Car Buying

honda civic or vw jetta?
i need a list of AWD cars.?
Don't you think 6-cylinders sports cars are a rip-off? They don't have that "performance",?
does any 1 know where mikes motors is shown on discovery turbo??????
In the state of California, how long does it take to receive a vehicle registration?
How Big a Factor is Mileage on a Car?
nissan GTR HKS 600 vs other cars?
When you are learning to drive how many people can be in the car?
question about the car dealers world?
How to sell a car?
Where can I find a used Mazda RX8?
Rang rover sport or a BMW 330ix for a 16 year old?
If I buy a car then later find someone else's belonging inside, who do they belong to?
What the coolest autos for mid-life crisis male (50)?
I have terrible credit and I need a car...I live in southern california....?
bought warranty on vehicle, and gap warranty was added?
Buying a car after bankrupty is it better?
which car is the most greenest fuel economy?
Can I take my car back?
truck or car?
i need a car but cant afford a new one.?
better high school car?
What kind of car should I get? (see details)?
can i buy a car from someone who has warrants?
How much should I ask for this car?
How to sell a car?
what is the highest selling car?
Need help and information on buying and owning a car?
I want to purchase a Royal Enfield. I have 3 options, please help me choose the best!?
i wanna buy a small car..m confused,there r so many hyundai i10,,wagon R etc..please please suggest a best 1?
what luxury car would you choose?
whats the best car for under 15ooo?
ADVICE-can i return a used car back to the dealer?
Which is the best second hand car to buy in India?
I want to rent a car to come see my boyfriend?
Can you please send me a phone number please.?
looking for a 1968 ford ltd?
Can you drive a US built car legally in the UK?
how long you have to be on your job to finance a used car?
Whats a good first car?
What does 'Courier Recieved' mean?
how much extra do trader car dealers add to the price of a used car? can i haggle?
what American car should I buy?
you car cars?
First car, what should I get?
Are transfer papers needed?
What is the best value camper van a person can buy?
what kind of car should i buy a Mercedez or a BMW?
What kinda car should i get?
What is the best sport's car for a girl?
Is this a used car scam?
all wheel drive cars?
How much money would you buy a used guitar?
what is a good price for this car? Help!?
Any body selling his/her 90-93 acura integra in LA, CA?
should i buy a car using my bank overdraft?
On a credit score of 575 what kind of interest should I pay on a new car loan?
I am interested in getting a used nice and fast car. Can you help me? I also want a safe one.?
i need to find a site for cars in the morgan city louisiana for sale?
How much is a used Cadillac hearse cost in the USA or Canada?
Which car is the one to go after?
What Is a good cheap street racing Car?
how do remittance agents make money?
What percentage of Private Party Value can I get for my car on ebaymotors?
whats the best car i can get for 10thousand dollars used?
a 4/29/008 story about a man gone undercover as a car salesman?
I have a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado and im wondering roughly what its worth?
At car lots they always come down on their price, but what about for "cash" sales?
Is twin city nissan doing cash for clunkers?
Is a Nissan Altima Hybrid car worth buying?
Anyone out there know someone who is looking to buy a 1937 all steel fiat topolino body with fenders and grill
What is a good price for 04 Jetta GLI?
I can't afford to keep the new car that I bought just eight months ago. What can I do?
Can you add the bells and whistles after you buy a car? ?
where do thay sale the origenal 150cc lance warrior 150 mopes in green?
If my taillight fluid is low in my car, whats it mean? Where does it go because i cant find the hole to fill?
What kind of first car should I get?
Straight Re-buy, Modified Re-buy or New Task?
how much for a trade in of a 1999 ford with 65 miles in good condition?
Which of these cars are best
Price on 2001 artic cat snowmobile?
were is the best auction to buy use car?
What car should i get?HELP!!!?
What kind of luxury car do you recommend, I can afford?
is it legal for dealership to sell car to peson without a valid drivers license?
How long can you make a car loan for?
Question : ££££ Equity In my house!!!? - Can i use this??? - for new Car?
who are the detroit big three??
what u.s city Had's the best resale value for use cars?
2008 Honda Accord EX or a 2010 Mazda6 Grand Touring Plus?
how's this car?
what used suv is good to buy for a long time?
How much can you talk a dealer down on an RV?
Importing a car from japan?
Hyundai elentra vs Honda Civic?
buick regal?
where can i buy a used ice cream truck in md?
I bought a car 23 weeks ago and i have now found that the cambelt needs replacing. What are my rights?
What kind of car should I get?
Ladies (guys too i guess) which of these cars would you rather have? (HELP ME! SAME PRICE)?
I need help buying a car! What to buy!?
Does anyone know where i can buy a car really cheap?
Buying Used Car or New Car? (College Student)?
Does any one no where the big ol used car sale in washington is located???
What could make a car worth $200K?
Where to find a 2001 toyota echo under $3000?
What would you get?
What is the best SUV for my money?
i recently bought a car a day ago can i give it back?
whats the cheapest i should pay for a used car?
is there any web site for a used big-rig ( 18 wheeler)to buy or to sell ? pls post...?
return a car to a dealership?
what is the best car on the market for 20-25,000 (All figures American)?
Does anyone have an opinion on the nissan titan? (this ? is for truck lovers)?
does anybody know?
my husband was approved for a car loan and then........?
First car shopping ? PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!?
which car should i get? 2009 the honda fit...or the 2009 mitsubishi lancer?
What's the best way to get the most out of a junk car?
where can i buy a mustang with a bad motor or transmition?
How can I find out book value of a camper?
Whats a good safe small car for teen?
what do you think of Prius car... Should I buy one? Thank you!?
Which Scooty is better?
which is better BMW or Audi in luxury cars?
I'm going to buy my first car...suggestions?
1970 Buick Skylark scam?
BMW vs Audi?
Audi vs Mercedes? Which is better?
Buying 2000-2005 Chevy Impala with 100,000 miles a good idea?
What truck or suv gets the best gas mileage while still being able to tow a two horse trailer?
What happens after you get a mechanic to inspect a used car you want to buy?
What to bring when buying a used car?
what should i do? it's about my car situation?
Getting a cheap student car without getting ripped off?
car questions need help car for a 16yr old?
What is the price of Hyundai Santro Diesel?
Need advice on vehicle trade-in options...?
I tried ebay and I still can't find euro styled taillights for my 97 Protege. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!?
Is making an offer on a car over the internet a legally binding contract?
Car loan or HELOC?
Fix old car or get better one?
i have a mechanic shop and i am closing we have an inventory of new and used good tires i want to sale.?
How do you figure out credit reports if you run a used car dealership?
How do you find out if the seller of a car finished paying the lean on a car...?
What's the quickest and most responsible way to get a used car?
maximum amount to rollover into new car loan?
How much is my 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme worth?
heading south for the winter and need to find a truck?
Is the Ford Focus a good car?
Are there legitimate car donation sites around?
what web site can i use to make an offer on a new car that goes out to local dealers?
Selling 2000 Camaro T - Tops?
i am 17 looking for a dependible car?
i got 5000 dollars to spend on a minivan reliability is my focus do anybody have suggestion dodge chrysler for?
What should I name my car? ?
Selling my written off car?
trade my car now or wait till it dies?
How to buy car in arizona but register in ohio?
Canceling New Car Contract?
whats a good website for trucks with desings and custum trucks?
how much would a Toyota Camry 1994 be worth?
What to do with my new car?
can a bank tell you what to pay monthly on the car that has been auction off?
Can you buy a car with a learner's permit?
Why do so many people buy foreign cars?
Merrimac Massachusetts Used Cars?
someone cosigned a car for me can they take it back?
hey, I'm looking for a website that sells used an new sprint cars,such as the cars ,parts and what ever else.
What kind of car should I buy?
Should i buy a jeep wrangler with a soft top or a hard top.?
desperately need a car?
I am looking for a Oldsmobile cutlass supreme convertible 91 to 95 that is under 4000.00?
Does anyone know the massachusettes used car warranty law?
do you like ????????'?
New car or not new car?
looking for a torana lh or lx coup or sedan?
What kind of car should I buy for my daughter (her first car)?
What is the cheapest, safest car on the road? Preferably under $25,000?
Who wants to buy a Renault Clio?
Any good places to sell our 1999 Dolphin 36' Class A motor home?
how much would my car payment be?
What is the best way too sell a 2005 Toyota Corolla?
what to do if the bank is taking my car?
what is purchase return and sale return?
Choosing the right car for Boston- SUV vs Sedan?
what is the best sports car right now?
Does a 2008 used car, Dodge Avenger, with 71,250 miles on it, to high a mileage to buy?
2004 Chevy Malibu LS or Ford Focus Hatchback 4 door?
how can i pimp out my car?
How do I get rid of this Truck?
How do I get a hold of Ca. older car buy back telephone number?
Opinions on this truck?
Buy here pay here car dealer in palm beach county?
What would you pay for a 40 in plasma excellent cond bought new 2011?
Honda Civic,Toyota, or a Scion TC?
fun to drive hatches for under $5000?
Does using save you money?
Does anyone know anyone selling a BMW 325 convertible anywhere in the southwest? I am looking for a 1988-1991!
I want a ..????????
Want to be a mechanic but dont like the low salary?
What should be my first car?
Are you allowed to tint the windows on a leased car? If not, can you negotiate this at the time of the lease?
so how do car down payments work?
How much money money and or store credit can i get for selling a used Fallout New vegas to gamestop ?
car Registration value?
What car do you own, and which would you like to?
What is the car you have?
I need help with a car help me please!!?
Should I buy this car(short question)?
What are the disadvantages of buying a car that has already been sold twice? (I'll be the third owner)?
What do I look for when buying a 1996 Jag XJ6 3.2S with 115,000 miles on clock?
How much is BMW 760li 2007 used car cost in USA?
I have a car that is valued at 7K, but the trade in value is 4.8K. I owe 6K. What will a dealer offer?
Should I get a 2005 Ford Mustang GT?
I want to buy a car. So plz give me your suggesion?
What sense does it make to lease a car?
Volvo S40 2.4i or 2.5l?
can you tell me the name of one of your local car dealers?
can you explain to me how a certified check works for payment for a car?
How much to part out this pickup?
how long have you been driving the same car?
where can i get a cheap vauxhall astra?
How much are junk cars selling for right now?
Buying at car auctions. Good or bad?
Couple questions on buying a used car?
Is the Scion xB any good cause my wife really wants one and I don't know anything bout them.?
What is a good relieable Chevrolet Suv for a girl just getting her license?
I'm 18 in Alabama and i need a car?
what do you think about >>>> ???
Should i buy honda cb stunner ?
Where is the best site to sell a Country Coach motorhome?
Which car should I get?
Thinks to look for when buying a used car?
Bmw 3 series 318 SE VS AUDI A4 1.8T 163 4dr Saloon?
Does anyone want to buy our car, Real Bargain!?
Private seller lied about year of vehicle?
Huge puddle of antifreeze under my car?
being drunk.................?
looking for a 1968 ford ltd?
Can you get a car loan under your name with a parent co-signer and the car insurance under the co-signers name?
Where can I find a FREE place list my Antique Car for sale on the Internet?
Should I get an 04 Mazda rx8 Sport AT?
Which cars look really nice and are not sports or luxurary cars?
What is the best small family car?
What's the best car?
whats the Best commute car or truck?
where could i buy a 1999 Nissa Skyline GTR 34?
Whats the process of ordering a vehicle from another state like?
what do you think of this car?
hi i sold a jeep private and now the guy said he is sueing me , because the gearbox is gone. where do i stand?
Can my parcel be redirected to my new address?
money/car issue?
Trading in an '09 Honda Accord LX-S?
car dealership financing?
How do I know what kind of car amplifier to purchase?
2 month car lease/rental?
What happenz to me if i sell a financed car and stop paying 4 it?
Should I buy a 1966 Valiant or a 1964 Corvair?
How much is an 80's cruiser worth?
whats a better truck, gmc, or chevrolet.?
Trying to get a car...?
What is the best car for a teenager?
If a car title was put on hold due to an illegitimate power of attorney being used to transfer it?
Which Car would you buy and why?
Should i get this car?
Why don't all car manufacturers, dealerships used car or otherwise, have mandatory Repair, Replace and Refund!
How much would you estimate a 2000 Mustang would cost right now?
can i sell my car thats on hp?
New car for 16 year old. Insurance question?
Is this price for 2002 kia a good price?
i need to find the web site for koons chevy in white marsh maryland?
Does anyone think I can get a 2006 Acura TL for $26,000?
In the UK,what's the best car to get as a first car?
Best used car for the price and things i need?
Anybody selling cars in Richmond, VA?
Where can I buy a new Honda cbr ?
Petrol prices...any one else?
What happens when brand new cars dont sell during the year, what does car dealerships do with them?
What would you pick...?
I am looking for a used good running car or truck for my brother for under 2 grand.?
Hi! I m from chennai. planning to buy our 1st car. which car would u suggest? ?
what is a fast way of saveing up for the ipad 2?
which one is a better car HYUNDAI i 10 OR MARUTI SWIFT?
How long do I need to have worked in a position, before I am eligible for a car loan?
Is this automotive contract any good or void?
Is this Mercedes a good car?
should I buy the volvo wagon?
Buying a car from a private seller (10 points)?
Does I have to be american to buy a car in usa?
how do i get an ohio auto auction permit so that I can go and purchase cars from any auction in ohio?
return a new vehicle?
Audi s4, BMW 3 series or another Nissan Maxima?
which car should i get?
As a car dealer, how can we make the process easier for our customers?
how do i get rid of a car with a title loan on it?
Assuming i have not established a credit history and i have like 5g for downpayment.can i buy a car which cost
Is this a good first car?
Looking to swap cars - Kia Carnival for a Yaris?
car dealership financing?
Need help deciding which car to go for?
when buying a car, what else do they add to the financing?
I'm thinking of buying a used car craigslist.?
what small car would you buy with your own cash?
First Car for an enthusiast!?
What should i buy to upgrade the performance in my car with $500?
how can you determine how much the lease on a car will be?
dealer auctions?
car help.......................?
How does a car know when it's traveled a mile?
Does anyone know where I can go to purchase a cheap car?
What is a good windows tint for a car?
How can I get an auto dealers license without having a lot in IL?
I'm thinking of buying a used truck in a couple of months at a used dealership what will i need?
What risk is there in letting someone take over payments on my used car loan, how does this kind of thing work
If I buy a car in Mexico, what kind of problems will I have keeping it in the United States?
How SAFE is it REALLY to buy cars on EBAY???
I bought a car at a used car lot, and they financed it there. I wish to return it, but they are out of busines
Used Car Warranty Help?
If I live in WV and I buy a NEW international rollback in NC, which state would I file for a lemn Law ?
The windshield is broken on the car I want to sell, is it worth it to get it fixed first?
Are the reall ss monte Carlos only automatic?
Have a list of cars- Which one do you think I should buy?
someone settle this?
I'm trying to decide if I should buy a Chevy Tahoe or a Ford Expedition. Which is better?
Evo Quick ( - Fraud?
how much is a 1969 mustang mach 1 r code worth , just the body and fully restored?
Need Help desperately - Car Problems - Serious Answers Only Please?
who was the first Nigeiran to own a car?
What is the difference between leasing a car and buying a car?
Looking for great first car for 16 year old?
what's a good car for me?
i want to trade my automatic 95 dodge neon for a manual neon where should i go.?
What car should i get?
Are there any car dealerships that use Bayquest Capital Corp as a bank? Let me know!?
What new car offers the best bang for the buck?
What kind of car should I get?
Where can I get a free online auto history report?
How can you build a golf cart online then buy it?
4 door sedan for $3000 or under?
I am looking for a 2003 VW Anniversary Edition GTI, anyone know where I can find one ASAP!!?
I live in NYS and I just bought a car, am I required to pay 0.08% sales tax at the dmv?
Buying a new Car- Help!!!?
What's a good car that gets good gas mileage, not douchey, but still tough, sporty looking?
should i lease or do payments for my car?
Should I buy a used iPhone 3GB for 350$?
would a used car dealership generaly have cars that cost under $10,000?
Will an 03 BMW 330Ci lose value faster than an 03 Lexus IS300?
Why isn't my car selling?
Would anyone recommend J.D.Byrider to someone trying to purchase a vehicle?
been threatened with legal action?
Which car will win this battle?
which is a better car and why?
What do future hybrid cars look like?
how do Import a Land Rover 110 from Brazil?
which car is a better buy?
How to buy a wrecked car?
can you buy a new car without air conditioning?
How do you get the smell of a dead person out of a car?
I am about to buy a mini-van. I am targetting a 96-98 domestic. Which ones should I go for/stay away from?
where could a chevy 1972 kingswood wagon in excellent condition be sold?
any police auctions around In CT?
Need help on picking car?
Does CarMax require a cosigner for someone who has NO Credit but has a 10% downpayment on the car?
Which car would be the better choice?
What is the best used car dealership not far from Long Beach, CA?
I want a new Dodge Magnum RT Hemi tow package and sunroof?
Do you own a car at the end of a lease?
Where can i find a cheap car in VA?
what is better,a pontiac or a nissan altima?
How to drive a car over the Raised pavement marker ? Should i drive over slowly or should i drive more faster?
Should I put my turbo back on my car?
Purchased a car for $14,000 with $300 payment per month, why 72 months instead of 48 months?
2010 Genesis vs 370z vs g37 vs 2010 camaro 2lt vs 2012 mustang?
4WD vs. 2WD? Could someone please tell me what's so good about a 4WD?
What are the best kinds of cars?
Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? (all models 2013)?
Does a used cpm have to be flashed or reset?
Auto or Manual??
BMW 320i for sale, how much ?
how can I find some one'scurrent address?
pleeeeeez help i want to know which car is better?
how much is a convertible punch buggy?
I live in Tahoe and want to sell my Pickup truck on consignment on a lot,but where?
How to check costco membership new car price?
the 2005 ford excusion limited?
94 Trans Am LT1 for sale a good deal?
what is the better car? 2006 Charger, 2007 Avenger, 2005 Magnum, 2007 Volvo S40?
Should I get a coupe or sedan for my first car?
Should I buy a Toyota or Mustang?
total car sell report for 2006?
What is a good first car?
Sale of used pickup truck on time, do I get the title as legal owner?
were can i find a donation for a car for someone who is disabled?
what would it take to import a Nissan Silvia S15 into the United States in the state of Georgia?
Buying a car on finance?
how do I sell a car that's in my husband's name?
I am debating on getting a car and i am between the Volvo S40 and the VW Jetta. Which one is a better buy?
how come car rentals never have a 19.00 dollar a day deal?
what's the most reliable car you have bought and what is the worst?
Are Daewoo cars any good?
What dealerhips are on route 6 in Dartmouth, MA?
Should I buy this used car-need for long school commute?
how long do i have to return a used car to a private seller?
What car has most old people driving it?
Is it worth it to buy a Smart car?
Can you change your mind the next day about buying a used car and return to dealer?
2008 tahoe or 2008 impala ss?
what kind of car should a 16 year old girl get?
Buying my first car!?
does a background in auto-mechanics look good if one is aspiring to become a car salesman?
im buying a Honda Accord EX 2000 73000 mileage for 6500$ ...Fair Condition it a good price or no ?
Which ford focus should I get?
Should I get a mercedes e320 or a Chrysler 300c?
What model of RV/Camper would be best for this trip (read below)?
where can i find worth of john deere tractor?
When is the best time to buy a car?
How tall should you be to drive a range rover?
How much would a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon cost?
Question on my car lease payment?
Chevrolet Cobalt SS supercharged, Pontiac GTO, or Dodge SRT-4?
What are the monthly payments for a 2010 Camaro for a teenager?
What color should I get?
What should I look for when buying an older used American muscle car?
Which would be the better buy?
What should a dealer do if a car he sells dies in14 days?
What is your dream car?
I need major help on which car to buy?
Is FEMA going to sale the vehicles they purchased for employees to drive during Katrina relief?
What is covered in the 30 day 1000 mile warranty?
Even though CARMAX has a no haggle price, can you still negotiate?
Which Scooty is better?
What street racer would you buy...a foreign car or domestic?
Trading in my 2000 Grand Am, Dealer giving me $1500, Kelly Blue Book says $3700, should he give me more?
Are there any good SUV's to buy with good fuel running to help in these hight gas price days?
Which is a better car to buy: Toyota Camry or Honda Accord?
Need help.... someone with ATV knowledge?
Used Car Under 18 thousand.?
Is there any car that I can get without paying a dime when I trade in my clunker?
i;m trying buy a used car but it has a lot of damage?
Which is the best way to by a vehicle? By owner or by dealer?
Manual transmission or automatic?
Can I sue a used car dealership and win for selling a death trap?
does anybody know what the tax title and fees percentage is on buying a car?
small car to buy in india?
Im Getting A Car,Suv or a Truck for my Birthday?
is trading in my car better then just painting it??/ its a 03 honda had it for one year?
Can my new car be repo if I still owe half of the down payment?
I'm looking to buy a moped that I can drive with just a licence, no motorcycle licence. What can I buy&where?
What's an equivalent to the Toyota Tacoma?
What's the best way to sell my car, online or otherwise, to get the best price?
What its a good used car ?
Does putting aftermarket rims on your car devalue it? PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKIN ABOUT ONLY.........
Is a long term car payment worth it if you want to keep the car "until the wheels fall off"?
how much is it when u buy a car?
if you were going to buy a new car what would you pick?
Websites to find your stolen goods?
New car or used car, which is best?
truck bed question please help?
Which car should I get? Your opinion on each one.?
Can I afford this brand new car?
I'm a guy that knows nothing about cars, please help?
Whose Navigational Systems are top notch?
How do I get a hold of Ca. older car buy back telephone number?
Are they ripping me off?
Can a New Car Dealer really sell below thier invoice?
The Suzuki Swift 2007/8 or Vitz 2008 Tspirit?
I want to buy a scooty,but i am confused in activa and new dio. Which one is better??
How do car titles work when you by a car at an auction?
How many days were in 1996?
I want to buy a entry luxury car, please suggest and compare the cars.?
What is the best way to sell my 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo.?
hi i looking for a car small car has to be a three door if posible and i want it yellow must have small engine
The new car I'm looking at.....?
Sports Car for a teen?
2013 camaro question?
Where i buy Good condotion second hand RITZ Desiel car ,,what is the value of my 2004 model santro xing?
I leased a car in January and I can only get 1000 miles per month...?
Do used cars dealerships usually buy salvaged title cars from auctions?
help me pick one?
is the car dealership responsible is they sell you a used vehicle with a safety problem?
Are there any free sources of information about government auto auctions?
i am a student and i earn 1000 a month, i want to buy a car that cost 40,000. how do i buy a car.?
How do you sell a car to a private buyer if you still have a lien on it?
Where can I get a really good deal on a car?
Who is the best Chevrolet Dealer in Louisville, KY?
What car or cars fit this description?
what car would you buy?
tips for importing used cars usa to canada? has anybody used them to buy or sell a car?
Which of these cars are suitable for a teenager?
Best Vehicle for your buck?
bought vehicle from dealer for lots of money and 11 mths not worth even £50?
Whats the best way to buy a 2nd hand / new car?
Help me with this purchase please!!!!!!?
which car i shld buy swift or getZ?
'76 Dodge Dart. Sell it, or part it out ?
Would these make good first cars for a teen girl?
is it possible to buy a car without license in new jersey?
Would it be better to buy a small car or a large car depending on the gas prices going up and down?
Which American Made car gets the best MPG?
Why do used 2010 camaros cost more than new 2012 camaros?
Is this a good price for this car i want to get???
auto dealers license ? Texas?
Why would an odometer stop turning?
first time buying car, please help?
Best price deal for small car?
What should I do with my vehicle that doesn't run?
Is it better 2 run 2 batteries or 1 car/audio battery under tha hood w/alot of music & tv's in a truck?
First Car, trying to Decide?
The nicest car I could buy?
Can you recommend a reliable small car?
What internet sit is best to find out what awards a car has won?
How can I get info on a subscriber (like AOL)(scam? great car, 15% of list);suspect subs: extremepower99@
Why can't I build a 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby Online?
1996' ford exlporer with 110,miles.Is that a good deal? Should i buy it?
what is blue book value on 1989 toyota mr2 in fair condition 150,000 miles?
The '96 Mazda Millenia S, could be yours 4 just $2900.00...?
How much should I ask for my 2007 Audi A4 2.0T?
Will SUV sales go up once the recession is over?
Does anyone know Where can u find a nice car for a low price in the state of Texas,Houston?
Reasons why Cadillac is better than Mercedes ?
Would anybody know of a 1970 model super beetle convertible for sell?
What happens to the balance on my car loan?
How much a for a new camaro ss?
If I bought a used car & im not happy can I get my money back?
What kind of maintainance do i need on my car that has over 100k miles,( 2006 Cobalt SS)?
Bought a used car advertised with one Trim, but it turns out to be another?
chargers vs challengers?
how do i get tags for a newly bought car?
How do I get back the taxes back on a new car I bought out of state?
have you heard of any of these ?
any body got a jeep for sale in orange county or neer here or any cheap car?
Is anyone selling a Jeep Cherokee?
1972 Corvette with "T" tops?
If u sell a car can they get there money back?
What is the better car company Honda or Toyota?
can we buy car and pay full settlement in cash?
Is a 69 Camaro Convertible a good first car for a 16 year old girl?
How economical is it to trade down for a cheaper car?
Can text messages be used as a written agreement?
I'm turning 16 and looking for a car! Any ideas what I should get?
How bad does mileage effect a car?
Muscle Cars?
What is a good FIRST CAR with like 200+ Horse Power and decent gas mileage?
questions about leasing a car...?
Which car should i sell?
Is this car gonna get repo'd and did I make a mistake?
am looking for country that i can buy and import used cars give me the company and website thanx?
can i check previous owners of a car and any hpi details on it?
If you could buy anything what would you buy?
What's the average you can save from haggling with a car salesman on a brand new car?
Most Commonly Sold Vintage Mustang?
What is the best new or used car to buy for $15,000?
What's the best car you've ever had?
if i have my budget 750000 than which car is best?
Getting a car with a credit score of?
If you had 50,000 to buy a car (used or new)- which would you choose?
Does any one wanna exchange a Hoda City for a Lancer?
Mitsubishi 05 Lancer Evolution 8 or 2009 Mazda 6? Your Opinions!?
How do I put a total loss back on the road?
what car should i get?
How much money can I get for my car that needs a motor?
How can I sell my broken car?
Legality of selling a used car?
Why Do Car Salesman Have a Bad Rep? AND What can A Car salesman do, to make it easier to buy a car?
where can I get a RHD car in Utah ?
HELP:Is $900 a good price for a '90 Olds Cutlass Ciera???
Guys Planning to buy Honda CB Twister, any suggestions?
Should I buy a used car or get this one from my grandma?
Help don't know value of boat?
Im in a desperate situation and im sick of being unfortunate. how can i get a car?
Which is the Best car from the list for a 17 teen year old?
Where exactly do I find an under $1500 reliable family car in Southren California?
i need to PURCHASE a car, not know what kind to buy,i am looking for honda or toyota though?
Outsiders opinion needed for decision whether to buy a new car or not!!?
I am looking for a used car?
Which vehicle (16th birthday!)?
I want to buy a new car, my budget is 1 crore rupees, which car will be choose, suggest me please?
Bought a Truck (CRANE) Online but didn't receive what i saw?
A question about a misspelling on a title?
Why is this car so cheap?
Should i keep my Range rover or get a 750Li bmw?
Car Trade In/Buying New Car: SCENARIO?
what different kinds of 2010-2011 Camaros are there and what are the differences?
eh? by this model?
Why did Ken Garff Nissan of Orem give me website to say how much my car is worth if it doesn't work?
iam looking for a 1980's monte carlo in fair condition any body know where i can locate one around the city
whats the best in old models? honda accord, honda city, or honda civic?
How would you convince Bill Gates to buy a Chevy Malibu..?
Is there a custom auto wheel store that has a finance plan in Oklahoma?
Is the Audi S6 a reliable car?
Im buying a car for 13,000 from a nissan dealership tomorrow, How much is tax and license going to be?
is a 01 saturn better? or a 95 prelude?
How long after bankruptcy should I wait to buy a car with a good interest rate?
My 17 year old son wants a Subaru WRX STI, but im not sure if he can handle it. Should i let him get one?
What Kind of Automobile Is This Hot Wheels Car Imitating?
Need to buy a larger car any ideas?
Boys; car question????????
what does a sedan in car types mean?????
what has the best gas milage?
Were can I buy auto jiglers the lock picking thing besides online?
Used Truck with around 26 mpg, or/and ways to improve mpg?
which car would you like to have? why?
whats the difference between getting a car on credit and leasing it???
which car should I get?
If I wanted a cheaper, safe car with good mpg, what should I get?
should I try to stay away from this little small used car dealership?
Who has a Moped ( not with pedals) and lives in Missouri?
can I order car brochure but not buy the vehicle?
I need help! Buying my first car...does this look okay?
Should i buy this car!!!!? i think i should but help!!!?
How much can I sell my car for?
Need to buy a car today, which one?
Is it worth fixing a larger door ding when taking your car to be traded in?
What to do if you've lost your car keys?
Which first car? Audi A5 vs Audi A4 vs BMW 328ix vs Infiniti G25x?
I want someone who lives in or know's someone who lives in Nottinghamshire NG182QL UK If you do contact me
how much do you think i could get for my car?
wats better u guys?
If failer to pay a car loan can a car dealerships granish government benfits?
whats the lowest priced crossover or small suv??
What's involved in trading in a newer car for a new one?
What is a great first car?
Parents are retiring soon.. I wanna get them a decent car.. Wondering your opinions on my choices?
What is another list for car?
I hear air coming out from my car steering wheel. Should I be worried? It sounds like air exiting a balloon.?
I am looking for a Oldsmobile cutlass supreme convertible 91 to 95 that is under 4000.00?
o4 dodge truck on craigslist and wants to do a transaction through e-bay?
Is 69,000 miles considered high on a used car?
inexpensive coupes?????????
Toyota, Honda or Hyundai Vehicle? FIRST CAR, NEED ADVICE!?
Where can I see details of new cars?
Can you tape up for sale signs in your car in Los Angeles?
Hi I am thinking about buying a second hand tent camper trailer, it has two tables that you can make into?
Getting ready to buy my first car.. is this a good deal?
Anyone know where I can find a cheap car 400.00 to 500.00 for my son? (on the web)?
Range Rover Evoque 2012 coupe or BMW Z4 or SLK 2012 (new one)?
How long to get car title back from Honda?
between a bmw 3 series and a mercedes benz c class both from 2001 which one is better?
How to get out of a car loan?
what should i buy thats between 500 and 600 $?
how do I register items to sell on ebay Japan?
find the discount and the sale price:?
what happens to the cake made on tv promoting skoda cars, tha cake is a car, skoda?
My ex has a car under my name. If I take it back, is it stealing? ?
where can I buy a 05-06 chevy 5500 4x4 cab and chassis?
2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, worth it?
What a good price to pay for a car that cost 30,000?
What is CDC Emballage FF101-04?
were can i get a loan without a job but i have income?
Is it dangerous to drive a LHD car in the UK? (daily)?
Buying my first vehicle?
What are the pros and cons of having a loan on a new and used car?
I want an OLD Mini Cooper, but I want the steering wheel on the left side of the car...any suggestions?
out of all car companies what make lasts the longest?
I am confused on how to change over a title to a car?
Between these 2 cars which is better?
what is the best web site for salvage or flooded cars ?
why the middle east called middle east?
I want to buy a used apache 180?
Which car type is better?
Reliable sedan under $3000?
can you get financing for a used car with horrible credit?
Which one to buy? Evo or Wrx or MX5?
Do I have a case when I'm sold a vehicle under false pretenses?
I'm looking for a cute two door car!?
What's a good descent new car to buy?
whats a good price on a new car?
what type of car should I buy?
How many cars in USA?
Which car should i buy Lancer ,Impreza or Corolla?
Is it possible to get a old new car?
how much should i pay for 3000gt SL?
How much is it worth?
help me out, should I buy it or not?
93 porche,same model as the one is 80,000 now,How much a 93 would cost?
2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Or 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI?!?
Whats the perfect car for us?
Which car would you buy?
i got a question about financing a car?? 9000$$?
Is the Honda Civic any good?
What car should I buy? [less than 15k]?
Give me the addresses of car sell centres in toronto?
i have sold my car but buyer want money back?
What expense come with purchasing and maintaining a car?
What kind of car should I get?
Procedure to buy a car from private party in Washington state?
which one should i buy, psp 3000 or 2000?
Cheapest type of car to maintain?
How much is a worn out 1963 vw bus worth?
which of these cars is the best deal for the money?
Will cars from UK run operate using US fuel?
HELP - I have trouble choosing a car.?
what should i get? one alpine Type-R 15", or two alpine Type-R 12''?
what is the car company that has sold the most cars throughout history?
SUV atound $5.000 explorer mountainer pathfinder...?
Car help :( Car transmistion?
Struggling to find a 1st car suitable for me?
When buying a new car, should you tell the dealer about a car trade-in before or after?
do I have to declare profit I make if I sell a car?
Should i sell my car?
When is the best time of the year to start shopping for a new car? How can I deal with those aggressive sales
buying a car through google checkout? is it a scam or possible...?
What color is this car to you?
How much is a "build your own" car?
whats a good car for a 16yr old girl?
What car should I get?
which car should i buy?
High bad is it really?
Need information about cars. First time buyer?
What is the best cheap car with a good motor,to a starter(teenager)?
Which is the better used buy. A 5 year old Boxster or a 10 year old 911?
How many miles before letting car cooldown/rest?
Can you please answer my question. Im confused.?
What is a good first car?
Can I trade my car that's still owned by the bank? If so, what are the consequences?
What is easier to get a loan for? Buying a new or used car?
Returned Car/Bad Credit?
What car should I buy?
what is the most reliable car on the market today?
Which one is the best used SUV?
What are some good sporty/sport cars for under $16000?
I want to buy a car should I go in for the xylo ,Innova or the Marina?
Car has 240k miles and warped header-time to buy new?
I found a 1991 E-150 Conversion Van with a 4.9Liter straight 6 in good shape with 109000 miles for $1500.?
Selling An RV?
I have a 98 Honda civic with 120,000miles. I owe 2 years on it with notes at 373per month. Should I trade?
How much would you pay for my car?
Car help?! Speaker help, just first car help, Etc.?
i need 92 honda prelude si sunroof - anyone want to sell it to me?
International auto dealers?
In the state of California, how long does it take to receive a vehicle registration?
what power plants still buy junk tires?
What do you like best? Scion Xb, Chevy HHR, PT Cruiser, Dodge Caliber?
what is the best car I can buy for only $250,000?
What kind of car should I buy?
What is the best first car. I want an SUV what are some suggestions?
How does someone with under the table pay and a recent bankruptcy by a car in WA state without much money down
can you buy a car at sixteen?
how much do new Car dealerships mark up their cars? What will they let them go for?
What is a good safe car for a family of five with extra family that is always with you?
Where to place free ad for used heavy equiptment WANTED?
What kind of car should i get?
Which are the cost effective and fuel efficient bikes in 100to125CC range ?
How do get a used car dealer to?
I am thinking of buying a new car?
How Much Does the RollsRoyce cost?
will these tires fit on these rims?
Buying a car off craigslist? Does this sound like a good/bad deal?
Who gets the score when refinancing a car?
is a "loaner" or the dealer "company car" a red flag?
does it make sense financially to lease a new car as an individual, not a a business instead of buying ?
Car question.........?
can I finance a car thats 8-12k?
What is the best new car for a gay 20 year old? 28 grand or less.?
I am trying to find a web site about goverment cars for sell something like sga of ft.worth?
Guys: What Name Do You think is best for a baby girl?
Question about automatic cars in the UK. Please see below.?
Which is the better car?
Mitsubishi Galant 2001 reviews?
Is it cheaper to buy a car in AZ or CA?
looking for a soft top for a 1994 Geo Tracker Sports?
what type of car do you drive?
I am a 41 year old single gal, and I need opinoins on what type of car to buy..?
Which truck should i buy in your opinion?
When you purchase a used vehicle, are you supposed to keep the previous owner's plates?
I am about to by my first car?
2007 or 2008 civic coupe EX w/ navigational?
Cars similar to Mini Cooper and fiat?
I have a two door car and bought a pair of mirrors from a four door same car will they fit?
Is this used Lincoln a ripoff?
What is a good honda car?
what is the best car to buy? new or used? what make?
Toyota, Ford, or Pontiac, help please?
which costs more a honda accord or honda civic?
stuck between Sti and Evo MR how do they wear?
which one should i buy a alfa romeo 147 ts 16v or v golf 1400cc both 51 reg?
lookin for car?
I have a friend that co-signed on a vehicle. Need advice please?
What do people mean when they say a car is a ricer or riced?
Why is a 96 Camaro Z28 worth more than a 98 Camaro Z28?
how do I buy cheap used cars?
Ive got £6000 for a new car, i'm a young lad any opinions on what i should get?
where car I buy auto lamps for my cars?
Places i can sell my old bikes to for money?
What is the sales tax rate on a new car in St. Louis?
Will the price eventually go down?
How smart is it to buy a vehicle with 100,000 miles on it?
autotrader editing zip code of where car is?
GM credit card and using the earnings towards new vehicle?
Can you buy a car in california without license?
What should I do about my car?
What do I need to do when importing Motorcycle to Hungary?
What is the sale price of a cell phone that is on sale for 15% off if the regular price is $75?
What is a good, cheap, car to buy brand new?
Whick is a nice fast car ?
which car do you think looks BETTER?!?
What car do you recommend?
Can you finance a car without taking it off the lot ?
Does anybody ride a scooter? What's it like in traffic and how bad is it to ride in cold weather?
When is the best time of the year to start shopping for a new car? How can I deal with those aggressive sales
Is there a nice car for under $1500?
car dealership options?
looking for cars ranging from $500-1500 dollars?
Should i get it IF............?
could my used car contract be terminated if all information forms havnt been given?
2010 Genesis vs camaro 2lt vs 370z vs 2012 mustang v6?
Car Commercial?
how do you know if the car is cpo?
Where can I find a used Lexus RX300 under $10,000? I am look in the Houston area?
should I buy a 2005 TL(Navi Package)?
What is the best "sports" car for around $20,000?
where can i find a chep low priced acting school?
Where to buy your first car?
What car should I take? (Details on which cars inside)?
I need to get an SUV, I am torn between used (price) or new because of E85 and promos?
when will gas prices go down already?
Car Shopping - Hopelessly Confused?
Should you lease a car instead of buying?
how many miles is too much for a car?? plz see details?
i need to buy my first car. What would be the best way?
i traded my car for a truck that lasted 3 days and i want my car back and im 17 years old what can i do?
What kind of car should I get?
Any idea which one is the best luxury SUV in the market?
this guy is selling me a 1973 nova but has not payed the plates for 10 years?
Interest rate for used cars!!!?
Paying 15k cash for a car from private dealer?
what is a car?
What are some websites where you can buy used cars/search inventory for free?
I need someone who can find me a car that isn't running.?
How much does a new Hyundai i30 lose in its first year?
Junk car without a title?
phone number for carfax what is it?
What kind of documentation do I need for a car loan?
if you were going to get a car today which one would you get?
Can I scratch out someone's name on a transfer of car title and add a new name?
Cars for sale in Pittsburgh under $1000?
Can the primary on a joint car loan reposses the car? TX?
Looking for some accessories for my truck?
1977 for f150 custom.. good deal or not? LOOOOOOKKKK?
out of town truck purchase?
Is anyone in pa selling a 04 chevy Colorado or silverado w/ 4wd with good milage and sellin it for $12k max?
Money to buy new Range Rover ?
Need Car help. Best four door sedan?
What are the prices for minivan at thrifty car rental?
My brother abandoned his vehicle in my driveway?
toyota tacoma for sale?
where may I go to buy a salvage vehicle besides online?
does milage mean anything on a used car?
Is it worth saving up for a whole year to own a ferrari?
Is it illegal to sell a used car in Missouri that won't pass inspection?
Is there a 1961 Type 2 VW Microbus for sale in Queensland?
good first car for 17 year old?
Any websites that sells the cheapest Lincoln Ls car or other cars that are reliable?
When I bought my car...?
Where can I find car sale demographics?
Would it be better for me to get a new or used car?
Can I trade in a leased vehicle before the lease expires?
Where can i find a used cheep car in good conditions?
Does anyone know how much the Kia Soul will cost when it comes out in 2008?
How can I find a good reliable, cheap, truck or SUV with good gas mileage?
What's a good first car?
Which van should I buy ?
Should I buy a factory spoiler for my 2002 civic ex?
Matrix / Corola / Civic?
Which car should i buy, both cost the same?
I purchased my leased vehicle and just received the Title and bill of sale.?
How do I safely buy a car cash that has a 13000 dollar lien through a credit union?
what do u do with OLD car that u can't sell?
bought a car frm a small dealership and Gave $2000 as DP should Taxes be included in that?
what car should i get?
Have you ever been?
Is it a good a idea for me to rent a car ?
I need tips on selling my gas guzzling 2001 Mustang GT?
where do I find cars under 3000 in the bay area?
when is the best time to buy a car?
Help with my First Car?!?
good old hatchbacks............?
what are the best hard top convertibles/cabriolets currently on the market?
I'm 18 and want to buy a car from a dealership, not a personal seller. Where do I start?
What is the newest and best ti calculator i can buy?
where can i find a good car under $800 ?
Can I get a used car?
what kind of car should i buy?
car trade for a private sellers?
Ive been looking at cars to trade my 2006 dodge stratus sxt sedan in but cant decide what to get?
Mitsubishi Evolution 10 or Subaru WRX STI Limited?
in 9 ball and 8 ball how are ratings scored?
2011 chevy 2500 ltz or 2011 ford f-250 xlt?
im a high school student and i want to purchase a car it doesnt matter if is old or new, i live in houston txi?
What should i get for my next car i have £350 and want something to impress. anyone recommend something cool?
Why does everyone like bmw's?
Help buying small luxury utility vehicle?
Can anyone help this lady that I know.....any suggestions?
i need to buy a scooter for myself?
Is there a web site that pays for people to have their car painted for advertising purposed and get?
What is a better alternative to a mini-van for a parent with two kids in a car seat?
Which is better selling old car for just a couple hundred or selling off the parts ?
I want to buy Copper Sinks and I want know full data about it. Which site is very useful foe compare pricing?
What documents do I need to sell my vehicle with a lien on it?
E MAIL shows me cars for sale at seized cars for sale @ .com. How can I buy them? I don't know how.
I have a 1976 Corvette with 13K orig. miles. Is there a site that specializes in classic Vettes for sale?
Is this car a good deal?
where can i find pictures of wrecked box trucks?
Is 1985-89 monte carlos ss a gas guzzler?
what kind of car should i get?
which 1 should i get Mercedes or a Porsche?
Survey about car buyer?
How is this possible?
gas prices 24 years ago?
Is anyone on here in utah? Anyone selling a car?
Is this Honda Accord LX priced right? should I buy it?
Where can I sell some used 22' wheels for a car in Houston, Texas?
Can I sue a Car dealer if they take a car that I own on trade with out a title from my brother with out my ?
How much do you take off of the MSRP?
Which of the 2 cars should i buy?
Are Car Salesmen generally shady( bad ) people.?
I live in the Southwest Region and I am looking for some old cars to buy, Does anybody know where any are at?
Should I he worried about my car?
How do I sell a car I've inherited?
Looking to buy a good used car in minneapolis. Where to look for the same? Thanks in advance?
What should my credit score be to get a truck and paying half down?
Want to buy a hail damaged car from dealer and wondering about insurance and financing it.?
Do I need to co-sign the car loan?
what car should i get next?
Where can I find out if an old RC cola truck is worth something?
Advice on buying a first car! ?
anyone know where i can find this car?
Where do I get a new pink slip?
Will insurance deem my car totaled?
cheap car!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!! help!?
who is looking for biodesel motor cars?
I am buying a brand new vehicle and driving home. (200 miles) what should I do for insurence?
Buying a car off Craigslist?
when do you have to pay storage fees when having your car repaired?
What kind of car would you prefer?
How does a Car's Value work overtime?
bentley or ferrari?
Do you have a mini van for sale in dallas under $2000?
How much would you pay for this 1968 Chevy Convertable?
How do i proceed in buying a car if the seller doesn't have the title?
best car for a new driver (aged 17)?
Is there a car auction in Fresno CA?
what is another good site to find used cars besides autotrader and auto?
how do i get even with a used car sales man that ripped me off?
I'm looking for the website for The Trading Times Newspaper?
i want to buy a used mustan but i am afraid of the bad mechanical reputation , what should i do ??
Is it time to junk my 2002 Durango and buy another car?
I just got a car that I know has sat up for a while and I want to know what are the best products to buy...?
Trying to buy a car from eBay, but is this a scam?
Buying another car under 20,000? Any suggestions?
which car shall i buy?
First car?
Want to buy a new car?
I need help choosing a car?
Alfa GT or Volvo S40(2004 onwards)?
how possible is it to finance a car?
Passion pro or Discover - Which one is good to buy?
Best car to buy?
how to trade in a car?
best car to purchase for reliabilty priced 30,000 range?
Im allowed up to £20,000 for a new car.. but its my first car and i just passed my test and dont have a clue?!
Are chevrolet camaros considered white trash?
car dealerships??????
2012 Nissan Rogue S Special Edition AWD Price HELP?
Who would win in a race?
where do i by big blocks of stirafome?
seek for a fuel oil operated generator [used] 150~250 Kva?
Should I stick with this Fiero or change cars?
Where can i find used touring caravans prices ? I have used my caravan is not listed?
Best commercial car availible at the moment?
Is this a weird carfax report?
i have a 2005 ford mustang but im thinking about trading it in for a 2003 cadillac cts. im 16 yrs old?
Archived Craigslist ads on ?
I need help finding a car in a very low price range - $1,500!?
If you could have any car or truck,what would it be?
How much can I sell a used 05 Acura TSX for?
Would my car qualify?
Where can i buy a used car?
How do I sell my car? CarMax isnt offering enough. I have a 2005 Nissan pathfinder?
what is a good starting car to get if your 17?
whats better a buick riviera oldsmobile cutlass supreme(2 door) or another 2 door coupe in that year range?
I was wondering what would be best rx7 rx8 s200 or other? Under 15k please.?
Can I break the contract if i find out the dealer lied about the car model when we signed the contract?
satellite vehicle systems,inc new address?
how much will you pay for a 2000 ford focus SE sedan. it is in fair condition with 120,000 miles.?
My dad is giving me $180,000 to buy my first car! what should I get?
what is the best site to look for used cars, truck, vans?
Car 4 Sale in Madison Area,WI???
Did I get a good deal on my 2008 escape.?
What should I do If a buyer wants to return the used car?