Car Buying

What should I get for my first car?
what is a good first car?
how safe is it to buy a car from a friend who still has the car under his name from a dealer?
Does anyone have a hybrid car?
Where can I find Honda cars for sale in Delaware?
Does anyone have tips on how to save for a car quick?
What's the value of a 1,000,000 pesos bill from Argentina? I mean in US dollars.?
finding a car for cheap?
Where is the best place to purchase Toyotas online?
Buying a Written off - CAT D Car?
Maintaining a Volvo XC90?
can u tell me the price of corolla car preferably Mark II?
Used Compact SUV, what do you suggest?
Where can I buy a Power Wheel for under 100$ besides eBay?
What to do with my new car?
is a lincoln town car good for a college student?
what car do you recommend for a couple in thier mid 50's (prefer new) with just about £12.000 to spend?
Exactly, what is involved with leasing a car? Is it like renting?
About how much is SportMaxx wheels?
looking for a soft top for a 1994 Geo Tracker Sports?
Chevy Trailblazer vs Toyota Highlander?
How much is the maximum amount of money that I should spend on a 1998 Civic coupe? In canadian dollars.?
Camaro 2lt vs genesis 3.8 vs 370z?
which is the best choice ?
Car dealer ripping me off?
Which is more reliable: 2004 Toyota highlander or 2002 Acura MDX?
where i can found Japanese websites for Suzuki cars?
2004 or newer cars at reasonable price?
Earned almost all of a car and Dad is saying I haven't....?
trucks...american or japanese?
Do you need to prove that you have a form of income when leasing a car? Do they verify income?
I want to buy a car just to resell. what do I need?
1993 chevy blazer s10 4 door 4wd price?
Where can I find the best interest rate for a new car loan??
plan on buying a new car,,,wanna know the goods &bads on a hybrid car..........?
Which do you like better between Jaguar and Bentley?
dose any one live in ashland know kyle lundmark?
I need a used 2006 impala, Would like an SS or LTZ but would take an LT. I just don't want to payNewCar $$$
Besides a house or a car, name the most expensive purchase in someone's life?
would it be best to trade in my 4 year old mercedes C class or sell it privately?
where can you get a loan through for a car cause the bank told me no, because the car was over 10 years old?
In Germany...Is there a cooling off period of 14 days where i can return a used car i have privately purchased
Does this car have good milage and mpg?
About trading in our vehicle?
Who wants to give away a car! Seriously! If you want to give away a car that runs email: theillmaculateat
Where can I find someone in Baltimore to pay money for my wrecked truck?
Has anyone owned a subaru wrx sti?
Do Those Electric Superchargers Actually Work?
what is the life?
suzuki swift or chevorlet crv?
is this a typical car dealer trick ?
Is this car overpriced?
Hi i have a horse wagon for sell but nobody seem interested in it what could i do?
08' Ford Mondeo or 08' Jaguar X-Type?
Do we have to pay sales tax on a vehicle we never wanted?
Is it possible to buy a motorcycle with no credit?
What kind of sporty guy car could I get under 5000?
Does anyone have a 1971 Mustang Mach 1 for sale. (Body only)?
Is it illegal to buy a used car from someone who has to leave the country or was supposed to a week ago?
What would be an ideal for car for someone who cant afford alot of insurance!!!
What is the cheapest way i can get a car dealers license in california if im planning to buy and fix cars at
Hypothetical Question About A Free Car?
What do you think ???
is this decent for a car?
Where can I find already painted Brake calipers?
advice please. need to buy a new car...?
Vehicle question!?
2013 altima or the 2012 camry se?
Which SUV's have third row seating?
i am looking for us car repossions that are for sale to the public do you know where i can find it?
Which model is better to have in the long run?2006 HondaAccordEX or 2006 HondaAccordEX +leather?$$ diff:$1700?
Manual Or Automatic Tranmission?
Are there such thing as V6 camaros???
Can anyone tell me what a 1911 Cobey Hi-Speed Wagon would be worth?
what should i buy with 15 dollars?
Practicing stick shift on a new car?
REAL HELP NEEDED! I need car advice!?
Should I buy an ipad or leapfrog for my 13 month old?
Estimate on how much my interest would be on a new honda civic?
i want to chose buy a cat but i have need good mas gilleige?
where can i get a car loan from?
What is the Blue Book value of a 1975 Ford F150?
How does getting a loan for a car work?
car comparison advice?
What are some good choices for a first car?
If you buy a car but then lose your job or ability to work...?
Not tell dealer that car is broken when I trade in?
How much is a car note on a $20,000 car?
is this car a good buy?
Where to advertise your car?
Best Suv for delivering food?
Where is the largest best Rv dealer in America?
What is the mileage of Hyundai Santro Diesel?
when is the best time to buy a car?
Should I wait for the new BMW 3 series coupe or get one now?
is it possible to ind out who bought my car after i traded it in for another car?
where to find a cheap car?
Help on an arcura integra or facts on the gsr and type r?
Chevrolet Equinox 2008?
How much should i sell my cds for?
Do you think the '89 - '97 Mazda Miata looks girly?
im buying a leverlock?
how to buy a used diesel truck?
is Payment Protection Insurance worth taking with unsecured loan?
how can i find listings for sales of united postal service surplus jeeps in ILLINOIS?
whats a good company for car loans? and what are bad ones too?
will paying off my car in one year help my credit score by very much?
which car to buy within 5 lakh in India ?
Which of these two cars are better:?
Would to trade a Rx-7 for a pickup truck?
if you buy an used car you get 3 months warranty by law ??
Should my Girlfriend by a new car? What would Suzi Orman say? ?
What is the best price to sell a 95' trans am for?
i want a cheap but good car for under $4000 any suggestions?
what do u think about the new toyota camry coming out??
How much does your car diminish in value after a crash? ?
Is it still possible to be able to buy a car even with bad credit or 'inexperienced' credit?
Selling Vehicle?
WRX STI, Evo10, or 135i?
1998 Chrysler Sebring Lxi Coupe, 135k miles and $2200 ? Good deal?
Is This a Good Deal on a Car?
How to choose a first car?
buying a car from a private owner?
I need to buy a new GOOD car that costs around 14,000 or LESS before taxes, etc. I also have a trade-in.?
need help with cars plz?
cute car?!?!?
will an exhaust tip change the way my car sounds ?
What are the safety features of Nissan Leaf?
My car has & is given me a lot of problems..........?
is a fiat 500 suitable for the country?
should i buy a camry or a accord?
Is this worth the buy (First Car)?
Buying a sport bike from a dealer ship?
what are some good online to buy classic cars that are not overpriced?
Buying used car, question about financing.?
What is a good used sport sedan for around 10 to 11 grand?
Type of oil for my 1996 sti?
How fast can I pay off a $12000 Car with $2000 down?
Which of these new cars should I buy or not buy and why?
what is the best car you can buy under 20 Grand ?
what do u do with OLD car that u can't sell?
How much is car coin collection worth?
2002 volkswagen passat worth fixing before selling?
Which car is better?
How can we tell if we're buying a good used car?
What 2008 car under $25k would you consider the best car to buy?
Where can I find a used tandem bycicle in good conditiion for $100-$150?
Should I buy an Acura ILX or Toyota Prius 3?
First car, need help finding one?
Who thinks taking 5 years to pay for a car is crazy? I know I do!?
what is the best way to source cars for wholesale ?
Where can I find a car for under $200? (car does not have to run)?
Is it a good deal to buy a 1996 Volvo 960s with 115k miles & clean title in fair condition for $2500 in CA?
Top 5 best SUV's to purchase?
Cheapest price for a Yamaha yzf r125 (used)?
How can i get a used carcarrier(tow truck)for little money?
I have a junk car would be worth more to take it to a scrap yard or just call one of thos junk car places?
What small suv do you think is better?
what do you think of this car?
Is this a reasonably priced car?
Would a 4 year old car with 2 previous owners concern you?
How much is my car worth? ?
i seen a 2005 nissan maxima for sale for 2500 dollar owners says nothing is wrong with the car?
Is the 2006 Kia Rio any good? How's the quality and reliability?
I want to sell a '69 VW bug, runs, but needs major work inside, outside, engine too. What can I ask for it?
What do you think about the Kia forte koup?
could you please suggest a nice name for my new car?
I need a car...............?
What would be a great first car for me?
Would you buy a hybrid or a giant gas guzzling SUV?
repo if I'm late on a car payment?
I am 25 average credit, I have $9,500.00 towards a car, would they approve me for up to $ 13,000.00?
I need advice on what type of van to look for.?
Selling on Craigslist, is this a scam?
what is your favorite car?
How Do I go about getting a car?
Cost of car at dealer auctions?
Where can i buy a cheap reliable car?
Buying first car...err Jeep-Help, please?
should I pay the new 2006 pathfinder?
i might buy a renault scenic but the service light is on should i buy?
What kind of car should I get?
Is this a good deal/trade?
How much less is a vehicle worth once it has a salvage title?
Anyone knows a car blogger in Cebu?
What points to be taken into consideration whilepurchasing 2nd Hand Tata Indica and what couldbe the price?
Porsche 911 help required?
what car do you think i should have?
It's a tough decision, would you go for 05 Nissan Maxima, 05 Acura TL or 05 Infiniti G35 (sedan)????
my son needs a car,his score is 740 not much credit history,i would like to co sign with a score of 581 is it?
Does anyone know what car this is?
2005 Scion TC or 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse or 2007 Honda Civic?
What car is better, FORD or Chevy?
I need to know how to sign the back of a car title?
which car should I get?
If a car is set to be released in the 2nd half of 2011 would you predict it would be on the market by August?
Is it possible to buy a decent used car for under $4,000?
What is the best car dollar for dollar?
If I buy a car in CA but am stationed in GA how would that work?
hi... looking to get a G35 2006, wondering if the price goes down with then 2007 comes out and by how much?
when and how to pay when buying a used car from private seller in BC,Canada?
im 17 years old, what is the cheepest car insurance, and what do u think it will be???
whats a good used first car? only got 3000 dollars?
would i get more money if i sell my car with or without a body kit?
Does anyone have an AE86 for sale?
Which car is best to buy used?
what kind of car can i get for like 2,000$-5,000 that some what new and used?
Should I get an Rx-7 FC as a first car?
when is the best age to sell a vehicle?
I just bought a 2005 dodge stratus 2.7 liter v 6 anyone know of any problems with this vehicle?
What is the shipping cost from the United States to Europe ?
How much should a car that runs around 32,000 mi cost?
Type of foundatin used for multistored car parking?
Need help bout cars!!?
How much less than kbb can you get a car at an dealer auction?
Which car is better????
20% of what is $14,016.00?
Does anyone have the new Jeep Commander?
how does use telescopic streeing?
ebay buyer opened buyer dispute what happens next?
What type of used car should I get?
Would you get car upgrades off from ebay(ie. cold air intake)?
I need to convince my dad not to get me a crappy car, help me with some facts?
I want to know if a 1987 toyota pick up with four wheel drive and 314,000 miles is worth 2,995 dollars?
need help finding two doors for a 79 malibu. Two door coupe?
Is this a good price for this car?
What is the price of a car if its MSRP is 50000 dollars?
Should I buy a car or a 125cc motorbike for first vehicle?
What's the best kind of car to get?
selling cars to dealers?
help selling a chevy 350 motor?
i am 33 and over weight i have no energy what can i use to get energy?
Toyota corolla Honda civic, dealer won't take even $1 off MSRP?
how can i save money for a car?
Why does car leasing always get a bad rap over purchasing a car?
Which would you prefer? A car with good gas mileage or a stylish SUV?
Tell me the pros and cons of latest SUV Renault Duster?
What Car Will Get A 17 Year old lad noticed for $35000?
Is the Chevrolet Cruze a good car?
What is the best cheap used car to buy?
What is the best second-hand car to buy under $5000?
What is a cheap yet safe and reliable car for a new mother on a budget?
Value of a 1994 Honda Civic Parts Car?
can i sell a car if it has been declared sorn?
How easy or difficult is it to sell a car that has some cosmetic issues?
how much do car salemen make these days?
Captains chairs or a bench?
Auto trader?
How to get the best deal?
what are some nice cars that sell new for under 30,000?
How do I get financing for a car? I went through an aweful divorce n my credit score is around 500,nothingdown
What kind of car should I get?
Does anyone want to buy a Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 with 1300 miles for $28000 car has navigation?
does anyone know were i can find a 98 or newer SS camaro with low miles in calif.but it has to b from a dealer?
How do I convince my parents to buy me a car?
i want to buy a new car.which one should i go for???
Can I buy a car off the lot?
where can i buy a used car in spain?
There is something not right about my Car Payments?
what would be the cheapest way to get to Nevada from Tampa? bus or airplane?
how many years and/or miles will a 2013 hyundai sonata last?
My truck is paid off and I really want a certain new car. Should I sell while the resale value is high or ...?
Should I lease a Nissan Sentra?
High End Luxury Car Financing?
What type of car would flatter my looks and personality? Help!!!!?
how much would this car be?
Which vehicle should i get?
trying to buy a car my budget is 1000-3000 what should i do?
Can I sellmy 1999 1.8 turbo passat with 142000 miles for 5000?
Anybody have a 2008 Ford Focus?
What type of car would you buy?
does anyone one where you can get nice cheap cars that are not scams?
I have about 200$ what should I buy?
I need some suggestions on a car for my needs?
New car or not new car?
What's the fastest car I can get under $7k?
While trading in my car, should I be completely honest about how crappy my car really is?
Is 60,000 miles bad on a 2008 used vehicle?
Does anyone know where I can purchase old Chevy car parts??
Is this car worth it?
Will I be able to get a car loan?
I need to find a car that runs good, but i have no money to put down. & i cant find a place to help me.?
what to do with my car?
I need a good delivery car.. Suggestion?
I brought a used car from a buy here pay here, they went out of business before i could pay it off, how can i?
Have you ever traded your car in and before you did you damaged it?
Trying to sell my pickup?
Auto Sales Tax Calculator?
how much do bmw cars cost for dealerships to buy? what model? is there a discount if you buy a certain amount?
what car should i buy?
Is my muscle car rare?
Did I sell at the right price?
How can you build a golf cart online then buy it?
Looking for "OLD" Cushman Eagle motor scooter (1955-61)?
What type of oil should i use for a 2008 1500cc?
Im buying a truck 4 $3,000,I owe $1,500 but keep having to pay rent and bills,can someone help me with a loan?
how/where do i buy a license plate from the uk?
is 48,000 alot for a car?
Question about trading my car?
Can a new car be sold before the first note is due?
why am i not finding used 1990,s monster for sale?
how much is a 75 buick Le Sabre worth?
how to find out what cars someone owns?
a 1963 jaguar mk2 for sale that is from 500 to 5000 dollars that is in kind of bad condition in california?
where can i find a good and cheap civic honda and where they dont get adbantage of me being a lady?
what car/suv do you recommand for a 16yrs old kid?
What car to buy bmw 320i 2008 or new honda accord 2.0?
just wondering if that truck bed cap for that 1997 toyota pickup was sold?
do you think this car is ok for 3900 ?
i am looking into buying a 73 z 28 and i need a little help trying to find a good price to pay cause i dont wa?
know of a GOOD, CHEAP, minivan to buy?
Would anyone even consider buying this??
Help with recovery of $8K paid to Pennsylvania seller of stolen Delaware car with faked NJ title?
I need a new car. What should i get?
Question about buying and paying off a BRAND NEW CAR?
Is there a way to trade in a car, get another one and not have to put down a down payment?
What Kind Of Car Should I Get?
can some 1 help me to see how much i can pay 4 a mazda 94' please?
how to advertise my own car in read description?
What do you need to get a first time car loan WITH a cosigner?
What is a good used car to buy in the $4,000 Range?
is a 2001 black ford focus se a girls car?
Should I Buy this 2002 Ford Focus?
What is a good car for long commutes, good gas mileage and low maintenance?
can i return a vehicle?
What did the new car dealerships do with all the vehicles involved in the floods from Katrina Hurricane?
Can I sue a car dealership over CA emissions?
how good a vech. is a pnotiac vibe?
How much does a BMW or even a Mercedes car dealership owner make a year?
Do I have to pay bills for repairs on my truck that were made before I bought it?
what is a salvage or rebuilt title on a car?
I want to lease a new 2006 Toyota Rav4 with no money down for four years. What should my monthly payment be?
what is average interest rate for one of those bad credit ok auto loans?
Can a car dealership ask me to re-sign a contract because they want to give me a higher interest rate?
I bought a stolen moped off craigslist what am I supposed to do?
What should I consider when buying my first car?
A big thank you vectra 1999?
Why are big SUVs so popular?
Could i get financed on this car?
Where can I find the best search engine to find used cars in the UK?
What would cause a car to overheat?
I'm looking for a car and I have no idea what to get.?
looking for older vw bettle 1968 to 1972 needs to run good & in fair shape around a thousand dollers?
Toyota Yaris or Renault Clio?
pink asrs for ford explorers?
Cars for a gurl?
Audi A8 or BMW 7 Series?
How do I convince my dad not to get me this car?
Where should I trade in my car?
Mom car, mini van or suv?
A chevy cobalt or a 2000 honda accord?
How much would you pay for this vehicle, details inside?
How much did a brand new toyota camry sell for in 1994?
180sx buy this car cuz?
What sports cars should I look into?
If you buy a private party car can the former owner say you bought it for $1?
is Opel agila a good car?
what car should i buy Dodge neon 1998 OR Daewoo lanos 2002?
Spending $10K on a teen's first car?
Does the Honda Element SC come with a sun roof?
s reg ford mondeo forsale!!!?
what would be a good first car?
I'm looking to find out if someone on here is a scam that wants to buy a car from me.?
which car should i get help?
Can i request a new car if my CPO has been in the shop for over a month?
How can I trade my leased vehicle?
Which Kia Soul color should i get?
Which is the best economical small car to buy?
1967 Buick Wildcat Custom Convertible?
i bought a car privatly and the engine has blown, what can i do?
What are the lowest legal height King Springs for a Holden VS Wagon called?
Where is the vin located on a honey class a motorhome?
im 19, i have a full time job and i am gettin 8.50 an hour at home depot, and im looking to buy a used car?
Can most people afford to buy an average type car in 1 payment?
how do you feel about foreign cars in the inited states?
Which would you buy? White 06 corolla s.....or black 08 hyundai tiburon?
i bought a car not from the owner, i think it is stolen, what do i do?
What is a cheap, fuel efficient car?
POLL: Need an opinion on which car to buy!?
should I fix my 185,000 miles car?
Dealership Car Auctions?
How can I find out if my car has been financed yet, every time I call the dealer they say not yet.?
I am confused if my car is rebuilt or salvage?
I have been given advice to not buy a brand new for your first car but what do u think?
Hurricane sandy delaying mail?
Is the new mini a girly car?
What car would u recommend for me to purchase?
First truck?????????????????????????
nice cars under 4000?
How To Payoff My Truck Quickly?
pick a car pick a car?
Anyone know where I can buy a used toyota yaris, camry, or prius for around $10,000?
Auto loan refinace question?
Does Canadian have to pay any sales taxes in Oregon/US..?
My car is too expensive for my budget.?
Do you have to tell someone buying your car that it was damaged from hitting a deer before they sell it?
how much did you pay for your first car?
Should I buy this car?
I want to buy this car this week, what should I do to get a good price and not get raped by the car dealership?
I need to know how much a 1984 Monte Carlo SS is worth by the blue book?
what are some of the best import cars doesnt mater year. just something reliable you can get cheap but fast...
where in the USA is the biggest Ferrari dealer?
Does the payment to remove a car 's "lien release" grow if you dont pay right away?
thinking about selling my car, not sure if its a smart idea though. help?
Should I buy a 1995 Toyota Corolla DX (80K) for $3400 or 1994 Honda Civix EX (125K) for $3000.?
New/Old car, your opinion?
My first car.?
what is the best car(quick) under $5000?
Jobs that pay 5k-7k a month?
Need a loanshark...i need a 5000.00 loan so i can buy a dependable car.. so i can go to work and go to school.?
Honda CRV OR Toyota Rav4???????????? follow up question...?
How does car trade in works....?
what is the most expensive brand new car on sale in the world?
What type of vehicle should I buy?
If I buy back my insurance write off can I sell it on?
Buying a used Car: BMW series 3. Is it a good deal?? please read on..?
im looking for a dodge rumblebee for sale?
I'm looking for a crossover SUV. What model do you recommend?
Chevrolet or Ford...?
please name some cars?
What kind of car?
whats the best first vehicle for me?
Which cars are the fastest (in HP) and with the best gas mileage for cars made in the 1990s ?
If you had a choice between a NEW Mazda MX5 or a 2008 BMW Z4, which would you choose?
i want to start saving money to buy a new car but i don't know which of the two favorite cars i want?
does anybody know how i can find out the exact make and model of my car using just the number plate? please!?
looking to buy a Toyota Celica?
How can I sell my VINTAGE car?
Is there someplace i can go on the internet to find a low cost car.?
I am interested to know when a consumer purchases a car, is the sales tax receipt a public document? Anybody?
Car for a teenager to get to school?
Owning Moped vs. car?
Where can I get a good moped for cheap?
how can i get my money back from buying a car on ebay?
Would You Buy A Daewoo Car?
how much money should i save for my 1st car? HELP!!?
Where can i find a Subaru Impreza for under $5000?
Subwoofers!! (!!!YAY!!!)?
My car lease is up and I’m over my mileage HELP?
what do i ask when i call about a car?
Which car for first car?
Regarding my question about a turbo, can anyone give me a website to check prices?
What's a best first car? ?
Any suggestions for a car w/ a decent amound of cargo space?
can you view everything at once on ebay?
What are the laws with buying cars? We bought a new car last week and was verbally told the interest rate. ?
where can i find a cheap car in augusta ga?
How much would this 2003 Acura RSX be worth?
is any one selling a car thats in long beach thats in good condition and runs good for atleast 500$?
My wife always liked convertibles, I want to get a used one for our anniversary, any suggestions?
I'm thinking of getting a Kia Rio?
what's the best way to sell a car privately. auto trader or ebay?
how much would a 1999 VW Rialta Vrg sell for?
Possible for a 15 year old teenager to buy a car?
Im looking for a little run around for the missus ???
good deal or not on car?
What is an ex fleect assist (Buying a car)?
What car is better built, Foreign or American?
im looking for a website that has used used mini coopers wagons and trucks, anyone know of anything???
If you could have any car which will it be,if money was not the problem ?
What are the most wanted cars to have now?
Which one is the best gps for truck?
Junk car without a title?
how much should i sell a car whose engine is not good?
What would be a good price for a 1998 glx jetta that has about 150,00 miles on it?
im planning to buya small car within the budget of 2-2.4 lacs.. any considerations suggestions?
Woud you buy a jaguar that is 2001-2003 ish that sells for around 13,000-14,000?
2012 Camaro or 2012 Mustang?
Who needs to buy a car?
Help finding dream car??
Checklist - Picking up new(ish) car from dealer tomorrow.?
Why are people in love with cars from japan?
How do I tax my new car?
What are some good lease deals going on right now?
Any recommendation's for a good first car other than a Ford Ka?
which wud u chose and y-skoda octavia vs honda civic vs toyota corolla?
I'm 14 and was just wondering how I could make money. I'm saving to buy a car?
should i buy a 05-06 police interceptor are are they crap?
Im trying to buy tickets but ticketmasters telling me there arent available, but there not sold out either. ?
I can't get approved for a loan. Options?
Too much mileage on a used car?
what makes a vehicle a denali?
What is a good first car for a 17 year old male in the UK?
how do you get a nice car with bad credit without having a co signer?
What should I sell this car for?
I found a 2007 Chevrolet Impala on for $895 do you think that this is real?
how much is a 1999 CLK 430 Mercedes-Benz worth?
What do you guys think about the 2004 Pontiac gto as a first car?
Should we buy a Prius (hybrid) or a Honda Accord?
Who knows the best place to get a 100% for sure approved auto loan?
Thinking about buying a 1999 mustang?
Fast 4 door under 14k?
can we honestly say we got our money worth out of our?
How much is my 1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am worth?
buy new, buy used, or lease?
Hey guys :) im really looking for a car that is as big as a 92 toyota camry i want it to be sportier thanks?
First time to buy a car HELP !?
How much for my Ford Fiesta?
Does Anyone know where to get a used minivan for under 4000 in Spokane, WA?
Ok i looked on google and had no help. i need a car!!?
What is the worst car you have ever owned or driven?
Is importing a car from japan to good to be true?
looking for 5speed 4x4 Jeep Liberty 2003-2004 within 150 miles of ***. Gap TN Must be in very good shape?
What kind of car do you drive?
Is there anyone else tired of the "dr. z" commercials and that jd powers horn-blowing?
Please help me find these lights for my car?
should i buy a salavged title car?
What are some good cars for a 17 year old?
Differences and similarities for the 2011 Toyota Hylander Hybrid and 2011 GMC Yukon Hybrid?
Fun, easy, low maintenance, kinda cheap to maintain, smallish new car?
2008 JETTA? what do You think?
How long does it usually take for you to find a used car?
Value Of a 1941 Ford, Mint Condition?
Should I get a 2012 Mitsubishi ralliart?
how to solve car buying fraud?
What kinda car should I be looking at?
I wanted to know whens a good time to trade in a car?
How much is a tire worth on a car?
Are Volvo cars expensive to repair and maintain?
2003 Mercrdes S600 Should I buy?
Land rover Freelander?
where can i find the value of a old tractor?
What should i do about my car?
if I give my used car as a gift to my son, does he have to pay any taxes on it?
what kind of car can I get with a 500$ a month car payment?
Which minvan has the highest resale value?
Can I get my money back from a used car dealer?
which is better? maxima or altima?
What's an ideal first car?
i have lost my swift key how to get keys ,the company cost too much and the car not support simple key?
Where to get a potential new car inspected?
Can you still find an American classic car like a camaro 69?
New Car Advice (UK Only)?
What car should my dad get?
How fast does a 120 cc go kart travel in miles?
do you know where I can find a tow hitch that fits a 1994 f-350 rack dump truck?
How Mouch Does the Lamborghini DeabloCost? I'm Thinking Of Buying It?
When you trade-in a car towards another one, why is the value of the trade-in automatically lower than if...?
How much do you think my 85 chevy c20 is worth?
how much can i get at the junkyard?
Should I buy a car before i move out or Move out and then buy a car?
Will knowing a car salesman get me qualified for dealer financing?
What's a good looking car that's $3500-$4000?
what would be an affordable "muscle car"?
Where can i find a cheap moped?
Is a 1987 Honda Accord good car??????????
a good model forklift to buy?
I need a real answer.?
If I buy a used motorcycle that has been cosigned with a dealer, will I have to pay an extra fee to the dealer?
This a smart idea on getting a car?
Giving a $10K advance in a $13K car, and get a loan for the $3K left to build credit. Good idea?
Anyone want to help buy me a car?
What's a good car for a 15 year old girl for school, preferably a foreign car?
is this car a good deal?
What is the Best Super-car I can buy out of Law School?
What shoes I should buy ? Nike blazer Nike or copy 5.0 or airmax Nike?
Car for a six-person family?
In search of a new/used car please help?
Help buying an 06 subaru legacy?
What type of car is this?
Does the Dealership owe me money?
Any one thinking that a mazda rx-7 is a good 1st car?
2004 Pontiac Grand Am or 2004 Chevrolet Impala?
i need a good jetski no more then $4000 and no older then 1999.?
To BUY or LEASE a car or suv. What are the advantages of leasing over buying? Buying over leasing?
Know of a forum to sell cars privately?
how do i become a car dealer? (uk wales)?
which car should i get?
whats a good 6 cylinder car with at least 20 mpg city and 3.4L or more and a lot of Torque and HP?
What is the best vehicle for a guy that weighs 500 plus #'s and is 6'7"and still gets 30+ mpg.?
How can I get a game from Japan?
How do you accept payment for a used car that you are selling?
Are the 80s to 90s Mustang 5.0 cars any good?
i have a nissan and i have a lease on it if the lease is about to be up can i take it to a different?
Car recommendations for a 19 year old guy?
cheapist car to run to tax and maintain?
should i get a sports car or a truck?
1999 grand am with 126,000 miles on it for 1000 is it worth it?
How much sales tax am i looking at if i purchase a used vehicle for $12,000 in California...?
What should I buy car wise?
Cadilac Escalade 2013 Price? ?
2012 Turbo Mustang v6?
Should i get a classic car for my first car?
Where do I stand with second-hand car dealer and garage.?
how old do you have to be to attend a car auction?
how many miles does a car have to have befor its no good?
Would you buy a new Toyota Tundra or a Chevy Silverado?
What are the pros and cons of having a Smart Car?
What would i need to do when purchasing a vehicle off Ebay?
Honda Element or Ford Escape?
when do the 2011 f 150 trucks come out?
For firs car 2005 Acura tl or 2008 Honda accord?
Pre purchase Car inspection How long?
Is $7000 a good price for a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder?
Should i buy the iphone5?
where do look to find used car prices?
Buying a Ford Taurus?
As a young man, which car can you advice me to buy?
should i buy this escalade?? please help..?
what would you write in your car commercial?
Does anybody know where i can find/buy a used obsidian 2007 Lexus LS or GS?
Can you help me choose a car? (Jdm? Customize? Normal car?
selling a used car and smog certificate?
Buy low, Sell High. is this a great time to buy. Nothing better than to buy at max low?
Which car should I purchase as a first vehicle?
should i buy this car?
Can car dealer repo my car even though I am almost done paying for it?
is there a good web site where I can find used trucks of every manufacturer.?
instrument sale with a 10%descount and 15% on top of the sale price is $ 306.00 what was originally price?
Im about to buy an 1999 audi a4 1.8t?
I bought a SV89 back in 2005 for 9k built number 573. But, they were 0nly 200 built so is mine a fake/replica?
Help!! I made a mistake in leasing a new car!?
can i sell a car that is titled in michigan in arizona?
trade in my car for better?
Car Dealership Question?
What car is best on gas mileage?
Why can't I pay half of my car note early?
Is It Worth selling my Salvage 2005 v6 Mustang Convertible for a Clean Title 2005 SRT-4?
Are average car interest rates really around 7% or is that high?
how do i get a north carolina car dealer license ?
Car experts help! Today I bought a car.....?
Sell more then owe car to CarMax?
I want to buy a new crossover vehicle, but would like to calculate what my CA registration fees would be?
Does this car ad sound really fishy/phoney?
How much should I fix before I sell my car?
what is the most reliable used car to buy?
where is the best place to find a good used car?
We are thinking of buying a used 1998 Chevy Blazer. It is a 4 door auto. Anyone know if they are good cars?
I am looking for a car!!!?
Which car. My girlfriend is a mobile hairdresser and she will be buying a new car soon for around 5-7000 pound
Is this type of auto financing possible?
What should be the price for a decent car that doesn't break down often?
different ways to financea car?
Ford Fiesta Mk5 (99 - 02)?
PLease Help ME so I DON't geT conned!!!!?
Which would be the best track car for a budget?
Thinking about a 2005 Audi A4?
is a 2004 ltz400 with many modsfor $1200 a good deal?
I didnt apply for a new car title. What type of fees am I looking at ,and how bad is this?
Is buying a 1996 Mitsubishi Montero SR with a rebuilt transmission and engine reliable?
How can I take my Auto ad. , off site?
what else do i needa buy if i order this turbo kit?
What is meant by "unlimited mileage" when renting a car?
On average, how much of a difference does buying your car in december make?
Have you ever sold a car on ebay?
Right you go along to a dealership but they haven't got the car you want okay, but they say they can get you
What car should I buy?
How can I tell if the Used 2009 Saturn Vue XE V6 I'm considering buying has heated mirrors?
Where can I find a 2007 triumph scrambler for sale in the USA?
Are there any tax incentives for car dealerships who donate cars to organizations or needy families?
The Mazdaspeed 3 or Volkswagen GTI?
Should I buy a Volkswagen Tiguan or a Honda CRV?
Should I buy a new 2013 Jetta or a used 2008 Infiniti g37/ bmw328 coupe.?
What kind of truck would you buy?
Do I have any rights?
what is the least expensive 4 door car that one can lease right now ?
Did I get ripped off with this vehicle?
Should I buy this car?
Do you know weather or not "KIA" s are good cars.?
How much would it cost at most to modify the exterior design of a 2012 Mustang (s) ?
2004/2005 Acura TSX or TL?
what cars are good when it comes to gas?
What should I do with a SUV I can't sell?
WHAT IS A GOOD FAMILY CAR, FOR A GOOD PRICE? OR AN SUV!! i am wanting a new vehicle////?
Financing a Sports Coupe..Which One ?
Do I get a Diesel or Petrol car?
I want to buy a new car which one should i get im between the Audi A6 BMW 5 series and the new dodge Charger ?
Hi,i am part time car trader in uk?
Where do you buy quality car body kits and accessories?
help finding dream truck?
what is the best car I can buy for only $250,000?
anyone know what kind of car this is?
If I sell my car can the new keeper sell my private plate without me having any rights to retain the plate?
If you bought a used motorhome, what kind would you buy?
when is the best time to buy a new car?
I'm wanting to get a new car, I was wondering if I could get some average payments people are making 4 a sedan
does the repairing cost of the car increases its value?
How can US auto makers be so short sighted as to make the exact same mistake they made in the 1970s?
First car for teen under 9k?
Which car I can buy in less than Rs. 3 lakh in India?
What kinds of cars don't need a lot of gas?
Quick help in negotiating with dealer?
I'm 18 and would like to know how to quality for a car loan?
someone owes me money on car repair done 15 years ago ,can i now keep the car ?
What is precaution when purchase Used franking machines ?
car prices?
Should I buy a 1958 VW Beetle?
Should I trade my cadillac in for a new(er) car, if im upside down?
transferring/gift your car to someone?
do you know of a place i can trade my car or 4 wheeler in on a camper or motorhome? around georgia or?
how can i own a car when i dont have money to buy for it?
Should I buy an iPad 3 or PS Vita?
what price for a new version of toyota vios?
should i sell my truck and get my money back?
how to persuade my mum to get a range rover ?
Want to buy car diesel car sub 8 lac to 12lac?
( who ) any body out there who wants to sell a Subaru legacy 1996?
Is it easy to live in a car?
What is the interest rate for rolling over negative equity into a new car loan?
whats the cheapest truck that is four door and roomy and has the best mpg??? colorado/canyon is to small!!!?
i want to buy a new car. which of these two should i? Hondacity or Verna?
SUV or small car?
New car for 16 yr old?
Looking for some unique first car ideas.?
APR rates for first car loan?
what do car dealers really pay for there qutomobiles.?
What first car should i get?
What Bank Offers the Lowest Rates for Car Loans????
what car does Drake drive in "the motto"?
Good Muscle car as a First car?
base price for Lamborghini?
I need the best websites that sell rims and tires. Help please!?
What coupe car should i get?
Should i go make a myspace?
Fuel efficient cars in Europe...?
Which new car would you buy for $30,000?
Truck vs car for teen??(10 points)?
Job,Credit and Leasing?
the 8th letter in my vin is an "H", what does that mean?
I need parts for a 1979 pontiac bonneville?
I had a about my 1984 el camino I call my baby I don't drive her a lot cause I have another car I drive everyd?
i dont know which car to buy? [SEE DETAIL]?
i am getting a new car.?
where can i find a ford car dealership in or near Mazarron, Spain?
How much can I pay for Accord 2006 LX ?
If you ever had your car repossessed when and where do they take it.?
What is an acceptable LTV Ratio for a used car?
Should I buy tickets from StubHub if Ticketmaster is sold out?
I'm looking for a car. Any car websites?
what is a good girly car for an 18-yr-old college student? scam?
Which is better, Honda or Chevy?
retire my car for cash?
What is a good name for my car?
best car now in low amount of money?
Would you get a 2013 Accord V6 or a 2009-2012 Nissan Maxima?
What does "estate sale" mean?
What is the equivalent of 1$ to Yen?
what is this mean in car titles. FL CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION (PARTS ONLY?
How do i deal with a mechanic?
Does any one know how much a 1962 327 block with brand new pistons, rods, and crank is worth?
what would be the perfect first car?
we bought a car from a dealer and he did not disclose that it had a salvage title . Can he do that?
Good first car with manual transmission, plz help?
What kind of car do you suggest?
Truck/ SUV Help Please?
Wanting a 2008/09 Subaru Forester. Wondering if anyone has had any successful negotiations? @ what price?
ok, so me n bf were thinkin about tradin in our car for something else. The title is in my name.....?
how often do Germans buy cars?
Things to do on long car rides with a freind? ?
Does anyone know anybody that want to by a nissan 300ZX with new motor?
i bought a new car yesterday can i return it and get my other car back??
Do you tell car salesman you are paying cash when you are buying a car?
Does anyone have a set of Mercedes Benz Centra Wheels for sale?
What is a good first car for a 17 almost 18 year old girl?
Can someone give me an example car costs from 2000 brand new?
lemon law for used cars?
I want to buy a New Nissan Titan truck anyone have any advice? Pros/Cons?
Where can I buy a Carver One?
sarching for used car dealershipswith a buy here pay here option.?
Recommend me an economical car for commuting please!?
Which car should I buy and why? help!?
question about fees for my car?
How come US automakers can't make a exciting car?
Used certified car with aftermarket
what is this car in this link?
Is it still possible to be able to buy a car even with bad credit or 'inexperienced' credit?
What thing about cars bothers you the most?
should i file for a duplicate title?
If u had to buy a car which of these would u buy?
I need to have this survey filled out for my Engineering Digital Design Class, please fill out?
Car problems!!!!!!!!! Help?
what if you are paying on a car (lot finance) and you want to trade it in for another before it is paid off?
Jaguar X type 2003 with 100K+ miles for 4000?
Can I get a nice car for 15,000$?
Who makes the best cars?
Trade in new vehicle?
car dealer is delaying to give me my car?
i need help buying a camaro z28!?
where can you buy A scamp travel trailer near Gainesville Fl. ??
Do I need a drivers license to buy a car in Texas or can I use my state ID?
Is there anything that i can buy with 400 dollars?
Is this type of auto financing possible?
When buying a used land rover discovery 02' what should I look for?
I am applying for an auto loan-how much can I expect to be approved for?
What is a good first car?
Are mercedes really expensive to own?
Leasing cars - confused as to financial benefit?
Registering a new car?
If you get your car repo-ed......?
Should I be buying this car?
anyone aroung south johnson county kansas looking for a new or used vehicle?
how much would my 99 Acura 3.2TL be worth by now?
Which one is the most luxurious??
My parents are buying a new car, need help with suggestions?
Should I trade in my 98 Camaro>>? I need a truck...?
2013 Dodge Dart (Limited) or 2013 Kia Forte (SX)?
Which car is better? Hyundai Elantra or KIA Forte?
Car Question?
Please help me out with this pleaseee?
Can I sue a guy for selling me a car that he said he was going fix but didn't? He still has the car too!?
Is this a scam? BMW car?
What Should My First Car Be?
Sold a bad car!?
this guy ripped off my husband says this address doesn't exist. Help!?
I am looking to buy a 2006 BMW 325i. 45k miles & $17,800. Good idea?
What type of bike should i get?
Should I trade in my 2000 Honda civic for a Jeep Wrangler?
Which car is best?
what is the most fuel effecient small sized truck?
Car pricing websites?
What is a decently fuel efficient used truck from 90's to 98. ?
How much Car can/should I afford?
What scooter should i buy?
what are the qualifications needed to be able to order or trade cars as a GM car saleman?
What happened to the AutoTrader Magazine (Oklahoma)?
What car should i buy?
What was the car you longed for when you were starting to drive. (uk)?
my parents won't let me buy a car?
my truck has no vin how do i get a new tag?
94 subaru impreza ls vs 95 honda accord ex?
How many new cars were sold in Arizona in 2007?
I would like to buy motorcycle parts of Harley Davidson?
What Car models are the best for a 1st car?
why is the used car market flooded with automatic front wheel drive cars?
What car should I get?
will bugatii veyron supersport avaialble in india?
what car do i hate?
Good, cheap, fuel efficient cars?
what is my 2002 chev cavalier worth?
Did I underprice my van?
Which used all wheel drive vehicle should I buy?
Need wheel well width of various small pickup trucks?
Report a door ding on our cars?? Please help!?
i need to get a car.. but my job pays me cash... where can i go to get one...?
If you could buy a sports car for a quarter the price but you knew it was stolen would you?
what is a good setup on my 350 that i got in my 86 chevy like what intake stuff like that do i need for fast?
Why is my dad trying to embarrass me when we go car shopping?
Which car should I buy? 2004 Echo or 2000 Passat?
I have a truck out the dealer, so if I go go bankrupt will they take my truck away?
is the 2012 scion tc a good car for teenagers?
World wide i need ur opinion ?
Is this car at a reasonable price?
can i do a Car Lien Sale?
how much would this car cost in 2-3 years?
what do you guys think of this car?
What are all the charges that come with purchasing a vehicle?
Were can I find the Retail value of a Mercedes Benz 300D 1983?
Is an automobile buyer responsible for past due registration fees?
Help! Can I Cancel this CAR CONTRACT? ASAP!?
Auto Loan Nightmare!!! Please help...?
suggest small car upto 4.5 lakh with running max 25 km/day?
Is there a way to find out who owns a car that has been parked in front of my house for a long time and maybe?
hyundai elantra or honda civic?
should i sell my car to the highest bidder??
Question about leasing a car.?
2003 BMW 325i or 2004 Audi A4?
which car is best for a beginner...?
which car should i get?
do any one know of a site where you can trade or swap stuff?
Can I get a decent car for around 3000 dollars? Can cars under year 2000 can be good aswell?
When shopping for a new or used car, Whats the #1 thing that irratates you ?
What can I do? Please help!?
Great all terrain tires for 02' tahoe?
where can i buy skeleton keys?
where can I find a cheap car???
Sold a car, buyer not picking it up... Sketchy, what do I do?
which used car should I buy under 1 lakh?
seller admits knowing that the car was a total loss.What can i do?
How much ipone 4s costs in the usa right now?
What car should i get ?
Need advice please: Which car should i buy? 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS or 2009 Honda Civic Coupe?
Is a hybrid car worth buying?
Is this a car scam?!?
what sneakers should i buy with 200 dollers?
What website is the best to apply for an auto loan no matter where you live in the U.S.? High approvals?
I'm looking at new cars can anyone give me some advice?
Can anyone help me to bring a [ Chevrolet Camero Concept zl1 ] from usa to bangladesh without paying any tax?
Importing a car from The US?
is it better to lease or buy a car?
Which car should i get?
Can I legally insure a car I never bought yet?
should I repair my car or get another one?
I have someone that is interested in buying my vehicle, but I still owe on it?
What is one horsepower equivalent to in different terms when referring to a car's power?
Is it possible to lease a "used" car?
Which is better . . ! Scooty Streak or Tvs pep+ . . . .!?
Is it wrong to ask for gas money from the girl i drive to school?
How much is a used 1997 Saturn Sedan in good condition ?
Any tips on starting a race team or building a car from scratch only 14 but trying to start soon?
volkswagon jetta disel?
What is the cheapest truck on the market today in america that is not used and is reliable?
Which car should I get? 2010 Accord vs 2010 Fusion?
Is this a good first car?
how much to put this truck in our name?
where can I buy brand new wheels and tires from the RV manufacturers in Shipshawana, Elkhart, Indiana area?
how do i set up a car ad that i want to buy?
Can I return a car to a dealership if I found a defect?
Selling my 97 Ford Thunderbird?
i still owe about 9,000 dollars on my car to the bank i dont want it any more what can i do ?
Fastest 0-60 stock car under 20k? 25k?
Which Mitsubishi Eclipse is better? I'm deciding which one to buy.?
i want to buy a new car.which one should i go for???
When buying a used car, is there a best time of year to do so?
my car was repo now what can i do?
how much does pull a part pay for cars?
Craigs list car scam?
What's a good sporty looking car that I can fix up?
Frame Damage on lease turn in - no accidents or body damage?
I had my lease car for 6 months but wanna trade what are my options?
would of these cars is the most reliable and has the best performance?
is there a tax credit in California for hybrid vehicles still?
do you need a cosigner to finance a car if you have no credit?
Can I buy car from a private seller with only a Class 7 Level 1 license? (NB, Canada)?
whats the price range for a 2000 buick century with 115000 miles and a v6 engine?
im 16.Should i start paying for a car now?
Anyone send me pictures of CAT equipment or ideas $ a party?
How many miles can you put on a Kia Spectra before it craps out?
Should I hold on to this car?
is this car worth the money?
How can I tell if the Used 2009 Saturn Vue XE V6 I'm considering buying has heated mirrors?
Honda or Polaris witch is better?
Should I get a 350Z or something else?
should i keep it?
Does any one know the price of hero octane? Tell me please.?
I'm looking for a used muscle car for less than 3000$?
Do you need a 4x4/AWD vehicle in Seattle?
If I buy a car that's "registered until DEC 2012" what does that mean?
whould you buy a?????
How much would you put on a down payment on a car that cost $13,600?
Laid Off, Now Car is Going Back?
Where can i get a free car or win a car?
where can I get trained to be a used car sales manager?
First car, 16 years old, which car would be better for me?
Bought a car and got a lemon. what do i do?
what car should I but to make me look like I have a huge nob?
drift tires?
What first car should I get?
Is this car a chick car? Or ok for guys?
Is the truck I'm looking at worth buying?
which car is better for a teen first car ?
will a dealer pay off a lein for you when trading a car in ?
Did you get a car for your sweet sixteen?
who buys ford festivas?
How can I sell my car in 3 weeks or right now?
What are some good choices for a first car?
Trade in, to a used car dealership?
does the 2010 Kia Forte Koup EX model come with a tilt steering-wheel?
Electic scooter help..?
Cheap Transportation?
Help on buying a car?
for my 20th birthday,my dad told me that he is giving me an open budget and can get any car i want! suggestion?
Does honda offer special financing for the 2006 accord?
Selling my car, insulting offers?
Would you ever buy a car like this ?
Steps leading up to owning a new car dealership?
affordable, light track car for beginners?
What is the least amount of money you've spent to buy a car?
How should I sell my vehicle?
my first car.........?
How much does a used 2006 Mercury Mariner cost?
how can i return the car? i lost my job and i can't pay for it anymore?
I am 6'1. Will I look funny getting into a Mini Cooper?
Buying a leased vehicle?
fastest car under 6k?
Best 80's or 90's truck for hauling around 7000ibs with good mpg?
How much can I sell a hyundai elantra for?
what color mercedes c300 sport should I buy?
Should I sell or junk my car?
Sales tax on car bought from a relative?
Cool first car for a teenage guy?
Where to buy country flags for my car?
Im buying a used car from a private owner before i give them the cash what paperwork do i need to get from him?
What does Chrysler Employee Pricing mean? Does it really save me money?
value of 1965 Mustang 2+2?
Trucks for sale online....?
I am looking for purple car window tint.?
Advantages and Disadvantages?
Advice involving my very boring car?
How long do i have to return a car i bought from an owner not a dealer?
Is a car that is "hand made" supposed to be more appealing?
I'm trying to figure out a good car to get?
Theres a 2009 yamaha r1 used 7000 miles for $10500?
Whats the best dealership in MA to purchase a GMC Truck?
2008 Toyota Corolla vs. 2008 Honda Civic?
Will these rims fit a 2003 S10?
Mini Cooper a girl's car?
is it better to buy or lease a car? explain.. :)?
Would you get a 2013 Accord V6 or a 2009-2012 Nissan Maxima?
anyone selling a supra?
I'm SO scared to buy a new/used car by myself... but I MUST!! What questions do I ask?
what are good old small trucks?