Car Buying

What is the difference between clone cars and regular cars?
Did I just screw myself over?
Cobalt or Civic or Supra?
how can i get my money back from buying a car on ebay?
How many cylanders in a hyundai santa fe?
I live in Detroit where is a good place to buy all the items I need to paint a car?
which car is best?
i need new headlight and tail light lenses....?
what else do i needa buy if i order this turbo kit?
how much would a 1989 Ford Fairlane sedan be worth as a trade in, looking to upgrade to a Falcon s/w worth 20K
What car should I look into?
Trading a Salvaged car for a clean title car?
2008 Nissan Sentra....which package should I get?
Should I get a Chevy Equinox?
Car insurance temp cover- I sometimes buy cars and sell them on for a small profit, is there insurance company
If you sell someone a car for $400.00 should the be able to ask for their money back after 2 weeks?
how much are monthly pay ments on a ford lightning?
Reliable first car for a 16year old?
planned to buy a car. which car is better diesel or petrol ?
Whats the best web site to buy a car?
price list of maruti true vale for all cars?
Driving Automatic vs Standards? 10 points for best answer?
2012 Honda Civic or 2012 Honda Accord?
A 1995 GMC Yukon 170000 miles, Good Motor Good Paint Good Condition.?
what is the best car to buy??
What car should I ask for?
I need ideas for a new car.?
money/car issue?
What should I pay for a 2000 Honda cbr f4?
When blue booking a car value, which site do you use. Kelly bluebook, or Nada?
calling all car salesman do i get a good deal on a new car without paying double when all is said?
were can i rent a stick shift?
how long do cars last?
Should i buy samsung lg optimus 4x hd , galaxy s3 & htc one x which one is best for high end gaming ?
When will the 2007 Toyota Highlanders be released?
what is my truck worth?
Good idea to buy a car made 15 years ago?
How does one legally sell a car with no tags or license plate?
why "total cost to own" is more than "invoice" or "MSRP" price in auto s? which price is true?
will someone give or buy me a new car?
which sub title on will take me to the repo listings?
how to find out about rare car badges?
what interest rate should I expect for financing a car with a 650-690 credit score?
Lemon or Not a Lemon Car?
How much should it cost to have new car delivered to closer dealership by flatbed truck?
How much do i have to save up before i start looking for a new car??
is 16395 way too much to pay for a 2004 Dodge ram with 83k miles?
How much could i sell my truck for?
which car should i get? Easy 10 points!?
I want to buy a used car. What should I look for as far as mileage and price is concerned?
C5 Corvette or Nissan 350z?
What is the blue book on a 1995 Saturn SL-2?
What is a good looking sports car with good mileage?
is camry2005 is best car to invest?
trading in my vehicle on a new one?
can i tax my car if the mot has expired?
What car/truck would suit me best?
Looking to establish a relationship between a seller and purchaser of used auto carriers.?
whats a fair price for a kia 4x4 2 litre off road vehicle.?
what do you need to test drive a car?
Which new economy car should i consider buying?
What engine size should I get for a first time car?
Whats a good first car?
Is Jaguar ahead of Benz/BMW/Audi?
I purchased a car from a dealer and it broke down on the way home?
approximately how much does a used range rover cost?
Do runs mess a car up ??? ?
Where can i sell my bus tokens , i have a lot?
A friend of mine was pre- approved for a car loan through the dealership, what is the next step?
Negotiate with a car salesman?
Which car should i buy?
How much to sell my camaro?
Am looking for a 2nd family car as will soon have 3 kids under 4. Something mid sized and economical..?
How much will i get for my saxo S reg gd condition.?
what is a model of a car?
anyone notice on chase Ep 2 (nbc) that the mustang was 95 and then a 2003 when it crashed?
Sports/sporty cars for under 6k?
What is a reasonable down payment for a Newer car, that is used?
Good site to look for used cars?
Are Probe GT's depenable for me and my baby.?
Process for buying a car in Florida as a Tourist/Foreigner?
I made a Top 5 Car List for myself. What do you think?
Can I donate a car that is registered as PNO (Planned Non-Operation) in California?
What is a good car for a teen?
Is it stupid to buy a used luxury car?
What do think about this Camaro and its price?
russian ural 4320 dealers?
What is the expected price and mileage of Tata Pixel?
How old can a car be called a classic?
A car for $1000 ASAP?
2000 honda civic coupe or 2001 toyota corolla, same mileage and price?
I need advice on what kind of car to get. Help?
Is this a fair price for a 01 saturn sl1?
Buying my first car? things need to do?
How do I apply for a Missouri Salvage Dealer License?
is the customer always right?
Whats the best auto loan rate to apply for? I live in Chicago. So far I was approve for 7.9 APR on $17,000 car
what's better - new honda civic hybrid or toyota prius???
Are VW Jettas a decent car?
Is this a good first car?
which car i shld buy swift or getZ?
Where can i find out what other models and/or years a starter from a 1982 Datsun 210 will fit?
i bought a rig from a reputable company that sells and leases trucks,?
Where can I buy a LHD car in the UK?
where to find a cheap car?
Anyone know how to sell a '96 Impala overseas?
Mini Cooper S or Honda Civid SI?
car dealer j. p. ryder?
What is the step by step process including taxes, and fees in selling a vehicle in Pennsylvania?
Is this a good price for this car i want to get???
worlds most expansive car/vehical?
What is the best luxury-like sedan w/navigation between $35,000 and $45,000?
is it better to learn in mannul car or automatic car?
Hi peps uhm I don't know what turtle beach headset to buy price range I would like to be is 100-200?
Who has the best warrenty on certified used cars?
How much does a SPORTS CAR devaluate its price every year?
Would this make a good car? If so, how do I convince my dad ?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a small mini van?
Do you think my parents should buy me a car?
Auto dealership playing games big time, who can I turn to?
I cannot afford to pay for my 06 BMW 3series.?
does anyone have or know of anyone that has a chevy caprice for sale? (Georgia, Carolinas or upper Florida)?
Nissan 350Z versus. Hyundai Tiburon vs. Mazda 6. ?
Options- different models for two-door cars?
anyone know somebody that will let me put a down payment on 03 honda or honda accord without checking credit.?
the best auto auction is in michigan?
is it better to buy or lease a car?
I need a new car for college?
Nissan Murano or GMC Terrain?
How can i buy a new american car and have it delivered to my address in Europe?
About how much would a refurbished 1957 two door Chevrolet Bel Air car cost?
Good first car to modify?
Would I be better off selling my car or scrapping it?
First car questions/suggestions?
If money were no object, which car would you buy?
how much would you pay for this truck?
Is this car too good to be true?
i live in voulsia county fl does any one have a min van for sell under 1500?
what would you pay in california for a 1996 suzuki 650 savage?
whats a good used suv or sut to get?
Hi everyone, Im thinking of swapping a 1942 VW Kubelwagen (Military Historic vehicle) in France...?
can you buy a new car without air conditioning?
what sports car should i buy? budget is 4000-4500?
buying used car help?
please suggest me what car I have to select in second sale?
is a car loan possible?? I am 20.?
Does anybody know where in Minnesota I can find this car?
what car is better to drive?
Anybody have a 250cc or bigger scooter, Chinese or other?
Are Ford Escorts good cars?
are mazda millinias good cars?
Is it bad if the car you want to buy has done 200,000 km?
is leasing a car smart?
1989 Cadillac Eldorado questions?
good gas milage 4x4??????????any year is fine, but newer is good?
How much can I sell my car for?
What is the best time of the year to buy a new car (Lexus) in terms of deals.?
Best website in Canada to buy a Vehicle Online?
Just got my first car, any advice?
How much should I sell my car for? (Approx. $ value)?
Know any (good) 2000s small cars ?
First time car buying help?
When my brand new car breaks down and stops while I am driving, what can I ask to the company?
I bought a used car and the CHP pulled me over and said that I have a part on my engine that is illegal. Help.
howmuch can i buy a 300zx for?
2007 Ford Fusion or 2007 Mercury Milan?
Please Help!! I was sold a car by a deacon at my church. I am 23 and this is my first time buying a car.?
I want to buy a truck is there a make I should stay away from and why?
Which cars best? For CO2 levels that put in tax band b?
how much is a 1996 ford t-bird with 61,000 miles worth?
what price should i put on a 1988 dodge caravan le?
Help needed finding the right car?
How do I sell my vehicle privately when I still owe? What are the steps I need to take?
Nissan 240sx for $3500 good deal or no?
Anyone know where I can get an air-cooled VW in driveable condition for $500 or less?
Selling my car - getting scammed?
should i get a shelby car? ANSWERS PLZ?
16 year olds car?
I'm considering getting a new 2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv Automatic, has anyone had any negatives with this car?
What is a good suv? PLEASE HELP. ?
When is the best time of year to buy a car. I am looking for a 2007 but I am not in a hurry.?
Which is the best selling car in the world?
How much would this car be worth do you think?
Which country build the best cars?
where is the best place to find out how much my vehicle is worth? Isnt there a book that car dealers use?
I want a truck????????
any testimonies for damaged
hi i need help in choosing a car they're both 2006 honda civic 4 doors and both are white !?
Should I buy a X5 - BMW or a RX 350 - LEXUS!!! PLEASE HELP?
How can I get my down payment back from the dealership if I have 2 return the car b/c the finacing didnt go ?
Is this a good first car?
i am buying a used car for the first time and need help with the negotiating price?
Thinking about selling my 1994 EG Civic with a full GSR swap brand new rebuild? It is also REFFED/BARD.?
What car would you recommend?
Who can I sell my car to and get the most money for it (even if it needs a new transmission)?
Toyota Yaris or Honda jazz ? buying a car for my mother?
Thinking of selling a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4X4?
Friday 11/17/06 I bought a 98 Kia Sportage, Within just a few days I find out the gas tank leaks, an oil leak,
Selling an Upside-down car lease?
How would an auto loan work if you wanted to be financed through your bank and not the car dealer?
Best Car for a Teenage Girl?? First Car!!?
Where can I buy a black M.U. (Mysterious Utility) 4X4?
What car auction like copart you could suggest?
Need a good name for a car?
Should I buy a 1994 Firebird Formula with 140,000 miles on it?
Tax on American cars sold in Japan?
someone cosigned a car for me can they take it back?
How many miles are too high for '04 maxima?
are smaller cars getting popularity these days ?
Am I being scammed by car dealership?
What should i do with this car that i want?
Does Lexus have as much technology as BMW/mercedes? ?
Which first car? 2010 Audi A5 vs 2010 Acura TL vs 2010 Infiniti G37?
Looking at two jeeps to buy, and im not sure.?
I'm thinking of getting a new car. Any suggestions?
What are some of the main reasons guys own nice sports cars?
I just bought a 2005 chevy malibu and i hate it how can i get out of it?
You opinion Pls Honda CR-V Sport Auto 2003, 92000 km, $20,000?
Looking to buy a new car with great gas milliage, any Ideas?
after 4 years i broke up wid her,i can`t stop thinking about her day and night am i in love ?
Is a used 2006 honda civic a good first car?
Need help with this car?
anyone know a good price to sell a 1981 454 chevy big block?
I want to make a voluntary repossesion for a car do I have to go to the DMV or other place please tell me?
Looking for a foreign car for 2500 or less in AZ?
can you sue a dealership salesperson who sells you a car that doesn't have the features you talked about?
Vw Jetta or Jeep Liberty???
Should I buy a used vehicle or certified pre-owned vehicle?
What is a good first car?
buying a dodge durango vs a kia sportage?
What kind of first car should a teenager get?
First Time Car buyer!!! I want to buy a pre owned(used) car?
how rare is a 1989 mazda mx6 gt turbo?
I am 15 and looking for a German Sedan to buy?
What is the best time of year to sell a used car?
What are some badass cars under 10,000$?
Selling my car on ebay?
Teenager: New cheap car, or used luxury car?
i owe 23,000 on a used car i don't want... i can't take it back so is repossesion my?
Is this a bad deal for a truck?
Mazda 6, good car?
I want to purchase a used car but i have a learners permit?
Are Honda civics good cars?
How much would you pay for used rims?
Can I still put my stepmoms car she is selling us in my bfs name though he went away for work?
How much is an '88 Ford Crown Vic worth?
Im selling my car and a lady gave me a $100 deposit to hold the car until today?
Any suggestions for a car w/ a decent amound of cargo space?
What would a used skyline go for? ?
i am looking for a car for sell around 1000 dollars in virginia?
AWD or RWN Honds Civic Si competitors?
How much should I sell my car for?
Wrong car repossessed what now?
where can i found bmw x5 aluminium trittbrett-s online store?
which is a better buy?
buying used car but know nothing about cars :) help please?
What's te best website to buy used and new cars?
Where and for how much do I buy a used car in Jinju, South Korea?
Car purchase gone wrong, what to do?
will florida accept an out of state title with the type of vehicle is crossed out and something else put in?
Which car should I get?
2002 Jaguar XJR for $7000? Should I buy?
Help!!! I'm a 24 yr old female buy a used car!!?
i am buying a used toyota in a month from a toyota dealer..12-14k-what would extended warranty approx. cost?
need list for all sites i can place photos of cars 4 sale free?
Could I get a NIssan 350Z for 8000 and under used?
Should I buy a 2006 Ford Fusion or Nissan Altima?
Toyota Tundra Crew max or Chevy silverado LT ?
Anyone know of a CHEAP 1969 Dodge Charger for sale?
Mazda3 Stories? Volkswagen Beetle?
Question about paying for a used car monthly?
someone is buying my car but does this sound like a con?
best car under 12k years 02-08?
What is the all time best drivers car?
What car for my Sweet Sixteen!?
Why do people in the (particularly) US make and buy such large engined cars? Surely 1600cc is adequate!?
What should I buy first?
Bought a USED truck in Texas and it is destined for export. ?
What should I do about selling cookies for team cluns?
What kind of car is good for a 6 person family?
Which would be a better first car?
what is a good mileage range to look for while buying a used car?
where can i get a kelly blue book?
My car was repoed 3 weeks ago. Last week we made arrangements to pay the outstanding balance and fees and?
someone sent me a check for 2,500 for a 250. i want to cancel all ties and send the check back can i be sued?
CAMARO OR MUSTANG???????????????? HELP!!!?
Is it better to have a trade in or not when buying a used vehicle?
2013 BMW 335i F30 Sedan or Used Nissan GTR?
What are these car light used for ?
What is doxyhexal used for?
what is the sales tax in fayetteville, arkansas?
Which of these would be the best first car for a teen?
My first date in my car was on Friday the 13th should I get rid of the car?
Which is better Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic in terms of value of money?
Do car company waive u payment?
In the state of California, how long does it take to receive a vehicle registration?
How many horsepower does the fastest car have right now?
Is this a good car deal?
Would you buy a 1993 Ford Escort for $350?
What Would Be The Best Car? For Learners & First Time Drivers?
What would be a good first car?
What first car should I get?
Are 90,000 miles too much for a used car?
What's a great midsized SUV for my wife and two children?
Ok so I'm 19 I bought a car from auto outlet in woodbridge Va 22191, this is my 1st time buying a car, well I ?
where can i buy Toyota ae86 trueno?
I want to flip auctioned cars for profit ?
What would you recommend I do as a first car?
I got 500 dollars to spend and I'm not sure what to buy any suggestions?
i want to sell my car how much is it worth?
Is it worth it for me to refinance my car loan or will I most likely end up losing money?
Best LED's for my car QUALITY?
Please recommend a reliable second hand car for less than £8K in the UK?
Why should we buy/convert all our vehicles to electric?
How much are matchbox cars worth?
what should I do? buy a 2002 eclipse,or pimp my 1996 neon?
Difference between older and newer model Dodge Charger SRT8?
what is the quickest way to get a car?
Would it be smart to purchase the car now?
Should I sell my car?
On what day i might get my item?
What are new moderate price sport cars?
Where can I get a jeep wrangler w/ automatic transmission cheap but in god condition?
How much for '99 Silverado?
which motorbike is the best for 50cc? ??
Moped - wanting to buy. need info on costs?
which is the best car?
How much did you pay for your 2005-2007 Nissan Frontier?
i want a car that has the same transmission as bmw's steptronic transmission...?
Should I go to a car dealership if I dont plan on buying today. Maybe next week?
why dosnt a sunroof come atleast optional on a subaru 2,5i impreza?
any one have a '93 dodge shadow es that they are selling?
Does anyone want to buy my 2001 pontiac TransAm for $15000, its fast!?
which car i should buy? (I m living in India)?
Good first cars for new drivers?
Is a Range Rover a good car? ?
when purchasing a vehicle what do you really mean when you say "i need to think about it"?
why is the used car market flooded with automatic front wheel drive cars?
What's the very best car I can get for under $10,000?
Can a car dealership take a car back if you have financing and already signed all the papers?
how to buy secondhand car wisely?
What is the cheapest way to puchase secondhand cars in the uk?
in the state of california , when you buy a used car , if there are any outstanding parking tickets ?
hi some vary know where can I buy covers for wells enkei mod:pk6?
Blue book value on a Datsun 240Z 1972?
i was looking at getting a 4 weeler and wanted to know the best atv to buy?
i want to buy a 1969 camaro to restore anyone know where?
can anyone tell me good car boot sales in central scotland and where they are?
Question about buying a car from a private dealer....?
regerstation fees for........S10 cameo 89?
how do i recover a lost title for a car if i bought the car without the title?
where can i sell my damaged car?
What should I buy used an Intrepid or Stratus?
are buying classic cars from junk yards a good idea?
My first car. whats a better choice?
What are the costs of buying a car from the auction in North America?
who know where to buy cheap car in RI???
Can I get Basic Car Help?
How do I go about looking for a car?
Which car wud u buy within £20-26k range?
How do I haggle for a car?
What do you plan on getting for your first car?
how can i get a lower payment on my vehicle?
I bought a car without V5 C documnet the vehicle has full MOT and Tax can i drive it and let my insurance know?
what do you call the book that car dealers use has list price for all cars for there year and millage?
Do you know about THIS African scam?
Texas Car Title and Pay Day loans?
How many days do I have to return a new car?
where can I find car junk yards in New York or New Jersey?
Should i sell my galaxy note and get an iPad Mini?
Which Motorbike should I buy (Budget is maximum 45000 Indian Rupees)? ?
IS there a liable and ligitimate lender out there that offers auto loans with competitive?
what's the cheapest car in the u.k.?
Best sports car to $40K?
Should I buy a brand new car?
Getting a car on finance?
What forms must I sign to sell my car in a private transaction?
Would you ever buy a used car that was involved in a fender bender?
Are car dealers generally willing to teach you the basics of how to drive a manual tramission car?
Has anyone actually installed the fish carburetor on there car and does it really help mpgs that much?
should i sell my car or repair it?
I'm 16 and am saving up for a car. Should I buy from a dealership?
where is the cheapest place to buy a used car in or around London,UK.?
Which car do you think i should buy????
what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a used car?
I bought a car and changed my mind. Can I get out of the deal? If yes, how much time do I have?
I bought a car on the 1st of October 2008!!!?
should i get a 2005 lancer ralliart or a 2007 subaru impreza 2.5i?
How do buy here pay car dealer managers present down payments and payments to customers?
what is the best way to get a car?
please give an example of 1) a car for rich people 2) an ecologic car 3) a fast car?
should i get the 350z 07, evo IX, or STI 06?
i need to know wat to look out for wen i buy an old van today?
is there a tax credit in California for hybrid vehicles still?
when you buy a car in the north of ireland and take it to the south how can you avoid paying v.r.t or reduce?
What car shall i buy first?
What would your price range be for a used 2001 Mitsubishi Gallant engine?
i wanna buy a car in LA California can any help please?
Should I keep my 240sx or move on?
Is this a good or bad deal on a 2012 Lexus IS 350 lease?
02 Suzuki GSX-R600 with salvage title because of a bent peg --> rebuild of frame(?) What's the value?
does anyone want to sell a .25 acp pistoil? i would like to buy one?
what is more worth the money a mazda rx8, honda s2000 or nissan 350z?
car loan after car is repossessed?
Prius or Civic?
Is Anyone Else In Love With The Toyota Celica's?
What should my first car be?
What car would give better performance the honda civic si or vw gti?
Hmm...SS Camaro 68 or Porsche S4 88?
I want to buy a used car. Which one is the best Hyundai(accent), Toyota(corolla), or Honda(civic) and why?
Im looking to buy a Trans Am and I wanted to know which one of these is my best buy out of the newspaper?
A car place that accepts Really bad credit!?
smart car?? Good idea!?
What does is mean if a car has a guaranteed mileage?
Used Car Dealership ripoff....or AS-IS sale justified?
Were can i find a 1967 Chevrolet Impala?
Buying a van abroad?
Would third gen seats from a camaro fit a second gen? What other years and parts are interchangable?
Used Honda and Toyota advice?
Getting a first car and need help?
Can you make car payments on used cars?
car affordability help?
Reasonable prices for garage sale?
What is a cool, nice car for a 16 year old?
Which is better? 2007 Chevy Tahoe or 2006 Hummer H3?
Blue Book Car Values?
Is 2,000 dollars to much for a use 4 wheeler?
Which car is better? Taurus or Impala?
I need help trying to see what I can do to get money back for a car I bought?
Hyundai sonata good for 16 year old guy?
Sold my old car, now what to do paper-work wise?
Is it best to buy a new, or a used car?
Car showrooms for car details?
I'm 19 and want to buy a Mercedes G550, I have the $ for it, but heard the upkeep is expensive, thoughts?
Can't decide on a car....similar to impala ss?
does visa provide CDW coverage for my car rental?
Which out of these two cars would YOU choose?
how much money can i get for my 1986 honda 200trx four wheeler?
vovlo s40 or audi a4?
what come first the chicken or the egg?
price for a ford xlt f-350 larait with 18100 miles on it?
i need a car that's good on gas?
Should I use a credit card for a down payment for my used car?
Should i buy a Camaro ZL1 or save my money?
what companies make the best quality tow trucks?
car ideas of mine?
what are spots/ things to check on a 1972 dodge charger when looking to buy?
Where in califonia could i buy a koo sr20det?
what should i look for when test driving a 4 wheel drive truck?
where can I get a a reliable car with low mileadge under $2500?
please help....which one is bigger??
Is there any possibilities to buy a indian car by loan give details?
i have a 2007 honda ranchers 400 4X4 and i was wondering about a snowplow?
Civic hatchback vs. Yaris hatchback?
How to buy a car with bad credit?
Looking to buy used car BUT!!?
I only owe 259.00 to be caught up on my car note i dont get psyed until 7-20 an my finance company will not ?
What kind of car do you drive?
Want to buy a car- 5 door,small ,automatic,sat nav,parking sensor,cd player,central lock,power steering.Names?
If my airbags deploy, does that mean that my cars title is now in a salvaged state? Thanks!?
how much should i pay for a Ford F250 diesel?
where do you sell a hitch?
can jd byrider sue me for not making a car payment?
What should i buy? I dont know what to get?
Why would the seller want to keep the maintenance records?
where in bristol can i get a cheap half decent camper van less £2500?
i am a new student driver,what is the best car for me? my limit for cost is $40,000.?
Which car would be better overall?
I'm looking to buy a truck?
Is a buyer able to come back 3months after they bought a car to say that it isnt fit for purpose?
what are the worse used minivans between 2004-2008?
which is the most confortable car in the world?
Squeaking Radeling noise under my truck? ?
I have a question about how much my car is worth.?
What statement does your car make about you?
What should I do if I sold my car in Queensland, Australia but the new owner hasn't submitted the paperwork...?
What car should I look for?
Does my very bad credit matter if I can pay the whole 2 year lease upfront?
I live in quebec,is it secure to buy a car of united states with !finance u.s ?
I want to buy a scooter among the following choices?
is there any where in tennessee where you can buy vehicles with the steering on th oppisite side?
I have two years left on a three year GMAC lease. What are my options for returning the car?
What is the best car for me?
Why are people so afraid of car salesmen?
So, Im finacing a car, I am suppose to give $500 as an additonal down payment. Can I pay half of that?
Help getting first car?
Does any one know any thing good are bad about a 1995 monte carlo?
Can I afford this car?
Hi I am looking at buying my first petrol rc or road car would anyone help in what I should get for my first ?
Honda Fit Vs. Ford Fiesta?
Where is the best place to sell my 1965 VW bug?
What does MRSP mean when buying a car?
where can i find a $500 car?
I am a first time buyer, should I or shouldn't I?
where can I find a one owner car, any kind, any age, well maintained, reasonably priced (cheap)?
Best Used First Car for $2300?
Serious Financial and Car question?
eBay Motors Question: What are the best listing services/softwares designed for eBay? PS: What about research?
i want to start saving money to buy a new car but i don't know which of the two favorite cars i want?
what do i do when car gets repoed?
bought a new car off auctions..need fixing where do I keep in in the interim?
Where can I buy a 1962 Ford anglia? I would prefer one in the USA with a steering wheel on the left side.?
Trading Cars and then trading immediately after?
How do I trade in a car when I am not the primary?
I'm a new driver looking for a first car . . . . . .?
Legalities about buying and selling cars from home?
Is it just me or does the Hyundai Equus very closely resemble a Mercedes?
Hows do you get a car slaesman to go down to a price that is right for you?
help me pick out my first car!?
How to sell a car to someone that wants to make payments?
18 year old wanting business loan for a car?
where i can find 2 doors for mi car used?
Can I by a car without having a driver license or credit?
I need Legal advice. I got ripped of by a used car dealer. ?
Anyone wanted to sell s280 headlight, cheap price .?
Should I sell my truck for a 4x4?
How many miles on a car is too much?
Coupe or Convertible Teenage Male?
would the yaris be a good economical car for alternate transportation?
Car payment or buy a used cheap car?
Ways to save for first car? ?
when you buy a car in california from an owner do u need the pink slip AND car registration?
would it be a good idead tto buy a used Ipod touch from amazon?
Straight Re-buy, Modified Re-buy or New Task?
help me pick my first car?
A car question..........?
How does COE work in SIngapore?
What car should i get ?
Financed a used car, but now I want out.. ( read )?
Very confused about my whole car situation?
I need to sell more cars...anyone interested in buying a car?
Im 16 i need $1500? For i can get a car?
Looking to buy a car from private party?
Import Car Expert - I need custom sites for Resellers dealing with Import Cars?
can we cancel a car deal if the dealership lied about the price of the vehicle?
Is it worth buying this car?
What kind of car should I get?
I think I made a bad car buy?
I am struggling to make my mind up about what car to have when im seventeen?
Dodge vs ford vs chevy?
what is the best fuel efficient car with great performance(acceleration, speed, ect..)?
A car deal gone bad. How much to give back??
how to build a farm tractor trailer?
i had kinetic honda before and i was totally satisfied with it .now what new two should i buy?
How much would this cost?
Can I buy a car with cash?
What car would you choose out of these?
New Car...which one?
what was the 1st thing you bought for your 1st car?
The new Prius 3rd generations?
Good coupe to buy for under 14k?
Can you lie to a car dealership to get a better deal?
Are there any luxury cars I can buy for $30000?
What is the best car for my Grandmother?
What type of camper should my family buy?
what does the word "camaro" stand for.?
Which car is right for me?
Any bad info on Suntrup Auto Sales in St Louis, MO?
2008 BMW 5 series, or 2012 Chrysler 300S?
Which car is a better buy a Ford or Chevy?
Is there a way to search auto trader online and filter wrecked vehicles?
would you drive my car?
any suggestions on a good car dealership in SE that can help finance someone with credit probs?
im trying to find the fastest 50cc moped under 2000?
how much would it insure a mini cooper 1.6 for a girl of 17?
Can one negotiate the price of a new car (as opposed to a used car)?
what kind of car should I get ($20,000 or less)?
how do i go about buying wheels?
Would You Buy A Daewoo Car?
How to avoid Sales Tax on Car for export?
Is a car with 106,000 miles dead on arrival?
I need a Local Auto Sales Site?
Ideas for a nice car?
How can i earn money to buy a car?
Where can I find Fast Food minubus (car) to buy?
ok, so me n bf were thinkin about tradin in our car for something else. The title is in my name.....?
Best place to advertise a private party used car sale in S.CA.?
How do I get a copy of my car title?
Best car for P plater?
Has anyone ever heard of selling a home and car together (as a package deal)?
Crossover for teenage driver?
a convertible that you recommand this college student?
Are there laws to protect consumers againgst faulty used car purchases from a private owner?
How do i get my car back?
I bought a car in Feb 2006 how long do I have to wait to trade it in for a different car?
what new car can you get from an official dealership in the uk with the lowest deposit?
Anyone know when the 2007 Buick Lucerne will start selling at dealerships in Southern California?
Vehicle never registered?! Title problem?
I just bought my car from a junk dealer?
sign title no bill of sale?
A good first car.....?
130,000 miles on Mitsubishi Galant, good or bad?
What is the perfect first car?
Do you think this 1993 Lexus is worth checking out?
Best mid-sized truck under 8k?
first time car buyer!?
1978 Camaro Modifications?
Im selling my car and a lady gave me a $100 deposit to hold the car until today?
Should I sell my car?
How much money would I save on this car loan?
Buying used or buying new (vehicles)?
Has anyone purchased a 2006 Hyundai Sonata and have an opinion or advice about it?
Is a Smart ForTwo a good first car?
What are some cheap cars that can be made fast for cheap?
Where do i find to buy yamaha rx 100 in palakkad at rs 10000-20000 is anybody there for selling rx100 or rx135?
What is the best van or car for transporting a harp?
if i trade in my car on a cheaper one will the dealer actually give me money back?
Would you choose Jeep or Dodge?
What is the best new car on the market for around $20,000.?
How can I get this car?
Is the 2006 Audi A4 a good car?
Just bought a honda civic 2000 EX sedan with only 53,000 Miles?
Do you like nissan murano?
what is the best car for a 20yr old male to buy?
I am trying to find a used cars website, can u help me?
I own a 2000 Mazda Protege. Need 14" hubcap--type that bolt onto wheel directly instead of snap-on. Any ideas?
How much should i sell my 94 camaro for?
New honda city(diesel top modle) or new Hyundai fluidic verna (diesel top model).plz suggest me with reason?
which of these cars is a better deal? a mini cooper s, a saab 9-2 or 9-3?
What is the Best Super-car I can buy out of Law School?
Car ...Suv for teen?
where in illinois can i get a cheap used van?
whats are some stats for a pontiac sunfire?
I have a rare late 80s jaguar that i am looking to sell in Ireland and am wondering what is the best way?
Which is the best first car?
when does ford/lincoln have big sale's on their 2011 models?
What kind of car should Jay Brown buy?
is 1964 chevy impala a good car ?
Does paying more monthly for a lease decrease lease time?
can buy a automatic car?
which is the best vehicle to buy ?
What is the best way to new car at a low cost price?
If I buy a car for 8000 and put 1000 down and have no trade and decent payment for 3 yrs? 5 yrs?
Isuzu Stylus is it a good car?
Is this a Possible Money Pitt?
Great fuel economy plus safety?
how much is Pantera Zf transmission worth?
Why do people buy great cars in the colour yellow?
How long it will take to mail from USA to Canada by Global Priority Mail?
what is the kewlest car u have ever owned?
Anyone seen a blue 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille sitting on 20s, low 2 1/2, no pinstripes, 2 1/2 exhaust custom?
Does anyone know any websites about New Jersey?
Does anybody know where I can find a gas tank for a 57 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Thanks for the help.?
If you lease a car....?
How do you sell a used car to another citizen?
Fellas: What car would you prefer a girl drive? Which would be the hottest?
Seeking used mobility scooter - best brand for value & durability?
Please Help Me! car issues?
What are good cars for a sixteen year old?
What's better? A new Subaru Imperza WRX STi or a new Chevy Camaro SS?
What is the most luxurious (most high-end) 4-wheel drive vehicle out there?
04 2500 Silverado high miles?
Friend steals your new do you react?
What is a car lease and is it a good idea?
What are some luxurious cheap cars?
anybody want to buy a 87 mercedes 560sec check it out on ebay. this is the item number 4607482118?
Help with loan for car repair?
I will be buying a car this afternoon. Which should I buy KIA Spectra SX or Toyota Corolla S? please help!!?
can any one tell me something about the new release bmw..335 coupe..thanks?
99 nissan sentra. Engine is shot and could cost 2000 dollars.?
how many cars are registered on St. Martin?
what is the gas milage for a 1998 318 V-8 Jeep with tow pkg and Quadra-Trac 4x4.Truck?
Why would United States Citizens choose to purchase a foreign made automobile?
How can i lease a car what is the process?
help me choose a car?
95 accord vtec!!!?
Comparison: C63 AMG or S4 (Prestige Package)?
Can I afford a mustang?
Are new cars cheaper in Florida than in Georgia?
Carfax report on a used car i want to buy does not have a date of delivery on the report. What does that mean?
What kind of car do you drive?
What actions & precautions do you take when buying a used car?
What is the best vehicle for offroad that gets decent mpg???
Want to know the steps need to buy a car from another person?
Mileage on a 2004 ford mustang...good or bad?
Would you buy a new Toyota Tundra or a Chevy Silverado?
when you buy a used car with a clear title...?
the person im buying a car from is acting shady?
Where can i find trailers for sale ?
What is the most reliable used car (4 cylinder) for 4 to 5 grand?
thinking of buying a nissan nissan gtr?
what should i look for when buying a mazda 3? in particular the one in this link (details)?
I lost the title to my motorcycle, how do I sell it?
Is it true that Manhattan has a huge car dealership that sells Lamborghini's, ferrari's, and much more?
Should I buy a new accord or camry? Hybrid or not...I know there's a waiting list...?
is it illegal to sell a vehicle to a person with out a drivers license?
What does "processed through sort facility" mean?
I bet You Can Not Find This car Cheaper?
What type of model car is this I know it's a forte?
i sold my car 3 months ago and now the buyer came back talking smack?
Should i buy a car or a suv?
Is the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG good to drive?
need suggest on buying old car?
First car, what should I get?
Is any auto company going to launch any hybrid car in India?
Where to get a junker car in AZ?
i want to sell 97 ford tauras gl.4dr. everthing was fix currently , good condition. any offer?
want to buy a defender 90 XS?
Please help me?
What is best thing to buy with 350$ ?
I'm looking for feedback on the 2006 Chevy HHR...?
where can i buy a nissan skyline r34 gtr here in the philippines?
Which supercar is the best to buy?
i need to find a site for cars in the morgan city louisiana for sale?
Major Car Dealership is Pissing Me Off, What Should I Do?
Can i lease a vehicle?
We negotiated a new car and signed 'Motar Vehicle purchase Agreement'. Can we cancel the agreement.? Urgent!!!
is there any site where you can bid/find/buy seized or repossessed vehicles in Saskatchewan/Canada?
How come no one's contacting me about my car that is for sale?
Quick question for a new car buyer!?
1070 Impala custom?
How can I sell my car to a livery service?
what kind of hatchback should i get?
But or pass on this 240 coupe?
I bought a used car and the CHP pulled me over and said that I have a part on my engine that is illegal. Help.
Do you know where i can find cheap second hand cars for sale in metro manila, Philippines?
wanting to buy a used vehicle truck or SUV?
How good are Hyundia automobiles?
What is this car worth?
would it be bad to buy your first car from a dealer and make payments ?
What cars come with trailer hitch that can hold around 3000 lb?
How much would a 2010 subaru wrx cost in 2014?
Grandfather died,still owed on car.How do I find out how much to payoff?
Is 4 dollars per car wash(windows &windsheild) a fair price?
Subaru STI or Misubishi Evo 9?
Can you please tell me the best car sharing websites?
How big? and Which is better?
Sources of credit to buy a new car?
Best car for me for 5k?
Help! I bought the truck and something is wrong!!!?
Reliability of 2011 Dodge Charger?
What kind of car should I get?
ARE MUSTANGS A GIRLS CAR?????????????????????????? LOL?
What is the best(profitable) way to sell my car that does not work?
Has anybody ever worked at a car dealership that can answer this question for me?
Selling my car in another state.?
bought a vehicle thats not how it was described, where do i stand?
what do you think the world will be like in 20 years from now?
Anybody selling cars in Richmond, VA?
used cars in amarillo texasused cars in amarillo texas?
Dodge or Chevy?
Are you a fan of the New Mitsubishi lancer's?
where is the best car loan company that will help you .?
Is VW Beetle GLX a good used car?
Why do people lease cars.....?
is mercedes benz c class reliable?
What's the best car for a family of 4 and reliability and safety?
I bought a new vehicle two weeks ago. I just switched jobs and now the bank says they're taking the vehicle!?
Does walmart have good batteries to buy so i can add them to a lowrider to power the pumps?
What are my chances of getting financed for a 2012 camaro ss at 18?
How much would you sell a 1995 Mazda Protege that has 170,000 miles and needs the air conditioner compressor..
im 16 and looking for a car ?which is best?
Where can i buy a used car for $1500 to $3000?
Tips on becoming a sucessful car salesman?
Imlooking for a car privately owned?
What is the Ex-Showroom price of Renault Duster in Chennai?
Cant decide.....Peugeot 307 or Mercedes A 160?
What is the most fuel-efficient vehicle under $15,000?
How much should I pay for a Maruti 800 used car ?
whats the best for a teenager?
who own a segway?
what is a good car for a high schooler to buy?
is it a slight possibility to be financed on a car if...?
i'm looking into buying a new car. any cars you do .. or do not recommend and why ?
price question?
Easycare warranty contract wholesale cost?
Shopping for cars (Price, MPG, Style)?
When is the best time of the year to get the lowest prices on new cars?
are dodge neon good cars?
BHP vs WHP vs HP vs torque?
Is there a Trailblazer EXT LTZ?
Does any body think its ok for a 17 year old to get a $12000-$19000 car or suv?
Minecraft mods?? 1.5_01 10 points?
i have bought a car but thay have not give me the log book is the car leagly mine?
1st car, need loan but unsure of acceptance. PLZ HELP 1O PTS?
Whats a good car for a beginner driver?
Is a reliable online place to buy cars from Japan?
Seeking Car Recommendations?
hi i want to buy 3.5 tonne a recovery truck?
hi.. I want to buy a car. but confused between Santro Xing, zen estillo & alto.. which car i should buy?
How do I get a hold of Ca. older car buy back telephone number?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a car in Melbourne?
I have a car for sale under blue book value and several thousands under dealer price and no one is calling why
Where can you buy truck campers? Like the thing that goes over the bed of the truck?
Which is the best to buy?
What should I get for my first car?
Whats the best car under 30k?
What is a good SUV/small truck for college?
Where can I get a $5000 loan to purchase a 27 year old vehicle?
got into a car accident and need help figuring out how to get another car?
best Government auctions for cars?
I feel so discouraged, Is it really possible to get a nice car for less than 3000.?
will i get on with an automatic car?
do i need a building to get a salvage vehicle rebuilder license?
How much do you think this car would cost monthly?
what is the value of a 79 chevy 1/2 ton that has been rebuilt from ground up and only 500 miles on new engine?
Best company to refinance auto loan with?
i want to buy a project car in riverside California. for 50 to 75 dollars?
help deciding on a car?
Is $12,000 too much to ask for a 2001 Honda CRV Ex with less than 35k miles on it?
Anyone deal with " Buyer Services International"....?
i am looking for a friend justin wong yi ever studied in maju sec sch.?
How reliable is a 2002 Renault Laguna ? UK Only?
What car should i get?
Toyota Tundra vs. F-150?
Stuck between a Toyota Corolla LE and a Mazda 3I Touring Sedan?
if u have to buy a car which would u buy?
Find a used car to buy?
I want to get my name off of my car loan that I share with my ex?
I feel guilty, what should I do?
first car?
Would this car do me some good?
what is a fair value in a vehicle trade-in?
how much is a fully restored 1971 chevy c10 worth?
Which 2012 midrange crossover/SUV has smoothest ride?
where can i buy a good truck for a low price?
would you buy a used bentley or a brand new mercedes S class?
Does anyone know of a rental car company that will rent a Range Rover?
How much does a new Hyundai i30 lose in its first year?
What car should I get and why?
How much is scrap cars per ton at the moment?
were can i find a right hand drive nissan 240sx so i can buy it ?
Car is totaled and im going to be geting around 3000-4000$, whats my best buy?
How to recognize a good mustang engine?
Where can I find ice cream truck vendors in the Cleveland area?
buying a pre owned car and paying monthly?
What is the most secured payment method when buying vehicles online? (to avoid fraud)?
Right hand drive car to the US?
where can i get a kelly blue book?
What car should i buy?
question about buying items on eBay?
Can u make payments from a car bought from a private seller?
buying a car with no credit?
Does any one know how much a 1962 327 block with brand new pistons, rods, and crank is worth?
How are the Exterior features of Renault Duster?
Do you like a BMW or a Truck.?
a person who wants to buy my car wants me to transfer the title before the checks clear, is this a scam?
Which would be the best car for me?
I am looking for a small SUV approximately $30,000. Wanted a Jeep Cherokee, but mileage is horrible. Help me!
A car?????????? North carolina!?
What is the best small SUV to buy?
Which is a better buy - Ford Focus or VW Golf?
2003 Nis snt GXEw/35k..In decent condition but not super maintained..I asked for 6500-immed. respns..its ok..?
anyone know where to get a import car?? either free or $100?
what kind of car should i get?
what happens if engine goes out on a vehicle under a title loan with titlemax?
Has anyone ever bought a vehicle from Santa Motors?
what do they check when you turn in a lease?
What is a good website for 2nd hand transit vans in UK?
Buy a car in PA when I live in Maryland.?
why do ford, chevy, and dodge cars have such badddddddddd resale value .?
who is the most reliable car manufacture?
Who are the top 5 auto lenders in the us?
Does anyone want to buy a camaro for 6 grand?
Really need help on this one?
The better car?
I need to buy a car.Toyota Camry 97 225K miles Price-$3000.Shd I go ahead with this deal?Need some advice.Help
What was your first car?
questions about buying and selling a car?
What is a reasonable price for a used Toyota or Honda?
what car should i buy toyota bmw ford?
What kind of car is this?
i'm looking for the a web site where i can find limousines for sale under 20k?
Cheap, rare, classic Amerian muscle cars?
If I buy a car eBay, do I have to pay sales tax?
I'm looking at new cars can anyone give me some advice?
Mazda RX8 trade down?
A person selling a car has a loan on car i want to pay for. How do we do transaction so i get Title to car?
I need help on choosing a nisson skyline?
Tiburon money question?
How much should i sell my car to the junkyard for?
Please Help!! Car Dealer trying to take advantage of me..?
lansing, mich auctions?
Today Chrysler Announced it will go forward with production of the New Challenger in '08. Want one?
Does using save you money?
what is the on road price for swift LXI, Toyota etios liva J and Honda Brio E MT?
What's the esiest way to sell a car and what are the legal process in California?
2013 Hyundai Elantra vs Chevy Cruze?
buying a used car?
Should I sell my car?
Is mercedes car good car like honda?
I have £450 to spend on a car. What should I buy?
need to sell jeep!?
sold my car on ebay..buyer having second thoughts?
Has anyone here bought a car from
Which is better....Honda or Toyota?
Does walmart have good batteries to buy so i can add them to a lowrider to power the pumps?
Dodge dart rt vs Honda Civic Si?
Which car should i get?
Spacious, affordable cars?
I have a wife and 6 kids. which one should i buy ? A ferrari or a mpv ?
Like this car, but it's being sold by an Auto Body repair and paint shop?
What is the average/longest loan term most buy here pay here car dealerships offer?
I sold my car to the company I work & they keep bugging me for all sort of maintenance?
What is a good first car for a 16 year old boy?A 16 year old Girl?
im looking to buy my first car?
I would like to buy my boyfriend a clio 182 for xmas....................................…
whats the cheapest car out there?
Is this mustang for sale a good buy?
What steps do I take to cancel out contract with car dealership?
If I intend to buy a new car which should i choose? ur Optins r 1) WAGN-R 2) ZN-ESTILO 3) SNTRO 4) INDICA-XETA
if i wanted to buy my first car???
where to buy air yeezy ii?
Is a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon good for a teenager?
what do u think of the new H3 Hummer? i wish to buy one, any advices?
Looking to finance a new vehicle?
any ford model "A" clubs in S.F.bay area or Monterey bay area?
Car! 07 mitshibishi endeavor or 08 mitshibishi outlander?
Which car should i get?
what is a good used car to buy?
Im trying to buy a car?
How much would you say this car is worth?
Longest lenght of time for new car loan? I would like to have a 6 year loan is that possible? what is the long?
dark purple car good for first car for teenage guy>?
what is the white stuff people use to write letters on the car windshield? and where can i get them?
Which car for a first time driver?
Where are Honda trucks built?
Do you think an old mini would be a good first car?
Should I buy a salvaged car that would be a project car?
should i buy the extended warranty on the prius?
What I would do for a Dodge Viper?
Did Cain steal the 999 Idea, off a use car salesman?
2011 Chevy Malibu or 2011 Kia Sonata?
what come first the chicken or the egg?
I am thinking of getting a minivan. Which one seems like a better buy?
what is the world's most expensive car?
I'm going to go to the car auctions and thinking of buying a car?
What do you guys think of this truck? as a first vehicle?
I need to kill my mum,s Volvo?
What type of car would you like to own?
Is it morally wrong to test drive a new car you won't buy for 5 years?
What is a 1978 F250 value?
used starting gates for sale?
Does UPS Freight easily damage items?
Help? Car Issue?
What can i do with my lemon car that I boutht "as is" and now the head is ed? I have a lien on it?
What is the most popular car in USA? And, which is the car more cheap?
Other cars like these.........?
How many car payments can I be behind before the bank repos my car?
How much would you pay for a 1982 Corvette Stingray?
What to watch out for and ask when buying a car?
help finding a good car?
how much could I get for my yamaha 250 bravo?
Is there a Government loan to help a handicapped person get a handicapped equipped van?
Do you like this car, is it a good price?
Where can i find a safe, dependable site to buy online cigarettes for cheap?
What is the best gas/electric car on the market right now?
Husband bought a used car today and there are major issues with it (found once we got it home).?
Whats the deal with exporting a car out of the uk to france?
What is a good first car?
What kind of phone should I buy for a Teenager ! (:?
i need a car. something that ranges from $1000-1500 around 1997-2000 and that is in good condition. any help?
Is buying this car worth the money?
what year is a m reg car?
what should i get for my first car?
Whats a cheap, FUN car?
which car should i get help?
what to buy Mazda cx-9/cx-7 or Toyota Rav-4 or Honda Cr-V?
How much money would you recommend I have going to a car auction for my first car?
Used car lots in Los Angeles?
Anyone interested in a 19710 Buick LeSabre with a 455 engine?
what is the best car to buy?
If a car dealer advertises "$10,000 min for your trade" can I really expect to get $10,000 off the car price?
Would it be better to buy a small car or a large car depending on the gas prices going up and down?
How does a down payment work?
Can I just pay cash for a motorcycle or do dealers prefer checks?
Getting my first car. What are some older models with the duel headlights? (pics)?
Which car should i buy? Toyota Yaris or Nissan Latio?
who is chip swanson internet salesman for a northeast ohio dealership? how to contact him?
Where can i find trailers for sale ?
where to buy right hand drive cars ?
Is the Nissan Grand Livina good? Judging on reliability, value, all sorts! Thanks :)?
Auto Auction in So Cal?
What are the best options for an hybrid car? Is the Prius the only descent option?
Is the Audi A6 one of the cars that can be used as part of the cash for cluckers program?
What is the best First Car?
Which car is the best in the budget of 3.5 to 4 lac for indian roads ?
Would you sell this car?
1990 yamaha blaster worth?
What car should i get?
what car is under $2500?
does anybody know where a 1968 cadillac coupe de ville for sale is located, NO EBAY?
Buying a car and the seller still owes money?
Buying a used Saturn vue or any type of SUV, have questions about it!?
When is the best time of the year to start shopping for a new car? How can I deal with those aggressive sales
What is the best car for a girl?
which is a better and nicer car, nissan altima2009 or Volkswagen ( CC or passat komfort) 2009?
Can you turn a cash car back in?
what would be a good amount to spend on a 250 cc quadbike?
what is the best upgrade for a traxxas emaxx rc truck besides a brushless motor?
I have a 2 seater car original from the dealer can a 5 year old ride in the car?
Sueing a used cars garage?
Excotic car experience ?
Is there a law against not informing the buyer of a used car recall before purchase?
good first cars for teens?