Car Buying

What kind of car should I get?
My First Car Help Saxi VTS or R32 Golf?
i want my company to regitered?
I bought a motorcycle from a cycle dealer and i don't like the bike, what are my rights?
trading in 2008 Mustang GT?
Will i be able to trade my car in that i got from Miles program for military?
Other good first cars?
would a '97 plymouth breeze be a good car to buy?
Pontiac Sunfires?? Are they any good? Especially after 100k miles? Worth 6 grand??
Has anyone Done an Open Ended Lease?
EMS delivery screwed up?
Is the Camaro worth buying?? or should I look into a mustang?
What is a Category D car?
2012 Charger vs. 2012 Mustang?
What Truck Would You Purchase and in what color?
i'm confuse to used Paypal service!! i try used my bank account to buy thing online?
Military Battle buddies please help. :-)?
when will cars like this be in world i never see them anywhere i go?
i need a name for my car?
Although I am mechanically challenged, I would like to own an ANTIQUE car. What's best and best place to buy?
When considering buying a car from notices or classifieds, what do you need to be aware of, and look out for?
Guys, whats hotter?
Hatchbacks with upright seating?
would someone want to buy my subs. 2 12'skenwood excelon in a Q logic box?
what is the best place to buy a pre owned luxury car?
Can anyone help me to choose what used car is the best to buy from the list below?
I would like to buy a good condition automobile for about 1000.-1500. I need a reliable source?
Do you like a BMW or a Truck.?
Hi, I am looking for "used car selling places" in SF bay area or LA area?
looking for a first car, but no credit. what do i do?
What are the pros and cons of a Saturn SL2?
is this a good price for a '57 ford pickup?
Is this a good SUV to get?
I want to buy a car i can convert to an s15.?
What kind of cars are good with high miles?
Where should I look to buy a car to restore?
Question about car loan payments?
Mazda RX8 question???????????????
Which Mazda is better in terms of reliability and overall better? Mazda 3 or 6?
I want to trade in my '98 Expedition for a used Escape, what would be the best approach?
My mom doesn't want to buy a car other than an american car?
Best price on a new Nissan Versa or competitor?
So i out my van on craigslist and...does it sound a little weird?
We bought a car without a title in!?
I'm looking for a new car...would go with the Honda Civic or Saturn Ion3?
What is the blue book value for my 1993 Ford Escort? If I trade it, how much can I expect to get for it?
who can help me out?
NBA: Help!!! I sold my car to pay for gas?
what is better a car or a truck?
Which car should I buy?
what a best first car?
what should i get a celica gts or a is300?
What should I name my car?
What's up with all these not really rich people buying expensive cars?
If you buy a vehicle from a private owner can you purchase extended warranty from dealership?
How much do you think i could get for my truck?
Which Indian made car is preferable?
looking for a car for 300 dlls i can buy?
Does JD Byrider sell foreign (Nissan, Toyota, Honda) cars? What was your experience with them overall?
Reccommend me a car!! (possibly convertible)?
Would a guy buy and drive a Lexus LX 570?
Is leasing a new car recommended for a recent college graduate?
Who has the best warrenty on certified used cars?
Whats the value of a 2001 330xi BMW in Mexico in great condition?
Why do people lease cars.....?
I have £7000 to spend on a car and i want something old, stylish and convertible. I know nothing about cars?
How much would a 1970 Artic Cat Panther snowmobile be worth today?
4WD vs. 2WD? Could someone please tell me what's so good about a 4WD?
My sister and I are trying to purchase a car! Need advice!! College student!?
When do you think it'll be arrived?
Is a Volkswagon with 70/80k miles on it not a good offer? (compared to a honda with the same miles and price)?
How do I transfer my old number plate to new car?
what is law about returning a car to dealership in florida?
I am a woman who just started selling cars. I compete with 11 men. Any suggestions for self-promotion?
Were can I get good cars (honda,toyota,nesain,)for under $5-6 thousand in San Bernardino, Ca 92411?
Does anyone own a 2003 Jaguar X-Type or provide personal feedback On the vehicle?
Question about parents?
first car????????????
Is it safe to buy a chevrolet car in india?
What are good,small 1st cars besides vauxhall corsas?
I love the idea of a beat up pick up truck, something with character. Flaws?
If I want to buy a new car from the dealer lot, does the dealer check my credit before I get to test-drive?
Is this good deal for 83 blazer?
After how long do you have to replace the 2011 convertible camaro softop?
Is trading in a car with payments left on it a wise idea?for a new car?
If this car seems like a good deal?
Does anyone know where I can find a pink sporty car for cheap?
How much should I sel my used tires/rims for?
If someone bought recently a Toyota Camry 2007.For how much.I just want to figure what to shoot for when i buy
im looking for used car in gorgia?
Best Price For A New 2012 Toyota Camry w/ Standard Specs?
what's a hybrid car?
Whats the best car available for under 30 grand?
Anyone know of problems with the CVT being used in the Dodge Caliber?
Is 150,000 miles on a 1997 Chrysler Sebring jx bad?
Are cadillacs good cars?
What pointes are better? Grishko 2007 or Blochs?
where can I find a radio with a cd player for a 1995 ford taurus that wil plug into existing harness?
How does buying a car work exactly?
Where can i find a 69-72 chevy suburban i really good condition that is affordable?
1991 Ford Aerostar?
how to get a car??????
Good sports cars/sedans under $15,000?
Value of a 2005 Harley Davidson Night Train with 20,000 miles?
Where did you buy your car??
Should I buy this car?
I'm looking for a sports car with good fuel mileage?
Which car wud u buy within £20-26k range?
Credit's bad,wanna buy a car. What amount is reasonable to save to put down on a vehicle around $18,000 ?
Refinance Brand New Car or Trade In?
Where can I find a used car value guide for brazil?
Is this fraud?
Should I purchase an extended warranty from the dealership when I purchase the car?
I'm looking for a website called
Blue or Red MINI Cooper convertible?
what price should i sell my Fiat Punto for it is a P reg and great looking (like me lol) seriously it is?
What type of four wheeler should I buy for my 12 year old daughter ?
Bought a car from a dealer, no title yet though is this normal?
Are Forgien cars really that much better than U.S. made cars?
Does any 1 have or know where i may find a1.8t engine possibly out of a seat to fit a mk1 golf?
re-sale value for an used rental cars?
I am a new driver and am planning to buy my first car (used). Should i get a coupe or sedan? Reasons?
What is a good vehicle?
car loan grace periods?
Ford Ranger vs. Chevy S10? EASY POINTS!!!?
How much should a person spend on a car making $50,000 a year?
Is 202k Miles on A Grand Prix Bad for $3500?
Whatis the world most selling suv?
Can i lease a car for a month?
I want to buy a guitar price range is between 2000-3000 i m beginner plz suggest mr some guitars !!?
Dodgy car seller! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!? :O
I have $2500 & I'm trying to buy a car or truck what is the best deal that I can get?
what is the blue book value of a 1979 Mercedes-Benz SEL?
1967 Chevy Impala Question?
Do you think this car will last?
Good SUV for mom?
which is bigger kia bicanto or suzuki alto?
Can anyone tell me the point in buying a hybrid SUV?
Are dealers that finance to people with little to no credit a good option? ?
Help I Need A Suv Fast!!!!!!?
125% of Kelly Blue Book?
im looking for a fast car.?
anyone own a Mazda 3 ? what are your likes and dislikes ?
Does Ziggy's Used Cars in Coventry, RI have a web site?
I am looking for a V8-302 5.OL engine for sale?
why do the dealers say this car is "blue"? it doesnt look like it?
Can i buy a car while learning to drive?
What is a bumper-to-bumper warranty?
Can you really buy a used car on eBay?
Help me decide what car to buy - something bit sporty but not mannish, not too expensive but looks sexy!!?
What's a better car: a used Honda Accord or a used Lexus? Which one would you pick?
Can you turn a cash car back in?
Should I buy a used vehicle at 138k original miles?
Porsche Boxster or Jeep Wrangler for a teenage boy?
What is a good first car for a 18 year old?
Car collectors? question ?
Bought used truck from dealer, has 7 wrong size tires?
Can I return my car to the dealer if I don't have the title after waiting 6 months for it?
waan ku salamay waxaan rabaah heesta bashiir cali huseen oo ah mudo badan ayaan waday walaal hadii aa heesaan?
What is a good car for long commutes, good gas mileage and low maintenance?
What does manual air conditioning mean?
What's the best 2002(or newer) make & style of used car that you can you buy for less than $9000.??
can you barter at these new massive car supermarkets. are they a good place to buy?
is there another website like craigslist where you can find car?
What car should I get?
what is the most popular car model now??? mid-range car. 1600cc?
Ford vs Chevy/GMC vs Dodge and 1500 vs 2500?
Car loan and co-signing for someone qestions?
Car Title Trouble Please Help?
What's the difference between leasing and car and buying a car?
need advice on price?
What SUV should I get for my first vehicle?
how can i buy a car with no credit?
what's the best subcompact hatchback car, out of rio5, accent, yaris, scion xA, fit, versa, etc?
What Used Car Should I Buy, a Ford F-150 or a Ferrari F430?
what color is this car?
i20 crdi asta 6speed:pros & cons?
How do I know if the second hand vehice I'm buying has a good engine?
Good car for a college student?
how good is the 2006 hyundi sonata?
Mileage on a 2004 ford mustang...good or bad?
Can I trade in a car worth 2100 for a much cheaper car at a dealership?
What's a great car? going with my sister car shopping tomorrow and need some advice for her?
Where can I buy hawaiian style license plate frames?
what does on v car mean?
How you get a new or used Van or SUV with just filing Bankruptcy?
This is a question for "car smart" guys!?
I'm having problems deciding on a new car. i currently drive a 03 is300 and looking for something better..
buying a used car with cash - details inside :)?
1994 yz 250 should i buy it?
should i buy an Audi A6 or a Corvette?
What are my recoarses for an auto repossession?
How much are car tags?
If you had $20,000 to buy a car, what would you buy?
Whoever has been to the public auctions how much do the chrysler 300's go for? will i make it with $6000 ?
Should i buy an iphone4 or 4s? I have no interest in the iphone 5?
RAF Greatcoats for sale?
Would this make a good car? If so, how do I convince my dad ?
who bought the first 2007 shelby cobra at barrett jackson auction?
Seems like a good car dont you think?
Should I buy a new truck or get a car?
Vehicle selling contract question? HELP!?
What's a good little 4x4 pickup truck?
Can u sell Old car windows ?
looks like the tata manza club class has some awesome features.. is it a good car to buy in the segment?
Kia Optima or Toyota Camry?
Which car UK only please?
Sold salvage car on Ebay and after 17 days was never picked up. Relisted it now he wants it again...?
IS fiat palio is better choice than maruti wagnor?
Need to upsize! Should I buy a Kia Grande Carnival?
Buying and Selling Online?
Where can I find a 1973-1975 Pontiac Grand Am within 1000 mile radius of Reno NV any condition.?
Estimate on how much my interest would be on a new honda civic?
What should i name my car?
Good car for girl in High School?
how do i post an item for sale on siouxland buy sell trade?
Need Advice, how many people pay 2 car payments??
How can I trade a car in that I have a balance on?
Yesterday,I bought a used car from a Pontiac dealer, and today I canceled the check. How much trouble am I in?
How much would this truck be worth ?
Fast First Car Please Help?
getting my first car , want something cheap , fast reliable is this honda civic the right car for me i'm 17
Best phone in rang 15000 please help me to buy the best? ?
Is there a way to get a copy of my car's title? (Virginia)?
Mazda rx8 or Mitsubishi eclipse?
Dealer lied about my lease monthly payment, can their bank deny me w/o my proof of income?
Giving or selling a car as a gift to brother in NY?
In Bucks County PA find Ford Conversion van 1996 or newer with less than 50,000 miles on it for $5000 or less?
Is this a good deal on an 2009 Infiniti G37 lease?
Who has the leagl right to a leased car, the person w/ the title or the person who's name is on the loan?
What type of car do you drive?
Do car insurance companies check when you bought a car?
Selling a used order okay?
Does anyone know that will the Honda Fit have supercharger or not?
2004/2005 Acura TSX or TL?
BMW or Merc?
Which car do u think is the most reliable and fun to drive?
Will I be approved for a loan on a VW 2008 R32?
How many cars can I sell a year in Australia?
Bank owned trucks, cars?
Where can i buy in great condition 4 cylinder car for $4000?
Need help finding a Quad dealer
what does FR in ss line mean on airforce dog tags?
Whats the deal with "YOUR JOB IS YOUR CREDIT" car dealers?
why these days Japanese cars sells so good a number but the cars from us?
My lease is up for my car and I want to buy it?
what auto shops sell mustang convertable tops?
Is buying a brand new car a good investment if you plan to keep the vehicle long term?
SUV/minivan that seats 7-8 and is fuel economic?
Can't decide on which to get, 06-08 Honda Civic SI, or 01-05 Lexus is300?
Where is a good place to buy my first car?
If I found a car on ebay and bid $1 could I buy it?
advantages and disadvantages of car show room system.?
What car would you recommend for a teenager?
i boughht a car and put my ex on the tittle with me, she has not paid for one thing on the car what is the law?
Best full size car on the market?
Should my dad buy this car?
Is this a good first car for me?
how good is this car!?
How to buy your first car?
Is Honda Civic better than Toyota Corolla?
What's a good used car to get?
I'm 16 needing help on buying a starter car! Under 3000?
Which one do you think is better for a teen guy?
Do you prefer Muscle cars, or Import?
Can car dealerships fake a carfax report?
What would you think if you saw this at a used car dealership?
what should i buy ????
Husband leased a car, he died, I was told to return the car they keep calling for payment what do I do?
Questions about a 1986 montecarlo ss?
Bought a car..good price?
how do I find modern classic cars for sale?
first car/vehicle! help :P?
Has anyone ever bought a van From Punjab Auto Sales in Hamilton Ontario Canada if so how was it?
what is a good price for a used car for a 16 year old boy?
Should I buy books or Save up for an Itouch?
What should i get for my fist car?
Can you trade in a current car that you have for another car?
I earn about 1500 a month and i want to but a car that cost 41000 with a monthly payment of 338?
Why is it important to gather information about a car before purchasing?
How to get a car loan without co signer?
2001 oldsmobile bravada for around $1800. to $2000. a good investment?
Car Seat Covers - Japanese Style?
What are your experiences with American Made Cars?
Where can I buy a cheap salvage 06-09 civic?
Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?
toyota supra???
Why buying a used car, what advantages does buying from dealers have over buying from...?
I'm a bad driver, aren't I?
1998 vw cabrio or 2009 chevy colbalt?
How can i make money without working?
what does everyone think of the vw corrado 2.9 vr6?? should i sell it or hang on?
Can you guys help recommend me a car?
What one would you prefer, a 2006 bmw m5 or a 2006 porsche 911 turbo?
which car can do this?
Does upgrading from a 2012 Kia Forte to a 2014 sound feasible given these financial variables?
where in miami I can find auction car sales?
how does a repossessed car affect my credit?
Which one is batter between BMW 335i Coupe and Lexus IS350?
Why would someone by a nice new car, then put some stupid bumper sticker on it?
Any idea what a set of stock rims from a 2004 Jeep Rubicon would be worth?
how do i know actual dealer invoice price on a new ford f-150?
First car for 17 year old?
How is a 57 chevie convertible worth?
Can I get a new 2012 chevy sonic?
Hey people :) i`m 6`7 and im currently finding a sports cars, i dont want a suv/van just a normal sports car.?
Is it true that you cannot easily get financing for a motorcycle because it is considered a luxury?
What type of car should i get?
Car Junker in Tampa??
which is the most expensive car?
Which car looks better:?
should i buy a 2001 toyota camry LE 4dr sedan with 105k miles in good condition for 7k?
What automobile lasts the longest when compared to its cost?
everything i need to know about to get a car?
Is a Cadillac a good idea?
I am trying to find a car auction place in long beach,california can anyone help?
I'm being given a vehicle... When we switch titles, what fees will I have to pay?
do you pay sales tax on a used car purchased from another person, in Georgia?
any one know what company does auto loans for cars older then 10 years old?
How much money could I sell this car for?
Car Title Transfer problem?
is 45,000 miles on a 2009 car too much?
How can I sell a car that I am still making payments on?
2003 nissan 350z or 2002 evo?
i have a 1964 impala with hydo and in very goog condition, the motor is rebuilt and the back rear $16000 neg?
Should I get this new car?
why doesn't anybody answer my questions overhere :'( :'( :'(?
300zx or sc300? Which would be better for a 20 year old driver?
How do i go about selling this truck i just bought?
what questions do i ask when buying a used car in newjersey?
Big Help, buying a Used car?
flood cars for sell?
The best and cheapest way to get out of a Auto Lease?
with bad credit how much should i expect to put down on a 25,000 car?
What happens if I'm not available for a USPS Parcel Post delivery?
toyota truck SR-5 2002?
What is the best car to get for your first car?
What would you choose?
Does anyone know where or who has aution cars in Southern Louisiana ?
Which is better the Toyota Carolla or the Mitsubishi Lancer?
New or used first car?
Do you think an old mini would be a good first car?
Who has the best reputation to check a car's condition before a sale in the Hempstead Area of Long Island?
were in virginia can i sell a used 1990 lincoln continietal needing engine repair but interior/ex in great con
Best new small car for a woman?
Pros and Cons of lifting a truck?!?!?
what is the best car i can buy?
Camry or accord.?
Car Reposession...Not my fault!?
is this a good time to buy a new 2007 car?
Does my car retain more sell value if all my maintenance was done at the dealership (I still have all document?
Could anyone suggest a car for me?
If I give back my car what happens? Gmac won't work on lowering my payments?
thinking of buying a civic type R?
sell used truck for parts?
94 Trans Am LT1 for sale a good deal?
Mazda Protege vs Subaru Impreza?
Any chance they WON'T repo my car?
Return loan or celebrate birthday?
Scion Tc accessories?
Do anybody buy used tires in the New Orleans area?
What questions should I ask about a car when buying it used 'As is'?
What is the value of my car? help me out.?
Would you rather have an older car with low miles or a newer car with high miles?
How can I get a $10K car loan with $200/month income?
Car Problems! HELP!!!!!?
value of 1976 suburban?
I just wantto put out there that if you buy a foreign car you are un-American and non-patriotic.?
Is there anyone to look up a car you sold before? - With like a Vin number or something?
How to save a bundle on my next new car purchase?
Low priced fun to drive cars? (fast!!!!!)?
what kind would be a good car.?
is this fair on her or should i get a car?
Whats the best color for Maruthi Ritz new model (VXi) ..i bukd one but yet confused with the color..?
What is a reconstructed title for a car, and what does it mean? Is it bad?
lots of after market parts on an used car?
give a value to my car??
where to buy car stickers in Seattle?
how much mileage is ok for a 2003 4-door sedan?
When did Ford buy the British Automotive Company Aston Martin???
What is a really cheap hatchback?
how do I find Federal Government Auctions on Cars?
Whats better a car thats automatic or standard??& why?
Is it possible to get a chevrolet spark 1.0 for £2000 or less?
What kind of car can I buy for $3,000?
I am looking at a 2000 Chrysler 300M, it has 95,000 miles on it, and I can get it for $6450. good deal?
I brought a camper from a dealer and a lot of things went wrong with it. I returned it within 7 days.?
i have bought a car but thay have not give me the log book is the car leagly mine?
once i have a wholesale dealers liscense were and how do i buy wholesale new cars?
Is there an equivalent to the MOT test in Canada?
i am 18yr who wants to buy a non gear bike which gives more average n suitable for me as well as my family?
Is Damien Ewers a ! Auctions agent?
09 impala or 09 camry?
I want to buy 1rs note 1995 but one condition orignal note payment cash&dalivery any one sell 09954663704.?
What is a good family car?
Are any major car companies have any special deals on car leases?
Should I pay my car off and then trade it in or just trade it in without paying it off?
In Germany...Is there a cooling off period of 14 days where i can return a used car i have privately purchased
What if the dealer doesn't pay off my car when I trade it in?
What are the most reliable vehicles?
How much does it cost to ship cars over?
swapping vehicle at the same dealer?
Where can i go to see a list of services that has been done to my vehicle?
2003 Honda Civic Cold Air Intake?
where to buy a 1996 yz250 bottom end kit?
Having trouble picking a car!!!!?
Where would I find the value of these pieces of equepment when they were new? What were they?
Good website to buy used cars?
I am thinking of purchasing a new Toyota or Honda minivan. Can there be radiation from Japan in/on the vehicl?
for how much can i sell my car?
grand am or toyota celica?
Co signer information for a camaro?
Price range of a used, 2009 Honda S2000?
What's the best website to find cars?
Do i really need a car?
2008 Infiniti G35XS, accident and
I sell Saturns. Why don't more people buy them? They are good cars that are not overly expensive.?
Is this a good car or not????????
I got a car title loan on my vehicle almost a year ago and the lender has not contacted me can i sell the car?
Which is the best Vehicle.. Santro or WagonR.. in driving comfort and in mileage?
Whats the best car to buy under 20,000?
I'm getting my car soon what should i get???
I'm looking for a fairly fast car that is under $15,000, any ideas?
Necessary steps to sell my car from CA to another state (Tennessee)?
Would someone be nice enough to check my VIN on Carfax?
Need a toyota sales or finance person advice on 2012 Corolla price?
What is the sales tax in california for purchasing a car?
Is it legal to hold someones down payment on a car?
2003 Hyandia Tiburon, good car? MPG? and Body kit?
Can you listen to cd in front of car while kids watch tv in headrests at back in a range rover?
Uncommon sporty cars?
car questions need help car for a 16yr old?
Should I anything to my car?
Is this car worth buying?
anyone know where to get a import car?? either free or $100?
what are the north carolina state taxes for a new vehicle purchase?
As a international student, can I finance a car?
Buying 2008 Chevy Equinox?
Do car dealers charge a Doc. FEE or customer service charge?
What are the steps I need to do in inspecting a used car?
Please help me pick my 1st car?
How can I ship a car overseas for trade, I need to know the procedures ?
NH car Accident less than 1000 dollars?
What's the diffrence between a 1967 chevelle ss and a 1970 chevelle ss?
what cars under 30,000 have the best 0-60 and are fun?
Should I buy a car if it has a problem with the transmission control module?
I' am looking to buy a new car or SUV..any suggestions and why?
Should i get a 2005 Mustang GT or 2003 BMW 330i Sport?
What was your first car?
what is the price of bajaj pulsar 180cc and 200cc dtsi?
Autotrader - odd email from an enquirer about my car - not sure if it is a scam?
what is a good car for a high schooler to buy?
Is my goal for an old car is too high?
Which car is better choice?
does volunteer repossessions go on your credit and if so what is the effect of it?
RSX vs CELICA, Which Car is Less of a Chick Car?
Fastest 2012 4 door Sedan for under 15000?
Ford Maverick? Chevy Monza?
what car would be a good first car?
What is the best Subaru Impreza to buy?
What kind of new car should I buy?
Is a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am with 68,000 miles for $8600 a good buy?
how much money was a 2004 chevy cavalier worth in oct 2008?
What is a good first car?
how do I get a car donated to me?
hi what is a spoiler in a car.for what it is used?
Whats the best factory made 4x4 available (Under $50,000)?
Is there a custom auto wheel store that has a finance plan in Oklahoma?
best/cheapest used car dealership in the Tristate area?
buy a toyota get a honda free?
Volvo S40, Nissan Altima Coupe, Mitsubishi Eclipse, or Honda Civic Coupe?
can a title loan company sell a repossessed car for more than the balance on the vehicle.?
rubber pipe toyo- part NO. 4BTHS/3150429R51H TOYO?
Alloy wheels - Do I have 13" ?
Used Coupe, which one?
I bought a brand new car almost a year ago.... I want to know if theres anyway I can return it?
sellig 2 door chevy cobalt?
Does any have an 02-04 Acura RSX Type S in white for sale?
is it ok to cosign for a loan? My neighbor got to have a car and he asked me?
I got my car repo'd now what?
if you could own any car, what color make and model would it be?
Where can I buy a part for a Honda?
Should I buy this car? what do you think? PLEASE HELP!!?
How much would a van cost?
Does anyone know what mileage to look for when buying a second hand car that is a four cylinder?
how much is my car worth?
I am having to buy a car for under £1000 as im a student-what would be best value?
Car tyre size vs speedo reading?
If a hybrid cost $6000 more to purchase, is it worth the money?
What are some good, reliable cars found for under $7500?
What is a nice, sporty, reliable, and cheap car?
What are my rights as Co-Owner of a vehicle?
should americans buy just american made car/trucks????
what are the advantages and disadvantages of a kia rio?
I'm 19 and have around 15k to spend on a car. any thoughts?
We sold our used car a few days ago. Now the person who purchased it is claiming it has all sorts problems?
Should I purchase an extended warranty from the dealership when I purchase the car?
I bought my 2005 Toyota Corolla in 2004 & it has 32,500 miles. Is the mileage too high for a car 2 years old?
We need help with our car company!?
I this a good deal for an 87 Monte Carlo?
Which car should I buy, a 07 Toyota Camry or a 07 Mercedes-Benz C-Class?
who buys used cars in san diego?
What car is more expensive, a Bentley or Rolls Royce?
What should i pay for a Morris Minor in good condition?
Car with decent gas mileage and luxury interior?
If i love to coustomize cars, love cars shows all that type of stuff what degree yall think will fit me best?
Which car should i buy? BMW X5, Volvo XC90 or Mercedes-Benz GL450?
crossover help please!?
EASY 10 Points - Which Car Is Better?
The good and bad about Tiburons?
Car resale value question?
Should I get this car?
Do high gas prices make you rethink of the kind of car you'll buy?
used car help 16 year old.?
Which small car would you buy?
What paperwork do i need when selling a vehicle in Louisiana?
If I buy a used car from a private party seller, do I have to put the title in my name before selling?
What supercar should I buy?
I need to convince my dad not to get me a crappy car, help me with some facts?
What is the best luxury-like sedan w/navigation between $35,000 and $45,000?
Lexus Es300 to buy or not to buy?
do you have a car shipping service?
write the name of garrages if you have. want to purchase a car less expensive?
What is a good first car for a 16 year old boy?A 16 year old Girl?
I live in michigan and im wondering if you have to have a car lot in order to get a dealer's license.?
How should I do whenI have just bought a car that dealer lied that the car can be locked all doors together?
how many miles can i get out of 2001 BMW 330i Sedan?
what is a cool looking but still good first car?
My parents wont let me buy a car?
I want to buy a 2007-2008 Lexus IS 250 AWD. What should I make for an offer?
I am looking into buying a new car. My choices are: Toyota Camry & Honda Accord. Which do you recommend?
What kind of car should I get?
what if I don't like the car I bought from a dealer?
Consumer Fraud for a Car?
25,000 miles too much?
I know the VIN number, how do I find the owner?
I am interested in buying a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, buy a 4cyl or a V6 which should i buy and why thanks!?
what is your future car?
Where can i get a turbocharger for my toyota vios 1.5G?
Is it good or bad if your cars miles are high?
Should I sell in parts or whole?
Would a 1979 Chevy Nova qualify for the "Cash for Clunkers" program?
What one should I get?
I was wondering what I should set for a price to sell a 1973 Plymouth Duster for?
Co-Signing Loan for neice?
What group of people sit around and decide if a said car is to old to have retail or not?
can a 16 year old afford to pay a $20,000 camaro 2010?
2005 Honda Civic Coupe for 4,999?? Good deal?
We're trying to sell a car online. The response I got was from someone who had a cashiers check for more than
Is there any danger is finding an older, used car the has very low miles vs a newer used?
I have $20k to buy a car, what car do you recommend?
New Car problems Help!!!?
Trade '06 Civic Coupe?
question about trying to get a new car under my name?
where to buy a 1996 yz250 bottom end kit?
how much money (percentage) can I expect to save at an auto auction versus buying from dealer?
Whats the value of my dads 1989 S10 durango V6 4.3 inj. short bed truck?
Thoughts on this offer?
Is this a good price for this vette?
which car do you like better out of these i picked?
How can Fl charge sales tax on cash back on a new car sale. Price is advertised to everyone by franchised dea?
Which car to wall charger converter should I buy?
to buy a used car you don't need credit right just down payment?
how much could i get for my car with a bad transmission?
I bought a stolen car, what do i do?
To register a used car in Victoria, do i need to have a Roadworthy Certificate?
a car is $1680 after 14% discount......what was the original price of the car?
Does anyone know about
My car is a nissian altima 2009 it sounds like a truck when i drive it...could it be my transmission or ?
What are good trucks or jeeps that arent to old or expensive for a 16 year old?
is this a deal?
what car would be the best to get?
when a car has been flagged what does this mean?
What is agood first car for a teen guy?
which is the best diesel car b/w 5 to 6 lakhs on road price?
2003 Nissan Maxima with 35K worth $18000? should I buy it or not?
Car supercharger. Plz help?
leasing vs. buying a car?
I bought a car, which had a lot of problem, from dealer, and dealer might knew about those problem.!!!?
Which car do you like better?
under what circumstance do I need a co-signer?
what car would be a good first car?
My Shippment for bedding weighs 15 pounds? ?
What happens if you can't pay the sales tax on a new car purchased in Missouri?
Can you buy your CAT-A, B motorbike back from insurance?
How much would a 2001 camaro cost?
Does the Cadillac DTS 2005 have a powered trunk?
Can I get a Used Car Loan with a part-time job ive had for four years now.?
What small car would you get??
How much would you pay for a s14?
Is this a good deal? Mazdaspeed3 with 50k miles for 19500 otd?
zero down car dealership?
suggest me good scooty to buy?
Is $6000 too much for this car?
whats the best small 4wd vehicle?
Ethanol fuel in Montana?
What is a cute car for 16 year old?
How to buy a car from the dealer without getting screwed by them?
Anyone want to buy a Volvo?
where can i rent a Nissan GT-R in the SF bay area?
Can somebody help in getting a fairly used V/W Golf 4 from Europe.?
Price of Cars?
Should I lease or buy my next car?
Can I purchase a car with out a drivers license?
What to do in long car ride?
Used mid-size SUV?
certified pre-owned car with lots of miles?
Is their a way for me to trade in my car for a more expensive car with bad credit?
Where is the best place to get a hitch for a jeep?
How old do you have to be to test drive a car?
How SAFE is it REALLY to buy cars on EBAY???
Anyone have a '68 or '69 Chevy El Camino?
Is this a good trade?
I am buying a used BMW and want to know how to negotiate the price?
when is a car due irs first mot?
does anyone know where i can buy?
First car for 16 year old girl?
Would a well cared for Bentley Continental GT with full Bentley service history and low miles be a good buy?
Can he take the car???
what type of car is this?
How long does it take to ship from Michigan to Florida?
When a dealership says "Lease" a car, what do they mean??
Which one is a better deal?
Why don't Americans buy American vehicles? (any brand by Ford, GM or Chrysler)?
whats a Fast Sedan for under $9000?
when buyin a car,what is an APR, what does it stand for?
i purchasrd a car and transmisson has went out in it in two days?
How much money should i pay for a 12 years old car?
is it better to lease a car or buy?
Financing a new car through the dealer?
1968 GMC long bed pick up?
What's the best mid-sized SUV?
Confused between choosing a car -- VW or Honda or Subaru?
Which car would you pick and why?
how can I find the right car?
i want to buy a car with in 5 lak suggest me a good one?
car help please !!!!!!?
Which car do you prefere?
TSX or RSX type S?????
which car is better mustang or camaro?
i am looking for a good hatchback car, i am beginner i have chosen the i20 is it the best car that i can ha?
what is a good coupe car?
At car dealerships, what happens to the unsold new 2007 models? Are they now sold as used?
how much should i sell a 1985 Nintendo for at a garage sale?
Someone sent me a package. Is there a way to search for things sent to my house?
Is it hard to find or buy a 1990-2000 model skyline in the U.S. (California)?
Can anyone point me in the right direction to find financial assistance for buying a handicap van?
I have a vintage firestone deluxe lawn tractor. Why can't i find any info online? Can someone help me.?
HID's where to buy help?
I'm selling my totaled 2000 vw bug. Should I sell it for parts, or as is?
anybody know of junk car buyers in Ohio?
What's the best car to buy for $21,000 or less?
will a dealer pay off a lein for you when trading a car in ?
How do I get out of a car loan that I still owe money on. Don't want the car, don't want the loan?
urants, gas stations, etc.Are there any free publications available in Buffalo NY pertaining to car sales?
Which car should I pick?
If I bought a car"sold as seen" from dealer and it broke down on my way home,can I ask my money back?
Where are they cars coming from at a car auction?
On the spot delivery scam?
traded in my vehicle that i still owed on, now problems w/ previous dealer?
Finance Fee/rent charge on car leases?
What can I do? (Lease information)?
cars, uh I have no idea, help?
should i poop now or later?
whats the most reliable car?
what kind of car should i buy?
Who here has a honda pilot. Tell what you like and dislike about it!?
When you trade in a vehicle, do you keep your old liscence plate or do you get a new one?
Audi vs Mercedes? Which is better?
what is the selling price for a second hand 2002 isuzu xuv?
Which is the ideal first car for me?
should i change my car?
best car for a 17year old driver?
how much would a decent used car cost?
does anyone know the value of a '75 dodge coronet?
I am thinking about a new car and I am considering leasing one. What are the pros and cons?
when ss is high what happens?
What is the best choice from these?
while driving your foreign car-do you feel anything when you hear about all the layoffs in the USA car market?
Just bought a car; confused on how to do the paperwork?
can you ask more for a car than the payoff price if the car has good warranty and very low mileage?
What is the best website for used cars in USA ?
is it safe to buy a used car at an auction?
what do I need to know about buying a Mercedes benz c230?
Okay, I admit it. I screwed up BIG TIME! Anyone out there that can help me fix it?
1999,SUZUKU GRAND VITARA, 4drs,6cyl.,2.5 lit, 112000 kms,askinng 7900 ,how much should i pay ??
who has the Mazda 3 ? i'm looking into buying. Any likes and dislikes ?
how do i go about getting a dealer's license?
Is there anything i can do legally about my car?
Car for an 18 year old girl :)?
mobil dijual ford ranger tahun 2004 single cabin warna apa saja?
Would it be better to buy a cheap new car or a used luxery car?
anyone know where to find real cheap plane tickets?
How much milage is a good buy for a preowned Class A Motorhome?
How long should you take car shopping?
Which car- company in Germany sold cars with slogan "The male car" ?
im buying a new car which should i buy ford fusion toyato camry or mazda 3?
Which is better!!WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Okay so i want to rent a car ?
Can i get a loan on my car ?
What's the maximum you would spend on a car for a teenager?
I just got my licence and am looking for a car?
Where can I find the mst affordable quality car with more mpg?
What is the best 6 cylinder sports car?
Where can I find the value of a used farm tractor?
First personal car. soon to be 18 year male ideas ideas help !?
How do I get my car title after I pay off my loan?
Corvette Z06 or BMW M3?
Are there any cars for sell in Atlanta, GA for $3,000 or less?
How much should these cars cost?
Should I Buy A Mini Cooper or Toyota Tacoma !?
where can I get cheapest garmin nuvi 350 through online shopping?
My son wants a bmw 3 convertible, I want him to have a volvo s40? Which one is better?
Would you buy an automobile sold by a private owner listed on Craigslist?
£2500 to spend on a car, help me pick from the following.?
Good first car for 16-year old?
Has anyone purchased a Honda 2007 CRV below MSRP?
Is 214,000 miles on a 1997 ford f250 powerstroke considered high miles?
What is the mileage of upcoming Maruti Alto 800?
To Sell Icees out of the back of a truck do I need a license?
Can I export a car while still making payments on it?
Where is the best place to get an auto loan?
Jeep Commander or Land Rover LR3?
Does Canada import or export platinum?
is it important to get a dynot test before buy a commercial semi truck?
Is there a sports car that is good to drive in winter?
Taxes on Car while buying from private party?
Well..i have to make a decision, to buy an already suped up eclipse...or just wait and get and EVO!(long wait)
Can you put subs in any kind of car?
Where can I find a 00-05 Chevy Impala for sale, just the body?
Where can I find a car decal like the one on this car?
Any suggestions on a new 4 door fuel efficient car? (Serious only please!)?
what number am i thinkin of? choose from 1-1000?
What is "intelligent all wheel drive" and "on demand all wheel drive" and "smart AWD" and "all wheel drive"?
What Kind Of Car Should I Get?
Which dashboard cam is the best?
2013 Ram 1500 Laramie or 2013 Sierra 1500 SLT?
if i buy a 2011 model car in jan 2012 , will it still be considerd as a 2011 model car or a 2012 model car ?
This is a question for "car smart" guys!?
I have a plugin full size traffic much is it worth?
I applied for an auto loan & was asked for a buyers report. I had the dealership fax one. Did I buy the car?
what are the advantages of a car lease?
best car for a 17 yr old lad?
What can I do about "fraudulent sale of vehicle?"?
Is buying a new Vespa like buying a new car - Can I offer less than sticker price?
How do you know when you are ready to be a mini-van man?
help on ebay i have an aution running 4 a scooter it ends in less than 24 hours and to day it broke down it ne
I'm going to chessington tomorrow and I would like to buy a keyring from there. Around how much are they?
Which car would you pick?
Is this truck worth it?
Who has a Moped ( not with pedals) and lives in Missouri?
cars with the best MPG?
i have purchased a second hand car with a six month warranty anyone know waht my rights are when claiming on t
Armed forces canteen?
What car to buy?
just purchased a car from a dealer whom forged my signature on one of the documents. What should i do?
How long do I have to finance a used car in Arizona?
how many miles on a camaro or firebird is to many?
I a'm or I was selling a car to this guy for 1,200 dollars. the first day he looked at it he gave me a hundred
Can you buy a car off of the lot without a cosigner?
How do I find out the mechanical history of a car?
How do 19-20 year olds buy sports cars?
Sell my car or buy another?
I need help buy a new car!! I have no credit history because I have never financed before!?
found an abandoned truck on some land. how can i get the truck.?
what would u buy? corrolla,jetta or mazda6?
signing over a car lease?
is it weird that my dads 2006 nissan altima 2.5s has a vtec engine..?
hi.. I want to buy a car. but confused between Santro Xing, zen estillo & alto.. which car i should buy?
Where can I find what the blue book value is for a travel trailer?
If a flying car was 5 million dollars would u buy it?
Buying a car and the pink slip is under different name but has a bill of sale.?
Moving to Idaho car help please?
do you drive? what car do u drive? and what car u wish to have?
I am planning to buy an automatic transmission car in India. Could you please suggest me the best car (Rs.5L)?
What's the best used Pickup Truck?
Is $3,000 for a used 96 Neon good?
Girls -_- Out of all of these cars which one is the most attract (FROM THIS LIST!!!)?
Is it illegal to steal your own car back from the repo lot?
is their a tax credit for buying 2010 new car?
Bought a big truck, I was supposed to have a small one?
Whar are the cheapest turbos?
What steps to follow when buying a car the first time and what to watch out for??
Best car to buy for £10-12,000 in the uk?
2006 Leased Jeep Commander trade in value?
is this true or fake, Dodge challenger, ebay motors?
Can anyone recommend a car to hold 3 baby seats and a passenger? Not keen on MPV idea!?
Eclipse, WRX, 240sx?
Rust on parts when I checked a used car, is it safe to buy?
Looking for a new car?
First car, what to buy?.s?
The Chery QQ?
i just bought a car but the the owner wrote the wrong date in ma?
I'm trying to find the site for cincinnati police cruisers for sale?
Do U Recommand Crysler/Dodge Interpid?
Are special lease offers final?
i need a new car but how can i get it under these circumstances?
Is it possible to make a salary of $86,000 a year simply by being a salesperson at a car dealer?
Will I get approved for this 25k car loan?
Is it worth to buy sandybridge right now or wait for ivy bridge laptops?
How much is my truck worth?
I would like to know how to value cars that are fully-depreciated?
Dealership question....extra warranty's...?
07 pre emission peterbilts with no EGR valves requiered by law starting 74,000.00 500k-600k miles with warrent?
Can anyone list a few places where I can buy a car at a good prize around the Fort Hood (Texas) area?
What are some good choices for a first car?
turning 16 in a month and looking for a lifted truck !?
If you were lookink for a ford f-350, deisel, 4x4, duel wheel, utility body,used.where online would you look?
Trying to get the value of a broken down wrecked car!?
I apply for a car loan online and they ask me to deposit the downpayment before they ship the car?is it ok?
What can I do? Please help!?
I want a new car, do you think I could afford to get one?
Taking out a loan for a car?
Looking at Purchasing a Used car + more (info inside)?
2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL or 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S?
Is anyone interested in model cars?
Should I buy a car right now?
How much could I sell my car for?
used/second hand two wheeler dealer in Surat(Gujrat) ?
how many cars are sold in Qatar yearly?
I am buying a used 1997 Ford Taurus GL Sedan 115000 miles in Washington KBB price is $1700 and the car has a,?
does this sound like a craigslist scam ?
Do most cars with 12,000 miles purchased used last for a while without needing repairs?
Used Car advice?
Is $16,000 too much to ask for????
Do you love your convertible or would you rather not have one because of the weather and sun?
Four-wheeler question please answer?
How do you really use the internet to save thousands on the purchase of a new car?
car loans?
Good Coupes for teen male?
How much can I sell my car for?
Fast American Car under 15K?
i want to know hw much my atv is worth?
What question should I ask when buying a used car?
Need help buying new car. What's the best value in a 4 door sedan with good gas mileage?
car dealer offering to buy car to ship abroad?
Would you like a FREE 3 day 2 night vaction 19 Destinations to Choose from across the U.S.?
What is a good looking SUV for a first car?
Minnesota used trucks... what do you think about these?
I want to buy a new car...what would you recommend?
whats the best price you've seen on a 2006 honda civic?
Can anyone recommend a reliable and fast diesel car?
Car Trouble (for india only)?
Do I own the car, or the Dealer?
how do i do this?
what is the best car for a 17 year old to get?
Retrieval of Service Records for a Used Car?
Need Help Buying A Car?
Good first car for a teen?
is it possible to sell a cloned vehicle?
What are the most important things I should check on a car when buying from a used car lot?
i want to find an electric car dealer, where is the best place to look?
2011 Audi s4 vs 2011 Cadillac cts-v?
Buying and selling a car with profit in Europe ?
Can you help me choose a reliable car?
Best economic car on 2013 to drive in the mountain?
Can I Get My Car Down Payment Back?
My father just moved away and left me a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda it has a 4 speed. what is it worth?
Where can I find a 5-speed manual transmission for a 2006 Toyota Hilux 4*4 truck?
What are the pros and cons of a 2000-2004 nissan xterra?
Find Used Seat cars ?
Looking for a first car?
Chevy or Ford ?
I need opinions on a Saturn Sky as a first car?
is a 1985 corvette with 140,000 miles a good deal at $4500?
i want to make my own car?
I'm trying to find a 1:18 Aston Martin DBS in silver. Is there anywhere, where I can get one.?
What's a best first car? ?
Is this a good deal for the Nissan Armada?
Should I get a Ford Explorer? Any other SUV suggestions wanted.?
chevy camaro???
i want to bye a used car worth $1000-$3000 any good sites i could search?
do you think $1100 is about the right amount to pay to have a transmission put in my van?
Expert in cars heeeelp me please!!!!!!!!!!?
Which car is better to buy?
Which car is the better deal?
Anyone selling a used Classic Pink Convertible Cadillac for about 4,000 dollars?
I traded in my car 6 months ago, I forgot it had a lien on it, what happens now?
where can i find a used car for sale around the dallas metro plex for no more then $3,000?
What is the biggest mileage on a used car?
What cars are recommended for a new lady driver, aged 20?
Which car do you like better?
I sold my car to pay for the gas money, but now gas prices have gone down. Can I get my car back w/out buying?
im i getting a good deal on this car, and is the price a little low ?
bmw vs 300 which one to buy?
looking for my first car. any ideas?
Used Car buying question?
Which new car would you buy for $30,000?
A dealer is selling a car that says it has A/C while clearly it does not work?
Whats a good first car?
What can I get in a $10K car?
are there any free sites where i can sell my car and truck online?
I,m in Salida Colorado,any one have a good 200-500$$ vehicle?
I'm choosing a car for my birthday, I need opinions?
Should i trade in my 2006 hyundai santa fe for a 2012 one?
For my first car?????????????????????
Iam looking to sell my vehicle?
i am from a middle class family ,want to buy a car from 3 -5 lacks,i want to know which car to buy?
Need a new car, suggestions?
Buying my first car!?
whne is the best time of year to buy a new car?
I bought a car but the dealer needs to pick it up from other area. But that same car might be already sold.?
best car for a student? plz help me.?
1988 Good Condition Toyota Camry LE?
Can I still give it back?
Good cars for teenagers?
my apr on a suv i just bought is 18.5% is that right?
Which is the better car, a Range Rover Vogue, or a BMW X5?
my ZIP code is a0p1e0 and a web site is telling me that it can only contain 5 digits no letters?
selling 91 Acura as junk, how much $$ do I ask for? details below?
If I'm saving to buy a $30000 car, and I save $200/month, how many years is it going to take ?
Do you have or had a 2000 VW Beetle? If so, what do you think of it?
i am thinking of buying a bmw318i with 120,00 on the clock is this high?
what is rubber made of?
What kind of car should I get? I am 68, live on small income, like to camp.?
Where can I get a Go Kart?
on a scale 1-10, grade a 2005 mercedes g55 amg, 10 being the best?
Which SUV should I to pick?
What is the best car for suping up?
About 1986 Chevy Van G20?
Buying 2000-2005 Chevy Impala with 100,000 miles a good idea?
can someone tell me a list of suvs that have the third row seat?
ever purchased a car from enterprise. how was the experience?
what are the pros and cons of a 90-96 Nissan 300zx and which is the best year to get?
Are there any laws on someone selling you a car that is a lemon?
what is a built sr20 engine worth?
First car help please thanks ? :)?
How much is the maximum amount of money that I should spend on a 1998 Civic coupe? In canadian dollars.?
I am 19 years old and i made the mistake of taking a loan out for a car?
Do you think this car is that bad?
How do you get the most money when you trade in your car?
What car should I buy for my first???
I need a car now, I'm poor now, what do I do?
Do motor corporations such as nissan, toyota, honda, ford, chevrolet etc hire felons?
Where's a good place to buy NICE AUTO SOUNDZ for my car in la for a decent price?
What questions should I ask about a car when buying it used 'As is'?
Need help finding/deciding on a vehicle?
Ford Fusion or toyota camry?
Cheapest type of car to maintain?
Would you buy a car , if there's no cup holder or air bags in it ?
is this a typical car dealer trick ?
how much does an air ride kit?
Which car would technically be better? As in reliability and quality.?
About how much would it cost to ship a motorcycle from California to Ontario?
what is best midsize car?
is there a business safeco auto loans out of florida?
Is There any place i can by a car for 300 or 400 or 500 dollars?
Hey guys.. should I buy this car?
2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan (i have "buyers remorse")?
Why are car salespeople so sleezy?
Should I buy a car that "needs head gasket"?
How do you buy petrol?
how can i get a cheap car?
Question about leasing a car...?
What second hand car should I buy for around £3k?
Camaro 1986 z28? please help?
Does my car have a virus?
Do you have to have a valid drivers license to buy a car?
where can i buy mercury cougar headlights?
What should we do about our car/loan?
2006 grand cherokee or the 2007 honda si?
where can i find a good and cheap civic honda and where they dont get adbantage of me being a lady?
What is the procedure for a voluntary repo?
First car, need help finding one?
if you had 60,000.00 dollars to buy a car what would be your choice of car?
please help i m getting 2003 dodge neon sxt, 76000 miles, in 4000. is it good car. its goin to be my first car?
Is Autotrader any good for selling cars?
Looking for a used car for the rest of college?
what should my first car/truck be?
how can i persuade my parents to buy me a car?
Do you think this car is that bad?
What kind of reliable yet cost effective car should I get?
Question about a car..?
Ford mustang owners..This question is for YOU!!!..Help me answer!!!...?
what to do after you finish paying for a car?
how to buy a lamborghini?
whats a legit salvage car website?
What are the advantages of paying cash for a car?
How do you purchase a vehicle from India, is their a risk and how about shipping cost?
when i would be able to get a new car....?
What are some ways to sell your car?
what is a good small car to buy?
what is the best car to buy for £500?
Which of these 2 cars should I buy and why?
Need advice about private sale.?
2002 Chevy Impala Question(Answer PLEASE)?
Where can I find coupons for car batteries.?
How much money could I sell this car for?
Who can sell me a long bed pick up truck?
What reasonably priced car gets the best gas milage?
What is the best sedan car to buy in india which costs up to Rs.8 lakhs?
Best option for buying a car?