Car Buying

what's a good first car?
Buying an rv through a small dealership?
I have a car that is valued at 7K, but the trade in value is 4.8K. I owe 6K. What will a dealer offer?
Which car is better?
voluntary repossession in florida?
have car with no pink slip what do i do with it i wanna get it out my yard?
Car advice, what should I get?
What are the handling and safety features of Chevrolet Beat?
Buying my first car... recommendations?
I wish to buy a model of australia 2?
can you change fromfinancing to leasing of a car in Germany?
hyundai or kia? which is better?
Nissan Skyline?
if you had like 25,000 what kind of new car would you get???suv or car???
Whats the best type of honda to get?
Lease a car or buy a car?
Can I go back to a dealer that gave me a carfax that did not list an accident on it's carfax?
Chevy Siverado Or Dodge Ram?
By using manual drive on automatic 2005 rx8, is it better than putting car in Drive?
Buying my first car, what do I need to know/check?
does ford mean?
Going to buy a used car is this a good idea?
Generally speaking, what type/cost of car can a person afford with a salary: $70,000-S80,000 a year?
Want to buy a car at 18 with 2 co-signers? Chances of getting one?
car loan for a 1965 impala?
which car is better.. ?
Where can i buy bagi in jeddah?
Help! How do you sell a BMW QUICKLY!?
Am I the only one that wonders why people buy these cars?
what is acceptable mileage for a new car?
Can i get a lancer evolution x?
basildon car auctions?
does anybody know where i can get cheap a fin and a car spoiler?
What is the mileage of Volvo XC30?
Whats a good down payment for a used for mustang ?
what is the fastest car i can buy under 20000 dollars?
Auctions for newer trucks?
What could happen by not signing off on odometer reading?
Which car is more reliabe 4 mother of 3? '07 Honda Accord LX, 07 Nissan Altima 2.5 S or 07 Toyota Camry LE?
sign car title over for a loan?
I'm turning 16, and I don't know what kind of car to get!?
How much does peeling paint reduce value of car?
Could i get a used car with poor credit?
Should I buy a salvage title car?
im looking for a toyota supra for not planning on buying it yet but i want to see the plz?
Does anyone know how to get a skyline r34 in the US?
How would I go about trading a car (Private Party, not Trade-in)?
will paying off my car in one year help my credit score by very much?
wanna buy some car accessories ?
Looking for a new car?
does anyone know any website where i can look up the blueprint of a car that gives me all the parts on the car?
Teenagers Or Somebody with good taste?? what is your dream car for under 10,000 dollars???
Audio or Performance?
First car for $7000. Help please?
What is the best car for my price range?
I live in a different country than where the car is for sale, how do i know it's legit? what is ESCROW? safe?
im looking for my first car?
Which state is better to buy a brand new car, CA or TN?
Live in FL, buying a car in AL, does it cost to convert the tag state-to-state?
Has anyone ever had to hire a repo man to get a car back that u co-signed for?
car miles? help in this question?
Does this email sound like a scam?
Any suggestions on which car I should buy?
How to negotiate a car?
I have a nortized aggrement with a friend to ge me the motorcycle when he died no title what to do?
What form of payment should I take for my car sale?
do u know the name of the rims that covers the brakes drums?
I need a good, solid car for my first car purchase. It has to be able to drive long distances. What's good?
Best UsedCar For Teens or What Was Your First Car?
where can i buy some 24 inch rims and tires for cheap?
list as many places you can buy cars from!!?
What would the best vehicle for me?
What are good performance cars for under 35 grand?
What kind of Car should I get.?
Thinking about buying a 99 Honda CRV?
2004 Chevrolet Aveo with 150000 Miles?
Under car Neon Lights... Where to buy?
Is the Mini S Cooper a good first car?
What's a good sports car to get? Celica?
how old can you be too obtain finance on a car?r=1241698370?
How much is this car?
can i finance a vehicle w/o a drivers license if i have a valid id? the car is for someone else?
How much do these cars cost?
Pontiac Grand prix or the new Impala which one would be a better choice?
Selling my car and got some questions.?
Looking for a used car please?
What the coolest autos for mid-life crisis male (50)?
I put a GPS tracking device on my wife's car and she found out and is mad now? What gives?
Where can I find an on-line auto locator that specifies which dealers have specific cars in stock?
should i wait until January to buy a 2012 Camry for it to be lower?
Which car should i get???? plz i need some help???
I would like to become an Auto Broker without owning an AUTO LOT How Can I become an Auto Broker?
i brought a used car that wont pass inspection, how do i get my money back?
best automobile quotes/ expressions?
everyone wants richness, but can i enjoy richness this way?
On 01.01.06 basic pay is 8500 in the scale 6500-200-10500 (Gazetted). What is new basic pay and increment?
Do you think it is better to buy or lease a car? and why?
transfer ownership of a car question! please help?
i am getting a new car.?
What would be the top 10 cars that are fuel efficient, fast, reliable, and costs around 5k-10k?
planning to buy tata safari dicor.....should i buy or not?
how many of you own 2005 cheverlot aveo?
Thinking of buying a new BMW at Colchester Lind?
Would this be a good first car?
When haggling a car price, do I bring actual cash to the dealership?
Dealer sold me bad car...can I get my money back?
car people only? any ideas?
what is a web site where you can buy cheap cars?
any advice for buying a used vehicle?
My parents are torn between a Honda Accord V-6, or a Toyota Camry 4 cylinder. Which do you suggest and why?
what is the best built travel trailer on the market?
which car should i get?
mother in law passed away and has an auto loan with fifth third bank will they pay off the car?
In fla. after a repossession, to regain the vehicle does the law allow me to pay the past due due amount?
What is a nice decent priced car to girl a young girl for her 16th or 18th birthday?
What is my car worth?
Best way to sell a moped?
I bought a car.Signed title.I tried to put it in my name but didnt pass smog.can i just sale it w bill of sale?
The selling price plus 7% agent's commision was 190415. what is the selling? Please explain your answer?
global electric motor cars pricing guide?
What kind of phone should I buy for a Teenager ! (:?
Mini vs Mini S (manual transmission)?
what is the best and safest mini van?
Is it better to buy four new tires?
What should i buy for my 1st car?
how much is my truck worth with a rebuilt motor?
Since i have no credit, will i get approved if i have a co-signer for a car?
What is the most secured payment method when buying vehicles online? (to avoid fraud)?
What should I get in my truck?
which is better BMW 535i or PORSCHE cayenne v6 petrol?
How much does it cost to do an electric conversion on a vehicle?
Mitsubishi gt in St. Charles Missouri for sale? 2000-2004?
Which car should be my first car?
What is the process for procuring an auto loan prior to buying a car?
2013 altima or 2005 g35 coupe?
What are the rules and fees to import a new car from the US to Canada.?
What's the maximum you would spend on a car for a teenager?
What would it be worth?
Are there any car dealers in washington dc area that have no money down offers.?
Where can I find a Chevy/GMC truck with a manual transmission?
whats a fast and easy way to get a well running reliable car?
Buying a car? Help please?
Which car is better???
IF you go to a dealership to buy a car and you tell them you have no license?
I know nothing about cars. Please help!?
What kind of car should i get?
please suggest some names for Honda two wheelrs showroom..?
how much my classic crown vic is worth?
Is the Pontiac Vibe a good car?
VW SouthTowne is trading cars in at their original MSRP. How much would they trade in my 2000 VW passat for?
Does it matter to you what type of car you drive?
Is Buick Enclave a way expensive car?
How to quickly transfer ownership of car ?
Do you need a car dealers license to go to a car auction in New York or New Jersey?
Out of these two cars,can you give me any incite on what would be the better choice?
A car for 17 year old?
What are a car buyers rights in Indiana?
When will new 3-series coupe come out?
Would you say that 102,000 Miles on a Vauxhall Astra 02 is too much?
eclipse gst with bodykit or a 300zx that needs exhaust?? which should i get?
Acurat tsx vs nissan altima?
is any one selling a car thats in long beach thats in good condition and runs good for atleast 500$?
Help! Debt vs getting a new/used car.?
i am 19 years old and i want to get financed on a car, with no credit history?
anybody bought a car from nationwide cars?
can i open a car lot on a residential land?
Which of the following used cars should I pick?
I am interested in purchasing a car, does deliver it to me ??
I have 97 land rover discovery 1?
I need a car badly but....?
At what point in time does a vehicle become a "collectable" and begin to appreciate in value?
are mich. vets between 1959-1981 untiled to extra money on there ss benefits ask by tc?
Can a car dealer rescission the contract?
What car is best for 6 kids, please help?
I'm a teenage girl and I was wondering what car should I choose?
how much should I be spending on my first car?
Did I get a good deal on my used car?
Hi brought a used car from the inter net own i think i was take do i have legal recourse?
Looking to buy a Ford diesel truck?
whats better when buying a car?
I need to buy a new car, which is best?
I'm in the market for a new car. What cars should I check out?
When someone is leasing a car and then they die, how long does the surviving family get to keep the vehicle?
Tuner vs Muscle vs Exotic?
What are some vehicles similar to?
what a nice ar to buy new for under 30,000?
I just bought a new dodge avenger but not sure how long I would like to feedback on trading it?
Should I change my car?
What should I name my new truck ?
looking for nissan 240sx 95 or newer?
would a dodge durango new style be a good car for a teenager or would it not be cool enough???
Where can i get the high performance for low price?
How much can I sell a Chevy Malibu 2003 for?
what car should i get ?
How many cars are imported From UK to USA?
Scion tC used car value?
car experts & car enthusiasts?
which Louis Vuitton shoe should i buy?
What car is really cheap but good MPG?
Need to draw up personal vehicle lien contract?
What is your dream car? And what kind of car you are really driving?
Is it a bad idea to buy a car from a "buy here pay here" dealer?
I need a car!!?
Would you buy this car?
What car can i buy with 8000 and below ?
If I was to get an Escalade and I had bad credit,how much do you think I would have to pay for down payment?
First car recommendations .?
where to find a cheap pcoket rocket?
thanks ever one but i sold my 94 Chevy today for 1400 it sit for 3 weeks but it gone?
What is the best kind of car I can get with $5000-$8000?
Buying a second hand car which is n good condition but has run 70,000kms, is it a good deal to purchase?
I am trying to find a website that would give me a deal on a vehicle... ?
mini cooper s special edition?
in the market for a suv or van.i have a 9 month old baby and hope to have a couple more. any suggestions?
I like this car but is it genuine?
Where can I go to find a Car Distributor Made in China? I heard they are MUCH Cheaper.?
I need car help??? Need some ideas for one??? help?
1070 Impala custom?
I'm Looking For A 1957 Bel Air...anyone happen to know who's selling one of persoanlly selling one yourself?
I'v put 100000 in lic money plus in 2007,what is today's value?
What car shall I get?
is there a company that you hire to find a car for you?
Can I get my money back from private owner. He lied about car, then repo'd it back after I quit making payment
i replaced my car's motor with a used one that had 60,0000 miles less. Which mileage is used to find value
car title i already signed it how do i trade it?
Im looking for a little run around for the missus ???
Will I fit in a classic mini?
what is best hybrid car?
Where could I go to find a police or repo auction for Cars/Trucks?
Does anybody know of any type of grant or loan program that will help you with repairs on your car?
Car bought has zip ty?
Best SUV or pickup for a first time driver? (American vehicles only, please)?
is anyone else sad that convertibles get such a girl/mid-life crisis car rep?
which car is best in range of 10 lakhs for family?
Where i buy Good condotion second hand RITZ Desiel car ,,what is the value of my 2004 model santro xing?
What is the best first car. I want an SUV what are some suggestions?
Is it ok to buy a car with a salvage title?
If you had $20,000 what would you buy (including used cars) ?
whats the pros n cons when buying a rebuilt car?
Dodge vs ford vs chevy?
If I gave my pay stubs to a car dealer to get the finance company to finance my car then I make down payment.?
Looking to buy a new car around 25k? What should i get?
mercedes benz clk 500 or mustang gt?
I want to purchase an item from the USA. The value is $60.05.?
How much might a dealer want for a down payment....?
How to maintain a santro car when not in use for 2 years?
is a Lotus Elise sexy?
350z,s2000,or g35 for first car?
Any recommendations for car makes and models that are best suited for teens (meaning looks and reliability)?
I need to sell more cars...anyone interested in buying a car?
Can I drive a car that is leased under my parent's name?
can i salvage my car if i still owe money on it?
Where can I get a car for 1000 dollars?
Does this guy sound shady to you?
Which site in australia is best for buying used car?
How hard would it be to get a car loan, at 18, in the military?
What is the cheapest Ferrari model?
Point of sale form for car?
Whats a better car an 2004 acura tl,2009 infiniti g37, or a 2010 infiniti g37?
how do you find out your car value?
I can't figure out what I should do...??
How can I convince my mom to let me get the car I want.. Im paying the bill?
Car for a college student?
Good and relatively cheap commuter car?
Which is better and faster to dragrace and track car a 2006 mr or 2006 Sti just these two cars?
suggest me a disel sedan car to buy budget 6-8 lacs?
what kind of new car can i buy for $10,000?
When you need automobile repair manuals/service manuals for several vehicles, how to get a good deal?
What's the difference between buying a car from private and trade seller? What would you prefer and why?
Buy a new car with bad credit?
1998 Dodge Neon for $2,000?
the best place online to sell 1997 chevy cavalier air bags?
Rang rover sport or a BMW 330ix for a 16 year old?
Ahhhh what to do?!?!?
do you agree that the 2014 toyota corolla looks awesome?
What will be happened if I didn't notify the DMV within five days from the date i sell my vehicle?
Im sending same email to every Toyota Dealer within 100 miles about price. What to write?
Witch car would be better? (used)?
are there car alarms that you can buy with cameras and motion detectors and warn the thiefs to move back or?
Should I spend the money?
2001 ford focus vts or 1989 Camaro ss?
Can a car salesman increase apr the next day they release a car to the customer?
Where do I get a new pink slip?
Which car should I get for 3000 $ for a family with children?
Allstar Products Group LLC.-Hawthorne, N.J. This company advertises on TV Cool Car Product.?
Can I make payments on a car worth less than $2000.?
How much is a 2007 Nissan Versa Hatchback with 65K miles worth? Solid condition too!!?
How much did you pay as a deposit for a Budget rental truck?
why does the co-signer have to be at the dealership when i purchase a used vehicle with direct financing?
Is $1,000 a good down payment on a new car when your friend's dad owns the dealership?
i want a small car , low insurance ,tax and fuel costs but enough room for a car set and a buggy any ideas ?
are there any free sites where i can sell my car and truck online?
My ex has a car under my name. If I take it back, is it stealing? ?
If I buy a car in New Jersey and live in PA, do I pay additional taxes twice, once in NJ and another in PA?
When is the best time to buy a new car?
How much do you think I can get for my Truck?
I signed a notarized contract with someone who holds the lein to my car. I have 2 years to pay it off. contd.?
where in san antonio texas would i find a HUMMER dealership?
Value of 2007 Suzuki GS500X?
new gto good or bad?
2011 Jetta SEL v 2008 Acura TL 50k miles v 2009 Altima 39K miles v 2007 Acura TSX NAV 50K v 2011 Chrysler 200?
Does anyone know where the hidden vin on a 77 blazer is not the frame # but the other body vin #?
Should i get this moped or look for a better deal?
should i trade my 2002 gti vr6 for a 2001 audi tt (salvage title)?
Does anyone have a working vehicle they would like to donate to me?
KIA motors to end production in 2011. Why?
Anyone who owns a Cheverolet Cobalt or Kia Rio what problems have you had with your car? Any other suggestions
2012 Camaro ..Monthly Payments?
1989 Volvo 240 - would you buy?
where can i buy used cars at??? like online :D instead of craigslist and PLEASE HELP ME :D?
What is a hybrid car?
where to find all used cars for sale in houston tx ?
I want to buy a unique car or truck that no-one else has but I can't afford much any ideas?
Whats the best way to get a car loan?
i am phisicaly handicapet parson i want discaount in car maruti zen?
What do I need to know before buying a used car?
Where can I find the coupon for $3,000 if you trade in your current older car for a green 05' or higher?
where do i get a vin tag for my 1980z28 camaro?
How to get the best price on a car ?
What's the best way to sell my car?
i just turned 16 and i want to buy a new cool 4 door car can anyone please give me any ideas thanks?
New Mazda2 or used Jetta?
best weather places to live?
Why wont my 1999 Chrysler Sebring Jxi convertible sell ?
what is the best mini van out there?
who wants to sell an eclipse for 1000 dollars?
how i know if the car i want to buy clear it no lean on it to the bank? please help me?
what is faster an Audi S8 or a Maserati Granturismo S?
How to I sell my car when the bank owns the title?
1969 SS El camino for 4,500$ good deal?
how much should I pay my sister weekly for a ride to work?
What is a alternative to land rover?
What all small cars are being launched in January 2008 in India?
Best Place to Sell Used Car?
i want to know the top selling used cars in Kearney Nebraska?
Is this a scam or not?
get points fast by answering this easy question!?
Salvage title on a used car?
Is it true that Australia is one of the top destinations for Japanese Car Imports?
Undecided on these 3 cars?
Getting a new (to me) used car - help!?
What color should I purchase my Lexus430 in and why?
Can 2 person buy 2 cars in 1 day ?
Should I Get a BMW for a First Car?
Which car to buy, the Chevy Traverse or the Honda Pilot?
If a hummer and escalade are to hard on fuel, what should I get?
what car/suv/truck would you get if you had $20,000???
they sent to me a massage from number 00423662692195 and they infomed me that i won a HUMMER car?
iam looking for any body out their who has a camaro for sale?
what sites do you all know of where I can buy salvage vehicles?
bought a used car now have problems what are my rights?
where can i find new and used parts for a 55-59 chevy pick up in san joanquin area or sac?
Buy a used car from a family member...(title info)?
Arkansas: I bought a used car from a dealer. Is it normal for the revenue office to keep my title?
What is a good way to have proof that it is my truck even though the title isn't in my name?
Help me Choose between these two cars!
LOoking for german motors in frederick, Md.?
Cute nicknames for my car?
Does this sound like a good car?
Better buy 2012 Ford F-150 or 2012 Dodge Ram 1500?
muscle car question.....?
i have a car with no title that was sold to me with no bill of sale i want to sell it. CAN I?
Need to sell broke down town van not sure of worth...?
Small and Affordable cars?!?
Car Tax question?
Which car should I buy, a 07 Toyota Camry or a 07 Mercedes-Benz C-Class?
Does anyone know where I can find a deal?
Is it worth to buy sandybridge right now or wait for ivy bridge laptops?
What is better to buy (first car) ?? (CAR)?
Which car has the better repair record: The Audi A8 or the BMW 750i?
Car dealer...or stealer?
i just bought a used car from arnold clark. Should i have received a log book with it?
where can you buy pans for easy bake ovens?
How To Ship RAM/DVD's/CD's?
We sold a clean titled car, days later buyer demands to return it, are we legally obligated to take it back?
Is buying a used Jeep Wrangler a good buy? Need advice before hubby buys one.?
the person im buying a car from is acting shady?
I am looking for used car quotes for a 1999 Chevrolet conversion van?
locking for a store where i can buy police car model and accssore?
when buying a car from a used car dealership, can you leave with the car the same day?
adivse if i should buy this car or not?
What is the best used car to buy?
Should i get a mustang, camaro, or trans am ws6?
Car sales man pay rate?
Whats a Good Car From 2004-06, Really Fast, Inexpensive, And 30mpg?
I have a mini truck and cannot fine a VIN.# Can someone help me please.?
When you trade in your car do you keep the tax disc? Mine has 10 months on!?
where do i sell my Mazda protege 1998 model?
What are my Chances..?
chick car [20 characters]?
Waht Vehicle is better?
which car should i buy?
My pink slip was stolen, and i can't find it. How can i replace it?
Is mini cooper a good commute car (~100 miles/day)?
toyota truck SR-5 2002?
How much is a new...?
Hello, can my brother who has a good credit score and in order to get 0 % financing buy me a car?
The Seller Have the wrong monthly payment on purchased used car?
How much do i need for a down payment on new truck?
How reliable is a Cadillac CTS?
Does any one have a list of used car dealer auction locations?
Honda Civic vs Cobalt/G5?
what's a good first car?
What are good options for a first car??
Looking to buy my 2nd car - £3000 budget?
What is the best financing deal right now on a new car? Are there any other car buying tips for 2007 cars?
CVT Transmissions vs manual/auto in performance and fuel economy?
How much does a Rolls Royce Phantom cost?
i want to buy a bike passion plus or unicorn which is best for me avg &maintainance is important 7?
Has anyone ever purchased new car through Costco auto program?
how can i find a truck my mom used to own?
what's your idea of the most fuel and cost-efficient new car these days? Looking for small cheap low mpg?
selling my car whats the best way, e-bay or the local auto trader mag.?
3000 GT in Colorado?!?!?
How much can I sell my car for if it has previously been in a wreck? Do I sell it to a salvage yard or what?
Is 127k miles to much for this?
Sold my used car buyer claims repairs needed....?
Any suggestions on what car you think i should get?
What license do I need to buy cars in bulk?
Why would someone buy an all wheel drive vs. a two wheel forward drive?
Whats the better ATV?
BMW or Audi? What would you recommend I buy?
What should be my first car?
Seller lied about the car I purchased do I got options?
what car do you guys/girls think i should get?
Lease Bobcat Skidsteer Loader under $500 per month?
wanna buy new diesel car?
ive got a w reg fiesta zetec s would i be stupid to get a new car on finance as my current car is paid for?
Why do people who buy cars from Car Giant leave the stickers on their cars?
Does anybody have any catalytic converters for sale in the ky or oh area?
What is an average wage (in GBP) of an owner of a supercar owner?
Should I buy a honda civic 2001?
Does anyone own the Noble? (supercar) What do you think of it? I'm trying to decide betw. that and the Elise.
where can I check to see if the used car has an accident?
wat happens to my car if i sale it and got tickets in it but nvr registered the car?
what happens if i stop payment on a check i gave the car dealer, because i was not satisfied?
Auto Advertising Help?
Good car under 10 grand?
What is the best vehicle for offroad that gets decent mpg???
need list for all sites i can place photos of cars 4 sale free?
is 146,000 miles too much in a secind hand car?
What is the best used car to buy?
Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang?
What's wrong with my car?
How much can I expect the price of a 2012 Mazda to drop once the 2013 models come out?
What kind of car do you drive?
Which car should I buy here in the Philippines - a Mazda 3 or a Honda Civic?
should i buy the extended warranty on the Nissan Murano?
will a dealer pay off a lein for you when trading a car in ?
how much money would i have to put down for a cheap used car?
anyone know where to get some nice wheels for a coo price?
What should my first car be?
where can i find a car for under $500.00?
Is the 2011 BMW X3 a chick car?
Is it a good idea to buy a car from Ebay?
where can i buy a cheap used car 4 $800 to $900 bucks in avon or brockton mass.?
07 pre emission peterbilts with no EGR valves requiered by law starting 74,000.00 500k-600k miles with warrent?
What job you need for a bentley?
Chevy cobalt or Chevy impala? ?
Ford Focus CONVERTIBLE: would you be interested if this was offered in the US?
2012 Charger vs. 2012 Mustang?
waht is the best car to modify.?
Help me get a car.. what should i get????
Which car do you think I should get?
Does a 1963-1964 chevy impala ss drink alot of gas?
is a 2000 mutsbishi eclipse good 197000 bad?
What car should I buy?
I’m so confused! I want to buy a small commuter car, but I can’t get a conclusive answer (see post)?
Can I trade in my car for another car + the cash down payment - total price?
I want a Car similar to a VW Golf 1.8T or 2.0.... Anyone have any suggestions?
will a junk yard by my car from me that has been in an accident?
Can I reuse a forever 21 package even though I opened it and everything? (I had to tape it back closed.)?
How many days would I have to return a used car that I bought as is ?
Should I get a v6 or a v8 camaro for my first car?
How much do you think a 1978 Ford , 1/2 ton,4 wheel drive,custom truck is ?
Is it reasonable to ask for security deposite when someone decides to buy my car? Cash or Cheque?
What is your favourite car? I am with confusion to buy which car-Camry2007model or Altima new model.?
Good car buys people have got at Western Australian auctions?
can you get a free car through charity organizations?
Trading in a car, replace brakes?
I am looking to buy my first car!?
How much would it cost to buy a road?
Could buy and sell cars without certain licensing?
looking for SUV under $10,000?
Going to start learning how to drive, what Car should i get ??
How much a month does it cost for a 2005 $ 12,000 Chevy Cobalt?
We are looking to buy a used minivan. Any particular makes and models to seek out/avoid?
I have a title loan out can I still sell my car?
What is the most expensive sports car on the market right now?
Anyone know the telephone number for Motor Vehicle Importers Association of Subic Bay Freeport Inc?
What do you do if you want to buy a car from owner.. can you finance?
why they design out new new programmes & things ?
should i buy the msg-250r go cart?
best place to buy used car?
I'm 16 I want a rx8 or scion tc which one is better price,gas,brakes, ect ?
which wheel is better?
I bough a car almost 3 weeks ago now the dealer call they want the car back and they want give another chipper?
Need help with car terms, buying new car.?
350z or g35 pppllleae help?
how much 4 a impala 64?
What should I buy 2007 Titan or Ram ?
i am buying my first car and was wondering if 200,000kms was too high??
Is a car with 106,000 miles dead on arrival?
How do you buy a car?
how much $$ can i expect to save if i pay upfront for a new car with cash?
Is there a way to get a car put into my name even though my dad is on the loan?
which car should i get? Easy 10 points!?
Could I qualify for a used car loan?
Questions regarding a salvage title vehicle?
Any feedback on a 2001 Toyota Sienna mini van?
how much is this car worth?
Purchased a car early May of this year. Car had transmission issues.?
what does everyone think of the vw corrado 2.9 vr6?? should i sell it or hang on?
What kind of car should I get?
How exactly does vehicle trade in work?
Anybody want to buy Forza Motorsport 4 cars?
How much are car salesmen making this year?
Jeep Liberty Sport, Limited, or Renegade?
Is a 1995 BMW 325i a good car?
when pay by auto bill?
how can people give you bad credit ,the only way you know about is when you want to buy some thing?
Wanting to buy a new car using a "personal loan"?
Is a Delorean a good first car?
I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price. How do I get my car back?
which to buy so confused?
How do i know which bank financed my car?
Im buying and fixing cars and then sell it so which incurance can i use for this cars? I have to drive this ca?
Financing a new car at 19?
I bought something and don't want to not pay for it due to problems?
I there a chart or some type of rule?
How do I sell a second hand car in Hong Kong ?
What is a good car for a recent college grad?
Any good places to sell our 1999 Dolphin 36' Class A motor home?
Bourght car from private buyer as good run order. 3 days later garage-loose flywheel. can i claim off seller?
How much should you pay for a 2003 f 150 boss truck with 37000 mi?
Why can't I get car finance? I'm looking to buy a second hand car?
What should i ask for when i buy a used car of of craigslist?
where can i find worth of john deere tractor?
I am a male turning 16 what car should i get?
Is the Peugeot just add fuel deal any good?
I am looking into buying a 5th wheel trailer, what is the best truck to buy that will tow it?
Honda civic si 99-00?
Is it a good idea to buy a car from Ebay?
help trading in truck for car? need expert advice?
Honda CRV OR Toyota Rav4???????????? follow up question...?
How much could i sell my 2008 GMC sierra ext. cab?
Choosing a please?! :(?
i need your help guys?
How exactly does special financing for automobiles work?
What's it worth, what would you pay for it?
What car should I buy?!?
list of corvette prices?
Does anybody know of any good websites to buy quads off of or have a nice quad for sale?
Which should I get: Nissan leaf SL or Chevrolet Volt?
i want us to buy an X5 for our next family car, but my partner thinks theyre to expensive, are they ?
trading in my vehicle on a new one?
Which car would you choose?
This girl sold me a car and she is trying to back. I need help.?
How does importing a car to Canada from the States work?
how much does a new SEAT IBIZA cost in mexico?? or where can i find that information??
i was done wrong by a car dealership what can i do?
My dad thought he was doing me a favor when he bought me car. A used car with only 7,000 miles.?
Are the Honda Accord LX and Toyota Camry LE the same price?
What should I buy for 150 dollars?
Best car to being a 16 year old boy?
Car has 240k miles and warped header-time to buy new?
what would be a good first car?
Is a Mini Cooper an overall nice care?
Do you know the bluebook value on a dodge intrepid the year is a 1998?
I would like a recommendation for a car/mpv for a family of 5 please?
what car should I get?
How much is my '92 Jetta Carat worth?
Is it smart for me to keep my car?
Why is it a bad idea to buy a car right now?
any one wanna trade car for dirt bike or street bike???
Buying New Maruti Swift VDI is good or?
should i buy a fancy car or spend some money on poor peolple?
Should I get a BMW 328is (e36)?
choosin a car..narrowed down to a new audi 2.0 a4 or g37 coupe, or used 08 335i w under 10k miles..wat u think?
Now that iphone 5 is out should I get a 4s? or can i get a 4?
Would a Fiat 500 make a good first car?
car dealerships in janesville wi?
What's better first car for a 16 year old boy...a 2005 Toyota camry or a 2008 Chrysler Sebring?
Financial Problems........?
2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan (i have "buyers remorse")?
Gasoline prices are hiked, Will you buy a gasoline powered car now?
I bought a used car and now finance guy says interest will be higher than he told me. Can I return it?
I'm looking for a used car and have bad credit, what dealerships are really good about working with bad credit?
what is the value of a 1969 ford ltd 4 door hard top with newly rebuilt 390 engine.?
I need to sell an engine?
What Saloon car would You buy with £40k?
What is that book called that allows you to find out what a vehicle is worth?
can a car dealer repo your car if you didn,t sign a pyment contract?
Marginal Car for Sale?
Why do car dealerships in the UK charge more than the rest of the world??
what a good nice used car for a 16 year old?
Help GM and USA. Use your old song "See the USA in your Chevrolet" It both sold cars and promoted tourism.?
where do i find contract to purcase car from private seller?
im lookin 2 buy a car need help!!!!?
were can i buy a low fairing fo r my Falco?
Whats the coolest car I could get for under $5,000?
Best car for college graduate?
Should i lie to my parents about the price of the car?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of leasing a car?
question about a car title for a new vehicle?
Does anyone have an opinion on the nissan titan? (this ? is for truck lovers)?
anyone own a mazda 3 or speed 6 ? what are your likes and dislikes ?
Several weeks after having the car the bank wants to pull away from the deal. Can they do that?
How safe is buying a car on ebay?
10 points. In your opinion what is the coolest car. And what year is it?
Better to trade in or sell a car to another used car dealership before buying a new one?
2001 Hyundai Santa Fe or 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander?
how much is a vw caddie 04 plate, 2 side doors, metallic silver,45.000,miles,worth?
car ad gone then reappeared. faulty car refund?
What's better first car for a 16 year old boy...a 2005 Toyota camry or a 2008 Chrysler Sebring?
New car Black or Silver ?
What to look for when buying your first car? (high school)?
Whats/Wheres the best car to buy in vancouver?
Where can i buy a good moped?
I need a new car for around 5,000?
How much do you think this car is worth?
Need universal joints which can also allow coolant to flow through, for multi-spindle drilling machines?
German/ American/ Japanese CARS?
Where can I find places that sell inexpensive cars that can still drive?
Just My Drivers Lisence # To Buy A Car?
Looking to buy a moped in the future, need to know pricing, brands, maintenance, etc?
Car for about $25,000 or less?
What about KIA CERATO?
I just financed a new 2008 car on saturday today is sunday can I give the car back and get my trade in back?
I'm 16 and am saving up for a car. Should I buy from a dealership?
what is a good first car for colege kid?
what is the best company of cars that you can gat (honda, ford, ect....) ps:i dont care about the price?
If I buy a car from a private owner how do I drive it home,since it won't have a tag/license plate?
If you own a car worth over 100k what do you do?
How much should I sell a iPhone for ?
How 2 handel your first car?
Which car is better out of these two?
which would be a better overall all year driving car?
350z,s2000,or g35 for first car?
which landrover engine is best 200tdi 300tdi or td5?
What is the interest rate for buying a new car in Los Angeles CA 90025?
I want to buy a bmw. Is the life of the car long? upkeep expensive?
Which would you rather own: 2006 Accord EX V-6 or 2007 Camry LE V-6 ???
What would be a good car to buy as a first car?
What do I need to do to sell my car?
Is the car worth my time?
anybody has car history reports or carfax?
Best car for a 17 year old girl?
what would be the cheapest car to buy with good mpg and cheap on insurance?
Choosing a please?! :(?
On an average car, how much does £20s worth of fuel cover in miles approximately.?
2010 NEW Mercedes-Benz E350 or 2007 USED(20.000Miles) BMW M6 ?
I sold a truck on sept. and the person who bought it wants me to pay for repairs. am i responable by law?
what should I get? buying first car!?
Fiat Punto or Vauxhall Corsa?
(experts only) I need advice from from someone who knows about selling cars?
should i buy a Mercedes benz or a bmw?
what is the maximum limit of value for purchase?
does anyone know how much i would get for a vn commodore 98 model. unregistered colour white, 4 new tyres?
Please help, car dealership is trying to get us to sign a new loan?
the lien holder of my car is out of Business? how can i get the title to my car?
Do you love your convertible or would you rather not have one because of the weather and sun?
bought a car from a dealer on 1st october 2007 2000 plate?
in pelham, al. area cars under $3000.00?
do these sound like a good deal? 1st car, don't know much about them?
my first car.........?
The best car to buy for under 20k?
is 273,000 km alot for a 1991 acura integra rs and should i trade ? NEED HELP !?
So im gonna buy my first used car from a guy on craigslist, after i get the carfax i wanted to get the engine?
american cars?
have alot of hubcaps dont know what some are does anyone know of a website that can help?
looking for previous owners of a 1956 Bentley S1 vin#B188BA?
where can i buy an automatic back scratcher?
If you had $60,000-$90,000 dollars to spend on a car, what would you buy?
What's the process of importing a Honda from Japan?
How many will use tax refund for buying a car?
which subwoofers should i buy?
Do you think UPS has a reliable delivery service?
Does the jet performance programmer really work?
Which Luxury Car To Buy For A Young Guy?
which car will be best car in premium hatchback (diesel)?
When Does The "New Model Year" Effect The Prices of Used Cars ?
help, Can a local larger Car dealership take my car back after 30days?
is trading in my car better then just painting it??/ its a 03 honda had it for one year?
What was your first car? Did it cost more than 8,000 dollars?
what's a fleet sale?
buying a car from a different state ..?
Why are there still new Mitsubishi EVO 9s out there vs Subaru WRX STI?
Have you ever leased a car? Was it a good experience?
wear can i get a 1969 dodge charger close to me i arkansas?
my car is a lemon, now what?
this question is for INDIANS ONLY?plz don't answer my question if you are not indian?
can i return a car to the dealership if i am unhappy with it?
Is Anybody Selling a Car?
How can I my Volvo after it failed smog in California?
1996 chevy cavalier 82000 miles for 3000 v4 4 door or 1999 dodge dakota sport 109000 miles for 4000 v6 2 door?
Is this a used car dealers gimmick or trick?
Only gay people drive vans?
What is the most economical new car I can buy?
which is better the Turbo XS RFL BOV or the HKS SSQ BOV?
What would my trade in value be?
buying a used high mileage car?
how can i get free car?
What car should I buy?
Is it safe to buy a car on ebay?
Whats your imppression of the new 2010 Suzuki Kizashi?
What is the difference between an used car and a preowned car?
what record will affect me if i lose the small claim court?
I'm looking to buy this car Mercedes-Benz from year 1960 to 1965 250 SE COUPE?
Can you drive a manual car like an automatic?
Do used cars come with temporary registrations?
What car should I buy ?
What makes a GT vehicle more superior then a vehicle that isn't a GT?
2001 Lexus IS300 Salvaged Title for $6000?
what's the best muscle car to buy?
im looking for a good, cheap and fast car?
Does this car have to many miles?
Renault Duster price in India?
Which car should I choose?
Buying a Used Car in Ontario?
Why can I not get a carfax for a car with a less than 17 digit serial #?
what the name car good?
buying a used motorcycle?
in regards to a vehicle, what's the difference between a sunroof and a moon roof?
Can a dealership put a used engine in a trade-in and legally resell it?
Wrecked Car Being Sold....?
What are the best winter drive tires for a Peterbilt?
Car salesman lied about a feature, what can I do?
what if it does not run?
Program like cash for clunkers ?
Are there fuses in my '89 Bronco i dont know about?
Need First Car Junker Advice?
Quick cheap good mpg good looking 4 door car? ?
Is the car worth it? 250,000 miles under $1,000?
i need a car :) !!!!!!!!?
i just bought a car 7 days ago the guy said it needed a tune-up; needs a new engine can i get my money back?
Buying a leased vehicle?
what is the fastest car i can buy under 20000 dollars?
How can I sell my classic car.?
Nissan Skyline?
how long you have to be on your job to finance a used car?
I need honest opinion about this car please read!?
Car recommendation?
I would like to buy a Honda Civic 1.8 VTI-S. Should I go ahead?
What is a good first car?
Best first car for a 17 year old male?
What should I look out for when buying a Canadian car.?
If you were a car what kind of car would you be hahaha?
the dealer says he can't come up with the title for my car. What should I do?
Will my car run smoother with a new timing belt?
I am struggling to make my mind up about what car to have when im seventeen?
cars trade?
My boyfriend says he loves me so much. But sometimes he dosen't act like it?
I need to find a working re-po'd car cause i dont have much to work with where can i find one?
Your opinion on a purple car?
Does Walmart buy old car batteries?
Car shopping: Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V, or Suzuki Grand Vitara?
After buying a car, now we are told it is a branded title?
Do you think UPS has a reliable delivery service?
Not sure which car to buy?
How can I buy a car with bad credit?
What is a better car?
what is the blue book value on a 2009 land rover sport hse?
What is the best car to buy for a teenager? Safety Wise and Money Wise?
i want to purchase a vehical so please give my suitable colour of vehicle?
how much would u get for a rover selling it as spares?
I have a 2005 ML500 and wanted to know if I should keep it or buy a 2008 Camry XLE fully loaded hybrid?
What is a reconstructed title for a car, and what does it mean? Is it bad?
Should I lease or buy a car to commute to school?
'00 Honda Accord w/ 173k on it?
What kind of cars are comparable to the pontiac?
Vehicle Allowance or Company Vehicle?
Where do I mail my title for a newly purchased car? In Calfornia, I can't find the mailing address on DMV?
Should i buy a vehicle that has finance outstanding on it?
If i buy car as co applicant my cridet can develop?
Lost wheel trim. Where can I get a second hand 2003 Mondeo Wheel trim?
Buying a used car; super easy/basic question..please help?
whats the most u have payed for diesel,mine was £1.02 a litre what a joke?
Would u buy German cars or Japanese cars?
what's the best car out there right now? not luxury like merceds or bmw or jaguar?
Whats a good, cheap car with lots of parts available?
How do you sell a car that you are still making payments on?
WHY do car salesmen on TV think they have to HOLLER and YELL?
Can you buy a decent used truck for $5000?
Which is the best choice among Maruti SX4 and Honda City?
whats a good first car thats under 2,000?
help please need advice sold a car?
Is there ever going to be a camaro with 4 doors or....?
When is the best time to buy a new car?
Package hasn't moved in about 6 days. Using USPS.?
What shall I get as a 1st car?
Should I listen to everyone else about my car?
Where should I buy a car battery?
Selling 1985 CR250R with a.t.a.c. system?
what is the 3/36000 mile gm warranty?
Best sedan with good speed under 60k?
What's the most money would you pay for your first car?
Where can I get cash for my junk car?
What is the most fuel-efficient pick-up truck?
What kind of big car is suitable for me?
How to sell a vacation package quick?
What is the best new or used car to buy for $15,000?
does anyone know of any auto loan places that help people with bad credit and gross around 1200 a month?
If you are buying a Used Car?
Where can I get a cheap working car?
Buying First Car - Mustang vs Camaro?
suggest me any car model in range 3.75 lac to 4.20 lacs?
I feel like I made the wrong choice getting another car :(?
When Does The "New Model Year" Effect The Prices of Used Cars ?
What sports car should i get?
2000 Landcruiser for Sale: What is the best way to sell a used car these days?
whats a good sporty car for under 5000?
How to open the hood of 2008 r350?
How much can I expect for a trade-in in this market?
Small claims on a car I sold, I'm pretty positive I have a good case, but want to hear other opinions.?
Where can I find the cheapest car loan rates?
What kind of 4wheeler should I get?
Is a van a good first vehicle?
What kind of car should I get?
Is Toyota a good brand of cars to be selling?
Is the Land Rover Defender 2013 coming to the US?
When they say £300 ono...what does ONO mean?
should I keep my old car or get something newer?
I know NOTHING about cars? What car should I get?
is ebay any good for selling a car?
I bought a car and changed my mind. Can I get out of the deal? If yes, how much time do I have?
Which is a better car?
Estimate price of a car?
Like this car, but it's being sold by an Auto Body repair and paint shop?
How much would you pay for this car?
I am planning on buying a camper and I was wondering if dry rot is easy to fix and what methods?
Will I be able to lease a car if I just got my credit card on the 10th of this month?
is anyone else sad that convertibles get such a girl/mid-life crisis car rep?
Is this Jetta worth repairing?
I want to sell my car online?
Is anyone familiar with a Honda facility offering close bid auctions in New Jersey to car dealers only?
What Is The Best 2008 Car To Buy Brand New?
I need help getting my first car?
how much will a dealership give me for my crashed truck?
chevy colorado... or toyota tacoma?
How do i sell a car that is from the 1900s?
I am late on a car payment, the Finance Company (Capital One) is calling me at work and making threats?
Have anyone ever bought a car at this dealer in Pennsylvania called EZ auto pros?
If you were to buy a new car tomorrow........?
Can't remember used car search engine?
How long can you make a car loan for?
We bought a car and now the temp. plates are expired, car dealer will not answer our calls.... NEED HELP PLZ?
How long does auto dealer in Arizona have to secure financing on a "spot delivery" purchase?
what is the monthly cost of a used car?
which car should i get? (first car)?
urants, gas stations, etc.Are there any free publications available in Buffalo NY pertaining to car sales?
I really Need Help! Ok. I sold a car in payments, since he couldnt get a loan...suddendly he stopped paying me
what is a good small suv to buy?
Suzuki alto or nissan micra, and why?
I would like to know how secure is buying an automobile through autos?
Jane needs $9000 to buy a new car in 4 years. How much should she deposit at the end of each month into an acc?
Infiniti g35 coupe 2005 68k???? ?
Can monthly car payments go down over time?
whats the maximum price you would ask for this car?
What would you guys get a 2007 volvo S80 or the 2007 acura RL? both fully loaded?
What kind of car should i get?
How much will be the tax if I will buy a car from Japan to be shipped in the Philippines?
'01 7.3 or '05 6.0 Powerstroke HELP!!!?
Shipping cars to uk from the USA?
my 16yr old son owes 4,000euro to a dealer, what should i do?
Car trade in question?
Racing transmission vs standard transmission?
I sold a car in a private sale not even a week later the car broke on the buyer now she wants a refund?
can security finance take your car without title?
what cars do 'We Buy Any Car' buy?
Should I buy a 2000 Nissan Maxima with 300,000+ miles?
Dealership question?
Which car would be the best to buy?
Milage on a diesel car?
car purschase im i gettin ripped off?
What do I do with my Explorer? The engine is seized.?
Tips for convincing parents to buy a car?
how much should a new mini s cost for a lease?
I'm trying to find the cheapest leasing deal in central NJ. any ideas?
would you trade 01 Eclipse gt with 86k for 02 Impreza WRX turbo with 95K. flat out trade.?
Is there a way to obtain a California Vehicle Dealers License without a car lot?
Do anybody know where I can get a good price for trade in car?
what is the best 05 Subaru WRX exhaust for the performance?
Looking to buy a new car around 25k? What should i get?
Any 99-02 VW Jettas for sale??
blue book value for a 97 dodge grand caravan?
How much should i sell my 2000 Celica GT for?
what is the best car in your opinion.?
how should i sell my car?
How can i go about getting Tax for a car that i want to buy UK Only?
Honda Civic or Toyota Camry?
where can i buy a spartan imperial mansion?
where can I place a free add to sell a car?
is the chevy cobalt a good first car for my teenager?
Import Car Shipping - What is the Container Cost of Importing from Japan to Australia?
can I up grade from a lease?
douse the leamon law cover used cars if so how long after buying tham?
what is the maximum limit of value for purchase?
How screwed did I get?
My dad wont replace my stolen car?
I am looking to buy a car and I have an option between a 2006 Mazda 6 and a 2006 Toyota Corrola. Which one?
i have a car and a big problem?
Are 25+ old vehicles exempt from a sales tax when tranferring title?
Sold my car to my friend crashed like a week later and its still under my name?
How to transfer car title for deceased parent when I live in Oklahoma, but car was registered in Arkansas?
Advice on buying a 1997 eclipse GST?
What's wrong with getting a nice car as a Teenager?
Trying to find out a price for my car?
What happens when the car loan is in default, but the bank doesn't want the car?
Can a dealership sell an illegal police car with strobe lights, sirens etc?
Which is a Better Buy?
Where can I find a price quote for a Used 1994 GMC C-Series 10 ton dump truck?
I am looking to buy my first car!?
where can i buy a nissan skyline in illinois?
Does pull a part clean out the cars when they buy them?
coupe v. cabriolet vehicles?
what is the higest rate a loan can be financed for a car in indiana.?
Which sports car should I buy?
If an individual sales you a car & you still owe on it can they press charges on you or can they only repo it?
Are car dealerships in the US required to provide 2 keys for any vehicle purchased?
Would you recommend me which models of Hyundai i10 car is best in overall performance?
how much would it cost to buy a buick terraza?
What should I do now that I'm out $15,000?
I am 17 a bought a car from a big car delar in edmonton alberta the car and its a lamin what can I do?
HAVE A 1997 caddilac deville want to sell for 6000.00 what do you think?
Which car do you like better???
In need of a great quality car?
Which car should i get?
Is this a good deal?????
How is the primary on a car lease affected if the secondary goes bankrupt?
Question about pricing a used car for sale?
Question for Current Ford Dealers?
I am working in Dubai, thinking to purchase a used car. Please give me some suggestions, budget is AED25000?
where is cars?
What car would make the best taxi?
i've got £3500 to buy a car......?
I need help from someone in NJ who works for DMV?
My car payments are 550.00. I took a pay cut can not afford the car now. Bank won't help with refiance?
What are some of the most reliable 4x4 vehicles?
How much did you pay for your first car?
I have a 97 Buick, which I want to get rid of.. should I sell it (more than 100,000 miles) or donate it?
Possibly buying 2002 honda accord...?
What do you think about car sales people ? What upsets you most about them ?
can i buy yamaha R6 in india???
BMW or Audi? looking for higher series car!?
How can You tell if your car is from hurricane Catrina just by looking at it?
I have a question for this car?
how can i reclaim an auto that has been reposessed without cash?
What do i have to do to buy a car in the USA and bring it to Canada?
Can you order a VW polo BlueMotion from europe?
looking for 94-94 shevy impala ss spoiler kits?
What does a car with to much mileage mean, say a 2007 model with 173,112 miles?
Small car that would be light on petrol use (UK)?
i am going to buy a used car, i don't want buy one with too many miles on it..?
Did the seller screw me over?
anyone selling any civic hatchbacks?? with b16 swaps??
Does anyone want a 93 Miata 5 speed convertible?
can i buy a car at a dealership wiyhout a license ?
I'm 18, and have a credit score of 687, will I be approved for a car lease?
Help a girl out?
Looking for another vehicle. Any suggestions?
I just Got a Car But I Want A New Nicer One. (Read Story)?
What car is sporty but good mpg?!?!?
How much do u think I should spend'..?
What all do I need to do beside having the person sign the title to sell my car in TX ?
Can someone tell me whats the name of this car?
RPM's (anyone that is very knowledgable about cars would be of much help please!)?
Want to buy mobile from custom in low price... plzzzz tell me the price. and process?
1st Car? What should I get?
Best car for $25,000 or lower?
Which car is most suitable for a 16 year old?
Which car do you think is better for a girl?
which car is a better buy a 1998 4 door Saturn Sedan with 82,000 miles or a 1992 Volvo Wagon with 232,000 mi?
what is the best type of car?
What car should I buy?
rel'tive not making pymts..we co-signed for her. she's on title but not loan..can i remove her? if so, how?
Where to buy your first car?
What parts on a junk car are actually worth money at a scrap yard? I have a 1996JeepCherokee2WDManual2.5L4Cyl.?
88 Crown Vic?
How hard is it to win a car at an Adesa auction.?
I was granted a car in a divorce and I traded that car plus some cash for another car.?
Should we buy the Warranty?
Is this a good first car?
Is the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5L a good choice? is the 1.5L engine with enough power to commute on highways?
Do all cars at any dealership must come with 30 day warranty? help?!?
best avenues to sell my used car in the bay area quickly?
im about to buy a!?
Would you like to buya car powered by pressured air ?
My Mom wont let me get a major car(mustang, bmw)when I turn 16. She says not until college, when I earned it..
Great all terrain tires for 02' tahoe?