I'm thinking about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. What are your opinions on this versus Chapter 7?
Does anyone have any Visa Gift Cards with $0 on it?
Reporting A Debit Card Stolen?
How much is a MILLION in INDIAN way?
will the amount of purchases I make on a credit card make my credit better if I just got a credt card????
Visa 24/7 pre paid questions?
i hv been fraudently charged via internet for a payment i made on the internet. can i make stop?
I want to apply for a bank account but they ask for a second form of id...what can i use? ahhhhhhhh.....?
Will my PayPal account get limited if I do not link a credit card?
I have bad credit and I have a credit card that filed papers with my local court to sew me. I am very worried?
why do people use credit cards?
I can't buy kpop dvd/musics because of the credit card ......?
What are some credit cards that are good for establishing credit.I can't get a credit card with no credit.
Can I return an item I paid with debit card?
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Gold - Should I?
credit card debt and sol?
Can the hospital force you to sign financial responsibility?
Guarentor to EFG loan, what can they take?
how can i build my credit score fast?
Can the auto lease company put me under collection?
credit card statement?
Can you buy Visa e-gift cards?
if i give my credit card info over the phone can the other person do anything other than reserve the room?
How do I negotiate a $6200 over mileage debt with GMAC?
is it leagle for debt collectors to add intrest to a debt?
1099-A or 1099-C for mortgage debt discharged in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
What options do I have?
What are the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy?
Whats the max amount you can reload in a sears gift card?
Where can i get a loan 5000 with bad credit?
I have a macy's store card, does that show up on my credit score?
What happens after not paying credit card debt?Are you taken to jail?How long after not paying do they act?
What is the corporate address for discover card?
How do I find the interest rate on my grant loan?
How do you link two prepaid visa cards on paypal?
Can someone PLEASE tell me what Available Balance is verse Current Balance in a Checking Account?
I was wondering if Citi Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students was a good credit card?
if you are in debt and signed up for debt settlement progam but creditors keep calling everyday not just once
100% disabled veteran judgement on my credit report how do I remove it.?
Can you open a bank account with a prepaid visa debit card?
towards buying more if return empty ink car triage to walmart will they give me credit?
Can your wages get garnished for voiding a contract?
How do I gt an accurate statement from a collection agency?
Tell why you like to be involved in the extra credit union campus branch program? 100 words! Helllp!!?
Will Gmac and Chase go for a deficiency judgement on a non owner occupied 2-Family?
how can i improve my credit rating as nothing i seem to do works and it just keeps getting worse?
How good are Debt management companies?
teachers fed cred union online transaction question?
Can you use a debit card to order stuff online when you're 16?
Could this be a bank fraud?
I was refused credit by a credit card company. Can I get a credit report for free ?
How do I get out of Chexsystems?
I owe only $25K on my 15 yr note. Which bank will refi?
how low should I pay down my credit card balance?
I'm 19 years old with a credit score of 690+ how long will it take to get to 800+???
How do I start having credit when of the age of 18?
i know that making late car payments it does affect the credit but what about if iam late just for 1or2 weeks?
How do I claim a payment through paypal?
Are you able to use prepaid visa cards to buy things from
I have a really bad credit history, is there mail order company who consider such as me?
When an employers pulls your credit, how does it show your your credit report?
how often can your credit score change?
what is full time?
I owe $700 to American Express, but I think the account has been sold to a debt collector-who do I pay?
Employment Bad Credit / Bankruptcy?
Should I get a credit card?
How can I change my credit card to VISA? Mastercard is incorrect.?
Stores that require Credit card pins?
How do secured cards report to the credit bureaus?
Best places to apply for a start up loan for bad credit?
Another question about loan? ?
Is there a way to have a late payment removed from my credit report?
If i buy a pizza with my credit card ?
Would i be late for my bank account?
What is the maximum apr for a credit card in florida?
Sample letter for customers with diapproved credit applications?
How can I protect my 401K?
Question about visa prepaid cards?
My Credit Score?
Can I get a car with a credit score in the range of 500?
$^%&*Why are bill collectors treated so rudely***& always kicked around when they call ?**?
Am I obligated to give a collection agency my employment information?
How many of you have credit card debt?
Are there any debt consolidation sites that you recommend? I want to find one that I can trust...?
my boyfriend is in prison and opened a bank account had all his bank stuff sent to me then has me use his card?
How can I build up credit? Have student loans and have never had a credit card.?
how can i order stuff online since my mom has NO credit card??/:?
Restoring Credit...??
If i paid off a debt and received a receipt marked paid in full can they then ask for more money?
Not able to pay credit cad bills.indians rply?
i cancelled my 2 year phone contract and havent payed it in 2years.?
what is a good site to get credit scores from all 3 bureaus?
Visa gift card balance?
who will let a person with horrible credit borrow 30 grand?
How would one go about getting set up to accept Visa and Mastercard for retail sales?
Can I help my daughter get a car loan by temporarily adding her as a user to my credit card?
My credit score?
Fell for a phishing scam, need help?
Could not order a report by credit card on Finance?
my visa card debit Number?
should i pay off secured credit card before cancelling it?
do you believe peopole are like credit cards?
Is Bankruptcy a good idea if I only have credit card debt and am on disability. I was never late on credit?
Options? Deposit Money From Europe To USA?
are you supposed to pay your credit card bill in full every time?
What card is more widely accepted? VISA or Mastercard?
i got charges on my debit card.that i did not use.?
I have an aunt with a lot of credit cards?
how much money can i put in 3v card?
I lost my credit card?
need a high risk loan have bad credit?
I'm about to be evicted for non-payment of rent, i think...?
can i use a credit card without my mom being here?
Can Minors use prepaid/gift cards?
if ur mom took u to a mall and said i will buy ueneything u whant what would it be ?
Assistance with the unemployment insurance on my credit card?
how old do you have to be to get a Visa credit card in New York?
PayPal funds released but not showing up in bank account?
i am in debt and need a loan very fast can u please help me i am on maternity leave and have no wages .?
Whats the best way to negotiate with credit card companies?
Looking into financing a computer, need advice?
Which Credit Card Do U Recommend?
How do I fix my credit after a divorce?
I am going to make a do a settlement with National Credit Corp in Mi what do I need from them to ensure that..?
What type of credit card do people look for?
I'm a newbie when it comes to credit cards.?
Anyone else having issues with Paypal?
what does payment cannot beconstrued as an admission of past, present or furture liability mean?
can i get my fee back?
are bill collectors allowed to bother on sundays?
A 24.9 APR on a $300 limit credit card?
Capitol One Credit Card Annual Fees?
Are there any legitimate online payday cash advance services?
Is 721 credit score good enough for auto loan of 20k?
What is the California debt statute of limitations?
Debt crisis!! Help!?
What are my options with my overdue credit card balance?
Can anbody tell me what a stipulation of judgement is?
if i close some of my unused credit cards, will my credit score increase?
I want to find a website that offers piggybacking fico scores?
What number is considered a high interest rate for a credit card?
Does anybody use a JCB Card before? How is the acceptance of JCB Credit Card?
How well is a 700 credit score?
can you turn in your direct deposit form the day before you get paid?
I just got a $300 Mastercard giftcard from PCFS? Scam?
Statute of Limitations on cell phone debt?
How is the best way to increase your FICO Score with the credit bureau's ?
Does the Visa gift card charge when doing a purchase at a store?
how can i avoid debt collectors?
How can I build my credit up?
What is the best way to improve a credit score?
credit cards?
is there any online jobs you can get without having to pay to sign up and isnt a scam?
For someone just starting to build their credit, would you take a pre-approved loan offer, and?
How do you open a kohls card as a cashier?
I ordered something from amazon and used by debit card as payment over the internet, but when i looked online ?
Should I add another credit card?
15 credit hours. 3 hours to study per each credit hr. 10 hrs for eating and sleeping. How much extra time?
I do not have a credit card, so im unable to make online payments, i live in india,?
how do i complain to mastercard about merchant not abiding by the rules.?
How do I remove DC tickets from credit report?
How do you protect your credit score when it comes to promotional inquiries?
What type of interest rate would a 638 credit score get?
Does closing some of your credit card accounts affect your credit?
PLEASE HELP Vanilla Visa Card?
Paypal mastercard question?
How to find out credit card number?
what are some reasons that some people cant take out money from their bank at a shot period of time?
Credit card identity question, help?
where can i get ALL of my credit scores at once? experian, equifax,transunion, and all of my fico scores.?
Does anyone know what %interest rate increase we have had in the last 12 months?
How do you know if an ATM card my be used as a credit card?
I am 18, should I get a credit card?
Fair Credit Reporting Act?
does anybody knows montgemory wards address I need to pay an old bill but they went bankupt .?
How long will it take until I can get loans and credit?
What is the best credit card to get if I'm in college and have never had a card?
Paypal buyer credit card problem.?
Can someone loan me $25 Liberty Reserve?
Vanilla Mastercard gift card?
I declared bankruptcys in May of 2001, how long does this stay on your credit report because its 7 years now?
Intermed international is this a scam for work? I received it from which is a reputable company.?
best credit card ratings for Hawaii?
how does it affect your credit report?
Does your overdraft limit affect your credit rating?
What is the best rewards card? ?
I lost my debit card. Help!?
Another one of those credit questions...?
How to improve a 759 credit score?
What does "honest debt" mean?
Would you ask your relatives for money in this situation?
are overdrafted checks reported to the credit bureaus?
My credit score is low cause I don't have a credit card but I cant get a card because of low score. Help?
Can i used my old navy VISA card to buy a computer?
Where does the "money" I "spend" with my mega-store credit card come from? Do chinese workers get an IOU?
What is a debit card and a credit card? How does it differ from each other?
How long does it take for a medical collection to show up on your credit report if in a lawsuit with them?
Can Unpaid Tuition (NOT Loans) Hurt My Credit?
what is 5% of 900,000.oo?
i need a conseladation loan?
What will happen if i don't pay a hospital bill?
Help! I need loan advice!?
Questions on Worthless Check Charge?
why do people like to use credit more than debit?
about loan repayment questions - time value of money?
how can i get a free credit report if i dont have a credit card?
what banks offer mastercards/american express debit cards?
Overdraft fee and another overdraft fee?
Can you use a credit card in a cash machine or can you use at a bank counter to gain cash?
Will PayPal accept a pre-paid Visa card?
credit crunch - what money is safe and what isnt? i have an ISA and current account, how will they be affected?
how i get jewelry without using a credit card?
how do i find out my visa credit limit?
my amex card is lost/stolen and i see cash withdrawal has been made, am i responsible for the withdrawals?
Do medical bills wreck your credit score if they go unpaid?
I just received a check in the mail for 2900 should i cash it?
Check Written for Wrong Amount?
Do you get a receipt after you use a credit card?
I was in the process of getting a loan my credit score is very low but they want cash collertral (bad spelling?
mortages, been paying for 30 years even though it is contracted for 25 years?
paypal funds? help!!?
Using Visa Credit Card in Other Countries?
Negative balance on Walmart preloaded Visa?
poor credit rating but i need a loan?
Credit card debt collectors?
Can I take a loan out with my bank if I only have a debit card?
Identity Theft?
Does anyone know the sort code for Vanquis Bank?
I have the bailiffs knocking. I ignore them, they cant prove I live here as I moved. What next?
For people who signed up for the Sony Style Credit Card (Playstation Card)..?
How can I pull my credit report for free without hurting my credit?
How to make Paypal deduct payments from my credit card before bank account?
can you use a VA loan for a personnal loan?
i am signing up for paypal account can i use my liberty reserve account as my bank account?
where to use citizens bank visa gift card?
buying from bestbuy or futureshop using credit?
I am till the neck indebted with various finalncial loans.Credits with the banks are also bad.Any Suggesation?
Any suggestions in how to ask the credit bureau to dismiss a delinquency???
If someone puts their credit card number online, and says we can use it, would i go to jail for using it?
Provide an Bank Credit Advice example, :)?
How to make money online? And get it in paypal?
Credit card debt. Can the companies or collection agencies force payment?
what is going to happen with my bank account, and what they are going to ask me?
the owner's withdrawal account normally has a credit balance since it is an equity account?
How can I increase my credit score?
i have been working for online part time jobs..since me being a minor, i dont get a credit or a debit card.?
Can I get an apartment if I have been evicted before?
Would you buy a sofa and chair with cash, on an installment plan, or with a credit card?
Is there a fee for disputing credit?
Is Lexington Law really good?
I have existing wedding business. Need loan or line of credit for $7500...marginal pers. credit, no biz credit
i need some credit help please?
Denied with Capital One?
additional cash advance limit?
Marked money?
How to pay a debt that was sent into collections?
how do people max out their credit card?
What's the difference between fico score and the credit score.?
have puchased a prepaid giftcard and want to know the balance?????
I'm going to try to get a personal loan to help with roof repair, but I have some credit card debt?
how to get another persons name off my credit reports?
what happens exactly when your credit card balance is greater than what you have in the bank?
Best card for a student with no credit history ?
How would i pay..........?
I would like to get my credit report free online but each website ask for my credit card. Where can i check?
how much will my credit rating be affected by one late loan payment?
Can you get a free credit 'score' report?
how do i sell things online? i'm 16 do i need a credit card?
Is credit card debt in Texas a noncollectable debt, & can the card company's sue you?
Is funds available after midnight at navy federal credit union a atm check deposits once it goes through?
Couple of questions....?
Prepair reloadable card to use for paypal?
i am trying to fix my credit but all the problems with my credit is accurate. Is there help for me.?
What is the highest payment for a anastigiologist a year?
having credit card need to make my payment as emi?
Why are we charged for free credit reports?
does anyone have advice on how to go bankrupt?
PayPal account question?
I am in payday loan hell can I close my bank account to prevent them from taking interest payments?
Debt collector problem?
I am discharged from bankruptcy where can i obtain a credit card / loan from?
Collection Agency Question?
what percentage does paypal take?
How does a visa green dot pre paid card work?
What should your credit look like when applying for Blue from American Express?
can a credit counselor give me good advice about a preforeclosure matter,?
Anyone know a lot about credit?
Basic credit card question. I'm getting my first credit card on my 19Th bday?
Want To Know Everything About Paypal.?
debit card stolen and used multiple times. will i be refunded or not?
what is the credit score to qualify FHA financing?
I used my credit to buy a truck for my brother?
What would you call this job in the MEDICAL field?
where can i get a auto loan for low income people?
should i get a debt consolidation loan on my home to pay off debt?
HELP!!! :O Why wont Ebay process my payment?
how much is my salary loan balance my sss#06-0980335-2?
if you just turned 18.. how would you build credit?
2 different atms giving 2 different amounts?
how safe is paypal linked with a bank account?
what catalogue is a good one with bad credit?
Get a mortgage for a new home?
Parent's Credit Cards Maxed Out.?
Someone Put a fake check into my what?
Does the bank look down on you for a maxed out credit card?
how to sue paypal - PayPal a scam?
If I use my debit card for an online purchase, will I recieve a "credit Card" bill?
were cacn i get a prepaid master card from ?
how to use a Green Dot gold card when shooping online?
When will the bank ask me to pay back my student overdraft?
how to make bank reconciliation statement?
If a bank guideline says 1X30 is not allowed for certain loan, is 1X60 automatically not allowed?
Has anyone ever used a greendot card to book a hotel online?
Question about withdrawing money from tfsa?
I have a old credit problem, will this still effect me getting a apartment?
How can I get my credit score raised?
What is a good credit card?
Approved for Line of Credit, What is it?
What's the best credit card company, out of these, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
if someone uses your credit cards and bought a lot of stuff will the credit companies get a video?
Where can I get a $20-30k loan without perfect credit?
My ex took a loan for me of £4000 for a car.then we broke up and made an agreement to pay her back £200?
I bought a visa gift card but when registering it online i put fake info is that bad?
Can you purchase a gift card with a gift card?
Are there any legitimate internet lenders available for people with poor credit?
how do i take out a $2,000 loan?
What is a country that people are not constantly asking for loans?
Where can i find all 3 credit reports free?
How good does your credit score have to be in order to qualify for a car loan?
What is the easiest credit card to get approved for?
can cell phone companies give you bad credit report?
what do you lot make of that new HSBC Secure Key ?
question about bill me later and paypal.?
Pre-approved for Discover credit card, should I accept?
Had bad credit...but everything paid for, its been over a year, has my credit score improved?
Where can I get a free copy of my credit report??
List of credit card issuers?
How can you get a credit card without credit history ?
Valid recent credit card number to use?
Applying to State Street Bank. They check Credit history. What should my score be to be considered?
Good and Bad Credit Card Companies?
debt collections companys based in leeds?
how do i get a copy of a bankrupcy discharge paper?
how i get jewelry without using a credit card?
Do you close credit cards? Leave them open? I've heard different things- but what do you do when your done?
Is your credit card number the same as your checking/account number?
Do you think i should file bankrupcy wheni was 15 my mother got alot of credit in my name about 20000 not mine
how can a dispute a collection on my credit history?
Can someone help guide me through this money and credit situation? It's much appreciated :)?
Do I have to give my credit card to check my credit card history?
credit card question please?
How to send money from mobile phone to paypal account?
What about if my credit address is different from my shipping address? Do I still can buy thing online?
How to partially pay for an item on ebay?
at home Contract Loan Processor?
why was my first ssi check smaller than my monthly award......was this the back pay if so why so small?
Please help me !Two days ago @6:00 AM somebody knocked @the door ,I thought something bad happened I opened?
how long does it take to recieve a payment for a sure start maternity grant?
My mom took out a loan in my name 6 years ago....?
dept collector help please?
Can you get a payday loan with a prepaid visa account?
are the National Foundation for Debt Management some kind of debt collectors?
I hate where I live and no equity to sell would it be better just to forclose and my wife buy a house?
My ex stole my information n took money out in my name?
what i can do for improve my financial health?
Are there "fake" debt collectors?
I am a 21 year old with no credit. I purchased a house in November of 2006. So I have a mortgage in my name.?
How do i use a hollister merchandise credit card online?
How old do I have to be to have a credit card?
Stop paying credit card bills?
how much is it to send a e-card from american greetings???
I need credit how can i build it?
i got aproved for a Credit One credit $500 credit limit. How much could i go over the limit by?
how does paypal work?
I'm having a Paypal Transcaction Issue.?
Do I put my account number on the money order itself if I want to send it to Bill Me Later?
personal only experts +14?
Prepaid Credit Card, Visa Skylight. Yes or No?
where do i go to find out my credit score with out having to pay with credit card?
Is Click bank a Fraud?
Must I first have a bank account in order to get a credit card?
is a credit score of 678 good these days?
Sent into collections after one payment?!?
how cani use debit card as credit card?
Does anybody know what the highest point is you can receive on your credit report?
can you find providian law suit resolution in year 2000 versus d.a. terrence hallinan?
how to activate my card?
hi i have a national city credit card i lost my job and i was not able to make the minimum payments and my apr?
Pre-paid credit cards?
What can happen to us for not paying our credit cards?
Loan from the bank of dad?
How to get rid of phone credit quick?
What can be done if your credit card gets stolen and whoever stole it uses it ?
What will happen to my student credit card when I am no longer a student?
has anyone got paid?I didn't.I got took for my gold at this point.?
What's the best way to get rid of or erase bad credit.?
Can I pay for someone online with an unverified paypal account that has enough in it's balance?
What is the most efficient way to get good credit fast???
Is it at all possible to buy an amazon gift card with iTunes credit?
how do u check a "R" Us(toys r us) merchandise credit card?
Would this be a proper way to use a credit card?
How to negotiate to settle cc debt?
Is there any way I can get rid of my debt or someone that will help consolidate if my credit sucks?
Billed credit card, but have not shipped product.?
what is the scoring range on a credit report from low to high?
Can an attorney go after my current husbands assets from my past debt?
Will a business loan on my record help when i buy a car and its financing?
What are the credit bureau addresses to dispute an item on credit report?
how long will it a take for a refund to my credit card to show up?
Can I go to Jail if I get sent to Collections.?
If I wanted buy something online and have only debit card can I buy it online when they state it credit card ?
how can i get credit,they say i have insufficent credit scores?
What type of card is a santander card?
Credit Card billing Cycle/"recharge" general question?
why I see different credit score numbers?
How can I improve my credit?!?!?
I am selling a car, How do I report payments to Equifax, Transunion, ect?
Is a credit score of 740 good for a 20 year old?
how can a bank ask for your credit score?
How can I get a credit card to start my credit?
What are legal ways to harrass a person that owes you money?
Prepaid credit cards in Canada?
Do I have bad credit?
Can I sell on Ebay if my Mom allows me, but doesn't have a credit card?
Will a reloadable Visa Gift Card work on the Canadian Expansys website?
How do you register a debit card on amazon?
# Can I add the Visa and MasterCard logos to my web site to let my customers know that I accept credit cards .
What is the best & safest way to check my credit score online?
What's the difference between a home equity loan snd a HELOC?
How do I find out my credit score?
how can i check my credit card statement?
it is a responce to firedancer she is to fast to judge n too fast for her ash....?
best way to fix my credit?
how to repair your credit score?
Is it safe to purchase on amazon items ?Should I choose Debit or Credit ?
How can I get a car loan with no credit?
Help: Prepaid Debit Card?
What is international debt??? .s?
Would Getting A Loan On A New Vehicle Then Paying It COMPLETELY Off The Next Month Hurt My Credit or Help It?
**I DON"T GET IT???***?
how do i defer my car payment?
Does anyone here have any experience with the "Certified Payment Processing" company? Seems sketchy?
I cancelled my checking card and suddenly a law firm is trying to contact me..?
What's the difference between debit and credit? scam?
i lives in london ,my bank account is blocked because of fraud how can i open a new one?
Closing a credit card....???????
Why loan is a product for a bank?
I had no money on my credit card and i use my moms to buy a game and i used hers up how do lie to her about it?
Why do they bother? :-(?
Can someone please help me with my credit card questions?
Am looking for a credit card for a discharged bankrupt to start and build a new credit rating?
payment system?
Paypal situation.....?
Is it worth it to buy a gas credit card?
What would happen to me if I stopped paying my credit card?
No Card Number On My Credit Card?
If a bankruptcy is discharged is that good or bad for your credit rating?
How is credit to debt ratio calculated?
What is the best type of credit card for someone who has no credit?
How do I start building credit in California?
What is the best type of credit card?
Using an ATM card for online purchases?
Is this my credit limit for my Amex card?
Can you send money of your own credit card in your own paypal?
Can I pay for someone online with an unverified paypal account that has enough in it's balance?
MMA gym suckered into a 60 day money back guarantee but not honored. Anyway out?
how to open a credit consultant?
what legal rigths do i have after i finance a car and can't pay.?
Shouldn't a debt that I haven't been able to pay be showing up on my credit report?
my husband is still finding it difficult to get a bank account and he is dischared from bankrupcy .?
the amount of interest that has been pain on the original amount of a loan is called what?
Does my fiance's bad credit affect my credit rating once we are married?
Can I use a Chase Payment Card (Debit) for online shopping?
what is a perfect credit score?
How can I now increase my credit score after I payed my debt?
Why should the government help mortage lenders?
What does "Debt refinancing could affect profitability" mean?
they want my S.S. and credit card numbers?
In Accounting, An overpayment error was discovered in computing and paying the wages of a?
What Bank?
down payment on a new car if I have no credit?
Can Dell computers sue for unpaid bill from 3 years ago?
Just got approved for credit card, what does this mean?
can I get a credit card?
No income auto loan how to do it?
Debt Management Co's?
How could my friend prevent ex from applying for credit card and using it in his name?
if I buy xbox live with my moms credit card will she find out?
How do i clear a bad credit after debt is paid off?
Can the credit bureaus contant a collection agency or the old creditor to obtain information?
Should I pay TMobile money I don't owe?
i found a blank western union money order on the ground. can i cash it?
If you have not made any payments towards a credit card debt in ten years, can the company still come after u?
can i use an overseas visa electron card to deposit money in a different continent and country?
I have bad credit and I have a credit card that filed papers with my local court to sew me. I am very worried?
it was said that i won$820,000.00?
are there any actally any free credit report sites out there and if so whats their wedsite?
do you need a credit card if you want credit?
Can you default on one credit card to pay off others?
MasterCard on Amazon DE --> No 3number pin code? Please help me?
credit cards and credit available question..HELP!?
Question about applying for care credit ?
Can i cancel my credit card whenever i want or is there any penalties?
if you were 18 and you recieved a credit card would you acceot it or refuse it? why? or why not?
ClearPoint Consumer Credit Counseling? Does anyone know anything about this company?
bailiffs! How do i stop them picking on me?
If someone is judgement proof, can a creditor still win a judgement, and have it placed on credit report?
How Do I Claim My Money On Paypal?
Would I Be Able To Do This? (Debit Card & Clothes)?
I just turned 18, I want to get a credit card to start building credit in the US. What is my best choice?
Does chase tell me when my debit card is mailed?
in the state of missouri, is there any amount of credit card debt that is considered as a felony?
how do you keep collection agency from calling you at work?
applying for credit card on line?
Does your credit score get whacked if you cancel credit cards?
How do I confirm my paypal address?
Which credit card would be best for someone with fair credit?
If a law firm reject my post dated cheques as payment. Is this considered adishonour of payment according?
If I want to improve my credit......?
Please someone help me?
which is better Me close my credit cards or credit compants close the credit cards for me if i don't use it?
Would paying off a credit agreement early adversely effect my credit rating on a payday loan ?
Do you need a credit card on eBay?
How long can a credit card transaction be "pending"?
Does closing a credit card account hurt your credit in any way ?
what is the best credit card to get?
Question about paypal?
What is the purpose of having a credit card ?
Collection agency agrees to settlement but won't provide written statement?
refinancing car?
What can I expect next?
Alert Pay Debt card accpetance?
Is there any way i can find out my credit score, not just the report, for free?
How do I go about changing the Credit Card information on my account. I don't remember the old number.?
Netbank Ebay problem?
Do need credit for drive time?
One of my credit card account was paid off and they closed?
Are there any loans available for people with bad credit? Anything but a payday or auto loan. Thanks?
how long does a debt stay on your credit rating? like, lets say i owe target, how long before it expires?
Stupid Target return policy!?
etsy wont accept my card?
Is Credit Card necessary for EMIs?
i am a guarantor?
I declared bankruptcy 4 yrs ago. When should I try to buy a home?
I got sentenced for 3 month after being unable to pay the personal loan installment with mashreq bank in Dubai?
What if bankrupcy juge jugment? agaist my gf? she can go to jail? if not pay?
Is there a website for a free credit report that I don't need to have a credit card on file?
I'm 24 and saved $25,000 in the bank?
If i ever stole my parents credit card and bought something online will they ever find out?
I have a credit card debt collection agency trying to take my 1993 Toyota to cover a small debt of $1,500?
does paypal guest accept debit card?
how long does it usually take for a persons bad credit to clear up?
Going to debt management/credit counseling. What are the best companies?
Can I use credit card, or credit card cheques to pay into my bank account, or someone's bank account, and how?
HOW MANY OF US WILL GET RIPPED BY AMERITRUST FINANCIAL before we get together and do some thing about it?
What is the statute of limitations in Colorado for collecting a debt?
Credit Card Charge Back?
How do you get back a vehicle that has been repossessed by the bank?
Help plz!!!!I I have a mastercard from city bank, how can i activate securecode?
When people pay for thing online with their credit card,?
Good Credit Score for a beginner?
Do you think there will be any consequences to the debt that US has on people's lives in the next few years?
Anyone have insight to my car payment situation?
What are some credit cards an 18 year old with bad/almost no credit can get approved for?
Is there anyway to get a payment due date changed with a credit card company?
Can someone explain "interest rate" to me please?
Do card holders of cash plus pre paid card always get a text when this is topped up?
how do i get money fast without credit history? i have a job and am a full time, almost graduating student?
Does a hospital notify you if they do put you on collection, according to CA AB 774 law?
What Is the Statute of Limitations of Vehicle Loan on Credit Report?
Can you use a Navy Federal Cash Rewards Visa at an ATM to get cash?
are "tenant loans" real?
Need a credit card am nineteen anyway to apply 4 a credit card online...?
i think i made a mistake with nco financial?
Can I use a Vanilla Mastercard on
what is bill me later?
Has Amazon charged me twice (situation in details)?
What is a good system for paying off credit card debt.?
Has anyone ever actually had success with the "pay for delete" technique?
Is life over if you have bad credit?
What online loan can i get that i can pay in two months?
Need help with mortgage question?
Credit card dispute ??
Do you have to be employed to apply for a Credit Card? Because I,m not yet really want one.?
What is the rate that a collection agency buys your debt?
Chartway Credit Union or Wells Fargo and why? 10 points?
I'm new to ebay. My ebay page says "I am awaiting payment" but buyer told me "I already paid". Is it usual?
will i have to use my credit card when i register as ebay seller?
best credit card consoladation companies?
Any ideas on what type of credit card is good for bad credit?
Has anyone Heard of this????????????
Dealing with a Collection agency/how trust worthy are they?
explain the meaning of 2/10 pr ox net 30 in credit terms?
i orderd my credit report.....?
can an employer access my credit history from another country?
what can i do about a high interest credit card company who refuses to lower my interest rate?
If i have an auto loan and have to file bankruptcy will they take the car?
Questions about line of credit for a student?
Whats the best way?
How long does it take for my NEXT account?
Which Visa card is best?
need some help with my credit please?
I am looking for a website that where I can apply for a goverment grant to help pay my debt?
if you live in the uk and have a credit card, can you withdraw money from an atm in Italy?
Walmart Card Approval?
How can you get a loan for $4000 when you have limited credit experience and no collateral? Is this possible?
How big of a loan can i take out?
what are some great online auto loan companies to borrow money for a car?
if I have a 715 credit score, why am I getting 10%+ rates on my auto loans?
Where can you go to get a real free credit report?
what is the difference between a smart card and a prepaid card?
where can i cash a loan check?
Can someone in the know advise me please!?
why are so many minorities living with bad credit and debt? Honestly, why?
I have bad credit. Ain't gonna lie, I was a fool when I was young......?
Do merchants have to pay a flat fee on top of percentage fee for a credit card transaction?
how do i know who is using my lost credit card?
looking for a loan of $600, kinda bad credit...have a co-signer...anyone know a place?
Anybody out there been fired as a teller and got another bank job?
what are the repayments on a £200 shopacheck loan?
Kohl's return policy?
what is the actual loan amount ?
when canceling a credit card,how long does it take to show up on credit?
My truck just got reposessed. what is my next step?
Is It Possible to use a prepaid Debit card on paypal to purchase from ebay?
Credit card was declined on amazon, but order still went through?
How do I establish credit?
how can i make money online without paying anything?
First home buyer credit, I dont want it!?
I just sold an item on ebay but I didn't receive the payment on paypal?
How can I tell on my receipt if the store ran my debit card as credit or as a debit?
Is It Possible Paying Off Credit Card With Another Credit Card ?
What happens when you buy something with a debit card?
I just got a credit card. How much should i only spent so i can keep a good credit?
Is the Ultra VX Card really legit?
I had a fraudulent debt on my credit report, and now it says closed ,what does that mean ?
what are some legit credit card companies that will offer me a card even though I have a bad credit score?
low rate vs no annual fee on credit card which on eis best and whats the diff?
I am a grad student with above average credit, yet I only have 1 card currently (no debt on card).?
when does a bankruptcy come off your credit report?
Credit Score fixes on Ebay?
Important finanacial question...?
going over credit line for credit card?
how do i fix really bad credit?
Can a company take a payment off your credit card without your permission?
has anybody had there credit erased and new credit started by dont see how this man can do?
can a personal loan company have you arrested for not having collateral?
how can i get my paypal account varified if i dont want that credit card or use a bank account?
what companies offer debit cards for business?
Which bank has the IVR Merchant credit card payment gateways in India?
i want to get a credit card but i have no credit?
does anyone in the uk know where i can takeout a bank loan and not have to pay anything back for 6 months?
reclaim money after made bankrupt?
Can I deposit money from a credit card into another bank account?
Does constantly applying for car loans or credit cards hurt your credit?
Does anyone know of a good lender for unsecure loans in Canada?
could i get credit in a clothes store if a have no job?
Explain me What Tutor must to do?
HELP! I have a court order for my ex to pay off a credit card bill...what can i do to get it taken care of?
President's Choice MasterCard?
How does a GreenDot Visa prepaid card work?
How can I transfer money from a credit card to a paypal account?
i didn't get my last check so i was paid through a pay card, but i just receive the check i should have gotten?
credit card question???10 points?
I have horrible credit and my fiance has excellent credit~?
Can you cash a check at any bank even if you dont bank with them?
Is it a good or bad idea to give electronic access to a major credit card company.?
What is the difference between a merchant account and paypal, Does anyone know just how safe and reliable pay?
Paying back my loan? URGENT! NEED HELP!?
Can I cash a personal check?
How do I qualify for a loan?
What are some good ideal about getting out of financial debt?
How much finance charge will I have to pay per month on a $10,000 credit card bill?
How can I check my account in arrajhi bank?
Chasing payment from USA client as a UK resident?
when you turn 18 what is your credit score?
Does anyone know where to get a free credit report?
Do authorized users still build credit?
How can I withdraw money from my PNB card (Bancnet) in Thailand?
i need a loan for $5000 but it is hard to get because i have a few months left in credit counseling .?
Any credit card that can give me more than 2% cash back at walmart - not a penny less?
Pre-paid credit card help!!?
A question about paying off a bill?!?
where can i find a company that will rent to own portable buildings for my customers?
If you had cash would you payoff your car loans or would you use the money for other things?
store cards?
Which banks will offer car loan for someone with bad credit?
Did I reset the Statute of Limitations on my old debt?
Can you get a credit card when you're 18?
I need to check my paystub on-line?
is a loan on a car transfupul to another persons name?
are there any inactivity fees for the Amazon visa card?
i've been denied by all bad credit credit cards is their any second chance credit cards i can try.?
How else am I going to cash my SSI check?
How to buy a house when your spouse has bad credit and you have fair credit, but you need his income.?
car refinance?
Surcharge on credit card transactions?
Do prepaid credit cards establish credit?
How can people that has PayPal account do this?
What is this Legal order payment that wells fargo posted and?
Can credit card owners look of what they bought over the month?
What is an auto lien?
How much credit for a car?
whats a good credit score?
Was i scammed?they have my credit card info.?
How do I link Paypal and Ebay without a bank account?
you bill me for 29.88 on my visa i dont know qhy i dint buy anything?
Visa Gift Card (& creditcard) & Paypal Problem?
business loan?
Why do I have a limit on my check card?
can a debt be sold and renewed betwenn collection agencies and credit reports?
credit/ prepaid credit cards?
how do i withdraw funds from a credit card (returned item)?
why paypal doesn't accept master card debit card?
What questions do you have about your credit and credit scores?
the square root of whatever look at this?
why isnt credit card money?
My spouse dies and leaves credit card debt, am I responsible for her bills?
Will i get a credit ccard?
Why would bank of america lower a credit card limit when there has never been a late payment
how do I communicate with ?
loan account of jeep mohindra closed but noc is not just send to me by post to whom may i contact?
Care Credit Estimated Procedure Amount?
i want to get out of debt where do i start?
why is the payoff the same as my balance on my Eaglemark Savings Bank harley davidson loan?
how many canadian dollar does $28.00USD?
Should I not pay, and if I don't, will he sue, will it go to collections, or will nothing happen?
How to Pay Scene Visa Credit Card?
has anyone used hess kennedy and company for debt consolidation?
whats the catch of credit cards?? where will i be charged for using it?
If you get a Capital One credit card and never use it, do you still get charged for anything?
looking for a bank or some company to loan me twentyfive thousand dollars to repair credit.?
What is the best prepaid visa card?
Does check credit.?
will americans support a new credit scoring system like credit without debt?
What happens if I close my credit card account before I'm done paying it off?
Reputable debt relief companies?
can a debit card be used as a credit card and how do you pay it?
Can a department store, K Mart, refuse to accept payment in cash and demand that Sears credit card be used?
I have unjustly charged by on my American Express Card, #112609141?
Why do credit card companies solicit to college students (over and over) when they don't even have a job?
I have a poor credit rating and need answers?
how many numbers does a credit card have on it?
Who keeps purchases made by an authorized user?
Will Amex eventually lower my limit?
I need a loan and don't know which route to go - need help deciding what to do.?
How long to obtain 800 credit score?
what to do about identity theft?
how to get a long term loan with bad credit?
I want to verify my loan status?
It is good to pay off your credit cards each month or to carry a balance?
Collecting Agencies and Credit score plz help idk what else to do?
Any infomation about building credit?
Regarding AmEx Blue card?
Credit Card & balance Transfer?
My credit score is 563, what type of dept store cards can I apply for?
Has anyone else been contacted by shdpm1820002 saying she's stuck in Nigeria and wants to send you cash?
Do you have to use your credit card to increase your limit?
Do I need a credit card to make payments on a couch? Or can I just use my debit card?
What credit card can an 18 year old in highschool get?
what is Tig Great Fun 151689 it was a charged on my bank card twice?
How to buy on eBay using a Paypal Account linked to Metrobank?
what the credit card companies cut the interest rate? ?
I just pay mony to PayPal ! But the email I pay to is not longer available ?
I want to bring my credit score up.?
HELOC was charged-off in Florida?
How do i get this off my credit report? I NEED HELP?
Foreclosure, voluntary repo, and about 15000.00 in credit card debt...?
pre paid credit card question.?
Best Options for Debt Consolodation/Credit Counseling?
Why isnt my credit getting better?
What does this mean exactly?
What are the chances of? Credit question?
Will paying off delinquent credit help?
unable to pay home loan emi's?
Anyone have a clue on how to purchase a house with bad credit?
If you were my husband, where would you have hidden my credit card?
Where Can I get a prepaid credit card?
Hello please help ............?
Why did paypal take money away from my prepaid visa?
Can you get a job with crappy credit?
What is the fastest way to improve my credit score and rating?
how can i set up a solo card online?
How can I get approved for a plastic surgery loan? I am young and have no credit history.?
X spouse call my credit card company and had a card mailed to a different add. can I be held responsible?
Old hospital bills on credit report?
Do visa gift cards come in any amount?
credit report at Annual credit report?
anybody know where i can get a credit card a real one not prepaid one that give instant results?
What to say to a bank's underwriter? I have been asked to write a letter...?
Question in regard to E-bay. I want to shop on E-bay but have noticed they ask for payment through pay pal.?
How do I establish credit with no history?
How to get a loan with not so good credit?
My girlfriend has bad credit - would this affect her chances of working in bank as bank teller?
crdit report?
Has any one heard of the 'credit card'?
How long is it before a debt collector takes you to court? How long do I have? I just received a letter?
How to get a loan to fix up a house that is paid off with bad credit?
how do i get a credit report with out paying for them?
Credit card with 0% APR on balance transfers for life?
Can this help my credit?
Consumer Rights with Credit Cards?
loan balance of Joseph t. Ramos?
is it true that no one will go to jail in not paying debts? what will you do if they don't pay u n ignore u?
If I don't use my credit cards, will my accounts close automatically?
Visa Debit Gift Cards?
How many people fell for the Fairview Financial Scam?
How do you apply for business credit without giving your Social Security number?
Master Card / Vista Prepaid?
I am 52 days behind in payments and they are threatening to repossess my car. Can they do that legally?
is a credit score of 645 good?
Need advice on how to close out equity loan?
how do i get my credit history? how do i get my credit score off the internet without having a credit card>?
Credit Card Expiration Dates?
Why does anybody NEED a credit card?
How can I receive payments sent by a online job employer through PayPal?
Which is best to pay back the debt collector or the actual company?
Bank accounts & credit cards?
hi i applied for credit card but i didnot get respond from bank?
what days/hours are debt collection agencies often open?
help with credit?
Is "JP Morgan Chase Legal Department" is truly an in-house dept.?
A credit card holder dies. Is there any responsibility on the family to pay off the debt?
Collection Agency?
What happens if you use a debit card but select credit?
How can I sign up for a debit card online?
Do you have to be 18 or Older to purchase a Visa Or American Express Gift Cards?
Comdata card????????help!?
Keeping your credit card balance below 30%?
Does credit denial cause your score to drop?
What is a good credit card consolidation company to go to? My debt is about $6000?
I opened up a bank account as a minor with my dad as a cosigner it went into collections will it ever come off?
check visa bal prepay?
My wallet was stolen! What can I do about identity theft?
can my bank account be siezed for for a debt my spouse owes?
10 yr old dept just sent me a bill for the first time. What do I need to do?
I am 18 and I think I am ready for my first credit card?
How to transfer a letter of credit?
What can you do about a collection agency calling for different person?
Any suggestions?
Question about payment on StubHub involving Paypal?
Are you carrying too much consumer debt?
Tell me about savings and loans. ?
How do I file a small claims action against a major financial institution i.e. a mastercard provider amd bank?
Do credit cards come with money?
loans with bad credit?
how do i deal with threats fro debt collection agencies?
How can I check my credit for free without using a bank account?
How will debt collection affect my credit?
Can a payday loan notify the irs?
do you think money is the worst thing ever invented?
Can I use a prepaid credit card to sign up with Paypal?
Our cash offer on a short sale was accepted..going on 4 weeks ago. How much longer to close?
Shoud I get a consolidation loan to pay off $3600 dollars in debt.?
Am I too young for a Business Loan?
What happens when you go bankrupt ?
when will my item from best buy come to my house?
What would a monthly finance charge be on a credit card with a 4.99% APR and a 3,700 balance?
i want a free credit report without any credit card or any information about my credit card?
could someone lend me 1600$?
How can I view my Credit report?
I have bad credit and I need a personal loan for $10,000 to buy a house in Florida?
How long for budgeting loan.?
HSBC fraud detection, what happens if i dont phone back?
Need help bounced check?
When you are applying for something how can you be 80% approved what the hell does that mean?
Questions about buying online (s. Best answer)?
I added pre paid funds of 10.00 to my phone out service, got confirmation but no credit added?
how do I improve my credit score?
can you get a social loan if...?
Bank Payments online?
if you buy a 25$ pre-paid visa card can you buy something that more expensive?
Questions to ask to a client when you are selling the auto loan?
pay my bill?
why do women love being housewives and never amounting to anything?
How Do I Make Online Credit Card Transactions With My Mom's Card?
Will bank be suspicious because of this?
Mortgage and Credit Crisis?
Is a vision prepaid visa card good or bad?
Identity theft scare....?
so i will be paying a monthly membership payment a a monthly card payment?
how long do i have to keep this capital one secured mastercard?
Credit Union or Bank???
what would you debit and credit for a notes payed in full?
how long do you have to wait to trace a money order?
Is there a limit on pre-paid Visa Gift cards?
I have $38k in credit card debt...?
How will it affect my credit to have collection accounts deleted?
Visa Debit card... HELP!?
Same Social Security Number?
Which old bills should I pay?
How much do those Discover "giftcards" cost?
What is "Purchase *Finance Charge* Periodic Fate"?
my mother is terminally ill and has a lot of credit card debit. what happens when she passes?
When to get another credit card?
To many recent credit inquiries.?
Can you still establish credit with a record of collections on your report?
Oral Agreement?
i have credit card debt that i will never be able to repay, can i go to prison for having debt ???
Is there a such thing as a credit card where you can pay $20 to activate it and not go through a cedit check?
What's a good credit score?
Where is the best (only) bank to get the absolute best deal on a refinance mortgage?
Tell me this?
why are there different discount rates?
how do I have the credit agencies take off items that are 7 yrs old. most are charge-offs?
anyone know?
What interest rate do I qualify for with 718 credit sore for a house?
Credit builders??
can creditors levy my debit card?
Is it possible to add money from mobile phone to PayPal, so it will get charged from my phone bill?
Is there any way to prove that a debt in my name isn't mine?
PROBLEMS REPAYING C/C DEBTS- can we approach the companies and arrange a settlement figure?
Money: Say I have 20k and i need a car but I dont have credit.?
I ordered the InStyler using my dad's Debit Card...........?
Ex wants to borrow $1500 for car payment?
clear your credit for $250 how does it work or does it.?
Can my husbands wages be garnished for my school loan debt?
Is it illegal to use a credit report as a way of not hiring someone?
Does getting a ticket for a possesion affect my credit rating?
what's a credit score disclosure?
How do I use my debit card online?
Ebay payment problem help please ?
Is Obama paying Sprint Cell phone bills before 12am tonight?
How difficult is it to get large item credit as in a house or car after bankruptcy?
X spouse call my credit card company and had a card mailed to a different add. can I be held responsible?
please help....i did something REALLY stupid.?
why citybank at nigeria asking to transfer more money to this bank.?
Does Chase have any student credit cards available?
SBA Loan, consequences?
I live in Oregon. Is it true that creditors can't legally pursue you after 7 years?
How do i increase my credit score while i have late payments, charge offs,and collections?
How does an Annual Percentage Rate work?
Splitting the method of purchase?
I am trying to rebuild my credit...?
How can I find out my current credit rating\score?
can u go bankrupt if you are in full time employment?
Can I legally get my spouse's credit report?
should i pay them off?
Should I pay a debt that has been charged off on my credit report?
On do you actually get $30 free for signing up?
Visa gift card question? (Canada Only)?
Questions on Credit Card?
I don't own a credit card - is there an address to send payment for personals subscription?
Paypal linked to debit card refund?
Precomputed Interest on Term Loan?
In Canada, will equifax show different information than transunion or are they mirrors of each other?
do you have to have a credit check if you wanna move here?
How do you recieve an auto loan?
Is it still possible this year 2012 to withdraw paypal money even if unverified?
Negative credit removal - after 7 years!?
Can someone give me money on paypal with only my credit card linked?
Collection accounts?
Credit or debit card protection?
why do home loan apps ask if you want to document your income?what does that mean?
How to pay my BoA credit card bill online?
if i cancel my agreement with att, will it reflect badly on my credit?
What IF I DONT PAY MY Credit Card Bill in USA?
I owe $3000 on a car my ex has possesses and I want to get a new car. Can the dealer payoff this amount?
Should I increase my credit limit to make up for a closed credit card?
What happens if you miss payment on a credit card one month and then pay less than the minimum the next month?
Buying Items From Steam Off Credit Card (EASY)?
I was charged $19.95 from, how do I get my money back?
What is the easiest way to consolidate credit card debt?
Could I use a pre-paid card in the UK to buy something from (USA) to be sent to the UK?
you are a manager of a lending investigator, apple approached you and applied for a $200000 loan. she offered?
Discover card: Do you have to pay your charges every month?
Is bankruptcy a good idea if your debts are spinning out of control?
Will a new Car loan hender me from getting a mortgage 10 months from now?
does anybody know if its possible for myself and my fieance to apply for a personal loan togeather?
I need to file Ch 13 bankruptcy. My car is old; need a newer one. Should I buy now before my credit is ruined?
What is the highest rate of interest allowed by Florida law?
what is better making money a movie Producer or a movie director??
I've been making my monthly car payments on time how will this increase my credit score?
Does Canadian Credit Effect American Credit?
Can you have over 800 credit score if less than 20 years credit history?
Does iTunes charge a dollar when you put your credit card?
whats the minimum opening deposit for BOA?
How do I know a debit card can be used like a credit card for online purchases?
Credit card and payday issue!please help? (expanded)?
I am a authorized user of one of my mom's credit cards and?
Can things be removed from your credit history?
Do collection companies threaten you to be in court to settle a debt even though you never got a summons?
paying all debt inceases score how much?
How Do I Get Credit History?
Serious Legal Question on WAMU Credit Card?
What does pending amount mean??? i really need true answers?
Do credit cards usually waive late fees/ interest to good customers?
Is never having a credit card in my name a good or bad thing for my credit score?
Let me ask my question a different way. I have the cash to pay off a car loan held by a local bank.?
i keep asking this ques but no one is giving me an answer or understanding my question..?