Car Buying

Does this seem like a scam?
Should we buy the Warranty?
i would like to contact export manger in fiat group, but un able to find any mail of that man on the web site?
Where is the best family car?
whats a chrome mustang emblem for car worth?
Is this a good SUV for a teen?
Are Automatic Transmission cars better than Manual why?
How old do you have to be to buy a car on new york?
How to turn $1000 into $3000 in 3 days?
How much cash should I have beyond the price of the car before buying one?
How do you get a title for a vehicle that needs restoration?
Cash For Clunkers Rebate Good Towards Mustangs?
is there a place on the web you can go and see if people are looking to buy things?
What's the best used car for a 16 year old? it has to be cheep reliable and get good mpg?
Is this mini cooper a rip off?
i am thinking of buying a smart car anybody got one? wot are the plus or minuses of the smart?
help with my first car!!!?
is it legall for a dealership to sell a used car that is unsafe to drive and not let the buyer know of it ?
What would you do if car was wrecked by someone?
My Dad's gonna Gift me a car worth $48,586, he didn't tell me which one, which car costs around this much?
2006 Toyota Corolla S or 2005 Honda Civic LX?
Is this a good deal? Mazdaspeed3 with 50k miles for 19500 otd?
If you were buying a sports car, which qualities would you look for?
where are auto auction within 150 miles of GHENT WV and directions?
too confused about what car should I get?
I got screwed with a car. What can I do?
Is it worth it to import a car to Canada?
Where can I see automobile news?
i want to buy honda civic 2004 any body know the advantage or disadvantage?
I have a car which is registered on company name. Now company is closed and i want to sell off this car what s?
I want good handling, looks and comfortable on bad road, which bike is good between yamaha fazer , bajaj p220,?
what would be a good off-road vehicle?
is 210,000 miles alot for a truck?
I am thinking of trading in my car for another car.?
this is for jennifer W?
Which car is right for me?
I got pre approved for a car loan, but I need a cosigner....?
How is bmw 3 series coupe?
need some help finding an italian bumper sticker[?]?
Audi A5 or Audi A4 or BMW 335I?
If you had to choose: Mercedes or Lexus? Why?
Should I get a new or used car?
i have a budget of 15,000 dollars i want to know the best marker then for that marker the best upgrades then i?
Financed a used car, but now I want out.. ( read )?
which is best car to buy in usa?
Does the buyer or seller have to pay sales tax on a car?
How can i make money to buy a car??♥♥?
Is there a License for "Internet Only" Car Dealers?
Which of these three trucks would you pick? 2006 f-150 extended cab,75 k, 2wd$8000,2006 chev Silveradov6$7500?
Will a 2000 camaro ss in high school be a pussy magnet?
im looking at a 1989 ford probe for my first car?
web site to display current values for antique full size trucks...spec chev 1968?
what are the cheapest cities for used cars?
where can i get secondhand used cars in hyderabad?
Out of these two which is the better truck to buy?
Good looking small car and good on gas!?
What would be the best vehicle for me?
Is there a web site that pays for people to have their car painted for advertising purposed and get?
How much should i put down for a down payment on $15,000 truck with no co-signer and no credit?
Need Help: Should you buy a car from a dealership or Enterprise Car Sales (Urgent)?
What car for my retired parents ?
Best middle-class cars?
What car should I get?
where can i buy a custom model car?
whats a good car i should get?
Should I buy a car with no Logbook?
i got $8,500 what car should i get?
how much silver is in a morgan dollar?
Discount on 2007 models (Nissan / Toyota)?
where do you find a test for toy hauler campers?
what is the least expensive 4 door car that one can lease right now ?
Can I sell my car before it's paid off?
I'm looking at buying a car from a private owner. What are some questions to ask or info to request?
Is a 2005 Altima a good car?
Whats the best classic car to fix up?
im a guy i am going to buy a car ?
Can you sell a car without having a recent inspection done?
Hyundai elantra or toyota corolla?
any advice to getting my car back from a private party that is making my payments?
First car for $7000. Help please?
What is the average price on dealer fees and tags?
I'm thinking of trading in my car for a smaller car. What is a good choice?
what would you do with a million pounds?
how can i get the most money from my junk car in l.a. i crashed it and im want to get rid of it a.s.a.p.?
what to do with a financed car that turns out to be a flood title and lemon. Still own $1700 and can't sell.
Which car should I get?
Mississippi to Florida - Shipping FedEx - Time?
I am writing a book What car would a single woman with a rich sugar daddy drive ?
where can I get a 2005 dodge magnum for a great price in atlanta?
is it cheaper to buy a car in Michigan, or over in Canada?
i am buying my first car and was wondering if 200,000kms was too high??
I'm just wondering, What is the best choice for a small sport hatch within a price range from 16-23K?
I have 20,000 for a car and I want to get a 50,000 car. Should I put the whole 20 as a down payment?
Just one question. Mustang or Camaro?
What are Good questions to ask when buy a used car?
1999 Mazda 626 ES?
I resigned a car contract help?
PPlllzz answer this- what country manufactured Hyundai?
Bank made a mistake do you think he should be compensated this was a 18,000 mistake?
Car dealer lied about making first payment what can I do?
Solid first car for a teen?
What is a nice car to buy?
Do people like to but or sell cars?
Whole sale list???
What is the best looking mid sized SUV to buy?
whats the average price for a second hand corsa van?
buying a car with bad credit?
What is the best way to sell (or trade) a one yr old vehicle?
Can you help me decide if I should trade in my car?
Buy a used car or fix mine?
Registering an Out of state vehicle in California???
how much of a discount can you get if you pay cash for used car?
Best Classic I can get for under $15000?
what happens when the mileage on a vehicle is exempt?
I have a car thats financed through my dad..i have bad credit and need to get it in my name..any thoughts? ?
Buying a car from a neighbor?
What is the best vehicle, besides an SUV, to buy when you have 2 kids under 2 and travel a lot??
Someone rear-ended my new car. Should I ask for more compensatio due to diminished value?
What if the dealer refuses to fix the check engine light being on 4 days after buying the car?
Why doe my car only get 13 mpg?
What should I do HEEEEEEEEEELP?
looking for a lpg estate no more than 4years old?
Buying a new Car- Help!!!?
What certificates do we need if we want to import semi trailers from china?
car help!!?
How to buy a car from a private seller with a Credit Card (10 points!!)?
What statement does your car make about you?
What is the tax benefit (if any) of buying a car in Georgia if you live in Florida?
im looking for a good car in the snow?
how much would my car be worth?
I have a question about repossesing a vehicle?
Have you ever been?
Where to find Used Cars Cheap?
10 points...First car any ideas?
where is the best place to buy a used car?
made payment on a car that belongs to my friend . now he wants the car back .by the law can i claim my money b?
how much should i spend on my first car?
Realistically how much will I need for a car at 19?
what are great first cars to buy?
how many of you own 2005 cheverlot aveo?
Which Car is Better? Overall.?
what is the best mini van that dosen't look gay and isn't expensive?
Are there really such things as good reposesed car auctions?
How much less is a vehicle worth once it has a salvage title?
family estate car ??
PT Cruiser or Pontiac Vibe?
Chevrolet camaro in australia?
how many second hand cars were sold in dubai as of 2007?
can a car dealership help payba title loan?
enterprise car rental?!?
if i sell my 2005 range rover, what should i buy to replace it?
where can i buy a 250 honda rebel?
where are Dvinci Wheels made?
What are some of the things you check out/inspect when you look at used cars?
i wont to import tire cold patches?
salvage suv?
Approx. How Much Would A 2004 Ford Mustang Convertible Cost?
i sold a car and also gave them the title now they refuse to pay can i get the car back?
What do you do if you want to buy a car from owner.. can you finance?
Hyundai Vercruz or a smaller SUV?
Is the 2002 Dodge Intrepid reliable?
Car title is signed over to me, is the car mine?
Toyota Yaris hatchback or Honda Fit?
Should I buy or lease my next car?
Is it cheaper to post with a padded jiffy envelope or a manilla envelope via royal mail?
How to set up an appoint to buy a car?
Any feedback on a 2001 Toyota Sienna mini van?
scooter 150 cc want to buy new ?
What type of car would you suggest?
Can I get an auto loan if I'm 18?
can you barter at these new massive car supermarkets. are they a good place to buy?
what will be out the door price for 2007 dodge caliber sxt?
can i sell one of my testicl?
Why the cars based on solar energy are not produced in series, and this technologies to be improved???
What is the best car out of this list?
I am trying to find a used cars website, can u help me?
Want to buy new base model 2012 wrx?
Should I buy this car for my daughter?
what was the cost of a car in the 1940's?
trading a car. help:)?
What's a job at a car dealership like?
Delorean autos?
Bought used car from dealer. Have car title in my name already. Dealer home office sent letter denying credit
Which car should I get?
Which is better in the long run...?
Should I get this Toyota Celica GT?
What car should i should i convince my dad to buy me?
I need to know the estimated value of a 1979 corvette t-top with only 1,100 miles. One owner!?
If i bought a car at a public auction yesterday can i sell it tomorrow without even registering it ?
Which car is worth buying ?
Car Dealer says "I'll give you a variety of accessories at cost!". What % should this be of normal price?
Can a dealership repo a car?
What is the best hybrid car for gas mileage and affordability?
We are willing to buy a Mahindra membership (Resale) ?
What is the going rate in california for a 72 mustang 351 cleveland, not yet restored?
What's a nicer car then a Land Rover?
my boyfriend recently traded his 2004 jeep liberty for a 2006 kia optima and then realyzed when it was too lat
2008 Honda Accord EX-L coupe OR 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE coupe?
Is the price on this car too good to be true? Does it seem like a scam?
Is it a good idea to buy the same Make Model and Year vehicle with lower mileage to replace my current one?
i want to know about the cars ,which things will effect my purchase of car?
Is it manditory that all Used Auto Dealers produce the buyer a Carfax?
how much does the price of a car go down when a new model comes in to replace it?
I'm planning to buy a used car.Can anyone suggest me which one is good Esteem/Escort/Astra. With reasons pls.
Reasonable prices for garage sale?
What would be a reasonable price for a 2002 Redman 5525 14'X66' mobile home.?
Camaro or Scion FRS, which would you choose?
Texas car title transfer?
nissan murano or volkswagen tiguan?
What type of car is this?
Can you order used honda motors from japan?
Is a deposit a contract on a private sale on a vehicle?
Ways to save for first car? ?
hey i need help i am buying this car but i feel its scam... HELP MEE ASAP?
What is the perfect car for me?
Can I buy a car by paying monthly and not the whole price at once?
I have a car that im making payments on. But I want a diffrent one, I dont know how to go about it.?
What does is mean if a car has a guaranteed mileage?
Do you know Great Wall?
is it wise to redeem your car loan before its completion?
Too good to be true in Buffalo N.Y.?
2007 Honda Accord Ex-L with navi?
What should i name my car?
Will I get my down payment back if my car is returned to dealer?
How do I get my down payment back?
is it fraud if a dealer sold me a car that had been recalled?
how can I get the most money for my car?
what dept can i conplain if i get con by the car dealers?
When my brand new car breaks down and stops while I am driving, what can I ask to the company?
New/Old car, your opinion?
What factors are included in the cost of typical 5 year ownership of a car?
What car to buy for around USD$32,000?
car dealership options?
Can American car companies build factories and sell cars in Japan?
What would you buy for $6,000? - 2001 xr650r or 2009 DR650?
should I sign the title to my car to Copart for a personal check?or is iot a scam?
Is a trade in going to be most likely mandatory for me at ALL dealerships?
Can a dealership sell a car without a title?
Best car website safely buy stuff?
What kind of car should I get?
Whats the difference between a 4 cylinder manual and a 6 cylinder manual?
I need a real answer please!!!?
Which is better buying a use car at a dealership or private seller ?
I bought a car from a guy who had bought it from a lien sale?
sell a car in MN?
what is a good used car that can be bought for 13k or less?
What is the best way to sell a used car?
How much can I get down the price of a 2012 Civic?
Which one do you prefer?
How much would it cost to buy an old cadillac in or around Vancouver.?
A 2007 Diamondback Joker USED. Whats a good price to sell it for?
Is their a way for me to trade in my car for a more expensive car with bad credit?
Trading in Vehicle purchased 1 year ago?
Find car owner i got the car with no tittle?
how do i start a carfax for a car that i am selling?
How much should you save up before buying your first car?
Screwing over a auto finance company?
What car should i get?
How to figure out the loan amount on a new car?
Would it be possible to finance a $13000 car, with zero down?
why does a 2006 mustang convertible lose so much value so fast? is scary how fast it depreciated..?
Would a BMW be a first good car for a 15 yr. old in high skool? that's want my parents are planning to get me.
SUV thats fuel efficient, least expensive and realiable?
Denver area?
Which vehicle should I drive?
Ideas for a nice car?
Auto loan? Just started new job.?
what is the name of the most expensive car you would love to own?
which scooter should i buy?and why?
what is the best first car thats cool ?
First Car - Beauty or Beater?
What is the best website i should use to sell my car?
odometer doesn't work?
Need help choosing my first car with a budget of approx. $7000 (Toronto, Canada)?
Can they repo my car if...?
What should I sell this car for?
VW GOLF MK4 or Seat Ibiza MK4? Helpp?
How much would you pay?
i am looking for cheap cars for sale by owner.?
can i get an used car with $3000? if so, what year?
Hi, please send my mail early price (cost)Down-The-Hole(TDH)hammer machine for any compony, thank Bye.?
Should I get one of these used cars now or save up for awhile and buy a car later?
I want my first vehicle to be a truck....what kind should I get?
I am considering purchasing a new Nissan Altima (6 cy) I am wondering what kind of mileage this car gets?
The used car dealership only gave me 1 key. They claim the 2nd is missing. Should I get my locks/keys changed?
1992 F150. 4.9L Color green. Want to sale old truck.?
Is this a good deal or not?
whats a good website to buy a 3E-E 4cylinder 1.5L ENGINE?
How Long Does It Take To Save Up For A Car?
How much are you paying for your SUV?
Finance for a car. how much will i be paying in both scenario's?
Will people make fun of me for buying this car?
what are some good cars.?
Which car should I get?
How much should I sell my car for?
I am looking for someone who might know how to obtain title for a car previously from the state of florida, th
Does anyone know exactly what day the Shelby GT500 will come out?
does anyone know about complaince services?
2010 Honda Pilot Touring or 2010 Mazda CX-9 Touring?
saphire color???
What is needed to get a buy and sell licence, like for an auction?
Car for 1 person, what are best&affordable worldwide small cars for just-started-working individuals ?
I think I made a bad car buy?
can i buy an aftermarket bumper and paint it the same color as my car?
i want to swap my car PLEASE TAKE A LOOK?
Is this possible.....?
Car reccomendations for a teen?
Does Anyone Own A Kia? Sorento??
What do I need to do to own a car in NY?
What is the address for a huge lot of dealers in Pennsylvania PA ?
what color to choose for a retro car?
to buy a petrol car or diesel one.?
Is anyone interested in buying a 1980 Dodge Aspen RT?
web page that predicts difference between my used car and another used car?
Skoda Fabia New Ambiente 1.2 MPI vs Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.2L (P) vs Maruti Suzuki Ritz Vxi BS-IV?
What is the best way to get a good deal on a new car?
2010 Chevrolet Camaro?
2003 YZF 250 and 2004 YZF 450?
Does any one know if someone is selling a cheap truck in the Downers Grove Area?
Good price for a down payment?
What is a good CAR that performs well and has good towing capacity as well as gas milage?
trade in my car?????
inexpensive golf cars/carts...?
what should i name my car ?
what documents should i sign with a buyer of my used car?
What is the best car for a 16 year old girl to drive?
I want to trade cars or change titles of my car?
Where to find a parts price list for 1993 Mazda Protege?
1990 Miata, 147k for $1800 should I buy or not buy?
Pimp my ride? CAR TROUBLE!!?
FORD or HONDA, which Car is a better buy.?
whats the best car for me?
If there is an abandoned house...?
goverment programs for free or low cost cars for married people.?
Whats the best suv to buy that doesnt lose value fast?
Buying a Citroen??
Can someone please buy me a 2007 Or a 2010 Lamborghini ?
do i have to be 18 to finance a car?
Where can you sell 1985 Jeep CJ7 modified-No Fees In Kentucky?
Becoming a Luxury Car Dealer?
Does this truck seem okay for a second truck?
im trying to find invader zim floor mats for my car?
Should I buy the Mazda 3 hatchback, VW GTI or Mini Cooper S?
i have 300,0000 dollars what should i spend it on?
what type of car should I buy?
where could i get a cheap used car??
Is this the real monthly car payment?
What one should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Altima?
I'm purchasing a 1997 Ford Windstar with 114,000 miles on it for $2500, is this a good deal?
im interested in buying a ford focus but it has 111000. it runs very good. should i buy or find something else
Which is the best car for indian roads and why do you say that?
does anybody have a car for $600 in the buena park or anaheim area?
Is my family middle class?
What websites would you recommend for buying a used aircraft?
What is the best used car to buy? Honda Civic, Toyota Carolla, Nissan Sentra, Ford Focus?
Will I get approved for an auto loan?
I'm wanting to buy a 2003 BMW 325i with 75,300 miles. CONFUSED - HELP?
Where's the engine number located on a 2007 mitsubishi triton?
importing 1989 skyline in US in 2014?
When registering a car do both people have to be present ?
Which car is suitable for a family of 4.?
Does guitar center let you test pedals before you buy them?
I wanted a mustang but my dad wants to get me a tahoe or yukon?
i need help please! where can i find a car!?
How long does ems tracking take to show?
where do i purchase a vehicle in germany?
Can I buy one dollar online and get a car with it?
what is a 1978 Pontiac Phoenix worth?
have a 2010 accord and want a 2013...?
2010-2011 vehicle that is affordable (under 23k) and sits high off the ground?
What is the deal with biodiesel? Is it easy to get oil? Worth it?
Where to buy used caterpillar loaders for cheap?
whats a year 2002-2006 car that would be under $10,000?
what is a good truck for a 16 year old?
Hello 17 and trying to get a car?
What is the best vehicle under $35,000?
What should I do about being screwed over by a private car seller?
If your in auto repo. process, is the car listed with the authorities?
why doesnt auto dealers lower the prices on cars rather then ask for bail out money?
Would you recommend me which models of Hyundai i10 car is best in overall performance?
How can I get a car when I have no money and no job?
can i get a car loan with a contract job?
I'm 17 and am looking at a 02 Kia Optima with 160000 miles. Should I be scared?
how can i argue the price of a vehicle?
ford windstar vs. dodge caravan. which is more reliable?
What make/model of fuel-efficient car is best suited for me?
anyone knows the link of the old mercedes ad where an old man turns into a baby?
How much can I get out of my car?
Cars for sale in Baltimore area (websites)?
Vauxhall Astra Which one shall I buy ?
$28,000 including TTL for 09 Tacoma TRD SPORT. Is this a good deal?
When I ordered something I used drive instead of road?
I had my new used car taken back by the car dealer due to a suspended license.?
Buying a used car no service history?
Can i trade a car for another one from a dealer if its defective? Its been 3 yrs already since i purchased it.?
Thoughts on a 2012 camaro?
which car model looks nice in white?
1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS, good deal?
hi i sold a jeep private and now the guy said he is sueing me , because the gearbox is gone. where do i stand?
Want to get newer car, curious about car makes, what's a good automatic w/good mileage for town driving cheap?
Why does DOT not see the Nissan Silvia as a 240SX as far as importation eligiblity go?
Why can't I sell my vehicle for the same amount a dealer would sell the same car?
I need a cheap and safe car. write with value.?
Which car do you like better?
i wanna see your list of second hand toyota grandia model 2000 onward?
any one have a 1967-1968 fastback mustang for sale?
Has anyone used
where would you buy a rare supercar brand new?
What kind of car should I get?
what kind of credit score am i looking at when buying a lexus car?
When will i receive my package?
where can i find good used cars?
how well does the build your new car app work for getting a new car?
Does anyone know how much I can get for a 1963 ford galaxy?
is $ 24,000 for the mitsubishi eclipse V6 260HP a good price?
What would make you want to buy a hybrid car?
What is the Value of my rv?
How much do 2010 car prices drop when the 2011 models debut?
What is your least favorite part of buying a car from a dealership?
Buying a new car?
How much should it cost to have new car delivered to closer dealership by flatbed truck?
Ford F 150 lease deal on TV $292 no money down month tell me how to find the dealer offering this truck?
help buying a pre-owned car .....?
Is it worth buying extended waranty?
how do i trade a car in Kansas?
Can I Sue dealership if they sold me a car with a different engine without telling me anything about it?
Any one selling a car?
is it even worth it to keep this car?
which car is better swift or honda city and why?
Should I consider making an offer for this car?
Would this be a good car to get?
is it wise to refinance a car loan after owning the car for six months?
looking to buy a new car?
Can you please name car brands that have combined with clothing brands.?
Which mid-sized sedan is the best in America?
Where I could find the website who is selling car/kart racing fabrics with small amount of yard?
Should I get a Chevy Equinox?
Can you import a subaru R1 into the US?
best truck for a 16 year old kid?
can u tell me where i can buy cheap but rich ac?
Can a U.S. resident buy a car in Canada, bring it back, and register it in the U.S.?
Describe a vehicle you would like to own.?
how much does it cost to get license plates for a car in illinois?
can you find me a web site of auto auctions in or near Memphis,Tn 38141?
what are some the makes and models of used SUVs?
Does a 2WD SUV have better grip than a 2WD hatchback/estate?
Cosigned a car for my brother....?
Whats better a car thats automatic or standard??& why?
Should I buy a '65 mustang?
Is this a good price for this vette?
I need some car help !!?
selling limited ed el guitar and also trying to sell dodge d 100 pickup truck 1970?
how much is the sales tax for selling a motor vehicle? Miami-Dade county?
what is currently this months most sold vechicle?
Where can i buy used Street Signs?
Does anyone know where I can buy a smog pump bracket for a 1982 Trans Am?
Can some assist me in filing a complaint concerning the Kia Triplex in New Jesery. There promotions are bogus
if i buy a second hand car in the USA as a canadian citizen visiting the States, what is the customs duty?
1999 Mitsubishi Galant with 128,000 miles but check engine light ON for 2000$? Yes or No?
What are the steps I need to take to sell my car in Maryland?
1990 BMW 735i 140,000 miles $4000 worth it?
What car should I get?
What car should get(short question)?
Why have Americans been flummoxed by the Toyota hype?
The best used car??
What's wrong with making monthly payments on a car?
Volvo v70 question?
Car for 1 person, what are best&affordable worldwide small cars for just-started-working individuals ?
i ask for 24.95 and you charged me 70.00 why?
What car should I get for my first car?
What are some good Coupe's?
Best car to buy between 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs?
Help choosing a new car??.....?
I sold a car in a private sale not even a week later the car broke on the buyer now she wants a refund?
has anyone ever specailly ordered a car with a engine that was not avalble as standard how easy was it?
How would you write up an agreement between me and another person in order for me to sell my car?
Renault Spider???
Is it safe to pay through google check out for a car or is it a scam?
If you had 40k to spend on a car, which one would you get?
Does a fixed water damaged car depreciate its value?
ford fiesta suzuki ritz or i10?
What is the best car for a college student?
What do you do when you can't get a tag for your vehicle?
How can I convince my mom to let me get the car I want.. Im paying the bill?
Is autotrader an escrow group?
whats the difference in sedan and hatchback? Is sedan's trunk is bigger than hatchback..?
How much can I expect the price of a 2012 Mazda to drop once the 2013 models come out?
What is one good website to sell my car other than Craigslist preferably free?
how much are GTO chrome valve covers are worth they are in nice shape?
Were can i find a 1967 Chevrolet Impala?
Is getting a deluxe service warranty on a used car worth it? And whats all covered?
1998 Land Range Rover 4.6 HSE for $10,500 ok to start off?
what should i get a pt cruiser or a hhr?
I need some Information about a DHS Cadillac?
Where's a good place to buy a american muscle car?
what car should I get for under $8000?
Why does car dealership never have same saleperson in long run?
looking for a vg30dett engine(300zx twin turbo)?
Car title question, need some advice?
How can something be new AND improved?
what should be considered before buying a car dvd player.?
my son's first car...........turning 16 next month..!!!?
Does upgrading from a 2012 Kia Forte to a 2014 sound feasible given these financial variables?
is there a person or business I can hire to find me a exact car?
Imagine this three stock cars without any modifications?
lookin to buy a new car?
who own a segway?
Ford Crown Victoria VS Chevrolet Caprice?
What new car (2011 or 2012) should i buy thats less than $20,000?
car question!?
I brought a car from a man that work with my husband?
Where can you order a body kit with a selection of what color you want?
Would it be wise to purchase a car with over 100,000 miles?
Whats the Blue book value?
How can I trade a car in that I have a balance on?
is it better to buy used or new?
Is there a store that you can buy Enkei Wheels?
I bid on a wheel nut on ebay, I dont realy want it, what can i do?. It is upto £43.00. I thought it was a car
Can I ask dealership to give me BOTTOM LINE price (including taxes, license & doc fees, registration, etc)?
Honda CRV vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Did i get a good deal on my used car purchase?
Upon my mother's passing, she left some assets, but mainly a car that we need to put a value on.?
What is the best advice for someone that has a $10,000 negative equity in a car loan?
Trying to decide on a used car. Which is the better investment?
muscle car showdown!!! which is gonna be best?
Buying my first car... recommendations?
how to sell a car like this?
What car has most old people driving it?
Why do dealers like to rip people off all the time with cars?
Vroom Vroom! CARS!?
how much does a dencent car cost?
What kind of car do you have?
What is a destination charge?
what do you think a 1996 FORD F-150 wrecker would be worth?
wHAT IS THE name of the offical nissan web sight?
1989 toyota pickup sell price?
what do i need to check in a car to know its good enought to buy from a own?
Have you ever bought a car using Pro Pay? Kind of hesitant to purchase a vehicle using this HELP!?
Good First Car For A Teenager?
my boyfriend recently traded his 2004 jeep liberty for a 2006 kia optima and then realyzed when it was too lat
Can I get any money at all for my car?
I'm from PA and need to know how to purchase a used car in NY?
Which car for a 16-year old girl?
What would this car be worth?
Would it be smart to purchase the car now?
what is the price of mercedes clk 350?
how would hydraulics look on a 89 town car?
Is a Mazda Miata a girly car?
Where can I find a cheap 1970 chevelle?
what car shall i get a Toyota Mr2 or a Subaru?
Which would be the best car for me?
whatdoes "clear title" mean?
Sale of car strategy is this the best idea or no?
At year's end, which automobile offers the best gas mileage and the best all around deal?
where can i find a 1969 z28 camaro?
should I buy a car or an suv?
I'm fourteen. Living in pakistan. Which car should i buy?
Need reviews: Swift Diesel vs Vista Diesel vs Figo Diesel. I need a family car?
I have a car that I still owe $8000 on but want to sell, how?
Loan for school and car ?
Best sports roadster/convertible car?
how much are the taxes and fees of car dealers in miami,fl?
Where can I buy a AE86 Trueno in the united states?
how long does it take to ship a car from orlando, fl to las vegas, nv?
Which car should I get?
how can i buy a bank repossesion from a bank do ask for a list or what? how do i find pout about bank repos?
What car should I buy for my first???
what's the difference between buying and leasing? and what do you think about the new lincoln zephyr?
what is a smart name for automobile company?
Who makes the best cars?
Have you ever owned a supercar?
Looking for Nissan Altimas 2002-2004???
Is it true that in rain hondas activa tend to slip ?
what would be a good car to buy for around £5000 i do around 25k a year ?
rx-8? cobalt ss? rear wheel? please help!?
Where is the best place online to research used vehicles?
Transferring a car title?
If a shitty car worth less than $999.00 is stolen, is the thief still charged wtih "grand theft auto"?
Which car should i get?
i want to buy Hyundai eon second hand ? plz see additional details.?
Is a 2012 Mini Cooper a good first car?
Can't decide on a car, suggestions anyone?
Can you buy a fast?
cash for clunkers what are they going to do with the clunkers?
What car should I get?
going to buy my first car?!!?
What sort of CARS are CHEAP to run and has 5 DOORS??
Which car is better on gas efficiency and good for a family of 4?
What are the basics to buying your first car?
How much is a 1997 chevy camaro rs worth that is not running body is in good shape?
Where is the best place to buy good quality,cheap used cars?
What car would you buy?
price for a Lamborghini murcielago?
If you had $35K to spend on a car, what would you get?
Question about financing a car?
What car is best for graduation?
If I sell my car in California, do I leave the license plates on and give current registration card to buyer?
Can I return the vehicle I just bought?
how much do a set of 13" crome daytons cost?
Should I buy a 2003 acura rl with 99000 miles but with no key and has been sitting for a year?
how much did the 1972 yellow camaro sell for on "The Price is Right" game show in 1972?
if i wanted to buy a car off the owner what would i need? other than the money of course.?
Can i change out of florida salvage title to a florida clear title after repairing the vehicle? thank you?
Should I buy a motorcycle or a hummer?
What is the best car company to ask a car donation from?
Is saab and volvo parts expensive ?
Where can I find historical use car Invoice (MSRP) prices?
Should I buy a used vehicle or certified pre-owned vehicle?
would you rather have a bmw or a jeep?
What's the best deal I could get on this Chrysler 300c SRT-8?
just moved into city I am 67 where can I buy a senior metro card and how much is a ride?
How much do you think a dealer will drop the price on a used car?
Which truck would you prefer ?
How much does it cost to build a car?
should I pay for brake job for the car i sold over a month ago?
Why is the lotus elise cheaper in price compared to other exotic sports cars?
Cool cars for someone in high school?
Where Can I get a Free Car or less then 500?
What's the application of HOWO dump truck, why HOWO dump truck for sale is so good?
where i can sell car wery fast?
Is 100,000 miles a lot on a Subaru Outback?
i want to sell my 2005 model scorpio crdi dx what is a fair price for it?
how much my classic crown vic is worth?
car miliage question?
Am I being Scam on this car off Craiglist?
Is there ways to end a car lease other than selling the car or trading it in without hurting my...?
What is the best way to sell your car if it is in bad cosmetic condition but good working condition?
If you were buying a car, what colour would you go for?
I want a HUMMER H2 for for my first car. Am I crazy/unreasonable? How can I save for one?
Do you know what to avoid when purchasing a car or motorcycle?
Cadillac SRX vs Chrysler Crossfire vs Mustang?!?
Comperative sales figure of passenger cars in India for the last 2 years?
what is the most reliable car to get now with good gas mileage?
I bought a scooter in the US and has no title.Is there a REGISTRY OF TITLE for all of the US? If so where?
New driver, renting a car?! *short question*?
how long after buying a car do you have to chang your mind and bring it back?
Best place to buy body kits from?
how do i find out if a car is stolen? i only have the license plate #?
Which car should I buy? Corsa or Ka?
New car - Purchased?
I currently have a car note with capital one and I would like to turn the car in?
What do you all think this car is worth trade in/private sale?
Good used car for an upcoming College student?
I wanna buy.?
Should i buy my friends 97 dodge neon for 700?
Should I buy new car before my registration expires for my current car to not have to pay renewal fee?
is it better to lease or buy a car when you're a new driver?
Carmax bank draft, bank account?
Acura TSX 2009 vs Acura TL 2007?
What are some luxurious cheap cars?
How much can I ask for my 1983 Mustang?
Will Automotive Companies Drop Pre Owned Finance Rates In The Near Future?
can you file an lawsuit to a car dealer for selling you a use car that broke down one year letter?
Should a seventeen yr old in highschool have a car?
does anyone know how a vehicle coutesy trade work?
Why does DOT not see the Nissan Silvia as a 240SX as far as importation eligiblity go?
i want to buy one used mitsubishi lancer car in tamilnadu chennai i forget dealers how to get party directery
We are looking for a 30 ft. motorhome. What is the best Class A and best Class C?
what questions do i ask when buying a used car in newjersey?
Which is the best either Honda cbr250r or cbr150r ?
what is a good coupe car?
Any owners of Chrysler 300 (Limited or C) care to comment on satisfaction/reliability/performance?
What can i get for a 2004 Dodge Neon?
When buying a car- should you expect to pay a 'documentation fee' or is that a junk fee?
how much is my car worth with a bad engine?
Does the age of the car really matter?
Is a 2003 expedition a good car and does it waste gas.alot?
How do you find out if the seller of a car finished paying the lean on a car...?
What is the best place to buy cars?
i need a car for no more than $500. any help?
What do you think about having a pickup as a first car?
Can I find out how much a car dealer payed for a specific used car?
Should I drive 6 hour to buy a new car from a dealer?
Would it be dumb of me to buy a Lamborghini at 18?
what is better a car or a truck?
Where can I see automobile news?
How much will a scrap yard pay me for a alternator?
is this a good deal to you?
How do you find how much a new car dealer can mark down their cars?
i have 150$ to spend...what should I buy?
I am looking for a new car, any advice?
anyone know where I can find a Mustang Saleen for sale?
Who here has bought a car from Colombo Chrysler in Woodbridge and had a terrible experience?
I bought a car I register the car under my name but my wife lost the pink slip what can I do.?
Should i get a porsche cayenne, bmw m3, or a range rover sport?
Made a confirmed car payment, but they didn't take the money?!?
Recommendations for a sports car with max budget 20k?
I want to buy a car as I am newly settled in india.?
Is this 2008 Nissan Altima for $2000 too good to be true?
Please answer which car is better?
Does mercedes pay its auto mechanics better then regular car companys like honda?
whats the best type of wheel for a car?
Is a car with 176,000+ miles worth getting and driving?
What car would be best for the money (read)?
I'm interested in buying a car from a co-worker, but it has no tag.?
besides kelly blue book?
Tire dealer looking for good place to buy used tires in Philadelphia?
Lease or purchase?
Which car do you prefer Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 or Porsche Boxster S? and WHY?
I bought a HONDA Accord 06 last Sat. The sales offered warranty upgrade for 1215$...?
what are some good car names?
Chrysler 300 or Ford 500?!?
How much will car insurance range with the following vehicle?
Can I finance a car with fair to poor credit with no or low down payment and no co-signer?
Can I negotiate a 2006 Nissan Altima that is priced at 13,999 down to 10k or a little less?
Should you only buy an SUV or truck if you absolutely need one?
What type of car should i buy when I move to Alaska?
which is the best car?
Am I paying too much?
how much do i sell my 1970 LTD, on the Craigslist.?
Lease or buy Car/Truck? which is best?
If you get your license at 16 can you go and get a car?
I have just passed my driving test and want to buy a cheap but tidy little runaround?
How much would an average car payment be on a 4000 car with 1500 down over 36 months?
Selling a car - First come first serve, or best offer?
Help in my first car?
Can't afford car payment, what happens if they can't find car?
i want opinions on the new VW Touareg Hybrid?
how loud are black cat fireers?
How much it cost a company to produce a car like toyota carola or honda civic?
I am torn between two vehicles help me out!?
Recommendation for a small SUV either 2004 or 2005?
Is there still a lien on our truck?
Everyone please answer....all ages! Thanks! Quick 2 points.?
**statement**1967 Impala car from supernatural and what you need to know to buy or build one.?
I Need help buying my first car (Details)?
Car suggestions.....?
Bought a used car with bad inspection sticker in PA?
2006 Pontiac GTO for $4200?
Wots the best small car to buy, that will fit 4 adults into comfortably?
Which of these cars is the better one?
what recourse dose a person have if another person makes a deal with them but does not live up to it ?
When selling your car is it safe to let someone test drive it because of insurance reasons? I do have?
how many miles can a car do?
What kinda car should you get a 16 year old?
looking for a77-81 Chevy pickup must be running 5.7 motor trans a body condition not important?
does anyone know what the outcome is for a drink driving second offence in the uk?first offence was 3 years ag
should i buy a used 2003 2005 bmw z4?
want to buy a car with maximum mileage?
what is the process in selling my old car to the government?
What are the benefits of leasing a car?
If a dealer is selling a vehicle for $10,995 and I offer $10,000 with driveout?
Does anyone know where to get a cheap dirtbike over 125cc?
So, I want to buy a car on craigslist...?
How can I sell my broken car?
price range should not acceed 5 lakhs so which car should in buy either from Maruti and Tata pls help?
Should I buy a 2006 mazda 3s?
What's better a Jeep Cherokee or a Saturn Vue or a Nissan Xterra used 2002?
I want to buy this used car from a private seller but I have an issue....?
I'm Buying A USED Or NEW Car Next Year ?
Going to a car dealership at night?
im selling my car in vancouver canada. what taxes should be paid by the buyer and how does the sale go? thank
Leased Car has not been paid what can happen?
Anybody in Missouri Have a Moped that they want to sell for under $100.00 ??
is there a site to sell a 1959 edsel? ebay answers will get 50 points taken away:|?
What is the sale price of a cell phone that is on sale for 15% off if the regular price is $75?
What car model should I buy?
it is better to buy or rent a car ?
how good is this car!?
Where can I buy an AUSTIN AMERICA CAR?
Is 116,000 miles a lot for a 1987 buick Grand national?
Should I buy a Lexus IS-250 or BMW 3-series?
i am wanting to purchase a brand new 13 or 14 passenger lift van. where can i go to purchase one?
i am looking for a small but fast go kart?
bought a used car and was told we had to take the warrenty?
What is the average cost for a used motorbike?
What are some ideal cars for a 17 year old girl?
How do I haggle prices with a car dealer?
i'm trying to sell my datsun 240 z. where should i list it?
Why are big SUVs so popular?
Is the Automotive Sales business slow for everyone in Toronto?
Which car performance enhancing parts (in terms power and fuel economy) should I get for my mighty Kia Picanto?
What is the safest way to sell a car yourself when you have a loan to pay off?
Mazda Miata Craigslist Deal?
I just bought a brand new car but i want the higher model can i change it?
What is the best used car out of these?
suggest a car that fits my criteria ?
is a honda timberline a car or a truck?
i need your help guys?
I am looking for a car for about 5 grand. What is the best used car that is Reliable that I can get for that?
How do you buy a car?
How much is a fiat punto 1.2 5dr petrol 6 yrs old 20,500K miles worth?
which is the best car in the world ? also tellits price and its speciality?
I purchased used car from Chrysler Dealership and specially requested car history with no serious accidents?
What kind of SUV do you think a Calif girl should drive?
how much does the repo company charge to pick my car up after past due payments made?
How To Get A Car Loan in This Tough Economy?
Where can I buy General Lee, the car of the dudes of hazard?
Which types of cars can a girl buy to impress guys?
In Indiana does a dealership have to disclose frame damage prior to sale?
I am late on a car payment, the Finance Company (Capital One) is calling me at work and making threats?
wear can i get a 1969 dodge charger close to me i arkansas?
What are the best cars for a child?
Why do NADA, blue book, and black book all give such different estimates?
How much does the basic Toyota iQ sell for?
would you buy this on craiglist?
does any body know where the best site is to search and buy a chevy caprice?? not through dealers!!?
Where is the best website to find a corvette for sale for the years 1967-1972?
Good first car ideas for male?
Can i win this bet?
Need help purchasing a van?
In Australia - what is the procedure to sell a car which has a loan on it.?
Manual Rwd cars currently in the market?
what does obo means in a car ad?
I am a 16 year old girl, I want your opinion on buying a car! HELP!!?
2006 Toyota Corolla with 150,000 miles worth it?
VW Trucks, Where can I get one?
my husband wants to sell his truck..?
after the car and keys have been returned to lien holder and summon answered within 5 days. what do i do next?
Any thoughts on Pontiac's and Saturn's?
How can I import a salvage Car?
Need an opinion about getting a car...?
Where can i buy filter papers?
Do you like this car??
Is it smart to sell my Honda?
How much is a 2003 500 Polaris scrambler 4x4 worth now? Trying to sell?
Should I buy a Ford Focus or a Ford Fiesta?
Car sales as a gift in CA?
What is the best used 4 x 4?
How long will it take to ship?!?
what i need to buy a mucielago in malaysia?
i bought a car privately and less than 24 hrs i would like to take it back?
Still getting towing storage fees/lien when i have my car?
Is there an International Harvestor light line dealer near Orland Park/Chicago, IL?
what is the best car to get?
Who makes the best 7 Seater SUV?
how old do you have to be to own a car in the UK?
what is the best used car to get?
How much would you spend on a car if you made 55k a year?
who want sale a pick up truck?
how many miles would be too many miles on a used suzuki hayabusa?
is a sporty two passenger car practical for a 16 year old?
What is my car worth?
How much should you expect to pay for two used All-Terrain tires at a llantera?
Buy a car on ebay heeeelp!?
What does a dealer do to register a new motorcycle when a customer buys it?
Do you have a car?
How much can I get for a 1990 Toyota Corolla?
How much should I offer to pay for this vehicle?
what does lien sale mean?
Would it be wise to buy a 8-12 year-old car?
If I co-signed for someone to get a car can I get out of it now?
What would u pay for this car?
should americans buy just american made car/trucks????
What is in the boot of your car?
Eco car with good suspension - do they exist?
Know of web sites to sell auto in Hawaii,(Ohau)?
Bought a 1993 Suburban with expired tags. Do we pay past registration fees?
What is a good first car for a 20 year old?
I need a car badly but....?
I want to know of a good BMW dealer in central New Jersey. Looking to lease a X3. please help!!!?
new BMW for a teenager?
Can i fit into a 1993 Rover Mini?
where can i buy a new car for less then 10000. in sc?
I'm thinking of buying a Jaguar XK8 - does anybody know of problems with this model?
Should I fix up my Ford Escape before selling it?
I have found a Ford Escort LX, 1.6, ex con, full s/h, for £750, no tax, owner taking 4 mot, 19000 miles!?
A expensive used car or a new car?
Best off road SUV for a teen?
2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe or 2012 Mustang GT Premium Coupe?
Which car should I get for my birthday next week?
which is the best convertible to buy within a range of $20k?
Which of these cars do rich people drive:Mercedes Benz or Lexus,pick one.?
Re: Car Title transfer when selling or buying? What are the steps.?
Getting my first car?
Are convertibles safe with the top up?
1999 grand am with 126,000 miles on it for 1000 is it worth it?
do you prefer asian import or american muscle?
Do all cars at any dealership must come with 30 day warranty? help?!?
if a cars sale price is 12,590 which is 20% off original price how much is the original price?
do my mom need to co sign for my car?
Need Help in Buying a Car?
Is there an online site I can go to enter a VIN# of a car and then see a picture of the car?
1999 Cadillac STS Head Blown Value?
I want to buy a new car....?
whats important to you when buying a car??
How good does your credit have to be to purchase a new car to make monthly payments on?
car Registration value?
How do I go about selling my car?
okay i really need a car. i walk everywhere and idont have a job or any money any advice??
wich bike is good karizma or pulsar or hunk?
How much should I pay for this car?
Does the USPS deliver your packages all at once or one by one?
What is the best late model low-milage used car under $12,000 ?
Does anyone have a 60's-70's convertible chevrolet impala ss for sale? email me at
is the Toyota Tacoma a good truck?????
Do you like this car, is it a good price?
Looking for used car ..............what does "salvage title" mean?
Where can I get the best car deal?
My package is still not here!?
hey, I need an auto loan for $2,000, my credit is non existant, NE1 know a loan comp worth lookin into?
Best car to buy?
I just got a used car I need the top sticker to go on the car...
Is it legal to put a no cooling off period in a sales contract?
Where can I find classic cars for under a grand? ?
how to make autorization letter to my daughter to sell my car?
What are the benefits if any, of leasing a vehicle?
trading and leasing cars?
how to become a car dealer in california?
What car do i buy? such.difficult ?
how much would you pay for?
Do You Think I'll Have My Car Re-Possessed?
what 4 door car is a good choice for a 17 y/o?
Is the FORD TAURUS 2005 a good car? It has 22,000 miles. Should I buy it?
What to expect at a car auction?
Where i can get a vehicle?
I still owe money on my motrcycle but have the pink slip. Can I sell it?
How does one go about getting out of a motorcycle loan? What about transferring the loan to a willing buyer?
how to solve a lien off a car I already bought?
What is the best used car to buy in the following situation?
Upside down Car Issue: What should I do?
How much would you sell a LS6 engine for?
Is anybody selling a Iphone 4s?
How much should I sell my 96' Firebird for?
Which car would you get, if you HAD to choose between these two?
What is good gas mileage on a used car for 2000?
When they say £300 ono...what does ONO mean?
I want to rent a car to come see my boyfriend?
I want some power for my '95 for f150. What can 2000$ buy?
Which Vehicle should i get?! :)?
It's finally time to buy the my dream car! What is the most gorgeous car out there?
what is a reasonable price to pay for a toyota supra (1995 area) or a lotus elise(1990 and up)?
Any horror stories about Bill Page Honda in Falls Church, Virginia?
New car considered a testing car and DMV classifies as used?
Is a Mini Cooper hard top a good choice for my first car?
Should a seventeen yr old in highschool have a car?
Buying a car from a private owner. What is something that you should look out for? Any ideas or suggestions?
im buying a Honda Accord EX 2000 73000 mileage for 6500$ ...Fair Condition it a good price or no ?
how long does it take for a car that has surface rust on parts under the hood to be affected by the rust?
I need opinions on a Saturn Sky as a first car?
Can you trade in a lease vehicle to get another vehicle?
i hanve 900 dollars what should i buy with it?
Should I sell my reborn?
How would someone get their car impounded?
How do I go about financing a used car?
What car to choose, if u have the budget?
Is this a good offer? on our mustang?
buy or not to buy? is it worth it?
Apexi Dunk catback exhaust??
What would you get?
importing 1989 skyline in US in 2014?
Longest lenght of time for new car loan? I would like to have a 6 year loan is that possible? what is the long?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
would i be reliable if the car i sell does not pass the smog check?
Where to buy 1:87(HO scale)SCANIA container truck model on line?
Why are Chrysler cars so cheap :O?
Car won't start at all.?
What do people think of Saturn's??
What is a good website to sell my car quickly?
List some hatchback type cars with spoilers?
What is the best street bike to own?
trying to sell my car but have had to re order the v5/log book?
Quick loan while waiting for car to sell?
There is a lease offer for 49$ per month?
I am about to buy a used car.... what should I buy? a focus or a saturn ion?
My son asked me to buy him a car after he passed his test. Have I bought him a bad car?
When should i put anti freeze in the car?
how much do car dealears make on a new vehicle from factory if msrp is 23350 and invoice is 22125?
Automobile parts and not complete car on finance in Hyderabad?
I am buying a car in a few days what things do I need to check over before I make the purchase?
I need to get a 240sx or a Honda Prelude? Can anyone sell me one in tampa bay area?
im considering buying a car from a public auction my budget is 8 to 10 thouand.?
what is better? a 2004 with 75000 miles, or a 2000 with 50000 miles?
used 1995 mustang cobra value?
do you think I should ask for the price to be lowered because of this?
I wanted to buy a Convertible of 2003-04 planning for mustang. whts d maintenance cost of car should I buy it?
What car should I choose as my next company car?
newer used car / how to find.?
Is this car worth the buy?
Good classic truck sights?
I would like to buy Swift? Is it worth it? My Atos second hand value is very upsetting. Any suggestion?
I have a car I want to trade in for a car with only a few thousand miles less on it. Is that a bad idea?
what car do you own/drive & do you give it a name????
What kind of 4wheeler should I get?
Would a dealership allow a 22 year old to finance a car purchase?
Are car dealerships in the US required to provide 2 keys for any vehicle purchased?
Can anyone recommend a good used car for a growing family?
What are the price ranges for these cars?
Does anyone know where I can get a cheap dirtbike?
Apartment number same as mailbox number?
Is this a fair price for a 01 saturn sl1?
What license do I need to buy cars in bulk?
Buying first car...err Jeep-Help, please?
Trade in my car with two liens?
Which car is worth it (experienced car people)?
Should I buy a car?
what car should i get?
im looking for a 5 spoke hubcap. 4 lugs.the one i had for my toyota corolla dx(96) shattered in the
need a truck bed for a 1992 toyota pickup long bed?
Getting a car with no credit but WITH a cosigner?
what cars can seat seven?
I want to buy a newer used car and pay monthly for it?