Car Buying

Will 22 inch rims fit on a 2007 impala LT?
I need to buy a cheap car...really cheap. How do I do this?
have a 94 Chevy Calv asking $1,400 is that to much it very clean in and out?
how much can the bank loan you without no credit?
Is it better to take car rebates instead of low interest rates?
Is a car with 380 miles still considered NEW???
If I want to buy a new Camry for 22K – 22.24K what should my initial offer to the saleman be?
What car should I buy?
Primary car signer vs Co-Signer of loan?
2007 Honda Civic or 2007 Toyota Carolla?
the dealership has to fix my mustang?
Chevy colorado/GMC canyon VS Toyota Tacoma?
Can the buyer sue me for a car I sold to her that broke down two weeks later?
what is the best car for a single mother?
What is a dependable four door sedan?
anybody want my boyfs Honda crx?
Car troubles. Please help?
car of the futer?
Is it bad to buy a water damaged vehicle even though the engine and carpets have been replaced?
Which SUV would you pick?
Help!!!This is for anyone with legal knowledge regarding consumer rights...?
What is your favorite car of all time?
I need to know .... is it true that it is not smart to purchase a car over 10 years old?
Good Tuning Base Car?
Where is the best place to sell a WD 45 Allis Chalmers Tractor?
Is mini cooper a good commute car (~100 miles/day)?
will this car be fast?
Do you know of any salvage yards in Atlanta that might sell camaros ?
I have a car & now I would like to have a motorcycle. I can't buy a motorcycle until or unless I sell my car?
Is it bad to buy a used car with over 200,000 miles on it?
porsche 914 im considering buying...?
Which car would win. Honda accord or ford edge?
where can i find horsepower listings of used automobiles?
Me and my husband are fighting over new
How does sales tax work when buying a car?
What type of car would be a good first car for teens?
express courier (sp?) post?
thinking of buying a 2000 voyager?
i have a 14,000 budget.... which car should i buy???
Bought a used car, drove 3 1/2 weeks and it threw a rod!!!?
Is it common for drivers to purchase a new car immediately after paying off one?
What is Downforce in automobile race testing terms?
Chevy Impala as a first car?
Is a Mercury Sable a good car?
where can I get a low cost car in the area of Ypsilanti, Michigan?
Want to find the owner of the car?
Should I buy a car or wait?
Your opinion on a purple car?
What is the price for WagonR Sept.2003 model car?
i want to get some body work done on my Smart Roadster coupe? where can i get the best deal?
Help me choose a car!!!?
wts best car to lease?
Which Flip More??
2001 mazda protege 59,000 miles?
where to buy seized car or repo cars in vancouver?
99 sable with 58,100 miles on it for $2600 a good deal?
help in choosing a car..?
Is this car really this price? or just a down payment?
What's the best used car under 5000.00?
Where can I buy a Conestoga wagon?
Where can I buy a 1962 Ford anglia? I would prefer one in the USA with a steering wheel on the left side.?
which one you choose BMW 330 CI OR Mercedes Benz CLK 230 Kompressor?
what car should I buy?
How can I get a good deal on a brand new car?
Car problems i need help! ?
What is the best used or new car to buy and how much?
I make 674 dollars a month and i am in dear need of a vehicle.?
wic wud u civic or toyotta corolla??
does anybody know the brand of this car?
2002 Toyota Rav4 AWD manual vs 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 2WD?
What are the best turbo or twin turbo cars under $6000? Preferably 1990 and up. Thanks love you.?
How much is my car worth Used/Trade in?
Is the bolts you buy in the race car gift shops off of the "race cars" real?
Sold salvage car on Ebay and after 17 days was never picked up. Relisted it now he wants it again...?
car repo question...................?
how to build a farm tractor trailer?
i boughht a car and put my ex on the tittle with me, she has not paid for one thing on the car what is the law?
I have recently part exchanged my car which had a dodgy gearbox to a dealer without telling him.?
Does these cars sounds legit? and which one would YOU pick?
Do you know any offer going on now that gives you gift card when you test drive?
Buying used car HELP?
Worth buying my cousins M3?
If you could have any 5 cars, what would they be?
Should I buy this 1999 cadillac for $600. My friends car, I drove in it, rides kinda nice tho.?
what are the requirements in buying a new car in cash?
The dealer forgot to sign the vehicle purchase agreement?
The used car dealership only gave me 1 key. They claim the 2nd is missing. Should I get my locks/keys changed?
I have a handicap ramp van for sale. Where can I list it and get responses?
What is the most economical second hand car to buy under 3000 pounds?
How to bargain when buying a car on Craigslist?
Should I get this car off of eBay?
California Lemon Law Return with Dodge?
What is the price range of Mitsubishi Cedia in Chennai?
I want to sell my silver 2006 rx-8 for $16,300 or $17,000 in ca?
I need a car for street racing, any recomendations?
Question about car transmissions?
where can i purchase a used minivan for a low price?
can i buy books from from iran?
What's the safest car for a 16 year old?
GTO, Charger, or Mustang?
where can i buy some used parts from a trailer?
What are the differnces and advantage and disadvantage of tire sizes, and tires with low sidewalls??
Should I get a Moped for 700 bucks or buy a car 1200?
Import car from japan help ?
What is better Ford or Chevy?
Should i get my first car off of craigslist?
gm used certified cars?
What new 2006-2007 auto can give me excellant gas milage and saftey?
Is a car with 176,000+ miles worth getting and driving?
which suv can you recommend?
Car Auctions in Southern Cali?
Around how much would a 2008 car price drop when 2010 hits? or a 2009? Mainly looking at Chevy Impala?
I sold a car to a "friend" and they were too keep up paymants an registration now they don't want to
I am looking for a car dealer that will trade in a car with negative equity?
What is the best way to increase re-sale value on your car?
which car can attract a rich man?
1984 dodge ram truck?
Getting a tag for a car?
No credit, under the table job but want to apply for a car loan?
what would be a good cheap first car?
I have bad credit and want to get a new used car will this work?
What's a good car to get?
I s gettin a car on finace a bad idea?
how many miles would 1,126,000 kilometers be?
what car is best for car seats?
My very first car. Is this a good choice?
Small claims on a car I sold, I'm pretty positive I have a good case, but want to hear other opinions.?
hi im thinking of buying a galaxy s2 in december 2011.. i just want to know whether the price will drop?
Recommend a good used car?
how many alumunim cans does it take to make one pound?
Which car would be best to get?
NISSAN SENTRA 07: When it will be available and how much will cost?
Best commercial car availible at the moment?
Should the dealer pay for a motor that has gone out in a semi i bout less than six months ago?
someone wants to buy my truck over craigs list via paypal and have his mover come pick it up, is this a scam?
what type of production car agents belong to?
trading and leasing cars?
can you find me cars in the price range of $5000?
what car should i get when i turn 16?
Do you have to pay taxes when selling a car?
Mercury Milan Good First Car?
Good cars from the 70's?
Can you negotiate the down payment for a lease without raising the monthly payments?
whats the highest quality car i can purchase for under 15,000 dollars?
How to keep salt of vehicle as much as possible?
why would anyone buy an american car?
A question about cars?
Whats a good first car?
Is this car ad a scam?
Does anyone want to buy a 2004 Toy Tundra DBL Cab, leather sunroof xm 20 inch wheels step bars 32K for $20,500
My friend recked his truck and cant fix it and dealer is repoing truck what happenes?
which is better: a Jeep, or a Dodge Dakota?
USPS packet tracking number, will it ever say it has been delivered?
What is the best second-hand vw golf mk4 to buy ?
cheap fast car for teenager?
Where can i find out how much my car weights?
who can I write to concerning a horrible experience I had with a car dealership?
I am 16 and planning on getting a used car once I get my license. I was looking for a SUV or maybe a Sedan?
Which is better auto manufacturer Honda or GM and why?
99 accord w/ 276000 miles, worth it?
Is the a dumb thing to try with a trade-in?
Think I should sell my 97 Honda Accord? If so, would you get a new or used car?
Buying a used car that was in a car accident...?
Buying a honda s2000?
good sites to go on for buying a used car besdes craigslist?
Reliability of 2011 Dodge Charger?
do you drive? what car do u drive? and what car u wish to have?
Mustangs car questions?
Which car should I get as my first car? Jeep Wrangler, VW beetle, or Jeep Grand Cherokee (90's model)?
Should I get a v6 or a v8 camaro for my first car?
Car experts, what car is this? (Pic inc.)?
I'm nearly sixteen and I am thinking of saving up for a car?
2007 Saturn Aura XE. Is this a good car?
Does the Auto Assistance Ownership Amendment apply to leases? I leased a 2009 car.?
Car dealer fraud? Lawyer?
Is it better to lease or finance a car?
Which is the best petrol model in Mahindra Verito?
Im 6 foot 3 and 14. What would be a good car for my father to buy.?
what is a good truck for a 16 year old?
can i collect in small claims court?
how much is a 1971 Rolls-royce corniche worth?
Is this car worth the price? Help ASAP ?
I'm trying to sell my car in New York, how do I keep colored people from coming to the house to see it?
Selling your car.?
If I buy a car can I sell it a few years later?
Do you have to smog your car before you sell it?
I would like to learn my car inside and out, how would i go about doing this?
would you buy this on craiglist?
How much should I sell my car for?
what kind of nice car or SUV should i get?
Can anyone give me some advice on getting my first car?
How old must you be to buy a car?
I need a used 2006 impala, Would like an SS or LTZ but would take an LT. I just don't want to payNewCar $$$
Which is better Suzuki Swift or Renault Pulse ?
thing for sale from overstockwearhouse?
Used car.. need help?
can you find me where can i buy a brand newcars like jeep for passenger purposes|?
I am looking for Berlin Honda in Gorham, New Hampshire. Can you give me their web site?
Should I get a new car?
Can you take possession of an abandoned car, if has been left at a house that is empty and Up For Sale for 5yr?
How to sell/trade car, when trade in is $12/13K and retail is $19K?
Should I get a Dodge Intrepid?
Letting someone take over payments on a vehicle?
What is a good starter car for a teenager????
Who needs to buy a car?
Alfa Motorhome?
How do you get the most money when you trade in your car?
Am I old enough to rent a car?
How hard is it for a 19yearold girl to?????
I'm planning to sell my car on eBay. I wanted to know if there is a sales tax I have to collect?
Question about purchasing a used car, first time car?
If you want too buy gameboy advance games at low prices please look at this awesome!!!!?
Buying a new car question?
anyone know of a convertible truck/suv ?
03 Cadillac CTS or an 06 Dodge Charger?
What is the value of a 2003 Kia Spectrum with 65,000 miles ?
How much should I offer for this 1994 mercedes E320?
HELP!! my dad is taking me to buy a car?
Looking for good used cars on line in Oklahoma. Any websites you can suggest.?
what car should i get?
what is a good car?
where could i buy a 1999 Nissa Skyline GTR 34?
what should i do.. keep my current truck, 2010 tacoma 4dr prerunner, or sell it and get a g35 coupe?
Is there anyway to get a Vehicle History Report (as found on without paying $20-$50?
I am looking into buying a new car. My choices are: Toyota Camry & Honda Accord. Which do you recommend?
Name for a car? Help ?
I'm selling my camper but the person buying wants to pay me in three monthly payments?
Which is better for a first car?
Help me decide on a vehicle...?
I need a little help with buying my next car.?
Where can I sell my bicycle?
Which for a 16 year old thats only going to drive 4-10 miles a day, A Porsche Cayman, or a Lotus Elise?
Found Old Car, wondering how to claim it. Help?
Question about buying used tires?
I need a business name for selling used cars (something hip...funnny...clever)?
Interested In Buying A Used Car?
buying a car off a 2nd hand car dealer?
How to sell a car with a loan in someone elses name?
why don't you pay sales taxes for a used car in georgia if you buy directly from a person?
Where can you find used police cars and lights?
Could A Car Dealer Tell Me Who Bought A Car That They Sold?
How Do I become a licensed auto dealer with access to auctions?
How much horsepower does a saleen s331 sc stock have?
I have decided to buy HONDA JAZZ after little bit of survey and comparison cars of that segment.?
I'm a new driver looking for a first car . . . . . .?
How do replace a missing car title?
Which SUV will be the best ?
I am looking for the best European small car which is easy for a front passenger with mobility problems?
What vehicles have you owned, which was the best, and why, when compared to the others?
Should I buy a manual car when I don't know how to drive stick?
Where can I get an acurate & FREE appraisal of a antique auto I have.?
Will gas prices ever go down?
What was the Price of a car in 1943?
fleetwood tioga good or bad rv?
is it possible to sell a car that i am still owing money on ,to a car dealer or another person interested?
Monthly payment on a $3000 car finance?
Is the 2007 Suzuki Forenza a good car to buy??? Do U have one?
How buying car online works/ did i get ripped off.?
What should I name my car?
Is This A Scam??? If so what are they about to do?
does anyone know where i can buy fibreglass bodykits in the uk?
I need help picking out a car?
i just bought a focus st did i make a good choice of car or shoud i have got a vauxhall astra vxr?
Should I buy a new or a used car?
we are moving to California, what is the best car we could buy. what do you think about N Gas V?
What should I get guys? 1998 Nissan Maxima or 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier?
Should i get a different car?
Is it possible to lease a privately sold car? Like a 2007 Toyota Yaris?
What should I do for a car?
Does anyone have the new car?
what is the best day tractor to buy used from 1998 through 2001 thanks Joe?
help me pick my very first car???!??!?!?!?!?
Can I return the car if I purchased it with a defect?
Anyone know where I can find the Canadian book value for my used car?
Which car I can buy in less than Rs. 3 lakh in India?
What are some good AWD sports cars?
best way to get finacising for a new car?
Any advice on how to get my dream car? (camaro)?
I'm looking to buy a used car, need help picking one?
Who wants to do me a tiny little favor?
ok so i want to buy a car.?
Is 65,000 km too much for a used 2011 Hyundai Sonata?
I'm looking for a car to purchase. Please ADVISE!?
Buying a car. please give some opinions?
search what book state farm uses to evaluate used cars?
Should I adjust the options on a car so my wife can drive it?
What is the best family car in india worth around 6 lacks?
Would you get this car?
Best mid size daily driver?
what makes up the lifestyle and attitude of automobile buyers?
I bought an sc400,and I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of rims would go good with that car?
Buying a car w/ no credit and no-cosigner?
honda CBR25R or Royal enfield thunderbird 500?
I am buying a used car off the Internet. How do I make sure I don't get stuck with a lemon?
What bis the tax rate in Texas for purchasing a used car?
what car should i buy?
what to do if you have 720 credit score but low income and low down payment?
Would you recommend getting a teen a 1968 mustang for their first car?
Car question.........?
what do i need to have a used car dealer license in nj?
Cheaper alternative to Dodge Charger?
Car Auctions In Dallas,TX?
what car should i get?
Can you sell a car even owing money to the bank?
If I buy a 2007 Camry with 33000 miles will the battery go out soon?
Why does CARFAX exaggerate accident reports?
Buying a second hand car which is n good condition but has run 70,000kms, is it a good deal to purchase?
Can I return or exchange a car that I just bought if the dealership didn't meet obligation?
what should i buy the new VW Jetta GLI or the New Camry SE sport?
Cars that come in pink?
What are some good names for a black car?
A used 2009 chevrolet cobalt vs. used 2006 chevrolet malibu?
Car price negotiation on reconstructed title car.?
Once you sign a contract to buy a car, can dealer take it back?
Does anyone know of any buy here pay here location in CT?
What car should I get?
question about late payment on a car.?
If a car cost around $20,000 how much will the down payment be?
What's the better car, the 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer or the 2010 Honda Civic. Cheapest Models?
my parents are leasing a car this weekend, it will be our 1st lease. any tips?? suggestions?? thanks 's
I am 14....Is it so wrong for me to own a car?
difference between europeans and americans?
What you would have GS-R or Firebird?
what car is more common in the us?
when i have my baby does harris hospital fort worth give me a car seat or do i need to bring one?
what is the world's most expensive car?
WHat are my chances of getting approved for this auto loan?
I have a 2008 Honda Pilot but my interest is 13% should i trade it in or refinance?
Okay i bought this truck and now i realize that the notes are to much and i 'am about 5,000 upside down on the
whats the overall best car for a 17 year old?
has anyone used the ticket outlet is it relyable?
Why does Goodwill charge so much for donated cars?
Pink car accessories?
my friend just got a job selling cars, she's not doing so well, suggestions?
How can i make this guy stop hassling me?
Is this car too good to be true?
Which car should i get.?
which car is better?
what are some websites for used cars in anniston?
What is an ideal car for when your 16?
new car... chevy or a ford ,help me?
Most reliable pickup truck?
CAR!!! help needed?
I'm thinking of importing Toyota Hilux Vigo from Thailand. Anyone have any experience with exporters there?
Good first car for a teenage boy?
Can I drive home the newly purchased used car with NO tax?
can you view everything at once on ebay?
What should I name my car?
Club class Manza comes in how many colours, the car that was recently launched?
where can i borrow money from to pay for car?
Around how much is a 2008 f150?
Are these good cars?
How do i sell a car that is from the 1900s?
What kind of car should i get?
which muscle cars give good performance?
How much car can i afford?
First car help!! Please answer thank you!?
What is the lowwest price below invoice on average can you buy a vehicle?
What is the best suv/truck for my dad?
where to buy laughing gas?
Becoming a Luxury Car Dealer?
Good car for family of four?
Where can I get a new 2008 or 2009 Ninja 250R at the lowest price?
If I payed for it, what type of car would you get, why?
I need help choosing which sports car to get...?
im looking for a car?
CAN YOU PLZZ CARFAX this car for me if u have unlimited?
how do i take ownership of an abandoned vehicle in california?
How long must I wait to get my new BMW from germany?
I am a 1st time car buyer. I am 17 years old and I'll be 18 in a few months. Where can I go to buy a good car?
what is the best buy in a subcompact non hibred 4 or 5 door veh in terms of economy and warrenty?
I need your help?
i am a 16 year old living in India can i have a licence for hero Honda Karizma?
2012 Subaru Impreza WRX or 2012 VW Golf TDI 4-dr?
Where can I see pictures of cars?
On a trade-in,is car dealer responsible for loan payoff if it has not been received by loan department?
Please mechanics and car ppl?
What are the rules for buying a car?
What is a good first car for a 17 year old male?
my friend just got a job selling cars, she's not doing so well, suggestions?
where to find a motor for a ford focus at a reasonable price?
which is the best 150cc bike?
I found a 2002 Land Rover for only $2000 down and 125 biweekly Is this a good deal?
What SUV should i get?
A couple Moped Questions ?
Acura tsx 2004 vs. infiniti i30 1997?
what should i do about a car lien and possibly suing someone?
Where To Buy Replica Firearms?
How much u guys pay for Versa, Fit, and Yaris with power package Thx for helping?
Do people normally negotiate price when leasing a car?
Would U Finance/Get a loan for a car that is $2,500-$3,500 or just save up for it?
best hatchback in india?
What are the best cars for gas millage?
What car can you buy if you earn 200 thousand dollars a year?
i have really bad credit.anyone know any buy here pay here auto dealers in buffalo,ny?
Do you think a 2008 car with 41,100 miles is to much ?
Has anyone taken over a leased car from
any one in kent england got a rover 1400 engine they dont want?
where can i find a cheap car?
how long after the due date they can repo your financed car ?
Are car dealers in delhi still adding "handling charges" to the final price?
Trade in a upside down car?
Once a contract has been signed with a Car dealer can he change it a day later?
Classic Mini Angel Eye Spotlights?
does anyone have a car that they are selling real cheap or a at lease simi interesting job they can offer?
Bounced check on down payment took car back.?
what is a reasonable down payment for a lease?
Buying a new car question?
Whats the re=sale value of a 2006 Kenworth sleeper tractor w/692265 miles, model T-2000?
I am thinking of buying a New WagonR (Petrol+LPG)Your comments solicited.?
Toyota vs. Honda...Is there really a difference?
what kind of car can i get for like 2,000$-5,000 that some what new and used?
Simple interest auto loan?
Is it bad if I sold my car for gas money?
I need help looking for a used truck!?
Where can i buy the cheapest rims?
Which car should I choose out of these cars?
I just bought a used car. Is there usually a short warranty that comes with the car?
have you bought a car from ebay?
2001 VW Jetta VR6 please help!?
What's the most cheepest 2-seater helicopter u can buy?
an someone help me find a car?
How to get around underage driver fee for a rental?
Mercedes c300 Sport or BMW 328i?
What is better, fixing a mustang or buying a 4runner?
Is an SL65 worth buying? I love speed and luxury!?
Whats the best family car?
How do I look for used commercial dump trucks?
will a USPS Priority Mail parcel be delivered to my door?
5th generation grand am good first car?
What is the newest and best ti calculator i can buy?
I have a 2008 Civic Si Mugen for sale... what would you pay?
where can i find a used mitsubishi eclipse gs-t in south carolina?
Does these cars sounds legit? and which one would YOU pick?
is there a company that you hire to find a car for you?
What car should I get?
how car works?
Would you think this 3000gt Vr-4 would be a good one?
Nice first car that will turn heads?
what is a good car for a demolition derby?
What's wrong with my car?
How to sell a car with a loan in someone elses name?
I took a car out on finance on tuesday and decided on thursday I couldnt afford the car, I have written to fin?
How do I go legally purchase a used car?
When buying a new car from a main dealer how much discount would you expect to get from the list price?
I received a letter in the mail saying there was a lein on the car I just bought?
I am looking for 60in+ latex balloons but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg.can anyone help me?
how many jobs are saved if we buy american built cars? and i need a resource. pleaseee!?
Should I buy this car? 2005 Pontiac G6, 40,000 miles?
What are the top three best honda motors for performance? ?
What kind of car do you have? What kind of car do you want to have?
If I buy a car from the dealer, will straight piping void the warranty?
i have a 2003 ls lin it run bad at first stard and get better as i drive it,can some one tell me why?
problem with registering used car in Jersey?
What is a reasonable price for a used Toyota or Honda?
Whats your favorite SUV and why?
What car does the fastest 1/4 for under $23,000?
Which Car should i get?
Price on a 2007 Saturn Aura XR?
Should i trade my blazer?
Can you cancel a vehicle service contract?
Whats your opinion on this car... overpriced.. worth buying?
My Son's First car. What should it be?
Which car should I buy?
what would you list this cars price as?
Could a '97 Cadillac Eldorado with over 200K miles be worth buying?
What is the cheapest price you can get an 06 Ford Mustang for?
How much horsepower does a saleen s331 sc stock have?
Whats a good starter car? ?
How much is the price of a Ford Escord 1996 5 doors 100,000 miles?
what is your future car?
are acquistion fees for used car financing REQUIRED? Itseems like they're used more in leasing?
should i sell my car or fix it?
car prices?
What website should i use to sell my car online?
I need help finding some Good used Cars and the type of car I'm kind of looking towards a toyota or honda.?
Advice on selling a used car on craigslist?
can i buy a car in california if i have a drive license from oregon?
Where to buy a car in the U.S. ?
what needs to be on an "in transit" sign?
What major motor corporations hire felons?
Are Saturn's a cheap car brand?
Is it a bad idea to give someone the VIN # to your car, if you're trying to sell it?
what is a private seller because i want to buy a car in ebay and it said private seller?
Help I need a cheap car?
Anybody know when Model 2013 cars would be on market ?
what is good car for a woman for under $12000?
looking for blue book on 1979 280zx?
What cars could I be overlooking?
what is the most fuel efficient small pickup?
I have to drive to Ny tomorrow can I buy gas there?
Where can I sale a totalled car ?
How to refinance a car loan ?
whre can i find a used amc 360 5.9l v8 for cheap?
What car should i get?
How much are my stock rims worth?
How much will I be charged for Canadian taxes if I buy a Recreation vehicule in the US?
Is it true that the reliability of Renault engines has got worse since they've joined forces with Nissan?
i just sold my hpi clear car and now the buyer wants a refund coz he sayes its a ringer , what do i do ???
should i buy a 2000 honda insight?
2002 BMW 135i or a Volkswagen Buggie?
what are the best performance parts for increasing speed and acceleration?
do you think bmw are better than mercedes?
Need a price estimate for selling car speakers?
what car is better? chrysler sebring 2002 or chevy prizm 1999?
which is best?
So i am 16 year old girl. What do you think would be the best first car for me? preferably american made?
how can I get my car payment down?
How Do I Return My Car?
how is brand new 2012 hyundai accent for around 16,000 dollars?
How much money would YOU pay to have your car hand-washed?
can i sell a car that is not yet paid off??
Hard to sell an 8valve?
Some advice for looking and buying my first car?
Should I buy another SUV?
can you sell a car if you just bought it and havnt registered it yet?
What is the best Audi R8 (V8) or Bentley Continental GT ?
Financed a car last year I want to pay it off?
What if the dealer refuses to fix the check engine light being on 4 days after buying the car?
How much would you pay for a 2000 Buick Regal LS?
What car would you buy if you had £20,000. New/used whatever..?
What is a good truck for a 16 year old?
I am looking for a used and cheap transport van. to haul medicare patiencs to their appointments.?
should i sell my car or repair it?
Is $5600 a good price for a 2006 Honda CBR with 3500 miles.? It seems like a good buy.?
GMC Employee Discount?
Is it at all posible to buy a car with no down payment?
What one should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Altima?
for a brand new 2006 or 2007 Evo IX, about how much is the monthly lease with about 3000 - 4000 downpay? thnks
Volkswagen New-Beetle?
I own a car that I owe 12k ... and is worth 10k... I would like to trade it in for a car that is 24k..?
where can i find a used car for less than 200 dollars in the Atlanta metro?
Should i buy a moped or a car? I'm 16 and live in the u.k?
Whats a good first teen car i should get?
Is the dealer's Carfax report updated?
I will be buying a car this afternoon. Which should I buy KIA Spectra SX or Toyota Corolla S? please help!!?
How much should i pay for a truck im interested in?
how much is this motorcycle worth?
Any suggestions on a good site to buy a Vespa?
Good places to look for used trucks?
what type of credit do you have to have to lease?
Need help tracking down a car?
Which Americans cars is the best to drive?
Questions on Lancer Ralliart?
How Much is This car Worth?
Whats the best way to sell a car quickly?
i need a powerful cheap car?
I bought a car a month ago and now it has no heat,the stabilizers bars are broke and the dealer will not help?
How much gas mileage does my truck get?
What kind of car should I get?
What to do about a car loan if I can't affort to make payments.?
should i buy a chinese quad or get nice wheels for my sportsman?!? (10 points)?
My 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR R34..?
what is better a car or a truck?
need help with finding a car
Selling my 2012 camaro to carmax?
Does anybody like the 2006-2009 Ford Fusion?
What happens when a car dealer is not paying off your car that you traded in and its going to be late on paym
i wanna buy a classic chevy car in the 60's?
why do people buy A 2WD SUV or Truck?
What is a car that will go 0 to 60 in under five seconds for less than $5000?
For people that know about tires?
Selling a nissan sentra se limited edition 2.5?
What car to buy (Singapore)?
Buying a used car from private Party in Iowa...Plates, Regsitration how to?
Was this a good deal?
is this a good car for a 16 y.o.?
What do you think is better and cheaper, Toyota Tundra or Tacoma both 2007 !!!!!?
What fast car can I get for less than $10K?
Which car would you take: Jaguar XKR Convertible, Corvette ZR!, BMW M6, Audi R8?
how do i buy & ship a car to nigeria?
What should I do with my car?
Can I give my car "back to the bank" to get out from under the loan, or is that the same as arepo?
Whats the best people carrier?
What is the best used car (most durable, lowest cost and good safety)in the price range of $US 3500-5000?
friend has this truck package deal is it worth it?
What does an average classic car collector look at?
Which car? Audi a4 3 series or Insignia?
What car should I get?
driving lessons?
Is a chevy malibu a good car.?
Should I purchase this car?
How much can i knock off this car? 10 POINTS?
My friend got her car repossessed after one late payment even though she had automatic payment?
What's the best family car for indian roads & one that's not too expensive?
I'm thinking about buying a car and have narrowed my choice to the Porche Cheyanne S or the Range Rover?
In TEXAS, can I get back a deposit on a vehicle if I back out?
How can I make a car body for a new car?
which car should i get? (first car)?
How much is reasonable for a salvage SRT4 or an wrx?
What is the most reliable car today?
What is a good price to sell my Suburban?
Is this a good deal for a used car/what else should i consider when buying this car.?
How Much is a 1966 Chevrolet Bel-Air Sedan Worth?
legacy, a4 or s40?
what should i get a celica gts or a is300?
help on sellin a truck?
What car is a good work car under 40k?
Which new economy car should i consider buying?
Would you buy a car from the King of Cars?
How would I go about selling a 200 thousand dollar mercedes?
How much can I sell a fully rebuilt/repaired turbo for?
I'm looking for a new car...but I have no idea what I want..what is a good website to go to?
Why the cars based on solar energy are not produced in series, and this technologies to be improved???
Need help getting my first car??? Info inside?
Dealership won't release trade-in vehicle that they didn't use for the deal!?
what is the process of paying for a truck on ebay?
How do people afford to buy new cars all the time?
Car loan, 4 years on an 03 Accord?
where can i find a car from a private saler for 450 dollars?
blue book value for 1985 mercedes-benz 300cdt?
Is it legal for the dealership to increase the sale price above sticker price w/out your knowledge?
Is it true that in rain hondas activa tend to slip ?
Opinions on a 97 Sebring? what do you think its worth? *coupe?
can anyone please help?
Thinks to look for when buying a used car?
Where would one buy a hot air balloon?
What cars get the best gas mileage?
Can you rent a car with your permit?
Should i get a 1992 Chevy Camaro?
2005 cobalt, $2100, go for it?
Where can i buy Honda SRV DVD map system CD?
Are VW Jettas a decent car?
value on a rare 1963 ford falcon 2 door wagon?
Chevy Blazer or Saturn SC-2?
First time muscle car buyer, suggestions?
What's the best convertible car for a big (wide) man?
What are the rules for selling your car in California (example: unsmogged)?
Have you ever owned a brand new car, and do you still have it?
i financed a car for less than ten thousand a mo ago, can i use it as a trade to get something bigger?
What are some fast, affordable cars?
Would you chose a 1995 bmw 750 il or a 1999 el dorado cadillac?
2009 Audi A4 CPO - Price Question?
what web site would you find out about cars?
Is this 99' BMW 328i worth the price of $4,900?
were do you get the best car deals?
how long have you been driving the same car?
In a new car loan, what is PAD insurance?
Help finding MSRP for car please help!! 10 points mATH problem?
how many new cars were sold in 2005?
Is there any nice, sporty looking 4 door cars between 2001-2003 years?
What vehicle should I purchase?
2 same age & spec cars but one high mileage?
Do most dealerships offer down payments on cars?
Sold a car, buyer not picking it up... Sketchy, what do I do?
Type of car Coupe vs. Sedan?
Ever heard of
High Miles or weekly pay check ?
Can I Sue dealership if they sold me a car with a different engine without telling me anything about it?
I need some First car opinions?..?
2000 Impala worth it?
What make car is the most reliable in automatic?
Which Car would you buy and why?
Which car should I have when moving up north?
How much is a 1997 chevy camaro rs worth that is not running body is in good shape?
Dashboard lights went out in car. Help?
I'm nearly sixteen and I am thinking of saving up for a car?
Hip nicknames for cars?
i want to buy my first car, whats a good tip on how to save enough money?
can i sell my car by switching payments to another person?
in pennsylvania, i signed some papers at a car dealership but do not have the car yet, can I change my mind?
if your car dose not pass smog will the seller have to give the buyer back money?
how much is my numbers matching 1969 corvette worth?
What's the best way to trade your vehicle to get your co-signer off the loan? I owe $18900.?
In Kentucky, do I have so many days to change my mind?
1979 camaro engine used or new what is better or cheaper?
Why is it a bad idea to buy a car right now?
How to close a used car deal and get the price I want?
get price on 1995 sportsman four wheeler?
Do I have the right to back out of a car sale?
is it normal for a 19 year old to want an estate car?
My car was repo'd today but I paid what I owed yesterday. What do I do?
Question about new Cars?
as a signer do i have rights to a vehicle o signed for that is registered in someone elses name?
used auto parts for chevy trucks?
help me choose which car to buy!?
Should I buy a house or a car first?
i am doing a car buying project for my class. I had to research three cars and I am confused?
Can I negotiate a 2006 Nissan Altima that is priced at 13,999 down to 10k or a little less?
I want to get rid of new car I just bought.?
Buying my first car.. How much would expenses be?
What are my options with my car?
what is the fastest car that i can buy for under 1000?
Trade ford escape for older Volkswagen Jetta?
what kind of car?
Do audi dealers and car dealers in general usually have alot of used cars on the lot? for example 2010 2011s?
how much could I get for my car?
Where can i find the value of an 82 Jeep CJ7?
USED CAR LOANS in USA !!! HELP puhleez !!?
Is buying a new car a good idea?
What are the best family cars under (AUS)$10K?
Can you find a better eco car? Let me know thanks!?
im 15 and i just got my permit?
new or used car?
What car would you buy for under $30,000?
Bought a car off craigslist. Trying to get my money back!?
My car is starting to clunk out.. I want to buy a new car, but don't know what would be a reliable one to get?
How do you get an auto loan if your gross monthly income is $1000 or less?
Should I buy a used car that has been hit?
What first car should I get?
Is it worth the buy? Advice please?
how much is a corvette coupe mucsel car?
Why isn't my car selling?
Should I go to a car dealership if I dont plan on buying today. Maybe next week?
Most ideal car for 2.5-6k ?
Car dealer is out of business but they never paid off the flooring?
wher and how to buy a comercial truck?
When will the Subaru impreza be totally redisgned?
Should i sell Audi cars or Ford cars?
Which car should he get?
what is the most expensive car that you can get?
1967 red mustang for 5,000$ good deal or no?
Would you buy a car with no service history?
what should i do...i'm confused plz help?
Subaru Impreza?
I want to buy this car but is it fast enough?
Do you think this car will last?
what's a good first car to have?
If i have a lien on my car title that is about 3yrs old... Can i still sell it or trade it in?
where would i look to verify that a business has a valid license in Ohio?
where can you buy used cars in new york?
I am looking at a 2007 Toyoto Camry?
is it a good trade a 1999 daewoo leganza for a 1994 cadilac ElDorado?
does anyone know a site where i can learn everything i need to learn about restoring a vintage mini cooper?
Where to buy a good used car in Dallas?
Car Dealership Problem?
What questions should I ask the car dealer when purchasing a new car?
I'm looking for a car preferably 2002 and up that only costs me 4-5,000.00?
Where can i get a sun visor for my car?
does vehicle theft void the factory warranty?
Whats a better car for a teenager regarding parts, repairs, etc. NOT INC. INSURANCE?
How mpg does the 07 grand cherokee 4x2 laredo achieve? any owners current owners here?
What do I do to get the title after paying off my car?
Where do cars busted by police go?
Were can i fine some on thats selling therr car by the month?
Is this 2007 Chevy Cobalt Sedan a good deal?
Car Fans: Lexus RX350 vs. BMW X5 (both year 2004)?
Can i buy a car from abroad and get to india ?
can i buy a car if i hold a provitional licience!?
bmw m3 e36 daily driver in all conditions and snow?
Iam planning to buy used car with a budget of 2 lakhs with 50000km range?
Why are car dealers the scum of the Earth?
How should i buy rift platinum without getting banned ?
Should I buy a car that has 160,000 miles on it? 1997 ford explorer.?
tips for starting a buyherepayhere car lot?
My car got written off. Do I still pay the loan while I wait to sign for the new one?
Looking for a small compact car?
2012 Nissan Maxima or Mercedes C300?
Do you need a coggins test to transport a horse across AL, GA, SC state lines?? please someone hurry.?
What websites (UK ONLY) advertise wheelchair vans for sale?
what is the best car for a first car ?
Should I get this car? I'm in desperate need of one!?
what is the best way to buy a car from a friend? can sales tax be minimized? can the car be leased?.?
Can i get a loan for about $16,000?
arabic cars supermarkets?
I got screwed with a car. What can I do?
What—or who—is making the noise?
tell me a fast car that's cheap. read the details!?
Ford or Chevy? small car reliability?
Can a car dealer rescission the contract?
What kind of car should i get?
In need of best 4x4 suv with best mpg?
If you had a choice...?
Buying first car a little confused?
How much should a person spend on a car making $50,000 a year?
Whats The Best Starter Car?
Selling a Xterra?
Should a seventeen year old get this car?
safest and best car for a 15 year old girl?
which car would be good to buy among ALTO,SANTRO,SWIFT,INDICA CC,mileage,maintainance,costeffective ?
where can i find i low mileage car that is $2500 in maryland?
which car should I get?
Curious about a certain car?
Should I consider buying this 2001 Mustang? Please help,?
websites to fine salvage trucks?
Where to buy neon lights?
Should i get a 5,000 dollar or less car now, or wait a year and get a brand new car?
Car title issue and getting a new title?
Which is the best color available in Chevrolet Sail?
What is the best kind of Used car to buy? what brand name.?
New beetle or Fiat 500??!?!?
Sould i buy this 2001 civic ex?
how can I check on my mazda vehicle order status?
Hi, I want to buy 7-8 seater vechical same like sumo and scoripo. Please i'm requesting for correct suggestion?
Are Range Rovers known to be reliable vehicles.? Is the maintenance expensive as BMW or Mercedes.? ?
car title signed by owner and payment made in full then two days later reports car stolen.What will happen now?
Better Japanese cars: Toyota or Honda?
Going from buy to lease: Is this a good deal?
Whats the most powerful 4x4 i can get on a budget of £2000?
i want to make a golf GTI into a R32, now how much work would it require to make the drivetrain fit ?
How much money is a 1999 4runner limited 2wd worth?
Best way to get rid of a car with very low equity and can't be repaired? Cheapest way?
What cars can i buy under $3000 that are fast?
how to make a cheap sign for business?
Best Deal On Racing Seats?
Is this a good deal on a KIA?
BMW 335is or Audi S5?
A van i've seen for sale has a blank service history.....?
Best mileage correction software? That actually works?!?
Hey I'm looking into buying a 2010-2011 Camaro How much would insurance be for me?
What is loan to value on used cars?
Should I buy a 4wd or even awd?
Does this price sound right to you?
How much do you think I can get for my car if I sell it back to the dealer?
What are all the holidays that car dealerships offer discounts?
Where can I get lights for under my car and how much money?
What kind of car do you think I should get if I like Elvis Presleys Cadillac?
What is the diffrence between a Nissan Sentra GXE and GLE?
I live in illinois, i traded a dirtbike 4 a truck. now i cant get title out of pre owner, what can i do?
Credit When Buying Fifth Wheel?
What would be a cool first car that is fast and under 25k?
buying car 200 miles away from me?
How can I tell what make if car I have?
I'm 17 and my parents are offering to buy me a car...I have this choice....?
Dodge or Ford?
Car Papers signed HELP?
Car troubles please help?
$400 montly payments for used 2009 Mazda5?
whats a good dependable car that is affordable 2000$ year dont?
what is my 2002 dodge ram worth is has a blown head gasket?
How do you play this?
Does the 2008 tahoe or 2007 have a dvd player?
what is a loaner car?
what is the best electric 4wd rc car under 150$?
is any1 selling a working 1989 ford cortina mk5?
Can you sell a leased vehicle?
when should i pay a private seller for a car?
where can i buy dub city model cars?
Best rally car AND daily driver?
Compact Car w/ good Horsepower?
when is the best time to buy a new car?
dodge or chevey?
If you pay cash for a car, can you still pay a down payment?
will a car dealer be willing to use a co-signer 2wice?
You guys have been great helping me pick a new used car!! Mind looking at these options?
Car bought at auction, actually lien sale......?
Is the 2013 Ford Mustang Manual V6 good for a second car?
do you need a business degree to get a dealer license?
I want to sell my car?
What should my first car be?
best 1st cars under 3k?
Is there a law that covers used crappy cars that are sold to you?
Can a dealer work with a 18 year old who have a 16 grand down payment on a 24 grand vehicle?
Do you think $4000.00 is too much to ask for a 97 Ford Mustang?
I bought a car with a one month 1000 miles warrenty on the way home it caught on fire the dealer say no good?
If money were no object, what car would you buy?
How do I buy a used car? Im only 21, with no co-signer?
Im 16 and im buying my first car idk what won i want to buy its between two cars?
For those of you with kids, did you find you really needed a larger vehicle?
any suggestions?
I want to know what best for my mom to have 2006 Jeep Liberty or 2010 Toyato Corolla?
Choosing from Honda Fit or Toyota Matrix?
Help buying a new-used car??
is kenda tyre best fr i20 ?
i need a car for around 10-12 thousand dollars what should i get?
Help! Debt vs getting a new/used car.?
2006 toyota 4runner lease?
how long will it take for my package to get here?
i am wanting to convert a car dash board digital.?
What are good cars for a teenage girl to drive?
which car should I buy, Nissan Exterra, GMC Envoy, or the Toyota FJ?
I have a 1994 camaro with 15k miles on it. Mint inside and out. How much should I sell it for?
Does anyone know where I can use my Focus as a down payment with no cash added?
Where can i find info on my leased car?
After the contract has been signed and the car delivered, can a dealer change the conditions of a lease?
auto dealer markup new honda?
What car do you think is right for me?
Are Lexus RX300's good vehicles?
whats the best family car for a man not and suv or van or truck?
Please recommend good site to buy a car?
I'm trying to get a car next year, but I don't want to pay $1,000 and don't know where to get them from?
Acura TL or Lexus IS350?
Do I own my car?
i cant figure out what kind of car to get?
can i buy nissan altima 97?
what car you think i should get?
do you think which is better for my first car: a 2005 Honda Civic or a 2005 Grand Am GT?
Where i can i find a cheap and nice savage car on sale?
is a scam? or is it real?
car buying?
Can I sell my leased car?
Where can I find one of those african safari vehicles for sale?
I am a california resident. Can I buy a car in Oregon?
Best way to get into a newer car with $500 or under cash, 503 credit score, but good job, no trade in. Ideas?
Are Fords considered more reliable than Chryslers/Jeeps and GM-brand cars?
I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 I want to buy a 94 to 96 ford mustang. My pick up is not pd for?
where can i buy a junky old truck?
Does anyone know where I can get legitimate access to car auctions and government repossessions?
Considering a new vehicle, not sure if I'm making a young man's mistake or not!?
need transportation quick!!!?
Getting the best deal on a new car?
How can I find the value of a 1961 VW Camper called a Hauskar?
How should I price items for a garage sale?
how long is a car new?
What is the reliability of the following cars and trucks?
where can i buy a fender jaguar and a boss me 50?
Need Help on choosing car!!?
i would like to sell my financed Mazda 3 bought Nov 05. can i sell that back to the Mazda dealer?
What would you rather get?
What do you do when buying a car from a private party?
how can i find the bluebook value on a 1976 chevy malibu classic?
I have the repo guy after me for my car which I pretty much live in,?
Which is the better first car?
Best 1st time car, 10 points!!!!!!!?
where in europe sells the cheapest cars?
Please Help SalvageTitle not told by dealer?
Is the Volkswagen R32 gonna be sold in canada???and how much?
used v6 3.8 engine needed for 1990 ford thunderbird?
if you buy a car privately and it breaks down doyou have any comeback?
Is it possible to sell a vehicle that I'm currrently financing?
Im at college dont know whether or not to buy a car?
Buying Car Cash Or Through Financing?
what the best place to get a car for 600 bucks?
is a good idea to pay for a car auction in Los Angeles? or there is better car auctions for free? and where?
Which dealership is safe to purchase at, for the first time?
I want to buy a tuner car?
Where can I buy used panties?
Where do I find a reliable,cheap car in SO CA?
Good first car for 16 year old?
how much should i expect to pay/charge for a bumper?
Price check and review on 97' Grand Cherokee...?
How can I find out the value of my second hand car in the UK?
best first car for a 19yr old male?
i am looking to get a new car can be used?
What is the mileage of Tata Nano Diesel?
Does a bill of sale finalize a car deal?
What is best sports car?
Should I get this car or not? ?
What should I do with my crap car?
Should I buy this car?
Vehicle question!?
what would be a really nice car for a 16 year old girl?
What would you buy with $2500 guilt-free money?
should I buy the truck here, or wait until I get to Michigan; I'm in Texas?
Ideal first car for a female 17 year old?
whats a really cool car for a teen?
How much is a 1988 Isuzu NPR Box Truck worth?
Buying a Mercedes???
What would you do with £160,000,000 ?
im debating whether i should keep my 03 Chevy Malibu with only 35k miles or buy a new car?
Hey quick question, what is 7% of 27000?
Car help :( Car transmistion?
Do new car dealerships make money from selling extended warranties?
Do you think the Camry 2012 LE is a good car?
how much do a set of 13" crome daytons cost?
Good first car for a 16 yr old girl?
whats a good used suv or sut to get?
Does anyone know were i can get a 2001 bmw m3 gtr for sale? ( not used if possible)?
What is the maximum load length of your UK estate car (with the rear seats folded down)?
Is The Infiniti G35 Coupe Spacious?
hummer dealer?
what should i get a 97 gst spyder or a 95 h22 accord coupe?
what is the best web site for left hand german cars in japan ?
Help me please?
BIG PROBLEM ,ex-boyfriend used my name for car loan, what can i do?
Corvette or Barracuda?
What car should I buy?
Do you need a license to sale/purchase auto parts at wholesale price? If so what and where!?
What's it like to drive a right hand drive car?
What would be a good replacement for a 2000 Ford Windstar minivan?
Can a Buy Here Pay Here Lot put a Car Reposession on your credit In Colorado?
how much should i sell my car for?
I am confused between i10 Magna 1.2 & Brio SMT, please suggest?
how can you invest in ferraris?
08 Hyundai Elantra Or 09 Corolla?
If you drive a super car do the police often pull you over out of jealousy?
what are autometers used for?
What do you expect from a 1200 car?
If a Dealership lied about the condition of a sold as is car with no warranty can I get a refund?
Is it worth buying a used Honda Pilot 2007 ?
Please can i have a top 10 list of good first time cars- theres no budget, but be reasonable.?
Name some reliable mid siz sedans for a 18 year old male (first car) under $4.000?
Is a mazdaspeed6 a good car?
Can I buy a governor?
How easy is it to trade my car in for what i owe, even if it is not worth what i owe?
speranza car in EGYPT?
if u were in my position? (deciding on a college car) 10 points**?
Used Honda and Toyota advice?
Lexus RX350 or Ford Edge for a midsize, family SUV?
Sources of credit to buy a new car?
Dodge Ram 1500,Ford Ranger ?
Is it good advice, never to buy the 1st year car model? Does same hold true with re-designed models?
When is the Tata 2,000 dollar car coming to America?
What is the best used 4 x 4?
what is the statute of limitations on a car loan in Delhi?
25,000 miles too much?
Ho do I buy used trucks from Germany for export?
should i buy an 09 mitsubishi eclipse or a ford 09 mustang?
Help! Does anyone know where i can get the bike that Ross buys Pheobe in Friends? Or one similar in the UK.?
best AWD or 4WD fuel efficient auto in low to moderate price range?
What is the cheapest new car you can buy?