Car Buying

what are my rights? I brought a car on the 11th of january and it needs a whole new engine rebuild.?
Is Carmax a licensed car dealer?
what kind of car is this exactly? vintage!!!!!!!!!?
if i want to sell my car..does anyone know what am suppose to fill out on my car title.can anyone give a link?
a nice car that doesn't use alot of gas?
How bad I will be after returning my car?
trying to get used car dealer licence to whole sale retail & export?
can ford employees get discounts on land rover vehicles and are there any restrictions?
I am looking for a dealer that buys used Freightliner trucks. Where do I go for this?
i have never purchased a car and i have a horrible credit score (572) but great income, can i get a car loan?
where can i find the see-three back window morals for the back of window trucks!?
where can i buy a bugatti?
How do I become a car dealer ?
Where to get a project car?
how to sell cloth in usa?
who was the first Nigeiran to own a car?
I am looking for a car for about 5 grand. What is the best used car that is Reliable that I can get for that?
can i sell a car that is titled in michigan in arizona?
Is this a reasonably priced car?
recv'd. check to hold boat they were buying 3 weeks later they backed out do i get to keep the check?
Can anyone tell me of a parking lot or street in the San Jose area that usually has cars for sale by owner?
Can a car be a lemon even if Autocheck and Carfax both show no issue?
car dealership question?
What first car is best?
What is a good "NEW" first car?
What brand of car would be best to soup up?
What car should i buy?
I was approved by the bank the day i left the lot i gave them my down payment what can they do?
Where is the best place to buy used vehicles in the United States?
How to approach an atv dealership to get a job as a high shool mechanic?
What is the best buy: a new Ford Fiesta SE or a CPO Camry of similar cost?
Can you buy Citroen cars in USA?
What is a good, cheap beginners AWD rally car for around $7000 or less?
Would it be wise to sell my 196 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with only 50,000 and in perfect condition?
Whats the best way to negotiate a price when buying a new or used car from a dealer?
about how much is a head gakset, looking for a new car and need help?
Anybody want to buy a GT Fitness Series Nomad for $450? (Virginia)?
What car should I buy?
how to buy a second hand maruti 800 car in bangalore?
Corvette is the #1 sports car, right??
which car should i get?
how do i find freightliner two axel for pulling double bottom dump trailers?
The car I am dreaming of (BMW 645) costs $1400 a month to own....?
I cant decide which car PLZ CLICK THIS ONE?
Should I Buy a Volkswagen Corrado?
What would you do for your first car?
Help with my trade-in?
What's the best off-road vehicle? What's the best towing/pulling vehicle?
would you pay $300?
If you had boat loads of jack which would YOU choose? And you only get to pick ONE!?
Are there such thing as V6 camaros???
Will dealer buy my car with engine problems?
I would like to get a Renault Clio, Seat, or a Peugeot 306. Can I get them from Mexico?
Have a car with a car note and I have not the first note yet I want to return this car really bad.?
best value small car?
purchasing a brand new car? that is innova..?
When will i receive my package?
What should i get for my first car thats around $3,000 or cheaper ?
Can i trade my car in while i am paying off a loan for it?
will one of you rich people buy me a car?
Is it better to buy a car in New York or San Francisco?
which is better? mahindra duro DZ, honda activa, honda aviator or suzuki access.?
What kind of car should I get?
is Leasing a new car a bad idea for someone young and just starting out?
What was your first car?
Can I return a used car that I just bought at the dealer last night?
Can I sell a barely used power wheelchair for cash?
Does anyone know where Captain Nemo's car is?
will gas price go down ?
trying to find,uk?
looking for car auctions in Saint Louis, Missouri?
can a car dealership take back a car?
Would anyone be interested in buying a project harley ?
I bought a brand new car last june 2005. I dont want it anymore coz of my budget. How can i dispose it?
Does anyone know if there are Toyota Truck Forum with Classified ads?
i want a car but i don't have any one to co sign?
Is it ethical to drive an SUV as a daily commuter?
fast car or luxury car?
size of classic car industry in dollars?
Getting my first car!?
What do you think of ISUZU TROOPER 3,0TD?
Is 250,000 miles on a blue g6 bad?
What car to get for a family of 5?
Which car and why?
Upside down on my truck and want to sell it.?
What type of cars can afford with a part time job (high school student)?
Can text messages be used as a written agreement?
The Nano convertible car?
What are some good 4 wheel drive cars for teenagers?
How much is the interest rate for a 2004 nissan maxima?
Can I sell my car for junk without registering it first?
what is currently this months most sold vechicle?
HELP me with my gf! italiano!?
I bought a used car from a dealer 2 days ago and the trasmission started acting up i didnt purchase the extend
How does buying and paying a car work?
i sold my car last week in autotrader and and after 1 week buyer got back saying clutch has gone,?
Is this a good enough car?
Good car to tune or have fun with?
Good deal or not a good deal?
Want to buy a new car in Mumbai,India.Help me decide - Hyundai Santro or Maruti WagonR?
Whos at fault with my car?
What is a small suitable SUV for a 16 year old girl?
Can you return a car back to dealership for another without hurting your credit?
what do you need to do to change a car's transmission?
if you had like 25,000 what kind of new car would you get???suv or car???
is anyone looking for a 1973 plymouth satellite 4 door?
What is considered "bad credit" when applying for a car loan?
Does anyone know where I can find 1962 license plates?
what can i do with a vehicle that im in the red with and don't want to hurt my credit?
I need help finding a car?
can i terminate a pcp financed car within 7 days?
What are good cars for college grads?
What is a cool 2 door car thats used.?
For Anyone who works in the auto finance industry...?
Get car financing with a repo?
Any American made vehicle that gets ant least 35 mpg and can tow a boat?
Car ideas for a fast AWD/FWD car?
CR England's lease option?
HELP!!!!!Question about selling my car, SHOULD I GO FOR THE OFFER?!?!?!?
What is the market price for a Ford Ikon 1.3 ltre, 2 years old having done about 30000 Kms?
what's the best way to report fraudulent vehicle ads in newspapers. Even trying to use ebay as a cover!?
I live in Canada and I am in need of a reliable, CHEAP newer model car . Any recommendations?
Do you think this is a good first time car?
will a buy here pay here repo affect my personal property?
Can I take legal action against a car dealer for not reconditioning a car before selling it?
Whats the best people carrier?
I have a car i can't afford payments on what happens if i let it go back?
i need a car. 600 dollars or less. needs to be a stick.?
Is a 2001 300m a good buy and reliable after 150,000 miles?
Car question - mechanics or car gurus needed?
i am looking for a...?
How much money should I save to buy my own car? ?
important question. need opinions?
First Car for a 16-year-old?
Confused about a lien to a title?
trading and leasing cars?
on a car lease return can I return the car with different tires?
my parents wont buy me a car?????
What are the chances I could buy a car with a credit score of 583?
How much Mahindra Quanto models available in India?
how many cars have you brought in your life.?
while driving your foreign car-do you feel anything when you hear about all the layoffs in the USA car market?
Should I spend the money?
what is the MSRP of a MINI Cooper S?
Buying a car have a question?
I need a cheap used wheelchair accessible van anyone selling one or welling to donate it to me ?
should u bye a new or used car to save money?
gypsy wanting to buy our car?
what is declan napiers car?
Is this legal.............I left a $500 deposit on an RV and...............?
Good sport car colors?
How to get a small car rental/dealer licence in Montreal, Quebec?
Is the mileage a very important factor when buying a used car?
I am trying to find a car for my son, any advice of what i should get him?
Would anyone know where to find Voltswagon Beetles for Sale?
What questions should you ask when buying a used car?
I'm a young saudi billionaire wanna buy a new car , so dad told me choose between 2 ferraris or1 bogatti?
whats makes manual better than automatic?
wholesame sale problem?
14 hour car ride to North Carolina?
where i can get information about 4x4 custom lifted trucks?
Is it weird that I don't have my own car?
Which one is a better buy? Ex-mark navigator or a walker mower?
How much would you pay for a 1982 Corvette Stingray?
when collecting a brand new car is it standered for a it to come with full tank of fuel?
What car should I buy, Renault Clio or Seat Cordoba?
what is the buyer's-remorse law in NY?
Should I buy a Hyundai Tucson or Ford Escape? 2011 models?
who want sale a pick up truck?
blue bookvalue of an 1993 plymouth voyage van in2001?
2005 Honda civic special edition, worth it or not?
I am looking at a new 2012 Chevy Cruze 1lt for 18,500 out the door, Is this a good deal?
How much does a 2005 mustang GT cost per month?
Do car rentel places match prices ?
Silver, white or black?
i bought for cheap and sold for more, i feel bad?
Car payment error?? ?
can anyone recommend a moped to me?
Question about trading in vehicle for new one?
what is the blue book value of a 1979 Mercedes-Benz SEL?
Which car should I go for (UK)?
Is it standard practice for dealerships to order a used car for a customer?
Bill of sale okay in AZ for vehicle purchase?
Where can I find repo vehicles on the web for FREE?
What fees do car brokers in Brisbane Australia charge?
Is there anyone trying to sell a decent car or pickup that runs??
BUYING a car from enterprise?
chevy cobalt or honda civic?
wat CAR do u like?
Is 700 miles too much to drive in one day?
what are consequences from a buying a salvaged tittle car?
I have two carseats in the back of my car and need an SUV, but not too big, which should I get?
Would like someones opinion how they feel about Pontiac Grand Am's?
what would be a good used car for an 18 year old girl to drive?
What to check in a used car?
Can you drive European cars in the U.S. ?
hi tell me what you think?
buying a car borrowed from dealer ?
Can i pay my car payment online with credit card? I ahve a honda is this a porblem?
Dude whers my car??¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿??????
how do you find out your car value?
Is it legal for a dealer to charge tax on their processing fees?
Nice car and small home?
Toyota Aygo 1.0, 68 HP vs Skoda Fabia 2. generation 1.2, 60 HP - which car is louder at 80 mph?
what do you look for when purchasing a new car.?
what is better,a pontiac or a nissan altima?
which car would you like to have? why?
what is the best car you can buy under 20 Grand ?
What is an economy car that has good gas mileage, isn't too small, and has excellent crash test ratings?
my son is only 15 yrs. old he is upset with me.?
So Dodge just changed their certified car extended warranty and I'm about to buy one.?
How much is the average used car?
Would you pay for this car???
What is the best car to buy?
i was thinking of buying a sat nav but someone says u have to pay monthly subsciptions can i get around this?
lorry dealers in southern spain?
i just purchase a salvaged car in uk. do i fix it b4 applying for a log book. i want to send it abroad?
Does CA DMV have a buy back program for gross polluters?
Good sport cars for women?
I have a buyer for my car on craigslist, but am i being scammed?
Need an opinion about getting a car...?
Please recommend a reliable second hand car for less than £8K in the UK?
does it make sense financially to lease a new car as an individual, not a a business instead of buying ?
If something is worth $1500 now, about how much would it have cost back in 1970?
Buying a second hand car which is n good condition but has run 70,000kms, is it a good deal to purchase?
Which is better the Toyota Carolla or the Mitsubishi Lancer?
anyone selling a supra?
So my grandfather is getting his last car and wants a sports car under 76000 dollars no convertibles forigen.?
Cool first car for a teenage guy?
Cars : Best ? I am soo confused ...?
Which car is better in quality and best for teenage drivers?
Is a 2004 Dodge Stratus for $9000 with 66000 miles too many miles?
Minecraft mods?? 1.5_01 10 points?
Is this car worth the buy 10 POINTS!?
Does anyone have a Honda Accord they would like to sell?
what car hire companies in the UK hire out toyota or honda?
What kind of car would you recommend with good mpg?
can i get photos for Hyundi bus for sale?
Is the Toyota Tundra a good truck?
Is this a good price for a 2011 Honda Accord Coupe?
2001 cavalier vs 2005/07 PT cruiser?
Cadillac or BMW?
when selling a car, does the seller need to get a smog check, or the buyer.?
im buying a lincoln mark 8?
Just bought a used van, found water damage, How can I return it?
We're trying to decide whether or not to buy GAP coverage with a vehicle purchase?
What's the best way to give my sister a car to minimize the fees/taxes she must pay (we live in CA)?
Looking for a car online and need to know (thank you)?
What is the best small car to buy?
How many car payments can I miss without having my car repossessed?
what are some brands of trucks that you recormend for a teenage girl?
i want to buy a maruti baleno car .is it a good buy?
need a car?
From the following list, which would be the next car you 'd buy, and briefly explain why? (assume '06 model)?
is this a good carfax report? plz help i really like this car?
Help me out in buying a new car!?
How do i get a coborrower off a car loan?
What is the mileage of Volkswagen Rocktan in petrol variant?
how much is a1997 chevrolet worth know a days?
I want to buy an Indica car. Shall we buy it now?
Chevrolet Camaro 2009?
seller wont produce a title..what can i do?
what are the odds of a car dealer dropping the price almost $900 on a car?
I need to sell a Winnebago where do I find a book price?
I need help buying parts?
Is the internet helpful when shopping for an automobile?
Where can I buy body kits in Georgia?
Should I get a Lawyer?
Do you think new cars are way over priced?
Trading camaro and truck?
which car is best in 3 to 3.50 lacks?
What kind of car would you suggest for someone that is a college student???
when can a company repossess a car in Texas? Does it have to be just one late payment? Or other factors?
Signing a Car over to another person?
1994 Convertible Mustang Price?
which colour of car is ideal?
Please vote which supercar?
How can I get a Renault Clio into the US?
ideal FOUR DOOR first car?
Who helped create trade routes for ancient Greece?
What's a good first car for a teenager?
What should my first car be?
Good first car for $1200 or less?
for my 20th birthday,my dad told me that he is giving me an open budget and can get any car i want! suggestion?
xylo or evalia or ertiga please suggest?
what does SUV stand for?
Can I get an auto loan if I'm 18?
i have a 2000 dodge dakota with about 84000 miles runs great looks great full warr need to sell lost job?
help me buy a car please?
Im looking at buying a nissan partol. both have dual fuel but one is 3L and the other is the 4.2L?
is this a good deal? 2006 Ford Fusion, mileage 67,000. Price $7000?
What is a lien?
Iam planning to purchase new Car?
Does this sound like a scam?
Can I trade in car that is paid for but is registered in someone elses name?
Is KIA Opirus a good chioce?
Would a car dealership sell a car out from under me if i was waiting for the loan?
How do I get my friend to pay me back?
what car do i hate?
scion xb trade or refinance?
What is a good, reliable, efficient car?
WHy are used jaguars so cheap?
Can I trade in a New 2006 car that I purchased on March 15th of this month already?
Easy Car Question...?
should i buy an imported car?
Hey I am looking for the clark list that is like e-bay. Does anyone know the URL?
place to buy cars cheap?
How do I transfer a Kentucky title over in a different state?
Whats the best color for Maruthi Ritz new model (VXi) ..i bukd one but yet confused with the color..?
whats a car........................?
vehicle with good gas mileage?
Do u often hear ppl say, 'I have a car but no one to drive me there' when they really wanna go somewhere ?
on a car lease return can I return the car with different tires?
looking for 1940 jeep converted to mini fire truck-?
i would like to buy a Honda city in spore.?
I want to get a cheaper car, but the loan is more than the value of the vehicle. What can I do?
What is a good SUV/small truck for college?
Guidance for buying first vehicle?
whats the best car to buy for under £2000?
I bought a used Saab in November from a private party. The car has had LOTS of problems since then. Can I sue?
Where can I find the best auto insurance?
im looking for a fast cheap car?
what is a good price for a brand new 2012 ford escape?
is a honda civic the best car for me right now for low fuel range and a vehicle that i can trust?
How many cars can you legally transfer in and out of your name per year in California. Does the state limit?
1999 Ford Mustang convertible top price?
with all the incentives for buying a new car can someone but a junky old car to trade in?
What kind of car should I buy?
I'm turning 18 and was wondering what i should have for my first car any ideas?
I purchased a vechicle without getting the title, is this a bad idea?
what is a good mileage range to look for while buying a used car?
im looking for how many 1968 sport satellite (plymouth) where produced in 1968?
17 horse power moter for sale in alabama?
Anyone heard of a COURTESY TRADE in auto industry?
Mini cooper? Should i get one?
What happens if you hide the vehicle that is to be repossessed?
first car for a 16 year old?
2007 Jeep Patriot or Honda Civic(sedan) which is hotter? which is cheaper?
Is it a good time to buy a hybrid? Or should I wait for the technology to get better?
What are the best to worst rebuild kits I can buy off ebay?
can i drive an untaxed car bouth at an auction?
which is bigger kia bicanto or suzuki alto?
I wana buy a 1969 camaro RS/SS coupe, how much would it cost appx.?
Looking for a project muscle car. best options?
Should I get a nicer-looking car or a nicer-running car?
Should I be concerned about buying a diesel truck with 220k miles on it?
when i would be able to get a new car....?
should i sell or trade in my car?
Buying an automobile through financing?
Good deal or something wrong?
how much should i sell this BMX for.?
VERY Random 1987 Lincoln question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this car "too old" for a 17 year old girl to drive...?
i am looking to get a car this income tax year any suggestions?
can i register my car with only the bill of sale. the title is coming in 2 weeks?
Is this a good deal on a eclipse?
Is This A Scam??? If so what are they about to do?
should i buy a 1994 handa accord??
legal rights on second hand car purchase?
Which car would the cheapest insurance (Civic ex (4dr) or Lancer ES)?
What would you pay for this truck?
how hard is it to sell an engine on ebay?
What i need to bring to the car dealer ?
Does anyone have a free car for me ?
I stay in Renton, Washington, US. I want to sell my used car.. Can you please suggest me how can i sell it..?
Bought a car out of state?
Is it better to buy a brand new, a pre-owned or lease a SUV hybrid? is a car selling company in australia, what do they sell?
when you are looking for a car and it says 1/2 ford mustang...what does that mean?
if i buy used car, will the registration number change or stay the same ?
Give me reasons why it is better to buy either American cars or Japanese cars.?
Moped? scooter? under 50cc?
Which of these 3 used cars would be a better buy?
where can i buy center caps for 24'' u2-008 rims?
Is it illegal to sell a car that cannot pass emissions?
whats the best car in the world to buy?
I want to buy a Wily's left hand drive Jeep antique model (world war II)? can any of you help?
What would be an estimated price for 30% window tint for a 4 window car?
How do I buy a car out of state ?
Buying a new car, suggestions?
trying to buy used car with a credit score of 530?
where and how can I buy a car that has been repossessed car?
What is the price of Honda City V AT Sunroof. model....?
Is it possible to sell a vehicle that I'm currrently financing?
i need a car !!!?
Do you think $4000.00 is too much to ask for a 97 Ford Mustang?
Looking for a new Nice car?
what truck should i get?
I WANT VW DEALERSHIP,in my area how Do I get it?
I noticed carmax the used auto dealer has a lot of a cars that were previously rentals.?
Does anyone know a certified person in the Kansas City area who installs remote starters in a 05 Grand Pr ix?
I am trying to get a car, I was wondering if a 16 yr. old can get a loan ANYWHERE, and pay monthly?
I am looking for a mid-size car for a family of 4-5? It has to be Japanese and a reliable car?
How to negotiate w/car dealers?
What's this conspiracy with VW (amongst others) being 'reliable' cars?
Legal question: Dealer Car warranty question in NY?
Where should i look for a car thats safe and reliable and not a billion dollars??
How do I apply for a car loan?
how much money can i get for my FMF dirtbike exhaust?
What type of car is nice for a girl?
How do I sell a used car to a private person?
looking for 1964 chevy impala body in a junk yard?
Do you think having a sunroof in your car is a necessity?
Buying/Selling a used car on ebay?
X type jag ...which one to buy ?
My truck is paid off and I really want a certain new car. Should I sell while the resale value is high or ...?
does anyone drive the toyota aygo platinum if so whats it like thinkig of buying one?
Your estimate price for a 2008 Acura TL under (Total Loss)?
Should I buy a 1987 Pontiac Firebird for $2000? The car is in perfect condition inside and outside with 100k m?
Can I take my New car back if its not driving right? Ill answer yours too?
if you are selling a motorcycle to a person out of your state what do you do to sign it over to the resident?
sign car title over for a loan?
Is $7,000 too high for a 2002 Honda Civic with 94k miles? Fair condition.?
is there a web site fore bill gates new venture car (300miles + per gal) dealer ship is in orange county cal?
With poor credit, is getting a new car possible without getting screwed?
looking to buy a ford pinto wagon 1976-1979?
What's the best car you can get for 10,000?
What does a co-signer do if a car is repossed?
I want to purchase a scooty. please suggest, which colour should i take?
How can I tell what year a car is made?
I want to finance a used car, I live in NYC, WHAT?
Can I refniance my car loan?
In VA, is a dealer required to have a vehicle pass emision testing befor sale to consumer?
Can I get a loan to buy my car from my dad?
How much should a 1977 Corvette go for?
I apply for a car loan online and they ask me to deposit the downpayment before they ship the car?is it ok?
what is the best car for a 16 year old boy?
How do I find out what my car would be worth as a trade in??
Sporty cars that have a decent boot size?
how do you know if someone rolled back the odometer ?
Can I put down a 12 month car lease cost as expenses for my business?
Does it make more sense to buy a used car when you only drive 6-7K per year. I have been leasing and paying...
i need to buy a scooter for myself?
Is the car dealer cheating me? or Is this NORMAL!!!?
Is this a scam or not?
When you put zero down on car, do you still have to pay anything before driving away with it?
what was the movie where a guy is a used car saleman and takes a girl on a test drive in a saab...?
i want a new car but i'm new to this, does anyone know what is the most likely APR for a college kid?
What are a car buyers rights in Indiana?
my friend wants to rent a car under my name?
My parents are torn between a Honda Accord V-6, or a Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. Which do you suggest and why?
Anyone have ideas on how I can get rid of a car and get decent money for it?
which companies require cars on rental basis?
what to do when dealer sold me a car with a lien on it and he cant get the tags?
How much over book value can i sell my car for?
Which motorcycle looks better?
Does Enterprise Not Let You Rent Car Even Thought It Approved You On The Internet?
Looking for a place to buy/rent rollerbladers...?
I bought a car a month ago and now it has no heat,the stabilizers bars are broke and the dealer will not help?
I want to sell my Audi A4, where do I start?
I am looking for a tuner car but i am 6'4 and i only got 5g's what a good car?
How new does a car have to be to finance?
i am in need of two wheeler, iam working womnn, Please suggest me which one is better for me and my husband ?
why do i always find a spider in my car?
Okay i bought this truck and now i realize that the notes are to much and i 'am about 5,000 upside down on the
used chevy blazer for sale in nipigon ontario?
which car is better from these two?
1996 Ford Mustang question?
What is the best sports car for a 17 year old?
What is the gas mileage like on a Hyundai Tuscon?
dealer sold me a bad car!!?
Which Car Would Be Best For Me?
wants better a ford,toyota,chevy or dodge?
Which car should I get Mustang vs. Camaro?
i feel ashamed of son's act?
Why don't more people buy Corvette?
New car advise...which car is the best to buy new?
what is the most expensive thing you have ever brought?
Bourght car from private buyer as good run order. 3 days later garage-loose flywheel. can i claim off seller?
Parents gonna take my car?
i bought a car here in california a month ago and was scammed... how do i return it?
Best car to look for?
Need car experts on what car to buy! 18 year old - please help!?
Car trade in question?
How does leasing a car work?
Should I buy a new car while I am still living with my parents?
where can I find information about buying a used mahindra classic. I live in Bangalore, India?
I make 45,000 yrly i want a 2010 camaro ss, can i make the payments?
is a 2003 chevy tahoe with 138,000 miles a good deal for $7,000?
iam try to buy 2003 acura tl from NJ ?
First car help! 16 year old!?
Anyone have info on $400.00 wind screen available for C5 corv. are they worth the money? do they work?The scr
Question about buying a car from a private dealer....?
Do you think this car is that bad?
Which N/A car would you buy to later turbocharge?
What's the perfect car for me?
I'm selling a 1998 Nissan Maxima with 205,000 miles on it how much should i ask for it?
Question about car loans?
How to change the registered owner of a car which has a loan pending from HDFC Bank?
I have bought an X category vechile from a salvage company, what does this mean?
what kind of car to get?
What is the best used 4 x 4?
What are the compact rental options from enterprise besides the yaris or versa?
Looking for Lifted Trucks for sale websites. Not many options on Google. Where can I find them? I'm in Arizona?
Can you get a warranty when you lease a car?
What kind of car is for me?
Which one should i pick.?
What Car is better. ?
I need someone to give me a
what is a mechanic's lien???
Can I take my suv out of Florida while still making payments?
17 year old male, best first car, 50k limit?? Looking at the new 335i?
Anyone sell using a consignment dealer?
which is the best car to buy in 1 lac rupees ( I am Living in Hyderabad A.P (INDIA))?
if i were going to BUY a CAR, about how much should i expect the dealership to go down on the price?
How much are the stepping boards to a truck worth?
Would you buy a car from ray skillman?
Is this a good deal on a Prius?
What should my first car be?
I am looking for a car or truck for $100.00 a month and little or no money down, less than perfect credit?
Civic hatchback vs. Yaris hatchback?
Good car for about $11,000?
i have henry j car parts for sale!?
Help!!!This is for anyone with legal knowledge regarding consumer rights...?
Is chartreuse a nice color for a car?
Good first car?
I need help?
What kind of car should I get? (16 year old)?
I need to sell my Toyota Camry to pay off loan. New buyer should have title asap... what do I do?
Why is it so easy to get a used car?
Which is the best family car?
Wanting to buy a truck but don't know what kind? Just not a ford.?
Should I purchase this 2002 Mitsubishi Lance OZ Rally Edition car with only 34K miles?
Is $9,300 too much for a used 2000 Mercedes?
question about the car dealers world?
How can i loan money to buy a car?
i sold my car for gas money,?
What car should i get i don't want to spend a lot ha....?
Should I consider making an offer for this car?
Best car (2nd hand!) for under £500?
Will a 1999 evo fit into a 1976 flh?
where can i buy an afforable car in los angeles california?
can u buy a car in pennies?
I amprimary on car loan with x on loan ,her name is on title Can I take car from her she is 2 payments behind?
Camaro vs Firebird in snow?
Bought car, Guy lied about mileage...?
Looking for my first car? Need some suggestions.?
how much would a 1953 Chevy Bel air in good condition sell for 4 Dr?
Who has some money I want some cash! I need an old car! i have insureace money but not car cash?
2000 V40 for $5000... Interior terrible and strange noise coming from front left tire/axle (not car savvy)...?
I Owe Money On My Car, But I Want To Sell It?
what are some cars that look like the gt 3000, and/or what are some 2door cars that get 25+M.P.G citiy?
is their a way to get a loan to buy a car off of ebay?
What is a good car for me (mainly for university)?
What should i go with?
Could I get a good deal on a new vehicle?
Does any one know how much xbox360 is worth I want to sell it for about 125 to 150? Does any want to buy it? ?
I want to know the prices of Hyundai cars in Yemen?
transferring/gift your car to someone?
Repossed vehichle?
What is the first car/vehicle you ever owned?
What cars have best performance + looks, for between $18K-$30K. I want something not much can keep up with.?
should I give a car dealer a deposit in check or credit card form?
is it the best time to buy new car?
looking to buy a used car.....?
Any advice for financing a new car?
anyone know where to get a easy approved in house auto loan other than bank.?
What's a good small car below $20,000?
honda civic 2000 hatchback or acura rsx 2004?
Can you order a car from a dealer any more?
Where can i rent a stick shift car?
When shopping for a new or used car, Whats the #1 thing that irratates you ?
I have paid half of my car and they are trying to take it back!!!!!! Dont know what to do. help!?
Cars that are the best and not so hot?
I need help with my car.?
Volvo S60 or Mercedes Benz E300 Diesel?
Want to buy a car - what are my chances/options with my situation.?
How much should I sell my 92 lumina four door for a fair price?
I want to buy a high end smarphone,my budget is 16000rs,can you please suggest me some?
Where can I buy a 1998 Manual transmission Honda Civic within 150 mile radius of Bolivar Missouri?
How do I find a good Ford Mondeo st200?
What's the oldest version of a Scion TC?
How much would you price this car at?
How much should I sell my car for?
how long will it take to have flying cars?
used car buying help.?
whats a good name for my car?
What car should I take? (Details on which cars inside)?
what car would be right for me?
What is resale value of maruti swift?
Would this car be a good deal?
CAR PEOPLE!! How Much is aFord Mustang 03 197,000 miles Worth?
bartering e-sites?
Getting the tittle to a car?
Pulsar 220f blue or red colour..?
Is buying a new car a good idea?
what is your favorite vehicle of all?
what are the cons of buying a former taxi or rental?
so this probably wouldnt happen in reality but im looking for a first car and wanting a used car?
Highest mileage on any car you owned?
what is the most spacious six passenger vehicle?
Besr Buy pre-order question (arrival)?
Is 50000 miles a lot for a car?
Where can I find the invoice price of a new car?
I gave my suppose to b friend 5 thousand dollars to get me a car from the auction this was feb ?
hi . in u.k where can i buy an ambulance from ?
Can i buy a decent car for around $3,000?
Parents sold old car :(?
How can i get a loan with horrible credit.?
Will my delivery come on tuesday 9/5/12?
i need a new car... affordable, reliable, non-american, small (sedan or coupe) any suggestions? (2006+ models)
what car should i get?
how much is an x-7 super mini bike?
What color should I purchase my Lexus430 in and why?
New Truck: Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado 1500? Durability?
my husband wants to sell his truck..?
Sold car buyer now wants refund?
Which one of these cars should I get?
what car is this?????????????
What does a spoiler in the back of the car do?
Can I afford this car?
whats the best car for a new driver to start in?
What make and model cars are the most reliable around 4000 dollar range?
What do you think about me getting this car as a 1st car?
looking for a sports car with my reenlistment bonus?
Did I make a good offer?
Is my car a lemon car?
whats the best deal for a car loan?
do i have to unwind my car deal?
First time car for daughter?
What are some lightweight 20hp (or around 20hp) engines and where can i buy them? weight is very important?
Is it a good idea to buy a car from a repo dealer?
Private dealers vs Public dealers which is better?
which LPG Volvo is best to own & drive?
i need help thinking about cars?
I want to buy a new car which one is better Honda-Civic or Toyota-Yaris?
will used car places take new cars as trade ins?
What's an ideal first car?
is paying $45.95 monthly for a high speed internet reasonable?alternatives?
If I want to sell my car.......?
What is a program car?
When buying a new car...?
I'm 19, n what's da most comfortable sedans which is easy to drive for going to collage as i'm a teenagers?
I'm selling my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee for 16,000 or payoff/take over payments. any takers?
I am looking to buy a 1977 trans am, where should I look?
is the Lincoln navigator L better than the Chevy suburban?
Buying a Ford Taurus?
why they design out new new programmes & things ?
What cars should I buy if I have $5000 to $6000 a month??
Whats the best sprots car?
is there a place on the internet whare you can go for free to see if someone is wanting to buy things?
Standard Volvo V50? Or do I have to get the turbo?
How can you budget your money well?
what is a good reliable first car?
Which car do you think looks better ?
Scary dream about a car ride in the backseat?
In australia the selling of car parts is called a swapmeet what does canada call it?
Can you buy a car if you only have a permit, in Ohio?
If someone signs a receipt for a car, with a phony name Can they still get the car?
where can i find a smart fortwo pure for under $15,000?
Is this a good price for this vette?
Just purchased 2003 Infiniti G35 it already has some problems?
anyone selling a 240sx near monroe, ny.?
What are your tips for saving up for a used car? How much should I save?
Should I buy a Pontiac Solstice?
Does this sound like a decent $5,400 car?
I just found out my car loan was not approved. The bank informed me they sent the document a month ago.?
Selling my car privately?
A 2001 mustang v8 or a 1999 pontiac trans am?
What was the year teenagers were first allowed to own a car?
Which car should i get?
where is the best place to sell a vehicle quickly?
will adding HIDS void warranty, against lease agreement?
i havenot a car but i need it what can i do?
buying price for 1970 vw bug?
Should I buy a newer car?
where do i find repairable semi trucks?
First car, for a first time car buyer?
where can I buy used cars in hong kong?
Whats the best car to buy, Automatic or normal car ? do they differ in price ? thanks?
So can I get a car for $1000?
Does this car ad sound really fishy/phoney?
in calif. i bought a used car from a dealer with exp. reg.I got a white temp. paper.When does it exp.?
I need suggestions of buying a new car.?
Why do car dealerships insist on knowing the full payoff before evaluating your trade-in?
Looking for first car ideas please.?
Are these prices for a set of rims or individual rims?
Risk of buying a car from auction?
Anyone know what I should do to buy a car right now?
I earn about 1500 a month and i want to but a car that cost 41000 with a monthly payment of 338?
where can i get a cheap car to buy?
What is the procedure for selling my car?
how to solve a lien off a car I already bought?
Is my family middle class?
Buying a car in the states and bringing it back to canada.?
What do you think of this offer?
buying a car with cash?
Why are women usually tricked by car salesmen?
I want to tune up a two door smaller car, what top three cars would you choose?
How much should a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee be worth as a trade in?
How much will my '92 Chevy Van sell for?
which is better car renault duster or mahindra scorpio coz i want to buy in month?
What is a good Christmas gift for a husband that has everything?
Give me ure real Feedback Please?
At what age can you legally be the registered owner of a car in the uk?
is this a good buy what yall think?
Will the DMV really sell information about cars?
I swear people are stupid on here, looking for a sports car with a V8.?
Any owners of Chrysler 300 (Limited or C) care to comment on satisfaction/reliability/performance?
Should I buy a Toyota or Mustang?
selling a car by tourist?
i just sold my car "as is" now the girl wants to sue?
what type of car is this?
what car should i buy?
All this talk about Hybrid cars. Aren't they hard to find? If a dealer would have them lined up on his lot
Whats the value of my dads 1989 S10 durango V6 4.3 inj. short bed truck?
What kind of car would you recommend for a 17-year old?
where can i get a car loan from?
What is a good, inexpensive car that has great gas mileage?
Im thinking about a car and have a few options around 10k and down?
Is there any website that compare different prices on items instead of car insurance etc?
Can anyone find me a link to the new Chevrolet commercial with the little girl singing in the car?
I need info on a car for sale?
Is leasing an auto like rent-to-own?
does anyone out there have a Kia Sportage?
Can I use a car loan to pay the ?
how do i get prices for used travel trailers/5wheels to compare with potential buys in my local paper?
How much will a car depreciate in value over a year?
Does anyone have an El Camino for sale? Do you like them as much as I?
When will the new Chevy Camero be avail to the public?
can anybody tell me where i would be able to buy a set of car seat covers with a welsh dragon logo on.?
Can you import an Evo 8 to Canada now?!?
new car buyer info needed.?
Camaro 2lt vs genesis 3.8 vs 370z?
Is 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds good for an SUV?
Which Car? Japanese of British?
donating my car to charity?
how much to put this truck in our name?
First vehicle for 18-year-old girl?
wheres the best place to look for a used car?
"Year End Events" and trade-ins?
where can i get the best bargains on used cars in tri state area?
Where can buy the Schneider PLCs?
Am learning to drive and want to buy an automatic car, does any one know who makes a small car, in auto,?
i cannot afford the hire purchase payments on a recently purchased car.can i take it back to the dealer ?
Husband leased a car, he died, I was told to return the car they keep calling for payment what do I do?
Do you think the 2010 Honda Insight is a dud?
where to buy a decent car for a 17 year old? at a decent price?
What is a good convertible its for my wife birthday?
I cosigned on a loan for my son to help him get a car?
Why can't we buy small pickups with diesel engines in the U.S. like back in the early 80s?
I'm 15 and i want to be able to make 6,000 $ in 9 months to buy a used car. Wat would be the best job to do?
I'm looking for the horse power on a 1996 CAT 525 log skidder?
Do you think a 1998 Saturn SL is a good car?
Whats a good car to get?
Is that true about new cars?
I am trying to find a car for my son, any advice of what i should get him?
Can you get your money back for a car sold by a private seller?
Where can i find a cheap used car?
Is this worth the buy (First Car)?
What is the Ohio documenation fee when purchasing a new car at a dealer?
wear can i get a 1969 dodge charger close to me i arkansas?
what car do you drive and are you happy with it?
Can I be a car salesman?
im thinking about buying a mitsubishi?
Will I be approved for auto refinancing?
Which $4000 car would you purchase.... Honda or BMW?
How can you get a hold of The Better Business Buearu?
what car should i get for my birthday?
A car place that accepts Really bad credit!?
car is not working please help?
What should I do about this situation from a car dealership regarding my contract?
if i wanted to buy my first car???
Where can I place an ad to sell my car for free?
2006 Subaru Impreza STi or Nissan Skyline GTR R34?
Does anyone have the Mazda 3 ? what about the 5 door ? what are ur likes and dislikes ?
I'm thinking of trading in my SUV for a car w/ better gas mileage any nice looking cars with good gas mileage
Should I keep the car or get another one for college?
Do most dealerships offer down payments on cars?
i am looking for a good hatchback car, i am beginner i have chosen the i20 is it the best car that i can ha?
How old do you have to be to buy a used car from a private party?
I'm nearly sixteen and I am thinking of saving up for a car?
How much do you earn per year and what type of car do you drive?
What is the most expensive production vehicle on the market and how much is it?
I am financing a 2 year old car that I can no longer afford (I lost my job). Can I give the car back?
what is the best web site for left hand german cars in japan ?
What do you do if someone ask if you would like to sell your car?
how many miles does a mazda go till it dies?
Cant decide what to buy?
my boyfriend just got a new car its BMW.What should i get him for Christmas?
What's A Good Used Car To Buy For A Teen Driver?
How much would you pay for this car?
Should I sell car before the bills get worse?
What is a good car for a guy that is 7500 and under?
What do you think of the Ford Escape hybrid?
Getting a new car and need advice!?
Should i get an eclipse, celica, or tiburon?
What is your favorite car?
What would be the most powerful, fast, but cheap compact (or midsize) car under 15,000?
does a 2001 bmw 3.0i have xeon lights factory?
If you could choose one of these cars....?
Which Car should I buy Toyota RAV or Honda CR-V?
how much is a 1996 honda civic hatchback automatic worth?
How reliable are kia spectras '06?
How tall should you be to drive a range rover?
What are the Top 10 Questions you would ask if you were buying a new car?
What are the best automobile manufactorers in terms of durableness?
how can I find out if a digital odometer has been rolled back ?
If I drove 5000 miles at 3000 rpm what's the total of rpm used.?
What car will I be able to get for about 200 dollars a month?
Want to buy car with cash but want to build credit?
Mercedes E class or BMW 5 class?
when you buy a car in california from an owner do u need the pink slip AND car registration?
What car shall i buy first?
First car choice for 17 year old?
Corvallis, Oregon Looking for a used Car!?
Whats the best people carrier?
what kind of car should i get for my sweet 16?
how much is my 1992 dodge datona es worth if i sell it in japan ,and how do i sell it to japan?
what does this mean?...October Sale: $19.95 USD ( £12.25 GBP | €13.88 Euro )?
Where in Missouri is a car dealership with 89 down 89 a month?
I'm looking for Robert Garfield. He owned a Corvette dealership in Ajax, ON, Canada. Do you know where he is?
Which car is better to get?
what was ur first car??????
What should my credit score be to get a truck and paying half down?
What do you think of this first car ?
Where can I buy a shelby cobra kit car?
what car?....10 points 4 best answer?
Where can I buy an inexpensive but dependable car in Northeast Louisiana??
Where can i buy a cheap reliable car?
..what diesel car should i buy...Swift,i20...or anyother in this range??keeping im mind the mantainence?
Should I get a Nissan Altima?
where can i find a comppany and or foundation that will by my car?
Car ideas for under 45k HELP?
What are the conditions for swapping a Honda Financial Services car lease?
I want a HUMMER H2 for for my first car. Am I crazy/unreasonable? How can I save for one?
Transferring Loan Payment from one car to another.?
Can you lease a car without interest?
what kind of car would you get a teen if you have up to $100,000 to spend.?
Know any good cheap classic cars?
i want to buy a second-hand car for college. i have a budget of about $10,000. plz give some suggestions.?
What would the best car be under 25000?
Anyone know if Carcraft are still doing their scrappage scheme?
Should I buy new car before my registration expires for my current car to not have to pay renewal fee?
how much should i sell my ipod for on craigs list?
What does the seller of a car have to do to finalize the transaction?
What is a good SUV for me?
Cheap Toyota's anybody?
do american cars have KM and MILES speedometer?
I am a first time female car buyer - can you give me some advise that will keep the car sales people?
is this a good first car ?
What is a good car for a recent college grad?
which motorycle to buy?
Would it be a bad idea to buy a new truck now?
MEN I need some help???
what is a good mileage for a used car?
Should i do it? Buy a car at 16?
Best alto saxophone make to buy?
BMW 850i or Jaguar XJ XJS?
I'm getting my first car, i'm a teenager, what should i get?
Which car to buy in India?
Moving from atlanta to minnesota in a few months and I have some furniture. Is it better to move them or sell.
What is Wrong with My Car??? Please Help?
Wnna rent/buy race car ???
do they still sell the sidekick lx 2007?! if so where do they sell it & how much are they?
Which car would you choose: 2003 Nissan Altima or 2003 Toyota Camry?
how much should i pay for a new 08 tahoe LT1? sticker price42,000/incovice36,000+2000 rebate.?
Need help buying a used vehicle..?
Do you think this car looks like an old person would drive it?
Is anyone interested in buying a Rodeo Izusu, 97?
Used 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI worth to buy?
What is the process of selling a car privately if the bank has the title?
I'm looking for the website for The Trading Times Newspaper?
should i buy an Audi A6 or a Corvette?
When I leased my last car, the monthly payment went up about $60, is this normal?
What is the best first car?
At $8.00/hr. How long would it take to pay off a $21,000 car?
What car should I get?
I'm 16 and I want to purchase my first car..the only problem is i need $7000 at least?
how much should I sell my Honda civic 02 with a messed up transmission?
how much should i sell my macbook for?
Can I trade a car in that I am still paying off, out of state?
Can I Buy A Truck In The US And Get It Sent To Mexico?
What is the highest amount you would pay for this car?
what documents is needed to co-sign for a car?
Which car should I buy out of these two?
Best SUV for a growing family?
What type of selling skills would I need as a car salesperson ?
what to do if I want to buy a new car but I love my current car so much, also I can't keep two cars with me?
why should one lease a car instead of buying it?
am i over paying for this 2006 car?
the dealership has to fix my mustang?
i have to know now should i buy an 83 suburban with a new crate motor that has 15,000 miles 1300$?
does anyone know where i can find the spoiler on this car ive been looking forever but dont know the part na
I am in the market for a new car, and I would love to get some opinions and suggestions.?
Whats the deal with "YOUR JOB IS YOUR CREDIT" car dealers?
going to look at a car tom, any advice ?
How does leasing a car work?
Is it better to have car polished?
why should I buy a Toyota Sienna instead of a Honda Odyesse?
Luxurious Female Teen Car?
Why can we buy ferrari cars?
How much horse does a 1.6 vtec get with chip?
What would be a good fast car? for $20,000 and under?
I'm Looking to buy a truck?
What car should i buy?
What do you prefer? 2005 Mustang GT or 2011 Camaro RS (V6)?
Need SERIOUS help picking a car!!!?
My starter went on my car im wondering where i could get one and how much about it would be?
What do YOU think this car is worth?
I have $35,000 to spend on a car and I'm 23, what kind of car should I buy?
What is suv, muv, seden, hatchback cars, its vary......?
Im buying Nittolegends Account Good 1 for 20$ Credit Card If any 1 has 1 for sale Let me no.?
how does a person go about obtaining their car dealers license/certificate?
What is a better car the Dodge Avenger or Nissan 240SX?
Do you know about THIS African scam?
I have a 2000 impala and i know its not a sports car but what mods can i do to increase performance?
Do you need a license to buy a car?
Is a Mini Cooper hard top a good choice for my first car?
Me and my wife went to buy a car and agreed with a dealer to buy it?
Where could I get free or very cheap used bicycles in Holland or other countries?
what is the name of the place that help repairing your car?
Cars with luxury and big boot?
I want to locate people interestested in buying my 1964 Willys (JEEP) PICK-UP Could some one let me know how?
First car for teen under 9k?
Cars similar to Mini Cooper and fiat?
How can I finance two cars?
What car is best on gas mileage?
Do I own my car?
Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Liberty...Which is better?
When I bought my car...?
what car should i get?
Buying long distance car?
Car with decent gas mileage and luxury interior?
Is the tow yard supposed to contact the lien holder?
How much is a La Salle 3 speed Transmission worth..?
Can you recommend a reliable small car?
funny names for a car bodywork business?
Am I getting a good lease deal?
how much does a good used car sell for?
Where can I buy a car for less than £100 in yorkshire?
93 porche,same model as the one is 80,000 now,How much a 93 would cost?
cars from following i should buy?
Which is a better car MarutiSuzuki SX4 or Fiat Linea?
Bill of sale okay in AZ for vehicle purchase?
any good sources/articles/books on questions for buying a new/used car?
What is the expected launch date of Audi A3?
Is it bad to pay off a car early?
How much taxes do I have to pay on a 2000 Honda Accord EX?
69 mustang fastback or 69 camaro?
*10 points to the best* Best car site?
would anyone reccomend buying a nissan sentra se-r spec v? are they nice? quick? fast?
I just sold my
should i buy a USED car or lease ?
Looking to Buy a Used Volkswagen?
Is the Nissan Xterra a reliable SUV?
i just got charged 280 dollars yes 280 dollars for 1 ball joint replacement on my car is that ridicolous or wh?
Where can I find a salvage supra?
what car should i get?
How should I get my financed motorcylce back from this person??!!?
Can i sell my car under my granpas name?
I want to buy maruti alto K10 LXi?
Is a transformer sticker weird to put on your car?
What kind of leverage do I have when paying CASH for a new vehicle?
What's the most badass car I could buy for $5000?
How much is this car worth?
Hi guys, I am looking to buy a car and wanted to get a £1500, but I have bad credit history due to being a?
diesel or petrol?
Should I buy Car which I know has been Crashed? PLEASE HELP?
How much would a jagur 2005 cost if it does not start up?
Is it worth rebuilding?
How to make lots of cash buy sale used car parts?
What is the perfect first car?
Whats the best car for 45000 dollars?
First Car for an enthusiast!?
Do you think UPS has a reliable delivery service?
Can you buy a new car at a dealership if you have no credit but aslong as someone co-signs?
WhO selling a car for 300?
Fun cars like a dune buggy?
if i were looking to buy a pick-up truck which should i get?
reposed cars?
Does the sticker price on the window of a new car tell you what the dealership paid for the vehicle?
Trying to buy a car, can't afford to pay for one?
How can I report the car scammers?
High milage new car advice?
mercedes benz clk 500 or mustang gt?
Is it better to have more miles on your car or less?
can you tell me a website that sells used cars in united states near new york or washington ?
Selling my car to a private, but he wants to lease.?
Where can i buy a used car for $1500 to $3000?
In June I had my car repoed.?
Briana bought a car for $3000 and sold it for a 40% loss how much did she sell it for?
how much would a 79 ford 300 block inline 6 be worth?
how long is the 2007 audi car A4 ???? and the Audi 2 door convertible?
I need a vehicle ranging from $ 1,000 dollars or less where can I find it with pictures??
What kind of car should i get?
Questions about buying a car?
Would you buy a $1 coke at a garage sale?
Reliable used car or truck?
which is the suv in indian market that gives a mileage of more than 14km/l ?
What's a good SUV with 4x4 or AWD?!?
what should i name my car ?
What car should he get?