Car Buying

forms needed for purchasing a vehicle in the state of NY from a friend.?
How much is a 95 civic with h22a worth?
Is a 2001 Nissan Altima a reliable car?
Is it bad if I sold my car for gas money?
I bought a brand new car about 3 days ago. The problem is my sister in law went and bought the same car today
What type of car has the look of a Pontiac Trans Am, and a Camaro/Mustang?
what is a cool mom car, with good miles, and lots of room?
Which car should i get?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone know where i can find super mario bros. car floor mats?
How can i convince my parents to get me a car?
what is the fastest growing foreign car manufactuer in the U.S.?
Are BMW's known to be reliable vehicles.?
Are there junk yards that buy your old cars?
When is a good time of the year(what months) to buy a car?
What should i do with this car?
Does anyone know what car dealerships sell Tuscani's?
I'm down to 5 cars for my son..and I need help!?
What is a good family car?
Help! '06 Chevy Trailblazer or '06 Nissan Xterra? Which one should we buy?
Where to bring unused car battery?
How much is a 3rd row seat in a 96' town & country?
Returning as is car in Texas?
How reliable are Jeep Libertys?
Best mid size daily driver?
which car should i buy, rover 400 hatchback or saloon?
Chevy or Toyota?
What car would you recommend for a teenager?
I'm thinking of buying a International Harvester Scout II. Should I buy one?
Is now the time to buy a new car?
Will my Credit Rating go down by asking my Credit reports from many agencies like Equifax, Experion etc.??
Are Jap cars a better buy than Ford cars?
Selling my car, need some help with pricing?
Which car would you buy honestly?
Are Hyundai and Kia good cars?
Where can I get financing for a 99 vette for 60 mos? most places wont go that long--even for a vette.?
auto dealer markup new honda?
Good used car for an upcoming College student?
Where can i sell my motorcycle online for free?
1999 Mitsubishi Galant with 128,000 miles but check engine light ON for 2000$? Yes or No?
which hella lamps should I buy as a replacement for head lights & fog lamps?
how much would you pay for a rover 25, just under 50,000 miles taxed till Dec? X reg in good condition too?
were should i look for step vans or box trucks for sale on the east cost.?
is this car manly or girly?
Cheap Autos?
What are the benefits of leasing a car?
Financing a new car through the dealer?
Trying to find out a price for my car?
Should I buy a 2011 Hyundai Sonata or a 2007 Audi A4?
I just sold a car. Besides the bill of sale is there anything else I need to submit to the DMV?
First car for my daughter's 16 birthday?
Is car trade good and how does it work ?
Sold a car to a person, forgot release of liability form?
when you buy a car in california from an owner do u need the pink slip AND car registration?
anyone looking to buy 240sx 1990?
Whats better a 08 chevy tahoe or 08 cadillac escalade? which is better looking and rides better?
Older ugly used car (paid off) VS a new one with car payment! Which one wld u buy?
Is there a place that buys tires??
how much would you pay for this car?
buy a used car?
When I ordered something I used drive instead of road?
Great all terrain tires for 02' tahoe?
should i buy "used luxury vehicle" or "cheap new vehicle"?
Selling my 2008 Corolla and buying a beater car?
What is cheaper- a car or a truck?
There's 5 in the family, which vehicle is best? Make and model?
If you had to choose between a Acura RSX Type S, a Subaru WRX STI, or Civic SI Coupe, what would you choose?
how much is my Fiat Cinquecento worth?
Good cars for drag racing and drifting?
Trying to buy Honda Civic 2006 ex. What should I do next?
i can't afford to replace my blue car, should i just paint it red so it goes faster?
Good first car for 16 year old?
How can I find out if there are any car titles in my name?
where can i buy a yamaha pacifica EG 112C whammy bar online at a reasonable price with free shipping?
What should i buy galaxy s advance or tab 2 310?
When your car is repossessed...?
what is the price of BMW 2006 ?
How much would you pay for this car?
I am 16 looking for my first car ?
If anyones out there and would like to buy an 82' 733i Bmw, id like to here from you.?
Auto Loan Nightmare!!! Please help...?
How many miles should a 2003 car has?
anyone still helping lookup vin on carfax (
Buying lp640 please help?
Guys what do you think of ?It concerns shopping.?
I really Need Help! Ok. I sold a car in payments, since he couldnt get a loan...suddendly he stopped paying me
Anyone looking for a Tundra or a Pathfinder?
Can you recommend a 6 or 7 seater car that is not a minivan? Budget upto $45K. Please help!!?
I want to buy a '03 clk500 benz. It would be my first "luxury car". It has 105,194 good idea or money pit?
where can i find a 1991 toyota corolla?
what car/suv/truck would you get if you had $20,000???
When i accelerate in my car something under the car rattles?
Can you guys help recommend me a car?
My dad's only giving me $3000 for my first vehicle?
Auto Lease mileage question?
Sell my car to get a motorcycle? good idea?
What should i get for my first car? (17, y.o) UK?
Confused BMW m6 or Mercedes cl63 or Nissan gtr?
I desperately need 2 know about how much should a 2002 landrover costs w/114000 miles?
Can you lower the price of internet car sales?
Is 180000 alot of miles for a 2004 vehicle?
why are wheel rims so expensive?
im looking for a dodge rumblebee for sale?
50,000 dollar car loan?
Steps into buying a first car?
Are there any vehicals I can buy that don't require a license in Indiana?
can I return a used car that i purchased 2 days ago in kentucky?
I need to find a 16 passenger Van for sale in TX. How do I find it?
Looking for a car in champaign urbana?
Is Nissan's warranty still valid for cars exported from the USA?
Mazda RX-8 or Infiniti G35?
Anybody Know where I canget a carbon fibre bonnet for an MG ZR/ Rover 25? Any help would be great.?
Does this Honda civic sound like a good deal?
what is a good first car?
UPS or FedEx? Which is better?
Car experts out there?:)?
what are the top three top car sold in America?
help. any advice would be great about trading in a car.?
Is anyone looking to buy a 06 honda crf250r?
Do used trucks or sedans handle long trips better?
Is a Cadillac CTS a pretty good car to buy?
Used Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?
what should i do about being sold car dishonestly?
How come people charge so much for used cars?
help for a first girl car!?
scammed out of a vehicle?
list of all wheel drive cars?
what kind of car should i get?
What's the best way to research before buying a new car?
where can i search for a price on an 86' Honda motor scooter?
Where do I buy this car?
Between Toyota Camry and Honda CRV, which one should I select if security is the main consideration?
I want to sell an A-Model (1931) 1 1/2 ton truck disassembled where should I sell it?
what do you think of bmw x5's?
Is a joint car loan document legally binding if the 2nd party no longer physically has the vehicle?
What Kind of car is this?
Anybody recently get a real good deal on a new Camero? What did the dealer offer you?
what is the difference between....?
would you get these rims if you were me?
2006 mustang, what do you guys think?
Anyone know where I can get a truely free vin check on a car? Not just a teaser so you'll buy a report.?
Does anyone know where I can sell my car for parts? It's an old car with many new parts including engine.?
Which is better? Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?
Parents dislike every single car I want to buy?
monroville pa. nissan?
Which would you buy Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V, or Ford Edge?
Should i lease my next vehicle?
What is the law about selling a used car in massachusetts?
should i consider buying a restored salvage title car?
Please need help with what car to buy my husband?
what would have a more expensive insurance a 2007 accord or an 1998 nissan 240sx?
How old do i have to be to drive a 150cc moped in minnesota?
two car buying questions?
What are the chances of getting my money back off a car trader for faulty car?
how would i go about starting a kit car/car company?
Whats the best car I can get for £1000?
Is buying a car with high mileage worth the time and money?
I need to know the value of a 1983 Mercedes Benz 380SEC. It is in good condition.?
What is the best big suv for under$10,000?
Way overpriced Camaro?
what does it mean pre owned vehicle?
want to get financed for a car without court knowing?
How Smart is it to buy a LATE model car with HIGH Mileage?
Help me buy a car.Range 40-55 lakhs.Audi A6 or E class or BMW5 series?I dont prefer E class .It's common?
What is the best cheap used car to buy?
I sold my car and took a personal check. The buyer stopped payment on the check. What can I do?
Do I need AWD for my car?
which car is better between BRIO/FIGO/I20 in mind is set for brio?
how do I get a grant for a car?
why handle bar steering is used in ATV's rather than the rotated type steering as used in passenger cars?
what would u buy? corrolla,jetta or mazda6?
Can a buy here / pay here repossess my car?
What should I do after I sold my car on ebay?
new car for a first time driver?
What's a good car to buy now?
I need a decent first car?
Where is the best place in wyoming county New York to buy a car?
How to raise money for a expensive car?
First car. 100,000+ miles on it?
Does this sound like a car scam? eBay buyer protection?
What kind of car racing should I do ?
I am looking at a new 2012 Chevy Cruze 1lt for 18,500 out the door, Is this a good deal?
i purchase a car they sign it over but they did not give me a bill of sale now i can't find them what do i do?
I am getting my first car, what brand should I buy?
How do I save money to buy a good car?
Car guru's help please!?
Ford..Lincoln...Chevy ....truck? what is better?
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG or Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG?
what car?....10 points 4 best answer?
how do you place an add on craig's list?
i installed used 1995 e320 transmission drove it for 2days the second day while i was on the road it cannot dr?
Good websites for buying a car?
Y is buying a car such a hassle?
trade in new car for used?
buy new, buy used, or lease?
I bought a car 23 weeks ago and i have now found that the cambelt needs replacing. What are my rights?
First car??????????????????????????????
low profile tire shops in milledgeville?
what kind of car you can buy for $ 7000?
What are nice sexy above average cars out there under $50000?
Cars you have owned since high school?
nissan 300 zx?
What's a good fast car that's a sedan ?
Daihatsu Sirion 1.3 CC Or KIA picanto 2012 1.3 CC?
Looking For A Specific Kind Of Car That Meets The Following Criteria?
How to buy a used car in Ontario?
buying used car from someone from newspaper need help?
Small suv with 30+ mpg to replace car?
nissan murano or volkswagen tiguan?
Which car should i get?
Does anyone know of a 1965 Mustang Fastback that would be a great project to work on for maybe...2 years?
Is a car with 106,000 miles dead on arrival?
Does any one know the price of hero octane? Tell me please.?
I am looking for a smaller (but solid) luxury SUV - any recommendations?
Im in need of assistance?
how can I find out if a vehcial has a lien holder?
How much down on a new car?
need name and locations of dealer monaco class a diesel who carries large inventory?