I am 18 yrs old and want to build credit. I have a new car and make payments. But its not in my name. HELP!?
I'm so angry I don't know what to do. ?
If your paying the minimum balance on your credit card, does that affect your credit score/report?
Errr.. Credit? Heeeeellllppppp.?
Will my payments on a card be made toward all spending, purchases and cash advances, or just one or the other?
How do I get a credit card with bad or no credit?
Can you tell if i paid from this picture?
e loan recently offered 30 month auto loans at 3.6%...?
Why has the credit card application been declined?
What the hell is wrong with my iTunes Gift Card ??? ....?
cancel green dot refund?
is there another way to pay for internet services besides credit card?
If a person is on ChexSystem and also filed Chapter 7 will they be removed from chexsystem for non-payment?
If I add an authorized user to my credit card account, will it help their credit score?
I am in debt about 3500 dollars..... i need advice as to what i could do.... ?
I'm getting calls from a collection agency that I am avoiding. What should I do?
The 1 year T-Bill, what % rate is it today? What's the outlook for the next 6 months?
How to set up prepaid credit cared?
i wanna apply for a loan here in the philippines?
How does a pre paid visa card work?
Wages being garnished by mid land funding?
If my credit score is 700, is 16% APR outrageous??
i am in debt and need a loan very fast can u please help me i am on maternity leave and have no wages .?
To get paid on amazon, is it necessary to "edit your disbursement preferences" and put in your bank details?
Can I r s hold your refund if you have a judgement from credit card company?
Where is the best place to get a 12 month loan instantly when you have bad credit?
How do I adjust my credit? I have a very low score and I still owe money to creditors. Thank you?
Can I use a Jc Penney's credit card at Sephora stores?
This about my deceased husband's Visa card. Why would someone do this to me ............................this m?
How can I check my credit rating?
where can I purchase aged credit accounts at a reasonable fee, to increase my credit score?
Reporting to Credit Bureau as Retaliation?
Are there ANY credit cards anymore which give you free access to your FICO score?
Question about possible inaccurate credit reporting?
If You Have A 700 Credit Score Can I Borrow It?
wWill the bank give me a credit card?
Best secured credit card?
What credit card company gives your first credit card with online bill pay?
Need some tips to raise credit score.?
Can anyone help with PPI CLAIMS?
What can I buy with an American Express Prepaid REWARD card?
How can i cash out from my paypal email gift?
Car Finance in Spain?
questions about credit score?
does anyone know how i can get a loan?
I have a derogatory claim on my credit.. and I paid it.. How can I request to have it removed??
What is the VIP Angel Card Credit Limit?
what will my new credit card experation date be?
What can happen to my son?
Credit cards, whats a good one?
a loan with bad credit?
Differences between prepaid credit card and debit card?
Not paying back on payday loans. What will happen?
The Credit Catch-22?
Can i get a bank loan?
What are the odds of a credit card company taking you to court over a $2500 balance?
will bank charge me if my cheque has bounced because it was not dated or without a payee?
Is it possible to cancel a payment an item on eBay if you commit to buy it?
Credit Card Scam Situation?
Lost/Stolen Credit card on my credit report - bad?
Is there a way to improve my credit?
car reposession laws in MA?
Can I use a gift card in another country?
i want my number Credit card?
How long does a closed account affect your credit score?
do I have to have money on my new card first before I get a payday loan?
What credit card is best for me?
Which type of card is best for shopping at
How much does your credit score affect the hiring process?
does anybody know after how many days does a seller receive payment from
If I die, who pays my Mortgage?
Would I be able to deposit money into this card through an ATM machine?
Credit Report has other middle name and diff. addresses. How do I contest the report?
prepaid credit cards for youths?
How Long does a charge of stay on my Credit Report?
How does a secure credit card work?
German seeking a loan?
How to get a visa debit card in the Philippines if i'm only 14 y/o?
i want valid master card with full detial for using of other man?
"Market based on prime rate", what does this mean?
Who in the HE** came up with the idea of credit checks to rent an apartment or house?
Low Credit score and Buying a house?
what is an ideal credit system?
Whats your advice on a credit card for a first time user trying to get credit started?
Pre-paid Credit card?
How do you get good credit if you need good ESTABLISHED credit to build credit?
what does signature on file mean on a credit card slip?
what happens if a money order bounces?
I don't have any visa,or credit, or debit cards, now i want to purchase for transaction how can i purchase ?
I'm going to do it - I'm going to take out a school loan. Advice?
CBCS mail, what is it?
Visa Gift card????????????/?
needing help about personal loans?
How do u keep debt collectors from calling? When it's not ur bill.?
If I co-sign on somebody else's loan does my credit score go up as theirs does?
Debit Card Question 10 points :D?
Moving abroad, intend to keep paying debt but companies do not want to acknowledge my address abroad?
non-chexsystems bank in Massachusetts and Rhode island?
How do you file a complaint against case visa?
Paid off Target credit card and now purchases won't go through. Do you think they're cancelling card!?
Best debt counseling companies?
My Pre Paid Visa card taking money for no reason? 10 points?
I keep accidentally overdrafting, should I just sign up for a credit card and ditch my debit card?
Can i get back my old credit card number?
I just got a bill from collection agency about a telephone bill from 10 years ago, I don't recall it &1st bill
what is the best way to close an account after it was satisfied with garnishment?
how do i get a free copy of my credit report?
How will I collect credit card information from my on line clients?
where to get money to start up in buisness with poor credit ratings?????
how many digits are there on a visa credit card?
how do people use credit cards?
Avon Representatives I need help when a costumer pays with a credit card Help plz?
What happens if i have no credit and get denied for a credit card?
Need help with Social Security Number & Credit?
PayPal reactivated their "BillMeLater" account I had disabled without notification?
Is there anywhere online to get a free credit score with out without having to join or cancell anything?
How can we take cash from paypal in other countries than US? are there sites to exchange paypal to cheque ?
can o2 recover a debt from 6 years ago they have never chased me?
what bank company would be the most recomended if you just wanted a simple debit card?
Can I get cash back on a Visa gift card?
just went on my email found email says its from hsbc team @fpysspecials .com as they usually only appoac
If I pay back all my debt that I owe with my tax return, will my credit score skyrocket in the next year or 2?
Payday loans?
im 17 what can i do to get ready to build my credit?
I just got approved for a $1,000 credit line for dell, with 29.99% APR, is this bad?
when using a debit card, should I use the credit option or input my PIN?
I need advice on restoring my credit after i had some accounts that were put for collection?
I placed an order with Weekenders just prior to their closing which was paid & never filled.?
i cant afford my credit card payments?
Can i have someone deposit cash into my bank account?
How do I get over my judgement problem?
If something was "charged off" on my credit report, how can I remove it?
How can I get out of the payday loan trap.?
no credit-no down payment....?
Can you use a debit card to make online purchases?
How much cash do you carry in ya wallet or purse.?
Question about paypal?
what is the easiest & cheapest way to clean up your credit?
Can you help me with me credit card?
I am looking for more debt
if you have an issue with your bank which consumer party do you go to?
What is PayPal? How does this method of payment work?
Flex pay plus? Account bought by someone else?
dissability personal loans are a scam?
Will I qualify for the $8000 tax credit?
There has been two charges to my debit card that I didn't make myself.?
What can I do to raise my credit score fast?
What can I do to ensure I get approved for an auto loan in the future?
bank loan for under 18 in the u.k?
HELP: Fraud Credit Repair Companies?
Are fixed APR's really fixed on a credit card?
personal financing help?
Can i use a credit card for my itunes to buy one thing, but then take off the credit card?
Can a 13 year old have a debit card ?
I have a gift card want to know if this method can get me cash.?
Help with payday loan hell!!!!!!!?
I want to buy something from Amazon, Im paying using a Gift card,(continue..)?
How long should I wait to get my credit report pulled again?
How do I fix my credit?
What looks better on a credit report?
Help! i requested a bad credit loan. R. Brown from Nigeria said he could help with a $75 fee. is he legit?
What does Current Balance on a credit card mean?
100% auto loan for private purchase?
is a credit score of 645 good?
which credit cards have the lowest interest rate and no yearly fees?
Utility company send me a huge bill after 3 years.?
I am looking to find a personal lender to help me with a down payment on a home.?
Salle Mae debt in collections for 6 yrs already, is it worth paying off?
How can i get free rewards on a credit card?
whats the fastest and easiest way to build credit?
how does paypal work?
i am going to be sued by capital one's lawyers for 5,000$ .can they garnish my pay checks?
Help with debit cards?
I don't know what to do about my credit card... pls help..?
How to transfer paypal balance to prepaiad credit card that on paypal?
How do I use my Credit Card instead of my debit card?
What is the best first time credit card?
I have the hardest time collecting payments from middle eastern people?
credit score?
its been week and i still havent gotten my debit card what should i do?
Should I pay a $50 late payment that has been sent to a collections agency?
Got denied a deal based on credit rating - even though credit rating is fine?
How does one go about having an independent valuer's assessment (IVA), in stead of bankruptcy?
what does it mean (guarantor)...........?
Can you help me with my dissertation on Credit default swap and market efficiency?
Is a fraudulent website?
How much principal has been paid after 5 and 10 payments? $25,000 Loan. 10%/year for 3 years. $806/month?
I have a prepaid visa card and i accidently through away the pin. Is there any way i could get it back?
I have 21K ins student loans, credit score of 489, and a repossession on my credit.?
Is HSBC bank in good health? Is it likely to survive credit crisis?
American Express giftcard use on
what is a ballon payment?
Can I improve my credit score in a month?
How to pay a debt that was sent into collections?
shopping online with a gift card?
Doe you have to pay for purchases if someone gives you a gift card?
Should I cancel my credit card?
is there a legal way to stop bill collecters from calling?
Can you get a bankruptcy off you credit report?
how to use netspend visa prepaid card?
Be honest: Does this sound like a credit card scam?
Credit card consolidation?
Can I go to walmart and turn my walmart gift cards into cash?
How much does your car payment affect your credit score?
Ebay and collections....?
Started work today rest of staff is paid tomorrow on 1st next payday 2 weeks later on 15th so will this week?
Do I need a credit card to open a paypal account. i need help urgently with this.?
What should I do with my credit card?
does citizen bank give out loans?
how do i go about getting info on selling prepaid debit mastercard/visa cards for my business?
How bad would the repossession by 'we finance auto' affect my credit?
Preauthorization charge on prepaid mastercard from amazon?
telephone number to the american express traveler check office?
Does a construction loan have discount points?
How can a teen get a bank card?
Can a teen at the age of 13, cash a $1,000 check?
I got aprvd for a mtge and my school loans info is higher is that afctng my mtge amnt?
can you pay with a credit card with the credit card?
Does charged off accounts still collect late fees and interest charges in addition to the original amount?
can i activate my card on line?
My credit card payment is going to be 30 days late, how will it affect my credit score?
renting with no credit?
What is the best way to increase my credit score from 580 to 620.?
What is a prepaid debate card?
Giving out personal bank information?
Does any one know if Country wide is going bankrupt??
how can you get a mortage when on low wages?
Im wondering If I can be sent to collection after missing a payment on a payment plan...?
is my mother in law responsible for credit card debt of deceased husband?
Which is better to improve your credit.....??
If someone donated 5 billion dollars?, what would you do with it?
In Ohio, is a debt considered "forgiven" if I send a payment to the collections co & they return the payment?
How to find out name on credit card?
What % is the down payment with a Zales credit account?
my credit rate is raising this permanent?
i wana know shruti kumari e-mail she is an employee of iciciinfocom mumbai. she wasmanagement student of xiss?
Should I pay off a debt that is 6 years old?
rapid credit rescoring?
How can I erase a credit report?
Someone please, credit score advice?
How to apply for personal loans from ICICI Bank?
As far as monthly payments, which is better? A Best Buy card or regular credit card (i.e Capital One)?
which companies are recreiting DSAs for home loans/ mortgage loans in india?
Will "Enjoy Amount" show up on my Visa gift card?
How to get a loan for 50,000 with bad credit? have 5000 down?
Where can I get a loan for 40,000 to buy a house.?
why is paypal saying this?
Can you get a 1000 personal loan with a 600 credit score?
how to repair the magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card?
What if there is three firms in the market which compete as OLIGOPOLISTS?
how do I help clear up my credit history for free?
Can I get a FHA home loan with 622 credit and a bankrupcy 3 months old?
How can I change my date of birth on my credit report?
what fprm do i use to send the payment?
I got a Master credit card sent to me in the mail......?!?
I have bought i phone 4. I m confused that what is required to make for i tune id-debit card or credit card.?
please help me- paypal dispute?
Charges for a credit card?
What is Private Label Credit Card?
Where can I get my credit score for free?
What are the usury limits on business loans in the US?
Does citi offer expedited shipping for credit cards?
Why does my Paypal say 0$ when I just added 60$?
What is the lowest percentage that I can "Settle" a credit card debt??
I have a sky card credit card account and they are asking for money without sending me bills for last 3 months
Is it safe to use a debit card on third party billing sites?
where can you get a sacured credit card to clear up my credit?
If I use the PayPal MoneyPak feature, does it put ALL of the money on the debit card into the PayPal account?
Is Paymentasia a fraud?
my son got behind 6 mo. on his credit card.?
Business credit card offer with Visa Platinum Business Card Benefits. How can I apply for it?
Can I make $6,000 in 13 Days?
Paypal Issues help ASAP?!?
sold car unaware of finance outstanding HELP!!!!?
can you take a copy of your credit report in when applying for credit or do they have to run it.?
Can paying monthly for car insurance increase credit score?
Will my credit card company lower my credit amount?
What is the catch about cash loans from places like Ace Cash Advance?
want to buy a drug online but don't have a credit card.what do i do?
Does anyone know of a legitimate long term loan lender for bad credit?
How do credit cards work?
Pre paid Visa Question?
Car Interest Rate & Credit?
Help with my credit history?
Why should you shop for credit?
car repo/credit???
How do I access Shell Oil to pay my account on line?
Credit Card problems please help?
please help..i made a payment online but it doesn't say i did on order status?
Has anyone heard of
Cash Assistance needed?
A debtor incurred a debt in California and has now moved to Canada. Suggestions for collection?
Wages Garnished..Is it too late for a settlement?
Does anybody have a capital one credit card?
credit card swiper..?
I Bought Something on Amazon with my Debit Card...When Will it be Deducted from my Account?
Amex gave me a non limit credit card then gave it a 25,000 limit but Citi card only ahve me 3,500 limit why?
Do I get my money back if I get 100% on the test, even though i took my classes online?
what are some cash advance places? i know advance america, check n go, any others?
Best payday loans online?
could my sister in law give out my number to bill collectors?
What's the best advice you got about credit cards?
What place would you recommend for a bad credit loan?
Car loan question????
how does one get a loan after a bankruptcry?
How can I get a free credit check in Australia??
What is the best way to get out of credit card debt without getting our credit ruined?
How can i find my expiration date to my credit card?
Credit card question?
Building credit. Is this a solid plan?
applied for credit card, will i get ?
Prepaid visa cards can be put on to paypal?
Debit Cards Dont work Online? Especially as credit cards?
improve their cash management practices?
how can i inprove my credit?
Can you control what a charge comes up as on your credit card statement, for privacy reasons?
What is the best way to get a negative item off your credit report?
How to have closed accounts taken off my credit report?
I have 125 thousand in credit card debt and a 125 thousand dollars in student loans which are not payable yet?
i worked at a Chase Bank, I got fired approx. a week ago on May 11th and I still havent received my last check?
how to find the full credit card number on my paypal account?
What are the steps u go through when you do not pay your credit card?
Will I be able to get a home loan with bad credit?
Diffculty using my Natwest Debit card on Amazon.?
whats the age for credit card?
Stop payment questions on a check?
wondered if anyone as had problems with their credit cards after giving your card details to tvdvdworld?
how would someone know what you have been spending on your credit card?
where can i find a graph that shows credit scores?
so should I pay off the derogatory reports and not worry about the charge offs?
How can I see my credit score for free?
Can you buy prepaid credit cards (MasterCard or Visa), and can they be used on the internet?
How do I redeem my iTunes gift card?
i aply for tesco .com personal going for interwiew.but i dont know what kind of questions they ask?
where do you find your CVV number on a Westpac Handy Card?
vista federal credit union minimum age?
Has my logbook loan debt been completely written off?
can i get an unsecured credit card with bad credit and no employment?
on shopkick how do they determine your gift card amount?
Need help Calculating a car loan payoff amount?
Credit Card with my credit score?
Paypal sending money as a "gift"?
once i have paid off delinquent accounts on my credit report, can i have them removed?
Want to get bank loan on truck... How much?
is there any risk in giving the bank account number for prize claim?
am i entitled to my credit report from my old estate agents?
Was I robbed at Mcdonalds?
Need to open new bank account. Question about old credit card debt?
Where can I get a Visa Card? Debit Card?
Should my brother let the Credit Repair Agency get involved with this Capital One Lawsuit?
What would be your credit score IF you DON'T have a credit card?
does paypal charge you when you buy stuff from ebay?
can i get credit card if im on low income?
Should I take out a car loan (as a student)?

What do you do when someone else has your ssn?
University: Can i get my late fee payment back?
Is there a time limit as to when a creditor can collect for a dept?
Once you check your credit report, do old creditors chase you down?
is there a way for me to delete my bankruptsy?
Why is my credit score different with each agency?
PayPal/bank problems with money?
Visa Credit Card/Scam help!?
How to fix my credit?
Can you get a payday loan without a bank account?
Why the fact that when a trial balance balances is not proof alone that the data has been correctly processed?
I want 12000 rupees urgently for paying the hospital bill...can anyone help me now?plz....?
question hopefully someone can answer?
Is there a plain language version of what will happen with credit card laws next year anywhere?
Loan of $100,000 at 10% p.a add-on. Loan payable 6 monthly installments. What is the effective interest rate?
why do credit cards have to expire?
What is the best route to take to repair poor credit.?
if i use my credit card on the day the last month's payment is due, do the charges go on the next months bill?
where can you get a mortage with good credit (720 FICO) high debtincome ratio with a good rate 200k,10k dn?
What is a country that people are not constantly asking for loans?
I was denied a loan cause the bank didn't like how they thought I would use the money. Is that legal?
Is western capital union a scam?
where can I get a loan even though I'm unemployed?
I need a free credit report without having to submit a credit card I have none?
I am on a disability pension due to serious medicaL conditions (lost job)-need a credit card-who will give it?
i have bad credit and i need a personal loan?
Best credit card for Airline Miles!?
Can i pay for something on Amazon using both a gift card and Paypal?
how much my standing loan balance as of this date when i applied salary loan last febuary 2012?
How do find out your credit score???
Im not a big spender, should i consider getting credit?
what are some of the costs and pitfalls of using a charge card, credit card, and a debt card?
Does anyone use the Platinum Visa card? Is it free? Is there any catch?
how do i get a prepaid mastercharge or visa?
Is there a way to bring up my credit score?
If you don't use the credit card do you still have to pay on it ?
Can someone please give me the name of a company that can LEGALLY help with fixing my credit report?
i need help with my credit information ?
Will paying off all your credit cards and leaving a Zero balance help your credit score?
Credit Union unable to pull Equifax Credit Report?
Student Credit Card Debt... In Collections.?
Chase credit card question?
How do i dispute something on my credit??
what happens if I cancel my ebay debit payment?
it said my credit score change?
Would you take on another loan in this situation?
How can I boost my credit?
i booked a hotel with a debit card with insuffienct funds.. what happens now?
What might you do if you are unable to get a credit card?
what happens if you payment request on paypal is still pending?
What can I do about this?
how do i get my credit report without using a credit card?
i accidentally charged an amount twice to a customer's credit card... who can i call to get rid of it?
Should I pay stud loan with credit card each month for the purpose of a better FICA score?
When you order from, does it list the item specifically on the credit card bill?
Bank software?
What can someone do with your social security number?
Can a law office/creditors get the courts to place a lean on ones home if they dont pay their debt?
Student loans are in default, starting a payment plan, credit?
is it legal to charge extra if someone pays by credit card?
Avoiding Interest Charges on Credit Card?
Why do Credit Unions offer low Interest rates on loans? Doesn't that seem RISKY?
In such websites like,Do user has to repay the raised amount to the website after a period?
My credit rating is very very poor, I've been paying everything on time but its not improving?
Do you need a credit card to sell on eBay?
Random credit on my credit card?
If I have 25% APR on a credit card, how do I know how much I will owe at the end of the month?
checking my credit score?
I have missed two payment on my loan in the US and my credit report shows delinquent. I want to buy a house?
How can I find a bank that let's me use a debit card in all atms across the uk?
Credit Check on Cell Phones?
Credit card showing I filed for bankruptcy but it's wrong?
Want to check credit score, Whats the cheepest way to get your score?
Is it bad for you if creditors know you buy porn online with your credit card?
what non profit org would u recommend for credit card debt?
I have 3 charge off on my credit and 11 in collections is that bad? What should i do?
Should I accept this settlement offer?
I want to buy a home. I need help!?
Is a credit score of 595? where does it fall comparatively to americas average?
Can private student loans not backed up by the government or non government loans bankruptcy?
How long can a credit card keep sending you bills?
If someone knows your bank account number, is it possible for them to discover your Social Security Number?
Ideas on how to get credit card interest rates lowered?
what is B&A?
Selling collatoral/Security on loan?
Loan approval process?
does anyone know?
If i opened a credit card then closed it on the spot (same day) will that hurt my credit score?
what is my sss salary loan balance as my name is joy artieda ciron?
what does this mean with paypal?
Where does someone get a small loan from?
I just set up a Paypal account, but my ATM card, is not on the card option tab on the paypal page.?
Is it worth it to have a Macy's,JC Penny or BestBuy or retailers's card?
If i cancel my credit card will my monthly payments be lower?
Where can i get a free credit report?
HSBC debt cancellation fee?
So now people have to have good credit to get a job?
Question about buying something fairly expensive from ebay.?
paying off loan quickly, will it boost credit score?
Why would a limit on interest rates on old creditcard balances reduce the incentive to issue new credit cards?
What is remittance?
How does an International credit transfer work?
Loan / interest problem?
can i use a bank of america debit card to buy plane tickets online?
Can I get an auto loan?
how much will my check be?
I have 15,000 in credit card debt and really need to do something to get out. Any suggestions?
Best Credit Card For 21 Year Old?
where can i get a good unsecure credit card with the fewest fees?. I have bad credit unfortunately?
Can someone with bad credit use a secured credit card to boost up their credit?
This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL".?
Received a UPS notification that stated: "voided information received" - What does this mean?
When will a debit be refunded if an order on amazon was cancelled during the pending stage and not shipped?
what happens when i make an online purchase and i put the credit card number wrong?
does anyone have the web address to salute credit card?
Why do people live way beyond their means?
I sell cosmetics door to door a woman applied to buy it. I think she wrote down the wrong number on the card?
is it possible to transfer debt from 4 different credit cards onto just one?
Best Buy credit card??? Advice?
When you order something offline , does the adress you shipped it to show up on your credit card statement?
How do you get a loan from the bank?
What is a "rental score"?
Do I have credit even if I don't have a credit card?
American express gift card Help?
Why hasnt my credit card bill came in!!!!!!???
Should I roll my credit card debt into my car loan?
Wary of adding a Credit Card to Paypal? Help?
do you reckon i could get a credit card?
My Credit Card was Stolen?
how can my company apply for the work opportunity tax credit in florida?
how to get free credit repair?
If my husband ruined my credit and we are getting divorced, is there any way I can fix it?
Do anyone have a valid credit card number?
Question on Credit Lines in Canada?
What does 'credit card billing address' mean ?
the loan company asking for the £49.50 up front was advantage loans for those who asked?
How to report possible fraud?
Do you have to link your credit card to your PayPal account to receive money from other people?
Why are there such things as overdraft fees?
looking for a saved credit card completed application appearing as Tammy S Embery sumitted saved on jotarionk?
difference between Advance and loan?
credit card hdfc bank email address?
Is is better to make payments on your credit card before they are due, if new?
if i buy a prepaid credit card, can i buy stuff off the internet like it was a regular credit card?
scared of using cash machine?
Removing negative account from credit report?
Help With Strange Phone Calls?
Can I qualify for a mortgage loan with a 624 credit score ?
Credit Card Settlement vs Full Payment?
Will my mom's debt get passed onto us?
How long does it take to receive the Paypal Here card reader in the mail?
Where can I find the prime interest rate at a certain date (not today rate)?
hmmm am confused?
How can I pay down my credit card debt?
loan account of jeep mohindra closed but noc is not just send to me by post to whom may i contact?
Need some info on buying a home!?
will my credit score get affected if i pay my phone bills after due date.iam in india?
I have 15,000 in credit card debt and really need to do something to get out. Any suggestions?
How do you clean up your credit after you filed ch. 7.?
Would poor credit or bankruptcy look worse on a apartmental rental application?? I know both looks bad but if?
Credit report not listing home mortgage and it was just sold to a new bank due to a bankruptcy...?
Safeguarding my Social Security number with a PIN (Identity Theft)?
Credit Score can I get it back UP?
How can I put a flag to my SS number in USA now that I am living in another country.?
Is it better to file for bankruptcy or just not pay a debt and have it 'written off'?
i need help, are there any financial experts out there?
Collection Agency after a 10 year old child?
What do I do with my credit card account?
i dont have any bank account,no credit and debit card,so is there any way to pay for the home business kit?
How do you JUST SAY NO to credit cards? They are so addicting!?
HSBC Bank Charges - claims?
Question about student credit card?
School debt, went to collection agency!?
can anyone understand this?
can you buy stuff on ebay with one of the walmart visa cards?
Anyone know what Canadian website to visit to find that new pre-paid type credit card usable thru ATMs?
can i buy from my credit card more than my credit limit?
I have excellent credit, my fiancee doesn't. Will this hurt my good credit or help his bad credit?
When two people get a joint account for a credit card do they both have to have good credit?
how does co-signing work and who credit report does it post to??
What would be the best credit card for me to get given my circumstances?
Why do Credit Card Companies give HUGE Credit limits?
I am a stupid college kid who sign up for credit cards for free pizza...?
question about capitol one credit cards?
I want to open a bank account but have a bad credit rating?
Credit Card???
I'm in college, 21 and I was extremely stupid and now I have 6, 531 in credit card debt!?
How do I charge interest on a private loan?
Help some that know bank stuff or credit cards?
What is the difference between credit union credit cards and personal credit cards?
is it safe to check your credit on line?
Need help with Debt Consolidation?
Someone in a local store used my visa card?
Crisis/Credit Card?
What if your debt card goes negative?
Capitalone SECURE master card, when will it be switched to unsecured?
Payday loans. Charging way too much interest. I got a couple of them and Im being charged 400 a month in inter?
can notifying a bank that you will be making purchases in arizona prevent the cards from being canceled?
considering filing for bankruptcy?
How much credit do I get for a 16 and 18 year old filing on my taxes?
Best bank to get a loan with no credit or any place to get a loan ?
On the fico credit score range what score is considered "good"?
Bank of America Question?
what legal avenues or options are available in a small claims judgement against me?
I bought a product returned it and didnt get my money back what do i do?
Help with debit card.?
I have a 10$ iTunes US gift card to give away, what would u do for it?
What bank lets children get their own ATM/Debit card?
where can i get a credit card....?
Which is worse for your credit? Continuously missing payments, or filing bankruptcy?
I have a question about credit and credit cards?
my friend just turned 18 and wants to know how to get her own credit. how can she get her own credit?
Will I be in jail if I cannot pay my credit card payable?
Whgich bills should I pay off first to improve credit score?
I am 19 and i have no credit history, im ineed of a personal loan of 3000 i make 1760 monthly help???
What's a good starting credit card?
Can Credit Card Companies Raise the Minimum Amount Due?
Closing Credit Cards?
Please credit my acct. as I have been billed twice.?
How come white people always think that blacks have bad credit?
What is the purpose of Superman's cape??
Helping yourself with Credit Card Rewards?
If I charge my card with insufficient funds, will I be okay?
How can I get a Credit Card this young?
My credit card offers 0% APR for the first 6 months. Does that mean that I can?
when are the stimulus payments being issued?
my credit score is 575. where can i get a car loan for better than 16%, and no money down?
does anyone know any good companies for debt consolidated loans?
Can someone get jailed for not paying his credit card debts?
Does paypal direct deposits go through on the weekend?
Can a family member cash your check?
which financial institution advertisement features balamuralikrishna using their debit card to go usa?
Superannuation understanding..please help?
I'm 19 With No Credit. How Do I Get It?
i got layed off today. how long does my employer have to give me my check?
can i use green dot for
how can you get a loan? to fix credit?
does a credit counseling company make your credit worst or better?
How do I sell on eBay without a credit card?
Is there any website from where I can buy any kind of products without a credit card (READ FULL QUESTION 1st)?
Fair Debt Collections violations?
What is a good interest rate for a mortgage loan?
Get fico score online without giving credit card info?
Anyone know a personal loan sight for people with bad credit with no registration fee?
How to buy on eBay using a Paypal Account linked to Metrobank?
Which credit card offers the best reward program?
What Currency is this ? Please answer?
remorgage fees back?
Is it possible to get a credit card with no past credit history and no bank account?
Can your parent co-sign a loan?
can a spouse request a credit report on a spouse?
My credit card company is raising my APR. Should I opt out of the rate increase and close my account?
bank fraud, help not sure what to do?
Please help, risk of losing all belongings, PLEASE!!!?
What do you think of my Debt?
If you add a department store credit card on your bankruptcy,will the store cancel the card......?
how long would it take to get a credit card?
paying off credit cards?
What's the chances of me getting a credit card? Where should i apply at?
how does it affect your credit report?
Cancelling pensions and credit cards?
Please give me advice regarding collection agencies actions?
Is there anywhere to go and get a cash loan on spot without credit check?
Is it a wiser choice to do a negotiate a settlement or pay in full?
Point to making regular mortgage payments early?
How much would a pickup installment cost?
after being online i noticed a charge on credit cd. how do i find out where its to?
I used my wife's credit card,is it an offence?
What are all the pros about all loans?
what can happen with my credit record if i buy porn online with my credit card?
How to know when a visa card expires..?
If I default on a personal note with a person who died, what can their heirs do to me?
what is the difference between loans and advances?
Can I ask for a credit limit increase?
What do you mean by "Payment via Concealed Cash"?
What do I do if I think someone got my name and social security number?
What do i do if my mom messed up my credit when i was a child?
I have paid for personal but they will not let me use it, do I call a lawyer or st5op payment on credit?
How can I get a loan against a law shut?
If I have an account in collections and I never pay it will it eventually clear off of my credit report?
(S.R.J RECOVERIES) does any 1 know then are a scam i had letter of then i dont own anybody any money?
Could someone tell me ASAP?
How do i get out of chexsystems?
Do everyone want to be rich & famous?
What if my 19 yr old brother wants me to have his ssn because e doesnt want it??
What's a good bank to get a easy loan?
someone else's Credit card debt?
what is Irrecovable letter of credit?
fixs bad credit?
Can your wages be garnished after a lien has been placed on your house?
What is the minimum age to qualify for financing with Apple?
If someone dies and they have a lot of debt, can creditors go after that person's children to collect?
What is A Signature Loan?
Will paying my credit card faster affect my credit positively or negatively?
Need to find continental finance credit card web site?
I live it Florida. Are my husband and I both required to be on an auto loan?
can wages still get paid on a saturday of a bank holiday weekend?
i have a bad credit score ,has anyone got a home loan with a score with 550or below if yes tellme where please
I cancelled a credit card an hour ago- can I call them to open it again?
What is the link between interest rate and exchange rate?
What credit card would i get approved for?
I;ve built a website and need to link it so we can accept credit card payments. How is this done?
about credit cards?
Is someone trying to scam me?
Why can't i purchase on-line with my debit card?
billing and credit card information?
what is an unsecured credit card with a credit limit of $7,500 do they want a deposit?
What's the best credit card for a college student?
Where can i get free online credit report? I am in the uk?
I was charged twice on my debit card?
Would you be OK with a business giving you a store credit instead of cash back when you make a purchase?
Getting credit in business?
What is the limit of taking out money from your bank?
Can I put a stop on a bank check?
How to repair an error on my credit report?
I Was told to go to www. providian. co/my score to check my credit score no such information Thank You Mike?
What is the best credit card?
Credit repair in dallas?
What the best loan for breast implants with bad credit?
how can i get a credit card check with no interest for 9 months?
credit cards for 14 year oldss !?
letter from debt collectors?
New credit card but no pin yet ! How do i go shopping?
Where can I find my credit rating?
What's the BEST way to reduce interest rates on Credit Cards?
Does allow payment by money order?
If you have a zero balance on a credit card is it better for your credit score to keep it open or close it?
Shall I pull out my credit score on a regular basis?
Apartment without income ?
Can i go to jail in Indiana for not paying back a payday loan?
Why do people with excellent credit and a high FICO score get the lowest interest?
my stupid friend found a creditcard and used it on a pornsite?
Please help, legal credit card question?
Credit Union and Bank Accounts?
i have reclaimed bank charges arrain?
Can Amazon track which account redeemed my Gift Code?
What is the BEST way that I can pay off my credit cards?
Bank credit card: Available balance smaller than balance ?
If I don't use the Kohls charge card I just activated, will they close the account out? Will THAT hurt myscore?
i am 13 going to be 14 can i have a prepaid mastercard?
best websites that offer personal loans?
Amazon gift card help?
Demand Letter vs Summons?
Is interest on Credit cards calculated based on remaining balance or the racked up balance?
Credit history?
e-mail for the tampabay/federalunion?
pay off high credit cards?
Is Fairstream of Evansville, In a reputable credit counseling organization?
Can I get a car loan after just moving?
what is the meaning of "paid at pump"?
I am 20 years old soon to be 21 is 710 a good credit score for me?
How long does walmart Permanent money card take to ship?
What is the problem with RAMS?
My husband and I have 10K in the bank. Should we pay off our credits cards or put it towards a down payment?
How do I stop a collection agency from calling.?
Credit card consolidation?
How do I go about consolidating 10,000$ worth of credit card debt without using a debt management company?
If I don't check out a book at the library and keep it can it affect my credit.?
How long does it take for personal debt to be wiped out in the UK?
Why do credit card companies insist that you sign the back of their cards?
how do i get ohbahma check for free?
Why are creditors so relunctant to keep debt from going to court?
trying to fix my credit.. where to start who to talk to...?
Which debt settlement company is the best and most honorable to work with?
What site is legit for bank loans online?
Credit check for employers.?
Do you have to pay any money other than the shipping&handling money and the item's price when buying online?
How does paying my student loans affect my credit?
Credit Report Item Removal?
Is buying a brand new truck a good way to build credit when your just starting off?
how do I obtain a credit report for myself and spouse?
If I buy my credit score online does that hurt my credit?
Is it safe to photocopy back and front of my debit card for account verification and transactions online ?
Explaining minimum finance charges?
Using Someone Else's Credit Card Online? Help, Questionnss!?
The bank tells me that I have "limited credit experience" so I'm refused a loan for $ 1000.00.?
Get approved for loan?
please help has anybody else had trouble from world books the book club i got loads of problems from them?
What would be the best credit card for me to get given my circumstances?
how does a fifteen year old build credit?
What are some good credit cards with low interest and good or no transfer rates?
Can I file bakruptcy for both my spouse and I if the debts were incurred before we were married?
Should I report my brother for stealing over $3,000 worth of things from Wal-Mart?
Is Mitsubishi Motor Credit of America consumer friendly?
payment of deceased person's credit card?
why do people use discover card or american express if Visa and Mastercard are accepted more?
Debt / Bill Collection Question?
Where can i buy a Pre-Paid credit card in Ont. Canada?
How can I get a $5,000 loan with relatively bad credit without a co-signer?
Do I get a loan for this business?
credit card requiring pin number?
High Intrest Credit Card-what to do?
My debts are paid and I want a house?
Which credit card companies are best and so on. Is ther I don't want to screw up anywhere. ?
what type of APR should i be looking for or be expecting?
Help! I am in post-bankruptcy.?
Visa Rewards Card or Lower Interest Rate Card?
Is it bad that I maxed out my credit card?
sear credit card?
how can I remove paid missouri state tax lien from credit reports?
Can a Visa Vanilla be used as a credit card?
Apply for another credit card?
Paying off collections?
what is the davids bridal credit card website?
Why was my credit score graded a C?
Is it better for me to have a different credit card from stores I shop at or have one main credit card?
Credit card debt advice please?
What is the best credit card to apply for?
ive just opened a credit card account ,and ive spent some money?
Easyiest dep. store to get a charge card with bad credit?
how to add money on my prepaid visa debit card?
i did something terrible with my dads credit card..?
paypal help : /.....?
Does having a Co-applicant on a auto loan help the primary applicant's credit?
I went over my limit?!?!?
can you earn credit if you take out a secured loan?
went over my credit limit....what now?
Should I get a loan to pay for my repossession (car)?
Can my husbands wages be garnished for my school loan debt?
Credit card authorized user HELP!?
Need to file bankruptcy,but my mom wants to pay off a debt we have together before i file my claim,can i do th?
Do you think a debit card is more safe than a credit card or they are the same?
Why cant I get a credit card?
Amazon account without a credit card?
my husband died with unpaid credit card debt. It's in probate now. What percent should I or my lawyer offer t?
So who's really getting bailed out by this whole subprime mortgage crisis?
is there anyway I can really make money online?
Is there a site that allows me to split a large payment into smaller monthly payments?
Where do banks get money to loan?
Debt ?????
can an individual back out of a purchase agreement?
how long do you have to wait after you pay off your bill for it to appear on your credit report?
age for credit/debit/bank card??
I'm thinking about applying for a Disney Credit Card. How long do I have to use the reward points I built up?
How am I supposed to raise my credit score if no one will give me credit?
Credit Card Cash Back?
After I buy something with my prepaid credit card, do I get a bill in the mail that I may pay at the bank ?
Marry someone with a lower credit score than yours, does it effect your score?
can I get a $10 visa gift card to buy on ebay?
Bank account/ Debit card for 15 year old?
Is there a loan i can get till i go back to work. in september?
If I have never bought any thing on credit could I still qualify for a home loan?
How do I reduce our credit card interest rate?
Will my credit score improve if i pay off a closed credit card account?
what happens if you haven't paid a credit card bill in 2 yrs?
Help I don't know what this means?
Can't spend money online? From Natwest Bank any ideas?
I need a payday advance loan that will accept savings account. I think they have them wheere you can go online
What would you do if a relative or past relative.........?
lien put against me?
What are some free skip tracing tools to find people that owe debt?
Vanilla Visa Gift Card + Paypal?
Where can i get a credit card ? i have no credit history?
what's ur favouriteTAMIL movie??/?
HELP! I need a loan right now.?
am i already approved for the loan before the appraisal?
Doctor refused partial payment?
Is 790 a good credit rating?
does my mom still have tyo pay if i cancelld a order on her credit card on amazon?
Debit card for kids/online purchase...?
I have a question about VISA GIFT CARDS?
Is it possible...(Vanilla Mastercard)?
Credit Card Debt Criminal Pursuit?
Does anyone know anything about
What is the difference between a credit card and debit card?
witch country citizens can pay online with credit card thru wester union?
what would happen if i forgot to register my visa gift card before ordering something online?
is there anybody who will give me a small loan if im on social seceurity?
What if you use your debit as a credit?
I'm only 16 and I have a debit card, How can I set up an ebay account?
Does SMUD still have me on records as owing money if its no longer on my credit report?
Can a visa be used instead of paypal.?
Do credit cards improve your credit score?
Swapping an item that is still being paid for?
How reliable is Green Dot Visa?
my brother just found out that some one used his visa card on e bay woth 200 some dollars of books what should?
What websites allow you to use Vanilla Visa gift card?
does provident do credit checks on you?
Rejected for a credit card?
If client & tenant didn't pay me, how can I report them to bad their credit?
Paying a loan quick??????!!?
how credit card like mastercard transaction works?
i dont understand paypal?
How long for a car loan to get off credit..?
What credit card is good for me?
credit card?
Are you displayed like any?
Please help me I am in so much trouble and there is no way out!?
Has anyone every borrowed a loan from "Financial Financial" ?
Where can I get a personal loan from with not much credit? dont want to send me the pin.. after i paid (i have proof) what do i do?
I paid $300 on a housing contract for cal poly pomona now im not going their can i get it back?
What credit card companies approve anyone? ?
How long does it take for your credit to resume good standing?
how does an eighteen year old apply for a 300 dollar credit card?
If I were to pre-order modern warfare 3 from, would the money be taken from my bank straght away?
Will my credit stay good if I pay more than the minimum balance?
Sold by DAB and Fulfilled by Amazon. How would this look on credit card statement?
I was going to order from a online website, but they want me to email them my credit card info for payment?
How quickly can my credit score be repaired?
If someone finds your lost social sequirty card can they use just that information to get credit, ID'S, ect.?
Ebay payment not showing in Paypal?
Can my new employer use a check for direct deposit that has an old address on it?
My Credit Score is 715 and I want to buy a home next year?
What happens if you don't pay a credit card, like flat out don't pay it?
Why the different credit scores?
What is "rolling your debt" into a current loan?
How do you build up your credit?
Collection Agency....?
Prepaid credit cards traceable?
Credit Help..Wanting to build it up?
I got a Visa Gift Card, can I use it over the internet?
How do I stop pre-approved credit offers for a previous tenant?
what credit score do i need to get a car loan?
Can I use VISA ELECTRON on the internet to buy tickets?
What is the best way to settle an old debt?
Where can I find a Guaranteed High Risk loan interest not a problem?
How do I build Business Credit? How long should i build the line of credit before I apply for a loan?
How to get auto loan with no credit history and no employer?
How can you start building good credit at 17?
Is refinancing the best answer?
Capital One is killing my credit for no reason?
What is the best way to rebuild bad credit?
how long will it takes me to receive the free credit report by mail after i request the report online?
Which credit card is good to apply for that does not do a backround check?
how does a fifteen year old build credit?
Can i pay my credit card bill before its due date?
I have two identity theft accounts and they have become collection accounts. How can I remove them?
Are teenagers allowed to use pre-paid visa credit cards?
Titlemax auto loan?
How to get out of medical debt and how do you recieve a free credit report?
Increase Itunes available credit online? buying things .. Payment Authorization Failed?
What bank or where can I go to get a auto loan with short credit history?
Say you do not have a credit card, can you buy a credit gift card(visa for ex.), and buy stuff online?
I am looking for a quick loan maybe a payday loan that gets wired directly into my account.Any Advice?
I just made a late payment to my credit card that was over 30 days overdue. How will?
What are the telephone numbers for bank of america credit cards?
when does greece have to pay back its imf loan?
Uncomfirmed Paypal Credit Card Refund?
sss loan contibution?
Is this a smart idea...or at least temporarily?
anyone ever buy a item through credit, like the bill me later option?
i want to buy a house but my credit is bad. help!?
Credit Cards to re-build Credit?
Can i have a working credit card number?
How long do car repossessions stay on your credit report?
What taxes would I have to pay as a loaner on a promissory note?
why is so hard to get ahead?
When will I receive my PayPal payment?
cash vs credit card?
Reliable debt solution companies, suggestions/ help?
What happens to someones debt after they die?
Which of the following entries records receipt of payment from a customer on an account?
I paid off my credit card balance & closed the account - but I again have a balance?
Does Opting Out of “prescreened” offers by Credit Cards affects your credit score?
what accounts title i used in this transactions "paid in full payment made on account by issuing a check"?
I made a large pymt to a card and they increased my limit. If I ask them to put it back, will it hurt my FICO
Can I repay a particular amt of money which I decide for my credit card paymt due rather than minimum or full?
I am expected to pay a credit card charge for an item I didn't receive, what do do?
Anyone out there able to get a 60 day pay day loan online?
Can paypal recall a check?
Credit card HELP?
I need help on prepaid credit cards?
Can I open multiple bank accounts? (10 POINTS)?
New Essential Checking fees from Wells Fargo?
Leaseholder (me) leaves apartment, roomie stays. Can I be evicted?
Is it safe working with Pay Pal?
We are able to receive 3 credit reports each year free,how do you go about doing this?
How does Deposit bank drive thru work?
Will apple shut off app store for small unpaid balances?
What are the names of loan companies who deal with bad credit? ( Personal loans)?
your budget consists of $80,000 loan from your family and a $38,250 small business loan?
can my wages be garnished in california for an unpaid vehicle repossesion?
Can I get CSA payments back?
How do I improve my Credit Score?
how many numbers are in a mastercard number?
why do paypal keep denying my card?
How to have a debit card ?
Credit card help?
what is the best way to fix your credit report?
If some one buys something online with my credit card and orders it to their house can i find their address?
How does false swipe work?
Mother co-signing with father (father after bankruptcy)?
Need help with letter to collection agency?
how do i get a loan? im 18, and never had a loan before?
I have been working on my credit score for the past few months trying to get the magic score of 630?
how many insurers are at risk of credit derivatives?
i went to go put gas and got charged more on my credit card?
Is it a good time to buy a house in Los Angeles, CA?
what is the difference between a visa and mastercard? also discover card??
Can i cash my check at walmart with only a social security card?
i am a college student, i work making 350 dollars a week?
Bank Account/Debit Card Question?
Does interest rates going up impact the total number of credit card applications in this country? Good sites?
HELP! Paying 10 Dollars For A Visa Gift Card No Money on it needed!?
Where can I get a owners manual for a omni 3740?
Was I wrong to make a credit card payment to a collector thru electronic funds transfer???
i have a prepaid debit card question?
Is it a good idea to start my credit while being in being a college student?
what is the difference between chapter 13 & 07 bankrupcy?
is there an amount of time in England that if you avoid bail lifts your debts are wiped clean?
amazon credit card????????????
What is the statue of limitations on debt collection?
How to manage a credit card?
any body got a loan with loan gogo?
how much will it cost to take money out of an a.t.m. with my capitalone Visa card?
I currently have a car loan but i want to open a new car loan account?
Do Hotels accept anything other than Credit Cards?
motorcycle loans for bad credit?
How old do you have to be to have a debt card and or bank card in california?
Can anyone get care credit despite low income and no credit?
Has anyone here ever had an "Action Card" credit card and if so, what do you think of them?
question about prepaid debit cards sold at walmart.?
If I have bad credit can it affect someone who owns a house with me if the house is paid for?
My short sale does not show up on my credit report. It just says "closed". No non pays either. Can I buy now?
What should i do? please help?
Where can I get a "bad credit credit card" with no fees?
how do i find a loan shark?
Can I use two prepaid cards for one payment on Paypal?
if the sol has run out on a judgement can the collection agency sell it again?
Is it legal to charge a convenience fee for credit/debit transactions?
is it worth it for my mom to pay a $12 one time start up fee for me to get my own visa?
Do I qualify for a home equity loan or a line of credit?
If i have a credit card do i have to use it?
Can a company charge a Credit card with same 16 numbers but different expiration dates and CCV code?
How do I change my credit card info in Amazon?
Visa gift card question?
How Can I go about rebuilding my credit and raise my score?
what happens to u besides bad creit if u do not pay a unsurcured creit card balance?
How to get your free credit report once a year. allowed by the gov't?
Bankruptcy, what do you lose?
Why did my Vantage Score Go down? Makes no sense.?
How can they do this??
Question about credit history?
Can I buy a plane ticket with a MoneyPak?
Charged off Mortgage trying to settle payment to improve my credit?