How can gas cost 88.9cents in the east and 106.9cents in the west?
how many miles is it from chicago to tokyo?
Where does that awful stink come from that hits at 4th street and the I15 freeway in Rancho Cucamonga, CA?
How many gallons are in a tank of gas?
I have a normal, honest job, yet I notice people frequently casting me suspicious glances, any ideas why...?
Truckers-do you LIKE when girls flash you?
what is the best daily commute option from milpitas to san francisco downtown.?
Cambridge #1 Bus Stop TIme?
when overtaking on motorways what lanes do you use?
what time does a ride-on bus come over on bowie mill and bluebell lane to go to northwest high school?
Whats the gas price in your area today?
Does the metro 115 go down Culver Blvd in LA?
Over the Speed Limit Question. (Please only serious answers, THANKS)!?
condition of I-710 on saturday mornings & afternoon?
need to see a map of Marin County please?
should my friends chip in for gas money????
Do you use more gas on a full tank or a half tank?
Paranoia After Driving?
Can you call a cab company to ask price of fare?
how do i use a 10-trip metrolink pass?
Which Metro bus do you take to get from Tysons Corner Mall to Arlington?
Will the fires in Big Sur, California affect the traffic on the 101 on the 4th of july?
Is it illegal to drive on a motorway as a learner driver?
Is there a metro pass for half of a month?
Does vehicle in Brazil use alcohol as fuel???
About bus transfer tickets?
rough amount for petrol money?
where is pimp my ride located. city?
doing 80+mph in corsa 1.2 commute?
Where do the toll booth people go to the bathroom?
Does any one know how to bet a redlight camera violation?
Have you ever heard of Santa Ana CA, and if you have what is your first thought?
how much gas would i be using making this drive?
Affordable Family-friendly neighborhoods outside NYC?
How do I figure out miles per gallon for gas mileage?
Help on jumping the border?
How can gas cost 88.9cents in the east and 106.9cents in the west?
How high will gas get by June?
when will gas prices drop?
What do you hate more about other drivers on the road?
drivers, whats your view, did i annoy him?
Has the traffic improved with the roadworks in Bayan,Novaliches yet.?
Give up driving one day per week to help gas prices?
Do you have to pay when driving to London?
3 points n £60 fine.. any loop holes?
who is the best f1 driver?
Public Transportation from Caltrain Terminal at 700 4th Street Sanafrancisco to Downtown Sanfrancisco?
how long will it take to get to walsall from london by road?
How much earlier do I get there?
I love driving. Do you love driving? ( :?
I live in Hazleton Pa. they are painting our roads. The company is Accent....something..anyone know the name??
What is a Chud?
Why don't people wave "thanks" anymore when you let them go in traffic?
Do taxis run on new years eve?
Does anyone know what's the intersection for address 85 ISERNIA Crescent in Woodbridge ON?
how does traffic congestion occur?
Is Greyhound really as bad as some people say?
HELP car trouble!!!! the car started up ok this morning, got down the lane , stopped to pick someone up and .?
Need to move a playhouse across the country.?
How come when ur in a hurry, you catch every red light possible?
What are the odds that a passing car has someone locked in the trunk?
are we paying to much for fuel.?
Is there a secret tunnel in Staten Island?
Limo service that does not charge while they wait.?
Public transportation in Sonoma, California?
Name some things a person shouldn't say or do while in a bus station?
What are the buses from Dau, pampanga bound for Baguio city? Also,How much is the fare?
Traffic light signals?
im 15 and a half, when can i drive on my own with my girlfriend?
how high do you think the price of gas will reach this year?
first ever driving lesson today - what can i expect?
nj transit?
im confused on school zones!?
Is this even possible?
How can I protect myself at my bus stop?
if I'm driving 35 miles at 55 mph, how long will it take to get there and how is this problem solved.?
What is the best commuter bag for a male in his 30's commuting to a professional job?
How much would a bus be for 2 people ?
Do you live in BRISBANE could you please help me figure the bus?
how much would it cost to rent a limo for the debs roughly?
This is urgent, I've been offered a driving job but I'm hopeless at directions,so I'm going to buy a GPS,?
How can you maxamize your mpg?
How is ventilation provided in the Metro/Underground Railway System?
In MA when can you drive people who aren't family?
Why is there always alot of traffic about 2pm in the afternoon in all cities of the world? Midday rush hour?
Which is more tiring?
How do they get deer to cross at that yellow road sign?
What is the "eat'em up lane" on the interstate?
Which has the least amount of driving?
How far do you drive to work daily?
how much is a fine by first bus?
Need for speed underground 2?
I'm looking to buy a new car for college. Considerations?
Does you partner stop for you while traveling?
Can we as people of this country control some of the inflation on gas prices?
drivers permit in AZ written exam help?
what is the driving distant, time & route from LA to Grand Canyon?
Tomtom satnav, how do I set device so it doesn't try to take me down avery shortcut going?
does any one know a good cab, van or limo for 6 to staples center? anybody know what's the deal with them? Are they a scam like all others?
Can we ride Bart and bus free since the freeway collapse?
where can I buy a motorized toilet?
How much is a monthly pass from Trenton to New Brunswick on NJ Transit?
HitchHiking Saftey. Please read all of it?
we are going to Cornwall. What time should we leave from s. Wales to beat the traffic?
Any ideas on cheap and easy ways to move from California to Colorado?
Where do you live and how much does a gallon of gasoline cost there?
Um how many of u have had embarrasing accidents?? if so please share?
How to commute from Dau Terminal to Clark Airport?
What can under 25 drive in south australia?
Are there any cost saving of commuting from northern NJ to lower manahttan using public transportations?
the fork tongue still exits?
Can a person still drive in the carpool lane if the passanger dies?
how much will petrol cost in the uk to drive 36.6 miles?
Would you kindly move your butt?
Gas Prices!?!?!?
Anybody got any moans about the IS 250?
Where do i get an Oyster Card from?
Why do some answers to my questions not show up below my question?
How much does your oyster card get charged when you change buses?
how can i train my dog to ride in the back of the truck?
how can i improve my mpg?
miles per gallon help?
Where to live in NOVA?
Question About RENTING a Car?
Are We There Yet?
Amazon shipping question?
how do i get gps coordinates to a gas plant near fort st john bc?
Night Bus service between Veraval and Dwaraka?
Why do people drive slower when the road goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane?
do you do "the wave" on the highway when someone lets you in?
would you ride in my car if i had this?
Would you take a ride from a stranger?
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
how did the thumb become the symbol for hitchhiking?
What will Los Angeles and its metro area, Las Vegas, NV and the San Francisco Bay Area look like in 20 years?
Doing a mileage survey?
What gas stations in the U.S. only sell fuel that is produced from North American oil reserves?
How do I rent a limo and where?
How do I set up a Fastrak transponder without replenishing funds?
can u give me my home postalcode?i live in 9 malaga st.camella2d soldeirs hills muntinlupa city?
Travel times in Mumbai.?
how far from kyburz minden nv.?
How old do you have to be to ride the SCTD bus?
questions about drivers ed?
Why are People in such a Hurry?
Is SW(South West) considered a hyphen?
Cascade East Transit fee?
How much does it cost to fill up an kia soul?
What is the transit link card? Can it be used anywhere in Maryland?
how do i get from ricmond station to north richmond station coming from the direction of south yarra station?
If I take a neighborhood bus to Atlantic City and want to return the next morning, is it possible?
would you walk 8 miles to get to work?
if u are 12 and u have ajob tell me how to get one?
How do I convince my mom to let me drive?
Do you participate in a carpool?
In Transit over 5 hours?? ?
any catch line for traafic solution??
I want to drive limo's in NYC. What do i need?
Is coasting beneficial?
How can i hog internet speed in my residence?
can i find a bus schedule of los angeles?
do you leave your turn signal on when you are changing multiple lanes?
What is the robort sequence in traffic lights?
Would it be wrong to flash your brights at a car going super slow in the passing lane?
GAS STRIKE tomorrow MAY 2...?
What advantage does ultracapacitors give buses?
I want to move to Murrieta Ca and commute to Torrance Ca how long would it take me?
How is the bus ticket system operated? I mean how the bus people come to know where one has taken the bus?
Road Rage ? Wonder who won this one .. ?
Is it still possible to drive in....?
How do I commute to Santa Lucia Mall, Marikina from Philcoa?
How do I use the 91 express lane in Orange County?
how can get get on bus from los angeles(90032) to southgate high school?
Is a bus driver regarded as a good profession?
What is a ferry route on my GPS and should I click "avoid ferry route"?
Presidential SUV limo?
flyff is Freezing on my compeuter?
Why do people merge at 50-60 MPH when going around a cluster of of cars at 80 MPH is much safer?
Can any one refer a decent /honest car mechanic around irvine ,CA ?
Can i get on bus with a capon bus pass?
Why did station wagons go out of style?
What bus route I would get from garden grove to Torrance ?
Does anyone know the route of Pleasanton dmv driving test ? Any recent experiences ?
First scooter/moped purchase. Recommendations?
radar detector??
Why is it that nobody complains about big trucks spewing these long thick black plumes of smoke?
Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW?
Are you going to think twice about driving on bridges...?
What is the quickest way to get into the Holland Tunnel from the corner of Wall Street and Front Street?
Wasn't LA's first subway destroyed by oil companies to force use of cars? Where can I find more about this?
Do pedestrians who cross major bridges (like the George Washington) have to pay a toll?
What is the best type of gas? i.e. Shell, Sunoco, Exxon etc.?
is there any limit in datinq?
When gas gets to be $4.00 a gal,will people ride bikes to work?
Where can I find a good website for finding the cheapest gas in my area?
whats driving like??
is it ok not to have mirror on a moped/scooter that goes under 30mph?
COMMUTERS: Does a bag "save your place" in a bus line?
How are you coping with the increase in GAS. Where I live regular costs 2.49 a gallon.?
Was anyone on or near the bridge that fell?
The broken bridge in Minneapolis?
can you get to the baltimore harbor from penn station in baltimore?
Would like to know if Maple City Oilers of Peoria, Ill. is still in business. or anything you might . . .?
Why is there no bus or bicycle lanes between Santa Clarita, and Sylmar, California?
is it ok for a slide in camper to sit on the tailgate?
how to calculate miles per gallon?
Driving from Ohio to New Jersey?
overturned vehicles motorway?
How long will my TfL Oyster Card refund take?
Doing a mileage survey?
Are bus drivers allowed to do this ?
a bloke lives 12 floors up uses lift to get down but has to get off at floor 6 coming up. why??
Parking - Does anyone know?
I would like to find some general information on starting an airport shuttle business?
Why is it that we are buying gas for $3 a gal but it despenses at the same rate of speed of $1 a gal?
if (and thats a big IF) gas ever does go down when do you think it will?
How do I travel cheap from Munich to Wertingen (Germany)?
How much is gas in your area ?
How far do you travel to get to work? How long does it take you? Do you use public transport? drive? or walk
How long does it take to shipped an item from Cameron Park, CA to Mission Viejo, CA?
question to people who use
if a car does 60 miles per gallon how can i work out the cost?(uk)?
Is it feasible to commute from Flitwick (in Bedfordshire) to London daily for work?
What would be the age limit to drive a motor scooter like this?
If someone was sitting at a green light for a long time?
why the hell is gas so damn expensive?
Just moved to Maryland...why does no one signal whilst driving, here?
n and m commute to work, traveling in opp directions. n leaves the house at 9am and avg?
Does anyone have a nice car for sale?
Why hasn't my order arrived from Fedex yet?
truckstop near Concord,Ontario?
how is oil transported here?
How to read this bus fares thingy? (picture attached)?
Would it be better if I bought a single speed or a 7 speed made especially for women?
Do you think it is possible to manage your gasoline budget?
Is it still possible to drive in....?
Why do people drive right next to each other on the road?
Are there any easy road testing places in Michigan specifically in Macomb county or Oakland county?
Can you ride a moped though the tyne tunnel?
Do campus parking tickets show up on your school account summary?
will gas prices ever lower again, or only get higher and higher?
What bus would I get from Livingston Nrth Rail Station to Sky on Macintosh Road?
will jb weld hold long enough on my oil pin to drive from atl ga to columbus ohio?
doing 80+mph in corsa 1.2 commute?
when did they stop making steel framed cars?
How can I find out about carpooling in my suburb?
Can a motorist in NJ get a ticket for refusing to make a right on red, conditions permitting?
How long do you thing it would take on standard shipping for a package from Wisconsin to Alabama?
Is it feasible to live in Asheville and commute to Western Carolina University for graduate school?
why is gas prices so high? smh?
Question about G1 / G2 in ONTARIO - 10 points? :)?
how much would a limo cost for?
How should i react to my road test?
I'm LOST in my new town! Help?
Since the state is big on "Click it or loose it", why are they blind to school buses without seatbelts?
Did anyone hear about NOT buying gas on May 15, 2007?
Where can I get the Xootr Push Scooter in New York City.?
How much would it be...?
what is the a one way road and a two way road?
What is the best type of gas? i.e. Shell, Sunoco, Exxon etc.?
If gas prices hit $5.00 per gallon, will you still buy it?
While at the traffoc lights have you ever made eye contact for like 1 second and felt a kinship with them?
What speeds are epa gas mileage estimates based on?
Does TomTom Go 510 give you bridge heights?
why do taxi drivers drive so wrecklesly?
lax to riverside public transit?
When google transit says that it takes 45 minutes to walk somewhere, at what speed must I walk?
officer did not sign speeding ticket is it still valid?
Who hates riding behind city buses?
What is the halfway point between Greensboro, NC and Charlotte, NC?
if i am backing up into my driveway and i hit a passing car as i back up, am i at fault?
Why is the traffic in Nashville so bad?
Is Traffic worse at 4pm or 5pm (Mid Size City, such as Portland, Oregon)?
California to Colorado?
Closest bus route to moonzooom?
Is there anyis there any bus from Mark Keppel High School to San Garbiel High School?
Is an hour away too far to drive for school?
Is the TRAFFIC SYSTEM in your city up to your requierments?
Isn't there a road in germany that its speed limit is really really fast?
HELP!! I don't know how to read the schedule & map for NJ Transit!!?
should i stop hitting people?
How much does greyhound cost?
What are some larger US cities with really good public transportation?
Will you ditch your car for a motorcycle or moped due to high gas prices?
Does Moncton Transit operate on Good Friday?
Do you get to drive around in circles?
where can i find a reliable,up-to-date website on current gas prices in canada?
What is the phone number to San Francisco Greyhound station?
I was wondering about the commute from Mountain View to San Jose on the 101.?
why is it so important that we, as Americans, reduce our fossil fuels?
how much time does one mile of driving equal to? would it be cheaper to avoid the highway to this place?
Gas rationing the answer?
Would this tailgating bumper sticker make the situation worse?
Speed cameras & fines?
why are people getting so stupid on the road?
Why Are Manhole Covers Round?
suggestions on commuting from Newburgh/orange county ny to Brooklyn ny?
does the metro north train go from nyc to binghamton ny?
would you ever ride in or own a hearse?
do you think young women drivers are a danger on the roads ?
what is the proper way to hitch-hike? left hand with thumb extended west? right hand extended east? help!?
UPS hasn't changed my status in almost a week!?
Does anyone know where can I find a list of Italian owners of Ferrari? :D?
would you do this on the highway?
corronation street?
Quiet road, night time, driving alone, you doing a boogie check with your finger?
what does sig alert mean with traffic information?
How much should I charge for carpooling?
How to drive economically?
where can i get instruction manual for my navman 520 satnav ?//?
How much did you pay for gas this week?
what is an 1982 mustang gt worth ?
Reverse commute: London to Hertfordshire?
How much will this 15km trip cost me in gas?
How do I set up a Fastrak transponder without replenishing funds?
How do you get to Camden Yards from Reagan Airport on the weekend? Bus, Train or Subway...?
Z club around LA SFV?
Why do round-about signs never have a complete circle on them?
Do you "cocoon yourself" on your commute on public transport?
Stressed in traffic? What's the best way to keep calm?
for 358 miles how much gas will you need?
how much is gas right now where you live?
Can somebody walk me through how to use my ISIC(or my friends' IYTC) for airfare and train discounts(europe)?
how long does the bus take from willesden green to carnaby street?
Who yields to who in Ca. when one is entering traffic on a freeway.?
Do the Amish make traffic jam?
How fast u have to drive to get arrested?
One lane road. Cop in front of you doesn't notice light has turned green. Would you honk?
What time is it where your at? 12:30am here?
How much is a Gallon of Gas in your city?
What is the lowest price of gas (87 octane) have you seen so far this week in your area?
How many workers go to Manhattan, from outside it, on an average weekday: in buses?
Do you get less MPG with unleaded that has 10% ethanol than regular unleaded?
Where are the cheapest gas prices at?
i am a bus driver and love to run over women on sidewalks. am i sick or demented???
Help I am on a 4 hour bus trip and I have to pee so bad?!!!?
Is the Tomtom Live the only Satnav to give live traffic reports?
what was the bus driver doing at this time?
How to I commute from Market Market to Robinsons Galleria?
Best Place To Live For Commute?
i wonder what celebirties think of gas prices?
amber lighting in traffic control depends on what?
New driver has lost all her confidence..any advice?
speed limit in UK?
Tips to Save Gas?
What is the farthest left lane on the freeway called?
For people who ride mass transit.?
Does anyone know the HALFWAY trainstation between Great Yarmouth and LINCOLNSHIRE please?
do you hate it when people enter the highway going about 45mph.?
How many miles can I drive with one gallon of gas?
How to navigate through Penn Station?!?
Is it illegal to drive on a motorway as a learner driver?
I am looking for companies that need independent drivers to deliver vehicles to companies and customers in US.
i need a detailed road map from gujarat to panvel(m'rashtra)?
How much do you pay for bus fare in your area (single ride and weekly passes)?
What does Southeast TC mean when on a bus?
which 1 do u feel is better honda city or ford fiesta ( to indians)?
Why is it that most men wont ask for directions when lost?
anyone wana do a huge favour 4 me??
Are the police more linient on taxi drivers when it comes to issuing fines?
what is the bus schedule tomorrow for mts 962?
Are the new trains acquired by the Western/Central Railway in Mumbai really better than the old ones?
Should we Boycott?
Commuting times in Oahu?
where do i report gas price gouching?
what do they mean by reduced salt area in freeway ?
Is QM1A (midtown) bus schedule accurate?
Where do you Drive around when taking the driving test at Rancho Cucamonga?
Should I have a car in Los Angeles?
can i buy a buss ticket at 16 if im not crossing state line?
My 250cc scooter goes about 80 mph what would be a good haway speed whith out burning it up on long distance?
Can one take a lighter on a plane?
What is the cheapest way to commute from Fremont to Daly City through bart?
How do I find bus routes in Ohio?
Taxi in Traffic Panic?
Obama is right, if we start drilling for oil now, we won't see that oil in the market for 22 years, agree?
Will there be a lot of traffic from Prince William county to BWI tomorrow via 95 north?
How much does it cost to ride the via bus?
Should there be an emission test weekly for cars? On the side of the highway?
Do you think most Americans have cut back on driving and if so why are fuel prices still going up?
why do windscreen wipers only break down when its raining?
can a hearse driver, drive a corpse in a car pool lane?
Do you remember when the gallon wheel turned faster than the dollar wheel?
What's a good recipe for traffic jam?
when can i drive on newly paved asphalt?
Baltimore to DC Metro line? &Johns Hopkins area safety?
Where do I find mileage rate for other countries?
What are the peak hours/rush hour times on 495 W?
how do i get a maverick free gas club card?
Do you have to request the bus to stop when taking the NJ Transit?
South West Train Service to Surbiton?
Why doesn't BART have timed transfers with CalTrain?
Can I get in trouble for this?
How to pump gas when my tank is on E and can't drive to the nearest as station?
I'm 22 and I don't drive?
with each 5 mph increase how much does my gas mileage go down?
Party busses are rare to fine!!!!!!!!!!?
Why cars pass y'all on the right when y'all trying to get over to make it to y'all's exit in time?
why cant kids drive????????
i need a traffic update for route 81 south in virginia?
How much leg room is needed for a 6 feet tall person?
what are the express buses to get to stuyvesant high school in manhattan?
Would you consider 30 minutes a long commute?
Help me in finding Bmtc routs?
do you wave while driving?
How can i attract more traffic in to my city?
Is driving in the median turning lane legal?
Do you think Gasoline rationing would bring down the price? Why or Why not?
What is the b est location to go to for directions????
What is the limit for HID lights in Ontario?
When u buy gas for your car how much do u put in?
Okay i live at 425 S Alexandria Ave and what bus do i take to get to culver city?
What is the difference between Residential and Visitors parking permits?
What size air bag for my car's suspension?
What's the best place to live, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks or Orpington?
I'm afraid of Driving, help!?
distance from southampton to weymouth?
please where will i get half cut cars in china?
When are the general time frames for the busiest traffic times?
How to can i go from tarlac to caloocan?
Commute from Canoga Park to Malibu?
what is a good navigation system for your car?
Is it legal to travel down a road in reverse, as long as your following the direction of the traffic?
Is it legal for someone to block traffic?
Do you NEED drivers ed to get your permit?
How many gallons are in a barrel of oil and how many gallons of gas are produced with each barrel?
What are the the black cables places on highway asphalt used for?
Would you take a job you had to commute 80 miles to one way?
What are the rules of using a scooter in Los Angeles, CA?
How much is gas in your area?
Does the NJ Transit run on sundays?
Is it true that people in Los Angeles prefer to drive their car than taking transit to getting around?
Romantic Getaway-Dominican Republic?
can i drive with a NC learner's permit in WV?
When did you start driving?? Did you like it or not??
Who to ask to drive my friend and I to the movies? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!?
cng filling station in udiapur?
Does anybody here live or work in St Clears Carmarthenshire.....?
Where have all the public WC's gone, particularly as this country is a big toilet now?
How many walk through Queen St in Toronto?
gas vouchers??
(I live in Toronto , Ontario.) Are you immediately eligible to take your G2 license test when you turn 18?
Which major city has the worst mass transit system?
How far from either side of my driveway opening are people allowed to park their car? Portland, OR.?
If your a Siamese twin could you travel in the travel 2 lanes?
bus from industry station to cal poly pomona?
What are you doing to save money on food and gas?
Should I drive above the speed limit?
best date to start a business on september?
Does anyone have first-hand experience with either the Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ? Comments on either?
What are some good street racing cars?
can i get extra shell points without buying fuel?
Do I have to buy extra maps for the Garmin Etrex Legend?
Would you say some people just can't drive?
Would it be benificail to build a Highway for the Trucks that soon flood the U.S and maybe Canada?
if it is a 10 hour drive and gas is 4 dollars-a-gallon and you are driving 70 mph how much is gas cost?
Any company/enterprenurer interested so that pollution & A/C extra fuel consumption are brought near to zero ?
what time does shady grove metro station parking lot fill up on weekday mornings?
why is gas so high?
Do traffic signals have weight sensors, or is it just a timer that changes the light?
Why isn't every left turn treated as yield on green?
In the US, what city boasts the fastest mass transit system?
Whats the smallest city with a public transit system?
Is there a bus that goes to Cargo Road?
What is the fuel efficiency of a bus?
Is it possible to rent a Limo every day?
Would you give up leisure driving and your vacation trip in an effort to lower gas prices?
Gasonline 5 years from now?
Fastest way to get to Atlantic City Revel Resorts from Margate without a car?
why do cars go 140 MPH when the speed limit is only 70 mph?
How far will 500 litres of fuel haum 200 kg?
Advice for avoiding a collision on a freeway?Any good websites for defensive driving tips?
minimum number of satellite signals?
is south bound south bound I 65 open?
Car Sponsorships??
Metro student bus pass?
how does a rear view mirror dim when you flip the little switch ?
where do you store extra fuel?
road conditions in Canto Ohio?
Segways? How much do they run for...i know there's about 4 versions but where can i see their pricing?
How much do I charge for carpooling, if I am the only driver?
How much is GAS in your area?
The average speed of a vehicle on a stretch of Route 134 between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m. on a typical weekday is ap?
How long do you commute???
Any good tips for fighting a speeding ticket?
What do you think about the Dulles Metrorail project?
is there a shuttle service from makati to masinag, antipolo? where in makati is the terminal?
What is the break-even point for a greyhound bus to show profit?
Where can I get a speed limit pass?
what is the best,and easy way to sell everything you have ,and move out of state??in a quick way..?
What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to ridding the subway?
help me work out my fuel for 280 mile journey!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is it worth moving out..???
"name few bus no's which goes from koramangala 1st block to kodihalli?"?
The worlds "Smaetest Woman" want to reduce the speed limiy t0 55 MPH. Is Killary Clinton Smart ?
What reasonably priced car gets the best gas mileage?
What is the correct name for a baby otter?
Is parking possible near Secaucus Junction train station, Secaucus, N.J.?
I'm scared of going on a bus?
When travelling on a motorway,is it quicker to stay in the same lane in traffic jams or quicker 2 change lanes
Women and white van drivers?
What is the highest gas-efficiant speed to drive in your car?
when is the municipal transportation strike in ontario over?
how will i commute from Bowie, md to prince frederick, md?
What do you think of people who drive at the speed limit or a little below?
what does a driving lesson pay for??!?
How do I get to PICC via commute?
When will my TAP card stop working?
What's the cheapest, fastest way to commute from Torrance CA to the Burbank CA?
How come it rains harder when the bus is 20 minutes late?
Help! How can I convince a potential employer that commuting an hour away will not be a problem?
How long does it take you to get to work where you live?
how come some freeway exits have the "exit only" exits and others dont...?
Rubber Neckers?
Can you find Drive Atlanta
In Ohio, how old do you have to be to have 2+ people in the car with you?
whats the mpg's on a 06 ford ranger fi 4 cyl?
Do you think GAS will go down to .99¢ a gallon!?
How much do taxis in Philly charge/mile(or min.)? Where should i go to find one at the Philly-30th St Station?
Why can't people merge onto a highway?
In Scotland, what age do you have to be to get a scooter or moped license?
Petrol to hit £1.50p by end of the year will fuel prices eventually come down or just keep increasing?
If you had to bother most people, would you jump under the subway or cause accident on congested highway ?
What is the bus schedule from IBP to Toh Guan?
Why did my friend Abdul have a problem on the underground?
Jeep Grand Cherokee?
commuting from corona to torrance?
Are there jeepneys from Quirino Avenue Station LRT to Paco?
how far is driving from toronto ontario to houston tx?
Piitsburgh bus system/passes?
Do you get better gas mileage when you drive with the windows up and the a/c on, or is it a lot less miles p?
How to change the date of my greyhound tickets?
how many people can you ride on a moped?
40% of drivers want to remain raging @ s s holes...?
limo costings?
he highest mountain in the world is the?
is it important to learn how to drive especially when u live in a big city?
What is the best limo you can get?
Do you think the problems at oil refineries are fake just to drive up gas prices?
when renting a limo do they count the number of people?
How far is one click?
how long do i have to have a full driving licence to become a minicab driver in london?
Question about Taxis?
Does Fry's Food and Drug sell Valley Metro bus passes?
I live in the thornhill/richmondhill area. Which bus can i take (ttc, yrt, viva etc.) to get to the airport?
What is the best limo company in Denver Colorado?
Why did this happen to me yesterday when I was driving?
How much does it cost to use the presto card on the YRT?
What are some good old slow jams?
Does the revenue produced by tolls on the New Jersey Turnpike exceed the cost of collecting it?
New teacher starting out with 32 miles 50 mins commute one way- too far?
why are the numbered signs at gas stations so high?
How much gas money for 20 mile, 30 minute drive?
I have to appear in court tommorrow for a traffic ticket do you think I can get this dropped or changed?
If E85 Gasoline is Cheaper in Iowa, Then Why Are We Paying The National Average Price?
where can i find a limo in houston?
How to use the GO Bus??
Do you have to stay on the right hand lane of a "highway" that has a speedlimit of 50km/hr (~35miles/hour)?
To strike a faustian bargain is to...?
Do post secondary metropass check student Id on subway?
How is it possibel for gas companies to make so much profit and gas prices are still so high.?
How long do you think it would take me to learn to drive?
Penkridge to Stafford Bus times?
what is the most amount of time you''d be willing to spend to commute to a job?
Is it possible to survive without a car in Los Angeles? ?
How far in miles is it from lochinver to bualnaluib?
What are the main causes of traffic congestion?
How do I get from Ellensburg to Issaquah by bus?
Why do some people like swear out of the car to pedestrians?
You think if the entire nation stops using fuel for one day, the oil companies will lower their gas prices?
Does anyone know any coupon codes for greyhound bus lines?
arguments for and against congestion charges?
90 degree angle parking or perpendicular parking help please!?
Why don't traffic signals sense motorcycles?
I went through a red light camera today on amber. I dont think it flashed. Will I be ok?
How long is the waiting time & journey of bus 985 fm Boon Keng to Bukit Batok during morning peak hours?
I will be commuting to college and i need a good commuter car any suggestions? Also i found a daewoo anyone?
Mapquest Maps are out of date , What map website has more up to date maps .?
What need I replace on my skateboard to make it a smoother ride?
Bio fuel good for us or will it be bad??
What compact or subcompact cars are good commuter vehicles?
What's your most emotional pet peeve about driving in traffic...?
distance from Stansted airport to hammersmith?
Will you drive more now that gas is cheaper?
where can I find cheap parking in Melbourne CBD?
Should I take I 95 or US 17 to get to myrtle beach SC?
was there traffic on i-101 going towards l.a.?
What is the Bell Garden's DMV driving test route?
Is there a train or bus going to Ft. Dix, NJ coming from USMA West Point, NY????
dose the AC transit exept pennies?
what is the purpose for that white painted bar across the street at stop signs and lights.?
Why wont Northern VA make route 9 wider?
what country, in europe, expanded its subway system to reduce traffic?
Is it possible to live in Cleveland and work in Chicago and commute daily?
Why when you are in slowmoving traffic but in the fast lane, the slow and middle lane is going faster than you
Some longboarding motivation? haha?
how can i view a street while the cars are moving on my pc?
how many gallons per mile does a2007 toyota carolla uses?
Transportation from Amarillo Airport to Lubbock, Texas?
Have you ever been involved in so much traffic you want to scream?
Driving Permit/License Question?
Can I take a Taxi from my house to another person's house?
Where is the best place to rent a car in the UK?
gas prices are killing me? (extended)?
Can you travel anywhere on the bus when you buy a zone 1 tube oyster card?
how far is your work/school from your home?
I have a very flatulent friend that I carpool with...?
Directions to Kennedy Airport NY from North Bergen NJ?
How to pass time on the bus alone?
What's a practical way to get from Tampa to Gainesville and back?
How much is gas where you are at?
what is a good truck that gets good gas mileage???
I have to put 60:1oil ratio in my stand up gas scooter what does this mean?
What handles better in winter?
how have planners tried to reduce traffic congestion- Geography?
Why do women have to have SUV'S?
What bus routes would get me from Visalia, Ca to Clovis, CA?
traffic court Turlock CA?
Can you get better gas mileage using higher octane?
Why do DRIVE up money movers have brail on the instruction keys?
How can I remember to go to the race track this friday?
Need to drive from San Diego to San Francisco early tomorrow morning, how to avoid traffic in Los Angeles?
how long does it take to get to times square???
Using hard shoulder as an extra traffic lane., is it a bad Idea.?
Whats the longest you have ever commuted for a job, and how long do you do it?
Bowlmor Lanes Bday Prices..?
What are the gas prices where you are?
What Noises Bothers You On The Streets?
I'm 5'10", 172 lbs. What size bicycle would be good for me?
why does only one turn signal not work?
How much would it cost to rent a limo?
Gas Scooter Legal Washington State?
People honking horn at you while you drive?
How long does it take for student myki's to activate?
Is there any public transportation from hoboken to weehawkin in NJ?
Does anyone know any cheap all day parking places in Exeter city centre?
How do you make a grilled cheese sandwich?
My solution to people who tail-gate & ride your bumper in traffic...what do you think?
Gas Prices, Why do people go to High Price stations/brands When you can save money by going to other stations?
long term parking near san jose air port(CA)?
How many of you slow down when coming to a construction site?
Is there public transportation from the Cornell campus to Lansing in the afternoon?
How much does a gallon of gasoline cost where you live? Where do you live?
Does the drive test examiner tell you when to change lanes?
I do not drive yet, I am almost 20...Anyone else like this?!?
Why do people that drive cars complain about people smoking in the street?
Does Glendale Memorial hospital in Glendale, California have free parking available to volunteers?
Please give me some Petrol saving tips?
Driving directions from point a to point b?
Is biking/walking to work realistic in your life?
Should they impose a National Speed Limit of 50 if there is a severe energy shortage this summer?
Manual or Automatic Transmission?
why is carpool violation fines $371& not$371or370?
about how long does it take to get to TN on a charter bus?
Bus from NYC to Crossing Premium Outlets in PA?
how do midgets drive? how do they reach the peddles?
How do you decide between a Standard or Automatic car?
What streets are closed near 42nd street?
Are you concerned that in 4 years, a gallon of gas could cost you $10 a gallon?
Is an hour commute feasible/ common for my situation ?
How to get frm Newark airport to Hyde Park NY?
who hates the police?
square footage of a stretch hummer limo?
What car do you drive??
I got a traffic ticket for driving alone on the HOV lane today?
Is It hard to commute from Central Jersey (New Brunswick) to Queens, NY everyday to work?
why does my UPS say my package has been delivered even though it hasn't?
When ur at a stop sign and it's a one way street do you look both ways before proceeding through intersection
Is my employer unreasonable by upping the staff parking fee from £3 per month to £17?
Does taxis at indiana airport (IND) drive 90 miles to my friend's house, if so, how much?
British Columbia Street Light isn't working?
I hate my school bus.?
How long is a reasonable commute to work?
I am in the UK, what are the cheapest driving lessons i can get?!?
How to I reset the convertible roof of Ferrari?
How can i put my car in the car show??
how do i get to the merry, merry land of oz?
does anyone have any catchy slogan or theme for a promotional carpooling campaign?
du u know any1 personally who is a traffic warden?
who do we complain to about gas prices?
dont u think gas should be the same in every state?
Do you think most Americans have cut back on driving and if so why are fuel prices still going up?
To all the non-signalers: Do you find it odd that I signal BEFORE I turn?
how much is it to hire a limo in reading for a night?
what are those yellow and black colors on the curb next to pedestrian cross for?
Mileage Information?
What is the difference between?
How are you suppossed to use the Job centre oyster card?
when you have a drivers permit do you only have to drive with a guardian or can you have otherpeopleinthecarto?
where is the best place to live?
If a bus is late, can you make a reduction in payment? What if you have to stand all the journey?
Is it worth it to drive 40 miles to work everyday?
I've noticed some fake pine trees along the freeways here in southern Cali. What are they there for?
Why is there always only 1 shoe on the side of the road,and how do they loose that 1 shoe?
Some drivers think its good to run over aniemals that are seen as pests ?
What are you doing to beat the high cost of gas?
Traffic re-routing feature on Garmin Navigator?
Rockland community college?
The speed limit is 45 MPH. I drive 55 MPH. Yet, some idiots are tailgating! WTF?
What is your biggest pet peave with bad drivers?
Is it true Germany has no speed cameras?
Fact or Fiction? Pumping Gas Slower?
Can I drive with a licensed driver under 25?
How long does it take from Vallejo to AT&T park with traffic?
Will driving with my sunroof open decrease my MPG's?
Having Troubles With U.S Custom ! please help me !?
Why are buses always late?
I hope gas goes up to 5 or 6 dollars a gallon. I believe it will help the environment. How do you feel?
Do you find it slightly irritating when you're driving and the car behind you is tailgating?
Would abolishing traffic lights help save gas?
Does it matter what you drive?
has anyone know about a half scale chopper motorcycle?
How to survive commuting to Dallas?
R k Puram to Gurgaon... is there a direct bus? If so whats the number and where I need drop and pick up?
can an nj transit interstate bus ticket be use for local bus ticket?
what/where is a halfway point of Waldorf Maryland and Richmond Virginia?
UK: Would it be cheaper for my US gf to post herself to the UK rather than fly?
can someone survive a bus hit?
Is it true that there is always one weirdo on every bus?
Is it wrong to covertly spray people on their way to work on the bus/train with alcohol?
How common it is that one sees another driver or passenger in another vehicle staring at you in traffic?
Does this video actually support the the bad gas mileage of the Prius.?
on average what is the wait time to cross the border in ciudad juarez/el paso ?
please help me out about my car.......please?
How high does gas have to hit before you drive to work and work only??
What are some fun things to do on a bus?
Does the M5 tunnel speed camera have a flash and would i see it at night?
1st Road trip alone...?
Why are traffic jam occurances on the rise?
How should we deal with road congestion?
Is New York Penn Station also referred to as the Grand Central Station?
cabbie uniform?
What is a good commuter car?
why dont we make cars that run on methanol. i know of some cars that run on it all ready.?
Where do you sit on the bus?
when was the last time you?
which is best a diesel or lpg van?
Driving: is it true that in these examples "right is always right"?
What is the best route from Morristown, NJ to New Hyde Park, Long Island in AM traffic? How long will it take?
Can anyone tell me...Why when were Driving and we get lost ,the first thing we do is turn the stereo down!!?
Please ,Pay Attention!?
how to commute to eastwood city cyberpark going to BMCI?
does somone have messenger????
How to get to the 100 centre street court?
how much is gas where u live ?
Who plans on NOT pumping gas on May 15th?
When your in the car for a long time do you ever?
How many hours would I take if I drive 5 miles at the rate of 100 km/h?
When getting directions, what does it mean when the place is "route 29 south.. 650 .. "?
Does anyone know the phone number for the Border office in Sault Ste Marie Ontario? Need this ASAP!!!?
What is everyone paying for a gallon of regular gas today?
avoiding traffic on east coast?
how much do you spend on taxi monthly (to those who use a taxi)?
Dou think it fair that tour coaches and taxis should use bus lanes,when they're not strictly public transport?
traffic on i-40?
Why does there seem to be so much more traffic on Friday afternoon than on any other day of the week?
traffic during holidays?
How much is a traffic ticket for going 85 mph in a 65 mph in lindsay?
You go to work by car? Or go underground Or bus?
The phone number of greyhound bus station?
Do cab companies have a limit as to how far they travel?
looking for tiny plastic car name -to find on net. sounds like "scoot coop" sold in florida! seats 2 side b
How come gas prices in California are so much higher than the rest of the nation?
Modes of transportation I could use without a driver's license?
What are the arguments against a 'standee' bus?
If your commute to work takes 1 1/2 hours which is worse on your vehicle...?
what will travel conditions be like on 12-01-06 from missouri,to ohio?
If you were a set of keys, where would you be?
Is 45 miles too far to commute for school?
what is a good first car for a girl aged 17?
How far can you get with 1.5 gallons of gas in a moped?
how do i get to nathan philips square toronto through ttc from islington subway?
SUMMARIZE the procedural steps to safely and defensively:?
YRT Strike I don't understand?
Southeastern-Atlantic corp located in Georgia?
Why are gas prices so hi?
What are some good ways to save gas?
Elevator question why won't they close when I press the close door button?
when at the gas staion why do you have to shut engine down?
how do u get to burbank ca on bus or on the metro?
average speed check cameras?
how far is too far to drive to work??
How is the commute from Peachtree City to Atlanta?
After learning car driving how will I know when I am ready to go solo?
Driving at 52mph one covers 18 miles in how many seconds?
How long would it take to travel from Chesham to Luton on the M1 at 7am?
how to be a better driver?
Best/Cheapest commute from SanFrancisco to SantaClara?
Do you obey the speed limit on the interstate?
I am 19 years old, and still do not have a drivers license. My problem is I have a really big fear of driving.
how much will gas cost to drive 25 minutes, (15 miles) when gas is $3.60/gal?
Busses running from Milwaukee to Libertyville/Vernon Hills/Mundelein?
I am a legally blind male and 22yrs old and need help finding?
A passenger on an interplanetary express bus traveling at v=0.99c takes a 5 minute catnap, on HIS WATCH....?
So i heard May 15th is boycott the gas pumps to bring gas prices down? Anyone participating?
Kids smoke on my bus?
Which sat nav should i get?
Does the speed limit change once you cross the line or when you see said sign?
What bus-system does Monrovia CA use?
when can i get my license in CA , im a minor & have my permit already..?
i have a question about metro bus passes?
truckers/ health pros... what to do/use while driving?
Question on Taxis in NYC?
can new drivers have people under 25 in the car if their parents sign a slip of paper?
haul under my authority?
what do you think of this i think it's bull?
how much more mpg do you get when you tail gate a semi?
Best motorbike for 18 year old?
What sucks about public transportation in your city?
what's the best way to drive to santa monica from pasadena?
Tips for teen driving in heavy traffic?
How much would this road trip cost me in gas?
Which drivers are more annoying?
Anyone know of this old bus part?
Does anyone think they are supporting terrorists by driving SUV's?
What is the best way to remove all personal vehicles getting less than 20 mpg (Average) off the road?
How much does it cost to go over your allowed minutes?
Why have traffic lights on roundabouts?
im a commuter and i want to know how to get to NAIA terminal 1 from molino bacoor cavite and how to i get back?
is thare going to be a jeepers creepers 3?
What is a good place to live close to London when you work at Piccadily Circus and your partner in Maidenhead?
How much money would it cost to drive 2,727 miles?
Is there really a bus you can take going to Bohol from Manila?
Why do poor people enjoy driving their SUVs?
How many HOV permits have been issued to LEVs (hybrids) in California?
Does anyone know how long does it takes to mail a letter from charlotte to el paso texas? is it 3 days?
where can i find a reliable,up-to-date website on current gas prices in canada?
Poll for Drivers who always drive 5 miles under the speed limit, even when in the left lane:?
Why are gas prices so high?
How many people think raising the speed limit to 70 in Kentucky will be beneficial to the state?
How is the commute between London and Swindon?
If a school bus stops to unload children on a four-lane highway divided only by a four-foot paved strip, must?
why do people drive slow in the fast lane and dont get out of your way when your are tailgating them?
does anyone know how much the graphic pilasters on the 22 garden grove freeway (in California) cost a piece?
Can you take a Car Battery on a Bus or a Train?
do motorcycles pay bridge toll in the sf bay area?
Best online map/driving directions?
what does the traffic look like on the 91 west at 8am usually?
What are the different types of expressway interchanges?
What is the smallest vehicle considered to be a mass transit vehicle?
I am looking for a newer car that gets great gas milage, any suggestions?
I need to get directions to and from places in South Africa, where can I search the web?
I got traffic citation in Riverside, CA. just recently. Courtesy notice takes 3 weeks?
What are the permited top speeds of the NYC subway and London's tube.?
How often did you stall your car when you first started?
What's the grey box next to traffic lights on a roundabout.?
How does the guy who drives the snowplough get to work?
Gas price in your state?
i live in hemet,ca and am looking for a ride to Soboba casino tonight...Can help w/gas---sept. 8?
Am I the only one who can't stand these mean behind the back drivers?!?
Gas prices...13yrs from now?
if i drove at a average of 65 mph for 33 miles how long will it take me to get to my destination?
I am like sooo like totally retardedddd like ooooh my gawddd! How do i like.. find my keys? Like... totally???
At what point does a street become N, E , S, or W?
why do people complain about roadworks??
public transportation orange county?
yamaha szr mileage/average at the speed of 30-40 kmph?
How do I go to Market! Market!?
Let's see who's smart enough to answer this question.?
how do u get a '' 14 year old license ''?
Does anyone know how to get from Detroit to Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi by bus?
Who should drive on the motorway? first time...?
How much is a tickect driveing 21 miles over the limit in a 30 miles speed zone.?
What is up with all the flat tires in Atlanta?
Do you have trouble controlling your speed when you go onto a 2 lane highway from a faster 4 lane highway?
Considering the extreme accident statistics, why should anyone who is 16 years old be allowed to drive?
with gas getting higher will people buy scooters to ride to work,and teens to date with?
What does this bumper sticker mean?
Is myspace crazy or is it just the people on there?
I want to fly from Minneapolis to Chicago O'hare and take the train to 95th and the dan ryan. Can anyone help?
how do i get from Los Angeles, CA to Norwalk, CA ON THE BUS.?
Have you ever been pulled over for speeding while going with the flow of traffic on a highway?
So I am driving down the highway on my lawn tractor?
What are the cameras used for that are mounted on top of intersection lights?
what does charter mean?
Do you wear your seatbelt ? Is it a fair law?
What is the correct way to parallel park?
Arizona hybrids in HOV lane policies?
How do I apply for an EZ Pass if I am a resident of Washington DC?
How far does someone have to park away from my driveway?
If I'm driving from DC to Montreal via 81 and 401, how much are tolls?
Anyboby kno where and what times the YCAP (Yamhill County Transit Bus) in Salem, Oregon??? Thank you so much!?
i'm bad at math. i drove 630 miles. Spent 100 on gas. Average gas price 2.69. what is my approx miles per gal?
do you think gas prices will go down?
will i ever drive!!!?
gas/work/miles-or take bus?
Where can I buy vegtable oil to make biodeisel for home usage?
Are employers in downtown Portland required to provide parking or public transportation pass?
Am I the only one doing this?
How long is the commute from Central San Rafael to Santa Rosa (Junior College), CA (reverse commute)?
What are the rules of high beam usage?
How far are you driving to go to Thanksgiving?
How much was gas the last time you filled up?
Why do people who drive slower than everyoneone else on the road feel the need to drive in the fast lane?
Best bus route from Mississauga to Unionville GO station?
How far is your nearest grocery store?
Whom do I contact about installing a turning signal on my road?
Does anyone think that a segway stroller would be an awesome idea!
Whats price of gas where you live?
If you could add up to 100 more miles to your gas tank using a $2 EPA approved tablet, would you?
what is the best search engine for airline travel?
Does anyone know of a car driver who needs a job, in central delhi?
How many tanks of gas will it take me to drive from Dallas to dc?
You are walking down the street on your way to work...?
how long will fuel strike last?
If you want to transport a car where online or what company does that?
What is the quickest online traffic school that's approved for California?
Help! no one answered my question yesterday?
How do I get (just by commuting) to NSO office in quezon ave if I am coming from Espana or UST area?
how can i get the best mpg?
Does anyone know where the "y" is on hwy 22 in oregon?
where do i get an I.D. for public transportation if you have a disability?
How do you ask your roommate for gas money if you are driving all the time?
In California is it legal to ride in the back of a pickup bed?
Do you agree that the public transportation in USA needs improvement?If yes, what would you improve?
I'm driving to West Dover Vermont this Friday from Allentown PA. Which route would be better Rt 91 or Rt 87?
1/4 Mile in California?
can i park at shea stadium in the morning, take the train into manhattan and then pick up the car aftera night
Will I get better gas mileage if I burn mid-grade?
Highway lane dividing bumps?
Driving question... Can i drive friends?
I-35 in Dallas, TX Construction?
Where do you end up if you drive to Ireland ?
What's the best route to Los Angeles from Las Vegas during rush hour?
What is the Exit from I-75 to the ohio turnpike?
What is a shared centre turn lane?
what factors would you consider before switching from car to train for your commute to work?
Bus Plunging Into The River Liffey?
When people ask you if you are familiar with certain areas in your locale, street or neighboorhood...?
how to commute from Caticlan to Bacolod?
How many driving infridgements have you had?
what is the price of gas where you live?
Would you like to save money on gas? this helps?
how long is??
Has anyone ever called the number on the back of a lorry/van/truck that asks 'Driven well?'?
How much petrol?
Does anyone know what percentage of Americans have over a 30 minute commute?
commuting using LRT and MRT?
How can I avoid traffic jam neatly on Friday around 7 or 8pm?
Why is the right lane considered the slow lane?
Why do some people need to travel such long distances to work?
Traffic sign that says "No Shoulder", what does that mean? What is a shoulder?
Do you get better gas mileage if your tank is closer to full or further from full?
Is 50 miles too far to travel on a daily basis?
Will I ever learn how to drive properly and How do you stay in your lane?
Where are the Marathon Fuel Stops in the Midwest?
Can someone suggest an shuttle service or any other transportation from Squaw Valley to the Reno Airport?
What happens to school buses when they are not in use?
Are buses or mini buses allowed to park in a residential street?
map updates for navman f15?
I am looking for the Oklahoma Turnpike Fees from MO/Ok state line to Oklahoma City exit?
Is it illegal to switch lanes 100 feet within a driveway in colorado?
Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
How can I raise my MPG, or get better gas mileage, on my car?
boston south station?
who makes the best hybrid?
Do you live in one state or country, and work in another one? Does that complicate your life at all?
what car, besides Hybrid, gets the best gas millage?
How to graphically represent current traffic conditions on a freeway system?
driving people around in MA on junior operators lisence ??
How do i get better gas mileage out of my 06 v6 mustang? inexpensively! :)?
what roads are closed in and around phoenixville?
101 south metered?
how much is a speeding ticket in GA if i whent 13 over a 55 speed limit?
where can i download speed dector points of interest for my navman icn 520?
Was this road rage............?
how to get rid of traffic jam in dubai?
What is your daily commute like?
Is a 19 miles (38 roundtrip) commute to work too far?
cant get past the psyduck on route 210?
Anybody know when the last regularly scheduled stagecoach route shut down?
What distance will a truck that gets 8 mpg travel with a 35 gallon fuel tank?
what is the average amount of gas used by commuters in Salt lake City per week or month in gallons?
When is the typical rush hours in both highways and street/town?
what are things that were popular in the 1920's?
has anyone else been hit by a deer?
Does removing my truck's tailgate increase mileage?
Driving w/ gas prices? Wa to nevada (saving gas?)?
Highway/thruway tolls?
What bus route would I take?
Is it okay to go five to ten miles over the speed limit?
To the nearest mile per hour what is the speed for 147.956 mph?
What should the bus driver do?
how do i get my service lights back to green?
Can I put a sticker card on the Clipper card?
moneygram for driving school?
What's it like to drive on I-81 S (in New York)?
What do you think about the Yucaipa Omni Link Share Ride Service?
Why does our local Bus Stations have no stand I?
how can i make a life size cut out of a bus?
what are the differences between these two ssd's?
There are no Transit Buses in my town. Is there a way to like request Public Transportation?
What is traffic like from Reseda (118) to Lancaster on Monday at 8-9 am?
do buick's last forever?