I wanna get a loan but what does "amortization period (in years)" mean?
Would it be a good idea for someone who has a recent BANKRUPTCY to apply for a car loan?
How can I get a 15,000 loan without a credit check?
Has John Cena ever won a money in the bank?
Do medical item be clear from credit report.?
What Credit Score Do I need to get a Mortgage without a Co-Signer?
buying a new car with bad credit?
where i can get a bussines loan?
why doesnt my credit card work?
Hi thanks for reading my question. anyone know if I could still get bonus I'd 5748 for my amex credit dard ?
are there reloadable visas or mastercards without addresses?
Does turning to a credit counselor such as Care One hurt your credit?
does anyone know about uk
Is there monthly payment in Tigerdirect Canadian site?
What does filing bankrupcy affect?
How do I deal with a collections agency that t-mobile reported me to for an invalid charge?
Reputable Loan Companies?
Will I be charged if I don't use my credit card?
Are there any reputable, established debt settlement companies or are they all suspect?
How old must you be to get a debit card in New York State?
I can't pay credit card, how do I default/what happens?
inquiries question of my credit...?
Do medical bills hurt credit score when buying a house?
Why cant i make purchases with my prepaid card?
Can I get approved for a Best Buy Credit Card with no credit?
Do you have advice for handling delinquent student loans that you cannot pay now?
I didnt pay back a payday loan from 4 years ago, can I go to jail for this?
I've been denied my mortgage because of bad credit, but don't know where it's from. Advice please?
anyone with evictions?
What is the best way to get a FREE copy of your Credit Report??
Credit Card Question?
Can they do this?
Credit score crisis, please read!?
Credit cards for 13 year old?
how do i find out if my american express gift card still has money?
Validation letter?
Good Credit Cards for 18-year-old?
someone on Ebay is asking me to pay them as a gift on paypal?
Advice on a loan with bad credit?
what are the requirement for account recievable?
can a guarantor apply for a loan?
I am in a credit repair they have deleted and updated several items but my score has not gone up?
what is a good credit card apr?
can a collection agency come after me even though the account is a chargeoff ?
i need spyrecon help?
SOL with credit card debt?
Is it possible to borrow money( two grand) with good credit but currently no employment? thank you.?
Credit card abuse?
Can I use someone else's credit card with their permission?
Are there any legit online cash advance/payday loan sevices that deposit into a savings account?
I went to walmart to cash my check but they wouldnt let me, what should i do next?
MoneyPak for Bitcoins?
My girl friend is overstayer.?
Can you pay your monthly credit card bill with a debit card?
Who is to blame for the credit crunch?
Is true that the Capital One credit cards do NOT charge a fee for international usage?
Can I appy for a credit card a week or two before turning 18?
Do you have to enable the visa NFC credit card chip before use?
Banks that will actually give me a loan so I can straighten up my credit?
If I work for cash such as babysitting can I get a credit card? and how?
how can i fix my crdeit and get my score higher?
What does overdrawn mean and where is my money?
Bad credit marrying good credit?
If you buy a $25 amazon card, do you need the credit card?
Question about bankruptcy?
Where can you buy pre-paid credit cards?
What credit score do i need to sign with SDCCU?
help me! letter from bank.?
Should I leave two medical collections on my report or do a pay to delete? Or "pay as agreed" deal?
how much i need to pay for debt settlement?
How did you get in credit card debt?
Removing authorized user on a closed account?
redeemed visa gift card on paypal and didn't register my name on the card. Am i doomed or is there a solution?
Landlord dispute?
Who else is sick of your being judged by your credit score?
My credit card company said I can freeze my interest for 1 year, will this hurt my credit?
Debit & Credit for this transaction: Received $180 as advanced payment on storage rental.?
How Can I Get Approved For a Credit Card?
Is there a way to look up your credit score and not pay for it?
My credit score is only 531 and thats at transunion. Do any one know where i can get a credit card?
what is the number to dial from Colombia to USA?
child support agency?
Credit card summons in NJ?
What do I do if I started to pay a collection agency and I can no longer pay? Can I settle?
Loans and opinions.?
how to get quick money?
what should I pay? car loan or credit cards?
Can I use the temporary Visa Pre-paid online?
Are debit cards (for checking account) purchases recorded in credit history?
My credit score is 790 and I want to boost it, how do I do that?
I have a positive credit balance on my amazon buyer account, can I send some to a friend?
How long does a company have to charge my credit card?
Should I use a collection agency or collections attorney to collect the money owed to my company?
what is the nature and functions of credit?
Can i book a hotel with a pre paid visa card?
what credit cards have a money bonus when you sign up??
Getting a car loan when retired? secured, unsecured etc?
how long will i be on the decline check list?
How do I get a credit report? Not the online ones!?
why don't a lot of places take american express?
what if you they take you to court for not paying back your online payday loan?
What do I need to do to send my husband's and my paid in ful letters to credit bureaus to update our reports?
Can collection agencies do this?
is richards loan agency true or scam inuk?
can you really find government money to help pay off bills?
Are U "JustManga" customer from outside USA?
Can I order online with the money in my paypal account?
Why is my apr so high on my credit card and how do I lower it?
What's a good way to build credit?
What are the cons for apply for bankrupt, Chapter 7?
How to pay the monthly bill of " Store Card" credit card?
Are there any mortgage payment assistance programs for people with low incomes due to job losses?
can i use my visa/debit card for redbox?
i need money fast tonight and have non,is there anyway of attaining this?
financing a vehicle help? Can I use a vanilla pre paid visa card?
are we going to get simulate checks this year cause allot off people are asking me about it?
i have bad credit i would like to refinance my truck for a lower rate in canada?
Credit Card At 18 Years Old?
Transfer of Credit card information to a prestigious credit card/re-magnetization?
Transaction fee and purchase finance charge?
How can I fix my credit before I enter the Air Force?
How can I establish credit?
Building credit question?
I am 15 and i want a credit card !!!!?
Which Prepaid Credit Card Is Best?
looking for a loan amount between 7 and 10 thousand to pay off some bills and catch up on some?
if my credit score only shows 3 collection agencys...?
When ypu buy a prepaid visa card does it cost?
Journaling Credit and Debit?
What is the likely hood of getting approved for this car loan?
What is Credit card fraud and how do you prevent it?
Can something negative be put back on your credit report after 8 years?
Bank of america credit balance?
Can I do a balance transfer of my wife's CC & mine onto 1 new card w/ a 0% transfer rate?
*ops.. can hackers fraud use my credit cards?
credit card debt colllecters?
How can I fix my credit?
credit check for employment purposes?
What is the most widely accepted credit card?
How is filing chapter 13 bankruptcy done? And how long does that stay on your credit report?Is it worth it? I?
Has anyone been sued by a collection agency after a foreclosure in Texas?
need a payday avance?
what is the cash report?
Do you have to have a credit card to build up your credit?
why is it check cannot be use as payment for tax?
what will happen if I can't pay the minimum payment for my credit cards?
Good ways to start up my credit?
I took a small loan out once that they never paid back is it forgotten about?
If you marry somebody with really bad credit...?
What can I use my debit card for exatly ?
if one defaults on a loan, does it get cleared automatically after 7-10yrs or not?
Should I allow a default judgement on medical debt?
Close credit card account or keep open and shred it?
How to add payment options to itunes acount?
if a judgement doesnt make it to court, does it still show on credit report?
how do i find out if someone opened a credit card in my name, with my info?
debit card.......................?
How many credit card points does it take to get a free round trip ticket from New York to LA?
bank card 16-18 ( UK )?
Why won't my credit card company raise my limit, but still offer me a second card?
rewards points?
Wells Fargo Bank pulled up my credit history when I open a checking account?
Can i add Visa gift card to my paypal?
credit history?
Is having a lot of credit cards good or bad for your credit score?
I bought an item on ebay but the seller won't take the payment? please help?
Are there any risks to giving a voided check for direct deposit?
Talking to wamu about a HELOC. No joy?
can i get a mobile phone contract without having a credit card?
Is her debt now, my debt?
Do you need a bank account for a pre-paid card?
Is there any website that anyone can get their credit score for free.?
How can I get my credit card company to lower my interest rate?
has any one got a minecraft accout i could lend for 5 min?
does anyone know of a sure fire way to raise your credit score w/ out all the gimmicks?
Can Columbia House DVD company report to credit bureau if you do not complete the agreement before it expires?
Can i sign a 10000 check over to my dad?
paypal question?
Please help!!! I am freaking out :(?
Credit Card Reform is Needed by the U.S. Economy?
Please, please help me. On paypal, how do I change my address from the one confirmed from credit card to?
Do re loadable cards you buy from the store affect credit score?
What are some online stores that don't require CVV?
Has anyone received their refund anticipation check via H&R block on their emerald card in 2011?
How much will this hurt me?
Can collections take money with authorization..?
Credit card question?
secured credit cards?
Question About Credit Reports?
How activate check card by online?
How does the U.S. Treasury pay its debt back to lenders?
Does anybody-know where I can get Mastercard Prepaid De-bet card?
Hi, Can Anyone help me to Create My Paypal a/c without Credit Card?
How can you tell people you know what the formula is for Fico...?
In credit card debt... help please?
Is it illegal to not put the suffix of your name on a credit card application?
UK citizen with USA 'timeshare' debt?
how can i start my credit ?
How do I stop Capital One from scamming me?
If you are just starting out, how do you gain credit?
can your pay check be garnished for an unsecured loan in the state of NM and for how much?
Pay to delete from credit?
will they allow me to get a loan or not?
How can I get an error payment to a debt collector returned to me when they are ignoring my requests?
Is there anyway to erase credit inquires that you have on your credit report?
iam trying to fix my credit can i trust a credit repair place to fix my credit?
Iam 18 years old, and have no credit but i want a credit card how can I get one?
can walmart giftcards be purchased with a credit card?
signing up for paypal.....?
How often is a FICO Score updated?
Debt collection notice after payment was made.?
how do I report a credit card fraud?
How are same day cash loan places?
I need my old credit card number to reclaim ppi, but have lost documentation for this card?
Credit card debt question options?
New credit card legislation: when does it take effect?
Is there a possible way to check my credit application for WaMu?
Where to get a good deal on a secured credit card?
Is a credit score of 740 good for a 20 year old?
22 years old & NEED to start building my credit history. Credit card?
How to dispute unauthorized account from a company?
I am going to open a secured credit card?
can a collection agency garnish your salary or threaten jail for an unpaid bank credit card debt?
Green dot mastercard prepaid card question?
Donating Eggs to Pay Off Debt?
If you pay a collection company the money owed will your credit still be hurt?
help I need to get out of debt?
Does the lexington law firm work for credit repair?
Wallet help please ?!?
What is wrong with my credit card?
I give up on my bills, credit went from excellent now good.. and going down?
If I build up my credit using a non chexsystems bank would I..?
Can an online retailer know your age if you use a credit card to make a purchase?
How many months does it take to see an improvement in your credit score?
isn't it annoying how certain banks charge a stop payment on a check they are not even stopping?
what is meant by reverse-repo rate?how does it help RBI control credit?
Can a creditor still collect on a garnishment if default judgement is set aside?
Does Macy's California actually perform a credit check?
tryint ot find a pay loan company called exprescash they are with drawing from my account?
Is an authorised dealer?
Do "pay for deletion" letters actually work?
Corporate Credit Card - Expense Reimbursement?
How to write a request for personal loan from an office?
Dealing with a delinquent account on my credit...?
Debt Consolidating Loans?
when will tesco online start taking visa electron cards?
how can i get rid of my credit card and student loan debts?
credit report insanely wrong, help?
Do UK citizens have social security numbers? If not, then how do they link your credit score to you?
is 515 on your credit score terrible?
Travel rewards or rebate visa card?
Has anyone here filed Ch 13 bankruptcy? If so...?
Credit cards?
How do i finance with limited credit history?
Why won't my credit card work on this site?
A remittance advice is the notification accompanying the check issued to a creditor that states?
PayPal account question?!?!?
debit card with rewards...looking for a card please help!!!!?
Has anyone actually tried those "pre-paid" credit cards? are they worth it?
If you have excellent credit, what would your mortgage interest rate be?
put $10,000 on a credit card at 3.99% 4 life of the loan. loan now at 24.99?
Is it possible to live without a credit card?
Would it be possible for me to get a loan of $20,000 with no credit?
Should I make this purchase?
Do you think I could get approved for a 25,000$ condo making minimum wage full time?
What if i just recieved my credit card will they still give me a increase?
Is Paypal safe to use on eBay?
Question about Drive Financial?
Is it possible to get a Visa Debit Card in the UK for someone Under 18?
notice of judgement for a loan 10 years ago never got any other notice?
How do you become debt free? ?
Is "delinquent credit card debt" the total outstanding balance or is it just the amount overdue?
Why should the government help mortage lenders?
Can unused credit reflect on your credit history?
I am receiving Public assistance but creditors are putting liens on my property any help?
Where to purchase one time credit report? ALREADY USED THE FREE ONE.?
were can i get a loan with bad credit?
Could I get approved for a new car loan?
How long to obtain 800 credit score?
As I started a finance education course recently, I realized how destructive the credit card system is to?
Paypal mastercard question?
credit report?
If I have auto-bill pay on my U-verse Internet bill, why can't I make a payment, even though it is due?
How do I balance my life financially with a $475.00car payment, $500rent, $200 credit debt, with 1300income?
Cheque not clearing question?
Is 9.15 percent APR a good rate?
Has anyone been paid by Bank In The Bucks.After requesting Funds?
In your opinion, is 14 too young to get a debit card?
A lien on a vehical that shouldn`t be?
What to do if you have 720 credit score but low income and low down payment?
Can you pay for steam with a Visa gift card?
does the pizza information show up on your debit card receipt?
Canceling Credit Cards/Accounts?
Getting a secured credit card with no credit?
What are the best surces for unsecured credit cards or loans?
Has anyone else had issues with Chase credit cards?
Does The Bank of New York Mellon offer credit card services?
what is the maximum credit limit of mastercard?
what is the best way to restore my credit fast? In Canada.?
I need help regarding a creditcard issue?
Unpaid debt = no job?
Is there a place where I can print my name on my pre paid credit card?
How could i get a credit card?
visa debit/credit cards are being phased out?
Credit score keeps dropping by 5 to 6 points every month?
I have 35 credit hours?
How can I build credit at the age of 18?
I received a credit report with a charge from a company I can't find anywhere. How do I find this company?
How can I build credit?
how to have a cardholder's name for vanilla visa debit card?
How can a minor get a credit card with out parents?
How to add a new credit card on Ebay?
Credit score and Lowes approval?
how can i avoid getting denied for an apartment witha felony?
How bad is one negative point on your credit report when applying for a home loan?
Consolidating credit cards with a personal loan from a bank?
EBAY QUESTION i won an item worth 11 euro and i am not using a credit card i am using other which is post ....
dept collector help please?
How does paypal work?
Offering credit customers special discount if they pay their balance prior to year end decrease current ratio?
No credit score at age 23. How can I build up fast ?
Do i need a paypal account to use paypal with a debit card on Ebay?
How do I buy a house if my credit score is around 520?
Interview with a credit default swap expert?
using prepaid credit card to rent a car?
Will the government offer some type of credit amnesty?
can you get a student loan with a CCJ?
Is credit card fraud possible?
How to improve my husbands credit!! Help! :(?
If a guy has shot down credit..But has a good paying job..can they get approve for a house in the future?
When a collection agency calls and ask you to pay the entire amount owed on a debt. Can I make payments?
Can a collections department for a company contact your job once asked not too?
Do derivitives have a shelf life?
Can i get a car loan at my age and with my credit score at 681?
can i get a ohone contract using my credit card?
Any really good ways to make money online without paying first?
How can i get a credit rating if no one will let me have a credit card?
how long do I have to leave bad credit info?
What title may i used i this transaction "paid in full payment due in account by issuing a check?"?
I need a PROMISSORY NOTE form I can use internationally. Certain websites offer such form but for US use only?
is there any way i can get money to buy a house?
I like to know was i approve for a JC Penneys credit card appication?
Can credit card collection agencies garnish your wages?
What does your credit score have to look like in order to get financed through GMAC?
how do you make an imprint in a contract?
what is the best credit card to get to repair your bad credit?
How many credit cards is good for good credit?
Can my employer make me pay him back for taxes he pays on credit card tips?
Would like to cancel credit card.. zero balance.?
What's the best way to take out a personal loan while being unemployed?
bad credit personal loan/coolidge,az?
what is my credit score?
how long should it take for the credit bureaus to contact me?
Too good to be true to apply for credit card for airline milleage, then cancel card after using it for reward?
Credit freeze and medical bills?
Does the Valve store accept gift cards?
how can i repair my credit history?
notify chase when traveling?
can you get a bank loan after you have finished bankruptcy?
What credit card accepts people with little to no credit?
is it possible without credit card to buy stuff online with...?
Do you have t have a credit card to start working on your credit score?
when you're done paying a credit card bill, do you call to cancel the card, or do you destroy the card?
What is "good credit"?
I have a file in collections.... the guy just called and got mad because i havent paid it yet? ....?
What is the BEST credit card 2 get 4 someone that never had one?
How am I supposed to pay in full on my credit card bill?
Rechargeable virtual credit card?
Can my bank charge me £25 for a £1.75 overdraft?
Hi frnd pls help me as i have paid money to Datawind for Ubislate 7+ tablet in advance. Nw i want my mony back?
I am extremely unhappy in my job but?
Anyone heard of/used FDN Solutions?
I'm thinking of cosigning a loan for a friend. If I do, do I get documents, his credit score ratings, etc?
Can my purchases on e-bay help my credit? Will it improve my credit score because I always pay promptly?
Which is better: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover?
Could you tell about "money order? I don't how it works and how to do it.?
what are the debt relief companies called that give you a loan called?
What is the difference between personal and premier paypal accounts?
is cash crate a scam? and do they send payments to paypal?
Do you recieve interest on a credit card if you pay it off right away?
I want to check my credit score but I don't want to spend ANY money is there a website I can do that with?
How do I fix my severely damaged credit?
7 years from last deliqency, and it will fall off your credit?
what do you think about college students having credit cards?
I pawn a $4000 professional camera february 21,2008 for a $500 loan, I made payments of $100 every month and s?
is the A list card from aerie a credit card?
My social security payee wrote me a check in my name can I cash it without him?
How can I find online if I owe anyone (credit cards, etc) money? Currently I dont have a credit card.?
Is a good site to use?
I would like to get a credit card, how...?
What is an ideal way to start building credit from scratch?
What if any advantages do you get from switching your mortgage??
Money is being stolen?
Which is best to pay back the debt collector or the actual company?
How many point will my credit score increase after I paid off two debts that i had a total of 1300.00?
By doing a survey for a company , I won a package deal from They wanted payment by credit?
I need a credit card, but I keep getting denied. How do I get one?
credit card payments?
where can i get a copy of m credit report and score without having to sign up for a free 30 day trial?
Are there any Secured Credit Cards that will allow me to earn airline reward points?
I want to know something about investigation, credit card online freud?
If I am applying for a car loan, and I have a cosigner, will my credit play a role?
I have terrible credit card debt?
i have a poor credit score and am in 402 $ in debt can i get a mortage loan?
Can you get a BesBuy credit card?
Rejected for a cell phone, approved for visa?
How do you clear your credit?
How Do I Build Up My Credit?
how to get a no credit unsecure loan?
How can I sign up for a credit card with low APR?
what do i do about this credit card?
What are some fast LEGAL methods for raising a credit score???
I have the wrong birthdate on my credit card?
PPI claim rejected a couple of years ago. Can I still pursue this?
Does the restaurant charge the tip in your credit card?
how long does it take a credit(debit) charge to go through my bank?
Does anyone know much about credit?
How do you establish credit?
Do you consider no credit bad or good?
if your car gets repoed and then 10 yrs goes by can they still come after you for the money you owe?
Fraud and Reporting to the Bank?
I bought a car cash from a dealer but it has a lien on it. how do i get my money back?
What's the worst that can happen if you do not pay your debts?
paying with paypal on ebay??????????
Can anyone tell me about their experience with or give me more info about a Walgreens Prepaid Visa Card?
Does anyone know if it negatively affects your credit score to apply to too many companies for credit?
Have you ever heard of......?
Has Any one heard of the Credit line gold card? I guess it's an online shopping credit card.?
How can i spend money on my paypal if i don't have any ?
The spammer with the 2nd/3rd link - what is their scam?
what was ur credit limit on ur frist credit card. what is ur credit limit on each card now?
How do you know if you can get a home loan with bad credit and some debt.?
how to filing bankruptcy online?
So I think my identity has been stolen. What should I do?
FISHERMEN'S VILLAGE, Sunset Resorts, MEXICO: Has anybody ever been taken to collections by this organiza...
Credit card fraud victims: Did you find out how it happened?
Has anybody ever borrowed money from Money Mutual?
Can the US government garnish wages that were earned in another country?
in minn how to assure my death benefits go to beneficiary not be taken by credit card companies etc.?
Should I cancel credit card with high interest rates?
i have credit questions...?
Why does this site ask me for my credit card number?
our raise?
What if they said no! Would/can a credit card company close, or demand a full payment?
are credit cards part of money supply, if not why?
anybody use ""?
I have a question for anyone that knows a lot about credit cards and their contracts?
How can I close a new credit card without effecting my credit?
with a late credit to my credit card, and I've sent in the payment, why don't I get the 18% interest on it?
how many points off your credit score when your mortgage is past 30 days?
i have bad credit?
Right to be uncomfortable?
Thinking of getting a secured credit card. How much will my credit score improve in two years?
I applied for a fha loan. I was approved and received my du packet today with fee explanations.?
How much money do i have to pay?
What are credit unions? Are these good places for small personal loans?
What age do you need to be to get debit cards and credit cards?
Can I use my cousin's credit card number (with his permission) to pay a company online?
if you are in debt and signed up for debt settlement progam but creditors keep calling everyday not just once
Need Help! Being Sued by American Express?
what is the best site for a credit report and score online?
Does keeping an auto loan for at least one year give you a better credit score?
how will bankruptcy affect my credit as a cosigner?
What earns a higher credit score making the minimum or full payment on credit cards?
Credit Card Help, Im 18!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Calculating interest on credit card?
if i start a credit card now, is it possible to have a 800 credit score by January?
Can I pay a credit card bill with cash?
Visa Credit Card?
Signed a loan to help someone.That person agreed to pay bu started falling behind on the payments and on his o?
what banks can i go to to apply for a visa electron card and are there any age restrictions?
thank-you do you happen to know the phone number?
i received a " rebate check" that in order to cash i have to put a credit card number on the back, good idea?
Can i exchange my virtapay credit to alertpay ?
Multiple collection angencies asking for same debt that isn't mine?
What would happen if you didn't pay credit card companies?
secured capital one mastercard questions?
Which of the following charge interest?
Has your credit rating improved? Stayed the same? Or it's worse?
Not sure what to payment?
What credit card APR should be expected with a credit score of 692?
can you buy things on ebay thru paypal and not a credit card?
has any one heard of barclays loan agency scheme??
what are the uses of credit card?
i have low credit score at 20 and need free why to find out how and why?
3 different credit scores? Difference is big?
i need help with credit issues consumer credit counseling won't even help me sort through my bills?
Does any body know how i can raise 100,000 quickly cos im in debt with the mafia, they have broken thumbs?
why do i need a credit card number for a coupon?
Building credit with a co signer?
Can you build up your credit, if you pay off your credit cards, before the due dates?
how do you establish credit if no company will give you a card because you dont have credit?
Who do I send dispute letters to?
Is this number associated with a scam (888)293-5812?
Can my daughter be held responsible for credit card debt incurred when she was only 13?
In Tennessee, if a deceased person's credit cards were used with no one's knowledge, can the company collect?
Does anyone know where I can obtain a free credit report, from one of the three main credit bureaus?
Credit Card - My age is 22 and its almost been 18 months since I moved to US ?
Need to get credit score up fast for a car loan...?
Quick question?
if i pay off all my debits how soon will my credit go up and by how much should it be raised?
I placed an order with pharma shop on 01/06/07, as of this date 02/17,07, I have heard nothing from then nor?
concerning auto insurance, why would your credit score effect your premium?
My ex got a home phone with my SSN and the $82 debt is on my credit report.Is this id theft even tho is $82?
What is the best way to get out of credit card debt. Do debt consolidation companies really work?
Does Paying Off My Federal Student Loan Help My Credit?
I need advice on my cleaning up my debt?
If you get a debt collection letter for a debt that is post your state's SOL is this the appropriate response?
Could I get a new car whith a 495 credit score and 1,000 down and take a high rate like a 14 or 17%?
When you file for bankruptcy...?
How old do you have to be to buy a visa prepaid card?!?!?
Car Loan with Bad Credit?
how long can my pin number be on my credit or debit card?
Is joining a credit union a good idea?
discovercard gift card?
Can a Collection Agency come after you 6 years after a Repo and attempt to garnish wages?
How long does it take paypal to pay money back to my account after i cancelled payment for a transaction ?
How many shillings are exchanged for a u.s. dollar today?
Can I use my debit card to buy something on the internet?
Is shop a fixed asset in POA?
Company over charging for services and threatening to take me to collections. What do I do?
It is good to pay off your credit cards each month or to carry a balance?
Postponing court date with Asset Acceptance?
Is a best buy credit card an open ended account or a written contract type?
How does Walmarts MasterCard debit card work with refunds?
i have send in a car loan payment and the bank did not received it and cause me to have a 30 days late.?
How does cashback work when you want to get cash from your card at a store?
credit history question regarding paying it out?
Why can I not get a loan as a firts time home buyer ?
How does one get a secured loan?
Why would my mom want to do this?
Is a 20 year old concerned about saveing and good credit show maturity?
How do I responsibly keep a (small) running balance on 2 credit cards?
collection agencies keeps harrassing me! What should I do?
i dont have credit card and i want to buy phone-out credits in kuwait ?
what happens if i used my husbands credit card and didnt tell him and they open fraud investagition?
Debit card help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
debt collector calling MY cell phone for my BROTHER?
Should I take payment over PayPal?
Which one is better to build fast credit history, secured loans or secured credit cards? any bank recommended?
Can i apply for a student credit card right now if i turn 18 in 10 days ?
People told me that every time I check my credit score, it will deduct 10 points from my credit score. Truth??
Paypaly options, what accounts etc can one use to open a paypal account ?
PPI credit card insurance?
i am about 12000 dollars in credit card debt and have maxed out most of my credit and don't know where to turn
can wages still get paid on a saturday of a bank holiday weekend?
I want to get a credit card what is the best one to get and a low interest?
If someone on my credit card doesn't pay for what they charge, how do i file a report?
prepaid credit card use and other questions! please help!?
I was offered a job as a teller at TD Bank North, pending a background check.?
forgot to put a date on deposited check?
can someone on cpp disability get a credit card?
How do I go about offering my customer's a line of credit in form of a credit card with my company on it?
How to repay 6k loan,used it for down payment, in 1/2/10, i have to repay 3/31 my refund is to come on june?
Does anyone know of good credit card to repair your credit?
Best international gift card visa, mastercard or american express?
If I let my truck go back to the lender as a repossession, how many points would that take off my credit score
What are the best credit cards for bad-average credit? ?
where and how to apply for credit card?
I got rejected for a credit card but I already got one? please help?
car loan that was paid off still showing on credit report as open and in good standing?
What's the non credit card visa? how can I get the billing statement from it?
How to get an auto loan with low credit?
If someone has $20 in a bank account?
How to make an "international payment" without using credit card ?
Which Malaysian Banks can give me VISA card to purchase things in online?
What happens to thier debt when someone dies?
What bank account should I switch to?
Credit cards???? Help please?
Am I the only one....?
35000 in credit card debt?
My TD bank Gift card is broken :(?
Does anyone know about credit cards?
Usually what would happen after canceling a credit card and use it after cancelage?
how long can a credit card debt last before you dont have to pay?
Debt Collection Agency?
Hospital sent me Hospital bills?
how can a new restaurant better manage their credit card payments?
Is this a scam or real. I need to know?
what ssn? (social security number?)?
How can I obtain an un-secured credit card with bad credit (in Canada)?
Credit score w/o ss#? ?
How do you apply for a credit card?
Visa Prepaid Visa Card Minors?
VERY Wrong!??!?!??
hi i live in sydney and i need a credit card but i have a bad credit score can you help me thanks.?
Receiving payment on paypal? fee?
Credit card question - credit limit ?
What is the maximum apr on an bad credit auto loan?
Should I take this credit card?
ebay help please!!?
I have pretty bad credit but I do have a co-signer. Is it possible to get a personal loan for 2000-3000 dollar
I owe only $25K on my 15 yr note. Which bank will refi?
If taking a credit card for payment, do you check for signature? Even if it has 'Please see ID' all over it?
Credit card blacklisted?
How to establish credit history?
Whats the best credit card, with the very best interest rates?
does mastercard have a card that you put money on? like a debit card but one you put money on.?
need laptop,credit sucks,cant get a loan,is there anything i can do?
Credit cards after bankruptcy?
A Gift Card?
Does anyone know if you have your vehicle repo'ed and it goes on your credit, can you pay it off like a?
Has the credit crunch/recession altered your day-to-day spending?
Need Advice! Someone used my library card and now the library asking me to pay the fee?
Will my brother's bad credit rating ever affect me or the rest of the family?
7 and half year old debt?
What are the wage garnishment exemptions (Credit card debt) in Virginia?
How to activate a paypal account without a creditcard? (I'm still underage to get a credit card)?
When can i get a credit card?
how much does my credit score increase everytime i pay a bill on time?
What is a good company to get a loan from when you have no credit history?
What is limitation period for unpaid rent in Ontario?
Anyone heard of flamingo finance?
Im paying my Spigel card to a comp name card processing center is this is a valid comany, can they charge int?
Credit Card Balance Transfers ruin my credit?
What are some good credit cards to use abroad (in Japan) while I work?
bad idea to transfer balance?
Can you afford your Christmas shopping this year?
Is there an online service for security deposits that just do pre-authorizations?
get half of my debt?
Credit repair ?
problem in reading credit report?
What is the difference between secure and unsecured credit?
Visa Debit Card and iTunes ?
processing of credit card purchases online?
I just cancelled my online order and it said "Your credit has been processed" ?
I need help with a few bills until I get on my feet.?
Hi im from london. dose anyone knows where i can repair my credit scoring?
does bad credit stop you from becoming a U.S citizen?
how to clean my bad credit?
how do ID thieves get credit card numbers?
Is a regional bank the same as a credit union?
Do you need good credit to take out a student loan?
How to use amazon gift card on
How come Ebay won't accept my visa pre-paid gift card?
I have 2 credit cards. Will cancelling one hurt my Credit Score?
Why would you want to be a bank teller?
Does your credit suffer the instant the car is reposessed?
Possible zombie debt collection?(Don't answer unless you know how credit scores work)?
I have one blemish on my credit report-student loan. Does the gov't have a forgiveness program?
loan shark in aldershot?
Charged $15 x 3 for local calls on payphone- bank account went over and fees charged- pissed off!!?
Minimum payment on credit card - does this stop the interest?
Bill Me Later payment Issue?
mom has alzheimers and owes 11,000 on a credit card?
To what extent are you responsible for your spouse's debts (while both alive and still married)?
Will settling with old creditors improve your credit score?
Will bancruptcy cover house and credit cards?
pre paid credit card question?
would my mother had to have given the bill collectors my phone number or did they get that on their own?
how can i get a Visa or master card for internet shopping?
What are the steps of using a credit card?
will paying off old and back bills help improve my credit score?
how to use a debit card in paypal.?
What should I guess what a DMP payment would be...?
Overseas debt collection?
how to report credit?
Store cards approval?
How can a Visa All Access Debit Card 25$ allow me to purchase a 300$ Glove?
What does "refinancing" mean?
How do I redeem points from my Bank of America credit card?
What are some ways to get money without working?
problems with student credit cards?
I am looking for the website to apply for the imagine mastercard what is it?
Best loan company for me?
How can I get my credit report without paying alot of money for it?
how often can you refinance your home. and what lenth of time between loans?
Can I be sued as an authorized user on a credit card for non-payments??
Why do I get unending solicitations for credit card debt reduction if I have no credit card debt?
Whats the easiest, fastest and most effective way to clean up my credit report?
refused credit although always pay on time BUT my daughter has poor credit?
My wife filed for divorce and left me with nothing. Can I use paypal to pay myself from credit cards?
What are the names of Horizon Card Services Merchants?
Missed a small payment on my credit card, went over 60 days without payment! Freaking out!?
I have a bunch of credit cards and some are really recent. Should I close some new ones to help my credit?
does a foreclosed timeshare in the US affect my credit score in canada?
can i track a person who used my stolen credit card?
So, I need some advice and/or guidance on finances. more precisely, my credit. I have some $4,500 in debt on?
unknown credit card scams... they called to ask about my credit card..?
Has anyone read the book "7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score" by Philip X. Tirone? Is it worth it?
Can some random attorney legitimately search County Court records for lawsuits against someone?
Arbitrary Closing of Credit Card Accounts?
Why do I have 3 different credit scores from the credit reporting agencies?
what can I do? cash & credit woes...?
How can a minor start building good credit?
can someone please answer these questions for an interview :)?
ING Direct, is it worthy??
Any Accounting professionals out there who can help me?
Mortage inquiries.?
Does mortgage pre-approval put soft or hard inquiry on my credit report?
I need to file for bankrupcy how do i go about doing that?
is getting a small loan a good idea?
i cannot balance my balance sheet?
should i buy the 49 dollar phone and get $55 free credit of shouldent i
Paypal troubles?!?
I am thinking of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, what happens to my current checking accounts?
How to consolidate my credit cards into one?
discount rate and interest rate?
Is it true that cancelling a credit card account lowers your credit score?
i have bad credit,help where can i find a loan,i keep getting refuses,i need to pay debts,but need new car?
Can I be turned over to a collection agency while making regular payments to a business?
Debt collection question?
Would this be a proper way to use a credit card?
Removing a cosigner from a car loan?
how do i get finance on a new laptop over the net?
Has anyone heard of NATIONAL CITY bank? They sent me a GUARANTEED Secured credit card application and I want?
How can I figure out how much I am going to owe each month in interest on my credit cards?
what kind of apr should i expect on a home loan? i know my credit score is 685?
As a foreigner, can I take the advantage of first time home buyer tax credit?
loan with a 660 experian credit score. I need a lender that only pulls the experian credit score.?
how do credit cards make money when they offer the service free of cost and also offer reward points?
how difficult is it to buy a new car after bankrupcty chapter 7?
I have just received a letter from a debt recovery agency, what is happening!!?
Am I responsible for a credit card my husband signed in his name and now he is deceased? I live in the state?
Can I verify paypal using a netspend card?
Need to know what to do with his car payments?
What are debt cards, and what's the difference between them and credit cards?
I applied for too many credit cards, will I need a cosigner?
Help? I definitely messed up!! If I return all the stuff, is it still bad for my credit?
I don;t hv cash to pay 25 % of my upfront amt for my homeloan. Wht r my options any ways. PlZZ suggest?
Vantage Score to raise it?
I have a judgement against me for 5,555,78 cent from a cagan management what do i do?
What states don't allow wage garnishments from credit cards?
What to do when a credit card company put new lates on a paid, closed account from '03 on your credit reports?
If i used my credit card on an unsafe website, will they be able to keep on charging with my credit card?
paying off a debt in cash - no cheques - no bank account - how ?
How do we quickly improve our credit score?
How do I check my balance with Northern Bank?
if my mother has a gap credit card can i use it?
Ebay and debit card question?
How long does it take for a check to clear?
In Canada, in the NT, when you have a mortgage foreclosure, do you get the excess when the house is sold?
can i apply for credit card without using social security number ?
Someone called saying I owe $350 that was put into an account...?
Has anyone managed to get car finance with a score of 303?
credit or debit? which is safer?
Does paying off an installment loan increase your credit score greatly?
Vanilla Visa and Ebay?
How long will it b until i get my credit score?
I'm 19 years old, and my parents have basically ruined my credit and my life financially..?
paypal question need help!?
How could my identity have been stolen?
Credit card interest free period (HSBC)?
Apple can't authorize Visa cards?
I just paid off my credit what?
Alternative to paypal, with privacy and temporary card ##'s?
chase visa card?
Credit cards were taken out in my name when I was 15 and 16. ?
I'm trying to get financed for $150,000 mortgage, however I have some issues with credit, can I get financed?
Were can i get a wedding loan with bad credit?
Smalls claims judgement order?
Can I get apply for a auto loan at a credit union and a bank within the same week?
SBI personal loan defaulter. Now I am jobless.What action bank will take against me?
can i recieve a credit increase?
Can you buy a prepaid card at self check out or do you have to go to the cashier?
How do you know if an ATM card my be used as a credit card?
Where can you get a pre-paid debit card from?
Best secured credit card that report to all 3 credit agencies?
phone number for gla collect?
Does anyone know what a Loan to Value is on a car loan?
does my credit score get affected if im denied in credit card application?
credit score? does it matter if...............?
how can i make money quick?
Payroll card came with no password?
If I get married and I discover that my wife has $8000?
where can I get a personal loan with really poor credit?
Doe you have to pay for purchases if someone gives you a gift card?
Best Credit Card For An 18 year old?
trying to find a bank in michigan that will let you open an account even with creidt problems?
ebay scam payment help me?
Is it better to pay off several credit cards with high balances, or to pay off an old colection account?
Best ways to establish good credit?
how do i build up a really good credit rating?
i have a bank of america credit card but i dont have any account. How should I pay my bill?
Can I buy a song on iTunes without using a credit card?
credit card debt?
My credit is so bad and i want to know if its possible to get a home loan?
Does anyone want to lend me 20k ? Ill work hard for it?
Do bank wires look the same as in branch check deposits on your statement? Or can you tell a difference?
Hold my payment until?
buy the house,from thai farmer bank and paid 15% of total amount,rest of that apply for loan,how it possible .?
can i pay my eastwest credit card from my bdo bank account?
Close and Open American Express Cards?
if your credit limit goes up does that mean your credit score went up too?
Can Creditors Take My Benefits and Assets?
can a debt collection agency be called on someone under 18?
Can i cancel my credit card whenever i want or is there any penalties?
sister using us as a co-signer?
Why can't debt collectors get a LIFE?
What is a 'proof' coin?
? on bankruptcy...i am deeply in debt. i have a mortgage, 2 home loans, one secure, one unsecure.?
What is the best credit card to own ever?
about how many teenagers 13- 19 in the usa have credit cards?
My credit card has been debited a 2nd time without authorisation,What can I do?
Is it possible to still buy a house with a judgement on your credit report?
Before it destroys me. How do you destroy Chase Bank?
I reached my credit limit once. Is my credit screwed?
My son applied for BofA credit card when he was 17 and somehow he was approved. He is now 20 and the card is i?
can a company after 8years demand payment from you since they have been quiet and i lost proof of payment?
Question about Credit Card?
Can anyone suggest a good debt management program?
How do I clean my credit and build my score in 6 months?
I don't want a credit card!?
Master Card: Sorry, we were unable to process your order at this time.?
How long will it take new credit card balance to show on credit report?
bankruptcy trustee meeting?
how do I remove or dispute incorrect credit information?
Payroll card came with no password?
Is there a difference between the credit report a creditor sees and your full report on file with the 3 CRAs?
unlinked debit card from paypal, but expect refund, what next?
Help pls i need to know?
Credit cards were taken out in my name when I was 15 and 16. ?
what do u people think about the paypal plus credit card? whats your opinion on it?
Debit Card Provisional Credit?
Lexington law firm, would you recommend them? have u used them?
where exactly on a credit card is the issue number?
bankruptcy discharge?
Wat does 3mths interest free credit meen?
I want to get a loan from a loan company, I know they can check to see my credit history but can they also?
I'm 20 I had 8 credit cards. I have 4 now. Never been late on a payment I've had the credit cards since i was
Question about Visa cards from Walmart?
Credit Card Applications Question ...?
When did Goozex change its referral's to just one trade credit only?
I just got a bill from collection agency about a telephone bill from 10 years ago, I don't recall it &1st bill
when do banks call to let you know if charges have been made on a credit card?
How do I get a broken lease removed from my credit report?
how do i raise capitol?
Already paid years ago, collection agency keeps calling. What can I do?
What is the benefit to refinancing a vehicle?
Does paying off your credit card all at once improve your bad credit score of 2 years?
how much will i get for selling a £350 silver necklace in a pawnbroker?
whats the type of loan where u use your won money as collateral?
How should I go about pre-approval on a home loan under these circumstances?
Can you transfer money from your Master Card gift card (vanilla) into a normal MasterCard credit card?
which banks provide credit card against fd?
What is a good credit score?
PayPal, pre paid master electronic card?
Does anyone know what T.M.C.C LOAN PMT is?
How long does a security freeze stay on your credit report?
Where can i find a guarantor for a loan?
Do you need an installment loan to maintain or build credit?
what if i don't have a credit card?
Can a credit card help you spend smarter?
“if transactions costs were zero there would be no lawyers”explain this statement?
does anyone know of any place that can give me a loan against a judgment i have been awarded?
I received a check ($100.89) from suntrust. and i dont even heard of them?
i want to start a typing service, no credit, need startup help/finances. any advice welcomed. thank you.?
Credit Card?
What Happens if you stop paying your credit cards?
i made a payment on a loan, but the check was sent back to me saying it was defaulted. Yes, I was late on a?
I can not replay the Loan Amount of HDFC Bank what to do because i am unable to repay it?
How can I find out who tried to get a credit card in my name?
Where can I cash a capital one credit card check?
how many years can a creditor come after someone to pay?
Does anyone knows about the federal housing tax credit? Can you get a cash advance to use it for a downpayment?
is debt really cancelled after 5 years??
Credit Card Debt??
Never open a credit card with CreditOne!?
need new phone but have terrible credit but need a monthly bill?
Is going bankrupt really that bad??
Establishing Credit -- College Student?
where can i get a credit card when i have really really bad credit including repossions?
I switched my credit card on!:(?
How many months to have enough credit to get a car loan?
Does anybody know where to buy an Ebay giftcard?
looking for loan officer training in the 909 area?
Explain the term credit policy?
What is expenses incurred?
How do I make a deposit on a MasterCard Gift Card?
which loan service is the best?
Does united millage plus credit card ever charge no interest?
I want to apply for a bank account but they ask for a second form of id...what can i use? ahhhhhhhh.....?
why do rich people have credit cards? Why not just use ther debt card or check card.?
I have a POS transaction on my bank account for £1.44. What is it?
If you have already disputed a fraudulent entry on your credit report and been denied, what can you do?
How can i chinge intis old mony 1998?
Why did I fail a credit check for a job?
How can I increase my credit score?
Which student credit card is best?
for those that have gone through foreclosure?
Settling Medical Debt-- Can someone please help me understand this collection letter?
How do points work from American Express Blue card?
Private loans? i wanna living expenses loan?
What's a credit line?
Do companies pay a fee for accepting credit cards?
Gave my dads credit card number away?
Can a creditor contact the debtor's employer?
i need 100 thousand dollars to get out of finacial debt, but i am bankrupt...what can i do?
If I pay my credit card 2 weeks early, will i be able use it?
paypal problems!?
How much should my credit score go up if an 120+ late is removed from my report?
using the same direct debit card?
Pre-paid Mastercard Help?
Im wanting to get a first credit card because im moving?
Are there any refunds for a cancelled order?
I have a debt with my credit card / bank.?
Best place to get a loan to build credit?
a credit card card charges a daily periodic rate of.05318%.what are the monthly and yearly rates?
At many outlets additional charges of normally 2% is charged while paying through credit card.?
can i have collections accounts that are three years old and still quailify for a fha loan?
How long does it take to get a loan of $3,000 to $5,000 from
How to write credit card renewal letter ? plz help me?
How can a 13 year old make $2,249?
I'm 18, PLEASE HELP What's the difference between a cheque card and a Credit card?
how to shop online without a credit card?
Why did my Credit Sesame score suddenly drop 175 points?
what is company credit rating?
Has anyone had any problems with Capital One credit cards?
What is the best site/place I can locate my Credit Score/ Report?
Silly question. If an individual can declare bankruptcy and have their debts cleared, why not a country?
is it better to apply for a personal loan at a branch or over the phone (Citi)?
I am in debt up to my eyeballs, the question is quit my job (12yrs) and pay off all my debt with my 401k?
What happens if I don't return an item on amazon?
Clean up Credit?
What is the credit score range in U.S??
When Buying Something Online When They Ask Name Of Card Do You Put Just The Brand Or You Put Credit Or Debit?
if i have good credit then make 2 late credit card payments how bad will that mess up my credit score?
where can i get a loan with bad credit and have low monthly payments?
Disability loans is there any out there?
Looking for a loan to payback over 12 months?
Jcpenney credit card?
GreenDot visa Debit car help?
my wife has been receiving phone calls from creditors threatening debtor prison for fraud, can they jail her?
any virtual visa card that is available for use right away?
how old do you have to be to purchase a green dot debit card ?
Does anyone know how long a credit card or collection company can come after you before they stop?
PayPal Question?
what is subprime lending and how did subprime crisis develop?
Is there any pay day loan shops or are all pay day loans online?
New customer Discover More Card APR problem?
Why should I keep a credit card if im not gonna use it ?
When writing a letter to a collection agency regarding a debt validation, can i just use my own words?
How do they actually determine your payment amount in a bankruptcy?
why cant i use all the money on my target gift card online ?
What credit should Receive? What is's Outstanding balance?
looking for a bank & checking accounts that do not regard check systems or credit check?
which is better, get a loan or another credit card?
Is it possible to get Credit card "gift cards" to pay for online purchases?
T-Mobile lied to us and told us we could easily make a payment plan. We owed 200 then and now?
Can you use your Macy's credit card in the Macy's electronic vending machines?
If i have insuffient credit, how can i build it ?
HI im 20 and i have probably have over 5000.00 in debt?
is it possible to get a mortgage loan with really bad credit?
Will my mom know what I bought on her credit card?
cash machine withdrawing cash and it got stuck?
Ripped off by a credit card?
what is credit and how do i get it??
What do Pay Day Loan stores generally charge for the loan fee?
I have been offered a personal loan through Intercontinental loan. Has anyone heard of them or done business?
what are greendot cards?
how can I fix my credit report?
does a no interest payment plane for 6 months or more work to gain credit?
i need 2500$ to fix my car?
So if I get a credit card....?
How to write a company reporting on my credit report, about a payment plan to settle debt?
what are the statute of limitations for payday loans?
Why do credit card companies insist that you sign the back of their cards?
i need money i'm only 11 be creative.?
No credit history means bad credit?
Do I pay off no interest credit cards first or last ?
How long would it take to build my credit?
Can you add a credit item to your credit report if creditor doesn't report?
How to tell if a check clears or not via paypal?
telephone number to the american express traveler check office?
what can a bank do i my car was charge off?
Anyone know a company that will finance plastic surgery for someone with bad credit?
Green dot card question?
With the credit to debt ratio is 86% bad ,fair,average or good on installment accounts?
anyone who knows about loans/lending?
What is the typical credit score needed to get a decent home loan interest rate on a V.A Loan?
whats the better place to get a loan, or PLS check cashing?
Is there any credit cards out there for people someone like me with a credit score of 540?
Can I be added to an apartment lease if I have bad credit with a cosigner?
Is it possible to temporarily stop a company from charging your credit card?
Do you prefer Visa or Mastercard? Which do you use/ why?
Is there anyway to file a complaint against the collector for providing questionable billings?
Can i Sue Macy's For Not Posting My Credit Card Payment and Making Me Late?
Is cancelling a credit card easy, and if so, how does it read on your credit report when you close one yourse?
What happens if one of my parents die and they have a few credit cards open? Do I become responsible for them?
Using a debit card without the card?
Unauthorised overdraft?
Can I use a chase debit card for etsy?
How can I find online if I owe anyone (credit cards, etc) money? Currently I dont have a credit card.?
I wana buy a product from amazon but i dont have cradit card how can i buy like by paying ready cash.?
I have sbi maestro card and want to replace with sbi visa of my existing account so whats the procedure?
does anyone no of any good payday loan places in west seattle,or burien?`?
What is a 'proof' coin?
Can you pay a Discover credit card bill at Sears?