Paying debt with bank loan?
what is average credit period ?
What is the Statute of Limitations for Collecting Debt in Ohio?
Credit Card Fraud (Cash Advance) - Need Your Help (Think It's My Brother...)?
Whats the difference between Credit Card companys?
what are the best financial 'moves' before my wedding / home purchase?
Is it possible to set paypal up so that none of your purchases on paypal show up in your bank statement?
I have charges to my credit card and I did not approve them!?
What is a "CO" (chargeoff) on your Credit Report??
Will canceling credit card with zero balance affect my credit score?
First credit card question...?
is using paypal a good thing?
Can i get a credit card if i have bad credit and which card would that be?
Is Capital One adding up statment balances correctly?
in debt up to my elbows and need help i owe 4 credcards 15,000 how should i go about my way is not working?
Caught in credit card fraud, what's gonna happen?
my visa debit card wont work?
What will happen to my credit card?
can someone tell your age by your bank card details?
Credit lists - what is it?
who owns gmac?
Anyone using moneybookers ?
I am financing a loan for the first time 20,000i am trying to get 0% intrest or a very low intrest ratei w?
Does paypal cost money to use?
When does my credit card charge my % rate?
YAAY!! $40,000 is rolling off credit report in the next year! Should I be so happy?
Can I ask for a debt validation and offer from a debt collector?
Can I get a mortage to build 5 houses?
Can I link my Progress Savings account to my ebay PayPal account?
Which free credit cards do not charge international/foreign transaction fees?
Collecting Agencies and Credit score plz help idk what else to do?
how to go from bad credit to good credit?
Credit Card?
Is it possible...(Vanilla Mastercard)?
Does moving hurt your credit score?
what is the best way to get my credit cards bills reasonable?
How do you collect a judgement on a company....?
How do I find my account page for my Tribute MasterCard? I've just made the first payment on it.?
Will closing out my bank accounts (not Credit Cards) hurt my credit score?
I really need help wth this...ASAP!!?
What is the most debt u ever incurred?
Will canceling a credit card hurt my credit? My credit card company is raising it's rate.?
I am receiving mails saying that I have won million dollars through random selection of emails.r they true?
Why are credit card companies allowed to charge such high APR, late charges and other fees?
Finacing A Motorcycle, Buyer has no Credit, Co-Signer has bad credit?
What would be the quickest way to enroll in a CPE approved class for accountants, other than on-line study?
does bestbuy offer a discount when you open a credit card with them?
Need help finding credit counseling?
Has Any one heard of the Credit line gold card? I guess it's an online shopping credit card.?
Credit Card Question??
Loan against property?
Looking for a good debit card with 1% money back !!!?
I lost a Visa gift card and don't have the receipt.?
building my credit fast?
Will I be able to increase my credit limit now I have a mortgage?
where can i find a credit #?
How do you come up with the Date of Last Activity on a Credit Report.?
where can i borrow$ 500 interest free, where i would begin payments immedietly?
reporting to credit bureau?
Common Collection Agency?? Canada?
Should I take out a loan and not use the money, just to improve my credit?
I have a loan from welcome finance!!!! Can when can i get another???
Going over the limit on a prepaid card.?
can i use my prepaid Visa gift cards and a credit card to purchase items online?
What does a credit check do? ?
What should I do with this payday loan issue?
Can I apply for chase travel reward credit card with bad credit?
m not able to link my debit card on paypal?
help advice needed...took out phone contract for a friend?
Woolworths pre-paid credit card. Could I transfer it into my paypal?
do you send payment to ebay with fees????????????
Visa Gift Card...............uses...?
is it ok to donate all my money?
I need financial help please!?
Earned Income Tax Credit?
Loan question suggestions needed?
if u don't make car payments, they take your car. if u don't make house payments, they take ur house.?
Am i supposed to activate the visa debit card I got for Christmas?
What's the deal with the bankers and all these faulty loans?
Default judgement on Capital one credit card?
I'm being sued by a credit card company, can they take my SSI income?
I have no credit according to my bank, if so whats the limit of how much i can request in a loan?
I over spent on vanilla visa card?
I have a loan on a piece of land worth $50k. I owe 88k. I am about to walk away from the loan. ?
A week ago I got my credit report from Experian UK...?
what kinda of credit card do u have and what is the best (chase, .......?
PayPal and Craigslist, scam?
Can someone help me get a loan to pay-off all cedit debt that I owe?
Can You Buy Things Online With A Prepaid Visa Gift Card ?
i think my friend is a homo what do i do?
WTF what is this CIC*Triple Advantage ?
What can I do in the following dreadful loan situation?
How do I tell my parents I have a credit card?
Is a credit score of 740 good for a 20 year old?
I was approve for food stamps 3 weeks ago but they haven't send me the card!! Can any one know why?
What does this mean? .s.?
Can someone sign a check for me?
Answer Please! 10 Points!?
can i send money to mexico using paypal ? or from paypal to wire service?
im going to file bankruptcy chapter 7 on my bills over 10,000.00 what if i find a bill after i file?
adoption bank loan question?
Should I file for bankruptcy?
im living in ireland and i want to buy a new car but have bad credit is ther any companies that offer loans?
i think my friend is a homo what do i do?
I have a free redbox code, do i still need a credit card?
Is this normally how a line of credit is payed back?
can you receive money on your prepaid visa?
I got an well fargo card debit/check from my aunt help? could she get charged for an overdraft?
What are some things I can do to establish credit?
Does anyone know of a site where I can check my credit report with out needing a credit card.?
Why would British Gas do a credit check before connecting elec in new flat?
How long before my due date should I mail my payment for PayPal buyer credit?
I am a student with no credit history, is it possible to get a credit card to earn airline miles?
How can a person improve a bad credit rating?
Why are you complaining about bank charges when store cards fleece you far more?
What is the next step I should take?
Low Pay Card Scam...Will they charge your bank account if you do not Activate?
I want to start a business in Norcross, GA. Could I get some ideas or help to get started? Thank You!?
how do i repair credit and correct it?
should you max out your credit cards to catch up your house payments?
i can't pay my credit cards how long can it take for them pursue me ?
i've been paying off a frozen credit card for the last 6 years do i still have to pay it off?.?
Bankruptcy, How long does it take to clear your credit?
Doctor bill paid, but still on credit report?
Should I apply for a new Credit Card from my credit union?
if i settle with a credit card company can they charge me interest?
I didn't open a gift card because I was waiting for a good reason to use it, and now it's expired.?
club pogo charged me $39.99 for a year, i didn't renew it. It showed up on my credit card & i don't want it.?
I recently paid off all my credit cards. Now I am wondering if I should close any of them.?
Do collection agencies accept monthly payents on credit card debts they are attempting to collect?
Is a best buy credit card an open ended account or a written contract type?
Is it possible to make payments on a Bank of America credit card?
Which credit agency is used the most?
Ebay Help??
how many credit cards do you own?
How can I stop potential employers from checking my credit?
What are the grocery stores that sell VISA/MasterCard/AMEX prepaid cards?
what are statue of limitations on a bad check in mississippi?
In albany, can you trade in your ipod nano at an apple store for credit or cash?
Buying on Ticketmaster - Expiration Date?
What's a credit score?
Do I have to pay for having a credit card?
how can i improve my credit score fast? What are some of the ways? Pls let me know, thanks.?
Can a additional credit card holder use the credit card once the original holder has deceased?
Is using other peoples credit card bad?
Forgot to put total on credit card receipt?
i have problem in moneybookers and payment lock? what can i do?
How do I add a bank account to pay pal account ?
fixing bad credit?!?
How is my credit score/what to do?
I cant pay my £10,000 credit card bill, How much would you offer them per month.?
Question on Credit cards?
I lost my unemploymen debit card can i just got to a bank?
Does Paypal charge your card when it is in Pending Status?
Help! I need an immediate short-term loan and my credit is not good but my son needs glasses ASAP! Need Help!?
question about BofA check card...?
What am I doing wrong?
I have a chase card that i never use and when i try to use it it gets declined ?
Support payments 19 years old?
what exactly is an apr?
How do I post about my problems with
how do I go about a rapid rescore?
How many credit cards do you have?
How to make a payment to someone when you've used up your planned overdraft?
I have a rating of R1 from a major credit this good? and if so, how can I check other ratings?
How do I start my credit at 18 and get a high credit score?
My fiances credit is bad and I need to get him a credit card?
Find the monthly payment for amortized loan?
What sort of proof do I need to open up a bank account?
What is Deferred Presentment?
GE Money Email Scam - What do i do now?
Craig's list credit score scam, or not? I just applied for a few jobs on craig's list...?
Hi, was is the best way to establish credit, the only credit card I ever had was from?
what APR for 582 credit score?
Defaulting Credit Cards in Australia?
Can I get an auto loan for 25,000 with 15,000 down and a 515 credit score?
First credit card - need help!?
What happens other than bad credit and phone calls when you don't pay your credit card bills>?
Can unused credit card with 0 balance damage my score?
How do I get out of debt?
how to surrender total gold tops because no longer issued?
Will I be approved for the Citi MTVu Credit Card?
how long does it take to get a debit card from woodforrest bank?
How do you get credit if you have none?
VISA prepaid card!? Can I buy online at ANY store? How much for activation?
How does it work if i want to buy a house but my credit is bad?
how do remove bankruptcy from credit its been over twelve years?
How to get out of a Car loan co-signer mistake!?
Does the app trailer really work I'm going for the 25 Macy's gift card?
what are the common forms of consumer credit?
I have very poor credit but need to borrow $5,000 for furniture, medical expenses, etc. Where do I turn?
Do I need a checkings account to open up a credit card?
Why is a warrantor needed for a credit card?
My credit card balance was $304. I paid $265 so shouldn't I have an available balance?
Which is more damaging? Late rent or late car payment?
Spifiman thanks.. say he's late on one of his prior account's other then this one will that hurt me ?
have you ever been " bankrupt man " ?
where can I get money to start my business.?
What can i use as "other income" on a capital one auto loan?
why is the interest rate on loans higher than the interest rate on savings accounts?
can a debt collector tell me I can't setup a payment plan unless I pay a huge amount like 9000 dollars?
If I take some clothes back to a shop, how long does it take to go back on my credit card?
credit card choices?
can private companies garnish wages for debts owed?
can you buy things online with an ebay gift card? (first correct answers gets 10 points)?
Whats wrong with Chase Bank?
is debit card and credit card different from visa card?
On can you use visa debit card?
A friend is currently in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If he dismisses his case before discharge.?
have i been accepted for a credit card???
What stores, in Canada, sell the Vanilla Mastercard?
I have a choice between a loan that reports to cred. beu. or a refi that 2.25%less that will not report 4 1yr?
is smart a rippoff?
where can i buy colored skinny jeans?
how i get money from my paypal to my credit card?
if you had a really bad credit rating, does that really disappear after 6 years?
I'm in a predicament?
If my credit card balance is $1,000 and the APR is 10% how much do I owe if I can only pay $950?
Is there any hard evidence that Credit Guard of America, in Florida, is a scam?
can anyone buy me a nintendo wii dirt poor ..i dont even have a computer?
Why wont my debit card work?
Will getting quote for Insurance affect my credit?
how can i 16 year old get a cred/debit/charge etc, some type of card?
hi i want to know wahts the best way to get your over due council tax bill payed?
Where can i get a loan for 25K$ with 653 Credit Score, 100% repayment history of 7 years,No stated income.?
Does anyone know to:?
Twice I registered with ONE & paid for 10 bracelets Never received any Check records & send please?
if you go over your credit card limit, does it affect u when u try to buy a car under ur own name?
What do you think of someone who has 12 credit cards?
Am I responsible for my deceased mother's credit card debt in Michigan?
Recently my hours have been cut drastically in my job and i have lots of credit card debt.?
How old do you have to be to start a debt card in michigan?
My debit credit card daily limit is $300 but I need to order something online for $365...?
prepaid credit card use and other questions! please help!?
Need help chosing a credit card?
In financial terms what does it mean to go long or short?
How to hide a credit card purchase?
how do i find out if my bebit card is still good?
Is it bad to ignore a debt that is past the statute of limitations?
Is this email a scam or not?
Where can i get a loan when i only make 7.67 an hour .?
does anyone know a website that i can learn how to speak japanese?
question about a late fee?
If I file for bankruptcy will my direct deposit be effected ?
Can you get a credit card in this economy if you have decent credit?
Has anyone ever heard of Tribute Mastercard?
Can i use a Visa Gift card for buying games that require a credit card?
trying to buy off ebay with a visa gift card on my paypal? how to verify that?
What are the chances of California defaulting on their debt?
Need help with pre paid debit card?
How to check a credit card balance online?
im from WA state, can i still use my Wellsfargo debt card in California?
Does paying debts that were sent to collection agencies improve your credit score?
Visa gift card question?
When is jimmy johns payday?? and do you atleast making $200 on your check?
How to make purchases not show up on credit card?
Can I pull money out of my check by myself?
is there a credit card, that will deduct from your account, instead of sending you a bill? ?
How can I use a prepaid MasterCard? how dose it work please its urgent!?
Does what you buy on PayPal show up on your credit card bill?
can you take a copy of your credit report in when applying for credit or do they have to run it.?
how to boost credit score fast?
I am trying to establish my credit. What is the easiest credit card for me to get?
can credit card companies sue you if you send in some money?
Credit card over limit and past due should I pay what I can or should I be late and over the limit one?
A friend, ex friend, used my credit card, without my knowledge, to purchse from Victoria's
18 year old looking to develop good credit?
My prepaid macy's card?
Can charge you if you canceled your account?
Has anyone heard of Kennedy Lending Services?
Is anyone else having trouble with a debt recovery agency called Mackenzie Hall?
Can i still recieve money on paypal without a credit card.?
How high would an APR be with a person with no credit history and a co-signer with perfect credit?
Visa gift card expiration date?
If I prepay for my hotel room more than 30 days in advance will the hotel still put a hold on my credit card?
How does recieving money on paypal work? Can you get it from there?
do you have to have good credit to get financed for a brand new $50,000 truck??
what does miscellaneos credit mean on a bank statement.?
my UK visa debit card his been cloned how do i get in touch with visa disputes from Switzerland?
SHould I go to Bank of America to apply for credit card?
What is the best way to build your credit?
whats the quickest way to get a collections agency to send me written settlement offer?
Horizon card?
what happened to people who hacked your itunes after it's disputed?
When a "good" credit card is wrongly declined is it a computer glitch or operator error?
how to get a personal loan with bad credit ie.bankrupcy in past year?
A company sent an report to a credit bureau, but the company never sent me anything bills or nothing?
I want check my account balance sbi?
Good Credit Score for a beginner?
I also got a Fake Ceck from International award payment center for $15,000. They think we are stupid now .?
can i use my money network card at a gas pump?
does any1 know of guaranteed credit cards or loans for ppl with bad credit?
how do i get a copy of a bankrupcy discharge paper?
if you have a poor credit score can you refinance and with which mortgage co do you suggest is fair?
does anyone have a link to a professional looking list of secured credit card lenders?
Bad credit car loans in Chicago?
I dont have credit card. But many of the on line booking for Air lines need credit card. How do do?
How do I improve my credit score?
can they place a medical bill in litigation on my credit report?
Used a credit card that wasn't mine?
Can I get a credit card with no job nor credit history?
a debt of over 15 year old?
Do those credit repair agencies really work?
Can i use vanilla mastercard to buy ZP?
MasterCard without a bank logo?
Can I recieve payment on ebay (with paypal) if my credit card is cancelled? (I'm waiting for a new?
How long does it take for a credit score to change After debts have been paid?
how do i check how much money there is on a target gift card online?
how i can use my debit card on paypal ?
i need to apply for a kohl's credit card, how can i on line?
CAN you overdraft a skool refund debit card?
Paypal: You are currently not allowed to add a credit card because your account access has been limited.?
do check to obtain if credit card bank is real or just ID thief; "ORCHARD BANK, i.e.?
How often do you get bothered by GMAC about car payments?
I owe $16k, debt settlement $5k offer, what about Form 1099?
how does an arrest get placed on your credit report and how long does it take to get on your credit report?
Do you know who the best credit union would be with to start an account?
can a walmart gift card be used at walgreens?
eBay payment question?
What are all the possible ways to build credit?
using CREDIT CARD is good or bad ????
What happens to my credit if I begin paying on a collections credit card account?
What do you think about Debix? So far I thnk they're great...but I could be wrong.?
Credit Card advice for Dummies?!? Help.?
Thinking about getting the Costco Credit Card... How does applying affect my credit?
Is there a bank that will take $1000 Face Value 40% Kennedy Halves as collateral for a loan?
Paypal mastercard question?
can the bank take money as tax to send cash to other account?
how do u buy on the internet when u do not have a credit card and paypal?
buying a buyout?
Does anyone know the formula for calculating a loan repayment manually?
who really are the donor countries of World Bank and the IMF or rather where do they get funds from?
Credit card releif question...PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Does anybody have add'l loan info 2 thx?
What is the best way to get a FREE copy of your Credit Report??
can you cash a check under 18 bank of america?
Can I put a lien on my ex-husband's 2002 Freightliner Classic for past due payments of support?
Contract phones and credit checks?
Can you use your credit card to help with the down payment on a car?
Barclaycard or Capital One?
I need a mobility scooter for a 350 lbs . I can pay 100.00 a month until it is paid. I have bad credit.?
how much credit for a home loan?
How do i build my credit score?
how can you clear bad credit?
when i first open a bank account do they give me a card i can use the same day?
how do i find online paid surveys without having to pay a service first?
Payment arrangement ?
Trying to establish credit.. is it better to...?
can I use my prepaid greendot card at a real bank to take off funds?
Can anyone tell me what i can do to start building my credit?
I looked at my credit report yesterday...?
What does "deferred payment" mean on my credit report?
If I am making a purchuse online do the shipping and billing info have to match?
how do I begin credit?
What happens in court when a company goes to court for a debt? Can they go to court if payments have been paid?
Credit Card in the mail: should i be worried?
Had bad credit...but everything paid for, its been over a year, has my credit score improved?
How much are Visa Gift Card?
I need a personal loan but I have almost bad credit. Any suggestions on who I should go to?
paid online surveys?
What does "Held" mean as the payment status on PayPal?
Does Consumer Credit Choice Auto Loan approve you for any car you want?
How often does your credit score change?
How do I build my credit again?
Starting out with a credit at 16?
want to send moneyto overseas through nationalised bank, as bussinessman, what to do first,show the bank rule?
How much will paying off a mortgage raise my credit?
will me credit score increase?
Do banks refund money if your card has been cloned?
can you go to jail for not paying your debts?
I forgot to ask in my previous creditor question?
Is there a credit card that I can get with having NO credit? I really don't want a prepaid one?
i am trying to get this game by using my credit card but it won't go through every time there is a prombelm
Can You Refill An American Express Gift Card .?
i need a 2000$ loan ? getting my Equifax report?
Is it free or it will be charged?
to stop paying your credit cards?
Does your credit score start over at the age of 25?
Stupid bars and Debit cards. question about "pending charge" not going through.?
I am considering entering a debt management program. Anyone have any advice?
I need a loan as soon as possible pay interest wjatever it is?
refencene home where fair credit is ok?
If I dispute a debit card transaction, 10 hours after un-authorized charges , will the merchant still receive?
I wrote my cousin a check and it bounced?
i have outstanding totaling to 200,000dhs in dubai. i am still in dubai and with 6500dhs salary?
They spelled my name wrong on my debit card?
What is an i.d issued by state agencies mean? PLEASEEE ANSWER!!!?
Do you use credit cards? (WHY)?
What to do about money I owe. I have no money.?
Need help with pre paid debit card?
If I still have a credit card thats been sent to collections, can I still get a used car loan?
How often is a FICO Score updated?
Will reaching my limit/paying on it multiple times a month...?
How do you handle aggressive bill collectors?
free annual credit report by mail?
How can a debt collector get your bank account Information?
how the hell do you get credit!!!?
i want to bey a mobile phone which company is good?
credit question: What if you never get the certified summons to go to court?
How much of a line of credit can I take out at the bank?
How do you use a debit card on
Lost my Bank Card, How do I withdraw money?
How do i find out about checks that i wrote in the past that bounced,so that i can pay them?
Student credit cards question?
I'm in college, and I made a dumb mistake by creating debt with maxing out my credit cards. I need advice.?
Hi When you take out a debt consolidation loan and the lender sends cheques to pay off your credit cards?
I got mail from microsoft lotry i got US$ 1000000 & mailed 2 open bank a/c in paying US$550. is it ok?
Am I likely to have a good credit score?
Who is going into debt this Christmas ?
Please direct me to free credit score online!?
Can I get a $50 bank loan?
I just got a deposit check back from AmerenIP.?
can anyone help me I have been charged to my account £41.26 by of spain. I don.t know what it is.
lien on a motocycle can i get in trouble?
my credit score is 781. is that good or bad?
As long as im making payment on a overpayment unemployment they cant garnish my wages right?
What can I do about disputed credit card charges?
Will you be approved for a trailer even if you have bad credit?
can a 16 year old apply for a credit card?
Can I appy for a credit card a week or two before turning 18?
A Question About Interest. REPOSTED?
do one make payment for dating?
Credit Crunch???????????
How can I accept credit cards online for monthly payments?
Paid non refundable fee for refinancing, bank is not giving me any documents for refinancing...?
could anyone help me to make a card for a new compeny ???????
guy walks into a blockbuster...?
My credit sucks, does anybody know a company where i can apply 4 a loan?
How to check recent purchases on bank of America online?
Previous employer over payment. Do I pay?
Question about credit card?
Can I purchase a home with a conventional loan while Experian has a False report on my credit and I dispute it?
what is the difference between debit and credit in accounting?
should we believe in astrology ?
?????? Answer something for me ?????????
I'm in debt and for the past couple of months I have been paying off credit cards with other credit cards?
I don't know what to buy with $20!?
How many incorrect/negative items can I dispute with the credit bureaus at one time? ...?
what is payment through phone or cell phone? is it save?
I need to cash a check - no bank account.?
If someone uses their credit card at walmart - do you think they are paying interest on their groceries?
What happens if I don't have any money on my debit card when the free trail on Blockbuster online ends?
Unsecured Business credit card?
Is there anything wrong with buying a prepaid visa card?
paid holiday on credit card?
desperately need to repair my credit! Is there a company to contact?
Payment from paypal to bank account?
how can i deal with a collection agency about my student loan?
What if I pay off a 19, 000 loan, I have been a perfect payer on it. Will it raise or lower my credit score?
Is 577 credit score bad?
monthly interest rate is 14.45%. Monthly payment is 361.85. What amount is going to interest?
Is my credit score ruined?
I Have No Credit..Help!?
how do i establish credit?
If I cancel my car insurance but I don't pay my last payment will my credit score go down?
Is Paypal safe? How much do they charge?
Paypal Confirmation ?
What does it mean if a card has a "periodic minimum finance charge" of $1.00?
I don't want to use my Credit cards for e-Commerce,and a friend told me i could get one Online,that ther....
Could i use my money from my debit card?
How can I build credit if no one wants to give me credit?
Is $18,000.00 in debt a good enough reason to claim backrupt?
Is bankruptcy all that bad? Please help!?
Help please?
Does well fargo give debit cards to minors?
I bought a Prepaid Target Debt Visa Card, but when I try to use it on ebay it doesn't work. Help?
What do companies granting instant approval check for?
Can you use a walmart pre paid debit card on ebay?
not so great credit mortgage?
i need an issue number for my natwest adapt card but it dosent have one?
Does has cash-on-delivery as option?
Can you go to jail for not paying back student loans?
I owe $4900 on a credit card. I don't use it, should I cancel it? I pay over $100 monthly for min. payment.?
Steal the credit card or no?
I'm having lots of trouble with money?Please answer it is very important and just give me everything you know!
If i win a case & im behind in childsoport will they keep my mony?
help needed in PayPal money problem..?
what type of credit card should i get?
Is it better to keep an old credit card or a new one with a higher credit limit?
How to get stuff off you credit?
Inform me about Credit Cards please?
Reducing credit card debt?
Having trouble registering $100 visa gift?
Aany for sure advance payday loan sites w/ no credit checks that I can use ?
Charge a card with only the information?
Why did Chase increase my credit limit?
What is the penalty for a car business falsifying income on credit apps. to secure loans?
Car repo.....need advice.? is this a SCAM? Because my friend applied here and he sent Money too.?
I accidentally accumulated high number of enquiries on my credit report and I need a $10,000 loan?
Can a merchant put your drivers license number on a recit?
I am receiving Public assistance but creditors are putting liens on my property any help?
What is the best credit union that offers credit card in san jose california?
money is not there on trees but still banks got branches...why?
How to hide a credit card purchase?
What if I make payments at the beginning of a payment period?
If use my Walmart credit card 3 days before my balance is due, will it add on or be due next month?
what is the statute of limitations for credit card debts?
what is the best bank, to bank through?
im confused about paypal?
I have $2000 in my Bestbuy credit card, does this mean I have to spend all of it in the 18 months?
Is there anything we can do to reduce those obscene interest rates on credit cards?
can paypal take money out of a bank account when the account is closed uk only?
PayPal: What Causes Payment Delays?
procedures to follow before giving out a loan to a client?
if you have a debt with a debt collecting agengy and its on hold, does it effect your credit rating?
Is it bad to sign up for credit cards just to get rewards points?
last budget finance minister told cancellation of interest for education loan,whether it came as law now,?
Has anyone used a payday loan company?
I had just gotten approved for a Walmart credit. My level of credit is $400. I want a laptop for 536.90.HELP!?
is there a minimum amount of empolyees needed to start a union?
Have I heard that they may be cutting interest rates on credit cards to help with the financial crisis.?
I have never had credit..?
my refund was due today but s not here?
disapproved candidate again apply for credit card?
im only 15 and keep getting loan,bank, and credit emails 10 points!!!?
why does your bank send you a statement why not the credit card company?
Why Deosn't Carlos Slim Give any money to the U.S.?
Where is the expiration date on the radio shack credit card?
Is it possible to pay membership to with a money order? how about a debit card?
Vanilla Visa Card Probelm?
i used my grandmas credit card?
What should I do to keep creditors from calling?
I have a debt card with chase, can i get my parents to co-sign a credit card for me?
should i contact a lawyer regarding the money i still owe after my car was repoed?
When I cancel a stolen debit card, will the long number on the card change?
Bad idea to open a new credit card for gas/supermarket rewards?
Why does your credit rating go down fast when you do something bad but goes up slowly when you get rid of it?
Walmart Visa Gift Card?
Causes Of Credit/Card Skimming?
I was wondering where I could get a loan with no credit?
Why do I keep getting denied?
International Money lenders for bad credits?
If I have a Master card gift card balance with $100.00 Can I use it to make a reservation for a hotel?
How to recover money that was borrowed to a friend who refuse to return?
Can I apply for a credit card?
Why can't I register my prepaid vanilla card?
why is there help for people who have credit card debt and no help for people with other debt?
In what ways does a repossession on vehicle effect credit?
Credit Scoring what agency's do they check all three then what?
if my card have a balance on it,it is a rebate card.?
does anyone know where I can a $7000.00 loan from maybe a private lender?
how much would Tmobile effect me credit score?
Did You Get Paid On Your First Week Working At Kohls?
I tried to get my free credit reports?
What is the website to check my itunes gift card balance? Please leave a link!?
Looking for advice (from those who have been there) about credit cards and collections?
help please?friends?
Can one be paid off from they work?
How does the Visa gift card work?
what would happen if i got a bunch of credit cards?
credit cards are fun?
Best advice, please.?
Paying for an item with not enough money in the bank?
I want to improve credit score from at least 600 to 700, how can I do this?
What is a charged off account?
If i win a case & im behind in childsoport will they keep my mony?
How can I get a Visa card?
How can I negotiate a credit card settlement for pennies on the dollar?
What is the fastest way for me to pay my credit card debt?
How do you check to see how much money is left on your iTunes gift card?
Need Help with Wells Fargo and Paypal?
bad credit or no credit, how do i get a car without someone to co-sign?
Credit History Question?
why does my verizon bill say i have a payment due when i paid a bill twice in a month?
Is it bad idea to buy things from online shop by credit card?
Can u withdraw cash from a credit card like u can from an atm card?
depositing a check?
Why was I refused a credit card at 19.4% interest rate but accepted for a 26% interest rate?
How can I get a co-signer?
Help the 1866 526 7795 number keeps calling me?
Why can I not get a loan as a firts time home buyer ?
financial help needed anyone willing to give me a second chance?
will my mom be denied the parent plus loan? I want the truth!!!?
I am trying to deal with a collections account that went into a law firm..i called on phone and tried settling?
Would a 34.9% apr credit card be cheaper than a loan?
i want to borrow money and pay it back with govt. bonds longterm.. can anyone help me?
Gift card issue! Money withdrawal.?
What if I pay off a 19, 000 loan, I have been a perfect payer on it. Will it raise or lower my credit score?
How can i get the 4-digit Paypal code?
Can i use vanilla visa gift cards for online use ?
Whats the best way to get a credit card?
I've been offered a credit card charging 34.9%. Should I go for it?
How to pay for my Credit Card?
can a kid buy a pre-paid visa card?
Is it important & how long must you wait to have cancelled credit cards removed from your account(s) ?
Paypal help?
Would I be able to cash a check that does not match the last name on my I.D. card?
If I dispute a debit card transaction, 10 hours after un-authorized charges , will the merchant still receive?
Can anyone help me to get a loan with bad credit in the amount of $ 3,000? No Nigeria Scams Please!!?
Should I send photocopies of my soc. sec. card, driver's license, and a utility bill for a credit card?
I need a loan help me tell me how?
Credit and ATM CARDS?
if you purchase with your credit card for example in march 30 when you will get the bill in april or may?
How can I reduce my credit card expenditures?
Can I raise my credit score if I have accounts in collections?
can medical collection agencies refuse the amount you offer and set their own payment?
If I have a LLC registered under my name and I have a FEIN, will this effect my personal credit score??
Paypal pending money.......?
budget car sales says the best i will get is 23.9% with my lousy (but ever improving) credit. am i being had?
What does this mean ?
When should I refinance my capital one auto loan?
Can anyone tell me a good company to claim back unfair bank charges on my behalf?
I have bad credit but need to get a personal loan in CA?
What would help my credit score more? Pay off some collections, or pay down credit cards?
What is charge off recovery?
paypal send money option?
my daughters credit is being affected by my debts causing the house to be blacklisted. She has a credit report
I want to buy some International PSN cards but I don't trust credit cards or paypal. Any alternatives?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Have A Debit/Credit Card?
Does a refused USPS package use the same tracking number?
Do bounced checks affect your credit score?
I was denied credit due to a mistake can I re aply?
can they take cancellation fee even although i never put my bank details in when i cancelled?
Credit note transportation charges?
Do you know where you can get personal loan with severly bad credit?
best capital market trading Credit lines-reg?
Lower interest credit card vs lower interest loans?
Is there such a thing as a no credit check mortgage?
Embrace Visa....?
i want to know my laon balance?
how to fix my credit report.?
paypal bill me later?
what is the minimum square footage to obtain a loan on a single family dwelling?
Can an attorney's office add fees to a bill and it show up on your credit report?
I need a fast personal loan by friday, anyone help?
Anywhere I can apply for and get a credit card with NO credit history?
Coinstar Machine to Paypal?
Can you add any amount on visa gift card?
Has anyone us a credit repair agency with good results?
If your giving a loan do you have to change your last name to theirs?
Will that be debit or credit ?
Can a creditor continue to call you at work if you tell them not to and how do you put it?
what's a good credit score?
I'm trying to get in touch with
can someone steal my money on my credit card if im shopping online?
I need a loan that i dont have 2 pay pack 4 3 months?
EBT card came in the mail says I can pay as EBT or Withdraw cash?
Discover credit card live chat?
can credit card company's block you wet you try Tu make a payment on line to make you late on you payments
I need a loan for $5000 but I have bad credit, payday loans are too low. Does anyone know where I can go?
Why can't we get a credit?
does any one know who will give bad credit people a loan online with monthy payments?
Do I need a credit card to use an iTunes gift card?
Can i pay things online with my visa debit card?
yes loans any good?
Why did my credit score drop dramatically after I bought a house?
Does anyone know if there is a government agency that oversees wrong credit reporting against a person?
Using Debit Card For Credit? How does it work? Is it a scam?
prepaidvisa card called greendot if i owe a visa com. money will they take it from my prepaid card?
Do all golden visa card inlcude travel insurance.?
how about balance x rate divided by 12. is this the correct way to calculate a mtg. payment?
People w/ Bad Credit Only: Why do you want to repair your credit ?
is any interest payable if you pay off all the principal in a home loan?
Should I Pay off maxed out credit card at 0% first or car loan of same amount first for best credit score?
can anyone explain what is Bank guarantee 458 ?
Will the credit score for Experion, Equifax and transunion Differ?
you said my credit change?
I am having trouble and threats from using PayPal. Can anyone help me?
Is loosing a PIN number for a debit card that dangerous ?
can anyone give me advice on clearing delinquent bills?
moving into a new house and cant get broadband or a telephone due to my credit rating?
How do balances work?
Why does it cost so much to file bankruptcy?
Does redbox charge extra for a debit card being denied?
What type of Credit Card is the Chase Freedom?
Where do I cash this check at?
Should I pay for something I havent recieved?
How old do you have to be to buy a green dot card?
What are all these numbers on my HSBC bank card?
Is there an a age limit on Visa gift cards?
why is my credit high?
how do I close my B of A credit Card?
Credit Card Dispute?
Is Oprah right about department store credit cards?
Capital one cash rewards for new comers credit card?
Where can i go to get a free credit report with out going to
Can I get help with payday loans as I'm a compulsive gambler?
Is 20,000 in debt alot?
Has anyone else had a problem with Salute Credit Card closing their account for no reason.?
paypal wont accept my card?
How would I rise my credit score in 8 months?
What is the APR for a loan where the cash price of the item is $1300, they require a down payment of $150.....?
CREDIT HELP??? please....?
What to do if collections are calling and no money to pay?
Is there a TRUE FREE website to get credit score? Not a site that is "free" after giving credit card number.
Paying creditcard balance 10 days after it was charged?
am having a paypal problem not sure if its fraud?
Can I be sued as an authorized user on a credit card for non-payments??
does anyone know where I can a $7000.00 loan from maybe a private lender?
Intrum Justitia - What do they do?
does paying your electric bill, cable bill and water bill help your credit?
If I take a secure loan for $200 and pay it off in 4 months will it help my credit?
The CA has served me with court papers and I have 20 days to answer?
How much would you charge/pay in this situation?
Should I pay off this collection immediately?
what happens when aperson dies and has a whole bunch of credit cards without life insurance?
Help! I am in post-bankruptcy.?
Can a utility company report you as a late payment to credit bureaus if you are honoring your deferred payment
Does anyone know how banks sell on bad debts? i.e. what discount do they sel it on at to collection companies?
Max Loan with 650 Credit score?
Whats up with my capital one ?
I fibbed on my annual income while applying for a credit card. I didn't get approved anyway.?
how can i buy a car with no credit? what is first time buyer program?
Can i get a loan at 19?
what is credit multiplier? plzz need example?
UPS picked up USPS package - Now Can't Track?
How long does it take to get my SSI check or money for the first time?
Does the £10 fee for buying an oyster card get put onto the card as credit or is it just a fee? vs.
Can you get a credit card at age 16????
how much time needs to pass for an a/r account to be considered delinquent?
What kind of loan do I need?
Letter to the Attorney General Template?
Any ideas on what type of credit card is good for bad credit?
Does disputing info on your credit report change your score?
I am being sued for my late husband's unpaid medical bills. HELP!?
i just realised that i have a returned payment from my credit card and I?
What are the chances of being approved to cosign for a student loan if I've modified a home loan?
Question about Debit Card..?
What is credit?? How can I apply for it?? How can I get more credit?
over the last 20 years the average american household has seen a 50% increase in this?
What's the fastest way to raise your credit score?
Accounts-mcq bank?
Which credit card, in your opinon is the best to get? and why?
How can i check my account balance online in first bank ?
How can I file for Chapter 11?
If use my Walmart credit card 3 days before my balance is due, will it add on or be due next month?
10K in debt!! Please Help!?
my credit score is 0 I have already tried asking loan companies for starter loans what can I do?
My credit score is only about 600, but I have $1M in business assets with $500k debt. Will the score hurt?
How do I get items removed from my credit report?
Does anyone know what this new bill Bush just passed that is going allow people to refinance their homes?
how to get my money back?
I am looking to rebuild credit is this as good of a deal as I am going to get?
About the valued opinions site?
i have a barclaycard credit card... i know this sounds dumb... can i take money out an ATM... or just use it t
Can I legally get my spouse's credit report?
Just answer the truth, don't preach Is it possible to use my son's SSN to get credit approval?
Where can we get a business line of credit or loan?
I want to get a credit card, for first time !, which one should i get and why ?
canadian loan goup??????
Credit card hard inquiry?
is there a free credit score site that is really Free?
I was in collections for my credit card, but I paid it off 1 1/2 years ago, but I received a collection notice?
I really want to get removed from this site...?
How is the best way to ask a credit card company to lower there rate so you can pay off your debt you owe?
After the statue of limitations is over can negative debt still be reported to your credit report?
Do Employers in the business sector care about volunteer experience and/or personal credit rating?
Are there any gift cards that do not need to be activated?
Should I pay a ten-year old delinquent account?
Are most people these days heavily in debt?
does paying student loans early help your credit?
what are the differences in the american express cards?
where can iget a personal grant i wana go to school im tryin to get a job p[ay bills?
is a husband Responsible for his wife's credit card bill's if they are in her maiden name?
what websites accept echeques as payment method?
Is it true that the U.S is 16,000,000,000,000 in debt(learned this at a seminar) ?
Is Washington Mutual a bank?
My daughter-in-law took out credit cards in our names but refuses to confess, what do I do?
I have a non verified paypal, will I be able to receive money?
How old do I need to be to buy a moneydot prepaid visa card?
credit building loan?
What exactly is a credit union and how do they work?
Is Oprah right about department store credit cards?
how do u get bad credit?
Under 18- but bank charges applied?
How can I calculate a baloon mortgage amotization?
can a built a credit as authorized user on some one who has low score credit?
Is 1% cashback on a credit card good?
What does pending mean when its on you visa?
Do you sign the credit card before you have it activated?
Capital One auto loans?
Loans for people with horrible credit!?
i cant find my wallet its black leather and has my credit card i.d and scocial security card?
What would be a good way to build credit?
credit card promises?
I have destroyed all of my credit cards but one and want to become debt free?
Credit report problem.. Need some advice.?
Ohio Receivables LLC hired a lawfirm to garnish my wages!?!?
Does anyone agree with me on this Telecheck problem?
Could someone tell me what credit card would be the best to trnsfer a balance to from another credit card?
Has any one heard of the 'credit card'?
Was this "debt collecting agency" real?
why won't my american express card work?
what does annual pay mean?
Real instant payday loans in UK for bad credit?
How do you get your credit score checked?
How do credit cards work?
How can I get a debt settlement reported as satisfied?
How long can a creditor hang onto a debt before sending it to collections?
i own a company 200$ when does it go on my record and effect my credit score???
whats the best and quickest payday advance sites to use?
Problem with TD Visa Debit Card?
How does a debit/credit card work?
What suggestions, may I use against somebody using worthless checks, very often?
WHY DO I HATE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How do I make PayPal auto accept payments?
How long will it take for a refund to appear on credit card?
Parents need me to co-sign for them to refinance their home?
Credit Card Companies are Killing Me!?
Need to file bankruptcy,but my mom wants to pay off a debt we have together before i file my claim,can i do th?
Where can I get a quick cash loan for 4500 with poor credit?
Is there any real online banking that isn't a scam or fraud?
Can a lending company "change their mind" after a contract is signed?
Unsecure debt disappeared from credit report?
Where can I get a free credit report online?
I applied for a credit card, got accepted but then changed my mind...?
actual bill consolidation loan companies?
If a stranger gave you $457,000 in cash, how do you avoid money laundry?
Is there someone get sued by skycable?
What's the meaning of credit limit? My credit limit is 700$. Is it mean I can borrow 700$ for an year or month?
How does Owner Financing work and can I get the 8,000 tax credit if I do it.?
How hard would it be to get a $5000 loan to volunteer abroad?
My mom's car is two payments behind. She recently made a payment out of state.?
How do I purchase debts from a credit card company or collection agency?
check my sss loan balance?
What is a "good" Credit Score.?
Has anyone ever used a debt consolidation service ?
Anyone with personal experience in getting a credit card despite bad credit?
What is credit score? Isn't it a good thing if I have high credit score?
If someone owes 10% interest for a year..?
What's the difference between Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
When you file bankruptcy and your wages are being garnish. Do you get the money back they garnish?
Should I file for bankruptcy?? Please help!!?
After selling something on ebay how do i use the money i got from selling to use to order somthing?
does any 1 know how 2 get rid of collection calls?
Is a creditor trying to re-age my credit report?
i need a small loan and i dont wanna get scamed?
is 715 a good credit score?
has any one heard of barclays loan agency scheme??
can you get a home loan with bad credit with a co-borrower with good credit?
Do you agree or disagree with financial guru Dave Ramsey about credit cards?
why is the "my cool" prepaid discover not accepted in any of the websites that accept prepaid Visa, Matercard,?
After being approved for disability, how long until my first check?
I just turned 18 and want to start building my credit, anyone have any tips to raise my credit score?
how do you calculate a loan payment over a period of 10 years?
What is an Unsecured credit card?
How to sue a dept store for not canceling a credit card?
hey was wondering are there any companies like littlewoods..etc that ship to ireland?
is it possible to shop online without having to give all my bank details?
why banks take money from us more than that i took by the credit,do they need this money?or just to make our l
i need a loan like yesterday i have bad credit and keep being turnd down isnt there anyone who can help?
Hey answer my question fast it's important?
Joint Credit Card Account?
Can I use my vanilla pre paid visa card inside Tescos store?
does anyone know of a unsecured credit card that is easy to get?
Good Credit Cards for 18-year-old?
What happens with credit card at hotel reservation when paying in cash.?
Free credit report websites?
Is there a monthly charge on a walmart money card?
How much will I be charged for my Overdraft at Lloydstsb?
Unsecured Loan, Does anyone know how to get a bad credit loan?
I have balance of $6.36. I do not want to use phone out. Please refund the amount in my credit card ASAP
If I have a set monthly bill, what is the best way to pay it with a credit card?
is there is a place or website you can go to, for a copy of credit report mailed to you?
Can being behind on college tuition payments stop a person from getting a new passport?
Figuring out a bankrupcy question?
has anyone heard of
X spouse call my credit card company and had a card mailed to a different add. can I be held responsible?
Ebay and netbank help?
Arlington Financial Network.......anyone got a loan from them?
Debit card problems after purchasing adult sites (just an example question)?
Bad Credit, Need Bill Consolidation Loan, Where?
what is the difference between normal debit card payment and direct debit payment?
where can i get a free credit report?
how can provident charge 272.26% apr?
Credit card fraud question?
I have won a lottery how I can receive money?
lose of earnings in accident self employed?
What is the easiest method for finding out my credit score?
Do you have to default in the monthly mortgage payment before a loan modification can be processed?
Can anyone tell me what exactly happens when you forclose on a house? We need to be prepared for the "wrath."
looking for new visaprepaid crd named dasasis?
Chances of getting a used car?
I have recently received several calls from Westwood Asset Management concerning an unpaid Payday Loan from 20?
Is there a easy way to raise your credit score?
I used a prepaid credit card on paypal and when I went to sell something on ebay it took 50 cents away from?
My experian credit score is 567. Can I get a walmart or sears card with that low of a score?
im trying to find usa benefits i have a number but cant get to the site i need?
missing info on credit report?
Credit Card User Please help?
My mortgage fixed term is ended next year and I'll wish to renew it however..................?
Gas station credit cards?
Can you give me the right answer?
does anyone know anything about how the pay day cash loan?
can bank card company ask for your tax return?
Mistake on credit card application??
Can i cash a personal check without having funds verified?
I have $38k in credit card debt...?
If I could, what would be best to pay of first: Student Loans or Credit cards?
Credit card APR question?
Returned Payment Question?
Loan disbursement dates?
I have defaults on my credit report been paid for 1yr want to know of I can get them removed ?
Credit Cards....?
Can someone recommend an online lender for someone with no credit?
Can refinancing current mortgage into spouse's name improve credit scores?
Getting paypal verified with netspend account? Help!?
Paying off a judgement before or after other debt?
statement balance VS outstanding balance!!!?
What is the importance of a Eurobond being a negotiable instrument?
Can i use a giftcard for paypal?
I have no credit and I need to get a credit card, any help?
a credit card co is taking me to court for a balance due, what will happen if they win what can i do to win?
what's the best all-around credit card to get that doesn't have a monthly fee?
I need an apt. I was denied 4 yrs ago with a 585 credit score in CA. Now it's 640. Will I have problems? ?
Can my husband take all our debt and do a BK?
Where can I get a loan?
can i have collections accounts that are three years old and still quailify for a fha loan?
i would like to check my account from first south credit union can you show me how to da that?
i've been paying off a frozen credit card for the last 6 years do i still have to pay it off?.?
i just got a job starting next week and i need a loan. anyone know of any places that will accept me?
I pay off my statement every month but I still have a finance charge?
how long will a auto repo stay on my record?
Credit card debt...ideas on Credit card debt...ideas on how to pay off my $3,300 credit card bill?
Are there any banks out there that will actually lend money to people with bad credit?
When going thru a bankruptcy, whose responsibility is it to obtain the reaffirmation agreement for a vehicle?
how can I stop a collection agency from badgering me with offers I can"t afford?
is there a time limit after which a debt cannot be claimed?
do i have good credit?
Why won't Chase give me a credit card? How can I get a credit card?
I have a free redbox code, do i still need a credit card?
as i have not recived admit card of aieee how can i contact they have said contact us between 15 to 20
am i able to do this ?
do you have to be a union worker to obtain a credit card?
is god different than jesus?
What payday loans have you used and what was your experiance?
Anyone know the name of the song from the credit card commercial from a couple of years ago.?
If my credit card company sold my debt to a collection agency can I still pay the original creditor instead?
credit report is not showing my other depts with collection agencies?
Why is my credit card company denying my online transactions?
How long does it take for an eviction to show up on your credit?
What's a good credit card to get if you have bad credit ?
Repairing credit?
Does the song name appear on the credit card bill?
How can I prevent creditors from reviewing my credit report anytime they feel like it?
Where can I get a credit report without having to call and cancel a monthly membership?
I need a private student signature loan?
Why did they put 70/100 on my check?
how do i find out which collection agency i owe money to?
Which credit card should I go for?
Any opinions on Credit Solutions of America - in Atlanta, GA?
How do i improve my credit?
Withdrawal limit reached? Does that also mean that I can't buy anything with my debit card today?
Why was the lady at Bank of America hell bent on getting me get a credit card?
Do you need a pin number to use a found debit card?
does a money order show up on a bank statement?
Navy Federal Credit Union in Houston?
Pro's and Con's of Consolidation?
down payment on a $18k car with no credit?
monthy utilities payments?
i need a loan of £5000?
I do not have a credit score and am a first time buyer of a used vehicle. if i make a double payment for my ?
i was wanting to know if you can get a car loan when you are on ss disabilty?
Can I complete a payment for on-line purchase if...?
im only 19 and im in credit card d?
I just lost my job. Should I notify my mortgage and credit card companies?
i have got 2 million dollars to present.Who want it?
Are there payday loan to direct lenders available?
is 687 a good credit score?
Debt owed to ECPI from 2000..can they put this on my credit?
What's a good credit score?
Does anyone know about
Could I get a $500 td bank credit card with no credit?
Credit card?
Why are most womeness when they cheat? Don't they know men tend to take cheating easier then they do?
Can I get a loan with bad credit and no cosigner?
where can I find a no fee credit card?
What would be the repercussions if an online order business denied the use of payment by credit cards to its?
Why cant minors get a credit card but you can get a prepaid one?
credit solutions purley surrey?
Westbury Ventures FYI for you?
Unpaid debt = no job?
Can I get a credit card with no job?
how can I check the record of social security card? - Alternative methods of payment?
what would my total payment be?
Im turning 18 on Monday and I really want a car, so is it a good idea for me to get a credit card to get one?
Would you allow someone to pay you to use your credit if they paid well - Bad Credit oK?
How do you rent or buy a house or a car with no credit?
I use pre-paid credit cards on paypal for ebay and everytime i use a new card paypal charges me a $1.00 fee?
is there such a thing as a guarenteed loan for bad credit?
How long to boil potatoes?
credit isnt up to par, what do i do next?
Verizon credit checks for renewing contracts?
An agency is trying to collect a debt I have from 12 years ago, isn't there a statute of limitations?
In accepting a credit cards for a business transaction can you legally charge for that trans action.?
how do i build credit, i just turned 18 and dont know how to build credit?
Private loan (loan shark) in Nottingham?
Wil i get Chase Debit Card Rewards points by using it to pay my Chase Credit Card Balance ?
what is the best way and the fastest way to rebuild credit?