Does a gps or software program exist that can help me plan and map my sales route?
Is it illegal to cruise in the passing lane on a two lane interstate?
If you fail your G1 test, will they give you the exact same test when you redo it or will it be different?
saia motor freight drivers?
Where do they keep all the traffic cones?
What gas stations don't use ethanol in the Saint Louis area?
Did you drive fast to the hospitol when your wife went into labor or did you do the speed limit?
Do traffic lights HAVE to be at intersections?
How bad is traffic between Boston and Portland Maine on Monday morning around 6:30 AM?
Does anyone know what year the borough of Queens N.Y.changed from street names to numbered streets?
anybody know how to go from long beach to los alamitos by bus? (CA)?
Has anyone given driving license test in Aurora IL or atleast in IL?
Do you get better gas mileage with a travel trailer or a motorhome?
In MA when can you drive people who aren't family?
how to get from the stratosphere to th greek isles hotels in los vegas?
what does MW mean on the back of cars?
what are the things u hate when people drive???
Buses from Memphis TN to Dyersburg TN?
Crazy Traffic Lights etc....?
How do I get from Toronto, Ontario to Port Hope, Ontario by bus?
Why is my mom always late?
Is it possible to stay on an AC Transit bus and go back again in the opposite direction?
How long does it take to get through Atlanta on I-75 if you enter the city during rush hour (5:00 - 5:30)?
What causes road rage?
how many of you have ever been in a limo?
driving - lane change and is there a good online resource?
When can I get a workers permit and a drivers permit in CA and TN? ?
What is the shortcut when driving to Tampa from South Florida? I kno wyou can turn off Alligator Alley!?
what happened on your first driving lesson?
Why do people drive like total idiots???
Halloween store toronto subway directions?
Colorado Springs - Denver public Transportation ?
What is the Whittier DMV drive test route?
What is the best way to get to Jersey City from Staten Island?
how far is up?and can i get there with gas prices as they are?
how do i get to scarborough town center from finch subway station?
Moving to Florida.. Question on driving license !!?
Why is the south generally behind as far as Public Transportation?
Can i turn into the far left lane on a 3lane street from the far right lane?
Hoe much does it cost for a taxi to go 40 miles on a highway in NH?
Why have gas prices gone down rapidly in the past month?
how much gas do you need to drive from CA to Arkansas? ( money wise or gallons)?
Driving in Los Angeles!!?
Whay is best soloution for mass transit in metros?
How to commute from Cypress Towers Condo (Diego Silang Road) to Mckinley Hill?
Does anybody commute to Tarrytown, NY?
What are pay before you board buses?
Oakland, California Traffic Camera?
What is a good bike for commuting to and from school in Houston?
How is traffic from Fishers to downtown Indianapolis?
Is it safe to take the TTC subway during the G20?
Which is the best airport of the world?
hey can someone tell me ?
Is there a Brazil, IN?
A good first car for a 16 yr. old girl?
There is something about driving in the left lane of the highway I don't understand...?
Can you park for free after the enforced hours on a parking meter?
Do Stagecoach run buses in your area and what are the fares like?
Where were the carriages kept...?
Why do you drive on a parkway but park on a driveway?
When someone say "a driver cut me off today" what does it mean?
Should the interstate highways speed limit be lowered 55 mph again!?
fastest you've ever driven a car?
late to work due to extreme traffic?
How do taxi cab drivers know where to go?
Why are gas prices rising?
where do i ride a bus going to Malolos bulacan?
What is the best way to sleep and drive at the same time?
how many mpg does this bike do?
publicity without prices in Toronto?
In British Columbia is illegal to kill what?
Which sign tells you to slow down because you are approaching a double curve ?
how do you get to work(or school) from where you stay? Whats you mode of transport?
Why is friday morning commute always so light and the evening commute so heavy??
Are there any benefits to getting a brain freeze?
what is the travel time to commute from staten island to nyc and what is the safest methods of travel?
bus service between ballyboghi ireland and dublin?
where can i find out bus cancellations in alberta?
how much gas you need to drive from houston, tx to los angelos, ca?
Is there a Universal Site that shows the MPG of cars?
Driving 986 miles with a cylinder misfire?
how long did it took for everybody to learn how to drive?
will you be able to get on to m53 off 26 heading north during construction on 26 mile?
how long will it take to drive from Albuquerque, new Mexico to las Vegas, Nevada?
Do you know what the soltion is for people that are determined to drive the speed limit in the passing lane?
I just paid $2.86 for gas!!! How much did you pay yesterday or today?
What's the single longest distance you've ever driven in a car?
price of gas for driving from idaho to california?
can you higher a bus from stagecoach?
Whats the point of a passing/fast lane?
where could i find a ethanol station in orange county california or does anyone know where there is one?
What should I do on a long car ride?!?
which scooter today give a best mileage and performes?
Quiz for you?
How is the commute down the 405?
does anyone know the time it takes to get from chiacgo to indyanpolis by car?
Can you put a softtop DOWN while driving?
A real good site for checking gas prices...?
I would like to know what bus can I take from guadalajara to los angeles ca?
how many bottles of oil do i need for rx8 (OIL CHANGE) HELP HELP !!!!!~`?
Can you tell me what the legal max/min speed limit would be coming onto/off a slip road off a dual carriageway
My examination permit got washed what do i do?
where on the web would I be able to post comments about gasoline prices?
Do NYC (or any other States) Transit Workers Ride for Free?
I use a mobility scooter could someone help me to increase the speed.?
toilethow do i retrieve my wedding ring from an ice train toilet?
Yeilding to pedestrians?
What are some safety precautions necessary to avoid running yourself over on the highway?
what goes up must come down, What about fuel it just goes up WHY?
Is here a website that has a listing of bus trips and the times?
How much would it cost in unleaded petrol to drive 125 miles?
How to get from Penn Station to 75 Broad Street (Millenium High school) at 8am, M -F?
what other means of public transportation to Sacremento Airport are there in Ukiah CA?
How far are Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton from St. Petersburg, Florida?
How will I get home at 9:45 PM?
Answer me this question about gas prices.?
if you've ever run over an animal, what kind of animal was it??
Does this way of driving save me petrol? (UK, or manual drivers only please)?
I work in greenwich ct and i stay in iselin nj.can someone tell me the best way without toll n less traffic?
In New York City, would there be less pollutants in a city bus if the windows were open or if they were closed?
Taking the bart to SF.?
Does cruise control increase your gas mileage?
i want to black out my tail lights?
how much does it cost to rent a limo?
Can I commute from D.C. to Frederick?
How many miles will that be?
does it make you think when you see that one white trainer lying at the side of the road ? Whats with that ?
If your car gets covered in an ice storm, will you get better mpg because the air will slip easier over ice?
why are traffics lights on cables?
***got a fine for driving in a bus lane i can i get away withit****?
if i got a 49cc gas scooter and it went 35 mph would i have to get a license?
Why do most drivers tilt their head and often their body when turning a corner?
How far does a bus travel in 2.5 hours at 65 mph?
what or who are the road signs with yellow background and various shapes on them for?
Gas prices in Atlanta as of 9/11/08?
Petrol to hit £1.50p by end of the year will fuel prices eventually come down or just keep increasing?
Do Interstate exits or mile markers ever restart?
how often in afternoon does go bus go from pearson to yorkdale?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
Why does 95 South bound in the Carolina's always seem more congested than North bound?
how much is gas per mile?
why do people cross their fingers while driving over railroad tracks?
ok.. I'm getting my temps soon...........?
Does anyone know what caused the incredible gridlock in downtown Toronto tonight.?
Saving petrol while driving?
What is road distance from Saket (K Block) to Shankar Chowk via MG road or NH8 & how much time it will take?
AS a seasoned driver (25years or more)what is your opinion of sat nav?
Do you think the problems at oil refineries are fake just to drive up gas prices?
how can i go to sm bicutan from araneta cubao...pref. commute only not taxi..?
How can I find out about carpooling to work?
My car has 300,000 miles on it, about to drive to oxnard which is about 50 miles away Will it make it?
Why do people drive with their headlights on during broad daylight?
I live on a very bumpy dirt road. Is it better for my car to go slow over the bumps or fast?
Why do gas stations make you pay 9/10th of a cent, can't they just round it up? Who does that 9/10th go to?
How long does it take you to drive to work?
How does a TTC weekly pass work?
How much is a gallon of gas & where are you?
Google Maps?
What time to i need to walk to station?
What does A380 bus do????
Who does brake service in Junction City, Kansas?
Are you one of those highly annoying people who sit in the middle lane of motorway when slow lane is clear?
What is the telephone number for the MTA?
Have high gas prices changed your daily routine?
how do i get to toronto zoo from long branch go station in mississauga lakeshore road?
Do you warn other drivers via the flash and thumb down signal, when theres a speed camera van around.?
challenging question -Greyhound Bus and Pollards Bus Terminal?
if you are driving after curfew and pulled over in illinois, will you be arrested?
Suggest a place near Camden,NJ from where I can commute to NYC daily?
whats your view on PAYG road tax?
Whats the best way to get from Philadelphia International to the Days Inn at Roosevelt and Adams Blvd?
Have you and your family cut down on petrol consumption?
Should I buy a penny cruiser or a duster?
what are the best directions to go from fort lee, nj (near palasaides ave.) to the lincoln tunnel?
If i late paying the traffic fine in CA Concord?
amber lighting in traffic control depends on what?
Is an hour long commute to college to long?
looking for share a ride program.?
wouldn't you save a lot of money if you drove the speed limit?
Shortes traffic route from watts, CA. to Sylmar, CA.?
Do you think there should be 6 catalytic converters on each car?
has anyone ever been caught speeding by a plane?
Over the hills and far,far,far away...?
In Utah how much is a speeding ticket if you are 20 miles over the speed limit on the freeway?
Few questions about Greyhound Bus Travel?
what was the weater conditions in newark nj on 8-6-2006?
What is best route from Hollywood to Torrance and the other way? avoid freeways?
Bay Area: What is the traffic like in I-880 South in a typical morning weekday?
How do disarm my ADT alarm on my window so i can sneak out?
Will you still drive when gasoline is $10 a gallon?
Would you join a group titled " the future of intimate travel"?
Whats the most ANNOYING thing people do in traffic?
How does it feel driving a hearse, and working at a moutuary? ?
get driving directions?
I recently got a ticket for a redlight violation in California.?
I,m a new long distance driver hard time to find a good job this guy has a small company he imports coffee?
How much would you pay for one tank of gas?
Cents in a Dollar Pennies in a Pound what in a French Franc?
why does travelling make you tired?
How is not buying gas on May 15th going to solve our problems?
What do you think of motorists who task themselves with controlling the "speeders", by driving slowly on left?
How much gas do you spend driving from Seattle to California?
How to deal with trashy people on the bus?
Best GPS tracking devices for under $500.00!?!?
How can I remove my fear of driving/still improve enough so that I can take my test on Oct. 10th?
UPS? "in transit" help?
When did you learn where everyhing was in your city?
How do i get from mission viejo METROLINK to Moorpark STATION METROLINK?
It's 2006. When are we going to have flying cars?
for people hew own a low rider or now about the body modification cost and car bullet armor?
How long until updates their Maps?
If you buy an Oyster Card online, does it need to be activated at an Underground station?
the bus lane is operational between 7am and 10am, and between 4pm and 7pm?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of scooters?
When not to coast when driving?
if there are two yellow lines dividing lanes of traffic and he line close to your lane is broken can you cross?
How do you make a right hand turn without hitting the curb or going into opposing traffic? I'm having a hard t?
access only road right of way?
When two or more freeways converge, this becomes an?
I was coming back from Vegas on April 1, 2007 there was a really bad accident on the South I-15 before Hwy 138
I am driving to caralsbad beach 24 miles away at 60 miles and hour. how long will it take?
Should the state of New Mexico make route 6 a freeway loop at last?
Hypermiling with subs in the trunk?
Why is it that gas prices increase immediately after the price per barrel goes up, but comes down much slower?
How to go from padre algue to star city?
What should a driver REALLY do if a wrong way driver comes at him head on?
how many miles per gallon does a 2001 Land Rover Discovery get?
Iam looking for a chauffeur that could pick me and my family from the O'Hare Airport?
how do you transfer schools and get rides to that new school?
How does the guy who drives the snow plow get to work?
Please suggest a name of the Transport System/Module that reflect the vibrancy, speed, reliability aspects.?
I need to rent a truck to pull my trailer from fl. to wi.?
how many drivers are in the United States?
What transportation device could I use that is less than a motorized scooter but...?
American transportation....... money over safety and efficiency?
I just found a new job and need to go through 27 to 287 to GSP. It is always heavy traffic. Any short cut?
can you use eoros at stansted airport?
What can we do to lower the price of fuel and electricity?
Suitcase On Wheels , Is It Bad To Walk about 1km dragging it ?
How High are Gas Prices Around You?
Santro Xing Erlx Initial Mileage?
Are there any ride-sharing types of groups in Singapore? Commuting from East Coast to Suntec.?
Should I trust this limo company?
im taking the driving part of drivers ed?
Any tips on how to sleep on an overnight coach?
How much does the cheapest Segway cost?
Ethanol-vs-Gasoline my friend & I were discussing just how many barrels of oil a day does the U.S. use in a?
Do you decide whether to let a driver out of a side street by the car they drive?
if you were on a bus and?
how many miles to birmigham airport from markfield?
break down price of gallon of gas in georgia?
Where can i get infornation on a high speed chasefrom houston texas dat happend NOV 30 2006?
What is the behind the wheel driving test route in south Sacramento, CA?
how much does a taxi cost 6 miles?
how much does a segway cost?
A radio station emits a signal that can be received for 60 miles in all directions. if the intensity of the si?
Should traffic lights be synchronized?
can you provide mmda traffic enforcer at hermosa cor abad santos st from 4pm up to 8pm.abusive tricycle driver?
when do you think we will have flying cars? 20??
how long is the Verrazano narrows bridge?
Subway and bus directions?
Speed Guns, are they out at half 9 at night on a single carriageway national speed limit road?
how many gallons to drive 1,500 miles in a BMW 525d 04 plate?
Why is the gas mileage generally a lot better on the freeway than internal roads?
Suggest a place near Camden,NJ from where I can commute to NYC daily?
What time do the busses finish , the one that picks u up from the front of the hotel?
Do you like public transportation?
cube vs eddie bower which one is better?
What do the Black license plates with a blue stripe through the center mean?
How can I be on-time?!?
would a double decker bus be street legal in the usa?
Do i have to go out at the same time with different girls?
How do you take the go bus?
Is it just me or these days DOES EVERYONE tailgate..?? I really want to kick the azz of those who tailgate me
How many miles of road are in the USA?
Has anyone been pulled over in CT for having purple or blue hid lights?
How many turns does it take you to get from your garage to your parking space at work?
Who blew up the company building in the movie "Office Space"?
Will someone please explain to me what bus and subway transfers are and how they work?
Which U.K. bus operator is the worst?
How many questions is the written driving test in Michigan?
Do you look at other people when you're driving in your car?
My 2000 expedition shakes when stopped...Help please?
Can you put a T5 transmission in a 1967 mustang coupe?
How can we improve traffic sense in Indian Cities?
Average gas price in Ontario, Canada?
How can I get fron Staten Island, N.Y. to Clifton, N.J. by public transportation?
What is the best speed (mph) to drive on the highway if I want to conserve gasoline-i a drive 95 chevy lumina?
do you do this on the Motorway/Highway?
I have some questions about the 31-day youth pass on clipper cards.?
these directions?!!?
Speed Limit sign on Garmin Nuvi 205w?
If it took 4 minutes to drive somewhere?
Does anyone else agree that Blue Hills Ave in Bloomfield, CT would be a good place to put a road?
when do you think we will have flying cars? 20??
What happened to the flat foot flogger who ran off with the bare foot butler with a hat.?
what is the fastest car in the world right now?
Does kirker pass in concord, ca take pictures of your license plate if you're speeding now?
how many miles of gas do you get on a tank of gas in the city?
Do traffic lights HAVE to be at intersections?
If gas reaches $5 per gallon, will you drive less?
what do you do on a yellow light???
What is the ct transit bus schedule for vernon and rockville?
Are truck drivers more likely to be wife beaters?
how long does it take to commute from east williamsburg to soho?
Everybody needs to boycott BP!!?
Is anyone aware of a timeline on when TMC (Traffic Messaging Channel) services will be introduced in Canada?
will gas prices ever go back down?
best place in pennsylvania to commute to nyc?
How much are you paying for a gallon of gas today?
How can a School bus driver punish you?
how much would it cost in a cab from london padding to waterloo eurostar station?
driving instructor advice?
Anyone has any idea how far is IKEA passenger pickup from Leslie TTC? How far do I need to walk?
what is a good estimate of money needed for gas, driving from south carolina to nyc in an big suv( navigator)?
who here lives in around st.albans?
is there a list compairing all hybrid vehicles for gas milage and vehicle prices?
Why Do People In SUVS Think They Own The Road?
Have you heard about the new gas strike going around the internet?
I would like to see pictures of Des Plaines Illinois in the late 60s and early 70s?
does greyhound busses accept AARP cards?
how many gallons per mile does a2007 toyota carolla uses?
How Much Does a Party Bus Cost?
Is a 50 minute commute each way too far ?
What do you think of my idea for traffic?
Do the Westmoreland Transit buses run to pittsburgh on sunday?
Do you know any places around USF that does not have 2 hour parking?
how far away is Dracut, Massachusetts to hanover pennsylvania, on average speed?
Where to live in Tampa for the least nightmarish commute?
how to drive traffic?
What is the Ontario MTO phone number?
What is the difference between lease and buying a car?
Does anyone know a good discout code for rental cars?
How do I get to Port Authority Bus Terminal from LaGuardia Airport?
How do you merge onto a freeway?
Brampton transit opertor test?
My eparcel tracking status hasn't changed (Australian Post)?
how far is pittsburgh fro trenton, nj driving.?
why do people think taxi driver have to be nice guys?
Is it worth commuting?
Is there a road sign to show a speed limit sign coming up?
how do you lowsin trucks on a skaterboard becase my cousin has a crappy board?
What taxi cab service is best to use in Arlington, tx that doesn't charge a $20-$35 minimum meter fee ?
New job: I will be compensated for mileage driven daily. What is a fair rate to ask for (per mile/km) ?
Poll: which of the following will americans do to get gas prices to go down?
Raising Speed limit on Ontairo Highways?
I'm about to become a live-in nanny and I would like to know what my employer owes me for gas/mileage?
need a ride from leduc to nisku?
What is a transit line?
What is the quickest way to get to UCI starting from anaheim.?
Is there any direct bus service from Mira Road to Powai route?
The small turnable knob on the underside of a pedestrian push button on traffic lights?
How much I need to pay for rent a limo in Washington for 2 hours?
Car accident who is right?
Where can i find cheaper limo rentals/party bus rental in the DC/Maryland area.?
Running Three Toll Booths in NY state?
motor pacing?
Is there anything that I can do to get better mileage out of a tank of fuel?
Why do deers get hit more then other animals?
How to make driving a little less boring?
can you buy a tracfone at a dollar store?
how to become american picker?
If everyone boycotts the purchase of fuel on May 15th, what effect will this have?
are fusion scooters good?
Anyone else think that freddie mercury was a better singer than michael jackson?
Can you get a red light ticket for stopping past the white line in Illinois?
How many moving traffic violations have you received in your life?
What should I do in my sticky situation?
need suggestions for a new name?
Do they have public transportaion from airport rd to university of south alabama in mobile,al?
How much gas does using AC in your car eat up?
why do we have road rage in the UK ?
How many traffic tickets have you got so far?
How can anyone in Los Angeles make it through freeway traffic, get from point A to point B, and stay sane?
What does a gallon of gas cost where you are?
Has anyone actually seen a cruncy nut lane?
Why are there what look like video cameras on above traffic lights at main intersections?
With all the new devices in cars today , Why cant we have a toilet device installed. We can't all wait.?
Car Sponsorships??
What type/ size car do you like?
Does more CC mean more fuel consumption?
Can Anyone help with directions from South Bend to OHare to avoivd the endless traffic jam on I90 / 94 Ryan Ex?
Does anyone know how to make a car run on air compression instead of gasoline?
Directions please?? YYZ to Burlington?
I need a Cinderella Carriage!?
How do you charge a Tomtom GPS?
Why do people like starring at accidents? What is so amusing that it causes idiots to stare and slow traffic?
Does anyone know of a GPS system for walking in NYC?
Anyone knows how to get to ARC from north loop blvd. in antelope through bus? thnx.. =)?
Where can I buy a helicopter for under $200?
if i ordered something off of and i bought expedited shipping, how long would it take to get?
does anyone know a way for a commuting student to get a car loan that i can wait a year or two pay on ?
how to commute from libis to quezon avenue?
traffic on the I-5 los angeles?
Relocating from Dallas and my car has major issues though still drives ok.?
Do you think that Boris Johnson was right to withdraw bendy buses from London?
Where can i find High octane gas near belmont CA?
Just wondering what people thought?
Does highway 417 in Florida from South Orange Blossom Trail to Celebration get a lot of traffic?
Who else had a horrible commute to work this morning?
Can i commute every day from upstate NY To CT?
What is a good taxi service?
can i send a gift to another country if i am 17?
is a turn signal required when turning from a "turn only" lane?
Just out of curiosity, what are the highest gas prices around where you live?
For people who take the Toronto Subway System?
Why does a car get better gas mileage on the freeway than in the city?
Do you save money by filling up your gas tank when it is half full?
If i am driving a 1.2 petrol engine car at a sensible speed how much will it cost me in fuel to go 200 miles?
how long does it take a package to ship from florida to georgia?
What happens to road kill?
Why do people get mad at me for driving "slow"?
transport to mont sinai school pf medicine?
Can someone help me with information about starting vehicle transporting buisness?
How many moving traffic violations have you received in your life?
Why do they call it rush hour when everyone's going five miles an hr ? Who is holding up the line??
When you're about to change lanes, what do you do?
What lifestyle change(s) are you willing to give up/change to fill your vehicle with gas?
What states is it illegal to use a radar detector and if I'm travelling through a state where they are?
What is the longest travel time (miles) you have ever traveled for a job?
does a car rack up miles when being pulled by other vichele?
gas prices, what are you doing differently this year compared to last year with rising gas prices?
Can I program my GPS to take a certain route?
How much time DTDC takes to ship light weight goods (earphones) from Chandigarh to Ghaziabad?
Why do we have to pay a toll on "FREEways"?
is everyone with a white jacked up pickup and...?
What do milage signs on the Interstate tell us?
limits on my license...?
how much would it cost in a cab from london padding to waterloo eurostar station?
can someone help me read the bus schedule?
What is your favorite breed of dog and why??
fuel grades?
Reimbursement of Mileage?
why are gas prices so high?
When i'm driving down the road I sometimes want to swerve into oncoming this normal?
Does a "no parking sign include the entire block, all driveways and other curbs? Or just that section of curb?
What are the best ways to get to Charles de Gaulle during the strike? the RER lines are closed I think?
AC Transit routes...?
when do you think gas prices will dip below $2.50 again?
How can I cut a street sign in half?
How many highway miles does the Chevy Trailblazer get per gallon?
Why do people INSIST on giving me directions even though I tell them I have a GPS in my car?
Do other countries offer higher octane fuels at the pumps?
paano pumunta sa makati-ayala galing sa muntinlupa (villa carolina) by public transpo? Help! I'm desperate.?
Better way to Commute to Ryerson from Brampton?
are you allowed to bring cd players or any other electronics onto an airplane?
In London Waterloo Station, What is the best meeting point, to find people who come from te eurostar train ?
I'm driving to Vegas from Maryland next week, should I leave the day after Thanksgiving? Traffic, what ...?
How much does an intrastate NJ Transit monthly bus pass cost?
Why Don't More People Carpool to Work?
Average Commute during the week from Plainfield to downtown Chicago?
40% of drivers want to remain raging @ s s holes...?
questions about taxis?
Why do people still drive to work and home at 75 mph, even when gas was over $3 a gallon?
Has anyone ver taken the drivers text in Concord California?
How wide is a two lane highway?
Does anyone know any companies that provide car with driver services in Dubai?
first car with a lot of mileage?
Ontario MTO strike ? when are they back?
saia motor freight drivers?
How often did you stall your car when you first started?
Recycled gas: Harry:?
__________ are used to separate more than one lane of traffic moving in the same direction where changing lane?
What Is Commuter Express?
Public Transport in Hawthorne, NY?
Can i use my YRT bus pass on a TTC bus travelling from Seneca Newnham Campus?
Laredo airport to Bus Station?
What happens when a passenger dies on the underground?
What would be a good road tip leaving Evansville, IN and only having Friday-Sunday?
How to get to Ateneo High School Football Field?
Why isn't the price of Gas dropping faster?
Can anyone give me accurate directions from Gloversville, NY to the Lilac Festval in Rochester,NY?
Which would be more beneficial?
If WE all DO NOT BUY from EXXON/ESSO, how long before they DROP GAS PRICES...1day...2days...3...?
have you ever tried taking a different routh to your destination and got lossed? isnt it an ugly feeling?
Are there any eight lane divided interstate highways in Omaha,NE?
What are some of drivers' biggest annoyances?
Twin Cities Meto Transit Day Pass?
Does anyone else daydream while driving and not remember some of their trip...?
How much should wife charge the carpool rider?
Are all taxis allowed in bus lanes or just black cabs?
WHY do people drive slow in the fast lane then get mad when you want them to move?
cheap transportation between cleveland, oh and pittsburg, pa?
TWO different michigan license plate...WHY???
Hows is your driving?
Anybody got any advice on hitchhiking?
find public transportation?
Am I just chicken? Did I waste my time?
How much of the regular commute time is desirable?
Some questions about South Australian Mobile Speed Cameras..Please answer?
How do I get to Ohara Airport from Greyhound Cumberland Bus station?
Highway/thruway tolls?
Where are the curb-separated bike lanes in Toronto located?
Does the dial a ride service only take you to areas in that city?
What do rich people drive?
If the maximum speed limit,by law, is 65mph then why are most vehicles designed for velocities twice as fast?
stuck in a motorway traffic jam and desperate for a wee, what do you do?
Do you feel victorious when you pass somebody on a single lane highway?
Is SW(South West) considered a hyphen?
Why is Diesel cheaper than gas in Canada and more expensive in the Western US?
How much do you pay for bus fare in your area (single ride and weekly passes)?
What does the cost of a taxi fare go on,time or distance travelled?
I need some suggestions for my english oral presentation Anyone up for helping me out?
fast lane for drivers with passengers,?
Traffic times etc... for Nashville?
how long would it take from east midlands airport toedgbastong in birmingham?
if I am under 18, work full time but dont go to school can i get a drivers license?
How do you save gas if prices keep raising?
Long drive on splendor pluse?
Is it any coincidence that gas prices are dropping a lot just prior to the Nov. 7 elections?
how much does it cost to put up a traffic light in gary indiana?
What frustrates you when you're driving?
Gas prices?
How annoying is driving stickshift in a busy city?
Help reading the GO bus schedule?
How much is the nj transit 186 bus .?
What happened on Route 46 in Denville this morning that caused traffic to back up after Franklin Rd.?
is there any bus fromTampines to Expo???
How to get from QC to Enchanted Kingdom?
179 Street?
from shoreline/lake city to Renton by bus.?
Can you cook a meal on the engine block?
While riding on a bus, do you think it's funny to hold up a sign that says, "BOMB ON BUS!" up to the window?
are gas prices ever going to go down?
TTC (or other buses) have different shape of dash board glass, WHY?
what is wrong wean the gas arow is on the on the botom and over pass the full tank line?
i'm a new driver how long did it take you to get good without getting nervous how many months?
MVC Driving Knowledge Test?
How to get from Brampton (Bovaird & McLaughlin) to Delta Hotel in Scarborough (At 401 and Kennedy) by bus?
Los Angeles morning traffic question (Los Feliz to Santa Monica)?
How much petrol will my journey use?
price line .com?
Is Traffic worse at 4pm or 5pm (Mid Size City, such as Portland, Oregon)?
East Asians and driving?
I ordered a 10 foot pole which weighs 70 lbs. Will UPS deliver it to my house? My normal dlvry guy seems weak?
I just got caught speeding and Im a P-Plater?
anyone got an r6 to use it primarily for street/commuting use?
Anyone know which is the longest A Road in the UK?
How much will it cost in petrol to get me from Solihull to Sheffield and back?
How much will my traffic ticket cost, i was going 20 miles over the speed limit on the freeway.?
Why don't old people think ahead?
Will I ever get back alive?
Can you collect Air Miles at Sobeys gas bars in Canada?
where can i find a gas scooter to buy from a store?
Does anyone feel lost when the street signal lights give out?
coasting in neutral or staying in gear?
Can you really get a free gas card?
Good cities to live in if you don't drive?
Do you think it is acceptable to be left stranded on a motorway for over 15 hours?
Are you allowed to pass those mini van's that slap the "school student" stickers on them?
would you use cycle hire in loughton?
where can I find bus tickets from Knoxville, TN?
people need to learn how to drive!!!!! please read EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone know of any public transport going to or near Linn Moor School near Peterculter, Aberdeen?
how many mile is from tx to utah?
Do people still call shotgun?
Driving a Manual car?
Why Cant People In Los Angeles Drive?
Where can two 18 yr olds and one 19 year old go in the fall for vacation?
how much would it cost in fuel to get from barnsley to bristol?
why do people flip the bird when you pass them after flashing your hi-beams?
Can A tomtom start sat-nav be used for walking? If so Can someone tell me how please?
what taxi service do you get to glenroy?
Chicago suburban public transportation?
Resolving Parking Issues in CityPark, Saskatoon, Sask?
How many minutes in 10 miles if you are driving 70 mph?
where do i report gas price gouching?
What does ACC stand for in a Bus Stop Name?
Los angeles to Lancaster, ca. HOw long would it take me to get there by bus?
There's a park and ride at exit 8 Clifton Park, who uses it and what are the rules?
What can I do on a 14 hr car ride?
Where can I apply for MTA in the Los Angeles Area?
why are they making high speed rail in california?
i got flashed buy a speed camera in a 40 but my speedo was reading at 40 what do i do ?
What's the best portable GPS system?
Idea for a new HighWay system?
why do i get a B0NER on the bus?
dmv writen test michigan question? help asap?
what street does bailee madison live on?
gas prices?
want to hire a motorbility scooter for winthorpe lincolnshire?
Do the Amish make traffic jam?
i would like to go to site where I could find parts for a mitsubitsi outlander. Can you help me, Thank You.?
How to ride a segway without looking "gay"...?
Tracking devices in Rental Cars?
Have you ever been on a train?
How Do I get to Eglinton Ave. @ Bellamy Rd by the ttc from don mills station?
has anyone had to deal with road rage?
Do you think the traffic will be bad to travel from Pennsylvania to Maryland tomorrow? THANKS?
IN AUSTRALIA, NSW, Can a speed camera catch you if you're on the other side of the road?
A person takes a trip, driving with a constant speed of 99.0 km/h except for a 20.0 min rest stop. If the pers?
Per high gas prices, do you use alternative public transportation?
What is the fastest 'driving route' from Maple Ridge, BC to Surrey, BC?
What do you do in traffic?
What would you do to get gas prices to lower??? Do you want them to be cheaper again???
what do u think about hastings?
balfron street map stirlingshire?
how to be a better driver?
how many 18 wheelers travel i-40 carring hazardous chemicals in oklahoma that pollute air?
Did you see J Sergeants programme"Driving me crazy/mad", Now what do you think of 4x4 drivers ?
What is the least expensive way to ship a motorcycle/scooter type vehicle from Seattle to Las Vegas?
is there a free shultle bus to the terminal or JFK airport?
How far do you drive to work one way?
doing 59 in a 40 mph?
how long does it take to commute from east williamsburg to soho?
get driving directions?
distance and how many hours is jonesboro arkansas away from kalamazoo michigan?
How long does it take for a package to be delivered from New York to South Carolina via standard ground?
does the bus run on columbus day?
Gas prices - what are they by you?
Why are you in the fast lane when you are going slow?
Confused first time flyer, Help?
How much will this limo cost?
Is traffic heavy on Greenbelt rd. from College Park towards Bowie, MD?
How to commute going to Eastwood from Fairview?
when going from the left lane, through the middle lane, onto the right, how many head checks do you do?
if a car does 60 miles per gallon how can i work out the cost?(uk)?
is there waitress service on national express coaches from Bristol to London?
How would one become a csx locomotive engineer?
bus prices in wariwckshire?
How do they get deer to cross at that yellow road sign?
how does information be transferred thru wires & even pictures r printed just by sending some info. thru wires
Taking traffic into consideration, what time should I leave Walnut, CA to get to Glendale, CA at 7:30AM?
how far is 80miles from chelmsford essex?
While driving my 45 mile commute I like to read the newspaper to pass the time. What do you do during yours?
Girls only: Can you drive a 5 speed?
how much does a lift kit effect gas mialage?
How to commute going to Eastwood from Fairview?
Automobile driving habits?
Telling what way is left and right on Map?
what can i do on a very long car journey?
are red top cabs cheaper than yellow top cabs?
does premium fuel in Missouri contain alcohol?
Does a Metro Bus goes to Covington,KY?
why are they proposing to raise the price of public transport again?
Why does the UK still insist on using miles and yards on road signs?
driving to scotland .PLEASE HELP.?
Does Rhode Island have a similar policy with advisory signs?
Have you ever driven anyone to a lonely place?
When and how long will the petrol strike last?
is there any country in the world that has a privatized commuter rail system ?
can anyone tell me which buses to catch from Inglewood to west L.A at 4:00 AM?
How bad is traffic on the 91 west (at Tyler) to Bellflower if leaving at 6am?
Where do you get your gasoline at?
Elevator or Stairs?
What is afaik hitchhiking?
What is a bus route from Fort Collins, CO. to Denver, CO.?
i was done for speeding 91 miles in a 70 zone wat can i expect?
need some help...?
is anyone else from the uk getting annoyed.....?
If you take public transportation, how long is your commute?
what happened to the smell of fuel (benzine) in egypt ?
Where can I get one of those rip off tuxes?
How can I force the town to plow my street?
whats a turn out lane for?
How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work?
Funny bumper stickers?
Why are americans afraid alternative transportation ???
Is an hour and a half commute to college too much?
NYC Commuting to the following place by train/subway?
why do radio traffic reports tell you roads not to take, but then never offer alternate routes ?
How many points do you get when your are in a rear ender in Michigan?
Have you ever been tailed/stalked by another motorist?
how does the protax service work by not waiting on my w-2s?
How do you commute from Alabang to Ateneo taking the bus?
Out of state travel w/ a car rental?
what is the best way to drive to Buffalo NY from Clearwater Fl.?
"Would you pick up a Hitchhiker?"?
how to pay for NJ transit bus?
Do you think gas prices will go down any time soon?
When google transit says that it takes 45 minutes to walk somewhere, at what speed must I walk?
Step by step directions to 3 point turn and parrell park?
Do you see car ads as propaganda?
what is the best type of transportation to travel in?
What time is the busiest when driving?
does anyone no who makes speed scooter/mopeds?
Why can't you use cell phones while getting gas?
what time does the 99 bus arrive at b street?
If I'm driving from DC to Montreal via 81 and 401, how much are tolls?
I know there is a way to get to six flags from L.A. by public transit but I don"t know how does anybody know?
What's the easiest and cheapest way to get from the Disney resorts to Universal Studios without renting a car?
gas prices?
How much would you lose out of your paycheck on gasoline if it goes to $5 a gallon?
how much would a limo be ?
do you have to take behind the wheel class to get a license in Virginia?
who hates the police?
How can I avoid traffic jam neatly on Friday around 7 or 8pm?
how long and where is the car?
how long does it take to drive 25.99 miles?
I just want to know what we as people do to save gas and the environment by saving gas ?
I heard if you get expelled you cant get your drivers license, is this true in Indiana?
How do i longboard through a neighborhood with low traffic?
When people ask you if you are familiar with certain areas in your locale, street or neighboorhood...?
Are you justified in running a red light provided all the roads are empty and there are no traffic cams ?
Not Showing Student Discount Card on TTC?
Subway Travel Route Help .?
Why were people driving with there lights on today during the day.?
does anyone can tell me where to take thr trainor the bus from chino california to go to north hollywood calif
What is the speed limit on the A1 ?
how do you get from toronto (don mills station) to hershey centre (missisauga) on subway?
How to take a bus from concord mills to charlotte?
In daytime,If oncoming vehicle's headlight on how to inform the rider?
i would like a route map from chesterfield to cleethorpes?
Are 40 MPH winds bad?
Trip to NJ from FL - I-95 North Questions?
what number do you call if i lost my 11-15 oyster card?
Who has the Driving Test Route Map Singapre in Ubi area?
If the gas price goes up above $4.30, would you carpool, or use public transportation?
Does anyone know when the St. Charles street cars will be running again?
which is better? limo or corvett?
What is the speed limit on CA-79 near Temecula/Escondido?
Why are there so many crazy drivers in China?
For those that live in Emeryville, CA, what is the traffic like?
Is there a Left turn camera in Amar/Grand in the City of Walnut CA?
What does now in transit mean?
Wow.. how bad was the traffic in Melton Mowbray this afternoon?
Ever gave "Rebel" a shout on the C.B. Radio in Effingham Illinois?
Why is the right lane considered the slow lane?
Are street lamps on a motorway further apart from each other than ones on smaller/residential roads?
When road signs tell you how far it is to London, where in London is this measured to?
How quickly does a mobile speed camera in a van capture your speed?
If you're over 18 and have your temps, what are the restrictions?
Folding bicycle in the office?
Car pool to school in Dubai, UAE?
How many miles...?
what is an example of a merging traffic sign?
How can one gas station keep their prices below $4 a gallon while others remain at $4.15?
Finding Directions?
a speed camera only works on side of road nearest to it, whats the reason for markers on other side of road?
What's the best place to live, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks or Orpington?
how to commute to broadway centrum if im from pasay city?
what bus no.from santa teresa drive to santa clara valley hospital which stop between clove drive and turner d?
When driving how do you know if you're 500 feet from a car or 100 feet or 2 feet from parked cars?
Can you name every vehicle that travels on the road?
what is the best muscle car ever, old or new?
Can you really save fuel by drafting behind a diesel while driving?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
Is there a law in San Francisco CA (local or state) REQUIRING a warning sign at red light cameras?
citicard cash back on gasoline?
how much higher will gas/petrol get before you buy a scooter for short commutes?
Car vs bus for college?
Who came up with the idea of "stoplights" in transit?
Why are parts of Flint, MI, Detroit, MI, and Youngstown, OH being demolished.....?
how much per mile does it cost to run a fiat panda?
Can a mistake on a ticket make it void?
Car holding up traffic in left lane.?
how to get to iron works (in sarnia) by sarnia transit?
Should it be a requirement that if a road project were to be started that it must have a deadline?
I have a very flatulent friend that I carpool with...?
what are the best and most amazing things to photograph when travelling around Thailand?
Don't cyclists tick you off?
This may seem a little stupid but how do you know if you will recieve a speeding fine?
What is an area that separates two-way traffic on a divided, multilane highway?
How do you deal with the stress of a commute after you get home?
How long is a long commute?
If my friend got a parking ticket because I didn't know there was a meter whose fault is it? who should pay?
If you were a genius, what would you do to end America's addiction to oil?
What is a good place to live close to London when you work at Piccadily Circus and your partner in Maidenhead?
will the olympics be warmly welcomed by petty criminals in and around London next summer ?
What are the blue lights on top of traffic lights?
How long can you stay in the outside lane after overtaking someone?
The jerk in front of me backed up into my car - twice! WHY? Is this a new scam?
TTC service out to Pickering ?
how early does the city bus pick up on jerry murphy?
Any transporation that goes from NY to NC?
What bus goes to Joyce Leslie in White Plains?
Using TTC to Seneca@York?
Does anyone know how to get to rego park from the jamaica subway station in queens? (Using public transit)?
Counting traffic, is it really long to do the commute Hollywood to Huntington Beach every day?
Vinnys on sheapshead bay. Is it open on saturdays? what time? ?
Can someone tell me how do I go to Nerul from Chennai Central??
I feel uncomfortable everytime I take the bus/train. What can do i?
How can I increase my advertising through Internet at the lowest price. Is there any help out there.?
try to find gold ave in newark n.j?
whats the difference between drive and over drive?
What is the # for the inner loop highway which circles WASHINTON DC?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane?
What are some good old slow jams?
How much did you pay for gas the last time you filled your tank?
What's a gallon or liter of gas costing you today?
Would you ride a Motorcycle if gas/petrol cost $12 per gallon of regular unleaded?
Why do they have a Dalek making announcements at Victoria Tube Station?
what are gas prices where you live?
What's the point of pressing the wait button at traffic lights?
What are the effects of traffic during field trips?
has anyone ever used flexcar, if so is it worth it?
how to commute from libis to quezon avenue?
Does anyone go to LACC?
how much is 1300 miles in kilometers?
How can I keep my glove box cool?
How much for gas where you live?
Whats the problem with my church bus?
how close can you park to a dropped curb?
How do you put 7 gallons of gas in a 6 gallon can?
Is it necessary to use a turn signal when in a "turn only" turning lane?
What is the break-even point for a greyhound bus to show profit?
Why do women think they are better drivers than men?
How do I get points of interest im my tomtom?
Would you consider this to be a busy schedule?
Biking to and from North Miami, and Bal Harbour?
What is the best time of day to drive?
How to get to Atlantic station onthe marta bus?
i need a detailed road map from gujarat to panvel(m'rashtra)?
Slow drivers in fast lanes?
your fuel consumption rating is?
Private Bus from Shenton Way to Bt Panjang?
How would you pay for gas?
Does premium gas make a difference in your gas mileage?
How many miles distance ?
Question in regards to about law regulations and violations? Please Help. Thanks.?
How many peaple travel a considerable distance to work?
Is your bus usually on time, usually early...or usually late?
how long would it take me to get to New York from San Diego?
60 to the 10 with a trailer, is it a good idea?
What is the distance between Yelahanka and ELECTRONICS city ? Mention shortest route as well ?
Do subways have drive throughs?
How much is the fee for code 22350 speed? I was going aprox. 5 mph max speed was 40 in Costa mesa.?
what's going on with gas prices as of this month? are they going up or coming down? NYSTAT and surrounding are
what is the most amusing license plate you have seen?
what bus do i take to get from spring valley ny to get to east orange new jersey?
Free parking near dundee city centre?
Who has the right of way in a parking lot? Driver coming down an aisle or person pulling out of a spot?
How far apart are the utility poles along the road? I am trying to find a good way to estimate distance.?
Can you exchange TTC student tickets for adult tokens?
I just bought a SCHWINN Motor Scooter 49ccs, Can i ride it on canal service roads?
what does the over drive sign mean?
Safe Way of Transportation home after dark for Teen girl?
Where can I get bus schedules for SBS Transit and SMRT?
Are you afraid that soon you will be not able to afford gas?
why don`t people read bus lane signs and use them when the lane is not designated just for buses.........?
Would Walmart do anything if you parked your small motorhome there for a few nights?
What time it takes to travel from Sanjose to Fullerton?
How much do you pay for gasoline? how much higher you think it will go?
What are some of your favorite songs to help you relax during your drive home from work and why?
when did people start caring about gas mileage?
What is so popular about route 66?
How to maintain the speed limit when driving?
Need a tip on buying a road bike, maybe 2nd hand. Help me cycling experts!?
whats the proper way to tell someone to move outta your lane?
Accidentally shifted from Drive to 1st geat while going around 50-60 kmh, how bad is this for my car?
Disobeyed traffic control device?
Can someone tell me what the taxi fare is from...?
Another greyhound bus question?
Want lower gas prices?
Is 127 kms too far to commute?
Anyone else getting p!$$ed off that the price of oil is dropping, and...
when driving on the highway way do people aways fallow right up the back end of my car?
Is a 1 hr commute too long given the circumstances?
how to drive a car and know the positioning when parking?
Rand McNally use to make a pen that you could trace over the map to find the shortest route can I find one?
What is the DMV Los Gatos - Driving test route?
Can TTC transfers be used to ride on a bus in the opposite direction?
Would you give your seat up to a pregnant woman on a bus or train?
Is that radioactive water on I-40 in Arizona?
Can a speed camera detect a pedal cyclist breaking the limit?
Accidentally went in the HOV lane (bay bridge) on the weekend. How much is the violation?
How does Santa schedule delivery for the day?
If you were a genius, what would you do to end America's addiction to oil?
From Santa Ana to Los Angeles?
does anyone know if driving curfew changes during the summer for people driving in illinois under 18?
What is something that has really creeped you out in your past ?
how many miles do people drive per year?
Is it hard to learn to drive a manual car?
Why cant asian people drive?
Can I just pour cooking oil from the supermarket into my diesel tank?
is it possible to do this?
Is traffic better on 101 freeway or 118 freeway during 8 o clock AM to the 405?
Does Anyone really know where road rage comes from??
How long does it take for traffic stoplights to change from red to green and back again?
Places to get lisence in Ontario?
7 facts about road rage?
can u ride gas scooters on the street of california?
What is a gore spot in the roadway?
What would happen if I.....?
Should fat people who take up 2 seats on public transport pay double the fare?
I have been wondering about this for the last week....?
NY metro question!!?
Question about moving truck./van rates?
For snow chain control 4-wheelers are exempt from installing them. Does this hold true for AWD cars/suv?
How do I get from Yonge and Finch to Whitby through public transit?
Why dont we all use horses or bikes to get around?
how many gallons does my car hold?
what car will beat a 68 firebird?
At Interstate highway exit ramps you see people with signs?
Is there anyway someone in my situation could apply for a work license?
If I travel 188 miles at 75 MPH, what is my travel time?
How do you murder a traffic warden?
What is the easiest way to commute from the Upper West Side to Lower Manhattan (wall st.)?
Jerry drove 441 miles in 7hours.What was his average speed?
What do you think about the Public transportation?
Would I Be Laughed at?
how much is gas where you live, currently here it is $3.20 for regular?
Pointers for avoiding traffic?
Where I can get pictures of QueensBoro Bridge exits?
Do you need to be an adult to buy a train ticket? ?
What driving habits will get you better mpg?
Do fuel savers such as magnets work and increase your MPG on vehicle?
when exactly does an unlimited 30-day metro card expire?
How to know the directions in usa? I get confused all the time, any tips?? pls?
going south where does interstate 55 end.?
When driving on the expressway, why is the right lane the slow lane?
looking for directions from Miss. ontario to fort macmurray alberta going through the usa cost, ferry etc...?
Can I use a OCTA day pass on metrolink?
What is the best route for Driving from chicago to los angeles but avoiding the mountains?
How much would it cost to park at the Newark Airport long term parking from Friday, January 7 to Wednesday, Ja
What is the consumption in mpg and gallons per minute of a ford transit 280 med roof diesel van at 2000 rpm?
How Do you Feel about Gas Prices?
Why try and slow down traffic?
What is the point of the M6 motorway ?
What are gas prices like in the rest of the world.?
has anyone been ripped off by a moving company?
When will man fly without a plane?
publicity without prices in Toronto?
How far will a 4.1 gal fuel vehicle go, like for example, los angeles to las vegas?
Park and fly on mannheim road is this near the 4000 block?
Where in the Albany, NY area can I find gasoline without ethanol added? I am seeing 25% less MPG with ethanol?
Did you really think that I was a cop?
why don`t people read bus lane signs and use them when the lane is not designated just for buses.........?
how much is gas where you live?
do i need to use turning signal in turn lane?
Do you live in BRISBANE could you please help me figure the bus?
Colorado Springs - Denver public Transportation ?
What is the price of gas where you live?
how much does it cost to drive though holland Tunnel?
does anyone else commute 1.5 hours to work. Why?
How do we make cities more cyclist-friendly?
I am moving to Burbank, CA and on the street it says no parking 8am-6pm without permit. Where do I get permit?
Why do people walk across intersections when the hand is red?
What is the estimated average cost of standard gasoline in Houston, TX per gallon?
would you use cycle hire in loughton?
Do gas last longer on a fill-up more so then when you put 5 here and there?
benifts for transportation in junction city,ks.?
Do I need limo for my weeding?
Why doesn't Chicago build more CTA Trains?
Does BART (SF) participates in Translink?
How many points do you get off if you park a little more away from the curb on a road test in NY?
what county is rome Ga in??
How do i get a fuel card for a business car?
What's the best way to commute from Union City, NJ to 125 Broad Street, New York City?
Have you ever ran out of gas before driving?
Have you ever had to take a different root whilst driving because of the road being closed?
Can you name every vehicle that travels on the road?
How much would it cost to literraly rent a bus?
would you use cycle hire in loughton?
Why dont we all use horses or bikes to get around?
Dont you think men are far worse drivers than woman?
If you already taken drivers ed as a high school class .. are you able to get your permit !?
tom tom sat nav map for south africa?
How to commute to San Isidro Labrador Parish in Malinta, Valenzuela from Philam Homes QC / TriNoma?
Where can I buy a MUNI FastPass in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco?
what was the average price of gas in 1994?
how much will it cost if you were doing 114mph in a 70mph?
What does "one time split" mean in limo service terms?
Limo question help please asp?
Cars driving in your lane?
Who has the cheapest truck or van rentals for moving across the country?
Indicating when reversing?
How much does the average person drive a day?
got my test in 2 weeks what is the best advice on reversing round the corner. Any tips?
Does anyone know thw quickest way to Planet Hoth?
How to calculate Driving Cost?
How much does it cost to park in a garage near Hicksville LIRR station?
what busses do you take from brent cross to mill hill nurcsury?
Elevator or Stairs?
Why don't pittsburgh people use there horns?
how much does it cost to rent a limo? espically if you live in utica NY?
Does anyone know where the greyhound stop is in Woodstock, Ontario?
What is the most annoying thing about commuting?
Reasons why ppl drive in the far left lane?
Are vans allowed to drive in 'no car' lanes?
I want to fly from Minneapolis to Chicago O'hare and take the train to 95th and the dan ryan. Can anyone help?
Bumper Stickers! What is your fav?
My Mom is looking for the nearest B/P or Amico Gas station in Mesa Az, Can you help me?
What city has the best public transportation system in Nothern California?
Do traffic wardens work on a Sunday? and what time do they finish work during weekdays?
i drove through a speed camera at 45mph in a 30 naked, will my nan see?
Does a posted speed limit of 55 mph mean that you can drive 55 mph on that highway under all conditions?
How long would the commute time be from Eden Prairie to Minneapolis Airport on 494 in rush hour traffic?
How much does it cost to rent a bus?
Is it possible to rent a limo for 10 hours?
What are the technology would you like to bring in a Taxi Cab ?
GO transit!!!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!/?
How many hours on the straight highway can your car last on a full tank?
why do buses travel at 20 mph when it should be 30 mph?
Where are Interstate batteries sold in Canada, please?
Road charging.?
Can you get a ticket for running a light at an on-ramp?
What would happen if you shifted a car into 'park' at highway speed?
Why did we name a drive way if we park in it and name a parkway if we drive in it.?
Would it be wrong to flash your brights at a car going super slow in the passing lane?
Which website do I need to go to if I want a map for travelling to a certain destination by car?
My metro card is not working.?