when you get you learners permit in tennessee how many people can you have in the car?
is a yukon denali a luxury car?
The 'fast' lane?
I can't remember where I put my car keys?
who's idea is it to put learner drivers on the road during 5-6pm?
why is public transportation more convenient then using automobiles?
Commuting times in Oahu?
Where can I find a pictorial history of "The great north road".?
can learner drivers drive on the a3?
how can i access traffic cameras for wichita, KS?
Do Nj Transit trains have Wifi?
What do cab drivers call it (the term) when street lights turn green in order?
what steps do I take in order to become a sucessful taxi cab driver, and how much will it cost?
What is a good place to live close to London when you work at Piccadily Circus and your partner in Maidenhead?
I need a price on a ticket and. What time would I be there from. Banning, CA to Longview,TX on a grayhound bus?
Would you drive cross country in an SUV with only $5 for gas money?
How many times should your blinker flash when changing lanes ?
How long will it take me to drive from Santa Rosa to San Francisco?
where can I get my g2 while the driving tests are on strike ?
how do i get gps coordinates to a gas plant near fort st john bc?
Is it legal to drive a gas skateboard on the street or only on sidewalks in Minnesota?
why do you alway miss the bus?
What is the price of gas where you live? And where do you live?
CA DMV left turn question?
Transit sticker for student card?
who loves uhaul?
How high will gas prices get?
how does horses help the rig driver?
How much would it cost to drive 6000 miles at 10 to 15 mph?
Why are drivers so crazy?
public transportation?
Why doesn't the government allow higher speeds in the U.S.?
What jobs in the UK only involve driving a car?
Defence for driving in bus lane?
What do you do when someone in front of you is driving so slow that they will make you late?
Why do americans complain so much about the price of gas..?
who decided that red(stop),amber(ready),green(go) top,middle,bottom,countries may vary,but its the same system
is it okay to awnser that phone on the bus or in public?
Does indianapolis have a public tranisit/bus system????
can anyone give me directions to kingswell park&ride from forfar?
Why do you sit in your car in rush hour traffic and watch the guy on the bicycle get farther than you ?
How can I get a bus ride from Columbus to Cleveland?
I would like to know why within a 15 mile range energy companies charge such different prices.?
How far will taxis travel?
Can a speed raiser know how fast your going before you pass it? How does that work?
How much does a limo cost?
how much is a gallon of gas were your at?
How do you request to have a red light put up at a road?
What is the best pubic transit route to get from irvine, ca to pomona, ca or vice versa?
Have you learnt where the post snow pot holes are?
What web site do i need to get the traffic cameras on?
Cheapest car carrier in the US.?
Giving way to emergency services?
why do people pas gas?
How to get to AMC Lincoln Square from the Greyhound Bus Port Authority in New York?
How much should this taxi fare cost?
How many people actually have a catalytic converter on their cars?
How long is your commute in miles? Mine is 37 miles.?
How do I get to Santa Monica Community College by subway (Redline) and which buses should I take?
I am Chennai.. i have a Tornado 1/10 Nitro Buggy... but i dont get the fuel for it..please u know any pleace?
Why don't we stay home and not buy gas for two days?
how long does it take to travel from California to Main by car?
What car is the best for the gas prices? Any ideas????
Should we force people to carpool or ride a bus?
Whats the funniest thing you've read in the filth on the back of a lorry/van?
Commute to London Victoria?
New Hand Signal?
when making a left turn onto a multiple lane street you should make your turn into which lane?
Can anyone help me find some good traffic music?
how do i get to roosevelt field mall by bus?
Same time daily? shortline bus?
How does a bus route work?
How has the high price of gasoline affected you?
How many stalks of corn do you need to make one gallon of ethanol fuel?
how many miles can you travel with one gallon of gas?how many gallons of gas do you need to travel 40 miles?
Why did SBS Transit increase my fare by 3.15% on 4 November 2011 without informing the public of the fare incr?
At what gas price level do you personally refuse to travel? Is it $5 a gal, $10..$20? What is your elasticity?
stranded in a different city need opinions?
How old to drive street legal scooter in Indy?
How did people find directions before mapquest was invented?
I want to start a petition in my neighborhood on putting speed bumps down to lower speeding.?
how do you say in English at..?
how much is gas a gallon where you are?
How long does it take on average to become a good confident driver?
Does anybody here live or work in St Clears Carmarthenshire.....?
Is it true that if you don't fill you gas tank all the way, you use more gas in a shorter amount of time?
I live in Portland,Or and wanted to know when ups stops delivery.?
Are women bad drivers, and why?
What bus should i take? please help!?
what is the purpose for that white painted bar across the street at stop signs and lights.?
which are industries under in anil ambani about communications?
Do you "cocoon yourself" on your commute on public transport?
At 6 mph, how long does it take to travel 17 miles?
how do i take the bus from here..?
What is your commute to work like?
i dont know if its good for my honda civic?
Question about taking a left turn when there is a truck blocking your view?
why do you only drive in the middle lane on motorways? you know who you are! senisble answers please?
Is it possible to kiss in the nyc subway?
How long does the commute from Union Station in Chicago to Loyola University take via the bus and the El?
Do you all think the L it is the elevated train structures in Chicago should be put underground?
Gas prices?
What are alternatives to traffic?
307cc glass broke alone...!?
Is it smart to own a vehicle in Baltimore, MD?
Can the bus swim? It recently came to my attention that busses canna swim. Can the bus swim?
i'm not sexist,but why is it when driving it's nearly always women who have trouble at roundabouts?
Do you drive a hybrid car or a regular car?
What is the time, in hours, it takes to drive 75 miles?
How Do I Get From Camberwell Green To Hounslow On Bus?
Why do cyclists not use cycle lanes?
Question for drivers in London?
I'm on a fuel tax protest tomorrow and i need ideas for a banner please?
do u hate ppl who suddenly change lanes in front of u, without signaling?
If you get a speeding ticket for going 20 miles over the speed limit what happens?
best way to commute from cavite city to ayala makati?
how do i get to toronto zoo from long branch go station in mississauga lakeshore road?
how do i get the bus schedule for metro in a certain city?
saia motor freight drivers?
How long does the commute from Fairfax Station to Alexandria VA take on average during rush hour?
How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work?
Would you be happy with $.40/mile for paid mileage on work travel?
do cars drive you, mad?
hampton roads bus schedules?
Moving situation question?
how many gallons per mile does a2007 toyota carolla uses?
Can any one help me w/ this? Why do people drive on park ways and park in drive ways? really DRIVES me batty?
Are emission tests necessary? What is the point! Waste of time??
Walking 2 miles?
Is this a good first time road bike for the price?
What are some good London neighborhoods with 20-30 minute commute by tube to Bloomsbury?
How to get from Dover, NJ to Picatinny Arsenal, NJ by public transportation? Is there a frequent bus service?
what is the speed limit in ohio on a country road?
is sw junction pl in gresham a private drive?
Is it possible to buy a taxi cab? and earn your own income? in san francisco?
California traffic ticket on highway shoulder?
When you are riding with someone else how do feel when there is very little traffic around you?
Garmin Nuvi 1440 Satnav issue?
Are there any Car drawing contest coming up?
how far is this distance?
Which bus to take to Crescenta Valley High School (Glendale, CA)?
gas prices question!!!!!?
I need directions please help?
if you could buy a patented device guaranteed to increase your fuel mileage by 50-100% would you???
I would like to know why newyorkers refer to Manhattan as the city?
how canI get a copy of Jack Rosenthall's The Knowledge .dvd or video?
what's the GSA mileage reimbursement rate?
cheap !!!!!! limo hire for 4 people?
Why so many roads and highways are so poorly designed?
what would be the cab fare for 17.5 miles in nashville (nashville to antioch)?
What gas stations sell E10 (10% ethanol/gasoline) in Pennsylvania?
limit x to1 of the function 1/(x-1) why do not exit?
Can a hearse carrying a corpse?
Bus from Mamaroneck to White Plains?
When does rush hour start on 93 south in the morning?
Hydroplaning is SCARY.?
If you live in the US, please list what state you live in and what the gas price is now for your area?
Hi everyone! I just want to ask: In what Japanese city can you find the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge?
What is the congestion beating scooter off of fifth gear?
2:45 PM ET is equal to what time in CST ?
Commuting Options from North Andover, Ma to Springfield, MA?
Where does the southbound C bus pick Temple Students up in Philadelphia, PA?
How many miles is it from SL4 3AZ to SL6 3AZ?
should we run away and any tips?
Best way to get to Miller Outdoor theatre?
I am moving to Burbank, CA and on the street it says no parking 8am-6pm without permit. Where do I get permit?
Does the A25 road get very busy traffic between Godstone (Surrey) and Sevenoaks (Kent) during rush hour?
How to find old traffic reports detailed information?
Is it legal/ok to ride a kick scooter through Regents park in London?
where can i find the bus schedule for las vegas CAT?
is the smart car for two exempt from congestion charge?
Why do people stop for funeral cars?
How long will it take to commute from Pasadena to Santa Monica in the morning?
Is anybody using the tornado air management system in their car?
I would like to know what other train services go to North Carolina besides amtrak?
How do you drive?
omg gas prices have gotten lower!!!!!?
TRUCK DRIVERS! Why do you honk at me?
it you spread a gallon of oil over 30 miles by drops how far apart would the drops be.?
how many gallons of ethanol can you get from one acre of sugar cane?
Why are there still people texting while they are driving and what can we do about them?
I need to make a radius map 250 miles from Ft. Hood Texas, how do i do this or find one?
I need help finding a prom limo!?
What is the longest time you have stood in a line and where?
What is an electromechanical traffic signal controller?
how much would it cost to rent a limo?
Why does it seem harder to drive when someone else is in the car?
What is your over all view of truck drivers?
why is public transportation more convenient then using automobiles?
How To get permits for a street block?
how to cross any street?
What is the farthest left lane on the freeway called?
Does anyone know whats going on thats holding up traffin on route 46 near hackettstown nj?
Need Directions from Ajax GO to Molson Ampitheatre?
Let's talk a little gas mileage and such here, anybody believe not much mileage progress made in the last 30 y
Bus driver would not pick me up, what do i do?
Why are some street sign names in red? I have noticed that some of the signs in neighborhoods are in red.?
Good cities to live in if you don't drive?
When my daughter gets in her car to drive she gets a headache and nausea.?
what's the longest desert race in the us?
Do you think this image is of the actual the rumored locomotive in the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel?
When you're waiting at a red light with a manual car, do you have it in first gear or neutral?
Does a city need both the Monorail and a Bus System?
Made a Right-Turn and then a U-Turn Right After?
I need to know how many miles is it from birmingham to houston texas?
What are your views on "pay-per-mile" driving in the UK?
map of ireland?
where is a good place to rent a transit van for the weekend.?
got a traffic ticket in pensylvania!?
What should i do where should i piss help!?
Can anybody suggest cities/towns/places where a person can manage without a car?
my boss moans about staff arriving late for work, i could tell the problem is to much traffic ,we sell cars fo
Are you thinking of getting a car that gets better gas mileage than your current auto?
How many miles can you go over the limit on the interstate?
should there be a requirement for can to have at least 30 miles per gallon? why do you thinks so?
Why do people tail gate? What do you do?
What is your type of driving style?
whats annoys you the most, people who walk slowly or people who fumble for change on a bus????
Why Dont We Do This?
Do you hate driving when there is lots of old people on the road in the afternoon?
Can I just pour cooking oil from the supermarket into my diesel tank?
Why are the management of Stagecoach buses so vile to their drivers and staff?
Good cab company in Portland, ME?
why is it when your on a bus if you are young then you are expected to give your seat up for older people?
i need help on finding something to commute to school with.?
Why does traffic move from a slow crawl to normal speed for no apparent reason?
How long does it take to drive from Pleasanton, CA to Downtown Sunnyvale, CA - when traffic is the heaviest?
What is the average traffic delay around Washington, D.C.?
Can you be prosecuted for showing your middle finger to a mobile speed camera?
Don't you ever wonder what starts a traffic?
How to commute from Cubao QC to Wayan Street, Masambong QC. Thanks A lot?
how much does gas cost where you live?
I need an idot traffic report for 08/27/09 for the bishop ford northbound i90/94?
Are their any alternative fuels for the automobiles being made in the future?
Why did SBS Transit increase bus fare by 63.799% of the fare without the approval of LTA/PTC on 9 April 2012?‏?
how much do you think my ticket will cost for going 70 in a 45 on 65 in a construction zone?
Do prison buses have emergency exits?
How come you drive in the park-way, and park in the drive-way?
how do i catch a cab? when im in there, what do i do? do i pay upfront or after the ride is over? help!?
how much the estimated fuel cost from LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA TO SEATLLE WASHINGTON?
Why are 7 Eleven gas pumps slow?
Do you need a drivers liscence to ride a mo-ped scooter in the bahammas?
WHAT to do in the middle of TRAFFIC (hwy) and DIARRHEA hits u?
I lost my Cell Phone Ticket that i got in Santa Cruz,Ca?
after how many miles does driving to work and commute to work differ?
best way to get from Ramsgate Kent to Harley Street?
how many blocks would be in 5 miles?
Is it true that when Rosa Parks started the bus riots, and the guy told her to get in the back of the bus she?
driving from wirral to Bristol temple mead train station in a 2.0 peugeot 206 how many tanks of petrol ?
How long is your commute?
how to go in tagaytay when commuting from pampanga?
are stagecoach buses running on wednesday?
Should Police be allowed to do traffic patrol and give traffic tickets in unmarked vehicles?
What reasonably priced car gets the best gas mileage?
How should I pay drivers? Hourly or by the mile?
What does gas equate to per gallon in the Philippines?
What is the correct way to use hazard lights on your car?
Altadena Traffic School?
Is it wierd to drive in a convertible car with my dad?
should talking on a cell phone while driving be illegal?
Around how much would 12 driving lessons cost ?
Can you use Greyhound tickets from a previous day?
Where does interstate 77 and interstate 81 come together?
When is the best time to drive on the freeway on friday in L.A?
Should I take the bus or drive to college?
Do you suffer from 'road rage'? Even if it's not your fault!?
how much are tickets at the bones theatre in columbia city?
What advice would you give to someone who has never driven in the snow?
My friend REALLLYYY wants to know ..................?
Is it worth commuting?
What is the best audio book club?
How many people do you know, including yourself, ride a bicycle to and from work?
Bus Driver Chewing Tobacco While Driving The Bus?
How soon until we will run out of fossil fuels?
what airline in calgary books flight s with air miles.going to usa and back?
Commute from Brighton to London, How Much?
I am Moving to alberta from ontario but a speeding ticket court date pending?
what is the use of a spoiler in a passenger car and why is it called so?
What is the most annoying thing to deal with when driving?
How much is a gallon of gas where you live?
How do they determine on which corners of intersections to put street-name signs.?
how to get from stansted airport to westfield shopping centre?
How much are people in the USA paying for a litre of petrol/gas?
is a 33cc bladeZ gas scooter illegal in henderson nevada?
Why are people against the use of ethanol ???
What's your worst escalator story?
Anybody out there know what the rush hour commute is like from Downtown LA to Encino or Sherman Oaks?
Looking for EZ Pass installation guides for Dodge Trucks in New Jersey??
Disobeyed traffic control device?
Driving from Woodland Hills to Los Angeles.?
i live in homosassa florida id like to travel the eastcoast delivering autos please help?
what is the best way to go to PTS Batu Caves from Seri Kembangan, Selangor?
What would happen to a car if it was going 60mph in the middle lane on a highway if?
Schwinn S-750?
185 mph on the highway?
Has your public bus system made service cutbacks in the past couple years?
iwhat color is a yeild sign?
Why is fuel so expensive in the US?
Road works...why oh why oh why?
I want to work out my fuel consumption.....?
What is the schedule of Lakeshore lines from South Bend, IN to Chicago, IL?
what does a two lane road mean with a white line between them?
Getting to Water Street (downtown Manhattan) from Queens, New York?
Why do people tailgate at night in the rain?
I meant are there any laws employers providing parking for the employees?
what's the longest you've ever been stuck in a traffic jam?
do you usualy flash your lights to warn drivers of a speed trap?
what helps you to stay in your own lane while driving?
What's some good driving music?
average speed on I-465?
Where can I find a service that drives you to doctor's appointments?
Why try and slow down traffic?
What was the reason behind pricing a gallon of gas at x number of dollars per gal. plus 9 tenths of acent?
can i take my bicycle on the Go bus?
Can motorbikes get speeding tickets from mobile speed camera on bridges?
Does Structure 8 in Santa Monica collect the $3 after 5 pm as you go in?
What bus goes to 301 E. Patapsco Avenue?
What is CA-79 like?
why do people complain about roadworks??
How can you make a 46cc gas scooter go faster?
Need a cheap one way truck rental !!!!!! 10 pnts for cheapest find.?
empire state parking permits?
What's trafffic like on the 1 between San Francisco and Monterey in the morning.?
What's the gas price where you live?
what is the purpose of the bumps on the side of the road ?
BP/MOBIL/ARCO...none of these brands is a TOP-TIER Gasoline?
What do you think of no speed limits on the united states highways?
What is the commute time between San Ramon and Sunnyvale?
How Much Would it Cost to go 300Miles Using a Diesel 2.0?
no one never answered my question about the BIG oil companies that is ripping off the consumers like us.?
what kind of stuff should i take to a 4 hour bus ride ?
If you have two cars on a bolick with driveway, it is ok to park on the street for more than two days in row?
whats the max my snowplow can push?
traffic ticket in florida?
Why do people who drive slower than old people screw drive in the fast lane?
Is there traffic on CA-237E between 3 and 4PM on weekdays?
Can someone tell me what exactly is 'Scanning for traffic' when taking the drivers test?
Are there dangerous parts of Detroit going down Michigan Avenue?
Will leaving the Air Conditioner turned off in my car better my gas milage?
Gas Prices..They going crazy?
Is Denver/13th ave/Colfax area to Aurora a looong commute?
Would you take a train to work if...?
if the gas prices are rising cuz of holiday travel what do ya do if you dont travel and had no money?
how can i find a bus station or how much money to take a bus to Terre Haute, Indiana to Indio, California?
does the school have contorl of you getting your drivers permit when your 18?
Where can I get reasonably priced parking in the city of Philly, near 19th & Market?
Do you like to go fast?
Australian drivers: What are some road rules that drivers constantly ignore?
what kind of stuff should i take to a 4 hour bus ride ?
how do you get from brooklyn to new jersey airport?
how much ethanol in california gas ?
fast rack without FasTrack's card?
i its not the right catorgey, but i have a BIG question that need to be answer?
Does the road rage monstor get to you?
i am a new driver, help me with easy or short directions to travel from nyc to delaware and back please?
How do I get to shaw boulevard coming from manila by car?
Traffic from Moreno Valley to Ontario?
Is there public transportation from Livingston, NJ to Manhattan, NY?
I need a map with the locations of dairies in northern ca.?
Which kind of bus can ACTUALLY carry more passengers, a double-decker, or a bendy bus?
Whats the difference between a street, road, avenue, parkway and boulevard?
Any alternatives to satnav to travel and navigate?
How long does your morning commute take?
Is it safe to take the subway from 13 th and market to the Amtrak station at 30 th where I would pick up the?
Travel from Huntingdon to Cambridge?
I can give you a way to increase gas milage by 75%?
Anyone ever see a public transportation bus operator beat a passenger or make passenger start sobbing?
i just got my oil changed at walmart and it says oil leak-P.T.S on the invoice what does that mean?
Can I be smoking and ginning it up while my buddies drive my love limo?
How can I save in my 26 mile commute everyday?
When is the best time to travel through New York City on a Sunday to avoid traffic?
Why Cant People In Los Angeles Drive?
RePost: Tennessee to Alaska, help?
What is a good scooter that can go long distances on the freeway?
Are red light camera ticets still vaid in montebello, ca?
One More Question: What's the Hang Up About Riding City Transit?
find the miles there are from calion ar to joe;s exxon on strong ar highway?
Can I still clear a ticket that i got over a year ago? By going to traffic school or is it to late? 4m Cali,.?
How much is gas in your area?!?
I'm going on a road trip next week. How much of a hold will be placed on my debit card when I get gas?
Why buy a fare card for light rail train in Baltimore?
who interduced the Bus pass for london?
Name as many forms of transportation that you can think of ...?
what scares you most about...?
Which is safer? Flipping over with the doors locked or unlocked?
If I overnighted a packed yesterday when can I expect?
I live in rockland county ny and I'm planning to go to college in brockport ny ....but I don't know what kind ?
Do you think a person saves money by never going below 1/2 tank of gas?
can a 02 impala with 150,000 miles drive from los angeles to pheonix az and back?
What bus route takes you from Kent Meridian to Kent Ridge?
Vallejo via Golden Gate Transit?
How much is it to rent a limo based on hours?
Questions about the $52 GTA Weekly Pass?
Bus route from UJ to Douglasdale\Fourways?
g1 age limit going up?
Where is a certified public scale in clarksville tn?
Can I take the subway from Plainville, NY to Manhattan? Can you please send me a link to any info?
What is the least expensive way to travel to every US State if one has no vehicle/scooter,...?
What is the number for your IQ to be a genius?
why are some commuter lanes in the left fast lane and others are in the right slow lanes.?
What are the pros and cons of a hybird car. Would you suggest it?
is there any thing stupid about buying a car when u live in manhattan?
What Bus Goes To Front St, Hempstead LI ?
In auburn new york how old do you have to be to sign up for your drivers permit?
I want to buy a Ford Escape. Do they get decent gas mileage?
Start new job tomorrow at 5:30AM in west LA live in Inglewood what buses can i take at 4:00AM that will take?
How bad are drivers in your state verses others you've lived in or visited and what makes them bad or not so?
What are 6 mass transit systems around the world?
Is there some kind of a restricted permit for 14 year olds in the state of nevada?
How much does it cost to use NYC subway?
are courts and terraces like avenues?
Why is there traffic on a freeway? If there are no traffic lights or no accidents, shouldn't traffic flow?
Commute from South Amboy yo NYC and Basking Ridge NJ. How bad is it?
What do you consider as a long distance ?
Morrisons fuel point?
Where do you live & how much are gas prices there?
gas too much?
Is it funny if a teenager in colleges has a station wagon?
Does any one know Genentech Bus route and timing from Glen Park BART station, South SFO?
how do i make a trip map of all my stops?
Where can i pay for the CA-125 toll road in chula vista, if i forgot to pay for the toll road!?
What is a normal rate for weekly 3 hour pet sitting and light housekeeping? Issues regarding commute & gas.?
what do you think of this i think it's bull?
Does anyone know where the bus stop is that takes you from the tecumseh to the terminal?
If gas prices hit $5.00 per gallon, will you still buy it?
I recently got a ticket for driving in the Carpool Lane, will it show up when I get Fingerprinted for a job?
chicago am rush.......cont.?
should i commute next semester?
should drivers who never use signals for turning or lane changing be neutered or spayed?
How much is a taxi usually?
Why are parts of Flint, MI, Detroit, MI, and Youngstown, OH being demolished.....?
Where can I find a website that posts pictures that truck drivers have taken on the road?
Where can I find temporary drivers in Hyderabad?
where can I find the kolkata traffic guard one way route map?
alright of this on the new york thruway?
Tay & Forth Road Bridges?
first time at with a bus station
I live in Cleveland Ohio & I'm trying to find a place that rents nice conversion vans for family trip?
has anyone seen the bridge?
did anyone witness an accident on route 93 north near montvale ave stoneham massachusetts with a blue bus?
How many miles per gallon does your car get?
Which is a quicker means of transportation, a big wheel or a tricycle?
Is this transportation bad/too tiring for work?
are you using your mobile when you are driving/going on busy streets? DUfeel communication is more important?
Do I need a passport to fly to Mexico? I have heard yes & also no, not till 2007.?
Why is gas for freaking high???
For Drivers that insist on STOPPING all traffic when you are blocked from a turn lane?
Why don't we all boycott Shell and Exxon indefinately? Esso and Canadian Tire in Canada?
Any public traffic from santa barbara to mountain view?
Rochester, NY Bus Transpotation System?
How much is gas going to climb before we go on strike?
what do you think nascar drivers do when they're stuck in traffic?
My boyfriend is really struggling to get a wheelchair into his taxi, any advice?
How much does an i2 Segway Human Transporter cost?
Please help Anybody How can I get my GPX to direct me to a address that use a County Road address?
was sind alles posttage?
whats a good longboard cruiser to get around on?
Which is more tiring?
Do you love taking mass transit?
Answer me this question about gas prices.?
Why you drivers go 5-10 miles an hour over the speed limit,tailgating,going around cars doing the right speed?
Who is correct in this situation?
Does one save lots of money by taking the bus instead of driving a car?
How many times do i have to gas up driving from Houston to Atlanta ?
Whats the speed limit in a school zone and in a work zone in Maryland?
How can I improve my driving?
TTC Pass tax credit question?
why wont my scooter accelerate?
Driving in downtown san jose?
Please ,Pay Attention!?
Do you think I should learn to drive?
Would you notice a Gatso speed camera flash if it went off during the day?
How long would it take a package, on standard mail, take to get from NY to TX?
If you had to bother most people, would you jump under the subway or cause accident on congested highway ?
the Gas game question: how much do you currently pay for gas?
My job has shifted to Parsippany NJ.?
A road traffic question?
two same cars having one big helm another one having smaller turn left which helm is steered less time
How to make sure you are within 18 inches of the curb when parking?
What do you recommend for bus lines for UCLA to....?
there was an accident on the 401 nov 15th 2007 at 1.30am in a truck 401 just east of the 400hwy in a mittman?
Limousine company for prom?
how much is a taxi from paddington station to liverpool street station?
what buses go from luton to knightsbridge station?
Is it dangerous to fully load the car top carrier? Can it be to heavy?
How long will it take for a two-mile queue in the freeway to dissipate?
How much does a 20 mile cab ride cost in chicago???
If I'm on a highway, where do I pull over?
why do snt everyone go at the same time when waiting at a red light and it turns green?
What was your first car?
Drivers who go slow in the fast lane on purpose?
Pennsylvania inception stickers not sticking and need replaced and where to get them replaced at on penn dots?
How much will this fine be?
highway code?
Ever get caught staring at a stranger in a vehicle in the lane beside you?
Are the current gas prices going to change your transportation habits?
how many years after passing your driving test can you teach someone how to drive?
Why do people that drive foreign cars put an American flag on it?
Do you like it when people drive slow talking on their cell phone?
Gas prices will soon reach $4 everywhere in the USA, what will you do when it’s $6 (per gal)?
How can I get to Englewood, CO via public transportation?
why were there originally covered bridges?
Is it legal to drive a trailer with a learners licence?
why is the right lane the slow lane?
What is the best speed (mph) to drive on the highway if I want to conserve gasoline-i a drive 95 chevy lumina?
How far do you drive to work one way?
anyone that knows alot about hybrids?
NJ Transit Penn Station to The Meadowlands(izod center)?
Will taking the foot off acclerator save gas?
Why does the air reek when I drive through the tunnel underneath the canal in Thorold, Ontario?
how high do you think gas should be?
Can you live in Memphis and work in Millington, TN?
my well is 500ft.why was my pump set at 400ft. i live in ct.?
Why do so many drivers have to be first, even first to a stoplight?
What's the average mileage on British vehicles and the price of gasoline per gallon.?
Where can i buy mississauga transit:monthly pass,weekly pass,and tickets in mississauga?
Is there anything that tells you the speed limit of most roads ?
Where can I get information on San Jose, CA downtown skateboard law and zone?
How fast do you drive on the freeway on the way to work if there is no traffic?
Why people drive like crazy in the US especially on the weekend?
are asians bad drivers?
Are AC Transit Bus rides free with Cal State East Bay Card?
Whats is the United States Consumption of oil?
How long does it take to drive 288 miles?
Will I get a better deal buying a TOmtom in the USA for use here in the UK? If so, which model Should we get?
I am new to the Allstar petrol system. Why do the petrol attendants ask for my mileage?
Can I use my unused 2 way go ticket at a later date? ?
Presto Card, should I use it for commuting?
Hartford local bus on Main Street?
Should i rent a limo for prom?
if gas is 1.25 per gallon how much does it cost to fill the tank?
would you leave London?
Can you take a bus from the main terminal to another city?
How much is a traffic ticket for driving in a bus only lane?
Just testing to see of I can still ask questions with this account?
need to know if going from chatanooga,tn. to nashville tn. taking interstate 24 is a good way?
his men better than women at driving?
where can i find COMPLET information on how to build a hydrogen generator to install in my car?
Will Foothill Transit or the LA Metro allow a Goped on their Bike Rack Mount?
Can you buy los angeles metrolink tickets online?
does anyone know how long speed humps have been in northborough rd in norbury sw16?
Just some food for thought....Why do we Park on Driveways and Drive on Parkways can any one tell me?
If oil prices are at $68.00 a barrel, why are we still paying so much at the pump?
Turning without a signal California traffic ticket?
how do i get to simi valley, CA by bus from panorama city?
If the regular lane to entering a freeway is blocked, can you use the carpool lane?
Where to live in Columbus, OH!? I will be working near the Port Columbus Airport.?
Where is Cotchen Hopkins, PA and is it actually a city?
who dveloped the Millau Viaduct bridge?
on the free way you are required to have your signal on how many feet before you have to change lanes?
How do you charge a Tomtom GPS?
Are the protesters going to make it hard for me to get to work in Dallas tomorrow?
What is the price of a limo?
Driving North and South through Los Angeles. What a nightmare! Does anyone have a shortcut or secret method?
Is flicking an unfinished cigarette out the window of a moving car considered littering? Can i report them?
How many cars go through the intersection of El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas, CA?
i am a bus driver .and i am fed up with being a bus driver?
when will the price of gas fall?
How good is the audio system in your car or truck?
Is it true that buses have a 200 gallon tank capacity and airplanes 10k gallon tank?
Most annoying drivers?
Why are car pool lanes closed off with only tiny entrances and exits?
trying to get from new brunswick to brick nj?
how much is a hummer limo to hire?
Columbia, MD and Tysons Corner, VA - midway point?
How many of you think its funny ?
how much does a barrel of oil have to be so that gasoline is to be sold at $2.00 a gallon?
Long term parking of hybrid vehicles?
Did you hit a construction cone on your way and did it take off your rear view mirror?
How do I commute from Alabang to Pasig City?
what electric hook up do i need?
Ontario Traffic conditions?
does anyone know about a bus that can take me from los angeles to zacatecas please help its urgent.?
do they have cb radios that u can have in your house and are they leegle to have in ur cars in ny?
When you drive towards north or south, do consume more gas than driving east or west on a freeway?
Are there any good web sites that have reviews and examples of outfitting cars with mobile office devices?
My Brother Recently Lost two of my packages On the Metro bus What Happens to my items?
London ON to Goderich ON?
Can I commute from Putney to Canary Wharf by Jet-Ski?
Satellite navigation? How strong is the signal?
why is there stones placed along the mrt tracks?
How long will it take for a two-mile queue in the freeway to dissipate?
Are there any non-CDL cross country driving jobs?
why do people drive 10mph under the speed limit until...?
What's the best way to cut back and/or save on your car fuel consumption?
how fast do u really have to going over the speed limit to get pullover?
What types of transport do you use in your daily commute & how do factors like weather influence your choice?
driving lessons?
What are the modes of public transportation in guiguinto that goes through mc arthur highway?
How much is gas per gallon where you live? Where do you live?
Should I get a car or apartment first ?? *Need Advice fast?
What is the easiest and quickest way to find milage between many cities at once?
How much is a monthly/annual seaon ticket from Reading to London? Is it a bad journey at 7.30am on weekdays?
Who thinks the soccer mom problem needs to be squashed?
where can i find interesting drunken driver involved accident articles,not old stories?
Gas Prices are getting expensive. Can we go back to horses and wagons? It'll like the Old West!?
Bus Route Help! Ft. Worth?
Have you cut down on driving due to gas prices?
how much does a chicago cta card cost?
how many miles from new bloomfield?
Is there a scientific explanation for the "highway syndrome"?
whats the closest metra station to 2106 217 pl sauk village il?
how much weight can a V6 pull?
Is it OK for bikers to ride and use the road to ride their bicycles? (left turn lane, in traffic, etc?)?
Foothill transit pass question?
Why do people drive their kids to public schools when adequate bus service is provided?
what is the farthest distance that you have traveled in your vehicle in one full tank?
Does anyone commute by car from Halifax to Doncaster?
on a speedometer at 100mph how many km are you going?
Is West P'tree short for West Peachtree?
Chicagoans Please Help?
what fun things can you do in clovis / fresno ,CA?
What's the best way to get to Northwestern University?
Do you have to pay when driving to London?
Does anyone know of any discount codes for budget truck rentals??
why are there soooo many bad drivers??
How long does the commute really take from Rocklin, CA to Grass Valley, CA?
I'm going to be driving from Covina to Torrence in the 6am hour.?
Best way to learn a street map?
Why is it when I am clearly waiting to make a turn into traffic the car in the intersection to my left?
Idea for a new HighWay system?
Someone Please tell me how we are supposed to live with the gas prices?
can you still drive between traffic in california on a bike ?
Will you save more gasoline by driving from point A to point B at 55 mph or at 30 mph?
Do you drive like this?
Will gas prices ever come down?
do subways or city trains have bathrooms?
I live 65 miles from work 130 roundtrip can I claim this mileage?
fastest way from north richland hills, tx to 3619 calmont ave, fort worth, tx?
Why did you speed up after I passed you?
How would I find out the total?
Least toll/ best route from NJ to Long Island?
rent a limo for prom?
What do you do do whn you see a flasibg red and yellow signal?
Looking for a street in my town, person's name.?
Do You Save Gas By Leaving Your Tail Gate Down?
Stoplight question?
Can new drivers under 18 drive others with a note?
Do you think the red light camera got me?
My friend needs help with transportation, to run some errands. Where does she go. She lives too far from me?
On the highway there are "hov" lanes, what does "hov" stand for? ?
Are they planning on making any skyscrapers and a subway system in Manchester New Hampshire?
How bad is traffic at 9 AM on 101-North to Bay Bridge?
Accidental Fish tail or drift?
Anyone tell me how you use a ticket on the train?
how do you ttc to connorvale park?
how do i get from grand central station to penn station?
Ford suv pulling a uhaul trailer..what mpg should I expect?
Who has the cheapest truck or van rentals for moving across the country?
Its a song i heard at the block (in CA) and he says" im freeeeeee" alot?
Question about likely cab prices?
How well does a Garmin work in Pittsburgh?
What does it mean to share a cab (I've never used a cab before)?
How is the morning rush hour in your country?
will 100%acetone added to gas increase gas mileage without harm?
Why do people drive slower than the speed limit?
Have you ever stopped at a traffic signal after the pedestrian crosswalk and the traffic camera took a picture
minot , nd public transportation?
How do average speed cameras work on stretches of road that have traffic lights?
Which is worse?
How much does the minneapolis light rail cost?
what is the average car getting mpg now?
Gas stations in Edmond OK that don't ID?
How can I Find a BP Station in Oklahoma City?
Will my Oyster card still work?
the jeepers creepers truck what kind is it?
Will gas prises rise to $6 and $7 a gallon?
Let pick a day to park our car to bring the gas price down. Care to join?
Why is it that we Americans drive on a PARKWAY and park in a DRIVEWAY?
Is 90 minutes by train one way (3 hrs total both ways) too long a daily commute?
How much it can cost for interstate moving?
How do I map a route minimizing traffic lights?
Is Denver/13th ave/Colfax area to Aurora a looong commute?
does anyone know if the tesco petrol station in hemel hempstead is affected by fuel problem?
Public Transport from Caltrain SFO to Consulate of India SFO?
What frustrates you when you're driving?
Remember when you could fill up a 26 gallon tank of gas on less than five dollars?
why don't drivers signal?
looking for 1930 austin limo. made in england?
How long will this take to ship?
how much does it cost to buy a tram?
why do u drive on the wrong side of the road??? UK driver asks?
When is the Segway Centaur out? Or is it out already?
Why is BMW the best car to drive ??
petrol station question?
I am looking for the Oklahoma Turnpike Fees from MO/Ok state line to Oklahoma City exit?
Why do guys honk at ne when I walk along to road?
Can you get better gas mileage from premium gas?
Getting a traffic report?
Toyota camry 2000?
Would it be ok to drive unaccompanied while on my permit for such a short distance?
Did it take you a long time to get home today?
Do you warn other drivers via the flash and thumb down signal, when theres a speed camera van around.?
How long is your commute to work?
Having so much troubles picking out a muffler?
California Carpool Question?
Do you need a license to drive a scooter?
What is a good navigational system to get these days?
22 freeway?
Gas mileage for work?
What does it mean if a package is "In Transit" for UPS?
What do you say we all boycott the gas pumps starting Tuesday and Wednesday of this week?
To people living in/near L.A. How long do you spend commuting every day?
Does driving in over drive burn more gas then driving in normal drive?
available taxi from kathgodam?
Is it worth commuting from Long Island into Manhattan....?
How much is GAS where you live?
geting my drivers permit need some tips?
Gas Is going down. How cheap is it where you live?
If a person is doing a 12 and a half hour drive, do they need to get a hotel room halfway?
Who drives worse? teenagers or the elderly?
Rush hour?
Is there a bike route I can take to get from union city, ca to san jose, ca?
Flint, MI drivers, habits: agree or disagree?
What is the Department of Transportation's main job?
how can i start limo business?
How do I get to shaw boulevard coming from manila by car?
Truckers. Never wait in another hour long line to cross the George Washington Bridge again?
Do you drive around with your high-beams on all the time?
How long would it take me to drive 65 miles?
How can I make a traffic light green?
What should I do on a long car ride?!?
How much does gas cost by you?
i have a g2 licensed in ontario i can drive any time by my self ?
Does anyone else love driving?
is a bmw a good winter car?
Why do we park in our driveways.... and drive on the parkways?
In street addresses, what is different if it has an NSE or W in it?
What's the address for Stapleton Pier, SI for Fleet Week 2011?
why was there so much traffic between Lewisham and Eltham?
bay bridge traffic in early morning?
How are people able to sense when we stare at them while driving?
does it make you think when you see that one white trainer lying at the side of the road ? Whats with that ?
What happens if you don't have enough money to pay at a toll booth?
How much over the speed limit do you drive and feel that it is ok?
The Toronto Zoo: Does it have a motorized ride system for older persons who come by bus?
Gas prices hit $4 a gallon on Maui, HI, do you feel sorry for those who live there?
How long does it take to commute from Walnut Creek, CA to downtown San Francisco?
Do you think 41 is to old to learn to drive?
Fixed gear bikes, am I getting a good deal?
traveling by greyhound buss?
Will driving at 70 mph instead of 55 decrease my gas mileage?
tom tom traffic?
what are the cars for that sit at stoplights/intersections?
driving 1000 miles at 8 miles per gallon of gas, and $2.00 per gallon, how much will it cost for the trip?
is there a sat nav system that tells you speed limits not just at camera sites?
what street divide north from south in phoenxi?
Are there really weight sensors in the concrete at stoplights?
What is the speed limit on CA-79 near Temecula/Escondido?
How can i get to 12 lower rowdon street kolkata 20 frm howrah or sealdah station via bus ?
What's my street number?
????need help with transit please?
What is a good car for long distance commute?
where does the loop bus stop on main street in poughkeepsie, ny?
What buses get me to portos bakery in burbank from van nuys california?
Will someone explain to me how the toll roads work?
600 miles 15 hours 5 teenagers?
taxi fare from 92688 to lax?
when do we use gas cards?
Can I travel through zone 1 with a zone 2 to 5 travelcard?
Speed penalty in Germany or Deutschland (Europe)?
how long take go to your work?
how much gas does to get to orlando fl from birmingham by useing mills per gallion?
Free transit from TTC line to VIVA bus line?
what bus takes me to central park from port authority?
How do I calculate milage driven for work?
What is the fastest way to commute from Staten Island to Jersey City?
Drivers/decent tax paying citizens, anyone else starting to get irate at Petrol/Diesel prices lately?
s there a jeepney ride along judge j. luna in del monte, quezon city, philippines?
Can you cross the double line to turn into a driveway?
Any suggestions regarding rental trucks for moving across states?
How can I get over my fear of highway driving?
Who is For The May 15th "Gas Out!"?
does insurance go up if you hit a deer?
Want bus route from Thiruvanmiyur to west mamballam ?
What station is the race on locally?
Secaucus Junction to Princeton Junction ***Help...***.?
Moving to DC metro area-Need midway point between Mclean and Greenbelt (1 hour commute max)?
Mr. Jones traveled took a 180 mile trip. On his trip back home he had traffic and he had to average 10 miles p?
how far is too far to commute to college?
18+ oyster card question?
How do I start driving in the UK? and do I have to take lessons from a driving instructor?
What time does the bus leave from Gregory to corpus christi tx.?
When you are driving, do you rest your head on the headrest?
Rail on the Cass Scenic Railroad?
What's the best car for every-day commuting?
Will I be saving alot of gas switching from my usual 80 mph down to 70 mph?
Hi, can someone help find me some time series data for UK average commute time. I am trying to show that it...
i want to to to 6900 airport road from Gerrard st east (down town) how can i use the TTC?
If you live in ATL how do you feel about the traffic?
I weigh 620 - should I use the handicap lift on a bus that my drivers keep offering?
How to commute and where to live if you get a job in Tyson's Corner?
How fast can a car go in reverse?
Is there a map website that lets me enter a route & it gives mileage & time of the drive?
bus drivers in London, used to be their driving sucks, is it because they are all immigrants?
how can I go to geneva cheaper other than easy jet from london?
Question about a drivers lesson?
I am trying to find out what kinds of transportation are available for seniors in the Wallingford CT area?
How can I get over my fear of driving on the interstate?
How do you pay for the transfer fare from Foothill Transit to Metrolink?
How how many cc's would 70 mph be?
I have to ride my skateboard from 18th street to i street in Antioch, CA. Does anyone know if this is safe?
How many believe the Gas prices are being fixed and its just a scam?
How much is cab fare?
How much does it cost to move from Europe to the United States?
How far can you get with 14 Miles per gallon?
Best bus route from Mississauga to Unionville GO station?
I need a car for under $5,000?
How is gas getting cheaper?
What is the traffic like in Minneapolis-St paul? Is it getting worse?
Are you driving more now that gas is cheaper?
bus or subway route to Fegs Wecare 1650 Selwyn Avenue Bronx N.Y 10457?
What are you doing to conserve gas?
POLL: Where do traffic jams come from? ?
whats the charge on a 37 mph over the speed limit?
why is there no greyhound service in surrey bc?
how do i get from the bronx to long island,hempstead on a public transport?
Why is Hawaii gas prices $1.00 higher than the rest of the nation?
Is there any public transportation from hoboken to weehawkin in NJ?
how do i find out if i leave a city at a certain time, what time i will arrive at a certain city?
what website i can show my ads?
If consumers don't buy gas for one day (5/15/07), does that force big oil companies to drop gas prices?
what is the bus fair for santa rosa transit?
How many miles per gallon should I be getting?
How long does roadwork last in the UK?
UK question - Why is traffic still worse at 5 oclock when kids are back at school?
So I wanna text this girl but theres one major issue with her number cause she lives in the UK?
How far is asda from the train station in derby ?
where can i obtain a driver's license if my license is revoked in new york state?
what is the average minimum number of miles that can be driven on a tank of gas that can hold 239 gallons?
A new driver driving to Big Bear. Good idea?
motorbike or scooter need advice HELP!!!!?
Why is Al Gore so strong on the GREEN when he still drives in a limo?
With gasoline prices the way they are.....?
Does anyone know a shortcut or back route other than Tara Blvd from Rex Ga to the Griffin County Jail?
can i upload new country map on my tomtom?
Where is there road construction on Rte 55 in Illinois?
Who would I call to suggest a green turn arrow on a traffic light?
Is rush hour traffic faster on 405 N. or 5 N. going from orange county in early morning?
Altadena Traffic School?
How do you make ends meet with rising gas prices ?
Rwd vs Fwd?
What do you do if you get into an accident on the highway?
how do i get to DVLA center in Reading from the Reading bus station?
transportation movements?
how much does it cost for a 30 minute taxi drive in peterborough?
I suck at parking any tips?
Do red-light cameras catch cars n the MIDDLE of an intersection when the light turns red, or entering it?
How Much Are You willing To Pay For gas?
Why do people camp out in the fast lane?
East Asians and driving?
Please help I'm lost!?
Traffic tickets... going out of the country!?
can anyone tell me why ohio drivers only drive in the left hand lane and they will not get over for anyone????
If consumers don't buy gas for one day (5/15/07), does that force big oil companies to drop gas prices?
Car allowance or mileage reimbursed for IT consultant?
what is the average time to drive 1 mile?
how much is a gallon of gas were your at?
Does anyone know how long you can drive once your gas light comes on in your car? {roughly}?
What are the boundary lines for Shelby Township Michigan?
When the ferry landed at ellis island abd the panssengers debarked,wehre did they go first,and what happened t
where can I find a list of all driving ranges in Ontario?
If time travel?
Why did you brake at all those green lights?
Please help me with this?
Does Anyone really know where road rage comes from??
1o points! Why does my package still say In Transit To since Monday?
driving test nerves?
Is a 40 minute commute each way advisable for a full time student?
I lost my Oytser card and do nt remmeber the password nor do i have its number!! what should i do???
how much is a hummer limo from king limo?
i need to rent aa car but im not 21?
Do you hate it when people speed?
How far does 5$ get you??
Do you remember how to check your mileage?
uk people ONLY.. how much does a gallon of petrol cost?
Ever had a bad experience on a Greyhound bus?
How long does it take road tar to dry?
Should I be scared of public transportation (Go Bus)?!?
if someone is stupid enough to walk in front of your car on a road, don't they deserve to be hit?
What is a good solution for dealing/avoiding creepy people on the bus?
what kind of moped scooter i can drive with no Licence on the street and highway in texas?
Would i be using too much gas?
In which countries do they drive on the right side of the world?
whats mpg?
Did you witness a motorcycle accident 7:25 a.m.MARCH 30, 2005, SANTA MONICA, LINCOLN OFFRAMP?
What is the rush hour traffic window on Friday mornings in Dallas, TX?
What is the price of regular unleaded gasoline in your town?
How long will it take me to get from North Station to South Station, by subway?
Is a commute of a 100 miles a day too much, it averages to about 50 mi for each way?
Anyone here live in California City, CA.?
If I have a suspended licsence in CA would I be able to get one in Colorado?
how high will gas prices have to rise before you stop driving?
What annoys you the most from other drivers?
Cheap moving companies?
If she shares my umbrella every rainy day for the last week, does she like me ?
What are the most common forms of travel between Indianapolis, Indiana and Toronto, Ontario?
How Far Can I Drive On Empty (E)?
what is the best kind of mask to protect from germs and polluton during commuting?
How long will be before the national gross product will not be able to pay the interest on the money the ...?
Why when we get advice about driving in snow and ice they say 'only drive if nessecary?'?
Do you find it rude when people change lanes without signaling?
Can I have some friends who knows car a lot in Japan?
IS IT WORTH IT?? Friday, May 1st boycott buying gas.?
How long does it take to get a red light camera ticket in California?
can an nj transit interstate bus ticket be use for local bus ticket?
Are motorcycles the answer to global warming?
Is there a program to get a free car for people with mutiple sclerosis?
What happens if I go over the rented time of a limo...?
honk 4 jesus?
Questiong about driving into other states?
n and m commute to work, traveling in opp directions. n leaves the house at 9am and avg?
What is the speed limit on Constitution Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC between 15th Street and 23rd Street?
If you were driving along a narrow country lane and a car came in the opposite direction would you reverse?
what is the sign or sun shade just above a traffic signal?
Can motorbikes use bus lanes anywhere?
Why is there no gas its ridiculous?
Anybody know unique stops/smooth drives near Foothill blvd/Rt 66 through Inland Empire (San Bernardino part)?
If you take public transportation, how long is your commute?
Is is illegal to go the same speed right next to someone on a 2 lane highway?
Help, how do I contend this traffic fine?
where can i get a detailed street map of reva,va.?
Can you help me to set up a car pooling program at work?
Commuting Question...........?
Anyone has any clue about the locations of the 18 stations of Thomson Line?
how many drivers are in the United States?
Why is commuting so physically exhausting?
Why Do People Drive so SLOW on the freeway???????
Is Eddie & the cruisers on the darkside Eddie Money ?
Where can I find drifting classes in the Los Angeles area?
Question about driving a manual transmission?
Are there any METRO insiders in Harris County who can tell me which METRO buses come out of which facilities?
why is it that a cyclist can get away without using lights?
will this last me about a week to 2 weeks?
DUI problem?
Why didn't more monorail systems get built?
Am I just chicken? Did I waste my time?
can somebody tell me if it's true that 18 wheelers usually have gas engines, instead of diesel??
BBCs 'Road Rage' - Did it make you laugh?
how can i stay awake driving home from work?
where can I buy a motorized toilet?
From Sheridan&Surf to Union Station. Morning traffic?
does a court extension give u more time to pay da money or turn in papers needed?
Is it illegal to ride bicycles on pavements?
Best cities near New York?
How to turn on a scooter/moped?
Can you send a scooter/moped in mail and how much would it cost?
traffic lights on roundabouts?
what do you drive?
How much did you pay for your last gallon of gasoline? What is the most you have paid?
Any women ever had to pee their pad?
Need help getting directions to the haunted Clinton Road Street with Google Maps, please help?
Traffic tickets... going out of the country!?
What are the gas prices in your area?
How much is gas there?
helpi got a 88 park ave 3.8 n when i drive it at night i turn my lights on and it only dose it when im driving?
How much taxi fare from Toronto Pearson Airport to 650 Bay St.? How many minutes will it takes?
In this time of energy conservation, why aren't more states creating rail systems?
How much would you lose out of your paycheck on gasoline if it goes to $5 a gallon?
now that the nycta are going to raise fares again will new yorkers finally have some guts & protest this?
Gas mileage site?
do hgv lorry loaders have to be secured by a form of restraint while in transit?
public bus from west covina ca to irvine ca,,,bus schedule as well?
where can I hire A mini cooper at malaga airport?
free driving directions of multi stops with auto routing?
What are the rules of high beam usage?
How to treat pitbulls with bad gas?
How much does a Segway cost ?
You tell me, this way or that way?
Where does an electronic (RFID) toll booth scan your car to charge you for driving on a toll road?
how does traffic congestion occur?
how many tries do i have when doing the behind the wheel driving test in Pomona CA?
dont people understand the left lane is a PASSING LANE?
Who are the most dangerous drivers, men or women?
3 way lanes ?? <highways>?
Name some things a person shouldn't say or do while in a bus station?
Micro City Car Wanted, Electric or Gas?
You ever see something on the side of the road and stop to see what it was?
when driving on snow covered highways in a small car such as a cavilier or a cobalt?
Farmland discrimination -- you never see horses ride in open-top semi trailers, but cows are...why?
What time does traffic start from Chino Hills (Chino) to Galen Center,USC ?
(uk) 3 lane road, what is the speed limit?
How much are summer parking permits at the University of Houston?
do averaging speed cameras really work. has anyone been caught?
REAL drive time, Scranton to NYC area?
will anyone go to my sweet sixteen if its a 35 minute drive?
Online Philadelphia Public Transit Directions?
How much should mileage reimbursement be to keep up with rising gas prices?
What 3 songs should road ragers avoid at all costs? ?
when at traffic lights do you have to put your car into neutral and handbrake on?
Why are we cheated on vehicle title transfers !!?
How is the daily rush hour commute from Whitby, ON to Peterborough, ON (and back in the evening)?
280 miles driven 14 gallons of gas mpg = ?