Car Buying

How do you negotiate the price for a preventive maintainence service on your car?
Is there a different standard for automobile tires in the US and EU?
I dont have the title to my car yet but boyfriend used as collateral he owes them can they get my car?
Nissan 350Z versus. Hyundai Tiburon vs. Mazda 6. ?
I have a question about car tints can anyone please help me?
How old were you when you got a car?
What is a good price for a 1976 camaro LT with a transmission that wont go into 3rd gear?
What is the nicest new car available currently, yet is roomy to seat alot of people? Cost doesn't matter.?
Car Dealer lied to us?
I am buying a new car, need your help!!!!!!?
how much can i get for a 2007 saturn ion with 35,000 miles on it?
I am looking for a 7 seat car. Any recommendations?
Volvo S60???
How much is my 1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am worth?
The fastest/best car?
Will i have enough money for a car?
does anyone kno how much a 950 super enduro by ktm costs?
Is a car with 2800 miles considered to be a new car?
can you be on an automobile title with out being on the loan?
i sold my truck to a guy now he is having a bunch or problems with it?
any used car suggestions?
Would you get a small suv the way gas prices are going?
i bought a car and i need help with title pleaseee some one help?
Direct car loan for purchasing used car from a dealer.?
How much are matchbox cars worth?
Selling our car?
which car should I buy, Nissan Exterra, GMC Envoy, or the Toyota FJ?
How much can I get for a perfect condition 2002 Monte Carlo ss.. With less than 50 000 KM?
who are honda dealerships puerto rico?
Ok i sold my only car for gas mony FTW?
I want to get a car, but can i afford it?
How do diesel engines work on motorhomes?
BMW Blue tooth retrofit Kit for North American E46?
Car dealership wants my Tax Returns... why?
where can i get a cheap car?
Manual or automatic?
Good sporty car around 6k?
Anyone interested in buying my Daewoo Espero.?
We are selling a 03 Honda Odyssey EX-L with Leather and DVD?
Car dealership turning back odometer?
2001 bmw 330ci or 2004 mustang gt?
What is a used 1996 BMW Z3 with over 150k on it worth if you bought it in Canada?
wats a good reliable used car i should get with $11,000?
Should I buy a 2004 Toyota Camry with 87,000 miles?
would it be bad to buy your first car from a dealer and make payments ?
How old do you have to be to scrap/rycycle metal?
Which car should I get Mustang vs. Camaro?
is an older car that has never been used considered new?
what is the best car to buy for a first car?
Would you buy a car for £16000 or $25000 from a private seller?
How can i business with used cars in india?
Whats the best way to sell my 05 Nissan Titan?
What is the most practical dependable car for me to buy?
Nice man cars under $6,000(help)?
What is "intelligent all wheel drive" and "on demand all wheel drive" and "smart AWD" and "all wheel drive"?
which is the diesel car shall I buy ? VISTA, FIGO, BEAT, VERITO or SWIFT?
Help I Need A Suv Fast!!!!!!?
Which vehicle (16th birthday!)?
What is the best safe, reliable, inexpensive car?
I'm paying on a car however, I want to get another one..?
Volvo v70 question?
can i buy my 05 accent car to 9.000?
how much is a 4 door 71 chevelle with a 307 engine worth?
What car shoul i get ?
Are there any laws against car dealerships advertising a certain price on a car and putting is off as a typo!?
what is the best kind of mini van to buy?
how much is my car worth?
What happens if I get a car from a dealer but I don't like it?
any body got a jeep for sale in orange county or neer here or any cheap car?
Where to sell my car online free?
Help.... Should I buy my favorite car or should I not???
celica or an eclipse for a 15 year old?
where can i go to find police autions in my area?
$20,000 for a car? A lively debate please?
Safe, fuel efficient, reliable used crossover or suv under $30k?
can you sell a car registered in SD in MN?
What car should I buy?
Are their ANY car auctions that finance?? ?
I only have like 1500 hundred to spend on a car. im broke sh!t.?
Which BMW is easiest to drive and handles best, which is the best car?
Which car is faster: Benz C300 or BMW 328i?
What did you do first time you buy a new car?
I would like to sell my car, which is not yet paid off, how do I do this?
What are some quality new cars that can be leased for under $220 a month, witth a trade in worth $3000?
Help choosing a car..........?
Im buying a used car and need help Please read?
Big problem w/ car purchase...need help?!?
If I were to sell my '91 940 turbo volvo sudan what would be a good asking price?
What is the process of buying a used car from out of state?
How to keep salt of vehicle as much as possible?
What is a good first car?
What car should I get?
I want to buy a 8 seater 4wd and Ideas ?
Do a lot of people just buy cars off the dealership lot?
I Orderd A Game On Ebay On Thursday the guy lives in staten island i live in brooklyn which is like 30min away?
does anyone know who to call to find out if a car dealer's license is real or fake?
Ideal First Car - 1.0 - 1.2 litre?
2004 Chevy Malibu LS or Ford Focus Hatchback 4 door?
would buying this car be a smart move?
How can I get a car loan with no job or credit?
Does anyone have a list of Used Car Dealer Auction Locations?
I really want a pink car!!?
Ford Mustng V6 Auto OR BMW 325ci Auto?
Which is the BEST CAR among the following THREE?
where to rent a car in shanghai?
Accepting money for a car now, So I can give them the car 20 days later?
Where could I find a wrecked up old car for less than 500 dollars or even free?
Should the buyer have to pay for the carfax report?
Emissions laws in Pennsylvania?
I need some help on finding information/estimation on this type of truck.?
What are the pros and cons of getting a refinance on an auto loan?
***Looking for a Mitsubishi 3000gt owner***?
Which American Made car gets the best MPG?
I want to get a car, but can i afford it?
Should I trust a person who wants to buy a piano I'm selling?
FIRST CAR? any suggestions for my circumstances?
What is the paper called that i need to fill out when a buyer backs out of buying a car?
"First time car-buyer" question?
I want to buy a car but.............?
buy here pay here best lot in pa?
can you trade in a car that you just purchased a year ago and still have a loan on?
What website to go to look up used car sales?
Is there a car dealer available to take me to Mannheim Auto Auction in PA, for a fee?
Would this offer on a used car be too low?
no reserve. what does it mean?
what is the most fuel efficent suv???
looking for blue book on 1979 280zx?
Will I have to put another down payment when re-leasing vehicle?
Isn't it best to keep car we bought new 5 yrs ago and just paid off instead of getting new car w new note?
Plz answer this silly qs- What's the difference between Toyota Camry and Corolla, they look same?
I want to buy a Toyota Soluna 2000 model is that model..please advise me.?
Is voluntary repossession my only option? help!?
does anyone know anyone in north carolina that has a 2002 or 03 subaru wrx they wanna sell?
Do you need car insurance in order to buy a car?
How is a 57 chevie convertible worth?
double tint on my honda civic windows?
Is 110k miles too much for buying a car?
thinking of buying vw golf where to get best deal trading in 01 golf?
if i buy a used car what else am i going to have to pay for?
Is this a good first car..?
What is the most reliable crossover?
give a value to my car??
Live in Washington, buying car in Oregon price.?
What to do about a car loan if I can't affort to make payments.?
mini cooper s special edition?
I want to buy a Stick Shift Car but I Do not Know How?
Which is a better buy - Ford Focus or VW Golf?
how to sell 1978 GMC Sierra 1500 heavy half?
VW SouthTowne is trading cars in at their original MSRP. How much would they trade in my 2000 VW passat for?
To you what car company is the best?
Does any one know of a breakers yard in the Gloucester UK area where I might find some wheel trims for sale?
How do I get a motorcycle out of my name?
If you want to buy a car using cash, how much over the tag price should you have?
Should I buy a 2007 Ford Freestar with 6,000 miles or a Honda Odessey with 43,000. Same price. $23,000?
2012 Turbo Mustang v6?
is it better to lease or buy a car?
am i alowed a stall at car boot sale?
Is it illegal for a garage to sell a car without a spare key?
i want 2 buy a car,any ideas?
Fenderwell headers?
Purchasing a used vehicle. 2003 Land Rover Freelander. Opinions?
Which hatchback would you buy?
What can i do in this situation?
mazda rx8 vs nissan 350z?
If we owe 7,000 on a truck and we get a loan for 6% interest for 5 years how much monthly would we pay?
Which car should I buy?
Which one of these 3 cars is best for fun and practicality; infiniti G35 Coupe, Acura TL, Mazda RX8?
If I file Ch 7 bk including my leased car when will the car company take the car?
What car should I get?
why buy american cars.....when?
ok so i want to buy a car.?
my 15 yeard daughter wil be turning 16 in 6 weeks shoud she get a brand new safe suv or a used convertible?
My car has 182,000 miles on it I want to bring it somewhere to get cash Im in florida.?
How does a car trade-in work when $ still owed?
Will 22" inch rims Fit On A 2001 Buick regal w/o the aligment being messed up?
Selling my car...but for how much?
Is a db9 a four seat car?
I'm 18 and I want to buy a car but i have no credit history or car insurance. can i still buy a car under myse
how much are 24 inch chrome rims?
Planning to buy a car in the future, should i buy or lease?
Can i afford a 20000 dollar car?
Where can i go to buy the best XFP transceiver?
is anyone selling a car in san diego?
Is it just me or is the gas prizes going to high?
what kind of car can i get for $10,000?
What is the Wheel drive of Aston Martin DB9 6 L V12?
someone wants to buy a car from me and wants the vin?
Why would you NOT buy a Prius?
What car would you recommend for a 16 year old girl?
I am looking to buy a new car with certain qualities... is there somewhere I can type in what I want?
please i would like to knoiw the kinds of a new 2007strong friendly car & have a cheap price?
How to sell a minor-accident vehicle?
What rights do I have for a used car I got that started knocking the day after I bought it?
how bad can a car scammer get you with your name and address?
which one is better?
Honda Accord '07?
salvage car for 6-7thousand below kelley blue book good price?
BUYING a NEW CAR, BUT .......?
What is a good car for a college student on a budget?
I have a contract with a dealership on a car but I received the title with my name on it and no lienholder.?
NEED to sell my 68 mustang conv asap... how do i find a serious buyer?
What engine size should I get for a first time car?
what kind of car should i buy?
what brand of car should i buy?
Where can I get a old Project car Volkswagon beetle?
What is the best small car for a college student?
What is the value of a caterpillar tractor, model twenty two built in 1934?
Im thinking to purchase a manual Subaru Legacy Wagon 2006. What should my criteria be before buying?
Where can I get a list of companies with fleet vehicle for sell?
When was PGA Cars Philippines Established?
Hyundai i10 for sale below 2.5 lakhs?
How can I get my deposit back from a used car dealer without having taken delivery of vehicle?
I need a car for dummies! Which cars are easiest to drive?
whats the best car to buy for under £2000?
i'm looking for a spacious car that can travel easily on wet roads and hilly regions... with good mileage also?
what are the words tho the credit repair commercial? the 1 that is about the car.?
I am intending to scrap my car, Kia Cerato 1.6M, light blue, manufactured in 2006.
Are Daewoo cars any good?
whar car should i get?
I need a sample of verecatin of employment letters?
02 Acura RSX Type S or 03 Dodge Neon SRT-4?
new car need help!? figureing out which one is right for me!!?
How do I find out who has a lean on my car ?r=1248716469?
is the 2007 Jeep Commander 2WD bad in the snow?
Getting a new car, Please help!?
toyota corolla 2012 or hyundai elantra gls 2013?
How much should I buy a a 2007 Toyota Sienna LE from a dealer?
I want to buy a car from craigslist, please help.?
What do you AFTER YOU bought a used car from a PERSON ( not an dealership)?
What are the best (cheap) cars for buying and then reselling?
which car is best for a college student?
Can some body help me with drafting a small legal letter please?
Diesel Audi TDI A3 S-line/quatro DSG or Golf GT TDi or BMW 1 120d?
Leaving toyota going back to chevrolet bad idea?
sierra sapphire cosworth whats the deal?
General Motors has no problem selling it's trucks in USA, yet can't sell its cars, why?
Whats the coolest car under my budget?
where do you find the vin numbers on a trailer, if the frame what part or where.?
Help with getting a first car?
Im looking for used cars?
which car is a sexier car?
selling price of a 1974 Chevrolet custom deluxe10 (350 small block) 1/2 ton pickup not in the best condition?
Need help naming my new car?
Is a Lancer Evo IX better than the 2006 Subaru WRX STI? If anyone owns ither one of these crs, post ur opinion
should i lease a car or buy one?
Should i buy a honda fit a toyota Yaris liftback?
How do I get end of the year car deals for brand new 2010 or 2011 Camry?
What happens if you hide your car when it's supposed to be repossesed?
Do you had a used car "horror" buying experience?
When you put zero down on car, do you still have to pay anything before driving away with it?
Will I need to pay sales tax if I assume the loan on a sibling's car?
What color Camry should I get?
Help 2012 Nissan Rogue S Special Edition AWD Price?
i bought a car help!?
What is the best type of car for a girl in her 20's, usually only traveling to college and work?
A Question about buying a car?
Should I sell my car or get it fixed?
Whats a good car to buy that isn't plastic?
170,000 focus estate petrol with service hist 12 mth mot 3 mth warr for £1,500 2 owners would u buy?
Looking for better gas mileage.?
whats the cheapest car out there?
Need to buy a dependable car that isn't too expensive. It also needs to look good. Any ideas.?
Want to sell car with Wells Fargo auto loan.?
Where can I find a matching set of donuts for a car?
can you fit these tires on this car?
looking for kelly blue book price for 1984 cadillac coupe deville?
nissan GTR HKS 600 vs other cars?
auto dealers auctions?
Should i trade my 02 camaro v6 for a 94 z28?
where or how would I put a ad on a freight liner truck Im trying to sell A.S.P.?
What kind of car should I get?
what rims should i buy for my infiniti g 35?
should i trade my car or sell it?
how can I sell my car without going to dealerships, putting in on craigslist, ebay or auto trader?
Buying auction cars to sell for profit ?
Is it worth buying truck?
About how much should I ask for/can I get for my Jeep?
A good, reliable, customizable used car?
How much would you pay for a used 2010 ninja 250r in great shape with 2800 miles?
What is a car note and how do i get one?
If I sell my car can the new keeper sell my private plate without me having any rights to retain the plate?
Do car dealerships check to see if your license is valid or not when you are buying a car?
Quality lacoste polo shirts at very low prices?
Wots the best small car to buy, that will fit 4 adults into comfortably?
How to negotiate w/car dealers?
How much would a mazda tribute 2002 go for with a non working engine?
Where can i buy a skyline gtr v-spec ii nur?
when buying a used car,is the extended warrenty purchased when car was new, still good?
What would be a fair price for a car?
How can I make my car "disappear?"?
Will buying a car save me money?
New car possibly what do you think?
Is a 4Runner a good first car?
Best used car for me for around £4k?
I am selling 2 seats from a 2000 chevy venture warner bros edition how much should I post them for?
Can you put newer plastics on an older dirtbike? ?
where can i buy tires ???????
are USED car dealerships opened on sundays? 10 p?
mazda rx8 vs nissan 350z?
selling my car with problems?
when buying a used car, what kind of milage do you look for?
If they made hybrid cars cuter, would you buy one?
How much horse power does a manual 2003 infiniti g35 have?
Is it possible to buy a car while having only a provisional license?
How do I finance a used car with zero credit?
Please suggest a car for us and the prices.?
my car seats are busted where can i bye new ones for a honda civic 2007?
what manufacturer would u recommend, if i wanted to buy a used car?
Good first car for a 16 year old guy?
What is the best first time car to have?
What car would you buy If you had over 32000$ ?
What can I do if the seller of my car forged the title?
i need advice on a car.....?
Where can I get this car?!?
Suzuki Forenza Wagon--good buy or not?
At year's end, which automobile offers the best gas mileage and the best all around deal?
what would be my first step into getting a new car?
My budget is 30000 rupees.Can someone tell me which is the best phone to buy under this price?
Found a car on craigslist...?
how much is my Fiat Cinquecento worth?
Best way to get rid of a car with a payment I CANNOT make anymore?
What should be my first car?
What are my rights regarding a possible mechanical problem with a car I just bought and financing. The car is?
Where can i get a dvd cd tv touch screen stereo for my car that the price is cheap?
Got used car,2 wks left on safety, hear grinding noise in wheel, can i take it back to dealer to fix?
Is there a fuel efficient car with lots of leg room?
What exactly does it mean to have someone "take over payments" on an auto loan?
What is the difference between leasing a car and buying a car?
Need ideas for what car to buy (Sedan, Fast,3500-4000$)?
whats a good website for trucks with desings and custum trucks?
would this car be satisfying?
Buying a used car - Mechanic inspection?
Is 101,000 miles on a car a lot?
I wanna buy a car within rs.3-3.5lakh?
where can i find hyundai coupe 1.6 2000, in germany used for sale 2000$ max price?
in california can i cross out the name of a buyer on pink slip?
Did anyone tried Toyota Prado 4.0L, Is it good to buy for driving long distances ?
i marc want to get rid of my mini van ho can i contact?
where can i find the value of a 1994 gmc w4 box truck with 70,000miles?
Is this a car scam, please help!!?
anyone wanting to get rid of extra car in las vegas nv?
Subaru imprenza WRX?
Cheap car dealerships around NY?
What can I do about this?
Am I old enough to rent a car?
How much should I save up to buy a used car ? A good one !?
How much would a ford employee pay for a 2006 ford fusion SE?
Do you have to do any tests to drive a car / van with blue lights?
I'm looking for a nice car for 6 people my price range is up to 100,000?
07 pre emission peterbilts with no EGR valves requiered by law starting 74,000.00 500k-600k miles with warrent?
If you could choose a mid-size 4-door sedan, what would it be?
is anyone selling a honda crx for $550 in greenville sc?
Should I purchase a car on eBay? eBay experts' advice needed!!!?
What Is A Good First Car?
Which of these trucks are the best?
How would I convince my dad to let me have an American car instead of a Japanese one?
Is this car to risky?
How do you get rid of the cigarette smell in a used car?
what's better crown victoria or grand marquis 2006?
Im a teen trying to by a car and i need help plz look?
Why are iphone 5s $200 but people on ebay sell and buy them for 600$ and also the iphone 4s's are 300$..?
Anybody know where I can find quality cars for under $1000?
Doea anyone want to sale me?
I wanted to get a job as a car salesman. Is the job hard? Does it require College? Is it confusing?
First car. Which is better?
How much could I sell these car parts for?
Does anyone know where i can find a dodge ram 1500 quad or crew cab sport 4x4 for under $10,000?
good car for a track not a straight one for 7k?
i was done wrong by a car dealership what can i do?
What car would you buy If you had over 32000$ ?
You favorite Air filter?
Whta model car would you suggest I buy?
1968 GMC Truck?
Does anybody know a good older muscle car for off roading under $10,000?
how can people give you bad credit ,the only way you know about is when you want to buy some thing?
Cheap,fast,sporty car?
Can Skoda be compared to Toyota when it comes to reliability?
Can a U.S. resident buy a car in Canada, bring it back, and register it in the U.S.?
Sold a car in an accident Not told!?
Which car should I buy?
How much does a used or new transmission cost on an kia spectra 02 ls?
Most reliable and cheapest car? Good in snow?
I told a guy I would hold my vehicle for him?
How could I convince this guy to sell his car?
Is this a good price for a 2012 chevy 4x4?
when buying a used car from a dealer, should it come with an owners manual, spare keys and a remote control?
I'm interested in the Yaris Liftback. What are the pros and cons, preferably from someone who owns one?
Having a time selling my car?
is it worth buying a skyline or supra from japan? how much to legalize them?
does have a shipping center in california?
whats the best way to go about finding a ext cab pickup built before 1985?
Which car should I buy?
I'm a victim of a car scam?
Can I get approved for a car loan??
buying used: S55 or S600?
What is the best convertible??
any thoughts on which large suv is the best available?
Can i really get a FREE vehicle history report?
what website is free about police and government seized auto auctions in DC,MD,or VA?
Who is the best and worst Dodge Dealerships in Utah and why?
What are the implications of turning in a vehicle purchased with the GMAC Smartbuy finance contract early?
are mich. vets between 1959-1981 untiled to extra money on there ss benefits ask by tc?
what car would be cooler?
Does anyone want to buy my Mercedes Benze CLK320 Cabriolet for cheap?
How rare are 4 door Chevrolet Corvairs?
I want a convertible, can't decide between Eclipse Spyder and Jeep Wrangler.... 19/male/Mass/college student
what is a unique vehicle that can go 4x4 in?
What should i buy with 50$?
Which is the best online shop for sell cars?
car dealer near crystal river florida?
What's a good first time car for a 17y/o girl?
Best v6 supercharged car for under 10,000?
Does anyone know a car rim dealer that will purchase chrome rims located in Baltimore, MD or anywhere MD?
Can I sue a used car dealership for the sale of a very damaged car 2 years later?
How much can i expect car dealers to take off the asking price if i plan on paying with cash?
If you had $250,000 to spend on a car, what would you buy?
What are your opinions on these cars?
Should I keep my car and keep making payments or trade it in?? (Help! My car is my baby)?
I want to trade in my truck, but I'm upside down. How does this work?
where can I get a good cheep reliable car?
Buying a Citroen??
Do you think having a sunroof in your car is a necessity?
from a lemon car company to world's 4th largest car company. how did hyundai do it?
When will the current Jaguar X-Type be replaced??
I need an opinion on a car?
Should I get a used RX8 or a used RSX Type S?
I rushed into buying a new car I dont really like what are my options to get rid of It with out taking a loss?
What can I add to this SUV to make it a bit sportier?
I need to find if any one is looking restore a vintage vehical all original 1976 year of make orig plates to?
What is the cost of tax, license and registration in CA on a $20,000 car?
What car brand isnt the most reliable?
Where to find Car Seat Covers in Delhi?
i need a 1996 cadillac northstar engine for my el dorado used under 80000 miles can any one help me?
Can a RWD rim fit a FWD car?
You are about to buy your first car. What would you consider buying & why?
what has more room in the rear seat a 2001 honda prelude or a 2001 vw golf?
Help deciding on car? 94-01 Integra, 85-90 RX7, 300ZX, or other race type cars?
chevorlet new car in india estra?
I looking into buying a used luxury brand compact crossover like the Infiniti EX35?
WHat are my chances of getting approved for this auto loan?
what is the best used luxury car to buy for fuel economy ?
Can he make me give the car back?
How will I ever be able to afford the Cadillac I want?
i pay $600.00 for this truck at a salveged yard was this good?
Good first tuner cars?
where can i sell my used tires in nyc?
Should I ask my dad for his car?
how do i sell a trailer/car hauler that was left on my property/?
Good Car for under seven grand?
In the month of December what would be the best car to buy, nicest with $200-$300 monthly payment?
what kind of bargaining power do i have with hybrid dealers?
should I get my friends truck if his dad sales it to me?
can I sell a car that is on HP THEN, pay off the HP?
Does original new car warranty cover if car is sent abroad?
What is a great first car?
car titles and tags... HELP?
gas prices?
I'm look a car forsale in my local area ?
Did I underprice my van?
Got any suggestions???????
what is a good car under 10K?
how does financing work when buying a car what does 5% mean and how much is a usual down payment?
in Middle East People think Mercedes Benz is better than BMW..But in the U.S. people think that BMW is better
What is the lowest price I can expect to see for a 2006-2010 Charger?
Did I get ripped off on my new car purchase?
Heres one for used car salesmen.?
How exactly does a car trade-in work?
BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes S Class?
what cars are used for street racing now a day looking at buying one?
Buying a new bug?
What rights do I have after having bought a car privately?
Should I get a Porsche or Range Rover?
Is buying a motorcycle to resell it a bad idea?
Toyota Camry 1996?
How do I buy a car with bad credit and no cosigner?
Car payment gone wrong?
What car customization is availiable?
if you bye a used car from a dealer and its messed up within 3 weeks what can i do?
How Do You Dispute Missing Features on a Car Lease?
What makes a supermini?
How many miles is to many miles on a used car?
1998 blazer tachometer question?
How can I get a lost Title from a Honda bought in Indiana when i live in Illinois , have bill of sales but no?
L.A. people; i'm looking for an affordable car. my range is $1100.?
how would you know how much to ask for a car?
What are good options for a first car??
Who can tell me the LEAST fuel consuming 6 cylinder 4 wheeler (4*4)???
I,m looking for a cheap dayton knock off wrench and lead hammer.Who has one?
Using when cars drive you as a model write your own article about something.?that interasts?
It's a tough decision, would you go for 05 Nissan Maxima, 05 Acura TL or 05 Infiniti G35 (sedan)????
Car Decision Help?
16 years old buying car . Please help?
Need a checklist for performing safety checks on used cars?
Where can I find used forestry trucks?
i just tunred 18 and im planning on buying a car, my parents said theyd help me with monthly payments?
How to sell old car?
Does anybody know where I can get a cheap 1967 chevy impala for sale?
how long it takes to get the titile of a car?
should i buy "used luxury vehicle" or "cheap new vehicle"?
Where can I find a used car value guide for brazil?
ive bought a car an found out there is still outstanding finance on it?
What kind of car should I get? Comfortable Sedan under $8000?
hi, i like to buy a car in the price range 6 to 8L(INR). Need your suggestion guys?
If there was an Enzo replica kit car; how much would you be willing to spend for it?
Buying a car? No credit. How does it work?
help on sellin a truck?
where in orange county can i find good used cars at a low price?
how much will the community college charge me to get my car repainted?
what kind of suv is the best?
Who is the best buyer of Left Hand Drive cars in the U.K.?
I'm looking at two 2007 Mercede. Coupe-$51,500 and convertible-$58,000.What price should I try at the dealers
Sports car ideas for 16 year old girl?
Which place should i go to put a tv in a car?
need for speed, getting a new car?
Can I afford a Ferrari 458 Italia with a $150,000 median salary?
Ideal car for a father?
What suv is better? help?
Why don 't Americans drive cars that get better gas mileage?
am i allowed to sell my car if i,m still paying the hpi on it ?.?
what year does motor car tax become free?
1998 chevy silverado 4 WD 1/2 ton w/350cubic" engine.What is blue book price?
What's a good car to buy now?
So, my mom's husband and his brother's name were on a lease for a car & it got repossesed.?
where can i find a cheap car?
List of small SUV's?
What's a good used car for not very much money?
Can US military members buy car in UK?
I want to know the power of Maruti A-Star. Can some tell me about it?
what is the price of ATLP quad exhaust for acura tl?
what does APR on a auto loan mean?
where is the best site to buy a used car in korea?
Luxury cars or sport cars, what do you perfer?Why?
Buying a used car for the first time?
Whats the best mpv car you can recommend?
Is this a total scam? It has to be...?
Where can i find info on my leased car?
I'm looking to buy a 93 Dodge Dakota.3.9 engine.?
ls 150,000 miles good milege+?
Is this car worth buying?
how to save up for a car?
I have a few cars in mind I want to buy, whats your opinion?
What is a cheap, fast, American or German Car?
I want to buy a second hand small car for £5k - which one?
I can't figure out what I should do...??
What is a good first car to have?
what are some good rims for a 99 camry? What price range are they?
whats the best car aucion in the tri state area?
what can you do on a long car ride?
2002 Chrysler pt cruiser for $2000 is it a good price?
Hey people :) i`m 6`7 and im currently finding a sports cars, i dont want a suv/van just a normal sports car.?
What do people think of Saturn's??
Private care sale - owner financed?
How much does a decent used car cost?
Whats better a 2003 Nissan 350Z or a Dodge Ram 1500 2008 V8?
The best car to buy?
1996 acura rl 3.5 L v6 should i buy this?
Which is the best online shop for sell cars?
How is this possible?
Buying a Car?
what is the lowest total price paid to a dealer for a 2008 camry hybrid?
How do you become a transhipper?
What do you think of the new Toyota FJ Cruiser? -- picture provided in link?
Audi s4, BMW 3 series or another Nissan Maxima?
Which car would you get/do you like better?
Is a Used 2002 Nissan Xterra XE a good first car?
selling alpine sps-619 6x9 speakers for what price?
For a 26 Year, 5'10'',Bachelor which car will be good?
Can I buy Aston martins db9 instrument panel and if so for how much and where?
How much would a 1995 red Camero t-top sell for...?
What is the cost difference between buying a $23,000 car in Tucson vs the Phoenix area in re: to taxes?
I bought a truck with the odometer rolled back, what can i do?
What is the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly car next to the hybrid?
can my car be repoed?
Which car do you prefer.?
how do i get rid of a car that is still on finance loan. how do you sell with this kind of deal.?
How to go about buying a used car? ?
What car should i get?
Can I tell car dealerships where I want to finance?
Sold Financed Car w/ Specialized Plates- now what?
I want to buy a small car irrespective of the price.. So suggest me one please..?
Is it more fuel efficent to buy a toyota or a dodge?
trucks...american or japanese?
Where can I buy a cheap but good 3.0L V6 SMPI SOHC 12V engine for a 1996 Dodge Caravan?
Where or who has an early '90 model Mustang GT for sale?
is this suv a good buy?
College student financing a car?
Classic muscle or vw bus?
How much would this car be?
I bought a car as is less then 30 days ago and now the engine is gone do I have a recorse?
Whats a good first car?
How much would you pay for 2011 GMC Acadia?
if selling a car in not registered in ca would i still fill out ca bill of sale form?
i want to find out if a car is all legal before I buy it.?
Where can I buy Hankook tires in Puerto Rico?
Yamaha Warrior??? ATV?
Please answer!! Is this car worth it?
i am looking to buy my first car. is the ford focus sedan a good first car? pros? cons?
Lexus Sc430 or Lexus Is 350?
What is the risk of buying a car for a third person?
Is this a good deal for a car?
Is this a good deal does it check out?Should i purchase?
My boyfriend says he loves me so much. But sometimes he dosen't act like it?
When purchasing a motorbike (moped), what paperwork do i need with it to know its legal and legit?
Should I buy a car? Or save $$$?
In-House Financing ??? when buy car?
Hey, I'm looking to buy a car through , How does the shipping cost work? Do I pay or does he?
which one is a better car HYUNDAI i 10 OR MARUTI SWIFT?
which one would you choose...white audi a5 convertible,white audi q3 or a white mercedes e class convertible?
Need Advice, how many people pay 2 car payments??
What type of car would you like to own?
How many kilometers should a brand new car should have?
does anyone know what the incentives/rebates for the 2007 chevrolet tahoe will be starting 9/4/07?
question for anybody who knows car pricing.?
Why does Homer still drive the same car that he drove for the past 19 years?
if your gonna buy,an expensive car, best to pay all cash or part finnance?
What is the power specification of Toyota Altis Aero?
What would be a good FIRST CAR?
did i get a good deal?
how can i buy a car if i have bad credit and you dont want no co signer but you can put some money down????
I want to sell a '69 VW bug, runs, but needs major work inside, outside, engine too. What can I ask for it?
Information on voluntary repo?
Risk of buying a used car when govt is checkin d emission norms?
Category C Vehicles? Are they safe?
help in choosing a car..?
Best hatchback petrol automatic Cars with Prices inclusive of (On Road Mumbai)?
+Why should I buy an electric auto?
do used car dealers participate in the cash for clunkers?
best car to buy for taxi use?
Do automobile companies waive payments off?
What Price Would A Car Start Off at a Car Auction?
Whats better Dodge, Chevy or Ford?
I like to buy a new car. Which one do you prefer. Below 25000$.?
I want to look for my first car - what car would you recommend and why?
How long is 72 months? Im looking into buying my first car and Im 18! what do I do?!?
places to buy used cars in orange and anaheim?
i have less than perfect credit looking to buy a car without going to a dealership anyone know of a finance co
Why are all car payments calculated in this formula?
where is the best place to buy a '66 clone shelby mustang and approx. how much should i spend?
Are Cadillac's good cars?
Optra Royal or Honda City ZX Gxi which is better in terms of right quality, fuel consumption ?
What is that one car commercial?
Bought a vehicle from a private seller. Found copy of salvage title in car. I asked about accidents said none.?
I am 1st time car buyer with a credit score of 610. How much can i get financed with a $1000 down payment?
£2000 budget, diesel reliable car less then 50K - 80K mileage suggestions please?
Which out of these two cars would YOU choose?
Is a 96-99 jeep grand cherokee a good car?
Car for a six-person family?
A good first truck for college student?
Does it worth to pay 2700 dollars for a used car?
need a new car - ideas please?
looking to sell used car parts inventory?
I want to trade my car in for another one. Can I do that?
should i buy rims online if their a good price ?
Can I trade in my car for another when I am still paying on it?
Pontiac or Honda???????????
Which is the best Via Address Or Bundle Box / or any other?
How bad of an idea is it to buy a salvaged/rebuilt automobile?
I'm sub-leasing my car out (i'm in nc) how does insurance work on the other parties part?
buying cars from private seller and selling it at the auction?
What's the fastest car I can get under $7k?
i am almost fifteen and i am looking for a first car. something fast. with some power???? $2000-$3500?
Where can i buy a cheap moped for $500 or less in California?
list price mercedes E220 avantgarde CDI A purchased 14.02.2010?
Would it be better to buy a small car or a large car depending on the gas prices going up and down?
what would be a good car for a male going to college?
I'm 17 years old and I want a car!?
Where to buy S$20 coupon for OPC?
How to get my traded car back from private party?
Why would you NOT buy a Prius?
best car?????
I did not get my package from proactive. What can i do to get a refund?
2003 Land Rover Discovery?
Where can I find the blue book value for a 1976 Chevy Impala?
are there any web sites where i can do a vin search absolutely free no strings attached?
California used car sales tax question?
Should you tip a car salesman for helping you through the process?
how much would you pay for this used car? (1993 mercury tracer)?
Where is the better deal?
i got a new car and need some names!?
“If you could own any classic car, which one would you choose?
If you want to get rid of your car before your lease is up.. can you?
I'm looking for a small used car RUNNING for under 1,000 dollars. Just want a gas saver.,.,?
how to buy a car from out of state of california & registration.?
When talking about cars what does this mean?
Do you have to have insurance to test drive a car?
Wot car shall I buy?
Cheap car in uk.................?
automóvel de passageiros, microônibus, ônibus, automóvel, onde é o início minibus empresa na China?
car accident scandal?
Car help, what kind of car could I get?
What is a decent car for a teen or specifically me?
plz help with showing the procedure!!?
what kind of car should I get?
What is continously variable transaxle?
ford freestar?
I am considering purchasing a new Nissan Altima (6 cy) I am wondering what kind of mileage this car gets?
which is the most expensive car?
What kind of car should I buy?
How do I trade in a car to get a new one when I still owe the bank for my trade in?
What is a fast car between year 2000-2010 that costs between 7k to 12k?
Which car should I go for (UK)?
How to sale a car fast and easy?
Buying a car but how can I get it checked out?
Would XUV 500 be owned by politicians or even be thought by professionals like Architects, Doctors, CA's & Adv?
Which car would you rather drive if you were 19?
need somebody with car fax account ?
Which type of car is better?
Best Mustang for teenager?
Nice convertibles???? ?
Clueless (former) city-dweller needs to know: What car should I buy?
Audi A8 or BMW 7 Series?
I want a 2006 Honda civic LX four door manual-How much do you think I can talk to the dealer down? Any tips?
how long does it take for my car to get repoed?
who is such a nice person?
When buying a new car, which do you prefer: Leather or cloth interior???
how would I find a price for my car?
What is the best sports car you can buy for under $10k?
which suv should i get?
Mazda 3 vs Chevrolet Cruze?
Where can I buy a cheap salvage 06-09 civic?
name of suv in 2008expo delhi?
should i buy a petrol car or a diesel car ? and which 1 ?
Does anyone know of a convertable car that seats more than 2 people?
car dealership discount?
Is car a capital good?
Are BMW's known to be reliable vehicles.?
some one is interest to buy mobile from samsung&bang &oulfsen model seren?
Any suggestions on a safe 6/7-seater car with good gas milage?
What do you AFTER YOU bought a used car from a PERSON ( not an dealership)?
What is the best car to drive?
What would be the best car in your thoughts leave aside love of brand either a 2005 dodge neon srt4 or a 2005?
I have $7,000 and need a new car?
Hip nicknames for cars?
Two seater for first car?
What car should I get?
Is a exotic car a good choice for a long term car?
Best College Car MPG?
Whats a good car for some one just getting there license?
Is there a way to get a free ad car at age 17?
Can we cancel a Vehicle Order Form?
Car dealer re-writing contract, what happens to old one?
Maruti swift vs hyundai i 10 ,which is better to drive for a tall person?
What car brand holds its value the best for trade-in down the line?
What truck gets the best gas mileage?
Which has a better sound system?
Why is it somehow "wrong" to make a car salesman play by your rules when making a purchase?
I'm planning to sell my car on eBay. I wanted to know if there is a sales tax I have to collect?
Trying to sell my car ?
Is 50,000 miles good for a used car?
What is the value of a 1975 airstream land yacht camper in good condition?
Hi i want to buy a 2007 toyota tarago and i wanted to know if this is repairable ? its badly damaged?
Has anyone actually used any of the online auction sites? I was just wondering about it?
Would a head spend $900 in 12 days?
How many car payments can I miss without having my car repossessed?
what is the best car from the range of 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs?
What car can i get with around $4000?
How much i can expect from 2001 Matiz SA?
Why are online car prices lower than sticker price?
i found a car that an owner is selling but i dont know where to get the loan from? car cost $10,000?
Can someone sue you for fraud after bying a car "as is"?
has anyone ever bought a car from a buy here pay here lot?? Are they legit??? What should I expect?
Is it possible that a carfax report a dealer showed me yesterday is different than the one I looked up today?
I am going to buy a car soon at a used car dealer. What should I look for so I don't get riped off?
how much is a 1998 Camaro Ultra-Z 3.8 v-6 worth?
I lost my tittle to my car, what to do to get a new one and price, also how long will it take.?
how good is the 2006 hyundi sonata?
Approximately how much is an original 1923 dodge brothers sedan worth? Never refurbished.?
Copart Arkansas Auction Help?
Should I Get The New Car?
how much money do you save by buying a car in detroit. live in ma.?
Is there a way to buy a car for a really cheap price?
how can I sale a 11links fur cape and 2 lots?
Buying Car Private Party? How to pay?
Is the 1999 Nissan Sentra a good car?
where could i find a supercharger for a h23 honda prelude 92?
Subaru Impreza?
My car broke down and I want a new one. What can I do with the old one?
Too many miles on this Impala? Please helpp!?
What happens if I don't send an item I am selling on ebay?
what car should i purchase?
which car could be a best buy in terms of price and mileage?
Is using western union on eBay safe for purchasing a vehicle?
Which is a better buy - Ford Focus or VW Golf?
What are good cars for a teenage girl to drive?
What is a realistic amount to expect a car dealer to reduce the amount from the sticker price?
can someone give me a list of some 7 passenger cars and SUV's? No mini vans please.?
Can I get a car loan with no pay-stubs?
What is the best hybrid?
Where can I get someone to lease my car?
Do you think I could sell my car on ebay? FAILED MOT!?
Its my 20th birthdaywhat kind of car should I get?
I cannot search on autotrader for a veh color ? I could before!! What's up...?
where is the best place to sell a car online..?
Please help ! Looking for a car:/?
wanna buy piaggio mp3?
What is the best economical practical yet sporty sharp looking car to buy midsize?
how can we get cancel the contract from dealer after singing papers but didn't pay the down payment?
New or used first car?
whats it called when you want to make monthly payments on a car?
Car buying tips for women?
Is a 1979 z28 Camaro a good project car for my senior project for school?
Where can i find a Honda?
is 170k on an 2003 chevy impala ls too much?
What is the legal requirement of tire tread depth a dealer can sell a car?
Co-Signing a car?!?!!?
Car Finance Guys, Question on Trading 2 cars for 1 and rolling negative Equity?
How much would this cost?
I Need Some Car Help?
Where can i get my car lifted in Jacksonville FL?
Is it better to buy a brand new, a pre-owned or lease a SUV hybrid?
What's a good first car for a teen?
Credit/Auto loan/Trade-in question?
What is the best car brand to go with for a new car?
Where in Missouri is a car dealership with 89 down 89 a month?
What's the fastest car known to man?
trading in a car for another car how to?
Sports car or sedan? I need your advice!!?
is there anyone (private seller) who will let me make monthly payments on a car?
I'm a 16 year old , what do I need to purchase a new car from dealership?
What should I name my car?
Whats the difference in leasing a car and financing one?
best place in bangalore for second hand bikes?
Buying A New Car...…?
Why are Chrysler cars so cheap :O?
Help!!!This is for anyone with legal knowledge regarding consumer rights...?
How much does it cost to tow your car from one of those auctions?
Some years ago i sold my car to my nephew and let him pay it off.?
what is a fast car i can buy for around 4k?
How much is a 83 Pontiac Trans Am Pace Car worth?
Can I import a five year old car from Germany to Canada or USA?
hello i am selling a used twin head laptop in cleveland ohio . I want to know is 230.00 to much or not enough?
Which one of these car would u pick?
i have a cosigner on a new car but my name is not on the first bill from the
CAR!! for 16 year old girl?
Tata Manza Aura Vs Maruti swift Dzire VDI?
Eclipse vs. civic? which one is better?
How to buy a car from the dealer without getting screwed by them?
I dont know What should I buy?
Will a supercharger fit under the hood of a stock 67 chevelle ss with a 383 stroker?
working in the import export business?
How to convince my dad to keep this car?
What car should i get?
which car should i get? i am almost...?
Looking for a good type of car to buy?
Insurance when financing a car ?
Bought a used car without title, help please!?
Hyundai i10 or Chevy Beat?
is there any one interested in volkswagen passat like new condition?
What car would you buy if you had 50,000 dollars to spend and wanted to smoke almost all the cars on the road?
Will a 2003 silverado ss bumper fit a 2002 silverado?
What car should i get 370z or 350z?
what is a chep fast car for 4500?
what is the value of a 2002 pontiac trans am formula?
How can I get out of a lease?
What tips can you give me about buying a cheap (around $3000-$4000) used car?
buying a an older vehicle? 1987 toyota truck?
if i am living in EEC, and i want to buy a car outside my country of residence, what do i have tod do?..thnx?
Need help trying to get an auto loan?
i cannot afford the hire purchase payments on a recently purchased car.can i take it back to the dealer ?
I am planning to buy a new/used car......have 15K in cash.?
Craigslist situation?
Buying my first car. Need your insight!?
What is the perfect car for a SPOILED 15 year old?
can i drive a car with out inspection sticker?
What's the value of a diesel 1985 Toyota Pickup?
the best place online to sell 1997 chevy cavalier air bags?
Are 2003 - 2005 Saturm Ion 2 cars good fro a females 1st car?
Should I buy salvage car?
i have got 4 O2 simcards for sale does anybody want one 4 £5.00?
Where to buy cheap scooter/mopeds in atlanta?
Best first car? Please explain why?
Getting a used car Financed?
Has anybody ever worked at a car dealership that can answer this question for me?
Any help with buying a used car?
How much will a 2006 Cadillac CTS cost in the year 2008?
What automobile lasts the longest when compared to its cost?
Is 89 thousand miles on a 04 truck bad?
What new car offers the best bang for the buck?
if i just financed a vehicle that turned out to be a lemon can i return it and terminate the contract?
what kind of car do u have?
How much would you estimate a 2000 Mustang would cost right now?
Mercedes benz luxurious bus manufacturing companies in Brazil?
Signed a new car contact on Dec. 14, 2009, dealership called Jan 19 stating that they made a $2000.00?
Best time to buyout my leased car?
Buying a used car with a replaced transmission?
In general, do auto dealers give you fair prices on your trade-in vehicles?
are they ripping us off?
is it better to lease or buy a car?
looking for good first car under 7000 dollars..ideas?
if money wasn't a problem...which car would you buy?
I am trying to sell my motorcycle,a guy on /UK want's to send me a cert.check,I said no,only western unin
Buy a Cheap But Good Car?
how long do cars stay on craigslist until they are sold?
if you bought a car for £10500 and it depreciates 17% per year what would it be worth after 3, 4, 8 and 9 year?
best japanese car for a first car?
wheel of fortune australia 1995 family week, do you remember it ?
I dont even want my deposit back but the auction place says u have to buy it. What can I do?
which one is the most important for a single man, a house or a car?
What car would you buy?
Silverado SS in Dallas, Texas?
Where Can I get a Free Car or less then 500?
where can i sell set of jaguar rims?
i need a car but i can,t afford it my check was cut down how can i get one?
whats your favorite, the evo VIII or the impreza STI?
what car should i by?
how to make 6000 dollars in 9 months?
What is the worst car buying experience youve ever had?
What is the best website to buy a used car, and what kind of tips can you give me?
is 210,000 miles alot for a truck?
Okay then does anyone know of a place in Indy where i can get a type of suv for a good amount.?
buying 2 used cars from same dealership with cash!?
Should I buy a car with engine light on?
What are the ups and downs to buying a salvaged car?
Can I get a list of websites that sell parts for tuners, DSM, JDM, ETC?
If you could would you?
How much of a down payment would I need for this car? ?
blacking out tailights on 2011 camaro?
Is 13,900 dollars a good price for a 2001 Laredo Jeep Grand Cherodee with 59k miles a good deal ?
my budget wanna purchasemaruti alto new suggest best finance with max tenure?
How much is my ATV worth?!?! SEEKING APPRAISAL?
Is a 2005 or 2006 Jeep Liberty a good, reliable vehicle? Any major problems?
Im gonna be a freshman next year i want to buy what should i buy?
are rav 4s cool for girls to drive?
what's,english of tagalog?
What kind of car can I get for $100-150 car payments?
WHICH KIND OF CAR ? ! (car people)?
What is a good car for under $5000?
I was to sell someone a car but he used a fake name?
What is the best time of year to buy a new car and why?
moped price Questions?
Which is the best Vehicle.. Santro or WagonR.. in driving comfort and in mileage?
How can a college student with part-time job get Auto Loan?
Car sales cyclical increases/decreases?
where would I buy a car cover/tarp.?
I need a used car my limit is $1000?
Looking for more ways of negotiating buying a new car.?
I have to be in the car for 12 hours what should i do? i only want lists please?
diablo or veyron and why?
Ideal car for a father?
mazda 6,toyota corolla xrs,nissan maxima or altima,subaru legacy,scion tc?
which 3-row hybrid SUV has the best towing package?
Is the 2004 Honda Civic an "old lady car"?
what is the risk of buying second hand car?
If someone wants to sell their engine and transmission how can they go about doing it?
What is the difference in looks of a car painted black vs black metallic?
Suggestion for used car?
Im thinking of buying a car but im joining the am AF soon once in basic does the AF take over the payments?
2003 Nissan 350z: Pros and cons ?
Can anyone give me a list of sports car brands?
which car should i get?
Car question. Please help!?
How much is my 79 dodge side step. called the little red express is worth? it has wooden side panels.?
what u think about Nissan murano?
How do I get the best deal on a Chrysler 300 in Dallas, Texas?
Is that true if you buy a brand new car, for the 1st 5 years, you better do maintainace with the dealer?
1995 Lexus Sc300 or 1998 Toyota T100?
i ordered something online?
Which car should I buy?
What chip should i get for my car?
I want to buy an used Honda Activa - 2007 or 2008 model. What is a decent price to buy? I am in Bangalore?
cheap truck for a 16 year old boy?
What process do i go through when i get a used car in illinois?
good first car and why?
Which car should I get?
i am planning to buy a car my budget is around 7 lakh which one should i go for ?
When you want to buy a new car what is the best method to get rid of your old car?
Does a used car get titled in a dealers name when traded in?
is a pontiac grand am dark red a girl car or no?? cause i dont want to get stuck with a girly car?
If I trade vehicles with someone will I have to pay sales tax?
What is the best used car to buy?
How much would you pay for this 1968 Chevy Convertable?
Does anyone know where I can find a used Truck?
Which car would you prefer, Dodge Viper 2003 or Ferarri360 2001?
what is my best first car option?
Can I get a used car?
Ideal First Car - 1.0 - 1.2 litre?
Does the BMW Z4 have a small back seat?
Whats a good first buy for a car?
how much it cost to live in eagle pass?
is a chrysler 300 a good car for an 18 year old.?
Can a 95' Saturn use another years enigine besides its own?
my girlfriend's dad is looking for a Ford Mustang with a 4 cylinder does that even exist?! please help
what are the best things to look for ...?
Buying a Cat C car, VIC check?
I am trying to ssell back my car to a dealer ship and get a cheaper one. Who can I contact for this?
Does the age of the car really matter?
Would annual income from a trust fund be basis for qualifying for a loan?
Which is the better deal between 2000 Nissan Altima and a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
help please! its about buying a car?
Good car for a teen?