Have you been on a segway?
ok.. I'm getting my temps soon...........?
i'm 20 but i don't feel ready to drive?
A road traffic question?
Imagine that gasoline vehicles are now illegal.?
Why do people drive slower than the speed limit in the fast lane ?
What are some cheap/creative ways to travel cross country?
To the people who wait till the last second to move over when a lane is closed?
Can we use steam for Car-fuel?
TTC website....!.........!
is it possible to carry extra fuel with u on the long run.?
if i drove a old farmall tractor to school??? would it be better on gas than my truck?
Knoxville and surrounding area gas prices. Please check this out?
What is the best route to avoid traffic between Mississauga and Vaughan?
Double decker Subways?
William Paterson bus question?
MGE Taxi contact details?
In an hour, I'm going to the doctor. Do you think I should walk 6 blocks or take the bus?
Can I use Los Angeles bus token for any transit bus?
How far is rastanura from dammam?
NYC: Bloomberg Congestion Proposal. Will I get to Brooklyn?
if oil is at 55 dollars a barrel y r we still pay 1.20ish still?
Are the new trains acquired by the Western/Central Railway in Mumbai really better than the old ones?
Which car to get? Toyota Celica GT-S, Acura Integra Type R, or Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX?
Was Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ closed on Friday March 2 in the PM, causing traffic delays up to 1 hour?
where should i learn how to drive?
Has gas gone up in your town in the last 3 days? How much?
Would my commute be too long?
do gas prices usually go up on a saturday?
Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
Why do you get in the lane that you know is closed 1 mile ahead?
Why Don't More People Carpool to Work?
want to know why gas is so high?
Why do taxi drivers frown all the time?
How to avoid traffic problems in kerala"s cities?
why is gas prices so high? smh?
public bus from west covina ca to irvine ca,,,bus schedule as well?
How do speed cameras work?
If im driving 75 mph and have to drive 78.9 miles how fast would we get there?
Event transportation services how you start ?
how much is the fine for going through a stop sign in los angeles ca.?
10 POINTS! Yield question?
I need help getting through flood mess in NY State throught PA?
how can I avoid bad gas prices?
How much would you pay for one tank of gas?
Does any one know an Autodrome driving centre in Hornchurch where learner drivier could practice driving?
Why are people on the underground so rude?
With gas prices so high, if you get carjacked, should you be able to claim the full tank of gas on the loss?
how to commute from Batangas City to Trinoma Mall?
What happens when you get a speding ticket for going 101 mph on the freeway???
What would you do?
How to get frm Newark Int'l airport to Hyde Park, NY?
Is there a way to get from Scarborough to Pearson International Airport by public transit?
see when u flash someone out when your in traffic?
How are you coping with the increase in GAS. Where I live regular costs 2.49 a gallon.?
how many minuters it takes to go to cadbury world from waterloo station ?
how much money should i bring on a taxi to be on the safe side?
what buses do i take from?
How do I use a TTC streetcar?
Number to call when your car is damamged due to flying objects from a truck on a freeway?
Until they bring the streetcars back characters?
how many station is station of the cross?
mark wheeler?
At what gas price?
What is my best option for commuting from Philly to Wilmington?
How can I politely get someone to leave me alone on a city bus (without the drivers help)? Thank you.?
what are the gas prices where u live?
From Sacramento to SF on a weekday?
$ Public Buses?
First time taking a cab tonight...Help pleaseee.?
How is traffic on the CA 405 going to L.A. on a Saturday evening?
How can you avoid traffic tickets?
Has anyone heard about the gas boycott on Tuesday 5/15/07?
How can I get better gas mileage?
Driving test question? When turning and there are two possible exits to take on the same turing?
Montebello bus line 30 schedule?
Black cab fares? About 5 miles?
I need transit direction for marc garneau CI?
I am moving to Burbank, CA and on the street it says no parking 8am-6pm without permit. Where do I get permit?
Do you go the speed limit, under the speed limit, or over the speed limit when driving and by how much?
How come gas prices in California are so much higher than the rest of the nation?
How long will it take to drive from standish lower ground to Caroline street wigan?
Really quick highway speed Poll (3 questions)?
Can you put a turbo from a 95 eclipse on a 02 eclipse?
Transit to Projekt Revolution?
Why do people complain that walmart will cause traffic problems?
I am looking for a newer car that gets great gas milage, any suggestions?
I am looking for suggestions for transportation to drive me from CT to NY's JFK. Something affordable...?
Do you have to sit in traffic on your commute??
what is the limit???
Why STREET LIGHTS are yellow?
valet services..........?
When you are stopped in traffic or driving by someone that waves, smiles, or winks at you.....?
whats is the difference between v6 and v8?
How old do you have to become a Chauffeur?
10 points to the person who answers 1st?
What's a good sale pitch to offer a limo ride?
Do you or does your sig other drive you to work?
Why do some people drive with their foot constantly on and off the brake?!?
where can I find a sketch drawing of a train?
Can a segway go to 40 mph?
there is steel wire hanging out of the sides of my tires, how many more miles can I get out of them?
Can a cyclist use the same lanes cars use (UK only please)?
How do I get from Seosan to osan air base i don't think there is a bus?
Was I ticketed?
How do I get to greenhills from baclaran church? Public transportation...?
Simple Traffic Rules a New Driver MUST now?
How long does a tan last? I just got a tan yesterday from being at the beach pretty much 11-4pm?
Will I get a better deal buying a TOmtom in the USA for use here in the UK? If so, which model Should we get?
Why do people tailgate? What do they get out of it?
what are the parts of a subway?
What will Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area look like in 20 years?
how can I avoid bad gas prices?
looking for rates for taxi cabs, flat rates or zone rates in michigan?
Do they have change machines at the subway station?
how much gas do you need to drive from CA to Arkansas? ( money wise or gallons)?
how old to drive a short based transit van?
Are family members allowed to give driving lessons to G1 drivers in Ontario ?
What is the annual number of public transit comuters in Canada?
How long does it take on average to become a good confident driver?
What Does "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" Mean?
Should I be scared of public transportation (Go Bus)?!?
Optimum Gas mileage?? Need tips/tricks!!
Should we use sled dogs to commute to save fuel and the environment?
How is the commute down the 405?
Public transportation mess up!!!!!!!!?
Do you or does your sig other drive you to work?
How bad are Traffic jams in the city, area where you live?
how cab companies are there in plattsburgh?
Which would lane would I turn into in this situation?
On average...About many miles do you drive a day for work?
Desobeyed traffic sign?
Looking for a drive u home services that drives my car home?
Viva Transit to TTC Bus? Fare? Tickets?
Question for California drivers....why are you not using a hands free device when on your cell phone?
what is an estimate amount of money that i would need for gas for driving from NY to TX then TX back to NY?
First person to find all the cities in Mississippi where moving from Fort Wayne, Indiana to that city would?
Has anyone reported a gas station of price gouging?
is traffic heavy between sanjose and carmel useing highway101?
Why is Diesel Fuel cheaper then regual gas?
Repairs Needed For Long Road Trip?
where can I get a interstate bus schedule for Juarez Mexico?
How can I get to Spadina and Dundas(Toronto) from Ansley Grove Rd (Woodbridge) using Public Transit?
AS a seasoned driver (25years or more)what is your opinion of sat nav?
what would you put in room 101 ?
what is hitchiking like, do people talk to much, can it become annoying?
Why do we have to really pay toll?
How many gallons does this fuel tank hold?
What does "in transit" mean for UPS?
Why do the Brittish, Japanese, and some other countries drive on the left, while others drive on the right?
Why do people that don't need to be at work choose to travel in rush hour & clog up the roads? Why not wait...
In SoCal Whats the diffrence between the amtrack and metrolink?
If a bus driver passes out while driving is it okay for a passenger to take the wheel?
what is the average price for home heating fuel in east liverpool ohio?
Why do I have so much gas?
What are your views on bus lanes?
Questions about the Greyhound Bus! Please Help!?
What's the traffic like in your hometown?
why is intersttate 65 called heros hiway and purple heart trail?
Interstate phobia how do i get over it?
does anyone know where i can get a map of the Arden Hills driving course?
Does anyone know where i can rent a car (that is not a minivan) for 8 people in Glendale,CA at a good price?
Can FHWA do a bypass interstate from I-10 far from Ciudad Juarez?
FOR DRIVERS ONLY! Would you rather pump your own gas or have it pumped for you?
What do you do when your stuck in traffic in you car to entertain yourself?
When I use my turning signals to change lanes, I notice people speed up to not let me, WHY do they do that?
If you are home schooled can u still take Drivers Edin North Carolina?
I need someone who lives in taber or lethbridge alberta?
Where's the strangest place you found your car keys?
Why do people drive their cars during terrible weather?
Parking near USCIS office in Oakland?
What is with all the leadfoots?
Why have traffic lights on roundabouts?
looking for munyakindi he work for laidlaw transit corp?
private limo purchase question...?
Do you think gas prices will increase to $10 per gallon in the next 15 years?
how do you pass driving time with california's everyday traffic?
Does my Dodge Neon get better gas mileage going above the speed limit rather then going slower?
How do I get points of interest im my tomtom?
how much was gas in 1920?
How much is a Gallon of Gas in your city?
Is it wise to commute from Long Island to NYC by car?
where does goa stand in india road accidents?
how much will it cost to go to newark penn station from dunnellen nj?
Can I rent a car and drive it cross country?
What percent of the United States air pollution is from California?
Does India needs better fuel efficient cars or very good public transport system comparable to West?
Have you ever shouted in the street?
Park and fly on mannheim road is this near the 4000 block?
What do you think about the SMART car?
How far do you commute?
How long is the usual commute to work in Ottawa?
How much will it cost me in gas.? ?
How can i go straight down an elevator without stopping for anybody ?
how long does it take to get a ticket for passing a bus in virginia?
Should I go tommorrow?
Does UHAUL rent caravans?
How to deal with road rage????
gas prices???
how do i use my digital tachograph?
how long on average does it take for traffic jams to start running smoothly again?
Do you obey the speed limit on the interstate?
Are all American cities planning on shrinking like Detroit, MI, Flint, MI, and Youngstow, OH?
I am 33 and immigirant from India in california. I am scared of driving . What can i do to improve my driving
Would it be ok to drive unaccompanied while on my permit for such a short distance?
is there a such thing as a driving service that isnt a taxi that will drive u very far and back?
How to take Mississauga Bus (Transit)?
do blue badge holders pay to get through mersey tunnel?
I am trying to find the website that offers the option of maps and directions using surface roads only.?
Does the Garmin 765T have the ability to check fuel prices along with the location of the fuel station?
We are moving to Atlanta area. McDonough is the work place but we would like to live in Decatur area. Commute?
Milford, CT to Hartford, CT?
how fast can a Bugatti Veyrons go?
Recently i was walking down a street with a girl and a bus driver made a high pitched bleep...?
shouldn't we all drive bumper cars instead of the regular cars? it would be so freeing!?
Do you think some people not use their turn signals on purpose?
Can you go 10 MPH over the limit and not get caught?
Just some questions about trucks. Please fill it out if you have the time.?
how do i get gps coordinates to a gas plant near fort st john bc?
can you drive in alberta with a b.c learners?
Is 90 minutes by train one way (3 hrs total both ways) too long a daily commute?
How does the driver of the snowplough get to work ?
stupid traffic ticket?
Should guys give up their seat for ladies on the Subway/Bus?
how many extensions are allowed on a traffic ticket in los angeles county?
your feed back on a Sat. Nav.?
I'm 15 and live in sc, can I drive a 150cc gas scooter by myself?
What's the weirdest road sign you have ever seen?
Northeasternes: Ezpass or cash - which do you prefer?
If most people who travel through an area do so above the speed limit, should police be allowed to ticket...?
Are you satisfied with the Taxi Cab Service?
How are you fighting global warming?
When approaching a bicyclist from the rear, you should slow down and?
Give me the schedule of the TC route 107C bus?
How do you discourage people from tailgating you ?
what is the nearest train station in PA traveling to NYC penn station?
Parking in queens to take the 7 train?
whats traffic like going from Bristol to Reading, on week-day mornings?
People________ fast when they are in a hurry.?
Driving a honda c70 on a freeway bike lane?
what time does the 99 bus arrive at b street?
How long is your commute to work?
How to survive an 18 hour bus ride?
For those of you who drive huge SUVs, I have a question about driving habits.?
what time is the next bus from belford to beadnell?
what bus goes straight from sta rosa to cubao?
How long do traffic violations and fix it tickets stay on your driving record if you live in California?
I ride the NJ Transit a lot. Is there like a pass that would make the bus fare cheaper?
Do you drive your car less these days,...?
what should our country do about fuel cost?
how long does it take for metro to mail me my pass?
Why did you speed up after I passed you?
How much is the commuter rail from Abington to South Station Mass.?
is there a program to find out mileage?
Want to start Biking to Work and I need advice?
how do people go to bathroom with no rest areas for hundreds of miles?
why, when oil is below $93 a barrel, is the price at the pump still sky high?
is there tricycle to ride at st.augustine school of nursing?
how many miles per gallon does a?
Is it really hard to drive in Ireland if you've only ever driven in the US?
I want to live near NYC but I commute to syooset, in long island, anyone have any suggestions?
what if i exceed my usage limit?
how much is the distance from tambaram bus stop to pallikkaranai?
At $3.00/gal. for gas, how much money would I need for a trip 704 miles long at 27-29 highway miles/gal?
The process of moving out into the real!!?
where do flys go when it rains?
Did you drive fast to the hospitol when your wife went into labor or did you do the speed limit?
When you are waiting to make a left turn, do you look at the faces of the drivers going the other direction?
i have my driving test in oxford ( Cowley) at 9.07 on Tuesday the 12th. do you think the roads will be busy?
Speeds in Illinois. See for details...?
Is anyone driving by Orlando, going to Tampa?
Full Throttle at low RPM, or High RPM and low throttle, which consumes more fuel ?
About Saving Gas. IMPORTANT!!!?
How would you improve public transit?
Can I use a high school bus pass going to college? (Metro Los Angeles)?
Didnt have bridge toll money when i crossed bridge??
If you're making a long trip...?
Do you only speed because everyone else is doing it?
How can I tranfer to the subway from white plains station. Or can I take a bus to White plains stations.?
Does anyone know a bus that will take you up to the mountain?
Is there anything that we can seriously do about lowering gas prices?
What are my parking options for Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View CA?
Gas is down below $2, could you afford a $1 increase in gas tax to help bail out GM and the Banks?
I'm trying to work out a car share rota for three people?
Can I sue metro bus for this?
what would you put in room 101 ?
Where can I find a gas powered scooter that doesn't exceed 15 mph?
Have you ever left home barefoot to run a quick errand?
Whats the average driving time and taxi fare in London from Victoria Station to Oxford Street?
Why doesn't everyone not buy gas from Exxon & Mobil. This could bring gas prices down.?
I just received a ticket for going 80 mph in a 45 mph zone. What happens now?
Does anyone have any good ideas of how to entertain yourself during long commutes?
Question for college commuters only!?
Commuters? When was the last time you missed your stop?
How many miles can you go on with a gallon of gas?
My third stupid question of the day (can you tell I am bored yet)?
What is the best way to WALK IN A CIRCLE?
Favorite Song from the 80's?
i am retired,would like job driving cars to destinations.only in winter months desired.?
how long would you wait in a red light before you would go through it even if it's red?
If you are driving for 6 hours how many times will you stop for gas. If the average speed is60 mph?
In Ohio, how old do you have to be to have 2+ people in the car with you?
what if i was caught doing 70mph in a 60 limit?
What is the best/cheapest way to get myself a sat nav system ?.?
Who is correct in this situation?
Should I commute or stay in the dorms? HELP!?
What is the best way to commute from Pasadena to Burbank for work?
My oyster was seized by the tfl and now its lost, can i still get an 11-15 oyster?
Is it illegal to block your neighbours driveway? (Manchester, UK)?
How much should I charge my friend to drive him to school?
How Many Places You Know In The World Where You Have Gone ?????
Why is there no help to get handicap vans?
How can I tranfer to the subway from white plains station. Or can I take a bus to White plains stations.?
Doesn't anyone support mass transit any more?
Traffic congestion mystery?
what are the differences between these two ssd's?
Science Question! After traveling sveral kilometers on your bike, you notice that the tires feel hot and the..
I can't drive because of my disability, so how do I get from one place to another?
Poll: How much is gas where you live?
What you say...............?
How Do You Ride A Bus?
How much would it be to rent a limo?
What belinda would like to find out how far she can tilt a traffic cone before it topples?
Should I commute from Staten Island to Hoboken by car?
How expensive is gas in your area?
Does anyone know how and when all the highways were built in America?
Has anyone noticed fuel prices creeping back up again?
In MA when can you drive people who aren't family?
WHY: Can't you go West onto the M56 from the M53? AND: You can't go South on the M53 from the West of M53/M56?
Is 17 city/27 hwy mpg bad?
Who is For The May 15th "Gas Out!"?
why the increse in gas prices?
How much is a gallon of unleaded gas where you are?
HitchHiking Saftey. Please read all of it?
Should i stay at home and commute to work 1hr 20 min or move closer to the city?
how many miles will it take to get 2 hours away if you are driving at 55 mph?
What do you usually think about when you are coming home from work?
How much is gas in your city?
This is aimed at anybody on Canada or Europe who either owns a Smart car or knows somebody who owns one.?
Is there a Car website like pinkbike ?
Bus transportation to the Detroit Airport frp,\?
Is any bus from white plains to Tarrytown? ( NY)?
Red Light Camera - Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) Exit 7?
Why do traffic jams happen on the interstate when there are no accidents?
Commuter And Local Transit?
Cross Country Drivers?
Do you think I can get my license in two weeks with under 10 hours of driving experience? Bad idea?
how to read a parking sign in NYC?
Are bus drivers especially good in bed?
How do I get an HOV decal in Florida?
a job driving someone's vehicle across country for them for a fee?
Do stoplights ever have their lights changed?
how to commute from Batangas City to Trinoma Mall?
do you lose more gas if you floor it?
Can you give me your best tips for feeling safer driving in the dark?
what bugs you most about other drivers?
Questiong about driving into other states?
what do you do if you move and you drive a car and your afraid of driving on the highway to get to the place?
Does anyone know?
Today I saw a police officer standing on a street writing tickets to bicyclists who didn't stop at a stop sign
street views of gr mi?
Whats price of gas where you live?
Why is traffic on the road so heavy when it rains?
what is the cheapest way to rent a car for fri-mon in chicago.?
How many parking spots are there in Washington, DC?
Is a driver's license required to operate an electric scooter in Missouri? Can find info about gas not elec.?
Is BP the best for regular gas?
Best gps at a reasonable price?
when will my mail be here?
question about photo blocker spray for license plate...?
Speed Cameras?
How do you drive on the HIGHWAY?
How long is the drive from San Francisco to Woodland Hills, CA by going Highway 1?
how old do you have to be to drive on interstate?
citilink............ bad experience?
Where can I find the cheapest rate to charter a bus?
Do you think gas will ever go back down?
Why is MBTA Commuter Rail such as bad deal?
it doesn't make sense that gas is at the most expensive point ever in the usa?
i live in gloucester and going to bristol friday should i drive or get train?
Where is the best place to take your driving test?? apart from pomona?
moving cross country?
How long does it take for first class mail from 74820 to get to 91770 zip codes?
2 different signs?
Why is there traffic?
Where are the public toilets off of the Taconic?
Americans, would you pay $10 a gallon for gas?
Whenever someone is tailgating you while you are driving somewhere what do you normally do?
what is the closest metrolink station to the El Rey Theatre?
where can I catch a bus from central islip NY to Atlantic city?
Why is there always just 1 shoe lost on a roadway?
Why are there amber street lights in certain areas?
what year were gas prices .99??
Does Utah State University in Logan, UT have parking?
Why are slow drivers always in front of me???
How do I get to Eatern Centre by bus or subway from dufferin and st.clair?
How to commute FROM Houston TO the Woodlands?
Moving to New Hampshire Need to Know about Commute?
Does anyone believe the reasons given for the high gas prices?
I received a notice to appear from a california highway patrol today for traveling 78 in a 55 speed limit zone?
How much money would it cost to drive from Edmonton to Vancouver?
Your Open Question: Is Fairfield CA drivers route hard?
best places to park near city hall ny?
can the explorer be used on the uno busses?
Should I buy a KTM Duke 200 or a Surly LHT or any other custom built bike?
Why isn't there more public transit in the United States?
How much gas does it take to oakland?
What is the price of gas where you live?
Can i get some help with this??
Will there ever be a solid public transportation infrastructure built in Los Angeles?
how many people go to a single gas station during rush hour?
How high does the price of gas in the U.S. have to go for you to walk or bike to work?
AWhat would you do if a Greyhound bus emptied its toilets on your car?
what should I be able to do after 12 hours of driving lessons?
How to get Traffic quickly?
Who operates the Oyster card system?
Manual Transmission...Help on Downshifting.?
what is the best business to do in luton?
Is Traffic on I-290 (Illinois) and I-294 going to be bad at 4:45 P.M. On a Friday??i?
Why do you drive 28mph in a 35mph zone?
If you live in the Northern Virginia area, what do you think about the construction on the highways?
About how much does it cost for a party bus?
How does it feel like driving for 6 hours?
How much would you pay for one tank of gas?
Who will participate in the gas out on Monday, May the 15th?
What driving habit of other drivers irritates you the most?
how much would it cost in a black taxi from the 02 arena to the radisson on canary wharf?
How much ethanol did the U.S. use last year?
How do I get to Westgate Mall in Saratoga, Ca. from Great Mall Transit Center via public transit?
Do you think Singaporeans are rude drivers?
What is the top speed of a Segway?
Hi, how can I get to 3050 ellesmere Rd from downtown toronto? Is there any public transit I can take?
I am scared to be in a car when a woman (ie gf) drives the car, what should I do?
How far is 200 miles?
Do you like to travel solo?
Public Transport dilemma?
Why do people drive 5 below the speed limit?
how can i get better mpg out of my car?
Should I buy this used Garmin... Good deal or not?
How do I avoid the automatic toll charges on the hwy 407?
what car will beat a 68 firebird?
How many hours on the straight highway can your car last on a full tank?
this of paying the tolls on the ?
How long would it take to drive from Southern California to Peru?
how did people get around a city before Google Maps was invented?
What is the significance of the white squares and dots you see on the road They appear to be completely random
What do you say when you ring up for a taxi?
how to get to south bethehem on lanta bus from west end allentown?
how much does a nights limo service cost for prom?
I need some advice for the road?
How many miles a day does the average human walk? Because I walk 16 a day from walk and back?
is there a bus or train from fort collins, co to denver, co?
Does the Torrance Bus system buses have bike racks?
has anyone seen the bridge?
Why do people complain that walmart will cause traffic problems?
Jati Kato Or Comet FSMini?
How much does fastrak charge to sign up???
Are gas prices influencing a change in your, driving habits?
My wife filled my car with mothballs. Do I have to worry about them hatching and eating me while I'm driving
New York to Detriot Bus service?
question about a segway?
Does Wawa make the gas prices go up?
i land at 1.30 in heathrow terminal 3, can I make a train at liverpool street at 15.00 with bags to pick up?
Does Germany have a speed limit on "Freeways"?
Nj transit bus commute to NYC 11/1/12?
What are you going to do about the dramatic increase in gasoline prices?
Would you like to save money on gas? this helps?
Following too closely citation Atlanta, GA because I was distracted by the Flashing Speed Limit sign?
Help with anxiety for teenage drivers?
Long term parking of hybrid vehicles?
Anyone find it annoying when u've parallel parked then later come back to see someone else parks cms from you?
is riverside traffic heavy?
Did you know starting Saturday trucks from Mexico can drive the entire US, unless a injuction is granted?
How would u feel ..if 4 buses shows up at once on same route after a long wait on bus stop?
People driving 10 under the speed limit... how do you feel about them?
will traffic be bad outside of nyc on new yrs?
can you drive in the carpool lane with a baby, or are they not considered a person?
how to reduce the private vehicular traffic at the NYC bridges and tunnels?
Public transport, which do you perfer?
my brother has just passed as a black cab driver, apart from a money bag what can i get him for the cab?
hi, just want to ask which way to MOA is the fastest by commute, riding a bus from dasmariƱas or from alabang?
how to go by public transportation to 225 slater st. manchester connecticut 06042 from manhattan new york?
When are buses so smelly and the seats so smelly?
Tailgating large cars to save gas?
Is it possible to commute?
How fast can you really go over the speed limit on the Interstate without risking a ticket?
how to get to center island by public transit?
how much is gas where you are? and do think it will ever go down?
How much does a limo cost?
Do gas last longer on a fill-up more so then when you put 5 here and there?
help please..about bus transpo in Garden grove CA?
Bus or Car? What's better for the environment?
What's the best bumper sticker you have or have seen?
Why is the right lane the slow lane since one can, in most places, pass on the right?
what are the differences between these two ssd's?
Should I move closer to work?
how many litres are in 1 gallon?
How much would it cost to rent a coach bus for approx 25 people from near boston to NYC?
what bothers you most about other drivers?
Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
taxi question.........?
Who out there is constantly late to work?
Grey standing camera near traffic lights?
Why don't the idiots in our government get rid of speed limit on straight highways?
Best electric scooter to get?
Do you think the red light camera got me?
Worst driving?
How much more fuel would I get purchasing 10 gallons of fuel in 60 degree weather instead of 80 degree weather
How come we don't have monorails in all our cities yet?
Can the speed limit be different going different directions?
In Michigan , how long do yo uhave to stop at the stop signs?
Where should you be after ten hours of driving lessons?
Just got a new job, want to know how long it would take to get there?
age to get my driver license in concord north carolina?
how close is public transportation from 3605 CHELSEA COVE DRIVE HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NY 12533?
Why do landscapers ALWAYS block traffic?
How many miles is ABQ(New Mexico) from Denver ?
do i have to change the 36 bus if im going from finch & weston to finch & bathurst?
What are the policies about photographing subway systems and lightrail systems in the United States?
Speed Traps...Will they Ticket me?
Are drivers more aggressive these days?
how long on average does it take for traffic jams to start running smoothly again?
Traffic bad on New Years? Interstate 95?
How much money should I give for gas money? Please answer quickly. Emergency.?
Why is the Segway called a segway?
What time does the bus leave & what # is it from ronkonmaka station going to hauppauge n.y.11788?
How much is a taxi usually?
Are you suppose to change lanes a lot when driving?
is there a gas shortage where you live ?
Traffic Lights...HOw do they work?
I went on holiday to France, and noticed that on the buses there were passengers choosing to stand?
what are some good places to teach a person to drive in los angeles?
In Manitoba does someone have to slow down from the already posted speed sign when coming up to a school zone?
MGE Taxi contact details?
whats traffic like on I-25 in colorado?
Need to call a taxi but when?
What makes more difference to fuel consumption? higher revs or higher speed?
How much would the commuter rail or Peter pan bus cost?
Anyone got some problems with their cars after fuelling them at the Asda's petrol station in Brighton Marina?
What are the bus stops near Wake Tech Northern Campus?
How high can gas prices get before you have to decide weather to buy fuel or food?
Moving to Calgary and I will be working at the airport. I'm curious about commute times & where to live.?
Help with living/commute problem?
Whats is the commute from santa monica to padadena working 830 to 5?
how to commute to sm north edsa, bus from dasma cavite?
how do i get gps coordinates to a gas plant near fort st john bc?
Freeway / Highway driving beginner traffic best time?
bus drivers in London, used to be their driving sucks, is it because they are all immigrants?
Are Heelys good for adults in a hurry to get to the office?
Living over the road as a Rider?
Can I go through FasTrak when I don't have the device?
is anyone out there who commute to work everyday?
If you want to transport a car where online or what company does that?
When I park my car on a deserted beach why do other drivers feel compelled to park next to me.?
What Can I Build to Pull Behind my Bike to Live in?
What's the higest speed you've driven on a highway / freeway?
What are you paying for gas at your local pump?
What do you do to pass the time on long car trips?
Why do we drive on the parkway...?
How much does the average American spend on gas in a month? Washington DC area. SUV?
Where can I buy non-ethanol gas in San Antonio, Texas?
Is being stuck in a traffic jam part of your daily routine?
Ohio Temporary Lisence?
abellio Bus Driving Assesment Help?
Is it safe to send my wife on an amtrak train by herself?
How much does a cable car ticket from Harbourfront to Sentosa cost?
As you enter a city center, would the number of buses stopping off at stops increase?
why do people on a bus look so miserable yet when on a bus run they all wave?
how do I get from seatec airport to a greyhound station on sunday night? I want to travel to Vancouver BC.?
your fuel consumption rating is?
Do you have to have a Special Vehicle to start using Ethanol?
i have travelled to many countries,but only the British seem to like/want to que,any ideas?
Does Germany have a speed limit on "Freeways"?
Anyone has any clue about the locations of the 18 stations of Thomson Line?
how much is gas in your area?
Can a limo be used for service if it is more than 5 years old?
Does anyone know how to get to the Monroe Detention Center 2420 East gibson road from downtown sac?
Why is a taxi called a 'taxi' ? Has it something to do with tax?
can someone give me the link to gas
Do the Westmoreland Transit buses run to pittsburgh on sunday?
does anyone in houston know where i can get an air bag suspension put on my truck in HOUSTON?
how much is a 6 person limo,& is it true it cost around $600 alone to just rent a limo then you pay hours help?
Did you drive to work today?
What is the name of the purple bus that goes from Canandaigua to Victor, NY?
Is there a list of house names that dont have a house number in the UK?
Traveling to cross junction, va and cell signal?!?
On the Highway 401 (during morning rush hours), how much time would it take me to get from Keele to Kennedy?
Road Rage?
I need help finding a good cheap escalade limo for my prom, 11 people, 6 hours, on May 7th?
POLL" DRIVING in a bus lane on a public.?
What is the easiest way to get from Long Island to Times Square? How long does it take? How much does it cost?
What is the top speed of a Segway?
is there such a thing as public transport.. bus etc from Flagstaff or phoenix to grand canyon?
An SRS of 20 commuters to the Los Angeles...?
Gas Station Paying?
Why do some people buy large cars that can carry six or more people, and then ride around in them alone?
Why is Diesel Fuel cheaper then regual gas?
is there going to be traffic on the 15 fwy on new years eve?
I would like some good tips to drive on the highway?
How to get to Woodbine mall from Square One by bus?
Developing a sense of direction?
Favorite gas saver tip?
If you dont use a train to commute, when is the last time you used one?
How many hours can you drive before you start to get tired of driving?
How much do truckers get paid?
old drivers?
are bike lanes designed for single file or double..?
to reach kovaipudur from vadavalli?
Should I fight my traffic ticket?
do you think "8 hours online traffic school" can completed in one day?
Driving in Los Angeles....?
How quickly did you learn to drive?
Help with my gas scooter?
Why doesnt anyone drive pass a officer of the law while driving on the interstate??
Anyone from Pittsburgh?
Driving In The U.S.?
What's all the times for the octa bus #79that passes by university highschool right in front in irvine ca?
Why do the amish ride in cars when they dont believe in them?
Who doesn't plan on buying gas on May 15??
Do you think people drive slow if there going exactly the speed limit?
what store on line besides walmart I can find kids from 10-12 year old clothes?
What are some good party limo buses in San Diego?
Why do they call them Sunday drivers for?
How much time do you save when you speed?
My boyfriend is really struggling to get a wheelchair into his taxi, any advice?
If you are not wearing your helmet will the short bus leave you on the sidewalk or if you are late making it?
Do you ever think that road construction just isn't worth the trouble it causes?
How to get to UT Scarborough from Richmond Hill by public transit?
if i was goin 238.2 km/h how fast would i be going in mph?
fighting back at the gas companys?
How much does a gallon of gasoline cost where you live? Where do you live?
iwhat color is a yeild sign?
site.... to learn driving car?
Gasonline 5 years from now?
driving - what does this lane mean,..?
The cabbie swerved to miss the pot hole and I hurt my back.?
Road trip - Gas consumption.?
Has ! maps updated with directions around the 35-W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN?
is mighty puty flammable?
is there a such brand as road scooter?
why don't drivers signal?
what does "in transit" mean for a package?
Those of you who drive a lot,?
How do you find the number of past accidents at a specific intersection?
has anyone wore a respiratory protecive mask for commuting and did you feel any benifit from wearing the mask?
Which costs more to construct: a metro (subway) or LRT?
can you buy a tracfone at a dollar store?
How often do you take public transportation each week?
What is urban transportation system?
why do people speed?
How to learn how to drive?
What would be taxi fare from Puttaparty to Kollur, and how kilometre will it be?
Quickest way from UT Scarborough to UT St. George?
Does Cruise Control save Gas even on a loopy, hilly highway?
how much would gas cost?
When do you get used to driving again?
is traffic getting worse and worse? why?
how much is a Adult return to Aylesbury on a 61 bus from Luton Town Centre?
New Highway 16 in North Carolina?
Does Colorado offer Traffic?
navigon 2100 traffic signals?
Woman drivers- Terrible or just coincedence?
Does adding 100% Acetone really give you way better gas mileage?
what were gas prices for June 2006 in Detroit area?
i like to complain about my cargo shipment delayed delivery and bad service from smooth express?
I need directions to 66 john street from 592 fifth avenue?
Has anyone seen those thermometor stickers on the roof of NYC subway cars?
Question re; weeklong NYC area parking?
Can you buy los angeles metrolink tickets online?
flashing my boobs?
did the may 15 gas strike work?
How many gallons of gas are in one barrell of oil?
Why S'pore MRT commuters rush for a seat when they only travel for 1 station?
is it possible to carry extra fuel with u on the long run.?
Anyone still buy BP gas?
When did people become so inconsiderate?
Is there anywhere to park a truck w/ trailer overnight near NYC?
Are pasay road-liberted route jeepneys available 24 hours at park square?
Fuel efficiency?
MN ??????????????????????
How safe is it to walk there in Gary, Indiana?
what is your means of transportation?
When does standard commute & business miles start and end? At the first & last business stop of the day?
I'm going for my road test sometime soon, any advice?!?
Are they really just selling M&M's on the freeway offramp?
Which burns more gas on the highway, Ridding with your windows down, or with the AC on high??
Is it a good idea to have a car in NYC?
How much will it cost me in gas.? ?
bus from nothlakes to petrie station time/number of bus?
Help understanding public busing routes? ?
why do people always talk on thier cellphones in the car?
Are hybrid cars worth purchasing if one drives only 100 miles per month?
Why do people get in the fast lane and slow down ?
If people do not want you to speed....................?
how can i contact through the web someone that wants his car driven from one city to another in the us?
Who wants to do something about the gas prices?? Well, Im ready.?
How to travel by bus/MRT with student/children fare?
Are you afraid that soon you will be not able to afford gas?
Is there anyway to travel from Las Vegas Airport to Laughling without renting a car?
what does a lane drop sign look like?
In the US, why tip cab drivers? For making small-talk?
does anybody know how i go about gettin a job driving london bendy buses? i have a current pcv liscense!?
Go Train transfer to Viva and then to TTC?
Does anyone know why drivers go honk....?
is there mass transit from new jersey to brooklyn ny?
is there anposted speed camera on Clinton Keith and Nutmeg in Murrieta California? when was it installed?
how to work out mpg in town and motorway?
What bus goes to Charing Cross Road from Elephant and Castle?
how to use tulare county transit?
Metro Manila Jeepney/Bus/Taxi/LRT/MRT fares, anybody? How much do they cost?
Which is the best sat nav out there?
First time Driving on the Highway Help!?
How far would you drive for a job?
Do you think this image is of the actual the rumored locomotive in the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel?
what does "entering Houston City limits"?
Is highway 5 in california a good place to speed and are there very many chp?
I need help with the metro bus please?
Does India needs better fuel efficient cars or very good public transport system comparable to West?
Why do people drive slow in the fast lane in OHIO?
How many mile is it from Brimingham to sheffield?
Why do so many people act so rude on the highways?.?
2004 Vauxhall vectra cut out now wont start?
Do HOV lanes really accomplish thier intended purpose?
what do think of gas pricess?
What would you do in this situation?
Right turn on red? why do people stay in the outside lane when approaching a red light?
are there any immigration checkpoints on fwy.40 from CA. to FL.?
How much gas money for 20 mile, 30 minute drive?
who are the worst drivers, Bus/Coach or Lorry Drivers?
why the hell is gas so damn expensive?
Where is a good place to live to commute to london?
Why do people sit on the aisle seat of the bus and not let other people sit next to them?
In California, when you are driving how do you treat a yellow line on the roadway?
I just bought a SCHWINN Motor Scooter 49ccs, Can i ride it on canal service roads?
Any Winter driving tips?
Is there a bus that takes you?
But What Still Bugs im a Teen (13 - blank)?
Can you drive a street legal rail buggy on Highway?
Where to go 4 wheeling in Washington state?
I live in the country. what truck gets the best gas mileage?
Anyone from Northern VA know the bus routes?
What do think about taxi driving jobs?
Why do you have to enter a zip code to prepay for gas in the U.S.? Also..why do you have to prepay anyway?
What is Subsidized Transportation
about how much does it cost to go 15 miles in a cab??
What is the behind the wheel driving test route in south Sacramento, CA?
Has Any one used before?
how far is Gatwick Airport Rail Station from Gatwick Airport?
I'm lost in the middle of no where and I don't know what to do. What do I do?
when are gas prices going down?
What does it mean if a package is in transit in your town?
Petrol Reward Schemes - which is best?
How can I fly?
Is it normal to get very short tempered after a car accident?
Trenton transit center to West Trenton station?
If you were going to rent a RV round trip bout 2400 mi, what RV would you rent and who would you rent from?
9 point traffic violation?
When traveling, why does the road ahead look wet - but when you get to it, it is obviously dry?
with gas getting higher will people buy scooters to ride to work,and teens to date with?
if i am driving 75 mph and need to go 453 miles how long will it take me?
How much is Gas going for in your area?
Is it better to have a free, paid by taxes transit system or a pay by user transit system?
Where can I find a map of all Diesel fuel stations in California?
Is this required for taxi cabs?
has anyone been successful w/ craigslist RIDESHARE?
Will these gas prices ever end?
Dial 1-800 Call-Mom...?
How long until updates their Maps?
How long does the NJ Transit bus take to get to Six Flags Great Adventure from Ny?
OK i went straight across now what??
New devices installed over the freeways in Seattle area?
Why is commuting by bicycle not as popular in America as it is in Europe?
Which car should I get?
HELP!! 10 points if you answer!?!?
my friend taking her road test in Newark nj in the highway?
What is the best gasoline scooter to buy?
Does anyone know of a company that would pick up a fairly new washing machine?
I have 2 unpaid traffic tickets.Its been 4 years. Wats going to happen and how much more is it going to be?
Does anyone know the speed limit on Olympic Blvd in Beverly Hills between Robertson and Lapeer?
used campervan under $5000 that runs well?
What interstate spans the most lanes in the US?
driving question.........
TomTom 325 SE Problems?
does any one have a s10 extreme or know anyone with a s10 extreme for sale in houston or about 200 miles from?
Sigh, $4 a gallon this summer, how can I cope with it?
Do inept drivers kill more people yearly or do alcohol related accidents?
Looking for Electric Scooter?
can traffic equipment upgrade effect the timings?
how long does it take by road to luton airport from bury st. edmunds?
how many hours does it take to get to ohio from new york?
Are there any cheap limo or car services from New Lenox, IL to Chicago, IL?
how to get to Griffith park on bus, or metro rail?
Should i dispute this ticket?
I have to drive 30 miles in 1/2 hour?
TTC service out to Pickering ?
what to give someone for a ride to the airport?
what is the fine for turning right on a red light when there is a sign saying no turn on red?
Good tips for merging onto the freeway?
Im looking for a limo that has lambo or suicide doors going up in the back. Can I find one in Michigan?
Question about MBTA fares and passes?
Elevator or Stairs?
freeway vs city?
How Do I Pay For Gas?
do you ride the bus to work or take your lunch?
Is it normal to get very short tempered after a car accident?
taking my road test?
Have you ever driven up to a toll booth and had no money??
what does impeding traffic mean?
Is HWY 79 out of Memphis, TN 4 Lane?
What lane do use to pass in a three lane highway?
What would you do if your family (12 people?) were in an elevator, the doors open and people want to get on?
My 11-15 years Oyster Card ??
Shouldn't it be legal to speed excessively on the highway?
What would happen if you were traveling at the speed of light and you turned you head lights on?
Do you have to have the music on when you're driving?
When you're waiting at a red light with a manual car, do you have it in first gear or neutral?
TTC Day Pass pllzzzz help?
Do you ride a public bus?
How do you top up ZIP oyster online?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane ?
if i dig a hole and keep diggin will i get right throught to the other side of the planet???
wich nite bus can i get to go from kilburn to tottenham hale?
Can a double decker bus topple over? If so how fast does it have to be going?
Has gas dipped below $3.00 a gallon where you live? According to our local news, one gas...?
How bad is traffic from the Bay Area to Tahoe on Thanksgiving Day?
FROM UNION sTATION,BY BUS/RAIL GO 2 Camelotof Upper Marlboro at 13901 Central Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD?
Should one stop at a yellow light, or take the chance and go thru possibly running a red light.?
Have you ever been a victim of ROAD-RAGE?
how to install ai traffic to fsx?
Why aren't we even trying to fight gas prices?
Have you ever been told?
How many gallons of gas is in one barrel.?
What is The Best Truck on Gas?
What is the price of gas in your area?
They say what you drive..?
Excuse me sorry to bother you ,Could you tell me how to get to my home?
What is the best way to deal with drivers who tailgate, ie drive too close behind you?
I recently got a ticket for a redlight violation in California.?
Mileage reimbursement for a leased car?
Was driving my friend home, who lives 15 miles away, worth $10? With the price of gas today.?
Could the ignition system of a gasoline powered vehicle run at a higher voltage with less gas consumption?
California Traffic tickets within 18 months?
Without speeding or slamming on my brakes, how do you deal with tailgaters?
im 14 and going down the wrong road i admit i need help?
Garden State Parkway: When you have to pay a toll and you don't have exact change?
What the heck is going on with gas?
Can I wear rollerblades to 711?
What are some things to do on a 2-hour bus ride?
Is an hour commute to school too long?
What is do you consider an average commute time to work?
Anyone else getting p!$$ed off that the price of oil is dropping, and...
how can I avoid bad gas prices?
the distance in miles between glagow and derby?
If the gas price goes up above $4.30, would you carpool, or use public transportation?
What do you listen to while commuting?
Are limo services strict about exceeding the limit of people who ride?
How can I find out if there is construction on a certain Interstate?
Have you heard about the June boycott of Exxon-Mobile ?
Which is better keep a paid for car that gets poor milage, or buy new car that gets good milage?
Is this a dumb pet peeve? Drivers who yield to me when i'm walking through a parking lot?
Is 25 miles a lot to go to work one way while you are driving a car?
Will we ever reduce our dependency on oil?
What is the cheapest limo you can find?
Can I live in the East Bay comfortably without a car?
What is a hospital near I70 and Death Valley?
I am moving to Summit, NJ and wonder if I can be helped with getting around the east coast by train/subway?
If someone steals my petrol cans at a fuel station?
regular cell phones not allowed in refineries,the ones allowed are called?and where can you get one?
Foothill transit pass question?
Dublin bus run on halloween? ?
Which gas brand is better?
Turn right from straight lane to avoid stuck in traffic jam?
This question isn't a joke; Why do Subaru owners Insist on going 10MPH under the speed limit in the fast lane?
Can red light cameras detect how fast you go through the intersection?
does greyhound bus pick up at logan airport and go to connecticut at 4pm ?
Which burns more gas on the highway, Ridding with your windows down, or with the AC on high??
why can't people drive in there own lane?
do you half to make resevations to get on a greyhound?
Does This Make Me A Bad Parent?
Left my iphone on the bus?
Is there a bus route between High Wycombe (near to the Rye) and Hughenden Valley (near BM Trada)?
Is road rage real?
How bad is traffic on MD I-270?
Which bus to take if I want to go to IKEA Queestown from Clementi Ave 3?
Is 19 mpg average good or bad?
Why is there more traffic on Tuesdays than Mondays?
UK - Average Speed Cameras?
is it possible to travel anywhere with a low speed vehicle?
What causes freeway traffic?
find the limit of the ?
about traffic tickets?
Would it be benificail to build a Highway for the Trucks that soon flood the U.S and maybe Canada?
whats the average viaduct height?
What does it mean when people flash their head lights at you?
Is it okay if I go home a little early today?
What is the morning and evening commute times from Waipahu to Fort Shafter?
Why does the car behind you when you put your turning signal on think it's then a good time to switch lanes?
How far will taxis travel?
what would gas cost per gallon without ethenol?
does ferrari give back to the community?
About how much do mta workers make??
Would there be more traffic at 4:15pm on a weekday or weekend?
Can you drive by yourself as soon as you turn 16?
Have you ever been sent a speeding ticket in the mail?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
Do you get better gas mileage by driving faster or slower?
What is the correct procedure driving through flooded streets?
how many hours are there in aweek?
How should we deal with road congestion?
I want to park my Bicycle outside London Euston and Birmingham New Street stations? HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST?
Question about moving truck./van rates?
do subways or city trains have bathrooms?
how do i get to scarborough town center from finch subway station?
need you guys advice on something?
I'm thinking on buying a motor scooter 150cc? What is a better reliable brand?
what type of sign warns you that you should slow down for a sharp rise in the roadway?
My Ups order says "In transit" Its in chula vista, 13 Minutes away from where i live, The estimate delivery..?
Doesn't it seem that when you're on a two lane street that leads to a one lane street there's always idiots?
how many miles per week do you travel to work????
Differences in street, drive, boulevard, avenue, etc?
What if I fail my license test 5 times?
whats up with people not signaling when turning?
Looking for cheap bus ticket from Trenton or Princeton area to Boston?
Where do I purchase tickets for NJ Transit in NY's Penn Station?
How much do PITTSBURGH Port Authority drivers make?
How are the drivers in your area?
Getting a license and learning to drive?
been caught speeding, is it worth sending a grovelling letter ?
What is so difficult about Oyster machines?
What kind of car.....?
Help me be a better driver.?
I'm lookging for a gps monitoring system to track my kids driving speed?
why is there stones placed along the mrt tracks?
Live in Media, PA and just took job in Norristown. What will rush hour traffic (9-5 schedule) be like on 476?
Gas prices?
spedding ticket 10 mph over speed limit about to get livery license?
How much is an average gallon of gas where you live??
Why do men honk their horns at you if you walk down the street?
how does traffic occur on a highway with a speed limit of 100km/hr?
Taxi services?
do you think i can take drivers ed this week and finish the first week of febuary in march?
bus number from afzalgunj to lalaguda?
How many miles will it take to drive from psj to mike erdman dealership going east on 520?
does greyhound bus security screen your bags?
How much might we spend on gas?
if you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
Why taxi drivers hate cyclists?
how much are the tolls on the florida tkpfrom pompano to last exit northbound?
i have never been on a motorbike and have never driven any car, what advice can you give to pass my cbt?
How much is the shuttle bus (950) to thorpe park from watford junction?
How far is..............?
what time is the 255 due at?
how long in minutes will it take to get to bolton from stockport in rush hour traffic?
Road Rage - Why can some people be such bullies on the road?
Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?
What is the fastest 'driving route' from Maple Ridge, BC to Surrey, BC?
I am 33 and terribly affraid of driving. Got my licence 2 yrs ago. What can I do to overcome my fear?
What is a podcar? What is this?
I know u can make a right hand turn on red, but can you go left on red on a oneway going leftin the left lane?
Anyone take road test in Hicksville?
Do you buy gas from BP?
Is Greenwich easy to get to in rush hr ?
MTA Public Buses questions?
Why allow the school run?
how much is gas in your area?
How much would a 15 mile taxi journey late at night (3am) from Reading cost?
why do you alway miss the bus?
where are l p g stations in uk?
Which Baltimore area suburb is the nicest?
How many turns does it take you to get from your garage to your parking space at work?
Why are there so many bad drivers on the road? Should yearly driving tests be made mandatory?
Hi, there how can I get to magallenes, mrt station from cubao via bus.?
does anyone drive over an hour to get to work?
do i need a valid michigan Drivers license to get a permit for a scooter?
how long does it take to get from neston to reaseheath college on a bus?
who knows where the drivers react to a turmpike hike?
What's your worst escalator story?
How many moving traffic violations have you received in your life?
why do mileage signs give us distances in 1/4 miles when our odometer measures 10ths of miles?
If you got lost driving home and you saw strange lights. Would you ask this guy for directions.?
Do you hate it at dusk when driving where sometimes.....?
Is commuting 5 hours to school everyday worth it?
Good family car with plenty of space for 2 adults, 2 babies & 2 dogs?
How is it possible for gas companies to make so much profit and gas prices are still so high.?
is the 1R bus southbound recontinued?
Was driving my friend home, who lives 15 miles away, worth $10? With the price of gas today.?
How many miles to the gallon?
how to get to iron works (in sarnia) by sarnia transit?
Should I commute 90 miles one way to get family closer to family?
how old do you have to be to get your drivers permit in Indiana?
How long does it take to drive from London to Holland on average??
need info on route 51 roadwork/detours in Wisconsin?
What are some limo services in Rhode Island?
i need to know wen a traffic ticket will get posted online?