public transit app for iphone for northern virginia.?
Why does everyone tailgate me?
on i-81 in pa do the exits go up in number or down as you go south?
What is the longest bridge in the world?
How many hours driving?
Do traffic lights flash you if you barely make it through on amber?
Can you get a speeding ticket for going over the yellow speed limit signs on curves in the road?
How many parking tickets did you get this year?
If your house was less than a 5-minute walk from your workplace, would you walk or take a car/taxi?
should there be cameras to catch out the middle lane plodders?
do you laugh a little when you gas up your motorcycle for $10 when the guy next to you is paying 80 for suv?
the highway transportation system?
can you driver a scooter on the street without a license in dallas?
Not Showing Student Discount Card on TTC?
Texas Taxis? How Much?
How do I reach Lakewood from Valley Medical center,SantaClara by VTA?
Driving with your A/C running,does it burn more gas.?
Is gas going to go up to $4 per gallon with the latest bad news?
Is there a nighttime speed limit in New Jersey?
What kind of lisence do you need to drive a scooter?
What are the small black Boxes Located on the top of traffic lights in the UK?
Are there any car shows in austin today???
Is their a bus from Manchester NH to Keene NH?
Can someone give information on luxury buses between bangalore and pondycherry?
how far do you live from your school?
Does any one ride long distances to work in london?eg to Blackfriars?
How far is it between Des Moines, IA and Soiux Falls, SD and how long would it take to drive averaging 65mph?
Gas Prices?
What are the gas prices like where you live?
Are there any heated bus shelters in Saskatoon?
UK-specific: Is there a new rule that you have to give way to your right *and* left at roundabouts now?
Adverts by London Underground?
where i can buy bio gas lights in india?
How do round-trip Metrolink tickets work?
Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
where is the car show during 11/22 to 12/2?
Should I commute to work?
City water tower and gas main building located on private driveway, should city have to maintain the road?
Why do we not tout motorcycles and scooters more?
Why is the time of day with slowest traffic called rush hour?
How long in advance do you need to book a limo and how much do they cost?
A diamond lane on the freeway is called?
what is the weirdest thing you have seen someone do when they were driving?
I weigh 620 - should I use the handicap lift on a bus that my drivers keep offering?
how many minutes it takes from luton to brixton?
Why Do People in Desert Cities drive with their foglights on?
What is the best way to get to Fairfax, Virginia?
about taxi's?
can you use a cta 30 day on the pace bus?
Live in Southern CA looking for best trucking job.?
how do i take the bus from here..?
Cyclists in London?
Limit x--->3 (x3-5x+6)/x2-9?
I am thinking about moning to LA and can you tell me about a city that is no more then 30 mins drive out side?
What do I do if I am being Harassed for speeding by neighbors when I am not speeding?
do the people know that bus transit systems exists in all 50 states? try
Why do we have to pay a toll on "FREEways"?
Why do you text/talk on your cell phone while driving?
How can I get to sunset blvd through the metro?
What is the best driving method to conserve fuel during the day/nigh?
can i put my own speed bumps in the road to slow the traffic speeding past my house?
With gas prices said to be $6 by October, 2008, what will be some new modes of transportation for some?
I have just purchased a 2012 VW GTI the other day....?
will i zoom work in ohio and penn. along with indiana?
What is the best type of gas? i.e. Shell, Sunoco, Exxon etc.?
Is it legal for you to turn into a turning lane from the Straight lane?
What is a good song to drive fast to?
GAS Prices got to go?
What is a shared centre turn lane?
What are the gas prices where you live currently?
Why doesn't Toronto have a bigger subway network?
Why does Thailand have such a traffic problem?
What is the funniest thing you have seen or have done while traveling?
how long after you pass your test can you teach someone else to drive?
Cycling Versus Driving?
I received a moving violation for accidentally going through an EZ pass lane.?
What is the robort sequence in traffic lights?
Can you transfer money value from a student riding permit to a CTA transit card?
How much would a stretch limo cos for...?
Anyone else having a terrible day?
Limo or Bus Transportation from Toronto to Buffalo?
i just moved to NY with my husband but work in NJ and live part time in NJ do i need to change my DL?
Why don't traffic signals sense motorcycles?
what bothers you most about other drivers?
I'm 17, in college, commute.. I really really need a car...?
Where can I find a segway in Tampa?
When Parking in a downtown lot..?
Does anyone know whether getting 18pence per mile is good,?
is 5 over the speed limit ok?
When approaching a set of Traffic lights... (Driving EXPERIENCE question, not help)?
How much does a monthly pass from grand central station to scarsdale station cost?
need to get from Towson to Baltimore Penn Station via bus, any ideas? Ta?
Taxis: Not for hire.?
I am 33 and terribly affraid of driving. Got my licence 2 yrs ago. What can I do to overcome my fear?
how much will it cost me for an EZ-Pass?
Taking the metro north to my white plains stop what bus to or near 120 bloomingdale road or bloomingdale stor?
Which food will give me the worst gas possible? We are going on a roadtrip and it is time for payback!?
Which city has the world's best public mass transit system?
How would one become a csx locomotive engineer?
on the NYC buses do the bus drivers?
What is the difference between a road, a street, an avenue and a lane?
Razor Scooter Max Weight 120 LBS?
How to gain confidence in driving?
Do you believe what the oil companies are says as to the reason why the price of gas is always going up?
How much of your traffic is from SE's?
Do i drive too much ? How much do you drive ?
How much money are we going to spend on gas?
Strip padiddle rules?
California traffic ticket, fine not paid yet, do i need to pay even if I plead "Not guilty"?
improper lane change?
How slow should I go when I approach a traffic light?
what is a stand alone gas station? example?
How to read a bus ticket (need help tonight please!)?
Does anyone else wave to Santa when you pass him in the mall and he's not doing anything?
wat sre those license plate holders called that all new cars have that enable you to back up while you drive?
Fastest way to get from Penn Station to 93rd street?
How to get to UW Sheboygan from North high by bus?
Should bus travel be subsidised by the government?
Where can you travel at a speed of 200mph ?
Why are there canvas bags over certain traffic lights in Winnipeg?
How bad is the weekday morning traffic going from Long Beach to Venice?
are you using your mobile when you are driving/going on busy streets? DUfeel communication is more important?
How many freeway exits are there I'm the USA?
chow long would it take to drive cross country on a bus?
why do some guys drive crzy when they are in the next lane on the freeway with me?
truckers/ health pros... what to do/use while driving?
How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work?
I'm looking for a Bus service from L.A. International Airport to Palm Springs, Ca on March 26th around 3:30pm.
What do you think about gasoline rationing? Would you be in favor of it?
is there any bus service that has deals to foxwood via the ferry?so far i've only seen one from orient point
Unccommon modes of transportation ?
What is the link to the bus times tables on woodley & Devonshire in Granada Hills, California?
anyone know how i can get to this bus station?
Why is everyone (you know who you are) driving in such a big rush?
Why is everyone so obsessed with driving everywhere?
how can i go to gilbert street in tinton falls from long branch using either a public bus or a train?
My package is still in mississausga,ON?
Whats the def of a ONE LANE BRIDGE?
Shouldn't people be embarrased to drive SUV's nowadays?
IS IT WORTH IT?? Friday, May 1st boycott buying gas.?
How much does the minneapolis light rail cost?
I need info. on street light sync. & timing?
how much does a bus ride cost from Burbank ca to Glendale ca?
Are you concerned that in 4 years, a gallon of gas could cost you $10 a gallon?
Should automobiles be banned from the road for being a danger to themselves and others?
Why does California route 87 not have an interchange with I-880?
Will I ever learn to drive?
How much MPG is reduce by using A/C while driving?
Blind Spots?
how do you know when to shift?
How to commute to Valero St.?
how long would it take from east midlands airport toedgbastong in birmingham?
What would be the best way to reduce the number of road traffic deaths and injuries on our roads?
I'm gonna try the GAS OUT on MAY 15th....Will you?
Is Virginia a good state to move to?
What do you think of memorial stickers on a vehicle?
Is a bus driver regarded as a good profession?
Do you enjoy tailgating on the road to hell?
My TV/DVD combo says wrong region when I insert a DVD what's up with it and how do I change it?
Minimum speed limit on a 45 road?
Once you turn 18 can you drive people?
Would tailgating bumper stickers only make the situation worse?
is that good for my car? please help me?
trying to find a bus station?
Are gas prices going to increase?
greyhound please must know?
WHEN can i use a tap card?
i need some help!!!!?
Why do old people always want to sit at the front of the bus?
Why are Gas prices allowed to go so high?
Why do motorist hate cyclist and why are some cyclist so G*d D@mned arrogant?
Traffic... WTF?
Renting a transportable Electric Scooter?
the front of a 5.0 m long bus traveling at a constant speed of 20 m/s is 55 m away from the intersection.?
How long would it take to drive..?
How long does a normal mail takes to travel from Malaysia to the UK?
Good Public Transportation?
what is the answer to the gas crisis?
let's share a time when you were caught in a traffic jam.?
What saves more gas, driving in a higher or lower gear?
NJ Transit Penn Station to The Meadowlands(izod center)?
will my car make it to new york from atlanta?
Moving Madness?
How long will it take me to walk 4.9 miles?
would a double decker bus be street legal in the usa?
How to get to the San Francisco Zoo?
Why are people on the underground so rude?
a bus from dalston to Leyton High Road E10 5NR?
How to go to paseo de magallanes makati city via commute?
On the highway this guy cut me off, so i threw a dumbell threw his windshield, he crashed, What would u do?
how much does a greyhound ticket cost?
How much is gas in your city. It's 3.50 in Ohio?
if you have your permit do u have to it for 6 month and do 60 hours of drving?
can a city police pull you over on any of the 400 series highway in ontario? isn't the highway for OPP only?
Does AAA give you gas if you run out?
Do you ever get road rage?
how do i get rich from driving taxi?
What do you think of no speed limits on the united states highways?
what happens if you have no money for the toll bridge?
What does the average cargo van get for gas mileage?
Can i use my monthly student pass for the orange line?
What is the best way to appear sober when you are really drunk at the wheel?
how many hours it'll take to vigan if you are to get a bus trip from Partas station?
Would you ride a Motorcycle if gas/petrol cost $12 per gallon of regular unleaded?
Are gas prices putting a strain on your budget?
I caused an accident , but it was NOT my fault!?
Lanes Packing Fort Valley, GA? ?
Speeding tickets in the UK - how much are they and are you allowed to exceed the speed limit at all?
Distance between Dubai -Sharjah and Dubai-Abu Dhabi?
Nebraska Learners Permit (LPE) Restrictions?
Commuting From Delaware to Philadephia?
Why isn't the price of Gas dropping faster?
what is a good first car for a girl aged 17?
How many moving traffic violations have you received in your life?
On the Tube: why we should stand on the right on the escalator while we must keep left on stairs and tunnels?
can i get to six flags, from bus terminal....?
Getting around without a license?
Oakland, CA commute times?
Do pedestrians who cross major bridges (like the George Washington) have to pay a toll?
Can anyone help me achieve transit maps?
Help with bus schedules?
how much does it cost to touch in and out with an oyster card for overground, zones 1 - 4?
what is a carpool?
How am I supposed to get to 42nd Street, 5th Avenue using the Long Island Railroad?
What could be wrong with a person who can't learn how to drive?
What Angels Baseball Player Died Recently In A Car Accident Because Of A Drunk Driver?
Is it legal to drive in Detroit, Michigan with Ontario G2 license? ?
two same cars having big&small steering weels, to turn left/right which steering weel is steered less times?
Would like to know if Maple City Oilers of Peoria, Ill. is still in business. or anything you might . . .?
In Brazil a millionaire woman contract your own traffic controler to arranty a party in Rio de Janeiro?
When your car is low on gas is it better to go faster over a shorter distance....?
Why don't taxi drivers like Little Miss Jocelyn?
what could be some of the causes of parking difficulties in urban areas and large cities?
How much would it cost to rent a limo for about 8 people?
how do i get to AMC Loews Lincoln Square?
Why do drivers in Virginia tailgate so much?
Was this road rage............?
What Does A Speed Sign With A Black Circle Instead Of A Red One Mean?
Answer me this question about gas prices.?
Does pushing the elevator button more then once make it arrive faster?why do most of us do it?
Where can I buy gashol in Utah?
How often do you go over the speed limit?
Where are the bus stops near mayajaal?
Are the new trains acquired by the Western/Central Railway in Mumbai really better than the old ones?
Are there jeepneys from Quirino Avenue Station LRT to Paco?
how much will it cost to go to newark penn station from dunnellen nj?
How does a transit authority create a schedule?
Commute time for Lake Elsinore, CA to Corona, CA?
When you are waiting to make a left turn, do you look at the faces of the drivers going the other direction?
How much 4 lane highway is there between Wheeler, tx. and Corpus Christy, tx?
40km/h zones in Burwood East?
Do you think a 15mph school zone driving limit is necessary for high schoolers?
i caused an accident for going into oncoming traffic...?
Crazy hitchhiking truck driving stories? Best answer .s(:?
A locomotive is accelerating at 1.59 m/s2. It passes through a 23.2-m-wide crossing in a time of 2.34 s. After?
Where can I go to pay traffic tickets?
Does Navman work in the USA?
Too many miles per day?
how long is a mile?
Help I am on a 4 hour bus trip and I have to pee so bad?!!!?
Why isn't the caps lock capitalized?
Has anyone used Drive Away Autos for a cheap vacation to see the country?Heard good & bad, do you know ?
When you see an empty cup in someone's car, do you automatically assume its their emergency toilet?
Do you drive 1 hour to work each day?
How is the commute from Long Beach, Ca to Irvine, Ca?
GPS systems, what is the easiest and the best GPS system?
Crazy Driver! Please Help?!?!?
i need a cup of diesel fuel from the gas station, but dont have a gas container, can i store some in a jar?
What are "slits" on a Razor Scooter?
How fast have U ever drove at a stretch and were U caught?
I've failed my PRACTICE DRIVING TEST in the UK today.Feeling really down now,anyone can help?
Help: Forgot my student concession card and got fined?
I need a software for managing my Inter-city bus service!?
How much will my traffic ticket cost, i was going 20 miles over the speed limit on the freeway.?
What are carpool lanes?
Living at college or commuting?
Why are you in the left lane?
If a sign on the road says "Right Lane Closed" or "Left why do people insist on going into that late?
From Newton MRT to Clementi MRT by car thr. Bukit Tamah Road, how much is the toll fee ? No toll fee ?
3 Lane Carriageways....i don't understand?
Do I need the red decals to take my drivers test if I'm driving my GRANDMOTHERS car?
a job driving someone's vehicle across country for them for a fee?
how many miles is it from chicago to tokyo?
A car is being tracked at point A at 2:44pm then at point B at 3:05pm. the points are 11km apart.?
Would you tip this taxi driver?
You're Sitting At A Red Light...?
in sf how much is the fine for hov?
Euston Road/Marylebone Road traffic in the morning?
Why not replace the interstate highway system, with an interstate RAIL system for auto's?
im 15 and a half, when can i drive on my own with my girlfriend?
How Do you park on a hill?
do you like it when ppl honk at you while walking down the street?
How much is gas prices where you live?
Moped or bicycle for commute to work in central london? distance approx 7 miles?
Why is gas suddenly going up?
How much will 113 miles cost in unleaded petrol?
What do you think of the gas prices going up and how does it affect you?
With gasoline prices going up, doesn't make sense to walk to stores located in your neighborhood to buy all?
Tires in Valley Forge area.?
I am on I-40 near Waynesville in a traffic jam, could you tell me why?
can anyone PLEASE tell me where I can get a chrome dress kit for my 2000 Nissan frontier crew cab 4x4.?
Where is the nearest B/P or Ami co station In Mesa AZ?
what is the quietest gas standup scooter that is legeal in california?
Miles per Gallon ... Truck Car 2 wheeler?
how long is the boilermaker?
Is a hybrid a good choice for someone who drives mainly highway miles and very little city?
Multiple driving directions?
Do you want to sign an online petition to urge Washington to do something to lower the price of gas?
E-85 fuel generally gives poorer fuel mileage than gasoline. If you decide to buy E-85 instead of gasoline?
how many times will we have to fill up our gas tank to los angeles from redding if we are going 60 mph?
What to do if you've left something on a bus?
Are lorries and buses only allowed on the middle lane in motorways?
Anyone hate pigeons?
How to commute to Eastwood City Libis from Masinag, Marcos H-way or LRT Santolan/Katipunan?
how many gallons in a barrel of oil and how many gal. of gas will it produce?
How long would it take to commute to Pasadena from Cerritos in the morning?
towns and rural areas simply don’t have access to public transportation. Why?
juntion from A42 to Motorway M1 to Sheffield?
What is the maximum time in minutes you are willing to commute to work each day?
what street divide north from south in phoenxi?
What roadway markings are used to guide your driving path?
Do you enjoy tailgating on the road to hell?
Going through red traffic lights?
How do you get with girls at a commuter school?
Need witness to accident: Xmas eve at 11:30 am on rte 495 Andover MA w/teal Subaru Outback and a blk sedan?
is there anybody irritated and frustated about pune road traffic?
Is a 20-minute drive for a part time job worth it?
I am looking for commuting solutions from Vacaville, CA to Martinez, CA any suggestions?
What does "reduced salt zone" mean?
what is a normal rate to charge a company for gas/mileage?
how mcuh does it cost to ride the alex bus?
How high will gas prices get?
How much is the average cab fare in knoxville tn?
how much money I will spend in Gas if I travel 546 miles at 2.95 a gallon?
Getting privileges to walk on the road?
What is the age limit for scooters in cook county?
Does the Channel Tunnel permit vehicles?
how many miles can you easily drive in a day?
have you ever put your feet on the dashboard while waiting for someone in the parking lot?
Hanging a flag from my suv?
y r gas prices rising?
when a road accident takes place the victim should be taken at the earliest for medical aid.have u seen our?
How do you commute or just travel for leisure.?
How much is the NJ transit fare for train and bus?
What's the deal with Cops anyway?
Moving to New Hampshire Need to Know about Commute?
Do You Look at Other Drivers?
how to get along to pag-ibig office at makati from cavite?
Im getting so frustrated :(?
How long would a package the size of a shoe box take to ship from Vancouver, B.C. to L.A, California?
What are some alternative fuels for gasoline?
Pls tell me abt Bus route 680 in Delhi
does fedex run on sundays?
Road Rage!!! I think this is crazy, what do you think?
As a guess how long would it take to drive somewhere 36km away, with an average amount of traffic?
If you were a genius, what would you do to end America's addiction to oil?
Why do old people drive so slow?
When the light turns green, why do the people in front of you just sit there and do nothing?
How many driving infridgements have you had?
Solution to this problem.?
What is the best way to get poop from a friends butt into my butt, and vice-versa at the exact same time?
now that the gas strike is over? or is it???
riverside to los angeles traffic?
What's the FASTEST you've been CAUGHT SPEEDING?
if i run one mile in 8 mins how many mph is this?
Any tips for controlling my nerves during my Driving test?
how to annoy your friends on a really long car journey?
If the US speed limit is 55/65/70, why does my speedometer go to 120 in a regular production truck?
do you have road rage,what does it take for you to get pissed off at someone?
Best gps at a reasonable price?
Have you ever been stopped by the cops for riding your razor scooter or any stand-up/kick scooter?
I live in Oak Grove, Ky on the KY/TN border. I don't have a car but NEED to find a job. Can anyone help me
what is the name of the quarry on the left after the a50 junction in aston on trent?
How do I get over people who honk at me?
petrol/mileage chart?
How long would it take to create a national interstate system?
How much does the ticket cost in CA for 98 miles/hr on freeway which has a speed limit of 65 miles/hr?
How accurate is Navigator Satalites???
is it cheaper to buy online or ticket station?
Should an employee who picks up a company-related package on the way to work be allowed to claim mileage?
Where can I buy a Kinetic moped?
Driving lessons?
Why do the gas prices fluctuate although the gasoline in the ground stays the same?
How long does it take for something to get from America to England via USPS?
What do you drive and MPG do you get?
Limo Refund?
RSO for school bus stops?
Does anybody have any tips on maintaining a certain speed while driving?
what is the best site to use for directions?
In Michigan, Is legal to....?
I caused an accident , but it was NOT my fault!?
Obama is right, if we start drilling for oil now, we won't see that oil in the market for 22 years, agree?
how many hours does it take to get to miami from maryland by driving?
what's the highest milage on a car, pick-up truck, van, or SUV that you've seen.?
SOUTH AUSTRALIANS ONLY!! Speeding related question.?
do you think gas prices will decrease? - when? why?
Can you tell me if there is a bus that goes from Sible Hedingham Halstead to Witham please.Thanks?
does 18+ oyster card let you use any methods of travel?
who makes more money ?? taxi or Limo ?
what is peak hour AM commute from CT to NY?
Is anyone else frightened of driving on the motorway?
Are emission tests necessary? What is the point! Waste of time??
how much would it cost to get a party bus in alberta?
I live in Brampton, near Highway 7 and Airport Rd and I need a way to get to Centennial College?
would you drive 15 minute to go to school?
How much will be average fuel cost to drive from cardiff to edinburgh?
Would you support the construction of a commuter rail in your area if there is not one already?
Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways??
What's the fine for getting caught in the HOV lane with a Mannequin riding shotgun?
What should you tip a taxi driver in Chicago?
doing 59 in a 40 mph?
How to go to Canlubang Industrial Park From MRT Ayala Station?
How do traffic wardens know if you do not have a permit at a 'permit holders only' parking bay?
Is my motor scooter street legal? *more details*?
Don't Pump on the 15th of May. Have YOU heard about this? Will it REALLY work?
How much extra should I pay in gas money for someone to drive 10 miles to my house to sell me a Bicycle?
Who thinks dealership license plates are lame?
Do you use the public transit system in your city? Are the bus drivers sometimes rude?
TTC Bus 38 Highland Creek Free Fare Question?
i need a site to give me the best directions to my destination?
I am moving to Summit, NJ and wonder if I can be helped with getting around the east coast by train/subway?
How do i get form irvine to southwestern law school?
What is the best lane to drive in during heavy traffic?
How much would it cost me in petrol in a driving at 70 mph for 194 miles?
How many miles do you drive to get to work each day?
Left or Right........?
why many people think public transportation is big dirty old air polluting buses that runs in big cities??
How far is too far to commute to work by train?
How long would the commute time be from Eden Prairie to Minneapolis Airport on 494 in rush hour traffic?
why do you see only 1 shoe on the road sometimes?
Anybody else NOT boycotting Citgo gas?
Where do u live and how much do you pay for gas?? I live in Indiana and gas is $3.40 -$3.50 Crazy aint it.!!!
Where on the bus pass card do bus drivers look when you walk past getting on a public bus?
I failed my permit test 2 Times, what should i do? I already too drivers Ed!?
Does drinking alcohol make you a better driver?
Can I do this with the SunPass Mini?
How much does gas cost to drive for 30 minutes?
I got a parking ticket last week. Take a guess how fast I was going?
what are the traffic pollution policies that are set to reduce the pollution and reduce traffic jam?
How many cilinders does a scooter need to have in order to be legal on the hiway?
Do people still call shotgun?
Bring the price of petrol down?
is 3-4 hours a long commute?
Will U2 be making a trip to California anytime soon? If so, when ?
Do Pickup trucks get better gas mileage at higher speeds?
Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset summer traffic question.?
Can trucks be driven on Chicago's Lakeshore Drive?
how do I find a physical address from latitude and longitude coordinates?
how have planners tried to reduce traffic congestion- Geography?
can a hearse driver, drive a corpse in a car pool lane?
Does anyone know how long it takes to travel by car from Crockett, CA to Santa Rosa, CA during rush hour?
how do you get to laguardia terminal to another?
can a 02 impala with 150,000 miles drive from los angeles to pheonix az and back?
Have you ever been cut off in traffic? Why are some drivers so rude?
how far is it frome boone to andrews north carolina?
why are the lights on the whitestone bridge out?
Have you seen this.....?
Is there a Left turn camera in Amar/Grand in the City of Walnut CA?
highest speed limit ever in u.S.?
What are 3 things I can do to decrease my gas mileage?
Does anyone else ever find themselves driving down the highway at 55-65 mph and have the car in front brake?
Pros and cons: what do you believe would happen if we could legally teleport?
When driving, why do some people get so angry when you pass them?
free 10 points if you can...?
Anybody who takes the Metro?! please answer?
I am moving across the country?
Are bus drivers allowed to smoke on the bus?
bad experience with public bus service?
why is it that a cyclist can get away without using lights?
Why are gas prices so high?
Which end is ~At the top of the road?
At the Shortline Bus Terminal in Middletown, NY, are there taxis?
In my communications class, I have to speak and convince my class that HWY 101 is better than HWY 280?
Do you laugh at SUV owners?
how many of you people did i see driving thru ascot today?
which santa rosa transit bus is the best to get to 3449 Bennett Valley Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95404?
How long does it take to get from downtown pittsburgh to the south hills village mall on the subway?
how much does a stretch limo cost to hie for 2 hours?
Why does the Illinois interstate have pay tolls every four miles?
How to commute from Quezon City (Cubao) to HP McKinley except for Taxi?
is traffic getting worse and worse? why?
What happens if you can't pay when you get to the toll booth?
What is the distance between Fort lee NJ usa and St Laurent Quebec Canada?
how can i get from peekskill to mahopac using public transportation?? :[?
When flying cars are invented, will there still be traffic jams?
I will be traveling in July 2006 to Memphis, I w/like to rent a nice convertible car cheap, any suggestions?
how do i get better gas millage?
What does In Transit for FedEx mean?
Gas Prices going down ?
Gas prices?
Ok, when answering this question, please remember that i am a WOMAN and have NO idea about cars!!(sat nav)?
How to get to the nearest SSS branch in Pasay & Parañaque by commute?
Why do so many drivers move all the way to the left just before getting off on the right?
Articles on Reduction of Night Transit?
GPS CT-100 tracking device for the vehicle?
How many of us out there wish that gas was back at 3 dollars again, i know i do.?
How long can you drive on a car doughnut?
Do you ride a public bus?
How is traffic from highway 85 to Saratoga Rd in the morning?
Chicago people! How much does a gallon of gas cost?
Does anyone know how much traffic school costs?
18 mph over speed limit, should i even go to court?
i need help!!!!!!?
garmin sat nav nuvi 760 system software missing?
Are cars bad for the enviroment?
Public transportation in Tampa, Florida (Race Track road N)?
National Ride Your Bike To Work day!!?
Will the number of cars on GT5 prologue increase?
how much does it cost to u-haul your stuff from Tempe A.Z to Lee's summit M.O?
Do you have to sit in traffic on your commute??
Is there morning rush hour traffic going through the Holland Tunnel to NYC at 7:00 AM?
Do you think that Nashville's MTA buses have become dangerous?
How do I use the 91 express lane in Orange County?
Whay does speed shows on tom tom and spedo meter different?
Where to live in Columbus, OH!? I will be working near the Port Columbus Airport.?
Are you willing to ride a horse due to the fuel price?
what is the "HOV" lane???
Which bus goes to Bretton sculpture park from Wakefield bus station?
a traffic conditions at grafton nsw, regarding road closure due to accident?
the fork tongue still exits?
How do I get to Rowland Heights, ca (Colima Street) from Orange county, CA ( Brookhurst, and Bolsa Streets)?
For those who have commuted to Atlanta, GA & Chattanooga, TN - which had the least stressful traffic?
how to open school bus roof exit?
How much does an intrastate NJ Transit monthly bus pass cost?
Where can I buy navigation from?
Do you support a per mile tax to replace the current gas tax ?
radar detector??
When Do the Traffic Camera Starts Working?
Typical walking speed?
What is your daily commute like?
How can I find out about carpooling to work?
how to avoid the bus today?
Why won't the bus operator increase the frequency of the number 40?
How many miles does your car get on a fll tank of gas?
When Semi's Flash Headlights?
What do you do when your stuck in traffic in you car to entertain yourself?
What is the fastest way to get from Mar Vista to Hollywood and Vine during rush hour?
What are the technology would you like to bring in a Taxi Cab ?
How do you ask your roommate for gas money if you are driving all the time?
In 20 words or less... On a typical day while driving, what do you see others doing on the road?
what is the most amusing license plate you have seen?
Are you a calm driver? or do you get taken over by road rage?
looking for tank game from around 95 you lvl get items and fuel all on map by using a radar any...?
Garmin street pilot, is membership or subscritpion required for use?
How far is corona from fullerton?
How do you number the Freeway lanes?
How much does it cost for a ride on the "city bus"-where you live?
Can EZPass work in other states such as Georgia or Florida? What would happen if it didn't work?
How do you get to work by car or by train or bus?
Would I be able to ride a electric scooter with just a permit ?
What does intrastate interstate hgihways qualify to be sign as interstates?
can you help me with directions on the train from luton parkway to wembley park station?
How much gas for a 1,700 mile trip?
How can I do the at home Drivers Ed?
The advantages and disadvantages of traveling; by plane or train?
Do you think gas prices will be going down any time soon?
Which coupe to get, chevy cobalt or honda civic?
I have just purchased a 2012 VW GTI the other day....?
Can 2 Way Radio's communicate with CB radios?
how would i know if i have traffic violations in qatar?
Inbound Holland Tunnel traffic - how bad on a Monday evening around 6:00?
GAS STRIKE ON MAY THE 4.if we do this maybe tHEY WILL reduce the gas price.?
My SmarTrip metro card was washed!!! Does it still work?
What would it cost to drive 1700 miles?
how many gallons per mile does a2007 toyota carolla uses?
Do you use less petrol in heavy traffic on the motorway or when its clear and doing 70 mph?
With UPS, what does "out for delivery" mean?
How many parking tickets did you get this year?
How long does it take for Fed ex to deliver?
paramount to orange???
Would a pickup truck get better highway gas mileage if you drove with the tailgate down?
how to enter truck miles on tax return?
once you get your permit how many hours total will you have to drive with the guy on the street .?
Can my wife and I survive in Denver with one car?
How much do you pay for gasoline? how much higher you think it will go?
complaining about the bus?
How long is your commute everyday?
Fuel efficiency on a Classic Mini?
Drive around 200 miles a week whats the best Diesel 50 mpg/Petrol 40 mpg economically based on price at pumps?
Why dont more drivers use blinkers to change lanes and turn corners?
free public transportation?
Which Baltimore area suburb is the nicest?
Moving to DC metro area-Need midway point between Mclean and Greenbelt (1 hour commute max)?
Are GPS Systems pretty accurate and relaible? Which is the best for the money?
In the US, why tip cab drivers? For making small-talk?
If my car gets 19.5 mpg and work pays me 44.5 cents a mile, is it better to take a company vehicle at no cost?
with rush hour traffic, how long does it take to get from Ontario CA to Baldwin park CA?
What's the difference between the corner of Hypothetical St 1 & Hypothetical St 2 and....?
10 points to best answer!?
washington state. does every red light camera have a flash?
How do you know if you are driving on yellow line or crossing the yellow line...?
Have you noticed that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster is a maniac?
Do you save money by filling up your gas tank when it is half full?
why are drivers so bad in the USA?
Why is it that you get the best gas mileage around 70 mph ?
The price of gas keeps rising yet more people than ever are driving more than ever. Why?
Do you think the free bus travel for teenagers in London is good or bad?
up at4:30am?
When on a hardship license in Florida...?
exceeding the speed limit by 23 miles on a 70 mile road?
$3.00 for gas??? Is it cause of holiday season or are they just up?
i have a goods of cement weighing 7tons,i want to export it,can i use a 7.5ton truck to export it.?
Why does the 101 freeway smell like cookies?
Whenever someone is tailgating you while you are driving somewhere what do you normally do?
When you first started driving were you really nervous?
How will i get the motivation to drive again?
Party transportation!?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane ?
My 250cc scooter goes about 80 mph what would be a good haway speed whith out burning it up on long distance?
Ways of travel and commuting?
do the people know that bus transit systems exists in all 50 states? try
is there any points associated with driving in teh HOV lane ?
NJ Transit Buses - 191?
Gas prices. Why are people quiet and dont strike?
my dad just bought a tank?
How do I change email address details on oyster card log in?
what is the best suv for a dirt road commute?
Would you take a job you had to commute 80 miles to one way?
How much can a half of tank take me ?
Hobo stow a way in the trunk?
what will be the maximum speed of wheeled locomotion, and why?
what are some add ons or modifications that will improve gas mileage in a vehicle?
Are slamm rage 2 scooters good?The caution blue one?
Calling all drivers. Flat tyre, miles from home,on your own , What do you do?
Best gas card to buy?
Is there more to the Chatsworth, CA metrolink train wreck than is being revealed?
I am moving to Burbank, CA and on the street it says no parking 8am-6pm without permit. Where do I get permit?
How To Parallel Park.?
can i find a bus schedule of los angeles?
What does it mean to transfer when taking Greyhound?
Is there a bus that takes kids to El cerrito HIgh school?
any tips for stuff to do while waiting for a bus?
Is it illegal to walk on the side of a highway in Illinois?
What bus do I take to get to Atlantic Station? What station would it be located at?
why have we not made a decent public transit in america?
Is there still the bus from LaGuardia airport to downtown? If so, does anyone know the rates and times?
can my employer insist i use my own car for work?
Have you heard about gas stations calibrating the pumps to show more being pumped?
How much bigger can SUVs get if Americans keep getting fatter?
driving age?
Why is littering bad?
Someone just passed me riding a lunar cycle and he mooned me. Should I be upset?
England only: How much do you pay monthly for public transportation?
I am seeking a mode of transportation between the San Jose, CA, International Airport and SFO.?
how long does a package in transit take to arrive?
A 23 years old graduate from vanderbilt w/no transport in GA. How do I get my grandma to lend me one of her 3?
neede bus route for dot?
where can you store your bike at union station in chicago?
How many cars have you driven by the age of 25?
What is the best method to transport home furnishings to a new location?
how much cost is gas/petrol/oil where you live?
what is your biggest pet peeve when driving with other drivers?
Why do we pay toll at dulles toll road?
Here in MD,gas is $3.77 a gal-- what r u paying?
What do you drive and MPG do you get?
Are the police more linient on taxi drivers when it comes to issuing fines?
Actualy, I want live in mexico short term (less than a year) and commute to the states to work.?
what do you think the best ever car is and the worst ever car is?
Is $50 a week a fair price for a ride to and from work?
What function or things that you think need to a car?
R k Puram to Gurgaon... is there a direct bus? If so whats the number and where I need drop and pick up?
Buses from Memphis TN to Dyersburg TN?
Why are gas prices so high?
Garmin Street Pilot 2610... How do you get map updates for a Garmin Street Pilot 2610?
what would you do at a toll booth in this situation?
Don't you hate it when big vehicles block your view of oncoming traffic?
How do cross country truck drivers have a family life?
Does a school bus drive around your neighborhood?
Passengers......Do some bus drivers love to slam on the brakes?
Can you rollerblade on cycle lanes?
is it possible to take the G1 test online in Ontario?
has anyone seen the bridge?
A car travels along a straight stretch of road.?
Is there a site that tells you what exits are closed?
Toll roads..........?
Do you use your mobile device while driving?
Why dont they make people get there liscence at 15 and there permit at 14.?
what is the distance between central london and greenwich university?
Why are downstate NY drivers the worst ever when it comes to obeying traffic laws?
when reading a map how can you determine if a roadway is an interstate highway?
Why do people look down on School Bus Drivers?
Do you wave at people who let you go (have right of way) in traffic?
If a speed camera gets you how long till you find out.?
why do buses come in threes?
whats your view on PAYG road tax?
Commute from Orange to Santa Monica public trans vs car?
why are taxi fares so expensive?
speed ticket help...?
Is it possible to reduce traffic and install a tracking device in Automobiles...?
I got a speeding ticket from a camera light going 15 mph over the limit. How much will that cost me?
How long will my commute be if I'm driving from the San Pedro area to south Torrance using the 110 and 1 fwy?
Would I be able to get a transfer on a YRT bus if I show them my single use ticket?
stopping for a school bus if it is behind you?
how much was a gallon of gas in 1997?
Why do some people think it acceptable to park their car half on the road/ half on the grass verge outside?
Do I save more gas....?
What is a good song to drive fast to?
If WE all DO NOT BUY from EXXON/ESSO, how long before they DROP GAS PRICES...1day...2days...3...?
Is a 70 minute commutte crazy?
At the bus stop, during the night?
Do you drive with your factory installed driving lights on?
why do u share a cab? what is your experience?
How do you commute from Walnut Creek, CA to Alameda, CA?
Looking for cheap bus ticket from Trenton or Princeton area to Boston?
Rush hour traffic on I40 in Raleigh NC?
How can I find out what part of the United States has the longest waiting time in traffic?
Help needed for trip planning: Mileage and gas cost question?
Need Help On Gas Mileage?
Would it be a tragedy for me to give up my SUV that costs about $900 a month to drive?
Do you think gas prices will go back down?
where is a good place to rent a transit van for the weekend.?
fuel mileage question?
What annoys you about driving a car?
people living in montreal, Canada...this question is for you? emergency?
what are some good suvs?
When did drivers stop using their turn directionals (blinkers)?
Finding past traffic reports?
Where is a good place to live between Ealing and Petersfield?
why does it feel good when you pee in your pants when you are riding the crowded subway?
What is the average distance someone travels for work in NJ?
What is the best choice for MBTA semester pass?
How many times do you signal for a K turn?
how can i get to smoky mountain on a greyhound?
Should I live in NYC or commute daily?
Nashville natives - public transportation?
Can I convert my 1999 LandRover Discovery Series II to ethanol?
When your in a car does the speed feel different when your the driver compared to when your a passenger?
part of the reason i hate my job is the commute.?
Do taxi cabs have to turn on their meter?
Why are gas prices so high again?
How many people could you fit in a car?
Public transportation between Nashville and Columbia?
Does anyone have ideas on marketing a US product to a country that does not have them?
Commute from Maple Grove to Minneapolis?
Is there a bus that goes from UMBC to UMD? If so can I have a link to it?
why is the traffic in the left lane always so slow when it is the main speed lane?
What's the easiest way for me to get to Kenmore?
does putting the tailgate down on a truck save gas?
will prices for public transportation go up soon? because of gas prices?
do you have to take behind the wheel class to get a license in Virginia?
what is the mileage for the LPG Maruti Omni 5-seater?
What is the public transportation system like in your city?
What's the best way to go to work from San Jose (near SJC airport) to Redwood City in the morning?
Driving intermediate or regular license?
Why is there a total ban on Recreational Photography on the PATH Rapid Transit system?
Canyon Hills Jr. High? Chino Hills CA?
why do Brit drivers stop at red traffic lights at pedestrian crossing when there are no pedestrians?
Is taxi fare negotiable?
Is this legal in the state of California?
Commuting from Silver Spring, MD to Fairfax, VA?
When should I leave work today to drive from the Northern Chicago Suburbs to St. Louis?
About Driving Laws..?
Cars cause so many deaths & injuries - why can't we get rid of them & just have public transport in Australia?
difference between yrt and ttc?
how much do you think it will cost?
How long until updates their Maps?
Best car for a long road trip?
Would you like to join me on the next HAIL BOP COMET?
Mileage Reimbursement for traveling sales & service people?
what does carbon monoxide do to the ozone?
should we have a drive 55 month to save oil consumption?
so i went on google map directions, and it didn't help very much...?
What is a reasonable speed on the highways in Canada?
how many road traffic signs are there in the uk?
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveway's.?
can i buy a bus token at LGA?
Is pass plus worth it?
How much is bus fair in Calgary for Adults.?
on the right lane when trying to make a right do you have to yeld?
how can i get to big bear city for 30 dollars?
rules of a party bus in california?
what's the fastest TTC route to York University if I am commuting from Victoria Park Station?
big truck owners i need your help !!!?
do you think fuel should be cheaper?
Would you move into a house on a street called BUTTHOLE LANE?
Do you need a license to ride a Gas Powered Scooter in LA?
are you sick of the gas prices?
How much would it be to rent a limo?
How to get to Canada's Wonderland by public transit? Can I use buspass?
does anyone know any Greyhound bus coupon codes that actually work?
How many riders should i have to use car pool lane. truck is Nissan frontier with 2 folding seats in back.?
do you see in the near future someone making a water engine?
Where do I learn to drive in LA?
why will be 04 Dodge Ram 1500 spend less gas than my 01 Chevy Malibu?
Who plans on NOT pumping gas on May 15th?
How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings?
I ordered something from ebay last saturday, it was shipped on tuesday. When should it be here? (CA to NC)?
Is it appropriate to flash your headlights at slow drivers in the left hand lane?
How bad is traffic at 9 AM on 101-North to Bay Bridge?
Is it possible for another car on the highway to hear a conversation I'm having in my car?
Can I live in rancho cucamonga and work in victorville,ca? my concerns are road closures and traffic.?
About how long would it take u to drive 35 miles?
How much is a round trip bus fare from abq to alamogordo n.m.?
Help with bus route to UCLA?
How much would you have to be paid by a job in order to hink about doing a 3 hour commute?
How much is a gallon of gas & where are you?
Are we there yet??
Is Park and Ride around Orange County, specifically UCI, free?
Why do we drive on a PARKWAY and park in a DRIVEWAY?
Does a TAP card work on all transit companies?
What's the best possible & shortest commute from Hackensack, NJ to NYC by bus or train?
does any one no were i can find info about ronda spain, san meguel de allende mexico, and la serena,chile?
On the freeway my friend was in fast lane and being harrassed by another driver tailgating.?
Does premium unleaded get better mileage than regular or mid grade ?
when will they reopen mexico's international bridge?
Do the speed cameras on the M25 work?
how long does it take to drive 350 miles?
Puducherry to Koothatukulam bus route?
I would like to know diamond lane commute times on bay area bridges?
How should traffic counting cables be laid and maintained?
where do you report a license plate number?
What's a reputable trucking company for moving the contents of my home across country?
how to get to downtown south lake tahoe by public transit. from donwtonn reno to downton lake tahoe?
speeding ticket on a carpool lane (going 80 mph) at midnight?
ARCO Gas hidden .45 cent RIP OFF charge when you buy gas with ATM?
Why are most fire trucks red?
Does anyone know how to get from Rochester to Orpington without getting cut up or harassed?
find a driving school?
How long is your commute to work?
Austin, Tx Department of Motor Vehicles?
What trucks have the strongest drive train?
What bus goes to Tj Maxx in Fairfield CA?
Do you think that bus operators should publicise diagrammatic route maps which includes all the stop names?
Has anyone ever called the number on the back of a lorry/van/truck that asks 'Driven well?'?
opossums - quite a thump?
How do you deal with Road Rage?
There's some jerk honking repeatedly outside of a house down the block. What should I do?
Questions about New York traffic infastructure?
How long is your commute?
how many miles is this?
Can anybody tell me where I can get spares for my Kinetic Nova Scooter in Thane / Mumbai.?
Foothill transit pass question?
does anyone know what i should do if i get put out on the street?
Who hates highway or interstate driving? I hate it.?
How to commute from Pasay Overpass going to SM Makati....?
Remember when you could fill up a 26 gallon tank of gas on less than five dollars?
mileage for medical trips?
Is there any way to add the zones I have on a paper National Rail travelcard to an Oyster card?
how bad do you think the big oil companies are sticking in the consumers ***?
can i use an omni bus pass on a foothill transit bus?
A train 450 m long is moving on a straight track with a speed of 84.2 km/h. The engineer applies the brakes at?
which city has the best roads and how good are they?
Are hybrid cars worth purchasing if one drives only 100 miles per month?
Are there any gas stations or marinas in CT or Westchester that sell "pure" ethanol-free gas?
Where can I find some statistics (online) on hitchhiking?
forest gate?
can we use ethyl/methyl alcohol as as fuel for vehicles ?
lightrail? linden?
How much does gas cost where you live?
What will happen to gas prices IF America took a stand and said we will not pay 3 flippin dollars a gallon?
why do some people say bus driving is a bad job?
Why do people still speed with gas prices?
Traffic tickets in Wisconsin?
Girls do u ever put your feet on the dashboard?
I need to commute from NAIA Terminal 2 to Batangas. Any suggestions?
Where can I get free moving boxes?
What is the commute like from Sunset Blvd. to Northridge on the 405 at 7:30am?
What is the elevation of Danbury Ct. 06811?
How much is my segway worth?
Do taxis run on new years eve?
How long does bus 49 from Metrotown take to get to UBC?
Can i drive in a differnt country?
What kinds of things will they have me do during my road test, and when is the parallel parking portion?
Is Lafayette Indiana traffic bad?
Bus Station For College?
I recently got some tickets for moving from a lane unsafely and leaving the scene of property damage.?
how close can you park to a dropped curb?
would it okay to wash my car at 12 in the afternoon?
Does anyone else ever argue over which lane you should be in when approaching a roundabout?
Is the Nissan Juke for me?
How expensive is the taxi ride from MetroPark station (NJT) to Metuchen, NJ?
TTC Transfers - Confusion?
How much would a taxi cost to get from 501 post street to 2100 sunnydale ave 94134?
The process of moving out into the real!!?
Who is at fault in this traffic accident?
Scooter route - Temecula to San Diego, California?
how do you make a still?
Can you save gas by driving fast?
Is car pooling safe..? ?
How many people in the world own cars?
Don't you all think that the intire Nation should boycott Gas price's?
how high do you think the price of gas will reach this year?
Is there a city where I don't need a car?
What's the largest commute ever?
What is the commute like between Van Nuys (Lake Balboa) and UCLA?
How many hours/minutes will it be from Toronto to Hamilton using a greyhound bus?
Is this school too far away?
what is the average time to drive 1 mile?
I'm living in two places to minimize my commute during the week, can I write-off the rent at my commuter apt.?
How much does a bus driver in Miami Dade transit get paid?
Is there an underground passageway from penn station to 33rd st path station?
How come on my driving tuition progress booklet it said...?
How do you get onto a highway that doesnt have a merge lane?
How to get to Camby from Greasham via public transit?
Tips on saving gas?
what is the fasted you have ever driven a car?
Can I go to mineola to hicksville by Long island rail road?how much will it cost ?Any details?
How can we (2) broke guys get to Orange County, CA by the 14th with no cash at hand now?
How to commute from baclaran to sucat paranaque ?
Schwinn S-750?
Where do you get your gasoline at?
Are stock 3pc tubular chromoly cranks lhd compatible?
will flying cars ever be practical and how fast will they fly mph?
How old do I have to be to rent a limo in california?
what's going on with i-664?
Who thinks Los Angeles should have a better transportation system composed of more Rail Lines and Transitways?
Just a question about the rural transit bus?
How much is a court dismissal fee (Traffic Court Santa Clara)?
Why Do People in Desert Cities drive with their foglights on?
Can the use of animals be a viable method of transportation again?
where can I get my g2 while the driving tests are on strike ?
Have you had any bad experiences on a school bus?
why are the police so hell bent on drugs when there are still so many childern missing in this world?
My mom drives slower than other cars. Should she drive faster?
Can i rely ona taxi to pick me up everyday on time to take me to the underground station to get to work?
Where can i find Metrolink times?
Is it worth the commute?
Why do i have to pay for bus pass sat &sun, when i only need it for mon -fri?
How much is a monthly/annual seaon ticket from Reading to London? Is it a bad journey at 7.30am on weekdays?
How can you justify driving an SUV when you're by yourself other than you're a spoiled brat?
Please, I've been trying to's?
Length of a city block?
ive got me first driving lesson soon and im So nervous?
Respect to older drivers is it dead or is it a sign of the times?
Anaheim to Bakersfield Fri. morn. 5AM-best route?
How to go to Makati Medical Center by jeepney, or mrt or coming from cubao?
For safer commuting, which is better choice - A motorbike or four wheeled passenger car ?
why do mileage signs give us distances in 1/4 miles when our odometer measures 10ths of miles?
Whats the traffic usually like on new years eve?
Long island, NY or Hackettstown NJ? Where should we live?
does anyone out there live full time on the road ?
Whats the difference between a street, road, avenue, parkway and boulevard?
Does anyone know roughly how much triple A 100 mile towing is?
How do you get from Port Authority to Lombardi's Pizza on Spring Street?
MARTA train?
Is it a moving violation to drive in the carpool lane in CA? Do you get a point for one?
what is the best way to go to PTS Batu Caves from Seri Kembangan, Selangor?
Is it true that people in Los Angeles prefer to drive their car than taking transit to getting around?
This is for the average commuter! Mon-Fri 900-1700, How much does it cost on average using public transport?
Why do drivers in Virginia tailgate so much?
What is the annual number of public transit comuters in Canada?
how come men usually work on bowling alley lanes?
Can I go to mineola to hicksville by Long island rail road?how much will it cost ?Any details?
Can I get on the Carpool lane since I bought a hybrid car?
Which of the two road choices are best for commuting by bike in my area?
Would you be open to reducing the work week from 5 days to 4 days in order to save on gas?
Question about commuting to school :O?
Why is traffic backed up on interstate 65 south by lebanon indiana?
We're in Dallas. Anybody have any problems when going to pay outstanding tolltag fines?
Does anyone think they are supporting terrorists by driving SUV's?
will price of gas go up to $5.oo a gallon in next two years?
How much does it cost to rent a bus?
Is this a contestable parking ticket?
in Traffic why do people get angry with slowpokes....?
Why do people stop at yield signs?
Commute question for NYC (Upper West/East to Great Neck)?
How is the public transportation system in Savannah, GA?
SHould I make them pay for gas?
Do you ever get tired of driving?
What is the most unusual thing you've seen someone do on a train/bus/tube?
how do i find a bus route from hemet to san diego or oceanside?
Is everybody gone to bed now?
Any tips for driving on motorway for first time alone?
How many people buy Gas from BP? Well quit!!!?
how many miles into nevada is las vegas?
How I can get the Public Bus Service from Youngtown 115N street to Bell road West?
newbie at driving? helpful advice from good drivers?
My job has shifted to Parsippany NJ.?
When drivers feel _____in a traffic jam, anxiety builds up to escape the confinement of congested traffiic?
I would like to know how much money a bus driver in Cheltenham or Gloucester gets, including enhanced payments?
how to get to the gunpowder fall md using public transportation?
Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway.?
How many people actually drive the speed limit?
How bad is traffic on I-95 S from New Haven CT to Brooklyn on a Friday between 3pm and 5pm?
When travelling on a motorway,is it quicker to stay in the same lane in traffic jams or quicker 2 change lanes
Did I do a lot of damage to that poor thing?
Does anyone else prefer to drive rather than ride in car when going long distances?
What bus can I take from Santa Ana Metrolink Station to River View golf course?
How many Acres of corn to make 1 Gallon of ethanol?
Coming to hill on highway when road sign says 10% grade - what does that mean? 10% of what?
ppl pls help me ? i need some info...?
what are reasons why gas increases?
is anyone commuting from stockton ca to sacramento ca?
How much is Amtrack from Pennsylvania to Sacramento?
why are gas prices so high?
Yeilding to pedestrians?
How would you get around if there was no gasoline left?
why does mississauga transit suck so much ?