I have a two year contract with AT&T if I were to cancel early would this affect my credit?
loans for non home owners?
report internet fraud?
how can a charge-off be removed from my credit report?
my paypal account was limited?
Do credit card companies pursue credit card theifs?
Is it okay to carry a credit card balance if...?
How long can a bank wait to collect on an old overdrawn account?
How old do you have to be to buy a prepaid visa card?
If I have prefect credit and my mate has poor credit,will my score go down when we get married?
Don't have anyone to borrow monet from amd don't have a cosigner for a laons don't want paydays advance any id
Will buying a new car affect my credit to buy a house?
how do you qualify for a money now loan from h&r block?
I have a reposession on my credit report? I need to know if I should pay it?
what happens if you stop creditcards payment?
Do we have to pay parents credit card debt when they die?
If I applied at the bank for a Credit Card, How long would it take for it to get to me?
I need advice about taking out a personal loan?
Discover Card and Am Ex card?
i am in some debt with credit cards, can i skip a few payments to pay one off completely?
I just got approved for another credit card.. help!?
Is it possible to get a loan without a co-signer?
Credit Card Question?
What will debt consolidation company do for me?
I need a help with check system!! (Depositing a check)?
Where is my debt? Collection agency doesn't appear on my credit report...?
Is SS#'s in way too many places?
Financially Challenged?
Credit Card Question, how much should I be spending a month?
Why can't I apply for a credit card ?
Pls I need your help..This week I try check my credit report?
do you think i can get a crisis loan if bank all took all money out for bank charges ?
I'm new to the UK (from US). How can I get a credit card here?
loan balance inquiry?
Bad credit.... Can i get a dealer car?
best credit card consolidation companies?
what should I do when somebody used my card without my permission?
sss loan contibution?
I am in default on student loans, can they garnish my husband's wages?
Credit card help! building credit...?
Is there any way to pay rent with a credit card, directly or indirectly?
Does the government realy give out free loans? is this realy true or is a scam?
this company took money from my bank account i would llike to track them down.www.secret cash
What wording/approach is helpful in dealing w/Credit Card companies/getting balances down..lower % rates?
If I file for bankrupcy......?
Ebay seller refuses to send item and lying about not recieving payment?
Does the average American really have 8 credit cards? ?
what's the best credit card for a new adult (18 years old)?
Question about Ebay and PayPal?
can i get a credit card as i am 19 yrs old & salaried?
i want to have a paypal debit card,what should i do then ?
Time for a new credit card?
I am trying to get a credit card.?
ID theft, debit card fraud?
How much time do you need to wait before filing for "Item Not Received" claim in Paypal?
I need a loan and don't know which route to go - need help deciding what to do.?
what lenders are doing fha loans a 592 mid credit score in SC?
I am a authorized user of one of my mom's credit cards and?
does anyone know the social security numbers they are really on for paper checks? are they ahead?
can 13 years old get there own credit cards?
do a person qualify for the lst time buyer credit if they paid cash for their home?
Should I get a payday loan for my current dilemma?
lien put against me?
Is it illegal for a bank to do this?
I recently recieved enough money to pay off all my credit card debt?
Can you REALLY use paypal on I found something that says it can work in a way.?
what is the best card for bad credit?
Can a collection agency continue to try to collect on an old apartment debt from 2000?
My Capital One Payment to my auto loan did not show up in account history?
I have very bad credit and I need to be approved for a mortgage loan. What are my options?
Where can i find a free online credit report, i dont have a credit card.?
Why when you get on a website it says free but when you get in there you have to have a credit card?
I paid off my credit card however there is a $50.32 finance charge that showed up later. Why?
How is it possible to be in so much credit card debt. please explain?
If I default on a personal note with a person who died, what can their heirs do to me?
How do I stop companies from putting my check through as an ACH debit?
**Can somebody send me money from there credit card to my credit card**?
Can I cancel an echeck on Paypal? Accidentally refuned buyers money!?
How Do I Get A Default Removed From My Credit Report?
How do you put a gift card on a new account without using a credit card on Itunes?
Can Collection Agencies do this??
How can i meet an honest man,for a friendly relationship, that could lead to a more personal affair?
How to make a payment to someone when you've used up your planned overdraft?
How do i use a hollister merchandise credit card online?
what banks offer the best secure credit card?
On paypal... is this what happens?
When you get a credit card do you always have to pay the interest?
why cant i get out of debt?
Do I have to pay my husbands debts after he has passed away?
i have a credit card, but haven't paid them for over 4 or 5 months?
I used to like carol vorderman since she started doing loan adverts my estimation of her went down,?
if i had a credit card and i used it and used a bank i no longer had to pay?
How can i get one of those credit cards?
Stop payment on a check.?
If I have a $0.00 balance on my credit card, why am I getting charged a $21.00 periodic rate charge?
I have a very poor credit rating. How do I change this?
can someone tell me all about the visa gift cards?
how do i get chase to give me a credit limit increase?
How do i purchase on amazon website with a MCU Visa debit card?
How do I find out what I have been sent to collections for?
I am having a very diffcult time obtaining a mortgage. I have great credit and a good job .?
What company issued the first credit cards? And when?
How long does it take for a check to take the money out of the account?
When will I have to pay off my credit card debt?
My company auto deposited my check 5 days early. The bank took the money causing me damages. Is that legal?
Could you get away with running up multiple credit cards and defaulting?
i made a payment for chase but the payment was returned on the 18th. so i was wondering when will they send?
advice on a shop needing my signature?
How does a charge card report on credit bureaus, say, AMEX?
Can I apply for a credit card with u.s. bank if I live outside the u.s.?
how good is a 663 fico score?
How many pre-paid credit cards can you have?
how can you sigh on something that needs a credit card even you dont have a credit card?
I am late for car payment and they issued a letter?
I earn a good salary but do not have any credit history. Can I use my salary to get a credit card?
Where can I get a FREE credit report?
What is the best way for online payment if no credit cards?
do anyone no a loan shark in illinois?
Does anyone know what the credit criteria is to qualify for 1st time home buyers in Arizona?
DOes this job offer look legit?
how long does it take to borrow money after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy?
how can i get a credit report without a credit card?
Is there a way to buy things online, without a credit card, (or under eighteen)?
hi there i have been suspended at work due to doing my own transactions?
What are some things I can do to establish credit?
help with moneypack, paypal, and the visa prepaid cards?
What would you do if you had stop the world for 1 day?
is bill me later on ebay safe?
TAX QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!?
My debit card is demagnitized?
i need my credit card statement to my mail?
how can I counter sue a payday loan company?
how do I get someone social sucurity number and date of birth?
I got a free credit card application with the card attached and a charge of $249.00.I tore it up, why do i owe
What type of payment is ALIPAY?
how can i get a credit card?
Over drafted and paid the next day and haven't had an overdraft charge from bank of america yet?
How quickly does a credit score change when debts are paid off?
can you pay extra toward the principal on a second change loan?
depositing India cheque in abroad account?
How to consolidate my credit card balances in to one account without going through debt management services?
i live in iraq i want to open an bank account in another country without going to that country ,and that bank?
Can i have CCBill credit card widget in my blog blogspot?
HSBC business loan advise please.?
I forget my account number to citizens bank if i go into a branch can they give me my account there?
Apple Barclay Card didnt approve me.will bestbuy approve me?(no credit history)?
How can I use the DBS Redeem points? Whether there is any limitation for spending the redeem points?
How do you pay with a debit card at a shop?
Credit Card?
wat do u think is da bst way 2 hve credit urslf or wid ur mother?
is there a company that can give you a loan and make a payment plan?
question about a collection agency...froze my account for a debt that was already paid?
i bought something with checkcard and only one receipt woukd printed so they gave me the one i signed...?
Credit card applications?
Can you purchase things online using a pre-paid visa card?
Taking out a loan?
i had bought a house for 95,k and want to refi?
a repo from a buy here pay here, will it go on my credit?
I want a debit card and i dont know if i can?
I need to get the number for PACBELL?
I owe about 15000 in total debt.?
How can I remove a default from my credit rating even tho I have paid and proof of payment?
getting a laser debit card in Ireland?
Can any one help with an account now card?
How would you wisely spend 100.000$?
I filled Bankruptcy but 2mnths prior I sold my vehicle and did not cash the cashier check will I get introuble?
How do I become a Credit card Distributor/Broker both secured and unsecured cards. Any info will help PLEASE?
Amazon Payments?
My husband lost his job and we have only $150 in the bank and 3 iras, they total about 20k, we have 2 children?
I have send my identity as a copy of my licence and credit card ststement ,what can i do now?
credit card help free?rush?
How do i make quick money?
how many credit cards do you have?
want to check my credit report , where?
What is Simoun S.Ung Pasian Talayan Village scam ?
People Why Take Payday Loans?
What are the consequences for not repaying a loan against my retirment 403b TSA account?
USPS tracking detail says this: does this mean my package is already here in Bahrain?
Best way to get credit?
How much is the recommended deposit for secured credit card?
Does closing a credit card account lower your credit score? If yes, why?
Need Some money plz $1500 Should do?
What credit card would be a good choice for me?
New ATM owner Help please? :)?
I was denied for a credit card based on past delinquint cards, but I've never had a credit card before! help?
how can credit score drop by 120 points in two weeks??????
My Parents Steal From Me. Do they have access to my bank account?
If my credit score is 550 what is the most I would qualify for a home loan?
Is there a limit to how much can be over drafted in a Bank of America debit card?
how do I get a mortgage with less than perfect credit?
Is there a way to get your money from someone who borrowed your credit card?
How much is a dermatologist paid bi-weekly?
me and my wife are looking to buy our first home...we pulled our credit and mine is 630 and hers is 600...?
Overdrawn on Apple app store?
What are the chances of me being taken to court over an unpaid credit card?
Information on co-signing a loan?
Payment still hasn't gone into my Paypal account?
Small loan to build credit?
What do I need to know about a home equity loan?
Why can't the government print more money when the country is so in debt?
Has anyone actually received any funds from Canadian Loan Group??? Anyone??? and with whom did you deal with??
When aplying for a preaproved loan with a bank,and have no previous credit history.Is a cosigner needed?
What is the best way to get a FREE copy of your Credit Report??
Minimum payments and maxed out credit card.. please help!!?
who is rodrigo gonzalez offering credit card interest reduction and whose telephone number is 954 889 7371?
Is it true you don't need a credit card to gain credit?
How can i verify my SSN is really me?
Anyone know of a Credit Card that offers free access to FICO score online?
if i am married and want to go bankrupt,will this effect my husbands wages or cost him in any way?
How damaging is a voluntary repo on someones credit?
Get Free Walmart Visa Gift Card?
Credit card application question?
I lost money through online!?
Question about SSI Checks?
I need $45000-75000, but have no credit history?
$1000 personal loan with bad credit?
is debt management the best cos they take high percentage?
If america is in debt, why can't we just make more money?
Applying for a credit card before or after NEW checking account?
What is a MasterCard & Visa?
Credit limit vs income?
Can an old debt be reopened after the statute of limitations has expired?
loan consolidation: pros and cons?
I need to boost my fico score by 20 points....any ideas?
Using paypal money/balance/thing as a credit card?
Can I rent an apartment with poor credit?
what does a credit score of zero mean??
Best Credit card for teens?
Calculating interest on credit card?
I have a judgment...?
Does anyone know of a collection agency that collects on percentage only? And what would the standard be? 10%?
hey so i want rhinoplasty how should i go about it should i apply care credit or pay all at once?
dealership paying off old truck loan?
how do i increase my credit score?
Can anyone Steal my money from the bank.?
Will wal mart cash a personal check here in ft worth tx on a Sunday ?
How much too link paypal to bank account?
Payday loan debt help?
who created the credit score, and does race play a factor?
How many years must you have a delinquent debt in order to have your account frozen?
How can you buy things on eBay without a credit card ?
Payment from paypal to bank account?
Debt management - do these companies hurt your credit?
What is the minimum percentage one needs to pay for a charge off credit account?
I am confused about credit card accounts and credit reporting agencies?
My roommate's debts and bills are appearing on my credit report...?
I only make $9500 a year on disability and i owe should i be worried?
does credit repair agencies deal with credit cards only?
Does anyone in the Answers community work for an FHA lender?
What's the link for HSBC credit card payment through
any one ever get a loan from check city?
what could be the next courier that could deliver my package to me?
I am looking for a Rewards Credit Card - which has the best rewards?
Wage Garnishment after statue of limitations?
can someone please give me a used simon malls gift card number!!?
small debt consilidation loans?
Will you pay off my credit card debt ????
Loan Question please help!?
Question about paypal and selling on amazon?
Bad Credit and 7 Years?
Credit question about credit cards?
does it build your credit score if you use your credit card then immediately pay the balance off?
Can you use a credit card to buy a green dot money card?
what is a good credit score?
Are mortgage lenders allowed to require repayment by a certain age? This would be ageism?
can I get in trouble if I dont report check forgery committed by my husband?
Question about a Loan (HELP!)?
paypower prepaid visa debit question?
Help, will my identity get stolen?
Will i be approved for care credit if i live in the uk?
I co-signed on a car loan, it is not getting paid, how bad is it going to be on my credit if I don't pay it?
I need help with credit card debt?
Improving Credit Score Question?
Is identity theft expensive to fix?
How many of you are in debt?
I filed bankruptcy 3.5 yrs ago and my home was included,they are just now foreclosing on it. Credit score?
hoe does the credit card work?and what about the dept?
I have bad credit but good rental history; how hard will it be for me to get a new apartment?
has anyone ever used "bill me later"?
i have a credit card bill that i have not payed for over seven years and i would like to fix it.?
How much will your credit score improve after a collections has been removed?
Is this SSN request safe?
I am trying to obtain credit cards from office depot and staples for my corp?
Credit card item cancelation?
Is my Debt to income ratio too high for an FHA loan?
I helped my cousin out with a phone contract, but she hasn't paid up. What are my options?
how do i get a credit card if i dont have a credit score?
think the bank gonna loan me?
Why is Australian dollars and American dollars different?
My younger brother has used credit card but didn't return the debt amount. Now he has fled to Malaysia. The cr?
is it possible to return a car that a bank paid..?
What is the definition of "firm industry" ?
My Mom Want's One of My Credit Cards?
A company willing to pay me 10k to use my credit?
First time ordering checks?
personal loan for bill consolidation?
LIBOR - libor rate?
credit repair is it for real?
will chase bank load your debit card on a saturday?
How do debt collector works?
Credit: What's worse? Cancelling a card, or never using a card?
Does anybody with a Capital 1 card know a bank that don't charge £5 for paying the monthly bill?
Can I change my signature? I'd and credit cards?!?
Is it possibly to get a loan on disability if i have a co signer with good credit?
Made payment with debit card online.. Never got item what to do ?
every one has his own salary but his salary he send tohis family and creditcard?
Have you been in debt before?
has a mark simpson from stafford been declared bankrupt?
leasecomm try to collect money from me?
How long does a negative entry stay on your credit report,is it from date of last activity or date accnt opned
Paypal card difficulties?
I was offered a $5k$7.5kloan from citi bank, what are some questions i should ask?I want 0%...?
i have a judgement put on me from a creditcard debt can they garnish my bank account where my social security?
i want to get a loan for this truck?
Is this messing up my credit?
Is there a direct Number I can call to get a hold of a Equifax customer service rep?
I am being contacted by a man saying i have a subpoena for not paying a payday loan?
How do you get a good credit score?
How to build credit without a job?
Could I get my Capital One credit card on a Saturday?
my first credit card. but i need info on how it works?
are there any loan stores that do not require bank accounts?
how many times can an account be sould if it has been wrote off?
What agency resolves bankruptcy issues after a bankruptcy is dismissed.?
hi my name is andres and i just i want to know if i can get a credit card without a social security number?
How do I get a loan and I just started a job and im only 19?
Should I get a credit card?
Is this a normal error or is it fraud?
please help i want to get a credit card?
Will i get my full $30 for my gift card or less?
do car lenders check only one credit report?
OK, please answer me?
Balance on prepaid card still the same?
are there any credit cards you can apply for if you do not have a job at the time?
Does Cosigning a student loan lower your credit score?
please someone help me here!!!?
Can I get arrested for using someone else's credit card online?
Can i get a credit or debit card at my age?
I need help , I'm bankrupt!!!?
Credit card question?
Someone's check got send to my bank account?
Is a APR of 19.8% good?
If you buy a money order and don't use it,...can you get it refunded?
What is the rate that a collection agency buys your debt?
cosigning for a loan?
overdraft fees ! please help?
im 18 looking for the right credit card for me?
How do you close an old credit card account that you no longer have their contact or how to obtain their #?
credit card and college payment question!!?
What are the pros and cons of bank vs credit union?
What is the best company to use to obtain a secured credit card?
Can you get a credit report that includes both a wife's and husband's credit? Why or Why not?
Is it illegal to open a credit card under your own name if you are under 18?
Is a fraud?
Will my credit hold me back from buying a new car? Please help?
when purchasing a koodo tab plan what does "subject to approved credit" mean?
can us postal workers or any government employees have their wages garnished?
why isn't paypal accepting my visa gift card?
what happens if i have money on a green dot card when it expires?
Is there a Worldwide Dept card?
Boyfriend financing a vehicle in his name but I'm making the paymemts?
Can you control what a charge comes up as on your credit card statement, for privacy reasons?
Help in detemining the APR interest rate on a loan?
When I get a barclays personalised debit card does that mean my current card will stop working?
what happens when you leave your credit card at the bar?
Honda credit card?
can my husband remove my name from mortage?
opening a credit card?
what should i do or what can i do ?????
How much does paypal charge?
how do you all spend?
can a credit card collector put a lien on my property? -Texas?
what are the steps to getting a consumer loan?
if u pay off 2 or ur credit cards how long does it take to show on ur credit report and?
Does it really!!!???
Who created the credit score and why?
What does master card, VISA card means ?
Could debt collectors/Creditors be able to chase debts when someone from the uk moves abroad to escape it?
How do I calculate paying off a credit card?
Another Credit Question?.?.?
Fraudulent credit card charges text?
What is the BEST credit card 2 get 4 someone that never had one?
my credit score dropped by 150 points?
What wil happen to me if my husband dies?
What is a good finance company for an auto loan?
A question about bank loan/credit?
Credit card doesn't work online anymore !!!?
i wanna earn mony on line but i dont have credit cart...?
Does anyone know any good legit money lenders?
Loan payment question!?
I have a credit rating of 666. Is that good?
what is the statue of limitation on a bad debt for the state of california?
i have a jc penney credit card w the mastercard logo can i use it anywhere or just at jc penney?
Will my social security check be taken away?
PayPal Question? Paypal Account Or Bank (Transaction)?
Will a major purchase over $1000.00 with a credit card lower your FICO score within a month?
When can credit be reinstated after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
PayPal need help !!!!?
Credit-card fraud on the net?
Will canceling a credit card effect my credit? If so, how much of an impact does it make?
What is a credit card that is easy to get approved for with very little credit, no credit, or bad credit?
Anyone know of a good way to improve your credit score?
my credit card company raised my APR for the heck of it?
What's the catch with these companies clearing your debt?
bank lost my money HELP?
Where can i get a $1500 loan on line.?
Hello, can anybody please explain how to determine the Default Date of a payment.?
Cosigning a loan with my parents?
With the help of a debt settlement company I settled with a creditor for less than I owed.?
i need to open a business bank account but my credit is very poor,are there any basic accounts anywhere for me
How do secured cards report to the credit bureaus?
Debit card questions?
in need of a personal loan!?
When paying with credit on the net, is your account always billed instantly?
Credit problems?
what is the definition of agregating?
how can i claim my prize in free lotto aside from through credit card, because i dont have credit card?
Repairing Poor Credit?
how do i fix my credit?
How can I get a loan if I have bad credit?
I have no credit and don't want a credit card?
i applied for a credit card at bestbuy last april and think im in trouble?
how could i get a cash loan instantly?
If a person from overseas wants to make payment by cheque to me, does it require my full name and address?
what companies will buy back my amazon gift card in return for money?
are there ways to get your scores up fast?
The credit card company just upped my limit from $200 to $9,500 does this mean my credit score has increased?
Does anyone know any good unsecured private loan lenders? I need it for an education loan.?
Advice on budgeting and feeling desperate when there is not enough money.?
how long do it take before a eviction appear on your credit report?
Flowers on credit?
Debt Statute of Limitations?
How do American Express prepaid gift card work?
When will a debit be refunded if an order on amazon was cancelled during the pending stage and not shipped?
If you were in a world full of debt. what would you do or what have you done ?
What are some ways to get credit cards for people with really really bad credit that doesn't require money?
can you pull cash on credit card capital one?
motorcycle loan?
How can I start making credit?
Whats the best and fastest company for Credit management help or consolidation?
where can i get a 'bad credit' credit card?
Age checked with a debit card?
Question about Bank Card ?
Quick question?
If you have a credit card, and haven't used it in a year should you close the account, or keep it open?
Why is it a good time to get a Nigerian Loan?
My name is Rich, when I was young and foolish, I ruined my credit. How do I turn It around?
just got a job, what should i do next?
Personal Checks Question.?
Please help, to do with my eBay account...?
I have $120K in credit card debt, most of which has been written off by the banks. Is 30% a good settlement?
please help. cell phone.. credit..?
A question about Bank Cards pertaining to Bank of America.?
Best way to negotiate debt settlement for someone that only owes on a few accounts?
Do debt consolidation loans bring down your credit score?
What are the drawbacks of debt settlements?
please help.. paypal advice?
Can the Load&Go Pre-Paid Visa card be used with Paypal?
what do u think will be the RBA interest rate decision for this month?
SOL with credit card debt?
I recently had a Wachovia account back in 2008 that went into collections so it was closed and sent to collect?
Secured cards, I'm trying to find details on exactly how they report to bureaus?
Can I put money on my American Express prepaid gift card?
my credit history is bad and i dont have a credit card HOW?
What is the $ dollar threshold limit for what is reported to credit bureaus?
Will my credit score go up ?
Money Help!?
what is an allotment with a bank?
What is the best credit card for a college student?
Does anyone know how to get rid of columbia house records?
who accepts american express?
which banks could i open a bank account with if i have bad credit?
what kind of interest rate can i expect on a home loan with a credit score of 600? first time buyer.?
will an unpaid hospital bill in collection stay on a credit report and grow interest after 7 years?
I want to consolidate my credit card bills but have no equity.What web site is the best one to go to for help
Do HSBC passport provides credit rating?
Debit Card or Pre-Paid card?
unfair bank charge what can i do?
If I bought a trailer on a company credit card and later quit paying it due to the economy....?
What is the limit you can put on a visa gift card?
I do not wish to have a credit card how can i get a debit card?
Prepaid credit cards traceable?
Which is the better way to earn credit?
do law firms settle?
I just learned my credit score is 0 and want a credit card with at least a limit of $1500?
can my loan service provider (aes) change my re-payment plan without giving me notice?
need help eliminating credit card debt?
How many credit cards do you have and which cards do you have (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc)?
How does a woman go about establishing her own personal credit even though she's married?
Buying a car and having someone else purchase it after a year?
Paypal question. Can you go in debt/bounce payment with paypal. PLEASE HELP?
How should I dispute unauthorized payment?
cashing check??
Why do I get calls now that I got a Debit Card?
where is a good place to get a bad credit loan?
Are personal loans deductible from business taxes?
Is It Possible Paying Off Credit Card With Another Credit Card ?
Do i have an overdraft fee or not?
i have a balance of £1250 on my credit card and apr of 24.4 how do i work out the interest per month?
how to make payments on parents credit card?
Visa gift card won't work?
Can I appy for a credit card a week or two before turning 18?
A debt collection agency keeps calling me and referring to me as "Raymond howard"?
Requesting a check from paypal?
Should I open a credit card?
I am trying to pay for billing so I can post my ad, but can't.?
Should I pay this off or let it just go away?
paris hilton - has she paid her debt to society after 3 days in jail?
Credit Card Charge Question?
Collection agency scammers?
does anyone know anybody that can delete your credit history?
can my wife apply for credit card without my consent and add her as authorised user and use the credit card?
I'm 17 years old and I'm trying to get a credit card how do I start my credit ?
Does google check-out accept prepaid visa cards as a payment method?
Has anyone ever heard of this website?
who buys a loan?
Question ATM With A Credit Card?
Can I check how much money is on this Gamestop giftcard?
I need help with PAYPAL?
Need a legal private loan, no up front fees for $10,000.00 no scammers please, or is that possible?
Do both signers on a home loan in California have to file for bankruptcy?
Netspend and Paypal HELP?
is there a loan company thats safe and allows payments?
Create apple account without a credit card?
Is there a UK high street store I can buy a prepaid card I can spend online?
How do secure credit cards work?
Is this a good plan or not?
Does it benefit credit card companies to offer 0 interest on new purchases?
payday loans.... Not check loans sorry.?
Does anyone know about
If I make extra payments on my auto loan, will it all go toward the principal?
How do you check you have been refunded on eBay?
AM-EX Charge Card- interest?
My credit sucks. Is it really possible to get a new ss# to get a new credit file?
Why is my PayPal payment still processing??
does dell approve financing to people with no credit?
This guy is pressuring me to use paypal on craigslist for the amount $20,000?
If I pay my minimum payment does that free my credit line?
What site gives out free crdeit scores?
why are these accounts on my credit report when the oldest account shows paid as agreed?
Does anyone know a good debit counslor or company that really works? And can help me get out of debt?
is new card services, 28 east jacvkson building,suite #10-c84, chicago,il 60604-2263, a legitamate company or?
Tell why you like to be involved in the extra credit union campus branch program? 100 words! Helllp!!?
What are the advantages of debit cards over credit cards? ?
How do you cancel your membership with (Triple Advantage)?
Visa Buxx... getting it next week?
does anyony no the interest rate at lesswab tires in ca, on a $1000 loan?
Personal loan with bad credit?
How do i pick a credit card out?
which bank in singapore provide the best interest for home loan?
Can you load a pre paid card with your own cash?
What does it mean if theres an amount in your bank account and then it sais "Overdrawn"?
Should I use a lawyer to negotiate settlement of debt?
help with bad credit?
How fast will I get a credit limit increase?
How old do you have to be to get a credit card through your bank?
Debt guarantee what ?
i have very bad poor there any way i can get a credit card right away and what is the website?
Can court fees be reported to a credit reporting bureau after seven years has passed?
What is the best credit card for student starting college?
Is This The Truth, Or Just A Scare Tactic?
How can I stop them from charging me?
i want to get a Loan of 20,000?
Can prepaid cell phone cards be used to reload prepaid credit cards?
Paypal, Credit Card, so confused...?
How much credit do I need to build before I can apply for a credit card?
lisa has $ 1500 and use $500 today how much do she have left?
Can I get a Debit Card with a Visa logo on it at the age of 17?
how soon after you have something deleted from your credit report does it take into effect?
My credit score is 700 but I never even use a credit card?
equity of my house disappear , what can i do to reduce monthly payments?
I am having 4 credit cards and done the balance transfer. Can i apply one more credit Card?
Can a business sign over a check to be deposited?
For quick FICO increase is it better to get credit cards below 1/2 credit limit or pay one off at a time?
Military marriage move after 8000 dollar tax credit...?
Do you think Credit equals wealth?
consoladate loans withot going thru a debit managent program?
Can a debt be put back on your credit report after 7 years?
Debt Collector's mistake?
I would like to apply for acredit card, but I have very little credit history...what to do?
why is my credit card not working? VERY frustrating! HELP?
What credit card is best for an 18 y/o?
Will I be approved for Apple's Barclay financing?
Under 18- but bank charges applied?
How can i get a loan when i have never borrowed before?
Online bill paying question?
they say identity thieves can steal your identity if they find a pre-approved credit card offer...?
how much higher will my fico score be now?
can a person get a mortgage loan with a credit score of 650? If so where?
Loan application- have u done this??
How can I improve my credit?
I have good credit and received a letter from a bank cancelling a credit card i have been using and paying on?
Consequences of Credit Card Fraud?
My Credit is very screwed up.. How can I begin to fix it?
Is getting a credit card a good way to build credit?
credit question?
For how long after a sale is it possible to do a credit card charge back?
If I pay off my credit cards and keep them at a 0 balance, will that hurt (lower) my credit rating?
What happens when you stop paying your credit cards?
Adding Visa Giftcard money to Paypal?
What is a good credit score to have when trying to purchase a new home?
Credit report!!!?
bankruptcy on a loan with a co-signer?
where can i get a home loan with bad credit?
I have a few payday loans and if i close my checking account the payday loans have a check .can i get charge?
What credit card should I apply for?
Lower My Capital One Credit Card APR?
I have to go to court on Tues for unpaid credit card bills. Should I seek legal services?
What site can I truly get my credit report without using a credit card?
How long does a creditor have to respond to a payment plan letter sent by the consumer?
if a debt is "charged off" do we still have to repay it?
What is the best way to get a credit card? with little / no credit?
arbitration notice for an old debt?
A credit score of 638, will I get the bank teller position?
Need to find a personal loan FAST!!!?
What is my realistic chances of getting a mortgage?
Do you think I can get a loan with a credit of score of 857 from experian?
Looking for advice (from those who have been there) about credit cards and collections?
Adj Bad Debt Expense Question?
Circuit City Credit Card Scam?
Shouldn't Obama close down the credit rating companies?
I am seeing an attorney today.....?
If I get a credit card bill of $540, what will be my minimum monthly payment?
How can I get an actual free credit report that means no cost no nothing?
Who do I call to find out where I last used a credit card?
Have your Eyes ever "Jumped out in shock/Horror " after seeing your credit card bill?
What is the easiest way to repair bad credi?
can you file your own bankruptcy or do you need a lawyer?
Can I legally be held liable to pay for my roommates past due gas bill that she incurred back before we knew?
What does it mean when you apply for a credit card online instant approval, and it says....?
Does ebay charge the final value fee to my paypal account or is it automatically deducted?
What does "cash back" really mean?
i have kinda bad credit what card can approve me?
how to calculate the number of unemployed?
Can a collection agency pursue a collection with out providing any paperwork or documentation?
How do I dispute my credit report?
whats a valid credit card and cvc number?
My bank rejected my refund so when is republic bank mailing me my refund check?
Will it help my credit score to finance a car and to pay it off immediately?
Removing a cosigner from a car loan?
Is the December 4 episode of Ugly Betty, why couldn't they get a credit card cash advance at the ATM?
My Credit Card is Screwing me over, help!?
Unique National Collections?
Which demographic of people is the most responsible for the subprime mortgage scandal?
What happens when I do not respond to a credit card judgment debt?
If I paid off a CA. and it shows paid, Will my credit score go up at all?
Does anyone know how to make a test up that you can score?
Started a business with brother and he is using the business credit card for personal stuff. What should i do?
How do you get rid of a duplicate (but true) negative item on a credit report?
A general question about Revolving Credit VS. Credit Cards on credit report.?
Closed hospital on credit report item item paid looking for removal?
Recieving Money by PayPal?
How can i get me a high credit line?
How badly do inconsistent credit card payments or making purchases with outstading debt, reflect on my credit?
I used my credit to buy a truck for my brother?
Can I cancel a Banana Republic card that I just was approved for?
Has anyone ever actually recieved payment from the stop loss program?
is it possible to buy books on with a gift card?
What does subject to underwriting mean?
in debt over i financially responsible to pay it back if........?
I have a loan from my bank and want to get a home loan from the same bank. Can they combine them into one?
I am facing a forclosure and Chapter 7. How does the foreclosure go in relation to the 7? ps no equity! : (?
what cell phone service providers offer service without credit checks?
are there any pre-paid cards for international use online?
Did your Credit Card Company do this to you ?
How long will a hospital wait before sending a bill to collections?
can they steal my identity ???
CAP REV SVC is listed on my credit report without a phone number. Does anyone know who they are?
How does a 1099-c affect a Judgement?
Loan help (money).........?
How can a credit card balance go from 8000 to 11,000 in two months time; with a Law Firm letter head? NC Scare?
how to go about getting a personal loan?
I don't pay until I sign a receipt (debit card)?
is there anyway to get around the pin on a debet card?
3 different credit scores? Difference is big?
Getting a car loan with a credit score of 489?
can I buy something with a credit card if my credit card is american and what I'm looking to buy is british an?
File bankruptcy or move in with my parents? What do you think?
Should I do settlements on the debt I owe creditors or pay in full?
how long does it take for delinquencies to come off your credit report?
apr on credit card apply if you pay in full every month?
Maturity of a Commercial Loan.?
When will a debit be refunded if an order on amazon was cancelled during the pending stage and not shipped?
Can anyone, please, explain to me how a credit card works?
Is there hope for my friend? She had excellent credit until she married her husband and now:?
how can i find out why i was turned down for a credit card?
does anyone have a telephone number for independence visa plus?
What is echeck? Electronic check or what?
Credit Card Syndrome?
How much trouble will I be in for credit card fraud?
What Are The Different Ways Of Raising Deposit For A Mortgage?
How to build up credit?
Is there anyone out there who's account with First Premier bank has been mishandled?File at
some things i need to know about the visa business check card?
what is uk law for clear your debt?
Is it safe to buy online with a Moneypak Green card?
Can I make a larger payment on my credit card?
Financial trouble...any advice??
What is the proper format to write a dispute letter to the credit bureaus?
if someone was to have no credit history what would their credit score be?
Why do I need a credit check to work with a bank?
i gave them my address but not my credit card number- do i still have to deal with this bill for a free trial?
Credit rating question.?
I would like to know my loan balance?
I've heard of 3 1 credit report many times and wondering how it'd help me asses my credit rating?
Was late on car downpayment car got taken. ?
Why are credit cards so amazing?
Budgeting loan go in on bank holiday?
What is a good bank or website to go through that will give a loan for $20,000 if you have really bad credit?
Songs Purchased?
how do i get out of debt? i need financial advice. ?
Credit Card's Cash Advance APR ?
What is the exact definition of "last activity" for your credit reports?
The Democrast keeps spending despite we're in debt?
How many credit cards can you have before they drop your credit score?
payment withdrawal?
Whats your opinion taking out a Loan to pay off Debt???
Has anyone had any dealings with US AutoCredit?
Actually, I had an interviewer ask me if they could check my credti??? I just said politely.. Why would?
if someone get's your bank acct info...?
What happens when you take out a bank loan and then leave the country where you are unable to repay the loan.?
How far is the US government willing to raise the debt ceiling before America defaults on its debts?
Borrowing a credit card?
Credit scores: What is your high, middle and low score?
Can you buy song in iTunes straight from your credit card?
money probs?
Need help on trying to fix my credit?
Can i put money on paypal with a prezzy card?
Bailiffs failing to collect debt?
I am 13 and I used a fake credit card that I made with luck to buy things in amazon?
Did commerce bank give back the credit to me?
If i would take out a $4,000 loan from Bank Of America what would be my interest rate?
If we can earn money from net?
Can you the jcpenney gold card at rite aid without the mastercard or visa logo on the card?
Do i really need a credit card for to have a EBAY?
When you give someone a gift card, do you need to give them the receipt, too?
Is it legal for someone to get credit using a made up social security number??????
Why would you choose Bank of America?
lost job....can't pay credit card min payments?
If i go all in and the dealer (friendly game) does my chip count on per the callers request and counts wrong,?
Can i get a student loan even if im in collections?
What do I need to ask for when I pay off my car? Title? Extra Key?
How can I get cash from my credit card?
I Have bad credit and am looking to secure a home loan.? are they a scam? ?
Can You Go To Jail For A Delinquent Credit Card?
i am being bothered alot by debt collection agencys about an amount that has been cleared 7 yrs ago?
how do i get a debit or credit card?
Vanilla Visa Problem?
Credit Cards in Puerto Rico?
How do I improve my credit in a short amount of time?
credit card problems?
Is BOA one of the banks that charges a penalty fee if you don't use your card often enough?
Does it hurt your credit score to cancel a credit card?
Can I?????
Can a credit company charge off the same account with different amnts, different/yrs? $858/2002 and $1130/06?
If I keep only a debit card and never apply for a credit card, will this help or hurt my credit score?
Question about Discover and Possible Late Fees?
7 year debt being called upon by Collections Agency?
Causes that make people use credit card on internet?
Increase payment threshold to?
stole my moms credit card.?
35000 in credit card debt?
How does closed credit card by the bank affect my credit history?
I just turned 18, can I apply for a credit card today? and should i buy 1 thing on it(like a phone)??? hellp?
What if I pay off a 19, 000 loan, I have been a perfect payer on it. Will it raise or lower my credit score?
I can't pay my bills for the first time ever. What will happen to me.?
Are there laws requiring issues of revolving credit accounts to close do to inactivity?
Loan Payback to bank?
How to I get a Credit card
If I pay off an account that is in collections to the originator will it take it out of collections?
how to add a prepaid visa card?
How long will a hospital wait before sending a bill to collections?
10,000 in credit card debt, and I'm 24! Best ways to get it down?
When you sign up for AE Rewards online do they send you the card to your address?
Any disadvantages of opening new credit cards for the rewards?
Discover card?
A check that I wrote was cashed after I had closed the account - how will this affect my credit score?
my mom passed away on January 26th 2006,I just recieved a 1099-c,cancellation of debt form from a credit card?
Could you give me an example of a working credit card as of today?
When people write "Please see I.D." on their credit and/or debit cards ...?
Online banking advice?
Can somebody sujjest me some credit card companies that can easily give me their credit cards?
how do i find out what accounts i have in collections?
I have no credit what so ever..any suggestions how to get started ?
How much trouble will I be in for credit card fraud?
If I pay bad debt immediately, will it be removed from my report?
A furniture store offers no interest/no payments until 2008. What does that really mean?
My Bank wants me to have a credit card...why?
Service rendered for customers on credit $400.Which accounts wiil it affect?
why ebay say we were not able to process your payment?
If I’m shopping around for auto insurance (Quick Auto Quote) – is this going to lower my credit score?...?
Visa Prepaid Gift Card Questions?
i need a goos credit card for me to apply????? any suggestions? i dont spend over £3000?
Can i shop online using my mobile prepaid card balance?
Tricky credit report situation. Account 'closed', agency wont collect...?
How can you accept credit cards payments with paypal for ebay listings?
I never had a credit card. How do I have a credit score?
What's the best way to get credit?
Where can I find a lender.?
Is it bad to have a big balance on your credit card if you pay it back every month?
Someone took out a loan from wonga in my name (fraud), can they take me to prison if i REFUSE to pay it back?
How does one pay for buying a website, if one does not have a credit card?
does anybody know of a place i can get a loan with no credit and a co signer with average credit?
what is a Visa Promocode?
looking for a credit card online and I have less than perfect credit?
Looking for best link or source for 0 or low interest credit card transfer offers?
How Do I repair my Credit?
When would i see a difference in my credit? ?
My husband said this is this a scam, what do you think?
Can the bank reposses your house if you paid off the primary mortage, but not the equity line of credit?
Can you buy a Prepaid Debit Visa Card with a Prepaid Debit Visa Card?
All my chase credit cards are expireing around 07-06/11 Why is that?
Is bankruptcy the best solution?
my credit score is 659 could I get a target card?
have you had a loan from "yes"?
Hi! I recently purchased some shoes via eBay. I used my paypal account.?
Is a check considered cash?
I have a credit application from a customer.?
im 13 and i want to make some extra cash?
Legal Advice On Car Loan Co-sign?
How quickly does paying off a large portion of your credit card debt affect your credit score?
Can you still get a mortgage if you have bad credit?
how old do you have to be to get a Visa credit card in New York?
The Prepaid Travel Mosaik MasterCard Questionss?
How much Credit Card debt are you in?
does the time you take out money show on the bill ?
how does the $25-$500 visa gift card work?
What information do i have to give out ,green dot cards?
Can I change my signature? I'd and credit cards?!?
What's a good credit card to have/get?
i want to take out a loan off 10,000 pounds, i work full time and earn 8 hundred a month,,?
Building Credit.Should I pay off my credit bill now or later?
I am 21 years old and have paid with cash or a debit card my entire life. How can I get a credit card?
Should I still talk to my bank about this paper?
Is it safe tear apart a credit card and then throw it out?
JSA Payment in gone into bank...but?
How do I negotiate a $6200 over mileage debt with GMAC?
what to do when you cant pay your bills and have been 2 payments behind on your house?
Can I use a MasterCard to make my car loan payments?
how long does it take to transfer money from my visa card (load&go) to paypal?
How i Add a donate button on my website?
Does a Visa gift card act like a credit card?
How many ebay sellers have experienced a chargeback from their buyer?
Gambling Addiction / Credit Card Debt - California?
Can credit card debt be consolidated after it has been sold to an outside collection agency?
Where/ How can I find a cosigner for my school loan? I don't have enough credit and my parents were declined.
I have a few collection accounts that don't appear in my 3 in 1 credit report. What gives?
My friend co-sign for his spouse a car 2gether, they split, she takes off w/car. Cred. calling, what 2 do?
How long does it take for a negative mark on your credit report to drop off?
bill collectors belive my wife is my daughter(same name) my daughter is an adult.they are threatening w lien?
I am borrowing money from my mom?
Question about a sent money order?
How to deal with a debt collector? I need help?
I can no longer afford to make payments on my Flat Screen TV. What should I do?
I have no credit card can i still use an I Tunes gift card?
What is the best credit card?
I have a credit score of 860 from experian-will I be able to get a mortgage?
will the bank help me out?
How can I financial with out credit card?
how can i use e-gold to pay for a service?
Would they still charge my credit card if they kept the wrong reciept?
Which Credit card is best?
If my car loan due date is on Sunday can i pay online Friday?
not paying cc debt..?
Way to get stuff online without credit card?
our raise?
How do I change the payment form on eBay? ?
has anyone ever tried project payday?
whats the best way to get approved for a credit card if you don't have a job and a bad credit rating?
My temporary debit card is expired and I have a check to deposit?
How does a paypal dispute work?
Has anyone managed to get their credit card debt extinguished?
is closing a credit card account bad on your credit card report?
Why does the Federal Reserve's charter expire in 2012?
I recently got my ssn I would like to apply for a credit card I want to know which card is best for students?
what is different between normal debit card and visa card?
Can applying for credit, then getting it granted, but never using it hurt your FICO score?
Can my unverified(haven't link to my bank) paypal account get payment from others?
can Baycorp garnish someone's wages? what power do they actually have?
Paypal Negative Balance.. Court case?! URGENT HELP?
Stolen debit card and money been withdrawn?!?
Is there any way to get approved for a mortgage when you have a poor credit score?
Is Credit Card necessary for EMIs?
im in a spiral of bank charges&need to stop!is there a company that will give me a loan?ive bad cred&sick!?
Financial help please....?
Please explaoin "credit" and "debit" an account.?
when can i start checking my credit score?
Which Credit union is the Best in Bay area ?
I have an established corporation that has been operating for two years,but I haven't established corporate
Can paypal recall a check?
Can a collection agency put a lien on your home for an $800 cell phone debt??
Is Accept My Cash . com A Scam?
Bank of america alerts?
Have money to make monthly payments on new car. Bad credit wont allow banks to work with me. What can I do?
To improve my credit, should I have open credit cards or have a credit card that you pay in full each month?
Cash from credit card?
how much do you get a year?
Credit cards specifically for building/rebuilding your credit, but denied due to your credit? Any sense?
How lonsg will it take to recieve money from PayPal?
If i have a credit card and ive never used it do i have to pay a bill?
My mother in law wants my husband to buy her a house under his name, would this ruin his credit?
Visa & Mastercard problem's?
how long before a debt is wiped off and you dont have to pay it?
can i use a debit card?
Is a credit score of 757 good?
is there a certain age you have to be to get a morgage loan or do it depend on your credit, or your down?
Does anyone know what T.M.C.C LOAN PMT is?
describe 'credit crunch' giving examples?
How much will this cost me to spread the payments?
check never cashed by a credit company?
I need to get a credit card with 0 interest until 2010. Which one should I get?
credit card debt?
Why are business/invoice/payment terms normally 30 days?
Expecting a CCJ - what will I have to pay each month?
Buying our first home?
can you buy stuff online using a debit card or only a credit card?
i was due to be paid my income support today but it has not gone in my bank ?
what if i can't read the cvv code on the back of my credit card, what do i do?
Wells Fargo!!! (Checking and savings) Is it free?
Was my payment arrangement with a collection agency a bad idea?
What percentage of your creditcard limit do you spend? UK?
Why cant I stop????????
Im 19, with 5 credit that too many?
I filed what?
Is there a way to get a mortgage with bad credit?
Were can you get a unsecured loan with bad credit ?
If i cancelled my credit card acct and they send me a new one with a diff acct.....?
I need to know how to dispute things on my credit report?
how to use money paypal deposited in your credit card?
Can an American Express gift card confirmed on Paypal be used on eBay?
where do i go to check my walmart pay check amount online?
Collection agency will not confirm in writing!?
Paypal transfer of money from paypal to checking in bank (completed).?
Is scam and will they take my money?
Advise needed about a debt.?
Does discount motors report bad credit?
Harassing phone calls- Do I have any recourse?
green dot visa card How do i ge the money off of my green dot visa card?
What is the difference between the "APR" and "nominal APR"?
I can't pay my credit cards.?
What's the best way for a student to build credit?
Why does transaction cost increase when interest rate increases?
A credit card is sueing a frined?
can i go bankrupt while i have debt agreement is still on and fail to pay because change in cirumstances?
How long after getting credit card insurance does it take to be able to use it?
Bank or private lender?
Is there any help for co-signers who signed for their child's school loan which is now in default?
How do credit card % cash back work?
loan in chicago area?
How to pay off my credit card more efficiently?
The credit crunch, who's to blame?
How do I cancel a payment completed in paypal?
I got charged a fee for a new credit card. I have not used the card can I cancel and not be liable for the fee?
How come the poor people work harder then the rich but they take money out of the poor peoples check to pay ?
Is there any way I can get some sort of credit card to purchase online items without parents knowing? I am 18.?
i need to borrrow £2000 urgently?
How signing an Affidavit of financial hardship affects ones credit?
which company gives credit card without checking for credit history?
Would you refiance in my situation?
have anyone been a victim of atm bank fraud at wells fargo bank ?
Anyone with TD BANK with a credit card?
What is a good intrest rate for a personal loan?
most difficult credit card to apply for?
Wells Fargo: I just payed with credit card?
How do the visa gift cards work?
Im 17 years old and i was wondering what should i do to get GREAT credit ? i dont want bad credit. lol?
credit card debt advice?
Can someone get credit cards in your name when YOU never had a credit card?
Didn't receive Vudu movie credit?
legit paid surveys and online jobs (that you do not have to pay for!)?
My son is 18, and he was approved for a credit card faking his age without my knowledge. What do I do?
Where can I get a personal loan?
Do I now owe the bank $800,000?
I owe £2800 on a debt from 5 years ago. It's my only debt. Is it a lot in the scheme of things?
Does it hurt your credit score if you don't pay off a credit card every month?
Loan officer threatening me on my job about a debt?
does anyone has a credit can i can borrow?
Do I keep paying off this credit card which at this rate takes five years or try bankruptcy?
What does order to mean in paypal?
paying off a debt to one bank, can i open a new account?
How do i find out how much in debt im in and how to start fixing it?
What's on the back of your credit card?
Why cant we charge for credit card use?
Preapproved for FHA loan and want to switch lenders...?
Why was my credit card declined cashback?
I need a loan, but my credit score is low and havnt been able to one, need one for my buisness expenses.?
i have a balance of £1250 on my credit card and apr of 24.4 how do i work out the interest per month?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of not owning a credit card?