Kamakazi pidgeons on the roads?
What's the current gas price in your town?
Is there anything that we can seriously do about lowering gas prices?
Driving lessons (I'm scared)!!?
What happened on Route 46 in Denville this morning that caused traffic to back up after Franklin Rd.?
Would you commute an 1hr 25 mins for school?(for nursing)?
What do you mean it's not broken? I didn't see it working. Oh-hoo. Now I get it. Duh.?
how do you add mileage?
omg gas prices have gotten lower!!!!!?
how far do you commute?
transportation to monterpark?
what station had the highest gas prices in little rock in 2008?
Need help regarding the MTA “TAP CARD” in Los Angeles.?
does anyone know how many miles per gallon...........?
Any Programs Tell You What Roads Have Sidewalks?
where is mckinns crossing rd on hwy 25 Corbin KY 40701?
With gas prices the way they are, how do you make ends meet?
Can you go 10 MPH over the limit and not get caught?
Do you freak out driving on the highwaY?
Whats the best way to time green lights when driving?
Why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?
What do you think about our gas prices?
Is there a way to get to the riverfront or close to the I35W bridge? Do they have the area blocked off?
How much does it cost to supply and install a cable car system? ?
Is there any quota on the first xyz number of qualified hybrids that are allowed to use carpool lanes in CA?
Why are we cheated on vehicle title transfers !!?
Is it legal to drive a 50cc scooter without a license in Washington?
What's the difference between a cargo van and a passenger van?
im looking for pic of a 89 ford bronco xlt that are skithced out were i can print them and draw some ideas on?
how many miles can a 21 gallon tank go?
Parking on Public Street?
Is there a Car website like pinkbike ?
Allstate Motor Club (like Tripple-A) is advertising $1 trial for 3 mos, I can't find tel.#, not on website.
Where's the worst traffic jams you've ever been in?
Was that you walking on the side of the road in the rain?
New Hand Signal?
what is the law,if there is one,on overtaking someone from the middle lane,when you are in the left?
Would it be illegal in ontario to drive down the highway in a convertible in a panda costume =D?
Would walking home alone at 5:00 pm be a bad idea?
Do you flip people off when your driving and someone cuts you off?
Where do you get the Crunchy Nut Passes from?The ones that enable you to use the Crunchy Nut lanes.?
Did you know you can save on gas by doing this........?
gas price in ca is high enough now , what refinery's' are being maintained to cause our cash embargo ,-
How much will tolls cost? RI-NE?
Greyhound bus station TICKETS?
How much does it cost from Luton airport to Notts on the bus or train?
Metro Express 3X - Montgomery?
What Should I Do About a Guy Who Throws Somthing Out Of A Car At Me (UK?
need directions to get to floresville,tx.?
Is it still possible to drive in Greensburg, KS? Or are cars banned in that town now?
Is the real time fuel consumption dial accurate?
question long island bus.....?
Where do you buy an MTA Los Angeles monthly bus pass from?
Can I download World of Subways for free?
Toronto commute times....?
how can i get cal state fullerton using bus?
How do bus tickets work?
How much time does an online traffic school course take?
5/13/07: How much are you paying for gas?
Is this enforceable . ? Somali women with 3 toddlers and a loaded buggy on a bus .?
are zenn cars allowed in Ontario?
Does anyone know how to get from Rochester to Orpington without getting cut up or harassed?
what is hte bus route in Bakerfield from Niles and Fairfax to Haley off of Columbus Street?
How far is it from San Vicente Bl and Wilshire Bl to The Grove, LA?
How Many miles is LaVerne, CA from Berkely CA?
How much exhaust car/truck/bus fumes am I breathing by sitting in the back of a city bus with windows open?
How can I find out about Ride Sharing/Car pools in Jupiter, FL?
who will drive the taxi if all the bricks are gone?
how much gas does a car use when its idling and when you take your foot off the accelerator?
Los Angeles morning traffic question (Los Feliz to Pasadena)?
Directions to Baruch College please!?
ATL Only, Marta Route?
Single Speed Conversion?
How long does it take to drive 27 miles without breaking the speed limit?
What is the "emissions test" van that I see along freeway onramps? Do they notify you if you are illegal?
In my home city*, what do bus routes 40 and 90 have in common?
Reverse commute: London to Hertfordshire?
is there something else you can take instead of drivers ed to reduce your waiting time to 3 months(canada)?
CA DMV left turn question?
What would be the best route to maximize being 'green' & minimize car wear-and-tear?
should there be cameras to catch out the middle lane plodders?
Who rides a Livonia public school transportation bus?
Greyhound Bus What To Expect?
what car, besides Hybrid, gets the best gas millage?
How much does a bus driver in Miami Dade transit get paid?
public transport in San Antonio TX?
How is the commute from Grand Prairie, TX to down town Dallas during rush hour?
How ferocious are the speed cameras on the M25?
Can you claim back your bus fares?
speed van on a 40mph road, was doing bout 3 to 4 miles over, will i have been done?
how many cars cross the Golden Gate bridge every day?
i need a question answered please.?
Can I be smoking and ginning it up while my buddies drive my love limo?
How do I and how much will it cost me to commute from Robinson's Galleria (Ortigas) to Mercury Ave. (Libis)?
what makes you mad when you are driving?
Back up maps on a garmin c330 gps unit?
what is the speed limit on the carpool lane in california? cuz i got a ticket for going 75mph is it 65mph?
Car vs bus for college?
How much is the NJ Transit Monthly Pass?
What is the optimal speed to conserve gas?
When were you last in a Taxi?
Would it be reasonable to live in Oakland (or San Jose) and commute to Santa Cruz?
What is your biggest pet peeve when driving?
What is the most annoying thing about driving to work?
what happens when you pass through a toll booth without paying?
Four wheel drives?
Is there anyone too skeptical to see how much pollution we cause by driving?
Are suv escalades that hold 21 people a limo?
limo hire.......................?
How is traffic in the morning going from the Bay Area, CA to Sacramento?
Is there a programme i can use to create gameboy music using my laptop?
How is today's high gas prices effecting you? Your daily lives?
When turning on to a regular 2 lane street, do you stop completely or slow down?
My neighbour has an allocated parking bay but still chooses to park elsewhere on the street ?
How do you drive the speed limit w/o making people mad?
how much is a ticket for crossing double solid lines in the hov lane in california?
Why do gas prices have .9 cents in their price? For Example $2.09.9 @ gallon.?
What makes a highway a highway and a freeway a freeway?
city with the most traffic?
Best cars for commuting?
How to calm yourself while driving?
In what other countries do people drive on the left side of the road ?
can you have alcohol in a limo in pa?
can you park all night at street parking that starts from 8am -6pm?
Car skidding and tires spinning on roads?
wich is the safest way to drive from Nogales Mex. to Hermosillo Mex.? W hat roads?
Is there any parking around york university glendon campus?
improper lane change?
if you trvel on an'ontario road where the speed limit is not posted, what is the speed limit?
what do you think the best ever car is and the worst ever car is?
How many people fit in a limo?
I just turned 17 and have had my license for over a year. Am i now able to drive past 11 pm? I live in CA.?
how do you learn to drive?
If most people who travel through an area do so above the speed limit, should police be allowed to ticket...?
What would you do for a Bentley?
Do you consider yourself a good driver?
Can i take these items on coaches?
Should cars be fitted with speed limiters?
driving direstions?
Can you drive a scooter with a drivers permit or do you need a driver license in california?
Has anyone given driving license test in Aurora IL or atleast in IL?
Hello! How do I get to Georgia Perimeter College Dunwoody from MARTA's Kensington Station?
Will I lose my license until I'm 21, or just be stuck with another ticket? PARENTS DO NOT KNOW.?
Can anyone explain the "delayed start" which should occur after the car in front of you begins to move?
Does the number 30 Indy go bus go to 21 n Arlington?
how many kilometers is north luzon expressway?
Limo Party Buses to hire ?
taxi journey time King's Cross Railway Station to Houses of Parliament?
bus drivers?
i need a limo [not a bus] that can fit 30 people!! wat kind should i rent?
What is the best kick scooter for adults (18+)?
At what age did you learn to drive stick shift?
What happens if you cant pay the toll booth?
Is there a train or metro/subway from LAX to Sherman Oaks?
i need to know wen a traffic ticket will get posted online?
Do you use your mobile device while driving?
The best way to lower fuel consumption in a car?
i live in tampa fl and i want to get a road scooter is this a bad idea?
Why do people say that "decreasing speed increases gas mileage"?
How do you find out how much you oh in traffic tickets?
What is the hardest part about driving? What is the best part about driving?
How would you describe the personality of a typical bus driver?
How would I get from South Orange NJ to Dobbs Ferry NY by using a train or a bus?
i left a parking garage last night without paying?
What are the sequences for the traffic lights?
How much will it cost me in fuel to drive 240 miles?
Once at White Flint Metro Station where do I go from there?
Ez pass did not go through was 11.25?
Hi,this is Jay.Just wanted to know as to how many petrol pumps/fuel stations are there in Hubli?
Will I be fined for being caught on a speed camera - 42mph in a 30mph zone?
For the drivers out there, how do you like to park?
How to get to Canada's Wonderland by public transit? Can I use buspass?
does anyone commute from chicago to niu? How? How about by public transportation? Metra? Amtrak? Thanks.?
Help: Forgot my student concession card and got fined?
Is it possible to get from San Francisco to Novato through the Bay Ferry?
Does any one travel to Pasadena from Santa Monica in the mornings? How is the traffic?
Who has the right of way?
Are average speed cameras necessary?
What does this traffic sign mean?
what is the average gas mileage for a pit bike?
Where in Chattanooga TN or North Carolina Ralegh we can rent a car?
So i heard May 15th is boycott the gas pumps to bring gas prices down? Anyone participating?
how can i get better fuel mileage?
How come people refuse to use turn signals when they drive?
how long does it take to drive from fargo to milwaukee?
Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the bad accident that happened on the I-17 and Northern?
Katanya kalo di Jakarta pake mobil plat nomor daerah bahaya ya atau diresein?
Can Pick ups park on street in the city of Chicago?
can a taxi take me to a place in another city if i have the address but i don't know the directions?
What time does the omnitrans bus route 83 south come on euclid?
When is EAstwoodMains Road opening?
i get very tired after driving to and from work. I drive in New Delhi (India). How can I reduce this ?
Does anyone know where i can rent a car (that is not a minivan) for 8 people in Glendale,CA at a good price?
why do people drive on the shoulders of roads?
Which bus to take if I want to go to IKEA Queestown from Clementi Ave 3?
When is the best general time to buy gas?
How do I use transfer tickets on the TTC?
Does anyone know what the little detour signs on Highway 80 are for?
i need to find a fast lane mighty hauler truck with upc # 9357710813?
How do I get from ground zero in New York to the South Street Seaport at 199 Water Street??? Any help would be
anyone know how long it takes to take the driving test in hollywood ca?
what does "In Transit - On Time" mean in UPS?
I know a house's address is 54 *some street* Fresno, California--how do I find that house?
woodland checkpoint traffic ?
to reach kovaipudur from vadavalli?
Help! I'm stuck in Las Vegas right now and I don't have enough money to get home!? I'm in Las Vegas right now?
Why does New Jersey only build half exits on it's highways?
What are the best solutions to fight traffic congestion in major cities?
Would the pollution problem become easier to solve if we just banned woman drivers?
How long does it take to WALK(not drive) 1.24 miles ???
how do i get free voices on a tomtom?
Why is fedex so ******* slow?
What is the real deal with the gas on May 15?
Question for truckers from a 4 wheeler?
When will the Segway P.U.M.A be available to the public?
Supermarket Petrol station (TESCO vs MORRISONS)?
Why on a stop light is the red at the top and green at the bottom?
What are the driving restrictions on a 16-17 year old in FL?
is there a shuttle that will take me to mexico?
Are Nissan Skylines illegal in the US?
river:dam :: traffic(a)signal (b)motin (c)vehicle (d)?
Which Car Should I Buy? "Chevy Cruze" or "Scion Tc"?
what are the dimensions of 26th street between L & K street in Sacramento, ca.?
anybody knows a good town in MD,PA,OR DELAWARE on the border line of new jersey WITHIN A TWO HOUR DRIVE?
Is driving a riding lawnmower on the street illegle in california?
Who else thinks street racing should be made legal from 10pm to 5am?
Can you buy packages on Greyhound tickets?
how is traffic in Los Angeles at 6:00 AM?
Are the speed cameras on the m1 from junction 6A active?
my gf is working in SF downtown and i'm working in sillicon valley, where is the best place for us to live?
from shoreline/lake city to Renton by bus.?
How is the public transportation in San Jose, California?
Transit through germany?!?!?
Over drive saves gas?
Cascade East Transit fee?
I will like to know the web for bus schedule or trail please?
Does anyone know of commuter size derigibles available?
I have a question about busses in MN?
how long is a mile?
Do you have to signal or wave down a bus when it comes to the stop?
Driving lessons - how well am I doing so far?
Why can't i find a 1997 Alero?
Need to change my address for package in transit?
What is the WORST thing that drivers do?
how bad is traffic to work in seattle?
Foothil Transit buses...(help please)?
Why is there always only 1 shoe on the side of the road,and how do they loose that 1 shoe?
Would you consider buying a moped to save on gas?
Golf TDI in USA - Good idea?
speed camera ipswich bound!!!?
Is it difficult to commute from Las Colinas, TX to Arlington, TX?
is there a bus or train from fort collins, co to denver, co?
I have a 40' motorhome, GVWR 34,600lbs with air brakes and live in Ca. Is a class C licence okay?
is a 33cc bladeZ gas scooter illegal in henderson nevada?
can you tell me if the M1 was the first ever motorway to be built?
what is the fastest car for need for speed underground?
How much past speed limit can you go to not violate speed limit?
What is your daily commute like?
What are your views on bus lanes?
Why do truckers in new mexico/ colorado on i 25 use their falashers?
My mom drives slower than other cars. Should she drive faster?
Is EVERYONE dumb enough to think less than 15% of the market boycotting gas for just 1 DAY can drop the price?
Will increasing mileage standards decrease fuel consumption?
What is the commute from Champions area to downtown during rush hour and what is the route?
do you really save on gas if drive a truck with tailgate down?
what does msm mean in my job of driving?
Sat Nav leading you up the garden path?
i have been driving my car with my bum and i have trouble seeing where im goin what should i do to help me see
Why don't councils fill pot holes with the same stuff they make speed bumps out of?
where is the closest grayhound bus station in cin oh?
Help..Scam Artist Sister?
Am I allowed to drive a mobility scooter?
How can I report bad taxi drivers to the authority?
How much does gas cost where you live?
is the dude in metro station?
How long is your work commute, and how do you feel about it?
What are the best San Fran neighborhoods for a Silicon Valley commuter?
Why do people drive with their fog lights on instead of headlights, in the day time even?
How much does using an air conditioner in a hybrid car affect its fuel economy?
using the lanta metro bus from trexlertown to Slatington?
How come you never see a female taxi drivers? Why don't women apply for this job?
Honda accord or ford fusion?
If I am walking 1 mile at an average of 6 mph, how long will it take to get there?
Truckers and Social Media?
What are some fun things to do while driving? of course safe?
Does tire over inflation improve gas mileage?
How far is it down the road about a mile? ;^)?
Is there a carburator build years ago that gets 100 mpg?
Are all roads in Minnesota being torn up?
why do you see only 1 shoe on the road sometimes?
Is there anything that I can do to get better mileage out of a tank of fuel?
Road rage?
why does trains stop in every station?
What do you think of no speed limits on the united states highways?
Why STREET LIGHTS are yellow?
What can we do to decrease our dependance on individiual automotbiles?
Drivers Test in Maryland?
How much oil, did we save by lowering the speed limit 10mph, compared to how much oil we get from corn?
How much will this limo cost?
Modes of transportation I could use without a driver's license?
I'm plan getting an apt in Hackensack and commuting to Morristown for work. Will I have a bad commute?
Turning right: do you take it one lane at a time? HELP?
Do you notice that people who drive SUVs and trucks are worse drivers?
What's the difference between a bridge and causeway?
Directions please?? YYZ to Burlington?
does pressing repeatedly the "walk" button on crosswalk corners speed up the walk sign?
What is the abstraction of road rage?
How much would I spend on gas ever month to get to work?
What is the best commuter car you ever owned and why?
would you leave London?
How much does the ticket cost in CA for 98 miles/hr on freeway which has a speed limit of 65 miles/hr?
what if you don't pay your tram fine?
Kentucky question: Driving?
How do you commute on a school bus in heavy traffic driving kids to school?
come on you people!!?
When do I put the flasher on when changing lanes?
what's your street/road that you live on called?
Don't people realize it's rude to be in the right lane if not turning right on red?
Should Gm just give up?
Why don't people approve of the CA high speed rail?
how to feel fit after a long journey of travelling?
Who here lives in El Centro, CA?
red light cameras in Pleasanton, ca?
About how much would it cost for gas to go out East, about 780 miles.?
Why can't we get this mini-van here in the USA?
Why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?
Are family members allowed to give driving lessons to G1 drivers in Ontario ?
How to annoy people in a car? Any ideas?
Should the speed limit be raised on major interstate freeway?
If you're so scared of driving, then why don't you stay home and cower in the corner?
how to stay awake when driving long distances?
which gas companies do not use ethanol gas?
Road RAGE anyone??
I am going to take my G1 road test. Can anyone tell me if one lane road enters into a two lanes road at the in?
Why do people accelerate when approaching red traffic lights?
Whybirds removalists?
Why are bicyle riders mixed in with automotive lanes, isnt it safer on the sidewalk?
What to do when you are stuck in awful traffic on your way to work?
if you leave something on a charter bus can you get it back?
Journey into work this morning (London). How was it for you?
Would $10 gas topple the United States into insolvency?
I need to write a proposal for an business invester?
How much gas cost for this trip?
Where and when else should I practice driving before taking a driver's test?
Is there a shuttle service to Newark Airport? I am in Lincoln Park.?
petrol strike?
And you think a gallon of gas is expensive? Check this out!?
Do Stagecoach run buses in your area and what are the fares like?
What SUV has the best gas mileage?
How many miles is it from Zurich, Switzerland to Arles, France? How long is the drive?
learners permit ticket on scooter?
If America is so great, why does the public transport system suck so bad? Why are things so expensive here?
Why doesn't everyone not buy gas from Exxon & Mobil. This could bring gas prices down.?
can you drive in alberta with a b.c learners?
Best work hours for IE to Orange County commute?
Where can i get infornation on a high speed chasefrom houston texas dat happend NOV 30 2006?
Is there any brand of stand up gas scooter thats legal for use in California?
Why are drivers so crazy?
What is the best method to transport home furnishings to a new location?
Why do old people drive so slow?
Quiz for you?
Why do guys in dodge 4x4s always extend their mirrors out so they look really long?
Where can I get bus schedules for SBS Transit and SMRT?
How to get Traffic quickly?
how many people live in croydon?
Driving a honda c70 on a freeway bike lane?
Are gas prices going to increase?
T3 lane and motorbikes?
What to do if a car is driving fast as possible and passing people on no passing side?
How far away from a curb can I park in the state of Colorado?
Which California DMV is the easiest to pass the driving test in?
Did you know starting Saturday trucks from Mexico can drive the entire US, unless a injuction is granted?
do the people know that bus transit systems exists in all 50 states? try
Does anyone know if a teaxi company in Ukiah CA would take someone to Sacremento Airport?
Why do people ride the fast lane when the right lane is open?
Driving down orange avenue in Downtown Orlando which street is the easiest to turn around at?
what does silver alert on the interstate mean?
Where does the bus pick up at Wright State University?
Have you gone on an intensive driving course?
Has anyone ever noticed on the major highways such as Hwy 101 white vans or cars parked facing traffic?
Do you have to commute daily to/from work &/or school? Do you find it annoying?Why?
whats the best way to drive in 2-4 inches of snow in a eclipse gts?
Will they ever invent a sat nav that works for girlies?
How Much Money Would It Take For A Taxi To Travel From The Boarder Of IL. To Get To Flint MI.?
does a 14 passenger limo excursion have cable?
Is their traffic on 101-S towards Santa Maria, CA?
Is there any CNG filling station in Panipat or Sonipat?
Are You Sick of Driving?
How long is the usual commute to work in Ottawa?
In most states how many mph can you go over the speed limit w/out getting stopped and ticketed for??
Is there any public transportation from hoboken to weehawkin in NJ?
What does "local service only" mean for a subway in NY city?
just got fastrak, just have a quick question for those who use it?
can you ride electric or gas scooters in the rain if you had to.?
What type of horse would carry me best while I was wearing my golden armor?
towing compacity of 2002 6cylinder ford f150?
How much gas will it take yo go to maryland?
What or where is the WORST traffic conjestion you have ever been involved in?
Does the 22 bus go from the downtown terminal to Riverside Ave in Rialto?
How many feet away do you have to start slowing down when entering a highway?
Will a strike against buying gas for a day cause the price to go down?
Redwood road UTAH?
Do you look at other people when you're driving in your car?
What time the subway open ?
why men drive with one hand on steering ,, if compared to women who uses both of the hands?
how far does your car travel when changing a cd?
im scared to do this... i need opinions?
is 50 states limo service reliable?
If i were to have 6 beers from 9:00 PM- 10:00 PM, would i be ok to drive by 2:00 AM?
What's a non-driving,working guy to do?
Ok- I have to drive to Vegas from Orange County this weekend, Is the 15 N and S both closed?
Will you keep buying gas if it hits $6?
Tampa / Clearwater area, Can Motorcycles Legally go in-between traffic out there?
how do I get a bus schedule for orange county california on the internet?
Why is there Braille on drive-up AT-Ms?
Why not use long standing WVO for makeing fuel?
With UPS, what does "out for delivery" mean?
who has put more petrol in there car during the recent strike even though there is no needs to i hav,nt?
Would there be alot of traffic on roads on good friday?
how many [active] red light cameras are there in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles - specifically along Wilshire.?
is riverside traffic heavy?
Ok I Live In Winnipeg And Their Is This Street Called Memorial Street Here Is The Problem!?
How do you find out how much you oh in traffic tickets?
DMV question about drivers permit?
How can I get my G2 Lisence Earlier than 8 month's (Ontario)?
Getting around transportation issues when I want to get a job?
What time does the first 14bee line bus pullout?
Why do some people think they are so special they can take up two parking spaces?
are the drive test centres in Toronto open now ?
Parking ticket for parking "on" red curb?
Is it possible to drive from New York to Los Angeles on one tank of gas via hypermilling?
How much is gas in this X country?
are buses allowed to stop and block my driveway to pick people up and put them down.there is no bus stop sign.
workplace commute times?
Is it legal to drive a zamboni on the road in Ontario?
what busses do you take from brent cross to mill hill nurcsury?
I thought this was an excellent idea how about you?....?
Do I waste more gas if I just let the car on for a minute or two or does it waste more when I turn it on.?
riverside to los angeles traffic?
Does anyone know any websites that show you how to get around new york city by subway?
Please can you give steps by step on how to drive vehicles e.g cars,lorry, etc?
when making a quick buy at a store is it better to leave the car running? how much gas does each startup use?
TTC metropass . where to buy ? ?
Commute time from Vancouver WA to Beaverton OR?
motorhome over cab pods?
When you stop by the traffic lights, do you look to see who is alongside you..?
When im driving and i switch to neutral do i save gas?
Questions about the MetroLink in Southern California?
How is the fuel strike going to affect us consumers?
What Canadian province has been virtually rat free since 1905?
how many lanes are on the autobahn?
do you have to take the 6 hr driving lessons to drive alone when u r 17?
How are California Highway's exits numberred?
how far from kyburz minden nv.?
How old were you when you pumped the first gallon of gas?
How to get to the congress theater and back?
what is the difference between a street, avenue, boulevard, etc?
what does 4 percent grade mean on the roadway?
I have a Manual Now....How do I drive it?
What is better for a university student living in Toronto, a Derbi GPR 50 or Aprilia SR 50?
can someone give me someone to call that would be willing to drive me to school?
When can i get my "Limited Juniors License in NY?
Is commute from Bloomfield, NJ to Columbia university, NY doable everyday?
how long will it take me to travel from london to abuja by road?
How much does a stretch limousine weigh?
I stay in AECS LAYOUT.What will be charged by City Taxi to go to the Airport at around 4am in the morning?
how much does a taxi cost?
How much is gas where you live?
leytonstone high street?
Would the road be safer even a little bit if we...?
what does "radar enforce" mean on a speed sign?
is it true it takes one hour to leave your system?
About how much is a limo for prom for about 3 hours?
Toronto Q: Why don't we have the streetcars in the right lane?
When it comes down to it, __________ causes most collisions?
How do you get from Port Authority to Lombardi's Pizza on Spring Street?
Don't you just hate people who double park?
Why does gas increase at the same time every week?
TTC: Ever seen a streetcar on Bathurst north of Bloor?
is there an age restriction to mopeds in Indiana? i agknowledge the fact that 50cc mopeds require no license..?
How fast can a 50cc 4 stroke scooter/moped go? Cruise speed and max speed...?
traffic...would you rather take shortcut/move slower or longer way/faster?
What is the Department of Transportation's main job?
Why do motorists think it's funny to yell stupid stuff at people waiting at bus stops?
What is the most bizare encounter you've had on a subway ?
When does rush hour start on 93 south in the morning?
Does anyone think that in the years to come gas would'nt be used to run cars only electricity?
why was there so much traffic in london today (05.09.08)?
I live in QLD and work 45 hours a week i have my L's 30 hour and 4 month driving Exp i am 17 can i get my P1's?
Would scrapping Bus lanes ease traffic congestion?
If their is a nation wide gas strike on June 15, 2007 if not how do you go about doing this and have it done?
How much do local truck drivers make in Fresno, california?
What is it about human beings that (regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or etnic background),
Commuters parking at Ryan Field on Northwestern Univ campus?
2002 s430 when idling or at a long traffic ligh the heatgage will go above the 80 then go down when i drive?
How long should I rent our limo?
what would be the best way to get to bethesda from east alexandria in the mornings?
How much should I charge to get rides to and from work?
why is nobody doing anything about the price of fuel?
Why does elevation matter when choosing fuel octane?
Where do you live ? and how much is a gallon of Gas ?
What time do you leave for work in the morning?
How do I control my "road rage" or lessen it?
Is it worth working 13 miles away considering the high gas prices in LA county/?
Need help looking for a gps navigation system for my car!?
please send this message to everyone. In future you can save gas cost 2?
Im using my personal vehicle to drive to job sites for my work. Should they pay my gas? Im wasting my money.
Why Don't More People Carpool to Work?
where is the brecksville merge?
What is the farthest you will or currently commute for a job?
Why do people drive 5 below the speed limit?
How do you get to the East Village/Lower East Side of Manhattan from Penn Station?
Fastest way to get from Penn Station to 93rd street?
is there any bus fromTampines to Expo???
Should I buy 1993 Buik Regal with 70 000 mile, asking price $2200?
What will Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area....?
Plane Crash or Drowning?
how to commute going to pasong tamo extension makati?
Question about the YRT/VIVA strike October 24, 2011?
Why do most politicians travel in an Amby or A Contessa?
texas driving schools in san antonio?... please help...?
California traffic ticket on highway shoulder?
Where can I park a car in downtown Oittsburgh PA?
is it best to dial 911 if you break down on an interstate?
what are some brightly colored suvs?
how do I find out info on a car wreck I was in?
I am taking my driving test in a few days, i am SO nervous . Any tips on passing and staying calm ?? PLEASE !!
Does #6 Bay bus go straight into the Union Station bus terminal?
Driving from new jesery to georga ?
what is your means of transportation?
How much over the speed limit..?
NJ turnpike heading south, traffic?
how far will i go if i travel at 70mph on a motorway that is not straight.?
Have gas prices hit you as hard as they have hit me and my family?
What happens when a taxi comes to pick you up, but you never show up?
Road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. How much will it cost in gas?
Do you need a car seat in a taxi?
When the speed limit says lets say 45 "end" does this mean it is still a 45 mph speed limit zone or....
Gas prices?
What price is a 3-zone interstate NJ Transit Bus Pass?
When is morning rush hour in Memphis Tn?
can kids ride in a limo alone?
Why are the Gas Prices So High!?
What do you thinks about gas prices?
Do you have any tips or suggestions on how we could have less traffic in the US.?
Do you take mass transit to work?
has anyone heard or read any where about the gas boycott for May 15 2007?
About how much would gas for a 3 hour drive cost?
I accidentally ran through a toll booth...HELP?
Why does the bus not following the time schedule as reflected on the screen?
Would the MN-101 Highway be eligible to be designated as an interstate spur?
how do you pass driving time with california's everyday traffic?
Where's the best traffic in U.S.A . & where's the worst ?
Will leaving the Air Conditioner turned off in my car better my gas milage?
Help! I feel panicky when driving b/c I always feel lost. How can I overcome such a bad sense of direction?
3 reasons for making a lane changes besides passing a car?
my MRT card is damaged, how do i refund or transfer to a new card?
Which is the better choice?
Easy street navigator?
can i change my 1week buspass into a travelcard on my oyester?
Why do taxis think the should be tiped?
How much are you suppost to pay for gas miles for your employee's. Does include an hourly rate also?
In the UK can you see the lines on the road in between lanes when it's dark and rainy?
What is your worst pet peeve about other drivers?
If you drive faster does it save gas?
What is your worst pet peeve about other drivers?
What are some things to do on a 2-hour bus ride?
Why eCabs is the best Car/Taxi Reservation System ?
define en route mileage?
If I buy a GPS car system in the states would it work in China??
Is a Bp Arco Card the same as an Arco PumpPass?
Why do gas prices end in a fraction? Example : $3.45 9/10?
how to get to NAIA terminal 3? commute lang ako from cubao.. tnx!!!?
Bus routes from Central Station to UNSW?
What do you do to keep your commute interesting?
Why is there always only 1 shoe on the side of the road,and how do they loose that 1 shoe?
My job's in Danbury, CT. But I want to live in central CT. Can I avoid the drive by taking the rail?
How long does it take to get to Northwinds Parkway?
how long does it take to receive a ticket if you passed a bus?
What is the age limit for SFOD D?
daily commute from ashburn to DC without driving car?
Why do some people think it acceptable to park their car half on the road/ half on the grass verge outside?
does anyone know the bus route from pomona ?
Where do you find the information for why roadworks are going on? (Scotland / UK)?
About bmtc bus numbers?
Honestly, what do you do when people cut you off in traffic?
gas prices to high?
Ticketed in california for speeding 70 mph over the speed limit in a zone how much will it be?
Bus from Juniper St. (Murrieta, CA) to Chaparral High? (Temecula, CA)?
Who are the worst drivers on the road?
Does smoking pot while driving have any impact?
How can i get to 12 Trojan gate Toronto, on by TTC from Kennedy subway station?
Do cell phones distract drivers?
who commutes the furthest to work? distance and about how long it takes?
how much do people make per hour working in the alberta oil fields as labours?
Which of these two things would you be more likely to do?
CBR125 good for freeway comuting?
does anyone know how traffic is at around 8 PM during the week in Sacramento, CA?
M4 today....?
A car is being tracked at point A at 2:44pm then at point B at 3:05pm. the points are 11km apart.?
If i'm driving 197.93 miles in a 5-speed mustang, how much gas money would i spend?
Be honest: do you signal?
hi today i covered 140 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes what is my average speed?
Public transportation day June 15?
what would you do if someone started talking smack to you on the subway?
I'm 5'10", 172 lbs. What size bicycle would be good for me?
tow me along?
does anyone know the traffic jam code for today from us99 ?
I travel 40 kms/hr during 8 hours. what is my speed?
closest train station to washington, CT?
Why does it never sink into men that women can drive cars n r good at it?
What is the largest moving truck i can rent in ca?
Does someone have an expereince to share with the transportation system in Lagos, Nigeria/?
is there anyone in northwest edmonton who can haul a playhouse for us it was given to us but we have no truck?
whos hiring in kissimee saint cloud or orlando fl?
Does Pick up Trucks use more gas if the tailgate is up.?
What are your views on the HS2 high speed rail link?
¿como llego a bond street desde retiro?
how will i get a route for my commercial truck consistently?
Another name for an Amtrk Driver?
does anyone else think bus fares are high?!?
Should people be made to car share?
Bus service to Atlas Copco?
Good place to live with kids near Northern Virginia - as far from NOVA as possible without a horrible commute?
memory lane..............?
Would you want to travel for 5 hours with three men across a pick-up truck seat?
Reg Varney left £300,000 in his will. Who'd have thought that driving a bus was that lucrative?
Is there a lot of traffic going from Santa Rosa to Novato on weekday mornings?
Are people aware that the right lane on the interstate is the slow lane?
How do I plan specific route on TomTom GO 720?
How much does the Metro Green line cost?
How far is Greely from Fort Collins,Colorado?
How did widespread car ownership change people's lives in the 50's?
LIRR: Am I allowed to use Monthly pass for any station within 1-7?
Should the interstate highways speed limit be lowered 55 mph again!?
what would happen if you were to come upon a toll booth and you didn't have any change or money(credit card)?
Would you stop and give them a ride?
how can i get information about a parking violation in los angeles?
how do i go about developing a questionaire for a starting a car rental service?
What are the speed limits to the roads in Georgia?
cities 265 miles north , towards michigan, from st louis missouri?
Mel Gibson if you wanted to be in my gang you just have to ask?
Any help would be appreciated on this question?!?
can i drive in Goa india on current british car driving licence?
Do you want lower gas prices???
How do you open seat on a lifan scooter?
What is a good way to find a ride!?
Have you ever had to go so bad in your car, and you couldn't hold it anymore?
Why do you accelerate when somone passes you??
Do you think gas prices will ever drop back down to $1.30 per gallon?
i need to kno how much gas i would need to put in for A 12 MINTUE DRIVE AND IT 229 GALLON?
how to commute from cavite to people support makati?
How bad is traffic on the i680?
Tescos in Rhydefelin Pontypridd... free bus?
Locking the snow chains on my tires?
What does IBOA stand for?
Why are people so stupid when it comes to driving?
Tips on driving on the road for the first time?
Where can I get a Taxi Meter installed in Michigan?
Should I get my drivers licence or motorbike licence?
Not pulling over for traffic stop?
How long does it take to drive from San Diego to Dallas, Fort Worth?
Why don't more city dwellers ride bikes to work?
What is the problem with the InfinitiG35, most people turn them in within 18,000 to 35,000 mile ?
Why is there a Interstate Highway,in Honalulo Hi?
need someone with a truck in northwest edmonton?
What are your thoughts on riding a Razor scooter to work?
Can we drive 750 miles in one day?
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
Transit sticker for student card?
If you catch a bus regularly: do you arrive at the stop nice and early...?
can i order a taxi online?
Driving in London?
Best Scooter for commuting.?
Modes of transportation I could use without a driver's license?
Where can i find Metrolink times?
at what speed do you die speed does not kill think people hitting something kills you?
What part of San Jose CA is the best side to live on?
Do HHO devices really work to improve gas mileage?
what kind of gas/fuel should i use to braze?
What is the distance between killaloo in county clare, ireland and ennis, also in county clare.?
Roseville To Temecula?
Is there a history behind "run roads"?
Why is the media not talking about the price of Gasoline, and the effects it has on our lives.?
Intercontinental expressway?
how do you commute from ayala, makati to the new Mall of Asia?
When you go to the self serve gas station do you round off your gas purchase with an even number?
Cents in a Dollar Pennies in a Pound what in a French Franc?
Would you or do you drive a vehicle powered by METHANE, easily made from anerobic breakdown of organic matter?
Gas station I want to send them an email.?
Why do Americans insist on driving under the posted speed limit in the passing lane?
Are emission tests necessary? What is the point! Waste of time??
Affordable Family-friendly neighborhoods outside NYC?
My new Garmin Nuvi is gone crazy it keeps giving me pop up messages how do i fix it? they say: Firmware 1%?
what other means of public transportation to Sacremento Airport are there in Ukiah CA?
The speed limit is 45 MPH. I drive 55 MPH. Yet, some idiots are tailgating! WTF?
direction from baclaran to valero street ,salcedo village makati city?
Can you still get gas during a power outage, or do the gas stations not work?
What type of limo is best for prom?
Whats the quickest way to get from Riverside CA to SLO CA; not by car?
Have you and your family cut down on petrol consumption?
Does anyone else get lost on the TOLL WAY?
Party busses are rare to fine!!!!!!!!!!?
How do normal people stop traffic>?
Question about driving from San Jose to Austin?
what is the average price for home heating fuel in east liverpool ohio?
For some reason I'm not sure to trust this guy repairing my car, can someone help?
Do you need to get out of the NYC Subway, to make a transfer to the station connected with pedestrian link?
If I was driving 300 miles, how much would it cost?
How many miles is 20.1km?
what bus route runs by 1221 redford st houston, tx 77034?
How long does it take from Charing Cross to Euston on the underground?
how much per mile does it cost to build a tram??
are fire works illegal in N.Y state?
driving lessons?
Looking for a street in my town, person's name.?
Why do young drivers drive so fast and ignorant?
What are your favorite driving peeves today?
Is it legal to travel down a road in reverse, as long as your following the direction of the traffic?
what will you do if you take a cab and then reach ya destination, but dont have money.?
how much does petrol weigh?
Does anyone know of a website that shows gas prices along a given route?
Affordable cab services from westchester county to the bronx?
What is the WORST thing that drivers do?
where can i obtain a driver's license if my license is revoked in new york state?
TomTom Problem?
What is the longest time you spent waiting for the bus?
Does anyone know how to commute from Palo Alto to this address: 47671 Westinghouse Dr., Fremont CA?
How many miles?
Would it be wrong to flash your brights at a car going super slow in the passing lane?
How to figure out a passing cars speed?
how long by car from Luton to get to Milton Keynes by 9am?
A police officer forgot to make me sign my ticket!?
Can i take these items on coaches?
what will you do if you take a cab and then reach ya destination, but dont have money.?
Does this make you mad?
how to commute from E. Rodriguez Ave. Quezon City to Mall of Asia?
Why are trains so detestable?
my gps made a mistake?
can anybody furnish me proof that Arco gasoline will ruin my cars engine? It is always at least a dime cheaper
does anyone know if there was roadworks?
Is it better for your pocketbook to use high octane gas which burns slower then using a lower low octane?
how do i find public records for traffic tickets in bedford/evertte Pennsylvaina?
can a SUV make it 60 miles on a qaurter tank of gas?
How bad is the traffic on the GW heading into Jersey between 4pm-6pm weekdays?
Septa to Electric Factory in Philly?
how much does a chicago cta card cost?
how come we drive on park ways but park on drive ways?
driving of flying?
if your driving 80 mph down the road and your dring the smae direction at the wind and the wind speed is 80mph
Do people who drive like crap know they are crappy drivers? Or are they oblivious?
first time taking the Greyhound bus... a few questions..?
how much does 1 gallon of methanol cost?
what does the sign "Thru Traffic" mean?
video chat with more than 2 people?!?
Do you have any tips or suggestions on how we could have less traffic in the US.?
what is the speed limit on the M2 in Kent, it's only two lanes but it is a motorway, so what is the speed limi?
Which way do Mobile Speed cameras Target?
Help, i swore at the bus driver?
How many people think raising the speed limit to 70 in Kentucky will be beneficial to the state?
Can the drive from Toronto to Chixago be done in one day? Is it quicker to cross at Niagara or Michigan?
why is the 10 fwy 1 lane by vicksburg?
Why don't we have a fast rail system in the U S.?
In Utah how much is a speeding ticket if you are 20 miles over the speed limit on the freeway?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
is south bound south bound I 65 open?
how much is the fare in philtranco bus from pasay to naga? thank you?
why do you think gas lowered?
How much was the cab fare in the Philippines in the 1960's? 1970's?
I got 15 miles, but not sure it is right.?
What is the penalty for being caught driving in a bus lane in Cardiff?
What is the point of a 50cc scooter?
Do you move seats on a crowded bus if a 2 seater frees up?
how much is the fine for going 22mph over the speed limit for a 22349 (b)vc?
Why are large highway notication signs always empty on St. Patricks day?
Who is commuting to UCLA from Glendale, California?
Why is the public transportation in Atlantic City called the Jitney?
can i bring luggage on a city bus?
Where can I find a gas powered scooter that doesn't exceed 15 mph?
why do you pull forward at a stoplight when it aint green yet?
For a Garmin Nuvi 660, is it extra for the traffic?
Driving from Aintree to Manchester in Rush hour?
As a freshman at suny albany i am not allowed to bring my car. what can i do to be allowed to bring a car?
parking space issues?
Are you willing to get alerts about your Cab status on mobile?
What is the price of gas in your city for July 08?
Do you drive under the speed limit?
Anyone know how to get to 744 Queen Street West by TTC/ Streetcar?
Find the limit please =D?
how many miles will it take to get 2 hours away if you are driving at 55 mph?
Why don't YOU utilize public transportation options in your area?
What are you paying for gas at your local pump?
Which of the following measures would you support to keep gas prices down?
Are traffic lights the 'right' colors? Green = Go, Yellow = Caution, Red = Stop?
how long is 40 highway?
Can you commute through London on rollerblades?
I'm traveling from Union City to San Mateo (El camino real exit) and need to be at my destination at 9am. What
is yellow traffic signal crossable?
Is it true that a bumble bee is faster than a John Deere tractor?
Regarding New Jersey Transit monthly passes....?
I paid $3.13 cents for a gallon of gas. And you?
Do you know approximately how much...?
ca. law speed limit for carry seniors in a bus of 9 pass.?
What's the long term or monthly parking situation at LA Union Station? How much does it cost for commuter?
Since the UK and France drive on different sides of the road, where is the change in the Channel Tunnel?
Can I borrow a hundred dollars from you?
How long is thavere commute from West LA to East LA on average?
Fastest commute from Atlantic Ave. Oceanside, NY?
Do you need to be an adult to buy a train ticket? ?
Driving laws in california?
i just got my oil changed at walmart and it says oil leak-P.T.S on the invoice what does that mean?
If you are a bus driver, and you have to use the restroom in the middle of your shift, where do you go?
Learning to drive help!?!?
Pros And Cons Of A Mustang Gt 2010-2011?
what are some ways to save money on gasoline?
Do you think it is unsafe for a sixteen year old to take the Greyhound bus by herself for two hours?
Is there a means of transportation from Orlando, FL to Gainesville FL everyday? If so, do tell.?
Why is I-4 an "interstate" highway if it is only in one state?
Why is it that we are buying gas for $3 a gal but it despenses at the same rate of speed of $1 a gal?
I know there is a highway do not have speed limit, what is the name and where is it?
Is it normal to use bike for commuting in Dunedin City ?
What is the best way (cheap and fast) to commute to and from Ashburn, VA to Washington DC?
Im looking for a touring car that resembles the round lines of the bentley?
Why is gasoline prices higher in California than other states?
what will happen in the future with gas prices, fuel oil,propane, ect. if we the people set back and do nothin
Is it legal to to drive with a queen size mattress & box spring on the roof of a Ford Explorer on the freeway?
what speed limit to travel?
What gas stations don't use ethanol in the Saint Louis area?
does anyone know how to get to fort dix?
Passing cars on the hiway's?
what difference is there between highways and freeways?
what is the limit of kids on a short bus?
do the new stickers on cars in show rooms show mpg based off of regular gas or gas with ethanol?
can kids ride as passengers on a road legal scooter?
Do you like to drive fast?
how to beat a red traffic violation(camera)in california?
what are the public transportation options from athens, ohio to carbondale, illinois?
Finding schedule updates for Greyhound?
How many hours/minutes will it be from Toronto to Hamilton using a greyhound bus?
Have you ever been pulled over for speeding while going with the flow of traffic on a highway?
Anyone has used the “move over decal” in California?
How bad is traffic on FL-528 ? Between 1pm-4pm?
Is your agency providing equal access for all its transit shuttle passengers?
Why do you go “back and forth” to town if you really must go forth before you go back?
why do drivers on major arterial roads stick to the right lanes and stay below the speed limit in peak times ?
What are some public transportation Ideas?
How much higher will gas prices reach?
How long does a normal mail takes to travel from Malaysia to the UK?
On roads and highways, the center is referred to as a 'crown' and the sides as 'shoulders'. Whats the origin?
Is there a GPS that can avoid the interstate but not highways?
why are some of the signs on the ambulance, are upside down.?
Why are certain drivers on the highway obsessed with getting ahead of the pack?
what is the street address to the greyhound bus terminal in kansas city, missouri?
Does fuel surcharge change?
What time should I leave in the AM from Oshawa to Brampton to beat traffic?
Garmin Nuvi 780 : How do I turn off the "posted speed limit" on the map ? I'm in California, what speed limit?
Can someone give me bus directions?
traffic on jersey turnpike during the weekday?
Which city has the world's best public mass transit system?
I might get a electric scooter, and your only supposed to be 120 pounds, and im over that... ?
why is Friday traffic usually light?
Taking the road test tomorrow, any last minute tips,advice, or warnings? Thanks!?
What is the easiest way to commute from the Upper West Side to Lower Manhattan (wall st.)?
Is an hour commute feasible/ common for my situation ?
Is it better to drive with 1 window down, or all 4?
British folks! how has the price of fuel, ......affected your life?
Is it necessary or beneficial to warm up your car to normal operating temperature before taking off?
What should I consider when figuring the times for renting a limo/bus for prom?
Do I need a passport to fly to Mexico? I have heard yes & also no, not till 2007.?
Why are most(NOT ALL!) women bad drivers?
On the bus i passed someones bag to them since he was getting off the bus but as it was going through the air?
Are you supposed to use a right turn signal on a bicycle in a right turn only lane?
lane change in a multiple lane setting?
Why do drivers have to slow down when they approach ERP gantries?
What do I do when I drive a cab tommorow?
Does a camera "flash" mean an automatic red light ticket?
Suspension of Provisional Licence?
When is the last bus route 42 towards orange octa for today saturday?
copying down license plate??
Why are the gas prices going up again? I have been riding around town and they have gone up from 2.39 to 2.59?
How to improve my mpg?
Why do people US always slow down at the entrance of a tunnel?
How do you get to Naperville from Bolingbrook? on Public transportation?
What do you think about...?
How to increase points in quickly?
Do I have to rev match everytime I downshift?
School speed zone speed limit?
how can i get to yorkdale mall from islington station by ttc?
Gas Prices......?
direction from baclaran to valero street ,salcedo village makati city?
Are gas prices going to go down or up in the summer?
When exiting the expressway how many miles do you have to signal before you exit?
Whats the price of fuel where you are at the moment?
What do you think about people that drive and act like there's no cars in the way?
hybrid suvs?
why has gas going down?
why is there no gas in Atlanta?
why do u call it a driveway? when u park on it??
why is city mpg lower than highway mpg?
Older people at driving slow?
which place has the best drivers?
Renting from Avis. 2007 Models ?
How to use the GO Bus??
Why do people from Chicago think they could cross the street whenever they want?
Is it more dangerous to be driving while high on weed...?
if gas was 5.00 a gallon , one year from now . what would you do now .?
where does the speed limit start from? where the sign is or from where you can see it?
what is the most common object that is left behind when going on trips? for example: charger?
Is there a history behind "run roads"?
Any one from NYC? I need driving directions?
Is the Land Rover Discovery good for long distance trips?
Can i get some help with this??
How are we suppose to deal with the high cost of gas, when it is taking away other things we need ?
Why won't Scotty beam me up?????
what is the average speed of a car in Japan?
Should there be an emission test weekly for cars? On the side of the highway?
How much is gas where you live?
commuting to work?
How much is gas prices where you live?
Can i drive past curfew with a junior license in PA with a adult in the car.?
Can a Soldier Attend Warrant Officer Candidate School With a Permanent Profile?
good drivers advice please three or more lane roundabouts?
Any limo service in san diego just for trasportation?
What do you say to someone who hits your car door with theirs.?
Am I allowed to speed if I am moving along with the traffic?
Can you top up your oyster card at finsbury park station?
Do you think gas prices are fair??
If you hand in 100 Metcards do you get $10? (Melbourne, Australia)?
is there a bus that goes from yonkers to the palisades mall?
How much gas money would I need to drive from Detroit to Mobile, AL?
Safe Way of Transportation home after dark for Teen girl?
is a code for po140 a rush to get fixed?
what is a good estimate of money needed for gas, driving from south carolina to nyc in an big suv( navigator)?
Do FedEx drivers stop at 5PM like USPS?
Is the Britrail Pass valid to travel on all Trains in UK, including Virgin Trains?
I recently got a ticket for driving in the Carpool Lane, will it show up when I get Fingerprinted for a job?
Few questions about Greyhound Bus Travel?
Which SUV has better gas Mileage?
Does it tick you off when motorists do not indicate on roundabouts properly?
How long is ETEST valid in ONTARIO?
Why do people think it is acceptable to exceed the speed limit?
What's the easiest way for me to get to Kenmore?
Why are toll roads a poor idea?
what are those speed indicators in california called?
Why do people drive truck/suv to work? Have we not consumed enough?
where are exxon/mobile gas stations in okla?
EZ-Pass express lane fine?
what mta bus can I take to the target in 40 W 225th St, Bronx, NY 10463?
shouldn't their be a limit on how many times a train can blow it's horn?
I saw a speed camerfa flashing, I wasn't over limit, i was doing 25 on 30?
Can I park in Shopping center?
What is the average annual income of a rail commuter who owns at least 2 automobiles?
Why do the elderly drive so much slower than people younger than them?
Should there be a cap on gas prices?
how much time does it take to drive 639 miles at a speed of 80 to 90 mph ?
transportation in ohio?
How come the gas prices keep going up yet the presidents are showing almost a 50% increase in profits?
truck company's?
What is the best way to commute to brooklyn?
whats the price of this ticket in new jersey?
long term parking at union station ca?
does driving get easier as you have more and more lessons?
How much should my brother pay for his ride to and from work?
does any one know if the boat ramp called the Narrows on lakeside ave in gueydan louisiana is a public ramp?
why wont my scooter accelerate?
what is a cheap and best way to commute from las vegas to Pheonix?
what is the average amount of gas used by commuters in Salt lake City per week or month in gallons?
what is a normal rate to charge a company for gas/mileage?
Can I drive this on the sidewalk?
Does it piss u off when.ppl use the carpool lane when theres no passengers?
Roundabout lane positioning?
Did you know in some US states!!?
How much would it cost to transfer my out of state 04 Civic from Indiana to California?
Does pure acetone really help up your mpg?
Do any cabs in AZ accept credit cards?
Another driving question.......?
you are entering a freeway. you should check traffic by using:?
how come they call it the expressway and the speed limit is 55?
Do you mind driving in heavy traffic,and how do you deal with it?
Why is my commute getting longer every single day/week?
how long does it take to ship a car from usa to nz?
What's the fastest and cheapest way for me to get to London Ontario from Mississauga by public transit?
did anyone have problem driving after a longbreak from it?
What would happen if I put the wrong amount of money into the collector on the bus?
old age pensionrers?
what do you think, Mass transit: rail system in Hawaii
My scooter decelerates when it reaches about 40mph?
Do taxi surcharges create racketeering and cartel behaviour amongst taxi drivers?
Have you gone on an intensive driving course?
Best public transit from UCLA to Six Flags?
Is parking free at Franconia-Springfield Metro Station (Virginia)?
When are gas prices too high?
Ok I know its gross, but would you rather lick a dollar bill or a hand rail in a N.Y. subway?