Car Buying

Teenager looking for first car?
How many miles does a 2011 ninja 250 or a cbr 250 last? or should i just get a car?
Does it make sense to sell my newer car for an older car so I can have lower payments?
Question about selling my car...?
Is there a rule of thumb when it comes to buying a car? How much are they allowed to come off the sticker?
Can I exchange a used car I just bought for a different car?
would you save $3,000 or 3,000 miles?
is it better to buy car in europe or in u.s. & have it delivered there when i move there?
I need a cobra r bumper?
Is $1000 enough for a down payment on a new car?
what is jdm and is there something similar for muscle cars?
Should I get a Dodge Charger or wait till the new Dodge Challenger comes out next year??
Where can I buy custom or like create seat covers for cars?
Is a 2007 maxima 3.5 se with 85000 miles for 12000 over priced i was seeing if i can bring it down to 7?
Can we get out of this?
How do I find a police auction to buy used police cars in my area?
I need to pay for a car all up front. How do I get a loan to cover about $20,000?
Can you please tell me about your experience buying cars on ebay?
size of classic car industry in dollars?
Is this a good used car deal?
Car oil please help me !!!!!!?
When do car prices on kelly blue book for previous year models go down?
How much should I expect to get for my 2004 honda civic lx?
What kind of documentation do I need for a car loan?
What is the best SUV or Sport Utility Wagon for ~$30K?
When buying a car on Craigslist?
need a car dealer on old tarrytwon rd in white plains ny?
I want to know about a car CITRUEN C5.?
Car dealership scheming?
does the ford escapes seat hurt anybody else buy me? or am i just a whiner?
Best SUV for a growing family?
Should I just get another car?
What's a good cheap car for a 16 yr old girl?
i am 17 soon and i want to get a motorbike?
Who knows about cars?!?
Can I sale my car even if I do not have title on it I still owe 20000?
I have $3,500, should I even think about a car?
want to sell my car & can't find the title?
Where can i buy a ferrari 348 spider from?
What's up with those Lexus Golden Sales Event?
If i buy a car from a auction with a lean or encumberances am i responsible for paying them?
Which car do you think looks better ?
I need help reading this carfax report!?
What should i do? Guy went back on deal.?
should I buy new Acura TL or BMW530i?
Are eclipse gt's good reliable cars?
2002 Acura rsx, good deal for $6500?
How long do I have to return a car in Ohio?
is it necessary to have a DL for a car loan , i dont have a DL my wife does but shes not eligible for laon wa
Looking for the safest car at good price?
My parents are aged.... pls suggest a spacious car that can also accomodate folding wheel chairs?
How to buy a car in Washington state? (i am 16 years old, i am a international student.)?
What does a title clerk do at a car dealership?
how much is a used 2005 or 2006 yz 250?
Whats is the best overall car to put a body kit on and "soup" up for around $8,000?
What do you think about this car for a 17 year old boy.?
dealer wont send me my car tittle?
Financed a used car, but now I want out.. ( read )?
A good first car, $4500?
the car i bought yesturday is now not running?
All this talk about Hybrid cars. Aren't they hard to find? If a dealer would have them lined up on his lot
Should I buy minecraft?
Is this car a good buy?
Im thinking of trading my car in?
need to know where i can buy a wiring harnest for a turbo 1990 mazdaRX7 or how to rewire a non turbo harnenst?
Could i get a decent, used car for $2,000?
Where do new cars that don't sell go? From years ago, like 2000's.?
how much would a 1967 shelby gt be?
Would you rather have a Mitsubishi Eclipse, BMW Series 3 or a Pontiac Solstice.?
Which car do you think i should buy????
what kind of car do you recomend for a 16 year old?
What's the Best car to buy for $3000?
want to sell my 31x10.50-15 $175.00?
Returning car to garage with car finance?
where can i buy a second hand ford transit camper van in good condition?
How much should I spend on a used Corvette?
What should i do to make sure a person i am selling a car to pays the remainder of the money?
does anyone know where to buy a skyteam st 90 and if you do do they ship it to america(usa)?
what kind of car should i buy?
We sold a clean titled car, days later buyer demands to return it, are we legally obligated to take it back?
What is the better car choice?
car boot sales in wolverhampton area?
Buying a car in Edmonton Alberta.?
im looking to buy a super car?
What price was 30 high street Whithorn when it was sold in the nineties?
Where can I find a '68-'75 Nova, Camaro, Chevelle, or a Pontiac GTO for really cheap in West Virgina!!!!?
My mom just got 76,000 dollars from child support, what car should I get.? ?
why is this motorbike so cheap?
Did i get a bad deal? .?
How much would you ask for if you were selling a 1971 detomaso pantera?
Vehicle lease?
Buying a second hand Innova which has covered 100000 kms but the vehicle is in excellent condition.Sud i buy?
BWM 325i - Should I buy it?
Buying a used car... any tips?
How do you buy a car without Credit?
where can i find a cheap car in rm10 for no more then £1000.00?
Got 35k, want to buy an used car. Advice?
car situation? what do i do?
What car should i get?
Does Anyone know where to get a used minivan for under 4000 in Spokane, WA?
what are the worse used minivans between 2004-2008?
does anyone want to buy a 2006 chevy cobalt?
whats a good looking, dependable, sporty, fuel efficient car?
My sister and I are trying to purchase a car! Need advice!! College student!?
SHould I buy a 99 vw beetle?
Is there a web site that pays for people to have their car painted for advertising purposed and get?
how much should i sell my nissan xterra with 97K miles SE for?
i need a name for my pre-owned car dealer shop?
Which Petrol Car should i buy ? skoda rapid petrol or honda city ? and why ?
Type of car Coupe vs. Sedan?
Is it possible for me to finance a new car?
Is there anything that i can buy with 400 dollars?
Whats the re=sale value of a 2006 Kenworth sleeper tractor w/692265 miles?
Looking for first car.?
Which car should i get?
Is it better to lease or buy a car?
what is a good starting car to get if your 17?
What action can you take if you purchase a car that claimed to be clean but has actually been in an accident?
what Audi model should i get? was thinking of A4, but whats the difference?
What's a good car I can get for $3,000?
used buying a car for $1000?
Advice and Information about 2001 Infiniti I30 Base/Standard Model?
Good deal or something wrong?
Should I be concerned about buying a diesel truck with 220k miles on it?
Do car insurance companies check when you bought a car?
Which car is better? 2006 or 2007?
what is faster a ferrari or lamborghini?
what shall i call my car??
Just Bought a used Vehicle...HELP!?
Where can I buy high quality truck body parts?
do car dealerships accept credit card as a form of payment for new cars?
what kind of powerful old car , like a bronco, should i get?
Where can I buy a realistic "dummy doll" for the passengers seat of my car?? a mechanical one that moves arms?
which car is better.............?
What car should I look for?
Buying first car! Need advice/tips?
How to buy car out of state?
i have a car that has recently died on me, and if people who are trying to sell a car under $5,000,let me know
If I am going to buy a car from a private seller, is it better to pay cash or cashier's check?
Best car on mpg for traveling?
Which car is the most reliable?
So I need help Financially about my car?
What car should I buy?
car dealer wants me to sign new contract, can they do that?
what would you write in your car commercial?
down payment estimate?
How many SUVs were sold in the US in 2004?
anyone know how can i purchase a used car with bad credit in col Ohio. bring hm pay is 850. plz help?
I put my car in Autotrader - how come all the calls I get are from bloody canvassers?
What are some questions I should ask when buying a car?
I am leasing a car and I was wondering if tinting windows will break my lease??
What's a good sports car to buy if you earn 80k a year?
My back spaekers in car not working!!?
what would be the best choice of car and why?
What would be a nice car for a high school student to have?
is there an auto place in Milwaukee, Wi called Unique Vehicles?
Good small SUVs....can you give us some suggestions?
What are some good cars under $3000?
where is the major porsche dealer in australia?
I'm considering either an 1984 Ferrari 512bbi or 1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000s...which is the better driver?
Is a Nissan Murano a good vehicle?
Trade in value of my excellent condition 2001 Mercury Grand Marque with 53M miles is $5,900.Why trade?
My Fedex package was shipped in the 27th and I last tracked it in Ohio and I haven't seen it anywhere else.?
people wat should i get a Mustang GT or a civic si? da si has a gsr motor its fast wat should i do?
The dealership won't pay vehicle I traded in off. Help?
Most of people wants what type of car?
What is the Value of a 1990 Volkswagen Golf GTD?
Does anyone out there know where to find a 1970 Plymouth Satellite, Road Runner?
how to view floor plan of a 1991 automate fifth wheel travel trailer?
2003 ford escort zx2...?
Bought a new vehicle & just received the title in the mail....?
Should I buy a honda civic 2001?
Can I get a good used car for 2k?
what is the price of bajaj pulsar 150cc dtsi bike on road in indian market?
Car name. interceptor?
What is a good first car?
How do I sell my non-running car ?
What is the reliability of Carfax?
What is the top speed of a Seat Leon 1.4 16v s? are they quick?
Would it be better to trade in my car or sell it myself?
Does anyone know where to buy a Nissan 240x s13?
I need help!?
How much tax would I have to pay if I sell my car for $10,000 in CA to a private buyer?
whats the best 7 passenger vehicle?
used car?!?
can I buy a car with "acquisition bill of sale" and export it outside usa without title?
How can I sell my classic car.?
Where can I get a loan for an older houseboat? What lending agencies are there for less than perfect credit?
How much is the averge wage for someone that works at a car wash in nj?
Do Executive cars have more space and room?
Ordered a new car today, can't decide what colour to get?
1972 Ford Gran Torino?
Can I return a car 3 days after buying it?
Do you think a 1997 Mercury Tracer for $1000 is a good deal?
would a positraction rear end be a good substitute for four-wheel-drive?
16 years old, What car should I get?
is there a place on the internet whare you can go for free to see if someone is wanting to buy things?
If an item regularly priced at $80 is on sale at a discount of 60%. What is the sales price of the item.?
Where can I find details of the new "Yamaha 2008 YZF-R6" ???????
What is a good down payment for a used car?
Best way to sell a moped?
Wanted - Garmin Street Pilot 3 usb datacard programmer?
What kind of car should I get?
Is anyone selling a car?
secured payment of used auto?
Where's the best place to put an online ad to sell my car?
Should I get an h3?
looking at buying a fast car?
Where can I find a good deal for an used car?
Nissan is trying to make me sign a new contract with a new interest rate, can they do that in VA?
How dose 'Cash for Clunkers' plan work?
I need to find a small cheap car that my 6'5" boyfriend can't drive or fit in. suggestions?
How much does a used trailer with the type that you can drive COST????..Example:?
2007 Volvo S40 versus Peugot 407?
What is the price range of Tata Manza?
Flashy cars under $70,000?
Where can I buy a car for $6000 dollars?
I am looking at buying a Scion 2006 ...?
First car payment help!?
What kind of truck should I buy?
If i get a wholesale auto dealer license from out of state ,like in Indiana, is it possible to ship to save?
Need to get car title transferred?
Price to sell? 2002 ford mustang?
How much is (£820,000,00.) in U.S. dollars?
I'm buying a new car. How should I drive it initially in order to "break it in?" And for how long? Thankyou.
is it better to have a white or black car?
which is the best car to buy for Rs 5 lakhs?
Why do you think Hondas are the most stolen car in America?
What kind of car (sporty sedan) should I get?
what's a fleet car?
how do I know if a used car is in good condition before I buy it?
does anyone know where i can find any of these muscle cars for purchase?
buying a new car - no experience !?
waan ku salamay waxaan rabaah heesta bashiir cali huseen oo ah mudo badan ayaan waday walaal hadii aa heesaan?
What is the perfect car for me?
what is the best sports car for under 30k?
What is a average of New Bajaj Avenger?
who has a suv or mini van for under $4000?
What type of cars can afford with a part time job (high school student)?
where do i find information about selling my car for parts?
can you rate my new car i bought?
How do I buy a car with bad credit and no down payment?
Is it finaly going to happen, electrical cars?
I sold a car how long does the guy have to come pick it up before I can try to re-sell it?
My fiancée got into a car accident and her car is a total loss, she wants to buy another car: Problem is:?
I want to locate people interestested in buying my 1964 Willys (JEEP) PICK-UP Could some one let me know how?
to good to be true hmm?
How old u have to be to get a selling permit?
im just going to buy a car?
Which car for a first time driver?
lookin for drifting cars for sale in tampa area FL?
Is there any place in the UK that sell lowriders?
fast/turbocharged cars for 14k and under?
does anyone know how much it costs to service the bugatti veyron supercar???
How do you check the vaule of your car?
Ideas for buying my sixteen year daughter old her first car?
Is there anywhere i could sell my car parts either online or in person at a store?
Im selling my bike, does this sound legitimate?
Negotiating car price: whats too much to ask?
which is a good car -vw polo or nissan micra?
which car should i get?
what would i get for a vt commodore?
What is the difference in fees and/or taxes when buying a car from a private seller or a dealer?
how much is a 1977 mustang 2- 302 motor mint worth i want to sell it?
How do I go about getting a dealers license to sale automobiles in the state of Georgia?
Are there any laws to protect a consumer who buys a used car?
Applying for HSBC auto loan online?
Can I trade in my 1991 Toyota Camry DX for a 2013 Honda Fit Sport?
Is a Ford Ranger with 170000 miles for $900 a good deal?
Can i get financed for a car?
how would I go about trading my 2000 ford f150 for a car of same value?
Which EV car is better to get?
What do you think is the best first car?
what kind of car can I get with a 500$ a month car payment?
What is torque,and what is it in relation to automobiles?
How can I get a nice used car in Georgia?
What should I look for in a car?
Luxury 2 seater convertibles?
Do you have to sell on ebay no matter how ridiculous the bid?
Is it better to have manual transmission or automatic transmission?
Can I fix an error on the "amount sold for" on a vehicle report of sale that was done? Will I get in trouble?
What do you have to do to be a car salesman?
Should i get my car in white or black?
Car 4 Sale in Madison Area,WI???
who wants to buy a 1997 chevy tahoe?
Should I buy a 2007 Nissan Versa?
Would a 2001-2004 BMW X5 be a reliable first car ?
who can advice .i hv to buy a new car?
Is it a good idea to buy a repossesed car?
What was your first car and how much did it cost?
can I rent a ferrari or other exotic car when i go to miami?
Will City Link leave parcel by door?
Can someone inform me of how to buy and sell used cars in the State of Florida.?
Search for car by interior color?
i work at publix how long it will take me to buy a car?
what happens if you buy a car with no tax and get pulled over on your way to get some?
What is the best vehicle Chevrolet or Ford?
If I bought a car in MA and they don't have sales tax. Do I have to pay it in GA? Secondly, if I sale the car?
where can i buy replica 1954 buick skylark wire wheels?
Good car for 16 year old?
how to convince my dad to sell his old car?
What is the best rated luxury car under $40k?
Im trying to buy a used car... Is this a scam?
is this grand national real or fake?
Is this car overpriced?
What are good cars for a sixteen year old?
What car should I get ?
do most peole learn to drive and get a job before there 20.?
Should I get a Lexus IS 350 AWD or an Acura TL SH-AWD Both 2010 Models?
How to figure up mpg?
Help with car????????
Can you have three people sign on a car loan?
How do sell my Dodge 1986 truck?
Is this bait and switch at our local car dealer?
What is a cheap but nice car for a begginer?
what should be my first car??
Where i find webside with refrigertor trucks?
Whats your favorite suv car?
In a new car loan, what is PAD insurance?
Is a car with a used motor put in worth it.?
What is a good name for a muscle car club?
Where to sell my ford crown victoria police interceptor?
What advice can you give for someone looking to buy a newer car?
should a person buy a car with no title.?
goverment programs for free or low cost cars for married people.?
Sueing a used cars garage?
What are good cars for teenagers to drive?
Why has it taken the honda dealer ten days so far to find the car that I bought?
how much does a dencent car cost?
What could make a car worth $200K?
What is the best way to get out of a car(financially) that you are upside down in?
residual value/depreciation of Hyundai Tucson 2008 compared to Honda CRV and Accord?
is this a good truck?
Im 17, i have a job and want to know how to lease a car?
How much money did you get from parents or family for your first car and what kind of car was it?
Which car would you prefer?
I want to get a cheaper car, but the loan is more than the value of the vehicle. What can I do?
About Bike purchase?
"Cash for Clunkers"--timelines for clunker/vehicle delivery?
is buying this car worth it?
max. amount i can spend is 450000;; so which car i should buy?
looking for first car. Is there any good cheap car sites out there.?
Can anybody recommend a good 4x4 to get for a family of 4?
Are penny boards sold in America?
“THIS IS NOT AN OPERATING PERMIT” in registration papers?
i am thinking about buying a used 2003 Hyundai Sonata that has been recalled but fixed. should i buy it? help?
Jeep commander?
I paid deposit for a car on ebay , can i have my deposit back?
I want opinions on 2005-2006 kia spotages and kia sorrentos ??
Is it better to lease a car for three years or buy cash and trade in after three years?
what cars best for pizza delivery?
what type of car do you drive?
car prices after a year?
I'm looking for a good running condition and well-maintained used toyota corolla, honda civic or nissan sentra
I'm looking for a used car. PLEASE HELP!?
What is better,the used one or the brand new one?
What rims should i put on my vs crewman S has to be one ton rated?
Is car trade good and how does it work ?
can i get an used car with $3000? if so, what year?
How should I pay for a customized car?
Which of these cars would be a better buy as a second car(fun car)?
What is the best car for a teenager?
Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna under $15,000?
Which vehicle should I drive?
Should I get A Ford Mustang GT?
what to do after you finish paying for a car?
What is the current price on a '42 Olds 4 door sedan with hydramatic transmission, and where can I find one?
Advice for Trading in a car?
alfredb1979 re: minors buying a car?
where would i go to sell a tilt dog house for a 1986gmc truck?
New 2008 MB C 300 or Used CLK???
Where can i go in fort wayne to buy a nice, cheap car?
how to make 2 million fast?
does anybody know what the tax title and fees percentage is on buying a car?
Why would a steering wheel on a 2004 car be severely worn?
How do I sell a car from another state?
free money to buy a car?
Shall I buy new predators SL or LZ?
Is this a good car?
Accord, Maxima, Camry or 350Z?
Which $5000 car should I buy?
my girlfriend doesn't like to ride in my car?
would you get these rims if you were me?
chevy silverado or nissan titan, better truck for my use?
frustrated at son's poor choice of car selection. what is your opinion?
how would you find a companys phone # if old phone is not working?
where can i find a site that sells vans or mini vans to transport w/c patients for private use in Puerto Rico?
Snitch or not?
What kind of car?
My fiancee is in Baton rouge and im in north carolina we love each other very much that He does not have a car?
How do i get out of a car note i signed for but is my cousins car?
I currently have an auto loan and I would like to get another car. But i want to get rid of my first car.?
Can i get out of a lease on a car the next day after signing papers?
fun to drive hatches for under $5000?
clear my name off a car i slod?
Odometer fraud? Help me pls!?
What do i do about my car payments if i move out of state?
what does it mean when a product is on CLEARENCE?
What would be a good first car?
why are we one of the dearest places for petrol prices when the likes of Egypt is about 20p a litre?
My roommate is selling my car while I'm outbid the country. I have the POA signed what do I do next? ?
What's a good place to buy reborns at a reasonable price?
where can i find automatic car hire granada?
car help!!?
what is a kelley blue book wholesale value on a used car?
which is your dream car to own and which is your favourite car?
honda dealers in glasgow?
what a best first car?
Is there a law that allows me to return a vehicle I purchased privately 4 days ago?
specs of mk3 cooper s?
where can i purchase a Lamborghini online?
can i trade in my car which still has 18 months to pay for a new car?
What country makes the best cars?
Car Issue? Help... Please.?
Should I buy a 2008 Chevy Cobalt or Honda Civic?
should i buy an Audi A6 or a Corvette?
Car wont accerlate as fast as it should?
Which vehicle is a better choice for me?
looking for a car & i think i narrowed it down to an Acura Integra, Scion Tc, Or Vw Golf?
Where can I sell some used 22' wheels for a car in Houston, Texas?
is the 1999-2005 Pontiac Grand AM with the GM3400 a good car or not.?
Will I be able to buy a car with the money from a saturday job?
When buying a new car?
where can I get a good cheep reliable car?
Should I go with this purple car?
What is the perfect car for a teenager?
im lookin for a geo metro to drive back anf forth to work but i live in lower wisconsin do u have one for me?
Should I lease or buy a car?
Does any one know where I can get the hot wheels volcano blow out track set or have one for sale?
A Little Car Shopping?
Would you sell your car?
How do a sell my car?
can you buy a car in a different state of which you live in?
Should I trade my car for this?
how do you get a car title from someone who has died?
How do i get a licence to sell cars and go to car auctions?
did i get a good deal buying is car?
Would it be smart to trade in my car and get a new one?
IF you go to a dealership to buy a car and you tell them you have no license?
not allowed to buy a car?
I need a car loan, Student with no credit history?
Which car would you get?
do you like ?
can i get a contact for autos?
I have a 1976 Corvette with 13K orig. miles. Is there a site that specializes in classic Vettes for sale?
i whould like to buy battery for my SUZUKI ACCESS 125 vehicle.Which is best EXIDE or AMORAN. Please suggest.?
what car in your opinion is better:?
looking for a 5 speed car for cheap in dallas georgia?
How much would you pay for this car?
what is the name of the site that you can put the make and model of your car to see how the rims look?
Which of these 3 cars would you get as a young guy?
Do you prefer foreign or domestic cars?
Best site to sell a car on the internet?
Which car should I choose?
New & Affordable Car??
USED CAR Private sale Problems after 1 week- Advice?
what kind of car would be good for a first car?
Does anyone know what a holden is?
Which car should I purchase...?
Want to buy a cell under 12k .. which is better nd y ..? pls tell?
im looking to buy an 03 duramax?
What was your first new car?
what stores sell supra?
How to sell collector cars?
Age to buy a car ? in ontario?
I sell Saturns. Why don't more people buy them? They are good cars that are not overly expensive.?
If someone co-signs on a car for you, can you have them removed later?
Can someone sue me over a used car sale ? ?
convertible car for 18 year old!?
Is there anyone trying to sell a decent car or pickup that runs??
How much is a 1998-2001 Gary Fisher Joshua F4 worth?
What car should I buy? Fast, Sporty, Under $40K!?
whats a better vehicle a chevy avalanche or the honda ridgeline???
Safe fuel efficient car.?
Can anyone advise a good shipping company, from US to Lebanon ? and how to avoid roll over costs ?
Would anyone be interested in buying a project harley ?
Advice on the Figaro Nissan?
What can I do now about my trade in?
Best pickup truck for a new driver?
I have been trying to purchase a Diesel Vehicle on line for over three weeks now and they are all scams?
Is this a car scam on Craigslist?
If a car has 200,000 highway miles, is that better than...?
when will i buy bike?
Need help in choosing a fast car for drag racing?
How long does it take for some DVD-R's to get from CA to VA using USPS Package Service?
Would you purchase a 2003 Vstar 650 classic silverado with 4300 miles at $4500?
What is the best gas/electric car on the market right now?
I bought a car and I have a Bill Of Sale?
Where can I buy a short bus ?
What is a good place where I could find a Ferrari Enzo?
Where can I get a 1978 FJ40 Landcruiser for under $2000 (ok condition)?
what kind of car would be good for a first car?
BUYING a car from enterprise?
What happens if you let one car be reposessed so that you can buy another?
What is the Fair Market Value of a 1976 Rebuilt 350 Chevy 1ton Van?
What kind of car should I get?
Best 80's or 90's truck for hauling around 7000ibs with good mpg?
Can I trade in my financed car?
What's the best used car for the money to get for a teenage driver? I'm a single mom with limited $$$?
Do you Think I have Enough Driving Experience to Buy a New Car? Or No?
what is the price of ATLP quad exhaust for acura tl?
What should I get 2006 BMW z4 or 2010 Dodge Challenger?
Can i get out of a lease on a car the next day after signing papers?
I bought a car from a dealer later via carfax i found out frame damage how do i get a refund?
What do you think is better and cheaper, Toyota Tundra or Tacoma both 2007 !!!!!?
Is 145,000 miles on a 2004 model truck good or bad?
what length of time can I return a used automobile if not pleased with the purchase?
'13 mustang v6 vs '13 altima 2.5?
i need new headlight and tail light lenses....?
Which car best for first time driver?
can buy here pay here dealer report car stolen?
I am planning to buy a used Maruti 800 type small car. suggest me one of good milage.?
How much would a 1963 cadillac cost?
Is Ford Focus ZX3 a good car?
Toyota Rav 4 or Honda CR-V????????????????
how much money do you save by buying a car in detroit. live in ma.?
Does anyone know the Factory Invoice price for a Focus Zetec S 1.6 180 2012 Hatchback?
Is it wiser to keep my 2000 Honda or sell it while it still looks good and purchase a new car with a warranty?
In Wisconsin, how long do I have to own a car before I re-sell it?
First car!!!!! What is your opinion? Which of these cars is the best?
I am trying to find a person, but the only information I got is an address from 5yrs. What can I do.?
I bought a used car 4 months ago, no warranty,it had complete engine failure, do I have any rights protection?
car sale event - enterprise - car trade?
22 grand, which car would you recomned?
How is a car purchase finalized?
where is there a car auction in maryland?
Which of these economy cars are worth taking a look at? reliable and fuel efficient.?
What is involved in assuming someone's vehicle purchase payments?
kelly bluebopok value?
Legality of selling a used car?
I bought a used car. What if the person doesn't send me a title?
what re some of the coolest cars to have as a guy...?
First Car, but fast. 4k or under.?
If a car is known for retaining good value over a long period of time will it get a better lease rate?
Looking to but a moped. Need help!?
Car door wont open please help?
A good vehicle to.... well.. Put on the track.?
Suggestions for a SUV? ($40K and Under!!!)?
Some questions I am not sure of?
what is the least amount for a 2005 dodge magnum?
If I buy a car can I sell it a few years later?
Cheap cars for sale without going ot dealership?
Salvage vehicle. Buy or not/why?
Has the Kia Sidewinder car been driven on the road before?
What are the current Audi Deals - Promotions - Rebates?
Which one is best to purchase? Honda CB Shine or New Bajaj Discover...and Why?......?
Best overall performance car for $25k?
How can I get out of my 2004 Trailblazer...we are upside down and want to lower our montly payments!?
Rang rover sport or a BMW 330ix for a 16 year old?
Are 1400 dollar cars good to buy?
Some advice for looking and buying my first car?
Second Hand Car sale advice needed.?
I am interested in buying a Highlander; I am getting a new one for 37.7K from dealer in San Jose, CA area?
Help my wife got rear ended (not her fault) and the guy's insurance is going to pay 480.00 for our car?
If you needed to buy a brand new car just for yourself, and your main concern was reliability, which would....
whats a good car to get?
where is a website that i can view what rims would look like on my car?
Is it illegal for a customer to test drive a dealer vehicle without the salesperson in the car with you?
What Vehicle Should I Buy?
How much would I expect to pay in taxes on a $6000 car?
when buying a used car, am I entitled to recive all available keys ?
Which would cost less to own...?
Should I get a Moped for 700 bucks or buy a car 1200?
What are some of the fastest/reliable sedans that won't attract much attention?
Where to get pitbikes wholesale?
I sold my car to pay for the gas money, but now gas prices have gone down. Can I get my car back w/out buying?
Whats a good first car for a 16 year old girl?
Overall are Saturn ION cars a good buy?
do car salesmen (at volkswagen) make a base bay as well as commission?
Should I go with this purple car?
Saturn SC1 - Need Opinions!?
how much does it cost to sell a car on ebay?
what do i go under to find AUTO ENGINE CORE BUYERS?
Can I purchase a car suitable as a taxi but not used as one before with low mileage is reliable and clean3000e
where to find car models?
Why do a lot of people drive pickup trucks when they don't really need them?
What car should I buy, I need a used one.?
What do you think of a Dodge Avenger?
Please help tell me if this is a good deal on buy this car.?
Want to buy a new car in Mumbai,India.Help me decide - Hyundai Santro or Maruti WagonR?
What Motorbike Should I Buy Next?
Shopping for a new Family Car?
Where can i find a 5" or 6" extended cowl fiberglass pin-on race hood for a 2001 mustang gt?
What is a good SUV for me?
Should I buy a used Manhattan Fraser?
Mitsubishi Lancer VS Scion Tc!!!?
I sold a car, signed over title, now buyer to back out and stop pymt on chk.he claims my cars eng. is clogged?
Which car would you rather own?
Good ideas for a first car?
Besr Buy pre-order question (arrival)?
Which would cost less to own...?
Just bought a Pontiac Solstice.........wondering if any one has one and what they think about the car.?
So I am getting my first car?
Is this a good deal for a car?
i got a letter in the post saying i won a land rover 2008 series or $42,000 cash the company is called interna
Looking for a car consumer report website thats free?
where is the best place to find a dodge truck for sale?
I have a question about car tints can anyone please help me?
Getting an use pickup?
Is it worth selling my truck?
I have a 2002 lincolon ls v8?
Im upside-down with my car loan, help!?
What are the pros and cons for leasing a vehicle instead of buying it?
Question on a car title transfer.?
What should I get for my First manual car?
When buying a car, which is better - leasing or retail financing?
Can anyone tell me about that 6-wheeled vehicle that can traverse fast over large stones? ?
How much would a 93 camaro go for? ?
How do I fix a leak in a gas tank of a car?
What happens when you buy a truck that in bankruptcy,and the dealer didn't tell you?
Can someone give me an estimated value on a 1955 Chevy Sedan?
I am looking for a car dealer that will trade in a car with negative equity?
How can I sell my car on Autos?
can a new car dealer install after market accessories on a new car and not tell you about it?
I need a car but I only have 700 down. I have been at the same job for over 5 years. Can anyone help me?
Would anyone like to buy a 1990 True Iroc Z?
I bought a car and did not get a title is this illegal?
Should I bring my expensive car to college?
Is it illegal to sell a car that cannot pass emissions?
can I sell a car without a title...?
best car dealer in colorado?
What's the best car you've ever owned?
I plan to buy a small car with a budget of Rs.4 Lac. Please suggest a suitable model to buy.?
I have a car which is registered on company name. Now company is closed and i want to sell off this car what s?
Whats another place to look for a car?
Did I get a good deal?
mercedes benz buys out southern trucks and wants me to do early buy out . Can they repo my truck?
lower mileage vs. newer car?
Are cars American cars cheaper currently, with them going under and all?
2000 volvo s80 or 2001 saab 9-5?
sell my decide?!?
where is a good place to get your car detailed in sacramento?
Can I use a car title as colateral for a loan.. even if the car is immobile?
Can I get financed for a new car with 10,000 down and 400 credit score?
Does a blown engine mean a car is not driveable?
How much per week to pay off car?
smart car?? Good idea!?
How to buy a new car at Cheap Price?
I'm fourteen. Living in pakistan. Which car should i buy?
what colour would you suggest for my new car?
where can i get isuzu trooper spare parts at the advertised pohanka shop?
selling a car?
what is the cheapest website to buy nitro subwoofers?
Anyone know of a legitimate organization that I can donate my car to?
does anyone know what the incentives/rebates for the 2007 chevrolet tahoe will be starting 9/4/07?
Which Kindle should I buy?
whats the best 07, 08 suv out right now?
i need help for baying a used car?
selling amps and subs?
Does anyone want to buy a Harley?
I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price. How do I get my car back?
im think of buying a jeep commander but want to know if its a good car to buy?
I want to buy an Audi TT but my credit is really bad?
can i go to jail for not paying off a used car that i cosigned for?
i bought for cheap and sold for more, i feel bad?
Scrap vs Sell my car?
What 4x4 car should I buy?
can you import an audi allroad tdi?
I got a new Mercedes. I want to get rid of my 2002 VW jetta. It has manual shift. So not many buyers.?
Good first car? Need help!!?
Shopping for cars (Price, MPG, Style)?
getting my first car?
I'm trying to find a web site to buy a 1963 corvette split window full size kit car. Where can I look?
Tell me about the power of Volkswagen Golf?
Are there any choices for spacious high performance hatchback cars in the US?
Which car would you rather drive?
i am thinking of a #?
I sold a car to a guy and now he wants his money back! Could he claim it back?
BUYING a 2004 mazda 3 S with 190,000 miles...bad or good?
Windup Questions for someone selling a car ...?
Anybody know where I can find quality cars for under $1000?
What kind of car should i get?
Used car suggestions?
Can you return a car to a car dealer after you purchase it?
Hello. can some1 tell me What is PS in car? which is the lowest and highest PS No. which one is good for fuel?
Whats the best thing to do if I cant afford to make payments on my truck?
how many miles should you put on a car in a day or month?
Can you save if you take over someone's car lease, then buy the car after you did the last couple payments?
What is the best time of year to sell a used vehicle?
What type of cars are good for first time buyers?
2006 PT Cruiser or 2006 Ford Focus?
Any one selling a car?
Im looking to buy my first car. Ive narrowed it down to a Nissan and a BMW. which one is better?
best spearguns under $150?
I have been warned against buying a non-defender Landrover. Why?
What 7 seater car to buy?
can I use a 4wd lift kit with a 2wd truck? It is a 1983 Ford F-250 Long Bed (Not Supercab).?
What was your first new car?
How much would you pay for a 1994 Toyota Tercel with 75,000 mi on it?
Anyone in harford looking for a truck!?
when is the best time to sell a car to get the most money out of it?
how should i pay for car?
Would you put this much down on a car at 23?
How much should I ask for my 96 Honda Civic?
I have a 97 Malibu with slight engine trouble. I want a new car. With my car's issue, can I still trade it in?
Can I transfer a car loan balance to an already existing car loan?
i want to find german website where private person proposes to buy his cars directly.?
WhO selling a car for 300?
Which helmet mohawk is cooler?
Can I return this car?
How much does a 1958 F100 weigh?
I have a vehicle which is co-signed for, can the co-signer turn the car back into the bank?
i sold a car to a friend at no profit to myself?
if i buy a used car for 2000 in virginia approx how much will i pay in taxes?
Can't afford car payment, what happens if they can't find car?
Help with a first car?
Is selling boat to a merchant marine legit?
do you know WHAT IS A DLA CAR?
Which make should I consider?
What kind of car should i get??
where can i find a car for $500?
Can I return my car to J.D. Byrider or find another way out of this? Please help.?
how much does it cost to get license plates for a car in illinois?
What car???
How do you buy a new car for under MSRP?
can i rely on an older volvo to be a good car?
which is better maruti esteem or tata indica?
Where To Find An Audi A4 With Good Deal?
what car???????
Should i buy a 2003 Range Rover?
car for college student?
any recommendation for a good motorcycle to replace driving around the neighborhood of West San Jose?
What is best RV/Motorhome for family?
Manual Rwd cars currently in the market?
what cars should i get?
Can I sale my car even if I do not have title on it I still owe 20000?
How much is a 2005 impala worth totaled?
where can i find salvage cars in usa?
Does any one no where the big ol used car sale in washington is located???
Anyone have any nice new cars that they are selling?
Is a 97 Geo Prism a good car?
Would a BMW be a first good car for a 15 yr. old in high skool? that's want my parents are planning to get me.
How can i go about getting Tax for a car that i want to buy UK Only?
Buying a used car bad credit ?
My car was flooded, total loss. Better to donate, or junkyard?
Need help finding tires for rims i want to buy.?
How much should I be able to sell my Thunderbird for?
Is a 1996 Dodge Minivan at $500.00 a good deal??
What risk is there in letting someone take over payments on my used car loan, how does this kind of thing work
is a 2003 chevy tahoe with 138,000 miles a good deal for $7,000?
What is the best way to sell a car you haven't paid off yet?
Which is the best sedan model of Honda City? Honda City S VS Honda City V AT?
2010 honda accord coupe for a first car?
What's A Good SUV for a 16 year old?
Are there any hybrid cars that can be purchased for $6-7 grand?
getting this car tonight as my first car...thoughts?
whats the blue/black book value of a 1989 ford bronco?
does anybody know about voluntary repo's?
what is a franchised dealership?
Where can I buy a moped in Toronto?
I hear air coming out from my car steering wheel. Should I be worried? It sounds like air exiting a balloon.?
Trying to sell my pickup?
what car should i get?
please help me with my car?
Which one should i buy Toyota Prado or Volkswagen Touareg?
im going out of state for 3 mths, is it cheaper to send ur daily car in a truck or rent for 3 mth w/ a dealer?
Car in California for one year?
How long can you take a car loan out for?
Should I buy a Toyota Tundra or a Dodge Ram?
can someone please find me a 1960 chevy impala for sale around $1000 to $5000 on the west coast?
What things should i know before buying a new car?
is there a car that seats six that can be bought brand new?
2004 cadalic escalade or a new 2013 dodge dart sxt?
Should I choose a 2003 Renault Megane 1.4 Authentique or a 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec for my next car?
what is the best website for used cars in california?
How much would it cost me to order a car that is made up of an earlier die cast model?
What is the best SUV you know. Like Broncos and Blazers... Those kind, not the new ones.?
Does the 3rd row seating come standard on the 2010 Kia Sorento?
would a dodge durango new style be a good car for a teenager or would it not be cool enough???
what's the better midsize pickup truck?
cars please help!!!!?
Where can I sell some used 22' wheels for a car in Houston, Texas?
What offers does General Motors offer to it's employees?
For how much should I sell my 1997 Saturn station wagon with a ruined engine?
What is a reasonable price to pay for a used 2008 G6?
If you won any car which car would you choose? ?
Buying a used car...question?
Are there any good SUV's to buy with good fuel running to help in these hight gas price days?
Sports Wagon versus SUV, what's the major difference?
Do all cars have power windows and automatic locks that are from this decade?
What does a bank look at when you apply for an auto loan?
Why does GM have so much trouble selling cars? What do you think?
What color is this car?
How old were you when you brought your 1st car? And what kind of car was it?
What one should I buy a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Altima?
can you get a new title for a car if you lost the original title?
Tapped a cars back bumper, How much!?!?
what percentage rate can I get for an auto loan with bad credit (no bankruptcy)?
is the new chevrolet cruze better than the previous one?
if a new car has already been bought once can it be resold as a new car?
I own a 2000 Mazda Protege. Need 14" hubcap--type that bolt onto wheel directly instead of snap-on. Any ideas?
What is a good quality cheap car??
I am 17 and I want to buy a used car off Craigslist in Oregon. Do I have to be 18 to buy it by myself?
I am a 41 year old single gal, and I need opinoins on what type of car to buy..?
Is it cheaper to buy cab lights for a truck and pay someone to install them or pay all at once?
What kind of truck would I need to pull 10,000 to 12,000 pounds?
srt-4 vs. tiburon?
Toyota Prado 8 sitters price in emirates?
How much is shipping a car from the UK to the US?
Does anybody any websites that feature damaged cars 4 sale?
Im 18 what do u need to buy a used car?
Which car I can buy in less than Rs. 3 lakh in India?
whats the best car to buy second hand ?
Can I buy a car when the bank has the title?
If you are going to buy a car which one will you buy? Infinite or BMW?
My father just moved away and left me a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda it has a 4 speed. what is it worth?
trying to get a car inspected on location around stony brook... any services that come to the car to inspect?
where can you get a loan through for a car cause the bank told me no, because the car was over 10 years old?
I bought a used car with and now it needs a new transmission. Can I be reimbursed by the seller?
A car for 17 year old?
Hi... I have 3 choices for a used car -not sure which one?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!?? I need a CHEAP car fast!?
where do all the unsold new cars go?
What is the best car/van for the following specs:?
If you want to buy a new car, what a main factor that make you buy that car?
Anyone who's bought a used car, how much under the listed/internet price did you end up getting it for?
help me find an aston martin?
How much would a dealership give me for my used car?
Hey im looking for a nice car and sexy one ?
When buying a used car how do you tell if the car is fully paid?
what is the best car to buy for teenagers?
How do I find out how much an old model car is worth?
comparison between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive for cars?
Pros & cons -buying a car at a police auction .?
Who has the best rates for an auto loan?
Sold car with old lien?
how much can i sell a 1986 ford bronco for?
do you have more of a chance financing a car through a local credit union?
Is auto trader is it an auction site?
Does anyone live in kalispell Montana and want to trade or purchase a car?
If I have a car that doesnt have a title and belongs to someone else but is not reported stolen can I..?
my brother needs a car for cheap need help?
What does CC mean in a car add?
How to talk my dad into getting me a reliable car?
does AAA offer notary service?
how can you get your name off of a car title and just have the co-owner's name on the title .?
Buying a car using Google Checkout? Am I safe?
What was your first car you purchased your self ?
2013 Ford Focus Titanium or 2013 Jetta SEL?
Can i trade in my leased vehicle for another leased vehicle from another car company?
How can there be 2013 car models in 2012?
what is a fast car for about 5,000?
Best compact/smaller car?
Owning Moped vs. car?
What is the best car I can buy 2nd hand for £5,000c?
i bought a motorbike that has no tax or mot and it it sorned can i ride it to the mot station?
should i sell my p1 subs for something better?
How do you re-finance a car?
bought a vehicle thats not how it was described, where do i stand?
What is the best car to buy?
Why would there be a penalty for paying a car loan early?
need to find a used chevy avalanche truck for sale in the chicago land area?
My sister and I are trying to purchase a car! Need advice!! College student!?
Does a used cpm have to be flashed or reset?
2004 honda accord 2.0 ivtec vs 2002 bmw 318 e46?
Need to buy a car help i need decent answers no crap?
want to buy 2-15''inch subwoofers w/box?
What happens if I get a car from a dealer but I don't like it?
Why do people Lease expensive cars is it because they cant afford to buy it ?
Which is best ?karizma or unicorn?
Does little jimmies the big auto salvage and parts have a web site?
What car/suv make/model is known for great suspension?
How do I get to the website for Calworthington ford in long beach california?
Is It safe to buy a Pre - owned car from Maruti or from dealers /Individual ?
How do I pay for something I bought using International Checkout?
Am I able to get out of a leased car so that I can get a car that is more affordable?
What brand of car would be best to soup up?
i would like to contact export manger in fiat group, but un able to find any mail of that man on the web site?
What to get for a first car?
Do you think Used Limousines are Luxurious and available in affordable price?
If I give you $30,000 to buy a car (you must buy a car), what would you buy?
if i buy a car from a private seller and it goes on fire 3 days later how do i stand legally?
which car should i get?
What is a good first car for a new driver? (17 years old)?
What is the car down payment for?
need help finding a CAR??
What's the best way to sell my car as quickly as possible?
Where can i sell my motorcycle online for free?
i am thinking about buying a truck with high miles should I?
Who has a Moped ( not with pedals) and lives in Missouri?
Is the 99 toyota camry a girl car?
Auto Financing With 570 mid?
Do you get a replacement on a leased car?
Help me get a car.. what should i get????
What is the best offroad suv that is under 30,000???
What is a convertible car?
what is the price of 1999 tahoe 2 doors 4x4?
What dirtbike should I buy?
As Is/ Where Is bill of sale final?
what type of car should i get ?
I want to buy 1 tanker of 10000 litres of High speed diesel?
Put new engine in or buy newer car?
Current auction value of 2006 Mercedes E500 ?
i am guarantor for a car my son bought now he cannt pay where do i stand?
I have no/bad credit, 5k and no cosigner?
ok so me and my dad are thinking about getting old school cars and remodel them what should i get?
how much it cost to live in eagle pass?
Should I get a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer or 2003 Nissan Sentra?
What suv is better for a family of 8?
Which sports car would you buy with a 10,000 dollar budget?
Can I put my husbands car under his name on my own?
How can I sell my car online?
sold a car "as is" "where is"..buyer want to take legal action against me...what can he do?
I am in memphis tn. I have a chapter 13 on my credit and need a car?
what should i buy the new VW Jetta GLI or the New Camry SE sport?
Is the Kia Soul a good car?
can anyone give me some feedback on buick le sabre's im thinking about buying a used one good or lemon?
How can you afford such a nice car at age 19?
What is and where is the best Toyota car dealership in Wade County, North Carolina?
does this make sense? cars?
Would a used car dealership even consider this?
how much is a roles roys?
Does any body think its ok for a 17 year old to get a $12000-$19000 car or suv?
Cadillac ats 2013 or Chevy Malibu 2013?
What can I exspect to pay for a used car in one year?
I am needing a car that has room enough for 7, any suggestions?? It must be good on gas!!?
so since i don't know much about cars help me out please lol?
When buy your first new car, what was the first 5 questions that you asked the dealer/salesperson?
Anybody recently get a real good deal on a new Camero? What did the dealer offer you?
Ugh helpp!?
How much do u think this numberplate is worth "R80 SOL"?
Is it legal to buy broken cars and sell parts?
Is it too late for the US made (big three) Automobile?
what is a 1962 plymouth valiant worth?
What's a good site to find unbiased reviews of vehicles?
How to sell a car in california without registering it under my name ?
You buy a car for $18,000 only to find out the car actually cost $13,000 is it against the law?
I'm Looking to buy a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 6 Cyl.How is the gas mileage and power response.?
Should i buy this 2003 cadillac CTS?
Should I get a Moped for 700 bucks or buy a car 1200?
1989 T-Bird Super Coupe?
Is there anything I can do about fraud on autos?
who has the best online automobile radiator sales?
which is the best suv to drive i mean as in a sporty and fast car any suggestions?
What is a good looking SUV for a first car?
Hi I was wondering can you lease 2 cars at the same time.?
Im looking for a used car? I need help on what to find with the mileage ?
What is the average advertising cost per used auto sale?
Which car should I choose?
Hey I'm thinking about getting this car, but I want to know what your thoughts are about it?
What kind of car would you recommend for under $15K??
Can I own a preowned vehicle?
somebody borrowed my car and didnt return it?
how do you get a car salesman to lower the price of the car?
i need a car $500.00 upfront down payment?
Is a used 2002 Nissan Xterra XE a good first car?
What type of ferrari has four seats and a roof that comes down?
What bis the tax rate in Texas for purchasing a used car?
Parents refuse to let me buy a car!?
How much would you pay?
Can you get your money back for a car sold by a private seller?
where can i buy fuel in stores near me?
What Car Should I Buy?
best place to take car for pre buying inspection?
If I can't pay an auto repair bill, can the shop auction my vehicle to someone else, then ask me to buy back?
How much do you think this car is worth.?
On an average car, how much does £20s worth of fuel cover in miles approximately.?
2006 Toyota Solara or 2006 Chevy MonteCarlo?
Does anyone have a Honda Accord they would like to sell?
Car fixer. car engineer?
How much do you think this car is worth.?
Questions about buying a car?
What would one expect to pay for a new or good condition livestock trailer for hauling half dozen goats?
ok at what mileage should i not buy Cadillacac?
Is a hybrid car really the way to go these days with the gasoline prices being so high?
Can a property be transfared to a boy of about 13years old ?
I want to sell my car Mirsubishi lancer?
Any suggestions on a mid size suv that's under $23,000? Big family so a car in any model is real crowded! ?
How to become a Car Dealer?
is it safe to buy a car that has an engine swap on it?
What's a fast car for $6,000?
How do I get a car loan with out going to a bank?
How much can i sell a 01 sunfire 60000 miles, having trouble?
what is THE Safest car??
Trade in value of my excellent condition 2001 Mercury Grand Marque with 53M miles is $5,900.Why trade?
I need car advice! Please help?
I'm a really big Import tuner, Which car should i buy.?
I have a brand new Honda Ridgeline truck an 06 model. should I trade it in for something better?
Can I return or exchange a car?
What is the best van or car for transporting a harp?
Where can I find a lexus sc300 5speed for under $6000 in good shape?
is this illegal..?i sold my car to a scrap yard to be crushed... and just a few mins ago i saw my car ?
Can a new car be sold before the first note is due?
What do you guys think of the Honda Ridgeline 4x4?
Infiniti G20 Car question?
waht is a good muffler for my 86 chevy c-10 it has a 350 in it with headers on it im looking for a muffler?
Are these lease rates good? Located in CA?
03 Explorer vs. 05 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE?
where i buy cheep car?
Good websites to search for cars for sale?
Is a SUV okay to buy if it sat for 2 years?
Which SUV should I choose to buy?