Car Buying

2006 Honda accord Exl-v6, or 2004 Lexus rx330?
Dealership want to raise interest after i signed the contract, can they do that?
I'm looking to buy my first car. I like eclipse, miata, celica and 1999 mustang. Any other nice reliable cars?
Hey all you car people!! Contemplating buying an '03 Grand Am GT?
How much money down on a car?
Should I get her a jeep or a different car?
Should i Buy 2012 Nissan Altima Or 2012 Chevy malibu?
I am buying two cars at the same time from a dealership. What is the best deal i can make?
Can I try a car for the weekend before I decide if I want to buy it? It is at a dealership.?
is PAYBYCASH safe for adventure quest becoming a gaurdian is it safe?
what kind of car should i get ?
where can I check to see if the used car has an accident?
i would like to know who owns this car this is the vin # 1g6el1150ju616078?
Can someone give suggestions as to what car I should buy?
Honestly, how much can I get for my car?
What's the difference between leasing and car and buying a car?
im 19 and buying a car?
About how many cars are bought per day in the U.S.?
Age Of Touring Caravan?
What's the difference between these shipping methods?
Is this realistic for buying a used car?
How much would a new e-ton lightning 50cc four wheeler be for sale? NEW?
Which car to buy?
i cant afford to pay my car anymore what do i do ?
What is the value of my T Reg Nissan Primera GX Auto 1998?
Anyone interested or know someone who wants to buy a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?
does any one have a 1969 dodge charger body cheep or free for my son?
When selling cars in a dealership, how often do customers get turned off & not want to buy it?
Would anyone be interested in buying a project harley ?
Best Crossover SUV for me?
What is the Expected price of Mitsubishi Colt?
who is better guain stfani or ciara?
Have you been able to lower your car note?
Reliable safe small truck or suv?
What car should I buy my wife???
How do I sell my car with expired plates?
Which car would be best for a 17 year old boy?
R there any private sellers of a Honda Civic near Norfolk, VA?
I sold my car and now they want their money back.?
New car question help needed?
Is it worth it to buy a corvette?
Would this be a good car to get?
Buying a car at 18 years old ?
If I buy a salvage car on the internet from a different state, can I title it in my state?
Which Classic car is better? Mustang or Camaro?
Best sport car under $20000?
good first car for a 16 year old girl?
Cars for sale in Baltimore area (websites)?
i got screwed by car dealer but did i have some other choice to how i handled it?
Should i get a car from the dealership and pay it over the years, or buy it somewhere else ?
SHOULD I BUY i10 OR wagonR?
If I wanted a small dependable pickup truck that gets good gas mileage what would you recommend?
Safest way to sell a car?
Can a seller buy their car back that i bought?
Debating on which car I should get and I need some help?
I need to pick a car for my mother. Small, easy to drive, comfortable, not a grandma-mobile. Any ideas?
car dealer are rip off and fake sell car?
2000-2005 Cadillac Deville or 2003-2011 Lincoln Town Car?
How much would you value this car?
Please Help Me! car issues?
Is leasing a car ever good?
I'm a 17 year old girl...what car should i get?
flipping a car?
Used 40,000kms 2007 SSANGYONG ACTYON A200 XDI. Price $11000 Any Reasons why I shouldn't buy?
Is this f250 worth it?
im a student is there any bank that will finance a vehicle?
Would anyone know where to find Voltswagon Beetles for Sale?
Buying a van abroad?
how much does a 2006 Mitsubishi evolution 9 cost????
How much would it cost to redesign my car?
which car should i buy? Altimas vs Sentra?
When should I finance a car?
What's the best mid-sized SUV?
You can't afford to FEED a Truck or will you make baby's you can't afford to feed or educate?
Is this a good deal leasing?
Is there a company who will buy my non operating vehicle from me?
i need to fiend a dealer for nv 2000 smoke analizer for nevada?
What is a fair price for a 2007 Chevy Tahoe?
How much should I pay for a well-equipped 2005 Honda Civic?
Which of these 2 cars should I buy and why?
buying used car from private person?
what is the best car for 2000?
Which vehicle should i get?
Need help deciding what new mini-suv to buy?
Should I lease or purchase a car?
Import car from Japan to the US?
What is a better car 2001 BMW 325 IC or 1966 Mustang coupe?
How do I tell my parents i hate the car they want to buy me?
im buying a car that was on autos is there any protection plan i can buy??
Best Dealer Deal on Focus?
Moving to the US next year. I'll need a car...?
Car for a teenager to get to school?
Is it possible for me to buy a US Car on Ebay From UK?
My father just moved away and left me a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda it has a 4 speed. what is it worth?
How to get my traded car back from private party?
Will it be a good idea to buy a 1998 Plymouth Neon for $200?
A citroen C3, Renault Clio or Vauxhall Corsa.Which would you buy?
Can I trust those "We finance anyone" car dealerships?
where can i get a turbo 350 transmission for my 1972 Nova?
Not sure if this is a car problem?
What is the best Ford Ranger?
Should I buy this Toyota Tacoma?
What is a good car for all weather conditions?
Where can i buy bagi in jeddah?
sources of credit to buy a new car?
A question about cars?
how do u place an ad on craigslist 2 sell a truck?
If a use 2011 car in listed for 34000 don't you think I can get it for 20000?
How much money can I get for my car?
can i trade in a car with a blown transmission?
does anyone know about car loans?
do rental car places sell their cars after so many uses?
What to do on a long car ride?
Lease an '07 VW Rabbit or buy Scion TC?
When buying a used car, does it really matter if it has over 100,000 miles?
were do i go for car voucher programe in my state?
What car should I buy????
Which car would you get, if you HAD to choose between these two?
sell a truck for parts?
Does this sound like a car scam? What are some things I need to ask for?
san jose ca stevens creek blvd web site the new dealership???????
Which one of these cars should I get?
Owe more than trade in is worth, do you think a dealer would go for this?
What is the first thing I do when I buy a car from a dealer in MA?
Are there any American cars worth buying?
any suggestions?
can i get a vw trike on DLA or a loan for one?
Is there a time frame when a car is bought from a used car lot and the time it quits so i can get a refund?
Worth of my 78 trans am?
Questions to ask when looking to buy a car!?
if you purchase a car from car dealer and it has to go back do you have to give them the cashback back?
My friend needs wide and low-profiled 26" tires for his car? 305 or smth..?
report a bad car sale in texas?
Is the McLaren F1 LM still being made? if so how much $ does it run for?, and what web sites sell it?
What's the downside of buying salvage cars?
Chances of getting car loan approval?
Bought a car and got a lemon. what do i do?
what is the best vehicle to own?
Which car is better?!?!?!?
Where can i find a cheap dirtbike?
Any opinions on Dalsan Auto Dealers in Minneapolis, MN?
when buying a used car from a dealer, can you always drop the price down?
I'm planning on buying a car, Civic SI or Mustang GT?
most reliable car you've ever owned?
what car should i get as a teenager?
Do you know a place or website where I can get a used car for $500?
Are there cons to buying a new car without taking out a loan?
What types of cars are the best on gas?
Im trying to buy a American Ironhorse but the vin is not showing up?
Where can I find a price quote for a Used 1994 GMC C-Series 10 ton dump truck?
Steps to take in bad vehicle situation?
Did i get a good deal on my used car purchase?
First Car Question Real Quick?
Other than cash, what's the safest way to accept money when selling a car (or other expensive item)?
Most of people wants what type of car?
where i find a cheap car thats works?
Can you trade in a really old car for a 2006 or 2007 car?
When do you consider it your first car?
is a 1993 infiniti j30 a alright car for a 16 year old?
Could you glance over this lease agreement and tell me if I am getting scammed in ..anyway?
How much should I pay for this car?
Any car recommendations?
Hi, guys. Does anybody knows exactly where i can buy chevrolet aveo throttle pedal plug?
I'm interested in purchasing a 2002 VW Jetta with 115,000 miles on it, would that be a bad choice?
When buying car, if you don't chose AC option do you still get a heater?
Need Help Deciding on First Truck?
We totalled my 2003 Pontiac Grand AM. Can anyone recommend something newer I might like?
How much is my totaled car worth?
Which cars have the most headroom and legroom?
Does anyone on here own a driveable 1971 Plymouth Hemi Baracuda? The car was on Nash Bridges.?
can i trade im my car i just bought yesterday?
How much should I sell my car for?
My daughter and i need a gun that we can both use im 50 and petite as to where my daughter is 16 and 5foot 5?
Where is the head office of the Arnold Clark Motor Group?
What should I do about my car? Keep or Sell?
Anybody know where I can find quality cars for under $1000?
Cool 1st Car for Teenage Boy?
Cadillac or BMW?
Good deal on this 1996 Ford Mustang Coupe?
I am looking for a car!!!?
I am looking into purchasing a new Volkswagon beetle. Have any of you owned one? Are they reliable?
i need a tire expert please? im a woman, know nuthin?
Highschool Car?
Is it okay to get a small personal loan ($1,500) to help make a down payment on a used car?
Japanese Car Shipping - How Much Does It Cost to Ship from Japan to Australia?
Buying a vehicle?
Does a worthless check in the purchase of a vehicle void a purchase contract with a dealer?
mid life crisis what car should i buy (not a rich man)?
how to get rid of an unwanted car?
6990 or 7970 what is better to buy?
how much sould I pay for a used trunk?
My birthday is next week, whats the best sports car I can buy my self?
i am trying to buy 99 toyota camry solara,car fax says sold at auction and emission inspection failed?
my ex boyfriend bought a car for me loan is a personal loan but he wants car back do I have to give it back?
Is this too much mileage for a first car?
ebay selling?
LPG Used cars in Korea.?
What is "buy here pay here" financing?
Can we get out of this?
CRV/Crossover under 4K?
How much should I sell for?
Which car should we buy?
Should I get a used 2010 base Camaro as my first car?
Does anyone want to buy my honda accord?
So I'm debating between the Camaro and Mustang?
should i get a ford focus?? or honda civic?
What is a good first car that is safe?
If we owe 7,000 on a truck and we get a loan for 6% interest for 5 years how much monthly would we pay?
Buying a used 2005 Chrysler 300?
What car would you recommend??
Getting my first car, best choice?
Cheap, rare, classic Amerian muscle cars?
repying to new england answer if I'm a ny resident and puchase a car out of state where do i pay taxes?
where can i sell my used tires in monmouth co nj?
How much can i sell my 1976 chevy malibu classic for?
manual or automatic gears?
What does the controller at a car dealership do?
What car should I buy? [less than 15k]?
what is a good website to buy car apparel as in posters and flags and things?
When buying a new car, which do you prefer: Leather or cloth interior???
Which one should I buy Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4S ?
what is the part # for a right rear tail light assembly for a 1974 vw beetle?
Fanny Magnet?
Is leasing a car always a bad deal?
I want to buy a BMW 3 series but. . .?
want to check freight terms which i haven't heard of before?
Reasonable First Car?
Car choosing. I need help?
Which car should we buy?
Car repossession. My sister is the primary on the contract and i'm co-signer.?
Wheres the best place to buy underglow lights?
Would you purchase a car with 180,000 miles on it?
Do i have to take my old lease BACK ???
looking for a car don't know where to find it help?
sold a car without having them sign saying there was no warrenty and asis now they want there money back?
where can I buy daewoo car in egypt?
what type of credit do you have to have to lease?
Whats a safe and economical SUV?
Car Note 5 Days Late! Bad?
where can i get a decent car with 700 quid?
Which car do you think I should get?
In Bucks County PA find Ford Conversion van 1996 or newer with less than 50,000 miles on it for $5000 or less?
Do I need to own a certain type of car to join an auto club?
HI, I was a first car buyer from Car deler and I felt pretty much they lie to me and made me sign whey want?
are cadillacs old people cars no matter what (read info)?
Where should i look for a car thats safe and reliable and not a billion dollars??
should i buy a used 06-07 BMW 328i OR A NEW 13 scion FRS ?
can i sell my car in colorado with a duplicate title?
I'm about to buy a New car. I'm torn between KIA Spectra SX 2006 and Toyota Corolla LE 2006 Which is better?
I'm deciding which sporty car to buy: BMW 325/330/Z4; Nissan 350Z; Mustang; Pontiac Sky; MiniCooper. Thoughts?
Should I get a 2005 Mustang?
how much will i pay for a lease car?
how to start a online business?
I'm selling my car, and the person wants to make payments, do I give them the Title now, or the final payment.?
What should I do about my mom buying this car ?
chrysler sebring lx 2004 sedan looking for a used hood, red color?
Should I buy a 4x2 or 4x4 truck?
Is a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4dr 4WD with 129,000 for $6,000 a good buy?
How much would broken 4 wheel drive take off the value of my car?
What are the chances the bank will finance this car?
has any one ever heard of cal worthington having to eat a bug ?
Do you think this is a scam?
where can i find the value of a old tractor?
how much of a discount can you get if you pay cash for used car?
Which car would be best for me?
does a california lender have to give me time to reinstate my car loan when they have repossed my car?
What can I expect my monthly payment to be on a used 2008 Cobalt.....?
Anyone want to buy a '96 Chevy Impala SS?
What should I ask for a 1997 Tracy with some rust along the bottom and no a/c?
when did the honda ridgeline came out?
I purchased a ford two weeks ago is it too late to take it back for an upgraded model?
what are the ramifications?
How can i loan money to buy a car?
Has anyone got a good name for a used car garage?
Is this Craigslist car a "good deal"? 2009 Honda Civic LX..?
I need a new car, what should i get?
How would I go about registering a car (95 vs commodore) which has no compliance plates? QLD?
Would a dealership be able to pay cash? ?
I have bad credit, does anyone know where I would be able to get a car loan in Northern Virginia?
Which 4WD should I be looking for?
How does an rv storage lien sale work? Is it different than a car lien sale?
how can i get a title?
I need to find the value of a '41, Willy's jeep.?
How much would you pay for this car...?
Are these good first car choices???
Good cheap quick car?
how much does it cost to sell a car on ebay?
Which Car Would Be Best?
What can I do about "fraudulent sale of vehicle?"?
Please, help with hybrid car leasing?
would you buy the 2013 acura ilx or 2013 honda accord touring v6?
My car was written off?
Do I need to have a professional activate a keyless remote for my new used car, or can I program one myself?
cheap cars?
HDNL order 'on drivers van' for a day?
would yuo pay $450.00 for a 1985 lincoln towncar?
how to find the value of an irish car?
I just gave a car to my brother but the car is in my name is there a way I can put the car in his name?
what is the best used car you can buy for under 15 thousand?
Which car would YOU rather out of sport compacts?
help with rims?
Looking to buy my 2nd car - £3000 budget?
is it possible to find a used usa jackson for about 1000$ bucks?
What is the best looking car of all time?
What is the most expensive car you've ever purchased?
what is better lease or buy?
2009 Nissan Altima best car for $10,000 - 30k miles 4 doors?
A cool first car??? Please help?
What vehicle would you suggest for me?
Where online can i find a vehicle history report for a vehicle older than 1981?
Can I get a classic car in monthly payments?
Is Mercedes expensive to maintain?
Found a jeep what should i pay? ?
What is the best brand of truck to get?
Buying a car in Edmonton Alberta.?
What Class C motorhome offers the best value for the price?
Average miles for 2003 range rover?
where and how can I buy a car that has been repossessed car?
what are some different looking cute cars?
what dept can i conplain if i get con by the car dealers?
Question about my car loan?
i would like to know if anyone has bought a flood damaged car if so what should i expect, thanks.?
Good car for a teen?
should i buy this car?
What kind of car do you suggest?
private car plate in singapore?
Getting a tag for a car?
Where is the best place to search for a used BMW X5 on te net?
After you buy a car, how long can the dealership wait until they give to the plates? (Texas)?
How old do you have to be to get a car loan? Co-signers?
can I purchase a car?
If you had to buy a minivan--which of these 4...?
Need help in choosing a fast car for drag racing?
Does Fedex deliver the package again the next day if you couldn't sign the first day?
high risk auto finance comany?
is there any web site for a used big-rig ( 18 wheeler)to buy or to sell ? pls post...?
most dependable new car over $200,000 for 10 years or 100,000 miles.?
new engine?more power?more stylish?
How much did a 1965 pontiac tempest cost brand new?
Looking for a very cheap car for road trip?
what the dealer hold back on toyota trucks?
how long do i have after buy a new car can i return it i nc?
Datsun/Nissan z, which is best?
What should I consider when buying a car?
Chevy Cruze or Kia Optima?
will the new 2006 camero be a better purchase.?
whats the best website to look for used cars?
How much does car advertising saves me on the car/truck I desire to buy.?
Is there a "Wet Seal" or Forever21 at "The Falls"?
Are replica cars materialistic?
what is the most fast cars in the us?
What's a good first car I can get?
What car do you plan on getting??
How much would I have to put down on a Ninja bike???
Should i buy 18" or 20" rims?
Why are some car salesmen paid commission only?
Bought a car from craigslist now having problems, did i get burned from this guy? what can i do? please help?
Is a used Jaguar both a nice treat and deal?
What do I have to do to get another car?
Car for 1 person, what are best&affordable worldwide small cars for just-started-working individuals ?
2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe or 2012 Mustang GT Premium Coupe?
What are my options for getting a car?
Quick car that still has decent mpg.?
Want to buy vehicle only offered UK and have it shipped to the US What problems do i look forward to?
Can I get my deposit back if I can't buy a car?
Which Luxury SUV is better?
Should the delaership give me a refund after engine blew up?
03 Accent Hatch 5Speed or 98 Civic Coupe Ex Auto.?
Which car is the most "chav" car please vote. I recon?
what is the best used car one can buy in north america?
What are the steps to sell my truck on craigs list?
Can I return my car to the dealer if I don't have the title after waiting 6 months for it?
Does anyone know what morse cheverlot pays for a car salesperson?
I bought a used car from a dealership 3 months ago and still don't have a loan, what obligation do they?
First car..what would you choose?
Does anyone know a car rental in Philly that accepts prepaid debit mastercard?
Does Fedex deliver the package again the next day if you couldn't sign the first day?
Polovna auta Mostar Bosna i Hercegovina?
Where can i buy a new remote for my astra car alarrm?
How many colors available in Renault Duster?
question about the car dealers world?
Why do some people always change cars?
I have advertised a car on Auto and recieved several offers to recieve overpayments by cashiers check?
How much is this truck worth?
Whats the best way to sell my 2001 Lexus IS300 in the Los Angeles area?
should i have brought a 1999 olsmobile intrigue for 10,500 dollars with a 20% intrest rate?
Good credit score to buy a car?
What is a good car for a teen-ager (maximum $20,000)?
what is this car ?????
What car should a 19 year old get with student loans?
I need pointers on dealing with car salesmen and how to come out with the best possible price?
Should I get the Camaro or Mustang??2012?
Cars/mint condition/showroom?
Where is a cheap place to buy cars for about 800.00 dollars on inernet?
How do you feel about car salesman?
What car is best for me?
Can I trade in my car?
Of a dealer knows the cost of an article and the profit he wishes to make , how does he find the selling price?
HELP! Will I Get Finaced For A Car?
Advice for a new car salesmen?
Would u rather hv 2012 lt equinox or traverse ls?
Im looking for a car that can hold up to 7-8 people?
Best car for hauling family?
how to prospect for new clients?
I am looking for a car. All I care about is great gas mileage and $11,000 and under.What is the best car?
Looking for a Tampa Mitsubishi dealer, that has good service.?
Can i sell my car to Carmax, even if i still owe money on the car?
what's the best car to buy?
how can i find out the value of my car now?
Whats a better car to get?
what should i buy with my money please help me decide!!?
Should i buy a SALVAGE 2003 GT Mustang ? HELP?
Selling a Ford KA and buying Peugoet 107?
Selling a car on Ebay?
Someone wants to sell me a car on craigs list and use ebay safe pay is it safe.?
How to get a title for a vehicle?
How bad is gas on dodge charger ?
i was making payments on a boat to a guy when i paid it off he died before i could get the title what can i do
How much money would I save on this car loan?
are there a vehicle histore report for free?
Selling a car and accepting a check verses cash?
Does any one know where a 1958 Plymouth Fury 2 door might be hidding?
new car sticker price on a 1999 dodge durago?
Are chevrolets good cars?
Does anyone else get calls on their phone inquiring about a car warranty?
Should I trade in my car with hail damage, or get it fixed first?
What trouble can i get in for lying on car title?
What is a real good deal on buying Hyundai XG350L (2005 last year of production) from a dealer(not used)?
how was the earth made?
small used SUVs for less then $8000?
I want to buy a car but?
Refinance Auto Loan questions?
Thinking of buying a VW Beetle Convertible or a PT Cruiser Convertible.?
Of these aftermarket car parts....which ones should I buy?
WRX Limited, Camaro 1LT, Genesis Coupe R Spec, or Mustang GT? Why?
where can i find an inexpensive vehicle for work in the northwestern north carolina area?
where's the best place to purchase a used motor camaro z28 '94-97'?
What can we do to get our money back form a buissnes who sold us a faulty car . Please read additional detail?
Which car would you rather have and why?
1995 Camero V6. I want to sell it, but where can i sell it without paying ad fees?
What new car should i buy?
What would you do in this car buying situation?
Hi, I would like to ask if the car booking amount is included in the final price of the car?
used cars in amarillo texasused cars in amarillo texas?
What SUVs come with park assist?
wheres the best place to buy a car, apart from ebay or autotrader?
Is it safer to buy or lease a car?
buying a used car?
please i neead to know the web site for DAEWOO spare parts section?
i'm a teenager, should i get an automatic or a manual for my first car?
Is 125.000 USD expensive???
My mom doesn't want to buy a car other than an american car?
John James bought a new car that cost $25,000. In one year, the car depreciated 15%.?
what is a 1991 chevy silverado worth?
Should I get this car?
Mechanics, or car orientated people, college girl needs advice on vehicle.?
Import Tyvek paper sheets to Philippines?
Selling a 1991 Honda Accord LX for $2350 OBO?
how can I find out if a vehcial has a lien holder?
if i wanted to buy my first car???
where is the best place to find salvage title vehicles for sale? I need a beater to drive to work!!!?
What kind of car do you drive?
My parents are aged.... pls suggest a spacious car that can also accomodate folding wheel chairs?
How many people drive SUV's in the united states?
Is it better to buy a car from a Dealer or Private Owner?
We are looking to purchase a used car, but have a couple questions.?
I have a 1976 Corvette with 13K orig. miles. Is there a site that specializes in classic Vettes for sale?
can you buy a car in maryland and have it licensed and registered in Pennsylvania?
Should I buy 2000 Honda Insight Base - $4995 with 196,125 miles?
Please could someone give me some guidance on visiting a council estate.?
Toyota, Chevrolet, or Ford?
what is the best car to buy?
What kind of leverage do I have when paying CASH for a new vehicle?
Help buying a Honda Civic si?
Who sells the air car, and where can I get it?
Where are they offering the buy-one-get-one-free car deal in northeast Ohio? What's the credit requirement?
What kind of car do you drive?
If you are going to buy a car, which one of these its better and why?
2005 Acura TL (88K) or 2006 BMW X3(92K)?
How do I transfer the entire ownership, car payments, everything to my brother?
Does anyone buy used chrome wheels and tires in Chicago?
Getting Stuff Ready For A Garage Sale ...Any Body Have Ideas On How Much I Should Put For?
My car was just repossessed and i'd like to know from anyone who's experienced this, how much are the fees?
i need ideas for a goodfirst car?
Will the bank give me a loan for a used bike?
How much does chevvy camaro 2011 non convertible cost?
which car is faster? and does good fuel economy with stick shift.?
Is this a good price for this car?
Should a seventeen yr old in highschool have a car?
got a problem with an ebay user. my fault in a way but he is reacting childish towards it?
Camper van questions?
whats better skyline r34 or supra, why? tryin decide which to buy?
What color under dash LED lights should I get?
If you had $35K to buy a car, which car would you purchase?
What's the best car you can get for 10,000?
Convince my parents to let me buy a car?
Whats better a '99 Z3 or a '99 Boxster?
I am about to purchase my first SUV. Any suggestions?
Which car is better?!?!?!?
Is there anything I can do about fraud on autos?
I live and texas and im buying an AR15 from a buddy back home in louisiana, what is the process?
when we say "7 seat car" is it 7 seats for passengers plus driver?
is putting rims on your car too childish?
How much should I expect to pay a month? ?
How much would you expect to pay for this car?
Which Muscle/Pony car do you prefer? (any trim) Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro or Dodge Challenger?
whats the lowest carmax will buy my car ?
Your opinion on a purple car?
Good first car that is Japanese?
Which is better: a Jeep or a Land Rover?
do they make a 2 door toyota highlander?
Would you buy these cars for your kid?
what is a fast car i can buy for around 4k?
I Don't Know if I should lease or Buy a car ????? any tips?
Good 1st car, 2 door with a back seat. Cheap money?
can i find the owner of a recently purchased car?
fast/turbocharged cars for 14k and under?
Im 14 and i was wondering if i should get a car or motercyle next year?
Im 14 and i was wondering if i should get a car or motercyle next year?
Why will "Cash for Clunkers" not allow you to trade large vehicles for lighter more efficient ones?
Wich car do you recommend for a approximate price around 20,000 but not more that that ?
Buying long distance car?
(Help!!) Having a problem about buying a car from individual...?
can I use a 4wd lift kit with a 2wd truck? It is a 1983 Ford F-250 Long Bed (Not Supercab).?
Smart decision to sell my vehicle or keep it?
where is a good place to buy a used car in Perth western Australia?
How much is a Chris Sale autograph worth?
Buying used car from an unknown sellers from internet?
What are the required steps in GA of transfering the ownership of a car after you sold it to another person?
What is the value of a 2003 cadilac?
new car sticker price on a 1999 dodge durago?
How to get the best deal?
car purschase im i gettin ripped off?
where can I look up as 13digit vin number?
What's the best built american car ?
How much does an average mustang cost?
How much can i sell my toyota shark nissan KAN?
Vauxhall Combo?
How can I find out more about an old pedal car which i used to use?
Is this deal on a car a scam?
wat car is good for a new teen driver?
2001 dodge neon vs 1996 Mitsubishi galant?
Where can I get info on a 1967 auto by using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) ?
what car do you drive?
how does use telescopic streeing?
What used car around $5k?
I would like some recommendations for a teen's first car....preferably a luxury brand such as lexus or audi
Help! Car financing/Lemon/Buyers Remorse?
I am planning to buy an AMERICAN CAR this September, which American car brand name is the BEST?
How do I tell my parents i hate the car they want to buy me?
What should I do with my car?
What was your first car?
Are cars on craigslist reliable?
what is a better car???
im searcing for my first car and i dont know what to get.?
Honda Civic Vs Hyndai Elantra?
2002 VW Passat VS 2004 Lancer?
put reindeer antlers for car?
wont to buy a used convertible for cheap?
i have a 71 jeep commando?
What kind of car should i get?
David Bradley Farm Tractor?
is it easy to drive a stick?
i need to know about first car prices in the UK?
Is my car a write off?
Where can i get a nice car for cheap?
how do you go about buying crash damaged cars direct from insurence companys?
What is the value of a 1965 Lincoln Continental limosine?
car buying?
Which car is better?!?!?!?
Will trade in with bad credit get you better deal on car loan?
How much would I expect to pay in taxes on a $6000 car?
Where to buy cheap scooter/mopeds in atlanta?
what are some brands of trucks that you recormend for a teenage girl?
selll old car or not ??? acura tl 2000?
looking for kelley blue book website for my Kenworth truck value... any help?
BMW 1series(Hatchback) vs 3 series vs X1 vs Audi A3?
Should i save $4,000 to buy a car?
Is this a good, dependable car?
Should I ask the used car owner to come with me to the tag office so I can be sure the car has a clean title?
Looking to buy a new, sensible car. Where to start?
A good first manual trans car for a 17 y/o?
Im buying a car for 13,000 from a nissan dealership tomorrow, How much is tax and license going to be?
What kind of car do you have?
Bought a new motorcycle with 100% cash from the dealer, where is my title?
what car should I get?
Does this sound like a good deal?
The best SUV for my buck.?
is anyone selling a car in san diego?
Which is a better first car?
Will a car with a salvage title be hard to sell?
what is the best street racing car?
About how much would a '97 toyota celica GT convertible, good condition, get at auction after being reposessed
what is the best moped to buy?
Looking for a Chevy/GMC 2500 4x4 1990 or newer in good shape for under 4000 with a reese & gooseneck hitch.?
what one should i buy?
Mileage of Piaggio Vespa Lx 125?
Is anyone selling a '71 cutlass convertible??
what the heck does OBO mean in a car ad?
honda accord coupe first car?
what is better chevy,gmc,dodge,ford,nissan,honda,toyota… making fullsize pickup trucs???
Where to buy grombiz trucks?
whats the best 7 passenger vehicle?
almost 16 and choosing a car?
What car should I get?
Selling my car to friend? Take deposit first and pay me later?
Should we upgrade our car before or after we move to california?
Does anyone know where I can sell a classic car? Websites to list it on....dealers who would be interested...?
How to get my traded car back from private party?
for sale cadillac universal fuel pump can operate with any cadillac 250 msrp cheap?
What is the best looking and running car I can get for about $2,000?
i wont to import tire cold patches?
i am looking 4 suv like lr2,crv, x5,so wich one will be good in long run?
I want to buy a 42,000 dollar truck, but only make $8.03 an hour, will I be able to afford it?
How much is a 2001 Honda Civic LX Worth buying from a Private seller?
the best car for a 17 yr. old...?
I took out a 15,000 loan for a car.?
is this a good deal for this SUV?
I am thinking purchasing a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT, anyone have any advice or feedback?
Would you consider a 1996 intiniti j30 a nice car?
is there an ebay site specific to europe ie Australia is, UK is etc?
What is the perfect first car?
gettin a new car. dont know what to get.?
Buying a new car, what to expect in the contract?
What will be more reliable: a Scion tC or a Mazda3?
Im buying a car and need help?
Used Honda Civic in Austin TX – Where can I find a good deal?
i want to make a listing for the sale of my pickup and then be able to print it out to dislay on the glass how
What used cars are most reliable? Inexpensive as possible!?
When pre-ordering, do I pay when it ships or when I confirm it?
What are the chances of car sharing becoming dominant over car ownership?
what sould i buy Mazdaspeed 6 or g35?
How dose a 17 year Old get an 8500$ loan! When he has a job and makes 800$ a month?
how do you pay off a car you can't afford?
What is a good first car?
I want to buy a newer used car and pay monthly for it?
What's the process for buying a used car in Ontario?
If a car costs 8,000, what is a normal car payment?
Should i buy a car that has 200,000 miles on it?
How much gas mileage should i get on a turbo charged 460? i get 7 mpg now?
My hubby has £1500 to buy a car. He wants sporty, 2 litre+ and ideally 5 seats. What should he buy?
Does Canadian have to pay any sales taxes in Oregon/US..?
What is a 1966 chevy c10 truck worth not running?
Should I buy a Mercedes A-class?
What is the mileage of Tata Nano Diesel?
Any tips on how to sell a car on eBay?
Do you have to know the VIN of the car I want to buy to get a car loan?
Ford Fiesta?
Is it worth buying extended waranty?
Should I buy a car I can't drive?
can I sell a car that is on HP THEN, pay off the HP?
What Price Range Should My Car Be?
Bentley GT continental VS Aston martin DB9 VS Audi R8?
Can I afford a camaro ss?
Which car would you buy?
Where i can find the used maruthi cars to buy?
looking for investors for good and fast return?
what do i need to check in a car to know its good enought to buy from a own?
Can anyone recommend me a guide on buying used cars!?
buying or renting a vehicle in Germany?
Deciding between two cars?
Where can i Find a Mercedes for sale? 33ce 1992?
Is a Smart ForTwo a good first car?
Purchase and import a car from BC, Canada?
what kind of cars are suggested for tall people?
Advice on financing new car plz?
how do car notes work?
which car company makes better quality cars overall toyota or honda?
I want to get a cheaper car, but the loan is more than the value of the vehicle. What can I do?
What's the best car for someone to get as a "first car"?
how much could i sell this cutlass for?
Im Buying A Car?
What type of car should I buy?
Suggest me a vehicle for personal use within 6lakhs.?
Are Jap cars a better buy than Ford cars?
What is the minimum vehicle lease term available?
How low can I offer on this vehicle?
what are some fast but affordable 4 cylinder cars from the 80's and early 90's?
get points fast by answering this easy question!?
How much below the advertised price should I offer for a used 2011 Ford F-150?
has any one ever heard of cal worthington having to eat a bug ?
How much is this car worth?
Which car(new, 2006/2007 model) should I buy in this Fall?
Which car is better: Lexus IS 250 or BMW 328i ?
car help please !!!!!!?
Do vehicles sold in Arizona and Neveda meet smog requirements in California?
Has anyone here ever sold a car? Pleeeeeez help!!?
what to look out when buying 2004 town and country?
Where can I buy a Ford F-100, Stepside Pickup 1948-1956 for a great price?
Is the teyota camerey more better than the nisan virsa?
Should I let my car buyer drive off with my plates?
Does it make sense to sell 1 of our cars that has positive $4k equity and use that to purchase a lesser car?
What car should I buy for my son when he starts driving?
Which mustang is better & how much should I get it for?
Car Dealership Price Scam?
Do I trade my car or keep paying?
Am I being set up for a scam on Craigslist?
Whats the best suv to buy that doesnt lose value fast?
if i have an abandoned vehicle on my property how can i sell it?
How much is a 1962 Minneapolis Moline tractor worth?
importing japanise car from USA?
Hi there iv just put a car on eBay?
im buying a lincoln mark 8?
which car can i buy for 10000 US dollars in chicago?
What is the red/blue/black book value of a 2003 Mazda protege with 120,000 kms on it? ?
i have 90 model maruti 800.can i exchange .iwant same no plate?
Which is the better service for checking out used cars, Carfax or Autocheck?
What is a dependable truck with decent MPG?
best car with cng kit?
is a DAEWOO a bad car?
What German car would be a better buy?
Which Car to buy? Skoda Octavia A6 or Toyota Corolla?
whats the best car for a teenage girl to drive?
How much is this worth?
wanting to sell 1977 gmc sprint asap?
do you think this car is good for me?
where can i find air boat parts?
How hard will it be to find a 2001 volvo s40 limited in titanium grey metalic?
What car should I buy??
Any feedback on a 2001 Toyota Sienna mini van?
How much should a new driver spend on their first car?
im about to turn 16 and i need help deciding between two cars?
Best Car for first time driver?
How low is it okay to go when negotiating for a car?
Any junkyard or grease monkeys out there?
What used car should I buy?
can i sell my car even if it has a lien on it and an i get cash for it?
Questions regarding modifying a lease car?
Looking for a 10k budget fast car.?
where can i get a car loan if i have no credit/no cosigner?
How Long Will It Take Till I Receive It?
what is the best states to buy used car?
What car should I get?
What is the best used car under 10k?
I'm buying a new car. How should I drive it initially in order to "break it in?" And for how long? Thankyou.
Best used manual transmission vehicles?
How much would this hurt the value of my truck?
2012 toyota camry or 2013 nissan altima?
Whats harder to learn how to drive a Motorcycle or Car?
Dealership question to those who have expierience?
I'm looking to get a new car.?
My dad is buying me a car for 5000 dollars or less?
Can I buy stuff cheap on ebay, then re-sell it on ebay again for a higher price?
How much is finance charge if I am financed 25000 by a car dealership when I buy a new car?
What Should I Buy First For My New Car?!?
Dodge Omni or plymouth horizon?
what are the best 4 wheel drive luxury sedans?
Would you buy a car that was flooded by Katrina?
Trade in a car?
when is the best time to buy a car?
i want to buy a new car.which one should i go for???
Honda CR-V 2010 or Nissan X- Trail 2010, which car is better?
Anybody have a 2008 Ford Focus?
I owe more on my car than what it is worth. would it be a good idea to get another car and let my old car get.?
Lowering the price of a car on the bill of sale to help pay lower sales tax?
Is leasing a car a good idea?
If you had 40k to spend on a car, which one would you get?
How do I sell a German spec Car in Germany?
Is noble going to be expanded to the US?
what car should I get when im 16 the hummer H3 or 2010 camaro?
do u have 1998 mitubitci eclips 4 sale?
How much should I sel my used tires/rims for?
Are there really any worthwhile car "deals" from a dealer, or are they all just hype?
What is the perfect first car for a teenager?
Is This Car To Big For A New Driver ?? UPDATED WITH CAR :L?
where can i get used cars on my area?
Do both signers of an auto loan need to be present to trade in current vehicle for a new vehicle?
Which is better and faster: 2005 Elantra Manual or 2003 Lancer ES?
How do I buy a used car? Im only 21, with no co-signer?
I bought a car. Feel like I owe more than I should.?
What is the cheapest new car on the market with good fuel usage?
Good new cars for a college student?
05 sti new avaliable?
Is Honda Civic better than Toyota Corolla?
where to buy really cheap go kat engines?
Can you tell me some good websites containing advertisements of Used Cars?
Buy an SUV with "premium" gas?
need name of lien holder on truck?
Whats better import or muscle in racing?
Looking for a car please?
where can I get used car VIn # info?
I need help on buying my first dream car (2012 Mazda3) !!!?
What Should I Buy For Myself?
Question about kelly blue book?
i am planning to buy a new car -Honda civic or Toyoto. how to get the best price from dealers?
Does someone know where i can find a '03-'05 honda accord coupe (manual) w/ under 45k miles for a good price?
used car on craiglist?
what should i buy with 200$ ?
opinion on purchasing a car?
Which one should I go for?
i have 300,0000 dollars what should i spend it on?
My rights after buying dodgy car?
What should I get car?
What is the price range of Tata Nano?
can a 16yr. old making $800 a month, afford a car that cost $24,000....parents payinng for insurance...?
Why doesn't the American gov't take over Toyota? No one will buy them after this.?
There's an 85 Honda Rebel for $1K on sale and says its in good condition ... is that a good deal?
Can I take my suv out of Florida while still making payments?
Why do girls get easily tricked by car salespeople?
How much should I ask for my ATVs?
Do convertibles (soft tops) get broken into a lot in australia?
Should I get a mercedes e320 or a Chrysler 300c?
Is 7.89 a good rate for my first car?
Getting to Know the 2007 Hybrid Car Line Up?
What can I do if I bought a used car from a dealer, and he did not tell me it was in a accident.?
I would like to buy and restore a 67 chevy impala: but I am finding they are very expensive, any tips?
Is this a good deal on a KIA?
Looking to Buy Chevy El Camino in PA-Have One?
Can I return the old used car to the original owner after I bought it?
Which is more of a man's car. The Nissan Altima Coupe or the Honda Accord Coupe?
Is it OK to buy a car which has a rebuilt title ?
Salvage Title and title vin stamp fraud.?
altima se-r or vw gli?
Is the BMW 335i convertible a chick car?
I want to sell my used car how can i ?
How much time will it take to save up for a $10,000 or less car?
what length of time can I return a used automobile if not pleased with the purchase?
Car dealer documentation fee of $399 in Westchester, NY? Is that legal?
What is a beamer?
I need help picking out a car for me. Can anyone help?
i am 17 and have been saving for a car my whole life should i buy a $13,000 bmw or a cheap car and save money?
are there any car dealer that sell a Maserati!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?…
What price would you ask for a 97 Ford Escort?
I have a 2005 mustang i want to trade for a hummer h3 and want to know if I should?
How much would a brand new mustang convertable cost?
i want a free site to advertise my used car for sale to prospective buyers?
Owe money on a car. Want to trade it in. Is it possible?
Anybody with a carfax willing to copy paste?
I bought a car and signed the title but didn't have the money to get it registerd and now I want to sell it?
Whats a good car i can buy and slowly mod for under 5000 canadian?
what is the best dual sport motorcycle out there?
Who knows the best place to get a 100% for sure approved auto loan?
im gonna ask again about the...?
i want to own my first car..which car???
what is the best type of 4x4 ute to buy?
We are thinking about leasing a used car. Where can I go for more information?
I Need help getting My first car? :(?
I want a RWD sedan... what kind of options do i have?
which car is better for a first car?
Is there a law in the states (ct) about warranty for used cars (from a dealer)?
Best place to Sell Car - Ebay, Exchage & Mart ???
What car should I buy and why?
what is best ? or what is the public choice vw beetle cab or bmw mini cab??
What about the Hyundai?
How do i buy a car on ebay?
Warranty from car dealerships ? ? ?
Buying a car in Spring of 2010?
If I buy a car in Florida can I register it for NJ while I am there ?
1st car... Range rover autobiography?
Some questions about trading in my car/getting a car loan?
How much is a Sunbeam car?
Moving to Idaho car help please?
Need help to buy a car, Baton Rouge, LA, USA.?
which is better a mustang or a truck?
Can you get satellite navigation on a 2010 or 2011 Ford Mustang convertible?
Does anybody know any good sites to buy Lunch Trucks?
2008 chevy Malibu or 2008 nissan Altima?
are there any cars for sale in the Bourne, Lincs, uk area? around £300.?
Do I have to pay sales tax on car that is a gift?
How much could stock hummer rims go for only the rims no tire?
does anyone want to buy my car?
$100 Million for a 2009 Mercedes CLK-Class?
what is the history of carloan?
After car loan papers are signed & car delivered, can the loan be kicked back by the loan company?
good first car to get?
how much does a new car cost?
which car is better the 2010 camaro v6 or the 2011 mustang v6?
How much would a 5k-10k car be a month?
where could a chevy 1972 kingswood wagon in excellent condition be sold?
Looking for a Great shape 2 Wheel Dr., Dogde Prospector Truck V-8?
What car should I get my Dad?
What is the value of a 2003 Kia Spectrum with 65,000 miles ?
Would a used 1999 acura tl with 270,000 miles for $5000 be a good investment?
How much is a 1977 Oldsmobile 442 worth?
have you heard about carfax superstore?
would home made cookies and buns sell well at a car boot sale?
How can I know the value of a car I would like to junk?
What is the roomiest car for a tall, overwieght driver,other than a truck?
Least "feminine" convertible cars?
Buying a Dodge Ram or a Ford or Chevy?
Best new small car for a woman?
Can I get my deposit back on a car deal?
Best 4 Seater Sports Car Under $50K?
shold i get a 2x4 f150 or a 4x4 ranger?
Whose responsibility is it to file the Notice of Vehicle Sale?
Not sure which one to pick?
Should I buy a BMW with over 200,000 miles on it?
im a high school student and i want to purchase a car it doesnt matter if is old or new, i live in houston txi?
When you buy a car isn't there a law called Buyers remorse were you can return it within 72 hours no problems?
what are some parts i can buy for my 86 chevy pickup that will make it really fast???
Can they repo my car if...?
what is the world's most expensive car?
Can you sell a car that's being financed. Meaning a bank still has the title?
When looking at a used car what should I look for under the hood?
I am looking for a web site that sells,ford pickup truck dually diesel year 1999-2005?
Is it worth $14,000 for a 2008 Gmc Acadia 96 mileages?
I am looking for the "inside scoop" on what "training" is involved as a used car salesman, how intense?
what dirt bike should I get?
need a car?
If my car gets repossessed, does the finance company have the right to take other cars in my name?
can i pay for the down payment for a car with a credit card?
I traded my car for a new Malibu, the dealer hasn't paid the loan off after six weeks. The check has bounced.
Would An Acura be a good first car?
what is a good and fast first car?
Good cars from the 70's or early 80's?
Buying Used car from owner who bought it from junk yard?
New driver needing help with choosing a used car.?
honest person that knows about cars please help.?
how much bigger is the new model of the 4runner than the older model?
in the susuki forenzo commercial with the red forenzo what is the song in the background?
can i sell my car note and is there any companies willing to buy it?
i need some help on finding a car!?
Which car to by? Nissan Sentra or Hyundai Elantra and why?
how to sell a car in tdu 2/test drive unlimted?
need to know how to file a mechanics lein on an automobile, how long it will take, and any other info. ?
BMW 3 series, Lexus IS, Mercedes C Class?
cute car for 16 year old?
Should you tip a car salesman for helping you through the process?
if you buy a used car and decide you made a mistake can you take the car back withnin 72 hours?
I got my car impounded and need it back to find work.?
Who should i call to sell license plates from the 1950's?
Can I sue a private seller for not disclosing the condition of the car Engine?
What is a better and cooler first car?
I want a fast car but i only have....?
im trying to purchase a used car and i dont want to purchase a lemon what is the best suggestion for a purchas
Where can you buy cheap used engines?
What is the best compact pickup truck that is used today?
what's the best new inexpensive car on the market?
hats the difference between an infiniti G20 and a G20t?
Where can I find a car under 6000?
How much should I pay my parents for their old car?
is 35,961a lot of miles a lot to buy a used car ?
why would a steering wheel tremble on any car?
Southeast OHIO: Anyone have an extra car/truck/suv that they'll trade for home improvements?
Cool Sport-like teen car?
where is a good place to buy a dirtbike?
What kind of car do you have?
Can you trade in a car you still owe money on?
Need a car? Opinions and answers please! ?
What car to buy for first car?
How much is a used car worth?
does anyone know how I can buy a gov't seized or repo'd suv for dirt cheap?
where is the best place to get a car loan?
what is honda civic selling for?
How do I figure out how much the monthly notes on my car will be?
out of all car companies what make lasts the longest?
I like in the UK and am looking for a new car. Should I lease or should I buy?
Cars and bikes easy question ?
saving for a car... any ideas?
What country makes the best cars?
1997 Camaro?
How to take a persons name off RV and boat title,they are not married she also has no money invested.?
what re some of the coolest cars to have as a guy...?
where can i buy a car without a drivers license in dallas?
Where can I find a car for a really good price in Toronto.?
Down payment on a car help?
Which 7 seater SUV is the best buy in terms of durability/running cost/resale value ?
Where can I buy seatbelts?
Car A/C experts. Please help?
Would you buy a brand new car with a scratch on the roof paint about one inch & black asphalt glue dot on hood?
I need to buy a new car, which is best?
getting my first car?
i its a 2.4l and i was thinking buying a supa engines for but i dnt really kno that much about cars like that?
What are my options with a car I still need to pay, but am getting rid of?
Best car of these three?
which truck should i buy a ranger or tacoma?
Does anyone know what car dealerships sell Tuscani's?
rank these cars, please?
what is the best car in 1960-1970?
What are the advantages of having a wagon (car) over a sedan and vice versa?
what kind of car do you drive?
How much are Mini Coopers in Australia?
The Most Hated Cars...?
where do I find out how mutch a bulldozer is worth?
regular civic or hybrid civic?
can i finance a car with $2,000 for downpayment with no credit under my name from the dealer ?
Want to buy a used car with in 1.5 lacs in chennai with less maintenance.Suggestions please?
Does Dynacorn make complete cars or just shells?
How do I pay for a car?
what car should i get? (almost 16)?
car help please !!!!!!?
Buying Used/New Engines.?
You are 17. Your parents just won 10 million in the lottery. What car would you buy?
How to trade a car for a car?
I'm Looking for a honda civic but willing to trade my 1996 dodge neon 2dr?
Is this a good quad to buy?
can I get my car back if it was repossessed and I am current on the payments?
which is the best small car available in india?
i have a question about my situation, please help.?
First Car ?
Ebay buyer of my old car wants compensation as car broke 2weeks after he bought it?
Hey i need help iam 13 14 soon and i want to buy something riding (pitbike,pocketbike what you suggest me?!?
I don't like my car, but I still owe three years on it. What's the best way to get rid of it and get a new one?