How many gallons are in a barrel of oil and how many gallons of gas are produced with each barrel?
What is the maximum price gas gonna hit?
Why do bikers sometimes give motorists a thumbs up or down sign when passing?
What are you paying for gas and where in the country are you?
How to get a California drivers permit?
What bus I need to take from Metra at Madison st Chicago to 802Pauline st, Chicago ?
I can use ethanol in my vehicle so do I just put the ethanol right in there when I have unleaded gas in there?
Where to buy Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil?
Can you recommend a good GPS?
How come after being warned to drive slowly, people drive really fast on rainy days?
How Long does overnight shipping take if I ordered at 8pm today?
Do you have to be in the right lane, when turning right onto a one-way street (in Ontario)?
Fastest way from Flushing Main Street to Newport Office Tower through public transit?
my car shack alot while stop in traffic?
What would be the commute time between Blaine, WA and downtown Vancouver?
Do you think that gas will be about $2.50 a gallon ever again?
Do you have to look back when changing lanes?
I'm new in Milpitas and i need help with bus rides and schedule?
Your thoughts on people who talk on their cell phones while they're riding their bicycle on a busy street?
Do people still flash their headlights to indicate hidden police cars to oncoming traffic?
Do you think the calls for a May 15 gas boycott are selfish?
How do you take the go bus?
penny cruiser vs. stereo vinyl cruiser?
Why don't people driving slower in the left lane on the highway get tickets?
Does the GO bus or GO train have service from Hamilton, ON to St. Catharines, ON?
what do i do when someone's tailgating me?
Why does the US and Canada refuse to buy small cars?
Stupid traffic camera?
what do u tip a cabbie in new york?
need to see a map of Marin County please?
What are your speeding habits?
Road charging.?
Is there a bus service that goes from Albany, NY to North Adams, MA?
what is the maximum speed limit for passenger cars on a two-lane highway during the daytime?
I95 N traffic on Friday after 3 pm?
Is there a way to get from Cornell university to Rochester using public transportation? How long would it take?
Aren't women drivers the worst drivers and a hazard to traffic?
Pro and Cons Commuting vs On Campus?
Is there anyway to travel from Las Vegas Airport to Laughling without renting a car?
what is a bus terminal???????
What Is The Speed Limit In A Work Zone In Indiana?
goped gsr cruiser, evo 2, or bladez 47cc (or 40cc comp)?
Speeding ticket going down a mountain.?
How much is Gas around you now!?
Why are Australians an Brits?
Do fuel savers like 'System 4 Fuel Catalyst' work??
what does p.c.d and offset mean?
is paddington station inside or outside the congestion charge zone?
How much is it to rent a stretch hummer for a night?
CA-91 Freeway Traffic on a Friday?
What kind of cheap car?
Help with merging into traffic?
How much do you think gas will cost this summer?
What does the yellow sign on a gas pump stand for?
proof of a traffic accidents on 80/94 goind east bound sat morning jan 21/2010?
How much is the commuter rail from Abington to South Station Mass.?
Any suggestions for dealing with deep, painful anal fissures when I have to ride a horse regularly?
Driving...what do you do when you see someone driving who is obliviously asleep?
Who knows what channel the talledagan car race is going to be on? It is at 5pm?
Road Rage anyone???
What are some examples of rude, disrespectful and irresponsible bus drivers?
Driving from Woolwich to Plaistow in AM & PM rush hours: Woolwich ferry or Blackwall tunnel quicker?
Why don't people accelerate to the speed limit on the on-ramps?
help anyone know's about car accidents,auto body repairs etc etc!! help?
Is everybody going to be living in Smart Growth, New Urbanist, in downtown areas?
Can you drive in the carpool lane w/ just a driver and a baby?
WHEN can i use a tap card?
Can i buy $500 worth of gas cards?
National Ride Your Bike To Work day!!?
is showroom directions real?
Do you agree with speed limit on the expressway?
Is anyone unimpressed with the Vue ad?
would a double decker bus be street legal in the usa?
How to get to Deerfoot Meadows via transit?
What's a good sale pitch to offer a limo ride?
Is it true that nobody is buying gas on May 15?
where is a legal place to park on street?
when you turn 18 in CA can you get your license?
Is there a Garmin type GPS of street map of USA?
is there a greyhound bus line that runs from the station in Columbus to the international airport in columbus?
How do you get from Fairview Mall to Frankie Tomatto's?
sentri renewal web site?
does anyone know how long speed humps have been in northborough rd in norbury sw16?
What's the highest price you would pay for some 2009 air Jordan's? Space jams....?
What is the correct procedure for entering an intersection on a devided highway if you are going to turn left?
Do you not understand...the left lane is for PASSING ONLY!!?
Why isn't petrol cheaper on long weekends?
In australia are you allowed to beep your horn to signal someone your out the front of there house?
Paper Route help?
Why cant you use a mobile phone at a petrol station?
Should cyclists be banned from the road for being a danger to themselves and others?
What’s your favorite Earth-friendly mode of transportation?
Do you need special license to drive for hire?
brampton travel help please?
How many miles distance ?
is this good or bad mileage?
UK: When you approach a roundabout you give way to the right yes ? So ..?
Traffic Camera Help!!!!?
On what basis would you judge a transit solution?
What is the price of a limo?
What kind of car should I buy if I am to make a 52 mile commute everyday?
Is that possible to live in LA without driving a car?
is there a company or something that has drivers not a cab company to drive handicap people where they need?
What is the speed limit for traffic school?
mileage from one address to another?
Is there anything that tells you the speed limit of most roads ?
What are some types of bus drivers? How would you classify them?
How much is a cab ride from Buffalo's Bus Station to Waldon Galleria Mall?
What is the best selling car in the world?
is it okay to awnser that phone on the bus or in public?
congestion charge payments?
Just testing to see of I can still ask questions with this account?
Do you move seats on a crowded bus if a 2 seater frees up?
suggest better ways for your 4wheeler to be fuel efficient.?
subway price from union stn toronto to the rom?
Can you get a ticket if your going above the speed limit to keep up with traffic?
Does anyone else agree that Blue Hills Ave in Bloomfield, CT would be a good place to put a road?
iphone maps (sat nav} km back to miles?
What was the Speed of the Highway 401 (MacDonald Cartier Highway2) in the 60's?
When Was The Last Time You Have Taken A Bus?
Living in Long Beach, CA without a car!?
????need help with transit please?
Why do I get a check engine light code?
does anyone have for sale a map of usa for garmin nuvi 300 and how much please.?
From your experiance, cheapest and fastest way to travel to a job at JFK airport from Edison NJ?
Has the increase in gas prices affected you family in any way?
A 5 min drive will translate to how many minutes walking the same distance?
Do You Hate Current Gas Prices?? I've Installed A Tornado and I'M SAVING?
what does it take to get a moped permit?
Can someone give information on luxury buses between bangalore and pondycherry?
What does "In Transit" mean?
Intel, Santa Clara.... What is the nearest bus stop/train station near there?
why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?
How are you coping with the increase in GAS. Where I live regular costs 2.49 a gallon.?
who is the best f1 driver?
How do you stay awake on long drives?
i need to know?
What's the best way to commute from inland valley (Pomona) to UCLA?
My speedometer is off, how do I figure out what my actual speed is?
Did not get airport transpo. What's the best way to get to Park Royal?
can you tell me up. tech is mnr?
what do you think about gas prices?
Do do you guys think a Gas boycott would lower gas prices?
How do I figure out miles per gallon for gas mileage?
Why does gas flucuate in prices across the USA?
What is the best way to figure out the shortest driving route from San Francisco to NYC?
can anyone tell me how i can get rid of the urge to ............?
What kind of behavour while driving in traffic, upsets you the most?
What pets are OK to take on public transport?
how do i get to R.A. Kidwai road,Matunga east from lokmanya tilak terminus?how many kms in between?
How many walk through Queen St in Toronto?
Should i rent a limo for prom?
Public transportation from Petaluma, CA to San Jose, CA?
how much traffic goes through the port of portland in a year?
Where can I buy ethanol free gas in lawton oklahoma?
Does UPS deliver on weekends?
Where do you live and how much does regular gas cost?
Does a clean car (car wash) increase your fuel economy?
With UPS, what does "out for delivery" mean?
Driving in bus lane violation...?
how much is a monthly pass for the trirail?
How about a $5,000.00 fine?
bus please answer?
Woman name or Man name for my first vehicle?
What to do on long car ride?
does anyone know why the traffic is backed up in clarksburg, wv?
Metro student bus pass?
What can under 25 drive in south australia?
if you leave something on a charter bus can you get it back?
what towns do u need commerial plates for a truck to work in?
so how do you know your cardinal directions in NYC?
which state do you think has the worst drivers?
Are You Kidding Me Gas Prices?
Is there a bus going from fairfield to vallejo?
Why do speeders like driving in the slow lane?
my license was suspended and i need to drive to work can i get temporary licenses to go to work?
gaziabad transport autiorty?
what is a good first car for a girl aged 17?
How far away is Crosby from Downtown Houston?
increase of Vehicles!!!!?
What kind of real world gas mileage does the Toyota prius get.?
How much is the gas per gallon in California? It's already $2.79 in Texas.?
How far can items carried in a pickup truck extend over the back of the truck?
Limo service that does not charge while they wait.?
What are indicators of efficiency for public transport systems?
mini bike questions?
How long will it take you to drive 75 miles at the speed of 50 mph?
why US American freeway road surface have so much pothole, rough buckling, and big gaps between sections than?
carrying capacity for Federal Route B54 in Selangor?
Why do you suppose gas is so expensive when the Gas Companies have had record profits 2 yrs running?
Can I still clear a ticket that i got over a year ago? By going to traffic school or is it to late? 4m Cali,.?
CA DMV left turn question?
Why have we never reverted to covered bridges?
dui: guilty or not guilty?
is their going to be a nation wide gas strike on june 15, 2007?
will you help with this?
How long is the morning commute from Sherman Oaks to Beverly Hills?
What will Los Angeles and its metro area, Las Vegas, NV and the San Francisco Bay Area look like in 20 years?
i need to find a fast lane mighty hauler truck with upc # 9357710813?
Los Angeles traffic ticket, "unsafe left turn" ?
Can I take weed onto a greyhound bus?
Is commuter traffic a problem in your area? It almost seems like a parking lot here sometimes!!!?
Does the Bank of America of Simi Valley has a shuttle service from/to the Simi Valley station?
What's the reason for the large separation of Florida's HOV lanes?
how much gas will it take from st.paul to orlando florida i have a 2003 oldsmobile alero city20 mpg hway 29?
What is the actual height shown on the M62 sign at Junction 22?
Is the age limit for driving going up to 18?
what points are used to measure distance on road signs?
Tax break on gasoline for certain cars?
Driving way too slow! WHY??
Has anybody seen anyone getting gas today?
Fastest commute from Atlantic Ave. Oceanside, NY?
How did you feel when you drove on your own for the first time?
When making a lefthand turn do you have to turn into the 200 foot curtousy lane before turning into regular ?
How many miles is it from Harlow,Essex to junction 4 and the M3?
Do you know how to drive a car?
directions cant understand them?
What's the point in driving anymore with gas prices so high?
How much is gas in your area?
Replacement Id question????
Why do people drive in the left lane on a multiple lane road and do not let others pass?
How to not get sick on buses!??
can you be on a public beach after 12am?
how far is it frome boone to andrews north carolina?
Stoplight question?
How does renting a limo work?
What is the average width of a road lane?
If there's a message on the front of a bus saying 'Sorry, I'm not in Service' is this the bus apologising?
How many miles from Riverside,Ca to Joplin,Missouri?
why the american people Instead of petrol station say gas stations ?
How much does a limo cost to buy?
Commuters in disguise?
Is 45 min. too long of a commute?
Who is a good driver?
why do california motorist get mad when you drive the speed limit??
is there a camera at the saticoy and winnetka stoplight?
Would you pick up a hitch hiker?
How much does it cost for a parking permit on your own residential street Markham Ontario?
Is it legal to to drive with a queen size mattress & box spring on the roof of a Ford Explorer on the freeway?
how much does a ttc driver make?
I can't find directions for a bus on the internet.?
"Deer crossing" signs posted on several roads? How does DOT know when a deer will cross?
Hello America, how much are you paying for Gas?
What public transportations are available from roselle park to new york city?
how many miles can you easily drive in a day?
Does .com have walking directions?
FAST bus accident on November 19,2007 Route 7 City Bus on mciver street?
i want to complain about the price of diesel?
Hows does a man who drive a snowplough get to work?
Help on jumping the border?
Why are there NYPD cars on Brooklyn Bridge always blocking one lane?
Gas prices?
s there a jeepney ride along judge j. luna in del monte, quezon city, philippines?
Is it hard to navigate when your high?
What is the fastest way to get from Mar Vista to Hollywood and Vine during rush hour?
commuting from Loughborough to London?
Ways to get from college to college?
Will the banks take away my vehicles?
why is it that when your at traffic lights you can always??
I was just in an accident, switching from left lane to turn right. Help!?
how much is the current cost of petrol?
Wanted help in my automation project?
Any opinions on Job Corps in Harpers Ferry, WV?
Do you like to go fast?
how do i use my digital tachograph?
Can you bring a dog on a bus or train?
where to buy bus tokens in cypress, ca?
how much do you think it will cost?
How do you save gas driving a straight-drive as oppose to an automatic?
I've finally worked out how to switch motorway lanes.?
How much does a taxi cost?
What do you consider a girl car?
Why do people push you to go faster on the freeway, when your already doing 75mph and the limit is 65mph?
Help with my gas scooter?
Why does the Illinois interstate have pay tolls every four miles?
Where can I purchase a monthly pass for GO bus? (toronto)?
Places to Practice driving in MO?
what is the most used public transportation vehicle?
How long is your commute to work/school?
What are you sacrificing to buy gas?
I have completed my 120hrs in my log book but I havent had my L's for 12 months is there someway around it?
what bus number do i have to ride going to beddington dollarama?
I am moving to Manama, Bahrain. I need a good car for under $2000 that will last me for two to three years.?
With my inflatable love doll, Can I ride in the HOV lane?
How much do Commuter Express pay their drivers hourly and how many hours do they recieve daily?(Los Angeles)?
Question about stopped school bus?
How Can I Get a Discount On a Moving Truck?
How good is the audio system in your car or truck?
metro bus transit center do I go to catch bus 221 to Kingsland?
Which small car is better- Alto Lxi, Indica Xeta or Santro Xing XL (criteria given)?
Do you think 1 hour commute to work in Vancouver is too much?
What device can be installed in cars that show where traffic jams are located?
Websites that give driving directions based on live or past traffic?
within how many feet must you be parked from a curb?
vespa or other electric scooter?
How Much is Gas where you live?
Worst Drivers?
Mazda 3 S against bicycle?
wil we ever see gas prices ,go back to a fair pice . so everyone can live a comfortable life style?
what do you think the best ever car is and the worst ever car is?
I ordered an item on Evike 2/25 on a Saturday 2 biznus days in transit when will it get to my house?
What is the furthest distance one can be from a gas station in the continental US?
How do you get from east side manhattan to 95N to get on tappan zee bridge?
Should we ban HGV 's?
What will YOU do when you can't gas anymore?
What do i do when someone is blocking my driveway in NYC and i need to leave?
What persentage of south africans would tip petrol attendants?
WHAT SHOULD I GET AN IPOD TOUCH OR GAS SCOOTER best answer gets 10 points?
Do you think gas prices will be lowered or higher or neutral in the near future and beyond?
Petrol question about my 1.8astra?
Who has the right of way in a parking lot? Driver coming down an aisle or person pulling out of a spot?
Is Eddie & the cruisers on the darkside Eddie Money ?
How do the red light video cameras work?
how much did a gallon of gasoline cost in 1999?
If cars have turn singles on them why doesn't anyone use them?
Do you really need a car for college?
hired hummered limo?
Is there a bus from Durham, NH to Concord, NH? Or from Portsmouth, NH to Concord, NH?
would a double decker bus be street legal in the usa?
How do I get to greenhills from baclaran church? Public transportation...?
What is the traffic like on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge around rush hour? ?
Why is it called rush hour, when the vehicles are moving slowly?
What is the easiest way to commute from the Upper West Side to Lower Manhattan (wall st.)?
Any limo service in san diego just for trasportation?
How do letters reach their destination?
What causes traffic? Specifically interstate?
What's the best way to commute 15 miles without a car?
why am I bad at directions?
Directions for Hamilton Greyhound to Brantford? and price?
What is a good meeting point/exit on Alligator Alley?
what u.s. cities have the lowest public transit fares bus,rail,brt etc.?
Why don't you like owning or driving a car?
when at the gas staion why do you have to shut engine down?
How do you know if you are driving on yellow line or crossing the yellow line...?
Need to get subway from hanzomon to Azabujuban japan?
How long would it take to drive from sheffield to east nottingham at rush hour?
I have filled for car service it doesn't return trip?
What is the distance from 59th and 7th Ave in air miles to Montauk, East Hampton, Bridgehampton?
If I get 26 MPG and travel 920 miles at an average of $3.20 in gas How much would it cost?
on average how many driving lessons does it take to pass?
what are the gas prices where u live?
how much does it cost to take a cab from penn station to the village?
I got a ticket for driving solo in the carpool lane... big fine?
how much to take a taxi from hamilton to ancaster?
can some one help ne like nowwwwwwwwwwww it is life or death ?
Do you get better gas mileage with a travel trailer or a motorhome?
what are good songs to jam to in your convertible during summer?
Does higher octane effect mileage?
Can you tell me that that the price of gasoline is not going to exceed $4 a gallon this summer?
How long does a regular mail usally take to arrive?
How much would this trip cost , GreyHound or Amtrack ?
What will American cities look like in twenty years?
Do you think that F1 events are providing negative effects like traffic jams and poor businesses to shops?
Chicago suburban public transportation?
What's the best bumper sticker you have or have seen?
Which US cities have the best public transportation system?
Why is is that all you Canadians can't drive. Left side passing lane is used for slow drivers.?
why is the speed limt 65 when nobody goes that speed?
If you were driving along a narrow country lane and a car came in the opposite direction would you reverse?
What are you going to be driving in 30 years time?
Commuting or Living at UC Irvine?
How long does it take to build a commercial parking garage?
should taxi drivers need to take driving assessments / tests and have their driving abilities regularly OK'd
what is the best way to drive from london to liverpool?
how much it cost in france s highway ?
Why would there be a HUGE discripency in diesel price?
I need a ride to California, what are some good rideshare sites?
Solution of traffic jams in pakistan?
When will my package arrive?
what does the .9 stand for on a gallon of gasoline price.?
Why are gasoline prices rising and what can the average citizen do to help lower them?
How much will it cost?
Driving in downtown san jose?
If my counties public schools are closed due to inclement weather, does that mean that the colleges are closed?
How much Gas Pollution will we save if we go from gas to bicycle transportation?
I saw a woman putting on makeup and driving is that ok?
Is it true that many companies in the USA might go to a 4-day workweek to save gasoline and commuting travel?
01/19/2012 NYC Traffic President Obama?
Living over the road as a Rider?
How much is a speeding ticket??
Why do people who drive SUVs, Vans & Pick-ups think they own the road?
What gas is in the jabulani?
Who do you love the most Traffic Police or Traffic Wardens?
Can someone tell me about los Angles traffic?
How do you get to jones beach N.Y.form queens using mass transit.?
Does the toll road record which booths are passed with a transponder?
harassment and tailgating?
why is traffic heavier on thursday and friday?
does it make you think when you see that one white trainer lying at the side of the road ? Whats with that ?
Should I buy a Vespa or a traditional bicycle?
what are the black things located atop the traffic signal lights? (california)?
have you ever fell asleep on rail road tracks. i did once and guess what? no train.?
How much do you pay for gas?
gas prices?
Has anyone been pulled over in CT for having purple or blue hid lights?
Are speeding buses legal?
Can someone please explain to me what a fuel surcharge is?
Commute from Far Rockaway to Manhattan?
what is the speed limit of us 59 where it is 12 lanes (6 lanes in each direction) and the montrose trench?
High gas prices a plot to reduce trafic conjestion.?
What is the number for your IQ to be a genius?
any good slow jams?
How long is your commute to work or school?
What method do the digital freeway billboards in LA use to determine the estimated driving time (60,105,etc.)?
Why does it seem that everyone kicks their speed up in a snowstorm,,,just to show off?
road conditions -15 cajonn pass?
What will you do if Gasoline prices rise above $5.00 per Gallon?
Does anyone know of a car driver who needs a job, in central delhi?
What's your worst escalator story?
Why have all my friends been in accidents that WEREN'T their fault, yet I haven't?
How to find out how much to pay a taxi on the trip to the airport?
How can I get on Hartford from New York taking route I-84?
What is faster, a car or a bus.?
Are the streets/highway busy at 8am on Fridays?
Can I get a Cab from Radio City to Blue Note?
plz check this out for me!! HELP!? Is it a scam?
how to go to philcox building 172 salcedo street legaspi village makati city?
Would you commute 1 hour each way to go to a certain college?
I live 15 min away from a certain college and am deciding wheather i should commute or live on campus?
Cycling to work?
How does someone take city transit in a wheel chair?
texas driving schools in san antonio?... please help...?
Is it hard to drive in the snow?
How do I get to UCSD from UCLA?
What is the phone number/address for CT Limo airport shuttle service, next to the racetrack in New Haven, CT?
How much is a speeding ticket??
I'm taking a poll, how far do you drive to work?
how much would it cost "greyhound"?
how to go to greenwoods exec vill coming from antipolo city?
How would you promote public transportation?
why do people always talk on thier cellphones in the car?
What is the telephone number for the MTA?
Why not build subway train in your area?
how much the monthly pass for TTC cost?
Best GPS system for a college-bound student?
if a taxi driver goes the wrong way down a one way street why did the traffic warden let him of?
is a 40 minute commute long?
George Washington bridge carpool robbery... have u heard of it?
travelling in the centre lane of three,is the lane on the left called the inside or outside lane?
How much do you pay for Gas ??
Why do you sit in your car in rush hour traffic and watch the guy on the bicycle get farther than you ?
Best way to commute from Aurora to Toronto?
If I live in the suburbs, is there a way I can catch a bus to town? It's only a mile away?
Why do cars come with blinkers when we all know full well that only 2% of people use them?
Need bus or train from Huntington Beach to Woodland Hills?
Have you ever taken your shoes off on a bus or any other public transportation?
Is driving 350 miles a lot?
what website i can show my ads?
driving directions from 19148 to 19446?
is it true that rolling your windows down use more gas than turning on the a/c?
Which is better keep a paid for car that gets poor milage, or buy new car that gets good milage?
Why do nutters sit next to me on the bus?
what are some of your biggest pet peeves on the road?
How much are you paying for a gallon of gas?
disadvantages of littering a place?
how much does gas cost in your city?
Why do pepole who are driving 5-20MPH under the speed limit in the passing lane on highways not move over?
How do you use public transportation?
How many hours does it take to drive from Burbank, California to Portland, oregon?
Has the high cost of gas curtailed any of your driving habits,places to go?
I want to have a Bunk Bed Twin/Full Futon Style Black Metal Frame shipped to me from California to Dallas.?
What happen to the day where you could get gas at a decent price. Who is screwing this up.?
Where do I find mileage rate for other countries?
Thule Rooftop Cargo Box Question...?
Chennai Airport Transit @ Rs. 400/-?
What's the name of the service in Portland, OR that will drive you home from the bar in your own car?
What can you do if your car stops working in the middle of traffic or in a road while driving?
What is the price of gas where you live? How high have you saw it?
Do you "cocoon yourself" on your commute on public transport?
how to reduce traffic jam in Dhaka?
i have a cobra hh-70 how do i know if it works and how can i get the owners manal?
Do Pickup trucks get better gas mileage at higher speeds?
how do you figure out a vehicles gas mileage?
how much traffic/how scary is it to drive on i-95S in virginia/north carolina?
Is there a travel mug with a handle that's dishwasher safe and microwavable safe out there?
good drivers advice please three or more lane roundabouts?
Need a limo for debs in munster?
Can i take these items on coaches?
Is it possible Through Car Rental Companies, To Rent a Car in Los Angeles and drive it to New York,...?
Please can anyone share any idea on what to do on long bus journeys? I cannot read as I get travel sickness.?
Can I drive this on the sidewalk?
what is a safe following distance if you're driving a trailer at 100km/hr?
Some bus lines in the United States? (besides Greyhound)?
Did you witness a motorcycle accident 7:25 a.m.MARCH 30, 2005, SANTA MONICA, LINCOLN OFFRAMP?
how can i get to La Salle Dasma if i'll be commuting from UST, dapitan?
What happens if a Brittish car gets flashed by a speed camera in France?
How to make Hyderabad people to follow traffic rules?
Can i pay cash to board go transit bus?
How much does it cost to commute from Redhill, (Surrey) to London everyday?
Which city has the worst traffic?
Why is it?
Do you think gas prices will ever go down? Or do you think it will go up forever until no one can afford it?
Why do we drive on the parkway and park in driveways?
In Jamaica, Queens??????????
why is traffic heavier than normal on the ramp from route 46 east towards Route 53 south?
If people aren't happy about fuel prices then why do they keep speeding?
Driving Directions. PUBLIC Transit help?
What would be the most efficient bus route(s) to get from Fremont to Santa Clara?
why do Americans drive everywhere (instead of walking/public transit)?
How bad is the traffic from DC to Baltimore from 4-5`?
How much is a gallon of gas where u live??
Why do women think they are better drivers than men?
hi e.b. out there. anybody knows what GPS stand for?
how long does it take to get a ticket for passing a bus in virginia?
How do I handle a Carpool lane ticket? CA?
DIRECTIONS from aventura to Sunset Metro busses!?
Any limo service in san diego just for trasportation?
why is there so many stairs at lane community college?
How do I get from Chicago Union Station to Hyde Park (5400 Woodlawn Ave) using public transportation?
how long is the commute from Orange County to Los Angeles during rush hour traffic?
How is E85 comparable to fossil fuel?
School Yr10 formal Help?
How do I get to San Fernando Pampanga Municipal Hall?
why don't our government step in and do something about our high price of fuel?
is public transport privatisied in melbourne and when?
How is your commute to Brooklyn Tech?
Does Utah State University in Logan, UT have parking?
If there were one more lane added to every highway, would the traffic get less congested on each highway?
Help me. theres this guy and he is being a jerk what should i do?
Good place to live with kids near Northern Virginia - as far from NOVA as possible without a horrible commute?
What does a yellow light mean to you?
Website or app you can use to create a route ?
How much did you, yes... you personally, pay for a gallon of gas in the year 2000?
Is there a computer chip so ford expedition can be towed?
Is it ok to stay in the fast lane when you are driving a few miles over the speed limit?
Why Do transit Buses have Huge Steering wheels for?
N. CA residents what do you think of the new $1.2 multi lanes, thatmerge onto 2 ln highway?
What does a double broken white line mean on a highway? Like this ====?
How long will it take to walk 2.05 miles?
If I work from 11am-2pm is that considered working 2 hours?
Why can't people merge correctly on the freeway?
if it takes 5 minutes in a car, how long does it take to walk?
How do i get form irvine to southwestern law school?
why is the right lane the slow lane?
How long does it take to ship from Virginia to Florida?
What is the phone number to San Francisco Greyhound station?
Why does the gas pump slow down when you're almost down pumping gas?
Are you satisfied with the Taxi Cab Service?
Is gas going to go back down at all??????
How to get frm Newark airport to Hyde Park NY?
can you drive a jcb 3200 at sixteen?
Do you think you would drive better with that phone up your a**???
Is it important to run for the transit bus when you're late, or is it more worth it to wait for the next one?
I want to know how many people speed. And for what reason do you do it.?
I will like to know the web for bus schedule or trail please?
Does honking at a red light make it turn green faster?
bus fare from high wycombe?
which is the fast lane on the interstate??
who was the idiot who designed the intersection of saticoy and woodlake?
any good off roading spots in Indiana?
I need to get to nottingham from peterborough tomorrow morning. Should I drive or take the train?
Why do cyclists risk their lives at night by having no lights on their bikes?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
Americans, what would you do if Gas was $8 /gallon?
Transportation help please!?
I would like to go from Hartsfield Airport to Kennesaw GA via Marta?
Hi please help .. i posted a package n forgot a detail on address?
Drivers who go slow in the fast lane on purpose?
How would I enter 9 different locations ?
M1between J4 and J2 the pylons that run aside the road are painted two colours, grey on the other, why?
what is the average price a person spends in gas each week?
What sort of prescribed medications are commercial Truck Drivers not allowed to take?
How does the NJ Transit bus transfer system work?
how many hours going to colorado from california?
Why is the middle lane the suicide lane?
distance from denver to mt rusmore?
Can temperature affect your gas milage?
How would you get around if there was no gasoline left?
How can I feel more confident driving on mountain highways?
Why do they call the front seat "shotgun?"?
How to commute from Multinational Village, Paranaque to Mckinley Hills, Taguig?
Why do people stop to watch accidents in the freeway and then create traffic?
Trying to buy a car but cant decide on one?
Questions about New Jersey traffic lights?
from ayala makati, besides taxi,how to get to santana grove parañaque city?
i am not sure if i went through congestion zone .how can i know?
How do I get to the Lincoln Tunnel from Interstate 78?
Do you have a long commute, and what do you think?
Are you allowed to drive on the highway with your G2 license? (Ontario)?
Citilink do they have any idea what they are doing?
Do London bus drivers hate us?
How many accidents have you been involved in so far?
What will americans do when the world runs out of petroleum? It may be alot sooner than later.?
How do you know if you are driving on yellow line or crossing the yellow line...?
why is gas $4 a gallon???
What kind of moped or electric scooter or gas scooter would i need in california to use without a license?
Is the Finch GO station the same place as the Finch Subway Station?
Do you still buy BP gas?
I need to find a website that will let me put in my exact route and it will tell me how many miles it will be?
Does .com have walking directions?
How much do you pay for a gal. of gas where you live?
im turning 21 and about to get my driving permit do i have restrictions?
What if people traded in there cars for horses to react to gas prices?
how many miles do you drive a day?
Will gas prices will ever go down? I just paid $3.98 a gallon today and that's regular only.?
What are some techniques to driving economically?
If (when) gas hits $8/gallon will you take mass transit if it is safe, clean and on time?
Is traffic worse in Shicago or Cleveland?
Does it annoy you when someone is traveling in the passing lane?
honking during an accident?
How to fight a new york parking ticket?
the average gas mileage of a certain model car is 27.0 miles per gallon. If the gas mileages are normally dist?
Looking at other drivers?
Why do road construction crews cut out those rectangular sections of the pavement at seemingly random spots?
Do prison buses have emergency exits?
why are gas prices so high?
Bay area traffic question?
I missed the bus, what do i do?
Questions about the Staten Island Ferry?
Why do gas stations add 9/10 on the end of every price instead of just rounding up?
How long since you started driving did it take for you to feel comfortable driving?
Saving gas with slower speeds?
what is the web site for los angeles bus schedules?
Also wanted to ask does anyone know how much driving from TX to NY costs? With gas and tolls? Guesses plz?
Which towns in Michigan have public transportation?
Is Gasoline Octane 93 really better?
suggestions on commuting from Newburgh/orange county ny to Brooklyn ny?
How many miles before your destination do you start changing lanes right?
RAGE ?????????????????
Im scared to drive in traffic what can i do?
How far is gas going to go down???
how many miles do most taxi cabs rack up day?
how do u not let your nerves get to you on your driving test?
Carpooling Facts?

Should we lower the amount of liquid it takes to make a gallon in order to cut gas prices?
how many miles will a 6v92 detroit have when it is time to re-build it?
Please explain why today's commuters are less likely to stand up for seniors and pregnant women?
Are the current gas prices going to change your transportation habits?
how far do sex offenders have to live from bus stops/schools?
how do you feel about putting more restrictions on teen drivers?
has anyone ever been caught speeding by a plane?
how do i grow up to be brittish?
how to commute from pampanga going to 2nd/f sterling place, 2302 pasong tamo extension makati?
Why do people, in traffic, drive by, 30 mph faster than you, only to stop at a red light 40 yards ahead?
Do people really need to talk on the phone while operating a motor vehicle?
How busy is the CA-57 N freeway?
do drivers who don't use their turn signal annoy you?
If you lived in the NYC area and had a 15 minute walk to the subway everyday, would you find that tolerable?
Is there heavier traffic along UP - Ayala Land Techno hub?
What percentage of our gas is used up for air conditioning (assume the ac's always on) ?
Public transportation between Nashville and Columbia?
how do you add mileage?
Can I see the future?
I need help looking for a good limo!!?
what do you do on your commute?
How high will a gallon of gas go in 2011?
do you ride bus to work our drive?
Can someone tell me detailed bus transfers to get from Spokane airport to EWU?
what are the 3 components of the highway transportation system?
Would you get a nice bicycle for college?
how does it cost to drive 100 miles?
how to calculate miles per gallon?
Can I save money by driving 2 miles out of my way for gas that is 2 cents cheaper?
does it make you think when you see that one white trainer lying at the side of the road ? Whats with that ?
can the royal mail drive through red lights?
norwalk california transit?
which is best a diesel or lpg van?
what is the best type of transportation to travel in?
Is this true or not? I have been told that there are underground sensors at the stop lights and your car?
Does a car takes gasoline to run the air conditioner??
I got off the bus and told the bus driver thanks, he responded uh huh, take it easy...was he being rude to me?
How do I Travel from Chicago Union Station to Devon Street?
What Do You Think About On Your Long Drive Home From Work?
How many driving lessons did you take, before you passed?
Does Wawa make the gas prices go up?
Looking for truck stops...?
How much does it cost to rent a limo for a night?
Passing a road sign "New York 112 km."?
does the 5A bus stop in St Marys Way?
What frustrates you when you're driving?
What is it about human beings that (regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or etnic background),
UPS? "in transit" help?
EZ pass-Can it be used in any car you are in?
Why do you northerners come down to Florida then drive slow in our left lanes?
Euston Road/Marylebone Road traffic in the morning?
Has America lost the passion for driving?
On an average how much are taxis?
why is my kia soul using so much gas so fast?
How much does it cost for a class 6D (moped/scooter) driving course in Qubec?
How can I find traffic counts for roads in Santa Clara County?(CA)?
hypothetically speaking?
why did USA choose a right-hand drive?
how many gallons of gas would i need to drive from ocala, fl to orlando, fl in a car that gets approx. 28mpg?
Why don't the idiots in our government get rid of speed limit on straight highways?
Why do you tailgate!?! grrrr!!!!?
Looking for parents to share driving from NYC area starting Saturday 7/12 to Interlochen.?
Do you know any SUV's that have a tailgate?
Late for a driving test?
What is the weirdest, funniest or most dangerous thing you've ever seen someone doing while driving?
Directions from Aventura mall to 163rd st Mall?
I've lost my keys......?
Should i change driving instructor?
This is supposed to be the most joyous time of the year, everything slowing why is gas going up???
if i dig a hole and keep diggin will i get right throught to the other side of the planet???
How do you buy tickets at the South Shore South bend Airport Station?
gas price in ca is high enough now , what refinery's' are being maintained to cause our cash embargo ,-
where can i get the list of contacts of bus lines?
How to go to Makati Medical Center by jeepney, or mrt or coming from cubao?
Questiong about driving into other states?
How much is the fine if you use the Olympic Lanes?
Traffic bad on New Years? Interstate 95?
why do people think taxi driving is easy ?
Im a fem and i sign up for a gsm in the navy. Is that a good job? Is it possible to change it? how is it?
why do you only drive in the middle lane on motorways? you know who you are! senisble answers please?
Question about getting off a bus?
Some one tell me how i didn't get a ticket for speeding last night when the cop clocked me doing 73 in a 35.
How much does speeding 10 over in a 15 mph school zone in Las Vegas, Nevada cost?
how long will 150 mile journey take?
is traffic bad at Uk? because almost every car brand have a 1.0cc or 1.1 cc series line up.?
Who gets to name streets and cities?
How much does it cost to ride in a Taxi 14 miles? That would be a 20 minute ride.?
Does anyone here live in California City, CA?
Driving with a permit at age 18? what are my restrictions?
College Park to UMBC?
is their any more games for kids like rune scape, vmk, and club penguin that is very fun?
Has your city expanded its businesses and cause alot of added traffic? Your Experience?
what is the shortest commute from hartford to uptown manhattan?
How many people fit in a limo?
How much does the average American spend on gas in a month? Washington DC area. SUV?
when is e15 ethanol fuel being released to the public?
POLL: Who is the better driver? Men or Women. 10 points to whoever has the best argument....?
mammoth lakes public transit question.?
What is traffic like in the North Orlando area and at what times is it the heaviest?
Which would be worse? Being stuck in an elevator or in traffic?
why wont parents get their chindren a cellphone?
Am I able to take my G1 test at the Port Union DriveTest centre during the strike?
With gas prices so high,...How do you increase your gas mileage?
how speed is automatically contolled in automobiles?
How to get to this address?
Hartford local bus on Main Street?
What bus to take from Orlando Roseville to Sierra College?
do you prefer street directories or GPS systems?
How old do you need to be to operate a moped?
Have you ever been sitting on a bus when suddenly someone ?
where is the citylink bus terminal?
Which way do Mobile Speed cameras Target?
NJ Transit bus!!! HELPP PLEASEE!!?
Have you ever had a bad case of road rage used against you?
What is the quickest way to get into the Holland Tunnel from the corner of Wall Street and Front Street?
how long will it take to walk 3.2 miles?
why do some people never have there money ready when they buy a ticket for public transprt?
I live in Hayward California and might accept a job in Palo Alto. How bad is traffic around 6:15-6:45am?
New Car driver: Should dirve to CT from DC or not?
In Ohio, how old do you have to be to have 2+ people in the car with you?
What are the arguments against a 'standee' bus?
Should the speed limit be raised from 70 mph on motorways.?
who loves uhaul?
Which gender do you think is more careful to drive the speed limit in a 35 zone?
How much is gas where you live?
address for union station in chicago?
anyone know the best way to commute from Baltimore to Arlington?
whats worse female drivers or senior citizens?
G1 Exit Test at Toronto-Metro East?
Trying to decide on where to move house...?
will THESE Los Angeles transit tokens work on a bus?
What is the exact distance from South Jordan, Utah to St. George Utah.?
how much is a gallon of gas in the usa?
when do you think gas prices will drop?
how is a car scanned through the fasttrak?
Is there public transportation from Schaumburg to Downtown Chicago?
Commuting options from Bridgewater, NJ to NYC?
what are the rules when dealing with public transit buses on the road?
Question about prom limos.?
What are the black covers I see in the middle of the road?
Do you need a license to drive a moped in California?
RRRGGGG 4 way stop who gets the right away?
why does the subway rides overwhelm me?
what is the commute time between santa clarita and glendale ca?
does labor day traffic start now or tomorrow?
Is there a website or Map Viewer that shows MPH for trip planning?
What public means of transport do I have from San francisco intl airport to Monterrey, CA?
Do I waste more gas if I just let the car on for a minute or two or does it waste more when I turn it on.?
Is it hard to navigate when your high?
Can hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
how to fight a ticket for driving in a bus lane in Quebec?
should i commute next semester?
Will will happen now since the truckers are on strike?
What is your opinion about rotary intersections?
What's the deal with all the red lights in Salt Lake City?
Why do gas prices raise?
I'm driving to West Dover Vermont this Friday from Allentown PA. Which route would be better Rt 91 or Rt 87?
When was The CDL license introduced to commercial drivers?
how to avoid adding points to UK driving license for a speeding offence?
Has Any one used before?
Anyone ever see a public transportation bus operator beat a passenger or make passenger start sobbing?
Anyone know a good place for window tinting in oklahoma?
Are the 403 in to croydon on strike?
The video with the plank of wood?
Where can I use my Citgo gas card in my area Stockton/Modest Ca we use to use it here in manteca at 7-11.?
Is this commute a good idea?
Whats the dumbest bumper sticker you have ever seen?
would a modded 1990 240sx beat a 2011 camaro in a race?
What bus and metro to take from Ballston to Woodbridge
Does drinking alcohol make you a better driver?
I think all cars should be emissions tested every 3 months?
My garmin i3 takes ages to find a satellite signal!?
What to charge for carpooling?
GAS PRICES too ....flippin high?
Can I tell you how to save gas if you have a truck?
Is 300 miles to a tank of gas normal? I drive 85-90% hwy, traffic but hwy miles.?
Does anyone know where in brooklyn can i go to get some gas right now?
Birth Certificate from El Paso, TX?
How long is the drive from North Vancouver to Kitsilano?
What are the chances of...?
New Highway 16 in North Carolina?
how many miles weekly are the realistic miles you should have on your car?
Why do gas stations add 9/10 on the end of every price instead of just rounding up?
What kind of car.....?
What's the best place to live, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks or Orpington?
How many miles from Long Beach to LAX? Does public transportation (other than taxi) connect the two? thanks!?
Need help getting to work.?
if my school is 18.1 miles away from my house can i get a bus?
are red top cabs cheaper than yellow top cabs?
how to get to standstead airport by car?
how many times do you honk/flip per day?
Is anyone else frightened of driving on the motorway?
What is a good store to buy a gas scooter?
Can we make it to San Diego???
14 year old taking public transit?
Does anyone know how to get receipts for travel when you use Oyster?
SUV with barcode/cameras/gps?
what is a merger lane on the highway?
Im just curious what state are you in and what is your gas price..?
What is traffic and commuting gonna be like in heaven?
can a kid have a segway?
Is it generally safe for young women to take cabs in major cities such as Dallas?
Where could I live that is commuting distance to both Guildford and London?
Question about renting a limo?
Do you always go the speed limit no matter what or do you sometimes get in a hurry & go over......?
Speed Limit and Your Opinion?
In CA, speed limit in school zone is 25 mph when children are present. Does it mean while in or out of fence.
why do they let women drive?
Resolving Parking Issues in CityPark, Saskatoon, Sask?
What are these cameras for?
Slow Drivers: Driving 5-10 miles under limit?
Can you get a hardship license in Colorado?
I live in Hayward California and might accept a job in Palo Alto. How bad is traffic around 6:15-6:45am?
is there a limo that can fit aroudn 25 to 30 people comfortably and please provide website?
How long does it take you to get to work everyday?
What are some alternative fuels for gasoline?
What qualifications would I need to become a traffic warden?
Will gas prices ever go back under 3.00 $ a gallon?
How can I to get to Branford College in New Haven without a car?
How do you take the bus?
How do transit workers know if you put in enough money?
Why do new communities refuse to put in breakdown lanes?
how did people commute through traffic before traffic lights?
Help with bus route to UCLA?
Should bus travel be subsidised by the government?
how many oil refineries are there in the USA?
Where can I find a good limo service for Gaithersburg, MD?
what rental companys rent to a 20 year old !!!!!!!!?
Whats the deal with drug dogs at bus stations?
Is it legal to drive in NYC with a learner's permit?
How do you read those green markers (or signs) on the highway?
Why did the ***** @$$ cops pull me over?
How could your daily commute/journey be improved?
Things that Improve gas mileage?
Should Britain strike over Oil prices?
Why is it that whenever i plan on being somewhere, im always late...?
Why do we not tout motorcycles and scooters more?
How much would it cost to literraly rent a bus?
will it be hard for me to commute?
"What people would you say are the worst drivers"?
Why do people drive so crazy?
does anyone else get infuriated with drivers who nip up the fast lane in a traffic jam then jump in further up
How do I control my "road rage" or lessen it?
how to pass the time?
Does anyone else love red lights?
WHAT SHOULD I GET AN IPOD TOUCH OR GAS SCOOTER best answer gets 10 points?
is it legal to drive a right hand drive car in the U.S.?
Do London bus drivers hate us?
what can i get to know about somebody if i know only his car number?
Why do we have horns in our cars!!!!?
How much gas would i spend driving from Dallas to Orlando (round trip)?
******* road rage!!!!?
Do people in wheelchairs use the subway?
Why don't old people think ahead?
A man is pushing his car...?
Getting AC/DC tickets the day they come out! if i am going to get tickets for the jan 9th show @ rogers centre?
whats driving like??
How late is night time driving?
can you use motorbikes in bus lanes uk?
Why is the left lane "the fast lane"?
Wilshire Blvd - Beverly Hills - Speed Limit?
how many hours it takes from london to bristol by car?
How do you travel to Oakland from SJSU by public transportation?
Does anyone commute an 1hr to work one way?
Why are old men always the ones with road rage?
what time does the 180 Fremont bus from the great mall in Milpitas stop running on fridays?
challenging question -Greyhound Bus and Pollards Bus Terminal?
Are taxi fares based off distance or time?
Which is proper protocal in Rush Hour Traffic?
How long does it take to drive from Bradford (centre) to Harrogate in rush hour traffic? Thanks :)?
Do I need a a car in Idaho?
What would be a good long board for me?
On my way to work today I saw a license plate that read '5 FT QT'. What do you think?
looking for rates for taxi cabs, flat rates or zone rates in michigan?
why do i get a B0NER on the bus?
Ga$ prices?
What do you think about this idea to eliminate truck traffic on the highway?
gas milage?
Did the bus driver handle this situation correctly?
Why were wagon wheels bigger in back than in the front? (like an old stagecoach)?
Have you learnt where the post snow pot holes are?
What is the best way to get gas prices lowered?
why are gas prices going down so much!?
do 5 year old children need car seat to ride the bus to JFK airport?
How much is gas in your area?
How much do you spend a week on gas?
What are the disadvantages of commuting long distance to work?
should parents on benefits be given a grant to buy a booster seat per child so they can afford it for travel?
What speed do you feel is to fast. Be reasonable.?
Is SAMS Club gas worth it?
ttc subway stations - must learn them fast?
fighting back at the gas companys?
thindivanam lorry service?
which uses more petrol??
Have you ever been stopped by the cops for riding your razor scooter or any stand-up/kick scooter?
how do i take a bus from brampton to toronto?
Which Car Should I Buy? "Chevy Cruze" or "Scion Tc"?
My package is still in mississausga,ON?
Do you think there's too much street traffic?
Today, I saw some gas for $1.99. Do you think it is going to stay down or go back up?
I'm looking to move to South London but still need to commute to Gatwick. Any ideas on where best to live?
Braintree station parking mbta?
Do train drivers actually drive trains ?
Why do people in NJ drive like jerks?
Night Bus service between Veraval and Dwaraka?
transit running problem?
What other cheaper fuel is there other than gasoline and diesel?
Why does it cost more for a adult on a bus than a child?
where can i find the phone number to the toll lane to explain my situation about passing it.?
Do you like to travel solo?
how long would it take to drive from baltimore maryland to washington dc?
How is the gas supply where YOU live?
Do you ever have road rage when driving?
how many station is station of the cross?
Is texas license valid in California?
How do you handle tailgaters?
What's this a about a "gas strike" on May15th for a few days?
When driving for four to five hours straight how can I not lose focus.?
why are people who drive mini vans slow??
How long does it take to get from Ramsgate to London by train?
Why do people feel the need to race cars?
Why is "silver" gas cheaper than regular grade gas in Iowa?
How can I get from Notre Dame, Indiana (near Chicago) to Canada without a car?
Where do bus drivers in London get their attitude from?
highway theory?
How much would it cost to get a cab from Sacremento airport to Rancho Cordova California?
Cars becoming just like people?
Is the commute from Chicago to Waukegan feasible? How long would it take?
should i or shouldn't i?
If you could add up to 100 more miles to your gas tank using a $2 EPA approved tablet, would you?
Why do people (on the underground) have to take up the whole of the armrest?
How much is the AirTrain JFK cost from the Lefferts Blvd. Station?
Im looking at travelling from hastings to middlesex by car, how many miles/hours will it take?thanks?
Bus, metro or car to work? Why?
fuel economy on a merc?
snowplow goes up but not down?
Why Won't People Sit Next To Me On The Bus?
what is the best way to go to PTS Batu Caves from Seri Kembangan, Selangor?
Fuel Mileage Decreasing?
what chould i be paid milleage?
where can i find the cheap gas in the 94533 ca.?
Are there really people in America with genuinely no idea how to use a bus?
Can someone that is an expert on Boston public transportation help!:?
how come better power:weight ratios don't decrease the 0-60 time?
What is the commute like from the northern Colorado cities of Loveland and Longmont to Denver?
problems due to traffic jams?
How can I comfortably travel the subway?
how much whould a second hand funfair rides be?
why are anti skid zones on roundabouts always covered in skid marks?
bus drivers?
Can I see the future?
i have been accused of damaging a car in sainsburys car park,?
What are the long bus services which had been broken down into multiple journey?
What was Alberta street renamed to?
when does the new symrna speedway races start in new symrna florida?
What US interstate has the most traffic?
Gas price question?
Where to buy Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil?
Can a parking warden park in single yellow line in a cycle lane?
What happens if you don't have money at a toll booth?
How to go to Makati Medical Center by jeepney, or mrt or coming from cubao?
Why do Old People Drive Caddys,and Buiks?
what is the web site for finding directions and any place in the USA?
What's worse during rush hour heading towards Northbrook?
Why do the English drive on the left, when almost everyone else doesn't ?
The Shudehill Interchange, Manchester?
Limo from Ontario (Niagara area) to USA (Cleveland, Ohio at the furthest) ?