Car Buying

is the site real or fake?
whats your favorite car so i have ideas what i want to buy?
2005 Scion TC or 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse or 2007 Honda Civic?
Is the Scion xB any good cause my wife really wants one and I don't know anything bout them.?
What is a legal vehicle that a person without a license can drive?
where are dodge and chevy factorys located in america?
What is the best Hybrid car in the market right now?
Car Prices!!!!!!!!!!?
My car got written off. Do I still pay the loan while I wait to sign for the new one?
what car would you buy honda nissan or toyota and why.?
After car loan papers are signed & car delivered, can the loan be kicked back by the loan company?
Subaru Impreza?
Were can i sell my 96 firebird for at least 1000 cash on the spot with title?
Is this legal.............I left a $500 deposit on an RV and...............?
what would you choose? a real real nice sporty car that is cheap and goes slow or a sporty car that is ok...?
Vote on this car, if you had to choose one...?
Can I purchase a new car in Oregon to avoid paying sales tax eventhough i'm a resident of California?
What is fastest car I can get under $15000 (2006 or newer)?
I recived a lien notice from that court, What can i do?
Does anyone know where i can find cheap used atvs in delaware, or new jerrsey, also a few online site will be?
2000 Mustang converitble?
price of a used ford focus?
If buying a used car what is and ok-good milage on the car?
"First time car-buyer" question?
I want to trade my car in for something not as new so that i dont have a payment can i do that?
how much should i pay for a 2005 Cadillac STS with 70,000 miles?
Car issues? what do I tell the dealer?
Is this mustang for sale a good buy?
What is the best vehicle for a guy that weighs 500 plus #'s and is 6'7"and still gets 30+ mpg.?
Which is the Best Brand & model of Car available in India?
plz let me know regarding the new launch of bajajauto's new car................?
used car buying help.?
I want to buy a good midsize sedan. What's a good buy?
How much do i need for a down payment on new truck?
Decent car wash price? READ ON?
My cousin wants to buy my 1968 Camaro this weekend. Is $13,000. a fair price?
can u buy a car in pennies?
What is the best small used car for a mom?
jeep wrangler for a first car?
I just bought a written off car? They lied. Do I have any rights?
look for 1956chevy?
What should i buy with 613$?
hi . in u.k where can i buy an ambulance from ?
How much do tax do I pay for a used car in Wisconsin?
suing for repairs made under warranty?
if your job was upgrading cars and stuff with new engines and things what would that job be called?
perodua myvi...?
how fast does a yamaha yz85cc dirt bike go?
Who wants to do me a tiny little favor?
Would you buy this car?
I got a new Mercedes. I want to get rid of my 2002 VW jetta. It has manual shift. So not many buyers.?
A person selling a car has a loan on car i want to pay for. How do we do transaction so i get Title to car?
How many cylanders in a hyundai santa fe?
First time car buyer, which car is good for me?
Ok i have 5 kids 3 are still in carseats/ booster im trying to find suv thats cheaper maybe ltr 90s any ideas?
How many MPG does a '02 Ford SportTrac get?
Buying a 2007 Rav4. Questions... .?
Good first car for a teenager?
should i buy honda civic-96 with 100,000 miles on it?
Which $5000 car would you buy.... choice of 3?
Is it worth it to let my wife cosign for a car or should I just make payments on a car she finances for me?
how much lower to offer on a used car that's asking $23,000 in Vancouver?
Should I buy or pass on this car.......??????????? s!!?
selling a car... need help figuring this out?
i'm looking for a car trailers dealer near albion mi 49224?
Alfa GT or Volvo S40(2004 onwards)?
trade in one car for 2?
I am considering purchasing a new Nissan Altima (6 cy) I am wondering what kind of mileage this car gets?
ideal first car?
What car would you recommend for a teenager?
is carlyle pa still going on this weekend?
Does anyone have a Range Rover? Pros? Cons? Who makes them?
Would a USED 2009 Audi a4 cost a lot to maintain?
where can i buy a mercedes722?
Is it safe to disclose your vehicle VIN number to a prospective buyer you have never seen over the phone?
auto repair garage sold my car for parts without my permission. What should I do?
can i get financed for a car unemployed?
How much will i get for a P reg 1996 corsa, 83000 miles ok condition?
LOoking for german motors in frederick, Md.?
can i buy a BMW car from usa and use it in saudi arabia?
I am selling a car on Ebay; I keep getting a question about LSD, what is this? Thanks in advance.?
What are my chances of getting a car loan with...?
Quick car, what would you choose?
What is better to buy. a car that has a lot of miles OR a car that has low miles with a rebuilt title?
Which car. My girlfriend is a mobile hairdresser and she will be buying a new car soon for around 5-7000 pound
What kind of car gets the best gas mileage ?
What would be a good FIRST CAR?
If sally's car payment is late she must pay a fee eual to 5.5% of her monthly payment. If her monthly payment?
I want to buy a PearPod?
what is cars showrooms goals & casestudy?
Mustang , Camaro or Challenger ?
how much is my 84 camaro worth?
Reviews for NJ Car Dealership Automotive Avenues?
what are some websites where used cars, car parts, crashed cars are sold???
if u had all the money in the world what car would you buy?
What would be a great first car for me?
Can someone located >500 miles away finance and purchase a car for me?
Why is selling used custom wheels impossible?
Looking to buy a new car?
'98 Ford Taurus with 200,000 plus miles for $700, buy or no?
what kind of truck to buy?
used Ford Probe 2ooo I'm going to purchase for 1800 dollars,looks nice but do these cars have problems?
would it be better to own a Ford Raptor SVT or a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8?
Which of these cars should I get next?
I live in Philadelphia PA. Is there a reputable car dealer where I can trade my SUV down for a smaller car?
WHo knows what happens to 2005 Nissan models if they did not sell so far, and how can one assess it's value?
Where can I get a hardtop for a 2005 thunderbird?
Sold a Defective Automobile by Dealer?
WHAT WOULD YOU BUY 2008 LS460 OR 2006 760LI OR A 2006 S55OR S600?
How much do bodywork jobs pay?
trying to buy a car. please help?
i m a used car dealer in ohio can i sell used car to somebody who dont have a licence and sociel securty?
Is there any website that is like ebay, except that has used car parts?
Which of these cars is the best deal?
looking for the phone number to vote for american idol?
Does Anyone know about Smart Cars?
Does Oldsmoble cars millege life around 200k miles?
98 chevy cavalier 2.2l with 175,000 miles , or 96 pontaic sunfire gt 2.4l with 159,000mi?
Where can I find something just like car fax but much cheaper?
Is it good to drive 3000 miles with a 1996 Contour?
who is in the wrong the salesman or the mechanic?
should I buy a 2004 saturn vue?
Im 17 and have no credit, but I have a job. Can I get a car loan?
When a car is for sale and it has a balloon on it, does the balloon come with it?
What was your first car?
What is the overall reliability rating of 2003 Volvo S40 by Consumer Reports?
If you could have any car or truck,what would it be?
Has anyone ever used All-pay?
Used 2007 Camry for 22k with 20,000 miles.....Bad Idea to buy?
What second hand sports car should I buy?
How much does a SPORTS CAR devaluate its price every year?
Is 69,000 miles considered high on a used car?
Is $7000 enough to buy a cheaper second hand car and run it for the rest of the year?
In Colorado it is required to get a state license to sell cars, how do I go about getting a selling license?
Does anyone know where i can find a Getrag 5speed transmission for a VS commodore?
how much do you think a charger rt will cost in 2010?
How can I get a car when I have no money and no job?
Can You Just Go To The Dealer To Buy A Scion Tc Or Do They Have To Actually Order Them?
Which is the Better Vehicle? A 2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 or a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1?
What are good first cars?
Looking for auto radiator (used) 1988 mercedes 260E in Spokane Wa?
Need help interpreting CarFax reports?
Honda Ridgeline or Chevy Avalanche?
How do i get a salvage title?
Why is my car so loud today!?
is paying $45.95 monthly for a high speed internet reasonable?alternatives?
Selling my car privately?
which is better the 2011 Hyundai Elantra or the Ford Fusion?
can i buy cigarettes with a learners permit.?
CAR IDEAS??? Help would be awesome!!?
Moped - wanting to buy. need info on costs?
What car to get on a $25,000 budget?
are there any pubic auto auctions near waynesboro virginia?
Is this a good deal on a BMW?
what is limited split axle ratio? what is non limited split axel ratio?
Why are cars in australia so expensive?
Which of these two cars are beter?
Where can I find an accord coupe v6 year 98-01?
when 2011 new cars will arrive to dealer?
what does the buyers fee cover at car auctions?
im goin to buy my first car whats better and cheaper honda,toyota,chevy etc...?
Mazda 3 or Ford Focus (hatchback)?
What is a good first car?
please tell me where can i find prices on audi is an oldtimer.thank you?
Do you like the new Range Rover Evoque?
how much is my car worth?
just sold car on sat. how do i handle liablility?
Where can I get information on all the things I should check on a car before buying it?
What car should i buy?
what is a good type of car for a 16 year old?
hundai wheel prices?
Wanting to buy a Kia Sedona only the nearest dealer is 2 1/2 hours away. Who would service my vehicle locally
i am thinking of buying a smart car anybody got one? wot are the plus or minuses of the smart?
What is a good, nice first car to get in the Uk?
Guy in middle class got bmw x5?
My son asked me to buy him a car after he passed his test. Have I bought him a bad car?
Is this car worth the buy?
Sketchy dealership? Friend needs opinions.?
How does Clash for Clunkers really work?
How do I lease a car?
Which one is better?? Toyota...Mazda???
Sport Cars=)?
Should I buy an automatic car?
I need a new car, but I am still making payments on my old one. "We'll pay off your trade..."?
How can I get financed for a car?
2003 Ford Explorer or 2000 Jeep Cherokee?
How do I buy a car with bad credit and no cosigner?
Is this car worth getting?
someone is buying my car but does this sound like a con?
Should my wife and i get a Mustang or a Camaro?
If we have a car that is not paid off, can we just trade it to a dealer for a differant car of the same value?
Is it ok to buy a car for my 20-year old son?
Where to find 1960 Chevy (Biscayne?)?
BMW 7 Series vs Mercedes S Class?
I am looking at a 2000 BMW Roadster, asking price from dealership is $24,300.?
Whats a car that I can buy that is faster and hotter than the Mazda RX-7?
Applying for Tax on a new Motorbike?
can i be sued for not paying my car payment after i told the owner to pick the car up?
Trading a mustang for a truck?
1998 Skyline r32 or 1998 Supra RZ?
What's a good price to spend on a first car, UK?
I've got enough for a car what should I get?
Does anyone know where I can get a Mugen BodyKit for Civic Si Sedan (06-09)?
what happens to new cars&trucks that do not sell in their model year,such as 2005,s?
what you think of cars with engine 1.0,1.4 e 1.6?
How much can I sell my 2012 mazda for?
Anything you like to buy with $250?
What do you hate most about buying a car?Are salesman really scum?
What car should I get?
What is the most expensive sports car on the market right now?
Help I need a car loan?
Does it make sense to sell my car to my mother only to put it under her name and insurance and I become a...?
What's best thing to buy for $400?
Does anyone know where I can find a blinker/headlight pod for an 84 chevy camaro berlinetta?
Where can I list my 67' dodge Charger for free.besides craigslist,ebay,and all that. what mucsle car site?
i want to purchase used car so i need the list of used cars in bangalore india?
Buying my first car and have a few questions?
Car title filled out wrong?
why would a 2008 vehicle not be e tested or safetied with 0 kms and selling for 10,950.00?
i m planning to buy a car for the range 10-12 lakhs.i hve chosen to buy honda city 2012.but i m very confused?
Is it cheaper to buy car magnetics online instead of from a sign shop?
Can i sell my car with out the v5.?
Totaled car, now what do i do?
350z,s2000,or g35 for first car?
Has anyone heard of to buy cars and is it legit or scam?
Where can I find a list of dealer markups for car accessories?
HI which car looks better? headturner? whY?
What are the pros and cons of Auto Liquidations sales?
Why should'nt I buy a Lincoln LS?
Should I buy this Subaru Forester?
will used car prices drop at the end of July?
I want to get a new car for about £12000. Is it best to get a loan or car finance?
My boyfriend just bought a maserati, just wondering whether he got ripped off or not...?
Returning engine short block from ebay sale?
Advertisement Car Transportation ?
Opinions on a 2012 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 litre?
Registering a Classic Car in Pa.... What are rules and regulations? Any suggestions or advice would be appr.?
A Question on Buying a Car?
I am considering purchasing a new Nissan Altima (6 cy) I am wondering what kind of mileage this car gets?
I have a 1994 camaro with 15k miles on it. Mint inside and out. How much should I sell it for?
Civic Vs. Accord Vs. Camry Vs. Corolla. Which would anyone recommend between the 4?
how possible is it to finance a car?
is 164k miles high for a 2003 subaru wrx?
If I buy a car in New Jersey and live in PA, do I pay additional taxes twice, once in NJ and another in PA?
If i sold a used 1994 Mazda MX-6 with 161,000 miles on it for 700 dollars, am i obligated to fix it?
Should I get a v6 or v8?
Ford Taurus?
Buying a brand new car in WA?
what are some cheap quick used cars?
What do you think of FIAT cars?????? Want to buy FIAT COUPE......but heared that FIATS are not good cars!!!!!!
Making the right career choice?
What's the best used vehicle to purchase with over 100K miles?
I traded my truck for a car?
My dad is looking to buy my brother and I car. Read more info!!!?
Dodge Caravan or Kia Sedona? What do you think?
What color eyes do you have?
I have a 1973 LT 350 Camaro that I would like trade for a 69 to 73 grand prix SJ?
I need some help choosing my first car?
Where can i find cheap cars in va and tn price range 150-300?
what kind of car should i get?
Good first car for a 16 yr old girl?
Is this an attractive car?
Buying a CAR what do you recommend?
Where could I buy/ have a Galleon built?
Any way to check how many miles on a car (previous registration, carfax, etc)?
when buying a car what does POA stand for?
When buying a new car, what does residency restrictions mean?
Which car would you rather have 2006 Mercedes Benz ML350 or 2006 BMW 530xi?
How much did you pay for your first car?
which web site can I find price list of used cars in Germany ?
what car should i get for my first?
Want to trade my 350z for a Chrysler Sebring worth the same amount?
How can I get the money to buy a car?
how would hydraulics look on a 89 town car?
Is this a feminine car?
Why won't my car sell? I HAVE to get rid of my 08 Charger for a SUV but cannot seem to sell it!?
I need a car now, I'm poor now, what do I do?
If I'm an exotic dancer, can I use that as proof of income when buying a car?
I sold my car in Hyderabad. planning to purchase another one.?
whats a good classified to post an ad for a show car?
should i bother bagging my truck? i want a smooth ride, whats the best bags?
Okay i need help on this?
Is it better to have a trade in or not when buying a used vehicle?
In PHX, AZ - need RELIABLE transportation by THIS WEEKEND!!!?
Why does everyone say a teen having a Mustang is a bad idea?
Should dealer do everything possible to fix my certified used car?
Should I trade-in my car?
what is the best car loan option for those with bad credit?
Is it easer to buy a new car or buy an old one?
Mark up when buying a car? ?
Should I buy a car without power steering?
i want to buy a suzuki grand vitara 1999 rear door handle?
What's the right amount of money you should spend on a first car?
Any one know a good used car lot around Missoula MT??
Can I sell a car bought by my partner?
i got a car from a used dealership & something wrong with it, can i get my down payment back?
New car choices, 2007 Hyundai accent or 2008 Kia rio?
What does a car with to much mileage mean, say a 2007 model with 173,112 miles?
What is a good first car?
would the colour of sprayed alloys come off someone is selling them.dont know if i should buy them plz hlp?
i m travelling abroad very soon , where can a find a quick sale for my car in birmingham?
where can i find a good automatic wheelchair for myself?
If I was selling a "68" dodge van would you be interested in buying it?
Is this a good first car to have?
what is the value of a 1981 corevtte?
2013 Hyundai Elantra vs Chevy Cruze?
can i cancel a fianace agreement after 6 months if the car has problems all the time?
How to buy your first car?
Has anyone bought the new Toyota Yaris??
will accua tl be an afordable car for a college student or will it be inancialy burdening....?
thinking about buying an R1 used but onlly hane 8 to 9 months uder my belt what should i do?
Cars/Trucks for a bigger guys first car?
who do i talk to in my city to get my car show approved?
1979 Firebird Formula frame off restoration twin turbo 455 Olds 800HP,230MPH what is it worth?
Should I trade my cadillac in for a new(er) car, if im upside down?
what kind of interest rates are associated with buying a used car vs. a new one?
Good reliable car?
Is this a good deal?
is there a lemon law in the state of alabama?
how can i sell these junk cars in my yard?
Should I buy this Jetta?
What risks are you taking by buying a salvaged titled car?
Does this car seem a bit too good to be true?
anyone no of any really cheap cars in the state of ohio?? 700-1500?
what do you do when you have paid off car but lienholder wont release the lien?
95-98 eclipse gst car?
Is it better to have a trade in or not when buying a used vehicle?
Which car is best for a beginner?
What car is the car closest to an audi with better reliability?
Pricing for an '04 Honda Accord? Is this a bad deal or what?
What kind of car is for me?
How much is this truck topper worth?
Is this car a good deal?
what does "clean title" on a car mean?
How can I convince my dad too buy me a car?
i would like to contact export manger in fiat group, but un able to find any mail of that man on the web site?
How long to order a car fron a dealer?
should i buy a bmw 2002?
sorry its me again i need to sell my car its a 64 impala with higro does anyone want to buy it?
My first car.?
Need to sell broke down town van not sure of worth...?
what car companies offer diesel engines? what, if any offer diesel hybrid?
How do you accept payment for a used car that you are selling?
Could my car be a "lemon" if so, what can I do...PLEASE HELP?
what car to buy for $5k or less?
2003 G35 or 2003 Evo 8?
I would rather get an Aston Martin, Nissan GTR, and a Range Rover Sport instead of a Lamborghini and Ferrari?
what if I don't want my new car?
which car should i get?
What would i have to do if i were to buy a 2009 Atos from Hyundai(Dodge)?
We have a 1979 Ford Bronco (4 wheel drive) for sale?
Is this a good deal???
Where to get this car?
How much do you guess a '69 Mustang in pretty decent condition would cost me?
If the car is 23000 brand new how much can I negotiate them down to?
Does anyone want to buy my car ?
What's a great first car to buy??
how to prospect for new clients?
very first car...PLEASE HELP and give opinions?
Is this a great deal or what?
what is better chevy,gmc,dodge,ford,nissan,honda,toyota… making fullsize pickup trucs???
I stay in gugaon and have to commute to delhi twice a week.should i buy elentra or Honda city?
please tell me where can i find prices on audi is an oldtimer.thank you?
Should i buy a Honda CRX?
Which are the most reliable car manufacturers?
Are car warranties worth it?
can mechanics tell if a car is going to give out soon?
If you recieved a stolen item would you resell it on ebay without a title?
Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 (eco) vs Potenza G019 Grid?
Does any body think its ok for a 17 year old to get a $12000-$19000 car or suv?
Whats a good Tuner car?
looking for austin healy 3000 autos for sale.?
Which "goverment auction" website is worth trying out?
Why Gasoline Prices Going High?
The dealer offered $23,500 out the door including tax but didnt 'net' my $6000 trade-in for sales tax. Rip off?
Would you buy a car , if there's no cup holder or air bags in it ?
opinion: what's the best vehicle for me?
need a cheap but good 5th wheel or trailer will trade for wedding dress anyone in bc,canada?
Which car should I get?
What cars are the best to be customized to be made into street racing cars.?
How should I price my car?
How can I sell my car in 3 weeks or right now?
Which car is better?
How exactly does a car trade-in work?
I am about to purchase my first SUV. Any suggestions?
Does anyone have a X-TREME XG-550 - 50cc gas scooter?
OMG Dad buying me a new car. Need suggestions!?
How do people check how much their car is worth?
i need ur opinions??deal or no deal?
Does this sound like a scam to you
are honda passports good vehicles?
why are cars so important?
were is a place that sales webkins for half price and buy 1 get 1 free?
I'm selling my car and my friend wants to buy it , but i have other ppl offering me dbl the money.?
is $19,777 a fair price for a 2010 Honda Civic Si Sedan?
do you knwo if there is any sort of law that says you can take a car back that you purchased threw a dealer ?
2008 Lancer GTS sitting outside for 2 years. Any problems i should be aware of?
what would cause a disk pad to burst in two?
What is a good pickup truck for a high school student?
which is better car renault duster or mahindra scorpio coz i want to buy in month?
Looking up a license number of a car..Is that possible?
Is a mustang a good first car?
how many horsepower does a minicooper 1.6 16v have?
How much would you pay for this car?
How long does mail from the uk arrive at spain?
Which car to take to prom?
if a cars sale price is 12,590 which is 20% off original price how much is the original price?
How do I know if this Autocheck is real?
Can you pay full price for a used car?
Selling a car with joint ownership in Pennsylvania?
Which is the best car for a family of four to buy?
What car would make the best taxi?
Buy a used car or fix mine?
how much would this be worth?
Which one is better-skoda rapid or toyota etios ? (both basic variants)?
Should I buy a used car that has been hit?
what does it mean when someone told me I could refinance my car after a year if my mom buy the car in her name?
how much money do you think these tools are worth?
what are the cons of buying a former taxi or rental?
If you were buying a car, what colour would you go for?
I have a legal question about selling a car (I'm seller) and the buyer taking me to Civil Court/Small Claims..
What is the best way to increase re-sale value on your car?
Is a 1979 z28 Camaro a good project car for my senior project for school?
Next X-Factor for sale!(Like New)?
What kind of 4x4 can I get for under 20,000$ That will last in Alaska?
does anybody know anything about the florida cooling off law? bought a truck that turned out to be crap!?
what is a good price for this car? Help!?
I want to know where to buy a army m984a1 hemmt wrecker?
Why wont my parents let me sell my truck?
could you tell me the address or the phone of some good PUBLIC auto auction in the dallas area with newer cars
Good and fun car for speed and looks?
1992 mazda protege for sale?
buying a new car question?
Do you think UPS has a reliable delivery service?
QUICK HELP if i was to buy a car what would be a good stock car i should star with...?
Should I try to come up with the money and pay her back, or take it to court?
Small Truck Diesel?
Looking to buy a new car, 2004 Acura TL or 2005 nissan Altima?
Lemon or Not a Lemon Car?
holden vt or toyota rav 4?
Whats the value of this truck?
im looking for a cheap reliable car in the sacramento area.?
What can i do if my car i just got from a used car dealer needs a new transmission?
What's a good website to post up your truck for sale?
Which car should be my first car?
looking on craigslist what area am I in?
How much taxes and Fees and I looking at for a 21,850 New Dodge Avenger.?
which is the best suv to drive i mean as in a sporty and fast car any suggestions?
is it illegal to sell a vehicle to a person with out a drivers license?
Im looking for a good vehicle?
Hello, Which Starter Car Should I Buy For My Only Daughter's Sixteen BIrthday?
Coolest cars under ten grand?
How much is a ne Kia Forte a month? new, and used. I'm about to turn 18. need a car thanks!?
Which is a better car the 2009 bmw 328 or the 2010 infiniti g37?
Which car do you think looks better for an Executive?
Will somebody help me with some ideas for modding my car?
does this sound like a good first car?
What things should i know before buying a new car?
If you have an old car and you decide to buy a new car, wold you keep the old one? Why, or why not?
Is dodge charger r/t awd, only awd muscle car?
Car interiors for big people?
Does anyone know what documents you need to export cars/automobiles to nicaragua?
What would you do???????????
I'm thinking about getting a houseboat. Any info. I should know before I buy?
Which Van Should I Get?
sold a car to a 18 year old and now the fathers call me on behalf of his son wanting the money back?
What is the best brand of truck to get?
Buying vs leasing a car?
I want to sell my Audi A4, where do I start?
Camaro convertible as first car?
how do i find the owner of a specific automobile? i have vin #?
what car is beter volvo or vw?
Corvette Z06 or Lotus Exige 240?
should i get a gto or trans am both newer models?
In what website can i find car JDM stickers?
whats a brand new car that can go for 30,000 and has four doors and is sporty?
Should i get a mustang, camaro, or trans am ws6?
Is this a total scam? It has to be...?
How much is my car really worth?
any opinions on SE Nissan Altima 99?
Vehicles that over 10 years old. Is odometer fraud worth pursuing?
Camry or accord.?
What is the best vehicle?
is 2000 Honda Civic with 269,000 km still a good car?
what is the car registration card? is it a different document from title or is the same thing?
does a 1996 impala ss use up a lot of gas?
What would you buy for yourself with 230$?
should i stay selling cars?
Would you buy an SUV or other gas guzzler considering the fuel crisis?
What is the sale price of a cell phone that is on sale for 15% off if the regular price is $75?
Which car would you rather own?
whats a cute, safe first used car for a girl with a budget of $3,000?
im searcing for my first car and i dont know what to get.?
What kind of car should i get?
Would you buy an automobile sold by a private owner listed on Craigslist?
Which car should I upgrade to next?
if you buy an used car you get 3 months warranty by law ??
Where is my car that I sold to Carmax?
How much would a 87 civic cost if I were to buy one?
how to trade cars between two owners?
Is there anyone selling a small car like a toyota, honda,etc. in rocky mount, north carolina?
how much is the pagani zonda in the US?
I put a GPS tracking device on my wife's car and she found out and is mad now? What gives?
How do I save $5,000 for a car?
i bought a 04 chevy sliverado 2500 HD last year?
i tow junk cars for a living do i need and specific plate for my tow dolly?
How do I convince my parents to help me buy another car?
how do u get ur parents to buy u a new car ???????
Question about financing a car?
Anyone used to buy a Green Dot Moneypak Online?
What is the longest production-model convertible car? Top ten would be great.?
Does any one have a list of used car dealer auction locations?
Should I get a smaller car or keep my truck?
is a 2010 f250 a good first truck?
Vin searched on car-fax says the car is stolen did any one elce have the same problem?
How are jaguars? Gas, parts, ride? I'm thinking of a used one.?
Which of these trucks are better?
what 's SUV car ?
Lambrettas for sale?
What exactaly does it mean to be either 4x2 or 4x4 when it comes to trucks?
Car ideas for a fast AWD/FWD car?
Whats the best web site to buy a car?
Which car should I get for 3000 $ for a family with children?
Yesterday i passed by a place that sells old cars.?
What dirtbike should I buy?
what is law about returning a car to dealership in florida?
What 4x4 to !!!!?
Ford Escape, Jeep Liberty, Honda CRV, or Chevy Equinox?
Selling IL car in MN?
Can a private seller of a car take it back after you paid him?
Should I sell my 1987 SAAB 900 Turbo?
What used 4 door sedans are cheap on insurance?
How long before my car can get antique tags?
Is this a good car choice for a teen? (1996 Pontiac Bonneville)?
should i get a car on finance?
Need help choosing my first car with a budget of approx. $7000 (Toronto, Canada)?
what car new and used gets the best gas mileage,any year make or model but no hybrids allowed,?
Should I be able to get kelly Blue book trade in value for my car when trading in ?
Trouble priceing a R69S BMW, any help?
would you buy a used car off of craigslist?
Im buying a new car or most likely a used one and I have to stay in the low $30K mark...any suggestions?
I am 15 going on 16, and my first car is going to be a ford mustang which edition should I buy?????????????
how much 4 a impala 64?
is it possible to trade in two cars for one?
what can i buy for £240?
How good is this deal? Im buying a car.?
good first cars please help:)?
Ford Explorer sales are good still top best seller ?
recommend a first car?
Please, help me. What car is this?
Which car i should buy?
My daughter and i need a gun that we can both use im 50 and petite as to where my daughter is 16 and 5foot 5?
can someone tell me a list of suvs that have the third row seat?
Ive been letting someone buy my car in payments. They owe one more payment & then we will need to switch title?
how do you do that picture sticker thing on the back of a car where do you get one ?
An item regularly priced at $30 is on sale at a discount of 80% . What is the sale price of the item?
which car should i buy?
sold car and person never transferred..can i take it back?(california)?
In saints row 1 is there a car showroom?
What are the Acceleration and Pick-up of Tata Indica Vista Electric?
lady asking about
I recently bought a car and ! finance was the third party in the transaction.I need to speak to someone?
I have a 2010 kia forte koup ex 2.0 i love my car, i was wondering how i could improve it.?
Camaro convertible as first car?
what car is the most fun for under 13K?
my 15 yeard daughter wil be turning 16 in 6 weeks shoud she get a brand new safe suv or a used convertible?
on which websites can I buy used car in germany/austria?
roofbars known to fit Rover 820 ?
I have an 95 Tacoma I want to get rid of?
How long can I drive with an expired dealer's temp tag?
Could I Be A Good Car Salesman?
How do I save $5,000 for a car?
Whats my car worth?see details?
Which car should I buy?
When will gas prices get lower???
Not in her name, Need Help!?
i need help im looking to buy a car and i have found one that i really love. But it has some issues?
How much could I sell my 1967 Mustang for? (pics)?
Anyone want to buy a celica?
I am looking to buy a 1999 Nissan Frontier 4cyl 2 wheel drive. Should I get it w/ manual or auto transmission?
Is a Mini Cooper an overall nice care?
thinking may buy a hyundai santa fe or terracan. Any comments please?
Should I get an Rx-7 as my first car?
Purchasing car after lease ends?
i want to import a camaro 3.6liter car to egypt from america does any1 anyting about customs on the car?
Will I get a discount purchasing a car in the United States while living in Afghanistan?
Has anybody actually ever sold a car by advertising it in the car window?
my car got repossessed please help?
Is a hybrid car worth buying?
Should I buy my 2007 Honda Pilot at end of lease- or get a new lease?
Can I return my car to the finance company with a knocking noise from the car?
Are student auto loans good?
trading in my vehicle on a new one?
Buy Volvo s40 1998 OR Renault clio 2001 both are same condition?
i want to buy my car back from the person that i sold it to. how can i pursuade him to sell it?
Which car is the best option for my needs.?
I am considering purchasing a new Nissan Altima (6 cy) I am wondering what kind of mileage this car gets?
What is a good example of a "car for sale" add to be placed in the classifieds?
What car is Better ......?
Nice used cars under 7000 dollars?
diesel or petrol?
I'm looking to get a new vehicle to replace my car.?
how old is a car before it comes a classic?
What Car Should I Buy?
can i get a loan on a car if im 17 in a full time job?
what can anyone tell me about a daewoo automobile?
How much could you sell a 2002 dodge ram van (15 passenger) that the transmission doesn't work?
mitsubishi lancer ralliart or mazda rx-8?
Is the Lemon Law in effect?
how should a car salesman dress?
can i sell my car with a lien on it?
Selling car now I have a new one. Old one no longer insured - what happens when somebody wants to test drive?
How much does it cost to ship cars over?
When will new 3-series coupe come out?
First car $1000 or $1000 cash? Best Options?
Im buying a new car or most likely a used one and I have to stay in the low $30K mark...any suggestions?
Nice convertibles???? ?
Cosigned a car for my brother....?
What kind of car do you have?
What kind of car would you recommend for me?
How can I buy a HASSELBLAD Xpan ll with shipping to Georgia (repablic)?
Are offers I'm getting for my used vehicle over the internet from out of area parties legitimate?
What car should i get? Easy 10 points?
Dodge viper or corvette.?
Should I buy a used iPhone 3GB for 350$?
Where the best place to selling online?
How to buy your first car?
Would you buy a skoda?
If my friend bought a car from a dealer?
I am earning R6000 per month i want a car for R100 000 now i hv 3 months working period what should i do?
Would it make more sense financially to lease a car for my 17 year old son?
First car help?????????????
I'm thinking of trading in my SUV for a car w/ better gas mileage any nice looking cars with good gas mileage
What is a legal vehicle that a person without a license can drive?
looking for a reliable car.?
Do car dealerships do even trades?
What other Canadian websites are there similar to craigslist & for car sales? Thanks?
Volkswagen GTI or Infiniti G35 coupe?
I am looking for purple car window tint.?
what kinda car should I get? Between a Pontiac Solstice, Hyundi Tiburon, or a Saturn Sky...?
buy sell damaged frate?
is there finance on my van AU55 ERX?
how much would it cost me to import a car from japan(im in new york and if it helps i wanna import silvia s15)?
Would it be better to buy a cheap new car or a used luxery car?
Can I buy a car at the age 17?
Buying a car, need advice?
Anybody in Missouri Have a Moped that they want to sell for under $100.00 ??
hyundai or chevy which is more reliable?
? on taxing for buying a car?
Where can i get a car in north carolina for cheap. by owner.?
im going to get a car....wat kind of car should i get??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Good first car recommendation?
what are the best used car website under $1000?
looking for good performance suspension for my 74 chevy nova?
how mush would a car payment be on a 25000 car?
where to buy upgrade parts for tamiya mini 4wd pro series?
Can i trade in a new car i bought yesterday for a different color?
Is the Mitsubishi Gallant a good car..................?
In search of a used car?
What car advice can you give - first time buyer?
What is a good First car for 16 year old girl?
What is your Favorite Car?
I bought a used car, and the guy lied to me?
How Much does it cost to buy a car in NY?
What is the fastest healing part of the human body?
When did BMW buy Landrover?
what do i do if a car dealership sells me a car and 18 days latter it quits.?
what is the average monthly payment for a 2010 camaro?
What car should I get for my red p's?
Best phone in rang 15000 please help me to buy the best? ?
Which Jeep should I get, the CJ6, or CJ7?
The Jeep Compass??
What are the details of Betty Sutton's $5000. bonus for buying a new car?
Best car auction in the north west?
How much would I expect to pay for a good used truck?
what is the best SUV as far as quality, affordability, and fuel economy?
How can I get financed for a car when I'm a sub-contractor?
Advertising Fraud on a Certified car?
How can my fiance get out of her bad car loan?
Ford Truck or Dodge Truck, which is better?
Is amazon safe ??????????
which is better the Turbo XS RFL BOV or the HKS SSQ BOV?
My aunt die on 4-19-06 in a car accident arond 1:00 in the morning so I put the news and I missed it and my mo
i need your help guys?
Does anyone like the Honda element??
Want to buy a car, but autocheck reported a few problems?
I bought a used car, that was deceptively misrepresented? what can i do?
Carfax or Autocheck to check this type of car?
What is a good car for a recent college grad?
I am wanting to find a pontiac g6 with specific things in mind.?
Blacked out lifted truck modification list and final price?
What is my car worth?
anyone out there with a saturn aura xe- what do you think about your car,performance wise. Are you happy?
What car model should I buy?
Car buying survey, please answer?
Can one pay a car note in advance, such as a year in advance?
Dodge Vs. Infinity, which would you rather?
Do You Think I'll Have My Car Re-Possessed?
Car instillation question- vehicle knowledge needed?
Dscribe a Vehicle You want to buy please at least 60 words?
Alternative fuel and technologies: Hybrids and E85 issues question.?
finance #538120065 verification?
What muscle cars can i get for under 15k?
Want to trade in damaged Audi A4?
Would a british person trade a used (old) MINI for a good Lambretta and Vespa (220cc) scooters?
My credit score is 560, dealership is asking $2500 dwp & they will give me the car. What should I do?
ok i decided to buy a 407 and want to know few things?
anyone in the kansas city area need a truck at a great price, im leaving the country soon and dont need it now
Does any one know where I can get a D16a engine for my crx?
Would a car dealership accept payments every other week?
What car should i get?
i would like to contact export manger in fiat group, but un able to find any mail of that man on the web site?
must sell 1957 chevy shortbox over $6500 invested sell for $4500?
why dont you get back money when your car is repossessed?
Can you please advise who would be best to contact in this situation?
buying a car? would i get a better deal or good deal buying an automobile if i pay cash?
SPEED channel has the BARRETT-Jackson auction on now.?
What is considered an expensive or high price for a car?
Shipping help needed?
1997 Acura integra Coupe or 2000 vw golf gls 4door?
I need a new car but which?
do i have to buy a used car when i put a downpayment for it?
Malibu 2011 or Camry 2011?
What car model is this ?
What is my car worth?
Where can i get a car?
which car would you pick out of these three?
Good Car for First Time Driver?
Should I buy this Honda Accord?
What's a good used car for me?
would i benefit from a hybrid?
What can I do about "fraudulent sale of vehicle?"?
What should i buy for a creitiv person?
I need help with car loan?
powerful fast and cheap first car?
Best place to buy ecigs from the dealer in cheap price in US.?
Is this a good car for my mom?
what if ive bought an unroadworthy vehihle?
which wud u chose and y-skoda octavia vs honda civic vs toyota corolla?
Where can I buy a single alessio vittoria 18" alloy wheel from?
Can you still negotiate the price of a brand new car? chevy volt in particular?
Tradein in car with 10K negative equity.?
Is this a scam? I'm trying to sell my car. This is the email I received from a potential buyer in Canada.?
what is a 1992 chev worth if it only has 50,000 miles?
Should I lease a 370z with this deal?
What kind of car do you drive?
what is a good car !?
is this a good car deal?
Nice first car that will turn heads?
what car to get Between two cars?
I'm 18 years old, I need a car, what do I do? Do I get a used car for payments? HELP!?
How much can i get for my rims and tires?
Where is the best place to buy aused car online?
Im restoring a ford ranger and need title and vin's?
ideas for 1st sportscar?
Anyone in UK got a 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS they wanna sell?
what are the advantages of a car lease?
Does anyone know anything about auto brokers in Colorado?
What's the credit requirements of a used car?
What is a cheap, fuel efficient car?
Question about transferring my tags to my new car.?
What will happen when I turn my lease in early?
Which "goverment auction" website is worth trying out?
How much would a 2005 Infiniti QX56 with about 80K miles be worth in the wholesale or dealer auctions?
CAR!!! help needed?
Will I be eligible to purchase a new car, even though I do not have a credit card?
i need a cheap dependable car for work ...?
17 yrs old FIRST car..what should i get?
looking for a site to see what rims is good to go on truck?
how much are walmart car batteries ? on their website , it says in store only and doesnt show prices?
What type of car do you have?
I bought a used car warrenty and there out of busness?
Okay, I admit it. I screwed up BIG TIME! Anyone out there that can help me fix it?
What car do i buy? such.difficult ?
how much money do you save by buying a car in detroit. live in ma.?
buying automobile?
I want to buy a new car, which one is better Honda civic Or Mazda 3 ?
how can i contact wajid khan mp?
What car???
How much is this car worth?
Buying a car and the seller still owes money?
Why is it in the dealer's interest to push a car lease rather than sell you a (used) car?
2005 Lincoln Aviator/
2009 hyundai accent-good deal?
Not really a questions. Looking to buy van or roomy car. Know where I can find one decently priced?
will gas prices ever go back down?
Anyone know where i can buy a daewoo lanos miniature toy car for my friends birthday?
how to sell a car properly...?
Anyone in the Tampa Fl. area got a car, truck, or van for sale, for less than 1,ooo?
What car to buy? £1500-£2000, fairly (not too) powerful, modifiable, got escort 1.8 in mind so far! Thoughts?
What Car did Felipe drive in Eat Pray Love?
help with buying a car?
when will i buy bike?
2007 kia optima, good deal?
Who would buy a light bulb for sale that's 100,00 $?
I am looking for a web site for and auto dealer called Car and truck world?
i ordered something online?
I wonder how much a 1971 chevy chevelle sed. is worth in mint condition?
Hot cars with mpg over 25 for teenage girl?
2003 Dodge Grand Caravan SE SPORT vs 2006 Kia Sedona (or Nissan Quest) - What would you do?
I need the blue book value on a 1975 Chevy El Camino? good condition with no rust 150,000 miles?
how can i get auction license?
Do you know the hybrid cars?
How much does a 1966 Ford Mustang sell for??
My daughter's jeep needs a new motor, she doesn't have the money to repair it, still has loan, any suggestions
What would be an ideal first car for a 17 year old (UK only)?
If they made hybrid cars cuter, would you buy one?
First Time Cars With Low Insurance?
I have a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo z34 and i am trying to found out how much my car is worth?
I ordered a package from hong kong,when will it arrive?
How much will a dealership go down if you pay cash?
suzuki swift vdi 2008 for sale?
Is it better to buy a new car or lease one?
is registration required when used vehicle is bought?
who sell custom rims cheap?
what are the main things to look for when buying a second hand car ?
Is this a scam?
Is $4000 too much for a 98 Honda Civic?
What would be a nice "middle class" luxury car?
Where do you get SLS free Shampoos in India, and what are the brands you can find it under?
how does trading a vehicle in work?
Cheaper but reliable US shipper?
best place to find a car in kansas?
hey i want to buy a sedan.. my monthly use is 400-500 kms. my budget is 12,00,000. now i m getting honda city?
I've found a 1983 Porsche 903 Turbo. What can you guys tell me about this car?
what are somethings to look out for when buying a used car?
can somone please help me!?
should i buy this car?
Is 35,000 miles too many for a 2007 car?
Way to sell truck without getting title signed over?
do these sound like a good deal? 1st car, don't know much about them?
How much should my down payment be for a $5000 car? ?
Rate these cars 1-10 (pics)?
is there any where in tennessee where you can buy vehicles with the steering on th oppisite side?
What should my first car be?
Are there any American cars worth buying?
Help me pick a car!!!?
Im scared what do i do?
What kind of car or cars do you have?
Can I get a car loan?
Am selling a 03 Nissan 350z?
How do you get a car to sell fast?
Just bought a new car BUT?
how much would this be worth?
Which car and why?
can i buy a car on sunday in Ohio?
Which car do you perfer?
Sporty sedan?
People! what car do you people own?
Getting a new car, Please help!?
What engine size should I get for a first time car?
bought a landrover (used) had a trade in it has been over 65 days and yet to pay off the car i traded for.?
how much can i sell a 97 nissan maxima gle with 114000 miles ?
Where can I buy a Honda hornet 250?
Best car for college graduate?
Should I sell MW3 now or later?
what is the best midsize truck to buy?
What car shall I get?
What was your first car you purchased your self ?
Does anyone want to buy a bronco in chicago?
Used car title was messed up by seller and wants me to pay?
what car should i purchase?
2003 350Z, LS1 Trans Am WS6, or Infiniti G35?
Advice on how to buy a used car?
2012 toyota camry or 2013 nissan altima?
I want to fix my car, but it would cost double what its worth... can I get advice please?
which one will be the best car to buy in india?
Rob changes his car every year and prefers a car that is always under warranty. Which option will suit him bes?
Which Japanese Cars (JDM Cars) Can Be Legally Imported To Australia?
I'm about 5 foot and am getting a longboard. Should i get a certain size depending on how tall I am?
Give me reasons why it is better to buy either American cars or Japanese cars.?
someone cosigned a car for me can they take it back?
cosigning confusion with car?
Can a Nerusurgeon afford a 125k Lamborghini?
Dose anyone own a racing go cart shop or is selling racing go cart chassis or engines for a good price?
how loud are black cat fireers?
can i back out of a car deal even we signed all the papers?
What do I have to do if I live in Pennsylvania and I want to buy a car in Florida?
Whats the worlds best car?
How would I go about buying a car?
16 year old boys first car....?
When a dealership says "Lease" a car, what do they mean??
Did I get a good deal?!?
How can i afford a used car quickly with no credit and little money monthly?
is there another website like craigslist where you can find car?
First time buying a car,please explain what MPG city/ highway means ?
HAVE A 1997 caddilac deville want to sell for 6000.00 what do you think?
Oldsmobile Alero for $2400?
Should I buy a 3 year old car with no service history?
How do I buy and sell cars without a dealer license ?
What is a good price for a carbon fiber hood for a Honda Civic EX year 2000 (new and used)?
Soldier needs help buying car from CARMAX? Please help?
used car problems?!?!?!?
what car???????
Suggestions for a SUV?
lease or buy?
how many cars are registered on St. Martin?
honda or nissan or lexus better?
2006 Sti vs 2006 mr which is faster in a dragrace?
Looking for a French diesel fuel injection manufacturer website by the name Sigma?
Which car should I buy?
do disabled blue badge holders need to pay full price car tax? or is there any discount available?
Does anyone have good or bad experiences selling their car on
what will happend with cars if oil prices remaining same high rate.?
Car dead, bad credit, no down payment, working at a $33k yr job for 2 1/2 years. Can I buy a car? New or used?
Got the insurance money for my totaled car and don't know what to buy now?
Why do so many people knock British-made cars? Why do so few people buy them?
Good mechanic for used car inspection near Wayne, NJ?
How do these two cars compare?
which car should i get?
Could I get a NIssan 350Z for 8000 and under used?
How do I get my parents to buy/lease me a car?
Vehicle Allowance or Company Vehicle?
what is the value of my 1970 nova coupe?
What can I do to get an auto loan?
Cars that are similiar to Pontiac Grand Am, Pontiac Bonneville, Buick Century and Buick LeSabre?
where can i go online to see how much my car is worth?????
did i got screwed for this car?
Which of these cars should i get?
Where can I buy a replica Maybach ready to drive?
2000 Mercury Sable vs 2000 VW Jetta GLS?
Buying a car that was once an auction car.?
Is there an age limit to driving a lamborghini/fararri/super car?
Should I buy a 20+ year old car?
Tell me the engine and performance of Audi S6?
are mustangs girl cars now?
What is the Best Car for 35k?
what is the process of buying a car?
Should I buy a used manual transmission car?
Can you recommend a 6 or 7 seater car that is not a minivan? Budget upto $45K. Please help!!?
Manual or Automatic Transmission? [Future Value]?
Can I put a lien on my ex-husbands car?
How much do you think my car payments per month would be?
which car is good eon / altok10/ spark?
Why are there so many beat up Civics for sale?
Best mileage correction software? That actually works?!?
what is the process in selling my old car to the government?
between hyundai accent and honda city , which one is the best.?
Acura RSX type-s or Scion tC?
how much of a discount would i get from a car dealer on a new 2013 toyota highlander in canada. v6 4wheel driv?
Do I have to worry about APR financing?
Unusual situation...need advise ASAP!?
Can my ex cancel car finance?
Should I buy a 1966 Valiant or a 1964 Corvair?
My friend wants to buy a car but is Horrible what should i do?
where can I get a 2005 dodge magnum for a great price in atlanta?
best and most reliable truck available?
I am trying to decide on a car to get?
buying a new car with short MOT?
help me find my new vehicle please.?
Should i get this car as a first car?
Would a triumph tr8 be a good first car?
how do i find the right car?
Is a three-owner used car a bad buy?
best car for teenage girl?
A kid buying his first car asking questions?
Which car is better out of these two cars?
Porsche Boxster 986 or Nissan 350z based only on looks?
How much is my ATV worth?!?! SEEKING APPRAISAL?
I have about ten thousand dollars. Should I buy a new car, like hyundai accent, or used car like a Volvo S80.?
Does this sound like a scam to you?
is the 1999-2005 Pontiac Grand AM with the GM3400 a good car or not.?
Sell my vehicle? How to sell my car online?
What all is involved with opening a car dealership such as Ford or Chevrolet factory dealership?
What is your next car American made or Foreign? Why?
subrau baja ???s?
which one is the best to buy it 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee or 2012 Ford Explorer, 2012 Chevy Tahoe?
which car should i get?
is this a good car deal?
Does anyone know if (in styler) still on sale for $14.99 offer?
Im looking to get a 600cc bike, i need to know details about payments and what not?
Is it in my interest to buy a used car thats "salvage title"?
Which car is better?
What vehicle takes the least amount of spark plug?
if you were 21 went to college and lived at home would u move out or buy a new sportscar?
how good a vech. is a pnotiac vibe?
2010 glk350 vs c300 vs audi a4? which car should i get and what color exterior and interior?
I am looking to finance a used car through JP Morgan Chase bank?
Can you buy a car in california without license?
How much a car in USA?
Good Sports Car (Used) under 20k?
What car would you choose as a student?
What does "Electronic Shipping Info Received" in package tracking mean?
I am new on automobile tires and lifts and all that kind of stuff, and am wanting to make some changes.?
i will have 5,000 dollars in a year should i trade my car then or wait longer i own a 1996 honda civic now?
i am going to buy a used car, i don't want buy one with too many miles on it..?
Any idea what a set of stock rims from a 2004 Jeep Rubicon would be worth?
After the contract has been signed and the car delivered, can a dealer change the conditions of a lease?
The best and cheapest way to get out of a Auto Lease?
300zx twin turbo or cobalt ss or eagle talon awd turbo?
I wanna buy a bike within the rage of Rs.80,000/-?