What is the current interest rate on a VA loan for $359,000 and for a jumbo GI loan for up to $500,000 ?
Am i exempt from creditor garnishment?
Victoria's secret angel credit card?
Is it possible to get an apartment right out of high school?
Chase debit card not working?
If I payoff all my credit card debt how many points will it raise my credit score? IsNo revolving credit bad?
What is the highest credit score one can get? What is considered a good credit score?
Is there anyway to make money online ?
Do I need to have a bank-account-activated PayPal account to recieve money?
Can somebody help me with something REALLY important?
I have 8 credit cards... I want to consistently raise my credit..?
Does anyone know how to remove my name from a vehicle title after I co-signed and paid for a loan.?
Can you pay a Professional to write a cv for you without using a credit/dept card?
what happens if my credit card is maxed out and i filled up with gas?
If you were a minor (15-17) and lied to obtain credit, can you dispute it and get it removed from your report?
I am wondering about a debt collection lawsuit?
Why is my AMEX Gift Card available funds $-.63, but the transaction history shows that I returned an item?
direct deposit and MYFREECAMS? help?
My daughter wants to attend a university wife and I have bad credit ,we need a loan.what to do?
I have a bad credit history what should I do?
American Express Gift Cheque?
I do not wish to have a credit card how can i get a debit card?
where can you get a free credit report that dont cost any money?
My credit card has a split down the middle ! will it still work?
Is it bad for credit score to cancel old credit cards?
where can i get a 12month instalment loan with bad credit?
Can your parent co-sign a loan?
Paid off Judgments, when do they show removed?
Should I take out a car loan (as a student)?
how can i find my credit report for free?
Credit cards for teenagers?
how can i view my Lowe's Visa statement?
Consolidation, a good idea?
credit card debt settlement and owning your own business can card comapnies put a lien on your business?
I used Bill Me later, but was still charged on my bank account?
How can I finance a brand new car with no credit history?
What can I do to find out how my husband's credit card number was stolen?
Anyone have a visa credit card with cvv & expiration date for use?
what is provision of bad debt? in which side of p/l this item go?
If I put a different billing address compared to my bank account when buying something online?
Can a company reopen and report on a debt that went deliquent five years ago?
What does closed mean on your credit report?
Getting a loan with a sub 600 credit score.?
Wanting to know about credit card company.?
What effect will paying $300 extra on my credit card have on my credit?
How many credit cards do you have?
is there really anyway to make money on the internet that's not a scam and you have to pay money to make money
Can I use two debit cards to complete my payment on ebay?
Does debit card take money from you every month?? Im living in canada?
I just sent almost $5,000 to pay off my Discover card. If I cut it up, am I no longer a costomer?
Credit card debt was sold to another company after I sent certified letter?
How to fill in debit card details when making payment?
Someone used my identity to open a credit card. What do I do?
after filling bankrupt?
Do prepaid credit cards establish credit?
Cheque issued to party but party's bank returned to him unpaid?
How can I get my money back on @cash?
SHORT term loan?
I have a credit rating question - I am mystified on how it works?
I have very bad credit, where can i get a loan for 35k for debt consolidation?
Can I use my credit card to pay for stuff through paypal?
what are the ways of paying for amazon without credit card?
Where can a 16-year-old get a loan?
Credit Card Collection repayment issue?
How to pay off a credit card?
bad credit. want to earn credit with current credit card?
how does it affect your credit report?
Is it safe to tell a customer support your credit card information?
Paypal payment hold question?
Credit Card debt sold to debt recovery agency but does not show on credit file?
My money is not on paypal where is it?
How can I take legal action against credit card fraud?
How can I find a bankruptcy record of a person?
who are
can i pay credit card bills with pther person credit card balance transfer cheque?
Can I get a fraudulent payment through paypal?
When will my credit limit restart?
How can you find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest?
Santander overdraft timelimit?
Interest payable on loans?
How do you register your name and address on a visa vanilla gift card (10PTS!!!)?
Is Lasik vision worth it? payment options?
my husband purchased an item for 2500.00.?
I want to start my credit?
Using A Debit Card thats not in your name?
If you have one collection account on your credit report is your credit score pointless?
best credit card for new college student?
i am a guarantor?
has anyone tried credit repair services like bad credit b gone?
Since November 2006, I have been doubling my minimum monthly payment required by my credit card company.?
I own a credit card company over $1000 dollars, can I offer them payments?
What's a good credit card that's on the market for someone who has bad credit/no credit history?
how much is legal for a employer to take out of paycheck for a loan?
easiest bank debit card?
ebay/paypal question?
How does a loan work?
HELP!! this is urgent Prepaid Mastercards.....?
Good or Bad for My Credit?
Collection account experts....?
i ordered uggs from two weeks ago is this a scam?
$4000 for a Chapter 13? Is this alot?
Using my First Credit Card?
Can You Still Be Safe Only Paying Some Portion Of Loan Payment?
Paying bills online in Russia?
What are some great ways to boost my credit it is currently 600 but im only 19 years old?
Can I have my credit card company not pay someone?
Is this enough to boost my credit score a bit?
what can i do abt this situation?
how to find out how much money can i find on guess gift cards?
whats the diferrent between loan at debit and credit site?
unsecured credit cards that want turn me down due to my my credit rating?
is a credit check done on you when you open a checking account in the u.s.?
does anyone know how to contact C B Manistee? It is a collection agency, I'm assuming in Manistee, MI.?
credit card with score of 636?
Does having several credit cards have a negative effect on your credit rating if they have a 0 balance?
What is considered "bad credit" when applying for a car loan?
Would paying off a loan in 5 years instead of one year improve my credit score?
your friend charges you 300 for loaning you 2900 for 3 months. what is the annual interest rate?
service agreement. I want to review the service agreement for the credit card ending in0667.?
My wife recently passed away, am I liable for any debts she incurred solely in her name? We lived in Alaska.?
Should I increase my credit card limit to raise my credit score?
credit reports: i have some adverse accounts on my credit report, that are not mine?
My credit card is ripping me off.....?
what happens when interest free?
Best credit card for college graduate.?
How do I figure out the likeliness of getting a loan or line of credit WITHOUT dinging my credit?
The gas pump said my debit card was "authorized", but now the bank says I must pay overdrafts, is this legal?
Are 16 year olds allowed to get a Debit ccard?
if i try to use visa check card to send money via money gram,but have no money in my account ...?
Visa gift card won't work?
adding to paypal faster ?
please reverse the charge on my credit card?
Doe's bi-monthly payments effect your credit score?
garnish prepaid debit card?
what is considered a good credit score?
Is there any way to remove credit iquiries from my credit report?
my card was declined today due to(im pretty sure) spending $900 today. do i need to go in the bank to reset?
help ! with british gas . now 824.00 in credit they won`t give it back !?
With a credit card closed with a balance, is there any way to get them to stop late payments and interest fees
My bank keeps on trying to one up me, should I just close the account?
How do credit cards work?
Is there a place where you can check if you have any credit cards in your name?
how do I go about paing back on my loans with out having to pay too much on the intrest charges?
What is the minimum age to have a credit card?
What kind of paper is paystubs on?
Unpaid medical bills from a car accident that wasnt my fault and isn't settled yet. will it affect my credit..?
state of n.j. department of labor and workforce development?
Is Consumer Credit Services of America a reliable bankruptcy service?
how do you qualify for a money now loan from h&r block?
Strange Microsoft payment on visa.?
how do i gain credit?
Getting Credit...?
How do I opt out of credit card applications, there is a phone number?
Should women have a lower charge limit on their credit cards than men?
How do credit theives get murchandise shipped to themselves w/o getting caught?
auto loans with no credit?
Switching checking to saving?
does security national lower your interest rate when deployed?
Does paying only oine extra dollar a month on car and home loans increase credit?!?!?
How do I get proof of Judgement debt, from a company and its collectors.?
What would you estimate this persons credit score to be?
negotiating loan pay off?
My account on Lloyds Tsb is not working? Help!!!?
Bailiffs failing to collect debt?
Which credit card company will give you unsecured credit, when you have no credit?
Can I get a bank account if I owe money at another bank?
Can I improve my credit score by applying a new credit card?
in country pakistan how many are payment methods online are available. no credit only internet banking secure?
where can i find a cash loan today inerest free and very low monthly payments?
An overdrawn bank account from a year ago has gone to collections. Can I go to jail if I dont pay?
Can they keep my credit card block due to double credit?
credit card APR for 725 credit score? the credit card APR is 18.50% and they never decreased?
Do I get my money back if I get 100% on the test, even though i took my classes online?
What does it mean when a cheque is made out to "cash"?
Services rendered for customers on credit.Which two account will it affect?
I thought any inquiry on credit report stays for 6 months....why is it more?
im a first time buyer with no deposit & debt to consolidate. can anyone help me?
American Exp. Gold Card?
received a "summons" for credit card debt?
bad credit?
Credit Help?
How do I buy stuff on eBay without credit card?
question about debt.........?
is this a scam?
Credit Card GCC Rules?
how many numbers is the credit card password?
how much money is transacted through credit cards each year?
Simple Question about Debt cards?
has anyone out here ever heard of first bank of delaware?
Do you need credit to open a Credit Card?
is there a way to determine what my interest rate will be on a new car?
how to apply for credit card ?
Can you cancel a credit card at anytime?
my exhusband has a bad credit , does it affect on me? all the credit card is under his name.?
Best Buy or Circuit City credit card?
when you remove paypal sending limit does it take money away from you for doing that?
will i get some type of receipt on full payment of my CCJ?
Will "the brick" give you a credit card if your credit is bad?
Why do we have to pay for our own credit report?
what is suppliers credit ?
Auto loans for bad credit?
How time consuming is it to fix identity theft?
how to get credit beauro report in usa?
could i be able to get a credit card online?
can a cosigner sue the signer if they defaulted on the loan?
I am a small business manager. A debtor owes $250 and moved out of state. He owns no real estate.My options?
i want to check my pf balance details?
If someone has money owning a credit card when they die?
help needed?
If I file a Chapter 7 how long before my credit score can reach the 700's.?
is there anything wrong with being broke?? who in here is?
How to make online payment on Metrolink monthly pass?
Tips to raise my credit score?
is using my credit card on Netflix risky?
craigslist Paypal payment option?
Will my bank cancel a certified check?
Mortgage loans???
Does your credit card debt, even if you are never late for a payment, affect your credit score?
How to get a credit report without giving a credit card #?
More Americans living on credit?
How to deal with my medical debt ?
how can credit score drop by 120 points in two weeks??????
Applying for a credit card?
what is this number? 715-254-9070?
How do I find out my credit score?
Is it possible to keep your home when you've been made bankrupt?
Can you request a credit limit increase on a credit card while there's a balance it?
How does credit work?
I almost maxed out my credit card?
Morgage Co-signing Fraud?
can you use an rbc debit card online?
Need a credit card for a trip... have limited/good credit.?
What can happen to me over an unpaid 8 year old credit card debt of $5,000?
Are Credit Cards enslaving Mankind?
Collection agency screwing up my credit rating - Lawsuit?
Is it possible to pay off a credit card bill with another credit card?
How do you order something on amazon using paypal?
Anyone know the fastest way to pay off a credit card?
Does anyone now where I can get a £50000 unsecured loan from?
Will my credit score get any higher?
can rent to own furniture go in a bankrupt suit?
I need help getting a student credit card! Please help!?
Getting bad credit off you credit score?
best way to start building credit?
How does those prepaid debit card from Walmart work?
Want to check credit score, Whats the cheepest way to get your score?
can one have a car loan and house loan at the same time ?
what would i be charged for?
I was contacted (email) from a company in Nigeria...they are offering a great deal...what do you think?
check my card ballince?
Credit Score question.?
if i know someone that is doing credit card fraud, what can i do?
How to start my credit history?
a stupid question about debit cards?
Why is my credit score still low?
financing a car with a low credit score?
Late payments dropping off credit report?
I disagree with American Airlines cashless inflight cabin. Thier new policy is descriminatory?
pay for something online without credit, debit, or paypal?
can i still loan even doe i'm in partial disability?
how can i get approved for a credit card?
is there away too check mastercard travelers cheque by numbers too see if they are fake?
where can U find a credit card that has bad credit and No deposit?
"Protection Payment Plans", how do you for credit card companies to stand by the agreement????
does Toyatoa do random credit inquiries on people?
Paypal spending limit question.?
How to get a loan for about 30,000?
If someone wants information about you to tranfer money into a account should you give it to them?
Only a couple of months credit history what kind of credit is it considered ???
When a debt settlement is offered, does that mean that the 7 yrs it is on your credit report is about to end?
Credit card bill. Will it show up?
Name a federal agency that has been created in the last year.?
Use Visa gift card for PayPal?
who offers the highest interest rates on money in private banks in aleppo syria?
My credit score?
Suze Orman is offering a pre-paid credit card that will increase your credit score. Has anyone tried this?
Do i have to sign the back of my credit card?
credit reports?
my card is declined, can sort it out online?
Can someone please hightlight the duties of a Credit Control Officer in Spore ?
I have 7months left on my orange contract. How can i cancel this with minimum payment?
Where can I pay for my bills in paypal ? [10 POINTS~]?
is there any bank which pays interests (or other) to clients by recharging their mobile phone credit?Any link?
How many credit checks is it safe to have if applying for a mortgage?
How can we build credit if nobody will give us credit to begin with?
can a 17 year old get a credit card? pre paid or not?
what kind of letter do i need to write to my creditors to have them remove off my credit.?
how can i start to fix my credit?
How could I buy things online without a credit card?
what is the Loan that combines all your debts into one loan with lower payments?
How can i build up my credit without a credit card and a loan?
can creditors take my disability check?
i have bad and no credit, where to apply one and been accepted?
I am not able to book e-tickets from irctc as i am not able to find section for payment through sbi atm card?
Can collection agencies send the debt back to the credt card company if they can't collect it?
Will credit card loans effect student loans?
Hey i order something off amazon and it was like 400$ dollars i use?
If your bill is five days late is that long enough to hurt credit ratings?
Locked PIN code question?
Collection Agency?
How much principle would be left on a 5 year $6,000 loan at 4.2% interest after 2 1/2 years?
How long do I have to validate debt with collection agency?
Question about loan & line of credit?
merrick bank credit card?
What is considered harassment by a credit card company? I receive about 20 calls per day by Discover.?
What kind of credit rating would someone like me have?
Can you sue the csa?
I have subscribed for free 1 month trial version of MD-consult on 05-06-2012 but I have been charged $59.00?
Is it illegal to use a fake name on a visa gift card?
Can I use my debit card as a credit card for online purchases?
Ebay payment? what payment do i use?
can anyone suggest us with gud credit union for auto loan --low apr?
how the usa got into the 14tn $ debt.,who or what lended it so much money?
What can I do about a collection agency threatening arrest?
cancelled credit card on WoW annual pass?
Buying from Amazon using AMEX gift card?
What debit card to use when I wanna sell/buy things online?
What's the best way to get a loan if your credit is not so good?
I am about to buy a car...?
Does credit karma ask for your income to come up with their "score"?
whats the type of loan where u use your won money as collateral?
How to make your father allow you to use credit card?
How can I make a minimum 24% gain on my money each year?
Can you buy a visa gift card with a walmart gift card? ?
credit grantors who only check equifax credit profiles?
My friend found a credit card number and used it, will he get caught?
Will this affect my summons answer?
How much credit debt do you have?
question about paypal how does this work?
what credit card is best for student travelers?
Best place to get a personal loan?
Would I get approved?
What's the best way to get a loan if your credit is not so good?
What can I do if I am being sued for debt by a credit card but I dont have money to pay?
Has anyone received their Ameriquest Settlement Checks yet? Wondering how long they are taking to arrive.?
over payment for unemployement in california?
What exactly is a secured credit card and how does it work?
Where can I get a $30k Personal loan? Or 6 $5k loans?
Cashing a check?
How do I get my payment from ebay?
How can I get closed accounts removed from my credit report?
How should I handle my debt?
Can my 17 year old get a car loan?
a credit card charges a daily perodic rate of .05318%. what are the monthly and yearly rates?
lisa has $ 1500 and use $500 today how much do she have left?
can i still return an item i purchased without the reciept?
My prepaid macy's card?
What's gonna happen if i use my debit card as a credit card?
Does Visa credit card work or accepted for paying bills especially hospital bills in Nigeria?
I am separated from my soon to be ex-wife. How do I stop her from using my name to run up a credit card.?
is there any where online where i can get a free credit score?
What credit card is best for me?
how can i find court house real estate notes?
if i put $30 payment on my credit card will that put $30 on my card?
What does it mean "credit records"?
How to prove my identity at wells fargo bank?
Drowning in debt!?
Has anyone tried using a cpn (credit privacy number)?? ?
How long does it take for a cashier check to clear before i can withdrawal money?
Need a personal loan debt consolidation..?? Help please!!?
Is it a good idea to pay off a school loan early?
Why do I owe money on my PREPAID Macy's card?
Where can I purchase a Visa Gift Card with not set amount?
I've never had a credit card, what would my credit score be determined under?
How to get a personalized debit/credit card?
Where can i get a prepaid visa?
Credit card balance transfer?
How can I build up my credit quick as possible?
has anyone had a good experience with these credit repair companies?
Debt Collectors and my Credit. How can they make you pay an amount you don't have.?
Can I open a new bank account with a poor credit rating?
The needs assessment data will be used by a meeting manager to do which of the following?
Am I responsible for my spouse's credit card bill?
how do i get rid of my bad credit history?
can a bankruptee cancel ipo payment after discharged?
Can getting denied for a Secured Credit Card hurt your credit as do the regular credit cards?
Can I get an auto loan? Co signer? ?
Why are there so many credit cards out there with higher interest rates... wouldn't everyone?
Can a 16 year old or 17 year old take out a loan from a bank? for a car?
How do you clear your credit report, With out having to pay the big $?
Can I use my Store Card anywhere?
Is it legal for a collections agency to charge a fee for every payment?
Who loses when consumers default on credit cards?
Should we sell our house to get out of credit card debt?
I included my eviction judgement in bankruptcy. Will I be able to rent again? Please help!?
Is there a time limit for a creditor to respond to debt validation?
anyone have luck with
My Fico score is 816...should I close these two credit cards? Would my score go down?
A bank error in my favor?
I have $2500 I can use to reduce debt. I can pay off my car in full or pay half my credit card balance?
I want to consolidate some debt by increasing my home loan?
has anyone heard of a credit reporting agency called PRBC?is it for real and does it actually help you any?
If you pay off your credit card then cut the card up and don't use it what happens?
when will my credit card be charged for hotel room?
I have a bad credit history what should I do?
Ok im trying to get a personal loan without credit?
If you have charge-offs on your credit report...what does that mean and how do i payoff things on my report?
collection agencies?
High Status Card or Not? Tell me.?
How I can get my fix credit reports having followed many steps to repair it?
what is the best way of saving mony?
Can i buy a house with a tax lien that is not mine on my credit report?
when is it a good to do a balance trasfer with credit cards?
How long will it take to get my credit good again?
Any such thing as loan sharks?
Is the term 'credit crunch' a psychological scare? ?
How does PayPal work? ?
Save up to pay off debt than buy a car with little money down or Save up to buy a car than pay off debt?
Applying for an unsecured credit card and i need help !?
credit cards:?
Can a collection agency collect from you after 7 years?
Is it legal to charge customers a surcharge on their credit or debit card when their purchase may be only $9.?
Two credit cards: polite customer treatment but higher APR or rude but lower APR?
How do I get a collection agency to stop pursuing me for money I shouldn't owe?
Can we get a mortage?
How can i get a personal loan my credit score is 562?
where can i make American Express Credit Cards in Pakistan?
Why do women have to show their ID when they use a credit card but not men?
How can I get a credit card with a credit score of 648?
Secured loan good idea or bad?
How does a student PayPal account work?
Why do I have to PAY for my FREE credit report?
can you cash visa gift cards?
debt co chasing for credit card balance!?
Who do you complain to about the Credit Bureau's?
Has anyone been paid by Bank In The Bucks.After requesting Funds?
what if I don't pay my credit cards debt,because moving away from the country for good?
Debit Card PayPal Users i need your help! Thanks! =]]?
I wanna cancel one of my credit cards...?
why is the payoff the same as my balance on my Eaglemark Savings Bank harley davidson loan?
Bad Credit?
what if my credit card limit is $2000 and i accidentally spent over 2000 dollars this month, will I get punish?
How do I get money on my credit card to my PayPal account?
How to start building credit???
Has my old employer underpayed me?
Best Credit Card for my Situation?
Poor credit and need a small loan, $1500?
can i use my credit card and pay the next day to get good credit with PNC bank?
Buy here, pay here car lots, credit question?
I'm about to be evicted for non-payment of rent, i think...?
Is there any downside to having a Paypal Debit Card?
How to negotiate my debt?
How to get a credit card?
Zombie debt specifics about personal info.........?
can you get sued for charge off accounts?
Going over the limit on a prepaid card.?
We're sorry, but that credit card can't be linked to additional PayPal accounts. Please link a different...?
Bailiffs are coming.......?
credit help about government actions?
help with a debt?
How is a bank card different from a credit card?
My credit card accounts are with collection agencies. Will they harress my parents or run their credit report?
How do I sue Credit Solutions?
How can send more paypemt from paypal , my sending limit is End?
how do you use a prepaid visa card?
How does a Victoria's Secret credit card work?
Credit card scam Aspire Visa?
Credit freeze or not to credit freeze?
I lost my debit card and my only picture ID and I need to cash a check and get a new card how would I do this?
ordering furniture, credit dept. requests payment prior to drecieving furniture. is this legal?
anyone can to personal loan?
Does anyone know the easiest gas station card to apply for if your credit is not so good?
how to check if u have anything in collections?
Help! With ebay and Visa prepaid card?
Unable to add Debit card to Paypal?
I need someone to talk to about my credit??
My friend has an eviction on his credit report.How do u get an eviction off of your credit report?
How does it affect a homeowner if the lender that provided the 20% of a 100 % finance is declaring chapter 11?
can you get a social loan if...?
I need a quick loan, I need about £1000 to pay my rent, Is there one loan company that is better than others?
Is it possible to send my paypal funds to any cash pick up, like western union or cebuana? but not xoom..?
Are there any PayDay Loan companys that will apply a loan directly to a persons debit card?
how do i get out of debt? i need financial advice. ?
Question about paying off a credit card...?
How can I transfer my dad credit card payments to my credit card?
What credit card companies allows to have a co-signer?
Does paying debts that were sent to collection agencies improve your credit score?
What address should I put in credit report inquiry for military member?
how do i calculate the back 3 numbers on a credit card?
Do i need to have a credit card for claming prizes by points on Lockerz?
Credit reports..??
Credit card good or bad?
Can I get the new price for my sofa?
Paypal verification?
Does todays Obama plan to refinance houses for a value more than current value -> protect banks or people?
I need help to solve a scam that is circulating in the USA & Canada?
I am looking for some real advice on ways to manage your finances and still make ends meet?
Were to cash western union money order?
If you want my money, please help me change the information on my credit card?
Keep getting refused a bank account cause of credit history, any advice?
Are there any non-ChexSystems banks in New York?
How to overcome financial burden?
Bank identification needed?
Would I qualify for a decent car loan?
Do $35 prepaid visa cards still work on paypal?
Can a DISCOVER card be used as a debit card?
how can i find out my credit check?
will a secondary card holder build credit too?
Paying your Credit Card in full every month...?
What is the difference between an automatic draft (for online bill payments) and ACH payments?
How to eliminate credit card fees when your behind?
Has anyone had issues with GE Money Bank?
debt collectors are threatening to this legal?
I don't have a bank account how would i get one?
Do law firms/collection agencies lie? please
Credit card - when to pay?
Can visa gift card buy things online?
Please let me know...?
does a secured loan improve your credit score??
what is the difference of visa card and master card?
No proof of old debt?
Adding funds to paypal before check clears in bank?
Need help with credit card statement balance?
Can I go to a credit union and have them payoff my original loan, and give me a new loan with lower interest?
I recently applied for a visa card with a major bank and was apprvd. same bnk decl.a secured car. it is possib
How bad is my credit?
Where is the best place to have a bank account with a credit card ?
Completely Upside Down Financing?
How to get out of dept?
What should I do with over 50k in debt?
How do I build credit?
is it possible to own more than one prepaid visa card?
Help with Finacial Apps Math!?
Why is it that it is more difficult to use VISA/Mastercard in Europe than in the US?
Will i go to jail for taking out all the money in my husbands' bank, and credit cards?
im selling on ebay but i only accept money orders and personal checks and that makes people not want to?
does a debit card affect your credit score?
Where can I get a prepaid credit card for teens?
i bought something with my visa gift card without activating it online?
Can a payday loan notify the irs?
How much should your monthly credit card payments be?
been bankrupt for 3 yrs early discharged after 8 months every time apply for credit card?
Second Mortgage or another line of credit?
Question about credit card debt?
is is possible to get a home loan with a credit score of 487 or 507?
What happens if my debit card is being over-charged in an international site?
I want a Credit Card?
When you have debt will the credit card companies send you a certified letter?
Does a company have to notify you that they will be switching to electronic invoices in lieu of paper invoices?
what is a good credit card that i can get for online gambling?
Is it possible to pass over a credit score from the UK to USA?
I want to open an account in a private bank.. which bank offers the best interest rate and other benefits?
How to cancel a PayPal check?
Debt consolidation questions?
Do any of you have bad credit?
What possible suggestion could be used to answer the question of National debt?
Letters about United Debt Solutions?
Do they accept westcor gift cards on paypal?
A collection agency had my debit card information for a debt, but, I cancelled it. Can I be arrested for this?
The credit card company just upped my limit from $200 to $9,500 does this mean my credit score has increased?
Will this hurt my credit?
Can I use BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard® in paying orders through Paypal?
National grid vs my credit?
what does reasonable limits clause mean can you please explain in simple terms please:)?
do i need password for bank withdrawls?
will my credit score get affected if i pay my phone bills after due date.iam in india?
Do you get arrested for not paying a debt in the U.S.?
What happens if a International Student is reported to a collectors agency?
What is an ideal credit score?
Does anyone know the number to check the status of the homebuyer tax credit check?
Where can i get a free legit credit score checked online?
iam a free member 25 july resquest send payment wait about?
Can i make a purchase online with a debit card, even if i dont have the funds in my account right now?
how do i obtain a new credit file?
paypal witheld payment?
is control prepaid card is safe?
If I want to check out a company about there services and how others view there credability?
I have Visa Gift Card from USA, can I use it in Australia, if not which gift card in USA can used in Australia?
I'm curious...?
Which is better for building your credit score a credit card or a bank loan?
does anyone have or know of discover motiva?
how to remove a deliquent account from credit reports?
Get Visa Card online?
Walmart money card... Help needed!?
Get A Loan Anywhere? Help!!?
1st overdraft at Chase! AHH.?
Credit laws in NC?
Is there a way to red flag your credit if you think someone has gotten hold of your SSN #???
Are there any programs to assist LANDLORDS whose mortgage payments skyrocket while accepting Section 8?
I have a $10,000 credit line, if I charge $9,000 would I still be in the 'safe' zone?
for an invetment product which doubles in 5years with principal- guarantee selling agents are reqd through ou
Bank charges!! I have taken my bank to court and they have issued a defence. What happens now?
I know good payday loan is an oxymoron..but are there any at least "decent" pay day loan sites?
which is better in the long run, pay off debt or build savings?
when will my bank of america credit card payment post to my account?
Credit card payments?
Why is my bank account down when the payment was rejected?
Is her debt now, my debt?
Does anyone know how I can get my credit refunded from British Gas?
Received eBay Package Without Making Payment ?
how often can your credit score change?
is it legal for a bill collector to come to your home to collect payment of the bill?
What is the best debt consolidation organization to go with?
Hi there , How can i transfer money from paypal TO visa electron ?
I haven't used my credit card for almost a year.. yet the balance doesn't look much different!!!?
Is there anyway for under 18s to sign up for PayPal?
Is Zenith Bank a genuine bank in Nigeria? I have got a contract and appointment letter from this institution.?
Someone added me as an authorized user for a credit card but i used the card will i get in trouble?
Is this a valid way to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report?
Finance Help: Accept or Reject in 3 year payback rule?
how can i pay off my credit cards when i dont have enough salary to pay for it?
Can I Use My Mom's Debit Card?
Was my payment arrangement with a collection agency a bad idea?
how long does it take to get approved for a personal loan at wells fargo?
Can I use my credit card to pay for stuff through paypal?
Bill My Parents VS. Amex PASS?
is there any debit cards which provides international payments?
If you go over your limit on a VISA credit card? do you get charged the overlimit fee monthly or daily?
Jail time for payday loan in CALIFORNIA and now live in AZ? Help!!?
I have two credit cards should I?
much music prepaid mastercard?
collections agency harrassing?
how long does it take for a vanquis credit card appication to be processed?
has teen debt increased over the past years?
I need a personal loan to pay off debt?
how to put the money on your paypal onto you debit card?
Outstanding Debts, and back payments.?
Quick credit card question ill give s?
Should I pay collection account in full or settlement?
Are there any banks with student loan programs that have a credit card linked to that student loan account?
instead of goverment giving money straight to bank?
How to write loan application?
Statute of Limitations / Collection Agency?
Spending higher than credit utilization but paying off?
Can I get good credit from my card?
Who can I complain too abut B.T?
could i return a used game to game stop EVEN IF I PAID IN CASH?
Do Simon Gift Cards affect credit rating?
I need help from people who have CREDIT CARDS??(st. george, visa card)?
One CRA(Credit Reporting Agency) change affecting other two?
25% apr on a car loan (subprime)?
Do u need a credit card to sign up for paypal?
Why hasnt my credit card bill came in!!!!!!???
I'm in financial hardship, credit cards, foreclosure, divorce.?
is there any way to turn power on even if you have an old bill? i can make payment plans, but i need power?
Could someone explain the difference between the U.S. credit system and the Canadian system?
Fha loan approval with false lates on credit report?
If i pay 5000/7000 of debt how long will it take for credit score to go up?
Using a Stafford Loan to buy a car, Help Please?
How can someone create a good credit history and where can you find your credit history?
when u have finished paying a trusteed(uk)?
I had a fraudulent debt on my credit report, and now it says closed ,what does that mean ?
Why do most people assume they need a Credit Card to live?
If I get a loan does my credit automatically go up?
Forgottten bank card pin?
Can a friend with good credit cosign an aprtment loan for me?
can solicitors suspend your bank account?
How do I pay off a credit card charge from Wells Fargo?
what is the name of a good online lender?
Are there any online payment services like PayPal?
Getting a credit card?
Anyone had runnings with Yes Car Credit?
help with bad credit?
pay my bill?
Any loan agencies that REALLY help?
Is there a way to remove bad history from your credit report?
Is it illegal to ask a customer to fax over their credit card information?
what does a fee reversal mean?
Credit rating question?
Does calling Transunion several times disputing lowers your credit score?
someone (the bank or a person) accidentally paid my credit card bill..will the bank find out?
How do I find out credit card balances on accounts from years past?
is $1275 in debt really bad?
how can i cancel a payment just made through paypal?
If you're living with a relative, and pay rent, how could you establish credit by that, or could you?
How bad is a credit score of 559?
How does PayPal work?
20 years old, 658 credit score?
No job due to bad credit! Catch 22!?
passing closing date? ?????????????????
my ex husband has been writting bad checks and giving me gifts from them. i had no idea, am i liable?
Hello. I have a car loan. Every month they change my payment due date, which causes me to be late with payment
Anyone have advice on my Debt Collector problem?
I went over my credit card by $39.24, it was an accident, but how will that affect me and is there still hope?
how do you raise your FI CO score and how long does it take to show on your credit report?
what does "valid until" mean if in context with a bank/credit card?
Getting my first credit card and have some questions about how the score will go up.?
what do i need to set up a commercial bank?
how much a minimum payment would be on a interest free credit card on a 5000 dls balance?
7 year credit bereau?
How do you put money to the vcprepaid mastercard on your phone?
Credit card company trying to sue me , i need help?
i keep getting credit card offers in the mail, should i accept them?
Why can't I just get a free credit report without signing up for other services?
Does interest rate on a credit card matter if?
Student line of credit? ?
what do i do if someone dont want to pay me but i cant go to the police cause is stuff i had but wasnt mine?
How do I pay online with Bank Of America?
question about discover card?
Bank won't let me take money out?
how do i stop collection agencies from calling my house for the ppl that used to live here?
Capital one cash rewards for new comers credit card?
Debt verification unable to send collector?
can you put money on a debit card using a credit card?
Has anyone received a loan from anyone over the internet from another country?
Could I get my Capital One credit card on a Saturday?
How do I legally download music without using a credit card?
NETeller woes?
If a credit card company put incorrect info on my credit report. How long do they have to remove it.?
what is the difference between credit card and debit card?
is a $7,000 loan to purchase a used car possible?
How do you become a loan officer in southern California?
How do I build up my credit..?
What to do when served with collections summons?
I paid for a service with 2 post dated check?
If I owe $480.10 on my credit card....?
I dont have a job and need money to pay electric where do I go for help?
Can anyone get care credit despite low income and no credit?
Collection agency breaking whats agreed upon in writing?
Is it possible 2 open credit with my federal tax # instead of my ssn? my credit is not good.?
I owe capital one over $1,000 and they put a lean on me, please help!!!?
How do credit cards work exactly?
Paypal help please URGENT!!?
I was told their is a american opportunity credit rebate this year.?
I bought a Green Dot Prepaid debit card and there is no account number to activate it!!!?
Does anyone know where I can get a loan with a credit of around 650. Citibank said it was to low. Help?
For visa gift cards do you have to pay the fee and buy the card?
When you write a check, does it appear as a debit or credit on your accounting sheet? Oh i forgot to ask, Why?
I would like to get a credit card but I have no credit nor a cosigner?
can applying for credit cards hurt your credit?
I want to leave Personals--how do I go about doing that?
Is this considered Bank fraud?
GreenDot not working!?
Which payday loan companies have u had good experiences with ?? UK residents?
rannie ramos loan balance inquiry?
I am looking for a credit card for people with really bad credit.?
Netspend ???
how long do you have to wait to trace a money order?
30% of $827?
Does it help your credit score to have more then 1 credit card and if so how many should a person have?
Which bill should I pay right now?
debt collection harrassment?
Before bankruptcy, can a credit card sue you for nonpayment if the credit is unsecured?
what will happen if i do not pay my credit card bills?
i need a cell phone provider that doesn't mind bad credit?
concerning auto insurance, why would your credit score effect your premium?
finding a home loan when my credit is bad, where can I turn???
Help i have bad credit but really need a credit card!?
Can collection agency add negative items to credit report after orig debt's SOL has expired?
hi there had faster payment sent today on bank holiday hasnt arrived santander to lloyds?
What is Full from Of The "ATM"?
Credit Report and new job?
How long does it take for a BankAmericard to come in the mail after approval?
I can't pay my credit cards.?
I do not understand how a credit card works and I am considering getting one?
Where can I go to "watch" my credit (I don't care if I have to pay for it.)?
is ebay a safe place to put your credit card number in..... and is paypal also safe ?
can a hospital bill that has gone to collections hurt your credit?
How high would an APR be with a person with no credit history and a co-signer with perfect credit?
How do I have a high credit score?
how can i send money directly from my bank account to a family member without me having a credit or check card?
I cosigned for a car for my niece. she is always late. how can i get out of this situation?
I have recently become a resident. How can i build my credit?
in michigan late untility payments are reported to credit bureau, can a mortgage be denied?
how to open a bank account when you are receiving disability living allowance?
Creditor threatens to send my account to an Attorney to pay off debt?
Where can i go to cash a handwriten check on a weekend?
i have a bad credit history how do i make this better?
where can i get a credit card if i have no established credit?
what is Track-1 Technologies?
amex limit transfer blue cash to clear and carloan payoff?
Why credit cards? Why not use Cash?
i need a loan like yesterday i have bad credit and keep being turnd down isnt there anyone who can help?
How do you build up credit?
FICO Score from SAME credit bureau different, why?
what to do with this stupid vanilla visa gift card?
In a after rebate, after you send them back the proof of purshase how much money do you get back?
If a debt collector refuses a smaller payment does that legally mean you don't owe them anymore?
Why is there suddenly more money in my checking account?
how can I get a loan without alot of equity in my home and having poor credit?
i want to know about rabobank london?
I applied for a First Premier Credit card but decided I didn't want it; I still haven't received it and they..
instant approval canadian online credit card applications?
Why is this payment taking so long?
how would I go about asking a major credit card company to lower my interest rate?
Where can I get the best interest rate in the UK?
How do I start my credit?
Were will I find an issue number on my natwest debit card?
My sss loan check did not arrive how can i track it?
Does the Paypal balance go towards purchases?
Collection agency keeps calling me for $300 credit card bill I took 14 years ago?
what is a letter of credit with trust receipt?
I set up a paypal account and added my bank account to it, but I got charged $1?
if you took out a loan but only made one payment and then was unable to make full payments would this be fraud
Paypal - Add credit card with different name?
Strange emails regarding transfers of funds, next of kin!?
do you have any recourse if you have paid for a product and it still has not been delivered?
Are loans offered by companies(including credit card companies)to pay off ALL credit card debt a good option?
i submitted a 4 day hotel rebate request in 11/07.I have not received credit on M/C acc't.WHY?
is it true if you quit paying your credit cards in 7 years the debt will be erased?
How do I know if a lawyer is legit?
is there anything i can do about this?
The FDCPA is federal, but when state law is stricter, you must comply?
tia opening credit card balance was $394.21. she made payment of $125.00 and purchases of $44.95,$26.40,and?
How to get a credit card in uae with 4000 dirham salary including accomadation ?
Hospital co-pay should not be due after you are admitted right?
What to do about to many payday loans?
Credit card. Would you rather get cash back or a visa gift card?
Has anyone had experience with 90 day loans?
How can i add money to a visa debit card I got from an online rebate?
Is there a credit card that I can get if I have had bad credit in the past?
what can i do to get a higher credit score after chapter 7?
I was wondering when did the USA begin to implement credit scores?
I have bad credit but i need a personal loan?
looking for a loan source/ referral to get an unsecured personal loan/fair credit bankruptcy , any info??
whats the name of that type of credit card where...?
CCJ & Defaults?
Paying a credit card off?
So does this mean I am not going to be paid?
can a debit card be used the same way as a credit card when shopping online?
Paypal stole money from my prepaid credit card.?
Can you return a mcdonalds gift card for cash?
Visa debit gift card?
Which credit cards are best for my situation? I lost my car in an accident, and...?
i am 15 and i was wondering if i can buy visa gift credit card?
Santander bank question :3?
Is there anyway for under 18s to sign up for PayPal?
Be honest: Does this sound like a credit card scam?
Would late payments affect my credit score if it's NOT to a bank or credit card but to medical bills and utili?
how do i send someone a payment on paypal. im might buying something through forums and wondering how i do it?
what is a MBS bill?
How do you know its a collection agency and not a fraud?
When should I start to worry about my overdraft affecting my credit?
Does any bank accept citizen card ?
how long does it take for a purchase to show up on a credit report?
What would happen, theoretically, if I never paid off my credit card debt in full?
With a bank debt card, whats the differents between debt or credit?
is it possible to pay a wage cheque to my credit card, instead of paying it into bank account first?
Can someone explain what Pre-ordering is and details?
How to find my credit score without a credit card?
If I cancel my car insurance but I don't pay my last payment will my credit score go down?
is it legal to let a friend transfer there credit card balance to mine with a lower intrest rate?
what is 0% intro APR when u apply a credit card ??
My boyfriend's mother got a joint credit card account without his permission?
What do you think of promotional credit cards?
Prepaid debit card??
Does paying one car bill late negatively affect your credit score? The bill is not past due more than 30 days
visa statement online?
Why do Credit Card Companies give HUGE Credit limits?
How are car loan payments calculated?
Can Some Me Please Tell Me If Theres Anyway Of Finding A Pin Number on a visa credit card?
My account summary for my Wizard Clear Advantage credit card dosn't add up?
Has ANYONE ever opened a bank account over the PHONE?
I got refunded on paypal, how do I get my money now?
Vanilla Visa Gift Card activation fee? How much can I get with a 50 dollar card?
Why does it take so long for a credit to appear on your credit card after you have returned the item?
Possible overdrawing on my debit card.?
Will shopping around for a mortgage hurt my credit score due to multiple inquiries?
Is there an a age limit on Visa gift cards?
how many numbers are in a mastercard number?
Hi plz help me to choose the best credit card??i am very confused and what are the measures before applying it?
who can really help with cleaning up your credit?
can a debt collector make out a check in my name with out my authorization?
What can I say that is nice when a store clerk asks if you want to open a credit account?
what case can be filed for bouncing checks and non payment of bank personal loans?
How do I get a copy of my credit report without cost immediately?
when using a debit card, should I use the credit option or input my PIN?
how can I get a small business loan if i have bad credit. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
judy borrowed $800 for 2 years. she paid $152 in interest. what was the interest rate per year?
Would paying off a credit agreement early adversely effect my credit rating on a payday loan ?
If there is a civil judgement made, obviously your bank acount gets frozen. How about "Safe Deposit Boxes"?
Paypal negative balance question?
Does amazon deduct the money from the bank account once package shipped?
If someone has a bad credit score, how long does it take to repair it?
what do i do about a loan and cant find ur location now but u have my check and havent collected on due date?
why isnt money pak working for paypal?
green dot reloads cards?
Credit Score?
Collection company is trying to charge extra?
Credit cards and debt to income ratio?
when disputing a fraud charge, should u always expect to get your money back?
How do I check my Annual Credit Report from outside the USA?
problem in reading credit report?
If I use someone elses visa debit card to confirm my age...?
i need to detail for my account?
Whats a company to use to consolidate my credit card debt?
Citi Pre-Paid Card Location Question (United States /Estados Unidos)?
So I thought my credit was bad, but maybe someone can explain...?
how to overcome bad credit without filing for bankruptcy?
Seen a lot of "debt consolidation" ads on TV. Has anyone had success with any of them?
How to enable paysafe payment to my website?
Do Credit Collectors Buy A loan Or Just Collect For The Original Lender?
Car Loan Big Help Bad/No Credit?
selling a truck still under a loan?
Why do debt collectors hide their phone # & refuse to leave a message when they call?
Varified by visa won't work?
where do you work and how much do you get paid?
HSBC Debit Card not Verified?
Im 16, i need money for a laptop. help me?
Will my credit card be charged if my balance at paypal is insufficient?
Will I get approved for financing?
What are all these numbers on my HSBC bank card?
i applied for an orchard master credit card and was asked to pay a $39 fee?
How do I establish credit?
for usaa bank customers, payday question?
Which is better a credit card with 55 days interest free or one without?
How do I deal with collection agency?
I'm only 20 and my credit score is a 593 is that really bad?
balance check state bank?
How can i check my credit card statement?
I'm only 19 and i have something thats messing up my credit.....Can i dispite it?What can i do to get it rite
does anyone know anything about the GREEN DOT credit card?
credit reports: i have some adverse accounts on my credit report, that are not mine?
There was an articlein the past month about people paying off debts. The story detailed 3 or so couples where?
where can I find a loan company that will approve with fairly bad credit?
Should I not pay, and if I don't, will he sue, will it go to collections, or will nothing happen?
how can I stop companies for watching my credit report?
Has anyone ever used Mitsuko Lending??????
i need a personal loan, but have no credit?
can you use your debit card with paypal guest?
How long for credit to be applied on vodafone?
Does that go on your credit?
Social Security number change?
is there a time limit for collecting a normal credit debt?
Can you cancel a PayPal account?
why isn't a fortnightly loan interest payment exactly double a weekly payment?
who can i rib from hiccups?
Getting a charge-off off credit report?
How can i raise my credit score?
Why can't I order online overseas?
Will the brookstone do a credit check on me?
How do i get a credit or visa card at 15 year old?
How long does bad credit stay on your credit ?
has anyone heard of a credit reporting agency called PRBC?is it for real and does it actually help you any?
I just pay mony to PayPal ! But the email I pay to is not longer available ?
I hate paypal nothing but trouble - do you agree or not - tell me whats happend to you?
Buying a 2013 dodge challenger and my credit score?
Are credit cards bad?
My bankruptcy was discharged in 2010 but the lawyer failed to add one creditor who is now billing me.?
A Modeling Company is Suing me for not paying, what should I do?
why do companies do credit checks before hiring someone?
Too much debt?
Will it help my credit score if I let them know I paid and settled my debt or just let it show charged off?
Is a credit score of 800 good?
Do credit cards come with money?
Civil Judgment, sued by credit card company? Help?
if you have reaaaly bad credit and you are buying a house on a lease option?
Can i enter a gift card in credit or debit section in the online stores that not accept gift cards, 10 points?
How much does your credit score affect the hiring process?
What does 'free credit' mean?
Any way to Clean up bad credit report, without resovling debt or actually paying things off?
is anyone claiming ppi even though they're in an iva?
CHASE insufficient funds fee?
Who knows "Ontario Consumer Credit Assistance"?
Summons for debt to a credit card company! What are my options?
Who can get me a refinance loan? great credit, not underwater?
Where is the best place to go for a loan when you have really bad credit?
Credit card rejection help?
How do i get a credit card?
How much are the attorney fees and court costs for filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy ?
advice on a shop needing my signature?
How to use a PayPal account with bank account?
How old do you have to be to get a credit card?
Can I get bankruptcy off my credit report?
1 914 816 2916 scam has anyone else heard or been scammed by them?
Credit score for investment property?
does anyone out there know of a reptable payday loan company. Someone you have personally loaned from please!?
How come my credit card was denied when I know the information is correct?
What are some good recamended pre paid visa card thingys?
when i get on credit report sites, they wont let me my credit?
Can you really erase bad credit?
do you lose your bank account if you go bankrupt?
What is a good site to go to to apply for a cash advance loan that will let you know if you are approved quick
garenteed pension credit?
Another method of payment rather than Paypal?
Why cant i make purchases with my prepaid card?
I Owe about $20K in Credit Card debt....?
Difference between credit turnover and debit turnover?
Can I turn to debt settlement or management with a part time job?
Why did PayPal charge me?
My friend has not paid any of his credit card and he said his credit will reset in ten years. Will it?
Need some advice?
Does Santander Bank in Brazil accept visa cards at their ATM's?
Where can I get a free FICO credit report and score?
How long does it take for you to get your money when you return something at bestbuy?
does online chase transfers cost anything?
name of some banks which opens students account and gives atm\credit\debit card verified by visa?
Will I need a credit card to check into a hotel/motel in the US?
Does anyone use Paypal?!?!?!!?!?!?
What is the requirements for having a paypal account?
Being sued by capital one...?
Has anyone ever called into a credit card company only to be screwed in the end?
Question about GARNISHMENT of wages?
how much time will it take to recover your credit history after consolidation of consumer debt in canada?
can I go to any bank with a mastercard logo and get a cash advance without a pin code?
If a collection agency hands it over to a law firm for the debt, how much fees will add on? unlimited?
is it possible to open a bank account without depositing money?