i live in iran .how can i have a credit card?
please please please, can i have an itunes gift card voucher code?
Visa or amazon gift card question?
Returned an Item bought I bought with AMEX gift card?
Question about banks rescue and personal credit (see details, please)?
what is going to happen with my bank account, and what they are going to ask me?
How much does it hurt your credit if?
My friend found a credit card number and used it, will he get caught?
Is one credit card enough?
Account numbers in credit card debt suit don't match! Am I right to deny their claim?
Does anyone know how I legally make £1,000 in one month.?
why is cash no good anymore?
what is today's average interest rate on a car?
What is the Best credit card for redeeming for airline travel?
Credit card payment; early or on time?
A judgement after 11 yrs?
A way to add one master card on another?
Sending money as a Gift on PayPal?
which Equal Credit Opportunity Act protection do you think is the most important?
What is FRIC on my credit report?
I have a fulltime job but get paid cash and will do taces at end of year how do i get cat loan with no bank ?
is it better to pay off a credit card in full each month or pay the minimum balance?
pay day loans online?
is their any loans i can get on social security?
What are some things I can do to clean up my credit?
How to stop calls from collection agencies?
How old do you have to be to get a credit/debit card?
credit report and collections confussion?
Can Interac™ cards and bank cards work all around the world?
Ebay, Prepaid Debit Card, and Paypal question?
credit card question?
what do you do if apartment credit check says you owe creditors and you have already paid off creditors?
Payed Admin Fee Loan GoGo?
I am 23 years old and I have bad credit how would I go about getting good credit?
paypal bill me later?
Need help getting a loan to pay off credit card debt!! Help!!?
What can I do about this gift card?
How can I improve my FICO score?
Has anyone ever heard of
On ebay can you pay with out paypal?
Ebay payment help please!?
Fees assessed on delinquent accounts?
My Equifax score - 744?
Are Deceased credit card holders libable for credit card debts?
What is the best and easiest way to rebuild credit after filing bankruptcy?
I have an SBI maestro card. What is the procedure to chang it to master/visa card?
Overlimit on Credit Card Is this Considered Default?
On credit cards that are recently paid off, Cancel them or cutt them and Why?
best place to shop for credit cards for students?
credit card bill due on a holiday?
Why did my credit score drop dramatically after I bought a house?
If you're in a PART 9 DEBT AGREEMENT, can you still apply for a loan; ie car/home loan?
Where can I get a creadit Card on the spot?
i can not get credit card why?
What governmental institutions, programs, and/or funds can i use assist with repairing my credit?
Does Hollister take prepaid cards? 1ST ANSWER 10 POINTS ASAP?
What is the best way to clean up my credit? How do i dispute errors on my credit reports?
Paying off my boyfriends Best Buy credit card as a gift?
Bad credit.. possible loan?
In the UK how old do you have to be to obtain a credit card?
Chase Freedom Credit Card Interest?
Will accepting a private student loan raise or lower my credit score?
How do I improve my Credit Score?
re: $70 balance opened 05/2002 states past due 30 days paid, closed and current w/ neg items on report?
How can I pay off my Credit Card faster?
Is my credit rating affected by my moms credit score if I'm a cardholder?
Wells Fargo - the hyena's of the banking game?
How do credit card companies afford to offer cash back?
I want to apply for the waltDisney credit card where you get points for walt Disney world?
Will they do a credit check following a criminal background check?
How do I garnish someones wages?
how can I buy full version of checkbook shareware with paypal without a credit card?
Where can I get a free copy of my credit report??
Has anyone used to pay?
Apartment renting question?
Canada iTunes Store without Credit Card?
I ordered something online with my debit card?
how do I clear a satisfied ccj debt on my credit file?
I just got a credit card in october and I was wondering how long it will take me to build some credit so ....?
what should i do about my credit card?
Walmart Visa Credit Card?
How does negotiating a settlement with collection? ontario canada?
removing negative credit from my report?
Having "TOO" much Credit?
Signing up for a credit card just for the bonus?
how do i remove things from my credit i did not do?
Can a business charge your credit card without your authorization?
Where can I get a credit card if I have poor credit rating.?
Auto loan company not reporting to credit bureau. Can I force them to let me out of my contract?
Judgement for Credit Card on Credit Report?
Question about credit card balance and payoff?
Equifax and Fico credit score the same thing?
if i use a credit card to buy something online will it say where the item is being shipped?
in accounting, why owner's capital belongs to credit account?
How to get a preloaded credit card ?ASAP?
can you still get a secured loan if you've got bad credit?
What are some common mistakes people make when they first get a credit card, and how can I avoid them?
I am trying to locate a company in Canada, ULT Incorporated?
Can I use Bill Me Later as a college student?
What will happen if I don't pay my credit card?
Credit Card Refund Question?
Is it possible to work a whole year without spending no more than 1k?
Anyone have a Target,Wal-Mart or k-Mart credit card?
are payday loans outlawed in the state of PA?
Fraudulent Charge on Credit Card?
Is it possible to fix a credit score of 350 in a year? Where?
What can I do? (Debt issues)?
Why did .com charge my credit card for something I don't have?
Do I have bad credit? I'm in college this is my story.?
HOw do companies go about garnishing wages in the UK?
An increase in the average collection period may suggest all of the following EXCEPT?
which website takes news and offers payment to the contributor from India?
if my aunt get a mortgage and her name & my name is on the deed, when she passed away what about my credit?
Credit Score Help for a 23 year old!?
Sent to collections hurt my credit score?
Will i get Arrested? Paypal account?
can a credit card balance be transfered to a different cardholder?
How does negotiating a settlement with collection? ontario canada?
Paying by check online?
where can i find a good loan company that is not out to get me?
where is the most likely place to get a home equity loan on a mobile home?
Bank loans questions?
Good SMS Payment Method?
Collection agency is threatening to discontinue payment schedule and demand I get a loan. Can they do this?
how do I figure out my interest rate based on my credit score?
The Picture Loan Advert?
help!! i need this extra credit please help!!!~~~~~?
when buying something on my credit card does the seller get my name or just act no on their receipt?
Debt Consolidation Loans?
Where can i buy prepaid credit cards in ontario?
i want a $3500 laptop and considering a credit card?
how can i pay for software without a credit card?
I am not able to contact any one to update my credit info for my web site, I need to talk to someone in perso
how do i cancel my bank of america debit card online?
Will my husbands debt owed be taken from my bank account?
Why was my credit score graded a C?
what happens if you can't pay your home equity or car loan?
Who needs a Guaranteed Loan Offer at a Low Interest Rate?
Credit Score of 625? Standard score?
Credit card website, Chase Freedom
need to add money to an prepaid card only have checking?
What credit transfers does Harvard accept?
Bank of America credit limit increase?
Anyone have experience with Merchant Account Loans?
Can I use a visa pre paid card on amazon?
How old do you have to be to get a "Green dot" visa card?
Can you have 2 different loans from 2 diffrent loan companys?
do all transactions on paypal count as a regular transaction with a credit card?
What are the best surces for unsecured credit cards or loans?
Why is my order still pending?
Can I get credit for my medical bill?
Bringing my credit score back up?
i would like to know mu contribution and salary loan status?
I have been in the UK for 6mths and want to apply for a loan but have no credit history. what can i do?
what credit cards can i get?
Can you use a prepaid credit card for cigarettes and cigars online?
Why did Experian Drop over 50 points?
How do I start my credit?
How much or what kind information does a company/business need to do a credit check on someone?
how the prime rate is computed?
Where can I get a personal loan with bad credit?
Can I be reported to a credit agency for a house share?
how can I built my credit?
Getting credit..............?
Can i purchase goods online with a Nationwide Cash Card?
It won't let me use my Visa Gift Card for Paypal !?!?
have you ever taken the credit for other peoples work?
Credit card for transferring a balance?
Taxes on paying in usd with canadian credit card?
Debt guarantee what ?
Scammed on Ebay?
Which work can i do online with mobile phone & get paid?
what is 1 divided by 0?
should you pay off charged off accounts that are reporting badly on your credit report?
I am filing bankruptcy, they say I have to make a list of everything ..every fork, sock, candle, true?
What would u do for $1,000,000,000?
What would be best way to rebuild your credit score?
Should I settle with a company?
Credit card payments on my phone?
Out of these three what should i choose; if i am getting these free of cost!!?
where can i get FREE credit report,i do mean free?
Against whom to file a lawsuit to claim from a deceased?Is it against the deceased,the estate or the heir?
Can you use a debit card as a credit card on the Internet?Or are they different?
if made bankrupt do they take your passport?
How much does HSBC charge for bank statement requests?
sued over repo?
I accidently bought something on my dads credit card?
applying to more than one credit card.?
My credit scores are 580, 620, and 620. I have at least a small amount of debt but don't know who to pay...?
What is the youngest age to get a aredit card?
with holding a pay check?
I have a twelve year judgement on a truck I had to give back.A lawyer is bugging me for the money.?
How can I find a reliable offer for all 3 credit reports and score?
can i combine two mortages?
Can you get approved for a 10k credit card limit with no credit history WITH a cosigner?
how does playboy cyber club payment show up on bank statements?
Not completing sale on Ebay?
Can you issue a CCJ against an amalgamated institution?
Someone tried to open 2 credit cards in my name online?
Does it hurt my credit score if I use my credit card as if it were a debit card?
whats the point in having a credit card?
Is it bad to overuse your credit card?
How can I earn a lot of cash this summer?
Can I use my mom's debit card?
Can you get money back from a debit purchase if it was fraud and you didn't get what you paid for?
Does anyone know the statute of limitations in Illinois and Ohio?
How can I get a credit card to start my credit?
Help with Bill me Later?
Telephone provider hasn't been debiting our account,should we tell them ??
How do you cancel a payment/transaction on ebay or paypal?
Will refinancing my car affect my ability to trade it in for another car within the next year?
Credit card?
Is American Express any good?
Who is capable of reporting you to a credit bureau?? Any business?only certain does that work?
I Need 400 $$ Before Next Month?
how can i make money this way?
how much income tax credit can i get back for my son that turned 18 in 2011?
Debit card questions?
EBAY QUESTION i won an item worth 11 euro and i am not using a credit card i am using other which is post ....
Credit Card Balance Transfer w/ Check?
How should I structure this transaction?
What happens when an account goes to collection?
need a co signer but my family dont have credit?
what is zero based interest rate?
Lost in Credit Reports! I don't have a credit card...?
Do you have to be 18 to get a credit card?
it was said that i won$820,000.00?
When a landlord checks my credit, does that show up on my credit report?
Scotia advantage dealer emptied my account?
Nominal Interest Rate Help?
Consolidation of credit cards?
Interest Rate on a Car Loan For A 17 Year old With No Credit?
How do I close empty credit card accounts?
Does (US Bank) report to all three major credit bureaus?
Does completely paying off your balance and using your card again before the billing cycle is over hurt?
what are the benefits of extending credit to customers?
How does Paypal work?
how do I get a credit card after I have been refused by three different companies?
safest way to buy something from someone on a forum?
What is the best way to use a 50 $ amazon gift card?
Do student credit cards differ from regular ones?
How to write a letter explaining your lates payment in my credit report?
Credit Card Question?
Is Obama paying Sprint Cell phone bills before 12am tonight?
How much in debt are you, and how much do you make a year?
just received notice of garnishment and providian keeps giving some bogus # to call?
this guy.. i know him online.. and he gave me his mastercard number!?
how can have a credit card number?
What's "WaMu"?
I need a loan but I have bad credit, do you know of place where I can get help?
My father in law, asked my help with his credit report. I NEED HELP!!!?
i need a straight answer for my problem?
Getting a personal loan with bad credit?
i have two credit card charge offs with 7/2001 being the last payment, the debt has been sold several times?
Credit Limit Question?
Can an attorney's ofc. threaten to garnish wages?
Can you use a credit card without having it?
Can I pay through PayPal with my debt card and say I am using my credit card?
Can someone teach me about credit cards?
How can i cash my check?
Earning money in summer?
can i find out about my credit rating?
What to consider if you are availing a credit repair service?
Is paying yoru credit card off in full every month the best thing?
who has best loan rates forpeople that have bad credit?
Can I buy something online if I'm underage?
are there any substitute for credit cards?
After going bankrupt. What's the best way to get your credit back in track?
When you get your credit card bill, does EXACTLY what you bought show up on it?
Were can i get a loan online?
Why do credit card companies nickel and dime u?
How do I go about getting false derogatory reports off my credit?
how do i refinance an auto loan?
I keep getting checks from my credit card co. How do I use them responsibly?
how low should I pay down my credit card balance?
how do you get an unsecured loan when you have EXTREMELY bad credit.?
Why is my credit so bad ? I cannot figure out what I did that ruined it.?
How would this have affected my credit ?
How can we get a home loan?
County court judgement on credit file?
Thinkingbabout another car loan?
I started my credit about four months ago with a car lease and a low limit credit card.?
Vanilla prepaid mastercard charges?
i need to rebuild some good credit, im ready to buy a house but im scared about the interest rate i might get?
how do I get to speak to some one concerning my credit score...?
how much can they garnish from wages?
How can I finance a brand new car with no credit history?
I'm 13 should I buy a prepaid credit card?
i want to get credit card?
BSI Financial sent me a bill that was recieved on the 25th due on 1st. Is this legal?
My grandmother has a sears card since 2004. Last month she paid off her $600 balance.?
I have a credit card that I just paid off and won't use again. Should I close it or leave it?
has anyone heard of the UltraVX Visa?
can anyone suggest applying for a loan with really bad credit?
How good is a FICO score of 732 for a 23 year old?
what happens if my phone bill is one day past due?
Can I get a car loan after just moving?
I really need your help!!?
I have no self-control and have amassed about 35000 in credit card debt. What can I do?
Want to get a bank loan in Singapore. Any recommendations?
How can I get cash from my credit card?
Whats the best credit cards for teens ?
which states require a creditor to attempt collection from the primary borrower before attacking the cosigner?
I took a small loan out once that they never paid back is it forgotten about?
when you make a credit card payment how long does it take for the money to be available back on the card?
how can I check whether somebody else has taken loan on my name without my knowledge .?
PNC Visa gift card problem?
debtors prison alternative?
is it possible to get a car loan if i have no credit?
I have the wrong birthdate on my credit card?
Does it hurt your credit if you close your credit card?
What is a tradeline?
What's the differnce between a credit and a debit card?
how long does natwest take to process your account closure?
if i get a DDA credit memo on my bank statement does that mean that i will no longer get overdraft fees?
What is the WI percentage that a landlord can garnish from a pay check?
is there any way i can get money to buy a house?
Will turning down a equity line of credit hurt my credit score?
Where can I get my credit report without putting in a credit card number?
I just got an e -mail from Bank of America. Is this a scam?
Can I deposit a check (in the ATM) into a another credit union that isn't my credit union?
How do I raise my credit score fast and without paying some company to erase stuff off my report?
I don't have a skylight card, and they sent me a bill.?
If ur debit card got stolen in they used ur pin or as credit will they get caught in what can be donee?
will moving affect my credit score?
why do people type so much to ansure one question?
is it true that i am entitled to a free credit report yearly?
Green Dot Overdraft?
Am I more likely to be approved for a lease, or a loan?
How to get a credit card?
If there is a collection on your credit report when will it come off?
I am looking for a payday loan site thats directly to a lender not all these other sites where you are to ent?
Found someones credit card and used it? Whats the worse that can happen?
Ifiled 1/23 I was given DD date of 2/7 Checked WMR daily said scheduled now says processing plz allow 6 week?
Do credit union employees have to live in/near the community that the credit union serves?
I settled with 3 creditors today to improve my credit but.........?
Help - Best Small Business Credit Card?
Can this go on forever?
What happens if I pay my credit card but just never use it?
Visa gift card help?
What's the difference between credit & debit card?
Using an American Express gift card online?
what are credit cards doing about their rate?
what is the best was to consolidate credit card debt?
Will a secured cash loan help build my credit?
The only income I have now is Social Security Disability, and I am unable to work. Can credit collections sue?
What happens if i sign up for Amazon credit card to just buy one item ?
visa debit/credit cards are being phased out?
Does Paypal give out your credit card number when you buy something from a website?
I'm confused about my credit score?
I have never had credit in my life,am 49. I am being denied access to rentals and work be cause of. Why?
how do i gain credit?
Past bad credit in NY?
verizon want's me to pay a bill i already paid its on my credit report how do i correct this?
How to add payment options to itunes acount?
Chapter 13, Bankruptcy?
Can parents check my bank balance?
when will paypal give me back my money?
Does anyone have experience with credit negotiators who advise you to stop paying your creditors for 90 days?
Will I get approved for financing?
How does the paypal credit card affect your acount?
with a score of 500, is there a reputable mortgage company that will finance a mortgage for me today?
Should I accept a credit card w/a 28.45 APR with no monthly fee or one with 23.99 but w/a $10.95 monthly fee?
Do you get interest from a credit card off the amount of time or every payment?
any jobs that make about or over 250,000 a year?
how much monthly mortgage on $65000 loan?
Can I cancel a refund request for greendot credit card?‎?
Paying off charged off credit cards?
Can I delete a debit card on right after I make a purchase?
How does a shortsale affect credit cards i already have?
Can I initiate a chargeback on my credit card in this situation?
Question about amazon credit card?
What do you think Milton Friedman would have said about credit scores?
What is PayPal? How does this method of payment work?
How do you get to the real credit report sites, i.e. equifax, trans union and experian?
is applying for teco card free?
best answer to the person who can tell me what site i can find my credit score for free no credit card. FREE!
Where can I find bad credit unsecure loans not payday loans?
What is considered proof of child support income for a loan?
anyone know of compnays who loans money for car? The catch is low credit scores!?
Did I apply for Credit?
Loan for bad credit? Is is possible? if so where?
I borrowed a $400 loan from a payday loan and i?
how good credit formed without me even knowing?
Loan repayment--RU good at maths?
Can i get a credit card with no income (canada)?
My credit score is excellent, my fiancee has only fair score.How do I keep my excellent score after marriage?
I've got debt problems?
Why was my debit card declined?
Why didn't my overdraft protection work?
Does "item verify" extend the statute of limitations?
I need a credit card with a limit of at least $750 ?
Easy way to report a scam?
Are visa gift cards reload able? As in you can add more money to it.?
im going to apply for a home loan should i go with wells farg,countrywide loans,quicken loans or washington mu
How do you cancel a belk rewards card?
What are the big disadvantages of non-conformance home loans?
If you were in my shoes, how would you go about ridding yourself of payday loans? I currently have 6 loans.?
can i add money to my paypal account with VISA spendon card. or do i have to enter a real credit card?
Varified by visa won't work?
I lost my money on paypal using a Visa Giftcard, How do i get it back?
Information on co-signers?
What happens to my auto loans if my credit union who holds them goes under?
Can bank freeze my bank account?
CONTRACT PAYMENT INHERITANCE FUNDS(US$7.5M is this a scam if it is how do i report it, and to whom?
What credit card would you recommend to anyone and why?
GreenDot not working!?
what are the interest rate percentages on these? does anyone know?
HELP ME PLEASE!!! (dont ignore this question!!!)?
long does a Paypal refund take to show up in your bank account?
new credit scores...?
I'm 15, can I have a paypal?
georgia lending group?
what is the best way to dispute bad stuff on my credit report?
Will most utility companies accept a check for payment initally, even I do not have the money in my bank.?
When you break your lease in NJ, does show up on your credit report as negative?
Could she be in risk of debit card fraud?
how to clean my bad credit?
I am 2 months behind on my car payment & the loan company is refusing to accept payment?
quick credit score increase?
im in australia, does ur bad credit get wiped after 5 years or is that bull shite?
Returns on items online on prepaid visa card?
Should I get a square card reader ?
what's billing and shipping address?
How to Improve Credit score to purchase a car?
Is this a normal credit score?
What can be done when someone access's ur credit info w/o ur permission?
I payed an original creditor off. Does the collection agency have to remove it from my credit report?
got an email from this website to apply for a credit card abd cannot find the site?
Can i use an american express travel certificate on the xbox 360 as an payment option?
Is this a scam or real. I need to know?
whats the minimum opening deposit for BOA?
How do you get a credit card when you have bad credit?
I think I may have failed the osap credit check help please 20 points?
Credit Score ????
My Son is Missing, what will happen to his debt?
how can i get a free credit report?
In Tennessee, if a deceased person's credit cards were used with no one's knowledge, can the company collect?
I Need information regarding a $300 loan.?
Interest Rate for Poor credit customers?
Good or Bad for My Credit?
debit or credit??????????????????
is there credit life after bankruptcy?
What steps do I need to take to help rebuild my damaged credit?
Bank for a 16 Year Old To Sign Up at?
find home loans for under $30,000?
Is a judgment still considered a judgment even if I pay?
Reverse charges on Visa Debit Card...?
Payment plans with Littlewoods?
Is there any down side to the paypal debit card, it says no fees.?
how do you get debt consolidation with so so credit?
what's bad about credit?
What happens if you simply stop paying off your credit cards?
I see alot of people in debt including my parents... How do i not be in debt when I grow up?
Do Prepaid Master Cards Bill you?
Why does your credit score go down when it is checked?
im 15 and i stole a credit card and used a dollar of it and got arrested what will happen?
question about the loan process?
I sold an item on ebay and it says buyer has paid but i haven't received the payment?
e mail that saying they r going to give me 30% of money? wht is this?
minimum age..?
what is the best credit card to apply for,for a 59 year old?
CAN PAYING YOUR CELL PHONE BILL HELP build your credit history?
My pay check is being garnished for a pas due credit card?
If you have a judgment against you from Small Claims court, does this go in your credit report?
Let me know means of CVV?
If a a couple that is married and have totally opposite credit scores what happens?
What is the charge time for a HP4600?
anyone who has sold something on ebay?
What is the Equal Credit Opportunity Act?
fraud/ my own daughter used my s.s number!!to turn on her light with out my permission what can we do?
I just got married 2 months ago. Am I responsible for my spouses past debt? Need help NYC?
How to Build your credit with new Social Security Number ?
can collection agencies for credit card and medical bills take garnishments out of my check?
When Buying Something Online When They Ask Name Of Card Do You Put Just The Brand Or You Put Credit Or Debit?
help with cash !?
Has anyone heard of your mortgage company fixing your credit?
i just got a debt card idk noting really?
i need an unsucure loan for £15000?
I have balance of $6.36. I do not want to use phone out. Please refund the amount in my credit card ASAP
Is it possible to apply for a credit card with only TIN?
I have a credit limit with capitol one and if my balance is at $480 can I pull $200 out of the atm?
what are prompt payment discount?
Does Pay Pal know if your Credit Card expires?
should I apply for a pre approved credit card?
Can Your Own Dad Press Charges On You For Using His Credit Card After Giving You Permission To Use It?
if someone knows they're going to die, what's wrong with them charging up their credit cards...?
Car pmt due 5/6. They received on 5/30 but didn't post until 6/4. Is that 30 days late?
Being added as an authorized user on a credit card?
Has anyone else had the pleasure of cancelling credit cards from banks that recently jacked your rates?
how will cancelling a credit card affect my credit score?
in florida, if you have a credit card debt for about $2500, and do not pay do you go to jail?
NSF check from Canada to USA?
My Parents Steal From Me. Do they have access to my bank account?
rewards points?
Would like to know if my credit Scores enough to purchase a Hm?
chexsystems dillema over $16, in 2002.?
Help with a loan with these things?
Press charges for credit card fraud, worth it?
Why are they asking me if I have filed a bankruptcy?
Legitimate Credit Restoration Companies ?
is there a way to find out online about debt collections i owe to and how much i owe them?
if a woman has acquired a certain amount of debt, and desires to pay it off, what job would be best to achieve
Is there a way my sister in law can get help with her credit card accounts?
Building Good Credit Early? (18 Years Old)?
can i et into trouble for making less than the minimum payments on my credit cards?
What happens in court when a company goes to court for a debt? Can they go to court if payments have been paid?
Help with TD Visa Debit Card?
Credit Score ????
What bank or where can I go to get a auto loan with short credit history?
Is this a valid way to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report?
want to settle my credit card due?
Credit card fraud? Or just a control question?
Online Stores that acept paypal?
should a person declare bankruptcy or just wait seven years for their credit to heal itself?
Cancellation of Debt laws?
How many points are restored to your credit report as it gets older?
Is a loan considered default if you miss payments but are making more then minimum to repay?
What is 0% APR? Car buying questions...?
how much can you withdrawl from a credit union atm?
Why does Paypal say my payment status is unclaimed?
How long after you make a purchase with a credit/debit card are they allowed to charge it?
if my husband has a abstract judgment saying they could put a lien?
does a savings card have a 3 digit verification number?
Will having a credit card in Thailand affect a U.S. credit score?
If merchant won't complete a transaction, does that mean the sale is void?
Credit card company taking me to court?
If I miss payments on credit cards or other loans does my credit rating go back to normal once debt is paid?
I have a simple question?
Can bad credit history in the US be transferred to the UK?
Is it legal for a company to now require auto-pay?
How should I do this?
Does the Micro-Credit have any chance to survive in the US?
Visa or Mastercard?
Your company is planning to borrow $2,000,000 on a 3-year, 16%, annual payment, fully amortized term loan. Wha?
Does your debt ratio on credit report affect your credit score? Even when your payments are never late?
Im trying to find a credit card I can get approved for?
Went to gamestop and Gave the clerk my pin, when i payed with a credit card , can he use it?
Credit Card Collection repayment issue?
Dwp crisis loan number for glasgow?
Can I get a $200,000 mortgage loan.?
i live in Bangladesh and i dont have any credit card system. How can i activate my CCS?
How do I deposit a check without the bank putting a hold on it?
Do I qualify for the first-time homebuyer credit?
how do you raise a credit score?
can you get a loan at the age of 16?
Is it ok to make a balance transfer again after 0% interest has ended?
Wells Fargo Credit Card?
can a 16 year old have a debit card?
Using Someone Else's Credit Card Online? Help, Questionnss!?
Question about Paypal money?
Does it hurt your credit score if you click on those "free credit report"?
PLease Help?
I'm $5,400 in debt, interest rate is really high, should I contact a consolidator?
Credit Card.......?
On your credit report, can you remove multiple entries for one account?
What's the worst that could happen?
Someone added me as an authorized user for a credit card but i used the card will i get in trouble?
Whats a good 1 hour payday advance to use ?
C.R.E.A.M, Cash Rules Everything Around Me?
What are the chances of getting a loan from a credit union when you have bad credit?
how can i change the user ID of american express?
I am wanting to voluntarily surrender a vehicle.?
I am looking for a phone number for a business how do I get it?
Please explain exactly what an APR is re: loans?
Would anyone recommend trying to claim back bank charges for late payments?
withdrawing money from paypal?
can i cash 3 year old check from a company?
How to know whether to give credit card informations to websites or not?
Debt Consolidation?
Does anybody know if it is better to dispute credit issues online, or thru the mail?
Question about credit?
My doctor sent a medical test to a lab not covered by my health insurance.?
What would you change in the current check clearing process?
I live in ON/CAN. I had credit card debt from pre- 2004. What is the statute of limitation for repayment?
Credit, SS number, and mom!!! HELP?!!!?
Disputing my credit report?
How are credit card transactions processed for Credits?
Am I responsible for my brother's debt if I'm listed as next of kin even though he has children?
how can I use a visa gift card online?
I have no credit history. How long will it take me to build a decent credit score?
How to check my SSS contribution?
if i close a credit card account, will this effect my credit negatively?
Whats the difference between a Vanilla Visa and Visa Gift Card?
Questions about credit scores and when they rise and fall?
between how much would you det paid as an E.C.E?
Where can I purchase a mastercard/Visa card GIFT card for someone?
Does Chase Bank have a limit on how much money they dispense daily?
I want to update my employment information with Credit Bureau. How do I do that?
Do you HAVE to use the payment checks the lender gives you to make car payments?
How do I establish good credit if I have none?
Is it better to Sign or write "Ask for ID" on the back of a credit card? Are both acceptable and is one safer?
how does an 18 year old gain credit?
How do I find a lawyer about garnishments and things on my credit report that I am not responsible for?
What kind of credit do you have to have to get a loan with "Wells Fargo Financial"?
Visa Prepaid Card Question? HELP?
What is the exchange rate for Hongkong dollars into Sterling?
how many points can you raise your credit score in 6 months?
i need a credit card im in high school with absolutely no credit?
What ways are available for a 17 year old to build good credit?
I need a loan, but i have a past due credit card?
Is there any way I could Add Funds from the UAE to my Paypal account without using a credit card?
I ordered an item on ebay and I can only pay money order or personal / cashiers check...ONLY HAVEA CREDITCARD?
High Debt Dilemma - Here's the problem, would you go with this solution? Suggestions please.?
Can you get a loan with bad credit?
How To Check Bank Acount Online?? .s?
finding a home loan when my credit is bad, where can I turn???
What address should I put in credit report inquiry for military member?
does any one know any credit cards that are easy to get if you are unemployed or have bad credit?
where is best to get a loan with bad credit?
If someone has a bad credit score, how long does it take to repair it?
I need information on Cpital One's "No Hassle Miles" program?
where can i get a totally free copy of my credit score online?
has anyone tried "consolidated credit" to help get outta debt and if they have does it work?
how does "writing off" a debt affect your credit?
My husband and I are on the verge of losing everything,We both work but we can't seem to make ends meet.?
Paypal seller fraud!?
~CREDIT CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!~?
is it illegal using someone else's credit card?
How do i fix my credit when ive had loans charged off?
trying to get old creditors off my report?
Who intiates the check payment proces by writig a check on his or her account at a bank?
a creditor came up to my brother and told him how much i owe.where can i find the disclosure laws at?
what is the best way to improve your credit?
How the heck can I get a credit card?
How long does it take for a debit card to arrive in the post?
can anyone suggest what is the fastest way to repair credit?
Vanilla Visa gift card help?
My kids SS cards where stollen?
I'm on collection and I don't understand the 7year rule...can some one explain in detail please?
Site asking for Social Security?
Can i use netspend card?
applied for jcpenny credit card they said they'll send me a letter does that mean i didn't get it?
What are my options on a debt that I didn't sign for?
Payment method for apple I.D?
Can you use a Discover vanilla gift card online?
What's the best credit check website?
Will canceling a brand new credit card hurt my credit score?
What do you need to know when applying for your first credit card? do i get it ?????
okay in u.k what would you say a good salary is?
A bank allowed a withdrawal from my account with a forged document. they refuse to put it back, what can I do?
Does government Check items bought online?
how old can you get a credit card?
Is the bank interested in making me a deal for my credit card debt?
Non default refinance programs?
To all the Credit Experts out there can you answer this??
how does paypal work?
How can I correct wrong info on my credit report?
Why do we have to pay for everything?
I am wanting to voluntarily surrender a vehicle.?
Amazon gave money back on shipped item?
I found a credit card on the ground and used it what will happen to me. I live in Georgia?
Is it true that getting a credit card only effects your credit if you are denied?
can a collection agency have my license put in default?
Is this letter a scam?
paris hilton - has she paid her debt to society after 3 days in jail?
Ordered online, but put the wrong billing address?
payday loan concerns?
What do I do if Van Ru Credit is not releasing my student loan debt from collections?
How much credit have you got left?
How does pay day loans affect your credit rating?
Hi, I owe citibank around 6500. I lost job back in 2008. since then i am not having regular income. I tried to?
I think someone a family member actually stole my dead mother's idendity?
How can i get a Credit Card and....?
question about BofA check card...?
I am trying to get a credit card.?
What would you estimate this persons credit score to be?
If you agree settle to settle a credit card debt, then is that account closed?
Where can I find a new credit card to open where the card itself is cheetah print? ?
Just bought a new car, Am i getting credit?
Can someone explain to me about Credit Score?
Wal-Mart Money Card Mastercards Debit?
Tuition bill sent to Minnesota department of revenue- credit ramifications?
i have 3 non major credit cards, is it bad to close one?
Question about a Loan (HELP!)?
i'm 15 can i get a credit card?
How do I go about proving that my partner stole my identity using credit cards?
I have bad credit, but would like to use the 50% ownership i have in a club to get a loan, is it possible.?
How to get macy's credit?
Really confused about my new credit card? ?
will this appear on my credit card statement?
Whats a good interest rate to get a new credit card?
what does mail and rebate mean?
were to find poor credit home loans in kansas city missouri?
Paypal getting limited intentionally ??? Pls help?
Can I have to Levys? one with 25% out of paycheck and get one for my already opened checking account?
does using 30% of my credit card and paying it back more than once a month help build my credit score faster?
Can an invoice become a receipt?
What is a "Credit limit" ...?
17yr old works at mcdonalds they said her register was short because she pressed cash instead of credit?
Looking for the best prepaid debit card.?
i defaulted on a loan payment 5 years ago, i have since been paying a small amount to a dca each month.?
EBAY QUESTION i won an item worth 11 euro and i am not using a credit card i am using other which is post ....
Using a debit card with PayPal?
I have a good job. I need a loan with no scams. Is that possible?
Can anyone give me information on Amazon Visa Card through Chase?
bank charges will i be charged for being a few hours overdrawn?
What is interest payment on a loan amount of $2000 at 6.8%?
will i get charged interest on mastercard if i pay the balance before the billing date?
What does a discover credit card bill look like?
I have been approved for a $ 2,000 loan but I have to pay a $ 400 security deposit. does that make sense?
Credit score and car loan! No nothing about this!?
Credit card rejection help?
Help with my new credit card? - Loan and Financing for Bad Credit?
how long does it take for a loan to take effect?
Would PayPal accept a WalMart prepaid credit card?
is it legal for businesses to charge you a fee to use your credit/debit card?
after filling bankrupt?
where is the issue number on a visa debit card? and where is the CSC number?
what were the commercial interest rates on loans on 11/03/06?
Is This A Scam,Please Help?
On a credit report- I was wondering if anyone knew what - this account is scheduled to go to a positive status
Whats the best option for me to get out of debt?
can a hotel take money from my credit card without my permission?
I received a V-Day card mark a V-Day for a friend. It also says have a good 2007? Potential?
Credit Debt Question???
What is your views on this situation?
Does getting a preapproved car loan online lower your credit score just by inquiring?
How does pay-pal work in internet transactions?
Hello, I am using HDFC Platinum Credit card, Please let me know how can i check gift gallery. i have approx?
What is the Best credit card for redeeming for airline travel?
Can I put a paysafe card on PayPal?
Transferring money by credit card on paypal?
I am 20 years old soon to be 21 is 710 a good credit score for me?
PayPal and EBay money clearing?
I need to consolidation my outstanding loan?
Each of the following is an expense except a payment for?
Paypal stole money from my prepaid credit card.?
The Causes Of Financial Debt?
Can you write a check for your down payment at car mart?
paypal help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
I submitted a payment online and i would like to know how long it takes till the payment is processed?
I need help on how to get rid of my debt?
does paying off autoloan early.. increase credit score..?
What lenders only use Transunion credit scores when rating people who want to refinance their home mortgage?
can google Steal money from my bank account please help?
My credit card was stolen and used to purchase stuff online what do i do?
Who do I complaint about my credit card company?
I'm 24 yrs old and my father still tampers with my debit card. Is this legal?
Is paying yoru credit card off in full every month the best thing?
Does debt go away?
How do I create an itunes account without a credit card?
What's the best credit card for a student with no previous credit history?
When was the first credit card?
My Husband is trying to reclaim his bank charges from a company we found on the internet. How long did it take
web site for free government annual credit rating?
How come Bank OF America's online app does not ask for your drives L. I thought that was mandotary?
Citi Bank Credit Cards?
i found a blank western union money order on the ground. can i cash it?
help please!!!!!!!!!!! Why is my credit card rejecting me?
What would be your main driver for opening a store card?
How do I ask for my money back to a friend who does not show any intention to pay it $1,000?
how to pay for an item on ebay that is awaiting payment?
Why didnt ebay ask for credit card information?
what time will it be available? any experience?
Can I buy items online with a netspend visa debit card.?
Which would help my credit score more: loan or credit card?
has anyone heard of this, is it a scam?
What should I write to our credit card company to sort things out?
I have poor credit. As a matter of fact i have no credit and i would like to start building it what can i do?
unauthorized charges on credit card statement using canceled credit card?
need some help on debt problems?
Is this a sign my credit is improving?
will the bank see the evidence when i file for wrong amount on credit report?
Walmart money card question?
if you order something off of amazon on someone else's credit card can they see what you ordered?
What happens if I lost my check from work? ?
Credit cards limits/cut offs?
Fair Credit Report Act.?
If I'm under 18 and someone has made credit accounts in my name who can I send proof of age to get it removed?
what is a creditcard?
Does anyone know what the minimum FICO score is the will get approval for an American Express card?
well i get this email saying i won money and now they want me to pay $600 dollars for shipping a check?
about loan query?
i have a loan for almost four years now, i want to know if penalty grows every year,thanks.?
I paid off card.How can i get it showing paid on credit reports?
How do credit cards work? Are they good or evil?
Why is my credit score going down but I paid all my bills on time?
help meeeeeeeeee?
I think my roommate's been using my credit can I find out for sure?
i wanna use my moms debit card.....?
what is the best way to increase my credit score ? can credit repair companies really help with credit ?
Should I pay off a debt from 1998 that does not show on my credit report?.?
bill collectors - can they send bills in your name if you have power of attorney?
I need informtion abaut my new account?
Credit report after bankruptcy - What should it say?
Our credit card co. is demanding payment in full by a certain date-02-29-07 of $2,600. what are our options ?
For paypal can I use visa gift cards?
i owe bank american $5100 and i have a creditor telling me he can put me to jail? is that true?
Can you get Cash out of a Gift Card?
How important is the credit check for federal job?
Do you need ID to use a Best Buy credit card?
I'd like to know how best to prevent and/or discover Identity theft before it happens or as it may occurThanX!
30% of $827?
my credit score is 582 on Experian can I get a loan through Prosper??
Creditor question???????????????????????????/?
Why were the credit card rules change to limit 18 year olds from getting credit cards?
alpha capital?
can mailorder cataloge sent debt collectors 2 me 4 goods I have no recollection of 7 years ago?
Question about small bank loans and using my credit card abroad?
Who is the best debt counselor?
What is the best Credit Card Reward Program?
How to cancel my membership with Gold`s Gym International?
Does anyone know any companies who will approve people for small loans with bad credit
is it a wise idea to have a credit card?
Pay-pal/ Money Order Transfer.?
Can I obtain a Credit Card when I turn 16? (UK)?
What should my friend do about an unpaid medical bill that has been sent to a collections department?
what informations do you need to order online with prepaid credit card?
How do i get a credit card when i have bad credit?
Can you make an Ebay account with a Visa giftcard?
Can a career development loan be included in a debt relief order?
Debit Or Credit card?
What's the best Credit Card to get?
What is the total credit card debt in America? ?
Refund of Visa prepaid card available?
how too get a loan with bad credit?
Is it possible to have car payments automatically withdrawn from my bank account?
credit question!! help! scared and very confused ..?
Has anyone used peterson.loaninvestment@?
Secured Credit Cards?
Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card?
what happen if you close your debit visa card?
I'm being sued by Capital one, I get work study through my school what portion of my paycheck can they get?
does this ask and answer charge any money for this?
How Can I get a 30,000 Car With little to no down payment?
where and how to apply for credit card?
Co-sign a car, will they check my credit and other things?
I make 75k a year but trying rebuild credit will credit union issue me a small limit credit card score 550?
is 618 a good credit score?
Could I take a prepaid visa gift card and add money to it persay via ebay?
Pre paid visa? And gift card?
can you pay to straight from a credit card?
Is there any way I can get these credit ratings merged prior to me changing my name and gender?
risks in falsifing "proof of funds"?
Payday loan from loan company?
Does anyone know how I can stop so called "pre-approvaled" credit card applications that come in the mail?
can o2 recover a debt from 6 years ago they have never chased me?
My credit card charges no interest for 45 days, but they have?
Tired of Card Holder Services calling me?
Where can i use my card care one card?
Will asking my credit card for an increased credit limit hurt my credit score?
Do you think that people of IT Sectors contribute the major part of Indian Revenue?
need to edit my credit card, so hard?
How do I build Business Credit? How long should i build the line of credit before I apply for a loan?
What is the charge for this credit card theft?
How does the collection agency work ?
How to get a visa debit card in the Philippines if i'm only 14 y/o?
Can you use your credit card for Paypal?
what is todays repo, reverse repo and crr in india??
Can people get my name and address when they deposit money into my Paypal Account?
can you but a prepaid credit card at the dollar general store?
Does pulling credit effect scores?
Paypal "issue refund" Help!?
can you see what was paid for on a walmart money card?
HELP LVNV Funding LLC Garnishing Wages?
Can you get a Loan Modification on a Bridge Loan?
Why do people with poor credit get charged more interest on loans?
If your mom left her credit with you without even realizing it would you ever have spent her money?
Is there really a case against me for not paying back a loan company that never gave me anything?
is it safe to use a debit card/ with the visa on it?
What would happen ...IF I just quit paying my credit card balances over the next 5 years?? ?
sued by credit card company....?
How log does it take to transfur 300 dollars from your bank to PayPal?
Would Bank of American accept a interantional check from Israel that is $1,719,534.86($500,000 USD)?
why is it taking so long to get approved to a apartment?
I have a debt in collections is there a way that I can pay the origanal bill & not have any dealing w/ agency?
What is Repo?
Upside down on car loan?
What is B.O.P. in simple words.?
Is there a legitimate place to apply for a loan with bad credit?
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Gas stations charge a $1.00 for using debit card, WHY??
How much is my salary loan outstanding balance?
what are some easy ways to improve your credit score?
face a serious summon, abt $8K, need help...?
Continental Credit Card: 25000 miles?
Credit Card charge back through paypal scam?!!?
How does my immigrant husband begin to gain credit in the U.S.?
floating charge in securing a loan?
what is offline sale at icici credit card?
Can anyone tell me any reliable debt collection agents/attorneys in New York, except Dun & Bradstreet ?
me and a friend are planning to get an apartment in the summer, but do both of us need a credit score?
Company payroll check sent to incorrect bank account number. Help!?
Can a minor be sent to collections by ebay?
Does it cost money to receive IM's from my Verizon phone?
ssn#-how can someone find mine?
miles by discover - how long does it take to get a gift card if i'm redeeming miles?
How long does it take to recieve an stcu debit card once its ordered?
My credit score is 765 but bill me later still declined me. I dont understand. Isn't 700 good?
Absolutely free credit report?
When is jimmy johns payday?? and do you atleast making $200 on your check?
What is the best accurate way to re-establish credit??
how can i make money in lottery?
Should I take this credit card?
Budgeting loan help??????
How can i find out my credit score?
i just got a credit card and i want to ask to increase the credit limit,do u thing i will get it?
balance check state bank?
I lost my wallet including driver's licence, 3 credit cards, social security card,etc. What should I do next?
I have 2 unpaid cell phone bills (month to month, not contract); will that go to collections, affect credit?
Estate Agency?
debt settlement vs. paying in full?
Free samples on-line? Without having to use a credit card or sign up for their "offers"?
refunds on garnishment payments?
Will canceling my secured credit card increase my FICO?
What amount of money is considered a good salary in Malaysia?
Do credit card payments post/process on weekends?
How can i get 30 $ fast paypal or sharecash :)?
Do you charge groceries and gasoline on your Credit Card?
How can I get out of a credit repair scam?
how can i start to fix my credit?
What is the best way to rebuild bad credit?
How do i order my credit report from transunion only?
The declaration and payment of $50,000 cash dividend was recorded as a debit to Interest Expense $50,000 and a?
i dont have any have credit and therefore cant seem to get my online crdt scr,how can i apply for credit 4sure
Collection agency refuses pay for delete agreement...?
I am getting a charge on my bank card?ZUNE?
What can I do once my debt has reached the seven-year mark? The debt collectors won't stop calling!?
has the credit crunch effected america really bad ?
help! i have no idea what they mean?
On my experian credit report, each entry lists a date when "this account is scheduled to continue on record...
Has anyone ever had any problems with NCO Collections?
Consolidating credit cards with a personal loan from a bank?
A payment was made on my credit card, I don't know where it came from?
How much money do u owe on your credit card? for me I owe?
help, can you help with this one?
Removal of late payment on credit card?
paypal cost question?
Does cancelling a CC reflect badly on your FICO score?
I had an Eddie Bauer Acct. I'm trying to straighten it out. Need phone number?
Subpeonas and Judgments?
Different between debit or credit?
2 VISA cards don't work onn Paypal?????!!!?
How do Loans work and is it possible to get one with minimum wage Job. 10 points?
For your credit does settle in full look really bad????
Late credit card payment?
How can u unblock credit or an account that they are trying to verify if the phone has been disconnected prior?
How do I garnish someones wages?
I have a TD bank card but I forgot my pin, can I reset it online!?!?
can i put money in a gift card that someone gave me?if so how?
account number on natwest visa card?
My aunt got a credit card and she made me a authorized user.?
what would happen legally to a 16 year old who found a credit card and tried it out on the Internet? is it safe?free?
Can a career development loan be included in a debt relief order?
Withdrawing from western please?
piggybacking credit cards?
Is there any alternative to a Guarantor?
Would it hurt my credit score to pay off my $12,000 in student loans all at once?
Credit on the pay as you go 3 network?
supporting documents besides i.d?
Are there cable comp. That don't do a credit check?
How do I find money owed me ,such as life insurance policies canceled, retired stocks, bank balances .?
What bank should i work for?
maira business/purchase dda?
How do purchases from appear on the credit card bill?
can i use my prepaid Visa gift cards and a credit card to purchase items online?
is it okay to put money down on a loan from overseas if they promise that it is not a scam?
My paypal pending my payment?
Does a consigner need good credit?
Help paying off defaulted credit debt?
Do banks accept credit cards for loan payments?
There was an articlein the past month about people paying off debts. The story detailed 3 or so couples where?
Are there credit cards where you don't pay up front?
Opening new credit card bad for credit (want to by a house)?
Can i cash in my check at compass if its a chase check?
What Happens If I don't pay my credit card bill at all?
If a negative item is removed from one agency's report, will it come off the others as well?
i need to get the last 4 digits of my deceased grandmothers social security number,?
Is it worth paying 50 bucks a month to increase my credit?
What happens when family member passes away and has a car loan but the loan is being paid for by a family mem?
My ATM Card information was stolen am I liable for the charges?
are these people just lying to me?
i lost my bank card and someone used it, the bank is not refunding my money because they had my pin # and card?
Consequences of not paying your credit card?
Is 619 a good credit score?
How long does a credit collection clear entirely off a credit report?
I fibbed on my annual income while applying for a credit card. I didn't get approved anyway.?
Can I use my credit card if it expires this month?
I'm under 18 and I want to get credit- can I get credit card?
Financial woes hit the family and my wife got behind on her Credit Card payments. Now they will not negotiate?
Any recommendations for a Financial Advisor in Chicago?
what is a good gas credit card i can get with a low apr?
my credit card is suing me for a card that had a balance of $600.00?
Financing and credit?
does anyone know how many piont are taken off your credit score every time an inqiory is made?
how to pay off 6000 in at&t bill?