Car Buying

I'm used to driving a suv and i'm shopping for a new car but i don't really know which cars are good. Help me!
which car should i get? Easy 10 points!?
what are the general fees for tax,title and license in Texas?
How much would this be , I have a KIA Spectra 2008 and I want to rent the Uhaul 5x8 trailer?
Should I blur of out license plate when I am selling my car on Craigslist?
2005 Impala ls or 2001-2005 maxima?
Car 4 Sale in Madison Area,WI???
Best sports car to $40K?
how much to spend on my first car?
Is a reliable site?
how can i track down my first car?
What is the cheapest car that you can buy?
what car maker do you dislike the most???
coolest cars for under $20,000?
Should I buy a 2007 Mustang with 81,000 miles for $8500?
I own a brand new 06 Mustang GT - I would like to sell it overseas for a profit. Anyone know where to start?
Should I buy used cars off super small dealers?
The guy who sold me his car gave ne a dealer title?!?
what advantages do used car dealers have when they sell a car as owner?
I have a car which is registered on company name. Now company is closed and i want to sell off this car what s?
Can i use a student loan to purchase a car?
which states are currently with the worse economy on cars atm?
Looking to buy a new car, need some help.?
**For those that lease cars** Question on turning in car at end of lease...?
how long after buying a car do you have to chang your mind and bring it back?
Should i get this car?
is hyundai sante fe is a good buy for an suv?
Selling an 86 Olds Cutlass Supreme but lost the keys...?
Where can I find a used chevrolet BlazerXtreme suv 2002 or 2001 model? Ive tried carmax and vehix any ideas?
Is a Hyundai as good as a Honda and a Toyato or a Ford and a Chevy?
Do you pay sales tax on an auto lease?
I want a 2005 Corvette C6 ZO6 That's around $20.000 - $50.000?
2001 Audi TT Quattro vs 2002 1.8 turbo TT?
What is the best car to buy with a tall woman and one kid and myself? I have 3 people in the car with me.?
Scrappage scheme in 2012?
When a car dealer says $ due at signing... What does that mean?
does anyone know what car this is .. ?
What is the top speed of a Seat Leon 1.4 16v s? are they quick?
Whats a good asking price for my car?
the world today are we selling used cars?
Where can i buy modded cars?
a car in a teen's name?
Does anyone know where I can find repo cars up for sale?
Is this a good car choice for a teen? (1996 Pontiac Bonneville)?
What is the price of a used Toyota Camry 2010?
How should I pay for a car from eBay?
what can a finance co. do if u don't pay and they can't find the car?
If a car is $3000 over priced can I get them to sell it to me?
i just got a 2005 honda accord. im am 22 and i want to hook my car up. what would be good web site ?
whats a better luxury vehicle?
dodge charger srt8 or lancer evolution 8?
How do you buy a car through an individual?
Better daily bucket scion tc vs mazda 3?
Where can i buy a "67 Chevy Camaro, with bucket seats, for under $400.00?
What is the value of a 1991 toyata camry?
Which car should I get..?
Buying a car online ..?
Where should I place my down payment?
College Student deciding between an 06 Chevy and 08 Honda,help?
2013 altima or 2005 g35 coupe?
Where to look for a 76 camaro?
Do You Think This is a Good First Car?
is a honda civic a good first car?
For renting a car from enterprise rent a car or anywhere really?
What car would you rather drive, and want to be seen in..a infiniti m35 or a 2011 mustang GT?
which state have good deal on freightliner truck (18 wheeler)?
Can I get a free car?
i have £700, for a car, what is the best car to get.?
Is it ok to buy a car that has been in an accident?
Who reccomends me to buy iPhone 4S?
what is the best/coolest car ever?
Need help, willing to spend 6k on a car, builing a street/performance car?
I need help choosing which sports car to get...?
If I loan my car to someone and they do not return it can I report it stolen?
what is a good family car that's good on gas?
what do you guys think about the LR3 range rover?
Which car did Phil LeBeau unveil?
Should I buy an Infiniti G35 Coupe? I really like the car and am considering buying a used one.?
Has anyone ever used ?
what is faster a ferrari or lamborghini?
I have two option to buy toyota 4 wheel vehicle; 2006 RAV 4 and fortuner 2.7 ltr models. which 1 is better?
What year is the best year to buy a used Mustang?
Trying to get an auto loan?
What should I buy a Cayenne(porsche) or an H2(HUMMER)?
asking for 400ford really worth having?
What car should I buy?
Looking at 1967 camaro ss clone good condition asking 19k deal or no deal?
Can/should I sue my Fiance's brother? ?
How much does it cost to transfer ownership of a used car plus any other fees?
What kind of car should I buy?
Buying my first car, what should i be looking for?
My Ex boyfriend and I purchase a car. Both of our name is on the car. How do i get his name off?
Would you buy this car?
whats the pros n cons when buying a rebuilt car?
What car should I take? (Details on which cars inside)?
leasing vs. buying a car?
Looking to buy a nice, newer car?
Westbury is currently running a special for how much off any new or used vehicle?
Anyone selling a Landrover Defender swb?
What's a good truck for a female?
If you win the $220 million mega millions lottery jackpot tomorrow, what would be the first car you buy?
is there any recommended tint film that is the best and easy to install?
Im looking for a used car from anywhere from 3-4 thousand dollers.?
What truck would be better?
what are good sports cars for a 17 year old boy?
2003 Ford Escape, 2003 Mazda Tribute, or 1999 Lexus RX300?
Tax credits to the automakers.?
Who payed for your first car?
what's the best subcompact hatchback car, out of rio5, accent, yaris, scion xA, fit, versa, etc?
Planning on getting my first car?
can a bank tell you what to pay monthly on the car that has been auction off?
Where should I buy my Ipad mini!?
Is a 1996 BMW 328i with over 260,000KM on it worth $2700?
vehicle with no title? PLEASE HELP?
Do used car places allow you to pay a certain amount each month to pay for the car?
What is a good car to get but won't kill me when paying at the pump?
Trying to sell car. What to do?
Which is the Best sports car?
Any problems with the 2002 Mercedes Benz C230 Kom. Coupe? Rating please!?
Looking for the safest car at good price?
How do i make money to buy a car?
what are some cars that look like the gt 3000, and/or what are some 2door cars that get 25+M.P.G citiy?
A Lexus RX330 2004 or Honda CR-V 1999?
i need some serious help on this one?
I had my new used car taken back by the car dealer due to a suspended license.?
Honda Pilot or Chevrolet Tahoe?
Where is the best place to get a good, low priced, used car in Milwaukee, WI?
Does anyone know how i find information on an antique vehicle with only 14 digits?
Why does car dealership never have same saleperson in long run?
I want a truck????????
Are K&N air filters a good investment?
whats a great muscle car?
What car is the best ??
I have purchased a car that turns out it still has finance owed on it , will it be taken from me,?
Is $800 a good deal for a Kia?
I wondered how long it would take for the finance company to repo our vehicle.?
Do you think this car is that bad?
steps to buy a used motorcycle in Ontario?
what if he hasnt given me the title to my car yet?
good used car under $4,000?
Alloy wheels - Do I have 13" ?
When buying a car what mechanical or technical stuff shud we luk for in the car? The features i mean!?
what car should i get?!?
What's a good car that has good gas mpg for under $10,000?
I've sold my car privately and am now having issues with the buyer?
does anyone have a horror story or praises about their '06 Saab 9-3 or any Saab since '99?
can anybody give me a price on a vauxhall corsa 1999 diesel?
mot history northern ireland?
somebody want to sell me a running vehicle?
what store can i buy neon lights for my car?
How much should I sell my car for?
to see how much my car is worth?
places in houston texas where i can buy seat covers for a chevy silverado 3500 dually pickup?
Is it bad to have too many cars?
should I buy a newer car with gas prices continuously on the rise?
i just got a infiniti 130 for 7000 dollars .1997 model 100k mielage .is it a good deal?
i have bought a car but thay have not give me the log book is the car leagly mine?
i am thinking of getting a small 2 berth camper as a sole much? and whats the average mpg please?
Where can you sell 1985 Jeep CJ7 modified-No Fees In Kentucky?
Is $500.00 a good down payment on a car thats $3000.00?
what would you buy?
What kind of car is this?!?!?
is it better to buy from a dealer or a private seller?
My credit score is a 555 can i get financed for a new car?
what are some good suv car models to put rims on?
Should I lease a car?
Are the GMC Yukon or Chevy Tahoe are they good suv from 1998-2002? I talking about this big one suv?
If i am 16 and want to get a loan for a car what do i have to do?
Buying a new Car- Help!!!?
Is $3,500.00 a good price to pay for a 1997 Jeep Grand Cheroke with 97,000 miles?
Is this a Spot Delivery Risk?
trying to sell my car?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Delorean?
what is this type of car?
should I go in this guys truck!?
my car was repossessed can i go get it off the the dealers lot?
i want to loan moneny for a used car?
Where do you go to for advice when you change you car?
What does selling price per unit equal?
Should I buy this car(short question)?
buying a new car with short MOT?
Maxima 2009 or 2009 Acura TL!!!?
Do Escorts make good second hand cars?
Confused by this application. HELP!?
I sold my car it wasn't workin at the time my brother fixed it; it's been 4mth since, no money what do I do ?
Car buying expectations?
i need to buy a car but cant be more than 1200.00/in the galesburg IL area.?
Is an accord better than a camry?
where can i put in an application for a down payment on a car?
96 vauxhall astra 4 sale?
New car purchase. Please vote.?
I want to buy amazonkindle?
toyota 4runner or mitsubishi endeavour?
Making payments on a car with an existing lien.?
supra vs. 300zx?
Help!!! I want to give my car back to the crazy woman!!!?
anyone need to get of there old car in southern ca i will buy it email car model price and locatio?
How can I become a car salesman?
Bill of Sale for a Trade?
What is the perfect first car for a teenager?
how bad/humiliating is it is to drive this car? (pic included)?
what can i buy with 16 dollars on ebay?
should i buy a Mercedes benz or a bmw?
With 5 to 10Gs whats the nicest car I can buy and what year?
Bawtry Motor Auctions best day to sell?
im trying to buy a car, and noticed that ford focuses are very cheap,why is this? bad quality?
Moving to Colorado for college, what kind of car would be good?
how do you refinance your auto loan?
Is a mint 2006 Mazda sedan with 54,000km a good buy for $8900?
how much should i pay for a 7.3 diesel with 854k on it? coming out of a 89 ford 350 dump truck?
Economical Family Car Recommendations?
Does anyone want to buy a 76 postal jeep?
how do i transfer a car title to my name?
I have $3900 left on my loan and my trade in value (KBB) is about $3300. I want 2 trade it in on a used car?
how much should i buy a good conditioned and how much should a 97 Wrangler Sport, 4.0 liter V6 engine?
how can you trade in a new car without paying what you owe?
I wanna to buy a scooty?
What to buy as my first car?
What should i look for in a Ford Laser GL hatchback that is $3000?
Can anyone help me with Body dimensions for Iveco Daily Van S2000 35s11 02 for shipping purposes. thanks?
how to find out a registered keeper of a car with the number plate?
Whre can you buy the worlds smallest moterized car?
What is the safest car to buy?
Which Size iPhone Should I Buy?
how many...?
Ford Fiesta Or Peugeot 206?
How much is the average used car?
Want to trade my car private party. Help?
What is a good cheap sports car?
i m looking KEY of land rover 2002 to buy . with chip inside the key plz need help ?
Would you buy a house that is a mess but is cheep or would you pay out for a house that is done up nice?
whats the tax for a 1.3 58 plate yaris?
Can anyone give me some recommendations on a FAST, REALIABLE used/new car that i can buy for under 22k? ?
BUYING a car from enterprise?
looking for a small car. Any recommendations? Terri Jo Lorz?
How much did you pay for an '08 Hyundai Accent SE?
so i got a 83 camaro 305 and wondering which would b better, upgraded cam or vortec heads?
I would like to buy a car for around Rs.2 lakhs either new or used cars.?
What's an ideal first car?
i've been lookig for a 1973 chevy 1 ton pick up cab. any ideas were i can find a cheap one?
Is a 2003 Saturn Ion a good car? Only 68k miles?
What should I name my car?
Do you have this car for sale?
which car to buy................?
What other 6 cyl. crossovers are comparable to the Ford Edge. Most crossovers are 4 cyl. and I`d prefer a 6.?
Is it strange that a 20 year-old doesn't have a car?
Rang rover sport or a BMW 330ix for a 16 year old?
Where can I find detailed tech specs for Toyota's 1.8L 4cyl Dohc 16V VVT-i SFI Engine? And what is VVT-i?
Does anybody know a site that can give estimated values of cars?
Can I get a good used car for 2k?
Where to Buy Can no DL Texas?
Cars like the KIA Soul?
What car should i get for under 40k?
i need to get on the bay area. cars and trucks?
How much should i sell this car for?
best car for 1 grand?
give car back after one hour of owning it?
refinance a car with already 0%?
Is this used 2001 Infiniti I30 worth purchasing?
i want to buy a car and its around 140k of miles is it still good to buy?
how much would the batmobile cost in real life?
How can I get rid of a used car?
Would you buy a car with a rebuilt title?
about how much would you pay for this car?
Best car for a 16 year old under $5,000?
haw can i sale my junk car?
which car is better ACCORD/CAMRY/ALTIMA?
i am 19 years old and i want to get financed on a car, with no credit history?
how much would a decent used car cost?
where can i get a body of a chevelle?
please can anyone tell me where to get best site to find reliable cheap used cars in wales?
What Car Color would you Pick?
Please help me?
I am trying to buy a car does anyone have any suggestions on a good reliable sedan?
whats the brand...or type...or information on the lates car that has release exact 2000 cars of its type
what is the best cars in the word?
What is the web site for Superior Auto?
can i get my down payment back on a car, if there's no contract?
How much is a car note on a $20,000 car?
Can i finance a 2010 camaro ss with $5000 down and i make $20000 a year? those cars go for about 27-29k now?
Whats the dis or adv of buying a 2dr vs 4 dr vehicle?
How much is my near-mint-condition 1999 Mustang Cobra worth?
The Chery QQ?
What can we do to get our money back form a buissnes who sold us a faulty car . Please read additional detail?
Which camaro is faster?
What kind of car can you get for $3000?
What Car Should I Get?
How new does a car have to be to finance?
If I have a short sale can I buy a car?
Does jd buyrider have good cars?
Which Pickup Truck should i purchase?
I stay in Bangalore want 2 buy a bike within 1L not more.?
Any good RWD cars under 8k?
Do dealer charges include manufacturing warranty?
Where to list a dirt bike on craigslist?
know of any good cars for sale in tennessee?
Whats a good first car?
Approximately how much would it cost to purchase an AMC AMX Javelin and modify it with a 5.7L V8?
Which car is better ford or mazda???
how many miles untill a car is not good?
Which used car would you get
Is 2012 Fiat 500 POP good for a first car?
what sites can i look for a used car in Toronto ?
what are some cheap quick used cars?
I've always wondered - does putting a giant inflatable....?
my girlfriiend has a car and i dont?
Buying a car - how do you bargain?
what is the sticker price of 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?
are the vehicles on the only ones for sale at the dealers?
deluxe motomatic moped carabela?
which car should i choose between a scion xb, honda civic, honda fit, mitsubishi eclipse, or mitsubishi lance
Is it easer to buy a new car or buy an old one?
Is 100,000 miles on a 2006 car bad?
I have $50 What should i buy?
Buying a car for my parents. Second generation Escalade, Jeep, or Mercedes GLK?
Do you think I should trade in my '05 civic sedan for a 2001 S2000?
what car gets the best gas mileage?
How do I know what my lease requires?
What should my first car be?
Out of these car choices, which is the best?
Why would someone want just the car title?
How much are car salesmen making this year?
is the vw gti a good first car?
Car trouble :( help please????
i found a place that will give me a loan to buy a car. what all do i need to do once i get to the car dealer?
Am I spoiled for getting a brand new car at 17?
Where's the best place to buy a used motorhome?
Whats a good car for a beginner driver?
Missouri resident needs to file a complaint on a North Carolina resident-what are the procedures?
Where should I buy a used car?
First motorcycle questions?
Should I buy the maintenance upgrade for a 2009 S40 Volvo?
Question about credit info when attempting to buy a vehicle....?
How will the car buying process for me work?
Is a 2005 toyota prius base with over 100,000 miles on it a good deal?
EXT escallid or VW TAOUREG?
What car to buy?
Is This car good to get?
How can i get an auto loan if i have no credit at all?
Is there anyway you can get a decent car for under £240?
Which car should I get..?
what is the best car for a 16 year old boy?
buying a DAIHATSU FEROZA with 320, 000kms?
i paid £500 deposit for the car, at first car dealer found a finance for my name?
Aston Martin DBS V12 vs Corvette ZR1, whats better?
How much is it to rent a car at enterprise?
where can i get tie dye hearse?
Buying Used car from owner who bought it from junk yard?
should i buy a diesel or petrol car?
HELP! I need a working car for 500.00 or less? I live in Port Huron , MI.?
what car would be dependable and safe for me?
What is a lien?
i purchased a car >6 mths ago from dealer in Texas & I live in California, he is refusing to send title?
Used scooter valutation, PS125 Sporty, nov 2008?
Which car u prefer to buy? BMW or Peugeot or Honda, for family uses? Or u have other choices?
what it will be the best choice for my husband and i we are about to trade our suv durango?
How to buy a car from another state?
How do I go about financing a used car?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Delorean?
Should i buy a 2002 honda ex coupe? ?
i am looking to buy a car witch car is better for my moneyhonda accord vs ford focus i?
salvage title?
how much should i pay for a new 08 tahoe LT1? sticker price42,000/incovice36,000+2000 rebate.?
What is the value of this car?
how do we get out of a car payment that is too high for us?
what kind of powerful old car , like a bronco, should i get?
Do I have to put anything down when I purchasing a new car?
Is it cheap to buy the car dvd player from the
How do I find out the mechanical history of a car?
i want to decide between honda vti ex and toyota corolla 1995-1996?
Car Question keep all in mind?
I lost my husband's car title and registration and he just bought it! What to do?
I am going to buy my first car. Budget is up to 4L. Give suggestions justified on price,brand value,after sale?
1964-1966 mustang fixer upper, buy or not (mechanic, first car)?
Car Trouble!!!!?
is 10k for 2008 honda a good deal?
need list for all sites i can place photos of cars 4 sale free?
how do auto loans under 15k work?
Is it possible to purchase a used vehicle without a cosigner?
i want to buy a used car for my teenager. how many miles should be on it...what should be the max?
What are some good girly cars?
Why do used cars seem so much more expensive in Michigan?
Can you ride a road legal atv on learner plates?? If so, what is max cc I can buy?
does anybody?
How do I pay for a car?
HOW CAN I find this car [2W87Z9L133578]?
Need help buying a car?
What car to buy for first car?
Is the 2008 Mitsubishi lancer spoiler optional or do they all come stock like that?
How long is going to take a package to ship from El Paso Texas to Spokane?
give me a giude to buying used car?
how do I buy a Canadian car and bring in to the US?
Should I buy a bike or car?
name of old car in davids bridal commercial?
honda 3 wheeler big red 1981 185s what is it worth?
Bad Credit Car Loans......?
is the 1994 golf gl iii a good car?
Is this car worth it?
Where can I find Maruti Car Dealers locators in Delhi?
Selling my car to my cousin in Saskatchewan?
where can i get a car with no down and fair credit?
How much should my parents charge me to buy their car?
Which model is better to have in the long run?2006 HondaAccordEX or 2006 HondaAccordEX +leather?$$ diff:$1700?
Parents don't want to buy a V8?
When you make a check what to you need to put where it say ''pay to the order of''?
Is there an online site I can go to enter a VIN# of a car and then see a picture of the car?
Sport motorcycle or car as a first vehicle? ?
I need some car buying advice! ?
ok i need a small-mid sized suv, good gas mileage, not amarican, and with a classie intior for 15k and under?
If you're buying a used boat privately, how can you check if it has been paid for by its seller?
what are teen guys driving?
What is a good car to buy?
Looking for used used Camaro around $10,000 little work to be done if any?
Which car should I get? I can't decide...?
How can a 15 year old earn money to buy a car?
whats a good car for me?
What to do to the title when you sell a car?
How do you purchase a car with no credit, and no co-signer, when you can't get credit?
What is the Mileage of New Mahindra Quanto 2012 ?
Can I return a car 3 days after buying it?
Would you buy a new Suzuki knowing this?
Which one of these would be more worth the money?
What is your dream car? And what kind of car you are really driving?
what is the blue book value of 1986 ridgewood moblie home 14x70?
Purchased a car from a dealer and had it financed 3 weeks ago. no registration yet.?
Does a car decrease in value when selling or when traiding it in if its been repaired after an accident?
Could I get a car for under $2000?
Looking for a place to buy/rent rollerbladers...?
Which car is better - the Chevy Aveo or Pontiac Wave?
holden vt or toyota rav 4?
does anyone want to sell a set of 55 chevy sbc fenderwell headers?
What would be a good and fast second car?
looking for 2004 coachman motor homes?
Buying my first car????
Where in Milwaukee can I find 195/55 tires?
Can a car still be booted or impounded for parking tickets if it was sold and rebought?
Whats your opinion on a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP as a first car?
why buy a land rover or a range rover?
can you negotiate a car price before you lease it?
What color wheels would look GREAT on a Magnetic-Grey color car?
where can i go online to see how much my car is worth?????
what kind of car should i get?
best price for 2006 toyota sequoia loaded sr5?
Can I sell my car? I took out a loan for it but now I want to sell it for a cheaper car.?
Where can i go to find a good car with little money down and low payments?
What car would fit me best?
This guy want to trade his car for my car and he doesn't know my car will stalling after 30 minute?
What should I name my car?
I need a price for a 02 ford f150 truck dale Earnhardt signature what is it worth 500 miles?
questions about vespas?
Could i afford a mustang in a couple years?
I am looking for a used car?
Whats the best way to sell my 05 Nissan Titan?
What car would you suggest this summer for a young man, for under $20,000?
I bought a new motorcycle, but I need to sell it.....?
What is a good car for a recent college grad?
Would you get this car?
If i get a wholesale auto dealer from out of state ,like in Indiana, is it possible to h have access to all?
Can I sell my car? I took out a loan for it but now I want to sell it for a cheaper car.?
Which car should I buy my parent?
what website lets me see the invoice price of a car?
this guys selling a 92 ranger xlt with179k on it ..... 2wd?
Which 2010 pickup has the best 4x4 system. Nissan Frontier or Totoya Tacoma. Both with 6Cyl and Auto Trans.?
Is this a good first car to buy?
Car gets loss of power under accelration?
How come middle aged men can afford expensive cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis?
should I buy a used car in LA or Kansas City?
I would like to buy a Hummer but..?
Where is a good website to learn about cars and what to look for when buying a car?
Buying a car out of state?
Gas Prices?????
dose any one know witch navigatoin sys will fit the land rover lr3 2005 suv.?
Drive a free luxury car? Has anyone done this for real? Or is it a scam?! the site is
Trade in or private sale?
What would u pay for this car?
I am a first time car buyer, what is a good mileage? The car I am looking @ is 249,000. Is that ok?
Selling a Ford KA and buying Peugoet 107?
Which is the Best sports car?
1989 toyota pickup sell price?
What car should I get?
My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Georgia?
I have a 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S w/ 35km. Mint condition. Is it worth selling, how much & where? Thanks?
car used in state farm commercial buffalo?
thinking about adding a wood dash kit to my 2007 avalanche do they last for a long time or are they no good?
Whats a hot car for a 17 year old female to drive?
Which first car? Audi A5 vs Audi A4 vs BMW 328ix vs Infiniti G25x?
In the market for a new car. I am torn between a Range Rover and the BMW 650 Coupe...Both are sick! Help! lol.
Is this a good deal for a 2003 corolla LE?
Can I get a Car with this Cosigner?
Can I lowball this dealer?
What is the diffrence between an 2007 Mustang and a 2007 Mustang Premium?
Help with title on vehicle of my deceased father?
where can I find a good deal on a BMW 300 series in NJ.?
Need help. Question from my boyfriend.?
I want to buy a used car in Netherlands?
what kind of car do you have?
Can I bring Abandoned Arab cars back to the U.S?
Do you sell a 1962 Chevy impola convertible for under $5000 or less than $5000?
2012 impreza wrx (265hp) is this an easy car to modify to 400-500hp?
Mercedes c300 Sport or BMW 328i?
Do I deserve a 2013 mustang?
What are important things to know when buying a used car?
94 thunder bird?
what is the name of that car that was in Danity Kane's video Show Stopper?
I need a name for my car! Help?
Why would a dealership be selling a new 2010 vehicle now, yes, 2010?
im 16.Should i start paying for a car now?
How to purchase a good cheap car?
How much is the monthly payment for a 2012 hyundai genesis coupe or a 2011,2010?
how do I check on a Vehicle I have just purchased to see if details I have been given r true?
where can u buy Test Drive Unlimited?
I am trying to find used amphibious atvs online. Do you have any suggestions on how to narrow my search?
What car would i be better off with....a 00 honda accord or a 00 audi a6?
can i sell a car that is titled in michigan in arizona?
how can i find the spare part for BLACK double cabin car?
how do I know if a used car is in good condition before I buy it?
I'm going to look at a 95 Mustang Gt today and they are asking 4,000 or best offer whats a good offer ?
Which car would you consider?
where to buy a nissan skyline in the usa?
Which car would you pick?
Good online Moped dealer?
Virago xvs 535 1996 P reg?
How much is insurance rate on 97 camaro?
Where is the best state to go for auto auctions for Lexus and jaguars?
Why do former stolen/recovered cars sell cheap?
Need help choosing a graduation car PLEASE HELP?
What kind of truck should I get?
Which 125 cc bike is the best- gladiator RS/SS or bajaj discover ? I'm concerned about mileage part also ..
what is finance premium?seller for car in uk want me to use this for payment and shipping? please help?
What is the different between a buy here pay here then a regular dealer ship?
How do I sell my car for more then it's worth?
if an item is on ebay with reserve of 1250 and i put a winning bid of 1500 do i pay the 1500 or 1250?
What are good options for a first car??
What car should I get considering, I am a girl and?
how much should i sell my 2006 nissan xterra se with salvage tittle. it has 86000 miles?
My dad and I leased a 2008 Civic Si two weeks ago. We want to change the lease to a buy, is that possible?
How much should i price this?
legal questions about a car i traded and how can the guy try and sue me?
Who has some money I want some cash! I need an old car! i have insureace money but not car cash?
What cars are similar to Hondas?
where can I find the value of a used Ford F 550?
does the state of Florida have a Car buyer's bill of rights???
How much should I expect to get for my 99 Grand Prix?
I want to buy a car really bad help!?
is my 2000 chevy montecarlo worth $5000?
searching for late model ford sedans, crown vic & grand marquis, wholesale?
I wanna buy a car or a truck and i want to spend $ 26,000 which one I shoul buy?
Which SUV's have the most headroom for a tall person?
Which civic is considered the most like a sports car?
how can you find out the value of a vechile ?
How much should I sell this car for?
Goverment impounds in San Fernando?
What size dirtbike is best for me?
How much would I expect to pay for a good used truck?
Is it a good idea to buy my 19 year old a 30k+ sports car?
I hoping to get a car? Is there any in-house car loan provided by car dealer?
How to pay least sales tax on a car bought from a friend?
Where can I buy an Authentic German License plate?
What is a good car to buy?
My parents sold my car, I would like to find that exact one and but it back how would I track the title?
Would i be in debt selling my car?
I need some advice on getting a car...?
What car should I buy?
Are people willing to cosign if you pay them money?
What feature do you think is better to have in a car?
how much is a 1996 Salvage Nissan Altima worth?
What are some cute cars like a Mazda3?
Should I get a caliber srt 4?
Are cadillacs good cars?
Is This A Good Car?
i ordered something online?
smallest litre engine in a convertible car?
used chevy blazer for sale in nipigon ontario?
4 seat convertible, 4-5 star saftey and under 10,000?
First time car buyer. Big down payment, or not?
What car is more appealing, A Honda Accord Coupe or VW Passat?
How much could I get for a 2007 Galant that is wrecked from the front?
salvage title due to water damage...should i?
How much should i offer for this car? ?
How much is a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier 4 door worth?
When buying a new car, which do you prefer: Leather or cloth interior???
Considering style only (not function) what is the best car made in America?
Audi A8L v BMW X5(First Car)?
2000 Lincoln Ls a good car to buy and flip?
Question about getting around with a unregistered car?
is it wise to make a down payment on a car??
Is there a nice car that is cheaper?
Im looking for a newer "slug bug" car?
All this talk about Hybrid cars. Aren't they hard to find? If a dealer would have them lined up on his lot
How come US automakers can't make a exciting car?
im about to buy a car and this is the problem ...would you buy?
what car for my 16 year old daughter?
I am considering buy one of these two used vehicles, which one would you buy?
Is this a good first car?
Advice for buying a used car?
If a car dealer runs a credit report and gives me my scores, do I have a right to view the details?
whats better than a honda?
What type of leather is better black, grey, or tan for a car.?
First car for $7000. Help please?
buying a used car in another state?
2001 Grand Caravan vs. 1999 Town & Country?
Should I buy this car??
Review of 2006 Hyundai Sonata?
how much would a 2002 honda civic cost (the sedan type)?? i live in texas if that matters?
1989 toyota pickup sell price?
Anyone own a Linc. LS or know anything about them?
Which subwoofer kit should I buy?
Cash-out Refinance for a car?
just sold car on sat. how do i handle liablility?
what can i buy for £400?
You've just past your test: what's the best car to buy?
does the ford escapes seat hurt anybody else buy me? or am i just a whiner?
Is a mini cooper convertible a good first car?
what kinda car should i get wen im 16?
Does anybody know where I can find a Toyota previa LE SC up for sale somewhere in S.California?
Is anyone else sad that convertibles get such a girl/mid-life crisis car reputation?
What car should I get?
Sports Car under 30k?
which car would you choose....?
Should I get a new car or a used one? What car would you suggest?
What's a manlier but similar car to a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse?
How will the car buying process for me work?
Are used flowmasters a good purchase?
How much would I get for an acura legend 1993 at a dealer?
I was offered a car with 170K miles on it, but it has a new engine, clutch, and alternator- good deal or no?
Can I afford a Chrysler crossfire ?
What Truck?
what us muscle car (NEW NOT OLD) should i get for $100,000?
2000 Impala worth it?
what should i look for when buying a mazda 3? in particular the one in this link (details)?
driving lessons?
I need to buy a ferret,does anybody know a dealer within connaght??thanks?
Me and my mom been talking about buying me a car and i really want a Mazda3?
the best car for a 17 yr. old...?
am i too young to do this?
Traded car on craigslist and car i traded engines blew not even an hour later?
where is the best place to look to buy a car with a bad engine?
What kind of car would you never buy and why?
Should I buy a 1987 Pontiac Firebird for $2000? The car is in perfect condition inside and outside with 100k m?
is 74,000 miles a lot for a used 2007 impala ss?
Do you have to hire people when you own a small car dealership?
Would you buy a Diesel car with 100.000 miles?
Is a Toyota Yaris a good first car?
What is the price of toyota-camry 2008 and 2009 now?
i need a tire expert please? im a woman, know nuthin?
Want a car with more power?
Car comparison Question?
bmw 325xi or chrysler 300c, which is a better buy?
Does speed matter in a car?
I am moving to Bahrain. I want to know how much do I have to shell out to buy a car, Honda City types?
Does anyone want to buy a 2004 dodge ram HEMI with 20's?
So I am looking to buy a car that stands out but won't be stolen?
Am I allowed to sell my car for cash?
Acura Rsx type S- Have i been scammed!!! need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is the Integra 2001 A Good Car?
How can i convince my mom to let me buy a four wheeler?
what would be a good car for a male going to college?
Anyone Land Cruiser fans out there like to buy a Toyota 40th Anniversary Land Cruiser for $10,000?
what is the legal age to hire a car in australia?
Good first car Please help?
Help me determine my dream car?
So I bought this car from a dealership yesterday.. can I return it?
Sport bike for sale?
what car should I get?
Silly Boys Trucks Are For Girls! Guys I need some advice.?
Car dealership sells a wrecked car without telling the consumer?
What is the best car for me?
Can you own a car but not use it for a while? (more details when you click on the question)?
What are the best first cars?
Would you rather send money on gas for you current car, or spend that money on a more economical car?
Dose anyone wont to give me a Car for free?
can't find a price quote for a 1978 chevy scottsdale k20 pickup?
what used car would you suggest under $10,000 but stick shift.?
How easy is it to trade my car in for what i owe, even if it is not worth what i owe?
what does it mean when a car dealership "underwrites cars" for other companies?
What is the best SUV/Car for a teenage boy?
What is a good first car?
I want to buy a car?
Would you consider buying a car off of Craigslist?
2003 solara good car?
where can I get a RHD car in Utah ?
What should I do Help?
should i buy a 1993 eldorado or a 1997 jetta?
where can i get a cheap vauxhall astra?
18 years applying for car loan?
How should I get my car back?
what can i do about the rest of my car payments?
What Car does sir Alen Sugar drive in the Aprentice?
What common problems should I be aware of when looking to buy an $1800 car?
Do you have or do you know someone that has an old '29-32 car or truck that they are willing to give away?
what is the most fuel efficient small pickup?
Can anyone tell me what kind of car this is?!?
what is a 1966 corvette with only 1000 miles worth?
1966 mustang pricing, serious answers?
What Should My First Car Be?
car search help?
Sold a bad car!?
Is it better to buy a car from a new dealership? Do you get better deals with them?
When in a car lease, what would be the outcome if the car was totaled in a car accident?
My mom won't let me get a truck because I'm "too small" does that make sense?
Car broke down and need help trying to figure out downpayment?
Do you need to prove that you have a form of income when leasing a car? Do they verify income?
Suitable for a first car?
wanted amc eagle 4x4?
How long after you purchase a car on Finance are you able to swap, sell back to the garage?
How old were you when you could afford your own first new car?
In Vehicle Repossession. How many months of not payment before they Repo?
Does a low credit score affect maknig a $0 down payment for "Cash for Clunkers"?
I wanna buy a $20,000 truck and my credit score is 450.How much money do i have to put down to buy it?Help?
how old do you have to be to own a car in North Carolina?
used car auctions that are open to the public?
how much would the average person spend on a 96 celica gt with minor brake problems?
Where can I buy a used SUV car?
where can i get a car that is good and not expensive?
brand new car or higher end used car?
Manual or automatic?
Where can i find a good deal on cars in jacksonville nc?
What is the best hybrid car to buy (and why)? Which do you recommend? Do you own one?
Is My Car Going To Be Repossessed?
i want to buy a sportbike but i am confused in yamaha r15 v 2.0 and honda cbr 250R. which bike i should buy?
does anyone know if it's possible to rent a car for a year?
What is the worst car brand?
please help me out about my car.......please?
What kind of car does chango have on 30 minutes or less?
How do I find Car Buyers in Manila,Philippines???
I want to put my car on motors for sale?
How much will i get for my saxo S reg gd condition.?
Tricking out my camaro or Firebird?
Tata Manza Aura Vs Maruti swift Dzire VDI?
Selling a boat, is there a contract?
Is this a good first car?
how much would a new dodge viper cost and?
Advice for buying first car?
Is anyone interested in model cars?
what is a cool fast good daily driver car?
How do you buy a car without Credit?
What's a good car for a 15 year old girl for school, preferably a foreign car?
What Should I Buy First For My New Car?!?
im buying a new car on a 04 plate?
Does it make sense to buy a new car in another state if you can save a lot?
How hard would it be to get a loan for a 20 year old car?
do the nummber on cab have to match?
How to lower my car payment?
kelly bluebopok value?
anyone knows the link of the old mercedes ad where an old man turns into a baby?
Is this a good truck?
honda prelude 2001 or nissan silvia s14 s15 s16 witch one should i buy?
which car is better.............?
99 accord w/ 276000 miles, worth it?
Will I Get My Money Out of an RV Sale if I Repaint the unit ?-10 points.?
Do you suggest any good book for buying used cars?
What is the Ex-Showroom price of Peugeot 4008 in India?
Where can a buy a roll cage for a street car that Im going to race?
Fun, easy, low maintenance, kinda cheap to maintain, smallish new car?
what the name car good?
how much is £140.00 in dallors?
Whats my best bet here? (Buying a used car)?
what shall i call my car??
I just got my license, 16, should I get a 2013 Mustang, 2013 Camaro or a 2008 Mercedes C300?
Is it best to lease, finance or buy a vechile (cash)?
Cool things to buy for a car?
i'm gonna go to the future shop to buy a guitar. Is it okay that I pay for $300 as cash?
Should I get a 2003 Audi A4 as a first car. It is $6,000 and has 102,000 miles on the odometer.?
best place to buy volkswagen jetta?
Is this a reasonably priced car?
Considering function only (not style) what is the best car made in America?
Do you have or know anyone who has a used car for sale by owner? ?
What are some good tips for learning how to drive?
get forms on dealership licience in texas?
Honda Brio vs Volkswagen polo?
I have a matter about car loan?
Whats the fastest and best looking car dor street racing? ***READ DETAIL***?
Snitch or not?
What kind of family car, 3 kids, would you buy?
is the Lincoln navigator L better than the Chevy suburban?
i need to buy mine Cowper car did you have one?
What car should i get?
what kinda car is this?
the best and most advanced car that is worth less than 300000 dollars?
which brand of truck is better? Ford or Chevy?
What is a good, inexpensive, first car?
Mazda 6 2005 good for $4000?
Car Purchase Advice "Elantra / Focus / Cruze"?
Trading in a 2003 Rav4 for a 2007 Rav4 - sensible or not?
Which car do you recommend for a first time buyer?
How do I email with a complaint?
What car would you buy under 23000$?
Should my family get a new car or a phone?
if i bought a car as-is , is the seller responsible for the car if it breaksdown 6 hrs. later?
Looking for a jap "sports car" under 18 grand, any suggestions?
How long does it take for me to get my extended warranty refund?
Should I forget fuel economy over saftey and reliablity?
what is the most popular color for 2006 Honda Odyssey?
How much should I sell my 97 civic hatch grey seats for?
Where can you get a cheap second handf car from?
Should I buy Honda Cbr250R Or Yamaha R15 or Bajaj Pulsar 220F?
Fastest stock car for under 10k.?
1993 Jeep Wrangler - How much can I get?
Can I sell my car if the title/deed is not in my name?
Which car would you buy?
how much bargaining power on a certified pre-owned car?
Does anyone know a price for this car?
Suzuki Swift GL or Toyota Yaris YRS, and why?
I have a 2001 Ford F150, it has 114k mi on it and i live in california should i sell it for 5,500?
Want to know what the Blue Book Price for my 2003 Windstar is?
How can I talk someone down for car?
What car can i roll negative Equity into.?
How long do i have to work for at minimum wage to buy a 35,000 car?
In the state of California, how long does it take to receive a vehicle registration?
i want to purchase a mobile home?
what is the best brand of rims to put on a chevy caprice?
does anyone own a ford focus?
Best car for a 16 year old?
wats better u guys?
Aventador vs Italia 458?
if you had a chance to make your own car how will it look like??
ideas for 1st sportscar?
does 2012 kia optima have a good resale value?
how does car shipping works?
What is the best way to purchase a new car in Brooklyn?
Where can i get good cheap cash cars in houston tx?
I need to buy a new car. I have budget of 4.50lakhs. Suggest me a car with good mileage and low maintainance.?
is there any place that people give away cars or sell cars for real cheap?
where can i get a cheap car with no credit check? in the state of Illinois and Indiana?
Is it advisable to convert SX4 into CNG?
how much does an internet manager make ata car dealer Notthe salesman, the manager in charge internet salesmen
Where can I buy a car with little to zero down and fair credit?
A nice car but what if?? HELP!!?
i want 2 sell my renault espace,where will i get the best deal?
Do you know the value of a BMS Apache 150cc?
Which car should I buy? Toyota or Honda?
what car do you drive? :D i wanna buy a new (but used) car and wanna know what people think of their cars :)?
Can I sell cars from with a retail dealer license from my home in california?
Buy here pay here dealer?
can you get sued on a personal auto sale?
why , am I having a problem getting a answer to my question, should I just assume is not a good company?
can we cancel a car purchase contract?
Name that car? What does 0 to 60 in 4.0. has 240 hp. and gets 135 miles per gallon?
Where do I stand legally if I second hand car I bought becomes unroadworthy a week later?
I want to buy a car from a owner who had a breathalyzer how do i get it removed if i dont drink at all?
is cadillac 99' good for college studdent?
Why does CARFAX exaggerate accident reports?
im i getting a good deal on this car, and is the price a little low ?
How much should I start selling my car at?
What does buy here pay here mean when purchasing a car?
Dealer can't fix the problem... Can I return a used car to the dealership?
Is there any advantage to paying cash for a new car?
I have $500. Please tell me what I should buy?
If i sold a used 1994 Mazda MX-6 with 161,000 miles on it for 700 dollars, am i obligated to fix it?
Which is a better car?
where can i find a free car history report?
I'm looking to sell parts off a 2000 alero in MI?
I’m so confused! I want to buy a small commuter car, but I can’t get a conclusive answer (see post)?
What Car should i get?
Would it be worth it to buy an Acura RSX or Honda Prelude?
is this a promising car?????????????????????????????????????…
how do i get the invoice price on a new or pre-owned car??
How do I get a new title for my vehicle after I've moved to another state.?
if you were 21 went to college and lived at home would u move out or buy a new sportscar?
what are the tax and tag charges on a $10,000. car in Florida?
what's the average number of hits on a auto dealer web-site?
yukon denali or mercedes ml?
Which car is best for a beginner?
i need a used car or truck that is dependable with a 4 cylinder engine and is also under 1,100 dollars?
Bought a used car, drove 3 1/2 weeks and it threw a rod!!!?
What is a good first car to buy? Camaro, mustang, charger or even a low end bmw?
how much does a 94 escort weigh? ( its a hatchback)?
I bought a "Certified Pre-Owned" car but turns out there was frame damage, do I have any rights to rectify the?
what is the price of 1999 tahoe 2 doors 4x4?
Of the numerous Class A Motor home models built between 2000 and 2005 which were the premium models?
does any one know where i can get a mini bike that's under 200 dollars in massachusetts best answer gets?
buying vat qualifying car at bca auction and bringing back to ireland, do i have to pay vat?
As a car salesman, what to say to asian customers who come onto the car lot without getting yourself in?
Any advice on how to get my dream car? (camaro)?
Are 90,000 miles too much for a used car?
which srt4 should i get?
should i sell my truck and get my money back?
How much is a 94 camaro worth with about $6000 worth of go fast goodies, and only 70000 miles?
i need help finding a car that is good for teen like me im 16. But something stylish!?
Help, should I buy a Kia Rio 2001?
What do you think is better - a peugeot 207 or a VW Golf. (Not GTI)?
how should i pay for car?
16 looking for a 50cc motorbike?
I bought a used car and the engine went on it within 24hrs. Should I be able to get my money back?
How do i find out how much my 1968 mustrang is worth?
What is a better car? Volkswagon or Toyota?
I want to sell a '98 Dodge Durango with 160,000 miles on it.........?
is it possible to recieve a small loan say 1000 dollars to buy a car thats not on a car lot ?
Financing a streetbike ? ?
Cheap used car to soup up? need help please?
How do I be able to buy a car while in college?
What is the resale value of a 1968 Oldsmobile 442?
Do you regret buying your black vehicle?
Point of sale form for car?
how much would this cost?
Can a tourist buy and register a car in Florida?
what kind of car would you get if you had $45,000?
MINI Cooper S or VW Golf GTI?
How much is my 1984 Porsche 928 worth?
Am i qualify for a title loan?
what are the main things to look for when buying a second hand car ?
hardest question out there?
which landrover engine is best 200tdi 300tdi or td5?
I'm going to college and need to buy a car for around $3000.00 what would be the best kind to buy?
100000 miles on a 2007 mustang?
Bought Used Car, Major Tune Up?
Can I trade in my clean title crashed but fixed car in for a new car?
IS this car a good deal at this price? Link in details...?
Can you get a loan on a 2001 Truck?
What is the fastes way to sell a car?
buying a nissian xterra?
Know any (good) 2000s small cars ?
We are going to be buying a 2-3 yr old used car from a dealer how do we go about "haggling" them way down?
dose anybody have a in73 ford facon xb gt for sale?
can i be named on 2 cars ?
How hard should it be to learn to drive manual?
hero honda show room near panjagutta hyderabad?
What is the exact make, model, and year of a used car to buy for under $3000.?
how rare is a 1989 mazda mx6 gt turbo?
Returning a car which the inspection could not be processed?
I need help finding out what this part of the car is called. plzz?
should i buy a ukulele quick! !?
What does "processed through sort facility" mean?
Should I Buy This BMW?
Can i pay with a credit card while purchasing a car ?
Whats the best car for a 17 year old guy?
07 Toyota tundra buying help (TEN POINTS)?
Used tow dolly how much?
Chris bought a car for $2000 and sold it for a 30% profit how much did she sell it for?
i need the website which i can find cheap cars from singapore or dubai maximum price 2000 us dollas?
whats a good family car to buy?
Should we have a car each?
Where online may i find a retail value of my car based on year, make, model, milage?
Would you buy a car with a rebuilt title?
Im in need of assistance?
will i sell my car this weekend?
What is the best used car to buy?
How much can i sale a car for if motor dont work?
would like a auto loan having so so credit I can pay 100 to 125.00 a monthly no down,is it possible?
If you could buy anything what would you buy?
I want to sell my car, how can I get a used car quote of its actual value?
what can i do about a used car that i bought two months ago that is having to be repaired for the third time?
i was looking at the gmc Sierra 1500 Hybrid and was thinking of buying it?
Help with list of rwd cars?
What is the price of Honda City V AT Sunroof model....?
My husband and I are looking to buy a 1997 to 2000 Ford expedition?
what's the difference in making a auto loan payment and making a auto loan payment on just the principal?
Can the buyer sue me for a car I sold to her that broke down two weeks later?
: what car is a girly car?
Would it be worth it to buy a new car when I already...?
To anyone who knows about cars...?
Looking to buying a bigger car?
Should i sell my 2010 camaro?
1972 Chevelle or 2009 Nissan Altima?
Can you recommend good Japanese car?
did is worth to buy bubble bull eye wheel balancer?
What kind of sporty car should I get?
How do you calculate value of a used car when the engine is replaced with a new one from the manufacturer?
what is the kelly blue book price for a "72" cadillac sedan deville?
i have sold a car and when the buyer came to see it he drove it and new there was a miss on it now he wants h?
Companys that could loan me money for a car?
looking at buying a rwd or awd tuner car around 4k?
For my first car should i get...?
What are my chances of getting a car loan with...?
Would it be cheaper to upgrade a car or buy a new one?
Where is a good place yo sell a car?
How much should I fix before I sell my car?
My car It can pay off?
I found a VW Golf with 146K miles on it. i was j/w how well they run with so many miles & how long they last?
Is this bait and switch at our local car dealer?
good and cheap cars for tuning?
How do I sell a car that I was given as a gift?
Should I be Suspicious-Ice Cream Truck?
I would like to change my old car to a new one, can I use my old plate number to my new car? ?
Cancel used car contract prior to collecting car.?
Which of these sedans are better and luxury?
To anyone who knows about cars...?
How much are new car tires?
can my parents sell my car?
will the new 2006 camero be a better purchase.?
Yesterday i went to a car dealership and i found a car i liked. i gave them a check for the entire amount.....
transfer of ownership fee in California?
can you barter when buying a car from a garage?
what is best car for to buy a cheep?
What would most of you buy ? a newer car thats high mileage or a older car low mileage?
If the car is 23000 brand new how much can I negotiate them down to?
Which car would you buy: BMW X3 or Audi A6 ?
whats better a buick riviera oldsmobile cutlass supreme(2 door) or another 2 door coupe in that year range?
What used car should i buy? How can i find it?
I want to buy a car from the USA