Car Buying

Idea first car???????????
What does this pump sell for resale?Berkeley PumpModel#B67PO?
Looking for a used toyota corolla 2003-2006 low miles in southren ca. e/mail
Which car u prefer to buy? BMW or Peugeot or Honda, for family uses? Or u have other choices?
Getting A BMW At Age 18 What Do You Think And How Long Will It Last?
Does anyone know where to get classic car insurance for under 25's?
I'm turning 16 and looking for a car! Any ideas what I should get?
Mini vs Mini S (manual transmission)?
what should i put on my car when it snows?
Oldsmobile Cutlass in Chattanooga, TN for sale?
If I buy a car from the dealer, will straight piping void the warranty?
wheres the best place to buy a car, apart from ebay or autotrader?
What should I buy with $1000?
I should buy iPhone 4 or htc one x?
Where To Buy Replica Firearms?
Can I afford a 2006 Honda Civic?
Buying a car - what to offer?
Which car would you rather have 2008 BMW 335xi or 2006 BMW 530xi?
What is a good car to upgrade?
what is the right auto for me?
I want to Buy a hatchback car for indian road.Like Ford Figo/Spark etc Buget is around 5 laks?
I'm thinking of getting a new car. Any suggestions?
Where can i buy a car for a cheep price?
how much custom duty i have to pay on importing a car of worth $50000?
Peterbilt 351 double long nose ?
Any drawbacks of turbocharging?
Which car would be the better choice?
What color car should I get???
I want to sell a tractor in France. It's a Renault N72 but I have no cart grise can i still sell it & how?
Best car for me? Suggestions?
Where should i get my car?
How much is this car worth?
What car dealership has a sell going on?
Is it better to buy a new car, slightly used, used or lease?
What was your first car?
Which of these cars is the better one?
What are some things I need to do when buying a used car?
I would like to buy a Honda Civic 1.8 VTI-S. Should I go ahead?
how do you get your car back if it was repossessed by a title loan place?
What is the fastest car can i buy for 25,000?
Wich is better a 2002 SAAB 9-3 with 135K miles for 5200$ or a 2002 Toyota Corolla CE with 82K miles for 6300$?
how do i begin the process of getting a new car?
Thinking to purchase Dzire VDi, Yours opinion?
what a good car to get?
where to buy new corvertte with mid 60's body style?
i want to buy zen car ( old one ) in good condition .....plz help me.... :)?
what kind of gas milage does a 96 saab 900S get?
When A Car Gets Repo'd, What Happens to Your Belongings???
What is the minunmum credit score required to lease a vehicle?
What kind of vehicle should I get?
im looking for a cheap cars that runs goog for $300-$750, yrs. 1990-1995 PlEASE HELP?
What are my rights with my used car? The dealership wants it back after 13 days.?
When a car dealer says the need a check stub does it have to be on check paper?
What used car should I buy?
Name that car? What does 0 to 60 in 4.0. has 240 hp. and gets 135 miles per gallon?
What cars could I be overlooking?
Is this car trade possible? Easy points.?
how to check if a car has a belt or chain? vW?
When you work at a car dealership do they give you cars?
what kind of car should i get?
Is it true people who drive minivans are married w/ kids? What other reasons would one own a minivan?
What type of motorcycle should i buy?
What second hand car should I buy for around £3k?
miss old car now have to get a new one asap?
Is a 1994 BMW 740i even with a lot of custom work done to it worth 10,000 euro?
Question about buying a car?
What is a good first car?
Do girls like pickup trucks or big dump/flatbed trucks better?
Does anybody know what a 1967 Mustang fastback GT would be worth?
how do i get $100000 when im 16 for my '64 impala (FYI im 13)?
cheap car!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!! help!?
Is a 16 year old getting a 2003 viper a good or bad idea besides the fact of wrecking it or insurance?
should i buy this car ??? 2004 chevy tahoe 88,000 miles on it?
What car is better to buy?
if i buy a new car via europe, rather than a uk dealer, will it effect the price when I sell it?
where can i purchase a Lamborghini online?
what is a good price to pay for a second-hand Honda Civic?
I need a quick mid sized sedan?
How much would a turbo cost me?
Does any one Know how expensive it is to obtain a Dealers Surety Bond for a used car lot in the Golden State?
Where do I find a great deal on a car?
What is the best car?
average cost's of car modification labor?
What should i get for my Crx???????
This guy wants 5000 for his 96 impala, is it worth it?
what is the diff. between the french made peugeot 206 and the iranian one made by iran khodro?
repossesed cars for sale?
If you had a choice, which of these cars would you buy?
Is there any car on earth that is better than a toyota prius?
Can anyone recommend a good used car for a growing family?
Cars that resemble Toyota Corollas/Honda Civics in design and shape?
wanna get rid of my car....?
which car should i get?
buying a new car online but dealer is refusing to give me vin number until i sign bill of sale, is this right?
My lease on my 2000 Durango is about up. Im thinking about keeping it how much should I offer for it.?
need to find a car lot in chespeak that start with the letter c..can u help?
If u could have a car pop up in ur drive way for free what would u want?
Where can I find a colored car bra(pink) for a Honda?
Which car would you pick?
Should I buy this car (2002 Saturn L Series)?
Would you rather have the RX-8 or Range Rover?
Whos the best Japanses luxury brand maker (Lexus, Infiniti, or Acura)?
Obtaining a copy of a lien for a car?
which car is better aveo or dzire?
Is the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord more reliable --Like a 1993 or 1995 model of each?
Best 1st car for 16 yearold boy?
Is this guy trying to deceive me?
Drive out price of $36,900 for a 2012 Nissan Maxima SV with Premium and tech Package. Is that a good price?
Do I still have to pay if I voluntarily repo my truck?
What Kind of sports car can i get with $6,000?
Is this site legit ( ? They sure have some nice car deals !?
whats a good small car?
i want 2 buy a car,any ideas?
iam try to buy 2004 nissan altima 2.5S $4500?
Sold my car and they still owe me $1200 and I owe them title, HELP!?
I'm 23 and getting a new car as a gift what should I get it has to be under 20,000?
how to get real car dealer's invoice costs with holdback and incentives ?
How much does an F1 car cost?
how do you find out who the lein holder is on a car title?
what's a good first car?
how much a porche 2005 in best color cost in USA?
I bought a car from a private seller,?
Looking for different types of classic sports cars?
where is the best deal on suv's?
Financing a new car through the dealer?
what are my chances of getting approved for a car loan?
Selling my car - question about letting buyer test drive?
what is a auto loan?
toyota truck SR-5 2002?
What's an eBay vehicle Purchase Protection Program?
What are some good choices for a first car?
If my 10 year old car is running and almost paid for, should I get a new one just for a little more power?
Anyone who knows info about 2011-2012 hyundai sonata?
Frame Damage on lease turn in - no accidents or body damage?
do you think bmw are better than mercedes?
can anyone tell me where i can find old convertibles from 1968-1979 for a reasonable price? project cars okay.
Do salesmen really know what they are talking about when they are trying to sell you a car?
Is Monte Carlo or Charger faster?
australian answers only please: selling an unregistered car?
is a Polycarbonate Steel snow plow a good plow for a half ton pickup?
If i were to buy a 2005 mustang with 100k miles (around $5000) how long would it last?
If you have $4000 to buy a used car, what would you buy?(In N.Y)?
What suv is good on gas?
need to buy a ford escort estate 1.8 turbo diesle local were do i look?
please give me the price of latest model SCORPIO..(iclussive of all taxes)?
gas prices?
Best Scooty (unisex) under Rs.40,000 in India ?
just bought a brand new car and?
Buying a used car bad credit ?
how do i get info on 1950 dodge meadow brook?
i want a cheap good reliable camper van?
i just turned 16, how can show my parents that i am ready to drive & have a car?
How do I get new tags for my car..tricky sitiation?
What brand of automobile for handicapped has swiveling driver's seat for easy access?
Motorcycle title transfer?
where do i look to find dirt race cars for sale?
Good first car for 18 year old male ?
What do you think about having a pickup as a first car?
Is the internet helpful when shopping for an automobile?
How long does it take to receive documents from car dealer?
I would like to know the durability, comfort,economy and over all performance of Mitsubishi Space star 1.4 .?
what do you think the value of my truck is?
Should I sell my 67 Bus?
Buying A Car Imported From The States About 1-7 Days Ago?
80's-90's sleeper car?
buying a car?
Would you buy this car?
selling rav4 sport kijiji?
Question about Buying a car?
Where to i go to get a free vehichle report?
fun to drive cars under $7000?
Is it obligatory to have a small weener to own a bmw?
2008 Honda Civic vs 2011 Kia Forte EX (If you have a Forte, please reply!)?
Should I get a new or used car?
Honda Civic or Renault?
car title signed by owner and payment made in full then two days later reports car stolen.What will happen now?
Do you need experience to be a detailer at a dealership?
can you trade in a car that you just purchased a year ago and still have a loan on?
price of a used ford focus?
What is the cheapest way to get an electric car?
What's the best car for a student (UK)?
Used motorcycle in st.louis?
Whats the best people carrier?
I tried selling my car back in 2011, but the guy changed his mind?
what is a good reliable first car?
Used 04 Jetta KBB value?
Down payment for a car?
Why people have to judge so much?
Does a fixed water damaged car depreciate its value?
Has anyone used as they seem to have amazingly cheap prices?
Hot hatchbacks with good mpg?
What points to be taken into consideration whilepurchasing 2nd Hand Tata Indica and what couldbe the price?
hen buying a new car what price do you expect to pay mssp or invoice price?
Is there anyone trying to sell a decent car or pickup that runs??
Car Question please ?
Which car should I choose?
What should I name my car?
What should i get for my fist car?
What to do if I sold a motorcycle with Bill Of Sale, paid off lien, and now buyer cannot be contacted?
hybrid car??
iam looking for a chap car in lexington nc?
Should I trade my 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier for a 1993 Honda Prelude that is kind of a show car?
Can I sue a used car dealership for not returning my deposit?
Should I or Should I not? Help please.?
Whats a good first car for a guy, and fast and good price?
What is the process of buying a used car from a private seller in North Carolina?
i will have 5,000 dollars in a year should i trade my car then or wait longer i own a 1996 honda civic now?
How long do i have to return a car i bought from an owner not a dealer?
Is this PT Cruiser a good price?
Im looking for a car and i was wondering what cars are considered "chick cars" ???
Does Massachusetts Lemon law require the dealer to tow the car as well as fix it?
What to use to write for sale sign on car window?
would a 2005 Chrysler Sebring Convertible be a good 1st car?
If a car is written off is it gone for good?
What happens to all the cars auto dealers don't sell?
How do I pay for a used car out-of-town?
What truck should I get? Easy 10 points!?
Would you buy a used car from an auto dismantler?
i bought a car from a desist estate about 3 months ago and i just started pulling it apart for restoration?
Plz tell me Guys ! I'm gonna buy a Iphone 4s so please tell about iphone 4s?
who is selling rx8 rims for $500 rim and tire?
How much could i potentially sell my car for?
What is emissions override?
Help me pick my next car?
What's it worth, what would you pay for it?
going to look at a car tom, any advice ?
Need your advice for buying a car (luxury?)?
Does anyone know where you can purchase Borbet Type XL in Australia or who will sell to Australia from OS?
Repost, How much would you pay?!?!?
Where do I find blue book values for cars older than 1986?
i just bought a 2000 chevy camaro and theres no license plate holder can you buy them?
Which car? MB E350 Cabriolet vs Audi A5 Cabriolet vs BMW 328i Cabriolet?
can you return a car because you don't like it (mississippi)?
Can I haggle this used car down?
What is a cheap and reliable car?
if you could own any car, what color make and model would it be?
Looking to buy a used BMW?
Scrap Car Battires Help?
Which one do you think is better for a teen guy?
I have a £8000 budget to buy a car, what should I get?
What's the Best car to buy for $3000?
How much are new cars marked up from dealerships?
how much would it cost to do a transmission change on my automatic 95 dodge neon to a manual?
Should I buy a car now?
Why can't people sell their cars?
what's better front wheel or back wheel drive?
How to take a recently buyed car from the shop if previous owner owe them?
I want to buy a Vauxhall vectra 2.2 sxi triptronic auto but Iv been told a triptronic?
Teen looking for good first car?
Is it strange that a 20 year-old doesn't have a car?
car dealers in west tn.?
how do i buy a car for my dads birthday?
what is the name of the site that you can put the make and model of your car to see how the rims look?
When you buy a car and it is advertised as "Drive Away Price", what does this price include?
im getting a car i cant deside?
if i sold a car and something went wrong do they get a refund by law?
I live in new york and i wanna buy a 92 gtr should i get it as my first car?
Are used OR new car dealerships required to pay a fee to get a low-credit-score borrower financed?
im 6-2 235 and im looking to buy a used sport bike, wanted to know generally whats the bike with the most room?
What does mileage on a car reflect?
Car or compact SUV, but I really want a SUV?
i have 600watt PSU, UPS of what rating(VA) should i buy?
is ok to buy a car with high mileage?
What kind of Car/Truck would I need to get to go on my ultimate road trip with?
Help with Selling a used financed car with warranty?
Which are better?
A payment 15 days late goes to just interest only on an auto loan?
I bought a toyota camry SE 2012, Demo car (used for drive test) with $23,000 before tax, is that a good deal?
What car will last the longest (Km's)?
i went to doctors didn't see all fancy cars?
Where is the best place to buy a Motorhome/RV in IA?
whats a good price on a new car?
Help with a car for a teenager?
How much a Limosine cost?
I buy new car from gujarat tem Reg & first registratin in maharastra it is possiable?
what do you think about the vw rabbit?
How much would you price for a rusted el camino that cant drive?
How can I buy a sports car that is over $55,000?
Which color would be most good looking for pulsar 180?
looking for a used 2011 ford edge within a good price range?
what is a good used car to buy?
how much would a 2007 jaguar xk coupe or convertible cost in December 2012 or january 2013?
Best alto saxophone make to buy?
Of these cars which do you think would be the best...?
Anyone got a car going free that they dont want, and one that actually works, pretty please!?
how much would a second hand contessa be for , and i'm living in north india...?
when buyin a car,what is an APR, what does it stand for?
I want to trade my car that I owe payments on so I can get a used car that is less monthly than the car I own?
Are BMW's good cars??
can anyone tell me what tricks car salesman use when financing a car?
What car do you think a hardcore archaeologist/backpacker should drive?
Camaro or Challenger?
I live in Tahoe and want to sell my Pickup truck on consignment on a lot,but where?
Is MPG a good type of scooter? If not whats better.?
Municipal Plow Trucks for Sale?
i need a name for my car?
How to buy a used car?
Did I Get A Good Car?
Does this sound like a good car deal?
Are the Range Rover Sports reliable?
what to do when buying a bonded title car in ga?
Is there a possibility for equity on my leased vehicle?
I sold a car to a "friend" and they were too keep up paymants an registration now they don't want to
Will knowing a car salesman get me qualified for dealer financing?
what do u think of the brand new s-class of mercedes-benz cars?and e-class cars'quality is going down?
which engine should i put in a 66 mustang?
Possession Of Vehicle?
Would you rather have an older luxury car or a newer regular brand car?
i am 17 years old can i buy a car?
Can a car dealer buy and sell a car without both owner's signatures legally?
What should i buy with 50$?
Which bike should i buy ? Rs.70-80k..?
What risks are you taking by buying a salvaged titled car?
Value of my car?
Should I get a BMW 328is (e36)?
Is it worth the buy? Advice please?
Good lie about car trouble?
Dealership price vs used dealership price?
looking at buying a truck that can pull a 4 horse bumper pull?
Should i quit my full-time and part-time job to become a car salesman?
want to buy a beetle in dallas-fort worth area!!! willing to pay about 4500-5000?
is 200,000 miles bad on a car ?
Report a door ding on our cars?? Please help!?
My boyfriends took his truck through an automatic car wash and now he has severe scratches on the truck.?
how much Bajaj pulsar 150 CC non DTSi cost in 2003. What is the price now?
what is a better choice for a car? an 07 mustang for $9500 or an 05 ford 500 for $12000?
is buying your slightly used or used vehicle online better than buying from a dealership?
If you pay cash for a car, can you still pay a down payment?
how do i get a ferrari for a reasonable price?
1980 bmw 320 I pricing?
What is everyones favorite muscle car........... Please list one?
What van should I buy?
What do I need to get a motor dealers licence in NSW?
what dose this mean?
Does this car worth the money?
What is the name of this car?
Am I able to get out of a leased car so that I can get a car that is more affordable?
what is microdermabrazen?
Good first car for a 16 year old?
Im going to get my permit in 2yrs and saving for this car. Is it a good idea?
what will be the price of the new bajaj pulsar300cc?
What do car sellers do with the previous year models?
What is a fair price for a 2012 Honda Fit, base model?
wife came to the US on a managers work visa, wants to buy a car but cant get a loan. how do ppl do it?
CR England's lease option?
why do people buy expensive/"better" cars?
What car is more expensive, a Bentley or Rolls Royce?
Is this a scam on craigslist?
Where can i find a used car for sale?
Does original new car warranty cover if car is sent abroad?
How does a new camaro compare to old?
College student wanting to buy a vehicle with loan?
what do you call an old car that has never been used at all?
Which is better on ice 4x4 or AWD, Vehicle reccomedations?
anyone know were i can find old 76-79 dodge trucks cheap?
Is it possible to buy a decent car for under 5 thousand?
Can Anyone Give me The CSD prices of All Cars(especially Sedans)?
what's a good car to buy?
Pontiac G6?
Something special for dad!?
I put 500 dollars to hold a car, and I got it refunded from the car dealer. However, I dont see it in my bank?
Whats my budget for a car?
Best 1990-2000 small pick-up?
Honda Civic or Toyota Corrola? which one?
First car question??
Connecticut - Buy Here Pay Here Cars?
Any cars for sale in illinois?
Used mustang, bad idea?
I need suggestions on what car to get.?
why people say dont buy any car over 100,000?
subaru legacy or 2.5 rs or scion tc?
Has anyone bought a car from Carmax?
Any info on the 2012 Kia Soul?
I'm thinking of buying a International Harvester Scout II. Should I buy one?
What is VIN No.?
What are some good sporty/sport cars for under $16000?
why do european cars have a better feel and better performance, such as porsche/bmw/audi..../?
does any one know this?
Whats the best suv to buy?
is this is the right time to buy cars?
new car! help me figure out what to get!!!?
Best car for small business owner?
Do they make a v8 GTR?
I need a real answer please!!!?
i would like to know if i did a good buy?
what sounds better and is a better car nissan 350z or ford mustang???
A good name for my new car .. HELP ?!?
What is your favorite car of all time?
Which one is a better mustang or mercedes c230 coupe?
Do I need a selling permit in Illinois?
Higher APR for Private Party Car Purchase?
honda accord for sale in india vip number contact 9872000054?
on auto trader what do people mean when they say the price is 1500£ ?
Q&A for minivan owners...?
Blue Book Value For a 97' Grand Prix? Also Is 1100 Dollars high for one with 170000 miles on it?
I have a '90 Mustang GT convertible in good condition I want to get rid of, anyone know ballpark value?
alto 800 or hyundai eon?
Trying to talk a salesman down on an SUV HELP!!!?
Is this enough time to save for a car?
How do I get out of a lease with VW??
How valuable are the original papers for a classic car?
How to get a title for a vehicle?
Is buying a geo metro car worth it for the gas saving?
can you get financing for a used car with horrible credit?
Can some1 tel me how is sumo grande 2 car.?
i need new headlight and tail light lenses....?
how much should i sell my eos for?
How does a trade in work? What should I expect?
Should I buy an iPad 3 or PS Vita?
I am driving soon. what car should i get?
How much mileage is too much for a 2003 Saturn Vue?
Can I Get My Car Down Payment Back?
Does anyone want to buy our car, Real Bargain!?
Just turned 17....Car help??!!!?
not finish paying off my car should i trade it it?
negotiating the price of a car thats on sale?
Volvo V50 or Audi A4?
1998 olds intrigue?
BMW 3xx Series durability?
what's the maximum mileage for a brand new car purchase?
how can i start a bussiness?
how mush could i get for a 97 mazda peotege it has 120000 miles but runs great?
I am looking for a 1925 or newer Curtis Aerocar with trailor?
Can I change home loan lender?
Any Car recommendations?
What supercar should i get?
where an we buy seat belts?
help i accidently bought a limo .?
What type of car, not expensive, has good gas mileage?
What are some cars that are about the same speed and price of a mustang?
Can anyone please give me advice about my first vehicle decision? ?
If you put a deposit on a used vehicle and they tell you cant get financed or need a co-signer do you get dep?
To buy a car do I need a license?
When I sell my honda, is a used Volvo a good choice?
How much are new cars marked up from dealerships?
Should I trade in '06 Chevy Cobalt for a Pontiac?
Is there a way to buy a car for a really cheap price?
I'm looking for a toyota prerunner double cab..........under $5,000 near concord ca...please?
Should I buy a manual car when I don't know how to drive stick?
Bought a used car at dealer has been fixed 3 times and broken again lemon law?
What should I pay for a used car with high mileage?
How much would a brand new mustang convertable cost?
i want to purchase a vehical so please give my suitable colour of vehicle?
Should I have a quinceanera/it's the party or nothing I don't get a car I have to buy my own plz read all ?
Auto Trader offer from business man abroad, can he be trusted?
what's a good car for a single mom with twins?
advice on car payments?
What is a good small car to buy in Australia?
Can I export a vehicle to mexico with a VIN that starts with J?
What is the perfect car for a teenager?
when shoul a teenager get a car?
MITSUBISHI SHOGUN 1996 3ltr, 5 speed?
Why are used cars so expensive right now?
would you get an audi s5 or a mitsubishi evo x?
ANY1 interested in a 87TA only 14K miles?
SUV's? Buick Rainier??????
Down payment on car not returned?
Can i work in a car dealer?
Car buying problem...please help me decide!?
transfer of vehicle registration?
What is cheaper- a car or a truck?
What is a reliable car that goes 0-60 in under 7?
A car was paid for with a fake cashiers check to the car dealer the dealer gave up the title?
My wife always liked convertibles, I want to get a used one for our anniversary, any suggestions?
I want to buy a used car?
how much is my lil brothers boxcar worth?
can you gift a leased car?
how wold buy my ASA rims and fushion racing tiers?
Mercury Milan Good First Car?
Teenage girls and cars?
What is a good first car? Preferably an SUV?
i need a car under1000$?
Is the Volkswagen Jetta a good car for a 16yr old BOY?
Can someone help me to find?
Can I register my car to my home state while purchasing in another?
what is the process of buying a car?
does anyone own or know about nissan xterra's I am looking at buying one any suggestions pro or cons?
What is a good car to buy? USED !?
buying a product for 9 dollars and selling for fifty?
I am searching for a Austin 40 or Somerset Car, All type of helping suggestion are welcome?
Give me reasons why it is better to buy either American cars or Japanese cars.?
Can I trade in my car if it needs repair?
What is the most dependable car out there?
Who are the authorities against used automobile dealers?
Should I buy a manual car when I don't know how to drive stick?
Car Auction Help?
Sports car fit for a child?
Is it a good idea to buy your 1st car from a dealer?
I am having to buy a car for under £1000 as im a student-what would be best value?
what 4 door sedan acura,lexus,honda gets 40 mpg? or close to it?
I am interested in buying a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, buy a 4cyl or a V6 which should i buy and why thanks!?
Which one would you buy, a hybrid, an electric car, or a normal car? why?
I am looking for a second-hand automatic gearbox for my Ford Escort 1,6 1997?
Is this car worth it?
Has America made a really good car in the past 30 years?
volvo v70r awd value please?
Planning to buy a Small Car. Which should I buy? What is the criteria for choosing a car?
Selling my car, how much should I ask for?
What's the most badass car I could buy for $5000?
chevrolet car's dealers in lebanon?
Can I buy a car without having credit? I am 18?
Moving from atlanta to minnesota in a few months and I have some furniture. Is it better to move them or sell.
If a used car from a dealership is 13995 what would you estimate the down payment be?
Hurricane sandy delaying mail?
I lost my husband's car title and registration and he just bought it! What to do?
i need a car so i can get out and find a job what do i do?
I bought a motorcycle with a mexico title here in the US. Can I register it in IL?
Why do dealers like to rip people off all the time with cars?
I need to save up $4000 for a car and I have a job but I really want this car.?
what is the best heavy duty truck on the market (diesel)?
2006 Benz CLS500 or 2006 Range Rover sport?
I can't afford to keep the new car that I bought just eight months ago. What can I do?
What is a good fuel efficiency car?
Should I trade my 96 Z28 for a 99 V6 Camaro?
Vehicle Allowance or Company Vehicle?
Can a "certificate of destruction" or export only vehicle be titled in a foreign country but driven in the US?
I am a importer for ATVs, go carts, and pocket bikes how can i find out what my competition prices are?
Interesting car question...?
I dont know anything about cars. What those epa milage mean?
What are GM's income and credit score requirements to buy a new vehicle?
how old does a car have to be to be a classic?
Where can I get information on all the things I should check on a car before buying it?
Looking for stock symbol of dyna corp in automotive drive train axles based in Toledo Ohio?
Which car should I get?
If a flying car was 5 million dollars would u buy it?
Anyone selling a 2000 Toyota Celica in the Augusta, GA area?!?
Need help about a car A.S.A.P.??
Do I need a reference from my job to buy a car?
My dtr. wants to buy a used car, one that is good on gas mileage. Any ideas?
Which inverter i should buy?
How do you get the smell of a dead person out of a car?
What does California Emissions Compliant mean?
what is a 4.8 litre in the old canadian engine size?
New car with bad credit in Chicago?
selling a junk car in Florida?
can i buy a car using an ein number?
How far in advance should i look for my 1st car?
I bought a car on Saturday today is Monday I dont want the car NOW!!!?
where can I buy crusher wear liner which are branded with sadvik and metso.?
I have discovered the car I bought has outstanding finance?
Good first car (P plates)?
Should i buy an automatic 1999 Honda accord with 199K miles from trusted seller?
when i buy a motorcycle, is it best to get the loan at my bank? Or at the dealer?
How does one start a car dealership in New York?
i wont to import tire cold patches?
When comparing American, European and Japanese cars...?
Want to know value of classic car?
VW Beetle or Audi A3? What should one invest in?
What are all the holidays that car dealerships offer discounts?
Looking for a used car to buy in Simi Valley?
Should I save up for a new flat, or buy new car?
how do you find out if there is a ebay square trade agent by a name?
Where can I find the 'Blue Book' value of a 1993 Catalina, Coachman, 23' travel trailer?
give me as many cars as you want please.?
Should I buy a car if it has a problem with the transmission control module?
What new car would you buy off of this list?
Do we have to pay sales tax on a vehicle we never wanted?
Why is my dad trying to embarrass me when we go car shopping?
4.6 L toyota tundra any good?
mini cooper or bmw 1 series ?
Is an '02 Nissan Sentra with 110k miles a good investment for $3k?
Which car is the most reliable? and insurance wise.?
Why would there be a penalty for paying a car loan early?
Trying to find out if its get a car loan?
what color should i paint my car?
which is the best selling car in India?
Is a 99 Buick Regal a good car if i can get one for cheap?
Can someone with an unlimited Carfax account check out this VIN?
Out of state person buying car in NJ?
I want to buy a car within the range of 4-5 lacs ,which car should i opt for ?
What is better for offroad a Jeep Liberty or Jeep Grand cherokee???or is there something better for 30,000????
Is there any website that is like ebay, except that has used car parts?
What is a cheap and reliable car?
how much is a scion tc at an auction or other cars listed beloOw?
Hi... I have 3 choices for a used car -not sure which one?
advice on car please!!!?
Where to get a car for 300 dollars in KansasCity, Missouri?
Is this a lot of Miles for a car?
what to look for when buying a used car?
Nissan 300Z or Dodge Stratus RT Coupe?
Should i pay off my car or trade it?
how do I transfer the owernship of my car from my mom to me?
sold my car on ebay..buyer having second thoughts?
do you think i should get a chopper bike or a car?
Arg, I am confused about getting a car?
what does this mean when should i exspect my order to come ?
Are the 80s to 90s Mustang 5.0 cars any good?
ONTARIO: I'm a new driver and I'm purchasing a 1993 Trans Am. How much would the insurance cost?
i want to hand my vehicle back to the car company and pay all my finance off.?
New job And need a car.. Advice?
help me about buying car?
Does anybody know of any type of grant or loan program that will help you with repairs on your car?
I am looking for a small car, has to be a 3 door with small engine in good condition.?
how do I get proof that I sold a car 14 years ago?
BMW or Fiat?
Will the price of my Cadillac Deville increase?
whats wrong with rent-to-own cars?
auto trany to stick?
can any one tell me where you can get cheap electric scooters anwhere in wisconsin our around wisconsin?
Is $14,700 too high for a car with 80,0000 miles?
How much is a stock Nissan Skylike GTR?
Getting a new car??? 2012 vs 2013?
I am trying to get my cousin take over my mothers car payments?
What would make a good (band) vehicle?
How can I buy a vehicle as a first time buyer?
What job you need for a bentley?
how to apply for a lost vehicle title with a bill of sale?
i want to trade my automatic 95 dodge neon for a honda,acura manual where should i go?
i have £50000 to spend on a car but i want something that is really different, it need not be new any ideas?
which car to buy by 5000 dollars?
if I bought a brand new car and now realize I can't afford the payments. Can I trade it in for a used car ?
Google checkout scam?
How to tell between mx 5 130bhp and 140bhp?
I need a web site that is on all the commercials all the time to buy and sell your car?
cars under $15,0000 with best mpg?
How much would you pay for a ford?
Omg is this guy rich look at his cars?
I purchased a car from a dealer and it broke down on the way home?
Cars for less than 15k that are 2004 or later and are fast stock or have the potential to be fast (300whp)?
buying a new car, but don't have insurance?
what could I get for my truck?
Should I consider making an offer for this car?
I have 8-10k to spend on a used car, what are my best options?
what type of car would be best for a new teen driver? (s best answer!)?
Help me find a car please!?
Should I get a 2005 Honda civic si with 125,000km or a 2009 Mitsubishi lancer gts with 55,000km? Pros/cons plz?
Car Logo Blacked Out NJ?
what would be a better first car?
what is the value of a 1986 GMC rally van?
What is the difference between TDI and HDI? Which is better?
best vehicle for transporting dogs???
can u sell a car if u have a title, even tho its colateral for a loan?
What would be the price for a used 2002 Honda Accord?
when buying a new car how much should i ask them to lower the price for a car around $15,000?
I am looking to buy a new hyundai elantra. Does anyone know if the "100 k mile/10 year warranty really works?
names of some smaller sedans?
Do you think this is a good deal on a car?
which car do you recommend buying? (in the smaller category)?
Save my money or buy the Nissan Maxima?
Where can I buy a used Hensley Arrow Hitch??
first car????????????
What is a good first car?
Are 1400 dollar cars good to buy?
what should i do with this car?
With bad credit.. what am I looking at do you think for an interest rate on a used or new car ($10,000 range)?
Guys don't you find it funny when you go into a parts store just to get something.......?
What would you class as the best NEW first car?
Is a $2000 discount a good deal for an unwinded car that has 1000 miles on it?
best car for a 17 year old in the UK? :)?
New year change value of vehicle?
what is the best car for your buck?
First project car. Need help locating one.?
What is a good car for a teen?
Should I keep my 2010 rav4 or trade it in for 2011 Mustang?
Advice on voluntary reposessions...?
Michelin Pilot All-Season Tires or Continental Extreme Contact DWS Tires?
has anyone a 30 - 40 hp outboard engine forsale ... fairly new?
PCSing overseas, need help purchasing a car.?
What happens when you return a leased car? How much do you end up paying for normal wear and tear?
how much is my 2000 monte carlo worth?
$16,000 for '72 Benz 280 SE?
what is the average price of gas in the USA right now?
I only have $1100 i really need a car do anyone know anyone selling a depndable car?
What is a good first car for an 18 year old girl?
Should I sell my car?
i am new to driving?
Can someone give me a run down on buying a used car from a dealership?
It's a tough decision, would you go for 05 Nissan Maxima, 05 Acura TL or 05 Infiniti G35 (sedan)????
What things do I need to be cautious about when buying a car directly from an owner?
Would you rather send money on gas for you current car, or spend that money on a more economical car?
help with finding a new car? what kind is good?
cheep ways to run a car?
Is there a website where people sell sports cars?
What kind of car is this?
Is $1100 for a 1997 Hyundai Tiburon too good to be true?
If you were given $20,000 (like I've been) what kind of car would you buy?
does 2002 altima SL with 110K mile on it worth 7200$?
Is this a good Lease deal for a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L with nav (4cyl)?
Is it a good idea to Buy a 2002 Chevy Impala With a Rebuilt Transmission?
Were can i get the cheapest 20" chrome rims?
Can you find a better eco car? Let me know thanks!?
What kind of seller protection is there selling a car through Ebay and using Paypal as the payment method?
What is the safest luxury car out there?
Should I buy a Saturn Vue?
can anyone one post me the projects of MBA marketing stream?
Best choice out of these for a first car?
Which sports car should I buy?
Is an Oldsmobile Intrigue a good car?
trade a car for a newer car and different transmission?
newest price of alto sports car in SriLanka?
I'm in FL, giving a car to my brother in NY. What kind of paperwork needs to be done?
Cash for Clunkers - would i need a co-signer?
what should i look for im buying a 70 mach 1 mustang?
Canadians, class action suit vs Bombardier?
Does this sound like a good deal?
Im getting a motorcycle and want to take out a loan! HELP!?
what car would u get?
What kind of car should Jay Brown buy?
i need a name for my car!?
ive bought a car an found out there is still outstanding finance on it?
question for the men?
what kind of car?
Car auctions????
should i put money in to my car?
2002 BMW 325i reviews?
how can i find out the dealer finance apr and rebate on a new 2004 volkswagen beetle?
how to find out what cars someone owns?
What should I do with a camper that I can't afford?
What is the value of a 2003 Kia Spectrum with 65,000 miles ?
G37 vs 135i??
What are some good first cars?
can i buy a car with a tittle lean?
who can help me with were i can find low pirced cars like maybe for 2000 cash?
I want to sell my car, where do i start?
Should I buy a Caddilac escalade?
What is the book value on a 78 monte carlo landau?
How much would you pay for an 88 528e BMW?
What fees go along with buying a used car?
What colour for my new Ferrari?
Would I be better off selling my car or scrapping it?
Can a citizen buy a Crown Vic Police Inteceptor?
could i rent a nice car and go to utah and speed on the salt flats?
Can I get my money back from a mechanic if he installed something that ruined my car?
higher or lower mileage?
What would be the best convertible?
what's a reasonable price to sell a 2000 corolla?
Does anyone know what kind of car this is?
What truck would be better?
How much should I sell my 2003 BMW X5?
between looks and speed whats better in buying a car?
Is there anyone in south florida selling a car for under 4000? (good condition)?
is it the best time to buy a new car or the year end ?
Should I just get a car?
I need a car under 10k?
Is it worth renting a lamborghini for one day?
bc dealer that sells tst tpms?
can i sell my car with a lien on it?
where can i buy this spoiler?
I need to compare mini skid steers!?
What did you think about the cash for clunkers program?
massaging car seat? help!! i need one?
If a car is $3000 over priced can I get them to sell it to me?
What are the chances that a used car dealer will price match their vehicle for me?
why is only my passenger brake light staying on all the time adn wont go off?
good used car under $4,000?
Where to find 2007 Rear Dodge Caliber emblem?
Which truck has better quality leather?
Good first car for a 16 year old girl?
should i buy this car?
If your in auto repo. process, is the car listed with the authorities?
how do i apply to get a auto dealer license?
How to get most money for a broken down car.?
How to convince parents to let you buy old truck instead of brand new car?
What car should i get within the $8,000-$10,000 range?
Is it advisable to buy used cars, or should I go with a new model?
Where can i find a 1975 camaro?
what are the best fuel economy 1998-200?
Answer asap. can i make the car lot give me a different car or should they have to fix the one i have?
Im buying a used car, any advice?
can i sell my car if i haven't finished paying the loan?
car question that has a lot of miles on it?
How does a car dealership OWNER make his money. (Not Salesman) OWNER?
the best new england state to buy a car/moped/mcycle ? with taxes etc.?
Can anyone help me please?
I am wanting to buy 2007 toyota camry xle v6 I will pay cash for it but I don't know what is the best price.
When speaking of automobiles, what is the difference between a sun roof and a moon roof?
can a bank tell you what to pay monthly on the car that has been auction off?
Do car dealers charge a Doc. FEE or customer service charge?
The Value of Travel Trailers?
should i change my car?
which car would be better: 07 Chrysler Sebring or 08 Pontiac G6?
What is a low price awesome sports car?
what is a really cool, really fast car?
Can i sue for not telling me it had probs?
im 18 what do i need to buy a used car?
What car should I get?
Need some financial advice?
white or black range rover sport?
what is the best web site t obuy a Rambler?
Ha Ha Ha Who's laughing now!!!?
can i return a vehicle that i just signed a lease agreement on the next day and get the trade in back?
I am thinking about buying a 1999 Cadillac Seville SLS.?
is there any 1964 Stingray corvettes out there for sale with a 427 engine?
5 factory keys with used vehicle?
why do people buy A 2WD SUV or Truck?
I have a title loan out can I still sell my car?
Has anyone switched your loyalties when it comes to auto makers?
can anyone find me a picture of a lifted 30's truck?
whre can i find a used amc 360 5.9l v8 for cheap?
do you think i should get a chopper bike or a car?
What can i do to my 300C for better gas mileage?
What is the fastest car?
what kiind of car shoud I get?
the nearest porche car dealer?
Keep my car or sell it?
i want to buy an accident do i go about it?
Where do I go to sell my car quick to a car dealer?
What should I buy, Matrix,Magnum,Corolla,PT Cruiser or any other under $12,000 used?
Where is the best place to buy repair manuals for cars?
Is this a scam? it seems to cheap?
what is a good family car that's good on gas?
Would this engine be good for my truck?
Car loan was voided can I return the car? And legality of loan process.?
What car for 10 grand?
Are used car salesman the scum of the universe?
take over the payments in a car loan ?
Should I buy a stick shift?
Who is the governing agency for RV dealerships?
how can i find a good used car dealership in my area?
i want that car?
Is a impala 2004 with 150 k miles for 3200 worth it?
I want to buy GMC YUKON 2007 and can't seem to find best deal, what should I do?
what is the highest car payment a person with minimum wage can afford?
Does anyone want a 93 Miata 5 speed convertible?
What car would be good for a 16 year old guy?
I would like to purchase a used car from a private party or dealer. How would i go about getting a loan?
What can I buy & sell for 255$???????heeeeeellppp!!?
Should I Buy a Used 2007 Mazda CX-9 or 2007 Volvo XC-90?
What is faster Camaro SS , Challenger SRT8 or Charger SRT8?
What color car is the best to keep cool?
how much can i sell my 2001 acura tl for?
2011 toyoya corolla loan trade?
2003 Hyuandi Tiburon?
Where can i buy the new style headlights for a peterbilt 389?
2001 Hyundai Santa Fe or 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander?
2006 Toyota Corolla with 150,000 miles worth it?
Is Freighliner trucks the best brand of trucks to buy?
can i buy a car if i hold a provitional licience!?
what are the best sites for car accessories?
is top gear reproductions real?
Hi i ordered an i phone 3gs from amazon on friday and it says it was dispatched on monday, its thursday today?
which car model have two flag in front?
What does this person mean when they say wholesale? Awesome 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 $$ Wholesale?
I've been fingered by my boss?
03 Tiburon or 04 Mazda3? which to buy?
What's the standard APR for used car?
Whats the best car for a 16 year old guy?
honda s2000, nissan 350z, or infiniti g35 ?
What are the best car websites?
Is this a good car?
selling my car in a different state?
is tata safari a good suv?
Seems like a good car dont you think?
Question about buying a new car?? Need serious answers?
Wheres the aux input in the 2007 envoy?
When purchasing a car, if you do not like it after a couple of days, can you "return" car back to dealer?
Has anyone used Mothers car wax?
Is this is a good car?
How to sell a car?
Auto repossession is there options when worrying about bad credit is not a problem?
How to check whether the loan for car has been paid off?
Im 16 and need a car....
if a person is asking exact book value on their car, should you still offer them a little less, or pay....?
What kinda car should I get from a dealer around 11,000?
what do I do with an ebay buyer who won't pay?
What car is best to start out with?
Which sedans have a nice exterior along with a decent interior?
I will be getting my license in a few months, car suggestions?
Can anyone tell me thru experience or otherwise is a PT CRUISER a good investment as far as auto's go?
is 102,000 Miles good Mileage for a car from 2000?
I have a one dollar blue seal 1935e silver certificate with red ss on left. any value?
I need to trade in my car for a suv, where can i get help without a credit check?
should i get the 350z 07, evo IX, or STI 06?
whats is your dream car?
How much haggling room do used-car dealerships allow in their sticker price?
Is it bad to buy a car that was repainted?
What happens if owner sells car with a deposite was already given?
what pickup truck rides higher stock???
In our new car, we were able to drive 30 miles in a half an hour. From this information, we can determine the?
I'm looking for a second hand car in the uk, any good websites besides ebay and autotrader?
where to buy custom L E D tail lights 95 acheiva?
Buying A Used Car within 25k (Malaysian Ringgit). Need professional answers only.?
what forms do i need when i sell my car (california)?
Send guitar from Japan to Canada, am I allowed to receive the guitar?
If I don't buy a car by July 31st will all of these deals go away like the dealerships are trying to tell me?
Whats the oldest Ford Truck I should buy?
Need advice on a buy here pay here car....please!!?
when are the 2007 Honda cars coming out?
Oldsmobile Cutlass in Chattanooga, TN for sale?
looking for a car & i think i narrowed it down to an Acura Integra, Scion Tc, Or Vw Golf?
how do you get your vehicle back after its repossessed?
Which is better, Suzuki Swift, Renault Pulse, Chevrolet Beat or Hyundai i10 or Eon ?
Which SUV should I choose to buy?
what kind of car should I get? Detailed answers please?
hood for a 1969 ford fairlane?
should i feel guilty bout this?
how many miles is too much for a used car?
wich car is better looking?
How can I trade my car in? How much will I get?
How do I get a motorcycle out of my name?
which one of these cars is sexier?
Do older cars qualify for low tax bands?
If vehicle ragisterd in delhi,can i know ragistration year of vehicle?plese help me?
What is easier being financed with the dealer companies or with a bank?
what would you rather buy? 2005 acura rl or 2006 is250 awd?
If you trade in a car that's valued less than the car you are buying, will they pay u the difference?
Can I trade in a car whose value exceeds the new (preowned) car I'd like to purchase?
Help me find a car for me please!?
Buying price of Volkwagen 2003 Polo Automatic car with about 25000 miles in London?
are the new vw beetles a good car for a beginning driver?
Buying a used car help?
Anyone selling or know of a Toyota Supra being sold around the Houston, TX, area?
a benz c280 or subaru legacy?
Sold salvage car on Ebay and after 17 days was never picked up. Relisted it now he wants it again...?
how much is a 1996 Salvage Nissan Altima worth?
What refillable erasers that I can use for the Papermate "Mega lead" mechanical pencil?
Where can I find a colored car bra(pink) for a Honda?
Is CarMax a good deal to buy and sell? Any feedback would be great!?
where can i buy cheap car parts?
Should I choose a 2003 Renault Megane 1.4 Authentique or a 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec for my next car?
what month has the best car rebate?
i have a 97 ford dually 2 door(3 seater) trying to customize the inside any ideas?
Parents want to get me a scooter instead of a car!?
which of these cars should i get.?
Looking for a fast car, what to put into it as well?
Should i Buy a car with registration expired for a year?
can someone please run me a vehicle history report on a car, the VIN- 1fafp40422f143652?
How much could i sell this for?
How much this car cost? I'm planning to get 1.?
Can I get a loan to buy my car and tag etc? ?
A Little Help With Buying My Second Car.?
i was recently given a 1976 mgb thad no title. how can i find the previous owner?
My '96 VW golf died. I want to part it out but I don't know what I'm doing. What parts should I try to sell?
is it illegal to sale a car with bad brakes?
can you trade in a leased vehicle?
i want car a good car what kind i don't know ?
I'm 16 and want to buy car, my budget is 15,000 and I want a luxury car and live in aus?
where is the cheapest place in europe for me to buy a new 5 tonne iveco chassis cab?
Worth it to trade my 2007 Altima for 2004 King Ranch F-150?
How much of a down payment should i put on a used car?
how mych is a tyco A-TEAM trainset ?
where can i find the best prices on cars?
Which is better? a 97 Dodge Neon or a 94 Buick Park Avenue?
Cute, cheap car for a teenage girl?
hi tell me what you think?
What is a good car for gas millage?
are buying classic cars from junk yards a good idea?
What do you plan on getting for your first car?
What do you feel are the best attributes to the Toyota Rav4, what do you think are the worst.?
First Car, Please Help?
if you buy a car privately and it breaks down doyou have any comeback?
My car is on its last leg.Do I sell it while the getting is good or chalk it off as a lost?
Dealing with dealership?
why do car commercials paint the license plates the same color of the car instead of removing them?
Which is the the best CBZ Xtreme or Pulsar 150 ?
What free website can I find apartments on sale through foreclosure or short sale?
What can I expect to get $$$$ for my car if I SCRAP it at the metal recycler???
how can I get out of a vehicle that I owe more than its worth without damaging my credit?
First Car: Late 60's Mustang or Used Lexus RX?
2000 Mitsubishi eclipse for $2000?
People of Japan..i would like to know how do one from abroad Trust a company which sell?
Where is a cheep iPhone 4s for sale?
In Search of a used car?
how do i buy this car? auto auction?
Is there a Government loan to help a handicapped person get a handicapped equipped van?
i need to sell my vw jetta glx having problems doing so , how can i sellit before x-mas?
New Camaro AFTER the Military like Navy or Army?
Should I start financing a car?
how much is it and what one is beater?
Which vehicle do you recommend?
help with my v5 classic mini?
does the repairing cost of the car increases its value?
Should I buy a Celica 5th Gen?
Can someone advise me how wide is a sedan car?
where should i find if i want to buy a used car?
What to look for when searching for a used car?
were are good sites to post classic cars for sale?
What is the best car in the £20K - £30K bracket for retaining value?
Who owns a vehicle when two peoples names are on the title?
Is ford a good brand for a truck?
What is the process of buying a car?
Mini Cooper or a VW Passat or Nissan Altima Coupe?
what is wrong with my car?
I'm 18 and I want to buy a car but i have no credit history or car insurance. can i still buy a car under myse
I want to hook up a nice ride but I am having trouble finding a car around the $5000-$7000 range. Can u help?
Does putting aftermarket rims on your car devalue it? PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN ABOUT ONLY.........
I like this car but is it genuine?
Odometer Discrepancy - How Do I Resolve?
What's the best used car to buy?
Any way I can find out about a car that I abandoned in Georgia 7 years ago?
Anybody selling cars in Richmond, VA?
Repossed vehichle?
Car guy looking to find a good car to tune?
Just bought car but has a lot of advisories on mot?
Put a $500 deposit on a new vehicle but changed my mind how can I get my deposit back? Any Ideas? ?
Good Cars?
how to get a car??????
Where on the web is a good place to sale a 5th wheel RV?
Has any one ever had a problem with their Mazda or had friends or family with problems? (Mazda 6 preferably)?
Which car is better? Toyota and Ford are my favourite, but I don´t know which one I should buy...?
Need advice on how much to pay?
Edmonton canada, car buying tips?
What's better first car for a 16 year old boy...a 2005 Toyota camry or a 2008 Chrysler Sebring?
If a car has 200,000 highway miles, is that better than...?
What car is a better buy, the Infiniti G37 sedan or the Lexus IS 350?