Can I buy something with a credit card and return it for a refund on a different card?
Which institutions and/or credit cards allow for piggybacking?
How long should a faster payment take to go to a newly opened account with Bank of Scotland?
if the party don't pay money what action has too bee taken and what has to done to the party?
Is it okay to be charged a Credit Card Transaction Fee at the Grocer?
Can a Credit Card Co use your payment (above min) to pay down your lower % rate?
I charged with my debit card!?!?
i want to purchase something online help?
How do you straighten up your credit?
If I have bad credit can it affect someone who owns a house with me if the house is paid for?
Can a bank or reposr report a vehicle stolen?
I know this is not?
how do i register my vanilla visa gift card?
Do you get interest from a credit card off the amount of time or every payment?
Prepaid credit card help?
ValueMax and 24ProtectPlus are boath SCAMS?
when can i clear my debt?
My cable company made a mistake with my bill and said theyd credit the money back? What does that mean?
what credit score do you need to get a credit card at a place like value cuty furniture?
How do I change my credit card info on my account?
Once I've paid off 3 of my four credit cards, will closing these 3 cards improve or worsen my credit score?
What is a payday loan? Is it worth it?
Credit card - any problem if I put a hole through it?
Can a Check or money order bounce after it being deposited?
how much is my salary loan?
Employer's verification for Home loan?
What is Payment Pending?
does applying for a credit card and getting denied hurt your credit score?
On ************* when it says pending offers, what exactly does that mean? How long b4 they become completed?
Visa Prepaid Gift Card Questions?
i dont hav a credit card...can i use my visa debit card instead of credit buy goods or book ticket e?
i have two credit card charge offs with 7/2001 being the last payment, the debt has been sold several times?
Is there any banks that don't charge you when you bounce a check?
if i use my dads credit card to order a game will he find out?
I am in need of a bad credit personal loan $5500, my bank turned me down...I don't want a payday loan either.
does the online rewards center really give away atuff or is it a scam?
is having a credit card from a shopping store considered safe?
I need some Debt Advice please?
What funny things have you sent back to creditors?
I am financing a car.?
How do I pay off my credit card? I work full time and just cant get ahead..?
igroup loans?
How to start building credit?
Can discrepent documents corrected and presented again after negotiated documents is received by issuing bank?
How can I get credit when no one will approve me for anything?
What can I do about a scam payday loan company who continues to harass me to no end?
Find the effective annual interest rate for the nominal annual interest rate of 4.7% compounded monthly.?
Identity theft Police Report?
loose a judgement in court for an uncollected debt. what should i do next?
Which is the best bank to apply for a credit card in UAE?
So now people have to have good credit to get a job?
How can I pay off my credit card?
If my mortgage payment go down $100 will my credit score go up?
After the 341 Meeting How soon can I get a car?
I found a court case for the circuit court filing a judgment against me but was never notified with papers?
How long does Carphone Warehouse take to process a credit check?
Does the blocking of the debit card affects the credit history?
What is the fastest way to build credit?
If I have a LLC registered under my name and I have a FEIN, will this effect my personal credit score??
Close credit card account or keep open and shred it?
Can you still get a mortgage if you have bad credit?
what pre payed debit card/credit cards are there?
Where could I get a payday form? HTML?
Cheque problem - Not clearing.?
how to get free credit repair?
annual debt service payments?
what can i use my vanilla prepaid mastercard for online if i am under 18?
I have an outstanding debt but it is been four years since my last response, What should I do?
can i track a person who used my stolen credit card?
Sending Money to PayPal?
if an electronic payment was paid, how soon should i wait?
Is iTunes a scam with credit or debit cards?
auto loan question?
How old do you have to be to have a chase visa credit card?
can i get a loan without a bank account?
(Ireland) How do you find what your credit score is?
Paypal question Available Credit?
Can you buy a prepaid card at self check out or do you have to go to the cashier?
MONEY ORDER- so i am a teenager and do not have credit card or check -can i still use money order -10 pointss
Chances of getting sued for CC debt?
Voided check question?
Is this a fraud??? I need help fast?
How can someone fix their credit when they need to have good credit to get a job?
How will my order appear on my credit card bill like?
Ho to fix credit by myself?
Who would have a lower interest rate?
I am not Rich but i never borrowed money from anyone is anything is that correct ?
will ghs debt send exra money back not needed ?
I'm looking for a good "1st" CREDIT CARD. Who should I go with?
will i ruin the strip on my credit card if i photocopy it?
Student plus loan or overdraft?
Whats the worst that could happen if I dont pay off a bank loan?
what does overdraft charges mean?
will i pass a credit check if i have paid a credit card default in full and has be satisfied?
On August 1, Bryant borrowed $60,000 from a local bank on a 15-year mortgage. The annual interest rate is 8%?
FINGERHUT payment plan?
Anyone have experience with Sine die?
I am about to buy a car...?
I got a Visa Gift Card, can I use it over the internet?
does any one have any information about john richmond of drayton &associate, in toronto, ontario?
my credit score is 685, with one bad account. i have 2 open in excellent standing, the bad one is paid off?
Can I resolve negative reports on my credit resulting from an auto accident?
is there anything i can do to get a grant to get my pirceing apprenticeship? they charge $3,000.?
Help!!! Purchasing items on Amazon with a visa gift card?
how to increase bank OD without extending registered mortgage?
what banks give credit cards for students with no credit?
what is operational risk management?
do you have to have a credit check if you wanna move here?
need help with bad credit?
How do I contact the CRA's?
how do i become a babysitter?
where could i work at this age?
debt over $2000, should i pay if its really old?
what will happen if I file bankruptcy?
Do auto loan companies call your work?
What is the process of a pre approved loan and how long does it take?
Is this a SCAM???? PLEASE ANSWER!?
debt consolidation?
Can you use Paypal without any kind of bank account or credit card?
Iam 18 years old, and have no credit but i want a credit card how can I get one?
credit card balance transfer?
how to cancel invoice bank account (credit card) from your webhosting?
Where can i download files freely?
Why doesn't my check show up in my online banking?
Question on building credit?
can i receive money trough master card?
need help with credit!!! please answer!!!?
A collection agancy said they would freeze my bank account if I didn't pay. Can they do that?
Taking out a loan?
How does an 18-year-old with no credit history get a credit card?
does vantage west federal credit union use chex systems?
What credit card is the easiest to get you approved.?
prepaid debit card to useeeeeee?
Please! I need help with these!?
credit cards gone to collection?
Any chance I'll get a car loan?
Are there loans like this available?
i bought a online store it takes paypal but i cnt get it to take credit cards?
i need to apply for a credit card?
Keeping two cars when filing chapter 13 bankrupcty?
Cash Advance on a Credit Card?
Errr.. Credit? Heeeeellllppppp.?
Question about Paypal...I have credit card, but no bank account.?
Is it true that a creditor cannot collect a loan from you if.......?
What is a good credit card?
if you transfer a balance of a credit card over to another does that mean you can still use the card ?
Citibank Credit Cards offer codes?
Fraud on my bank account, I need revenge!!! What to do now?
ATM not accepting my cash advance? (Advanced Credit User Please)?
what are the benefits of a teacher credit union?
How long does it take paypal to charge your bank account?
Is 23.24% APR good?
I have a credit card that I don't want to pay off. Too much. I'm in Texas, what can they do to me?
What is a Criminal Record check report? Is credit information included there? What data can be in a CRC?
Paypal account sign up?
When you as a business take only cash as a form of payment are you allowed to charge tax?
learn2blog4profit.com8 made an unauthorized charge to my bank account. How do I find them?
how much credit can you get on a secured credit card?
can this affect my loan?
does your credit score down when car dealerships look at your credit score?
how can i convert paypal credit into cash or giftcards?
I live outside US. Can I buy some stuff using non-US credit card and delivered it to my friend in US?
Will paying off all my debts that have already been turned over to debt collectors raise my credit score up?
could this go on my credit? gym cancellation?
i got a free credit report , is there any way to get a free credit score now??
Mastercard: Cash advance HELP!!?
Qualifications for an auto loan?
are payday loan companys better value than loan from bank?
Has anyone heard of Orion Direct Services?
overseas security jobs (corrections officers)?
is it okay if i pay my credit card statement immediately in full whenever i received my statement?
what do I do when I get a letter from a collection agency about an invalid credit card from 1992 I dont recall
Will it be on my report forever?
Home Foreclosure .....Pleaseeee My house was foreclosed in july 2008 and still in credit histroy report of?
Can credit card companies take my car? They have already taken the money from my checking account.?
car loan in both names he keeps it but doesn't qualify to get it in just his name help?
easy ways to improve my credit score?
how do i find out if i got approved for old navy credit card?
What is so good about good credit and what is so bad about bad credit?
Where can my friend get a car loan with no credit and no co signer?
Has anyone used Macy's gift cards with their employee discount?
Is it possible to hire a co-signer?
what is the finance charge on a 7k loan with 1400 down w/ a 5%APR over 36 months?
Judgment Dismissed....How do I remove it from my Credit? What credit agency do I contact?
Is it safe to apply for a credit card over the internet?
Can devry university turn my debt into the collection agency? Is this legal?
Victim of a scam and Bank negligence, what do i do?
How do I get out from an upside-down car loan? My work has cut my hours and I can't afford the payments.?
how to make judgement go away?
can i receive money trough master card?
Can I get a credit card ?
paypal and ebay (i need help)!!!?
What is the best credit card of india?
I have a question about a Vanilla Visa Gift Card?
Payment using Paypal?
when do you get your cell phone bill?
i have a loan that is in my name however my husband was a co-signer. What can i do if i want to file bankrupt?
How Do I Get into the Real Estate Market?
Is it possible to withdraw cash from another bank's ATM with an OCBC debit card within Singapore?
My credit card interest rate is high! Can someone give me some advice?
Why can't i purchase on-line with my debit card?
Can you use a visa vanilla cash card number as a credit card number?
could i be able to get a credit card online?
True online high paid work?
I just got my first credit card - How long until I have decent credit?
How does a co-signer work?
Magazine Subscription debt collecting?
Can I use my myplash gift card to get a metro card?
I have bad credit and need some HELP!?
Can I ask my Bank to Block A Certain Company from charging my credit card
My grandpa sent me money but to my old chase account number will it still go to my new one?
i applied for my first credit card do i get a fee even if i don't activate?
Should I pay a credit card that is in my ex's and my name?
How do you get stuff from prizerebel?
Time limit to start CCJ claim?
Who gives loans to people with bad credit?
if you charge on a debit card does it show up on a bill or something?
What is the best cashback reward credit card in india?
Loan question?
How many credit cards does the average American have?
is the site really a work from home or is it just a fraud?
OFFICIAL 6-6-06 PETITION! are you sick of it?
Newegg paypal payment?
Will i lose credit on my summer homework?
How to stop credit report harassment?
what is a good intrest rate for a new car loan iwth a credit score of 670?
can i use my american eagle credit card at other stores besides ae?
i offerd a settlement on a collections over a week was a fair offer 1300 on a 2700 collection..?
PayPal/bank problems with money?
collections reporting?
Can I use my debit card with paypal(Canada)?
If I want to build my credit, how much of my credit card should I pay off?
can anyone tell me which credit card that have free for life annual fee?
what to do?
I am a authorized user of one of my mom's credit cards and?
Credit card co. wants to raise my rate.. should I close the account?
can't make minimum payments of credit cards?
How can a debt collector get your bank account Information?
I am 21 should I look into filling for bankruptcy?
For getting a new travel reward credit card, Can I use my existing 0 apr credit card?
Will chase bank cash a check if you don't have a account there but the check is form there?
Debit card question?
Do you need a gamestop account to trade games in for store credit?Please read?
How does Ebay work without a credit card?
Why does it take so long for credit card charges to clear?
Can a creditor still collect on a garnishment if default judgement is set aside?
What is this COMX charge on my credit card?
My husband and I just got married. Will his credit effect my credit if we got a bank account together?
How is it better to go about paying a home loan off quicker?
Ive paid a car off from a dealership (10k) in 10 months, shouldn't they report that to my credit?
Bankruptcy case not closed, should I worry?
Credit card with chase?
If your in a credit card debt of say £6,000, can you file for bankruptcy?
How can I know if this craiglist ad is a scam?
If I pay my credit cards on time all the time when I pay them off will my score go up?
I stopped payment on my down payment check, will my auto loan fall through?
co-signing on a loan?
I received a credit card in the mail that I applied for.?
I am having problems with ebay?
Can someone help me with this order form?
Can I call a credit card company for a settlement?
Need photo ID to get a credit card in Ontario?
I got a home loan for 4% fixed is this too high or about right?
where can a customer with an american express get a cash advance?
Can you increase your limit to spend in a credit card if you pay money to it?
How to check recent purchases on bank of America online?
What Do They Use Your Social Security Number For?
Where's my bank transit and institution ?
im only 19 but wanna take out a loan. where do i start?
H&R Block Emerald Advance does a credit check, why should your credit score reflect on your tax refund?
Where Can I Find A prepaid card that allows me too add funds from different checking accounts?
What should I do about an old unpaid account thats been bought by collections agency?
help about checking account (philippines)?
My check card was stolen...?
Can i get approve for a car loan with a credit score of 636?
i need help plzz helpp mee?
Bank of America bounced check fee?
i am 13 going to be 14 can i have a prepaid mastercard?
Are there any credit card companies that will give you credit that is not based upon your credit history?
Grant to pay off credit cards???
how long does it take to get a credit score once you have a credit card and use it and pay off balances?
How do I deal with collection agency?
i have some credit but i was slow with paying and it was turned over to a collection agencies but i pay it off?
Collection agency refuses to put settlement in writing, can a different collection agency pursue you?
Social security check question?
do you have phone number for the settlement from ameriquest mortage?
When can they send the Bailiffs round?
Should I pay off my car loan early?
asking family for a loan?
If somebody knows ur pin number....?
Help moms house in foreclosureare there any agencies that can help?
Negotiating pay for delete with creditor?
Should I take the "skip a payment option" or make a payment like I intednded---car payment?
Debt Collector "says" they won't honor my payments?
Is a 535 credit score low or fair?
I have a check i need to cash?
Can I do credit card counseling over the phone?
My Visa payment:1)~$500 is true true,2)~$500+ is false, but due date:1/25. Here,no BOA branch, buy 2 e-CHK OK?
what is a stated income home equity loan?
How to pay a loan off for $1500 with a interest rate of 234.25 % in a year? The payment a month is $200.?
To clarify my previous question, will my credit score go down if I close credit cards that I no longer use?
I found this credit card and i want to use it?
check balance on debt card (
can i completly clear my credit?
age limit visa gift cards?
Last month i couldnt get credit, now im getting it from everywhere, wtf?
I just got approved for a $500 credit limit, do I have good credit?
I have a bad credit history what should I do?
Where can I get a credit card?
if i already have enough money in my paypal account why does it ask to have a credit card?
Can I use credit card after debt settlement?
can any sites automatically debit the amount from my credit card 3 months once eg is doing so is it?
repossession 12 years ago.. can they demand the money now ?
Is the dell preferred account a credit card?
Help me to choose a Govt. bank(India)?
How to do payments online using debit card..?
If I haven't paid my credit cards in 6 months?
Why is there an attitude that credit cards are OK?
i have a problem with equifax?
Has anyone received a home mortgage from wells fargo?
Can a credit card debt stay on my moms credit report for more than seven years if a recent payment was made?
First time credit card user. Which credit card is best?
How Many Years does it take to remove bad credit if there is a court judgment in the credit report?
How would cancelling a new credit card affect my credit?
I want to get a Prepaid Visa or Mastercard , Where can I find a cheap one in the net ( NOT a Virsual Card )?
Can a 17yr old get a regular credit card without a parent co-signing?
is it true that you are intitled to a free credit report from each bureau once a year?
what steps can I take to recover a personal loan?
could pictures or drawings of product idea be protected?
If someone gets an extra credit card for you under his/her credit. Does that help YOUR credit history?
Just paid off my credit card but is it wise to use it and just pay it off each month so i can build credit?
I don't have a skylight card, and they sent me a bill.?
I swiped my credit card more than once. Will it charge extra?
I won $642,639. How should I spend it?
Two credit cards from the same provider?
would it help boost my credit rating if i get a credit card? if it rejects me, will it give me bad credit?
as i have a bad credit i cant get a bank account at all, what can i do ????
is using my credit card on Netflix risky?
If you have a reciept ,paid in that a end of that account?
will paypal give my money back? HELP pls!?
Best Buy gift card?
i found a chek on the floor?
I didn't sign my credit card after transaction. Am I liable?, Can I refuse to pay?
Do they usually do credit checks for storage unit rentals?
whats the best way to improve your credit?
will my credit get damage if I return a new car I bought?
Where can i check my credit cards statement ?
New bank law passing 8/15 on debit card usage?
I want to buy online with a card...?
Went to gamestop and Gave the clerk my pin, when i payed with a credit card , can he use it?
i dont have money to pay my debts in my credit cards.can the bank put me into jail?
What happens if your Credit is Ruined, what things can't you do?
what is the phone number I call to stop getting credit card applications in the mail?
How come my debit card works at store, gas pumps, etc. but not online?
Does anyone consider 45,000 a year poor?
if you change your first name, could your credit score change?
are there any truly free credit reports without signing up for a service?
Does renting an apartment or opening a bank account establish credit?
how do i make an online purchase on a VISA gift card?
how do i get credit reports on medical bills? where do i go to get them on line?
pay off credit cards or use with buying a car?
I have a judgement against me for a $3467 credit card. What will happen next? was in court Wed, June 13,07?
can they shut off your power for non payment at this time of the year in Iowa?
Can anyone make an argument for the use of credit cards?
I need a $2000 loan from a private source any ideas who to contact?
Hi I have a Problem with Paypal it says?
Do I really need a Credit Card? What about Debit vs Checks? Credit Score help?
what bank is good for a teen. But i dont want to pay fees, because i will just save.?
Is the Credit Card debt you have in US follow you when you move internationally?
Where do I find the lowest APR credit card?
Do marketing managers and others who fall under marketing get paid per hour or commission?
Will pulling my own credit score show up as an inquiry?
Can anyone explain 'maturity date' on a car loan and how it works?
question about my debit card(citizens)?
what stores give you credit?
iam trying to fix my credit can i trust a credit repair place to fix my credit?
how long does a delinquent mark on your credit report stay on your report before it falls off?
I have a high monthly VISA bill. Is it a good idea to transfer the whole thing to Discover?
If I cancel a credit card, how much does my credit rating go down?
plz tell mefrom where i can get personoal loan on very low intrest rate?
What's up with this loan?
I'm in 9,000 Debt and i want quick way out , anyone know who the best consolidation company to use ?
Auto Loan Question??
Why hasnt my credit score risen?
how do i get approved for a loan without good credit and a co signer?
$15,000 Student Loan w/ out a Co-Signer?
what does it mean if credit union will finance max 100% MSRP on my motorcycle loan?
I won 428, u think its a scam?
I am going to pay original amount of my credit card..will it effect my credit in CIBIL?
what the credit card companies cut the interest rate? ?
If you get a lien put on your house, does that go onto your credit report?
A company produces various types of widgets.?
Has anyone ever found that on there credit report...?
I need to get a loan now????
What proportion of the adult population in Republic of Ireland have a credit card?
what is the worst possible interest rate you could get from a car dealer?
can i have a credit card... ?
I'm 17 and have bad credit! WTF?
My aunt refuse to pay her cable bill it's on my name, now the collection agency are harassing me?
How does a credit card work?
what is a rapid re-score on my credit?
Paypal refund with gift card?
Is this a good idea?
Is it against the law for a store to ask for your I.D. when using your credit card?
Refund Credit Card Purchase?
some ways to earn credit before your 18?
Debt Collector Emptied Bank Account?
A friend wants to buy home credit is need more income who can help without being on loan a backer.?
Can I really be sued for an $800 credit card debt?
what is the phone number for activation for fsnb credit card?
I'm underage with a paypal.?
do credit card companies send credit cards offers in the post to people with a poor credit rating?
Anyone ever received a loan from Mrs. Katerinike @ .com?
How to change my credit card expiration date?
How can a 19 year old get credit?
are secured credit card 100 percent guaranteed approval?
I have too many credit cards, is it OK to close some of them?
Why cannot we totally ban the issue and use of the “Credit Cards” in the country when there are “Debit Cards”?
Can anyone tell me the difference between warehouse line of credit and repo line of credit in mtge lingo?
what happens when you are late paying your bankrupcy?
Debt consolidation through a credit union?
What do *you* think is the bestest credit card?
So how do I get a credit card ? (read details)?
co-sign for a friend?
if i pay account on my credit that are still open will it help to raise the score up...?
How do I rent an apartment with not so good credit?
Is it a good idea?
if you cancel your order on amazon, are you still charged?
I need advice about paypal pls?
will it affect the spouse if the other opens a line of credit?
Poll: Do you use debit or credit? This article says otherwise, is this something I have to worry about?
How do Credit cards work?
loan in UK?
What are the disadvantages and advantages of payment through credit card, Telegraphic Transfer, money wiring?
Serious question for serious people (about your bills)?
I have trouble confirming my debit card to paypal?
Is it smart to increase my student loan amount to pay off my credit cards? Also, penalty 4 paying back extra?
Where is the security code on vanilla mastercard giftcards?
how long before a debt is wiped off and you dont have to pay it?
What affects a credit score? How do you get it to increase/stay the same?
Why don't some places take Discover Card?
how can i buy medicine online without prescription and credit card?
Poor/bad credit-- credit cards help?
Is it okay to cancel credit cards that you no longer want?
does anyone have a credit card that I can use?
pending blance on paypal???!?
Collateralized credit cards. Where? Must look like credit card.?
Fiance good credit me bad credit can we get an apartment?
If I do the ICM (Institute of Credit Management) qualifications will they CRB check me?
No credit history means bad credit?
what happens to ones credit rating if one paids up all there late payments?
Credit card order help?
Is it illegal to lie about he purpose of a loan when applying?
What is the best way to turn my horrible credit into good credit?
Hot to check my credit history?
bad credit, have signifigant down payment?
can you pls locate a Lift mfg co. willing to start MFG&SALES FROM INDIA JOINTLY WITH US?
I opened an account for under 18's at HSBC bank, but ...?
what is credit account?
ARM Mortgage trouble - need opinions on what to do in troubled situation?
7 Years from when -regarding credit?
Curious about pre-paid credit cards..?
credit card application?
paypal question?
Can a hospital send me to collections if I am making monthly payments?
Getting Out of Debt?
What does schooling cost (roughly) per credit?
Finance charges on a loan?
how i do activate my mastercard without pin ?
What does payee mean?
How long does bad rent history stay on credit report?
accounting debit and credit question?
how do i can cancel my credit card?
I have a $1500 Medical bill that I'm told will go on my credit report if I don't pay. Settle? How?
There has to be some way to get an unsecured loan with really bad credit I want to rebuild credit and pay bill
Is there a way to get a safe truly free credit report?
credit card debt?
How can you cut a credit-card with scissors?
what is the best interest rate for savings?
what is mscb inc?
what is the diffrence between crdit card and debit card?
Are there any secrets to getting the lowest interest rates on a credit card?
Can I get a FHA home loan with 622 credit and a bankrupcy 3 months old?
Can I receive store credit at Zumiez?
Credit Score question?
Credit card default (Australia)?
why do Americans think a credit card is one of life's essentials?
Loan for until husband gets military pay? URGENT?
I live in Ohio. I have 8 payday loans. I am single and work two jobs. How do I get out of this vicious cycle?
Continued: How can i order items from ebay with a bank account instead of a credit card? A.K.A Mastercard, etc?
Should I pay off negative items on my credit report or should i get help from a credit adjuster company?
If capital one increases your credit limit does that mean your credit score is improving?
Can a credit company say you refused to pay when you didn't refuse?
credit card statement?
I have faster banking with the Yorkshire Bank so does that mean when I make a?
How can you download an ebook if you dont have a credit card?
how many credit cards do you have?
earning interest from bank and paying of credit card?
how can i make more money on the internet?
Vanilla visa gift card question..?
Can anyone tell me if "Lloyds Bank" Finance Loan Department is a legitimate bank for loan in the US?
I am half way through with my car loan and the balance has gone down only 1/3...?
Is this "Cash advance" ??????
Does Wyoming require papers to be served in person from a collection agency that is suing you for a debt?
How to transfer money Online from state bank account to SBI-Debit card ?
Does anyone know anything about a small business startup loan for someone with poor credit?
Can creditors, like a credit card company, put a lien on your property?
What are the down sides to having a positive credit on a credit card? i.e. lending the CC company your money?
I have a social security number but not a card, do I need to replace my card?
I have a debt collection agency chasing me after 6 yrs or so, I moved house 7 yrs ago and wrote to my?
trade references and credit application?
What is considered a good credit score?
can you change a prepaid card to a credit card?
Does anyone know of a prepaid debit card that give rewards?
I used propay to transfer money to pay a seller for a product, well i never got the item have you had this exp
How long Does a personal check to be withdrawn frkm atm?
Filing chapter 7 in mi will they take my mobile home and how long will i have?
Can a debt collector demand spouse's income if they have nothing to do with the bill?
My wife recently passed away, am I liable for any debts she incurred solely in her name? We lived in Alaska.?
Macy's forcing move from Visa to AX. Don't want AX, have a $20K limit @$0 Bal. Affect on credit rating?
do they approve almost anyone for a car loan? i have bad credit....?
how long does a pending transaction take from a credit car bank of america?
Credit Score of 625? Standard score?
Can collection agency submit delinquent medical bills to the credit bureaus?
I was one day late paying my Bank of America Credit Card bill, will they forgive me?
why is my prepaid visa card disabled?
Other i.d. card i could use ?
Credit Denied - My spending habits aren't trusted. (NAB)?
what happens if i used my husbands credit card and didnt tell him and they open fraud investagition?
Bad debt write-off. What does it mean...?
How do you pay off 42,000 in credit card debt in 3 months?
Frost bank in Texas???
I have 20 dollars left on a justice gift card can I get cash for that?
Question about cleaning up my credit?
Visa Gift Card question...?
omg im so0o annoyed!!!?
Cancel credit card transaction for movie ticket?
What is the best place to get your first credit card?
Would I qualify for a part time bank teller position?
What is the importance of credit reporting agencies?
How do you dispute a utility bill?
After paying off all debts, how do you repair your credit? What does it take to get a better credit score?
What do I say to a creditor I want to settle with?
What are the requirements to get an FHA Loan?
What to expect when refinancing my car?
Bank of America World Points?
how can i get in touch with the credit reporting service experian and actually talk to a real person?
I have a collection agency after me to pay a very old medical bill?
Bad Credit Consolidation, I want to consolidate $50,000 student loan, $15,000 mortgage, $3000 medical bills?
Credit Card Question?
debt collection?
Is the debt relief program just a trap to make debtors do time?
free cash withdrawal on credit card when abroad,use this or buy euros before travel?
How much would i have to pay back Capital one Credit card?
What is a credit check?
What does a certified letter from a debt lawyer typically say?
Can i get a refund anticipation loan twice in same year?
DOES anyone know any SAME day loan companies?
Home Federal Savings & Loan, Bamberg, SC?
How long does it take to get pre-approved for a home loan?
How long before I can use eBay gift card?
son took loan out with welcome finance he hasn't been paying installments now they are threatening baliffs?
what is carban credit?
is the Border Rewards used as a credit card or is it like a promo code?
Lighthouse Credit Foundation?
Are there companies available that lends money for down payments?
can creditors freeze checking accounts when shared with unrelated person?
when incorporating a business do i have to use my ss# to gain business credit?
I just got Business Adminstration Degree, I want to relocate and get a good paying job, but I got no money?
What happens when people don't pay up to Loan Sharks?
what is credit repair company?
Closing out a Credit Card... good or bad idea?
what should i do my check bounced?
When can I use my credit card?
why do I need a credit card for every thing????
What is the name for the prepaid card you can buy for PayPal?
Financing a car?? Age 21,no credit,2 jobs.?
Building Credit?
What is the best credit card with airline mileage?
I've paid off, settled, or caught up on all my debts. My score is around 500. Are there any tips to raise it?
i have bad debt threw various companys. i would love to be able to just try and put this
Have no credit...denied by Citi Bank?
Debt buyers?
If I payoff all my credit card debt how many points will it raise my credit score? IsNo revolving credit bad?
What would happen if somebody takes your debit card but they dont know your pin number?
If you take out a loan for a used car?
how can i check my credit score and how much i owe without useing a credit card? cause i do not have one ?
how can i repair my credit history?
what is the best way to build your credit score when you have no credit history?
500 range for a home mortgage?
Is there any credit card with 0%Apr for transfer balances until its paid off?
how do i obtain a income verification?
my stupid friend found a creditcard and used it on a pornsite?
what is the best and fastest way to fix bad credit?
How to get your first credit card?
help me pleeease.. question about debit/credit card?
whats mastercard problem finding the cvv2 ?
I want to start an e-business and i don't have any money to pay for the designing and hosting, help me please
Is it illegal for a finance company to send an intent to sue letter for being 8 days late on a payment?
who has had enough of credit cards...and store cards..and paying interests..?
Am I Establishing Credit Right?
Is this mystery shopping job a scam?
I want to buy a car but want to know what is it that appears on the credit check?
Can i get a car loan with a lien from a credit card?
Can I order something online with my debit card?
where can i apply for bad credit auto loan online?
Were can someone with a criminal find a job?
$1,200 was credited to my credit card. All it says is "Branch Deposit"- I have no idea why I have the money.
if someone owes 3 g to the credit card company is that considered being in debt?
Whats is the lowest credit score thats passable?
How can I convince creditors that I'm a victim of Identity Theft?
when you use a card to pay for something(not a gift card)...does the store know?
Where can you get an I.D Card?
Can I use my credit card worldwide/overseas?
What is a Purchase Transaction?
Will pending payments go through if you cancel your visa debit card?
how do i change my payroll to direct deposit?[weird situation here bare with me, the question is long]?
How can I get a credit card?
how can I check the record of social security card?
what is the best and safest way to get a free credit report and score?
What will happen if I default on a payday loan?
Why do broadband companis do credit cheacks?
When will a credit card co. or collection agency take you to court?
looking fo if it is a scam?
how long does it take for a bank to send ur checks when u openup a checkings acount?
UK please: what is a good credit card to apply for?
Is it possible to get a check that you wrote yourself cashed that isnt as at bank?
what is payment through phone or cell phone? is it save?
Hey I just turned 18 and i need advice on the best credit cards to apply for?
I have a bill that just appeared on my credit a couple months ago. Will paying it help or hurt my credit?
Does anyone know where to get cash loans on over the internet?
Flex pay plus? Account bought by someone else?
Getting paid debt off my credit bureau?
Returned an Item bought I bought with AMEX gift card?
Credit report and ATT?
i tunes gift card without credit card?? will it work?!?
In the state of tx when u get married if u take their last name do u have one credit score?
In NC, Am I responsible for wife's Naval Federal Credit Union Personal Loan?
how can i find out a credit card?
i owed like $1000 on my car (i know its bad) but I moved and had unplanned expenses. well i paid that...?
How do you figure out existing loan capability?
direct deposit and MYFREECAMS? help?
i've been paying off a frozen credit card for the last 6 years do i still have to pay it off?.?
I've heard pick-pockets are everywhere, especially Rome. Do they steal backpack too?
What are the best ways to improve my FICO score?
how can i get a bank account with a bad credit history?
Can anyone help with Credit card advice?
I wondered how much my monthly mortgage might approx. increase with the details below:?
Sprint Nextel reported to a collection agency a past due bill need some help.?
I am looking for a phone number for a business how do I get it?
Is it possible to put a 8,000 car payment on a student loan?
I need help with filing out a application to get a Business Credit Card in my business name not my own name?
Can you Split the payment with paypal?
Can a foreign national who has excellent credit history transfer that to US?
Where can I find a good interest rate on an Auto Loan if i have bad credit?
I can not replay the Loan Amount of HDFC Bank what to do because i am unable to repay it?
my daughter stole her uncles credit card used it and spent like 165 on it.they called it in as who?
Care Credit Estimated Procedure Amount?
file a claim against paypal company?
my friend wants to know if u use a friends social to get credit card would they find out?
am looking for the company called advance loan?
consolidation loan?
Can i make PAYPAL account from another country?
How much debt would be too much?
Can you use prepaid visa cards on paypal?
Help with credit problem?
How to market toward merchants for merchant service or credit card processing?
Bank won't let me take money out?
how can i build good credit on a new credit card?
What is a debit card?
Which credit card is right for me?
Do they know your income when they send credit card offers?
If you have poor credit can you still get a new car?
Trying to rebuild my credit..will this work?
Credit card limit question.?
How do i hook my debit card to my paypal account?
What famous brands offer their customers to open a credit card with them?
How quickly can I get a payday loan?
what is the best credit card for people with no credit.?
If you move out of the country do you get a new credit score?
Is legitimate?
Can anyone join the credit union?
Credit score and requirements for a personal loan?
Do judgments come off your credit report once they're paid?
Can a collection debt be resubmitted after seven years?
Credit file help please ?
Can my credit be easily turned around?
do credit union give u a loan as soon as you open an account?
Will closing my CreditBuilding Card from MyCash hurt my credit score?
Is this how credit card interest works?
What Can I do to make sure loan is paid off?
i want to join ebay but i dont have a credit card, could i ?
There was a problem processing your purchases.Your credit card has not been charged.Please try again.?
bad credit?
Does Ticketmaster accept pre paid credit cards?
Help with lifting Paypal limits?
Reporting to Credit Bureau as Retaliation?
where can i find awesome....?
What are Sundry Expenses and how do I debit and credit it?
could you please tell me why my visa card cannot be
Paypal claim???????????? HELPPP PLEASE?
Whether or not to pay off old collection.?
Santander Loan Letter.?
i aplied and was accepted for a payday loan...?
Apple store gift card for iTunes gift card?
I'm 19, should I worry about establishing credit at this age? ?
I just turned 18, I want to get a credit card to start building credit in the US. What is my best choice?
Getting rid of high interest Credit Card or the Card with lower prom rate that expires soon.?
been bankrupt for 3 yrs early discharged after 8 months every time apply for credit card?
Is this an error on My credit rating....please help???
Alternative to 16 year old paypal?
How do I reverse my bad credit?
are your bank accounts visible to creditors?
Mortages, credit reports and old charge-off?
Can I add a debt to a chapter 13 that has been discharged?
Will e-rewards ever offer new rewards?
by paying off my evictions would that help?
How can you fix your credit???
has anyone gotten a loan from a company called clienche loan?
How to use debit card to buy things online?
What is the fastest way to repair 2 bad "marks" on my credit? I don't have the $$ to pay them off.
Can you buy prepaid credit cards from CVS?
Can you be hired as an Assistant Bank Manager and have bad credit?
If I add an authorized user to my credit card account, will it help their credit score?
A Credit Recovery Company is sending me letters to say that i owe them cost. i have already paid ?
How long after filing Chapter 7 with the courts in Virginia are debts discharged?
Paying for gas with DEBIT or CREDIT card - is there a charge?
1st Credit Card?
Why do the take points for running your credit?
California Bear Credit Union?
What If I apply for multiple credit cards but I only want one?
Im 18. How Do I Get A Credit Card?
Can you make a payment with a debit card at Lenscrafters?
Huge credit card debt...Need advice on consolidation?
Can I dispute hard inquiries on credit reports?
Can collection agencies try to collect a debt that is eight years old?
Why cant i get motivated to have a shower?
Does anyone want to join a GREAT sight that offers visa gift cards, cash, and/or amzn codes for 5 min surveys?
Will I get a bad credit rating if?
does paypal really do suck?
Does anyone knows about the federal housing tax credit? Can you get a cash advance to use it for a downpayment?
can you buy movie tickets (in a theater) with a visa debit gift-card?
If i pay of 70% of my debt how long does it take for my creditscore to go up?
chase/paypal help, how to verify bank?
What do you guys think about credit resolution groups?
IS it safe to use my bank debit card on ebay?
When should I start applying for credit cards?
I recently got approved for an orchard bank secured credit card and bank of america. Which one is better>?
need $3,000 and have no credit?
I'm being sued in a credit card collection case.?
i want to get rid of my card with a $39 fee and get one without a fee. will it hurt my score?
I got a collection bill and I don't know what to do. Help please?
Can my bank cancel my loan?
Cancelling credit card transaction?
bad credit visa cards?
I work for my father. Can I be responsible for any of his debts even though I was not a co-signer?
Where can i get a loan for people with bad credit?
How much will this hurt me?
if i try to use visa check card to send money via money gram,but have no money in my account ...?
With debt collection, would a business giving you an invoice that you didn't sign be considered a written...
How Do You clean a bad record from a previous employer, on your background check report?
I cannot afford to live here anymore. I maxed out all my credit cards.?
I received an Email from Citi Bank London mentioning I'm a prize winning, is it a scam?
what's the trend of credit card use, is debt on the rise?
How long does it take to receive a check from my insurance after they approved my claim?
How to use a PayPal account with bank account?
what is the cvv code on master debit card?
How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report? Does it hurt me more in the end?
Tracing my debt? in australia?
does the child tax credit increase to $3500 this year?
Cashier question.. Do swiped cards need to be signed?
what happened to people who hacked your itunes after it's disputed?
In the US, how often is cash used compared to cards for legitimate transactions.?
i need some one who can give me finacial help, if u can contact:08035282904 or e-mail:
Can i buy things on apple app store with my credit instead of using a bank account?
can they put a lien on a house that is in a trust?
if a bank does not notify you that a check has been cancelled, what are your rights as a consumer?
how long does it take for debit/credit card to be charged?
spending more on credit card?
How do i register my visa gift card online?
What does 10.99% – 20.99% Standard Variable Purchase APR mean?
Problem with iTunes payment info?
how much r u in debt? if anyone of u are,i always seem to be in debt,i just cant seem to get myself straight?
im 18 and never has had a credit card. i would like one. wats a good company for a first time credit card user
petit jean bank-morrilton AR 72110- how is your interest rate on cds?
How often do creditors update your credit reports???????
is it true if you ignore collection letters that they will just keep lower the amount ?
Does how many credit cards I have affect my overall credit score? I.e. more cards = lower score?
Credit Scores Good OR bad?
I am thinking about taking out a home equity loan, what are the things I should consider?
Can a car dealer change their mind about giving you a loan after you have signed a contract?
i just got my social security a week ago, when do i start get to earn credit?
I have a credit card limit of $500 where should I keep my balance to raise my credit score?
would a score of 660 secure me a $ 7,000 loan from my own bank, making 550 a week ?
My Pre Paid Visa card taking money for no reason? 10 points?
ive got really bad credit history an need a loan for £10,000 any of you good people know a way of getting one
when having bad credit, waht is the best credit card to have with no fees or no universal default clause?
how do I change credit card numbers to pay and stay current?
Online Loan Centers, ELOAN etc.?
My sister used my credit card without permission. Over 15,000. She is making monthly payments.?
how do you recieve a loan from
how much debt do u have??
I have a pay loan with one of these on-line companies. They told me they can file a judgement against Help?
what is the penalty for check fraud or check forgery in illionis?
Is debt consolidation trouble or does it work?
Is there any way I can remove 3 yr old paid collections from my credit report?
Ok so I took my dads credit card and made a paypal with it, would he notice i bought him stuff.?
Omg whats going on with my account ?
How come white people always think that blacks have bad credit?
How do I check my credit score without signing up service?
i lost my job and i'm about to be evicted from my apt. where can i go to get rent help?
Credit and gambling?
will be be charge annual fee if I have never call to activate the credit card ?
can you really get your bank charges back and how is best to do it?
I don't know how to deal with an abusive debt collector.?
Can my father cash my check?
How do I build credit?
credit card,s?
Do I have to use my real ssn #?
A friend asked me to co-sign for his car loan?
I just got my first checking/savings
amazon question about credit card billing?
experian.. urgent help!?
Car loan with $350 monthly payment. Total of 60 monthly peyments. Interest rate 1.20%. How much am I borrowing?
Can i get a Debit/Credit card,if so what bank offers it to 15 year old?
how long does it take ?
Can I ask my bank to hold a check until I have sufficient funds?
Closing tdameritrade account affect credit score?
how do i get some credit rating?
Should I pay off all my credit cards at once?
Cashing A Check At Comerica?
I had a truck voluntarily repossed 3 years ago ......?
Stolen identity.. will that affect if i can lease an apartment or not?
Recently my hours have been cut drastically in my job and i have lots of credit card debt.?
What is the best program to become a certified credit counselor?
Trying to repair bad credit but where to start?
people could you recommend a reputable credit repair company not the credit consolidators?
Work out settlment figure using rule 78?
Now that credit card companies have to apply any monthly over payment to a higher interest rate upon request?
I owe the bank $500. They send me a letter every 2 weeks saying that I need to pay in full or it will effect..
Where to buy prepaid card for oversea use?
What happens when you make a return and you don't have the card you paid with?
Can I use a debit card and my parents not find out what I bought?
How safe is it to use pay pal?
I want to improve credit score from at least 600 to 700, how can I do this?
We have a loan out through a car title loan?
Can u go through a self checkout without a credit card?
online shopping pay problem. please help me?
If I pay everything I owe on a card that has gone to collections, will it be taken off my credit report?
Refinancing a Jumbo Loan?
How long does a creditor have to collect on a loan?
Credit Card Advice Please?
my refund was due today but s not here?
How to build good credit?
Im in to much debt but i want to pay it off! has anyone any ideas for extra income?
i need to estalish credit, i keep getting denied due to lack of credit, what can help?
What is the relationship between amount of money as a store of value and interest rate?
I need a small loan,?
Can I raise my credit score by getting a personal loan, and then paying it back right away?
What does it mean when a cheque is made out to "cash"?
How old do you have to be to get a credit card through your bank?
lending plussolutions are the for real?
what is a good credit score?
cashcall denied?
eBay: direct payment method?
Taxes on paying in usd with canadian credit card? questions?
Can collection agencies refuse receipt of payment?
i have a council tax debt of 750 pounds,i only missed one payment and it has now been passed to a debt?
same question as gailp -what is wntreg.netswsale?
how do I get a free credit report?
Does a joint credit card account earn me credit score?
how to calculate minimum annual income for credit card application?
can u go to jail for not paying on a payday loan? Or does it go towards ur credit?
Can I get a loan with no credit?
PayPal debit card question?
How big of a loan can i take out?
If I buy a phone with 2-year contract online will I be billed on my credit card every month?
What determines the amount of your credit limit you receive on a new credit card?
American Express Credit Card Blue Or Green?
I borrowed £400 from a payday loan and now they are looking me to pay back £900?
Anyone know if Household Bank credit cards are written agreements or open ones?
phone to paypal.......?
Bank Payments online?
I just got north carolina unenployment, They sent me a debit card but no pin for card what am i to do?
Walmart money card monthly fee question?
can i use a debit card as credit to shop online?
Online purchase with my mastercard?
Credit card question..?
does anyone know about data systerm malaysia?are they just scam?
What if i wrote the wrong number on the deposit slip?
Paypal smart connect question HELP 10 POINTS!!?
Buying our first home?
How does the negative stuff on my credit report go away?
A question about personal bankruptcy?
I mailed money order payment with no account number?
I have tons of debt, I cant remember every place I owe money to.?
Can i get 2 separate credits cards with capital one?
If a friend and I wanted to launder money, being minors, what would our prison sentence be?
Amazon said that my card wasn't charged for the order?
loans for bad credit in mississippi?
is there a loan company thats safe and allows payments?
does cease and desist letter transfer with payment?
What is the best way to get my credit report & FICA score fast and safe?
How long does a creditor have to collect on a loan?
how to beat car loan interest by making extra payments?
ATM Withdrawal with my Capital One Credit Card?
Will I Get in Trouble With the Law if I Sign up for Netflix With a Prepaid Credit Card?
what does Issuances of debt mean?
Capital One Credit Card ?
Store that take monthly payments?
letter to the bank to give me a break in my loan payments?
best new car loan?
does anybody know if its possible for myself and my fieance to apply for a personal loan togeather?
Can a contract be void or invalid if....?
Is there a way I can send a credit card payment in the mail w/o the actual bill or envelope?
I have bad credit and it shows I owe $1500.00 can I fight this if it is past 7yrs?
How do I view deposits/withdrawals on a Regions checking account online?
I need an interest free loan?
I ordered 2 At&t phones online yesterday more details.?
What salary would i get if i move to another corporation as an underwriter?
bought more credit but can't verify?
I owe money, if they get a judgement against me what money is protected. I live in Canada.?
How do I get credit?
Why won't my parents let me use their debit card for $10 when I have cash to pay them?, Can Canadians borrow and lend on this site?
how do i set up amortization schedule for loan with first payment at beginning of year?
if u have a lot of money what will u do?
can canara bank debit card be used in Australia?
Is it wise to pay off a debt to a collection agency once the debt from the credit card company is charged off?
what are the jewelers names in the chaplefield nowrich complex?
Question on how long it takes to repair credit?
credit card?
social security, and credit report/ fraud alert. PLEASE HELP ME.?
Can you take over payments on a vehicle from a private owner w/out a credit check?
what can I do if I have horrible credit, no real $ to put down, a trade in & need to keep my payment down?
i lost my house due to bank cups how long dose it take to come off Ur credit ref?
Loan with Limited Credit History?
I have no credit what so ever..any suggestions how to get started ?
can i receive money trough master card?
does the financial climate make it easier to obtain credit?
How does a credit card work and is it a good idea to get one?
Where can I take out money using my Much Music Prepaid Mastercard?
do you think i will qualify for a personal loan of $8000 with a score of 698?
Paid rent for a friend with my credit card. In 3 months no pay back. Can I dispute charges or am i out $1800?
what can I do to boost my credit score a few points?
I needed an unemployment extension in april of 2008, will they retro act payment if i am working now?
When buying a car and needing a cosigner, does the cosigner have to be a relative?
Im 17 & in £817 in debt!?
Disputing Credit Online?
Is it safe to send a package to united states from Canada to an unconfirmed paypal address?
credit counseling or debt consolidation? so confused!!!?
I have a secured card, will I get accepted for an unsecured credit card?
Can you use a Bank Card for your paypal account?
If there are 3 credit bureaus determining your credit score, which one is the correct one?
Difference between credit turnover and debit turnover?
Fraud charge on card can't figure out what it is. Anybody have a clue what charge this would be?
I need a credit card.?
Is there a credit score difference if you take out?
How do I redeem the Walmart gift card the text message said I won? I sent my information but nothing happened.?
Turbotax refund visa, My refund was suposed to be deposited today but I don't have the card?
has anyone heard of an orchard bank credit card and is it safe to apply online for one?
whats credit cards are good to start up credit?
Alimony Payments?
Bill pay isn't working. Fix it.?
Consolidate Credit card debt?
how do you fight the credit companies if you filed bankruptcy and it's not reflected on your credit report but
My credit score is 500 and i need 10000.00 to pay a debt ,any suggestions other than parents or equity loan?
I want loan to invest in stock market?
is there a credit debt payment plan that you dont have to be a home owner to apply?
What does "mark this debt as early paid off." mean?
Do you think credit card debt judgement consider a crime?
Question about invoices and credit cards when shopping online?
How would I go about getting a title loan on my vehicle ???
Can I transfer money from a visa gift card?
Why does a bank deposit do not require authentication unlike when withdrawing money?
About Wal-Mart Money card, Can people in other countries besides USA buy and reload a card?
Credit Repair?
Why do places require a debit card to open a store credit card?
Do you have to show id to use credit card at target?
Will i lose credit on my summer homework?
Isn't it embarrasing?
question on credit score, please clarify?
excluding a mortgage, who has the most debt? I dont have any, my mother wont allow me to have credit cards.?
How to improve credit?
My credit card offers 0% APR for the first 6 months. What would happen if I didn't?
Sears website for credit card disputed transactions?
Should I Wait For Something To Just Come Off Of My Credit Report?
How can I get late fees removed?
Credit card question regarding interest and payment deadlines?
Where can I get a personal LOAN with an APR lower than 30%?
anyone know about/ used
They say applying for new credit can hurt your score, but?