Can a government agency report the same credit charge off twice over a period of time?
Building up good credit quick!?
Can applying for a credit card improve my bad credit and increase my score?
Can you load a prepaid woth a bamk credit card?
Can someone explain in simple terms, what is going on with the credit crisis?
Best credit card online?
Stolen credit card help?
What can you tell me about companies that offer "Credit Repair"?
Can I get some home loan help from someone.?
How long should i wait before opening a non payment dispute on ebay?
What is a State Tax Lein?
How long does it take to raise a credit score, and how do I do it?
If a account listed on your credit report for Credit card debt ?
How can I fix my credit/financial situation?
Creditor threatens to send my account to an Attorney to pay off debt?
How do I enter the 2 deposits paypal made?
You can get $50 for "referring a friend" with Discover Credit Cards?
Can i get a loan for a motorcycle with little credit?
How long can companies try to collect on a delinquent bill?
what to do,i have two credit cards with id fraud help??
who knows where a loan shark is in georgia im in debt and i have poor credit i need the money baddd?
My friend used her dead aunts credit card. What can happen?
what is considered a good credit score?
Is This True ??? KIVA Partners Charging 60% Interest on Donated Money?
Getting a credit card ( Have never had a credit card )?
Will i get Arrested? Paypal account?
Why has my debit card not arrived yet?
How do I use a prepaid credit card?
Can I build my credit with one credit card?
Is this a scam or real?
After I sold my car the new owner got $400 worth of street sweeping tickets on it. This happened in 2004..?
Why wont my bank give me a loan?
Dose anyone make their house payment on a credit card and then pay it off?
I have a rating of R1 from a major credit this good? and if so, how can I check other ratings?
Can your court summons papers for old credit card debt be served to family members when you live abroad?
does getting paid in cheque form count as getting paid under the table?
Can you please answer this for me....?
Why do you need credit to get a cell phone?
what can happen if i only can pay alittle on a credit card n not the amount due?
Do I get all my money back if may bank were to close down?
how do i cancel a credit card?
i am trying to prevent a charge from on my credit card but not sure what sight it was used for?
I just got a court summonse from capital one credit card, they want me to appear in court on august 3rd..?
Debt collector problem?
how long will declaring bankruptcy stay on my credit report?
Were to shop for a good personal loan?
i recently saw a charge on my credit card from a merchant whom i did not authorize to charge my card.i called?
How do I use my debit/credit card? Lol?
What is the best credit card company currently?
i went bankrupt yesterday now im debt free and can start my new life?
What are the consequence of having a negative amount of $1,000 in the bank and not paying back?
my credit score is horrible and i have one year to repair it before my mortgage goes in to an ajustable help?
is the lot rent included with the manufactured home monthly payment?
Fraud question?
Target credit is this all my credit line...?
Do Credit Reporting Bureaus Communicate with Each Other?
can i apply for cridit card using online? but i have an account in state bank and canara bank!?
Pay car loan or pay school loan?
What are good ways to start out gaining credit when your young and unexperienced?
refund to paypal????
How do I receive a SEALED credit report in under 2 weeks?
Applying for a credit card, what does credit line mean?
credit card never charged and its now expired?
How much approximately does it cost take take out a county court judgement against someone?
can I pay off a credit card from the same bank with my home equity line of credit?
VERY BAD CREDIT, in debt & need to get loan to pay off?
Using US Credit Card to order from the UK?
Question about mY Credit card?
what is an Issuance date on an I.D?
Has Amazon charged me twice (situation in details)?
should i go out tonight??
Approved Loans for Motorcycle?
Chase vs. Citi Bank (Freshman)?
Can bailiffs remove my partner's goods?
Can i get approved or denied?
Need a car, 21 year grad student with little credit history, my parents can't help me co-sign, what do I do?
Which bank offers the best Line of Credit for a business?
Paypal questions?
does selling a collection acount to another collection account hurt your credit score?
How quickly should i pay off my credit card?
what are the possible penalties for defaulting on a mobile home loan?
I maxed out my credit card?
As of Jan.1st this year a new law was passed employers are no longer allowed to check credit history?
Can someone help me about paying using paypal and credit card?
How would i go about applying for a loan through a credit union?
Credit, SS number, and mom!!! HELP?!!!?
Credit Card decision help!?
Debit card question please help???
Are these credit cards enough to buld my credit to buy a car?
Question about a judgement and bank levy?
what is the meaning of short-term credit?
Why cant you get a credit card when ur ssi money goes in ur bank?
I have question about my credit score...?
Can you get water turned on if a pending bill was sent to collections?
loan/bussiness question?
how to make a paypal?
What is a "Credit limit" ...?
debt settlement answers?
Amazon - credit card expired?
How does bill me later on paypal work?
How do I stop a student loan collection company from harassing me for a loan I never took out?
How long does it take for Paypal to resolve a dispute?
Direct online personal loans?
Has anyone received their Ameriquest Settlement Checks yet? Wondering how long they are taking to arrive.?
My ExperianPlus score is 597. Do you think I'd be able to get a credit card? Details below:?
Building my credit at 16?
Is American Express a good choice for a credit card?
in your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good credit card?
I was quoted an intro rate that Bank of America is now disputing what should I do?
whats the highest apr that a credit card can offer you?
Fico score below 620!?!?
Does anyone know how a someone who is trying to get a loan for $5,000.00, but has bad credit, can possibly get?
is it leagle to put a hold on a bank account after they have already been paid?
budgeting loan help please?
regarding credit cards what exactly is Visa - a company?
Can the bank arrest the person who fraudulently charged my credit card?
can a debt collector tell me I can't setup a payment plan unless I pay a huge amount like 9000 dollars?
auto pay kicked in for a zero balance credit card?
The only income I have now is Social Security Disability, and I am unable to work. Can credit collections sue?
How can I convince my parents to cosign a loan?
how can something go on your credit report if they have no proof that it belongs to you?
Can i add funds via Paypal to a Green Dot card that has been attached to a paypal account?
Why isn't my money on my card?
Why is Wells Fargo still allowed to commit lending fraud? Who do you report them to?
what happens when the original debt collector starts calling again after 7 yrs.?
I really would like to get rid of my back payment/collection I owe my bank. But I can't seem to catch up.
Started monitoring my credit, I see a public record that's not mine, what do I do?
where can i watch judgement day for free online?
Credit card hard inquiry?
Can someone Explain how the 3 Credit Score Bureaus Grade your Credit Score?
If I put my daughter on my credit card to help her raise her credit can it hurt mine if she gets behind ??
What type of credit rating system exist in S Korea?
i want to check my credit history i know it is bad bit how can i see it for myself?
When you buy with a credit card and you want to exchange/return it, do you need the credit card w/ you?
Why wont my computer take my credit card?
Greendot help! cant access with out social security?
Credit Card Statement question?
Has anyone used a Collection Agency?
Where can I get a young adult credit card?
my sister has a problem with her credit report?
To pay my credit card debt off completely or not?
Your supervisor asks you to compile the credit card receipts. What should you do to the receipts?
Will shopping around for a mortgage hurt my credit score due to multiple inquiries?
who can tell me if my social security number was used to get a loan?
are there any stores online that except money clip debit cards?
Can someone take your credit card?
Credit card payment problem?
If i have insuffient credit, how can i build it ?
has anyone gotten a loan from a private loan shark?
My chase Morgan credit card was on my credit for 7years and it's about to fall off. Can I apply 2 them again?
does the "10 years on your credit report" for bankruptcy trump the "7 year statute" --?
How to get $3,000 in 4 days?Any ideas????
After 7 years is an unpaid debt still owed?
if someone stole my info on my debit card how can i stop them and do i have to pay for the damage even though?
Is there a prepaid credit card that I don't have to pay a monthly fee for?
Should I file for Chapter 7?
Is their any subprime lenders willing to work with a credit score of 590?
is changing credit card bad for credit? balance transfer?
Can I get a credit card then not use it?
Can someone get cellphone service under different social security but same address as defaulted account.?
My temporary debit card is expired and I have a check to deposit?
can a cell phone company take u to court?
Sending a letter to HSBC for false info they reported on my credit report. ?
My credit scores are are in the high 600's and one is 700 ,?
I was quoted an intro rate that Bank of America is now disputing what should I do?
What are some Gift cards that can be used online?
can my bank account be siezed for for a debt my spouse owes?
wife dies and leaves credit cards in my name I knew nothing about?
I have 7 credit cards can i close 2 and be ok?!?
Can u use a American express gift card on ebay?
Can any bank give me education loan of INR 1,000,000?
why do credit reporting agencies make it so difficult to clear your credit?
where could i find credit for household furniture and electricals without them checking my credit history?
Are stock accounts able to be garnished?
how can i make money online without paying anything?
I have a debt with TD (credit card) owing about 1472. I got a call from Collect Corp on Thursday wondering if
what is the correct URL for getting your free credit report?
is there any banks that let 17 year olds have there own banking accounts??
I want to transfer some of my smaller credit cards to my large credit card. The fee for transfers is 9.90%?
how do i know which sites accept payment from paypal?
AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card & General Question about Credit Cards?
who to contact for old credit that you didnt use?
If I pay off my credit card in one lump payment will it effect my credit in a negative way?
How long do I have to request money back on Paypal after I sent it to a seller?
Good credit to marry Bad credit?
credit card closed vs open with a 0$ balance, which is better?
My credit score is 840......... what does this mean?
Anyone have insight to my car payment situation?
What happens if I sell car or other product before repaying loan?
do i have to pay mo. to mo. with the down payment with nextel?
In the long run, is cashback or earning points for profitable when using your Chase Freedom Card?
How can I get out of a credit repair scam?
I rang one of my creditors to find out how much i owe, just to be told that the debt was written.?
credit repair - VERY hi hospital bill but at time covered by VA - hospital did not chg va?
2 months too make as much money as possible, help!?
If the bank forecloses on the real estate owned by my LLC how will that affect my personal credit?
where to find a lender to grant a short term loan for poor credit of $
Generally speaking...which is better: A sub-500 credit report with lots of negtv listed, or a bankrptcy?
Scholarships, credit score and legal action?
what's the difference between mastercard and visa ?
does anyone know what credit card i would be able to get even though i have bad credit rating?
Bank of America Visa Platinum Plus Credit Card has anyone had it is it a good card?
Can I get a reverse judgement after 1-1/2 years?
Opening an NRI bank account in Thailand?
I know they're all usurers, but what online, instant-approval loan service will screw me the least?
Does anyone know how prepaid Mastercards work?
How can you add tradelines to a credit report?
Error on my credit report! "Derogatory public record"?
who do I contact about refinancing?
Well known bank for poor credit, credit cards?
How can i send the money my costumers sent me to my PayPal account to my credit card?
How can you tell when to debit or credit Prepaid Rent?
got a judgement put against meover a back credit card debt?
I found a website that has a letter that shows you how to delete your name from telecheck
I dont have any credit how xan I get some to make my credit score look normal?
How does credit scoring work and how can I make my score good? I'm finding it hard to get a loan.?
If I set up a payment plan for something that went to collections?
What builds credit faster?
Statement on your credit report?
If I have never had a credit card or any expenses I wouldn't have any information on a credit score report?
Mortgage: Should I go 5 year or 7 year fixed rate?
am i too young to get this?
I tried to find out where a T-Mobile account came from on my credit report all of the contact numbers are off?
bill collectors?
what does it mean on your credit report that your account is closed but there is still a balance?
Does anybody know how I can speak with an actual person at Capital One Credit Card.?
i am thinking about getting a loan using a loan shark?
Credit Debt "written off, and sold to lender, Then paid, Do I owe anything?
Is adding seasoned trade lines to your credit legal?
I got my first credit card last year and screwed up. I went over the credit limit. If I cancel.......?
claiming back credit card charges?
How do you dispose of your credit card slips?
Accounting: journal entries?
when paid,is a liability order invalid ?
PayPal Question! What are the limits..?
Will I be notified of a PayPal refund?
Is my association fee included on my credit report?
Other then a Secured Credit Card How May I Get a Real Charge Card with no Credit or Poor Credit?
what is the best way of saving mony?
Can I cancel a credit card?
What is the best way to go about getting real estate financing?
how can i raise my credit score within 90 days?
Where on the back of my credit card do I sign?
paypal sent me an email "ABOUT SOMEBODY'S ACCOUNT"?
Verifying PayPal with ETRADE, help.?
Does anyone else think Capital One Credit card company is a joke??
Can a Collection company turn down my payment plan?
How do I change the PIN on my Paypal Student Account Card?
my Aug bill is18602.41 payment of 15000 is been made.penalty is issued on balance amt 3602.41 apprx.28.5% how?
Is going bankrupt really that bad??
i received a check for $3900 no letter and they didn't ask for money back from texas?
Are credit agency's allowed to contact me about a past debt if I tell them to stop?
What's the difference between a home equity loan snd a HELOC?
Debit Card question?
Can my unverified(haven't link to my bank) paypal account get payment from others?
Nationwide help i have applied for i smart card can i use a ulster bank statement?
why does judgement happen?
I need a Credit Expert answer! Can someone pulling your credit report tell if you have ever had a bankruptsy.
i need serious advice thanks :) sorry for long intro?
Anyone with TD BANK with a credit card?
What is the difference between IMF and World Bank ?
What are the pros and cons of a 0 interest credit card?
Thought I had 1 more payment on our bankruptcy but got a small check in mail from Trustee. What does that mean
What's up with this loan?
what should i buy online with a credit card?
I am looking for info about repairing credit?
what happens when you consolidate your debt and are there any stipulations or catches?
Can I Use My Mom's Debit Card?
online banking?
does anyone know of any tricks or tips to remove information from credit reports particularly inquires?
if my dad has a debit card can i use it when i go to the stores?
full from of icici bank?
What is the best way to buy a car if you have a previous repossession on your credit report ?
i need a website for a co. named member services credit services.?
HELP! I'm being harrassed by creditors!?
Help! Credit card fraud question!?
How do I get out of mortgage loan without it adversely affecting my credit?
Pre Payed Visa card question?
What stores in missouri ( i live in st louis) will let me endorse a check to them?
How do we contact Federal Government to down on Credit one finance Inc about fraudent loans?
Can i get a credit or debit card at my age?
Best payday loans?
Catalogue Late payment fee!!!?
What is the procedure that credit card companies follow if Identity theft is reported?
Ebay and collections....?
Does co-signing on someones student loan lower your credit score.?
What's a debit card in Canada?
can you lose your home while in chapter 13 bankruptcy?
Debt problems in the U.K
can I add a debt to an existing bankruptcy?
i have not used my atm card any time and its about 2 months pased. what should i do?
What is the most effective way to build credit?
what's the highest credit rating ever?
What should i do get a loan or a credit card?
Matercard can I use a solo card as payment instead on
hi, i have 2 insecure loan(£8500 left) and £70000 debt on credit cards. shall i Bankrupt myself?
Can you add money to a Visa Gift Card, and how?
Where can I get a $2000 prepaid credit card?
Can i use a prepaid credit card to shop on ebay? or do i need a paypal account?
I recently filed chpt 7 back in may of this year when do you think it will be discharged?
Help with a loan?
Is there any point to making overpayments or extra payments on my car loan?
PLEASE help!! PayPal scam and I have no idea what to do!!?
Is debt passed to next of kin when you die?
Can creditors who were included in a bankruptcy still send you bills?
Is it wise to get more interest on credit card companies in uae acccording to muslim law buying or giving in?
Anybody ever done a bank loan before?
what is the term general collateral rate? I am studying CDS pricing and have come across this notation.?
can you be made to pay a old credit after 20 years after another company take over the account?
Getting a credit card for discount then cancel immediately?
For the past 6 months I have been turned down for credit twice?
I have no credit. Are there loans that will help me build it?
How to build good credit to buy a house? I'm 18?
What is down payment?
How much do I owe on my credit card?
What would a monthly finance charge be on a credit card with a 4.99% APR and a 3,700 balance?
what is T/T in payment term?
Credit Card Dilemma!?!?!?!?!?
I need the address for LDG Financial Ser., out of Atlanta, GA. They are trying to rip me off, can you help?
Questions about getting a car loan?
uses of credit vouchers?
Why do jobs ask for your credit score?
I'm really paranoid that there will be no balance on this gift card?
i need to get a
Can a bank illegally issue a minor a line of credit and report it to a credit agency?
Paying off credit card statement and avoiding fee?
Why does the bank hold your check for 9 days and is it possible to some cash from the check?
pre approved on refinance?
Credit card payment?
this may be my very last desperate effort and request in uae. can i find a Debt Consolidation Loan in uae?
How do I make a Halal Credit Card in Pakistan?
how does one report the where abouts of someone who stole/fraud money from a bank in the UK?
A fake credit card number?
Financial advise: Payoff car or Credit card first?
My cousin used me as a reference for a loan he didnt pay?
I have very poor credit is there a credit card i can get?
Will I have bad credit after this?
I lost my american express gift card!?
Where can I go to get a free credit check online?
Can you get a short term loan with a maxed overdraft? ?
I have 190k in student loan debt and make approximately $33,000 a year (after taxes)?
what is 85% of 352?
questions about credit score?
How long do you hqve to pay back payday loans?
I have a low credit score. What can I do to raise it?
Why can people get loans that are in debt deep?
Do I build up my Credit Score with a card that is both Debit and Credit? (Click for details).?
Halifax Overdraft Charges?
Tax credit under payment?
i need a loan/bad credit due to loss of job?
How did a collection account for $209 affect my credit score so dramatically?
How do I pay for my purchase online?
Has anyone used unsecured loan to finance pool?
Due to gambling problems is there a way to stop CC companies from issuing credit cards to my spouse?
is there a way i can fix my credit in the next 60 days so i can buy my car and if so wat r dey?
using paypal online...thru x-box live?????????????/?
If I applied for every pre-approved credit card application that I get in the mail, what would happen?
Pre-paid credit card? (Green Dot Visa)?
Can you load a prepaid woth a bamk credit card?
is there any way to get paid online?
Is a credit score of 595? where does it fall comparatively to americas average?
Can we cash a check made out to cash, that was found?
How Long will it take before a repo appear on your credit? After your car has been repoed?
How can i beg for the computer Laptop as a gift from someone of good will?
how can i get a 4 wheeler or a side bye side without any credit,nobody will give me chance to pay in payments?
Is there a penalty for cancelling my credit card so soon?
How long does 30 day late payments stay on your credit report?
Can I establish credit under my parents' name?
does paypal get money from your bank account right away?
Can't get my first credit card?
Does your credit score temporarily go up while you are disputing info?
which one come first ann Egg or hen?
What's a credit line?
Need a web site for free credit report?
whats up withunion workers credit services?
My credit sucks.. I can't even get approved for a secured credit card. How Can I Fix My Credit?
Does have a third party escrow setup from western union?
where can i get a car financed with pretty bad credit?
what is WAUS and CAUS on a credit card charge?
Best credit checking service?
inquiry balance loan?
whats a \check reversal?
Check garnishment from bank acct they don't know of?
How can you sign out of an Xbox love account so that when I sell it, they can't get my credit card number?
Is there a website of banks/credit card companies/and credit unions who offer secured credit cards?
How do I get a loan with my parent's bad credit history?
I am paying a collection agency and they say it is not enough and threatening to "proceed with case"?
how does a Debt management proram help?
Credit score frustration.?
what does capital mean when it comes to loans?
How do I go about fixing my credit report?
Help! I lied about my age to get credit!?
Question about Drive Financial?
If I'm late on a loan payment, does it mess up my cosigner's credit?
Can you get into debt whit visa credit card?
How much does it cost to get a credit report from the champaign county credit bureau?
please help has anybody else had trouble from world books the book club i got loads of problems from them?
I have a credit card question. My credit card is up to its limit and im making monthly payments to pay it off.
Mortgage with a low credit score?
how can i keep track of my credit score?
i need a car loan, but my credit isnt good enough!?
how can i apply for a legit loan to start a small business where i can pay it off with the profit i make?
why was i refused dwp budget loan?
Discover credit card question?
Business Credit?
what shop or post office can you buy a prepaid credit card from?
what would happen if someone defaulted on their debt? what if a country defaulted on their debt?
If a lender has made an incorrect entry on my credit file can i insist they remove it?
How do I applied for a Legacy Visa credit card?
Multiple student bank accounts?
I am going to open a secured credit card?
Were can I get a free I.D card made?
spending more on credit card?
what is the average wage for quilifing for chapter 7? (in Michigan)?
How much credit have you got left?
How can one get items removed from the 3 major credit agencies that are false entries? I have written them wit
Is it Possible to repay a Loan by getting another Loan?
what is categorization of credit score? which score is good which one is fair and which one is excellent?
How to apply for a joint credit card with a boyfriend?
Paypal payment problem?
I would like the tel. no. for the company that advertises furniture with no deposit and credit check in the uk
what the credit card companies cut the interest rate? ?
If I wrote someswill check will it show up on my statement?
Would it help my chances of qualifying for a mortgage if my mom added me on the title to her house?
Can you get a home loan emmediatly after a chapter 7 bankrupsy has been discharged?
Restaurant Equipment Financing ?
Is there any credit/debit cards out there that has a limit of $5000?
what happens when a check is returned by a bank?
What does Pre budget submissions mean?
For getting a new travel reward credit card, Can I use my existing 0 apr credit card?
company sent item after credit application refused?
Whatdoes it mean when a collection agency says its pursuin litigation?
How do you straighten up your credit?
what is federally chartered?
I just got my first credit card - How long until I have decent credit?
Will my credit score improve if i pay off a closed credit card account?
18 years old and trying to build credit?
What happens to a debt if you can't pay, don't work, & have no money or assets?
If you were in a world full of debt. what would you do or what have you done ?
Help first credit card..Do i settle with them. or try to keep them?
what is the difference between experian's PLUS score and the experian Vantage score?
who accepts the Montgomery Ward credit card?
Around how many percent of the people have a credit card on Canada?
what can i do to eliminate online loans that i have?
my credit score is 460 how bad is that?
does Susquehanna bank have a secured credit card like Pnc?
Who offers the best school loan consolidation incentives?
Help someone being teased?
what information shows up when a clerk scans your credit card?
anyone tried a cash loan?is it a good idea to apply for one?
i want to get the iphone 5 without paying full price but my contract doesnt expire until june 2013?
how do i pay my collections debt?
Has anyone recently offered a full and final settlement on a debt?
Does paypal charge if i send money from my paypal to my bank ?
I would like to send in the additional info they needed from me to send me the card and I lost the po box addr
Will the bank take back its money?
what is paypal card number?
Debt that I was not responsible for?
Visa prepaid debit cards?
Is it possible to go from bad credit to good credit?
Confused about paypal fees when sending money?
how do I pay my bank of america credit card online?
What is the best way to boost my credit score?
If you pay a credit card late then how long does it show on?
What are the steps I should take to avoid always getting into credit card debt?
Credit Scores..variation?
I thought I had paid my bill.?
Am I doing good with my credit score?
is this company fruad name is 123loans,LLC?
what is interest being paid on?
How does the Fair Credit Reporting Act protect the rights of the consumer?
what does it cost to file bankruptcy in ohio?
Help how do I find out what my secure code on my card is?
If I have no credit history, how high of a loan can I take with a cosigner?
What can I do about my debt?
if i get a credit card do i HAVE to use it.. what if i just have it for emergencies?
Credit Report and Credit Card question.?
Do lenders and dealers look at your credit report or credit score?
Is PayPal safe or not?
I stole my sister's credit card?
Can I use my ID card as proof of address?
What is a good loan to take out to supplement Stafford Loans?
Placing an extended fraud alert?
about my credit card?
Can you return cash for store credit?
wal mart credit card overdraft?
I only mke $50,000 a year. What is the largest mortgage I can get. I have good credit and a pretty big downpay
Recovering credit from a lost debt card?
I am in desperate need of a loan for at least 10K, please someone help?
If a loan company refusses a partial payment and sends it back is the debt paid in full?
Help I Need To Raise $3500 Dollars in a month, im 16, and i dont work?
Legitimate new business owner, soon to dropship, but question to any distributors in which dawned on me today?
I paid my January phone bill online a few days early but it still says this:?
Does anybody know a Loan Shark in Lexington.Ky?
Can I get a Medical Credit Card or Loan?
Credit Card Interest Question?
I'm sending money over the internet to my buddy...will my card company call me?
How soon, once debt is paid off, does it disappear from you credit?
i have Link bank card, can i use it for online payment?
is california cash advance a legit company?
My library fine is in collection. Why is it so much more?
Does anyone know of a legitimate Lender that does bad credit loans?
How can I dispute sold item from my credit report?
EBAY payment was initiated on sept-18-12 and is being processed through paypal HELP!!!?
I'm being sued in a credit card collection case.?
Can a grace period be takend away on your car loan?
If i get paid on tuesdays when will i recieve a check on my netspend card?
I'm having a Paypal Transcaction Issue.?
I need help figuring a ratio problem relating to an 8.9% car loan that is half paid for.?
How to get a credit card with a damaged credit score?
State government has it's credit rating lowered?
Electroinic check?? will it work?
Credit Card Help!!! =/?
Question about Card number?
Can having a high credit card balance actually lower your credit score, or does it stay the same.?
Does credit score go up the longer you own a credit card?
what is the number to usa credit?
What is a good place to open a second credit card?
personal loan with bad credit rating?
Qualify for home equity loan?
Do all bills affect your credit rating or just credit-related bills (such as creditcards, loans, mortgages..)?
what reflexs worst on acredit report paying off asettlement or paying off the total delinquent balanced owed?
jewelry store credit approval?
if you havn't been on bank of america for a long time do they close your account?
I want to see where my credit is at?
I need a loan?
I settled with 3 creditors today to improve my credit but.........?
has any1 had experience of citifinancial?
what web sight can i go to to make a complaint about a collection already paid but stil on credit report?allie
Has anyone been paid by Bank In The Bucks.After requesting Funds?
How do I get Capital One off my credit report?
what does your credit score have to be to get an american express card?
Im sure my son charged to my credit card, but did it in a way that i didnt find out is this posible if so how?
How much a month does 330,000 generate in a bank?
I was served by a Collection Agency and reached a stipulated agreement but...?
adverse credit mortgages uk?
How do I remove bad credit fast?
Canceled credit Cards.?
With the Discover card, how much do you have to accumulate to get your cash back?
What are the month end closing we have to configure inSAP - FICO.?
can someone give brief, plain language descriptions of Chapters 7,9, 11, 13, etc.Bankruptcies? Differences?
declined loan again?
paying credit card online?
How can a 16 year old safely make money online, without a credit card and giving out your SS number and such?
how much is the child credit in tx?
Does it affect my credit score if I transfer the account of my car to another person?
when you check in at hotels, do you pay the full amount when you check in or when you check out?
Do credit card bills show individual items bought or just the store you bought it from?
Can there be a global currency ?
I have a few questions over my credit card and i need help?
Can dept collectors be a bit agressive?
How to cash a check for the first time?
need a loan with no broker?
Hi, Does anyone know anything about buying off the net via Wesern Union?
Credit card shares information with affiliates about creditworthiness?
I agreed to be a co maker for a loan of my friend and now she's not paying anymore,what can i do?
can gift cards expire?
what kind of credit score do you need?
What Do They Use Your Social Security Number For?
instalment payment summary in canada???
How do I resolve 4 year old debt?
Did You Get Paid On Your First Week Working At Kohls?
How bad is my credit?
I'm a college student and I don't have any credit what is the best credit card I should get to build my credit
where do i mail my payments for my chase credit card?
credit report?
are there any good sites where I can check my credit?
Debt collection question?
Mortgage Co. put a payment on my credit that never was a missed payment.?
Going to bank tomorrow to see about getting a credit card...what reasons should I give?
How can I get a credit card?
I need a loan of 2000 dollars because I opened a new business but my motherinlaw died and I spent all the mone
How do you start building credit if you have absolutely none?
How do you put money on your paypal account with a Myplash money card?
I am looking into bringing up my credit score...?
Would a UK credit check show debt from other countries?
Is there companies out there that really do fix your credit? Like for example take of late payments?
sold an item on ebay .. buyer claims to have paid by paypal tho i dont have paypal?
whats the difference between a credit card and a debit card?
Need help Building Credit from Scratch, Does it Matter What you Buy & How Expensive it is?
Should I file Bankrupcy ???
Can the identity thief be caught?
how old do you have to be for a credit check?
credit report?
job factor?
Does anyone know the name of a "bankers bank"?
Statute of limitations for debt collection in oklahoma ?
Where can I get a personal loan with bad credit?
I want to get a credit card to build credit...?
Name change in Paypal?
Money on PayPal question?
How does the debt consolidating work? Does it make your credit worse?
Do you think bill collectors are unethical?
ok a non-profit question for you folks?
How Do I Accept Credit Cards Online?
Information about Oversea Credit Bonds?
Co-signer affected by applications?
Anyone know any loan companies i could use??
Is Amazon safe??????
would you give your credit card number out on the internet?
when someone steals your identify?
I need to fix my credit. I have bills in collections that I have not paid on in 2 years,?
HELP. How do you check the itunes balance of a gift card without redeeming it?
Will my Carecredit card be good for McDonalds?
What do i look for when purchasing a credit card? Buyer Discretion on Bank Statement?
Can a no-show fee from a vets office go to your credit report if they don't have your SSN?
Impossible Credit Card Debt?
How do you fix you credit after a repo?
How do I use an ATM?
Can debt settlement companies really settle your debt cheaper or are they a waste of time and money?
From Personal experience how long does it take for Paypal to deliver a check?
when does greece have to pay back its imf loan?
Credit Union who owns?
To make credit better should we go back 5 years and pay charge offs or would it make a difference?
Okay so a add popped up and said test this credit card number so i did and it worked is that illegal i didnt?
Visa Gift Card Being Declined On Itune Can Anyone Tell Me Why?
how do you get a loan from the bank?
a good web site or a book or you can send me a file regarding accounting procedure followed in indian banks?
How to pay with a check?
I need a loan and have bad credit?
Do you need credit/ID to get Hydro electricity?
can a job take your whole check?
So I have this credit card and i think they're trying to keep me paying them.?
can I use a debit card just as easily as a credit card to pay online for things from other countries?
What website can be used to calculate the monthly payments on 5, 6, or 7 year loan at a certain percentage?
how long will it a take for a refund to my credit card to show up?
Prepaid debit cards??? For 13 yr old?
random question about getting a loan?
Should I pay or not? (Credit report question)?
If owed a past landlord, in order to get this off credit report?
How long does credit inquiries affect your credit score?
Credit/Debit card fraud?
what can i do if i suspect that a company i am paying monthly for a job might be a fraud or a scam?
wat is beacon facto score?
Will Gmac and Chase go for a deficiency judgement on a non owner occupied 2-Family?
how many points do i get on my credit score when i pay my bills on time?
Question about credit and credit cards?
my credit was excellent utill cingular put on an unpaid bill for 8000.- dollars?
recover unclaimed missed earned income tax credit?
Applying for a credit card? "Monthly rent"?
Need advice and help on banking loans!?
Is anyone really debt free with a Financial Peace University Class?
I just paid off a credit card in full and closed it. Now my credit score dropped 58 points in a month!?
want to settle my credit card due?
Is my credit card number on the back of my cancelled check? The complete number?
Asking for an increase in credit?
I'm in credit card debt, what can i do?
How to get credit card cycle to start on 1st?
i haven,t fox for a week on timewarner shouldn't,t i get credit for that time lost without fox ?
What is the procedure in mortgage payments delay?
Anyone seen "Maxed Out", the new documentary that rips credit card companies apart?
Your total payment on a 6 year loan, which charged 9% simple interest, amounted to $30,560 .?
will i get bills in the mail for makin purchases from the itunes store if i use a gift card?
Should I close all my old credit cards all at once?
Can I transfer my gift card funds to .ca?
Scammed on Paypal via gift?
Has anyone heard of Emerald Marketing, they are a payday loan company., I need contact information.?
I need help from people who have CREDIT CARDS??(st. george, visa card)?
what debit card is most popular switch,solo,or visa electron?
How do I know if this loan company is a scam?
i mean mortage interest rate in canada it would be less in few moths?
Can i put money i have on a gift card onto a reloadable visa card?
Has anyone ever applied for the Imagine Card? What is your experience?
Can you return items after the exchange period?
Please help me to solve my CREDIT SCORE situation?
My bank is telling me I'm three months behind on my payment and they want to reposse?
Anyone hear of a Preferred Savings Network, supposedly an identity protection firm for credit cards?
How long will it take to repair my credit?
Will trying the credit card excessively get it canceled?
Can i take out a loan with a credit score of 660?
Is someone stealing my identity?
What's the best company to get a Visa card through?
Credit card question?
I need a £2000 loan to pay off my rent arrears?
i found a credit card and used it.. please help me!?
which bank in California don't use experian?
Does anyone know of a lender for a bad credit personal loan?
how do imore money from a crisis loan?
Has anyone used a credit building loan through their bank, and how does it work?
my boyfriend & i are tying to buy a car. but we both have bad credit? any way we'll ever get arroved?
Need a Secured Credit Card that has HIGH limit?
Where can you find a loan shark ?
I didn't pay to gym and they reported to collection agency . Do this event affects my credit report?
can i use a credit card to pay for a credit card?
APR for a Personal loan... No Credit history... HELP!?
What does Unauthorized payment means?
what should i do if i lost my credit card?
Want to take a trip to Hawaii, but no credit card?
Legitimate Loan No Scams Please Contact (N0 Upfront Fees)?
How can I get a credit card if I have a bad credit history?
Would you take on another loan in this situation?
I was careless with my credit in my youth, is there any hope?
Can I take a $50 loan out of a bank?
18 year old trying to build credit?
Applying for a credit card for Bank of America, HELP?!?
why did walmart decline my debit card?
Can someone please tell me of a good book on eliminating debt?
Can I ask my bank to hold a check until I have sufficient funds?
Could you use a gift card on Paypal?
Does paying before the statement atill build my credit?
Does it hurt my credit to have TOO many credit cards?
i want to pay online purchas with gift card but it says it will bill me?
If you do not put in your name exactly as it appears on your credit card, will the payment still go through?
Paying toward the principal?
What exactly is a credit card Interest rate?
Does iTunes send a reciept to your credit card with the things you bought or just to your email?
were can i get a loan with out having a job?
Do you worry about your debt?
If I cancelled one of my credit cards, would there be any negative change on my credit score?
Can I use my macys credit card to buy things off the macys website?
which is the securest way of conveying SSN number / credit card numbers Over phone or email? or any other?
Does apple accept pay-pal instead of a credit card for there developer program payment?
What is the maximum apr on an bad credit auto loan?
Is chase freedom visa credit card accepetd world wide including the philippines?
Help with online credit card purchase?
payday loan question........?
i dont have money for a down payment from a gift source ,can i save the down payment?
How do i find out if a credit card is legit??
Bank of America?
Credit Cards "cancelled"?
I want to take credit card but how?i have already atm card?
how can i get rid of debt that i have on my credit report i want to get rid of it A S A P the honset way?
What is the maximum apr for a credit card in florida?
Visa electron cards? Need fast help!?
vanilla visa giftcard help?
Is my credit history bad?
What's a good way to check my credit score?
Scammed by INSTANT CREDIT BUILDERS or INSTANT BUSINESS BUILDERS ? I have information on Melissa & Ed Kennedy?
How long does it take for paid off credit cards to show on your credit report?
paypal issue !!! pls help =]?
my mom got a summon from the court help?
are there any good sites where I can check my credit?
i do not have credit card but i have paypal account can it work?
What does "refinancing" mean?
Should I or Shouldn't I ?
Can I get sued for this?
Does cancelling a debit card give you bad credit?
What is Paypal and why do some people prefer it while shopping over the internet?
Credit Report information?
how long does it take to raise your credit score after you pay debt in collections?
how can i review all of my credit scores?
I have a few general questions about credit cards, anyone who has one should be able to answer. 10 ** points *?
Loan problem finance?
who can really help with cleaning up your credit?
how fast can a person get a house loan?
How do I build credit on a tax ID number for my small business?
Reserved payment problem with paypal?
If i link my credit card to my pay pal account and sell something on ebay, will that go as a credit to my card?
Where can I get a loan, but one that I won't have to pay back until 6 months later?
Why Deosn't Carlos Slim Give any money to the U.S.?
what exactly happens when you dont pay off a credit card at all and its been charged off?
I borrowed some money from a friend of mine. In return I gave him 15% ownership in the property.?
Is there an age limit to signing a comcast bill?
If I have an account on collection ($2,000) does my credit get worse if I don't pay it or is the damage done?
Prepaid Credit Cards?
I was 3 hours late making my final credit card payment, can I get the "charge off" reversed?
how can i get the credit card bill lowered.? the interest keeps going up !?
If you have a store credit card, can you use the same credit card with another company under the same name?
HELP! I'm in $15,000 in debt? What should I do?
Is there any way to get your student loan account out of a collection agency? How to do this properly?
Is loosing a PIN number for a debit card that dangerous ?
Trying to get a credit card.?
What's a good way to build credit?
will you be billed anything if you buy something off ebay with a pre paid crdit card?
i have a council tax debt of 750 pounds,i only missed one payment and it has now been passed to a debt?
how can I improve my credit quickly?
I just ordered something from Amazon with a Discover gift card, when will the money be taken from my card?
I got a money order at a check cashing place for my brother in law he wrote on it and signed it?
First credit card for 19 year old with no history?
Does the use of debit card as a credit card affect credit score?
What is the best way to clean up my credit? How do i dispute errors on my credit reports?
Do you have to pay by PayPal?
Why BOA can't cash third party check?
How is it that Americans can let other people use their credit cards?
How do I go about paying off all my credit?
I got a call from collection agency after 3 years?
If I tell my credit card company I am out of work, will they use this against me & raise my rate or cancell?
Bill me later rejected payments?
I cant pay my £10,000 credit card bill, How much would you offer them per month.?
How do I report fraud and fix my credit?
How can I get my credit report without paying alot of money for it?
inquiry balance loan?
I have 1 credit card for Capital One, what happens if i pass my $1000 limit by $200?
im 18 years old and i got 600 dollars saved up and work at mcdonalds averaging about 9 hours a week?
bad credit car loans online?
how long can my pin number be on my credit or debit card?
I might get a credit card.?
how need to know how do i check my account my credit card?
Anyone know of a mortgage lender who will loan to people with bad credit?
I know that if someone knows your bank account number they can send you money but can they withdraw your money?
is 761 a good credit score?
I owe 600 on my credit card and i can't pay it now because I'm out of the country, What happens if I'm late?
How do I find out who the Derogatory Report is From?
Credit Cleanup - Can debt status be changed for previously settled debts?
what are my chances of getting another auto loan?
Will i have to pay extra money on a contract i signed?
does the pizza information show up on your debit card receipt?
prepaid credit card ideas? no green dot?
Hi. I have a Student Visa Rewards from RBC. I have a question.?
Do you think I could get a car loan with this credit score?
If RBS goes bankrupt what will happen with my car finance?!?
Credit card no. got stolen...?
What is the legal definition of "Hard Inquiry"?
I just received a vanilla visa gift card and wanted to buy something online what do i enter for card holder?
Pre-Authorization on Credit Cards at Hotels?
other payment types for payment to ?
Credit Wealth International Online Banking supposedly has a lot of money someone left to me. Scam or not?
my brother is trying to get a prepaid credit card but he doesnt have a social ..?
I am unable to pay my credit card depts, can the credit card companies attach my social security check?
A Collections Agency has now taken over my Gold's Gym debt. What do I do?
calculating interest in the EMI for a loan?
will bad debt from seven years ago affect my credit today?
Besides learning finances and credit from textbooks can anyone suggest other reading material?
how do i get a haband credit card?
What is the importance of credit reporting agencies?
Credit Score Question : What do these marks mean?
should i go out tonight??
How can i get a credit card at 16?
How Can I Cancel a E-cheque Payment i Have Sent?
Credit card company 'lost' a payment?
does anyone know if is legitimate?
How can you get reimbursed if you sold someone something and they used an unauthorized credit card?
how long does it take to clear a payment on ebay?
what can i do to get a higher credit score after chapter 7?
i am an authorize user of the company credit card will this affect my credit score.?
how exactly do we raised our credit score?
Is anyone out there having trouble with TCF bank charging bogus fees?
credit score .....I paid off bad debt (medical bills etc.)?
What is the highest student loan I can get approved for with a credit score of 649?
am in debt only 25 18000 how do i get out of it?
if im made bankrupt in the uk, will i be able to keep my car?
should i pay the rest of my bank loan (£2500) off with a credit card? the bank are charging 12.9%?
Credit Card Debt ,Deceased Spouse Question?
Is it better to transfer a balance onto another credit card.?
Does anyone use Credit Cards for mortgage or rent?
is the credit control department part of the accounts office?
Does closing a bank account look bad?
will you get paid on paypal even if your paypal account is not yet verified?
When does the loan become due and payable?
What is the mailing address for Chase Credit Card Consumer Reporting if you have a complaint?
How long do creditors have to report delinquencies?
Is it legal for a collection agency to increase the amount that I owe them?
A company willing to pay me 10k to use my credit?
if im 18 and i have a job do i need a person to co-sign for a credit card?
what are the benfites of having a credit card?
How do I get rid of a derogatory item on my credit report after payment?
Can a bank or reposr report a vehicle stolen?
Which Platinum Visa/MC has the best rewards - no air miles.?
7 years from time debt was created or since debt was sent to collections?
Can credit be improved by charging a cc balance then payning off?
Credit card cash back spend X amount on the first 3 month to receive x amount reward?
Cancelling my credit card?
does woozworld take your money?
Can I get gift cards with chase debit card?
Raising Credit Scores?
Help me out?
I want to protect myself against lehman mazda?
How do credit cards work with your credit score? What should I do?
Has anyone here gotten a deposit refund from Entergy?
Does anyone have the fax number for SARMA Collections Incorporated?
Is it true that if you had credit cards before a certain date and due to certain clauses not put into the agre?
New to DebitCard, credit or debit when buying stuff?
Do visa GIFT cards, work for online purchases?
Get my fico score higher?
Which bank offers lowest line of credit APR?
Will I lose credit if I close a credit card account?
Budgeting Loans. How long do they take?
what is full time?
isnt direct debit meant to be free ? i am being charged 15p per dd by my bank.?
How do I pay my Scotiabank Credit Card off online?
How long does it take for a check to be validated?
I received a letter from a collection agency for a debt that is allegedly from 1989. What recourse do I have?
what is system of working credit and debit cards?
my husband and i are behind on his vehical payment, and we dont want them to reposses it .. what can we do ?
Is this against the law?
What is the difference between a credit line and a bank loan or are they both they same thing?
How can improve my credit score rather quickly? I want to buy a house.?
will they take my paypal account?
is there a way to borrow from a credit union without it affecting your credit?
what are the pros and cons to adding someone with bad credit to my credit card account?
If someone else bought a gift on a credit card, but did not fit, can cash be given upon return?
Will Hp Notify me by E-mail when they have refunded my money?
Who number is 416-753-2095?
Stafford Loan Help!!!! ?
How would I collect on a past due amount from my client?
Can you write yourself a check and cash it a different bank?
Why is it good to use credit cards?
Should I wait the 7 years for old bad credit to not count?
how badly does debt consolidation affect a person's credit ?
credit cards?
does anybody know how can i buy a dvd from when i'm in iran and don't have credit or paypal acount?
visa gift card to use overseas?
How can i get a gas agency? N who can help me?
what is the statue of limitation on a bad debt for the state of california?
What to do with my credit score...?
how do i check for verification on the last 8 items i payed for through paypal?
does paying off your debts quickly through a credit counciling service help your score?
Is it safe if anybody has seen the bank account number on the credit card? card ?
Will my credit card still work?
If I consolidated all my federal student loans through a bank can I file that loan on my bankruptcy?
I have bad credit and I want to get into a apartment?
explane credit report, how to reduce dept, how does personal responsibility affect your credit record?
I have tried to get my credit card companies to lower the APR rate, they wont do it, how do I get them to?
How do I pay for my purchase online?
When would you credit Unearned Service Revenue?
what are some ways I can improve my credit and credit score?
about debts in credit repair, what has a better immediate impact, installment payments or settle and pay off?
Name to put on credit cards?
Do i have to use the PayPal debit card? ?
i'm having problems with my discover e-gift card.. help?
Middle name good or bad for documents?
is 669 a good credit score?
How I erase an old bad account of my credit? Or what I have to do?
Can I use my old Debit card that isn't expired?
Will Paypal refund me?
A bar/club that i went to a few nights ago added $5 tip on my amount that I did not agree to, what can I do?
Regarding a bankruptcy and credit report.........?
formula to calculate how many months it takes to pay off a credit card debt?
Selling collatoral/Security on loan?
Is this the wrong way to use credit cards?
Is no cash or credit cards really going to be banned in 2013??
Do you have to be 18 to buy visa gift cards?
Can you get a mortgage on a Canadian work visa?
is it more advantageous to pay in full all outstanding balances in your credit card rather than the minimum?
Loan Reference?
If a summary judgement for $ 5,000 was awarded to?
Question about virtual credit cards?
What is a good credit card company to start off your credit?
financial help needed anyone willing to give me a second chance?
What does external checkout mean when you buy things online?
A credit card company is taking me to court over my bill what happens if I don't go?
can i get a credit card with out my parents consent?
Ultra VX visa does anyone know anything about this card?
i'm 14 and i need a credit card to b able to buy stuf online but i cant use my parents own is ther n e way i
How can I fix bad credit? If a collection agency is after my debt, how do I regain good credit?
Is it possible to file for bankruptcy after being given a judgement for credit card debt?
Do loan companies have to send me an agreement in writing if I'm paying off early?
i wanna no if i buy a prepaid visa master card gift card can i use it online to buy stuff?
I'm looking to get a credit card?
How much time do you usually to pay back a purchase made with a credit card?
Where does your money go?
Can we get another mortgage with poor credit? UK?
does amazon chase visa work with you at all with you free?
How do I get a decent job with a bad credit score?
BDO bank charge for deposit (orange slip)?
Should I still my parents credit card?
How does past APR work, we owe almost $3,000 for a bill?
Credit help for an 18 year old?
would i be able to get a home loan with a credit score under 600?
Married someone whos credit is not all that great could that dammage my own ?
How banks protect themselves from credit card frauds?
Paypal Account Verification Needed for Credit Card?
How can you tell when to debit or credit Prepaid Rent?
California Bear Credit Union?
whats the best store cards?
I have no credit, what credit card should I get?
Can I get credit card in a small town of Karnataka?
Is this a good way to build good credit?
Rewards cards and US BANK?
I need $10,000 is there anyone that can help me?
need to find report on credit to be mailed to me at no charge for canada?
Western Union..?
if my dad has a debit card can i use it when i go to the stores?
How do I use more than one visa gift card?
I have awful personal credit but I have a LLC. Is there anyway to get credit with my LLC?
My credit card was denied at the time of purchase. Will this affect my credit score?
Home loan with credit score of 450?
Who do I contact at Wells Fargo for a relese of lien on a vehicle long ago paid off?
Paypal has not withdrawn money to bank account?
Am I responsible for my spouse's credit card bills?
Is the initial credit limit of a credit card the maximum limit or the minimum limit?
Apply for credit card?
Can you use your travel money card online?
i work,i have a mortgage, i have a car bought on hire purchase,Bank loan,so why wouldnt Currys give me credit?
It is good to pay off your credit cards each month or to carry a balance?
I have 2 credit cards where one of them is very high .I stopped charging on it and paying more on it Help?
Is there any way I could Add Funds from the UAE to my Paypal account without using a credit card?
if you had a really bad credit rating, does that really disappear after 6 years?
will the motor vehicles garnish the rebate check or is that not going to happen with this type of check?
query on credit checks?
How long will it take to raise my credit limit from $500 to at least $2000 with Capital One?
How many credit cards do you have?
What is the best place to look for good rate credit cards on line?
Pay pal...?
is there a way i can check my credit for a cell phone online?
How can I stop worrying about student debt?
If I get paid on friday and my check is direct deposit what time will it post on my account?
sorry if this sounds stupid, but Credit Crunch ?
Is consolidating debt a good idea in clearing debt away? If so, what are some good companies?
when you check your credit score does it affect your credit score?
How do you fix a bad credit and how long does it take to fix it.??
Can anyone suggest a good credit repair agency?