Car Buying

is this a good deal for a car?
What's a good descent new car to buy?
how much is a car worth?
Im selling my drum set but don't know how much to sell it for?
anyone who lives in chicago, or anywhere in illinois know were to get a descent looking car for under $1,000?
I am emailing on a new can i verify the email is legit? can I look up info on the person emailing?
is it legal to sell a new car without DRLs?
is it possible in ny to get a new title for a vehicle that you buy with out one?
Where can I find a used diesel shuttle bus for under $10K?
where can i swap my chevy astrovan95, 4 captain seat,motorized sofabed, driver seat,beige interior,tv,dvd,cd?
isn't it a pity that there are only 3 car choices for tall men?
Trading in a vehicle.?
I'm planning to sell my car on eBay. I wanted to know if there is a sales tax I have to collect?
what can i do about a dodgy car i bought from a car dealer?anyone i can report him to?
needing a car asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Used Motorcycle title transfer...?
Can i make my car sound quiter?
Did DHL buy YRC freight?
Questions on buying a used car from a dealership?
How can I find a good reliable, cheap, truck or SUV with good gas mileage?
Can i trade in my car for a another used one of higher value from a dealer?
Wen Im ready to buy my 1st car(maybe a Honda or Jetta).. How much will I have to put as a down payment?
Pricing for 2010 Mazda Mazda3 i Touring (Automatic transmission)?
I just bought a new car and put money down, now after a week dealership is asking for more money down.?
Send guitar from Japan to Canada, am I allowed to receive the guitar?
What kind of pick-up truck should I get?
Falsified car documents?
I am looking to buy a new full-size SUV. Any suggestions on what I should get?
Car Dealership sold me a bad car?
How much should I pay for flowmaster exhaust?
If I buy a 2007 Camry with 33000 miles will the battery go out soon?
if scrapping a ford f-150 4x4, how much should i expect?
Ford Fusion or toyota camry?
Simple interest auto loan?
Need new van but what is the best (uk)?
Is Renault Duster a good SUV car to buy?
are there any cars for sell in or around Beaumont Texas for 220 dollars or less?
pre-owned cars at lots?
Can anyone give me info on the Cash for Clunkers Program?
picking up my new car tomorrow, what to check?
Where can I get a car for under a 1,000?
is it possible to buy a car without license in new jersey?
What is the cheapest year of a convertible bug?
What is your dream car? And what kind of car you are really driving?
Confused on my New ( Used ) car?
What is the best way to negoiate the price of a new car?
Y is buying a car such a hassle?
Buying a used car (advice)?
Buying a new car with trade-in, in addition to taxes and upgrades what other costs may I incur?
need to buy an engine online for a car?
1998 Fleetwood RV with 60k miles on it, is this good?
What if a dealer claims they "never" recived your downpayment BUT it is on your contract?
I need help for how much I should sell my car?
EGR valve trouble in an F-150. A little help?
When buying a used car what should I look for?
Motorhome with bill of sale but no title?
Chevy silverado 1500 LT 5.3L v8 z71 vs Ford F-150 Raptor SVT which is better?? ?
What's a good car for college ? Budget = 17k?
Does anyone drive a Saturn VUE?
Is this a sports car?
Good wheelie car in Pro Street?
Can anyone tell me abt the features, price,mileage of FZ S , FZ 16, or pulsar200? ?
Can you negotiate the down payment for a lease without raising the monthly payments?
How much would 1995 - 2006 year cars go for at an auction?
does anyone know of a good site to get military vehicals?
Should I get a Mustang, Camaro, or a Corvette?
What car would you recommend for a 16 year old?
Find exact match for volvo 2002 XC70 Beige leather seat. Only need a patch to fix tear.?
Whats the difference between theses cars?
new salvaged car??
transferring a car from fla to pa- what is required when i get there?
If you had $35K to spend on a car, what would you get?
how do I find my car,change color,put different rims on it and so on?
Dream vehicle...poor gas you buy it?
I need to get a new used car ASAP. NO IDEA WHAT TO GET!?
What is a good cool car for a teen driver?
i want to buy car second use or accidented car?
where can i get a vintage car title?
ive signed an agreement to purchase a new car on saturday am i too late to cancel the agreement?
can a lease be broken for another vehicle at the same car dealer?
How to pay for a $20,000 car out in a different state?
Is it ok to buy a car for my 20-year old son?
how much money do i need for a down payment on a used car?
where can i buy fun car accessories for girls online?
What car should i buy?
Mercedes, Audi, Or BMW?
Tips for buying a used car?
Buying a new car?
Small crossover with most rear legroom?
Can you order a new car?
Manual to Automatic transmission price?
Overall, whats better BMW or Mercedes Benz?
How does someone with under the table pay and a recent bankruptcy by a car in WA state without much money down
what is the best web site t obuy a Rambler?
How much does a alternative fuel vehicle cost on average?
Finding a deal on a car..?
How many cars can I sell a year in Australia?
Needing another car?
Would you consider getting a 2000 ford mustang V6, in decent condition? and for how much?
BMW or Merc?
Australia, Which used car do you prefer?
Would you buy a Oldsmobile 1988 with just a deck for $2000 ?
What are some fast, affordable cars?
How many cars can I sell in California each year?
What's a good starter car?
i'd like know where can i buy datsun 280zx 2+2 car from florida usa?
I'm looking to buy a car in Illinois but license it in missouri. Will I be paying IL or MO state tax?
Around how much money total must I spend for a car?
If i pay CASH for a car, do i still have to pay a monthly payment?
Does anybody know where I can look online for a free used vehicle?
Used car buying - sale over 2 days?
What was your first car?
Im sending same email to every Toyota Dealer within 100 miles about price. What to write?
i bought a defective car at a small dealership in phoenix az?
how much can i get for 1999 Dodge Intrepid Base with 60000 km ?
Cute Car Name For A Girls Car?
where to buy a small car?
used motorbike in vietnam?
How will I get a car at this age?
What has to be done when you sell your car?
Is it illegal for a private party to sell a vehicle with a disabled check engine light in Ohio?
03 BMW for sons first car?
Best Diesel Truck for around $15,000?
Suggestions for a small SUV/Crossover?
Where in Wisconsin can i buy a 2009 Honda CBR600RR near wausau area?
I'm going to buy a new car and I need to know which is the best, BMW or Lexus?
Why do car salesman make you wait while they "work over the manager?"?
Buying a car and i need to know what documents i need..?
Is there a custom auto wheel store that has a finance plan in Oklahoma?
like to look around for a used car where should they go?
Can I get sued over this?
What car should I buy, I need a used one.?
How do I return a damaged financed car? Should I have them reposses? Consequences? Should I fix it first?
Help with a car for a teenager?
When you buy a car and it is advertised as "Drive Away Price", what does this price include?
Why is ford the best selling truck?
Ford or Chevy and 1 good reason!?
What is the Ex-Showroom price of Renault B58?
Help with rental car agency?
Why do car salesmen play games?
what does a 2005 ext cab F150 go for at dealer only auction 85k miles. Ballpark obviously?
Best used car for teen driver?
If I'm selling my car can I give them my loan?
Im trying to sell my car on craigslist- SCAM?
2000/2001/2002 BMW 525i/530i good buy for used car?
How old do you have to be to co-sign for a car?
Unusual situation...need advise ASAP!?
where can i buy 89 4runner passenger mirror that accept paypal?
Can my dad buy my car even though he lives in a different state than me?
Seen a bar/club for sale at £125,000.. Loan.?
what is a fast car the was built between 1982 to 1993 that would be realitvly cheap 1500 - 3000 , looking for?
got a problem with an ebay user. my fault in a way but he is reacting childish towards it?
How come different auto insurance agencies charge different prices for the same insurance company?
Is a NEON not a worthy purchase of an auto if there is ever a worthy purchase?
We bought a car yesterday. We got home and did some research and found we didnt get a good deal .?
car sale' man won't tell me the value of the car im financing, or tell me how much my loan was approve for, ?
Can one pay a car note in advance, such as a year in advance?
What Car should i buy?
Looking to buy a used car for the family in the price range of 800-1200 can you help me?
How to earn $50,000 for an anniversary gift?
Can the MSRP of a car change through the year?
Was there any smart car made with three seats?
if i buy a 2011 model car in jan 2012 , will it still be considerd as a 2011 model car or a 2012 model car ?
looking for prices for 1956 chevy convertible?
what is a cool but good car i can get for 5000?
Is it safe to drive an expensive car to a sixth form college?
is there any Pontiac cars dealer in Europe?
The big debate, Standard or Automatic?
How long will a dealer hold a car if you gave a "good faith" deposit down?
i need a folding rear car bench where can i buy one?
Where should I buy a car battery?
where can i buy the new 2012 fiat 500 in relatively nearby miami?
how do i download a free OK. bill of sale.?
What car would i be better off with....a 00 honda accord or a 00 audi a6?
Farm vehicle needed, anyone got any ideas?
dealership paying off truck loan?
Can you buy Citroen cars in USA?
Should I buy a brand new car?
i am interested for an SUV. I am between Ford Kuga,VW Tiguan and Toyota RAV4. I think I prefer the Kuga..?
were can i get a low miles bmw 745 for about 12,500?
Is this a good enough car?
i need 1957 pontiac tail light housings?
im gonna ask again about the...?
What job you need for a bentley?
Which would you get, a 1999 porche 911 or a 2001 BMW m3?
Is a town car a good choice?
what kind of car would you get a teen if you have up to $100,000 to spend.?
How do the trade -ins work?
is a 1998 pontiac grand am gtcoup a good vehicle?
How to buy a used car?
Affordable pickup truck models?
which car should i get?
where on the internet can i find cheap trucks for sale in PA?
I'm looking for a 4 door vehicle. nice condition. for under 400 dollars. For my teenage daughter. Jeep?
When looking at a used car what should I look for under the hood?
what is the most that I should ask for "off" the sticker price of a new car...?
How much should I sell my Mustang GT for?
Which of these 3 cars would you choose?
Mustang for my daughter?
Is This Car/ Truck Trade Worth It?
I want to get a new car before I start nursing school in the fall. Should I go for a used one or brand new?
our excavator was used to dig stone,the teeth just could used 4 or 5 days .we need to change it frequently .?
Which would be a better first car?
for my first car, should i get a convertible or not...because i live in a area with a lot of snow...?
I want to buy a new car....?
What is a good Sports Car under $30 000?
how much will you pay for a 2000 ford focus SE sedan. it is in fair condition with 120,000 miles.?
Which is better? A black dodge that u thought u've always wanted or a grandam that u kno is good ....?
I want another car!? suggestions?
Is it possible to buy a brand new car with out a cosigner if i am only 18 and have NO credit?
Who Does RV loans for a 20 year old RV?
I was wondering if anyone is selling a Chevy Impala or knows of anyone who is near houston or the surrounding?
Best kind of truck for me?
Can Car Dealers pay off your car or is a there a law that states that they can only pay the value of your car?
whats the highest auto loan interest rate legal to charge to bad credit cutomers in louisiana?
How does an 18 year old girl save up for a 10k car?
used Car with high miles?
Which one of my cars should i drive more READ DESCRIPTION?
E class 300 bluetec 2008 or a ML class 320 cdi 2007?
What is a good SUV - that has 4WD, a towing package and gas mileage?
Which is better? Lexus RX550 or BMW X5?
college student here, what car to buy that has looks, speed and fit for my 15grand budget?
LED Lamp, any body use it?
What car to get? 16 years old?
Hurricane sandy delaying mail?
I am planning to buy an automatic transmission car in India. Could you please suggest me the best car (Rs.5L)?
I Want to buy a Used Car, Would appreciate if anyone could ...?
Mechanics, or car orientated people, college girl needs advice on vehicle.?
can we buy a bike with a learners license?
why does car fax show 2 owners?
Is this f250 worth it?
What is a ballon payment on a leased car, please explain it to me?
can you get a car without a down payment?
Ford and toyota dealer?
Should i buy a Saturn Stationwagon or Ford Stationwagon.?
mazda miata or mustang V6?
how do you become an auto broker? You know, find cars for people who are looking for them and broker the deal?
im tryin to purchase a car,how can i check out the company besides the bbb?
Should you tip a car salesman for helping you through the process?
which laptop should i buy ?
1st time car buyer, credit score of 610?
In need of a Vehicle for college?
Which Is More Reliable? 2004 Saab 9-3 or 2004 Honda Accord?
Good car to tune or have fun with?
What is the maximum mileage that you would accept on a used Corvette from 1995-1996?
What are good cars for a teenage girl to drive?
What is a good first car?
First car?!? buying advice... thx in advance?
What car would you absolutely not buy?
What is a sensible first car ?
Does have a mechanism to prevent scams?
Can anyone offer some advice or feedback about buying a car from a public auto auction? Prices, process, etc.?
What car would you recommend??
I'm a girl and I'm hardly 4 ft 11 inches, I want to buy a scooty, which one would be better, scooty pep+ or?
Will I be able to get a used car?
I'm going to have a child and I want a different car. Is a used toyota camry a good choice?
Is anyone going to still buy v8 engines with this price of gas?
Does a the realease of the new year of a car affect used car prices?
What Car would you buy in a budget of 26 grand?
wheres a place where you can buy cars?
is 21,000 miles to many miles on a CBR 600 1987?
What are sum average prices for used cars sold in aucyions?
what is the web site for the manufacturer of westin truck parts?
Anyone who has the new Chevy Colorado???? how is it??? on gas mielage and driving and stuff???
which suv can you recommend?
How much would a dealership by your car back for(trade-in value)?
I only make $750 month.Is there a way to get a ~$5k long term car loan with high interest most req. $1500 a mo
how to solve car buying fraud?
Where can I find out history info on a 1984 29'Swinger by Georgie Boy motorhome?
what should I name my car?
Why is shipping from Hong Kong cheaper than the US (eBay)?
WHO OWNS THIS CAR green peugeot y673jnl?
Is it possible to buy a reliable car for $600 ?
I was to sell someone a car but he used a fake name?
How much would you pay for this car?
I baught my first car through kia. i never missed a payment, and i have the car paid off. ?
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Where in Arizona can i get low monthly payments on a go kart? online too?
Best sports car for $20,000?
Will Toyota Repossess My Car?
HYUNDAI are they any good? CHEVY?
Should i get this car?
How do you haggle with a car dealer?
ive just bought a corsa 1.2 any tips or information about the car plz?
Applying for an USAA Auto Loan?
get forms on dealership licience in texas?
Approximately how much is an original 1923 dodge brothers sedan worth? Never refurbished.?
How much do you think my 1987 Volvo 240DL is worth?
I want to know guys, what would be the market price for a second hand HONDA CIVIC car, 1993 model?
Do we have any options???
Selling my POS car?
Will car dealerships accept a salvaged title vehicle for a trade?
Legal Aspects of Selling a Car?
I bought a car but didn't get it registered in my name. Can I sell it?
trading the fun of manual, for a fast automatic?
Is it a hastle to buy out of state???
Im looking for antique/Classic cars from the 50's or older in Washington DC?
where can i find the kelleyblue book price for a 1963 nova wagon?
Need even more help choosing first vehicle?
What does is mean if a car has a guaranteed mileage?
Cash back on trading in a vehicle for a lease?
2G Mitsubishi Eclipse vs. 1998-2004 S10 Chevy Pickup Which is better?
Which car is better a 1987 pontiac firebird or a 2011 challenger ?
I like to buy a new car. Which one do you prefer. Below 25000$.?
cars, uh I have no idea, help?
When I bought my car...?
When you buy a car and it is advertised as "Drive Away Price", what does this price include?
Why do people get mad that I own a Honda? American brands are not american made.?
My car broke down and I want a new one. What can I do with the old one?
2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS?
my deposit from dealer ship?
what is currently the most valuable car in the U.S?
looking for firs car?
Where can I find a good price?
Will I be able to afford this car?
should I get a mercedes clk convertible or a 328i sedan?
Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 2008 TDR? Good car or not?
What can i do in this situation?
How can one get out of a contract to purchase a used car?
Are Hyundai Sonatas good cars?
what is a good girly car for an 18-yr-old college student?
Any software that can handle Lease Here Pay Here that will keep me compliant with Federal Regulations?
Is the FORD TAURUS 2005 a good car? It has 22,000 miles. Should I buy it?
How much can I sell my car for?
Direct car loan for purchasing used car from a dealer.?
How tall does a person have to be to ride a Tomo Streetmate moped?
We want to buy a used car. Are there some good resources on-line to help us?
name on car title when two people buy car?
is this truck a good deal?
should I pay the new 2006 pathfinder?
What are good first cars?
how do i refinance a car?
Do you think I should get a Chevy Silverado or a Chevy Cobalt?
Can my dad buy a car where I live without him being in this state?
top 3 automobiles and their specs?
trying to find a car lot by the name of Mexico Auto Sales, it was at 9533 Atlantic Ave. South Gate Ca. in 2002
Mustang GT with 180k miles?????????
I want to buy a hatchback? Pls suggest...?
How do i go about selling autograghed pictures like Humphrey Bogart - Gene Kelly and others i dont know wer?
What should I do with a SUV I can't sell?
how much is a 1979 chevrolet silverado worth?
What car to buy for city ?
what is the fastest car under 20k?
What action can I take if a garage does not give me a car's service history?
Top 5 classic cars?????????????????
Is the 2004 Saturn Ion Redline a good car? And what r some good and bad things about it?
max. amount i can spend is 450000;; so which car i should buy?
how can i contact wajid khan mp?
does anyone own this van?
What type of used car should I buy? I am in the market for a second car. I am looking to spend no more than 7K
Where can i buy a gallon of car paint?
I am moving to Bahrain. I want to know how much do I have to shell out to buy a car, Honda City types?
which car should i buy?
Which car do you think is better?
How many years can u take to pay off a vehicle?
What Kind Of Truck Should I buy?
maximum amount to rollover into new car loan?
Should i buy a 2010 mustang or wait for the 2011?
I'm planning to buy a new car for college. Which one would you recommend?
i have a grand cherokee 4liter lpg/petrol 4x4 where would the best place to sell it?
anyone drive an MANUAL car in a stop-and-go area? like a city?
wat r SUVs and what are sum bad things about SUVs?
I am moving from California to Mass. I need to buy a car. Is it better to buy in CA or MA?
Should i get a 1992 Chevy Camaro?
Sugreorn was driving an old beat up car?
Is there any way i can lower my car payments??
Should I get a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer or 2003 Nissan Sentra?
Ok so im buying a car off of craigslist and i need a step by step guide what i need to do.?
BMW 116i or Audi A3 2.0 TDi ?
whats a good used first car? only got 3000 dollars?
Would you consider this car more of a girl or boy car.?
Where can I buy American flags that go on the windows of cars?
does anybody no where i could find a decent cute/used car for a good price.. around 11,000 and under?
What is your dream car?
Is there a law in the states (ct) about warranty for used cars (from a dealer)?
how would u lower gas prices under $3.00 a gallon?
which car will be more comfort for a small family of 4? --India?
How much should I pay for a used 07 civic si oem exhaust system?
My car was repossessed; I am paying what i owe to get my car; Can I ask for this in writing, they said no.????
whats the best way to sell a 1970 chevelle ss ?
what is the best web site for left hand german cars in japan ?
any advice for buying a used vehicle?
Would you buy a $1 coke at a garage sale?
yellow beetle in illinois?
Where would i find a cheap used car?
Should I get an 04 Mazda rx8 Sport AT?
just bought a new car. what do I need to do now?
2003 Saturn Ion ION 2?
should i buy a car using my bank overdraft?
Im late on a car title loan payment
Can anyone go step by step on how to buy a car?
I got a car when I was 17 and my grandpa co-signed and the loan is in his name. I want to trade it in?
wat web site should i go to to find out much old cars are worth?
Good Starting Car For A Teenager?
I want to sell my car and have someone take over the payments?
2003 Nissan 350z: Pros and cons ?
wich dirtbike is better?
What age do you have to be to finance a car?
where to get a totally free used car vin report?
Should I get a car or truck?
Craigslist cars at great prices?
Parts for a VW 1967 Bus?
What should I choose for my first vehicle?
Selling a car when DMV has not given a title for it yet?
Lexus Rx350 or Mercedes c300?
does any know any dealer auto auctions in maryland?
Is a used Infiniti I30 with over 200,000 miles on it worth buying?
where can i find built vr6 motors for sale?
Best first car for a teenage male?
In TEXAS, can I get back a deposit on a vehicle if I back out?
where can i find very cheap lhd cars in the uk? completing a charity race and car has to cost 100 quid?
Now that the loonie has dropped back below par are miles more valuable than kilometers?
Looking for reliable, inexpensive, transportation what car to get?
car financing possible for me?
if you buy a car without a vin number how can you register the car?
what to buy with $160 on amazon?
How much is the average price for a car battery?
is it a good idea to buy a manual car asmy first 1 ?
Buying a car for the first time?
I need to sell my?
what does a sedan in car types mean?????
How much would the dealer knock off? Overpriced car....?
Someone sold me a car but it was a scam. What should I do?
Will a pink car catch too much attention?
1990 toyota supra for sale N/A?
What is the best kind of car to get as your first car?
Where in New England are auctions that sell used Police Cars?
where can i find an emerson electric moter for a soda machine?
How much does this sell for?
good first cars (SUVs)?
i want to buy a used car?
What is the process for buying a used car out of state and then registering in another.(PA to MD)?
my car payment is 17 days late with car mart i am consistantly late but i always pay they are threating me now?
okay i really need a car. i walk everywhere and idont have a job or any money any advice??
If a title of a car is in my name and only mine, can the passed owner lie and say that I still owe?
What would you value this car at by info given?
i need to find 1960 to 1969 cobra mach1 jet mustangs for sale from $2500 to $6000?
Which is better, a petrol rc car or an android parrot ar drone?
Would you purchase a car with 180,000 miles on it?
I'm buying a car - how do i get the sales guy to tell me the best price?
What car auction like copart you could suggest?
Does the dealer have to tell me if my car was wrecked?
A used car dealer sold me a car off his lot without dealer paper work keep in mind first time at a car dealer?
GPS on an auto with starter disable feature?
Which is a better buy? Camry or Jetta?
How does a 16 year old buy a new or used car at a dealership?
Which car is the best car to buy POLO or I20?
Can I give somebody else the right to sell a car owned by me?
What does it mean to 'lease' a vehicle? I understand it's not the same as buying?
i leave in utah and want to buy a car in las vegas nv .what kind of fees or information should i know .?
Should I buy a car now? or in a few months?
good old hatchbacks............?
Advice for buying a car?
Should I just keep getting my car repaired or sell my car and get another one?
where can i buy a 1975 camaro?
best value small car?
What if you found out your car...?
NEED ADVIDE! Want to buy a 98 Civic EX with 105,000 miles on it for $6,400. Good idea or bad??
Car dealerships that take no credit?
Im buying a first car....?
i have bad credit and an existing car loan but need a new car. what can i do?
which car should i buy?
Getting in to racing dont know which legend is better chevy ford or doesnt matter?
First car for 16th birthday?
I need help transitioning from a fast coupe to a family sedan...?
how much should I ask for 2003 honday odyssey EX-L?
21 years old, looking to buy a first car, have budget of £2,000 : any suggestions?
ejats the average selling price of a1986 plymouth. gran fury?
I want to know the car, please help :)?
Thanx for your answer. Please tell me how I can get the car computer checked out? How much it may cost? Thanx?
Bank or Car yard finance?
How can I make 900 dollars in one month while being 13?
Help me finding a car?!?
What kind of car is safe, cheap, and durable enough for a teenage girl?
What is a great first car?
What should be my first car?
is it legal to drive in california with a mexican license?
Whats the best pick up to buy?
car for sale on ?
Ford or Chevy?
does anybody know anything about the brubaker van from the 70s?
900 dollers used car.....?
If idon't have a job, but i have good credit, and i cosign for my husband to get a car, would we be aprove?
Question about an old transmission can?
I am planning to buy a hybrid car. Is it a wise choice?
How much does a used 1998 Cadillac Eldorado cost?
How to convince my parents to buy me an S2000?
what is a good car?
looking for kelley blue book website for my Kenworth truck value... any help?
Where can i buy a car with out a down payment?
Confused about a lien to a title?
What is V5C document in UK?
What impression does a 2008 Range Rover Supercharged give off..?
Looking into a new 4-cylinder, fast and yet also relatively cheap?
Just bought a new car, now they are messing with me!?
anyone in the tampa florida/surrounding areas have a vw thing for sale/free?
what is the cost of used 2007 innova car?
Audi Q5 or Vw touareg?
where can i purchase a lock right diff to suit a holden and how to install it cheers?
i want to buy my brother a car for his 16th birthday?
does anyone in nash.area have a truck for trade?
What kind of auto loan is more difficult to get?
Cheapest Antique cars?
Anyone looking to purchase some rims? I'm selling between $800-$1000 obo. I have a pic on craig's list!
I brought my car from dealer with one year warrently, but now it's broken down.....?
Where can I buy a new, old car?
how do i make my own car payments?
what kind of car do you have?
Sold a car that won't pass smog?
Classic american muscle cars?
Mechanically speaking, what is the better car, the Audi A6 or Infiniti G37?
Had a car with no title for a year and half is there anything I can do with it?
Should I be denied for a car loan with my credit rating?
Looking to buy my first car. Whats the best for cheap?
What is a fair price for a 2002 honda civic?
How much it would Cost To Build a car Myself?
haw can i sale my junk car?
Im 17 and want a car for £10,000?
Buying a used car in NYC..... I am a student. This would be my first. What should i research? Any advice.?
Is it legal for a used car to be sold with less than fifty percent brakes and tire tread in California?
how do i get prices for used travel trailers/5wheels to compare with potential buys in my local paper?
Mini van drivers .....?
Is it illegal to ask for donations for something like a car?
What does Prequalify car loan mean?
does anyone know if the 72 hour rule for changing your mind for purchases applies to the purchase of an auto?
what's a good first car?
what is the best car for my 17 year old daughter?
can somebody help me out?
anyone know how can i purchase a used car with bad credit in col Ohio. bring hm pay is 850. plz help?
I'm a 16 year old kid and i want to know which 07 SUV should i buy?
In the state of michigan, do you have 3 days to cancel a vehicle lease?
I need car buying advice?
Would you rather have a Mitsubishi Eclipse, BMW Series 3 or a Pontiac Solstice.?
What is a car lease and is it a good idea?
Hurricane sandy delaying mail?
How many used cars are sold in us last year?
How / steps to buy & register a car?
Where can I get DMV services over the weekend in LA?
1996 mitsubishi galant rear leak?
I just bought an old used car and I am having problems...?
Why is the resale value so low on used Buicks and Cadillacs?
Purchased 2nd hand car 4 days ago from car yard, have found four things wrong with it?
how can i sell my car when i am not in the US?
How much should I sell my car for?
is it a good idea to buy a manual car asmy first 1 ?
Ford trucks (150's. 250's, & 350's) have been #1 for over 30 years. Why is that??
Do you think this car is worth the price?
can i refinance purchase my lease car?and does my payment for lease deducted to the purchase price??
Lease on car after Mom Dies?
Debating on buying an 07 Camry with 133K for $8500 obo?
Best Imported RWD Car?
Is the older toyota celicas good cars? I'm looking at a 1981 with 85,000 miles on it?
What car should I go for- Fiat or Hyundai?
How many Porsche Carrera GT are there in USA?
can i trade in my car which still has 18 months to pay for a new car?
Is there another place to get info on new cars besides Consumer Report?
How much is a 1986 chevy beauville worth?
Honda Accord 1998 $1500. New Driver?
How long should you wait to refinance an auto loan?
Mad about the Camaro?
my dad is like paranoid about buying a used car!?
are there any public auctions for people without a dealers license?
Need to buy a larger car any ideas?
Is there any chance that financing won't go through, even though I already have the vehicle?
Buying a previously leased car? mileage question ?
Anyone know of a good website that I can apply for a small personal loan or a person to person car loan?
Please give example of an affordable 2012 model car which has at least 43 inches front leg room?
what do you look for in shopping for a used car?
How do I know if I'm getting a good deal for a '98 VW Jetta?
jeep wrangler...?
How much would a 06 HONDA Civic DX, LX and EX sell for in ADESA?
Help me pick a car!!!?
I need help finding the right car!!! I'm ignorent when it comes to cars!!!?
What is the name of this car?
Has anyone had dealings with a company called Americorp Financial Services. how did it go.?
Opinions about the Honda Element?
Buying a used car bad credit ?
used car websites...?
What is your favorite car?
i have 5,000 for a nice car what are my options i desire to pay cash no financing what cars do u suggest?
I have advertised a car on Auto and recieved several offers to recieve overpayments by cashiers check?
Best economic car on 2013 to drive in the mountain?
If I bought a car on impulse, can a person return the car within a certain time period and get my money back?
For selling a new sports car how important is the design? how can you use the personality to market a car?
what kind of car should i get?
BMW 328i or Lexus 350?
how hard is it to get a 907a salvaged vehicle inspected in new york,and if anyone has ,please let me know what
Is anyone selling a chevy Colorado extended cab 2005-2009?
how much time do i have to return my car in texas?
What are the top 5 best selling vehicles in the U.S. during 2003-2006?
Would it be worth it to buy an Acura RSX or Honda Prelude?
price for police equipment?
Best car for new driver?
How do I sell my car in TX when I'm in CA?
My budget is 18k and I want to buy a new or barely used car. mini cooper, bmw, volvo, vw gti are...?
Should I get a new Honda Accord Coupe or a used 2007 Audi A4 2.0t?
Car Co-Signer Issue / Question?
With the new NSX being released, will the 2000-2005 models become cheaper?
If i was sold a car with faults not pointed out to me can I get my money back or at least another car?
Is my order going to arrive today?? ups?
can i lease a vehicle anf put 60,000 mile son it in one year and not have any over mileage discrepancies?
model T vs Modern Car What is the difference?
Are there Alfa Romeo GT or GTV's in Canada? and if not could you import one?
I'm looking for a stylish SUV or larger car. Anyone have any suggestions?
Is this a good engine?
i need a cheap car in almost perfect condition to drive me from my house to work and school...can anyone help?
how much should i sell it for ?
Where can i find leaf springs to raise the rear end of my 1980 camaro?
I thank each and everyone of you for answering my questions. Thank you.?
i want to know any motor cycle company in pasig city in manila philippines?
Website for cheapest car deals and leases?
Automatic car Question?
What is the private party value of a 2000 Ford F650 26 foot box truck?
How much can i expect car dealers to take off the asking price if i plan on paying with cash?
Black cars or white cars?
how much does it cost to lisence a new car? a 2006 pt cruiser?
dose anyone have a cheap car for sale?
where can i buy a cheap project car in middle tn?
What to bring when buying a used car?
what are some techniques i can use to get a used car cheap from a dealer?
How to go about selling my ar-15?
Brother truck issues?
Do you need a coggins test to transport a horse across AL, GA, SC state lines?? please someone hurry.?
Which car should I buy?
Should I sell in parts or whole?
Where can I buy this Clock?
Two Questions about being a lein holder with no contract?
What kind of car can be purchased for a payment 220.00 a 60 month loan and a 2007?
horse truck for sale perth wesrern australia?
help, someone tell me knows how much it costs to send acar (SUV) in Europe? by sea from port to port ..... ?
I bought my 2005 Toyota Corolla in 2004 & it has 32,500 miles. Is the mileage too high for a car 2 years old?
diablo or veyron and why?
Car Lien Help, Slightly complex.?
I need to buy a car ASAP!!?
Problems w/ Car dealership!! is driving me insane...?
How Much would you pay???
I'm sick and tired of having car problems after warranty and having to pay out of pocket?
Questions about buying a van?
Does anyone own the 2006 Hyundai Azera? How do you like it? Is it very quiet on the freeway? Many thanks.?
where's best to buy a pre used i Mac?
Any Opinions On Kias??
What car should I get?
What is a good first time car to get?
Will my car run smoother with a new timing belt?
which car is cool?
can i afford a used 2010 camaro if i make $20k a year (not including overtime)?
what car should i get?
is there a such thing as a car dealership that has new cars and will not turn you down despite your credit?
how much money do you save by buying a car in detroit. live in ma.?
Need Help in Buying a Car?
Which car has the better repair record: The Audi A8 or the BMW 750i?
I bought a car and im being penalized 175.00?
where can i find an owners manual for a 1972 tow low camper?
who is better guain stfani or ciara?
What kind of car should i get for paraguay. sand roads and cheap?
Whats the best family SUV?
Which of these cars is the best?
I just bought a truck from a car dealer and I payed way to much for it can I return it?
I am looking to sell my car in Poland.?
What kind of car do you drive?
What's wrong with my car?
Honda Civic Si Coupe VS Si Sedan?
What are some good(luxurious) cars that i can buy for $10000 in USA?
Whats the best used car to get, I have my eye on this volkswagen Jetta are they any good?
I bought a car and the dealer wrote on the contract that he would fix my ac what do i do if he don't?
Car Questions!!! Fix Power Steering in My Car or Get A New Car?
What is the best used SUV to buy for under 10000 dollars?
I want to get rid of my car but dnt want a car back and i have a bNk loan on it?
Car titles in Georgia?
Which color scion tc should I buy? Black, Grey, light blue?
Building your own car online - help? :)?
what steps do i have to do to sell my wrecked car?
Civic 08 *OR* Corolla 09 ?? and why?
Do Exhaust Systems Made For The M5 Fit The 550I?
Can i sell my car with its registration past due?
Are restored automobiles considered used?
Should I buy a car or lease one? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
how do I put my aid on Graiglist to sell my car?
what car is better?
what is your favorite car maker?
how can i get a title in my name after i buy the motorcycle and pay off the loan?
Does Chrysler Financial no longer offer new car loans?
I am in the market to buy a gently used car at the end of august.?
where could u find cheep gas at?
What's a good first car for a 17 year old willing to spend around $8000.00-$10,000.00?
Does anyone know where I can find 1962 license plates?
Is 123,000 miles bad for a 2003 Mustang?Even if it is not a GT?
Where will i find out the market value of my hyundai accent R reg (UK)?
Can anybody recommend a good 4x4 to get for a family of 4?
Are there any mid to large sized sport-utility vehicles that get good gas mileage?
Why are Car advertisements so weird ? most of them tell you absolutely nothing about the actual cars?
i can't afford to replace my blue car, should i just paint it red so it goes faster?
Are there any other cars with this shape?
Mini Excavator Advice?
How much would the down payment be on a $2000 car?
Do I have to get my permit first?
I have a one dollar blue seal 1935e silver certificate with red ss on left. any value?
Should I get a 350Z or something else?
Chevrolet camaro in australia?
what is the vehicle history on kl5jd56z16k418596?
What is your monthly car payment?
How much would you sell this car for?
If you buy a used car from a private owner without a title, how hard is it to get a new one or is it possible?
Is there a way to find a specific vehicle?
i need input on what i can do?
Volkswagon TDI's?
You think $1000 is ok? should I ask for more money?
Upcoming Car Auction,what is the best site?
Whats the difference between a 4 cylinder manual and a 6 cylinder manual?
Im getting a new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's a good car for commuting? Would a Prius be a good choice?
which car to get camaro or mustang?
What Kind Of Truck Should I buy?
when buying a vehicle how many days do you have if unhappy to return?
What happens if you dont put enough oil in th car?
First Car?
Mini cooper help !?
sold my car on ebay..buyer having second thoughts?
Is a Used 2002 Nissan Xterra XE a good first car?
what kind of car should i get?
Are there any SEDANS that are ALL WHEEL DRIVES (aka 4-wheel drive) ? Preferably Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota ?
Should I co-sign on a car loan for my adult child?
Is any one else here a strong suv/truck believer?10 points ?
where can i find buckets seat s for my trans am 1979 ?
Trying to buy a car...and trying to figure out how?
What make and model car is this?
Where can i buy bagi in jeddah?
What kind of car should I get? (see details)?
When buying a car- should you expect to pay a 'documentation fee' or is that a junk fee?
Help decided what car to get please...!!! best answer rated.. :]?
Which SUV is the best?
I need a car! Cheap! HELP!?!?
Honda CRV vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee?
Would this be a fair trade?
What kind of car should I get?
What is a good classic car to drive everyday?
What the top websites on selling Classic cadillacs?
Diffrence between sedan n suv cars?
Help with Selling a used financed car with warranty?
Yaris or ibiza?
how do i sell my car and have new owner take over payments?
Quick Opinion?
What should i buy??? 1 st car?
what is a better daily driver 06-08 scion tc or 05 or below subaru legacy gt?
How does financing work if I exchange a used car?
What is the most ecconmical convertible to buy. What are the pros and cons of a convertible?
Im interested in a car, price is €6,750 ono...?
Where is the best website to find a corvette for sale for the years 1967-1972?
how much do you think it will cost?
1979 Cadillac Fleetwood?
how do i download a free OK. bill of sale.?
What are the exact steps to selling a vehicle on ebay?
Will I qualify for a lease?
is it better to lease or buy a car?
What do you think about the Chevy Cobalt?
I would like some recommendations for a teen's first car....preferably a luxury brand such as lexus or audi
Car scam???? do you think it might be?
Where can I scrap my car from in london?
Porsche Boxster?
How much should I price my 2002 MDX?
Do you think this 94 civic DX that needs a new console is worth the price?
i am looking for a new car... has any of you heard of this website is it a scam?
Which Car Should i Get?
what the difference between ford gt-40 and gt-40p heads. which have 3 lines on them, which have 4. other diffe
what to buy honda crv or ford endeavour?
Honda Accord Coupe or Nissan Altima Coupe?
Where i can buy best RC car?
2007 Dodge Caliber or 2006 Ford Fusion?
I'm buying a car in Brockport, PA and I want to get it to Toronto, Canada.?
Should i get my first car off of craigslist?
Scam Buyer on Gumtree?
What is considered "decent" mileage on a used car?
i am a 18 year old male and i am seeking to buy a cheap reliable car but i dont know what to buy please help?
Anyone in the St.Augustine area selling there car?
what car is better honda accord or toyota camry?
What is a good small car to buy in Australia?
Can I trade in my car even though I still have a year left to pay on it?
Where can I get a free car seat ?
A site that can price a car?
where do i buy gaylord boxes used?
What are some websites to buy cars?
How to get a car if I am a co-signer?
Why do people lease cars.....?
Selling my written off car?
New land rover range rovers?
Having trouble picking a car!!!!?
Anyone know any good sites to look around for RIMS?
What do you guys think about Mitsubishi Colt?
What's the biggest street legal regular linenced truck you can buy?? ?
can u tell me what car this is?
How much would you pay for a ford?
Is this a girl's car?
What does it mean when a salvaged car is rebuilt?
Is it possible to sell a RV bought in the US in Brazil? If yes, how to do it?
Swap manual car for automatic?
which is a better car?
Is it true that car factory workers can buy a new car once a year with huge discount?
Does any one know where I can get the hot wheels volcano blow out track set or have one for sale?
where can i buy a maclaren f1?
Best first car for a 17 year old girl?
Car ideas for under 45k HELP?
Dealership seems fishy about sending me paperwork?
how many payments behind can you be before capitalone auto finance will reposess your car? any ideas?
If an item regularly priced at $80 is on sale at a discount of 60%. What is the sales price of the item.?
Anyone interested in selling a moped to me?
How much extra room ??
what sneakers should i buy with 200 dollers?
I would like to find my grandpa's truck and restore it. How do I research this if I don't have the VIN?
what happens to the concept cars?
COllege in need of a car....?
X Reg vauxhall combo van, millage-59148, colour white,6 month mot, how much is it worth?
Me and my mom been talking about buying me a car and i really want a Mazda3?
Is the Automotive Sales business slow for everyone in Toronto?
Is it a good decison to buy a new car in cash?
cars from following i should buy?
How much would you spend on these number plates?
where to buy used ATVs?
How do I get financing for a car? I went through an aweful divorce n my credit score is around 500,nothingdown
What percent mark up does dealer charge for convenience package on Hyundai Tucson?
Ok , how much would I have to pay per month on This car?
i need to buy a jeepney in the philippines can i get a few email addresses?
Is 2012 Fiat 500 pop good for a first car?
Which car is best for a 1st time car buyer?
Where is the best site to sell a Country Coach motorhome?
Does anyone like the old mini's?
under 25,000 what is the best suv? with good gas mielage and not a ''cute-ute'' and is somewat offroad capable
Is there a way to find out how much the bank sold your car for after it was repossessed?
1998 Ford Explorer XLT 5 stars best answer please read?
Chevy Trailblazer vs Toyota Highlander?
Car worth more than I owe, should I sell it?
Does anyone have a car to sell?
Buying a Ford Mustang 1999. Need Help?
Dont know what do about my car problems?
I want to put my car up for sale?
Should I buy this 95-96 Mitsubishi Eclipse ?
looking for a sporty AWD car!!?
Good Car For Under $5,000?
I am going to buy a new High End mid Size SUV, any suggestions?
What is the best time of year to sell a used vehicle?
Good stick shift car for under $2500?
What Do You think is a good price for a first car?
Which inexpensive new car would you recommend for my situation?
What are good cars for a teenager?
NISSAN SENTRA 07: When it will be available and how much will cost?
Affordable new cars for teenagers?
Reliable safe small truck or suv?
Is Hyundai Elantra good sedan car in terms of price and mileage?
How and where do you buy FEMA travel trailers?
help me pick my first car?
Can I "return" car??!!!!!!!!!!?
does high mileage matter with vehicles?
What should you look for when you buy a used car?
my car doesn't work anymore, what should i do? should I let the bank repo it?
what is my current auto loan balance?
Do u have any idea about best suv?
If you had to choose between a 2006 Benz C or 2002 BMW 330Ci?
how can you get out of a joint car loan?
how do i sell a car on ?
best first car for were i live?
can you tell me what is a terrible car?
i traded my car for a motor cycle and they brought it back?
Are fog lights a good buy to get for after market? Does it add value?
Any opinions on Champion Auto Sales in Flint, MI?
best place to buy a used car?
Getting a Car, Need help please?
I'm getting my first car?
what would be a good title for a research paper on Hybrid Cars?
i just bought a car in tijuana i have the sale and pink slips but expired tagz?
If u could have a car pop up in ur drive way for free what would u want?
negotiating the price of a car thats on sale?
Does the car salesman go with you on the test drive?
What is a reasonable price for a teen's first car?
1998 Mustang GT Convertable First Car College Student?
Why is petrol so expensive?
Whats a good safe small car for teen?
i am thinking about buying a 1974 charger and it has no tital but in ga you dont have to have a tital til 86?
I'm looking to buying a new car please help?
How much do I sell my honda for?
is 147,000 miles too much on a used 2005 Ford Focus?
Can I give my car as a gift to my girlfriend without her having to pay taxes?
What car would you choose from the following (in the UK):?
what can i do if i bought a used car, "as-is" and its broke down after 2 week?.?
i need help getting a car?
When selling your car is it safe to let someone test drive it because of insurance reasons? I do have?
im looking for a car to buy near P.A. east stroudsburg?
Time to ditch the SUV and get a car for gas cost. What's a cheap, decent looking car, with good gas mileage?
I have a 2008 Civic Si Mugen for sale... what would you pay?
Refiancing my car.. so its in my name,?
Best choice of mini MPV.....?
What is a good first car?
What is the best sport car under 100k?
Which of these cars should I get?
nissan GTR HKS 600 vs other cars?
ok what car?
What is a good first car to buy?
Is it important to have a service history on a car when you sell it?
what is better to buy?
What to do with my car?
Do you like the new look of my front room?
Which Jaguar model sells the fastest?
How many days in mississippi do you have to return a used car?
Is the Hummer H3 a good car for a teenager?
Car loan or HELOC?
estimated car resale value of a maruthi 800?
Can a mechanic put a lien on a vehicle without the original written, signed estimate?
Im applying for a 2009 car, is 5.1 a good interest rate?
What do u think is the best color for your car?
Has anyone bought a car using
To keep the car, to not keep..That is the question?
How much should I sell my car for?
how much dose a mitsubishi back axel cost?
which one should i go for? logan, indigo, or a used skoda octavia. my budget is 7laks max.?
Yarius, Fit or Versa???
Which watch should i buy?
how big of a deal is it to drive an unregister nissan skyline in california?
if you buy an used car you get 3 months warranty by law ??
Need to sell a black 1993 BMW?
I got a 2002 Porsche for 39,200 and put my old one at the same dealer that had an agreement with me to sell my
How do 19-20 year olds buy sports cars?
How many cars can i co-sign for?
Help with choosing a car.?
get price on 1995 sportsman four wheeler?
Would you rather have a Mitsubishi Eclipse, BMW Series 3 or a Pontiac Solstice.?
How much would you pay for a 1992 Ford Tempo: no air, power steering pump broken, burns oil, bad tires...?
whats the best car numbered worst to best ford expediton or chevrolet tahoe or sequoia?
What is the value of a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 600 with 85 hours of use?
Auto loan bank repo for my truck?
I just traded my car for another car. I let the person test drive it and everything and i told him multiple.?
How can i find transitional needs?
how much is a 1996 ford t-bird with 61,000 miles worth?
i wanna see your list of second hand toyota grandia model 2000 onward?
A car which was brought for $9000.00 when new was value at $7500.00 at the end of the first year.It depreciate?
Where is the best place to look to buy a used car in cash?
What pointes are better? Grishko 2007 or Blochs?
My daughter's jeep needs a new motor, she doesn't have the money to repair it, still has loan, any suggestions
car? help please . Im tryin to find out how much?
where can i find an emerson electric moter for a soda machine?
i want to know if anyone knows of any companies in new zealand who would like to sell electric scooters?
Is $3000 too much for a high milage 95 chevy lumina?
Which of these trucks is more fuel efficient and better overall?
Help me, Which Car to buy?
Can I trade my car in for another one even though it is not paid off yet?
Why should we buy/convert all our vehicles to electric?
Oldsmobile Alero for $2400?
How much would you say a 1991(H) Peugeot 309 diesel is worth?
What car should I buy? Budget of 10000 i am a new driver so 1.4 or less.?
how long does dealer to dealer transfer for a car take to arrive?
is a 01 dawoo a bad car to own?
Can someone explain this page to me?
I'm a girl and I'm hardly 4 ft 11 inches, I want to buy a scooty, which one would be better, scooty pep+ or?
Is 128,467 mileage a lot for a 1989 Honda Accord lxi?
What would be a good first car for a teenager?
we have 1960 willies jeep not in good cond. where can we find out how much to ask. have a hopeful buyer thanks
If i bought a car at a public auction yesterday can i sell it tomorrow without even registering it ?
Can a Carfax report be forged?
Are leather seats the biggest gimmick in the history of automobile manufacture?
Would I get more for my trade-in?
How many cars can you sell per year in California before needing a dealers license?
Sold a car, buyer not paying, do I contact police to get it back?
What is the best decision car buying?
PLEASE READ ENTIRELY B4 YOU ANSWER=)) what are my chances?
Where is a good website or place to buy a used snowplow?
I'm buying a car while living in Florida, but need to drive it back to Michigan.?
I want to buy a 2006 Mercedes C230 Sport. Are they a hassle to maintain or do you suggest buying it?
Can you get a usdot and mc# before you buy a truck?
Honda jazz vs ford fiesta?
Is it possible to return a used car I bought from a dealer yesterday?
Will putting an aftermarket car stereo in a 1999 toyota camry lower the trade in value or private party value?
I want to buy an 1979 300d for 2200.00 shoud I?
Where can I see prices of cars in India?
What car would you recommend for a teenager?
Was given a chick car?
i repoed a car still registered to me, title sign but had it void and replaced for tickets and late payments?
Is a toyota camry a good first car? Details below?
is this a good deal on this 1995 toyota truck?
1955 Murray Lawn Mower Value?
what internet sites should i go to if I'm looking for a car that i want mainly for the engine?
Another Used Car Question?
Are Car Salesmen generally shady( bad ) people.?
What should my first car be.?
1998 Land Rover As First Car Need Help!!!?
What should I do with my car? Trash it or sell it?
SEriously, what do you think of minicooper?
Low priced fun to drive cars? (fast!!!!!)?
When is the best time to swap a lease? I have a 4 year lease - and I am a Senior in college.?
Where can I buy a good cheap car!!?
how do i get into a nice car without killing my lifestyle?
How much should i pay for a old mini cooper?
what car should i get?
What should I do?? Help??