Car Buying

can i transfer a 0% car loan to a new buyer?
where can i find a 2nd hand bicycle in Copenhagen and how much is gonna cost me?
info on specific used car?
If you had the money, do you think buying a Ferrari or a Lamborghini would be a good idea?
Which car is most 'Old Peoplish'?
How to get most money for a broken down car.?
What first car do i get when tall help ?
Range Rover Sport, Q7, X6 or Rav 4?
is cadillac 99' good for college studdent?
what brand of suspension lift should i buy?
Is the new Chevy Colorado a good truck or would you recommend somthing else???
Should I buy this car?
How do I get people to buy cars from me.?
Is it possible to buy a car below the invoice?
could I buy a car and then in 40 years sell it for a million dollars?
which car model looks nice in white?
I want a cellphone and I know a person that can get me a job at 14 im 13 should I wait?
What car should i get?
where to buy supra shoes in usa ?
Where can I find and buy a 1972 skyline?
where can i find good used cars?
Which is best ?karizma or unicorn?
Can't figure out license plate 4tseed3?
Does any one know where i can buy a pair halo Hyundai Sonata 2007 headlights?
Which company makes the best diesel truck?
Why don't Americans buy American cars?
Need to get a car fast...How?
Will these rims fit my 03 cadillac deville?
I am looking for a cheap, gas efficient car. Can anyone give me an idea?
Whats the best car for a 16 year old?
Does anyone know the best way to sell a vehicle financed through Nissan?
Best car to look for?
If I lease a vehicle can I add aftermarket products; such as wheels and tires, and exhaust pipes?
Has anyone one bought a used automobile from Auto?
landrover LR8?
where can i buy skeleton keys?
Anyone seen a scammer trying to sell a car claiming to be "US Air Force reserve" in Croatia ?
What would be a good first car?
are you a car sales person in orange county, ca, if so what kind of deals can you offer on dodge truck.?
How much is a 2002 Ford Escape XLT V6 with 90000 miles worth after two accidents and two owners?
does top secret car secret work?
what is the car donation tax form called?
i need to get a car fairly quickly....but have no idea what to get. My limit is 17000...Help!?
what should i get for my second car?
where can i get really cheap rims for my car?
What are differences between leasing a car and buying a car?
Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? (all models 2013)?
Is buying a house or a car as difficult as it sounds. oh and my credit ain't great?
Need first car help, any ideas?
newer used car / how to find.?
Is yellow a bad color for a sportscar? Will I get tired of it?
I'm buying a new car in Mass., how much should the dealer charge for tax, title, and registration fees?
would you buy a car with NO service history?
Which would be much better 2 buy the 370z roadster or coupe?
which car should i get?
How can I get the most money out of my used car?
How can i convince my mom to get me a car?
How much does a dealer really pay for a 2006-07 Honda Civic LX?
How do I get a title if I never had one to begin with?
what are some nice cars that sell new for under 30,000?
I dont know what kind of car/truck to get for my first vehicle.?
Can I get a used car on motability?
Thinking about getting an Alero, any opinions?
Is this a cool car for an 18 year old?
can anyone help me please. I only drive automatic cars?
You think $1000 is ok? should I ask for more money?
What is a business type car under $100000?
What's the best sedan/coupe to get in the 35,000-45,000 price range?
Which car should I get?
Which is the best Diesel model in BMW 3 Series?
Would anyone buy this car and how much would you offer?Why or why not would you buy it?
What is a legal vehicle that a person without a license can drive?
pipe bender..sizes frm 3/8-to 1"....where to buy .? please cheap price only i m not rich...thank you?
Getting a truck put in my name today?
funly number plates?
What is a good car for gas millage?
06 RAV4 or 06 Passat? please grant some wisdom for a very undecided guy?
Car with problem after buying it?
Aston Martin DBS V12 vs Corvette ZR1, whats better?
Please give the web site of Skoda-india buying a Skoda Otivia model?
Please help me name my new car?
Buy a used car from Private Party?
would yuo pay $450.00 for a 1985 lincoln towncar?
What is a fast 4 cylinder car under 15k?
How much should a used car hood cost?
Is it bad to buy a car with 140,000 mileage?
How can i convince my mom to get me a car?
If i sign to buy a car, can I change my mind in Texas?
what is the best rated vehicle for a family of five?
What dealership is offering the best trade value for a used car?
Is a manual better over a automatic vehicle?
SMART cars: Semi-Auto? Im in the UK?
Whats the better SUV?
I really need a cheap new car, any feedback on kia's and fords?
How difficult is it to buy a car in canada and bringing it over to the united states legally?
toyota corolla?
which car is better.. ?
I wanna buy a car. So plz suggest me best car in cheapest price and tell me that diesel car is best or petrol ?
My Truck<< PLEASE HELP!?
I need help with car specs!!!!?
Taking out a loan for a used car?
can someone buy me this?
which one is better?BMW 3 series 1994 or grand cherokee 1997?whts fuel economy of both?
how about murano?
How long are tires good if there not used?
What Kind Of Truck Should I buy?
How do i start my own car company?
What is a ballon payment on a leased car, please explain it to me?
what is the best pick-up truck to buy?
How to word a buyers agent agreement?
Should I pay in full or get a loan?
Why do people in the (particularly) US make and buy such large engined cars? Surely 1600cc is adequate!?
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF ESTATE TDI 2001 Yreg - what's it worth?
looking for best truck with most hp under $8000?
When you trade your car lease in early what happens to the remaining payments ?
Is This Car/ Truck Trade Worth It?
if you change the transmission on a car will the value go up or down?
Would you buy lemonade from someone who won't buy your lemons? Why do you buy Japanese cars?
Do I let my car go or keep it?
the vin on a 70s shasta 2100?
does anybody know how i can find out the exact make and model of my car using just the number plate? please!?
How much would i have to pay if i financed a vehicle that is $12500?
how much is my 2000 monte carlo worth?
I am planning to buy a car.?
I want to sell my car, where do i start?
are high milage cars that reliable?
how low are the down payments at car mart?
opinion on 1996 NEWMAR KOUNTRY STAR 3760 RV and gen ?s about rvs?
I need a bigger car and owe on mine? Advice?
how much do new cars depreciate when they are driven off the lot?
09 Mitsubishi Lancer ES VS 10 Mazda 3 i?
Which car to buy which has reasonably cheap parts? British cars..?
Where can I buy a motorbike?
Why are cars 15% more expensive than 13 years ago?
I need help looking for a first car. Suggestions?
Whats a good car for about 22000?
If you won any car which car would you choose? ?
what would you say must be a "must" feature in any car these days, say a car like corolla?
Bought a new vehicle & just received the title in the mail....?
automatic car starter?
I would like to know if i can send back home (senegal) any car with a salvage title from US?
Answer me in ONE WORD .select me a new car to buy from my choice.?
Which of these cars handles like a honda civic?
What is a 1970 4 door mailbu chevelle worth?
How to negotiate a new car price?
Which store selling auto parts is the biggest in L.A.?
What kind of car should i buy?
Skylines legal?
If I buy a car from a car dealership out of state...?
What is the best AWD car to get for a new teen driver?
When buying a new car from a main dealer how much discount would you expect to get from the list price?
where can i find a gas powered mini pocket rocket dealer or seller close to my house?
i want to buy a car and its around 140k of miles is it still good to buy?
I am looking for a ford F-250 or F-350 4x4 that runs good?
web site for the close door sale?
4WD Silverado or 4wd Dodge ?
Someone sold me a truck with illegal parts. what do I do? ?
Do you get a replacement on a leased car?
can i sell my car by switching payments to another person?
can i sell a car that is not titled in my name?
what is a car?
1st time buying a car?
Do car titles come via certified mail?
Where can I buy the 1908 Ford Model T car?
How do I get a copy of my car title?
In collections? Trying to get a car?
Best moped under £1000 (50cc 4stroke)?
purchase of a used helicopter?
What is a good car for a 16 year old?
Did i get a good deal on my used car purchase?
Best used car 2000-2010?
im buying something on amazon..?
I need to buy a BMW 760. Which EU country is the cheapest and which is the most expensive?
I am selling my 2004 Kia Optima and I need help on how much I should sell it for?
QUESTION about this DODGE NEON: Is it good to buy?
im tryin to purchase a car,how can i check out the company besides the bbb?
Can a minor buy a car from a car dealership if paid full in cash?
What's the best Kung Zhu part to buy?
Chevy Colorado and Nissan Frontier owners!?
Do you think I can buy a project car to restore from a body shop?
Which car is right for me? Chevy, Volks, Toyota, Honda?
May I know the engine features of Mahindra XUV 500?
where can i rent a 08 or 09 honda civic si?
What is the Ex-Showroom price of Renault Duster in Chennai?
Where can I sell a junk car in Toledo, Ohio?
Can you buy a car from the USA and drive it legally in Canada?
how to buy sell on internet?
Why can't teens start out with a sports/performance car?
MEN I need some help???
Car was repossessed sold in another state and impounded?
What do you guys think about buying a car like this?
What is the best normal-looking fuel efficient clean car?
why do i get -5 points whenever i ask a question
best Florida used car lots?
please list the "american cars" please....yea, i am a woman and blonde at that....?
can you return a car because you don't like it (mississippi)?
what is a good truck for a 16 year old?
What is the perrfect car for a 16 year old guy?
Will a car dealership pay off a loan for my old car?
What is better 2 Rockford p3s or 2 Rockford r1's?
Someone is trying to sell me a car over the internet using payments. Is this legitimate?
What's A Good Car To Downgrade To, From A 2007 Escalade?
Which car would pick between veloster turbo and frs, why? ?
How is the reliablility of a mitsubishi 3000gt or a supra?
Bad credit and need car loan, but dealers say I could only buy a car from them.?
Where is there another good web site besides ebay to buy VNL VOlvo Trucks?
should I pay for brake job for the car i sold over a month ago?
When you trade in your car do you keep the tax disc? Mine has 10 months on!?
What is the IDEAL vehicle type to have when you are living in or moving to a place that snows?
where can i find price of car sold in 2004?
toyota yaris or peugeot 206 ....?
How much should i sell my car to the junkyard for?
how can i know the price a dealer paid for a trade in used car?
Am I in trouble with the law ?: I sold a vehicle that i had to bill of sale to but did not pay for it ?
anyone know where to get a import car?? either free or $100?
what kind of loan can i get for a car ?
Stick with manual or go back to automatic?
What kind of car should I buy for a first car?
Is it okay to ask for a $1000 off a car that is reduced too low?
Is this car too good to be true?
What are new moderate price sport cars?
anyone selling a used car lift two post?
Need help on choosing the right vehicle (help car experts)?
A typical average MINIMUM to spend for a used car/truck?
Which is the best car in India of 2012?
So, We just bought a car?
adbles buy or not?
When is the best time to buy or lease a car? If I am going to lease, what are my options?
Getting A BMW At Age 18 What Do You Think And How Long Will It Last?
How much should i sell for?
Why do people ask here what is best car (used or new) for them when they can get magazines or reports?
i lve in hawaii, should i buy a car or a moped?
How many boats were sold in the United States in 2005?
what car should i get?????
Which car would you say is sexier looking?
Only Singaporeans To Answer Please. Issue Regarding Purchase Of Cars.?
How can I find a used Roadtrek? What should I expect to pay?
Would late car payments worry most guys?
Bought a new 2011 chevy camaro can i return it.?
1970 mustang?
Big problem w/ car purchase...need help?!?
When is the most economical season to get a car?
How much Horsepower will these mods give?
can not pay my capitalone car payment?
What is a semi-manual transmission?
Is it better to get a more expensive car from carmax?
im buying a car and its a nice camaro but has no title if i buy with bill of sale?
good 1st Car ideas?!?!?!?!?
Are you or somebody you know selling a '68 mustang?
Can someone do a VIN number check?
I am trying to find a web site about goverment cars for sell something like sga of ft.worth?
1070 Impala custom?
Is there a website where i can buy the back door of a honda accord 1995?
sale vehicle..?
Give some reasons/advantages of buying a Dodge Caravan.?
Best car for a student going to college?
calling all car experts?
Buying a 2001 Maxima mech. good nothing on car fax. Problem is some dings (parking lot kind) is 8200.00 2Much?
why doesnt auto dealers lower the prices on cars rather then ask for bail out money?
What would you rather have? a 2011 audi A4, a chrysler 300, or a acura TL?
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS or Mini Cooper S?
Which car should I get?
if 'm rying to sell my car on , how the heck do i add convertible to the heading????
How much would you pay for a Scirroco?
Is 1000miles in one week too much?
car miles? help in this question?
how much would this be worth?
trade my ramcharger for a 240sx???? need help?
Best way to get approved for a car loan?
Any way to get a car CHEAP for a starving student in KC?
can any one tell me that which is the best off road vehicle?
What car would you recommend?
I am buying a car, I want a 4 cylinder easy to tune, fast etc. The whole nine yards. Any opinions help..?
Where can i get a new car for a low apr and low monthly payments with bad credit???
Where can I find an old Mustang-not fixed up- I wanna do it myself, actually my mom does?
wanting to sell 1977 gmc sprint asap?
Before you sell an older car, do you let the potential buyer get an inspection done?
Buying a car and need advise?
a website where i can find cheap used cars?
How to know if the car you're buying has a rebuilt title...?
Trouble with an mot !!!!?
I have about $1500 for summer transportation, what should I get?
how much can i get for a 1989 buick park avenue?
How do i convince my dad to buy me this car?
which to get diesel or gas truck?
What is the best car?
Which of these vehicles should I buy?
missouri titling a car that was bought dec 2005?
has anyone done business with car nation in Omaha Nebraska?
When a car is for sale and it has a balloon on it, does the balloon come with it?
I need legal advice to a bad car purchase w/ a friend?
First car ideas? Good car website?
Selling my car and i lost my pink slip, please help?
Is there any solution tu get a new car title?
whats the fastest and most reliable car i can get under 10 grand?
Bought a used car, drove 3 1/2 weeks and it threw a rod!!!?
please help what can you tell me about this car
Which car is better and more reliable for a teenager?
New car options? Need help?
what is the differance in leasing and buying a vehicle?
has anyone got a ford automatic eg fiesta etc for sale must be in good con it is for a pesioner that needs aut
what's better - new honda civic hybrid or toyota prius???
How do I find out who posted an ad for a used car? Is there another way, other than email, to contact them?
I sold a car and it broke. The new owner wanst half the money back.?
What do you know about "MAYBACH"?
Owe more than trade in is worth, do you think a dealer would go for this?
What is everything a dealership asks for, for proof that you can finance a car?
What kind of car do you own?
Where is a good website to learn about cars and what to look for when buying a car?
which of these cars should i buy?
what car should i get?
First car for 16th birthday?
what cars attract the ladies?
What's up with those Lexus Golden Sales Event?
I want to purchase new pulsar150 but one of friend told me not,because his two month old pulsar block piston d?
what is the sportiest (great acceleration and cornering) car i can get with over 27 mpg?
I am looking into purchasing a new Volkswagon beetle. Have any of you owned one? Are they reliable?
what is a better truck???
Is $20,000 a good price for your first car?
Does anybody know where I can get a free vin check or if somebody can do one for me? I am shopping for a car a
Can I get my down payment back from a used car salesman since he did not keep his promise on fixing the issue?
When you trade-in a car towards another one, why is the value of the trade-in automatically lower than if...?
When buying a used car are manual transmissions more reliable than automatic? Should I stay away from auto's?
Car Buying Question!?
What kind of car i should get? Only have around $14,000, I want a decent fast car?
bought a car need help?
are 16 yearolds aloud to test drive cars?
Car experts: What does this mean?
What is the best car choice for my kid?
What is a cool car to buy and pretty much completely customize?
any of you ever bought a car from the auction?
Just bought a car- trouble registering- is it possible to get title without both lienholders being paid off?
How much cost to import a car from USA to Europe?
calif. smog exemption 1976 dodge rv.?
What's the best car to buy?
I want to buy a new car, but am stuck between two totally different vehicles...?
if you buy a brand new car from another country that is not imported to the U.S. could you bring it over?
Between these cars which would you buy?
what car comes to your mind with these features?
What's da best performance sedans today?
what is the sales tax on a new car in texas?
When you need automobile repair manuals/service manuals for several vehicles, how to get a good deal?
Car Dealership Name Ideas?
Which is a better car: Suzuki Swift or Holden Barina?
Thinking of buying a VW Beetle Convertible or a PT Cruiser Convertible.?
I recently traded my car for another car....?
Can i sell my hot wheel cars?
2007 dodge Dakota or chevy colorado ?
I'm planning to buy a used car.Can anyone suggest me which one is good Esteem/Escort/Astra. With reasons pls.
Suggestions for luxury sports car?
where to buy a gy6 scooter?
Which cities are the cheapest for buying a new car?
2nd What is the value of a 1990 Vlokswagen Golf GTD?
can i return the car i bought , even if it is only 6 mos. old?
Where to buy a Lexus LS400 in Savannah GA?
Should I buy a Nissan Murano or a Ford Escape Hybrid?
purchased a pontoon got the wrong doesn't want to be helpful about getting the right one.?
Should I sell my car to help me move? Or come back and get it later?
Is this a bad price for a used car?
How can you purchase a car from the factory?
what is the best rated vehicle for a family of five?
Is this a good price for a car with mechanical problems?
Internet Car Buying / Shipping?
Which is the best performance bike which can be picked up for £7000?
I bought a car off ebay but can't pay for it?
Can a person on SSI/SS with a co-signer also on SSI/SS qualify for a car loan?
Where to buy a car online in India?
made a trade on craigslist now he wants trade backs what should i do?
best cross over suv to buy?
Should i Buy this car?
where can i get a used car under 500 dollars?
should i buy it? im not so sure?
i have a mechanic shop and i am closing we have an inventory of new and used good tires i want to sale.?
Has anyone bought a car from craigslist? Is buying a car from postings on there, legit?
where can I find good used Honda cars under $4,000 near Athens, Ga.?
I owe money one my car.I want another would my bank lend me the money?
Should I buy this car? ?
Which is a better saving: Lease or Balloon Payment (for buying a company car that runs 10k...?
How much is a tire worth on a car?
2007 dodge ram 1500 or 2007 Silverado LT?
what used car can i buy for less than $4,500.?
Should I buy a new or used car?
What kind of car should I get?
What would you do if you owe money on a car but payments are too high and need to get rid of it?
Why do people who are selling a car STILL drive it around?
any ford broncos for sale in ohio?
Which do you like better between Jaguar and Bentley?
Would you recommend buying a car from a garage who 'buys any car for cash'?
1999 camaro for sale - what should i pay?
i earn about 2000 a month, is it possible to buy a car that cost 40k-50k?
I'm 16 whats a good first car PLEASE HELPP!!?
How do I get used 4x4 cars lists?
I need 2001 Nissan rims w/tires, 17", Alloy. Does anyone know where I can get them for under $600?
What kind of car should I get?
does any one know a honest used car dealer in arlington tx?
challenger or camaro?
Restitution Lien? WHAT IS THIS? Bought Truck - No Lien on Title but Has Rest. Lien? PLEASE HELP!?
What are some tips on dealing with car salesmen?
2012 BMW 328i vs 2012 Audi A5?
how much will a ferrari 458 italia cost in 10 years?
What is Samand?
is anyone looking to buy a good transmission?
what is a good price for this car? Help!?
I'm considering either an 1984 Ferrari 512bbi or 1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000s...which is the better driver?
Want to trade in damaged Audi A4?
Does anyone know where I can find old muscle cars for cheap?
OK, my chevy cavalier died, I need to go out next weekend and finance something new, what make do u suggest?
Sold car, cheque bounced. Can I stop the V5 transfer?
what car should i buy bmw or mercadise ?
Which car should I get? (18 year old driver)?
New mustang gt vs used evo x?
Do guys get intimidated by girls with trucks or do they like it??
sooooooooo my brother asked me if i let him drive my car on "special occassions" he'll buy some rims
I want to get a vw beetle but everybody tells me its a girls car. What do you think.?
Gassss prices?
How do i start my own car company?
Bought a used car, made an agreement , owed 300.00 $ its been 3 months and he towed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Of NON HYBRIDS, which car has the best gas mileage? Honda Civic, Toyota Matrix, or Nissan Versa?
best first car for tall person under 10,000?
Are Alero Oldsmoblies and Saturn Ions good cars?
can you european deliver a bmw m6 or a bmw z4?
on average, what does a 1986 Z28 camero IROC sale for?
what is the process for selling a car in illinois?
How many cars can I sell in Georgia before being considered a car dealer?
When did BMW buy Landrover?
should i buy a 95 camaro?(1500.00)?
Does using save you money?
what to know before buying a car?
how old were you when you got ur first car&what car was it?
sorry its me again i need to sell my car its a 64 impala with higro does anyone want to buy it?
I need to find a moving truck. Does anyone know any good ones?
o3 cobra or ss camaro 2000 ?? which one is faster?
which mid sized car fits into the budget of around Rs. 6 lacs ? from indigo, ford model,maruti etc ..?
Good first car to modify?
Which car is better choice for a first car?
what truck is luxurius but also good offroad???
my dad is looking to buy a lamborghini murcielago, where can he get one?
were can i find a right hand drive nissan 240sx so i can buy it ?
What if someone buys a car from a private seller with a lien. We agree to meet at our bank- keep reading...?
How much will sales tax be if I bought a car for 4200?
whats the best car for me?
do i have to be 18 to finance a car?
Cheap cars around Waterloo Iowa?
My first Car?
should i trade in my 1984 corvette for a 1971 mercedes benz?
been sold a duff car?legal problem u.k.?
hey where can a woman truck driver go to get a loan to purchase the truck that i leasing right now?
Someone is trying to sell me a car over the internet using payments. Is this legitimate?
valuable parts on a car or truck?
petrolheads what should I buy a superbird or a cougar ?
changing car in 2 years?
What is the mileage and price of Nissan Serena?
I am returning to the UK after 15 yrs abroad. What is the cheapest way to acquire a new VW Golf car to use in?
Best little Convertible to get?
My boyfriend wants to buy a subaru impreza but is it a bad idea ?
Selling my toy what is it worth?
What vehicle should I buy? A Hummer 3 or a Jeep Commander Rocky Mt.?
1975 mercedes 450sl blue book price.?
What do you think I could sell this car for?
As a car dealer, how can we make the process easier for our customers?
What is your Favorite Car?
is there a site online dedicated to selling project muscle cars?
is anyone selling their used car for at most 3,000 dollars ?
what to know before buying a car?
good first car for a teenager?
Can the garage really take my car off me?
wanting to find a vehicle that's roomy and good on gas?
I live in ca and want to buy a car in oregan because there is 0% sales tax do I have to pay any other tax?
What's a good compact SUV?
i am looking for a location that got 3 or more 73' to early 80' chevy,olds,pontiac,derby cars for cheap?
I am waiting to get the title for a car?
Do you think this is a good car to buy?
FOR HONDA CR-V DRIVERS...what do you think about the car? would you recommend?
How much is my Felt Doubleshot 2007 worth?
where can i find a comppany and or foundation that will by my car?
Mazda Bongo?
How much would this be?
Car sold on my way to dealership?
Can I trade my Mazda6 04 for a jeep liberty?
I bought a car 8 months ago and still have not received my title....what can I do?
Small litre cars for girls?
I wanted a mustang but my dad wants to get me a tahoe or yukon?
I am looking for an budget rear wheel drive(RWD) cars in india...Mainly for drifting any speeding...?
Where can I buy one direction vip 2013 tickets in florida?
What's a good old fashioned muscle car (1950-1970) for under or around $5000?
Where can I find a new original gray steering wheel for a 83 Monte Carlo column?
Anybody have any idea what the new VW Eos' are going to cost?
How do I convince my parents to buy me a car for my 18th birthday?
Vehicles for living nomadically?
trying to buy a car my budget is 1000-3000 what should i do?
Best car for a 16 year old under $5,000?
I'm in the market for a new car. What cars should I check out?
Am I entitled to keep deposit?
my parents have won the lottery so money is no issue, where can i buy a fully operational tank?
Looking for a cute car! Please help?
I am trying to find list of all cars made today and their brands. Spreadsheet form would be best.?
What type of car do you drive and or dream to drive?
where can i find hyundai coupe 1.6 2000, in germany used for sale 2000$ max price?
anyone selling a used car in the suffolk area....?
How much does it cost to buy your first car in UK?
What kind of car racing should I do ?
Ford Escape, Jeep Liberty, Honda CRV, or Chevy Equinox?
bought a landrover (used) had a trade in it has been over 65 days and yet to pay off the car i traded in?
I want to get my name off of my car loan that I share with my ex?
Would you buy a full sized pickup truck or a small/ mid sized model & if so which on?
How to apply for a new title on a car?
My grandparent has passed away, and left a car to me. What steps do I have to take @ the DMV to sell the car?
Which 4x4 currently on sale in the UK has the best fuel economy?
a good name for a car?
Is it bad to buy a car with high miles?
How much less would each car cost if manufacturers advertised less (say 50% less)?
Is the MINI Cooper a Chick Car? And If So What Defines A Chick Car?
will i be able to win a small case with a crappy car i just bought?
What car is better??
Anyone have a 2005 mustang they want to sell cheap?
Will I be approved for this loan ?
needto order a pocke bike and thinken odren it from andnotsure if safe enyothersite?
what do you think of this car?
best vehicle for transporting dogs???
How far from Nashville, TN to Memphis, TN?
We bought a car about two months ago and no it has failed inspection, what do we do now?
Am i not worth $1600?
TSX or RSX type S?????
I am a first time female car buyer - can you give me some advise that will keep the car sales people?
what sounds better nissan 350z or mustang gt???
2011 Subaru STi or 370z?
What is the consequence if u don't pay monthly car payment?
2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Edition?
Used Car Warranty Help?
Is there a bank that allows a cosigner for a car not be related ?
What is the best way to sell a used car quickly?
do you need a valid drivers liscence to purchase a car in Ontario Canada?
Planning on Buying a 2nd hand scooter, What other fees do i have to pay,?
What are good used 5-speed cars?
did mechanic work customer never came back for car because defaulted on 500.00 car loan?
I'm selling my car and my friend wants to buy it , but i have other ppl offering me dbl the money.?
Where can I get a really good deal on a car?
Can I sell my car if I have not received my title yet but the car is paid off? State of MD.?
8 passenger SUV's?
which used car is better with $6000?
I'm looking for a lowrider to purchase for my brother please help?
a canadian friend found a used car in the US she would like to buy. What kind of paper chase is expected?
first car/truck ? for a 16 year old?
Does anyone know where i could buy a lotus esprit 2009?
My daughter had a car that her husband traded in at a used car lot?
Should I buy a brand new Hyundai Accord as my first car?
What are your thoughts on a yellow car with beige interiors?
anyone know the ave price for honda civic 2001????
if i buy a new car via europe, rather than a uk dealer, will it effect the price when I sell it?
Will I be able to get a car in the next couple of months?
What car should i get for my son?
Good first SUV / car?
If you were to buy a new car would you like to have door edge guards on it?
Can a dealership charge for mileage?
2007-2009 Altima Spoiler?
Can anyone with an unlimited carfax account help me out pretty please :(?
REAL HELP NEEDED! I need car advice!?
What one should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Altima?
autoloans in southcarolina on car tiltes?
how small is the Scion Xa?
Popular cars for teens?
Is there something wrong with a person who rents cars frequently?
Is it better to pay off my car before trading it for another one?
I am looking for a web site that sells,ford pickup truck dually diesel year 1999-2005?
Would anyone lend me some money to buy a car? I promise to give it back.?
Which car should I choose?
What is the price of a used Toyota Camry 2010?
which car should i get?
Range Rover: Should I buy or lease? Read Details?
BOYS:::: WHATS A SEXIER CAR FOR A GIRL TO HAVE : mercedez, bmw, infiniti, jaguar, or anything else??
How old do you have to be to be able to sell cars as a job?
to see how much my car is worth?
What do you call the mirrors on the side of a car?
How to convince parents to let you buy old truck instead of brand new car?
I am looking for a ford F-250 or F-350 4x4 that runs good?
CarFax history report?
honda crx 91 upholstery?
any 19 out there buying new car and where to get loan with no credit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it a good time to trade in a car after three years l have two more years to pay or wait until it is paid?
is 23% interest to high on a car loan?
would renting a car monthly be too expensive?
where can i het a go kart in sacramento ca?
Ford or Chevy and 1 good reason!?
I am buying a brand new vehicle and driving home. (200 miles) what should I do for insurence?
Car trading question ? What if you owe more than actual car value ?
om loking for cars in my area?
Subaru forester L MPG?
what is a good guy car?
How much would my 92 3kgt vr4 be worth with....?
how do you find if you got good deal on tade in?
Is it illegal to look at cars on a dealership lot after hours?
What should I name my car?
He bought a car, 6 mths ago which is now $7,000 upside down. Cant afford gas or paymnts. What other options?
Luxury Sports Car for around $35k?
When comparing American, European and Japanese cars...?
Should I buy an iPad 2 right now or wait for the Mini?
should i get a mazda rx-7?
Vehicle with good mpg and cargo space?
1965 Ford Galaxy 2door hardtop. Original and runs. Value?
Anyone interested in buying my Daewoo Espero.?
what's the best website to check for used porsches for sale?
I'm looking for used cars in Swiss?
I just crashed my moms car!!!!!!!!?
I bought a used car 4 months ago, no warranty,it had complete engine failure, do I have any rights protection?
what to write please..................................…
i am going to a dealer to buy a pre-owned mercedes C230 , 2000 model?
Is a legitimate website?
the cost of a 1972 Camaro in 1972?
How much would you pay for a broken 1990 Cutlass Ciera sl?
if money wasn't a problem...which car would you buy?
What should my first car be?
You won't believe this!!!?
where in scotland can i get a old classic mini! having such a hassle trying to find one! :) xx?
what is better a 2012 nissan sentra a 2012 toyota carolla or a 2012 honda civic?
sarching for used car dealershipswith a buy here pay here option.?
Can you negotiate the price of a Saturn automobile?
Best way to sell a moped?
Is it a good idea to buy your 1st car from a dealer?
Which car should I get?!?! Honda Civic or Volvo Station Wagon?
Am I getting a good deal for a Nissan sentra GXE 4 door sedan with mileage 35,000 for $10,100?
How much could I trade in my car at a dealership for?
is it cheaper to buy a car when you order it ahead of time?
What should my first car be?
What's wrong with my car?
Does anybody know about how much will the 2007 Chevy Camaro will cost??
What Car Would Your Reconmened For A New Driver?
is it a good idea to buy a new car???
How much should I sell for?
What should be my first car?
Somebody got a decent car for sale? Im stranded!?
financing a car?
2008 Evo X vs 2009 Audi A4?
What kind of car is this?
Canadian can I by/reg car in US drive to mexico,return US and leave for future use.Have US addrs to use if nec
What vehicle takes the least amount of spark plug?
what is the newest car from Nissan company?
I bought a 2007 honda accord just two weeks ago and its damaged.. can i take it back to the dealer?
can i get the money back that i paid on a car if the person will not give back the car?
Should I give my car to my family or sell it?
How long do most car motors last? (miles)?
would u buy this car?
Is importing a car from japan to good to be true?
how much should i sell my used rims for?
Decided on an Mr2 My dream Car?
After selling my car in Illinois, what do I do with the old license plates?
What is the best way to improve my credit score?
When buying a new car and you sign the contract, are you and the dealer obligated to that contract?
Involved in accident,..what car to get next?
Cheapest v6 sports cars?
could you please tell me what is part no of connecting rod for volvo TD 121?
Does anyone know where I can go to purchase a cheap car?
where can i find a used mitsubishi eclipse gs-t in south carolina?
How much is it to get a tag for a SUV?
what kind of car?
how much is a 75 buick Le Sabre worth?
Buy a truck from my dad and move out!?
2006 Nissan Frontier or 2006 Toyota Tacoma?
Dodge Shadow: Nice car for high school or shadowed away?
what is a good car to get for your first one?
When is it time to get a new car?
How can I purchase a nice new vehicle with very low income. ?
Nissan Armada vs Land Rover LR2 vs FJ Cruiser?
How can I get approved for a car without a co sighner ?
what does this mean Engine Type:2.2L L4 SOHC PFI 16V?
any one have a 1967-1968 fastback mustang for sale?
Which car Will Be The Best In This list?
Is this a good deal?
Dealer didn't take my down payment?
Can I test drive at a Ferrari Dealership?
Should I trade?
Which is better buying a use car at a dealership or private seller ?
Making my car look like a transformer?
Does a car dealer have to disclose if a car was abandoned previously before selling?
49 chevy truck for sale pricing?
can't find a price quote for a 1978 chevy scottsdale k20 pickup?
I am looking to buy a pick up truck.?
trading in my car for another?
can i save on gas by driving on neutral?
Choose one Please! CAR?
Buying car from motor trader - V5C old name?
What is the procedure when you want to sue a dealer?
what should i get as a first car? i am 17. should i get a new one or an old one. any suggestions for a car?
Im getting a vehicle with for wheel drive and that can support 7 passengers...?
what do you look for when buying a car?
Which SUV is Better ot But Toyota RAV or Honda CRV in Comapring Maintance, Price and Fueal Economy?
wanting new skid steer?
Why would anyone buy a Prius?
looking for suggestions on a car?
Mg zr 2002 alarm fault, please help!!!!!?
i financed a car for less than ten thousand a mo ago, can i use it as a trade to get something bigger?
Best Place to buy car seat in India.?
How do I figure out how much the monthly notes on my car will be?
what car to buy for $5k or less?
2006 civic ex 0-60?
what's a good car for me?
Ford Endavour or Honda CRV?
Volskwagen Beetle or Jetta lasts longer?
Any Brits bought a car in France?
My Grandparents own a Chrysler Dealership and I want a Toyota, what do I do?
Is this a good deal for a Nissan?
jkaKLSAklds ksdlksdklnlsnlsd?SS?
what are some goods brands for amps to buy?
around 100miles on new 2006 nissan quest. should i go for it?
does any one know if is a good place to use, and if the stuff their selling is new and not used?
When starting a car dealership how do you go about buying first cars?
how much value does a car lose each year?
buying a car and need a tag to drive it home what do I need to do?
What car could i get? ?
should i trade a use car for another use car ..?
I have a 2000 chevrolet Xtreme 2.2L 2200 and im looking for the best under the hood upgrades i can add to it ?
Will a bad credit rating in the US affect my UK credit. Do US agencies notify UK agencies of repossessions.?
Ford Taurus: Good Deal or Bad Deal?
( who ) any body out there who wants to sell a Subaru legacy 1996?
how can I sell my wrecked van?
how can i bring down the asking price for a car?
is this a good first car?
Just bought a car and don't like it.?
It's a tough decision, would you go for 05 Nissan Maxima, 05 Acura TL or 05 Infiniti G35 (sedan)????
How much do you usually spend on buying a new car?
gypsy wanting to buy our car?
If a car cost around $20,000 how much will the down payment be?
looking for a fast car?
Do anybody think i should get a 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am for $1000 and fix it up?
What good family cars can fit 2 baby chairs + an adult in the back seat, without it being a huge gas guzzler?
How much would you pay for a 1989 Toyota 4 runner?
are people who buy new toyota corolla uneducated?
Longest lasting truck?
Is 14000 a reasonable price?
Chevy or Ford ?
What would you do with a 97 Bonniville that has been broke down for 3 years?
Where should I look to by a mazda3 under $8000?
where is the best place in dallas to buy a car with bad or no credit?
whats £20 in dollars?
want to buy a car and pay throuh is this possible?
Which is Better? Bravada or Cherokee?
Cheap 4 Lug rims 18 inch under $400 dollars new or used in Dallas Texas and if i can make payments?
i want to buy a new car..?
Where can I get up too 1000 dollars wired to me now?
First Car helpppppppp?
What's a good all-wheel drive car?
Best Mustang for teenager?
Why cash for clunkers allow old SUV get rebate for only 2 MPG improvement? Why not 6-10 MPG like other cars?
Can I trade in a car if I'm only 17?
My Shippment for bedding weighs 15 pounds? ?
How much passengers can a Nissan 2012 Armada in Platinum carry?
should I buy this car?
After buying a car, now we are told it is a branded title?
Anyone know where I can get a truely free vin check on a car? Not just a teaser so you'll buy a report.?
what type of car do you recomend for a 16 yr old girl?
Hyunday getz or toyota yaris?
What are the basics to buying your first car?
I need to buy a car soon and am not sure what to buy, can you help me???
1975 mercedes 450sl blue book price.?
So I have to get a new car for really cheap...?
What would be an average mileage on a 2005 car?
Anyone know where I can purchase a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX?
my daughter is 7, i need to buy a good present for about £150, any suggestions please.?
Car dealerships are always advertising a particular vehicle I want on the internet.?
How much should I try to save for my first car?
what would be a good first car that has a sorta sporty appearance?
Should I get a nicer-looking car or a nicer-running car?
What are the steps to selling my vehicle as opposed to trading it in at the dealer?
Question on buying a vehicle from a private seller?
Sold a car, buyer not picking it up... Sketchy, what do I do?
what does SUV stand for?
where can i buy a nissan skyline r34 gtr here in the philippines?
what would you pay for a chevy cavalier 84 at auction?
are buying classic cars from junk yards a good idea?
Can I exchange my car?
Doe's anybody have a classic MGB for sale in Thailand or information of where to purchase?
USPS Shipping time from Virginia to Canada?
if buying a car on ebay that is in michigan. what has to be done to bring it back to ohio?
1996 dodge ram 1500???
where is the best place to sell a car?
Which of these vehicles should I buy?
Is getting a deluxe service warranty on a used car worth it? And whats all covered?
What should i name my car?
Is a trek madone 5.2 a good bike?? Is so why?
How much should I ask for my 96 Honda Civic?
2008 "Deep Blue" Saturn Vue with a dark colored interior?
how good is JEEP CALSSIC 1991, milage 86K miles.?
Toyota Innova or Mahindra Xylo?
which car should I get?
Getting a new car, Please help! 3?
Getting 2001 VW Bug, yes or no?
My car tax expired yesterday. Do i have grace to drive today?
We have no Choice to Repo our truck do to the Bank not letting us take it to the Mainland?
does a manual shift car or automatic cost more?
could i extend my porment licenes plate on line ? and wher ? ?
Can I trade in my car, that is in my ex husbands name, for a cheaper car in my name ?
When people are selling stocks what do they mean when they say buy 1,000 at 90 or sell 50 at 400?
Can I give up my keys to an auto loan lender if I don't want my car anymore?
If you had to buy a minivan--which of these 4...?
Should I trade in my V-6 Altima and get a more fuel efficient car like a Corolla?
Looking for motorcycle salvage places that might ship?
Information about new car financing from dealerships?
I'm 13 and need a job plus I want to save up for a car?
Trying to find out if $2000.00 is reasonable for a 1968 VW Bus-Can anyone help?!?!?
Bought a car, it's not as described advice needed?
looking for prices for 1956 chevy convertible?
What's a nice small compact used pickup truck as a first car?
Does anyone have the new Jeep Commander?
Where can I buy cheap used car in good condition in Jeddah SA? Thanks?
How do you obtain a license to sell used vehicles in Florida?
What is a good American sports car???
Car help please ???????
How do I get a used car dealers license in Illinois ?
What is wrong with my car? Pontiac grand am 2004?
How much is the title fee in your state ?
New Car Loan.?
I'm trying to purchase a pre owned automobile but.?
how much can i expect to get for my car?
is buying a new vehicle a bad idea considering the economy?
GM, Chrysler, or Ford?
what kind of car do u have?
Can I own a preowned vehicle?
What car should I get?
When do the 2007 Honda Civics come out?
Trade '06 Civic Coupe?
Whats the max amount of miles you want as a first car?
What are used, custom wheels/tires worth?
What car should i get for my birthday?
Any brand new SUV you can recommend for 25,500 dollars?
What action can I take against a 2nd hand car dealer who bought my car but did not settle the full settlement?
Is an 07 mini worth getting?
Best Price For A New 2012 Toyota Camry w/ Standard Specs?
Is there a Government car loan?
Does anyone know where the vin number and chassis number is on a 2002 audi tt?
Does n/e one know or have a 67-69 camaro or firebird for sale?
dealer auctions?
2004 honda accord or 2006 mazda 3s?
Are Toyotas and Hondas still good cars?
How long does it take for WBShop to ship to Ireland?
Which one sti or wrx ?
is there a place where i can get a 1972 chevy caprice right fender?
What's the fastest car I can get under $7k?
Should I Bother with a New Car?
what would happen if l just stopped paying the finanace company for my car, l dont want it anymore?
Which sports car should I buy? (in my price range)?
Exchange Car Program?
What would a 1984 camaro cost now if i bought it brand new?
were can i find lincoln used cars?
what kind of car should i buy (make and model)?
what to have for my first car?
How much would a 79 Chevrolet Caprice Classic with 70,000 miles sell for?
Why can't the USA make a $2500.00 Car? Like India or like the other country's?
When restoring a project vehicle with a different year chassis than the body what year do you registar the car?
Buying or looking for a new car help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
how much is £140.00 in dallors?
best used car under 2k?
What should I ask about when buying a 94 civic eg hatch?
Dealership Car Salesman?
I can't afford my car payments anymore, how do I trade down?
what do you call this vehicle part?
ever been screwed by a car salesman?
Which car should I get? (18 year old driver)?
Which car is worth more with over 150k on it? Honda? Ford? Toyota? Chevy? Nissan?
2006 honda civic hybrid--i heard you can get a tax deduction/credit--more info?
How do car sales work?
why dont more people have nice cars?
i am looking for a 1994-1997 custom honda civics for sale in houston texas area?
Should I buy this car (2002 Saturn L Series)?
How much should I ask for a 1995 Ford Contour?
importing a car from Japan to NY USA?
What are important things to know when buying a used car?
VW Jetta Commercial?
are 2004 cr125s good?
I saw a car on auto trader .com and it turns out that the car is in Spain. The guy wants me to bank transfer m?
Can a regular person with the money buy a Bugatti Veyron?
Automatic Vs. Manual
My car was repoed 3 weeks ago. Last week we made arrangements to pay the outstanding balance and fees and?
Purchasing a car that has a lien.?
I just bought a used car from a dealer and the service engine light came on. What do i do?
What is a cheap, fast, American or German Car?
I just won a 2009 corvette! $48,500 what should i do?
what does lien sale mean?
im debating whether i should keep my 03 Chevy Malibu with only 35k miles or buy a new car?
Do car salesmen (and women) have souls?
Most Reliable Car?
Best car to buy?
which car is lowest price?
How do I write a Bill of Sale for a car I am selling?
What are key things to look for before buying a used car?
do car salesmen get paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ?
what forms do i need when i sell my car (california)?
cars, What is a small, affordable, sporty car?
davies car sales Warrington website?
How can I get my parents to speed up on buying me a car?
I am thinking of buying the new tata safari 4 x 4. Its probably the cheapest new 4x4 . Is it value for money?
does this car seem legitimate to you?
Should I buy Honda Cbr250R Or Yamaha R15 or Bajaj Pulsar 220F?
What is the most reasonable price for a brand new SUV?
does the stimulus package mean that state tax on a new vehicle is tax deductible or refundable?
what banks will give loans for cars that are older?
When do you tell the dealer what you will pay?
is it illegal to sale a car with bad brakes?
Which car should I pick?
Why do people by Hummers?
Anybody out there ever ordered a factory built auto?
Where i can get a vehicle?
do i need a dealers licence to auction cars in ny?
yes i am going to buy a classic beetle?
Anyone selling a fuel efficient car for 1500 or less, low mileage, and not to banged up?
In canada what can I buy a used clean late 1980's early 90's?
How much money could i get for scraping my 1972 Plymouth Duster with the original 318 motor in it?
Would you buy a 10 year old hybrid vehicle?
Planing to buy a guitar upto 4000Rs ,which to buy?
need to talk to someone on craigslist with a sale number how?
diesel or petrol?
where to go to get tags on car and what do you need to get them?
Why would a dealer not offer a warranty?
Is a 1996 dodge stratus a reliable vehicle?
how many mpg should i get from a 1979 camaro staright six?
Can someone give me an example car costs from 2000 brand new?
What is the best value second hand small car?
how much is a 77 ford mustang worth?
how many payments behind can you be before capitalone auto finance will reposess your car? any ideas?
Is it better to lease or buy a car?
I am approx. 1 year into a 6 year car lease. What can I do to get out of the lease?
is it better to buy car in europe or in u.s. & have it delivered there when i move there?
Is there any good car that can run without problems for two years and costs less than $1000?
does anyone know what a running 1968 olds/delta88 is worth?
how do i convince my parents into buying me a new car when i already have one?
RAV 4 vs CX 7 - the best?
I have a solitary lifestyle...I'm thinking of investing in a dirtbike instead of a car..what do you think?
how can you determine how much the lease on a car will be?
What should I get guys? 1998 Nissan Maxima or 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier?
What would look good on my 4runner?
i have a tractor with salvage title can Iaa buy it right now?
is $6000 a reasonable price for a fully restored 1966 AMC Rambler Classic?
When pre-ordering, do I pay when it ships or when I confirm it?
Looking at buying a car and need a little help!! :)?
Should I buy a 2003 Hummer H2 as my first car?
Getting a Car, Need help please?
Should I reveal my car has a used engine to dealership?
my husband and I want to buy a newer truck ( pick up) we have a pt cruiser now?
I would like to know if i can send back home (senegal) any car with a salvage title from US?
My grandfather said that I can have his 1998 BMW 320i. Should I sell it and get a new BMW M5?
Which is better to purchase- a Lancer Evo, a Skyline or a Supra? (based on value,performance and parts)?
car dealer are rip off and fake sell car?
Will a car pass smog with a vacuum leak?
Do you still need to pay tax when buying a car at dealership?
How SAFE is it REALLY to buy cars on EBAY???
Is anyone in Western Australia selling an el xr6 or xr8 for under $10,000? i am an intrested buyer!?
What color eyes do you have?
What is considered an expensive or high price for a car?
how much does a bentley cost?
How will the car buying process for me work?
what car to buy with a budget of just under 13,000 pounds.?
sites like craigslist? [read description.]?
hydraulics vs airbags?
my girlfriend doesn't like to ride in my car?
My fiance and I need to find a used van in Miami, Florida.?
I have a 1985 Ford Escort w 70,000miles on it and i want to sell it
is the nissan altima coupe good for a 17 year old girl's first car?
salvaged and no accidents?
I just bought a new car in MA, how to transport to NH legally?
Should I donate my car or junk it?
what cars have u owned?
Being a Car Salesman?
leasing a car?
why do so many so called american patriots buy foreign manfacture owned cars?
Australia, Which used car do you prefer?
Which is better? A old car that is paid off or a new car where you have car payments?
What car should I buy? <import>?
Car recommendations for a 19 year old guy?
free car history report?
Looking for first car - fancy a brand new one...?
car people look here?
Which car would you rather choose?
help just bought acar out of the loot set off home and car has blown up is their any way to get my money back?
When a car dealer says the need a check stub does it have to be on check paper?
What is a good suv? PLEASE HELP. ?
a car is $1680 after 14% discount......what was the original price of the car?
I bought a stolen car, what do i do?
Is a 2005 Honda Accord 2.4 dx Sedan with 96k miles on it a good deal for $8995?
what kind of car should i get?
What is the best sedan car to buy in india which costs up to Rs.8 lakhs?
What is the best compact pickup truck that is used today?
Car supercharger. Plz help?
so im about to purchase a jeep with the steering wheel on the right side.?
safest and best car for a 15 year old girl?
iam looking for a low cost car in lexington nc where can i find one?
how do i turn in someone that i know is hiding their car from being repossessed?
auto vs manual in a fast car?
trying to sell my car?
value of 77 mustang II with 302?
Is Damien Ewers a ! Auctions agent?
Which is best - Volvo S80, Nissan Maxima, or Lexus ES300?
is anyone selling their used car for at most 3,000 dollars ?
If I buy a car for 35k with no money down and get a good interest rate, whats my payment??
Good questions to ask a dealer when buying a car?
How old do you have to be to be able to sell cars as a job?
Would you buy this car?
were can i get a low miles bmw 745 for about 12,500?
Why do people nowadays buy asian cars instead of american?
Getting ready to buy a car?