Car Buying

Can I cancel my car warranty without my interest rate increasing?
What is a good first car?
which way to go in getting a new car - loan or lease?
Which car should I buy? Saturn or Chevy?
Is this scooter any good?
When should i put anti freeze in the car?
I just bought a used car, now I'm freaking out. Is there a law that allows you three days to change your mind?
How much money for used car ?
Is better to buy a brand new Kia Rio under warranty or buy a 1998-2002 Honda Civic with 80,000-100,000 miles?
Should I consider making an offer for this car?
can you get a car without a loan?
What do you do when you buy a car from someone and they can't sign the title over?
Can I get a 48 month loan on a used Toyota MR2 Spyder?
can someone buy me a vehicle or give me 1?
How to get Wholesale cars dealer license in California?
Does Brian have a car for sale?
Am I really responsible for the Smog Certificate on this vehicle?
Can I finance (with an Auto loan not a personal loan) a 7 year old car?
Which is best in overall dio or activa or access or wego...?
I have a vehicle which is co-signed for, can the co-signer turn the car back into the bank?
Selling my car...but for how much?
I need help find a used car?
Should I drive 6 hour to buy a new car from a dealer?
93 Honda Del Sol average lifespan?
what is a 1991 chevy silverado worth?
Which color would you pick and why?
Any opinions on Ottsville Imports car dealer in Ottsville, PA?
How much would the down payment be on a $2000 car?
Is Heats 3 worth the buy?
Outstanding Auto Loan Wells Fargo?
How can i find a cheap car at 17?
i want to purchase car pl give me advice logon, swift or acent?
What are some rally cars under $10k?
Advice buying a used car?
Can American cars compete with the Japanese?
Older ugly used car (paid off) VS a new one with car payment! Which one wld u buy?
Whats the value of my Lexus Gs300?
what is a good price for a 2002 Kawasaki 650 4X4 All Terrain Vehicle with about 300 miles?
Do you think this is a nice looking suv for a teenage girl? [Link]?
HELP! What does this mean?
Can a car salesman increase apr the next day they release a car to the customer?
I want a refund on a 2nd hand car?
sales question?
Should i sell my car and pay off my loan?
How can I order additional front seat legroom in a pickup truck?
Why air-conditioning is optional in some new cars?
What is a good used car to buy?
a star lxi and vxi, which 1 is better to buy?
What should I pay for a used car with high mileage?
I would like to find out all information on the 1997 328i mustang.. is there a website i can use?
where can i find an inexpensive vehicle for work in the northwestern north carolina area?
need a truck bed for a 1992 toyota pickup long bed?
What's the best way to sell a great car privately?
should i buy a trailblazer or a grand cherokee?
What truck should i get?
What is a lien shortfall in car paperwork?
hi . in u.k where can i buy an ambulance from ?
Can you locate me a new car showroom in Chicago plus suburb areas,and tell me what cars they are please?
if you have a choice to buy a SUV wihich one of the 3 would you buy BMW x5 BENZ ML or RANGE ROVER SPORT...?
Can i and where can i get a cheap used suv near Philly?
My first car. What truck to choose?
I live in Columbus, Ohio and need a car?
is a DAEWOO a bad car?
Somebody can tell me what are the best brands of tires that we have in china?
(Toyato Prado 2-spec) Vs. (Hummer 3), what is your preferred choice?
Do you need to pay off an existing car loan with a bank after that car is in an accident?
Want to buy complete exause system for my car?
Is a 1996-2004 a good car for a 16 year old male?
good small starter car for a teen(girl)?
what suvs are for guys?
What happen in the case Liarkos vs Mello?
How much did you pay for your Honda CR-V EX-L? I want to know what a good price is.?
I want so much, but I can't buy?
acura rsx type-s vs toyota celica gts?
i'm looking for a car ? suggestion? ?
what is the value of a 79 chevy 1/2 ton that has been rebuilt from ground up and only 500 miles on new engine?
How do I buy a Vehicle with a lien on it?
First Car?
What would you buy for yourself with 230$?
i need 2 trick out my new car. any suggestions?
Car for new driver?
what is the indiana sales tax rate on a car?
How do car dealers come up with the amount in which you lease a vehicle?
How can I make my car "disappear?"?
I want a 1963 Oldsmobile cutlass sooo BAD !!?
gas prices 24 years ago?
Can I sell my current vehicle under a loan and buy a used one from my boss and still make payments?
How do diesel engines work on motorhomes?
what is the difference between corella CE , S and LE?
FIFA 13 crashes end of season 1. Go to buy a player I had on loan and it freezes!!!?
what would you pay for a 1995 acura integra in near new condition with every option on it?
New Car. Between a Veloster and A Tucson IX?
How much of a difference is reasonable between kbb price and the seller's price for a used car?
How do i decide between buying a certified pre-owned car, new, or a used one?
what is a 1998 honda civic ex with 103,000 miles and body in good condition worth?
Which of these two vehicles will give me the bigger bang for my money?
Where can I buy a car for $6000 dollars?
Anyone with a SAAB 95?
which one to choose,motorbike or car?
why is eBay's car/boat sales so fail? or is it seller asking for too much?
which is fastest car?
Audi Q5 or Vw touareg?
trying to find someone selling a car who will be the leinholder because i don't have thousands to put down
What would be the price of Chevrolet Enjoy?
thanks ever one but i sold my 94 Chevy today for 1400 it sit for 3 weeks but it gone?
Which car should i go for.?
Which car should I get? (18 year old driver)?
Best cars for people who drive a lot?
what color car shows the least dirt and what color color shows the most dirt?
I need drivers Ed help please!!?
I have a Polo classic 2001 and everytime it gives me problems.i really dont know what 2do now.?
Help!, i want to buy a new car?
what automatic car should i buy?
I'm in south carolina and see a car from cali I want to buy.How do I purchase a car I've never test driven.?
How much lower can i have a dealer go for 07 camry with 46k miles?
Are state car auctions a safe place to but a car?
I have a 1957 ford Fairlane for sale, what should I expect to get for it?
Do i really need 490 horsepower?
what is better - trading a car in with value left on it or waiting til the car to trade in has no value?
just payed off my truck bout 3week's ago they said I should get my title in bout 2 week's.And now I am getting?
whats better the 1995 or 1996 chevy impala?
estimate value of a 04' gravnd prix?
Anyone ever a presale car inspection and how much did it cost?
where can I buy reliable used car in Orlando? (New Beetle would be great:))?
how much can car dealers discount off invoice?
is r15 is better for me ?
mercedes, bmw, or audi??? First car?
Which is a better buy? Camry or Jetta?
Where can I find a fake shark fin antenna for my car that matches the color?
where is a good place to find used cars at a good price in new york city???
My boyfriend wants to buy me a car what do i do?
what is the best car tire to buy with the least amount of road noise?
need a car?
What's a good reliable vehicle?
trying to sell used camper shell but have no idea the price?
If I intend to buy a new car which should i choose? ur Optins r 1) WAGN-R 2) ZN-ESTILO 3) SNTRO 4) INDICA-XETA
Does a the realease of the new year of a car affect used car prices?
What should I buy first?
How to convince my mom to buy me this car?
My parents say for my first car I have to get an economical one under $5000. What would be the best?
buy exotic car shells/bodys?
L200 warrior or Nissan Nevada what should i get?
Planning to buy Hyundai Eon Era+ Petrol this navratri?
Which is a better compact car, Honda civic or Toyota corolla ?
what is the sale's tax for buying a car in chicago?
Driving Automatic vs Standards? 10 points for best answer?
Anyone know where I can find a cheap car 400.00 to 500.00 for my son? (on the web)?
What is a good first car for a 17 year old?
How much time will it take to save up for a $10,000 or less car?
I'm looking for a holden vu ute under $8000, where can I find one?
I an over twenty five years old and need I rent a car?
has plate on tounge with maker of trailer but now weight?
Am I responsible to pay off the loan??
i just got a infiniti 130 for 7000 dollars .1997 model 100k mielage .is it a good deal?
Whats the best starter car to get?
Suggest smartphone in the range of 8000?
What is the difference between wholesale license and a used car dealer license. Can you use the dealer license
car deposit was stolen (contact/recepit was signed though)?
Autotrader cloned/stolen car?
Getting a new car?
best place to buy used car?
Should I fix it? or buy another car?
Should I buy a brand new Nissan Altima coupe or a used BMW?
Car Decision Help?
VW GTI or Honda Civic Si Coupe?
What car do you reccomend for starters?
Where can I find Mahindra Renault Car Dealers locators in Delhi?
Are the car cheap?
What are the steps to sell my truck on craigs list?
Buying a car.... is this a scam?
I'm trying to find a 2007 chevy minivan.?
I'm 20, looking for advise on a new car?
PPlllzz answer this- what country manufactured Hyundai?
A Decent Diesel For Under £3500?
I'm looking for a Nissan Xterra for sale by a private owner in Houston Tx. where do I go?
Can I buy a car from Manheim Auctions or do I have to be a dealer?
Is it better to purchase or lease a jap car?
how much should I pay for a pilot EXL 2010?
I paid my car off today with money I wanted to nvest was that smart?
How many KM's are acceptable on a car from 1994?
Will my situation work for cash for clunkers?
is this car fk*#d now?
where can i get a cheap car?
2011 Audi s4 vs 2011 Cadillac cts-v?
I have a 2003 Chev Astro van. I like how I sit up high. I would like to get that same height in a small SUV?
Looking into a new 4-cylinder, fast and yet also relatively cheap?
Should I buy a 1985 Porsche 944?
What should I choose for my first vehicle?
what site is good for buying & selling items for free without credit card #'s straight person to person contac
Toyota Lease to Own program?
How much do you think this car is worth.?
What price should I expect for salvaging a car??
What is the new Maruti Alto 800 Price in India?
If you had to choose: Mercedes or Lexus? Why?
Which car do you think is more appropriate for a 17 year old boy, who just got his first car, and has no job?
Should i do it? Buy a car at 16?
Where can i find a front door handle for a 91 s-10 blazer tahoe lt ?
I have a British classic car with my ownership papers, do I have to register it in N.Y (title) before selling?
how much will it cost me in taxes to import an impala from the US to AUS?
Ccan you intake cars that have turbos? ?
Surely a 205 gti 1.9 (non-cat) is quicker than a saxo vts or 106 gti?
should i charge for the title to my car?
How much $ for a 1989 240sx?
Is the tow yard supposed to contact the lien holder?
im about to buy a!?
anyone know a lot about cars?
I need help car problems!!!!!?
what would you prefer?
Where can i get a cop car for sale in orlando?
why do the dealers say this car is "blue"? it doesnt look like it?
Hey Low Rider People. Classic Thunderbird 77 For Sale ?
What would it cost to buy a Camaro SS?
I'm thinking of buying and selling cars at craigslist. What are the ideal things i should do to buy/sell cars
What kind of car do you drive?
Need a Price Check on a Chevy 302 crate engine with 8000 miles on it?
How much would a Vintage Variflex Dinosaur 1987 Be Worth?
where can i find the best prices on cars?
Are these cars too girly?
Was given a chick car?
What are the Interior and Exterior features of Mercedes Benz ML Class?
Are used car dealerships a good place to get a first car?
why is toyota corolla the largest car sold in automotive history and the best selling car in the world?
I'm planning to buy a 1999 model daewoo matiz, is this a good car? considering its quality, please help.. tnx!
How would I go about selling a 200 thousand dollar mercedes?
Do you like Iphone? Many people use Iphone. Should I buy one?
Can i buy a car from a dealer with poor credit.?
which is the best car that have an resale value figo or swift ori10?
What is the expected mileage of BMW X2?
Good websites to buy mussel cars. i want to buy 1966 chevy chevelle ss that i can fix up over 3 - 4 years?
What is required to sell a vehicle?
Do you know of any free websites that search for repossessed cars or auctions?
Any tips on buying a car off e-bay tips on Security etc.?
What is the best vehical to get for a 26 year old stay at home with 2 daughters?
Help with search for a car?!?
what are the odds of a car dealer dropping the price almost $900 on a car?
The best way to get a vehicle loan?
Why are new Hondas so expensive?
How do 18-20 year olds buy nice sports car all tuned out for like $30,000 to $50,000?
Anyone have any good Luxury Sport Sedan Suggestions?
Can someone look up this VIN for me? 1g6kd54y0wu700289?
where could i find used GMC denali door handles?
I am looking for a Oldsmobile cutlass supreme convertible 91 to 95 that is under 4000.00?
Audi A5 or Audi A4 or BMW 335I?
Can I Buy a car on lease if i dont hold a full UK Licence?
Looking for a 2006 chevy Impala SS, new or used. Is there a dealer out there that can get me one for under?
I need some help on finding information/estimation on this type of truck.?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a van instead of buying one?
What is the best moped scooter I can get??
missouri titling a car that was bought dec 2005?
1972 VW Beetle Questions?
1997 Acura CL with 290K miles already?
Looking for a good car for under 6k?
where can i get a cheap car with no credit check? in the state of Illinois and Indiana?
what car should i get???
where do i get a vin tag for my 1980z28 camaro?
Volkswagen beetle questionssssss?
What should.i know about buying a used car?
I'm selling my car and car registration is about to expire?
can i return my used car?
i need to find this car my buddy told me about. the Audi 200.?
good and reliable websites for car accesories?
What kind of car do u guys recommend for under 7000??
I wasnt to buy a relativly cheap hummer H3 ($18,000,$23,000) what would be a good site to but it from?
where can i look to get a free history report on the car i'm making payments on to ensure its not stolen?
Car Business?
Should I Buy the M3 (bmw) or the S4 (audi) and why?
How to buy a car from dealer? ?
dont own a vehicle?
I was looking into buying a koenigsegg is it worth it?
Colour of new swift - Black or glistering grey ?
what would you list this cars price as?
What car is most similar to a Chevy Blazer?
I want to buy a used car, but don't know a reliable one to get? my max budget is £4000, any suggestions? ty
what type of car is this anyone pic included?
how many liters is a mini cooper s with john cooper works package?
How much could I sell this pick up for?
How much should I pay for a scion Fr-s at the dealership?
What's a nicer car then a Land Rover?
First Cars?
Looking for a Chevy/GMC 2500 4x4 1990 or newer in good shape for under 4000 with a reese & gooseneck hitch.?
fiat stilo - Is it a good second hand car?
What to buy in shezhen?
where to buy a decent car for a 17 year old? at a decent price?
Is it worth getting a getting an extended warranty on a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealer?
whats a good car to get?
what kind of a car is best for a young driver?
wanna buy a car?
Which car do you think would be the better buy?
I had sold my car to a dealership, title is salvage, now he wants to sue. What do I do?
which car please answer!!!(noone ever answers my ?'s lol)?
How to I transfer a car title to an individual, if the bank has the title?
Should I trade in my 2008 Scoin XB for a 2007 Honda Civic fully loaded with options like nav?
Average monthly payment for an 2011 Acura MDX?
Cant get cosigner for new loan. Options?
brand new car or higher end used car?
is the bolt pattern of 2001 honda accord same as 1992 accord?
whats the best car around today?
Which would be a better first car?
How do I get a car dealers license in Louisiana?
what are the general requirements for getting a car on finance in the uk?
Bid club rip off?
hubby's car re-po'd 5 yrs ago & the debt cancelled. another debt agency has bought it & want payment in full?
Do motor corporations such as nissan, toyota, honda, ford, chevrolet etc hire felons?
do i need my title to sell my 97 jeep that is in my name?
What is the fastest car can i buy for 25,000?
First vehicle for 18-year-old girl?
Would I be able to afford a Jeep Wrangler car payment?
Does Nissan Motors have a frequent buyers program?
How much is this Genesis worth?
How can I buy a car from Canada?
How much would you sell my car for?
Where can you find a GoCart engine used?
Ford car latest prices in bangalore?
Does anyone have an opinion on the nissan titan? (this ? is for truck lovers)?
do you think a corsa vaxhall a good to buy?
Who makes the best 7 Seater SUV?
Should I buy a 1996 Eagle Talon? How long do they last?
how to drive a car in usa?
which is the cheapest and most reliable pre-used car in the UK?
does anyone one know where i can get a pair of 1936 panel truck license plates?
How do I get a free car if I don't have any money? I've been without one for a year now.?
were can i find old cars for cheap?
Should i buy a car that has 200,000 miles on it?
how long does it take to ship a car from orlando, fl to las vegas, nv?
which car would be a better buy. altogether thinking about fuel costs, insurance, & maintenance.?
cheap, reliable, fast used sedan?
Looking to buy a used Nissan Altima? Any suggestions or things to watch out for?
I've got an 1800cc Daewoo Espero to swap for a small car for my son who has just passed his test. Any offers?
Where is a good place yo sell a car?
what kind of car do you drive?
Is there any site that prices motorcylces based on the make, model, year and miles?
How much money are used cars typically?
Where can I get a cheap car?
Buying a new car...down payment question.?
Aside from ebay and, what is a legit site to find car listings online?
What Pickup Has Best MPG with Full Bed?
Which car should I pick?
How does one feel after talking with a car salesman usually and why?
Anyone ever dealt with American Credit Acceptance for an auto loan?
What are good reliable companies that sell car engines?
i bought a car and i need help with title pleaseee some one help?
Cars in Pensacola under $1000?
I am leasing a car. I know at the end of my lease I will be over my miles, so how do I go about buying my car?
what are some of the 'used car salesman' techniques I should look out for when I buy my first car this weekend
Should I put my turbo back on my car?
Good car for a 16 year old girl?
I need help finding a car?
where to buy pedicab/ rickshaw?
Is it legal for a Toyota to change interest rates after a person has already file paperwork and has car?
Is there anyone trying to sell a decent car or pickup that runs??
What's your favorite Super Car?
Should I trade in my car?
First car help needed!!?
Are all buy here pay here dealers evil?
how much is this car?
What is the engine performance of Renault Duster?
16 first car please help.?
How much is a typical car down payment for a 25K car?
who wants to sell mazda rx3 to me?
whats a good fast awd car (not suv)?
Can i afford a 20000 dollar car?
buying a used car in kansas City?
I'm looking to buy a car, wich one is better toyota "yaris" or hondas "fit"?
What age of book is particularly profitable to sell these days?
What are the pros and cons of Mitsubishi Colt?
i dont know what to buy , sl500 or XLR ?
buying a car? need help!?
hi i looking for a car small car has to be a three door if posible and i want it yellow must have small engine
Why is this car so cheap?
Tips For Buying A First Car, Used, And Not Getting Scammed?
How tall does a person have to be to ride a Tomo Streetmate moped?
I'm confused about how this makes me spoiled?
Is a 2000 Impala LS with 200k a good deal for $1500?
Is 100,000 miles on a 2006 car bad?
Will my delivery come on tuesday 9/5/12?
What car would you buy for £100k?
Volkswagen Touran or Honda FRV ?
Choose 1 Truck,Car,Money,or Motorcycle?
Im going to a car auction, how much money should i bring?
I'm 18, in high school & working part time, I need a car, should I get a loan?
I need to find a moving truck. Does anyone know any good ones?
Where can i buy ford velociraptor svt?
Best car for a 17 year old?
brief answers about shipping?
Can someone give advice to this seventeen year old looking to buy a new car?
Think I should sell my 97 Honda Accord? If so, would you get a new or used car?
Does I have to be american to buy a car in usa?
im looking for a nissan armada?
When will my package come?
Can anyone give me all the information they have about the VW bus, like the old 60's ones.?
what car would you rather have?
Can I sue Chevrolet for a defect that is well known?
How do you import a car into the States?
Opinions pleaseeee on this car!!!!?
how can i find used auto dealers in kalamazoo?
Is this a good deal for a car or not?
Problems with a dealership?
i whant to buy a car?
were can i sell a non running car.were they come and pick it up from you'r house?
Interested in a 1991 Honda Prelude? help?
Should i buy this 280z and restore it?
can someone give me a list of turbo cars that are legal for p platers in NSW?
Car Advice. PLEASE! I Just Want Someone To Answer Already!?
Is there tax involved if I buy a car from a private seller?
2003 GMC Sierra 2500 financing?
Do I deserve this car?
I purchased a car cash, discovered it is an insurance write off, can I get my money back? and how?
what happens to all the unsold new cars when a new model year comes out?
new carr or fix transmission?
Best "brand-new" Car for a TEEN??
Whats The best suv with 3rd row Seating?
What is the best Dealers location of Mercedes-Benz Car in Gurgaon?
what should i buy the new VW Jetta GLI or the New Camry SE sport?
How to start a small business buying and selling used cars in the UK?
im planning to by a new car. which model should i choose?
how hard is it being a car salesman?
I bought a brand new car almost a year ago.... I want to know if theres anyway I can return it?
What car should i get?
what car should i get ?
Pick Up Trucks?
A car dealer ripped me off today! Can I legally back out when they reopen tomorrow?
I just need a running car for under $500. What makes do I look at?
I need a more reliable car but what do I do with the one I have?
Suggestions on trading in a car you're upside down on?
I have a 99 toyota that is damaged in the front a man offered to buy it. I paid 6000 for it and asked3500.?
Is it worth getting this car?
Are honda civics reliable cars? ?
idk what car to!?
Does any one have a cheap mucsle car for sale?
is there a website where i kan c the cars that the police has 4 sale?
how much does a repossessed vehichle sell for at an auction?
Do i or dont i buy this car?
Do you agree that High quality escort are protected 10 points?
Is this a good deal on a car>?
Where can I buy a 1998 Manual transmission Honda Civic within 150 mile radius of Bolivar Missouri?
What is a good first car?
What is the best car for a family of 4?
Cheapest Internet Sites to Buy Fitted Camouflage Seat Covers?
What to buy-a new or used car?
If I didn't sign the loan document from the bank do still have to buy the car!?
What is a good car for a teen-ager (maximum $20,000)?
Would this car be worth buying?
im looking for my first car?
ok what car?
Getting the tittle to a car?
What is a reliable Scooter / Moped store that I could buy from?
Should I buy a Toyota Tundra or a Dodge Ram?
im turning 15 and gonna drive with permit im thinking about getting a g37 coupe?
How much is my car worth Used/Trade in?
Mini Cooper or VW Beetle?
$13,000 to spend, suggestions?
1949 international pickup truck ballpark value?
RIDICULUS trade in value for our van?
Squeaking Radeling noise under my truck? ?
cancel a new car purchase?
What's the name of this car?
Can a financing or loaned car leave the country?
What car would you buy and why?
i wanna sell my car but don't know how much for?
im doing a project & i have to pretend that im about to buy a car..but i have never purchased a car so im lost?
Why do car salemen work on draw?
Few Questions on Leasing a Car?
I am looking at a 1991 Lexus for 1900.00?
what are your feelings on Pontaic Montanas 2000-2004?
if i am living in EEC, and i want to buy a car outside my country of residence, what do i have tod do?..thnx?
looking for kelly blue book price for 1984 cadillac coupe deville?
Would A 1958 Corvette Make a Good First Car?
Anyone know where I can find some good 15 inch chrome wheels for a pickup truck?
If there was only two car companies in the world, Toyota and Honda, which one would you pick and why?
what is a good starter car for a 17 year old boy?
What do you think my car is worth to carmax?
Im going off to college soon and i wanted to know if an LT1 camaro or firebird would be a good car to take.?
i would like to asked about my miles update?
What Car Should I Get?
what would be a good car to buy for around £5000 i do around 25k a year ?
I never bought a car before, can you just up and buy one in one day or paperwork have to be completed first?
why are cars so expensive?
Wanna sell me a car.?
I am looking to buy a car from the web. ? POA?
What Color Camaro Should I get?
Can I afford a 50, 000 car if I have 20, 000 for down payment and 600 dlls free to spend per month.?
Buying a car from another state. Can I sign documents via a notary?
1990 - 1996 Nissan 300ZX or 1989 - 1998 Mazda Miata?
I am interested in purchasing a minivan but do not know what model to choose. Can anyone give me some advice?
Anyone selling a cool car for 4G in or near Memphis, TN?
I nedd a car that fits my budget!?
How do I spot a car sales scam?
I'm looking to get a new car? Any suggestions?
Would any car work for a replica?
thinking about starting a business sending used cars to mexico... any input?
Where can I buy seatbelts?
What car should i get?
American Cars or German or Japenese?
Good car ideas anyone?
wut kinda car shuold i get my dad 2 bye 4 me?
What are the pros and cons of Mitsubishi Colt?
WHat would be my APR?
What's the lowest I can lower my car where I wont **** up my bumper or under the car when going in drive ways?
Is my goal for an old car is too high?
Are Land Rovers really that bad?
Can I get a refund for used car inspection?
what is the difference between honda civic vtec and exi?
Does anyone know why we have to but cars by "Dickering "with a salesman?
Wanting to sell my car that i don't have title to?
i need to go to an insurance auction car sales site.?
Do Escorts make good second hand cars?
Can I buy a car off the lot?
What if I purchase a car from a private seller, but can't register it?
Want to buy mobile from custom in low price... plzzzz tell me the price. and process?
Does anyone have an opinion about IDEAL FINE CARS on Weston Road in Toronto?
Dealership won't release trade-in vehicle that they didn't use for the deal!?
getting a title... how can i own this?
How can I get US plated car delivered to me in Guadalajara ? Not to sell but to keep.?
safest and best car for a 15 year old girl?
I'm thinking about importing a car from japan.?
If my starte solenoid is messed up should i relace or buy new starter?
Should I buy this car? Please help!!?
I am trying to buy a car does anyone have any suggestions on a good reliable sedan?
Is this not a bunch of BS?? ?
do you guys know anything about Honda civic lxi???
Where can I buy and Audi TT Roadster CHEAP!?
how long do i have to keep this car for?
Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to buying a car? How much are they allowed to come off the sticker?
buy new chrome or have old stuff "rechromed"?
Fix old car or get better one?
Need help deciding on a truck or SUV to buy?
A 19-year old friend wants to know.......?
1968 GMC Truck?
How to get over something that you lost becasue of family?
Can you guys help recommend me a car?
which is the best petrol car in india?
if you HAD to choose between these two?
What was the new price of a 1975 Mercedes 240 D back in the day ,as a new car sold in the USA and in Germany!?
How do you check the new car inventory of Lexus dealers?
Cost to repair paint chip on BMW X5 M Sport Bumper?
vans with 5 seats for sale in glasgow?
Hard to decide: Garmin or TomTom ?
What car should I get?
a car in a teen's name?
What does "TLC" mean when the say a car needs it???
getting my car reposesed?
Has anyone sold their car to cash for cars?
What does it mean to 'lease' a vehicle? I understand it's not the same as buying?
Please Help Need Advice on A car situation?
Are Honda civics good cars?
Could my parents lease a car for me?
i purchased a car >6 mths ago from dealer in Texas & I live in California, he is refusing to send title?
Looking to buy a cheap very fast car any ideas?
is a 2001 audi a4 1.8 turbo worth 5000?
How do you buy a used car, if you don't know much about maintenance?
A Good Car For A Decent Amount?
Things to look for when buying a used car from Craigslist?
whats a good car for a guy?
how reliable is audi 80?
Out of these two which is the better truck to buy?
Dealer is selling at "wholesale", which is good but...?
Looking for different types of classic sports cars?
can I purchase a car?
what are some good websites to find cars for sale?
What car should I get?
I think this may be a scam, it's just too good to be true. Is it?
I'm looking for a nice car for 6 people my price range is up to 100,000?
In Texas, when a bank puts a car up for repossession, at what point during the process is it the bank's?
2008 Chevy Tahoe VS. 2008 Honda Accord Coupe?
Need to ask an important question.I'm about to look at a car for sale by a seller on craiglist.?
How to buy a car?......?
Co-Signing Loan for neice?
where can i get a mitsubishi 3000GT 1995 for under 4000US?
Why are iphone 5s $200 but people on ebay sell and buy them for 600$ and also the iphone 4s's are 300$..?
dealership paying off truck loan?
You are 17. Your parents just won 10 million in the lottery. What car would you buy?
Bought car from a small prvte dealer in house they repossesed the car and i got the car backin xclty 10 days b
Leasing a car. Help please?
Can Anyone Give me The CSD prices of All Cars(especially Sedans)?
who is looking for a cheep used car?
Subaru Forester full option or Dodge Durango base?
What car should i buy?
how much is my car worth?
Who has a VW Lupo? What would you say in a mini-car review?
Cars...Ahhhhh (Tax)?
Would it be best for me to get a 2008 model or 2009 (in the future)?
What strengths and weaknesses of protons gen 2 ?
where can i get the best deal for a brand new BMW in Chicago area?
Suggestions on a family saloon car worth around 10 000 to 12 000 US $??? Please give me some good brands.?
Would these make good first cars for a teen girl?
where is the cheapest prepurchase inspection for a car i saw online in CA?
Is there anyone out there thinking about selling their 1999-2001 model JeeP Grand Cherokee?
Should I buy a 2007 Camry LE, 2007 Ford Fusion or an Audi A4 ?
Would you buy a car that was flooded by Katrina?
Having trouble convincing my parents to get me a used car instead of a new one?
Is the Nissan Xterra a reliable SUV?
why these days Japanese cars sells so good a number but the cars from us?
silvia s15 or skyline r34 gtt?
Buy 2005 Lincoln LS for $1,500?
smart car?? Good idea!?
How would you want your dream car to look like.?
Help me choose a car!?
What makes a GT vehicle more superior then a vehicle that isn't a GT?
2007 Jeep Patriot or Honda Civic(sedan) which is hotter? which is cheaper?
how to sell a car privately?
Can you expedite a Car title in CA?
subaru forester, or toyota camry?
I want to get my name off of my car loan that I share with my ex?
car dealerships in New Jersey?
Will I be able to at least get approved for a new car with a cosigner?
Are there any mid to large sized sport-utility vehicles that get good gas mileage?
What problems to look for in a second hand ford ka?
what is the best selling class A motorhome?
Used Compact SUV, what do you suggest?
is 110,000 Miles too much for a Mustang 2003 V6?
Value of a 1972 John Deere 112?
I am 23, Should i get a porsche 911 as my weekend fun car?
i have a 1974 plymouth duster should i keep it or sell it??
Do salesmen really know what they are talking about when they are trying to sell you a car?
Is a 2003 Audi TT coupe with 127,000 miles for 8995 a good deal or potential bank breaker?
are rav 4s cool for girls to drive?
i need ideas for a first car?
Why don't car companies ever have customers vote on redesigns?
Should I reveal my car has a used engine to dealership?
Should I try to sell my 2004 Ford Mustang or should I let the leasing company take it back?
where can I find a good priced 2005-2008 Black Cadillac CTS or STS?
Can I get my truck under my name instead of my dad?
looking for very cheap project cars around oklahoma city?
How much would i get for a 2003 Ford Heritage F150?
Buying my first car, what do you think?
Is the 2006 f-150 with the 4.2 liter v-6 a decent reliable vehicle with 75,000 miles?is it worth 8,000 for 2wd?
Trading a mustang for a truck?
New car / suv recommendations?
A person is selling his Toyota Supra for what seems like an absurdly high price?
How much money could I get if I sell my 1979 Camaro Berlinetta?
Looking for the perfect car!?
How do I get the best price for a new car?
if i buy a used car and it is a lemon can i take it back and get a refund on my down payment?
how do plates work when buying a used car?
Out of these 4 cars, which would you choose?
are cars driven in New York bad?
cheap auto cars! which one! UK please?
How can I get a free 1967-1969 mustang project car?
what is the car with the best gas mileage and the most dependable to own?
Mini Cooper as a first car??
which car do i buy??
What's the best crossover vehicle for me?
Requirements for a car salesman?
What is a better car Honda Civic Si or Acura Rsx Type-S?
What does Automatic w/Tiptronic mean?
I need help with my car please?
Sporty car $4000 or under?
2012 Mazda3 OR 2013 Mazda CX-5?
Which is the most reliable small used car?
Question about getting around with a unregistered car?
Is my goal for an old car is too high?
PLEASE need help with car!?
Camaro LS1, LST, or SS?
im looking for a cheap vehicle in the baytown texas area...?
how do you return a car back to the dealer and stop making payments when you've had the car for 7 months?
Expedition or Tahoe...?
should i trade my 2002 gti vr6 for a 2001 audi tt (salvage title)?
Rover 75, the British car; which model has longtitudinal (lengthwise) roof bars ?
what would be a good "first starting out car" for a girl?
Whats the step by step process in buying a car?
Best car for a teenager?
What do they do with the cars that don't get sold in car dealerships?
Is $6,800 for a 1996 jeep Grand cherokee a good price? Or is something wrong with it?
What should I do? (Car advice)?
I'am thinking about selling my car. Because it takes too much of my money to get it running again .?
Best used suv for under $15,000?
First Car?
I am looking to design my car invention, what software should I buy?
Why are most ebay cars from florida and texas?
Now I know you can only sell five cars in ohio without having a dealers license....My question is what if you?
hi, i'm looking to buy a new car - how do i know what i should pay?
68/69 Oldsmobile Toronado. How much did it cost in 1999?
How much would you pay for this car?
Where can I get a...?
how much is the brand new cadillac,escalade?
Can I get a good car for cheap?
When is the best time to swap a lease? I have a 4 year lease - and I am a Senior in college.?
26000 too much for first car?
How much is my lincoln worth?
classic cars for sale?
What Kind Of Car Can $150k buy?
What car can I afford for 1k to 4.5k that is dependable and nice looking? ?
what are some good websites to by tuner performance parts?
What you buy with $400 dollers?
(Honda CRX vs EK8) - which car is better for modifications?
Interested in buying a used car.. How can I make sure I'm not getting ripped off?
Fastest 0-60 stock car under 20k? 25k?
Looking for another vehicle. Any suggestions?
what is a really cool, really fast car?
What can shouldi buy for my first car?
My cousin wants to buy my 1968 Camaro this weekend. Is $13,000. a fair price?
is it better to buy or to lease a car?
Is it cheaper to lease a car or to buy it?
Which car is right for me?
what kind of car do you drive?
09 challenger SE Vs. nondescript used car?
I have a repo can i get a new car please help?
Other than E Bay, where can I sell my classic car?
I need to purchase a Toyota Tacoma cheaply?
where is the best place to buy a number plate for my car?
how do the dealerships choose which used car will be certified?
Can I get a classic car in monthly payments?
Can I have 60 months on a new used car?
men please help me out !!!!!?
Which Mini Van is the best on the market for a first time buyer w/ growing family?
is this a deal?
Which car for first car?
can i buy a car on sunday in Ohio?
Can I buy a car with cash?
Good truck to buy?.. (Link to it)?
i am selling a black 1987 chevy celebrity with lowrider rims, cd player, pioneer spekers, air antake ect...?
I am looking for a toyota echo my problem is that i fear buying out of my state is going to cost more ? for u?
My sister and I are trying to purchase a car! Need advice!! College student!?
which car do you like better out of these i picked?
If anyone has a Saturn ION, would you please read & answer my questions? Thanks!?
I'm looking to buy a car what should I choose?
Please answer if you own a Toyota Celica or Honda Prelude?
First car high school junior. BIG POINTS?
What would be the best decision?
When will the new Dodge Challenger be available for sale to the public?
should I get a superbike or a car?
Should I pay cash for a car or take over the car payments?
Should I sell my BMW 325e for a Ford Tempo?
is it better to lease a car or buy?
Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series? (2006-2007)?
can i trade in my car with damage to it?
Help!!!! whats wrong with my car?
What are the major things to look for when buying a used car?
Is it weird that I don't have my own car?
Trading in a car for another car you still owe money on?
Which car should I save up for as my first One? (Used)?
At what price could I sell my 1985 Jaguar XJS?
Which car is better based on price and mpg?
2010 Audi A4 or Mercedes C300?
Whick is a nice fast car ?
If I my birthday is September 02, 1989 when is my soulmates birthday?
how long do you have to return a used car?
When you trade in your car do you keep the tax disc? Mine has 10 months on!?
Which one would you buy, a hybrid, an electric car, or a normal car? why?
Buying my first car-need suggestions?
find the discount and the sale price. shirt:$19.36 discount:25% a)$5.25:$14.71 b)$4.99;$24.95 ?
Can someone give advice to this seventeen year old looking to buy a new car?
Where can i buy the pink ribbon car magnets?
I am looking for a family vehicle?
planning to start an auto part export company?
Does anyone have any info on what happens when you need to get out of a car lease early?
Whats a good car that both me and my parents can agree on for my first?
Need help finding a car?
What websites are there to find old cars that need to be restored that are for sale?
whats a good coupe for $3000-$5000?
what are the steps i need to take in Orlando if i were to buy a car from Atlanta with a rebuilt title?
What does h.u.d in car ads mean?
how much will you price this Mazda 3?
What kind of car do you currently drive?And how many miles do you have on it?
2 door reasonably priced cars?
Should i buy the 1971 MGB?
Does a 13 year old car still have a "book value"?
The best car to buy for under 20k?
You are 17. Your parents just won 10 million in the lottery. What car would you buy?
I'm Looking for some Nice Wheels!!!?
Is this a good car for a 16 year old? ?
Which semi high end sedan/station wagon?
Did I get a good deal on my car?
Car for new driver?
Which car is faster and better?
2004 Porsche Boxster or 2005 Bmw Z4?
I bought a car on finance yesterday but have changed my mind now. Can I cancel?
i have a question about buying a car?
What is a good relieable Chevrolet Suv for a girl just getting her license?
Is There A Dealer In Michigan That still sells the ford f-150 Harley davidson edition Truck?
a good name for a car?
Which is better, FWD or AWD for the Texas Panhandle?
you the same person have a financed car and also get a new lease?
do car salesmen (at volkswagen) make a base bay as well as commission?
Help me solve this used car problem :(?
why are we one of the dearest places for petrol prices when the likes of Egypt is about 20p a litre?
Should I sell my car or take it with me to another state?
Looking to start car restoration to resale, where would be a good place to start.?
whats the best car for 5 grand or under?
I am traveling to Japan to buy a Nissan Skyline and I a want to know what will it take to bring it back to US?
What would be a good car for me?
What does mileage on a car reflect?
i need a new car! what should i get?
Is this considered cheap for a car?
Can I return the car back to the dealership?!?
Can anyone give me information on a 1983 Camaro.?
Buying a Truck : Paying Questions?!?
Can anyone look up a vin number for me? just need one?
Is it time to get a new car?
What is the difference between leasing a car and buying a car?
what should i do with my car!?!?
Hi, I wanted to know how many of you have or have owned a Chevrolet Tahoe and?
I want to sell my truck on craigslist, what should I know? .s?
Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi SXi 5dr?
What would be a better first car?
which better kia avella or hundai getz?
How to buy a car...inexperienced?
If I get a loan from
A good, reliable, customizable used car?
What kind of truck would you buy? Nissan Titan, Chevy Avalanche or Toyota Tundra?
What kind of car should i get?
When is the best time to buy a car at a great price?
i need help finding a car that is good for teen like me im 16. But something stylish!?
How do I get out of this deal?
Which car will be a good replacement for a 350Z 2006?
where to find a car to buy in washington state?
If buying a car from a local private party, how do i get it home without a tag? will bill of sale work?
What risks are you taking by buying a salvaged titled car?
where can I can a car with no money down?
where can i get my car converted into a convertible?
Apart from craigslist - how do I find used cars for sale by owner? All I see are dealer ads - help!?
sales tax on a car ii need help asap?
What price should I ask?
What's the best cheap car in America?
Is there anyone with an extra steam locomotive on their hands?
If I put $4000 down, what is max budget on a car?
1999 buick regal gse?
Curious, will I be approved for this loan?
What would be a good first car?
Which is a better car- Toyota Corolla or Skoda Octavia?
If I buy a used car from a private party seller, do I have to put the title in my name before selling?
Want Buy My First Car?
What is a REALLY cheap fun car to own? (Won't be primary car) ex. Willys jeep or miata.?
Looking for a diesel hatch under Rs 6 figo and chevy beat shortlisted..kindly suggest folks.thanks?
Car auction bidding site?
Can my parents take my car when I get one?
Inter state car rental for a 18 year old?
i owe 23,000 on a used car i don't want... i can't take it back so is repossesion my?
I have 2 years left on my auto loan $8090 at 9 %. is it worth refinancing 2 yrs 4.99%?
Can I get my money back for a car from a dealership thats over priced and falling apart?
My brother is 15 and is looking for a car what kind would be sensible for him?
How Much Does the RollsRoyce cost?
Info on trading in my car?
Good car to tune or have fun with?
Can somebody help in getting a fairly used V/W Golf 4 from Europe.?
anyone have a 1989 toyota van for sale?
How much should i sell my 1990 Chevrolet Camaro RS for?
I plan on buying a radar detector, which one should i buy?
Is this a scam?
Selling car dilemma what should I do?
upside down on a vehicle what do i do?
Is it legal to hoard gasoline and then sell it?
Confused between Hyundai Verna, Renault Duster, Honda City and Mahindra XUV500?
What are some good tips/ questions to ask when purchasing a used car from a dealership?
what is the difference between Pre-owned and Used car?
which car should i buy?
05 Volvo s60 OR 05 Volkswagen Jetta?
What will be my monthly payment on a Truck that cost $28,300?
I want to purchase a Chevy Cruze?
does anyone kwon for a good honest auto dealership in orange county , ca?
I am looking for a used car?
Alto car is sufficent for 5 people. What are the minius points in this car.?
what kind of car should i get?
Dealer buying trade in at franchise dealership.?
What is your least favorite part of buying a car from a dealership?
I'm turning 19 soon ... Do you think I can afford to buy this buy March?
Does craigslist work?
I sold/exchanged my car privately now buyer wants to take legal action?
I am a Christian needing to buy an rv?
How much would a 87 civic cost if I were to buy one?
I want to buy a truck.I want it to be pink. No dealers offer pink. What should I do? Where can I get it custom
Which is the cheapest car in US?
is safe to buy this coz i dont know im new in amazon?
What are the ramification of not completing car loan?
Buying car for the first time.. need help making the right financial decision?
if i buy a new car via europe, rather than a uk dealer, will it effect the price when I sell it?
can you barter at these new massive car supermarkets. are they a good place to buy?
sierra sapphire cosworth whats the deal?
Should I buy a 2010 mustang or 2010 camaro?
Anyone have a bmw for sale?
Is it worth renting a lamborghini for one day?
What is this car worth?
Buying a used car?? Please help?
Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? (all models 2013)?
Is it worth to buy honda Accord 2013 over Camry & Altima?
What kind of SUV do you think an college student should have?
what kind of car should i get ?
How much would you pay for a 3000 GT?
Used car off lot for 18 year old?
Im getting my first car.. but!?
what car should i get? i have $2500 cash?
Do I need insurance on a car I'm buying BEFORE I buy it?
How many miles will the impala SS GO?
Small SUV or Family Sedan?
looking for very cheap project cars around oklahoma city?
Are white cars girly?
any idea where i can get a used car for reall cheap that runs?
what would you prefer? a 2006 Ford F-150 slightly barely used? or a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado used of course?
Please help me decide!!! Should I buy or lease a car????
Whats the longest lasting known Ford Ranger 4-cylinder engine?
What is a good used truck or SUV for under $3000?
Import a car from Japan to USA?
Is 2,750.00 a good price to have a new used motor put in?
Can anyone tell me what a 1911 Cobey Hi-Speed Wagon would be worth?
i wanna buy a used car on the street. what do i need from seller and what should i be be careful?
which one should i buy a alfa romeo 147 ts 16v or v golf 1400cc both 51 reg?
Lamborghini Murcielago?
I'm thinking of selling my 1995 300zx NA?
What is a good reliable and sporty car?
I considering getting a mr-s,any conment about this car?
Is a jeep a good first car?
Newer fast cars????Help plz?
Looking to buy a used car with a limited price in mind. Is it better to apply for a loan first BEFORE buying?
who sells kendall motor oil?
Are Acura, Lexus, and Infinity sold in other countries besides the US?
What is the safest luxury car out there?
Should I Really Buy This Car?
when buying a used car within what range is low miles????????/?
EASY 10 Points - Which Car Is Better?
impreza, legacy or civic?
where can i find a 59 chevy elcamino besides ebay?
Can I sue a guy for selling me a car that he said he was going fix but didn't? He still has the car too!?
How much can I get for an old car?
Should I buy this BMW?!?!?!?!?!?
i have a firetruck from the sixties,what can i get for it,as in scrape metal?
Which car should I think about getting?
How do you get a grant from the federal government to pay for a hybrid car?
i need to buy a car or a van or a truck,?
Is it advisable to buy used cars, or should I go with a new model?
getting a new quad...?
Does anyone know when the Oahu police impound auctions are?
How much can you save by buying a car off eBay?
Best hatchback or coupe car?
blue book value of my suv?
Whats of this cars are better?
I need a car but don't have money for a down payment...what are my options?
What is the legal age to drive a V12?
Should I get a 5k Loan too fix up my old car? Or should I just spend it on a brand new car?
Should I trade in my car?
Its my girlfriends b-day next week..whats a good car to buy with unreliable breaks?
Is it true what they about say about ford vehicles? They are the worst vehicles you can purchase.?
Whats a good first car for a 16 year old boy?
What is the mileage of Volkswagen Rocktan in petrol variant?
which car has more value between a toyota le 2008 with 13000 miles and maxima 2004 with 72000miles?
i need to get a muscle car, even from a junkyard. i'd like to find one as close to Gainesville, FL as possible
Would a dealer buy a my car?
I need a new car but i have bad credit and no co-signer?
Should I get a f150 or Bronco??(short question)?
what is a good first car?
which is better the sidekick lx or sidekick 2008? i need to know before i purchase one.?
Tips for buying a used car?
Good looking non exspensive coupes?
did i get a good deal buying is car?
Am I entitled to keep deposit?
selling a car in australia?
i live in mecklenburg county nc and i want to see if i bought a car how much would annual taxes on a car?
What car is a good for a first car?
What I need to know about owning a car in Pennsylvania?
any car survey to fill in?
What is the BEST way to sell a high mileage (150,000 miles) passenger car?
rsx or accord coupe?
How much is a restored Honda SL350 chassis worth? ?
How much would having my car damaged from hitting a deer decrease the trade-in value? details below...?
Why are car dealers the scum of the Earth?
Is a Lexus SUV a mom or girl car? (my dad us planning to give me his)?
Is this a good deal on a Cadillac Escalade?
Do I need to pay sales/income tax if I sell my car on ebay?
how much can I get for my 1998 Saturn SL1?
What brand of automobile for handicapped has swiveling driver's seat for easy access?
What is the difference between Leasing and Buying a car?
What is the smallest car available in the U.S.?
Moped vs a Car: Which is a better investment for me?
Wanting to buy a Saturn SUV, but am told servicing the vehicle will be a problem?
they are selling me a 1968 camaro ss, but i dont know if it is a ss for real. how can i know? 5,000 no motor.?
Scion FRS i have a question about leasing it?
What is the best off road vehicle rite out of the dealer?
Help! '06 Chevy Trailblazer or '06 Nissan Xterra? Which one should we buy?
i want to return my car is their a way?
I only have $1100 i really need a car do anyone know anyone selling a depndable car?
can i sell a car that i financed 3 months ago and buy another car?
Does a 2000 Chevy S10 LS come with a limited slip differential standard?
**statement**1967 Impala car from supernatural and what you need to know to buy or build one.?
Whats the best pick up to buy?
with all the incentives for buying a new car can someone but a junky old car to trade in?
form 520. i'm not selling it at public auction and i want to sell it to a privit but no place for that help?
Which should I buy - Infiniti G37, BWW 328i or Lexus es350?
does anybody know where a 1968 cadillac coupe de ville for sale is located, NO EBAY?
i want to put car up for sale, what are the alternatives to the autotrader?
Anyone shipped a car from Japan to New Zealand?
what is the tvs victor resale value -?
altima se-r or vw gli?
Is it better to do a car financing with your bank or with the car sales company?
buying hydrocodone?
What's the best car to buy for 10K?
what kind of car should i buy?
I want used air conditioner 2000 to 7000 in wel condition if you have?
2006 Accord SE w/22,130 miles - CPO retail value?
I want to buy a model car-2009 Denali, black on black...where would I be able to find that model?
why does a used wrx cost more than a new one?
which car is faster 206 1.6 SXI or saxo 1.6 VTR??
Where can I sell my car for cheap?
What are some CHEAP sporty looking v6's?
Did car prices actually really rise up yet because of Japan or not yet?
trigano 575 LX?
Did they steal my car?
selling a used car privately, do I need to have a disclosure statement?