Collection agency agrees to settlement but won't provide written statement?
What is the difference between a PayPal debit card and a PayPal Prepaid Mastercard?
Why I don't sign up for credit card.?
I paid a credit card late. Actually I paid it on the due date but it wasn't applied to my account that day, be
Refinance auto loan nightmare....Can somebody help?
What does it mean when my payment is said to be unilateral?
How do I overdraft from my debit card?
about a credit card that i am not able to pay what they are asking for.?
Free credit report for credit card application rejection.?
How can i send money to someone without me using a credit card and just cash.?
How do I sell on eBay without a credit card?
How to fix bad credit ?..?
Credit card debt around 7000?
Apple Barclay Card didnt approve me.will bestbuy approve me?(no credit history)?
How do you know if a credit card company is a scam?
explain 2 differences between a loan and an overdraft?
Car loan and title in my name, car used by my "ex" who can't make this month's payment...?
If you have an item on your credit report that was first reported in 1996 and it's paid now can it be removed?
green dot pre-paid visa?
I not have credit card, Is it possible to create account in paypal and make shoping?
Once you've deposited a check is the money in your account right away?
Can I cancel a refund request for greendot credit card?‎?
Is Paying off Your Credit Cards Really a Good Idea?
I cashed the $2998.60 check from Mega 2000 Imperial Random Drawing. What should I do?
Is It Safe to Use Your Credit card On
I want to write a check to pay for a purchase at Wal-Mart.?
Hi, Does anyone know anything about buying off the net via Wesern Union?
Do you have to be 18 or older to buy a American Express GIFT CARD?
how does an unpaid debt that I never owed affect my credit when resolved.?
how do you pay off a bank overdraft?
Credit Score After Paying Off My Credit Card?
where and what is the procedure to get a visa credit card ?
How can i fix my credit in less than a year?
How long is semiannually?
summons to court for not paying credit card debts?
A creditor has a judgement against me, what can they take?
How long can I go without paying off my visa?
How do you know if you can get a home loan with bad credit and some debt.?
Auto loan of $5700 on a 2004 vehicle, with bad credit?
Amex. Gift card trouble?
How can i be sure my line of credit has been cancelled?
is there any bank which pays interests (or other) to clients by recharging their mobile phone credit?Any link?
question about debt.........?
Best Mastercard out there?
About money exchange and maestro card in Canada?
Can my dad cash in my check?
What should I look for in a credit report, and what can and can't I dispute in a credit report?
Can I buy a Gift card with a gift card?
Refinancing - When to do it?
credit problems !!!!!!!!!!!?
anyone know about safeguard financial debt settlement company ?
What can and cannot be taken by collecting agencies?
private lenders?
Home Equity Loans and Zero Credit?
Banks that accept MasterCard cash advances?
what would happen if spouse used credit card after cardholders death?
I'm in the process of clearing up my debt and I want to know if lenders look at settlements as a bad thing?
How do you market a loan?
my rs acc have gone to negative credit i need help?
What happens if I order something online with my mom's credit or debit card?
Bill Me Later problems. Help?
How to get a credit card?
How much is the 12 monthly installment for 160,000.00 w/ a 9.75% interest rate on diminishing balance?
is there a free site to get your credit rating?
how much is my loan balance?
How do you respond to " Your payment is being processed"?
can i send payment to a person from my pay pal account when ever the person the paypal account?
I have a $6,000 credit card debt and am 4 months past due. Should I offer a Settlement or Repayment Plan?
TEG Credit Union or Chase bank?
What type of card is a santander card?
Can anyone tell me which is worse for your credit ...a charge off or bankrupsy??
I defaulted on a loan a while ago....?
will paypal ban my account if opened in invalid countries like pakistan or afghanistan?
Pre paid credit cards?
Paypal - 4-digit code?
what is provision of bad debt? in which side of p/l this item go?
secured credit card please help?
does anyone know of a credit card that does not charge a fee for purchases made out of the country in US $?
maira business/purchase dda?
Isn't funny how when you can't afford to make a payment you get charged a late fee?
How do I increase my credit score?
store credit card question?
Does paying off defaulted balances automatically immediately increase your credit score, on eg experian?
PLUS Scores are a rip-off. Does anyone know what percentage of lenders actually use the PLUS score vs. FICO?
Is there anyway to order something of the internet with out a credit or debit card?
If my husband files bankruptcy would it effect my credit?
I can't make my full mortgage pymt.can i pay half on the due date and the rest in 2 wks will it hurt my credit
Can having just one credit card improve my credit score, or is it better to have 2?
Statute of Limitations: Can this debt be removed?
Capital One Mail Offer?
What's going to happen if I can't pay my credit card every month?
can i pay my eastwest credit card from my bdo bank account?
I need authentic information, Please inform me?
New credit card but no pin yet ! How do i go shopping?
How is your beacon score decided, what factors are included?
can I get in trouble if I dont report check forgery committed by my husband?
Where can i get a prepaid mastercard/visa in Canada?
Does your credit start officially at age eighteen?
can your gas, water and electric bill be reported to the credit company?
Where can you buy The DeluxeCard® Visa® Gift Card not online.?
Where did my credit card debt go ?
do you have to put your credit card # when you register for itunes ?
Birth Certificate reference to traded Government bond?
How do I work paypal?
how to figure auto loan payments?
new bank card, do i need to change my bank details for virgin media payments? please read and help?
what is an unsecured credit card with a credit limit of $7,500 do they want a deposit?
My hsbc loan application been refered?
I would like to get a few credit cards, but, am turned down because I haven't had any in 10 yrs.Help!?
what is syndicated loan?
Does anyone have a Chase credit car? And more specifically, a Chase Perfect Gas Rebate card?
somedays ago one company send me check which i deposited in my llyods tsb bank account.After 3-4 days?
If you pay for a hotel room in cash but use your credit card as the deposit, does anything show up on the bill?
Lloyds TSB Debit Card Overdraft?
Will putting a lot of money in my checkings and savings account help my credit?
Covantage Credit Union Education Fund?
How do negative items fall off your credit report?
I almost got myself into a SMS scam but it was too late i gave my personal info. Am I in trouble?HELP?
Sent some important info to wrong Fax number?
Resurgent credit collectors refuses to respond to my dispute what do I do ? read ?
I have one credit card collection for $13,000.I offered them $3,500.They offered me $5700.What should I do?
where can i buy a pre-paid visa card in columbus ohio?
does what i purchase with my credit card affect my credit history, even if i pay my bills on time?
Is this mystery shopping job a scam?
how can I get a personal without having any credit hisotry?
Does it cost to change your ssn?
How can a minor obtain a credit card?
if i have bad credit how do i fix it and make it good so i can buy a home?
Excel formula for early loan payoff savings?
how do i find out what i have in collections?
Going to loan money to a friend with clear auto title how do I put a lien on it till loan is paid?
requesting credit card limit increase??
i really need advice, scared because i cant pay my bills :(?
Why does paypal give me this error We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information?
Credit Card Statement?
Question about credit cards - TD BANK?
Please Help Me!!! (Prepaid Visa Debit Card)?
where can i borrow $5,000?
how will my credit be affected if companies check on my credit standing? more credit checks lesser score? tnx!
check and bank question?
Help !!!!!!?
i have to relocate i have only owned my home for a year im current on my payments......?
Credit Card Collection Account - Settlement vs Paying in Full?
What is the best way to eliminate credit cards forever,?
Courts Summons today from a Debt Collector?
I have a gold american express card I would like to cancell what will happen?
When a negative remark falls off the credit report after 7 years does it lower or raise the credit score?
Military School Payment???
Am I paying for this account?
i am getting calls that say i got a loan in march when i didn't what can i do?
What are the addresses of Experian, Trans Union(or CSC) & Equifax? Also, all three fax numbers & telephone #s.
Is this legitimate?
Will the bank give me this information?
This question is for those who own a car?
When depositing a check?
If a bank guideline says 1X30 is not allowed for certain loan, is 1X60 automatically not allowed?
bad credit?
Why cant i use my visa gift card on iTunes?
What is happening with RBC Visa Gift card.?
Can my land lord send me to collections without having my social security # or my dob?
I need serious advice people! I need to get my life together!?
How do i get a cash loan for a car without abamk account and bad credit can i recieve a check as a loan?
What company helps people with low credit scores to buy a home with a co-sighner who also has a low credit sco
best place for online loan?
Will my FICO score go down if I ask free credit reports from annualcreditreport dot com?
how do i get novagems in mechquest.? i always get credit but not novagems?
How can improve my credit rating If I cant get credit?
Anyone know of a mortgage lender who will loan to people with bad credit?
How many credit cards do you have?
Paypal advice please?
co signer on a citi credit card?
Keep $1,000 for car as planned, or use it for unexpected washer & dryer purchase..?!?
Loan or Credit Card? which one is better?
7 year credit bereau?
paypal claim question?
A question related to credit below?
how many times can a bank run a check though if it bounces?
How do I challenge incorrect credit reports on my credit history?
I used my credit to buy a truck for my brother?
Were can I get a loan for 6,000 dollars?
Im in Australia and want a credit card with $1,000 limit but I have bad credit.?
where can I get a home improvement loan on a mobile home in a park?
What can you do if you filled out your personal info to a fraudulent email?
about principal on my loan?
My credit card payment is due today but the bank is closed (Sunday)?
what stores can take Continental Finance Credit Card?
how do i get free code from without having to give my paypal card number?
How long does it take a check to clear your bank account?
how long does pending amount last?
order something online with credit card PLEASE ANSWER?
Are there any PayDay Loan companys that will apply a loan directly to a persons debit card?
can debt collector file lawsuit?
Does credit ratings transfer across the European Union?
I am looking for a way to get a first credit card?
Is my understanding of how credit cards work correct?
can you use a chase debit card at target?
Is it possible to get a bank car loan with no credit?
Where can i get a loan in Toronto if i have bad credit?
Don't u hate it when people swipe their credit cards for something that doesn't cost that much?
can I send payment from paypal to paymate?
If some one has my bank details what bad stuff can they do with them?
What is the best way to check your credit score?
is this a fraud?
can i get a loan with bad credit? if so... im looking for a 2,000 loan what website is not a scam?
How old do you have to be to use a Pre-Paid Visa Card from
how do i make a solo card or a pre paid cash card?
Are there any law firms that handle debt settlement / negotiations versus debt settlement companies?
Application for a credit card....?
Anyone ever used Well Fargo Auto Finance?
Can I use a VISA gift card for this online purchase?
I Just Received A $15,000.00 Line Of Credit?
Does having a lot of retail credit cards with no balance effect your credit?
Pending on debit card?
how long do collection last on credit?
how to save money ?
what credit score is needed to buy a house?
Can i use my visa gift card to buy another visa gift card?
I am 150K upside down in my home. I am going to be unemployed should i use student loans to make my payments?
If my bank cannot find the original loan papers, can I dispute the loan?
What is better for my credit score, closing my accounts, or paying them off and using them for small purchases
Is the JC Penny credit card good to start credit with credit bureaus?
Idenity theft need help??
direct debit payment?
Is DISCOVER a bank? Like a physical standing bank?
I have a poor credit score and need help?
is having a credit card from a shopping store considered safe?
would i be able to get a home loan with a credit score under 600?
making a loan with checkcity??
i got in contact with all 3 major credit bureaus to do a 90 day fraud alert but am not sure if every 90 days?
Can someone help me out with finding out a good credit card to get.?
How does the Statue of Limitations affect my credit report?
Should I use debit card with
I need a second credit card but I don't get approved despite excellent scores. Advice?
is it possible for me to get a pay monthly phone if i have bad credit history?
hi, its peachy again, and am gonna do it but....?
could i have an islamic loan with hsbc in uk?
How does one go about lowering the APR on a credit card?
I have a 510 credit score can I get a loan or do I need to go to a credit repair company? Thanks, Roger Maris?
How can I force my credit card company to increase my limit?
how can I increase my credit score?
Is it better to file for bankruptcy or just not pay a debt and have it 'written off'?
What is the max down payment you should put on a house or car payment/lease?
should you max out your credit cards to catch up your house payments?
What are 2 suitable questions a bank manage will ask before giving out a loan?
Statute of limitations on Credit dept.?
Can a 17 year old have a credit score already?
Is it possible to lease a car with a prior bankruptcy? I have a great job, just made a few mistakes!?
if some one uses your name with theyre credit card numbers or any one elesa could tht be a crime?
help with maestro card?
Is this a credit card scam?
im with bank of america how can i check the percentage on my credit card?
Will this Card help me raise my credit?
Auto loan, Max credit union, jack ingram?
Does anyone know what happens if u dont pay a check n go?
clear your credit for $250 how does it work or does it.?
If I used my dad's credit card without him knowing... would he Really notice?
Best way to reduce credit card debt without a bank loan?
Can a girl open credit card under her dads SS#?
With bad or poor credit, can I get a home loan if I put down alot of $$?
Will the FICO points lost from a credit inquiry be gained back if you get accepted for the credit card?
Collection agency breaking whats agreed upon in writing?
Is there anyone out there who can financially help me out?
hi my name is andres and i just i want to know if i can get a credit card without a social security number?
Credit Card Negocitation?
When does a purchase on a credit card show up on your account balance?
I ordered from the apple website using my friends account, does the payment information get saved?
Does a master card gift card require a ssn#?
I don't know how to deal with an abusive debt collector.?
How does synthetic identity theft work?
If I fill out an application for one of those “pre-approved” credit cards will they check my credit again, and
where is the best place to get a loan with bad credit history i need a new car and i can afford the repayments?
what is a good credit score?
Should i pay the Delinquent on my credit report?
Should I take a loan offer from the United Kingdom?
What is the Best low rate interest card right now?
can i use this letter that i got from stundent loan for...?
Which credit card companies issue co-singing?
what is the best interest rate for savings?
what do you mean by loba?
Someone help me with a loan? ?
Prepaid Visa Gift Card won't work?
Savings account interest rate?
Hi When you take out a debt consolidation loan and the lender sends cheques to pay off your credit cards?
Does anybody know of a SECURED Credit Card that REPORTS as a UNSECURED Credit Card to the Major Credit Bureaus
I need money for Christmas, please help!!!!?
What if you do not have a credit card, can you still use paypal? trying to sell something to someone?
i have credit questions...?
Credit Fraud?
credit card question?
Who can one report trade concern to in the United State as the ombudsman in the United Kingdom?
Will unpaid tuition and fees debt that was sent to collections stay on my credit report forever?
I want a house sooo bad!?
Can I use a visa gift card to purchase one year domain?
When your in debt how long dose it stay on your records for?? ?
does every debt you have appear in your credit report?
HELP!! credit card debt trouble!!?
what happens when a credit card company takes you to court locally?
can a person cut up a maxed mastercard and continue to use a visa and get away with not paying the debt?
Why would all the accounts be the same on all credit reports?
I need a auto loan from a credit union but don't have an account!?
I had some documents stolen from me, should I be worried about ID theft?
Can my bank share my credit report with someone that wants me to buy their car, without asking me?
if I put a credit freeze on my credit reports can debt collectors view/pull my credit report?
how long does bad credit stay on your file?
What do I do if Collections Agency doesn't want to communicate with me through writing?
Has any one used or is currently using consolidated credit counseling services?
Would someone else's Credit History at my address effect mine?
i have received a visa card but no pin number yet.can i still use the card in a visa outlet ?
how do i fix my credit?
Can I get out of paying the interest?
i need help sending my cousin some cash. i was planning on putting it on my credit card but need advise how?
i am trying to find out if my bankruptcy has been dropped?
i borrow money from loan companys online i they ripp people off they go in my account every time i get paid?
What would be a reasonable amount to offer?
What is the best way to eliminate credit card debt without having to pay a lot of interest if very little?
Does anyone know the website where you can get your free credit report...thanks?
i dont have credit card can i send money order?
Debt sold to collector?
Credit card fraud/identity theft - is this possible?
Ok I need help, with credit?
I'm looking a credit card, one with a fixed interest rate.?
Can my child's medical bill be reported to HIS credit?
how much to lease car with none or bad credit?
Short sale to avoid foreclosure.?
Credit Help...?
guaranteed personal loans?
Will i be approved for care credit if i live in the uk?
How to shop for mortgages without dings on my credit?
can the creidt collectors send you to jail for not paying them back?
Question about Credit Cards?
Accounting Question?
Is there a credit limit for a FHA loan in Tx? i actually have relatively good credit/ however, can't afford
i owe £70000 visa card and bank loan?
Why does my apple ID need a credit card that doesn't even exist?
Can I use a GreenDot Card with Paypal?
If Someone Put £4 million In Your Bank.....?
How Can I get a 30,000 Car With little to no down payment?
help with cash !?
is there a way i can send my money on paypal to a credit card??
How do I block Mastercard in my Internet shop?
i was discharged from bankruptcy in june 2011?
I applied for union bank clerk grade but due to some reason i didn't take the print out.?
How do I take a freeze off my credit?
I need $2000 immediately in less than 24hrs. Do anyone have any bright ideas on how i can get it legally.?
why do banks ask for your national insurance number when you're applying for a bank account? do they check
Can I use my dad's credit card without his presence?
Student Loan Question! Please HELP!?
I am in debt but have recieved no paper work for a ccj.?
Budgeting loan go in on bank holiday?
were could i get a 100% free credit report?
what is paying your credit card on-time and early?
Can I use cash(money) and Gift Vouchers together to buy something?
7 years and your credit score..?
Why was I rejected, should I be worried?
If I abandon my phone contract will it affect my credit?
PayPal questions on receiving payments.?
Question about Discover and Possible Late Fees?
where do i go to register a gift card?
Where can I find a company that can give hire purchase finance to my customers in the UK?
do i need a credit card to use paypal to buy stuff from ebay?
Does a amazon gift card pay for everything you buy?
How can i get a credit card?
Bank overdraft fee questions.?
Do Amazon charge me before my items are dispatched?
looking for a blank business note to fill in the spaces?
Is a scam?
Is there a benefit to letting my Amazon rewards points accumulate higher and higher?
Does Java Moon Cafe accept Visa and/or American Express gift cards?
Can a hotel put a "extra" charge on "hold" on your debit card to cover any possible charges you might make?
32k a year what car payment can I afford?
are there any banks that do student loans with bad credit but high income?
How has a True Earnings Card from Costco and American Express? I have questions.?
can I pay you by check or money order as my lost credit cards are not replaced yet?
barclay card declined in shops and online but works in machine?
Help..roommate owes 20,000 on credit card and they are coming to apt to take things can they take my stuff too
I have 55K in charged off, 7 year old credit card debt. I have been told CCCS/MMI is the best route. Help!?
If my credit card is 0% apr until March 2013, do I have to pay monthly still?
Do negative records really "disappear" from your credit report in 7 years?
i used my parents credit card for a hotel reservation without them knowing?
I have a loan and need help paying it off..?
credit cards?
is there a credit card that will give you a 1% apr for 36 mo.?
were in the uk can i open a bank account if black listed?
What is the Fraud alert thing with Exquifax,Trans Union,and Experian?
switching name on Gap credit card?
Is it better to be an authorized user on my parents credit card or to get a student card?
How to remove Negative Info from Credit Report?
Annual Interest Rate(YIELDING??)?
is there a company that hepl people with bad credit truly get out of debt.?
Do I need a co signer to get a subsidized direct loan?? Help Please!?
i recently used the paypal money adder what will happen in the 24 hour time frame they gave me?
how to run credit and criminal check if Ihave snn?
I have 29 cents left on a virtual Visa gift card. What can I do?
My dad screwed up my credit. How do i fix it?
how do you know if your vanilla mastercard is activated?
Beating Strip Club Debit Charge?
finance propjects in banks?
Capital one?
i need to find out how to pin point which web site i gave my credit card number to for a backround check?
I just turned 18 and a previous school is coming after me for debt? Anything I can do?
How can I cancel an eCheck Payment on PayPal?
Credit Report?
How do I fight a wage garnsihment, if the case involves Identity Theft?
A credit card holder dies. Is there any responsibility on the family to pay off the debt?
Will a lease help my credit? +?
Finance companies and employer details?
Is there a credit score difference if you take out?
how do i get ridd of ccj,s someone please help me?
how long will it take top off visa?
Question About Paypal?
Can I get a debit card?
how long does a bank have to do something with a house that has been foreclosed on?
How do you stop payment for porn memberships?
does using 30% of my credit card and paying it back more than once a month help build my credit score faster?
if you found a?
Can i use a pre paid credit card online? HELLP!?
when will i get my check?
Why I can't receive payment on paypal?
What would be the best way to build my credit ?
am i allowed to scratch off the credit card validation code(3 digit code on the back) of my debit/credit card?
I have a credit score of 589 and I need it to be 600 to get home loan. Can this happen in 30 days?
High Credit Limit?
Can you bypass a collection agency and pay the debt owed directly to the institution?
Added as a joint account holder, how will it effect my credit?
I've paid off pretty much all of my debt, now how do I work on raising my credit score?
what happens if you forgot to pay the monthly payment for greendont card,what happens to my greendot card?
questions on debt consolidation im 23?
is there a cabel company who does not require credit check or deposit?
what is a cartitle loan?
Credit-card fraud on the net?
How will my husband's bad credit history affect mine, now that we're married and looking to buy a house?
Swift code of commonwealth bank?
Why can't I use my debit card?
What do you think of gambling?
When do I build credit?
If we can earn money from net?
what is the statue of limitation on a phone bill in Ohio. I received a bill from 8 1/2 years ago. What do i do
Does anyone knows how "Payjr. Visa Buxx" Works? ~A MUST ANSWER~?
Which Credit Brand Card/Debit Cards Should I Have?
i want to know my laon balance?
I mailed my credit card payment Sunday will they still consider it late?
Can the banks legally take your money out of your account?
Any bankers out there can assist me by telling me how does a Debit Card works?
Whats the difference between credit counceling and debt settlement which is better?
How do I remove DC tickets from credit report?
How can I eliminate debt legally and who can I trust and how do I know if they are honest & not a scam?
Can I get my credit history back?
What information do I need to cash I check if I'm under 18 at Old Second Bank?
if a prepaid card with not enough money on it is used to order from amazon what will happen?
My credit card balance was $304. I paid $265 so shouldn't I have an available balance?
what things build up credit?
Get charged $10 fee for using a credit card when making payments, how do I report them for breaking the law?
Does anyone have any ideas to up your credit scores quickly?
Would it be a good idea to use a credit card to buy a car?
How do I get a credit card, and what are the requirements to get one?
I received a $500 credit card & a $1,000 line of credit. When will my score go up?
What is better? Credit card debt or an overdraft?
How can I protect my young step kids credit?
Are online payday companies legal in Florida?
im having trouble opening a savings account can you help?
What happens if you write too many bad checks?
$25 Gift Card Still Valid/Useable?
Is there a credit card I can get if I have bad credit?
Please help??!! Credit card?
in chapter 13 bankruptcy,do you still pay back on credit cards or just things you reclaim?
Notification of payment by ATM Master Credit Card?
How can i take money from my credit card and put it on my paypal debit mastercard?
Did I get a credit card 'downgrade' from Chase?
SOL clock reset in California?
What is the likelihood of the deficiency judgment during the foreclosure in Georgia?
Payment didn't go through but still got charged?
How old do you need to be to buy a pre-paid credit card?
How can I use the DBS Redeem points? Whether there is any limitation for spending the redeem points?
Does your credit score go down if to many credit lenders look?
Should I repay my Credit Card debt or my HELOC debt first?
Hello. I have the ?. If I make a lot of purchases and a lot of returns,does that effect my credit score?
Will a Credit Card Company take me to court to obtain a judegment for $1500 worth of debt?
From SSI, how long does it take to get your Direct Express Card?
I Need 400 $$ Before Next Month?
Redeemed repossession?
where can I get an emergency loan to pay my utility bill today?
If you owe credit cards, hospitals,banks,and dept. store do you have to pay them back ? what can I do?
Can I make a paypal account using a prepaid debitcard?
My girlfriend has a bank overdraft, how much will she be charged?
i have a capital one card with limit of 300 can i go over the 300.00 limit?
Can you get a mortgage loan with a credit score of 515?
Are reloadable credit cards untraceable?
Please HELP, Im going to cry. This seller/website has my credit card info, and they ripped me off?
What are the top alternate careers for commercial real estate attorneys?
Is there really such a thing as getting a personal loan with poor credit?
so the check i got from golld american was no good?
question about interest charges on my credit card?
if i have already entered a credit card on my iTunes account, how do i change it to no credit card?
How to I tell my hubby that I maxed his credit card buying clothes for myself when it was meant for the kids?
How does payment for work?
Can i create a joint account while applying for wamu credit card online?
What happens if i dont pay a collection agency?
Can i get a refund anticipation loan twice in same year?
when filing for chapter 7 do you still owe on your credit cards?
Should I filed for bankruptcy if my house is being foreclosed and I also have a repo on a car?
where can i apply for a loan?
i got educational loan for studies in abroad Rs.990000 from Indian Bank at 60 EMI period. and 12.25% interest?
I almost have a credit card paid off, should I close it or is it better for my credit to keep it open?
Do credit repair company's actually help you ?
should I take a settlement offer of $50 or try to pay off the $900. Will a settlement look worse on my credit?
Can a non-UK National Obtain credit (ie Home shopping catalougues) from the UK?
What happens if you cant afford to pay back student loans?
How long does it take for a check to appear in your bank account?
Not Paying furniture bill?
Is it easier to get approved at a credit union you work for? For an auto loan?
Military auto loan for bad credit/no credit?
bank questions help how would it be like to work in a bank?
how to get credit card from banks?
What is the first step for a 18 year old who wants to start building credit?
I recieved a letter from a credit card company that they have a judgement against me. Can they do this?
Can I get a loan with this criteria?
i want personal loan in Pakistan and i am unemployed can i get it in Pakistan?
So i want to buy a motorcycle but i want to get a loan , when you ask for a loan does the bank give you cash .?
What if there were no credit?
How do credit cards work?
can i give my truck back to the bank without hurting my credit?
Do Rented DVDs from a video store affect your Credit Rating?
How do I get out of this one - debt?
Can you put momey from a Prepaid Credit Card onto PayPal?
Can bailiff enter your house when you are not there?
explain the walmart money card?
Is there a grace period on credit card payments?
documentary letter of credit?
What website can I go to to get a copy of my credit report for free with no credit cards or monthy payments du
has a mark simpson from stafford been declared bankrupt?
why does my dad need to "work his credit back up" when it isnt him fault?
Can I use a POSB Debit card instead of a Credit Card to register my stuffs to be sell at ebay? Anyone done it
Help, Paypal Question?
Store wouldn't accept my Discover card even though they advertised they would?
Can i get a ps3 with no credit at conns?
How do you get the free credit report we're all supposed to be able to get by law?
Whats a good secure way to get a cheap but full credit report?
Canceling credit cards and credit scores?
What's the best solution for paying off debt?
If applying online for your military star card how long does the approval process take?
Home loan with a 560 Credit Score?
Can you use a visa vanilla cash card number as a credit card number?
which jewelry store is the easiest to get online credit?
how is the credit crunch affecting your spending?
How long should it take for a refund?
Credit card, loan, or something else?
I have PO box/zip code but can't get a credit card. why?
Vanilla Visa Gift-card?
how do i check my credit report?
Credit card lawsuit- If i can make a settlement agreement with the collection company,will they drop the case?
The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.?
To all the Credit Experts out there can you answer this??
One has a credit card with an excellent credit score of 865. What are the extreme benefits?
someone used my credit card online and purchased item online and sent it as a gift, can i get something out f?
How to get approved ge credit?
Is paying yoru credit card off in full every month the best thing?
Credit Cards?
why is identity theft so prevalent now days?
House collateral for loan?
i want to get im on my line but it say i have to have a card so what if i dont own a credit card?
debt collector verbal scripts?
can you buy a new car right before you file bankruptcy ?
gmac voluntary repo?
What is a secondary credit card holder?
How to build GOOD credit?
i have reached a stale mate with the collection agency?
Is it easy to get credit at ikea?
Can I pay a Paypal invoice with a gift card?
What would happen if a person just simply quit paying any of their credit card bills?
Need legitimate lender to loan $5000.00 -- bad credit?
i want you to cancel check now!?
Why would a credit card company Reduce your line of credit?
Debt Management Co's?
company sent item after credit application refused?
Do i need to confirm my credit card on paypal?
What happens to my credit if I pay my credit card bill IN FULL every cycle?
what is the best airlines credit card?
Can I ignore a bill from a laywer who offered a free consultation?
What shows up on a credit report when a park manager looks you up?
credit repair?
credit card for corrective surgery?
what are good/easy credit cards to apply for?
kitchen designs?
Does panda express accept personal checks?
what kind of credit card can i get at 18?..what do you recommend?or is it best to get a secured credit card?
Does the £10 fee for buying an oyster card get put onto the card as credit or is it just a fee?
How do I go about filing for bankruptcy, are there fees, and what are the pros and cons?
Is it worth racking up loads of debt and then going insolvent?
Credit score?
What does 5.9% on Balance transfers means on Credit cards?
Can u use a debit card to buy a gift card?
How do i proof how money is used from Child's SSI ?
Anyone know how to remove inquiries from a credit report?
What does D/C settlement mean on my online bank?
i need help getting a payday loan?
i just checked my credit scores they are 739,732,732 is that good or bad?
Full form of E.&O.E. on Bill Book?
can someone explain credit cards?
my husband wants to add me as an additional user on his credit card but my credit is bad can I...?
should i cut up his card or spend spend spend?
can people charge your debit card if they have only your card number?
What do I do if it's already in collection?
What is the current prime interest rate?
Chapter 7 and corporate credit card?
I filed bankruptcy last year and it is dismissed. The items still show up on my credit report but with?
is it better to go thru consumer credit consolitation then file for bankruptcy.?
Is cancelling a new credit card bad?
bank of america closed my credit card account?
How do registar a Mastercard?
SAHM with No credit. HELP!?
Why did a company that wasn’t going to bill me anyway decline my debit card?
Credit card balance transfer details?
How long must a company wait before writing off a bill?
does having your credit report pulled lower your credit score a lot?
Has anyone used a credit repair service to repair their credit and is it a scam or does it really work?
Why wont my credit card buy anything online?
how does paypal really...?
what is the best way get rid of debt?
amature credit card
IF- Debit card stolen, how can they use the money?
Available credit limit vs Credit Limit. Axis CC.?
When you have a child and you are under the age of 18 does that make you financially responsible credit wise?
Credit card over limit and past due should I pay what I can or should I be late and over the limit one?
I want to buy something with mastercard and I don't have one what can i do?
How soon are defaults removed from your credit file/history?
What is the REAL web address for a free annual credit report?
Is it true you don't need a credit card to gain credit?
I need a $10,000 loan for a car and since I'm underage I need my dad to do it. Question about Recession?
personal loan help please?
Does anyone know of a lender for a bad credit personal loan?
should I share a bank account with my wife who has credit is bad. I?
credit/debit card purchase query?
How do credit card companies determine when and who to sue?
How do you overdraw mnoey from your bank account?
Having a credit card will improve credit score?
PNC Visa gift card problem?
How to ask my mom to use her credit card?
instant payday cash loan?
can i get a credit card as i am 19 yrs old & salaried?
Could some please explain a little about establishing good credit?
what is the easiest way to eliminate debt?
how do u get out credit card debt?
What can I do to make this stop?
Can anyone provide me with the e-mail address of Cebuanna Lhuillier Pawn Shop here in the Phils?
Can a debt collector demand spouse's income if they have nothing to do with the bill?
another question about debt?
NDR? What can they do I missed one payment to them and they called me 6 times in one hour.?
can I lose my house due to non-payment of a credit union credit card?
Question on how long it takes to repair credit?
Bank forgot to report me to chexsystems?
Itunes visa balances?
I am looking for a form to explain my financial situation to creditors so I acn let them know my intents to st
what is the minimum note you can take out of a ATM cash machine?
If I use my parent's credit card, will they know?
I was overdrawn 10 pounds about 4 days ago, how much do i owe?
Will this protect me in Collections?
Visa cards at Krogers?
Why such a bad credit score.?
what would u do if u were god?
How can I withdraw cash using Credit card ?
my credit score is 0 I have already tried asking loan companies for starter loans what can I do?
how many utilities are there in a home that we pay bills for?
Ok, I was out with my friend over the weekend at the mall and she was just buying everything and was using..?
Where could i get a free itunes gift card?
I need to borrow 15000.00. I have a vehicle that is paid for and worth 18000.00. does anyone know who would le
When is the first payment to a Dell/Best Buy credit card?
In the state of MI, what is the highest interest rate a financing company can charge for an auto loan?
i got layed off today. how long does my employer have to give me my check?
Problem with canceling a gym membership...?
I got a vanilla visa card yesturday...?
How can I raise my credit score in a hurry?
how do credit checks work?
Is there a legit company out there than can repair credit?
Gym didn't check if money was being drafted?
How can I increase my credit score, which is 490, if no one is willing to grant me credit?
My partner is being hounded over a debt from 10 years ago that I know was paid, what are his rights?
Anyone know any good Paypal alternatives, where u can access your funds with a debit card?
i bounced a check what do i do?
Keep $1,000 for car as planned, or use it for unexpected washer & dryer purchase..?!?
Can I use my HSBC VISA card with iTunes?
do home owner dues get reported to the credit?
I had a civil judgment filed in 2000, an Abstract of judgement filed in 2001 and I paid it in 2003?
Paying off a debt; will it boost credit?
How would you deal with this kind of debt?
How do you contact a debtor on your credit report?
true this premier travel
How do I open credit?
Collection agency First National Collection Bureau/Resurgent Capital want me to pay?
How much would a BMW monthly payment be if you have good credit?
Can i pay credit card bill with credit card?
How important is timing when paying your credit card?
credit file question?
How often is an Interest charge issued if you haven't paid your credit card bill?
is a scam??
i am trying to re establish my credit by paying off debt do any one know any credit cards or store cards?
have you had a loan from "yes"?
There are 2 charges on my card that I don't remember making. One for 28.50 & one for 26.03?
Will it hurt my credit to close rovolving accounts after the balance is paid off?
Is Fairfax Lending a real Loan Company or are they going to rip me off?
do I get bill for just having a credit card and not using it?
If I activate a credit card but haven't used it yet it, if I cancel it, will it affect my credit score?
How do you get a credit increase on credit cards? Need an extra 2,0000.00?
im only 15 and keep getting loan,bank, and credit emails 10 points!!!?
Will it help my credit score to finance a car and to pay it off immediately?
My Mastercard Giftcard Won't Complete Online Transactions?
Does anyone believe gift cards should have an expiration date?
when you go to a bank to get a loan do they tell your cosigner your credit?
Collections agency collecting debt for company that no longer exists.?
why does credit score exist?
Really need someone to help me here.?
Prepaid CC money not showing up on Paypal?
bankruptcy statute?
im using cash crate but when i finish servays it says i have 0 dollars in the bank?
Does someone have to be present to cosign on a loan?
What happens if you are at a drive-thru and they give you your food, but the card you give them is declined?
What do you do when a collection agency is after you for your fathers debt because you have the same name?
Good online payday loans?
Will I be in jail if I cannot pay my credit card payable?
Do you need a checking account for a credit card?
where to get a bad credit personal loan to pay off credit card debt?
How Can I Increase My Credit Score‚ Which is 490‚ if No One is Willing to Grant Me Credit?
who is the richest person in the world ( 2010 )?
Is it OK to pay a settlement amount on credit card debt?
randomly selected for credit card fraud checking?
If i use a visa gift card to sell on ebay how will i get the money from paypal?
When are they suppose to start mailing the stimulus check?
Freeze on my credit report?
How does a stay at home mom get an auto loan?
What is a good credit card to get for someone whos never had a credit card?
an online bookstore that. puts 5000 on your credit...?
I dont know what do with my life!?
How often does Capital One look at your Credit Card for a credit limit increase?
PayPal Credit Card Question?
How many months is my salary loan?
How can I get my interest rates lowered on all my credit cards?
is there any way to get a credit card with bad credit? with no checking account needed and no deposit???
how long des it take before you receive your pin for your wachovia debit card?
i need an unsecured credit card but havent had luck finding one with fair credit. HELP?
What bank lets children get their own ATM/Debit card?
What's a good loan shark company to go through?
what does gross receipts mean?
Will I pay the accured payment on my loan in one month when I get out of foreberance?
Credit card question?
What to do with an unwanted gift card?
would a settlement effect my credit score?
How can I get rid of my car without harming my credit??
How else can i get a credit card?
how can i improve my bad credit socore?
can i add money with a credit card?
what's the best credit card a university student can get?
good credit card for auto repair?
iTunes Billing?
Will I qualify for a car loan even though I haven't had steady employment in years and I have terrible credit?
Bad credit question! CANADA?
Bank gift card number?
A money order was bought with my debit card, can a money order be traced, so I can find out who used my card.?
not depositing my check for weeks, sometimes over a month??
You need to put my money back into my account?
If someone steals your credit card...?
can you pay to be a moshi monster without a credit card?
How many credit cards should a person have?
what is the fastest steps to setting up business credit for a loan or credit cards?
what does taking over payments mean?
i need your number quick?
What would be the best way to accept credit card payments to me?
Interest Rate Savings Account Question?
Can I get a used car loan after I graduate next year if I have student loans ? my credit score now is a 705?
Can anyone help me understand my credit report?
How do Check Cards Work?
If I ask collections to remove an item from my credit after it is paid in full, legally can they do that?
Where is the best place to have a bank account with a credit card ?
Is it EVER okay to cancel a credit card?
What can i do if i cant pay what the credit card reps are asking for?
After bankruprtcy how on earth do you rebuild a credit score?
I need a loan but I don't have a bank account are there any online that will give you a loan one?
Depositing cash into checking, from credit card?
building credit score?
How soon will my credit rise after fixing it?
where can I find which exchange rate Visa and Mastercard use to convert from AUD to COP?
UK Debt - 6 countries in 2 years?
What exactly is a finance charge, and under what circumstances will I need to pay one?
Can you return stuff for cash at Walmart if you paid with a gift card?
Co-signing a loan question?
How do I order stuff online with a gift card?
NETeller woes?
Barclays overdraft HELP URGENT!?
When reviewing your credit report, which of the following should you make sure of?
Credit score frustration.?
Can creditor freeze bank account AND garnish wages?
my husband thinks it is better to keep a credit card we never use. he says it will help our credit score?
My first credit card?
Anyone been in a credit card debt for 6 years or over & never contacted the angencies, collectors etc?
More than $30K in credit debt - HELP!?
what is a promissory note?
did not pay my maxed out credit cards for 3yrs now..what can i do?
my son has 3 bills in collections and was not old enough.?
I Immigrated and have credit only for a year but have a good score. How does length of credit affect home loan
If a mother dies owing credit card debt, does the oldest child become responsible for that debt?
Banking question?
Can I plead to fraud and get a divorce to save my husband from my credit card debt?
Who in the HE** came up with the idea of credit checks to rent an apartment or house?
Should I keep or cancel an old credit card account (in good Standing) that I never use anymore.?
I am in desperate need of a small personal loan. How do I get this without being scammed?
How long will it take my check to clear?
How long does it take a payment by paypal to go into your paypal account?
how many credit card do you have?
How does a young married couple obtain credit?
What is the easiest credit card to get for someone with no credit?
Can you use a Visa Debit Card for Steam?
When you pay with a credit card, can the cashier see your address?
can i send letter to debt collection agency to stop automatic payments?
Is it possible to purchase something online using the number directly on my Debit Card?
If I have no credit history or bank accounts, can I apply for CareCredit?
I am 22 and have never had a credit card or loan apart from a student loan?
Credit experts on settlement?
Just got my Southwest Rapid Rewards card, should I activate it?
q. about my vanilla master card?
How to check my visa gift card balance?
Getting a debit card?
What happens if I miss a credit card payment (first time) ?
credit cards?
Financing a car with only 3000 worth of credit?
My Credit Card Was Decline? What is going on?
Is there a difference between a Macy's Gift Card and a Macy's Gift Certificate?
Ebay item not as described case - tracking shows delivered but seller denied?
Can you pay off a loan with a credit card on 0% for 13months?
I'm thinking of getting a new credit card...?
My credit score now is about 500. I just got approved for a orchard bank unsecured credit card.?
im 18 and want an overdraft?
How long does it take to get a Direct Express Card in the mail?
how old do you have to be to check your credit score?
Which Credit card should i pay off first?
How can someone obtain a small loan with no credit history?
can you be charged full fee for cancelling?
I want to apply for the Woodforest National Bank College Rewards Visa Card, but can't find the online app?
We keep our savings in Bank.Can bank pay your debtors directly without A/c holders consent or Intimation?
Mom's Credit Card Declined?
I need major help, regarding credit!?
My bank card won't register with paypal?
What is my interest rate on a $10,000 loan if I am paying $780 per month for 60 months?
are some gift card buyers cops?
where can i find a collection letter on a default mortgage?
tell me about a time when you used good judgement in solving a problem?
My credit card interest is 18% I'm paying a extra $100.00 just on interest alone.?
how long does it takes for a refund to get back on my kinecta card?
how would you.....?
Is it advised to not use more than 30% of all your available credit?
Business question about credit and business loan?
If I payoff all my credit card debt how many points will it raise my credit score? IsNo revolving credit bad?
Can I buy a house with a credit score of 518?
My Prepaid Credit Card Getting Denied?
non-profit question: part 2?
CC company closed my card becuase they are bankrupt...?
My first credit card?
Trying to get rid of my truck?
is their a list of banks that dont use credit checks for new checking accounts?
auto loans in ohio?
How was the credit card created?
what is the difference btw a 'debit' and a 'credit' card?
Got a HSBC Platinum Mastercard credit card 2 weeks ago, then got offer for an awesome Discover card thru HSBC?
If i pay all the debt that is on my credit,how long does it take for my credit to be good again?
Where can i buy a pre paid my vanilla credit card?
Can i use my my punjab national bank platinum debit card in malaysia?
I completed my PayPal account but there's something wrong!!?
Is there any way to check your credit rating for free on the internet?
need a sample of legal letter paid in full for collection agency?
i need to get the last 4 digits of my deceased grandmothers social security number,?
obamas home affordability program... how are they able to get the payment down? do they lower the balance or?
If I do not activate a new credit card that was sent to me, does that also mean that I am closing the card?
How do credit cards work?
can i declare fraud on my credit card so that i won't pay for it?
How long will it take for some of the deficiencies on my credit to fall off my credit report?
how do i add my husband to my credit files?
what is a student Credit Card?
After paying of debt how long does it take for my credit score to reflect?
Dun and Bradstreet - You pay them a monthly fee and they build your business credit - SCAM/GOOD?
what is a credit card?
verifying to my sss salary loan balance since 1998 up to the presents?
How are individuals persuaded to take jobs with companies which practice taking advantage of others?
Paypal recovered funds not showing up?
how many digits are on your rbc client card?
nearly 8 years old debt - is it still on my credit report?
Credit cards that re-establish credit?
what is better for credit ? pay monthly to collection agencies full amount, or settle for half of what owe?
I applied to a credit card and they told me I would need a cosigner. But I got a joint cardholer application?
Anyone know a personal loan sight for people with bad credit with no registration fee?
Have NOT received my pay check!!?
I had an extremely aggressive bill collector call my house for a bill that wasn't even ours .?
I need help with the Visa PrePaid card?
Bank of america credit balance?
Co-signer with 2 paidoff collections. ?
Can you make an Ebay account with a Visa giftcard?
What does esteem mean on a background check?
I've forgotten my paypal password, secret answer and threw away my old credit card?
Mr.Kimius900 from europe can explain u r answer about the tsunami stuff?
grameen banking-micro finance -helper of the poor?
ATM card & PIN stolen in casino - $2000 taken from casino ATM(s), $1000 from bank in nearby town. What next?
Whats the difference between Debit or Credit?
can i e-mail a payment plan to a collection agency?
what happens if a person doesn't pay his credit card bills?
Is it logic for SingTel to charge $5 for late payment of bills?
any have contact info for emblem mastercard? im having a hard time reaching a HUMAN @ 877-345-0151 ...?
How can i get a credit card? im 20?
does capital one build your credit?
what is the statute of limitations in the state of oklahoma for collecting on a debt?
Should I get tap and pay on my credit card?
how can a bank credit the account of an individual unless or until a cheque is presented for payment.?
do u think this is a scam?
Does using the first payment on a school loan lower a persons credit score?
how long can a credit card debt last before you dont have to pay?
Can u charge credit on a card if there's no money in the bank?
How old do you have to be to have a debt card and or bank card in california?
I need some advice about a Visa prepaid card?
Loan help? Anyone at all, any input is appreciated!?
How do I start to earn credit?
Debt consilidation loans for people with poor credit?
free credit checks????
what is the definition of a credit clerk of a bank?
How and where I can get a credit card?
Is there Paypal debit card in UK? They have it in US.?
What costs does a business have for offering credit card transaction?
My girlfriend wants to borrow money 500 dollars for credit card, and wants to use my lab top new that i do'nt
What happens to collection accounts after they get erased from your credit file?
Can anyone help me to get a loan with bad credit in the amount of $ 3,000? No Nigeria Scams Please!!?
Report Identity Fraud with no credit history?
Help, Overdue payment for debt collector?
How did a collection account for $209 affect my credit score so dramatically?
are loan modification processing offers a rip-off?
In the military, just applied for a USAA credit card?
How can I figure out how much money I owe to collections? Is there anyway other than checking my credit report?
Can this AFFECT my visa?
Does paying off all of your credit cards, and bringing them all down to 0 balances, a positive thing?
Is it okay to include my sales commissions when applying for financing? If so, how do I include it?
i'm having a hard time deciding if bk is the right answer. details below about my story. UP IN ARMS???
If you have $20,000 in an account earning 8% annually, what constant amount could you withdraw each year and h?
Payment Pending on Ebay?
Can a secured creditor repossess AFTER Chpt 13 Bankruptcy is completed?
How much is your minimum payment for your Barclaycard?
My FICO credit score went down 12 points, why ?
How do I acquire my free credit report I am entitled to?
Does having a higher limit on your credit card better your credit rating?
can anyone tell me where to get a 4000 pound loan i have bad credit rating no creddit cards but in employment?
Need a loan asap in United States !!!!?
How would I go about getting a title loan on my vehicle ???
Withdraw cash from bank for use. What is the general entry in acccounting.?
About consent Judgment?
How can I repair my credit!?
Why is my credit card sayin I only have $10 avaible. When they recieved my $200 payment?
I want to activate my credit card but i cant?
Using Dads credit card with his permission?
What is the lawyer dept of VISA and Master,Need report,they process millions dirty money every year?
Collection Agency, Anyone heard of this one?
pls help about setting up paypal account using a bank account? :(?
How long does it take to view your credit score on ?
Someone who owes me money is not paying me back - Suggestions?
is getting a small loan a good idea?
How do you get a car loan if you have no credit, but bad credit?
I need a $2000 loan an need to know if i qualify for it.?
What can I use to prove employment for a loan if there are no pay stubs?
What's the point of Credit Card?
I'm being sued by a credit card company. Can I go to jail for $700.00 and crude interest?
Question about identity protection programs?
Were can I find a personal loan for $1000? I have poor credit.?
Should I close my credit card?
Regarding Credit card interest rate?
Can paying my Entergy bill on time every month improve my credit rating?
What bank would you suggest for an 18 year old to build up their credit?
Is it impossible to finance new car with bankruptcy on credit report?
can I get a tv on buy now pay mobthly with 750 point on credit?
bidpay question?
IF Approve for credit card?
What is Reverse Mortage ? And how this is going to applied in India ?
Getting an auto loan for $3000?
Can American Express Do this?
new to british gas, first bill this month from dec 26th 2011 to jan 26th 2012 and account already "in credit"?
what happens if I take both credit card reciepts at a restaurant?
i need to take out a loan from the bank, can someone help me?
how do i get $200000 loan for $1030?
Co-sign for a relative?
How good is my?
discovery card used at atm?
paypal help?
Is there such a thing as free credit report?
I have a $25,000 salary and good credit. Can I possibly qualify for a home loan?
What is a charge off concerning a credit card company and debt?
i am looking for the web sight in which to pay my salute credit card account and can not find it?
court ordered a judgment against debt?
where to sell bonds?
Can some one retired cosign to help someone buy a home?
How to get a credit card if your an unemployed college student?
Bad Credit?? How do you do it?
I have bad credit I need a loan for at least 5000 dollars can any one help,the loan is for catching up on bill