Car Buying

Price for a used honda 2006 CBR racing?
What car should I get?
Good project car? yes or no?
If a car was written off in one state is it illegal to transport the car interstate fix it?
which is better: a Jeep, or a Dodge Dakota?
Which car is better? Hyundai Elantra or KIA Forte?
I intend to buy a new car. For a vehicle body value, how do I calculate the yearly depreciation.?
is chevorlet aveo better than honda city zx?
Looking for a used car under 8,000 in Colorado?
what is a good lease price on a honda civic?
Need a checklist for performing safety checks on used cars.?
1969 firebird price?
are pontiac grand ams really pieces of crap?
how do i swap auto loans with someone?
I'm looking to buy a new car/truck not sure what to get?
how much will this sell for?
Where is the best place to buy used cars?
how much is my car worth? Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6 (D-reg)?
How does purchasing a new car with work?
Car fixer. car engineer?
how much can you sell a used car for without having it inspected in maryland?
What would be a reccomended car for a teenager?
i was offered a mitsubish eclipse 01' 100k , 5 spd for $4,500 .......pros cons?? help it will be my first car.?
MM2H and car purchase? I am applying for MM2H and would like to know how much in taxes and other duties will I?
Should I sell or fix my car?
Should I buy a car with lower mileage or a car with higher mileage that is in mint condition?
First car help? Cadillac?
how much is my van worth?
I just impulsively bought a car, anyway I could get a lower interest rate now?
How much here in Canada for a 2003 dodge minivan?
what would be my first step into getting a new car?
can i drive a car with out inspection sticker?
I want to buy a used or new car?
When and where can I buy a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser near Boston?
Where can I find a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car to borrow or rent for a few hours?
Can I get sued over this?
Is this not a bunch of BS?? ?
Where can I find a used chevrolet BlazerXtreme suv 2002 or 2001 model? Ive tried carmax and vehix any ideas?
how can i get a used car with out credit and down payment any suggestions?
Used Infiniti G35 Certified Worth It???
Buying a CAR what do you recommend?
What Does 'Mechanic A1' Mean??? (Car Condition)?
how much can I sell my 2003 Honda Accord for?
i am looking for an honda s2000 possibly from 2003 if you wanting to sell one let me know.?
I am a college student and looking to buy a 97 ford escort manual T with 156000 miles for $1700. Is it worth?
Where are some major good deals on some 22'' or 24'' wheels....the best place to shop for some?
How much can I get for an 07 bmw 335i?
Where can i buy a car for a cheep price?
whats the best used car dealership in columbia, sc?
where can I find a free printable bill of sale form for selling an animal?
Where can i buy a kitted out mercedes? or something like that?
What are the best websites/news papers to advertise a car for sale in the South Florida area?
looking for my first car, suggestions?
How much are these cars? ?
Is there any where I can buy cheap tires online?
picking up my new car tomorrow, what to check?
If you were a car dealer...would you give me a Hummer?
I seen a 04 BMW 525i with 25k miles for 19k that looks excellent. Should I be concerned or is this a steal?
What is a the best color for a new car?
California lemon law?
What is a good/newer cheap tuner car?
Suggest a scooty.. I want to buy a scooty ......suggest a good model, and efficient one and of low maintenence?
do american cars have KM and MILES speedometer?
What's the best way to negotiate for a car deal?
Help What Should I Look For When Buying a Used Car?
Is it safe to buy a vehicle on craigslist?
I'm in a pickle. Help get me out! Can I trade in my american car to a dealer in Canada?
A trade for a 08 Altima sedan for an 09 Altima coupe? ?
Which car is most 'Old Peoplish'?
What is the most you would pay for a 2004 mazda3 for a first time driver?
I want to buy a car......?
Would you buy a Toyota Celica with 250,000 miles?
I need a new car, I have no credit?
Can I sell my Honda Civic that has one front panel and front suspension wrecked; with a lost OR no title?
In Queensland, what do I have to do to transfer ownership of my car.?
Would this be a good. every day car like good mpg?
which is the best mid size sedan under $ 25000?
Decent First Car Ideas?
What car do you think i should get?
Ford expedition 2012 vs 2012 gmc yukon denali?
So i am not sure what to tell him....?
looking for my first car need help trying to chosen betwe1999 Honda accord v6 vs 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8?
I have $7,000 and need a new car?
How much should i sell my nissan micra N redg 5 door 35,000miles?
Please Help Me! car issues?
Should i trade my 1999 mitsubishi eclipse spyder gs wit 93K mint condition for a 1993 MR2 with 250 HP but noAC
How do you calculate value of a used car when the engine is replaced with a new one from the manufacturer?
Points to make to parents when buying first car?
I have this car! Its a nightmare!?
buying a new honda cb twister or yamaha rx 135. which is better?
Looking for a new car in the UK?
What car should i buy?
How difficult will it be for me to take over car payments? I'm looking for a new car. Where do I find offers?
2006 ford fusion or....?
2012 Ford Focus vs. 2012 Hyundai Sonata?
Mazda 3 or Ford Focus (hatchback)?
Im looking to buy a car in the 20,000 range. What should I buy?
What kind of car to get?
I'm a broke college student and i was wondering where you would recemend me looking 4 a cheap relaible car?
Would 17" x 9" wheels fit a car that has 17" x 8" stock?
Purchasing vs. leasing a vehicle?
Are used car dealers required to have current inspection on all vehicles sold?
looking for a good used fifth wheel r/v travel trailer in lower georgia or florida area?
where can i get approved for a car to be financed if I have bad credit.?
Should i get this car...?
Where is crazy 88 auto located?
Dealer is keeping the car til i pay it off?
Can a person without a drivers license buy a car at a dealership?
I'm looking for a good cheap car, V6, 2-door..any reccomendations?
ok i was pre approved for a motorcycle loan and am expecting a check from USAA banking but sellers want cash?
need to find dealership that sells the mack rawhide truck?
i need help, is this a good car to buy?
What is an ideal car for a 17 year old?
What car should i buy next?
where can I ger a non-remaned heater bloer moter for my 1973 Volkeswagen beetle?
Should I buy this car?
How much should a used transmission cost?
i have a 1984 dodge ram100 prospector pickup 318 does anyone know the blue book on this truck?
How much should one spend on a car?
where do you find a test for toy hauler campers?
How much should i sell....?
What car should i get?
What it mean if guy has car with company name on it?
i want to buy a car, is there any good idea about this?
what letter or number on a VIN is used to identify if the vehicle is equipped with an air bag?
where can I buy a used car for 3500.00 or less?
what are the valid reasons to cancel a car booking?
Good or bad idea to buy a used car for a first car?
How to buy a car from China?
What kind of 4x4 can I get for under 20,000$ That will last in Alaska?
Where can i buy this engine?
do I have to use a car loan at a specific dealership?
i need some useful german sites to buy cars from germany?
Cash for Clunkers? Do i get the value of my car as well?
Acura RSX type-s or Scion tC?
Is a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse a good 1st car?
When is the next motor show (anywhere in the world) and where is it?
1996 Ford Ranger Extended Cab 4cylinder automatic?
What small car should I buy?
how can i get the most out of my trade?
Can anyone give me a FAIR price to pay for an EXTENDED WARRANTY on an 08 Altima (more)....?
What kind of car should i get?
I'm buying a new car. How should I drive it initially in order to "break it in?" And for how long? Thankyou.
Which car is better among them?
What does "fully loaded" mean when you are buying a car?
car for teenager?
Can i bring a leased car back after a year for a new one?
Is it realistically possible for someone with $12,000 debt & a 2000 Toyota Corolla, buy a new 2008 Acura TL.?
where can i find cheap cars for sale in jacksonville?
Whats the price of a(new or old) 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS in Rupees?
Teenager- I want to drive manual!?
What is a good car for a high school student to be driving around?
Fix and sell or Sell as-is or Donate?
Trading vehicles at a dealership?
need feedback on the maruti Versa?
I sold my car and now they want their money back.?
2010 Mazda 3 or 2005 bmw 325i?
What are some good cars that are fast?
is there a website where you can trade your car with someone elses?
Chevy Cavaliers?!! is it worth it?
My car is made in France and I am a loyal American. Should I sell it for an American car ?
Interim license: Can I still purchase a car?
How do you haggle with a car dealer?
where can I go to find the value of a ' 64 chevelle front clip-complete?
does anyone know where you can buy a root supercharger for a 2008 infinti g37.?
Can I cancel my car finance?
Is it better to buy a used car from a dealer or from an individual?
Is it easy to live in a car?
best car for under 4500?
I wanna buy a Yamaha s90es for the lowest price in the world new.?
Good First car for a girl?
Pricing on an american sports car for lease?
I want to buy a new car? Which is best car in 5 to 5.5 lac in India?
How much would it cost me to order a car that is made up of an earlier die cast model?
online uk damaged car auction?
What do you looking for when buy a Car? A used car for that matter.?
How can I make my exaust sound louder?
Would a car dealership sell a car out from under me if i was waiting for the loan?
Can I junk a car for money if I have a lien on the title?
Scammed buying a car on auto trader now what?
Ford Fiesta Zetec or Ford Focus?
Vehicle Loan Qualified?
my parents won't let me buy a car?
any web sites that show pics of cars?
Struggling to find a 1st car suitable for me?
should i buy a go kart?
Am I scoring a good deal?
I don't want my car anymore but it is financed, what do I do?
bought a used car from a dealer drove less than 5 miles and it started smoking and leaking anti freeze?
1969 firebird price?
1998 vw cabrio or 2009 chevy colbalt?
use tax on restored salvage vehicles?
I need some final honest opinions?
I wanna buy a $20,000 truck and my credit score is 450.How much money do i have to put down to buy it?Help?
Does Canadian have to pay any sales taxes in Oregon/US..?
Is it safe to drive an expensive car to a sixth form college?
where can i trade in my car and get a rebate for it?
What do you think of the $2-4k used car business right now?
how do you find the make,model and image of the car you want?
what is a better car?
what car would u choose?
Hhow miles is too much on a used Nissan ?
Can I take a car back to the dealer the following day if i decided not to take it?
Buying good mini-vans to be fitted with......... ?
what is a good used car for a 19 year old?
What is a good way to have proof that it is my truck even though the title isn't in my name?
Should I buy a 2005 Lincoln Navigator?
has anyone a 30 - 40 hp outboard engine forsale ... fairly new?
Can i bring a leased car back after a year for a new one?
Where in the SF Bay Area can you get a Camry 07 Hybrid?
im interested in buying a car but where do i look?
Good sites for buying a muscle car?
help buying my first car?
What is the fees/charges and formalities req. at Pune RTO to transfer the ownership of Indigo Car make of 2004
how should i buy a car?
What Kind of Car to Buy?
Should I buy my own car?
M.O.T What must I do?
Recommend me a car - 27 year old, single?
Audi A4 or Volkswagon Passat?
Just thought i'd ask....?
I bought a used car from a bmw dealer too quickly, and now realize I paid too much. Do I have any recourse?
what's better - new honda civic hybrid or toyota prius???
Where to find Turbo kits for a 1992 mazda mx3 v 1.6L?
Need a checklist for performing safety checks on used cars.?
Why would you buy a Nissan car over a Toyota car?
Should I buy this car? 2005 Pontiac G6, 40,000 miles?
What does PPO mean when you're buying a new car online?
Old used car at a junkyard?
Is it worth learning how to drive manual?
Why do car dealerships in the UK charge more than the rest of the world??
Being a Military couple is it best if we lease or buy a car during deployment or after?
best cross over suv to buy?
I am a co-signer on my car. I want to trade it in or get it in my name, what do I do?
Im 15 and i want to raise money for the end of next summer to buy a car. What should i do to make enough money?
Regretful purchase. Now what?
I am in sales and need a car to drive. What would you suggest ? New ? Used ? I do about 1200 miles per week?
single axle vs dual axle on 6X12 cargo trailer?
Vehicles without clean titles?
Im hopefully going to get the 2010 Camaro, any tips?
need help picking a truck?
What are your favorite/dream cars?
I need to buy my wife a small 2nd hand car, where and for what should I search?
Pick Up Trucks?
Can I get my car back after second reposession?
Has anyone ever bought a van From Punjab Auto Sales in Hamilton Ontario Canada if so how was it?
My car is titled under my parents?
PLEASE,Help me telling me how to register a salvage certificate car in Florida.?
Trading vehicles with someone in VA?
if i bought a car as-is , is the seller responsible for the car if it breaksdown 6 hrs. later?
What is a real good reliable car to buy?
Is this payment method and pickup fishy for a motorcycle sale?
whats the best, long lasting truck for a beginner?
What would it cost to sell a car from USA TO CANADA?
Does anyone know any websites were chinese people buy cars?
what is a better first car?
Why doesn't Answers have a self-righteous bigot filter?
how much did u pay for your 1st car?
Can I sell my old TV at the Car Boot Sale?
Which is the best luxury SUV and sedan respectively? (top priority COMFORT)?
I sold my car privatly now im having issues with the buyer?
I am planning to buy a car. my budget is 12000 $. I am staying in UAE. pls. suggest which car is good to buy?
What is best midsize 4X4 V6 SUV for someone who lives in a rural area but also does city driving good mpg a +?
Bourght car from private buyer as good run order. 3 days later garage-loose flywheel. can i claim off seller?
what kind of car or cars do you have/own?
6.5HP Go Kart? What should I do?
Who has bought from
Did you ever play with matchbox cars or hot wheel cars? How has this influenced your car buying today?
my boyfriend is getting a new car..?
importing a 2004 mazda mx-5?
Would this be good for my first car?
how much do they take off a cars sticker price if you buy it without financing?
Can 20 year old making $10.50 buy a new car?
I have a car I want to sell, but I don't know how much its worth.?
How much is this worth?
The person I sold my car to totaled it and doesn't want to pay me now.?
have you ever bought something online?
Just bought car from private party with “THIS IS NOT AN OPERATING PERMIT” in registration paper?
Help !! I need some advice on car sales ! Beginner !?
Which car should I get?
if i were to buy a used car?
Is a 1997 98 silverado a nice truck?
$1000 budget, where should I go for two weeks?
do i swap cars or not...advice pleaseee?
Is this a good engine?
What car company is the best for money?
I need to buy a car for my college daughter, need to know which is the best small compact car?
Can you return a car back to dealership for another without hurting your credit?
how do you find out who the lein holder is on a car title?
Nissan Skyline R34 or Nissan 350Z?
trucks which you like more?
where do used cars go if not sold at dealership?
Fun, easy, low maintenance, kinda cheap to maintain, smallish new car?
Which car is better: Lexus IS 250 or BMW 328i ?
Car Warranty when bought car? Not informed or told..?
Car dealers, what was your best deal where you sold an expensive piece of crap to someone?
do i get a title when i buy a used car?
I need and I'm seeking car advice plz help me?
with bad credit how much should i expect to put down on a 25,000 car?
Hi, im saving for a $6000 car and im 16. I have a job you think i could pay the dealership a monthly payment?
Mechanically speaking, what is the better car, the Audi A6 or Infiniti G37?
Should i get a Range Roover?
im looking for a 40 ford coup for sale reasonably cheep for my father if anyone has on please let me know?
Good first car for 17 year old?
What is the average price of a ATV/4-Wheeler? Nothing fancy, just plain and brand new?
does anyone have a set of headers that will fit a 350 in a 90 camaro rs?
looking for 1964 chevy impala body in a junk yard?
If I buy a £5000 car, can I ask for a discount for paying cash.?
What is the fastest car you can buy for under 5 grand, US?
What is the best used car for under $6000.00?
What do car dealerships do with the brand new cars once new model (year) comes out?
Which of these vehicles should I buy?
First car for teen male suv?? Help?
How is the reliablility of a mitsubishi 3000gt or a supra?
Which car is best (with pictures)?
Is there any car dealer in the world who would trade me a truck for a for my car that is worth more than it?
Used car websites! helpp?
I want to trade my car in i bought it from a buy here pay here place and would like to trade it into a dealers?
wagons & stage coaches were driven from the right side, but when automobiles were invented they were rhd?
Your opinion on a purple car?
is 75,650 miles good milage for a used 2001 BMW 740iL?
Has anybody bought a car from BSCAmerica Auto Auction in Maryland? If so what are the typical prices?
I bought a 2007 honda accord just two weeks ago and its damaged.. can i take it back to the dealer?
What four door midsized sedan should i get for my first car?
are 2009 pt cruisers good cars ? what is a best buy? a 30k miles pt cruiser or a 80k corolla or 80k accord?
I want to buy a car thats fast?
Where do new cars on a car lot go if they are not sold? i.e. the 2005 models now that it's 2006?
Is this type of auto financing possible?
Is it better to lease a car than buy one?
What should i buy iphone 4s or the new Ipad?
How can I make sure I'm not getting scammed when buying a used car from a dealership?
Is buying/trading a new vehicle every 3 years a good strategy?
I'm looking at buying a 04 Subaru Impreza TS (wagon)?
Need help about trading a fairly new car for cheaper used car!?
Trading my 95 mustang gt conv for an awd car?
I need to sell my car fast but I can not afford the fee to post an ad. What else can I do?
How can save money to buy a car?
If i buy a car in calif. and move to texas The dealer is accussing me of pre meditatated fraud how is this?
I currently have a car on 3 year pcp deal. do the payments remain near enough the same after 3 years.?
I plan on buying a new car in december/january?
Is a car with hail damage worth investment?
i have henry j car parts for sale!?
what is the meaning of "hatchback" (this is used with reference to car)?
value of a 1997 oldsmobile aurora?
Where can i find a car....?
Best 4x4 - Honda CR-V or what?!?
Best first car?
Cheap Used Fast Cars?
How many Porsche Carrera GT are there in USA?
Want to buy a car in York, Pa no more than 1500?
Tricking out my camaro or Firebird?
Anyone know a place in Houston that will check a car frame to see if it is bent?
Trading two vehicles for one?
What is a good car to buy?
Buying something that I dont have possession of?
I'm 15 and im saving up 2 buy a car what kind of car should i get that's nice but cheap??????
have u been cheated b4?
How much is my classic car worth or how can I find out?
Which type of car should an 18 year old in high school get thats not too pricey but still good...?
What rights do I have when buying a used car and it doesn't run?
Which one is a better car? Toyota Camry or VW Passat?
g37 sedan pricing help?
what are some four door cars thats look nice are dependable and are under 10,000?
About how much should a person save to get a frist car? ?
Best First Used/New Car?
Should i buy a car or truck?
Where can i buy some cups for a cheap price?
does a vehicle have to run to be used as a trade in?
if someone's salary is $118,710 , what kind of car can they afford?
titlemax sold my vehicle?
Should I quit my job and become a car salesman?
i just got rid of an '04 dodge neon and am looking for a new street racing car. but i cant decide what to get!?
Can you negotiate your interest rate at the dealership?
What the average Tax Deduction from a Car Donated to Charity?
If I bought a used car & im not happy can I get my money back?
Give me the addresses of car selling centers in toronto?
Is there any Classic car collectors in vancouver washington?
What should I do? The car I bought has problems.?
Is a second hand BMW economical to buy?
Anyone know where I can find a cheap car 400.00 to 500.00 for my son? (on the web)?
I have a V W with a porsha emblem on the hood it came from the factory that way?
FINALLY saved up enough to buy my 1st car! -Need Opinions-?
how much does a 1986 volvo 760 turbo cost now?
Should a buy a vehicle with a salvaged title?
I just bought a used car from a dealer and the service engine light came on. What do i do?
Why do some people always change cars?
If the United States......?
What is the most fuel efficient SUV?
how much do you think this car is worth? THANKS!! :D?
I'm a 16 year old kid and i want to know which 07 SUV should i buy?
looking for a dodge challenger R/T?
My friend sold me his car that his ex wife that is a state away has, what would be the best approach to get it?
toyota yaris, kia soul, nissan cube, smart for2, mazda 2 or scion IQ. which is best to buy?
Sketchy dealership? Friend needs opinions.?
hey guys um i need help, where can u find a cheap cheap car rental place?
Do most cars with 12,000 miles purchased used last for a while without needing repairs?
looking for very cheap project cars around oklahoma city?
How much is a 1975 Ford Maverick worth?
What questions should I ask about the truck om looking to buy?
I dont know what kind of car/truck to get for my first vehicle.?
Is legit? Looking to buy new headlights?
moutain bike or push scooter(jd bug)?
How Many Ounces Does A Hotwheel Car Weigh?
I am thinking of buying a corsa please help!!!?
How should I go about selling my car?
what's the most reliable car you have bought and what is the worst?
to dream you are buying a car?
What exhaust system should I buy for a GS-R Civic coupe?
i have a question on how car dealerships work. Help please?
How much should I pay for my 2012 F-150 extended warranty?
Car payment problem, need help?
Is a dodge challenger sxt a good car to buy?
Lifespan of a car?
How to save fast for car?
im 15 how can i make 3000 dollars in a couple weeks?
What kind of car do you drive?
First car? and convincing parents...?
Can I sell a car to dealership if I've had it only for 8 months?
when a car is discontinued, does the resale value drop?
What is the Blue Book value of a 1975 Ford F150?
How much would it cost to have all your carr windows tinted?
i will have 5,000 dollars in a year should i trade my car then or wait longer i own a 1996 honda civic now?
Honda civic si 99-00?
How much will i get for my saxo S reg gd condition.?
Is this a scam or what?
Is buying a new car worth it, or should I stick with the clunker?
Buy a used car without the signature on the title.?
Which car would be the best , within a range of 4 to 6.5 Lakhs available India.?
I want to buy a car but confused between I10 and Beat?
trying to buy a car without co-signer?
were do you get the best car deals?
What license do I need to buy cars in bulk?
Does anyone want to buy a 1974 VW bus?
What r the ratings on a 2003 Acura 3.2TL Sedan and do they get good gas mileage?
which car should i get for my graduation present?
I'm selling my totaled 2000 vw bug. Should I sell it for parts, or as is?
Can you please provide me a "Deed of Sale" sample?
when i buy a new car from maruti,how do i come to know the date of manufacture of the car?
i am paying for a car but the guy i am buying from is driving it what is my legal wright?
what is the best valued coupe of 2006?
What car should i get?HELP!!!?
Which car is right for me?
Lincoln LS v8 vs. Jaguar x-type 3.0(awd) vs. Cadillac CTS 3.5 vs. Chrysler 300 3.5 vs. Audi A6 3.0?
Would you buy a digger from me?
Which methods of payment are accepted at car dealerships?
Seller of Auto wanting me to send $1000 to secure sale of vehicle. I read its not safe. What should i do?
Which car to take to prom?
teens agers first car????
Should I let him go?
Which car should I buy?
How about the car Hyundai's Accent VIVA CRDi?
Which light truck is the best?
Do I have the right to back out of a car sale?
Muscke car(68-74) or tuner? On the real which one wins?
Car buying: safest and best gas milage 2012-2013?
how you files for a lost car title when the owner is deceased?
what kind of bargaining power do i have with hybrid dealers?
If I buy a car from a private owner how do I drive it home,since it won't have a tag/license plate?
I need advice on what car to buy I'm looking for something hott! what're your favorite cars?
In canada, how much would a 1973 vangaurd camper trailer be worth it is a 17 foot, the person is asking for?
What is the best first car for teenager?
anyone know?
What is a reasonable price for a used car?
What's a good used car for me?
What is a very expensive and high quality English car that a young man would like to own?
are small/big suvs difficult to drive?
im looking for a chevy nova in az i really like the 60s to 70s modals?
Planning a coast-to-coast move. Can you trade in a car in one state and buy a new one in another?
Is Hyundai more reliable automaker than Toyota or Honda these day?
Hyundai Verna Diesel or Skoda Rapid Diesel?
99 Toyota Camry?
iam looking for a chap car in lexington nc?
should i change my car?
Which American car is great for traveling between Pa and Las Vegas?
Which one is the website for cars?
I'm selling my Honda and wanted to know if I can transfer my car payments or do I have to sell it outright and
I am 16 years old and looking for first car.. What would be a good first car?
Best American muscle classic? (your opinion)?
Backing out of an auto loan?
What should my first car be?
Should I get a Cadillac?
what's a better vehicle: mazda 3 or scion tc?
Thoughts on the 1985 BMW 528? Is it a reliable car?
How difficult will it be for me to take over car payments? I'm looking for a new car. Where do I find offers?
should i buy the car?
What is do you think the best hot hatch/rwd coupe car should I get that's under $30000?
Is the Honda Del Sol a Reliable Car?
what kind of car is good for a girl?
92' Saturn parts for sell?
Sporty cars for 17 year old under about $6,000?
How to talk my dad into getting me a reliable car?
Does this car seem a bit too good to be true?
Do you think Used Limousines with 2000 miles a good Cheap Limos car to buy?
How long can you take a car loan out for?
Is the matrix a good vehicle to buy?
Buying vs. leasing a car?
Is it worth learning how to drive manual?
Looking to purchase a truck. Is this a good deal?
$1200 donation for a used car from somone who wont miss it...any givers in the house?
Is this a good deal for this car?
Why Renault and Peugeot cars are not sold in Canada whereas all other European models could be found??
i live in lebanon and i want to buy a car from ebay can they ship it to lebanon?
Best way to sell a used car?
what kind of car should I be getting?
I want to sell my iPod on Craigs List, how does it work?
man posts on ripoff report that toyota corolla is scam. do you believe it?
aston martin dbs vs. ferrari 458 spider?
Looking to buy a crew cab truck!?
Cheap fast cars under 4,000$ (manual transmission only)?
Am I obligated to buy this car?
how much cost a wolksvagen golf 5 trendline tdi? a new one?
How many mpg does the 2010 Camaro aisin AY6 6 speed give and how much does the 6 speed 6L80?
Exhaust Tips and which tip to buy?
How hard will it be to find a 2001 volvo s40 limited in titanium grey metalic?
should i get a rx8 or a 350z for my first car?
Buying my first car.?
car for a teenage girl?
Is it worth buying this car?
Anyone know where I can find the Canadian book value for my used car?
i am thinking about buying a truck with high miles should I?
PLEASE HELP!! What is a good car for a first time driver?
would you save $3,000 or 3,000 miles?
Craigslist flag?
need phone # for systems & services technologies, inc. in St. Joseph, MO?
who is such a nice person?
Is this a good car???
of these two automobile vehicle which one is having more brand value and expensive?
Anyone who knows ALOT about cars please help!!!!!?
how to send bday gifts online?
Planning to buy a Small Car. Which should I buy? What is the criteria for choosing a car?
How much would a brand new Ferrari set you back?
Where can I find the factory price of a vehicle built by Ford?
if i want to buy a car in another state, who's sales tax do i pay?
Should I buy a moped or a car?
looking for prices for 1956 chevy convertible?
I'm 18 and I want to buy a car but i have no credit history or car insurance. can i still buy a car under myse
Are there any decent Honda dealers within 50 miles of Boston?
Benz C230 or Lexus IS250..what car would you buy?!!?
Fiesta, Sonic, Cruze, or Versa?
Is the 1994 chevy cavalier known to have problem's ?.?
where can I find a steering wheel for my 1969 firebird,?
Whats the best site to sell or buy cars online that has a decent Database?
How can I exchange my new car for another new car?
I hate my new car after a month?
Should I buy Ford Fiesta?
VS semi annual sale or black friday?
where can I find ex-lease cars for sale?
What's the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof?
where to buy old 1964 cars?
where can i buy a mobile sattelite signal reflector or blocker for my 18 wheeler?
is r15 is better for me ?
Where can I buy a RipStik Caster board for cheap? Good QuALITY link provided on how they look 10 points?
the best value for money car on mumbai metropolitan roads?
does any one know how much a body kit for a peugeot 206 would be?
Who sells smidgens and how are they packaged.?
What's better: an Audi, a Cadillac, or a Volvo?
Hi there! I've passed my driving test and I wanna get a car. I'm finkin a Polo/Fiesta/Clio. Any suggestions?
Should I refinance my vehicle?
is the 2008 Dodge Avenger SE a good car?
What would make you consider running a much smaller car and hiring a bigger one only when you need it?
what is a good fast car for a 16 year old?
What do you recommend the Best car to buy?
The name of this car part?
What's a reasonable price to pay for the Toyota Prius Hybrid in CA (Bay area)?
Can a college student co-signed to buy a car?
Should I buy a used 2003 BMW 525i?
How can I buy the $2500 Tata Nano? I live in America, is anyone importing them?
is renault megane a good car?
where can I find some running boards for a 2000 limited tahoe?
Anyone know anything about haul truck?
I need a SUV, which is the best dealer in Los Angeles. 10000 bucks?
Car talk? What does this mean?
best half ton truck to buy 07-11?
I want to bargain for a car, I'm aiming to go from 21,000 to 19,000. Any tips?
planing to buy used "Fiat Palio" is it be good deal?
i am Casual Employee working 38hrs per wk for over 5 months do i have a chance to get a car loan?
Which car do you guys think is better?
Gas prices killing me.?
1977 Jeep Golden Eagle J-10 Pickup...?
How is buying a new car better than buying a used car?
Wanting to buy a chevorlet Aveo Uva.?
if you finance a car and the title is not in the possession of the seller, is the contract still binding?
Does any one know how import a car from estates to BC? or any broker?
What does "TLC" mean when the say a car needs it???
What car should I get?
Does the USPS deliver your packages all at once or one by one?
im 16 and planning to spend no more than 2000$ on a car...any ideas on which car is hould get.?
How much does a Crown Vic Interceptor go for at auto auctions (06'+)?
I'm looking for a used muscle car for less than 3000$?
Lookin for a Supra, Nissan Skyline, or RX-7?
where would i find a antique dealer to price an old texaco spirit motor sign?
Vehical registration emergency!?
What alternative cars are there?
How can i get a free car report?
How is this car part called?
what price guide do car traders use when you trade your car in?
Can anyone buy a bus?
find car dealers in north wales?
For around 10-20g what the best luxury, muscle or exotic car i can get?
Which one should i get? please help. easy points.?
withdrawing money for a used car?
My parents say for my first car I have to get an economical one under $5000. What would be the best?
I'm 17 and my parents are offering to buy me a car...I have this choice....?
How about a new car??:)?
Is a mini cooper a right choice for a teen car?
anyone know a lot about cars?
Ok I'm 16 and I just started a job and want to get this truck for a great price 12,000 would my bank let me ?
what do I need to know about buying a Mercedes benz c230?
We're trying to sell a car online. The response I got was from someone who had a cashiers check for more than
R/T, SRT8 Superbee, and SXT differences?
does anybody agree with me that car dealers are the lowest form of life?
Should I buy the one with Lower miles with the accident or higher miles with no accident?
if i purchase a car from differnt state how does tax works?
Which Car Is Better Looking?
searching for late model ford sedans, crown vic & grand marquis, wholesale?
Is a 2003 Honda Accord EX-V6 A Sedan with 125k miles on it a good deal for $8995?
what is the most expensive car?
does anyone have a 60's ford econoline truck for sale?
I live in reno Nv I want to purchase a car in california its not title just a bill of sale I should buy this
Questions about used SUVs which to buy?
How much are you paying for your SUV?
Do I need to have the four hundred dollar V1 radar detector before i can use the concealed display?
I'm looking to buy a minivan and I want to know what the normal miles per year a van should have?
what are the top 5 brand cars to buy?
Metro Excavator Bucket?
What is the best four seat car for carbon impact?
auto insurance required when buy new car???
AlSO, lookin for a 1967 GT500 Shelby Fastback or a 1998 Chevy Impala SS?
Need advice on getting first car?
your neighbor is buying a new car, what are 5 questions you ask them to help them make the right decison?
What would be a ideal first car for me? UK?
Where to buy a used car ?
I am thinking of buying an SUV soon, which ones are the best on gas and mileage, and reliabilty I like the?
Can I buy my friends towed car?
What kind of car do you have ?
Car leasing question regarding final payment and total charge of credit?
What kind of car do you have?
Need Help finding A Nice Affordable Car, any ideas???
How Much Do You Think I should Sell My Car For?
which suv/muv to buy??? confused!?
can anyone recommend a decent 7 seater?
Can I trade in a car if I'm only 17?
17 and looking for a first car...what do you think of this one?
I'm a first time car buyer and needing tips?
Which car brands are the best?
Is this a scam? BMW car?
whats the best car for me?
what is best a 4x4 or awd?
Will a garage actually take my car in part exchange if it doesn't have an MOT?
Need help with car desision.?
What % off MSRP is the GM employee discount for a 2007 Silverado.?
What's involved with taking over someone else's lease?
Should i get this new car?
Why would someone buy an all wheel drive vs. a two wheel forward drive?
What is the expected price and mileage of Tata Pixel?
Which car should i buy? Toyota Yaris or Nissan Latio?
What should i buy??? 1 st car?
What car should I buy?
Late charge issues on a car loan?
What kind of car do u guys recommend for under 7000??
Can dealership warranty affect interest rate?
does anyone want to buy a honda cbr 125rr - 10 months old - immaculate. East Anglia, UK?
should I buy a 2003 accord or a 2008 civic?
What truck should i get?
ok so I;m selling my car and wanted to know how much i should sell it for its a 62 ss chevy impala?
Is there actually a place to get a completely FREE report on a used car quickly?
Is there a program that offers funding or grants to people who are employed but need a car?
Should I buy a Lexus IS-250 or BMW 3-series?
what is a good web site for used box chevy's?
What website should i use to sell my car online?
Which car should i get??? Easy 10 points!!!?
what does a 1992 Camaro, engine ceased, mint condition body with 150,000 miles go for?
I bought a car from a dealer later via carfax i found out frame damage how do i get a refund?
Where to buy repairable cars online?
Im afraid to buy a nice car?
Were can i find a 1967 Chevrolet Impala?
I have $7000 what car should I buy?
I just got my licence and am looking for a car?
wanna buy some car accessories ?
How could I convince/ask this guy to sell his truck?
What is the exact cost of producing one car?
I gave my suppose to b friend 5 thousand dollars to get me a car from the auction this was feb ?
What's going to happen with my car?
Which taxes or fees apply when you buy a car in Dallas, TX?
Do you know the hybrid cars?
Rewards of being Nice? OLD man with SUV bumps into my car.?
Where to buy a car?
how much time will i need to but a spider Ferrari?
Looking for sporty coupe?
If I fixed up a 84' Fiero, would anyone want to buy it?
Which car is better a GTI or Honda Civic Si?
Has anyone used the Costco Auto buying program? Were you satisfied, or what were the drawbacks?
What are some quality new cars that can be leased for under $220 a month, witth a trade in worth $3000?
which car is best?
does hennessey performance upgrade any vehicle?
Can someone run a VIN for my 16 yr. old niece? She is buying her 1st car and has limited funds.?
Need advice on what I should do about a car?
What to use to write for sale sign on car window?
Help buying a car for cold weather conditions...?
is a 2005 camry LE with 120,000 miles worth 6,000$?
Need ideas for what car to buy (Sedan, Fast,3500-4000$)?
Which car should i buy?
how do I go to auction sites?
What is wrong with my car?
i need the dmv transfer tittle forms but i want to do them
should i lease my dream car or save money for later?
Can I give somebody else the right to sell a car owned by me?
whatdoes "clear title" mean?
How do I Get Second Chance Car Loan?
How do you really use the internet to save thousands on the purchase of a new car?
what is the best place to sell my car(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)?
Car dealership contract void?
where can i buy new motors such as a B18 vtec and its trustable not robbing me?
how many cars have you brought in your life.?
buying a second hand car?
Does it look better..............?
I'm buying a new car need advice?
My dad is the lienholder on my car. There are no payments. What rights does he have to the car.?
What luxury car should I buy?
PLEASE HELP! Bought a used car, discovered old problems, old owner won't take back!!!?
Best little Convertible to get?
is 12500 a good price for new 2012 nissan senta?
How should I go about selling my 1981 Corvette?
Is the Range Rover 2010 a good vehicle and is it dependble?
what car is a better buy?
Does anybody here sell used car?( honda jazz / fit, crv / rav4 -AT)?
Confused between choosing a car -- VW or Honda or Subaru?
Mitsubishi Montero sport are they good vehicles?
How much does car advertising saves me on the car/truck I desire to buy.?
what year does motor car tax become free?
what are the main things to look for when buying a second hand car ?
if you sell a car before its repossessed can it still be repossessed from the new owner?
Help with my car PLEASE!?!?
fiat finance-will i be approved i need a car?
how many kilometers should a 4.8 liter pickup go?
Is making an offer on a car over the internet a legally binding contract?
how does a salvage title affect the price of a vehicle?
wahts the best Car?
i want the best information about bike modifiers and any knowledge about herohonda karizma second hand vehicle
is it safe to buy a car that has an engine swap on it?
hero honda karizma zmr or thunderbird or classic(6-8 months of waitin period).already used thunderbird fr 5 yr?
how can i buy 1 or 2 right now?
do you think 15 years old is too young to get a car?
Where can I check my vin # that has 13 characters not 17?
I am looking for a car with a reliable engine?
I'm buying car car. Is dealer financing better than bank financing?
Why do people spend fortunes "modding" up their Corsas and other naff cars ?
A loaded 2001 saturn LS L 300 for 3,960.00 with 152,000 miles is the price to high?
Do you think this car looks too "old" for a 20-year-old?
Opinion on best small truck?
I'm confused about how this makes me spoiled?
butterfly knife in Australia?
Would anyone lend me some money to buy a car? I promise to give it back.?
lowest price 4 06 sonota delershps want high int. rate they are ----- crazy where ken i go?
Is it possible for me to buy a car in another city without being there to sign the paperwork?
what is a better first car for a 18 year old? nissan altima coupe or honda civic coupe?
Work on my old car or buy a new car?
Is the bmw m10 real and when did they make it?
Buying Pre owned vehicle?
What kind of car should I be looking for?
Honda jazz? or toyota yaris? or ford fiesta?
I do not have enough credit history and I am wondering how can I qualify to buy a car ?
Lancia Stratos Zero?
what is a destinattion charge when you buy a new car?
Is it possible to have a job without a car to go around?
When is Honda running their next sale/promotion?
What kind of van should we get?
Good price for this car?
if i get my used car dealers license , would i be able to sell at least three cars a month part time ?
Any suggestions on a mid size suv that's under $23,000? Big family so a car in any model is real crowded! ?
What's a nice sports car that doesn't cost a lot?
how can a I lease a car for the summer in new york City?
What could I trade my 2008 Honda Accord for?
how to buy a car online?
2008 scion tc or 2008 camry?
Is this a good SUV for a teen?
in used car lots you see a car that says AS IS, can anyone tell me exactly what this means?
in california can i minor buy a car?
how long does it take a package to get from shanghi to georgia?
Is there any cheap and reliable car that up to $5000 on this Black Friday?? I really need to buy one.?
How can I buy a car if no one will give me a loan and no one will cosign for me?
If you stop paying your car note, can a second hand car dealership issue a warrant out for your arrest?
This one is for the guys... What is the big deal about cars??
How do i get a coborrower off a car loan?
Getting a new car, Please help! 2?
how do you convince a dealer to lower the price of a used car?
2008 Mitsubushi Galant expect to get high mileage?
What kinds of expensive car starts with an M that was originated in germany and also makes bus lines?
Which of these exhausts is best for..?
What is the latest car from honda? When was it been produced.?
Is it cheaper/better to buy a Lamborghini/Ferrari in italy!?
Have any advice for a PDI for a used Class A Motorhome?
Cute cars for a teenage girl that have a high MPG/gas mileage?
I sold a truck last week to a guy and now he has complaints and wants his money back. Am I liable?
shipping help?
What first car should i get?
Why is shipping from Hong Kong cheaper than the US (eBay)?
Honda Civic or Toyota Camry?
How much max mileage should be on a used car I consider buying?
Lemon law on consignment sales?
How much is this worth?
Honda Civic vs Ford Mustang first Car?
Can I make a profit of a 2008 Scion tc being sold to me for 6,500$?
Anyone have experience with this RV and motor. Was it a good model, durable, etc. ?
What is a good SUV for a 16 year old boy?
Chevy Colorado and Nissan Frontier owners!?
Best used car for teen driver?
What should I get for a First car?
Should i get a 2010 camaro ss?
What is the mileage of Maybach 62 S?
warm air intake = better mpg?
I am interested in an item (vehicle) that was listed on Craigslist?
Which car?
How much above KBB value should one pay to dealer for a certified used car?
How mutch could i sell my car for?
What would you chose?
What is the average profit percentage a car dealer makes on a new car?
I have no credit, why cant I get a 350z?
Is there tax involved if I buy a car from a private seller?
2003 buick century questions?
Which car should i get?
Which car deal is better?
Which car. pros and cons?
should i get a new car?
If someone bought a car from you, can they return it?
What steps do I have to go through to buy a car?
We are selling a 03 Honda Odyssey EX-L with Leather and DVD?
which bike to buy HONDA CB SHINE 125 or new model of BAJAJ DISCOVER 125 ST ?
a nice car for college?
How can I get a lost Title from a Honda bought in Indiana when i live in Illinois , have bill of sales but no?
Bought a used car 3 days ago... Can I return it?
Where can I find a cheap, used car?
i am 16.6 and i study in other country and minimum car rentl age is 17 but you need a card credit/debit? ?
i got a letter in the post saying i won a land rover 2008 series or $42,000 cash the company is called interna
which one is the most important for a single man, a house or a car?
What is the best month to purchase a vehicle?
Which is better to buy?
Car dealer lied to me about where those miles came from - what can I do?
The cheapest most basic convertible?!?
what other cars should i consider buying....?
Would you recommend buying a car from a garage who 'buys any car for cash'?
Good miles for a $4000 car?
How much can be expected to get for a wrecked car?
i bought a truck off ebay and the title isnt clear like was stated in desciption i cant get tags what 2 do?
How can I find out book value of a camper?
What I must know about SAAB (the Sweden car)?
Which diesel car is better? ford fiesta or ascent crdi? or are there any other good diesel cars in india?
Are older BMWs worth buying?
Does Anyone Own A Kia? Sorento??
what do u think will happen?
What's a good first car for 6,000$?
I want to buy a truck, what kind of cars i should buy?
Looking for better gas mileage.?
What kind of car can I get for $5k?
wts best car to lease?
Should I buy this car?
does anyone know how i can purchase the mitsubishi i hello kitty themed car?
i need to go to an insurance auction car sales site.?
Why did the garage let me drive away none the wiser that my alloys are not properly fitted on?
What car should be my first car?
Looking to buy an older car or truck that's really good on gas?
Is a 1998 Ford Escort for $900 a good deal?
where to buy car stickers in Seattle?
$24,000 What car would you get?
kelly book value for 1987 chrysler lebaron?
What car should I get for street racing with 5k?
What should I consider before buying my first motorbike?
Is AWD SUV ok for my colorado vacation?
Will i have to pay past due registrion?
Parts for a VW 1967 Bus?
which car should i buy?
New Car or Second hand car?
Alright, Ford or Chevy? Mustang vs. Camaro?
What kind of car do you drive?
Okay so I need to get rid of my car as it is costing me a fortune to pay off and I am falling behind.?
first time buying used cars?
What are some high end home theater speaker manufacturers?
Is it better to buy a new car with more miles or an older car with fewer?
Can I open a used car auto lot with an out of state dealers license?
i want opinions on the new VW Touareg Hybrid?
what used car to buy?
Thinking about buying body kit for my car do i have to put it on or do i let a mechanic do it?
I'm 18, have no credit and I'm looking for a loan for a car for college?
how long have you been driving the same car?
can i sell a car that its not under my name?
Car was repo'd and I never made a payment.?
I am considering of getting a new car. Which is better, lease or buy? Need professional advise. Thanks.?
Car Junk Yards in Brooklyn NY?
Should i buy a 1993 mitsubishi lancer evo?
Which is better, Suzuki Swift, Renault Pulse, Chevrolet Beat or Hyundai i10 or Eon ?
what is meant by, buying a car as is ?
anyone interested in buying a 1994 lincoln continental 86000 miles for 2500?
Want to know value of classic car?
What can we do?
Will Honda have better incentives after 3/2/09 than the current offers? Specifically the Odyssey.?
if yo were a monkey how could you have a ''slr''car or better a lamborgini?
Help on buying a car?
How do I sell my car to someone in the State of Maryland?
Is 17k too much to spend on a first car?
is it illegal for a dealership to sell a car withour being inspected in va?
Where can I get good cheap car subs off internet.?
Are Hyundai and Kia good cars?
how much cash are mini refridgerators?
whats the best 4 wheel drive car for lake tahoe CA?
What car should i buy?
Best time of the year to finance a car?
Is a 1972 beetle with 70,000 miles for $4,000 a good deal?
whats the safest car for a teenage girl around 30k? something she would actually like...?
90,000 miles on a 2003 suzuki aero, will it be a convenient car to buy?
What would be a good car for an 18 year old girl?
I'm trying to get someone to take over payments on my car. Anyone got info on notaries?
To whom can I donate a car that won't scrap it?
Cobalt vs Focus. Which?
should i buy the new city rover?
when the 4x4 green tax will be valid ?
I bought a car and didnt register it right away and tittle is now damaged, and they wont let me register it..?
Does any one know where i can go to find a used 2000 Jetta for between 1,000 and 3,000?
If a car is falsely advertised for $12,000, but is really worth $20,000, what is the price one should pay?
what car is the best for mpg?
Should i get this car?
Which car is the better choice?
what car should I get?
I have a fuel leak underneath my car. It's a 2003 vauxhall elegance 10.?
Which car would be better to buy?
jeep wrangler...?
How DO police car can do well on snow?
does anybody know where i can get a used honda hatchback for around $550?
my dads offered to buy me something for my car for my 17th in two weeks but what should i get?
94 Toyota Corolla with only 62,000 miles...Should I buy it?
Harrisburg Car Dealerships?
Is 1994 S350 turbodiesel better to keep or to sell these days,what do you think?
should i buy a Mercedes benz or a bmw?
My car might get repossessed ?
Am i looking for the right car?
what car should I buy next?
names for car selling site?
Honda Civic or Toyota Camry?
Is this car worth buying or should I settle for a brand new car?
Auto loan suggestions help!?
does anyone know a good website for car accesories such as dashmates and cool little luxury gadgets thanx?
Where should I buy a used car?
what would be a good car for a teenager?
What it takes to be a licensed car dealer in massachusetts?
Accessories for a car?
yo im bout to get my license whats a dope used ride for like 5 g'z?
Could there be any problems with buying a car that originated from out of state but is now registered in Cali?
What's a good car for my husband?
a new car with mileage ?
Can I do this? Is it possible?
Pay off Auto loan first before getting a new one?
i am planning to buy a car,which can carry 6 member & comfertable,good milage,within the price limit of 5.5lak
what auto shops sell mustang convertable tops?
I bought a car and did not get a title is this illegal?
i have still got the first car i bought new in 1969 should i keep it or sell it?
Car loans for minors?
Where would you go to look for a project car?
Which is a better first car, Grand Marquis or Roadmaster?
2wd vs 4wd truck? Which to buy?
I'm 16 and about to get my license soon?
Would used cars be cheaper in North Carolina or New York?
can i collect finders fee for stolen car?
Would you rather have a BMW or Mercedes?
how would i go about buying new car, if i only been in my new job for 3 months?
Should I get a motorbike or a car?
I'm buying a new car. How should I drive it initially in order to "break it in?" And for how long? Thankyou.
My question is what brand new car do you think a 20 year old should get?
Fusion AWD vs. Accord and Camry FWD. How could this possibly be competitive or comparative?
Electric car or scooter?
what do u think about 2001 audi s4?
how car works?
2002 Ford Focus 139000 miles ....$ 2200 good deal ?
how much would my car be worth?
What should I name my car?
How do I calculate my savings on leasing a new vs a used car? Is there a formula?
VRT rates on UK to Ireland car imports??
does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to sell my 2002 Honda Accord Coupe EX?
I have $50 What should i buy?
how much is a 1989 toyota corolla 4dr in fair condition worth?
Buying a truck from a junkyard good idea or bad idea?
New vehicle trade in for new vehicle please help?
Sources of credit to buy a new car?
Where can I get used car parts from? Perferably in Albuquerque NM?
does any one have a used tow truck?
Tips on becoming a sucessful car salesman?
I have a car that I am taking over the note from someone else, would it be cheaper if I refinace it?
Increase MPG's too much?
Lease, finance or use a bank loan?
what car is the most fun for under 13K?
What to do if I want buy used car from someone in UK that is origtinally from (car) USA and bring it?
Looking for a car please?
Car still in my name?
Getting a Good Daily Driver in Socal?
College student in need of a reliable car. $15,000 maximum budget, please help!?
Are american cars sold in japan?
Help need figure out which car is the right choice?
paid 4 car in cash ,know told that more money needed as not enough taken thier fault not mine?