Car Buying

What is the price of the most expensive car in the world? ?
Should you only buy an SUV or truck if you absolutely need one?
1991 honda nsx vs 2008 lotus exige 240 s?
I am planning on getting a new SUV!!! Any pro's or con's in the choices im considering?
Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang?
I'm Compare truck between Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge.?
How do you sell a car that is not insured?
`i bought a car from this dealer..............?
im looking for an suv that fits six to eight passengers what the best out there?
Are there agencies that assist disabled poor with acquiring a vehicle for food and medical assistance?
what is a good website to look for used cars?
what happens if ur buying a car and it gets impound and u dont get it out?
I live in MD and want to buy a used car from VA, what additional expenses do I have to pay, if any at all?
What is a good name for a muscle car club?
Best MPG on a 4x4 SUV less than $7,000?
What's the best car to buy on a 5000 dollar budget?
so how do car down payments work?
I need a new car. What should i get?
I put the deposit down on a car, price was agreed, but now they don't want to sell for that price.?
What time of year can you get the best deal on a new car?
What is the top speed and other stats for a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?
can a new car dealer install after market accessories on a new car and not tell you about it?
How do we sell a car privately that still has a loan on it?
can a car repair shop sell your vehicle for non payment, for repairs you did not authorize?
Does anyone have an El Camino for sale? Do you like them as much as I?
Any recommendation's for a good first car other than a Ford Ka?
My son is turning 16 what's the best suv?
resale value of a 2001 dodge 1500 1/2 ton singal cab and auto transmtion?
When A Car Gets Repo'd, What Happens to Your Belongings???
Was 1998 a good year for Chevy 2500 series pickups?
when is the best time to buy a car? i was thinking labor day in spetember.?
2003 Eclipse or 2007 Cobalt?
What is the best overall family car to purchase for fuel mileage, purchase price, warranty, and resale value.?
Should i buy another vehicle for winter?
Sold a car that was in someone elses name?
Would I be able to afford this car?
What's a 'rear privacy glass' and what does it do?
Which is the better USED diesel truck, Looking to spend under 15,000.?
Looking to lease a new convertible -MSRP between $25k and $50k, what's my best bet?
What kind of car do you drive ?
is it possible for a 19yr. old to get a auto loan ?
Car Dealership Wants To Swap Recently Purchased New Car for An "Identical" One?
2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i or 2007 Honda Accord V6?
what about chaines car( cheery A11)?
What do i do?PLZ HELP!?
How can I find out what my credit union is doing with its repossessed cars especially when they don’t want to
Just started a small Used Car Lot business, want info on BHPH software, financing options for customers?
1989 Ford Escort or 1995 Ford Taurus?
What are the best attributes to look at for a second hand car?
How would you want your dream car to look like.?
Which of these SUVs is the best and why?
What wheels would suit a holden hj premier?
I am thinking about walking from a deal opna civic because they cannot find the specifics that I want...?
Is it cheaper to buy a car in Scotland ?
Selling a car while a lien is still on it? COMPLICATED QUESTION!?
what would be an affordable "muscle car"?
1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue. should I buy?
Whats the best kind of go-kart to buy?
blue book value of my suv?
Is this an ok price for a used car?
Websites good for finding used cars for sale by owner?
car dealerships in janesville wi?
Help buying a new-used car??
Sold my car to a dealership without full car inspection?
What documents do I need to sell my vehicle with a lien on it?
car for £1 ? can you beat that ?
how much is this car?
i filed chapter 13 bankruptcy my car is listed. how do i go about geting a new one.?
WHATS a good first car?!!?
where can i find to view or buy rims for suv with the batman logo??
AlSO, lookin for a 1967 GT500 Shelby Fastback or a 1998 Chevy Impala SS?
what auto shops sell mustang convertable tops?
Bobcat 743, what is it worth?
Feedback on Tata Indigo vechile. Is it worth spening money on that vechile?
As an e-2 will i be able to afford this car..?
How much of a down payment should i put on a used car?
Would annual income from a trust fund be basis for qualifying for a loan?
What luxury car should I buy?
What is the top speed of a Seat Leon 1.4 16v s? are they quick?
What is the best treadmill to buy for a reasonable price?
Where would I find an old car to purchase, that seems to not be on the lot of dealerships?
Is buying this car a.good deal?
where can i find out the true value of my car before i try to sell it?
What kind of truck would you buy? Nissan Titan, Chevy Avalanche or Toyota Tundra?
Which is better 2004 Mazda 6 Sports Van or 2004 Ford Escape? Please help me decide, I'd really appreciate it.?
how much is my car worth?
Should I buy used cars off super small dealers?
what do you think on buying a used car with 123,634 miles on it?
Is the Car Salesman Telling the Truth?
Vehicle to fit 3 Car seats?
Vehicle Gift Out of state registration?
toyota supra or nissan 370z?
Should i buy the two gshocks?
How do I get my first car?
If i buy a car and the previous owner still owes money to the bank for it, Can the car be reposessed from me?
where can i find the website of anchor windlass 3000 of simpson lawrence.?
what car is better for a 1st car?
buying a car from canada?
how do i find out how much a classic vehicle is worth?
Car salesman training?
In the State of Indiana ,after signing a contract for a used vehicle do you have 72 hours to back out?
when are 2011 Hondas for sale?
how much would a dodge charger cost in about 3 years?
Looking for my first car?
A citroen C3, Renault Clio or Vauxhall Corsa.Which would you buy?
How can i find out how much my car is worth???
Can a dealership charge for mileage?
Is the Honda Civic LX Coupe a good car?
Toyota Yaris or Honda jazz ? buying a car for my mother?
Can someone please tell me do i have to pay more?
What's better Mitsubishi lancer or Mazda 3?
Did you ever have to sue someone for buying a bad car?
where is a good place/company/online to buy rims for a good deal?
Reliable car under 5k?
If i buy a car and put it in my dads name can i still drive it or not any ideas ?
can i b able to buy a swishers?
can a dealership sale your car without letting you know?
What is a good, cheap beginners AWD rally car for around $7000 or less?
I want to bring an homebuilt racecar from Canada to the U.S.?
Help me choose a new car please?
How can I get a chick magnet car for under 3500?
Financial recommendation concerning a car, advice?
I'm learning to drive and really want to buy my first car, but how do I know if I can afford it?
Do they sell a mini cooper like this?
What are the Interior features of Peugeot 207?
is it illegal for a garage to sell me a car with outstanding finance without telling me?
In N.Georgia, what are my options for ill-running 1994 vehicle with too many miles to repair or trade?
How does buying a new car work?
I have some barley used car seat covers that i'm trying to get rid of. Where can I sell them at?
How can I buy a car if no one will give me a loan and no one will cosign for me?
I'm in a pickle. Help get me out! Can I trade in my american car to a dealer in Canada?
Would it be stupid to buy a 20 year old Mercedes?
I want to buy a car. So plz give me your suggesion?
What car was used in the end of Fast Five?
where can i buy a comfort control module?
What is the worst, most unreliable car make out there, that should be avoided at all costs?
Im looking to buy my first car. Ive narrowed it down to a Nissan and a BMW. which one is better?
2002 wrx hybrid cost?
What car should I get and why?
2006-7 chevy/gmc 1500 sierra/silverado extended cab 2wd v-6 work truck?
Need to know original car color by VIN number?
Has anyone ever had luck with a $500 car?
CAR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
My daughter's jeep needs a new motor, she doesn't have the money to repair it, still has loan, any suggestions
What kind of car did you buy your teenage child? What cars would you suggest for a teenager? ?
Can anyone please give me advice about my first vehicle decision? ?
Is my car using too much petrol?
Best car for new driver?
Does Oldsmoble cars millege life around 200k miles?
Cash For Clunkers Question?
Where can i find me a cheap old school car in ohio?
Buying first car a little confused?
Which is the best colour in BMW 3 Series car?
Which car is more roomie?
Can i sell my car for less than i owe on the loan?
does a ferrari go up in price as it is driven?
which is better-swift or i 20?
Lost wheel trim. Where can I get a second hand 2003 Mondeo Wheel trim?
I would rather get an Aston Martin, Nissan GTR, and a Range Rover Sport instead of a Lamborghini and Ferrari?
Which cars do mechanics recomend the most?
How to get a title to a car that has been abandoned for close to 2 years...?
Used crotch rocket?????????
What is my job title?
Did I get a good deal?
Shady Car Salesman? what should i do?
What car is best/most reliable?
why is this motorbike so cheap?
I bought a used car but was not warned about 850$ dmv fee + towed? Lawsuit?
Which vehicle is better and why?
How to sell Vehicle I do not fully own?
Sales statistics of car Japanese parts in Europe?
If KIA Hamsters Hipster Hamster Commercial is Popular, Has It Resulted In Lots of Automobile Sales?
Wanting to buy this RS?
Toyota (4Runner) or Nissan (Xtera) or Honda (CRV)?
on average How many cars does a salesperson sale each month?
Can i bring a leased car back after a year for a new one?
2006 Accord LX-Special Edition price?
What expenses are involved in buying a car?
Whats is a good 4x4 for my first car?
What's in a purple viper?
What is the best first car for a teenage girl?
What is a good car for around $20,000.00 or a little more?
1969 SS El camino for 4,500$ good deal?
automóviles de turismo, minibús, autobús, automóvil, donde es la primera empresa minibús en China?
1978 skyline mobile home worth in fair con?
Can I sue for loss of value if my car was severely wrecked but not totaled?
Where can i find a good car website?
Is it better to buy a car from a Dealer or Private Owner?
Should I buy or lease my next car?
What's faster genesis coupe 2.0T or 3.8?
i have just bought 2004 land rover discovery, any tips for handling the svu?
Can I get tips and advice on buying a new car?
Selling a car to someone who will pay payments?
which is better car renault duster or mahindra scorpio coz i want to buy in month?
How much is the purchase tax on a $3400 car purchased in the state of CA?
what is the best 05 Subaru WRX exhaust for the performance?
Have domestic - U.S. - cars yet become as dependable and long-lasting as imports, i.e., Japanese cars?
My wife is giving her car to her sister. What all will she need to transfer the car over? Just the title?
Can I buy a 14,000 dollar car working minimum wage?
How many years have you been driving, and how many cars have you owned?
what is the best kind of car, and what would be the best thing that could go into it?
When applying for an car loan, how much should I request?
vehicles that hold value?
were can i get a loan on my car,pay it back and get my car back?
How to package antique chairs for shipping?
Signed title over now i changed my mind?
What selling price should it be? And...?
Is anyone selling a car in the dallas area????
Car wont start help please?
What would you rather have?
what happens if i stop payment on a check i gave the car dealer, because i was not satisfied?
What is the best car to buy under $10,000 (new or used)?
Signed car paper work?
Im 19 years old and looking to buy a 2000 mustang priced at 5000 and only a 1500 down payment. I want to look?
Can i pay a brand new car in payment if i have no credit?
I need a good, solid car for my first car purchase. It has to be able to drive long distances. What's good?
sports bikes for resonable rates?
I am a new dad who needs a more family friendly car. trying to decide between a 2011 Jetta and a 2011 Mazda 3?
What should I get for my first car? (Teenage Male)?
I want to sell my car but I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!?
What Car Should/Can I Get?
what happen when i trade in my new ($17,000) car for a used ($5000) car? do i get money from whats left over?
Ever bought a good cheap used car from an auction?
what is the best pick-up truck to buy?
Which Flip More??
Are there any new cars that have split bench seats instead of buckets?
how do you get the title to a car that doesn't have one when you buy it?
how much does a 2007 suburban and 2005 suburban cost?
Get my deposit back from Used car Dealer?
How can I get a decent car loan interest rate with poor credit?
Can anyone review this car for me?
What is a good, reliable first car?
Can I trade in my car if it needs repair?
what is a private seller because i want to buy a car in ebay and it said private seller?
help. trying to decide on car!?
Do you like pickles?
how much higher are petrol prices going to get?? im not sure i can afford to run a car in britain now..?
Dealer sold me a car that was already sold. What are my options?
How do I find a persons name that scammed me from a site hosted by ?
Is the 2013 Kia Forte a good car?
Buying my first car and i need some opinions?
Car A/C experts. Please help?
Should I buy a car if it has a problem with the transmission control module?
I make $1500 and still live at home, is a $400 car payment plus $200 for car insurance too much ?
Selling a Xterra?
what is the best (new) car on the market for under $12,000?
best millage for any car?
How soon should a try to refinance my car loan?
How long does it take to take delivery of a new car.?
What does certified car & licensing mean?
What sort of car would be the cheapest to run, tax and insure?
Is my order going to arrive today?? ups?
i'm 14 looking for my first car what kind should i buy?
Which dirtbike should I purchase! 10 freepoints!?
Houston Auto Auction, anyone know about it? Ever get a vehicle from there? Tell us about it.?
How much of a discount should I get with employee pricing when I purchase a new car?
Gas Mileage?
Trying to find commercial where two guys are at yard sale selling everything for $2.69 ?
How much should a over 137 thousand mileage car be sold?
what is a good type of car for a 16 year old?
if my friend works at a Car dealership how good of a deal can I get?
Average gross front end profit on used cars?
I bought a new car yesterday second hand used, but something annoys me?
How's this car?
What are some of cheapest performance sedan for under 11,000 ?
I can't afford my car anymore. What is the best way to get rid of my car?
what happens when a seller of car can't covey title to the car when i have made my payments.?
Which car should I buy out of these two?
what should i get for my first car? new or used?
price of a 1968 ford falcon 4 door sedan?
What is the most reliable used car (4 cylinder) for 4 to 5 grand?
I need a sales pitch when selling standard transmission clutch kits to distributors.?
What's the best thing to do with my old car?
Anyone ever go from a SUV to a car - and did you regret it?
Where the best place to selling online?
What's da best performance sedans today?
Which car deal is better?
what does SUV stand for?
Does anybody know how much a 1976 bicentennial Michigan license plate would be worth?
How can I sell my 2000 Ford Explorer Sport?
What is a best first car?
Which is a better Suv Audi q7 or Mercedes gl 550?
certified pre-owned car with lots of miles?
Buying a used car, how much can I lower the price if the previous trade value was 6800?
Which one should I buy and why? Used 2006 Infinity G35 with 89,000miles or Used 2007 Mazda RX-8 with 50,000?
eclipse or no?
"Internet only" car price question?
What does it mean if there's "no lein" on the title?
16 and needs a car!!!?
which suv is best in these?
Sucky situation. Help??
should i get buy a car which is only 3,000 for a ford explorer before i join the military. im tired of riding?
My mom has a car... ?
What can be a cheap but nice car for a begginer?
car leasing question suzuki?
Where can i get Car Finance for Bad Credit?
I purchased a new car cash and it was repossesed in 21 days is this legal?
Are there any cars that have a stock aux-in jack with a reasonable price range?
Which do you prefer? BMW or Audi?
Vehicle with good mpg and cargo space?
How much does it cost to register a new car?
Buying Cars in the USA?
Are japenese imports cheaper?UK ONLY?
for sale cadillac universal fuel pump can operate with any cadillac 250 msrp cheap?
Whats the cutest luxury car for a teenage girl. In the 40,000 dollar range. thanks!?
I leased a car for waay too much, my payments are too high and i just can not afford it anymore.?
When I went to sell my CAR, Delear told me I can get the Tax Refund after selling the CAR.. How?
What it mean if guy has car with company name on it?
how much did the 1972 yellow camaro sell for on "The Price is Right" game show in 1972?
The pricing at carmax?
Where can I buy a Dead Sara car decal or sticker?
who can i sell my t tops for an 85 trans am to for $150?
Which car would be best fully tuned?
how can i get out of a car loan and into a newer car without paying too much?
For people who have bought a car in the Miami Ok area...?
i need a 4''/6'' lowering kit for a 99' dodge ram 1500 5.2 lt. v8?
Is this a good deal on this camper?
what is a 2 door 1975 chevy malibu chevelle worth thats in good condition with 120,000 miles?
Buying a Motorcycle question?
I'm about to start my first real job, at $40,000 salary. Is it reasonable for me to buy a new car?
transferring a car from fla to pa- what is required when i get there?
is it possible to trade in a car that is worth $13,000, and you owe $19,000?
how much would a new dodge viper cost and?
RIDICULUS trade in value for our van?
Is a 2005 Honda Accord Coupe with 95,000 miles worth $10,000 (available at a dealer, this excludes taxes)?
What should my payments be on a 2012 Honda CR-V if I'm leasing it?
Can any one help me find Nissan Skyline from 1977 to 1981 for sale?
What is your favorite color when Purchasing a car?
I'm trying to purchase a car, but have poor credit. Is there anything that can help me w/out getting rejected?
Toyota vs Kia?
What are some fast, affordable cars?
I gave a signed car title to exboyfriend in March. He won't register it. If I am liable, can I get it back?
I'm 16 and I want a car, which one should I get?
Are cars on craigslist reliable?
If the United States......?
Should I buy and extended warranty for my car or trade it in?
why should one lease a car instead of buying it?
Should I buy a used 2008 range rover?
Should I buy a used car for $10k or put down $10k and buy a new $20k car?
how much should i sell my macbook for?
what kind of car is good for a girl?
Which car is better ? please i need help !?
where can you go to buy a cheap car?
How much would a 1987 Blazer that is in immaculate condition with only 80k miles on it would sale for?
Trying to sell a car...Is this a scam?
Is $6100 a good price for a 2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R?
new car sales disclosures in washington state?
I baught my first car through kia. i never missed a payment, and i have the car paid off. ?
Has anyone bought a car from craigslist? Is buying a car from postings on there, legit?
A good place to get a cheap car?
What are the best subwoofers for medium price range?
How much revenue does an average automobile salesperson generate each month?
How can I get out of a lease?
Lease is ending and will purchase next car.... need help!?
how long before seller has to transfer car owner ship over?
What's the value of a 1,000,000 pesos bill from Argentina? I mean in US dollars.?
Car sales in Denver Colorado?
Does anyone want to buy a bronco in chicago?
Car dealer charging sales tax on their processing/handling/doc fees - legit? Or do they pocket the $?
What kind of car do you have?
Can you be scamed through paypal when you are the one doing the selling?
what kind of car is this?
Is this a good deal?
What car should get(short question)?
I am looking for a 2nd hand motorbike, what sites would you recommend to look on?
what happened to the VW commercial "time to un-pimp z autuo"?
If you where rich what kind of car would you buy?
whats a fair price to sell my 1996 Firebird rear seats?
is this a good car?
Best car to look for?
Buying car in NH and registering in MA?
Should I Buy a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe for $14,700?
most expansive and cheapest months to buy cars?
Should I buy this car. I don't know much about cars!?
What are some websites for importing cars and car parts from japan to Australia?
would you get an audi s5 or a mitsubishi evo x?
Which car company has the most reliable cars?
What is a good first car?
How do you find a dod sell cars/ buy cars website?
what kind of car do you drive?
does anyone have a nice mustang 5.0 motor for sale cheap?
should i buy this?
can you help me on finding a car?
Any problems with the 2002 Mercedes Benz C230 Kom. Coupe? Rating please!?
how to get out of a car loan of car that you dont want..?
hello im looking at a 2002 lexus gs 300 how many miles do these cars run for if it wasnt abused?
how to find out if your impreza is awd?
How many petrol models are available in Hyundai i20?
What kind of car is good for my 16 year old daughter?
im leasing a 2013 camaro and i have a question about getting a customization?
What is the value of this car?
Would you pay $2000 for a silver 2001 Mazda Protege (100,000 miles) in good condition?
how to make 6000 dollars in 9 months?
My foot is infected and my neighbor looks at me funny. Should I buy a new car?
Honda Fit or Toyota Camry Reliability?
Refinancing title exchange?
How long can I return a car to its dealer?
I have $20k to buy a car, what car do you recommend?
Can I get a classic car in monthly payments?
Which is the best? The Toyota Camry, the Hyundai Elantra, the Subaru Outback, or the Mazda 3?
Is the transmission of a car part of the engine?
Where can i find a cheap 1998 F150 red ford with 3 doors in California?
What cars do you reccomend for a first car?
What are the MUV's available in the Indian market? What are their prices and engine specifications?
Should I drive 6 hour to buy a new car from a dealer?
which car should i get ?
How can I find out the value of my second hand car in the UK?
If I was selling a "68" dodge van would you be interested in buying it?
what is my car worth?
where can i find a '98 honda accord in atlanta with less than 90,000 miles for less than $5,500 cash?
what is a good used car to buy?
How much would this car be able to sell for?
How much does a car mechanic earn in Delhi?
What car should i get?
What is the Book value for my truck?
White cars??(: Please help!?
I am looking for a car or truck for $100.00 a month and little or no money down, less than perfect credit?
Im getting a BMW M6 Convertible but i dont know what colour i shoulg get it in with a black roof top?
Selling 2 cars,would like to place advert .need quick sale.where is the best place to put an ad?
In your state, is the full sales tax payable on ANY vehicle? In SC we have a $300 max even if $100K sale!?
where can i buy fuel in stores near me?
Advice On Buying A Truck?
Process of buying a used car from private owner?
Every time I rightclick search on, I receive a reply that the item could not be found.
I bought a car in Tn on the 22nd of oct. Just wondering when i will receive my actual plates for my car?
Buying a first car...?
2002 Ford Taurus - any good, or crap car?
what is the best states to buy used car?
I've just bought a time machine at a car boot sale. What date should I go back to?
I am going to buy a new SUV. Which one you recommend to buy? Mazda CX-5 or Mitsubishin RVR or mitsubishi outla?
i want to buy iphone 4s?
What car would win in a street race?
Should i lease new mercedes or buy a used one?
My wife has trouble with driving manual geared/large cars.Plsrecommend any small & automatic car for 4 people?
I live in a different country than where the car is for sale, how do i know it's legit? what is ESCROW? safe?
when you get approved for a car loan and it expires before you purchase a car when u reapply for that loan?
What other cars does GM own?
i am trying to locate a website that i was told was called "postit" an online advertising site?
Should i buy this 280z and restore it?
should i buy a chey truck with over 200000 miles on it?
So should I go with a GMC Jimmy Or Chevey Blazer I buying a new truck this Fall or used.?
How many times can you sell a car with a salvage title?
What is better? BRZ or FR-S?
In general, do auto dealers give you fair prices on your trade-in vehicles?
Good car for a teenager..10 points easy?
What's the best used car under 5000.00?
how much is a Honda civic cost?
Is it possible to switch names on car loan in which I am the co-signer?
I really need to find a car!!!?
What would be a good car for a teenager ?
2006 BMW 6 Series or Corvette?
Can my shipment come a day early?
Selling a Car?
i need help fing a car.?
Do you know of anyone who would be interested in 4 "American Racing" Chrome Rims?
First car ideas please?
I want to buy a car ...?
Okay i bought this truck and now i realize that the notes are to much and i 'am about 5,000 upside down on the
How do i buy a car on ebay?
Cash for Clunker Program?
First car help please?
Did i get rip by car dealers?
My Car is old but gets me places im looking for something that looks good,?
What if you DO NOT qualify for the Cash for Clunkers Program?
How to get a small car loan?
Lemon law. Can it ruin my credit?
do car shops buy used tyres?
a lean holder means I can't sell the car is this correct?
A good fit for me or no.?
Need some financial advice?
who have the bugatti veyron car in india?
what can i do, I'm desperate for a car?
What to do after selling a car?
whats a good millage for a used truck?
What car should my dad get?
Which car should I get?
How can i have a nice car?
how can I rent a used car dealer license plate in NJ?
Question about a Car Title?
buying a seat in the South African market, good or bad?
Hi, I'm a new driver and don't know much about cars. Need some advice on buying my first car.?
What is wrong with my car?!?
Where can i Buy a moped?
im looking to buy a moped?
What will be more reliable: a Scion tC or a Mazda3?
which is the best small Japanese car?
What's a good first car?
Need car decision help asap!?
where can I find the newspaper ads for new cars?????
I'm 18 years old, and I'm thinking about becoming a car salesman. Any tips? What's the job like? Is it hard?
blue book price for 750 Honda shadow motorcycle 2002?
using d=rt ; find r; given: d=466 miles and t=11 hours?
How many miles per gallon does the Toyota Tundra 4x4 get?
Altima, Civic, or Accord for first car?
I sold my car, the next day the guy called me and said the transmission broke down, I'm I legaly liable ?
Does this sound like a scam?
How do I buy a Vehicle with a lien on it?
automatic car starter?
I'm getting a car which one should I get? BMW Z4 or Lexus IS 350 C?
With a vehicles vin number, what all information can you get out of it?
is trading in my car better then just painting it??/ its a 03 honda had it for one year?
The best and cheapest way to get out of a Auto Lease?
BMW from 2000-06? maybe other cars? looking to buy need opinions.?
Good first cars for under $30,000au?
Who is responsible for CA DMV Penalties, Buyer or Used Car Dealer?
Uncommon sporty cars?
Can i get a car worth 2 thousand dollars with 300 down?
How many cars can I sell privately in NSW, Australia per year?
How much do tax do I pay for a used car in Wisconsin?
What can I sell hot wheels racing 2012 stock car?
What car should i buy? either ford focus st2 or an astra vx?
I have just turned 17 and my Dad is getting me a new car, is a Range Rover Sport or Porsche Cayenne better?
Should I get my new car today?
When do DEMO cars go on sale after new models arrive?
Buying a used car, have a question.?
What Rc Nitro Cars Is Good To Get?
I need help on choosing a nisson skyline?
How do 18-20 year olds buy nice sports car all tuned out for like $30,000 to $50,000?
What kind of crossover should i get?
Looking for a new vehicle, Any Ideas?
Which of these cars would be the best to drive and own?
Blue Book Value For a 97' Grand Prix? Also Is 1100 Dollars high for one with 170000 miles on it?
How much would a 79 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with 70,000 miles sell for?
How much is a 2011 BMW 328i Sedan AWD worth with 9000 miles?
what is used car rule in the state of nevada?
Do i have enough money to buy a car?
I need help fast about buying this car! ... is it a scam?
should i buy a 2009, 4.8 L, gmc, sierra, sle?
when is the best time to go for a test drive on a vehicle?
I want to sell my car but I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!?
Is getting a Mercedes-Benz as a young student a good or bad choice?
First car help?????????????
I have a 95 pontiac sunfire that I want to sell?
05 1.2L Corsa C SXi Twinport orrrr 04 1.6L Civic 3D Type-S (Type-R lookalike). What one should i go for?
What's the most a person should pay for his first car?
How can i convince my mom to get me a car?
What would you buy for $500?
how do you transfer a car out of your name to someone elses if you still owe on the car?
where do i find financial assistance for buying a car?
does anybody have a 1980-1998 vw in good shape for sale?
i want to buy a reliable used car to commute under $2,000. I live in Los Angeles, CA.?
should i trade my 2002 gti vr6 for a 2001 audi tt (salvage title)?
where can you buy repoed / theft cars?
Someone wants to sell their car through Finance. Is this possible?
Need To Buy Used Car?
what is the value of a 1982 chevy c10 silverado?
i;m trying buy a used car but it has a lot of damage?
Selling my car to private buyer, QUESTION!?
What kind of car should I get for my first car!?
Buying a car while the seller is still making payments?
How does a mechanics pre-sale inspection work?
05 pontiac g6 is it worth it?
Are dealers jacking up prices on cars because of Cash for Clunkers?
What kind of car can i get for 83, 492 approximately?
I am looking to buy a Hyundai Sonata... good? bad?
What is a 1966 Ford F250 Worth?
Hey guys.. should I buy this car?
What car shall I get?
I am looking to purchase a new car. I will be a first time buyer. Any suggestions or advice?
Which of these cars would you buy (Pictures Included)...?
I need help picking a car?
Would it be worth it to get a car?
Would it be illegal to sell or get rid of a car that I haven't paid off yet?
how loud are black cat fireers?
just got my 1st it away soon?
looking for repo auctions open to the public?
loking for mr sales used trucks in onida wisconsin?
which car should i get?
Will a dealer buy out a lease?
90 Acura Integra vs. 91 Nissan Sentra - For a teenager?
1991 three horse trailer vin # 49sb7182mp001898 how much is it worth about?
Which car is best under 5 lacks?
I have a 2001 VW Passat, with low mileage (57k) but no more warranty, should I sell it now?
Which car would you pick?
new toyota runs too fast like its super acceleration. is this normal?
any one know the best car scratch removal i can buy?
Vehicle to tow a car with?
where to buy somalian dirac?
Can I exchange my car for a lower end model and have a lower monthly payment?
Is it worth to wait for SX4/Linea?
Car buying/repairing laws?
Should I get a bigger car?
Mustang GT with 180k miles?????????
What is the best car for South-east Florida life?
Where can i buy a bugatti?
Scion Tc accessories?
my step son has been sold a dodgy car by a garage, how does he stand legally to get his money back ?
What is the best looking car of all time?
When do u not use d4 on a automatic vehicle?
What Intake Should I get?
Anybody have any idea what the new VW Eos' are going to cost?
Easy Car Question...?
Are cars on craigslist reliable?
Do you need car insurance in order to buy a car?
Should i get a vauxhall corsa or a toyota yaris or a honda civic to start off with?
Car sales man pay rate?
Dealership question....extra warranty's...?
Any companies that would buy allow wheels for refurb.
Whats better rockford P3 or DD 1500 series?
Why are most 10 year old used cars priced so high?
Used 2002 Nissan Xterra XE for my first car?
What's the cheapest car to own?
Cheap cars for teens?
In need of some GREAT advice!!!?
what is the best compact car sold in canada?
I have a personal loan on a car and no lien?
Which has higher class: Mercedes or Jaguar?
What can I do to get Rid of My car ????
Whats a good way to sell my old car?
Does anyone know what the tax, title and license fees are for a new car purchase within the city of Chicago?
Should I get a BMW X5, an Infiniti FX45, an Acura MDX, a Lexus RX330, or a Mercedes Benz ML 500?
a flood affected ford fiesta diesel is for sale at a discounted price. should i buy?
Bought a truck and got screwed?
what,s the most beautiful car since now?
help me find my new vehicle please.?
Just got my first car, what are some cool things to buy for it?
What does 0 apr for 60 months mean (when buying a car)? I want to get a truck but am not sure what that means.
How much will a Cadillac Cts V Coupe be worth in 2016? ?
A question of morals from a biased standpoint?
ok im gettin a car this month and i was wondering whyat base or whatever it called should i put in my car?
Can you find a better eco car? Let me know thanks!?
Buying new car and need help?
where can i put in an application for a down payment on a car?
i want to bye a car but i don't know where to bye it?
What is the best method for talking down the price on a new car?
Are Toyotas the most reliable cars and are the parts cheap to buy?
What should i get a 2001 corvette Z06 or a 2002 BMW M3?? Undicided?
How much would you spend on a project car?
is it easier to get a lease for a car or auto loan?
How much would you sell this car for?
What's better: an Audi, a Cadillac, or a Volvo?
whats makes manual better than automatic?
I have a choice to trade DODGE DURANGO 60,000 MILES FOR A 1997 MERCEDES BENZ WITH 150,000 MI?
Are MINI Coopers good cars?
Trying to decide on what to buy?
How to find out where a car was last tagged?
how much are vehicle transfer fees?
Where can i get the cheapest open trailer for heavy weight vehicles for export?
How much is my car worth?
Do you like Mustangs, clssic cars, and car concepts?
I am taking my test in a few weeks and I’m having trouble picking the right car. I want to get a golf 05, 06?
A good first car (4 doors)?
Buying a car, need help with optional products for sale at the dealership.?
iPhone 4 or Nexus 7? Which one should I buy?
If i buy a car in calif. and move to texas The dealer is accussing me of pre meditatated fraud how is this?
Cheap Used Fast Cars?
which car should i go for?
i bought a stolen car?
What Are the main things to look for in a car when your buying it?
Which new economy car should i consider buying?
Should I lease or buy a car to commute to school?
Any other option besides repo?
Salary needed to afford range rover overfinch 3/4/5 years old?
Where can I get a car without a cosigner?
What would be a good car for me?
Where can I sell my vintage license plates?
which sat nav is the best, TomTom or Garman?
What is the Ex-Showroom price of Tata Pixel?
RE: 65 Thunderbird, I need your help...?
my daughters buyin a 2nd hand car is she bein ripped?
Planning to buy a new car (Corolla/Civic/Accord)?
Does Lexus have as much technology as BMW/mercedes? ?
How reliable are kia spectras '06?
How to convince parents to let me buy a car?
I'm thinking of getting a new car that"s fun to drive. What's hotter-- a BMW 3, a Porsche or a 'Vette? (girls)
can i test drive a vehicle without the dealer tagging along?
whats a better truck???
i have £50000 to spend on a car but i want something that is really different, it need not be new any ideas?
Is $21,000 a lot for a car for a 16-year-old?
bmw 128i vs lexus IS?? please helpp?
Is my car okay? what should I do?
used car dealers in upper michigan?
how do you feel about carsalesman?
i need lowering springs for 88 GT4 celica,anyone know were they can be bought?
Cheapest gas prices and most expencive?
Tax for vehilce titled in PA?
i want sex more than my husband-he always rejects me-I love him but going crazy what should I do-im depressed?
Genesis Coupe 2013 or Camaro 2013?
would you rather have a bmw or a jeep?
NEED USED CAR........!?
how can i get my money back from buying a car on ebay?
I am going 2 buy a 2007 yaris toyota and pay cash for it, it is 14100 how much of a discount should i get?
what is the coolest looking car?
i want a free site to advertise my used car for sale to prospective buyers?
what is the best car to go to university with that is 20K or under?
what is insurace that pays fullprice of what you owe if something happens to a car?
Looking to buy a new car, Toyota Corolla, pros and cons?
How many miles should a new car have?
You ever wonder what happened to your car after you sold it/traded it in?
how do you get your name off a vechicle title during a divorce??
Selling a car and accepting a check verses cash?
Need to sell my car but never registered it.?
What car is better??
So what do I do I want to buy this new 2004 nissian murano but it pulls the the left?
FIRST CAR CHOICES! BMW 323ci sport coup, 2003 BMW 330i 4dr sport, 2004 Mazda Rx8?
what do you think about >>>> ???
I am selling my car and how can I get a free driveaway insurance for my buyer?
What kind of vehicle should I get?
how many kilometers should a 4.8 liter pickup go?
Are Passat wagons really worth their cost?
Car loan with bad credit but no debt?
i want a brand new car but it has too be mobility car can i get one via the goverment scrappage scheme?
Can you recommend a good mid-sized SUV?
Name the most influencial car of the 20th century?
If you were going to buy a used car what kind of car would u get?
Which car to take to prom?
i owe 12800 on a truck i purchased i want to trade in its trade in value is 6000 would that be possiable?
350z, s200, or TT? So many questions!!!?
what is a list of cars in the 5000-15000 range of cash that are fast?
Im thinking about purchasing a motor with 112,000 miles on it should I?
does anyone have any experience with used car scams via autotrader?
please give me some insight!!!?
im doing a research paper on muscle and classic cars but i need audio/visuals does anyone know where i can?
Which vehicle would you pick ? subaru or jeep?
What Car Would You Choose From These Choices?
how does a car lease work?
If I were to purchase a new car in 2009 would I qualify for a tax credit for that purchase?
Does anyone know the name of this website?
Manual car vs auto car?
has anyone brought a car from Zbest cars in louisiana?
Does anyone know where I might be able to find a 1979 or 1984 Cadillac in good condition.?
how many cars can i buy a year?
Are these two cars considered women cars?
what kind of used car sould i get for 10,000, that has low miles and is good on gas?
I want a MUV which can seat 10 people and has a good engine?
any good lookin girls in new orleans?
Why are car buyers liers? Ten years of selling I have found the buyer to be the lier not the other way around.
Looking to buy a new car?
Do you really have to be 18 to go into gadgets and gizmos?
Best reliable luxury cars with low maintenance?
wich bike is good karizma or pulsar or hunk?
How much is my car worth?
Take out a car loan or not?
how do I check on a Vehicle I have just purchased to see if details I have been given r true?
Am I getting ripped off car title?
im looking at a car and it says (man) on the page but i dont see the stickshift in any photos?
How is the performance, fuel economy &servicing of Fiat Palio Stile? Is it worth purchasing ?
What to check when buying second hand cars or vans?
i need some help gentlemen with buying a used car................?
i need help choosing a car?
do you agree that the 2015 toyota camry looks awesome?
Car accident, now what? I'm so confused.?
Can I buy an apc for off road use ?
Fuel-efficient cars in US.Do not discuss hybrid cars.?
What is your favorite car?
trying to sell a classic car?
what is better car 2006 Lexus IS 350 or 2006 BMW 330?
im trying to find a replacement 3rd row seat for my suv, anyone know best way to find one and not dealer?
should i buy a chey truck with over 200000 miles on it?
I'm looking to buy a good priced truck that's used what do you have in mind?
Whats the best car for 45000 dollars?
i dont know how to drive which one should i do stick shift or automatic first?
What's a job at a car dealership like?
How do I know which type of Ukulele to buy?
I want to sell my car privately....advice please (UK)?
Bought over priced used car 2 days ago and it is already having problems?
when is the best time to buy a 2012 vehicle?
Most of the car manufactuers name and name of models are of 5 or 6 letters..?
Should i get a skyline or a ls1 and put it in a shell ?
What is considered a good car,. good on mileage and not very expensive...not over $14,000 ?
Which car should I get? Dodge Challenger or the VW Bluesport coming out soon?
Is there a buyer's remorse period in Florida in a car purchase?
Sporty cars for 17 year olds (BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS)?
How to test drive nice cars?
Am I getting a good lease deal?
What should I name my car?
First car for a teenage girl?
Anybody knows a auto loan company with good rates?
What does it mean when UPS tracking details says "Warehouse Scan"?
What kind of car do you drive?
Camaro convertible as first car?
Suggest smartphone in the range of 8000?
Can you name a few Chinese car companies?
Are the repocessed car auctions legit? if so which ones are dependable?
Where can i find cheap cars ranging from $2000 and under?
Where can i find a place or site for new car parts for cheep?
the cost of a 1972 Camaro in 1972?
ford fiesta or cheverlet aveo?
what is considered good gas mileage for bigger vehicles?
Is a 16 City MPG and a 22 HWY MPG okay (used car)?
What do you hate the most about car salesmen?
Is a joint car loan document legally binding if the 2nd party no longer physically has the vehicle?
What's the best, dependable 4-cyl.- 4-door car to get a teenager? It will be her first car.?
2013 kia optima or 2013 hyundai sonata?
Which is the best website for the auto news in India?
I am looking for mitsubishi Galant black (1999 to 2002 year)Less than $5000 .My zip code 20879?
We totalled my 2003 Pontiac Grand AM. Can anyone recommend something newer I might like?
Is it better to trade in or sell your old vehicle outright when buying a new car?
How is sales tax calculated for buying a car if the title has no price on it?
What car is better plz help?
I can't decide on a car. Need advice!?
Not a car person but..?
Is there a legal way to stop payment on your car?
Should I repair my 22 year old car?
Looking for REALLY cheap, used cars. Can you help?
what is the most spacious six passenger vehicle?
find date and time of public car auction?
Best bang for my buck?
How much is my car worth?
To those who own Hyundai Atos prime?
How new does a car have to be to finance?
Any opinions on the VW Tiguan?
Should i buy a 1991honda crx with 156200 miles for $625 it just been sitting there for a long time?
how much would a monthly payment be on a $32,000 car with a $3000 down payment?
how can one verify an individual's automotive dealer license without going to the DMV?
when is the best time to buy a vehicle?
Do you like this car, is it a good price?
Can someone plz explain how u can drift a front-wheel drive Car?
I'm looking to buy a car in Illinois but license it in missouri. Will I be paying IL or MO state tax?
where can i get a rusty spot cut out and repatch with a new sheet metal on my car?
Which minivan is a better?
What is the value of my car? help me out.?
What kind of car can I get for $5,000?
What is the process of buying a car?
where's the best place to get a car loan if you don't use the dealership?
what are some good rims for a 99 camry? What price range are they?
Is there a kelly blue book for older then 1992?
Kia Cerato Koup Or Mazda 3 Or Mitsubishi Lancer?
Is a Ford Ranger with 170000 miles for $900 a good deal?
Are there any 4x4 5 speed trucks (2000 and up) out there?
Do you think car dealers go straight to he** ?
No credit, under the table job but want to apply for a car loan?
if my car is a wright off, how much can i get for it?
I have a 2008 Civic Si Mugen for sale... what would you pay?
If you were buying a car, what colour would you go for?
Which is better buying another used transmission with less miles or rebuild it?
Should I buy a 2007 Toyota Corolla or the new Honda Fit?
Which low priced cars have the most comfortable spacious back seat for a 5 member family - 3 growing kids?
What are Good questions to ask when buy a used car?
Help me find a car dealership PLEASSEEEEEE!?
How does someone with nooo credit go about buying a car?
how do i read a 5 digit odometer?
how mutch BS110ZK-2 Cost?
ok im buying a car and im thinking a 2007 honda or a chrysler sebring but i don't know which one is better
Car co-ownership (under loan)?
Looking for a good car in the $20,000 range any ideas?
What kind of car do you drive?
What should I do about this situation from a car dealership regarding my contract?
How much should i sell my cds for?
I was wanting to buy a used car, so I called around....?
How many miles should be on a used car for me 2002 Chevy Tahoe?
Would I have any luck finding a car as a student with a job?
Trading in two cars for one?
Put some links for me please for an engine?
How to get a car for 1400$??????
can any 1 pls tell me how much a nissan - skyline, toyota corolla- AE86 cost?
new car! help me figure out what to get!!!?
List some cars sold at whole sale prices ?
which one should i buy a alfa romeo 147 ts 16v or v golf 1400cc both 51 reg?
how to trade cars between two owners?
Should I go for the car with less miles, or a better warranty?
Why do car dealerships sell lemons?
Best first car for college.?
Car faster than Ferrari 458 Italia?
Should I buy 2000 Honda Insight Base - $4995 with 196,125 miles?
Are there any documents that prove a used car is certified and e-tested?
What kind of car (sporty sedan) should I get?
what is a good reliable first car?
i was using craigslist and someone wanted to buy me a tractor..?
wat is a good first car?
What is the cheapest race spec roll cage that you can buy but it very reliable?
is it cheaper to go to Germany and buy a BMW?
What car should i get? I am 19 year old male and have a budget of upto 60 000.?
how can one verify an individual's automotive dealer license without going to the DMV?
firestone card holder?
where can i find cheap second hand cars?
my friend left me her car as collateral for a loan she has yet to pay anything on the loan & i still have the?
how do you apply for a car dealers license in alabama?
What do you think about this?
What kind of car should I buy under $3500?
What are the chances the bank will finance this car?
need to sell a camper van?
Is it worth the price?
I'm paying cash for a new car. How much can I expect to save?
Which car? Audi a4 3 series or Insignia?
i had kinetic honda before and i was totally satisfied with it .now what new two should i buy?
Why are sports cars much more expensive in Australia than in other countries?
Is eBay any use for buying a car?
I want to lease a car and want to know something about the payments?
What are the pros and cons of paying a high interest rate on a car...?
what year did the grimlan car come out.?
How can I get a car fast?
where can i find cheap cars in raleigh nc from 2,000to $3,000 dollars?
No proof of insurance, dealer wants car back. Am i still under cobtract?
on average, what does a 1986 Z28 camero IROC sale for?
How can I get the most money out of my used car?
How much can I get for a 1975 Caprice Estate Station Wagon?
planning 2 buy a old old car modl 1940 to now?
Best first car? Please explain why?
Looking for a honda accord car?
Out of the cars listed below what is the best deal?
I'm looking for a used compact truck what would be my best choice i.e: chev. S-10, ford ranger etc.?
Should I refinance my auto loan or buy used car?
How to get auto dealer lic.?
Other than white or red, what color would you choose for this car?
Buying a car need help?
Is there a business that will buy used motorcycles?
Can the brakes on a new car smell like their burrning because it has been sitting on the lot?
Can you help me find a local used jeep or truck dealership?
Does the age of a used car matter?
what is the lowest rate for new car loan?
Would it be better if I paid my car all the way off before I trade it in for a new one?
Where can I buy CAR DEALER 50 FOLDING LAMINATED KEY TAGS WHITE TAG? Does Wal Mart sell it?
Typical down payment and monthly payments on a used truck?
Looking to buy a new car, any suggestions?
loking for gas that is cheap in price in zone 94134 or 94124?
what is the best way to find a resonably priced silver nissan xterra for sale in southern california??
Can I trade my car for a cheaper one?
What is a sure way I can build my credit so i can refi my car loan in 6 mos or a year.?
where can i find cheap cars for sale in jacksonville?
Lease or buy Car/Truck? which is best?
pick a car pick a car?
In the State of Indiana ,after signing a contract for a used vehicle do you have 72 hours to back out?
Can you buy a car in california without license?
Buying a car in new jersey?
how can i tell if a CAR SALESMAN IS HONEST?
how can I get my car back on my name?
what type of college or trait school do i go to if i want to learn how to paint cars and do car interrior?
Is this car worth fixing?
Where should i buy my car insuarance?
Want a used van to take on trips?
Any Stores (Non-Consignment) in NYC that "Buy" Used Strollers and Car Seats?
what kind of car should i buy? i have 20,000$ to work with, used or new...?
True cost of buying a new car?
i want a small car , low insurance ,tax and fuel costs but enough room for a car set and a buggy any ideas ?
new cars and small trucks phi?
i need help to find rick hendricks toyota car internet service?
What should I do about being screwed over by a private car seller?
Whats a good four door sedan with decent storage room and good on gas?
Should i get a 2004 BMW 645ci or 2006 VW Golf R32?
What should be my first car?
Selling a car on eBay?
What is a dependable four door sedan?
how old does a car have to be before it is considered an antique?
i need a go-cart frame........i really need one....?
Question about a loan against a title?
How much car salesman at herb chambers make?
I am buying a VW Passat. Should I buy the VW navagation system or add a different GPS? If not VW, which GPS?
I'm trying to figure out a good car to get?
What can i buy with $50? [Im 16]?
Should you always buy the insurance when you rent a car?
How much could i expect for trading in my car?
Website to find previously owned Government cars for sell? ?
What would be a good buying price for a 2000 fleetwood Heritage double wide in Arkansas?
when buying a car what does POA stand for?
What is the best car to purchase?
Should we buy this car? Fairly new car with high mileage.?
Should I buy a car without power steering?
If people got bikes instead of buying high gas prices..??
Can I break my contract for my car?
Anyone else like older cars?
How to sell a car with failed MOT and no Tax.?
How much would my monthly payments be if...?
How old does a car have to be to be shipped to the us?
car help.......................?
truck balls?
will the gas prices go down in 2008?
anyone know where i can get the following?
Will the bank give me a loan for a used bike?
Which is the best jeep wrangler to buy?
How can I get my new car driven somewhere for me?
What is the cash value of a 1998 dodge caravan sport with 128,000 miles? It has ac,pw & runs great.?
How do i get a coborrower off a car loan?
Which car do you prefer?
dealer selling pickup truck that was in accident but doesnt look it?
what is your dream car?
Is it smart to lease a car?
Questions about my truck?
Can I cancel a car order even after signing a contract? in the idea to buy micromax ninja a 87...whether it is worth?
What is the price of the first hybrid in 1999 which is the Honda Insight?
what happens to unsold new cars? Can I buy a new 2005 now, with full warranty?
which car is best for people who just passed ?
How much do these cars really go for?
Whats a cool car for a teenager guy?
the best auto auction is in michigan?
What is the best car for me?
How much is my car worth?
Is a Toyota Yaris a good first car?
Which Brand of tyres to buy?
Put Car in Her name with just PERMIT in NJ?
Sales Tax and Details - CO dealer purchase to AZ registration?
Just bought a car and don't like it.?
What car should I choose as my first car?
I hear it's more cost effective these days to lease a car rather than buy one. True?
anyone know were i can find old 76-79 dodge trucks cheap?
is it better to buy a new car or a certified pre-owned car?
what is the law on selling used cars!!?
Do car dealerships have new reg's in bulk to choose from?
Best online place to buy car audio?
We bought a car without a title in!?
What is the best sedan car to buy in india which costs up to Rs.8 lakhs?
what is a good car to buy?