Have you ever been cut off in traffic? Why are some drivers so rude?
How fast do you drive?
Can I drive on the Lincoln Alexander or Red Valley Expressways with my Ontario G1?
I have a 351 and I don't know much about it just wondering if I could get some help from someone?
Does a U-Pass cover Go Transit?
how many miles between Berkeley and Bromsgrove?
What would happen if I peed in someones gas tank?
Is the carpool (HOV) lane considered lane 1?
what is the shortest commute from hartford to uptown manhattan?
Is it wrong to covertly spray people on their way to work on the bus/train with alcohol?
my gas tank is 15 gal., the drive to work is 15.41 mi./ gas at $3.25 gal. how much is drive costing?
What's the name of the bridge with the troll?
I would like to address this to people that use I-go cars or Zip-Cars?
why do people insist on driving slow when they are getting on to the highway?
what is the contact number of St. Rose Transit?
How far can 1 lt of petrol take me?
how do you pass the morning commute?
What is the best commuter car you ever owned and why?
is traffic getting worse and worse? why?
Looking for shuttle service from Singapore Changi Airport-JB-Senai Airport?
pass time on a 10 hour coach trip?
UK girls/women - what are your views/experiences of getting taxis on your own?
What is the best and fastest way to get to Kensington High Street from London Stansted Airport?
Why do so many people insist on tailgating when they drive?
Bus Fare In your Local Area? SURVEY?
How much does the average house cost in Murrieta,CA?
How do I prove to my professor that I was stuck in traffic in PA?
Multi lane roundabout exit?
why no news coverage of the "don't buy gas day"? (5/15/07) Lots of oil co adv. maybe?
With Gas prices being high whats better?
how many miles do you travel a day to work?
Where can I find a rental van that you can drink alcohol in?
Night Bus service between Veraval and Dwaraka?
How many miles from Riverside,Ca to Joplin,Missouri?
What the fastest way from Eagle Rock CA. to La Verne during rush hour traffic?
Ask you gas station why you MPG is less than before...?
Do bus drivers get good wages?
red light took a picture of me when I was driving the speed limit?
Where can i buy the cheapest AIRLINE OR TRAIN tickets to las vegas? (10 POINTS BEST ANSWER)?
Where can i find thorough information on using public transit in Baton Rouge?
Is it common to get a type of driver who does 40mph on every road?
could someone tell me how to get to barrie on the go transit train from the bus station at the york station TO?
What is the best technique for hill starts at stop signs on a hill with people in front of you?
If you work downtown, does your company pay for your parking?
I go the max speed limit, yet people tailgate me and pass all the time?
Is it practical for someone to live at T.J and work in San Diego?
Is it legal to have people ride in the bed of your truck in Minnesota?
Should I go by train or greyhound from North TX to North Arkansas?
Log Book guestion?
What should I get? Acura RDX. Audi Q5, BMW X3, or MB Ml550?
anyone have a good horror story dealing with public transportation?
Why do people "drive" in the passing lane?
What are all the trucker lights and signal meanings?
Why are gas prices so high again?
Where can I get free moving boxes?
UPS says my package is in transit, but its almost 10 at night and not here.?
Living over the road as a Rider?
what do you do in these kind of situations?
What will happen to gas prices IF America took a stand and said we will not pay 3 flippin dollars a gallon?
Lowering cars???
Is it hard tolearn to drive a stick shift car (manual)? How long does it take to learn?
Do those "average speed" cameras you see by roadworks actually work?
What is the avg. commute time from Waconia, MN to Minnetonka, MN?
What does petrol's specific gravity have to do with mileage and performance?
What do you do with your time when you are stuck in traffic?
About how long will it take me to complete drivers ed.?
I need help getting to happague ?
What is the intersection point for MPG and Liters per 100 Kilometers,? or when are they the same number?
How to get from union station to pitchess detention center?
Why aren't you allowed to park next to a red painted curb?
how long is the commute from Plano to Irving?
What's the gas mileage on a DeLorean DMC-12?
Will driving with my sunroof open decrease my MPG's?
Does this Garmin nuvi 265T Speak street names Ex. Turn right on Elm street?
How does everyone feel about this new aptera 3 wheeled car that gets 300 miles to the gallon.?
What is the shortcut when driving to Tampa from South Florida? I kno wyou can turn off Alligator Alley!?
his men better than women at driving?
When will we in America be able to drive 160 miles per hour on the highway?
how does a car calculate the mile per gallon while you are driving on the road?
Can I drive a hybrid vehicle alone in the HOV lanes in Virginia without the clean special fuel license plates?
How much gas money do I need to drive from Vicksburg, MS to Savannah, GA in a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali?
Besides UK, Ireland, Japan, & Aussie are there any other countries which vehicles have right sterring wheels?
Is an hour long walk to school considered to long (University)?
W.Covina to Culver City, CA?
public transport in Milwaukee?
Why are our current transportation systems considered unsustainable?
Why was there no traffic this morning on FWY 91 West? Between 710 and 110.?
What can I do to reduce my gas bill?
easy commute from oakland ca, to san jose ca?
Trying to get to Narnia?
last time regular gas was under 2.00?
getting home through public transportation?
how does the taxi service work?
fare evasion bc vancouver?
Let's see who's smart enough to answer this question.?
What does a White, flashing light on top of a school bus mean?
How does Santa schedule delivery for the day?
Do you have to pay and display when parking a motorcycle?
Needing a great commuter car?
for those that ride the bus, did you ever petition for a bus route and how many signatures did you need to ?
What is an interstate service center?
How much would a limo cost?
Passengers......Do some bus drivers love to slam on the brakes?
Why don't we build new electric roads& run clean electric cars & trucks?We need the jobs?
Let pick a day to park our car to bring the gas price down. Care to join?
This is my first winter driving and im really nervous, please give some tips to help me out?
how do i get rid of tailgaters??
Where in Chattanooga TN or North Carolina Ralegh we can rent a car?
i am looking for disabled transport but keep getting different sites.Any help?
decoding and encoding psychosis means reading electrically a brain by spy satellite by national security agenc
What's the best way to commute 15 miles without a car?
Is it OK to pass a funeral procession?
Where can a brother get a camel these days?
How much is a traffic ticket for going 85 mph in a 65 mph in lindsay?
Los Angeles Traffic Congestion?
Does OATS transit system require a reservation?
Is it true that a commuter rail will link between Ann Arbor, MI and Detroit, MI?
where can i find a good price on a limo for about 4 or 5 hours?
on a bus route what is the difference btw inbound and outbound??
i wear a hearing aid. can i train as a driving instructor?
How many miles is 20.1km?
Commute between Cardiff and Newport (Wales, UK)?
How fast can you drive on the Interstate?
Road works...why oh why oh why?
Do you not understand...the left lane is for PASSING ONLY!!?
why can't we use our handphones in a petrol station?
cta bus route times????
How long does a tan last? I just got a tan yesterday from being at the beach pretty much 11-4pm?
are you sick and tired of paying the high price on gas?
how to tell your mom that you just dent her car?
where are big speed traps in nashville and between nashville and murfreesboro?
Christmas eve traffic in the GTA?
if the gas prices are rising cuz of holiday travel what do ya do if you dont travel and had no money?
No blinkers in Denver?
Why Dont We Do This?
Would you buy a $34,000 electric car?
What caused the pattern of rectangular holes in M-14 freeway for several miles between Ann Arbor and I-275?
what is the url site?
do you like suvs?
How do you stay in the middle of your lane when learning how to drive?
Is it safe to drive 80 mph on the highway for a long distance?
Do angry drivers ever give the w@nker hand gesture to women drivers?
Why do people in cars cut in front of big heavy trucks then slam on the brakes? Do they have a death wish?
Is a scam?
Do you think this girl is really a friend?
Is 29 MPG Hwy mileage good?
Do you like my Bus shelter design?
What is the best way to appear sober when you are really drunk at the wheel?
rta bus to riverside?
Can I renew my bus pass for Oyster on TFL online?
Parking in Charlottesville for Commuters?
would you consider buying a diesel car/truck??????
What would be the best way to reduce the number of road traffic deaths and injuries on our roads?
Why is the Toronto Underground so small?
Im I in the wrong?
What is the best part of the greater San Diego area to live in without a car?
Traffic on I-280 East??
is a diamond lane on a freeway also called a high occupancy or HOV lane?
How long does it take to get to Los Angeles from San Diego?
Any good ideas to save money on Gas?
Traveling cross country in January, interstate 40 vs interstate 10?
how much is a GTA weekly pass?
Commute to college, or commute to work?
what are the public buses called in new milford?
can you use a vta monthly pass on the highway 17 bus?
transportation from ontario airport to UC riverside?
how do you make a self propelled car in one day?
what bus run from penn station to w 66th st?
How safe if the MARTA Holmes station?
Continental Curb Side Checking?
driving 140 km mon - friday?
is there a fuel strike NOW ??????????
R hybrid cars the wave of the nearer future,with gas prices being what they R these days?
transportation long ago?
how to commute to lake elsinore/riverside from oceanside?
Is this used 2001 Infiniti I30 base worth purchasing?
If buses services were improved would more people use them?
Disney Commuter Assistance Program Orlando, FL?
Attention Truckers! Needing Help finding Map!?
has anyone wore a respiratory protecive mask for commuting and did you feel any benifit from wearing the mask?
Velocity feild of a one lane road?
Why are people so reluctant to make complete stops?
Road charging.?
I feel stupid saying this?
How does the taxi service work?
What are the gas prices where you are?
If a personal vehicle is being used for a merchandising job, can a company tax you on your commuting miles?
What does "in transit" mean for UPS?
Why do we pay toll at dulles toll road?
How to deal with carpool problem.?
In the night we can drive the vickle in high beem or low beem?
Are you supposed to change lanes while turning left?
I,m a new long distance driver hard time to find a good job this guy has a small company he imports coffee?
Which car is worth buying 2006 Volvo V70 estate or the Merc C200 estate?
How much are you paying for gas?
how much are taxi fares from fayetteville to camden.?
Commuting from Chelmsford to London?
if gas was 5.00 a gallon , one year from now . what would you do now .?
Can you buy packages on Greyhound tickets?
OK, you are in the car, you are driving down the road....?
Is the rising cost of motoring meant to keep the 'less well off' people off the roads?
what price does fuel have to rise too, until people are gonna stop buying it....?
What's your dream car?
What is going on with the price of gasoline ?
Small barrier of plastic sheeting on the verges of J7- 8 of M11 ?
HELP how do you sneak on a bus?
How much will transporting a pushbike in the back of my van increase fuel consumption?
When did people first start giving others a ride on their bicycle?
How far is slough from Beckton East London?
At what point does a posted speed limit take affect? Is it at sight or after you pass it?
How high will the gas prices go before you change your ways of driving?
how many people have been run over by a bus?
What was the longest traffic jam you were in or have driven passed?
What percentage of people do you believe speed up in response to someone tailgating them?
what is the best car for a lon commute and a limited budget?
Do you have a favourite kind of bus?
Alternative ways of travel?
So then, When can i drive?
Do u people with sports cars maintain the car yourself or do you get it maintained at the dealership?
Don't buy gas today?
is it illegal to turn right on a red light in california?
Does anyone know the route from Fremont, CA to Morgan Hill, CA?
what are some logical solutions to.........?
How many people die annually in the subways of new york city?
New York to Detriot Bus service?
Bus from Juniper St. (Murrieta, CA) to Chaparral High? (Temecula, CA)?
Petrol question about my 1.8astra?
Does the E Train in NY Go above ground at all?
School speed zone speed limit?
Can you use a round trip NJ Transit bus ticket as two one way tickets?
What happens to road kill?
Would Walmart do anything if you parked your small motorhome there for a few nights?
How do you get to Woodfield Mall from the Glenview Metra Station by Bus?
What is the quickest way to get from Fairview NJ to Long Island by public transportation? I do not have a car?
are you sick and tired of paying the high price on gas?
How many people use the NYC MTA system every day? What are the demographics of the people using it? Thanks!?
I have been seeing alot of lifted trucks recently in southern california, do they save gas or something?
What busses should I take to get from the ferry terminal at Tswassen to White Rock on a tuesday?
Is there any CNG filling machine that can be put in the garage forfilling a small vehicle?
What are the primary modes of transportation?
How is your commute to Brooklyn Tech?
I have a 750 mile trip to make on a motorcycle and I'm looking for a map to help break down segments of 150 mi
When other drivers drive too slow does this annoy you?
The Toronto Zoo: Does it have a motorized ride system for older persons who come by bus?
How to prevent spinning tires?
How do you open seat on a lifan scooter?
need advice about a long commute?
how much is the distance from tambaram bus stop to pallikkaranai?
What are your views on double-decker buses?
$1.11.5 Are they crazy?
Road Rage, how do you deal with it? Especially if the driver is as hot blooded as the other driver?
why do people drive on the shoulders of roads?
Question about bus route listings?
why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gasoline?
Commuters!! What distance do you travel to work and home again?
how much do you spend on taxi monthly (to those who use a taxi)?
Was that you walking on the side of the road in the rain?
pueden quitarme mi licencia si me multan?
I'm a live-in nanny and I would like to know what my employer owes me for gas/mileage reimbursement for?
IS IT WORTH IT?? Friday, May 1st boycott buying gas.?
which limo looks the best ?
If you are a bus driver, and you have to use the restroom in the middle of your shift, where do you go?
how much is a taxi from las vegas airport to mandalay bay hotel?
has anyone gone so fast that when you slow down to 90 it feels like slow motion?
come on you people!!?
What is a good car for long distance commute?
Are women bad drivers, and why?
how long does it take to get from San Diego to Ventura on a Friday afternoon?
what bus to get on to get to 637 Lucas ave,suite205 los angeles ca 90017?
does anyone know why the traffic is backed up in clarksburg, wv?
is there anyway to get a hold of transportation for school at 6:45pm?read details?
Got pulled over doing 10mph over the speed limit. This is my first ticket. What are my options?
do you think boycott gas for three days would bring the price of gas down?
do u think roads that end in "___mile rd" sounds ghetto?
how much does it cost to weigh vehicle at Cat Scale?
How do I effectively remove parking permit stickers on my car windshield?
Montclair State University commute?
any great idea's for alternative fuel for cars?
where does cubao-san juan route jeepneys pass?
Carpool morning only from Sunnyvale to San Jose, CA, please help!!!!?
what is the metro bus that passes on western ave?
how we get people not to buy gas for one day?
If you're walking home at night and notice a black guy walking from the opposite direction toward you..?
Can you get to Parkland on a bus? And how?
How much do Greyhound bus fares normally cost?
what fun things can you do in clovis / fresno ,CA?
speed cameras?
Driving test route - Australia (Oakleigh).?
How fast can you legally drive in the fast lane on a freeway?
how much money I will spend in Gas if I travel 546 miles at 2.95 a gallon?
Do traffic lights HAVE to be at intersections?
cities 265 miles north , towards michigan, from st louis missouri?
how long can you drive continuously on a highway?
Has anyone reported a gas station of price gouging?
why are mini roundabouts ok in some places because they keep traffic flowing. yet not ok in other places?
when will we be completely off of petrol?
arrived back in the uk on tuesday at 2-00am went to subway at gatwick airport told not able to get a coffee or?
What will you do if gas goes up to10 dollars a gallon?
what can I do on a 3-hour bus ride?
Which towns in Michigan have public transportation?
Directions from Central London to Luton Rail Station?
How long is your commute to work?
What improvements need to be made in the mass transit system?
Will gas ever lower? How low?
t230 schematic diagram?
Taxi in Traffic Panic?
Are you thinking of getting a car that gets better gas mileage than your current auto?
Ontario Ministry of Transportation is on Strike?
how much gasoline can you get out of a barrell of oil?
How to commute to banlat, tandang sora from cubao. I need to go to caldezams bldg. banlat, tandang sora?
speed limit change on stockfield road?
old age pensionrers?
define transportation?
How Do I Remove/Disable Steering Lock On A 89 Corolla SE?
Car for a college student?
I am a new 43 year old driver and I am still nervous how does a new driver calm down?
How high will gas get? Will it stop rising?
smart bus route scheduling and times for Madison Heights Michigan?
Why do the tail lights of all vehicals are red in colour and indicator lights orange irrespective of country?
How long does it take you to get to work every day?
I have just passed my driving test . Has any one got any tips for changing lanes in busy traffic ? ?
What keeps you from flipping your top and going bazooka on female motorists?
My car was totaled and the guy had no insurance. What can I do?
who loves going down the highway and seeing a pretty girl`s feet on the dashboard?
Hi ! How many city blocks is it in Manhattan between Battery Park & Wall Street ? ?
job driver for Oats Transit, Senior Transportation?
Does it matter???
How much is a gallon of unleaded gas where you are?
Will fedex still deliever even though it is so cold?
I cant decide on what car i want!?
any one have any idea what to do on an 8 hour car ride?
Why is there such thing as TRAFFIC!?
how to commute to PCPD pasong tamo taguig?
What is the track gauge of the Scarborough RT subway line in Toronto?
why don't America have gas stations where you can put money in and then get gas???
Have you seen, "Who killed the Electric Car?"?
Public transportation in Tampa, Florida (Race Track road N)?
why is it that speedometers go up to 150+, but the maximum speed limit is 60mph?
how to get to stuyvesant high school from east 77th street n.y.c?
Commuters and motorists do you often have an anxiety, while crossing bridges?
How many miles driving is it from Santa Maria Ca to Portland Oregon?
What is the maximum price gas gonna hit?
How do I get from San Diego to Palmdale in public transportation in a reasonable amount of time and budget!?
where do i report gas price gouching?
are the M25 gantry speed cameras legal, I thought they were meant to be painted yellow and be plainly visible?
Where Are The Worst Drivers in This Country?
How long will this take to ship?
route map from peterborough to luton airport?
starting to drive?
Should bendy buses make accordion noises when they go around corners?
Gasoline, how much are you paying a gallon and where are you?
If you were driving along a narrow country lane and a car came in the opposite direction would you reverse?
Besides UK, Ireland, Japan, & Aussie are there any other countries which vehicles have right sterring wheels?
How do you think traffic will be on Saturday July 16 on the 110 & 105 freeways to LAX during the 405 closure?
How often does SEPTA's R5 run?
which bus takes you from cerritos to torrance?
buses from herkimer ny to albany ny?
Your driving down a country backroad when your car breaks down...?
Does anyone have any tips on staying awake while driving?
how many exits have the smx convention center?
What would you do for a Bentley?
I do not like people who drive SUVS?
I still can not get direction for traveling. It seems to be hung up on my home address. How do I clear?
Why on a stop light is the red at the top and green at the bottom?
Is it true the faster you drive the more gas you burn?
iwant to make a complaint against the arrive buses as they would not stop at a bus stop?
Which bus route can I take from Martin Grove Rd/Dolores Crescent to get to Canada's Wonderland?
Where exactly do signposts lead to?
What is the average distance people stop walking and decide to take the car?
what lane do you drive in on a 3 lane(same direction) street?
What is the diffrence between a road an avenue and a street?
What can we do about high gas prices?
Is there a website for meeting halfway in between?
will gas prices go down?
what are you paying for gas in your area?
How could you get from northern New Jersey to Maine via a bus or train?
5/13/07: How much are you paying for gas?
How much does it cost to rent a limo in Denver for a weekend?
At what point does a street become N, E , S, or W?
If I drive through a toll plaza in the coin lane and I have an IPASS, do I legally need to stop at the sign?
do you think boycott gas for three days would bring the price of gas down?
best places to park near city hall ny?
Does this bother anyone else?
do u know their are more than 2000 ilegal taxis in dublin. and most of them are driven by black drivers....?
question about lanes and turning?
this question about the motion and i try to find better answere on it?
Why do they have a Dalek making announcements at Victoria Tube Station?
How to go to Banchetto in Ortigas?
Who here has heard of Breezer Bikes?
Commuting from Silver Spring, MD to Fairfax, VA?
why does Boris Johnson hate the bendy buses?
where do i get the bus to york uni?
How much will it cost to rent a limo?! ?
Why doesn't America have a bullet train system like japan?
when WILL the HIGH price of GAS FINALY go DOWN???
When were the freeways and highways in America were paved?
how to get along to pag-ibig office at makati from cavite?
How much should I give to the carpool?
_______ usually goes through my head while merging onto the freeway?
Is there an MVD in Phoenix where I can do a three point turn instead of parallel parking?
How should we deal with road congestion?
Albuquerque public transportation?
what was the average price of gas in 1994?
i need to find a fast lane mighty hauler truck with upc # 9357710813?
Commuting for your job?
How do you do your daily commuting? Public transport (specify what type please) or your own car/ bike?
Where can I live in (near) NYC with a car and not too costly?
Does anyone remember a time when gas was inexpensive?
How much does it cost to take the subway from union to dundas?
What do you think about the driving conditions and road situations and traffic management in your city ?
How many drive the freeways in the bay area?
Where can I get the Xootr Push Scooter in New York City.?
how do i find all of this info in one place?
Kilburn High Road bus lane only operation hour on Saturday from what time to what time?
First Used car for a 16 year old girl?!?
how are road & driving conditions between Indore & Pachmarhi via Harda and Hoshangabad?
Would this be considered road rage?
On California carpool lanes what does" HOV" stand for?
What is the speed limit on motorways in the U.K.?
How do i find the name of a person that i only have the address to?
any tips for driving on the motorway?
if they rasied the speed limit to 70 mph, would that save gas?
Do people not know that the left lane of traffic is for people who are passing?
was driven 30 on 20 mph speed limit on Tower Bridge!?
Price of a limousine or the party bus in nashville?>?
bus ride from detriot to toronto?
copying down license plate??
Anybody got any advice on hitchhiking?
where is the church off 148 ave Ne and W of 711 in Bellevue wa?
How much would it cost to drive 6000 miles at 10 to 15 mph?
What is the distance between killaloo in county clare, ireland and ennis, also in county clare.?
where does the loop bus stop on main street in poughkeepsie, ny?
What is a good highway scooter that is cheap?
Someone please explain me how capital connect monthly travel cards work?
Why are the antlers on all deer crossing signs backward?
What method do the digital freeway billboards in LA use to determine the estimated driving time (60,105,etc.)?
3 Lane Carriageways....i don't understand?
Why do people drive like total idiots???
Can a Moped keep up with traffic?
if los angeles is 550 miles from redding and we get gas every 50 miles and gas cost 4.70 how much would gas be
how much is gas where you live?
why is our fuel prices done in 10ths?
How do you get from Islington Station to Union Station to get to Vaughan Mills? (TTC)?
when did green mean go and red to stop?what year?
Do you hate it when people speed?
Is anyone else slightly annoyed that gas is going down?
Express shuttle to Pearson from the downtown bus terminal?
NJ transit question PLEASE!!! =)?
How many stamps do I need to send to Canada?
Any body ever seen a real Chop Shop? or know anybody in the chop shop business?
If a semi truck turns on turn signals to get in your lane do you speed up or slow down?
How much would it cost to fill up a bus with fuel?
What time to i need to walk to station?
Is anyone else slightly annoyed that gas is going down?
Does anyone know the name of gas stations that use BP for fuel?
I asked TTC bus driver girl her number?
using the lanta metro bus from trexlertown to Slatington?
omg good please help i cant shake this feeling!!!?
how far is junction city kansas to oklahoma city?
The best route to Yankee stadium from Newark, NJ?
need directions to 3 Aveline cres?
i see my friends, kickin in the front seat, sittin in the backseat?
is there a program to find out mileage?
how much gas will it take to get from san antonio tx to vancouver canada?
Carpool services in New Jersey?
for my prom car and rentals?
what is the different between a highway and a freeway?
Question for anybody who drives a Ford Crown Victoria Ex-Squad Car:?
How much is an E-Z Pass in New Jersey?
what would you rather house or new car?????
How much would..?
Why is it people don't know how to merge onto or off of the highway?
What do you usually say to the clerk when you buy your gas?
with the gas prices being $2.89-300lper gallon how much money would i need for gas using a uhaul truck?
Why do children and old people with free travel seem to use the bus instead of the underground?
Is US 50 In Missouri a four lane highway?
Do cab companies have a limit as to how far they travel?
Does the commuter rail in Boston run on New Year's Eve?
what kind of person drives at 2 or 3 in the morning?
how far is it from port maillot to denfert-rochereau?
What does "Not a Thru Street" road sign means ?
If you owned a taxi company, what rate would you charge the passenger(s)? And how (by the mile or flat fee)?
lax to riverside public transit?
When you have a California learners permit is it true you can drive by yourself ?
Your opinion on Traffic Wardens...?
How long is the commute from elm park staten island to 34 street in Manhattan?
I'm In NW Houston Our Gas Is $2.25 A Gal Thats F****** High What Is Your Gas Price?
Is meterred parking free on sundays?
why do old people drive 20 miles under the speed limit?
what is 70 MPG kilometers? how much fuel will a car use per kilometer?
Speeding Ticket?
Do you ever experience or see racism on public transport?
Why are the roads so terrible in some states?
Parking in queens to take the 7 train?
grapevine conditions? will they close it again this friday/?who lives near?
What does ffm stand for?
drivers permit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Activa or Suzuki Access?
URGENT What number bus to catch from stratfored road birmingham to hall green baldwins lane?
how many gallons of petrol will i need to drive in a boat from scotland to los angeles?
Court date with no ride?
What is Ontario's provincial average for compensation for kilometers driven?
What do Truckers and RVers use to avoid small lane roads?
have you ever had a hard?
Do you know how to drive a car?
How many MPG do you get out of your mini? ?
When was the last time you rode the bus?
What's the transit time from UofT Scarborough to these (2) intersections?
Driveways Vs. Parkways?
when will there be an e-85 fuel station set up in buffalo ny?
How much is Gas where you are?
Is Garmin coming out with a new car GPS soon?
When im driving and i switch to neutral do i save gas?
are there any business ppl still driving around in stretch limos?
how much gas money would it take to drive from troy, ny to danbury, ct?
What is a good navigational system to get these days?
How far do you commute one-way to work on a daily basis?
Do YRT riders need to pay a new fare in order to take a ride on GO train from UNIOVILLE TO AGNICOURT?
Is the MPH on a TOMTOM real speed or 'adjusted' like on a speedo?
Why do people like to drive SUVs?
interstate miles?
where can i find practice track for the 2 wheeler driving test in HYDERABAD?
What car do you think is the best to weave through traffic?
with the high price of gas, why don't more people bike or walk to work.?
1991Acura Integra Poor Gas Mileage!! Please help under 10 miles per gal.?
What are the best and worst mass transit systems in America?
Do you drive the speed limit?
what is mans purpose in life?
does a court extension give u more time to pay da money or turn in papers needed?
why do people insist on slowwing down on the freeway to gawk at car accidents?
How bad is your daily commute?
Fastest way to get to Fresno CA from San Jose CA?
How many miles do you drive one way to work each day you go?
days of lawn sales?
How to get to The Curve/Ikano by public transport, especially by bus?
how many hours does it take to get to ohio from new york?
Anyone familiar with Toronto Fairview Mall TTC passenger pcikup area?
does anyone drive over an hour to get to work?
Do taxis take credit cards?
Road Rage anyone???
What do you do to pass the time whiles commuting on the London underground and on London buses......?
can you ride a gas scooter on the sidewalk?
What would you like to ask?Please help me get there :( i have a doc's appointment and im lost? i need a bus :(?
How awful is the commute from Kegworth to Nottingham and is it a nice place to live?
What MPG is your vehicle getting, and what is it supposed to get? Also what are you driving?
Petition against use of loudspeakers (music) on Public Transport ?
what's the best thing to say to a girl at a bus station while waiting for a bus?
Traffic Ticket in north California? Can I pay online?
What are some alternative fuels for gasoline?
Why does gas keep going down? Not that i'm complaining. ?
how much does the bus ticket from mcallen to waco cost?
Why do some people drive on the fast lane but then they drive too slow.?
what is engine braking?
What is a hospitality industry cashier?
How fast is this?
Ok I know its gross, but would you rather lick a dollar bill or a hand rail in a N.Y. subway?
Im just wondering with gas prices at $3.00 a gallon and probably going up why are all these people driving?
Bus times to Colerne from Chippenham, and to Chippenham from Colerne?
if using mass transit was as quick and easy as driving your vehicle to work, would you use it?
Did your Sat-Nav ever let you down?
I heard something about a trucker's strike yesterday...anybody got info?
does anyone know if springdale, ark. has a public bus system to get people around town on-?
Gas prices!!!?
If the US had a national passenger rail system, would you use it?
Gas Prices?
What lane to use on a roundabout?
whats the furthest distance you have heard of anyone cycling to work?
do in traffic miles on the highway count towards "highway" miles?
How to get to the Calgary airport from North West (SilvergroveDr Calgary) by public transit ?
where is the closest grayhound bus station in cin oh?
whats the best time to drive back from east side of Manhattan on a Sunday after 2pm towards New HAven CT ?
90 degree angle parking or perpendicular parking help please!?
How much does a 40 min Cab drive in Austin cost?
What Is Commuter Express?
which one wastes more gas??
Just wondering what people thought?
how old do you have to e to take a child on the public bus?
problems due to traffic jams?
well if u go some where and u have to be there major and people are driving so slow is wrong for u to be mad?
SUV with barcode/cameras/gps?
Have you been in a stoplight race?
gas prices?
What does the average cargo van get for gas mileage?
Please can you give steps by step on how to drive vehicles e.g cars,lorry, etc?
Who do you hate more?
If you scratch out the photo on your Oyster Card will it still work?
How much is a fine from the Metrolink?
limousine fares?
drive through red light?
Traffic Services TMC (Traffic Message Channel)?
Why is the right lane the slow lane?
Hoboken,NJ to Stamford, CT need direct train weekdays?
If you dont use a train to commute, when is the last time you used one?
Speeding Ticket?
Is grey hound the only charter bus available in PENN?
I did 75mph at a 70 area, The camera didnt flash so i dont know!?
Do those pedestrian crossing buttons ever actually work at intersections?
Looking for cheap bus ticket from Trenton or Princeton area to Boston?
Why dont people signal before changing lanes?
10 POINTS! Explan why "hydroplaning is dangerous"?
How do I get to spanaway riding the bus?
Could someone please give me directions to chaffey high in ontario ca from rialto ca?
How does a transit monthly pass work?
Transit Question (Brampton,ON)?
Why have so many people come to California? Roads are too congested now.?
What did you think of the Horse & Jockey traffic lights in Aylesbury this morning?
Anyone know how to get to 744 Queen Street West by TTC/ Streetcar?
Sharing music on public transport?
How to get from pickering to Bloor and yonge station?
Using right mirror when parallel parking?
How long does your morning commute take?
Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?
anyone know how long it takes to take the driving test in hollywood ca?
Are you allowed to go barefoot on the bus?
Can traffic camera flash go off by accident? Help me please!?
what is the nearest LIRR station to Fresh Pond Road in Glendale?
What's the point in driving anymore with gas prices so high?
should disability scooters be used on pavement or road?
What's it like to live in Sittingbourne?
At what gas price?
do rental companies not use old cars?
Your thoughts on people who talk on their cell phones while they're riding their bicycle on a busy street?
whats traffic like on I-25 in colorado?
Where do traffic jams come from?
was it hard for you to learn how to drive?
NJ Transit bus!!! HELPP PLEASEE!!?
I am trying to find the website that offers the option of maps and directions using surface roads only.?
do you know the way to northstrom rack in sacrameto by Roseville gallaryia?
Driving Distance from Sydney, NS to Nashville,TN?
Traffic Light on Yellow/Red?
Does anyone know if there is public transportation in washington???
My son keeps asking so I will ask you, why do they call it dead end street?
Moving across the country and wanna buy a truck/suv?
If a school bus stops to unload children on a four-lane highway divided only by a four-foot paved strip, must?
Alaskan roadtrip?
Do you need a license to drive a scooter?
Why do people that don't need to be at work choose to travel in rush hour & clog up the roads? Why not wait...
can I take a greyhound bus alone at 14 years old?
why do METRO Rails in cities like dubai,delhi are underground or on bridges even when there is space on ground
Why are durians not allowed in the MRT?
should i commute to college next semester (winter/spring)?
Does anyone know how much it costs to park at the Ivanhoe Metra Station in Riverdale, IL?
How do you do to keep your cool in a long traffic jam that slows to a halt?
Do you think red light cameras are fair?
International Move?
Can you suggest for me some private high schools at garden grove which are provided with private school's bus?
How to increase gas mileage?
How to get to 188 th street in Queens from Staten Island?
is it illegal to drive a mobility scooter whist under the influence?
How much do you pay per gallon for regular gasoline (87 octane)??
Ontario Traffic conditions?
Why does Hawaii have interstate highways?
How is the traffic on a weekday?
when the hell will gas prices go down??? HELP!!!?
What's the best way to get from Laguardia airport to Neward, NJ?
why was there so much traffic between Lewisham and Eltham?
Are drivers jealous of bike commuters? Is that why they are jerks to bike riders?
why is the right lane the slow lane?
How is driving fun? Is it supposed to be...?
gas prices?
Is it illegal if you give your oyster card to somebody?
When does the midnight club los angeles south central vehicle pack 3 come out?
we need to get to the block of Orange (the OC) by NOON today from hollywood what rails, or busses? help!?
I sent the package to Toronto why did it end up in Mississauga!?!?!?
How many people would sell their cars if they could get cheap taxis.?
Help on buying a fuzz buster?
If i late paying the traffic fine in CA Concord?
how do you avoid a speed trap?
Single Turbo Kit For My Boyfriend's E36?
Does running the fan in my car use up petrol?
how do i get from staveley to bolsover chesterfield by bus?
How many miles do you put on your vehicle per year?
Does the US Government do enough to promote bicycle riding?
What drives you nuts in traffic?
whats the average tip percent for limo drivers?
Why are mustang cars so cool?
Can high gas prices be good for the environment, even though it's bad on your pocketbook?
UPS shipping questions?
How old does a highway have to be, before u can tell it, it was adopted?
Can a pregnant woman use the Carpool lane???
Is there a down side to being a Cab driver?
Can you ride the JO Bus free if you show a JCCC student ID?
what do you say when getting on a bus?
quickest way to charlotte, nc from boston, ma while avoiding major cities?
Why are some bus drivers so rude?
What drives you nuts most about other people's driving?
honk 4 jesus?
how to get to markville mall from keele and finch by bus?
Need help deciding: New Audi A4 or New Nissan 370Z?
Where can a buy a cheap 2nd hand segway in the uk. ?
moneygram for driving school?
Do you think those drivers who continually stay in the passing lane have forgotten the rules of the road?
which fuel type has the best gas mileage?
What kind of car do you drive? If you are not old enough, what kind of car do your parents drive?
If you're in the left lane on the highway, and you're not passing anyone, should you get over?
What are the subway stations near Brooklyn Heights Promenade?
I need some help with Driving Directions?
Should the yellow light come on 3 seconds before the green light goes off to double the warning time for red?
Wld a 3.5SE consume more fuel when the A/c is used? Moreso, the stated Mpg's, is it applicable when the A/C is?
how many speeding tickets have you received and how fast?
Drivers Ed To shipping upgrades! help?!?
do u think roads that end in "___mile rd" sounds ghetto?
can you take a bus to palisades center?
how do airbrakes work?
If the speed limit is reduced to 55mph in the interest of saving gas what would be the pros/cons for this?
if ethanol is not working why is so much being purchased where it is availiable?
Does the San Fernando-Pasay bus stops at Robinson's Galleria?
Is it elligal to drive with your parklights on in the daytime in nebraska?
how to get the BEST gas mileage?
Is a Zone 1 monthly bus pass still good after midnight?
Money not appearing on OysterCard?
I'm doing a placement in orangeville for 2 months next year. I live in Toronto and i don't have a car?
Nj transit to six flags?
What do you think is going to happen with these gas prices?
why is stuff moved by ship called cargo but stuff on a truck is shipment?
is this true about taxi drivers?
if you are travelling at 30mph, how far would you get in 10mins?
Is meterred parking free on sundays?
I have no car, what is the cheapest way to get to Torquay (Devon) from London using public transport?
distance between shreveport, la. and newport, ark?
If you want to go so slow, why don't you just pull over and stop?
How bad is traffic on MD I-270?
I live in downtown LA and work in Santa Monica, CA.?
why do people (in cars) cut in front of you, then go soooo sloooooow?
Why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?
How many miles are too many?
I need the address and phone number of the Disney AttStar Sports Hotel in orlando.?
I have to put 60:1oil ratio in my stand up gas scooter what does this mean?
Parking Problem?
Transit sticker for student card?
Is my Drivers Permit good in other states?
Does anyone know how long it takes to travel by car from Crockett, CA to Santa Rosa, CA during rush hour?
do,es elkarht have public transportation?
Looking for a good GPS navigation system for my car!?
is it illegal to drive in your underwear?
I need help looking for a good limo!!?
what do you think about texting and driving at the same time?
Traffic on Beverly Glen Blvd, LA?
do you speed when driving?
Commuting options - Temecula to South Orange County, California?
Anyone out there changing your driving habits due to gas prices?
what is the best route for a path train to the village in the city from NJ?
Can you get a ticket for driving nine miles over the speed limit?
can somebody tell me if it's true that 18 wheelers usually have gas engines, instead of diesel??
How long is your commute to work?
Does Grinnell Iowa have a public transit system?
My friend REALLLYYY wants to know ..................?
In the US, why tip cab drivers? For making small-talk?
where can i learn to drive stander car in toronto can?
My Senior Prom is soon and I want to make an impact with a green limo?
What do you do when people tailgate?
The Bus Time?
What do you think about this scenario?
Do you wear your seatbelt ? Is it a fair law?
how far is it from hertford to liverpool?
commute times in SoCal..?
I just heard gas in Florida is $4.oo a gal. Is this true. We just hit $3.02 in central WI. What is it where?
Should I take a job if its an hour commute each way?
what ever happened to the Carl Kruger proposal to ban iPods while crossing NYC streets?
how do you say in English at..?
How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn To Drive?
How many dead bodies can I fit in my 480L trunk?
Who would you rather date?
How much does gas cost in your area?
How can my sister and I convince my parents to let us move in the middle of the school year???
Taxis works at Tuesday's early morning?
Where can I find dog-friendly housing near Georgetown university in Washington, DC?
Would you be willing to...?
helpi got a 88 park ave 3.8 n when i drive it at night i turn my lights on and it only dose it when im driving?
what's the best way to go to cal poly pomona from san francisco?
Does gas pump automatically stop at prepaid amount??
Driving directions regarding Ca Highway 1?
what are the delivery status changes with littlewoods i am up to route planned for delivery. how long left?
what's the best advice a bus driver gave you about a new place?
Emergency question!!!! answerrrr fasttttttt pleaseee?
What is the average Miles Per Gallon for a vehicle? Street and highway miles.?
What are the pros and cons of tailgating another vehicle?
how can i reach in my job always in time?
Is May 3rd the best time to fly in airplane to Florida ?
Which bus to take to Crescenta Valley High School (Glendale, CA)?
have you ever run to catch a bus in a busy street?
anybody from muskogee, oklahoma or around this area?
Can you travel anywhere on the bus when you buy a zone 1 tube oyster card?
do people put the "W" sticker in their windows to see how long they can go before being run off the road?
whats the best way to drive in 2-4 inches of snow in a eclipse gts?
Can we PLEASE put this moronic gas boycott to bed? PLEASE?
in indiana how far from an intersection must you park?
What are you doing to save money on gas?
Should everybody learn to drive?
What is the more practical way to get to Causeway Bay Hongkong if you are coming from the Hongkong side?
what are some of your favourite songs driving from work, and why?
gas prices gas gos up over night but weeks to go down why ?
I work in a car rental return. I have 4 lanes for returns. why do you not use the open lane?
Best routes (fastest and easiest) from Washington DC/ northern Virginia to Los Angeles?
Bus route websites are so difficult to decipher...?
Traffic sign that says "No Shoulder", what does that mean? What is a shoulder?
distance from orlando to london?
is there a way to map out the quickest route to 20 places you have to go to in a day on the internet?
How do you make ends meet with rising gas prices ?
I am on I-40 near Waynesville in a traffic jam, could you tell me why?
i have been accused of damaging a car in sainsburys car park,?
high speed internet prices' packages in brazil,S.A.?
What would be the commute time between Blaine, WA and downtown Vancouver?
What do you do in traffic?
can anyone tell me how i can get rid of the urge to ............?
When do school bus routes get updated?
why do buses travel at 20 mph when it should be 30 mph?
How much would you say public transportation costs a day...?
Montclair State University commute?
How quick does a car have to be to Overtake with ease?
How can I change lanes while looking over my shoulder?
Get better gas mileage in your automatic!?
How much is the AirTrain JFK cost from the Lefferts Blvd. Station?
How can I get more web traffic?
Which Public Busses ply from Greyhound Station, Bryan to A&M?
Do You do it yourself!!!!!?
when they pack styrofoam, wut do they ship it in?
What would you do if a dog is appear in your lane in the Freeway?
Why can't I get driving directions to:2727 E Beecher Street, Adrian, Michigan49221??
how far is it from lubbock tx to fort knox tennesse?
How much money on gas for a 450 mile trip?
Can you get a ticket for drifting at speed limit 45 mph?
First time on freeway in heavy traffic. Advice?
i have just been caught on a mobile speed cam doin abou 85 in a 70 whats gonna happen ? arrgh?
Do anyone know of any over the road driving companies that are hiring down by Austin Tx? ?
why can't i edit my ?s, my ?in commute is outrages.?
How to get from SUNY Delhi to Poughkeepsie by mass transit?
Driving on the bus lane in San Francisco?
What's a good bike/scooter for going around town?
NYC Subway flashlight signals?
when are GAS PRICES going to go down?
22 year old waitress wants to move to chicago?
looking for storys from bus drivers?
What is in the gas? My son said when he uses this gas he gets much less gas mileage. Why is that?
How can I get over my fear of learning how to drive?
What is the most unusual thing you've seen someone do on a train/bus/tube?
When gasoline reaches 5-6 dollars a gallon which is = to basic min. wadge now; what do you think will happen?
How long does it take to fly from Berlin to Rome?
Why do people drive slow in the fast line and then speed up when you attempt to pass them?
I sent out a letter need help.?
what is another word for car starting with a v.?
How much is it for a limo?
What is the estimated average cost of standard gasoline in Houston, TX per gallon?
How much is gas where you live? 5/2/07?
Is E 85 as good on mileage as regular gas?
What makes more difference to fuel consumption? higher revs or higher speed?
Can you transfer money value from a student riding permit to a CTA transit card?
When to switch lanes?
When does someone drive too aggressively?
What do people think of congestion charging?
red light cameras forida?
I am against drilling for oil in the U.S., offshore drilling and oil shale mining, Where can I protest?
Speed Traffic Camera's.?
Is a 140 mile round trip commute worth 16k?
Transportation help?
Does anyone know any cheap all day parking places in Exeter city centre?
What kind of things that you want a car to equip in future?
Have you driven more than a thousand mile without stopping?
How a fuel dipenser works in petrol station?
Where can i find facts and statisitics on how many people drive cars?
How far is Oshawa ON, from Hamilton ON?
short question plz help?
Does anyone have any tips on staying awake while driving?
do you think the gritters drive to fast ?
Do you like taking cabs/taxis?
How much would a charter bus cost for this?
Don't you hate it when you're driving and...?
can somebody give me a link to a street map of Aston Villa and surrounding area.?
Increase in fare of share auto from 10 to 15 from Kurla to BKC (Bandra kurla complex), will you pay them?
a device used to reduce pollution caused by automobiles?
Is walking easier than cycling?
In the US, what city boasts the fastest mass transit system?
What will Los Angeles and other American cities look like in 20 years?
what is the speed limit where you would get stopped for a speeding ticket?
How can I get a Fast Lane Transponder for the Mass Pike, and how much does it cost?
If gas is $3.80 a gallon, and a car gets 30 mpg, how much money will it take to go 1130 miles?
Why are 4wheelers illegal to drive on public roads?
easiest way to commute to DC from York county?
Who is going to ride to work tommorrow?
why oh why don't london buses turn the heating off in the height of summer?
How high will the gas prices go before you change your ways of driving?
When are the gas prices going down?
what should a cause and effect essay look like?
Anyone here live in California City, CA.?
Can I claim mileage work miles driven for unscheduled overtime?
how can I find the cost of a speeding ticket based on mile per hour over speed limit??
How do I get from Toronto to Bradford and back via GO transit on a weekend?
How can I get more confidence when driving?
how many miles can i go on a 15 mph moped before battery dies in 45 min?
What's the most annoying thing....?
Do people that walk really slowly in front of you drive you mad!!?
Around how much would 12 driving lessons cost ?
I'm in Kalamazoo College now, and have no car. How can I get to the AZO airport by bus? Please bespecific ASAP?
Can you lose your license for 3 months if you were going 50 over the speed limit in Ontario?
I'll be 24 when I take a trip to new york city and I want to rent car, will my age for renting be a problem?
traffic lanes on 4 lane road?
How high is gas going to go up this summer?
where are big speed traps in nashville and between nashville and murfreesboro?
Can you mark every so many miles on Mapquest?
how to go to philcox building 172 salcedo street legaspi village makati city?
driving? who here drives and who doesnt see the need to drive?
Is there a bus I can catch to Hollywood lane, Hollywood from Birmingham city centre?
what is the "HOV" lane???
What are you doing differently to save on gas money?
driving Licence verification?
Does anyone know any coupon codes for greyhound that are still in affect right now?
What is the "Right of Way"?
Does fuel economy decrease depending upon the amount of fuel in the tank?
Does anyone think the price of gasoline will ever go back down?
My 49cc scooter won't stay idling when gas?
Don't you agree that "eye flirting" is the best part of public transportation?
Mustang 2012 or Camaro 2012 and why ?
how much is your petrol cost when commuting from tilbury to london?
what should I do when my neighbours arounds me always park their cars on my driveway?
does any one know if the boat ramp called the Narrows on lakeside ave in gueydan louisiana is a public ramp?
Can you buy bus tickets to at the grey hound station?
Question about the proposed Baltimore red Line?
I would like to know diamond lane commute times on bay area bridges?
Passengers......Do some bus drivers love to slam on the brakes?
Are you supposed to drive on the right side or the left side sailing on the ocean?
Will they ever invent a sat nav that works for girlies?
How old do I have to be to drive out of state?
What should you do if you drive past the exit on an interstate highway where you wanted to get off?
How to ride the damn MTA bus?
Why is the 'hard shoulder' on the motorway called a 'hard shoulder'?
On a scale 1-10 how much do you hate sitting in traffic?!?!?
What do you think of people who swerve in the opposite direction of the turn they are about to make?
alabama to toronto?
If you're so scared of driving, then why don't you stay home and cower in the corner?
If I take the LIRR from Atlantic Terminal to Greenlawn station, will I have to transfer?
CA comprehensive traffic sign list?
where can i find a gas scooter?
Which non-hybrid car has the best gas mileage?
is this really a traffic warning?
how can i get from reseda to camarillo by bus?
please suggest names containing alphabets such as dh+foxzq?
How do you talk your way out of speeding ticket?
If I buy a metrocard fun pass today, would it still be useful the next day, even if I haven't opened it?
Why does the car behind you when you put your turning signal on think it's then a good time to switch lanes?
What can I do about increased traffic?
dmv writen test michigan question? help asap?
Does cold weather affect gas mileage?
How far is it down the road about a mile? ;^)?
does nyone know where the border crossing points between iran & turkey is?
What is the price of gas in your city for July 08?
How to take Mississauga Bus (Transit)?
My new Garmin Nuvi is gone crazy it keeps giving me pop up messages how do i fix it? they say: Firmware 1%?
How much would it cost to travel 150km via taxi/maxi taxi/limo?
how many miles is it from reading to bristol?
how to get points out of my driving record?
Gotta Stop Robbery in Wichita?
why does people drive with windows up, even on nice temperature days, i don't understand?
what time does shady grove metro station parking lot fill up on weekday mornings?
what is the distance between nottingham and leicseter?
CA driving test question (traffic check)?
How much gas do you think we could save if we all buckled up before starting our engines instead of vice versa
Question about bus drivers?
Why not have a small tunnel under busy roads for services?
what kind of gas mileage does an 84 nissan 300zx get?
Another greyhound bus question?
Do you think it's right?
omg gas prices have gotten lower!!!!!?
Why is this 18-wheeler in the fast lane?
Does a truck driver have a ticket driving on second lane of three lanes free way in California (without any si?
Report on evaluation of satellite navigation systems?
You are driving some people around in a bus.?
does premium fuel in Missouri contain alcohol?
anyone know what bus i can take to get to 350 Livingston downtown Brooklyn?
Why do people talk and drive at the same time?
Who killed high speed rail?
can you get a ticket for doing a burnout in your driveway?
Why do I still see the Routemaster bus when they’re not meant to be in service anymore?
both are under highway traffic act. my ticket is the main concern. insurance does not matter?
Trucker etiquette?
what is the national speed limit for the middle lane of a dual carridge way/single carrigeway?
How long is your commute to work?
looking for web who can dress a vehicle with different size wheels, like rim shopping.?
Does using cruise control increase fuel economy? Save gas?
Mileage reimbursement for a leased car?
should i run for president in 2007?
How is the commute from Old Bridge to Rutgers New Brunswick?
How fast do you drive on the freeway on the way to work if there is no traffic?
Why does this crazy guy keep asking what American cities and their metro areas will look like in 20 years?
How do you approach a highway ramp?
Any commuters out there?
Why is it when you drive your car it's called a parkway, and when you park it's a driveway?
How to save a location on Magellan road ate?
What is the distance between killaloo in county clare, ireland and ennis, also in county clare.?
Do you really need a car for college?
How long does it take to commute from Morgan Hill to Redwood City via Caltrain?
Does driving in over drive burn more gas then driving in normal drive?
Who has the worst commute?
i live in texas and there have been a lot of pulled-over vehicles lately?
Do u think its possible to commute from Cabanatuan City to Camp O Donnell , Tarlac?How long will it takes us?
when will the price of gas fall?
what do you call a gal who misses ten car payments?