Car Buying

Can you return an automobile (2003 trucxk) sold separatey with extended warranty?
Car help please ???????
Waht Vehicle is better?
car question???????????????
I bought a used car....can I return it?
Can you change new car dealer incentives after signing?
Can you help me with car buying tips?
what is the best small truck for a 16 ear old girl under 12k?
Can I afford a car (Post-purchase)?
is this toyota a tacoma?
How much should I sell my car for?
When will gas prices drop?
Which should I buy - Infiniti G37, BWW 328i or Lexus es350?
Anyone in Michigan nr. Oakland County with a car for sale?
Importing used cars from Japan to the USA?
I am thinking about buying the new KIA minivan, would like some feedback from other KIA owners. Thanks !!!?
Benz or Bmw what would u rather?
What can I do about a car and have no money?!?
Should I keep my Triumph tr6? or fix up a Datson 240z?
1999 Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel - 16000.00?
What should my first car be?
I'm 18 years old, and I'm thinking about becoming a car salesman. Any tips? What's the job like? Is it hard?
Can you tape up for sale signs in your car in Los Angeles?
What is the price of upcoming Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG?
i want to sell my '87 chevy camero?
Is it illegal for a private party to sell a vehicle with a disabled check engine light in Ohio?
Looking for an SUV / Truck?
High quality xenon gas and krypton charged hid lamp?
25mpg+ & 4WD car help?
how to calculate the price of used motorcycles?
Should I bother with this Toyota?
Is this right hand drive conversion legal?
What is mazda's offer this May for Mazda3?
Is a used car dealer allowed to say you have bad credit so they get bigger down payment?
Can I get a good used car for 7 grand?
what does everyone think of the vw corrado 2.9 vr6?? should i sell it or hang on?
What do highschool girls drive?
Price for honda trx 250ex fourwheeler?
Looking for a cheap project car any ideas?
Does little jimmies the big auto salvage and parts have a web site?
Why do north americans car buyers not show the loyalty that the foreign car buyers show in their countries.?
Should i get a classic car for my first car?
car dealership question?
How reliable are Mazdas compared to Hondas?
Hey Jack, do you own like a used auto dealership?
How do I get out of a vehicle that I owe more than it is worth, without having to pay a lot of money?
just signed a car sale contract 3 days ago can i take the keys back?
im looking to buy a new car does any1 have any tips on how to get the car sales man to come down on the price?
Me and my boyfriend work and we need a car loan to get our second car whats the best option in fresno ca ?
i need to buy a new car but not sure what make to buy ?
Why don't Americans buy American cars?
how much would my 99 Acura 3.2TL be worth by now?
Should I buy Issey Miyake for Men?
Need help with copart.....please help?
Looking for reliable german built car?
What kind of car should I get?
until what month i will pay my loan?
How much would you expect to pay for this car?
Should i buy a car from someone on Craigslist or from a Dealership?
should i save money for car insurance and a car first, then get my liscense or vice versa?
more questions about scion xA and yaris?
blue book price on 1998 ford mustang gt?
how much are monthly pay ments on a ford lightning?
do car dealerships accept credit card as a form of payment for new cars?
what cars have u owned?
how can i get approved for an auto loan with no cosigner, some money down, and good credit?
Ford Mustng V6 Auto OR BMW 325ci Auto?
Can I sell my American car in Canada?
how hard is it to get a car loan when you owe a deficit from a repossession?
Is a used Infiniti I30 with over 200,000 miles on it worth buying?
Car sales a good career to get into?
What car to buy for first car?
I'm 13 and need a job plus I want to save up for a car?
what should my first truck be?
What would you chose? A Gen II Viper GTS or Lotus Exige S?
how do you get your car back if it was repossessed by a title loan place?
is there a person or business I can hire to find me a exact car?
Which car is better for a first car for teenage guy?
What is a good first car for me?
What should I get for my birthday (price limit $150)?
Buying a car. please give some opinions?
Can a private party lien sale a boat/trailer in California?
question about car auction?
cute car?!?!?
what is the cheapest car for a 17 year old?
I want to buy Mikuni carburator for my Yamaha Rx King 132 cc. How much and where I can buy it ?
My Trailblazer got repossessed and has been sold at auction. i have a deficiency that i cant afford to pay. ?
Why is it somehow "wrong" to make a car salesman play by your rules when making a purchase?
I want to buy a Nissan Skyline with a spoiler in south australia, but i am only on my Probationarys.?
looking to get in the market for a new car, what steps do i need to cover?
HELP, I think I may be getting ripped off by someone trying to sell me a car online.?
What is the difference between the 2008 mitsubishi lancer de and the 2009 mitsubishi lancer de?
I need to buy a car as mine blew the engine.?
Good first car for a 16 yr old girl?
Best first car to buy?
Is there a website to check how much a car is worth before selling/buying it?
What's an equivalent to the Toyota Tacoma?
Would i be in debt selling my car?
Is it bad to buy a car with high miles?
can i write off a hybrid car on my taxes?
Buying a truck in the spring.?
I sold my car and now they want their money back.?
Should I Wait To Get A Car?
17 year old male, best first car, 50k limit?? Looking at the new 335i?
Can I get a 17000 car loan with these stats?
when selling a car, does the seller need to get a smog check, or the buyer.?
What are some good tips for buying a new car?
'93 Volkswagon Corrado?
What's the best way to save up for a car?
anybody in anchorage looking to buy a 92 ford bronco, eddie bauer?
Mazda 626 or Nissan Altima?
Can car dealer repo my car even though I am almost done paying for it?
A Grand Am or a Honda Civic for a frist car?
What is the best car for me?
Toyota Corolla or a Smart car?
What kind of car do you recommend?
Where can I find a good car in New Jersey?
What brands of car have All Wheel Drive?
Should I buy an ex police cruiser?
What does drifting to the right mean in a car that i am considering buying?
girl driving a truck?
How do you pay cash for a car? Walk in with a suitcase of hundreds? How does it technically work?
what web site can i use to make an offer on a new car that goes out to local dealers?
What is a sharp looking first car for a reasonable price!?
should i buy usa dollars now or should i wait?
where in the uk sells mercury cougars?
whats the cheapest car to lease right now.?
How much does a new vehicle drop in a value in the first year on the road?
How much are dealers paying to use
if i only have a temporary licence, will i be able to buy a car?
What free sites are good to post car for sale?
which of the cars i should buy?
I have a handicap ramp van for sale. Where can I list it and get responses?
What is the most expensive car on the market?
Where can I get a Volkswagen Beetle with a diesel engine and how much would it cost?
trying to find a used car under 6500 where do i go?
Car Problems! HELP!!!!!?
could i possibly buy a car from a "friend" and leave it in their name?
Which People Carrier is best?
Can I get my money back from a mechanic if he installed something that ruined my car?
machined lip?
Should I buy a brand new Nissan Altima coupe or a used BMW?
What is the best type of refrigerator for a box van?
if you had $90k canadian to spend...which car would u get?
Would this car be legitimate to buy?
Value of a 1981 Chevrolet 3/4 ton crew cab pick up truck 454 V8?
what is the fastest reasonable priced car out there?
16 year old girl about to get a new car I need help!?
lf125-14f book value?
Anyone giving away a shelby, roush, or saleen mustang?
i'm looking for the a web site where i can find limousines for sale under 20k?
What is the fastest/loudest car i can get for under $5k? ?
which car is best for a college student?
I's this car a lemon?
is this a good deal?
Anyone have an old car they don't want that runs?
Is it better to buy a car new or "certified used"?
What are some websites to buy cars?
Need Opinions on a new car?
Best way to sell a mopede?
Subsitution for getting my car detailed?
What are some good first used car choices?
What happens when a person leasing a vehicle passes away?
whats the best car for a student?
I have to buy a sports luxury car?
i have moderate Cerebral Palsy, and am car shopping, any advice?
Has anyone heard of or used One Stop Motors?
Auto trader?
Is the Lincoln LS a good used car to buy?
Honda vs Toyota, which one is better?
How much fuel economy is essential for a new car that I will buy in the very near future?
where can i find a car thats not crap and is legit, my budget is 3,000?
Used Car engine blown after 26 days from purchase?
Whats the best site to sell or buy cars online that has a decent Database?
How much of a discount is the GM employees' "A Plan"?
How to sell a non running car?
when is the best time to buy a 2012 vehicle?
Where is the best place to sell a car?
Bought a car from a friend and it broke down?
Should I get a Civic or Corolla for first car?
what is the fastest car in the world give name?
What it mean if guy has car with company name on it?
In the long run, is it better to lease than to buy?
how much is a "cheap car" but would be a good car?
My bank tells me that they'll only finance $9,000 of the $13,000 purchase price of a Ford Fusion from CarMax?
car situation? what do i do?
Anyone need parts for an 1983 5.0 GT Mustang.?
Is this a car dealer scam?
What's the procedure for taking a car to the junkyard? Do you have to clean it all out yourself?
jeep wrangler...?
I`m 16 years old and I want a car so badly. I have to buy it myself. What are some quick ways to save money?
If a hybrid cost $6000 more to purchase, is it worth the money?
can you buy a new car without air conditioning?
Lousy credit and want another vehicle!!!!?
Does this sound like a scam?
Will insurance deem my car totaled?
Hyundai Coupe for first car?
Is it better to lease or buy a car?
What is the cheapest/smallest/best on gas and milage, SUV,or Crossover for lease?
most popular websites?
Which is a better car- Toyota Corolla or Skoda Octavia?
volvo or a bmw! help now!?
what should i get for my first car?
Should I buy an extended car warranty?
cheap used car?
Will Yamaha sue me for this?
Ok Which car would you prefer?
what is an ideal used car to buy?
Which car should i get?
how many cars per year can you sell in colorado?
What kind of car should I buy?
What would be a good price for a 1976 Ford F150 with 85,000 miles on it?
What is the lowest gas price in the US?
I am going to buy a brand new car next month. Shall I buy a VW that will last and last?
Where is the best place to buy aused car online?
What's the name of this car?
Is 280 a month for a used car a bad deal?
What to buy with $900.00 for a 13 year old?
I Need Car Advice??!?
Why do people insist on buying foreign cars? Many American cars achieve the same gas mileage and are reliable
What do I qualify for?
Getting Stuff Ready For A Garage Sale ...Any Body Have Ideas On How Much I Should Put For?
Need a Cheap Car help wanted?
why do car salesmen have such bad reputations? do they lie and do a lot of illegal activities?
Fast cheap cars under 5000 and over18 Mpg city?
BMW E30 or Diesel Mercedes 126?
What kind of car can I expect to get for $3000?
What type of car should i get?
are luxury cars (bmw, audi, benz) really worth the money?
What would be a good name for my car? ?
i plan to buy a car their?
being asked to pay $5000 down plus proofs for a car?
Can anyone give me some tips on buying a used car?
How much would a Xr 80 (resale)?
what is the value of my 1970 nova coupe?
What action can I take against a 2nd hand car dealer who bought my car but did not settle the full settlement?
New car purchase gone bad!?
Is anyone buying large vehicles right now, with gas going up and all?
Should i buy a car from someone on Craigslist or from a Dealership?
What truck should I get?
07 Mazdaspeed3 or 07 Honda Civic SI?
good used car for $5000?
Which car should I get?
how much would this Aston Martin cost? best guess?
Is there anyone that is interested in my car?
at the moment we have a 2005 model porche we want to sell it how much should i sell it for.?
how do you get the title to a car that doesn't have one when you buy it?
what is Hitlers birthday?
Motorbike range compared to car range?
xylo or evalia or ertiga please suggest?
I currently live in Japan. Should I buy a car in the US while I have a good job in Japan?
What's a good car (sedan) on the market?
where can i find out if the car i bought was wrecked or damaged in some way?
What's the best used car to buy?
Is the new Range Rover Evoque made in a USA factory?
How would i go about stealing a bugatti veyron 16.4?
I am planning to buy a car. My budget is 4.5-5 lakhs.Swift will be better or any other car,please help me.....?
honda pilot vs nissan pathfinder, which is better?
when you buy a car at a public auction..?
Good small first cars?
100,000 miles too many on a 2009 car?
Good websites to buy big rig trucks?
is mercedes benz c class reliable?
Thinking to buy a 2000 hyundai accent for $4000 at 171,456 km?
what is a destinattion charge when you buy a new car?
Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima?
What car should i buy with a 3000 dollar limit I am 6'4 300lbs so small cars are out of the question.?
Private Party Car Sale What are my rights? I got scammed?
What was your first car, should i buy new or used for my first?
Yarius, Fit or Versa???
Is it ok to buy a car for my 20-year old son?
I have just turned 17 and my Dad is getting me a new car, is a Range Rover Sport or Porsche Cayenne better?
Worth it? It has a lot of miles.?
is a 1993 infiniti j30 a alright car for a 16 year old?
Need help with buying a first car,?
what is a good cheap suv or car for $1000 dollars or cheaper for traveling?
how long does the seller have to give ownership over to buyer?
Is there a website that shows all cars & the "Blue Book" value?
Is it a good time to sale my 2010 collora back to dealer?
How much would a dealership give me for my used car?
purchasing corolla110 manual 1998 model vehicle?
how i know if the car i want to buy clear it no lean on it to the bank? please help me?
I need a new car?
I am looking to lease a 2006 Mercedes ML350 SUV from a friend. What should I pay per month?
does anyone know what type of immobiliser the toyota aygo has?
Selling a boat, is there a contract?
What kind of car do you drive?
i need help with cars?!??!?
mk4 toyota supra or 2010 nissan 370z?
How much should this car cost me?
What type Suv would you recommend?
Does anyone who is 17 have a car ?
Should I buy a 2005 Ford Five Hundred?
How much should I pay for my first car?
Should I get an Rx-7 FC as a first car?
Drive 1000miles per week. Advice req for small and cheap car with cheap insurance. Have been recommeded Honda?
Are there any websites other then craigslist that I can find cheep cars under $800?
My son is financing a car.?
which used car shud i get and y ??
As a PA resident, if I purchased a car in PA and move then move to NY, do I have to pay sales tax again in NY?
how much would a 1986 corvette sell for?
cars that are easy to and inexpensive to mod?
can i return a used car if there isn't any financing after 15 days?
Which would you get, a 1999 porche 911 or a 2001 BMW m3?
What is the price and mileage of upcoming Mahindra Ssangyong S101?
I am interested in buying a 1997 Saturn, but the body is bent..The car is going for only it worth it?
Should i buy this 280z and restore it?
whats the best first vehicle for me?
In a used car, how much mileage is too much?
I want to sell my car, how can I get a used car quote of its actual value?
What's a good first car besides Honda or Toyota?
What should i buy? I dont know what to get?
CAR ADVICE! Is it worth buiying my first car with 90,000 miles?
how much would you buy my car for?
Looking for a French diesel fuel injection manufacturer website by the name Sigma?
What is that book called that allows you to find out what a vehicle is worth?
Is this payment method and pickup fishy for a motorcycle sale?
i need a loan for a car. Im 18 and have no credit. what should i do?
question for the men?
Cheap good quality car paint shop in Tucson az?
hyundai elantra or mitsubishi lancer which one is better?
Where can i buy a super cheap car?
i have a 2004 saturn ion & my power steering light comes on & it won't let my car turn off. whats going on?
does fla. has a return policy for new automobile?
Car like the Toyota Highlander.?
How to lower asking price on used car at Small lot - 2000 Chrysler 300m?
Does this car dealer really have grounds for a suit or is he just trying to be slick?
How much are tags for a 1991 caddlic coupe deville?
I need someone to ship me a car outside USA?
what does obo mean when buying a car?
I need to sell my dying car, but I have no paperwork?
how much would this cost ?
it made by 3d max is it cool?
can the dealership denies my purchase option after my lease ends?
Best cheap but big car for a band, to shift equipment?
What are the requirements for buying a new car?
Can a dealership sell your trade before they pay off your loan??
scion tc,mazda 3,or vw jetta for teen's first car?
how much would it cost to ship a toyota supra from the united kingdom to the usa?
Does anyone have a mini van that they want to sell for cheap or want to trade?
What would make you do business with one car dealer over another?
need a good first car, recommendations?
With the new NSX being released, will the 2000-2005 models become cheaper?
Can I find a good Mercedes for $10k?
When is the best time of the year to buy a car?
Where can I buy a new or 2nd hand Piaggio APE coffee van?
2006 Civic sedan DXG model 4000 km milage silver color. Roughly how much is it worth?
Which car will win this battle?
is trading in my car better then just painting it??/ its a 03 honda had it for one year?
what car do you guys/girls think i should get?
Selling a vehicle?
which car can do this?
Best way to sell a mopede?
Which truck would you prefer ?
mitsubishi starion vs ae86(corolla) whats a better car to work on?
certified used cars...?
What is the cheapest/smallest/best on gas and milage, SUV,or Crossover for lease?
ebay cashiers check fraud?
how much can i sell my car for?
how much does it cost to change a timing belt and water pump on my a car?
What should I bring when I buy a used car from the owner?
Where do I stand when my car dealer is asking me for money to cover the costs of repair to a car I part ex'd?
What are some good crossover cars that seat 7 people?
which car is good eon / altok10/ spark?
how much will a 1980 z 50 r sell for?
I have £7000 to spend on a car and i want something old, stylish and convertible. I know nothing about cars?
an someone help me find a car?
What are the Top 3 most important features you would want in a brand new car?
car opinions for a 16 year old?
wats a good improt car for suping up?
what do u think of a 88 lifted chevy silverado for 5200.00 bucks?
What is the best kind of car to get as your first car?
Which car would you choose?
What are old, reliable SUVs and trucks?
Any small cars out there?
Is it wiser to keep my 2000 Honda or sell it while it still looks good and purchase a new car with a warranty?
what's a good first car?
i am thinking about buying a 1995 eagle talon, does anyone know of any major problems with them?
Is a 1000 bucks a sweet deal on a chevy 30 shortbus?
What do car dealerships mean?
What car do you plan on getting??
Buying a used car thats been in an accident?
What type of car do you have?
i crashed my car?
Any suggestions for 1st car?
How can I get US plated car delivered to me in Guadalajara ? Not to sell but to keep.?
How much should I sell my 2003 Yamaha Blaster for?
what do you think is the best car for me to buy?
what is a good fast muscle car that?
Paying for a car in one lump sump (how to negotiate)?
Best and most reliable car for around 6000?
what would you do?
what is a good power sport vehicle for a neighborhood?
Why are sports cars much more expensive in Australia than in other countries?
Would you suggest me Hyundai I 10 which models is best ?
Can a friend return my car tags ?
Is Ford a reliable car?
Where is the cheapest place I can buy a used late model Lexus around Chicago?
1993 Volvo 850 GLT0 for 950 is it worth it ?
What car should I buy for a 17 year old to learn on?
Are any dealer ships doing a first time buyers program?
i need advice on terminating my car loan.?
I was wondering what the sticker price of a 1952 Dodge Cornet 2dr back in 1952.?
yamaha rx 135 --- is it still a good used buy ? I live in Mumbai?
Should I buy a Lexus IS F 2008 with 67000 miles for $30k?
Should I buy a car?
what kind of car should i get?
what car gets better mpg?
I am moving from canada to usa, i have a leased car, can i bring it with me?
would i get more money if i sell my car with or without a body kit?
List of cool affordable cars?
In the long run, is it better to lease than to buy?
I'm looking for a very popular new and used car finder and comparison site?
which car is better aveo or dzire?
Can you sell a vehicle to a dealer without having bought it there first?
how do i find out if a car is stolen? i only have the license plate #?
Which car should I get?
Selling a Car to a Relative?
2004 Mazda3 in 2010?
What is the mileage of Mitsubishi Cedia Sports?
what would you do or think?
Received a letter of denial from car dealership but car loan approved?
International shipping question?
would a 1988 monte carlo ss be fuel injected or carbureted?
how much would a monthly payment be on a $32,000 car with a $3000 down payment?
how soon can a car be repoed after a missed payment?
What kind of car should I get? (see details)?
First car for 20 year old student in Southern California?
I sold a used car.I have a signed reciept. what if buyer does not transfer title? am I liable?
Which car is better? Taurus or Impala?
i would like a mobile web site that would offer used car values.?
Does any one have a new CRV? Your opinion on it please?
i want to buy a car but only plan to keep it for a year. is this a good idea?
What do you drive (20 characters)?
Should we sell the car, or keep it?
I got jacked by an old man. I need some help.?
Should I buy 2002 Jetta 1.8 or Jeep Liberty Sport for 6k.?
I'm torn between 3 cars. Just choose the best option?
which car should i get???
What kinda car should I get from a dealer around 11,000?
In any given week, 1.5 percent of the population is in market to buy a vehicle?
Can you put a "down payment" down AFTER you buy a car?
How to check costco membership new car price?
Which car would you choose?
Should I buy a new wife?
i was wondering what i should do about my vehicle.. i have an 06 pontiac G6 GT its 4 door and in AWFUL shape b?
whats better....financing or leasing a car?
Question about carfax reports?
Anyone know about UK law relating to someone selling something on your behalf?
buying a car, the price?
if you buy a use car out someone yard,and never switch over the title,is the car consider yours or not.?
I sold a used car privately in pennsylvania, am I responsible for any problems the buyer finds 2 days later?
Should I get a ford cmax or vw touran?
My car is on the verge of repo, I can't make the payment amount required. My car isn't worth what I owe....?
what are common problems people have with acura integra's? and is it a reliable car?
where are the cheapst and best places to buy a used car if you live in sheffield,uk?
1998 lexus gs300 for $9000 and it has 120k miles? is it worth for buying?
were can i find a cheap jeep cj, cj5,cj7,or wrangler. help thanx?
Do like classic cars !?
Which car would you take: Jaguar XKR Convertible, Corvette ZR!, BMW M6, Audi R8?
I want to finance a car in my name but register the plates in my wife's name. Can I do this?
what is better a quincenera or a car?
Find the value of the limit (x^17-X+3)?
I bought a car 3 weeks ago sold as seen...?
Found a 1992 Honda CBR600F for 3200 AUD (2966 USD). is it a good deal ? ( condition: OK)?
If I get a car and pay for it monthly can i take it back if....?
whats a better first car bmw 3 series or rsx?
Is toyota celica or bmw z3 good first car?
What should I do about a car that I co-signed for with my ex-boyfriend?
Why would bushings be worn out on a pre certified car w/ low miles?
where or how would I put a ad on a freight liner truck Im trying to sell A.S.P.?
Where can I buy a V Tech for my Honda?
Are these tired good for winter?
Car dealer changing quotation after acceptance........?
help me find a car ad. 10 points?
how much can you save by leasing a car?
costs of trucks? whats a good or average price? :)?
what would you pay for this truck, how much should i list it for?
Do you think the Camry 2012 LE is a good car?
Car choice questions!!?
im a teenager in Penn Yan NY trying to find a used in a financial crunch like most teens, any ideas?
Does anyone know if a warranty through caliber collision is transferable through sale of vehicle?
Why are car dealers the scum of the Earth?
What are the best internals i could buy for this price?
what car is this???????????
what car should i get under 22,500, brand new, no trucks or suvs.?
Am I being scammed on this car purchase?
So, the new Lambo SUV concept car named "URUS"... is it "an" urus or "a" urus?
How much is it to have a car?
would u buy this car?
Should I buy a car with 200k miles?
Questions about used SUVs which to buy?
2015 lotus elise buying?
Do you think there is an association with peoples personality's and the cars they purchase?
Which would you say is the better buy? Craigslist links...?
What is a fast 4 cylinder car under 15k?
does anyone kwon for a good honest auto dealership in orange county , ca?
How can I get my car title from a seller who refuses to give it to me?
What is a good car for the value?
Returning a car which the inspection could not be processed?
Good used first car UK?
How much would a used luxury vehicle cost?
i was in the car when my dad died. should i still want to drive or what?
i want to buy a maruti baleno car .is it a good buy?
I soon will be looking to buy a new truck what are the chances of getting a good deal with the high gas prices
Can you fit a baby's car seat on a 07 mustang?
2005 Honda Civic Coupe for 4,999?? Good deal?
If you had $5000 to spend on a car what would you get?
I'm looking forward to buy a 2011 s1 camaro , the one im looking at cost 23k. I got n?
Toyota, Honda, or Nissan?
What is the best manual car.?
What do you do when you buy a car?
Which car is harder to drive?
can i get an auto or personal loan at 18?
How can I buy car or condo if getting paid under table?
how much would you pay for a proton persona 1.5?
Classic car wanted?
Would it be dumb to get an older car instead of new one?
Buying a car? Help please?
what is the best used car?
What is the best car for a beginner to learn in?
i want sex more than my husband-he always rejects me-I love him but going crazy what should I do-im depressed?
What used car should I buy?
is the chevy cobalt a good first car for my teenager?
Any chance they WON'T repo my car?
2003 nissan 350z or 2002 evo?
What can I expect for gas mileage from a 2000 Toyota Tundra?
anyone know were i would get a secondhand 2 post car lift 1 phase in northern ireland?
What is the advantage and disadvantage of Car Tubeless tiers?
what is better? a 2004 with 75000 miles, or a 2000 with 50000 miles?
does any one hav an idea of how much this car is?
How much do I have to pay for a car?
how many u goes lamborghini gallardo?
Anyone intrested in buying a VW Vanagon 1987?
I wana buy a 1969 camaro RS/SS coupe, how much would it cost appx.?
What is the average price of new Honda Civic Diesel?
Dad won't let me buy car?
I want to get a new car for about £12000. Is it best to get a loan or car finance?
First car advice anyone?
A cute car for a girls sweet 16th?
what happens if the person you buy a car from goes to jail?
Good classic car websites (buying)?
Good car for first time driver?
Which car would you choose?
Does Toyota make any cars/trucks that have Flex Fuel?
Are there cons to buying a new car without taking out a loan?
Why do people get mad that I own a Honda? American brands are not american made.?
New car help me to find...?
Can I return a car that I have not paid for yet?
What make of car do you think most reliable?
Is $1,000 a good down payment on a new car when your friend's dad owns the dealership?
I'm looking for a place that will tow away my collision damaged 1994 Honda accord ex and pay me for the car.
How do I sell my car?
Does anybody wanna buy my old Chevy Blazer? It runs great, but nickle and dimes me to death.?
megane vs focus?
Just bought a truck off this kid in chester, nj. I knew the truck wasnt in that great of condition, however.?
which kind of car can do this?
Are you suposed to find the car you're gonna buy before you get an auto loan?
I have a 2004 Mazda 6, what would be the best way to sell it?
range rover or a land rover discovery?
What is a good car to buy my daughter?
is it cheaper to buy a car when you order it ahead of time?
KIA motors to end production in 2011. Why?
Are the 2006 Mercury Mariner's a good SUV?
im interested in buying a used big rig what is the cut off year for most big rigs when getting it financed?
What should I look for to make sure I'm getting a good vehicle when purchasing it used?
Can someone Repo my car because I shouldn't of qualified in the first place?
Can I make a dealership buy back my car?
can you suggest some reliable used cars?
what to do with a broken down car?
buying a bike without a title.?
what should I get as my first car?
Do i just need to sign my title over and have the new owner sign and date the title if selling my car?
Please help with advice about buying a used car!?
I bought a car from out of state (its old), no pinks. Can I sell it without a pink slip??
Affordable cool looking car for mom?
who owns the car when u joint sign?
can u buy a car in pennies?
what sites besides autrader can i go to look for used cars locally?
Best answer for 10 points?!plz answer?On range rover evoque?
Wow the difference in petrol prices USA - Australia?
buying used car from a auto-body/repair shop?
Can sombody sell me a car for collage i dont care how much it is as long as i can pay 250 a month.?
what does a 1992 Camaro, engine ceased, mint condition body with 150,000 miles go for?
How much is a 1982 Corvette worth?
What is the better car company Honda or Toyota?
How do I get running boards for my astro van at a cheap price?
How do you calculate the amount of money you should charge a private party buyer for a vehicle.?
What is the nicest car.?
What is the point of cashback on an automobile purchase, and is it a smart decision to take cashback?
What is a good first time car to get?
Bi-xenon gas discharge headlights?
What is an affordable but nice looking car...when I say affordable I mean really cheap..maybe around the $5000
92 toyota is it a good investment?
if you had a choice between....."?
What does 922,337,204 mean in Ebay Motors mileage?
Buy a car or get car note to build credit?
which one is better to buy a bike- credit card or vehicle loan?
Legal Question about a Car?
What's the best ideal 1st car???
Is anyone selling a Jeep Cherokee?
is it worth it to buy a car that has 100k mileage?
legally when can you breach a contract in the state of texas?
thinking of buying an estate car for more boot space to acommodate more baby stuff.?
Bought a car, seller promised the title, been almost 2 months, never got the title. What to do?
is any one on line right now?
what is a good first car?
i want buy a car in Melbourne (Australia)?
What is the value of a 1974 Plymouth Duster?
My mom isnt sure whether to buy or lease a car?
Who is the best car company?
For a 21 year old whats better, Chevy Silverado or Toyota Tundra?
Does anyone know where to buy a used scooter in Bangalore?
Need help knowing what a good price would be to get a new 2009 Mercedes E-class 4 matic from the dealer?
if i bought a good looking lamborghini car would it get boring just like all things i buy get boring?
I want to know if a 1987 toyota pick up with four wheel drive and 314,000 miles is worth 2,995 dollars?
need a place to sale my honda and acura for decent money anyone one know of a place in around charlotte nc?
what is the best car on the market?
what websites are there for looking for new and used motor cycles for sale by dealers and private sellers?
Anywhere to get a Karmann Ghia in So Cal?
i live in lebanon and i want to buy a car from ebay can they ship it to lebanon?
should i sell my car to the highest bidder??
what is the most expensive thing you have ever brought?
supra vs. 300zx?
cute car?!?!?
Can I trade a car in thats under repo?
will someone give or buy me a new car?
Bank took my car away Please help?
What is the value of a 1996 Buick Sedan in 2011?
Am I getting Screwed buying this car?
Biltwell vs. Daytona helmet!!!?
Bought a used car....HELP ME!?
Where can I buy orange work coveralls for a petite woman?
Car under 10 grand with at least 200 horsepower?
what car should i go for?
Co-signed my son's car loan; was reaffirmed under my bankruptcy; now he's filing; does he need to reaffirm?
Car mini disc player for sale?
who wants to buy a '79 dodge power wagon..?
if your on disability and your late on your car payment. can the bank repossess your car?
what would be a better first car a 1969 shelby gt 500 or a 1969 camaro?
Do you mind buying a car whose owner has just died?
first car help please?
where i buy cheep car in gta?
Can I sell my car for junk without registering it first?
What kind of car should a teenage girl get?
whats the overall best car for a 17 year old?
Is a 2003 VW Jetta a good car first car for an 18 year old?
Where can I get the best deal buying a new Jeep Liberty in the Wilmington, DE area?
Should i buy a 1992 ninja 250 with 35000 miles?
Buying a car, please help?
What is the process of getting an auto loan and using it?
Fastest 2012 4 door Sedan for under 15000?
Best place to buy cars? (New and Used)?
I am receiving social security disability what is the most I can pay for a car?
I'm looking for a new car...but I have no idea what I want..what is a good website to go to?
Is General motors planning to launch the Hummer H3 in the Indian market?
I have a 2004 Thaoe now and thinking about trading. Should i get a 2010 Avalanche or a 2009 Tahoe?
is it good to buy a car with a salvage title?
what would be an affordable "muscle car"?
What car should I buy?!?
I am looking for a smaller (but solid) luxury SUV - any recommendations?
Which car is the best to have sex in?
What planes can carry cars? (Let's say I was looking to buy)?
what is a fast suv right out of the box for under 30,000??? please help?
which one is better in milage and handling unicorn or pulsor 180?
What are the do's and don'ts of Repo cars?
What is the mileage of Renault Duster in Diesel variant?
i wanna get a nissan 300zx?
How much would this car be?? (only answer if u know cars)?
what cars are "automatic and stick shift" at the same time, and where can I find them in California?
In the market for a new car. I am torn between a Range Rover and the BMW 650 Coupe...Both are sick! Help! lol.
Should I sell or junk my car?
I am 15 and looking for a German Sedan to buy?
best sedan under 50k?
how much does carmax pay?
To whom can I donate a car that won't scrap it?
Bad Car Sales What are the chances it will be in my favor?
How to get $2500 loan for a truck if im only 16??
Best brands for a Car system?
Acura , Honda Accord or BMW?
What is the blue book price on a 1995 Chevy Blazer?
Best car under 5 grand?
Do you prefer Muscle cars, or Import?
Car problem can someone help me ?
Looking for a good&legitimate source to buy a rebuildable (salvage title) car. I live in San Diego.?
how much woulda supernatural greenlights diecast 67 impala be worth?
what is the average interset rate on a car lon for someone who has a credit score of 530?
Do you know world's most expensive car?
Car worth more than I owe, should I sell it?
Question about a car deal.....bill of sale issue.?
whats a good rwd car with short wheel base?
Private Party Car Sale? (Title/Insurance question)?
Should I lease a 370z with this deal?
what is a good convertable sports car?
Where can you sell 1985 Jeep CJ7 modified-No Fees In Kentucky?
toyota corolla 2012 or hyundai elantra gls 2013?
Is it illegal for a used car dealership not to disclose if vehicle has had frame damage?
Which is the best car for today's economy?
Car question to buy kuga?
honda or veedub?
Im not a car guy: rebulid?
where can i buy used cars besides a dealer and craigslist?
sweet 16 or car?
What is the best truck to start off with?
audi a4 1.9 tdi best prices for year 2000 on?
which car to buy................?
Was there an article in the 1970s-1990s in Perry Iowa about a car that used water as fuel?
which of these cars will attract the most hatred?
How much should i pay for this 1965 mustang?
Where can I go to buy a terrible car?
Highest price paid for used car batteries in Seattle Tacoma?
Honda Civic or Mazda3?
If I am looking to drive a manual transmission car. What would be most fun to drive ?
Would either of these be good for my first car?
should i accept check payments when selling my car?
My car is worth more than what i OWE on it and i want to downgrade how can i?
What car should I get for my sister?(limit:$15,000?
How much would the price be?
Can a person without a drivers license buy a car at a dealership?
2004 cadalic escalade or a new 2013 dodge dart sxt?
what does (for example: V8) mean when speaking in terms of a car?
How much is a tire worth on a car?
is a 04-07 wrx sti over 100,000 miles still worth to buy and what's the life span of these cars?
Question about my truck????
wich car is better plse consider speed lokks and that sort of stuff?
Your first car. What was it? How long did you have it and how much did you pay?
Should I sell my BMW 325e for a Ford Tempo?
I live in Virginia. I want to buy a car in Texas. Has anyone ever done this?
What kind of car do you drive?
Is getting an auto loan a bad idea?
What model of RV/Camper would be best for this trip (read below)?
Is happiness worth dedicating a long time to afford an expensive car?
1996 Mercedes C280 vs 1996 BMW 328i?
I'm on a budget and need a moped?
What should I ask for my car?
I have a car with 16,000.00 in negative equity can anyone help me?
Where to buy a new body style Silverado Front end?
what is a good price for a used car for a 16 year old boy?
what type of car should i get?
should i buy a maybac?
I Need a window for my nova e.reg 3.door?
If i spend 92 dollars and use a 30%off, how much would the official price be?
Is there website where I can find all of the 2006 Dodge Vipers for sale by state?
I just need a running car for under $500. What makes do I look at?
How Sell a car on loan on a friends name?
The Seller Have the wrong monthly payment on purchased used car?
question about car prices? help!?
What year is the best year to buy a used Mustang?
where can I find A good running inexpensive car?
I cant afford my car anymore how do I get it back to the seller?
2001 SAAB convertible with warranty?
is it a good time to buy a new car?
Whats of this cars are better?
Can someone on social security cosign for Camaro?
which car would you rather have?
Cars for sale in minnesota?
Should I buy a Towncar or a Cadillac?
im looking to buy a car park space?
What are the Interior features of Peugeot 207?
Which Honda cars under $6,000 doesn't have transmission problems?
I'm looking for a small car with air con elec windows ect any ideas???
How much can I sell my firebird car for ?
I need a new car, what should i get?
I'm wondering about the Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van. Any information would be great!?
Out of these two cars,can you give me any incite on what would be the better choice?
If I want to sell my car.......?
I Need help to Pick out my First Car?
what is the approximate price on one of those new smart cars in the US?
Do you think an old mini would be a good first car?
who is the best used car dealer?
I'm in bangaloreI'm planning to buy a used Maruti 800. What r the things i should look in buying a used 800.
whats a good looking car i can buy for a good price?
What car to buy for my 17th birthday?
Should my brother himself the Aston Martin DBS? or the 2005 Bugatti, what colour exterior? any suggestions?!?
which car to buy nissan sunny or hyundai verna fluidic?
Where is the best place to buy a used car in Saint Louis with poor credit?
what kind of car should i buy my parents gave me 1,000,000 dollars to spend on a brand new car?
i'm probably being really stupid but?
small car boot sale in leicestershire?
Whats a good first car for a 16 year old girl?
what is the average APR % on cars? If this is determined by region, what would the average APR be in NE Ohio?
I have 3 young kids and I don't want a van. What other vehicle(s) should I be considering?
I'm trying to sell my GMC Sierra SLE?
i just purchased a car 2weeks ago, it is getting 11 mpg and should be 19/21?
Could i get financed on this car?
What is a small suitable SUV for a 16 year old girl?
What would it cost to sell a car from USA TO CANADA?
How is waren buffet a measly 30B worth when he should be 3T worth?
How can you buy a car with no money ?
What i need to know about buying a new car?
I am looking to buy a car that has been in a collision.What is a car's depreciation after it's in an accident?
Credit loan with horrible credit. Need answers PLEASE!!?
I need to buy my wife a small 2nd hand car, where and for what should I search?
who buys used auto patrs?
Cute Car For A Teenage Girl?
how much does a ton weigh?
Do you sign anything when dealing with a purchase order?
I'm 6'4", I'm too big for 2000 a mitsubishi eclipse gt?
Anybody buy a 2009 Camry LE?
What are the best, most awesome sports cars ever?
Decent car wash price? READ ON?
Porsche or Aston Martin?
Which of these luxury cars would you choose?
How much do you need to spend to buy a great,reliable second hand car?
can anybody give me imformation on exporting secondhand hand lefthand drive 4x4 cars to brazil,sites,taxes. ,
im 16 and need help finding a dodge challenger or charger!?
i am almost fifteen and i am looking for a first car. something fast. with some power???? $2000-$3500?
Car problem can someone help me ?
Because the iphone 5 is coming out, is it worth getting the iphone 4s right now?
Name that website!!!?
Im applying for a 2009 car, is 5.1 a good interest rate?
Can i put a deposit on a motorcycle at 17?
Best sedan/coupe for under 40k?
Upside down Car Issue: What should I do?
Who sells mini busses equiped with restrooms?
Is Sandy Sansing a good car dealer?
where is the best place to look at cars online if your looking to buy one?
If I buy a car from the dealer, will straight piping void the warranty?
Is it better to by a used car thru a used car lot or private owner? - look at the engine to make sure ok?
Whats a car that holds 10 people!!?
Is it ok to buy a car for my 20-year old son?
Buying a Used Car, KBB Value?
Can you get your down payment back if you were lied to by a used car dealer?
How much can i expect car dealers to take off the asking price if i plan on paying with cash?
Are Mini-Coopers good reliable vehicles?
Is $3,500.00 a good price to pay for a 1997 Jeep Grand Cheroke with 97,000 miles?
I'm looking for a fast, cheap car. Preferably turbo.?
what type of car should i get?
looking for a dodge challenger R/T?
I need an opinion on my next vehicle purchase?
which brand is more affordable (including the price of cars and maintenance)?
im buying a atv under $650 (sport types only!!)?
what is the best car from honda that doesn't run on gas and is a mini van or 7-8 seats?
Which car do you think is better?
i have a car to trade in. can i get half the value toward the new car and get some cash as well.anyone do this
Should I trade my new car up for a used car to save monthly on bills?
what would be the best approach for selling my car?
Was this a good car deal or not?
$99 total price for a car, good deal or lemon?
I decided to buy a used car. But when I looked at its Carfax report there is a service record...?
HI, i am looking to purchase an used car around Rs. 75000/- preferebly Maruti 800 LPG.?
HH Hunk , HH cbz Xtreme, Pulsar 180...which one is the best?
Which car is safer? 96-01 integra or 2002 rsx?
Is it true that bald people cannot purchase certain cars?
Looking for a salvage yard specializing in Pontiac Trans Ams. Anyone know a good one?
I' am looking to buy a new car or SUV..any suggestions and why?
Mazda Car trade-In Advise?
whats the steps to get a car loan for a car out of state.?
Accord, Maxima, Camry or 350Z?
What should I buy for my first car? Preferably something with cheap insurance!?
used car
Why can't people sell their cars?
Any convertible lovers out there? HELP ME!! i am trying to decide between the new volvo C70 and a M3 BMW?
Need an action site to show SUV mercedes or Acura MDX slightly damaged?
I am 14 and found a car for 650$ what would a good payment plan be? ?
will used car prices drop at the end of July?
Did they really invent electric cars and why don't they sell them on-line?
What kind of car should I get? Comfortable Sedan under $8000?
Which car would you choose?
Who close to Fond du Lac wisconsin is selling a car?
Would a 2002 Toyota Camry make a good 1st car?
My parents want a Dodge Caravan, how do I convince them to get a different car?
I'm in need of finding a 97 or 99 Subaru Impreza Outback sport wagon with manual tranny?
help i cant sell my car what is the best way to sell it for the price u deserve?
im looking for a dodge rumblebee for sale?
Is this worth the buy (First Car)?
what kind of car is this?
2000 reg Corsa worth buying?
I need help with this problem?
I purchased a DaimlerChrysler Warranty?
autoloans in southcarolina on car tiltes?
Have you ever bought a used police car?
Tire brand help for a 2001 Saab 9-3 Convertible SE?
How much will it cost to supercharged my camaro SS?
What's the best way to save up for a car?
Need help trying to get an auto loan?
how much should an eclipse that needs a transmission be?
The car I owned is more than i can afford it.?
i want to sell second hand cars in uk..?
I need ideas for a new car?
i have my license and im 16 wat car should i buy mustang or pathfinder?
Car Makes Harder To Sell?
What is the best place to buy kpop stuff in 'korea' with low prices ? :)?
I want to import a used car motor from canada to the US. Where can I get information on the US duties?
What was the hp of the car that broke the land speed record ?
What's a good price to spend on a first car, UK?
who,s offering zero percent financing on new people movers?
I wanna buy a new car? Heeelp?
what would be the cheapest way to get to Nevada from Tampa? bus or airplane?
What is continously variable transaxle?
My ad( ) has run for about 5 weeks and I have no legit inquiries. What's up?
Do you think this is a scam?
purchasing a car. what kind of car should i get????
Acura TSX or Honda Civic?
I purchased a "Certified" 2005 Dodge Dakota 29 days ago and nothing but problems?
what price for mustang gt?
i bought a blazer in missouri and i got a tittle but no paper sayin the loan is paid off and th?
What is your idea of the perfect sleeper (car)?
Best car under 8 laks. Good looking low maintanence nice average? Help. ?
wat car would u recommend? honda?chevy?toyota?
Which should I choose Help!!!!?
What is average amount of miles for a 2002 car?
Is there a way to search auto trader online and filter wrecked vehicles?
How much would i sell my car for?
when u go online to look at cars and u request a quote what does that mean?
What is a good SUV to buy??
how can i get an auto loan with extremely bad credit?
How many kms are too many kms for a used SUV?
Is there a way to find a vehicle by vin #?
Should I buy a Saturn Vue?
Im looking to buy an avalanche LTZ but worried about the air air suspension. Anyone have any complaints?
Whats a nice fast muscle car i can get for less than 4500?
CANT GET CAR TITLE TRANSFERD... legal action needed..?
New car Financing - Dealer or Bank?
How much would you pay for a ford?
Is it legal for a car manufacturer's dealer to register a car that is several years old as brand new?
emergency!!Need help!!!! do i payoff my car and buy another one with another loan?
what tire is better goodyear or michelin?
difference between 155 Hp @ 6500 RPM and 250 Hp @ 5800 RPM and 215@6000 hp?
where can I find a cheap used vehicle in the 49055 (Gobles) area?
VW Kombi restoration and purchases.?
can i report report my car stolen if its been sold but is still in my name?
Can i do this help???!?
i am thinking about buying a truck for $1200 on a credit card, my interest rate is 30% is that a good idea?
How much money can a car dealer come down on when negotiating a car?
CAR ADVICE! Is it worth buiying my first car with 90,000 miles?
Not sure how to price my car?
what do you think this car is worth ?
What car would ya' recomend as a first car?
If I sell my car can the new keeper sell my private plate without me having any rights to retain the plate?
I have bad credit, but I need a new car. I want a chance to prove that I can afford a car. I need one!?
can anyone help me with a vin check on a car i am looking at 1LNBM82F3HY659650 so i can see if its a good deal?
Family holiday place to stay outside of Barcelona?
Does anyone know a good mid-size SUV for $20,000 to $35,000?
will a prop shaft for a land rover freelander 2002 1.8 petrol model fit a 2003 1.8 ES model?
Do car dealerships in the same town buy cars from eachother to resell?
Financing a motorcycle with a 672 score, chances of being approved?
Car makers can't sell every car they make every year so where do new cars go that do not get sold by dealers?
Any tips on how to sell a car on eBay?
What should I look for when buying a second hand VW camper van?
i'm looking into buying a new car. any cars you do .. or do not recommend and why ?
Anyone wanting to buy 1975 Chevy truck?
Value for my trade in?
looking for smog technician position in whittier california?
Is it practical to have a real wheel drive sportscar as my only car?
I am disabled with MS, but I am in desperate need of a vehicle. Can anyone help, or have any advice? God Bless
What kind of gas mileage?
Car purchase gone wrong, what to do?
I have an idea for a bumper sticker, what should I do?
my son wants to buy a ford mustang for his first car, should i let him ?
I bought a used car and the CHP pulled me over and said that I have a part on my engine that is illegal. Help.
Used cars dealerships in chicago?
Whats a fair price for a 1984 Olds Cutlass?
how much is a 1977 corvette 350 rebuile motor worth with 2000 miles on it?
Sporty sedan?
Which car is better for a 1st car? ?
read it nd blead!!!?
Is there a type of thing for motercycles.?
Is there a Solid Shop selling scooters or moped in Lawrence or in Kansas city? Thanks a lot!?
What pickup truck do I need minimum to tow a 10000 pound rv trailer?
How would I go about selling a 200 thousand dollar mercedes?
Question about ticket on unregistered car?
Can I use an used fuel injector out of a wrecked car?
where is the best place to get a reasonably priced leased car? Please.?
Recommendations on buying 01 Honda Shadow VLX 650cc used?
Which car should i buy?
How far behind in MA before car can be repossessed?
China Company (Shery) Produced a New Car Called ESPERANZA , IS THIS CAR IS A GOOD CAR TO BUY .?
Which car is best for a high schooler?
What does OBO stand for ? when dealing with car prices?
What is best disel car in 3 lacks?
Where can i buy/sell a good cheap diesel car in Quebec?
2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X?
I'm looking to buy a pre owned vehicle in the kansas city metro area-any in house financing dealers known?
I have a 15metre classic boat to sell.?
i need some help on how to get a do i make payments?
how can a person get tags for a car and the car be in someone elses name?
what is the law on buying pickups?
selling my mustang, is the price good?
Hello, anyone know where I can buy a toyota 2002 rav4 hard spare tire cover?
What kind of car should I buy?
How can i trade in my financed truck if i still owe money?
I am 6'1. Will I look funny getting into a Mini Cooper?
Do guys get intimidated by girls with trucks or do they like it??
Which car you prefer and why?
I want to buy a caravan and live in it?
whats a good website to buy snapbacks for cheep?
i have sold a car - can buyer request money back?
approximately how much is it to ship a car from the states to canada?
What should I sell this car for?
If you just bought a car in the last 3 years and have little or no trouble with it, pls answer...?
What would be a good cheap car that I could have some fun with, hopefully for around $4000, i prefer muscle.?
Im thinking on buying a jetta, my job requires to drive lot. and a I want a nice/fancy car,around 20 ,000?
I purchased a car from somebody they told me that the title was lost so at the time I purchased the car and th?