a BK removed from your credit report?
Removing negative account from credit report?
I am recently widowed and find my husband left a huge amount of credit card debt that I did not know about, am?
which bank in California don't use experian?
i need help paying my light bill?
What is the best way to inprove my credit score?
If I use a credit card to buy a game, how much time does it take to pay?
Can you use Western Union to pay a credit card bill?
internet online payment?
sss loan application?
Tandata Loan Company?
Is there really a free credit report?
i got a credit card is 23.99% apr bad on a 500 dollar credit card?
can i exchange POLAND 500 UNC [1982] into indian currency now..plz help me?
Any good credit cards?
do you have to deposit money into your credit card to use?
How are credit cards check digit calculated?
How to boost credit score after paying off cards?
Credit Score went down why?
I applied for a job with moneybookers. Why would they need my paypal info? Is it a scam?
what is the best credit score to have?
How would you find out who stole your credit card? Could you go to the store that it was used and find out?
Can you build up your credit, if you pay off your credit cards, before the due dates?
Is there a prepaid card that doesnt have fees and can be used on paypal?
Can Wells Fargo Auto Financing be breaking the law?
Credit cards?
Paypal card difficulties?
I need your help with a credit card question?
can i buy a money order with a credit card?
Are there any apartments/townhouses/condos in Arizona that will rent to people with a drug related misdemeanor
When I pay my monthly credit card bill of $25 and I owe $140 does my credit limit of $500 start over?
can you go to jail for depositing a check for a friend and waiting for it to clear?
What credit card is the easiest to get you approved.?
My credit score is 610 I have paid a debt on my report of $325. About how many points will my score increase?
does my billing address have to match the address on my credit card?
How can someone build credit, that has no credit, not bad, not good.?
How to boost credit score after paying off cards?
When do holiday loan start?
How long does it take for a credit card to be delivered once it's been approved?
will the credit collection take me to court over a $1340.97 cell phone debt if i don't pay them ?
Can I buy a Visa Giftcard somehow with an American Express gift card? HELP?
Can I use credit card after debt settlement?
Is personal loans repayment cover the same as?
what is annual income?
How can you order something online without a credit card?
Credit Card Help Please!?
If you're paying with PayPal, and you have a linked credit card, does paypal charge the card for a purchase...?
Do Discover/visa gift cards work on online perchases at DropDead
How can I pay my citi credit card on line?on line?
How is APR on a credit card figured?
has anyone used debt negotiator co. called US Financial Management, are they reputable, any hidden fee?
without credit card how can i get the prize amount from freelotto?
Creditors calling my home about my son's bills?
i need extra cash for some things right now and...?
How long does it take once you file bankruptcy for you credit score to begin going up. My score is now 588.?
What do you think is the best credit card to use or have?
Sites using Amazon Payments?
Returned things on ebay before it came to me?
Need help with a private loan...?
How much tax does the government charge on a money market accounts interst earned?
I paid a bill with my credit card but the amount was charged to a total strangers credit card what do I do?
please inform me about payday loan service. plaease reference if possible?
Credit Building Help?
respect sir..please tell me what mean ARUN?
will i be able to be pre-qualified for a car loan?
I tried to do a money transfer through western union and they said they couldn't process my transaction becaus
Credit card limit of $200 and I don't want to go over the 30% because I want to have good credit?
Its geting a credit card a contract of two years like t mobile?
Does Debt Consolidation mess up credit?
How can I find out more about seasoned tradelines n the codes? R they reliable?
Why won't my Vanilla Visa gift card work online?
What do you do if your bills are more than your income?
credit repair?
can thieves do stuff with someone's s.s # but NOT with the actual card?
Is there anyway i can deposit a check into my bank account online?
Credit union queations...?
im about a 100,000in debt to credit cards do i write them and tell them im on disability?
paying off the bills?
mobile home?
should i reapply for a card that i was not apporved for?
Paypal limit reach what do i do?
Quotes on cash vs credit?
Can they go after my saving account or/and my 401k? What to do best?
Regarding paypal Plus credit card, why am I still not verified?
Can Discover Credit Card look up information by using your address?
i have received an email telling me that if i have credit cards which i took out before 2007 they can be wiped?
I need to know how can someone get a brand new home with terrible credit? i mean foreclosure? and car repod?
what do i click on to access my account on kohl's charge?
What to do now that I have paid a past collection?
Is it safe for me to pay via Internet Visa card?
If I cosign my friend's apartment lease, will it be reflected on my credit report if she fails to pay rent?
what will happen if you cancel a credit card?
i filed bankrupt due to a recent divorce. my credit has been destroyed. will anyone provide me with a loan to?
Do credit consolidation companies work with collection agencies or just the main creditor?
If approved for $100,000 from GMAC, and property is $85,000 can i get the rest in cash for improvements?
What is variable interest rate?
Chase bank online fees...?
If you have alot of open accts on your credit report, is it wise to close the accts?
How does (floor plan) inventory financing for cars work in a bank ?
does it cost anything to send money via paypal?
Which is better, 0% APR or $1000 cash back for 60 months for an invoice of $17000?
Chase vs. Citi Bank (Freshman)?
How can contact with credit card Company about my credit card applications?
18 year old trying to build credit?
what does it mean when a creditor enters a judgment against you in court?
How much is your credit effected if you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Which of the following basic information is recorded on your credit report?(Choose all that apply.)?
how to make a paypal payment to an email address?
How do I get rid of a credit card (other than just cutting it up)?
Credit Repair - adding good credit?
If someone orders something with your credit card information can u find out .....and find out who it is?
Which (in your opinion) are better, gift cards or cash?
bakersfield ca mastercard atm locations?
Can you cash a check at PNC even if you dont have an account there?
where can i go to put money on my debit visa prepaid card?
Can I get a loan for a car?
Parents ruined friends credit score.?
I have credit card debt and have lost my job, and we are moving to Canada what will happen if I come back?
Paying A Balance Off?
can't cash pay check?
Did I get ripped off...Please help!?
Who else has visited dave ramsey's web site? Who else felt like he is trying to "part a fool and his money?"
do you think Rewards Visa® Card from Chase is a good deal?
CIBC bank card can i use in any ATM?
Why does credit cards dont have pin codes?
Is it true that Credit Debt will wipe itself out in 7 years? Or Should a person pay the debt to clean credit?
There is this financial establishment called ASSOCIATES that lends money to customers. What is the address ?
credit card fraud investigation?
Should I upgrade to Citibank American Advantage Platinum credit card?
Made mistake when reserving room, can't cancel and they want to charge me?
what is better for credit ? pay monthly to collection agencies full amount, or settle for half of what owe?
Will paying student loans early boost credit score?
How can I get my credit report without paying alot of money for it?
Cifas marker and credit score?
American Express Giftcards?
What is wrong with my credit card?
where can i buy an iridium prepaid mastercard?
Does T-mobile have a Grace Period for bill payments?
Can someone please tell me the fastest way to make some cash online?
do i need a credit card to use paypal to buy stuff from ebay?
What is the cust. service number for MasterCard?
where can i buy netspend cards with the green dot
Can I purchase a home with a conventional loan while Experian has a False report on my credit and I dispute it?
I was a passenger in a car that was rear ended, the car that hit us was insured, why am I responsible?
What are some simple, realistic ways to build my credit when my score is....ZERO?
Bad credit VS possible financial progress?
Cn you use a reusable debit card for paypal?
Is there any way where i can get loan on the basis of appointment letter because requirement is urgent?
do debt collectors have the resources to trace people if they move from the uk to somewhere abroad like spain?
is it secure to pay by paypal?
My friend has not paid any of his credit card and he said his credit will reset in ten years. Will it?
credit card fraud?
I have bad credit. I want to organize my credit and bring score up to buy home any ideas please help?
Medical this legal?
What are the options with consumer proposals and debt consolidation ?
car finance problem?
where toget prepaid debit card?
is it okay to put money down on a loan from overseas if they promise that it is not a scam?
How long does it take to raise a credit score?
full time student needs a loan?
financing car?
why can a credit card get locked?
how long do i have to cash a personal check in pa?
Can i be arrested for a loan?
What happens if you pay your credit card bill too much money?
If I haven't paid my credit cards in 6 months?
a quick little credit card question?
how the usa got into the 14tn $ debt.,who or what lended it so much money?
Does JCP report authorized users to credit?
what dose HSBC stand for?
how to run credit and criminal check if Ihave snn?
Is It Worth It To Keep My Free Credit Report Account?
USAA credit card HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will my credit get worse just for applying for credit cards?
Can you sue the csa?
why do someone credit score go down?
A business issued a 60-day, 7% note for $15,000 to a creditor on account.?
need a toll free number for visa credit card?
how do credit cards work?
Does cosigning on a credit card with someone who has bad credit negatively tie your credit in with theirs?
Why do sights offer free items but you have to purchases or paticipate in something?
Problems with Financial Assets Manangement Systems?
What is the official way to pay off credit card and request no further statements. ?
can you get a good mortgage rate if you have a debt management?
What is the minimum credit score with Beneficial?
British Gas took all my money?
How to apply pan card online ?? how do make the online payment?
where can a person with bad credit get a loan?
Info about Prepaid Cards for Teens?
Does Holly's payment include 20% down on 150,000 or just to finance 150,000?
How do you get credit cards agencies to stop pre screening you for their cards?
I'm going to sue a debt collector for violations. Can I get $1,000.00 total or is it per occurrence? In CA?
Is Paypal safe to set up and use for Ebay purchases online?
Where can I find the actual law governing credit company's?
how can i get a loan for 6000 with bad credit? help please?
will they reposes my car?
Where can I use my ebay gift card?
Will it affect my credit if I make my car loan payment late?
does paypal charge for closing?
A question about an overdraft?
want a true,factual answer if you will?
I want to start my credit?
what's the difference between "different payment" and "usance" in a L/C term.?
paying extra on car payment?
If I have some credit cards that I never use, is it better to call and cancel them or just tear them up?
if i let my car go back, how bad will it mess my credit up?
can u get a tax id number online and how?
Can I get a loan with bad credit?
Does the US and Italy share credit report information?
non payment of credit cards?
Collections questions? Help!!!!!!?
Whether an Export Invoice sent through bank to the bankers of buyer, can make payment of the particular Export?
What's the future value of $2,000 after 3 years if the appropriate interest rate is 8%, compounded semiannuall?
if ur mom took u to a mall and said i will buy ueneything u whant what would it be ?
Can you request to have your BC Hydro Acct added to your credit bureau report?
Is it true that credit cards were rare 30 years ago?
Is there an "instant" prepaid debit card?
how do places like cash convertor bank cheques with customers names on?
i want check sbi bank balance?
What is a credit card?
i need finacial help in singapore.. i lost 25k drawn from my credit card 4 business?
Why iTunes won't accept my card?
i just want to know that i have not credit card. my claim will be entertained or not?
How soon after filing bankruptcy, can someone apply for a credit card?
Student Loan Co-signer?
How do you get a credit or debit card after bankruptcy?
so basicly because im only 18 just startin out u get refused credit cause u dont have credit how does that wor
I have tax leins on my credit from 1994 that were satisfied in a bankruptcy.?
green dot reloads cards?
Can I even get a home equity loan wiith a credit score of 630?
how can i sell my popular myspace band profile with lots of friends?
does freezing credit cards hurt them?
how long does it usually take for a persons bad credit to clear up?
what is the difference btw a 'debit' and a 'credit' card?
Does Credit card machines collect my personal info?
Does having a co-signer with good credit help lower your interest rate when buying a car?
what does it mean when someone says they want you to take over payments on their car? how can you do that?
Is it worth getting a credit card?
Bank of America Card Cash Rewards Platinum plus visa..Good idea or bad?
what is the best way to install a new electronic programmed theromstat?
i just bought a plane ticket online with my VISA debit card and they have yet to charge me does anyone know ho?
how do u overdraw on a bank of ireland laser card, do u have to spend so much to be able to overdraw.?
Can I Use My Mom's Debit Card?
how long does it take for non payment to be removed from your credit?
Is this job offer a scam like I expect it is?
Can i get a car without them running my credit? i dont want any inqurie on my credit report?
I was comparing deals online and my report was pulled too many times....?
I am 20 years old and want to begin establishing credit but I am nervous ?
How do I reorder checks?
Are there any hidden charges for using a Visa Gift card that will deduct from my card's balance?
I have a Paypal question?
how can i apply for a loan without a job and how can i get a free creditcard with no credit?
Credit score w/o ss#? ?
How can I stop being charged and serviced by MIN (misspelled as MNI on my credit card charge of $9.95.)?
How can i get 30 $ fast paypal or sharecash :)?
Who can help me if wamu puts too much finance charges on my credit card?
Visa Debit Gift Cards?
Collections questions? Help!!!!!!?
When you pay off a credit card is it better to reduce the credit limit or close the account?
Can you buy something with a giftcard, and then go return it for the money back in cash?
If i go buy a visa prepaid card from 7 eleven, would they ask me for my social security number?
will I be approved for a used car loan with a credit score of 527?
Can i use social security or ssi to buy me a car or a computer?
An old debt after three years?
I am shopping for a credit card. Who offers the best credit card?
how can i make equifax fix mistakes made on my credit report?
If I file for bankruptcy can I still bring my fiance here from the philippines?
Do landloards check onely one credit report for married couples?
I have tried to register my account with salute visa but it won't let me. How do you register?
will bank of america cash my pay check even if i dont have a account with them but i have 2 formes of id?
Does any remember the year American Express first issued Platinum cards?
Prepaid Credit Card?
HELP! Please! Anybody?
the best credit card deal?
I have bad credit someone from answers is offering me a secured loan is this a scam!!?
Who still takes American Express?
Can I use one visa plus a bit of the other to pay for online goods ?
whats the difference beetween a mastercard and a visa card?
how do you know when you have a legit. site for govt. grants?
Where can I get an auto loan with credit between 450-500?
do you think that england will start using euros ? ?
How do you establish credit, when you have none at all (zero)?
Can i keep paying and keep my car if it has charged off?
Hooters MC?
My brother has gotten my mother into too much debt?
can someone check credit without authorization?
What does it mean to be paid biweekly (but paid one week in arrears)?
I need a $400 loan is wells fargo fine?
Am I still liable for debt that no longer shows up on my credit report?
does anyone know if I can deduct the interest and finance charges on my credit card?
Does anyone know anything about Plain Green loans?
Before credit cards were used how credit issued.?
how i can check my calling card balance?
I don't know how to use a credit card..?
How long can a credit card keep sending you bills?
Do i have to tell a collection agency where i work?
Using Paypal question?
Will PayPal charge me a fee for gifting money to myself?
Frank OCBC Debit Card Age Restrictions?
Credit Cards new Rules what will you do now?
New Credit Card...?
my son got behind 6 mo. on his credit card.?
What is the best place online to get a payday loan?
Should I open a credit card?
best gateway for processing credit card purchases for on line gift certificates?
Are there any sites online where i can use my Laser card (Irish debit card) to pay for products!?
Can I use some of the money in my social security ?
Is using a fake credit card number illegal if you don't buy anything? (Read capitalized sentences)?
how do i get my money back for credit card charges?
What does it mean when debt factors may want to vet your customers?
Car loan at age 19 with no credit but 2 good cosigners?
If i am 2 days late on my credit card will i get that put on my credit report?
i would like to take a credit card ,how can iget it can anybody helpme for this,is there any problems in this?
I just totaled my vehicle and I still owe some on my loan, can I just make little payments until I pay it off?
I'm 19 and need to establish/rebuild credit...How?
Debt and credit score?
Omg whats going on with my account ?
Bank said I have a Social Security Number?
How do I pay off my credit cards? Have 23K in debt & have not paid for 3 1/2 months. Was doing bankruptcy but?
What does 50% down payment mean ?
How bad is
Is there anything that I can do about my new interest rate of 28%?
i think my children's and my social security numbers may be bieng used how can i know for sure?
2 years ago I was involved in a bank scam. cost me over 6000 bucks. bad thing is I gave him the permission?
Where can I get a FREE credit report in canada?
Collection Agency Collectng Without Proof of Debt?
Should I file for Bankruptcy?
Do I need a credit card to purchase things through paypal?
iam in need of a large loan as soon as possible without any up front fees?
how to use paypal?
Credit card finance charge?
Collections call could it be a scam?
getting sued over credit card debt, NEED HELP before court date next week?
am i the only person unable to read a credit card statement?
I have a credit score of 553 will any company give me an unsecured credit card?
what is debit card? and what can i do to have that?
I have awful personal credit but I have a LLC. Is there anyway to get credit with my LLC?
Greendot Prepaid Debit Card Problems - with payment?
will a bank check with your employer about your income is you apply for a loan?
how to make money online with no credit card and paypal why cant they send it by air mail?
Has anyone ever got satisfactory service from BSkyB?
question about liens against property?
Changing your Paypal account on etsy after a period of time?
Credit union question?
Can you pay your target credit card bill with a debt gift card at target?
how much intrest are banks paying back from tarp bailout?
my mom passed away on January 26th 2006,I just recieved a 1099-c,cancellation of debt form from a credit card?
what credit card can i apply for?
Did she file for bankrupcy?
where da shrooms at?
Can credit card numbers be distinguished from Debit Card Numbers?
Proactiv kept charging my debt card....?
I have question about Bank of America Cards?
Going to Court over credit card debt. Please help!?
what's the minimum number of hours someone must work to be considered full time?
Car Loan debt to Ratio - need next step?
When a credit card co. agrees lower your payment, to make your pymt manageable how does it effect your credit?
Should I make more than the minimum payment on a zero interest credit card?
Can you use a Visa Gift Card in the Amazon Market Place?
examples of bank that are using bankers rule?
Did I get accepted ot denied for a credit card?
Should you deal with the original creditor or the collection agency?
I have good/descent credit...I qualified for BestBuy store credit, does returning items affect my credit?
How do I sign up for paypal with scotiabank?
If I have no credit would I need a cosigner?
can a debt collector legally do these things?
who is Prime Minister of India?
Can my credit card get charged if they didn't write my security code and didn't make me sign anything?
Online Shopping?
I have Debt collecters issues ?
What are the downsides to cancelling a credit card payment?
first time getting a credit card!? help?
How do you cancel a belk rewards card?
Credit card pay off question?
If you get a visa gift card, can you use it again?
What are installment accounts?
Question regarding fleeing from credit card bill?
what do i do if im getting sued over a credit card debt?
How do i calculate my rental credit?
How can I check my credit score if I don't have a credit card?
Im thinking about applying for a CREDIT CARD to build my credit score..... Any Suggestions?
my sister used my dads credit card without asking?
I filed a dispute with my bank on July 29th 2009 for a duplicate charge?
Can a credit card company charge you 32% interest????
Do credit cards let you go over the limit anymore?
Is it true that after so many years of not repaying debt it gets written off?
whenever i use my debit card as a credit the money doesnt go back on if i refund?
explain the MasterCard commercial for me. what is it trying to say?
I stopped paying for a web domain/host despite being under a contract and I received a letter in the mail?
where can i get a home loan?
what do you got to have to get your ss card?
Charged off one bank account while have 2 others in good standing?
what is credit voucher?
How can I get a loan to start a home-based business if I have horrible credit?
What is the credit hit from non-payment of $2k?
Will buying an Iphone5 bring up your credit score?
usurious apr 30.18?
I was late paying my Bank of America credit card bill last month, I forgot about it now my minimum payment?
I just started a job, if I get a co-signer with good credit can I get a new vehicle?
is it better to keep credit that you dont use or get rid of it?
how i can consolidate my credit when bank not approving the loan?
i want to apply for a credit card?? but.....?
when should i be expecting my loan?
american currentcy to euros?
If I have 2 collections on my credit report from 2004 should I pay them to raise my credit score?
Does it cost to get money off your debit card at a ATM?
How Long Would It Take To Pay Off This Debt?
Paying Credit Card Bill?
How long to wait for a nationwide replacement debit card?
How much do you owe on Credit Cards?
Will my Carecredit card be good for McDonalds?
Can i create an Itunes account without a credit or debit card?
Do you use up the full credit amount before you start making payments?
18 and needing a loan...small payments?
Credit Crunch/Crisis?
need a car for work no credit history need loan finace refused any help?
Not getting paid enough?
how does a govornment lower its debt?
Ok I know I am going to sound dumb asking this but here it goes.?
Installment loans - what are they all about? Series of qts below...?
case referd to debt collecters?
How can I find out exactly when the seven years of negative info began?
Credit Card Debt Settlement?
How do I get a motorcycle loan with bad credit? Desperate!?
is it safe to make mastercard payments on ebay?
Banruptcy Help Please?
Are your personal and business credit separated? or are they the same?
How hard is it to get a future shop credit card?
How many points does..?
Trouble buying online?
If I pay the minimum on my credit card bill instead in full is that bad?
Debt collection information?
can a bank let you take out money you don't have?
If I use my parents credit card on Netflix's free trial, will it show on there credit card bill?
Is there any personal lenders out there?
how to open a bank account when you are receiving disability living allowance?
How do secured cards report to the credit bureaus?
Bank charges??
Can an individual contact and request to be rescored by the Credit Reporting Agencies?
Can you be served by certified mail for credit card debt in Maryland?
Shopacheck Loans process?
where can i get a personal loan for a nose job?
How late can I ammend my 2008 taxes to get $8000 first time buyer credit?
According to 2011 irs law, can debt collectors now seize money in your bank accounts without court order?
HAve a question about my credit!!! Need HELP!?
I bought a pair from Uggs. Order #VOR-1255. They shipped wrong size/color. I want my credit card credited.?
Can you use the pre loaded visa gift cards on line?
please help has anybody else had trouble from world books the book club i got loads of problems from them?
What financial formula would it take to start the debt clock to count down instead of continuing to add up?
what should i do when ordering in amazon then tell me "enter payment information" were can i enter them ?
What do I do to get a loan?
is there a limit to how many credit cards you can have? does it get harder to get approved the more you have?
How much is the average American household in debt?
I sent collector 2 letters requesting verification of debt, they have not provided it, but keep mailing me???
How do I remove a late payment from my credit report?
Bank charges, over my overdraft, help!?
Just pulled all three credit reports, do I dispute with the credit reporting agcency or the collection agency?
Are debit cards (for checking account) purchases recorded in credit history?
Is it worth getting a Visa Buxx card?
Linking Bank Account to PayPal as a Minor?
I have a credit score of 722 will i get accepted for a contract mobile phone?
cancelling total fitness membership?
How long does someone have to report something on your credit report?
Charge a card with only the information?
Master Card debit card?
I need any information about the person of CECILLE LEDESMA?
on eBay I have 82 feedback but only a score of 69.?
how to calculate the number of unemployed?
how long does it take for a deposit to post on a upside prepaid card?
I need a loan, about 2500$?
Bank loan co-sign question?
Where can I find a store online that offers free credit cards for thier store?
Western Union Questions Help!?
is surveylot a scam?
do i take my check stub to the bank?
How can you rent an apartment if you literally have no one to co-sign for you, and you don't have any credit?
Finance charges on a loan?
Which credit card should I get,?
is it bad to apply for multiple credit cards at one time?
How do you get an unactivated credit card?
Is there a second approval process after I get pre approved for a home loan?
Why is my bill so high?
Why did bank of america freeze my checking account?
pre-paid visa card?
Advice needed, wish to transfer current credit card debt...but how?
Ordered online, but put the wrong billing address?
How can I get a credit check on my 8 and 5 year old?
question of credit card and term.?
Just paid off my credit card... and I'm looking for new ideas of what to spend my new credit on... any ideas?
i need to find a site to obtain my credit score for free?
I'm looking to foreclose on my condo and have some questions - bank rights? credit impact? etc.?
any good credit cards... and girlfriend with NC... please read!!!!!!?
Chase high school banking account help?!?
If you get a credit card can you use it right away?
How can someone avoid to be a victim of credit card scam?
Someone owes me money and I asked the courthouse to put them on the bad credit list, how can I check that?
Can i return something at target without the credit card?
the bank is charged interest on loan taken for jcb purchase. What is the journal entry for this interest.?
THERE is a new Greendot scam using money pak for DishNetwork bill?
My prepaid visa debit card won't let me order something online please help?
How do I Get cash from a pre-paid American express card?
is using a consolidated credit agency a good idea?
What is FIA financial services?
Why cant you get a credit card when ur ssi money goes in ur bank?
how do i can declare in bankrupty myself?
Credit file help please ?
Is there a site where I can find my credit score w/out having to play any games?
Credit score for student loan question.?
Is there a way to obtain a credit card without credit, for the use of building credit.?
judgement debtor exam?
in a few months, I will pay off a bill that is listed as a charge off-how long till it's off credit report?
American express prepaid card?
Notification of collections?
I am currently 3 months behind on my car payments. If I make a payment tomorrow will they still repo my car?
Are a lot of people NOT able to pay their credit card debt due to the economy?
i had my credit card used on facebook without permision using my debit card about 12times can i get my mone?
I am applying for a 54K loan to purchase a home I am going to put down 7,000 I have a 450 credit sc is it pos?
credit cards now!! lol?
Can a merchant refuse a credit card that is not signed and therefore invalid?
What are some good payday loans?
I just purchased a Vanilla Visa gift card. How long does it usually take to activate?
I got a gift card is this a rip off plz read and answer!?
can you pay to straight from a credit card?
lease answer !!!discover more student credit card?
I'm looking for a safe, reliable, non-profit debt relief program. Can anyone help??
i signed up on
Paypal paying question?
Gave my dads credit card number away?
Is it true that when you get married, your credit score merges with your spouse?
What happens if a refund is given to a credit card that was cancelled?
i have no credit history,i tried applying for a credit card but got do i build up my credit?
if i get wow with credit card does it keep on going?
What is the best bank?
can you get a good mortgage rate if you have a debt management?
How much do people have outstanding on credit cards etc?
If you come in to money can a Bank take it too cover an overdraft?
When preordering something online, does your credit card get charged the entire price right away?
Help with math - loan/ debt configurations?
Need a bank account but i am in a lot of debt and with a debt managment company!!!?
Today I opened a Chase college checking bank account, but I want to switch banks.?
What the best secured credit card with bad credit?
e-commerce payment provider?
why paypal didnt want to validate my card?
Can i use my dads credit card?
im starting over i want to know how i should go about it .i have a bankruptcy im on fixed income as well?
when requesting credit report is it cool to print out your ss #?
Is the Krup law firm a reputable firm?
Credit Check! Plz Help?
How much does paying your mortage late a couple times hurt your credit score?
i am so broke i need some money can u tell me what to do?
are there any websites that will pay you for completing offers that pay into an unverified paypal account?
Can I get a $5000 loan with bad credit?
Does this seem like too much money to be paying?
My friend's car was repossessed! Can she get it back??
Has anyone ever used Mitsuko Lending??????
Comdata card????????help!?
A house fire destroyed my credit. How do I get an unsecured loan? I am listed on prosper but have had no bid
Is it worth it to use a credit card?
can i trust using moneygram or western union?
Am I responsible if I reported my stolen credit card to the police, but not the bank?
How does cashback work when you want to get cash from your card at a store?
best bank to start a credit card account?
Does paying off a maxed out credit card effect your debt to credit ratio immediately? ?
how do you sell a macy's credit card?
If my car lender reports monthy...?
Excel - how to interpret single values as landing within ranges?
Avon Representatives I need help when a costumer pays with a credit card Help plz?
how can i email someone on answers?
A question about credit scores?
any info on "youre" ? how do they work? has anyone got any info good or bad about them?
Question about PayPal?
Do they tell me if my credit card application is denied?
Has anyone had a problem with a GM credit card?
Grant to pay off credit cards???
Can I claim the interest on my credit card that pays my mortgage?
how can i get out of paying tickets if i'm unemployed?
iv tried for several loans and still had no luck is there still a chance for me somewhere?
Chapter 13 question...?
I am need of a quick loan, my credit is bad. Any suggestions?
How long after you buy a new car can a dealership ask you to bring it back?
Where can I buy a Reload PACK for a Netspend account?
Good Day!!! I just want to ask if it is ok to get my approved credit card in the main office of the EastWest?
how do you remove a charge off from a credit report?
If I pay off my school loans early will it boost my credit score?
Help building credit rating?
What's Best Way To Increase My Credit Score (Based on My Situation?)?
If I file for Bankruptcy, will it effect me when I apply for future student loans?
Need some help loans?
halifax bank question please?
short term money lenders/payday advance good idea?
Do I have enough credit yet?
how long does it take to raise your credit score?
Does anyone know who issues the credit card for swiss colony?
Any Recommendations For Lenders For An Emergency Loan With Bad Credit?
is it possible to buy books on with a gift card?
i have poor credit and need a loan. any suggestions?
Is it normal for a credit card to ask for a copy of your SS#Card??
Is bad credit something to be embarrassed about?
bad credit mark?
Can i still use my v.a. loan for a house with credit cards in collections?
_how do you compute loan premium? please teach me the steps...tnx?
Where can i get a free credit score and no credit card required?
How do line of credits work?
When reviewing your credit report, which of the following should you make sure of?
Not really a question but.....?
What is a Debit car and how does it work, also how old do you have to be to have one?
Credit Repair?
Question about an auto loan?
If I tell bill collectors that I'm dead would they stop calling?
Does credit card debt pay off (via collections) have tax consequences & if so can I expect some kind of form?
I need to get a credit card with 0 interest until 2010. Which one should I get?
8 and a half million dollar is equal to RS..?
How to activate PayPal without credit card?
I owe 600 on my credit card and i can't pay it now because I'm out of the country, What happens if I'm late?
If I make a credit card payment today and is due today at bank of america, will it be charged as late fee?
I need help with my Credit Card Debt???????
Im 24 & have 2 small kids and no credit. How do I get a pre approved credit card? & not pay in advance.?
How to recieve a payment as anonymous?
I think I've been scammed, should I cancel my credit card?
Will the Bank Give Me a Loan?
Am I responsible for a trailer that I surrendered and has now been gutted for copper?
sorry if this sounds stupid, but Credit Crunch ?
I have a loan in the UK, then I moved to America and didnt pay my loan, can the bank sue me in America?
What if they said no! Would/can a credit card company close, or demand a full payment?
Paying my credit card bill?
equifax Bad credit!!!!?
how do i set up a mobile credit card machine for a one night event?
credit cards-whats best?
I have payday check loans in Idaho and my account is bieng closed can I go to jail if I dont have $ in full?
what happens if my debit card is charged as credit?
What is a pay day loan?
16 year old in debt. Please help.?
Bank won't let me take money out?
I already 3 score and reports but want to know how to find out whic reports will be pulled by honda?
If the usps delivers your package back to the original store and you never recieved it am i going to be ......
is using paypal a good thing?
can you open a door with a credit card and how? thx for answering?
Last year I paid off all of my debt but my score is still very low, What can I do to increase it?
Were can you get a unsecured loan with bad credit ?
How long does it take to receive my free credit report I ordered over the phone?
collateral financing on a car?
i have bad credit?
Which credit card would be best for someone with fair credit?
WorldPoints from Bank of America credit card can expire?
favorite food? why?
i have a credit score of 0. is that good or bad. can i easily get a loan with that score?
bad credit history need a loan?
Vanilla Visa Card Probelm?
urgent loan for @least 7k within australia even with a bad credit history? do u know anyone?
Which human resource companies should I contact first?
How come my credit score online powered by Experian is different from auto dealers credit score?also Experian
Still nervous of Credit Collector, Any help?
if i get a personal loan through my credit union do have to show what i used the loan for?
what happens if some one having my driving lisence scaned copy and my bannk a/c details. help me i am in trabl
What type of credit rating system exist in S Korea?
How To Improve My Credit Score Quickly?
How much would i have to pay back Capital one Credit card?
Is there a credit card that I can get with bad credit and no bank account ?
Where Do You Get A Prepaid VISA?
How do I develop a spread sheet which will reflect payments using multiple rates and terms.?
where can i get bad credit wiped clean?
i have a visa debit card can i?
what is the difference between a credit and debit card?
If you pay a bill for someone with your credit card and decide to cancel after the transaction is there anyth?
have a great business idea but my credit is shot how can i get a loan for a least 10,000?
What is the importance of credit reporting agencies?
I am marrying a man in January but he has bad credit, and I have good credit. Will this mess up my credit?
Is there a way to transfer credit for a loan that I have been paying even though its in someone elses name?
im repaying a debt and they want to put up my payments?
Will my credit score increase after my student loans are shown to be consolidated?
accountnow prepaid debit card?
Does disputing info on your credit report change your score?
Can I get a student credit card if I'm about to graduate?
How do you avoid paying interest right before your credit card statement is over?
My pay check is being garnished for a pas due credit card?
Is it better for me to settle my own debts or use a company?Will this then give me a credit score?
How can I get my first credit card?
Can book clubs garnish your wages?
B.O.A PLACE MEMO CREDIT what does it mean?
Ways to cheat people out of stuff?
How does an ATM work?
Can you make a payment with a debit card at Lenscrafters?
Opening up a new card with this balance possible? or Call my bank asap?
How do I find a source of financing for a start up company, with horrible credit.?
tryint ot find a pay loan company called exprescash they are with drawing from my account?
ICC Uniform Rules for Collection?
Credit reports dont make any sense?
PAYPAL HELP? Thankyou?
i need to borrow £1000 but have a poor credit rating and i am not a home owner how do i get it?
Gambling Addiction / Credit Card Debt - California?
what website can i go to to get my credit score for free without having to provide credit card info?
Number of Credit Checks Affect Credit Rating? What if I'm shopping for car Insurance?
How long does it take for a credit card to be delivered once it's been approved?
How would an 18y old go about getting a loan for a moped\Scooter?
Why wont my computer take my credit card?
Why does AVG say that its free and yet quote an amount to be paid monthly?
This time is chance of get out of debt?
could i get credit in a clothes store if a have no job?
are there any credit consolidation companies in the philippines?
The gas pump said my debit card was "authorized", but now the bank says I must pay overdrafts, is this legal?
What 11 pieces of information does the Truth In Lending Act require the lender to inform the borrower of?
Who is the man that the United States asked for a loan from?
How do I close my debit card online?
my bank called me and said i need to verify my social security, what does it mean?
how can you find out the derogatory items on credit report?
Why does paypal give me this error We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information?
credit card question.?
Visa giftcard question?
Installment Loan Help!! Accounting!?
Will the store once upon a child, buy baby items with cash or for store credit only?
i think my brother's identity is stolen, because he applied for credit card and got declined.?
Need help with pre paid debit card?
My credit score is so bad, and I want to fix it, should I trust those web sites that promises credit repairs?
I started a new job and payday was wendsday. I dint get paid but they gave me a money network pay card today. ?