Does anyone know how to get to the Monroe Detention Center 2420 East gibson road from downtown sac?
Where can i find facts and statisitics on how many people drive cars?
Why are New York cabs painted yellow?
Why cant this country,U S A,build an outstanding mass transit rail system?
IS IT WORTH IT?? Friday, May 1st boycott buying gas.?
What brand of gasoline is sold on the PA Turnpike?
Need direction going to taguig from antipolo?
When people ask you if you are familiar with certain areas in your locale, street or neighboorhood...?
Harrison Path Staion Parking Lot?
Speeding-here in Illinois I believe most towns give a 10m.p.h. leeway on non-side streets?
driving test in aweek,help!?
How is the daily rush hour commute from Whitby, ON to Peterborough, ON (and back in the evening)?
On a 12 hour shift, how long do i have to leave before returning to work?
Best Place To Live For Commute?
Am I allowed to drive in queens?
Can someone tell me the rear wheel horse power is on a stock suzuki burgman 650 is? Thanks Eric?
MBTA Charlie Card?
Not pulling over for traffic stop?
should meter flaunt his activa coz sh bought one?
What to do about rapidly rising gas prices?
limousine fares?
so my friend gave me a zipcard. is it possible to drive it without any risks?
red alert 3 cd key,where can I buy the best?
Why does vancouver have so much traffic?
Whats the Highest Gas had been in CA -?
if i ordered something off of and i bought expedited shipping, how long would it take to get?
what GPS can be used on the road and for golf?
What is the price for gas where you live?
can you have alcohol in a limo in pa?
How to get from North Hills, CA to Malibu Beach, CA by bus?
Why do women have to have SUV'S?
How do I get to Fordham University Church from Downtown NY?
comfortable seat?
where can i download english-chinese translator?
do you think talking on the cell phone while driving can be a way to get into an acident?
How much does a Greyhound Bus weigh?
Have you ever been told?
how do i go from gore road, brampton ON, to woodbine Center rexdale Ontaria by bus?
Is there a bus or any form of Public Transportation from Fort Collins,CO to Denver, CO?
Why are some interstate speed limits 55?
How do transit workers know if you put in enough money?
how much is 25 cent every 1/6 of a mile for 2 miles?
Can you drive others with a drivers permit? (California)?
how can a single mom get a free car and some cash from charities. i do noy have a job and i have 2kids.?
How much do you think the gas would cost for a 12 hr car ride in an SUV? Please no exaggerated answers.?
What does 171GT02013763-00 mean on a Virgina speeding ticket?
How much is gas per gallon in London, England?
I have a Norman bus question..?
Monthly travelcard included bus?
How would you get from I-10 freeway to UCLA?
About how much would it cost to take a party bus on a trip?
Do You Have To Pay For Babies On The Mega Bus UK?
Is there a type of person which you wouldn't let out in front of you whilst driving?
what should I be able to do after 12 hours of driving lessons?
why is it when you are in traffic?
What is the distance between killaloo in county clare, ireland and ennis, also in county clare.?
what is the best airline about ?
How long will it take for my 11-15 oyster card to arrive?
Why do people who drive SUVs, Vans & Pick-ups think they own the road?
Why are Denver Drivers the worst drivers?
Did the SFMTA budget passed?
Does anyone know a good moving company?
Why is my Diesel MPG so low?
What's the commute time from EL Cajon to the San Diego Naval Base?
Do You Hate Current Gas Prices?? I've Installed A Tornado and I'M SAVING?
Speed Limit and Your Opinion?
Can we slow down mid east oil imports?
Can I use my unused 2 way go ticket at a later date? ?
how to get to asbury park in public transportation from Bayonne, NJ?
what bugs you most about other drivers?
Should Hybrid cars be allowed in the carpool lane?
Your on a highway, speed limit is 55, u r in the left lane, a car is tailgating u do u speed up or change lane?
Do you need much gas to drive 10miles?
how mcuh does it cost to ride the alex bus?
Looking for a great moving company in the North Wales/Landsdale PA area. Any suggestions??
what is the maximum speed limit for passenger cars on a two-lane highway during the daytime?
What do you do when someone in front of you is driving so slow that they will make you late?
Where do I go to ship an item weighing 150 pounds?
Why different sides? haha has to be 20 letters long?
How do i get form irvine to southwestern law school?
How do you map optimal route for multiple pick up addresses?
In public transit schedules, what is considered inbound and what is outbound?
What Having so much troubles picking out a muffler?would you like to ask?
Can someone tell me the rear wheel horse power is on a stock suzuki burgman 650 is? Thanks Eric?
What to do on a long bus ride?
What is the correct way to parallel park?
Have you ever ran a RED light?
how to replace lost fuel receipts?
My wife filled my car with mothballs. Do I have to worry about them hatching and eating me while I'm driving
I'm 16 and I finally get to start drivers ed. What is it like??
Is there public transportation from the Cornell campus to Lansing in the afternoon?
Honda accord or ford fusion?
car stopped by police at a 2 lane highway while you are driving. What can you do?.........?
I need help with an GIO electric scooter . I want to get the 500w or 800w.?
how do you feel about gas prices?
Washington DC to Quantico in the morning by train?
Why are people not bothered about sharing a car ride/lift or hitchhiking anymore?
Question for anyone who uses an Orca card?
What is the best car for a big Guy? gas wise , foot room, seating area@ so forth?
What are the road conditions on Snoqualme and Stevens Pass?
$$What are gas prices in your city state? Please provide your location.?
Are there jeepneys from Quirino Avenue Station LRT to Paco?
What times does the motebello bus line 60 bus leave from durfee ave. and wooford in pico Rivera?
When the hurricane hit Louisiana, President Bush promised a cheaper fuel called E-85. Where is it?
why do people cross their fingers while driving over railroad tracks?
is driving in Nashville hard?
is there transportation from the sacremento train station to cal expo?
Why do people drive so slow in the fast lane, then get mad when you honk at them to move?
what bus do i take fron sun valley california to sant gabriel ca???
Are the ones who go over the speed limit responsible for high gas prices?
What is the fastest you have ever driven on the road?
What will Salt Lake City.....?
how much we pay if we checking in at 10am and out at 4:30pm?
How long would it take to drive from Southern California to Peru?
Educate: Dr. Education: What have you done to get out of a?
When my daughter gets in her car to drive she gets a headache and nausea.?
Can i turn myself in for traffic tickets ?
Am I allowed to get on the median when making a left turn out of the neighborhood.?
How long does it take to commute from Morgan Hill to Redwood City via Caltrain?
how long would it take you?
how much mileage is too much mileage?
how can I find the cost of a speeding ticket based on mile per hour over speed limit??
how does traffic congestion occur?
how many mpg does this bike do?
how much do limo/ black cab drivers make in ny?
Americans: Would you trust yourself to drive a car in Britain?
Question about Nicor gas?
think about it?
which is the best vehicle for up to 7 adults and luggage space, without going up to a minibus in size?
how much does is a base model segway x2?
Is an Oyster Card permanent ?
Punlic transit from Sandalwood and Sunforest Brampton to Kipling?
Is it embarrassing to drive around an old crappy car, or does it really matter?
Cars pulling over, no emergency vehicles in sight?
need advice on hanger lane / A406 driving during olympics?
Why do some trees by the freeway appear to be smoking at certain times of the day?
how to get from san jose to fresno?
How much is your gas?
Detailed Directions (&approx times) to get to La Trobe university? by public transport by the way?
Why does a manual transmission give you better mpg?
When does a speed limit sign take effect, need proof?
Pennsylvania inception stickers not sticking and need replaced and where to get them replaced at on penn dots?
2000 INTERNATIONAL 4700how many miles per galon?
Is interstate 80 or 90 a turnpike or toll road?
What is this thing called that this person is riding in this video clip?
How bad are drivers in your state verses others you've lived in or visited and what makes them bad or not so?
Is 35 miles too far to travel to work?
OMG are gas prices ever ganna go down?
How old do I have to be to get my Drivers Learners not licens?
would you like to be able to drive?why?
What taxi cab service is best to use in Arlington, tx that doesn't charge a $20-$35 minimum meter fee ?
How much in gas do you spend commuting back and forth to work?
Why do idiots drive around with their fog lights on when it isn’t foggy?
a newly developed device to increase gas mileage as mentioned on The John Gambling radio show May 15,2007.?
Road Rage? Anyone else annoyed by slow drivers in the fast lane?
how can i buy a tolltag in dallas?
4 Cylinder Cars?
Regarding Hero Honda Hunk?
How many miles is it from SL4 3AZ to SL6 3AZ?
will i be caught?
How to learn how to drive?
should my husband drive? opinions please!?
Help!!!!!! This is something about a Nextar X3 3.5 Touch Screen Navigation System!?
Would the person who asked about the wig to use HOV lane stand up?
Hit a curb going 5-10 mph?
think of a traffic sign that has not been created yet?
why when i ask a question do people assume the question is about me personally?
How do I tell someone I don't want to carpool/share a car?
What is the quickest way to get from Islington and Steeles (Toronto) to Brampton using public transportation?
Do you use cash or change when you're riding a city bus?
Why do people drive slow in the left lane on the interstate?
Will I get pulled over for lane splitting (traffic filtering) in Missouri?
Don't you hate it when you are sitting at a stop light and someone turns a corner from your righthand side and
What driving habits will get you better mpg?
Anybody knows any cheap busses from NYC to Buffalo?
bus schedule in fairfield,ca?
How can i put my car in the car show??
howmuch buses came morning time 6am to7.30am gondal to rajkot?
Why are you such a bad driver?
What is the typical commute time from Palo Alto to San Jose?
Productive things to do on a daily train commute?
KDWB One Direction Directions Contest!?!?!?!?
Need witness to accident: Xmas eve at 11:30 am on rte 495 Andover MA w/teal Subaru Outback and a blk sedan?
If you miss your exit on a freeway, how to get back to that exit?
Gas Prices...?
Are lorries and buses only allowed on the middle lane in motorways?
A Traffic Ticket (Los Angeles Area)?
Does anyone in Peoria know how to get to the Goodrich Willow Knolls 14 Theater by citilink?
Which is cooler sitting at the front of the bus or the back?
county rosd maps of kansas and colorado where to find them on the internet?
How much is gas where you live per gal. and where do you live ?
m25 specs speed limits?
In the UK, why do bus drivers have breaks en-route?
transit 190 lwb what it like on fuel?
Slow Drivers: Driving 5-10 miles under limit?
what to do about these gas prices?
Is it possible to spend commute time efficiently? I am so bored doing it.?
How does everyone feel about this new aptera 3 wheeled car that gets 300 miles to the gallon.?
briefly explain intercoolers are sometimes used on ci engines?
How much is gas in your state?
Is it OK to learn to drive on your own?
I'm an oregon driver who's never been on california roads before?
I drive over 90 miles a day, when is the best time to commute from Garden Grove, CA to UCLA?
should cyclists ride on the pavement?
How do I commute to Serendra?
can you take deer horns off a dead deer that you find on the side of the road without getting into trouble?
What time does the tube run on Sundays?
Until they bring the streetcars back characters?
Which are the best LPG / CNG (company fitted) + petrol cars in India?
Aside from high octane fuels and lubricants, exactly what do we need petroleum for?
Where is it?
Help! Transportation advice!?
I need to know the Belmont train schedule to Chicago, Saturday April 1st.?
driving test help in new york?
WHERE you are....HOW MUCH IS GAS?...?
how to fall asleep in a car?
Good family car with plenty of space for 2 adults, 2 babies & 2 dogs?
Who came up with the idea of "stoplights" in transit?
Where do u live, and how much is gas?
When will i get to drive?
Does anyone know the route from Fremont, CA to Morgan Hill, CA?
Which bus takes you from South L.A. to UCLA?
commuting to UC Berkeley?
Do you, You, ya, you think that the next xprize will be won?
What type of bike is best for commuting to work?
do i need a valid michigan Drivers license to get a permit for a scooter?
Can anyone give me the number of Jasper Jean Bus lines?
Point-to-point Limo Service?
Georgia People-Please tell me about Tucker and Doraville, GA?
Do you need to get out of the NYC Subway, to make a transfer to the station connected with pedestrian link?
What speed do you feel is to fast. Be reasonable.?
how much do you pay for gasoline?
A question that can't be solved? About Funeral Herse's?
how to get along to pag-ibig office at makati from cavite?
would a bee on the bus get splatted on the back window?
why are old people so rude!!!!?
Should I pay for week of car pool that I don't ride because of vacation?
Scooter laws, JUst bought a less than 50cc scooter in Tampa what do I do to get it legal on the road?
What is the traffic like on the 57N coming from the 5 going to the 210?
I'm a live-in nanny and I would like to know what my employer owes me for gas/mileage reimbursement for?
Bus Test looming, can anybody advise me on how to prepare?
should you get the extra insurance when you rent a car?
How bad would a commute be from Woodbridge VA to Springfield VA?
Why so few exit ramps on Philadelphia freeways?
would you use cycle hire in loughton?
Gas prices?
where is mckinns crossing rd on hwy 25 Corbin KY 40701?
Where does all the traffic go when there's been a huge build up on the freeway? It just seems to disappear...
do you still speed and cut people off even though it never gets you anywhere faster?
ignorant drivers... what can we do??
two same cars having big&small steering weels, to turn left/right which steering weel is steered less times?
How long does it take to get to Los Angeles from San Diego?
How much does gas cost where you live?
Would you buy this electric car?
Are there dangerous parts of Detroit going down Michigan Avenue?
Why do hitchikers carry a red and white board?
Why do they call the front seat "shotgun?"?
Is being stuck in a traffic jam part of your daily routine?
y r gas prices rising?
I need to know how long the drive from Munster, Indiana to O'Hare airport will take me on late Fri. afternoon?
it frustrates me!!does it frustrate you?
how many lanes on I-10 between ford rd and yucipia blvd in yucipia, ca?
Do you see car ads as propaganda?
whats considered good mileage?
how long is the drive from ecu to uncw?
Why do idiot drivers zoom up ahead of people, cut in a line of traffic and screech their brakes at the light t
I am going to learn how to drive what tips would you give me
Is it realistic to try biking everywhere in Dallas, TX?
If a company reimburses for miles driven, what is the appropriate amount that?
Can you park behind your garage in Chicago?
Why do idiots tailgate you when your going the speed limit in the slow lane?
Is the website "Platewire" useful? Does it help our society? If so, how?
UTA bus stops near East Cherry Lane in Layton, Utah?
Why does the U.K have the highest fuel tax about 73% when it's only about 23% in the USA?
What do you say when you ring up for a taxi?
Is it bad to be to work late about 10 mins., most of the time?
Why does Europe have should high octane at the Gas (Petrol) Stations?
Why are Taxi's yellow?
I am storing my belongings in one of the storage PODS.What is the best way to store a 6 ft tall 3 ft wide?
55 saves Gas. and Lives?
Does the federal government cover metro transportation costs for its employees?
how upset do you get when you see the current price of gasoline?
How can I report bad taxi drivers to the authority?
uk people ONLY.. how much does a gallon of petrol cost?
What is the fastest car.?
In driving, can you enter to turn right in a yellow box junction if your exit is blocked?
Has anyone ever driven on I-94 W (Chicago)?
can i still get my temps?
Why does Europe have should high octane at the Gas (Petrol) Stations?
which bus do i take to get from Golden Valley High School to West ranch High School?
Don't you hate it when you're driving somewhere and...?
Need a tip on buying a road bike, maybe 2nd hand. Help me cycling experts!?
What do you do if your bus driver sits on you with her big butt?
If you were the city planner, what would you suggest for the ventilation on the underpass?
Parking at Harrison path station or Journal sq in Jersey city?
Why do we drive on the park way and park on the drive way?
What % of private cars in the UK have winter tires fitted?
What is the fastest route to the New York side of Niagara Falls from Detroit WITHOUT going through Canada?
What would the Americans think if they were charged $9.50 for a gallon of Gas/petrol?
Does any one know how to put down the kickstand that comes with the segway i2 commuter package?
Why do so many drivers speed?
the motorcyclist drivers the motorcyle vertically at a very high speed but does not fall down.Why?
What is traffic like in Los Angeles, Saturday morning and evening?
Campus to Campus Public Transportation?
how long does it take to drive from los angeles, ca. to san antonio tx.?
Why do truckers in new mexico/ colorado on i 25 use their falashers?
Does anyone know how the traffic from Huntington Beach to Torrance is during rush hour?
Average speed cameras on the motorway?
If not a gas boycott, then what can we do? Nothing?
Does anyone know when the Folkestone to London rail link will be opening?
Katanya kalo di Jakarta pake mobil plat nomor daerah bahaya ya atau diresein?
Where do I get a milk crate?
What about taxi cabs? Anybody know what fare cost in 1987?
L.A traffic question?
adt automotive auction in jessup maryland?
What is the longest time you have stood in a line and where?
When flying cars are invented, will there still be traffic jams?
Rules and ethics for passing on the right?
FORD Explorer Limited or GMC Envoy SLT?
I need an opinion if you are going 20, 25 or 30mph down a hill that has gravel and your slam on your brakes?
how much is gas where u live and where do u live?
if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
Why do you smokers keep using the public streets as your personal ashtray?
Advantages of commuting to work?
How do you feel about the 4 day work week?
How long is it since someone offered you their seat on any public service vehicle?
How long does this usually take?
how to get to oakville from brampton transit?
Has anyone ever cut you off in traffic and then given you the finger or shook their head at you?
If a person is doing a 12 and a half hour drive, do they need to get a hotel room halfway?
I heard that on the 15th of May not ot by gas. is this true?
how fast does the average person walk?
What's with left lane hogs?!?
how much do solar pannels imcrease milleage on prius?
how much does it cost to hire a pink limo for the night?
in 1 hour how many kilometer will the bus travel?
What is your average speed on a u.k Motorway...Be honest now?
Where can I rent a mini cooper for a day in Phoenix and how much will it cost?
Do you like driving barefoot in the summer?
Commuting to work?
Is it commuting miles if I carry my work tools to and from work?
Can 24'' inch or 26'' inch rims fit in a lincoln town car 1997?
To the nearest mile per hour what is the speed for 147.956 mph?
So US gas is $4 a gallon. How much do you care? Remember how long you cared when it topped $3 a gallon?
what is the sign or sun shade just above a traffic signal?
what should i do and how? help!?
What was the oldest age you learned how to drive?
Why does my "I LOVE BUSH" bumper sticker cause road rage?
Bus transportation to the Detroit Airport frp,\?
Texas Taxis? How Much?
Which side of the traffic lane should you ride?
gas prices?
Who ever has driven a yugo car?
gas prices?
What is your break point with gas prices?
What do you do to deal with angry drivers?
Needing a great commuter car?
Someone has suggested avoiding Exxon-Mobil to reduce gas prices. What gas company would be good alternative?
Why do old people drive soooo slow?
Poll: It's 3 am, you're on a deserted stretch of highway and?
Are there any Ferries that run from Maryland or Deleware to New York?
Road trip with bad mpg?
i need a nj transit bus that will take me to BCC, where can i get on?
Should I buy a Toyota Echo or a Camry?
How does the blind know when the bus is arriving and how do they get into the right bus.?
What do I need to know about living in an RV?
i live in tampa fl and i want to get a road scooter is this a bad idea?
How much extra gas will it cost me to pull a 4x8 utility trailer accross Canada behind my GMC Safari Van.?
What would you do? Carpool or not?
how do i get from around the burbank to Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny and La Cienega by bus/rail? more
Should I reset my average mpg on the trip computer every time?
yellow cab NY?
should i commute next semester?
Why are gas prices so high lately this days?
it you spread a gallon of oil over 30 miles by drops how far apart would the drops be.?
we can save fuel and pollution by connecting wehicles one after other?
Anyone knows how to get to ARC from north loop blvd. in antelope through bus? thnx.. =)?
Why is Canada's gas so much cheaper?
It is said we save thousands of lives by lowering speed limit to 55. Why not lower to 35 and save many more?
Why are old men always the ones with road rage?
Great cars for college students?
How much do cross country truckers make per year? those 18 wheeler guys?
Speeding tickets?
Should you take a job if you don't have independent means of transportation?
does the b6 go to pennslyvania avenue ?
How long does it take for clavaris to leave you system?
Using 129 McCowan from Finch to Markville Shopping Centre?
When chasing a hare along a flat stretch of ground, a greyhound leaps into the air at a speed of 12.9 m/s?
Top gear episode where they raced the supercars?
if i choose to do trial-by-declaration, do i still have the option to do traffic school?
to reach kovaipudur from vadavalli?
what is a good street map program for 09?
where can i obtain a driver's license if my license is revoked in new york state?
Can we make it to San Diego???
How many miles is your job from your home?
How many questions is the written driving test in Michigan?
How much is the fare from Pen Station to Wyandanch?
do you like suvs?
Can I look over my shoulder during the driving test?
how long does it take to get to WANTAGH, NY TO BUFFALO, NY BY DRIVING?
Find out who got run over by a car on Southside Dr. in Louisville, Ky.?
Hypermiling? Do you practice it?
What do you see when you drive into work in the morning?
what is the street address for leo kay stadium in indiana, pa?
describe the automatic car parking system?
how many states happen to have WI-Fi internet acess in their rest areas on their highways?
Is there bus service from Crawfordsville, IN to Bowling Green, KY?
Can you take a bycicle onto a bus?
How many miles will $20 get you in a taxi?
how much horsepower can i have in a street vehicle in nova scotia Canada?
Should there be an emission test weekly for cars? On the side of the highway?
Commute from Baltimore to Ft Meade?
Why is gasoline priced at $2.85 in Columbus Ohio for unleaded and 3.25 in Hoffman Estates IL.?
Can i drive on the same lane for 7 miles?
what is the commute time from Torrance to 405/Wishire Blvd in morning and evening traffic?
How do you handle your road rage issues?
I need some suggestions for my english oral presentation Anyone up for helping me out?
Mileage Correction?
Do mostly low-income individuals take the bus (public transit) in your area?
what would be the cab fare for 17.5 miles in nashville (nashville to antioch)?
Going over line at red light query...?
Why do people think it is acceptable to exceed the speed limit?
Is the Nissan Juke for me?
What route does the Boston Post Road begin and end?
What are pay before you board buses?
How much are the monthly parking fees using Central Parking System?
How much parking is on the California driving test?
why is it that when you are late for an appointment everything seems to go wrong ?
If i rented a limo where would i go?
How would you feel if you wake one day and all automobiles disappeared?
What happens to school buses when they are not in use?
how to take bike from one place to another by roadways?
can you provide mmda traffic enforcer at hermosa cor abad santos st from 4pm up to 8pm.abusive tricycle driver?
seeking opinions from those who have experience in large traffic jams?
What are some good games to play in Traffic?
Can you leave your car at Agrignon metro station overnight?
What up with the .9 on the price per gal. of gas?
For truck drivers, is the DMV driving course the same or different do they have different routes?
Taxi transfer Malaga to Puerto Banus?
where in a mobile speed van does the camera point?
What keeps you from flipping your top and going bazooka on female motorists?
Commute from Georgia to Michigan?
if we have flying cars.. will we let new jersey drivers have them?
When is Battersea Bridge, London, re-opening to cars?
Question about Taxis?
Long drive on splendor pluse?
On an 8 hour trip, Jack drives 2 ¾ hours and Pat drives 2 ½ hours. How many hours are left to drive?
Why is that the Bose Suspension System has not been implemented so far?
Best MPV/People carrier for a road trip?
How long does a bus transfer last?
Car with high mileage?
why are the lights on the whitestone bridge out?
I will be staying at the Hyatt at Union Square, can I walk to 'The Hill' area?
how do i find out if the jubilee line is working fine or not today??
what are the name of the states where you can drive at 14?
What is a good sounding muffler for a 99' Civic LX?
Question on Taxis in NYC?
Question about driving stick?
How much is a gallon of fuel in the USA?
what is a good driving school in ventura?
What are all the Bus's that accept a Torrance Transit Transfer?
how many miles do most taxi cabs rack up day?
How many miles can you go on with a gallon of gas?
How Much Would A Taxi Cost?
How much does using an air conditioner in a hybrid car affect its fuel economy?
Buses or Subway ?
Did anyone else have a driving test today?
What is with old people and Buicks?
What can cause gas mileage to drop from 15 mpg in city and 18-19 mpg hwy to 12 in city and 13.8 hwy?
gaziabad transport autiorty?
Shouldn't the Government do something about this fuel shortage crisis?
Where can i rent a small limo for a cheap price in pennsylvania?
Where is your anger and righteous indignation people?
What job should I take on in the future?
Anyone else besides me want to see higher gas prices?
Do you think that eventually we all will be riding bicycles except for rich people?
what body would you contact get to worn out road lines that you consider are causing problems for all drivers?
How is the traffic from Centreville, VA to Arlington, VA?
Taking bus for the first time?! ;(?
Does an infant count when driving in the carpool lane?
Driving or Riding Jobs?
road rage ~ for or against and to what extent?
Why can't we build a highway from east coast to west that would be designed fot 90-95 MPH speed limits?
how much is gas??????
Driving to Riverside from Long Beach on Friday?
How many people listen to mt. st. mary's radio station at 1am?
What pets are OK to take on public transport?
What are the purple post along I-96 in Michigan?
What is the best way of getting from Windsor airport to Detroit Metro Airport?
Do you drive more during the week or weekends?
Should I put tube doors or no doors on my Jeep?
Riding the bus.?
On average how much would it cost to rent a party bus?
What is the best transportation from a Daytona Beach, Florida home to the Orlando airport?
How can I move to another state without any help from anyone?
Speeding Limit...?
What do you do on public transit?
How Much Are the Bus Fares in Hemet, CA?
What is the average weekday drive time during peak rush between the following towns to La Jolla (UTC)?
What is the proper treatment for obnoxious bicyclists?
are there any tips to save gas?
How far do you have to drive/travel to get to work?
Do you have to drive to work?
Are you going to fill your tank on May 15th? Please join the boycott!?
Why does it take so long to get on line, I have high speed service?
How do I get to West Chester University from Egg Harbor City, New Jersey (NJ Transit)?
Do you need a license to drive a Viza motor scooter?
Why is gas 65$ a barrel why does it cost that much?
How far over the speed limit do you normaly drive on the highway?
how do I get a smooth take off with my Saturn stick shift?
When will gas prices ever go down?
Getting caught after 9pm with a junior license in NY?
A fully loaded 14 passenger seated taxi at peak rush hr traffic travelling at a high speed impacts into my car?
Marikina to ceu/feu commute?
What's the best way to cut back and/or save on your car fuel consumption?
How many people allowed to sit in the front of a transit van?
Do you have more road courtesy and consideration for drivers with military bumper stickers?
Do you ever feel NERVOUS when......????
what is the metro bus that passes on western ave?
when did the speed limit change on stockfield road in birmingham?
how many miles is it from menlo park ca to wesley ca?
does anyone know how long speed humps have been in northborough rd in norbury sw16?
You are driving down a two-way, two-lane street in a residential area at night during a storm. You notice that?
What is traffic like in the North Orlando area and at what times is it the heaviest?
Inside lane?
Im thinking about impersonating a traffic warden.....?
Has Anyone Ever Felt This Way....???
What is the transit from Bart Station to Terminal 1 at SFO ITL Airport?
What the laws for riding/driving a gas power scooter in California freeway?
Multiple driving directions?
Why have gas prices gone down rapidly in the past month?
What are transit days in detail? Transportation time?
how much to rent a limo or SUV for a bachlerette party?
Passing a road sign "New York 112 km."?
can you walk a broken down moped/scooter on a path?
Can anybody give information if there are any CNG filling station at Dahod, Gujarat?
What are some things that car drivers do that annoy you?
What is the worst time to drive on I-270 West in the morning?
Car accident on hiway 82 west out of Sherman Tx July 3rd around 2:30 pm was anyone hurt?
i need a flight between St.Louis, Mo. & Springfield, Mo.?
what bugs you most about other drivers?
Is there a bus to movieworld from pac fair between 7am - 8am?
driving distance from warwick,r.i. to fort benning in columbus,g.a.?
Can someone please help me understand the CLIPPER card?
R tolls really a regressive tax on the poor and working classes?
if you send a mail, and you forgot to put the stamp, what happens?
how long is the commute from Plano to Irving?
bus driver never has change for a note - is this my fault?
3 people in the front of my car?
I need transit direction for marc garneau CI?
What does Merge onto I-5S via exit 458B toward 1-580 / San Francisco mean?
nashville traffic rush hour?
Spectator slowing on Highways............?
which santa rosa transit bus is the best to get to 3449 Bennett Valley Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95404?
Is this enough gas money to give to a coworker...?
how have planners tried to reduce traffic congestion- Geography?
Do prison buses have emergency exits or do they just burn up if the bus starts a fire?
Taxi Transfer Malaga Airport to Puerto Duquesa?
Fastest way to el segundo, ca?
Why isn't there a website that predict gas price fluctuations over the next 2-5 days?
gas prices?
What will we do if we have no more fuel for our beloved cars?
what do you think is the best way to rid the use of the combustion engine in this country(usa)?
Why would a state trooper drive in the fast lane 15 under the speed limit with his rear caution light bar on?
last but for bus no 170?
what do you think of this i think it's bull?
Bus Routes From Brampton to Richmond Hill?
What are the lit arrows/X's for in the Cassiar Tunnel in Vancouver, BC?
Nebraska Learners Permit (LPE) Restrictions?
Why does traffic stop if there's no accident or construction?
a person drives 160 miles and it takes about 2 hr and 40 min what is the average speed speed?
How is it possible for gas companies to make so much profit and gas prices are still so high.?
finding saved driving directions?
Trimet to cancel?
would you ever ride in or own a hearse?
How much would this road trip cost me in gas?
Why do old people still drive?
Is it worth driving a motorcycle to avoid the congestion charge?
I'm trying to work out a car share rota for three people?
Never Used Public Transportation Before....Help!?
what are the gas prices?
What is the best strategy to save fuel? (see below)?
if you were on a bus and?
Why do some people drive.. gas--brake gas-brake gas-brake?
At 6 mph, how long does it take to travel 17 miles?
I am home schooled and im about to be 16 where do I go do drivers ed. at.?
Where is the best place to rent a car in the UK?
would you give me some informations about Bus service in SJC airport in Sanjose CA?
why do new york drivers honk so much?
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveway's.?
Are "TAXI CABs" Considered as Public Transportion?
Have you noticed our Highways in GTA - Ontario are filled with holes?
What's the easiest way for me to get to Kenmore?
Can I tow a small Mitsubishi Lancer with my 1998 Ford Explorer and if so how do I do that? Rookie here!?
Where's the best suburb to live in Sydney? How do you get to work in the city?
How long does it take for a speeding ticket to be mailed?
Are you driving clean?
if you take traffic school do you still have to pay your ticket?, if yes does it reduce the cost?
Do prison buses have emergency exits?
How to get the most from driving lessons?
Anyone familiar with the Oakland Ferry area in Oakland, CA? Is it safe to walk from BART 12th St exit?
Who is at fault, me or him?
Why are some transit agencies so retarded?
How long does it take to get SENTRI express lane pass?
Could you tell me how can i break down the word Unpredictable that what i want on my car tag and it can only 6
How can I report bad taxi drivers to the authority?
how do i get a lean on a car?
when I am driving on the highway during the summer. Why do girls put there feet up on the dashboard?
will somebody give me a car so i can get to work without bothering my impatient girlfriend?
Bus Service From Port Hope To Oshawa?
When you go into the turning lane how do you know your allowed to be in it ?
How do I get to Brooklyn, to Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue subway station from JFK airport?
what does this mean? about bus fare?
Where's London 0 milestone (where distances are measured from)?
How do you rev an engine?
Does anyone know when the Folkestone to London rail link will be opening?
Getting in trouble for splashing pedestrians?
can you travel on a greyhound bus at 18?
Is there a deductible for hitting a deer in Minnesota?
where can you find the bus schedule to go to csu dominguez hills?
Why do people put those "My child is an honor student at ________" stickers on their cars?
How long does it take to get a permit (in Mass.)?
how do I get good at road directions?
How much gas would a 7 hour roadtrip be?
The London congestion charge. Please explain 2 things I don't understand?
Does a clean car (car wash) increase your fuel economy?
will dropping my tailgate on my truck save me gas milage?
Commuting from York to Sheffield?? Too far to travel for work?
Is there a Left turn camera in Amar/Grand in the City of Walnut CA?
how much does gas cost in iraq?
Which City has the Worst Commute????
Is there such a thing as a "Bottle-Stiller" to balance beer on the dashboard while driving?
does map on your iphone use internet the whole time or just when it is finding the route you are driving?
The cheapest way to commute from Markham to UTSC.?
Which Public Busses ply from Greyhound Station, Bryan to A&M?
tell me about salibury.n.c.?
Is a one hour commute to work too much?
National Express ticket was texted to me?
GAS STRIKE ON MAY THE 4.if we do this maybe tHEY WILL reduce the gas price.?
do you have to pay if you want to transfer from brampton to missisauga transit or can you just use your transf?
taxi to six flags new england?
Fuel efficiency?
how to fight a lane change and u turn in a business district ticket?
How do I convince my mom to let me drive?
Has a gallon of gas in gone up in the U.K. equal to a gallon in the U.S?
List some pet peeves while driving.?
Best route to drive from Ft. Worth, TX to Riverside, CA?
Go faster on yellow or slow down?
help,can someone tell me if i will get a traffic ticket or not?
Know your way around Phoenix much??
First time riding a bus?? Help!?
have you used your car horn today?
Car vs bus for college?
What makes a road, a road, and a street, a street.?
Who is Gail Lightfoot that does the traffic report around DFW?
How much concrete is laid on roads each year?
Question about distance?
which subways can you get to through grand central station?
If oil is $113 dollars a barrel why is petrol £1:10 ($ 2:00 dollars) per litre when a barrel is 45 gallons?
What should I do about this?
how much is gas per gallong where u live??
is it true that gas prices are high because of tax on gas? or is it the oil companies that just love profits?
is it important to learn how to drive especially when u live in a big city?
public transport in Milwaukee?
How to gain confidence to drive?
Where can I buy bumper stickers?
Red light/Traffic signal cameras in CA?
why is whalebone lane called this?
In street addresses, what is different if it has an NSE or W in it?
Is this used 2001 Infiniti I30 base worth purchasing?
A train 500 m long is moving on a straight track with a speed of 84.9 km/h. The engineer applies the brakes at
If you were in a car crash how did you deal with it?
Is anyone interested in a carpool from Easton,PA to Jersey City/PATH area?
Dio or Activa for a 10 km commute?
How long does it take you to get to work?
Do a higher percentage of red or yellow cars get tickets?
will diesel and regular gas prices ever go down in the united states?
When people get on the bus, why do they refuse to move toward the back, even when there's lots of room?
How old do you have to become a Chauffeur?
Why are drivers on the road so incredibly stupid?
Special Driver's License in Texas Information?
San Jose' shrinks? Is the digital display an Hwy. 101, posting commuting lengths, relieving stress/rage?
Why do people think hybrids are good for the environment?
How does a gps live traffic work?
will anyone go to my sweet sixteen if its a 35 minute drive?
In the US, why tip cab drivers? For making small-talk?
Stupid question, how do I catch a bus?
Chances gasoline goes above $5.00 a gallon in the U.S.?
Does this bother anyone else?
My third stupid question of the day (can you tell I am bored yet)?
Why are women such bad drivers?
Best way to get there? MSU?
garmin nuvi motorway avoidance?
Since the UK and France drive on different sides of the road, where is the change in the Channel Tunnel?
Which website do I need to go to if I want a map for travelling to a certain destination by car?
Are you offended when a man offers you his seat on the train?
Why did my MacBook go from New Jersey to Pennsylvania?
Does anyone know how to get receipts for travel when you use Oyster?
how long of a walk is it to your nearest 711?
Why do you still use your cell phone while you drive?
What's the best bumper sticker you have or have seen?
how long does it take to drive from yonge and eglinton to mississauga during rush hours?
what will you do when gas hits 6-7 dollars a gallon?
Do we burn gas, more than usual during winter and summer just by using AC/Heater.?
why is the price of gas going up again here in mississippi it went up a large amount?
What is the best time to drive to avoid traffic in U.S?
OH, it's a jolly holiday with Mary.......... Discuss???
Why did Crestview Lanes shut down?
How much is Gas in the USA?
ca i get a car1month rent for $250 in denver?
Is there a train from raleigh durham airport to charleston, sc?
is it the time for indians to switch over to CYCLES?
how much ethanol in california gas ?
How long does gasoline stay fresh?
Where can I find out how much traffic a particular street gets?
Survey: Public Transport?
In New Jersey, can parents train teens to drive during their drivers ed course?
Name one thing in life that you hate more than sitting in traffic?????
"How much gas would it take to fill completley up for 10-13 hour trip?"?
Do you think gas prices will ever drop back down to $1.30 per gallon?
How late does UPS deliver? It's around 4:30 right now?
How much does it cost to rent a school bus?
im turning 21 and about to get my driving permit do i have restrictions?
What is the best way to get out of speeding ticket?
Commuters in disguise?
how do you commute from la salle greenhills to eastwood without riding a taxi?
Is it common to get a type of driver who does 40mph on every road?
Is there really 3 grades of gas at gas stations?
Getting a license and learning to drive?
Why do drivers have to slow down when they approach ERP gantries?
what ever happened to the Carl Kruger proposal to ban iPods while crossing NYC streets?
Illinois gas prices is $2.99 a gallon for regular unleaded. How much is gas in your state?
why do you park in a drive way and drive on a parkway?
Does it really give better gas mileage having my tailgate down or off when driving?
any fare discounts for the clipper card?
A bus from East Brunswick Nj to East Windsor Nj?
What does "in transit" mean for a package?
is the central florida commuter rail going to be built?
If I was pulled over for doing 46 mph in a 20 mph zone but the zone was actually 35mph what's my defence?
About how long would it take to get from Park Slope Brooklyn to Midtown Manhattan?
What to do when stuck/stranded?
Whats the light that flashes on top of school Buses used for?
Does anyone know if the beeline 20 is runnibg today and tomorrow?
NEW DRIVERS: what are the steps you would take to drive through fog? Best detailed answer gets .s! :D?
What time does the bus leave from Gregory to corpus christi tx.?
If you need a cars for a month or two is Zip cars a good Idea? And how does that effect pricing?
Relocating to Cincinnati for work as an Air Traffic Controller. What are some good areas? Thanks!?
About how long would it take to get from Park Slope Brooklyn to Midtown Manhattan?
How do I get to Unit 7,1150 Sheppard Avenue West By TTC?
Are we really sincere to mumbai traffice problem?
How successful has the tram network been in Shefield? Do they run at a profit?and has car traffic reduced?
Why do Americans drive on the Right hand side of the road ?
really bad with directions?
What are 6 mass transit systems around the world?
Where is the highway that goes over the ocean and is on the cover of the California Drivers Handbook?
If you're familiar with UCLA, please help!?
Are bus drivers becoming ruder? your experiences pls?
Where does a new speed limit begin, before, at, or after the sign?
What happened to the flat foot flogger who ran off with the bare foot butler with a hat.?
Does anyone in the US Navy live in downtown in the Ghent, Norfolk, VA? Is traffic to Naval Station too bad?
I'm looking for information and pictures on Tim Brown 1980 Turbo pinto?
what car is better the nissan altima or the honda accord and why?
The last two times I have fueled at Dillions fuel station they have not given me my discount?
I am turning 50 in December and needs ideas. I would like it to involve a limo.?
Can I use a Mississauga Transit transfer to get on the TTC or vice-versa?
On a friday whats the best time to travel from sherman oaks to bellflower and back with least traffic?
Why do people put braille on a drive through ATM? They're Blind! They shouldn't drive?
Driving Cancellations?
Why close and lock the bathroom of the gas stations? Did they fear that people the clean?
Directions from Aventura mall to 163rd st Mall?
18 Wheelers, Necessity or Nuisance?
Is there heavier traffic along UP - Ayala Land Techno hub?
Red Light Camera Question?
oyster card disadvantages?
How much is Mileage reimbursement for Michigan??
Where to live in Tampa for the least nightmarish commute?
To Chennaiites - What is the shortest route from porur to Perungudi?
Should I continue with this 2 hour commute each way?
If the US speed limit is 55/65/70, why does my speedometer go to 120 in a regular production truck?
last time gas was .99 in milwaukee wi?
Is my employer unreasonable by upping the staff parking fee from £3 per month to £17?
How can I move to another state without any help from anyone?
Can I use my Rail Travel Privilege Card for sleeper seats?
Do you get Road Rage when driving?
How do I get from point a to point b without a car?
Can my friend drive me to school in Colorado if she's had her license for less than 6 months?
Commuting from Hunter College (subway question, please help.)?
Do average speed cameras in the UK really work?
Where is the scooter parking in old delhi station ?
Faster Bus route from Dwtn LA - Panorama City (Roscoe blvd/Ranchito Ave)?
Why do people from New Jersey drive like they are on meth?
where can i get a pakage deal on a party bus?
If we changed our speed limit signs to metric, what would probably replace 60 mi/h?
Now that "texting while driving" is illegal in my state,what am I supposed to do on my hour 1/2 commute home?
Why is the morning traffic so bad in Wokingham lately?
Are we really sincere to mumbai traffice problem?
Back in the conductor days, is it true that gentlemen used to give up their seat for ladies on buses?
Differences in Alero and Grand AM under the hood?
so you think your 'gas' is expensive at $4+ per US gallon?
what would you do to make this planet better for our future?
Am I the only one that cusses at the other drivers when they drive slow?
Last night around 7 I drove on a bus lane.?
How can I feel more confident driving on mountain highways?
how much does an average segway cost?
Who has a bike and when was the longest and furtest you ever rode?
Do you leave a signal on at filter lights or when in a filter lane?
how old do you have to be to drive a vespa in jacksonville Florida?
I want to fly from Minneapolis to Chicago O'hare and take the train to 95th and the dan ryan. Can anyone help?
How much are you suppost to pay for gas miles for your employee's. Does include an hourly rate also?
What time do you leave work on Fridays?
quickest way to charlotte, nc from boston, ma while avoiding major cities?
Biking to and from North Miami, and Bal Harbour?
When turning left on at an interesection without a signal on a divided highway ...?
What US city has good public transport?
Is this road rage or is this just plain funny?
TTC Bus 38 Highland Creek Free Fare Question?
Gasoline and toll costs from Chicago to NYC, especially for passing through I-80E?
Is 45 mph to fast in a subdivision w/25mph speed limit?
What is the best car ever.?
Can anyone recommend a basic Sat Nav for use by a novice, thanks?
Why are the people in the United States like sheep when it comes to auto fuel prices, we should be revolting.?
Anyone do Expedite Trucking with sprinter Van?
going over speed bumps?
For anyone who lives in CT is the CT transit schedule changing ? ?
One train starts @ 4pm at 60mph and another at 5pm @ 70mph. At what mile and time will they meet?
Why does taking public transit in florida carry the same stigma as paying with foodstamps or being poor?
tow me along?
Can I use my iPad while riding a Segway?
How To get permits for a street block?
why do you see only 1 shoe on the road sometimes?
Speeds on M/WAY?
How many points is the penalty, for driving a commercial vehicle over 13 tons, through Indianapolis, IN?
Can you drive in canada with a u.s.a ct learners permit?
How would ya feel about having a BUS STOP right outside ya house? {{:- (?
If I get a heart attack while driving and kill somebody in a head on collision, am I guilty of manslaughter?
does greyhound bus pick up at logan airport and go to connecticut at 4pm ?
What do you think will solve these astronomical gas prices?
Do you have to get a certain permit to transport the elderly?
Will gas prices will ever go down? I just paid $3.98 a gallon today and that's regular only.?
When will other drivers have respect for people on the road?
What is a good electric or gas scooter to get?
How do I prove to my professor that I was stuck in traffic in PA?
Public transit (buses) confusion, any experts?
ways to get around that stupid megavideo limit?
What To Do In The Limo?
If it takes you about 15 minutes to get somewhere by car, how long would it take you to get there by foot?
Moving to LA, which has the worse commute - Simi Valley or Canyon Country?
the first time you took drivers training...?
history of land transportation?
what is the speed limit in a nieborhood in california?
Is there a cheap alternative to FREX on the weekends?
What's a good bike/scooter for going around town?
If I live in DC what is the quickest way to drive to downtown Baltimore for work?
Could the ignition system of a gasoline powered vehicle run at a higher voltage with less gas consumption?
Ever ponder the mind set of the person who made up road signs?
Is this a good method for making a turn in a manual transmission?
How much money (on average) do you save with a standard car?
How do I put latitude / longitude into GPS Satnav?
ca-22 east average morning traffic?
Misdemeanor for Unsafe Lane Change violation in Los Angeles, CA?
When I say the word 'Tram', what is the place that pops into your mind?
why not walk, take a bus, take the subway, and leave your car at home?
Why are gas prices so freaking high, I wish we could strangle those people who make the prices.?
What is Speedy Taxi's Number For St. Catharines Ontario?
What in the world is "Oomf" ?
how long is a mile?
Wwhat does it mean when your looking at photos of transit (city buses ) the text under pic says "posing"?
Do crosswalk buttons actually do anything?
drivers who leave large gaps in trafiic?
Why do drivers have to slow down when they approach ERP gantries?
How is the weekday commute between Evergreen & Denver Colorado?
Which highway has more traffic in Los Angeles area on weekdays in the A.M.? 10 East or 60 East?
Transportation issues really need some help.?
jerks that drive the speed limit in the fast lane (left lane) for the idiots who don't know?
"How much gas would it take to fill completley up for 10-13 hour trip?"?
what is the average cost per hour of renting a limo that is say a luxury sedan?
Why do drivers speed?
Driving distances from maps, are the miles the flight of a bird or miles by road? ex: driving in mtns.?
WHY do people drive slow in the fast lane then get mad when you want them to move?
how will you prevent traffic problems?
Would you commute 41 miles each way to work?
what is the most fuel efficient car available today?
Why is "silver" gas cheaper than regular grade gas in Iowa?
In Maryland, What are you required to have to get your learners permit?
Does anyone have an urge to just be on the road?
motor pacing?
who rides a Livonia public school traansportion bus?
How do I get to and back form wonderland via ttc/go bus, etc?
Gas Station Paying?
is it legal to drive your car without a hood in tennessee?
how do one remember the directions if walking on some unknown place?
For men: Why do men drive with their arm out the car window, even in bad weather?
Who is at fault in this traffic accident?
When is there the least amount of traffic on the CA 91 east?
is there a 10% leeway for speed cameras in the uk?
why dont cabs go to brooklyn?
Would you rather drive a....?
How are you fighting global warming?
commuting help please?
Which company petrol pumps are best?
What is the best way to handle a traffic violoation?
what is a merger lane on the highway?
Speed cameras in uk ?
Why is I-4 an "interstate" highway if it is only in one state?
What would be the most effective way to boycott gasoline?
Do you think an hour and a half drive back and forth two times a week is bad?
What time in the morning does Rush-Hour traffic start in Denver, CO?
Is gas higher today(1-6-09) than it was yesterday where you live?
Who is more annoying, slow drivers or tailgaters?
i left a parking garage last night without paying?
How do you map out quickets route to multiple addresses by vicinity to save gas and time using a website?
with the gas prices being $2.89-300lper gallon how much money would i need for gas using a uhaul truck?
Variable speed Limit camera's, between junction 25 and 28 of the M1. What does this mean.?
Hi I'm a teen learning to drive, I have an important question?
What's a good time to drive the 405 to Irvine from Long Beach?
is it ok to take a left on red onto oneway street?
Why didn't more monorail systems get built?
what's the difference?
What's the price of gas where you live?
What frustrates you when you're driving?
will you support the truck drivers shutting down? and why or why not.?
Would more mass transit reduce carbon emissions?
what time bus lines run from san pedro to lakewood?
If you drive over a level crossing why is it bumpy if its level?
Need help with driving school in Waterloo, Ontario?
Should public transport have graphic art images covering the outer and is it distracting or what?
Which car would you recommend for an 80 mile a day commute?
Driving test route - Australia (Oakleigh).?
everyday I hear about greenhouse gas, CO2 and transportation producing 6.6 billion tons anually, then why wont
I need a kind of cheap aprartment in New Jersey anyone have any ideas?
how much does sheris ranch limo service cost?
I will be leaving work soon, what is something I can think about to calm the commute?
If a person drives a car with a 15-gallon tank, how much more would he or she spend in 2005 to cover the cost?
First time taking a cab tonight...Help pleaseee.?
When Parking in a downtown lot..?
How do I use Advanced Lane Guidance on TomTom xxl 550?
I am 33 and terribly affraid of driving. Got my licence 2 yrs ago. What can I do to overcome my fear?
If buses services were improved would more people use them?
willl there be a transit strike in montreal?
what do i need to bring with me to take my driving test in Lee' Summit, MO.?
Driving through Chicago during rush hour?
whats the commuting distrance from UCLA , la to san gabriel?
what is the contact number of St. Rose Transit?
Will the tariff change for moving companies make a interstate move more expensive?
iam california..los angeles..does anyone work for metro as in drives the bus as a bus operater?
Does the sonoma county transit run on sundays?
When not to coast when driving?
Keep Honking I am re-loadning my Gun?
Logo of which European carmaker?
SPREAD THE WORD. May 15 is national gas strike day?
Rush hour traffic on I40 in Raleigh NC?
Public Transportation from BWI to IAD?
How far is it from Midland, Tx to Armirillo Texas?
what is skedule of saulog bus from cavite to olongapo?
Your views about eating and drinking on the tube?
Why do lorries need often 3-5 miles of motorway to overtake?
why do people park in a driveway but drive on a parkway?
Has anyone of you used the child fare instead of adult fare on the nj transit?
what is the best type of transportation to travel in?
Can you cook a meal on the engine block?
how to commute to eastwood city cyberpark going to BMCI?
who can help me out?
How much would I need to put in my oyster card if I travel from Upton Park station to Twickenham Rail Station?
Are there taxi's that will take you from Michigan to Canada? How much would that cost?
Piitsburgh bus system/passes?
Who gets to name streets and cities?
How come there's rarely any radar traps after a construction lane closure?
how bad is traffic on the 5-south on a saturday?
is it me or does temecula suck?
can intimancy lead a couple to break up?
what stresses you out most about driving?
Why do people in London drive like idiots?
student metro card question?
How long is your commute to work/school?
Have you learnt where the post snow pot holes are?
I know a house's address is 54 *some street* Fresno, California--how do I find that house?
Why does My Sony Nav-U GPS device choose state highways over Interstate travel?
Intercontinental expressway?
what are the advantages of cities having a light rail system?
hey i am in need of current help on bus service?
Get a Free Car with an Advertisement on it? is it true? any body know if to do this will have any trap?
Do you think there's too much street traffic?
what is distance from Birmingham, AL to Atlanta, Ga?
2002 s430 when idling or at a long traffic ligh the heatgage will go above the 80 then go down when i drive?
how much tax dollars public transit?
What will be the dominant form of transportation in Nashville, TN in 20 years.....?
about how much would it cost...?
How much does gas cost in Australia?
how is oil transported here?
How often does the rtd come?
can anyone estimate how much it costs to drive 3 hours on the highway?
how much does a cab cost from wagner college to ferry terminal?
Amtrack Schedules/Bridgeport,Ct to Ocean View, Delaware?
Will the price of gas ever go down?