Car Buying

chevrolet spark LT or hyundai i10 era?
What reasonably priced used or new cars are there out there with a 6-speed manual transmission?
Mileage on a 2004 ford mustang...good or bad?
How much would you price this car at?
this is a email i got back trying to buy a car on craigslist?
Can I add Fog Lamps at dealership before purchase?
Is Buying a Range Rover Worth It?
I am looking for a mid-size car for a family of 4-5? It has to be Japanese and a reliable car?
i have 1.2 million to spend on a car what should i get ?
where can i buy concave and convex mirrors in manila?
Is it true that I can't collect an oversized package from UPS on a saturday?
Are these legit dealer charges?
Calling all car review experts....???
i just bought a new car at a dealership with my husband who has a bad driving record but the loan is me and?
What makes up the ever–mysterious “new–car smell”?
i am a small licensed Auto dealer..a customer wants to buy our car and drive it to his home in
Temp registration?
Renting, Leasing, or Buying a Cheap car?
Which is better mtx thunder 9600 or jl w7?
car buying tips? please help?
Whats the best car available for under 30 grand?
I need help getting my first car?
Credit/Auto loan/Trade-in question?
If someone offers to just give me his old used car (not a fancy vintage one) do I have to give my address etc?
whats the blue book value on a 91 chevy caprice classic?
I need help finding the right car for a teenager!?
Is vintage car is expensive than brand new car?
im wanting to restore a muscle car but cant decide on which one. id like one thats cool yet cheap. ?
Should I buy my 16 yr old her first car?
Do you like this car??
Which is the worst American car brand in your opinion?
can you get a car without a loan?
I have a few Questions about Used Honda Civics?
shipped product incident: what should i ask for in this situation? (10 points!!)?
A question about financing a car..?
I'm thinking of getting a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport for $5,000 and 79,000 miles. Is that a good price?
For 2 adults and 2 growth up kid (Sec 2 & 4) and 1 in K2. Which car is better interm of space, power,?
Best place to buy ecigs from the dealer in cheap price in US.?
What car should I get?
What are my options on maybe getting a loan for a car?
Can I sell a car that has a MO. title in PA.?
Whats a better car for a 16 year old?
Buying from a dealer vs. private seller?
anyone know were i can get old 76-78 dodge trucks cheap?
Best diesel car for about £1000?
Can you please explain it to me in Detail about becoming a car dealer in ontario and selling cars privately?
Are 10000k hid lights blue or purple ?
is it better to buy or to lease a car?
where can i buy a cheap bus or rv?
would you do the trade?
What should i name my car?
What is a good commuter vehicle for one or two people?
Does anyone know where I can get '93 240sx SE windshield?
I found a 1955 cadillac owner's manual and i need to know how much i can sell it for?
Looking for 95-99 Eclipse turbo in Chicagoland area....?
Are dealers willing to sell their cars at a lower price than usual if paying fully by cash?
New Prius Batteries?
Where is the best place to sell a car?
Does fedex animal/product overnight ship on weekends?
should i sell plymouth prowler 1999 with 28000 miles or keep it to sell in a few years?
How much do you have to know about cars to be a service advisor?
Can i give my car back?
Should I buy or pass on this car.......??????????? s!!?
Can I give my car "back to the bank" to get out from under the loan, or is that the same as arepo?
were can i find old cars for cheap?
First Time Car Buyer on Tight Budget?
What type of car should i get?
Does the dealer always pay market value of leased vehicle? ?
IMPORTANT car part name?
Deal or no deal? 2000 v40= $5000?
Any one selling a G35 coupe?
Looking For MANUAL Lexus IS350 (need links)?
How much will it cost to register my car in Alexandria, Virginia?
Does anyone know a website where you can find new cars?
would buy a ferrari 599 gtb fiorano?
im undecided to get an SI or mitsubishi evo which one is better?
Beetle or Mini???
Silverado 06 Gas Or Diesel ? Owners opinions?
Should I buy a Mercedes A-class?
Just bought a truck off this kid in chester, nj. I knew the truck wasnt in that great of condition, however.?
Being a Car Salesman?
New Toyota Tacoma or New Honda Ridgeline?
Can they repo my car if...?
What's the best way to compare gas mileage of cars?
golf or fiesta?...?
First Cars?
how much should someone charge for a 10 year old car?
selling 97 ford ranger?
Which sports car should i get?
how much would a 1969 firebird with an olds 455 engine with E heads go for in a auction?
I have just sold my vw golf which was registered SORN.?
Should I buy this car or walk away?
Chevy Trailblazer vs Toyota Highlander?
is top gear reproductions real?
Price for Toyota Rav4 at an auction?
Can i buy a decent car for around $3,000?
Best SUV for these criteria?
Please help me to get migration visa to UK?
What is the best Family SUV?
Will trade Trailblazer for a Prius, any takers?
2009 Nissan 370Z (new) vs. 2003 Porsche Boxster S (used)?
What car is best for me?
what is SUV?
should i sell my car or repair it?
Do you have to buy a leased car?
Good Car For Atleast 12,000?
Need some advice plz?
2001 Chevy Impala should i go for it?
What's a good car to buy at young age?
96 eclipse for 98 blazer: good deal?
where can I find a 1967 Chevelle SS 396?
Is this a good first car to buy?
Can someone sue me over a used car sale ? ?
I am making payments on a car I cant afford anymore. Its hard to sell & trade. What do i do?
Buying a New Car and Don't Know What to Get?
selling a car?
If i have $1000 what can i buy?
What's a good quick car to get that's a sedan? ?
Question about chevy monte carlo dealer pricing?
Which used SUVs should I avoid?
Is it possible to price-haggle on the purchase of a brand new MINI Cooper?
how safe is it to buy a car from a friend who still has the car under his name from a dealer?
What's better?
Where can I sell this gas RC car?
How much is a VW Polo worth?
Is 101,000 miles on a car a lot?
First Car For A Tall guy?
Car insurance policy and rates question?
Is it possible to find a dependable used car for around 2000 to 2500 dollars?
What is the #1 classic car to get noticed by chicks?
How much should I pay for a Honda certified used 2010 Accord LX?
What kind of used car (make and year) would be reliable to buy?
once you leave a dealership with your bill of sale papers is the car your's?
What are the similarities.....?
Will anyone buy my car?
Can someone plz explain how u can drift a front-wheel drive Car?
how do you place an add on craig's list?
buy used Renault premium used trucks?
what car should I get?
Im Getting A Car,Suv or a Truck for my Birthday?
which one should i go for? logan, indigo, or a used skoda octavia. my budget is 7laks max.?
Question about pricing a used car for sale?
what can you do with used car tyres? ?
I want to buy a car, what can you tell me about Datsuns?
Car question???????????????
Find a used car cheap?
Can I trade my car in for another one even though it is not paid off yet?
I want to trade my car in for a uprgrade help?
looking for my first car need help trying to chosen betwe1999 Honda accord v6 vs 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8?
Previous owner to the used car I just bought hasn't turned in the spare key?
My boyfriend says he will sell my car, if I don't buy him a PS3 for X-mas!?
Can I qualify for the car I want?
what car sights are on the internet besides craigslist?
My husband and I are looking to buy a 1997 to 2000 Ford expedition?
What is the highest rate of interest a car dealer can charge in pennsylvania?
Should I buy this bike?
blue book price on 2002 SL2 saturn 47,00 k.m.?
1996 Modded Civic for AUD$4800 worth it?
Good first car for a seventeen year old?
Toyota MR2 Spyder a good car?
any 1 seen a red renault clio 16v, no plate J119SPH out there?
What is a 1987 Ford Mustang with perfect interior, 80,000 miles and a little chipped paint worth?
First car, dealer, private, auction?
I am trying to get a used car. I have no credit established, if i have a cosigner will i get the loan?
I bought a stolen moped off craigslist what am I supposed to do?
Is $3995 a good price for a 1989 Jaguar XJ6 with 52,088 miles on it?
How much should I spend on a car given my situation?
What are some nice muscle cars for under 10 grand?
If I purchase the vehicle in california and pay their taxes what happens when I bring it back to Nevada?
What are the top ten cars for teenage drivers?
hi, does anybody know if its true that if you sell a car thats on finance more than 3 times it cant be repo'ed
How do people afford mercedes?
Are ford expedition really gas guzzler?
best way to save up for a car under 10 000?
where can i buy a used maserati gand sport? like for under 50000 USD?
New Car : Should I get one now or wait?
aftermarket computer chips for your car they say they give you better horsepower and gas mileage worth it?
1998 Audi A4 2.8 all options 112k miles... good to buy?
buying a car long distance?
Where can i search for a car online?thats under $6,00?
I'm buying a used car tomorrow and don't want to look like a total sucker. Any tips?
Need help about a car A.S.A.P.??
what car you buy in cartown gives you a free car?
do these sound like a good deal? 1st car, don't know much about them?
In December, I like to buy a car when discount or rebate announced by the companies. Is it correct or not?
Should i buy an iPad?
Where to get info to negotiate buying a car?
Legacy vs. Impreza. Which should I get?
How do I spot a car sales scam?
I want buy used minivan how can I get it?
What can i do with my lemon car that I boutht "as is" and now the head is ed? I have a lien on it?
Do you know any nice rally cars?
Would a 1992 chevy tahoe 1500 make a good first car?
which car is a better buy?
Please give the web site of Skoda-india buying a Skoda Otivia model?
What should i get for my 1st car?
Best first car to have?
What type Suv would you recommend?
how much ssc tuatars will be built?
How many miles on a car do you consider high?
Which one is the best one Honda BRIO or Toyota ETIOS LIVA to buyASAP?
How do I go about leasing a vechile for under 300 dollars a month?
Van with all wheel drive?
If you had $1000, what would u spend it on?
How much should I sell for (updated)?
I would like to know what are sites offer used cars for sale in Egypt ?
Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 08. SE Canadian Invoice Price
Skoda Octavia combi 1.9TDI 4x4 VS Subaru Legacy station wagon?
Best first car; toyota corolla, honda civic, ford focus, or mini cooper?
What car do you recommend?
looking to buy a vehicle exquiped with slide out ramp for motorized scooter. lubbock-amarillo
What kind Car should I get?
what car should i get!!!?
Which car would you choose?
is it safe to buy a truck via ebay?
what is carmax's 125 points inspection?
used cars in houston?
is any one selling a car?
how can i fit everything in my car?
Blue book car value vs real market value?
Can i still buy this car?
Is it better to buy a car new or "certified used"?
how much is a 1990 BMW 328 is worth if it has a 'savage' title?
Which vehicle is better and why?
do car dealerships report to the irs if i buy a car over 10,000 dollars with a credit card?
how can i prove i sold my car?
What kind of big car is suitable for me?
What´s the price of an Auto Rickshaw in India?
buying a used santro xing 2007 model for 2.3 lacs is better or buying a i10 2008 model for 2.75 lacs is better?
Would you rather have the base model Chevy Camaro or the base model Dodge Charger?
Looking for fast car?
where can buy front car sears for 1992 mercedes 500 SL ?
What to do with an old, junky car when no one will buy it and it will be worthless as a trade-in?
how much should a 70-79 dodge van cost?
Selling a car under someone else' title?
how much do you think I can sell a car?
Anyone know about the price scrap metal is selling for in Georgia? Around LaGrange... Approximently?
Car Question? Please help? What is a good type of car for me?
would you buy an older car if it just had a cool paint job?
I sold car on ebay, now buyer wants money back, what do I do?
First car with good HP?
how do car companies come up with their names of their car model?
how much does a 2004 brand new mercedes benz cost?
help!! looking for a quick sale of my car in birmingham?
ok i had a car reposessed in 2003 and they are now taking me to court in 2006..?
Buying first car question ?!?
i want swap my jeep for a people carrier but icant seem to find any sites could you please help .thanks dave?
Fast car under 15,000?
My Fico Score is 544 should I put 20% or 30% down on a new car. Honda Accord 06 $23000?
parts source for a 1962 buick electra 225 coupe where do i get parts?
What are good cars for teenagers to drive?
What is Logistics?
find out if my car was found?
Would you buy a Hybrid vehicle?
are the new small efficient engines automakers are coming out with any reliable?
What's a good car for my husband?
What happens when a car is bought with cash?
How much should I spend for my first car?
My boyfriend says he loves me so much. But sometimes he dosen't act like it?
Any suggetions for new car?
what is the process in selling my old car to the government?
What is the "best" car I can buy as of August 2012 for $5,000 United States Dollars (USD) Why?
how much for 2006 Porsche carerra 4 lease?
Just bought a car with a working viper alarm dont know what i did bu the alarm does not work at all now?
I was wanting to buy a used car, so I called around....?
can 5 seater cars become a 7 seater car?
What should I know before I contact this person looking to buy?
i need a car but cant afford a new one.?
What does a vehicle model "refresh" mean?
Need Help choosing USED car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the top 10 car in the world?and what its price?
Can i make my car sound quiter?
info on a 2002 Lincoln LS V8?
How much a mile if they pay me 1100 for 326 miles?
what to do when i bought a dirt bike in fl and the guy wont give me the title?
2012 Honda Civic Si or 2012-13 Kia Forte coupe?
do you think this is an ODD LOOKING automobile?
Best car for college graduate?
What are some good cars that are fast?
What is a better car?
Looking for a used car,What are the most reliable cars?
cheap truck for a 16 year old boy?
Is it better to drive a new car to Mexico or buy in MX. I'm now living in Mx and need accurate information. ?
Selling a trailer (title question)?
car race prelude vs mustang?
I'm going to be selling my Mom's car and would like some pointers as I've never done this before! Thanks!
Hyundai i10 or Chevy Beat?
Which Petrol Car should i buy ? skoda rapid petrol or honda city ? and why ?
Why will "Cash for Clunkers" not allow you to trade large vehicles for lighter more efficient ones?
Why is Nice Cars so crooked with people about their vehicles and loose their payments ?
Should I make the trade?
Im 15 and i want to raise money for the end of next summer to buy a car. What should i do to make enough money?
How much is your car payment?
What documents do I need to have if I am buying a used car from a Philippine Branch of a foreign corporation?
wanna buy a car, confused b/w swift and fabia?
im having a hard time purchasing a car in richmond va cause im a 1st time byer work pt&in school what can i do
pontaic grand am or mercury cougar??
Deal or no deal? 2000 v40= $5000?
what is the best kind of mini van to buy?
Anyone know of a great place to buy IPhone 4s? ?
1960 f100 bench seat?
What should I do now that I'm out $15,000?
what wheels would look good on this car?
what is part exchange when we buy a car?
What should i name my car?
car loan question.....?
How do I find a car to purchase at a certain value?
What is the best choice in the purchase of a Hybrid car?
Are these couple things bad for my car?
was this a good deal for a car?
How can I get rid of a used car?
If you had 50,000$ cash what car would you buy out in full?
I got a car when I was 17 and my grandpa co-signed and the loan is in his name. I want to trade it in?
Help me, Which Car to buy?
I'm 17 and my parents are offering to buy me a car...I have this choice....?
help. any advice would be great about trading in a car.?
who makes better pick up trucks?
Is it better to pay off my car before trading it for another one?
what is the best stick car for a teen?
Student from Dallas is in need of reliable,inexpensive car.What are the possible way to find a good&safe one?
inexpensive cars with decent interior space?
Can Dealership get out of contact if they don't have the car?
How can I save money for a car?
Manual or automatic car?
Can you give me some good car choices?
What is the best mini,honda,nissan,or ford ??
I need someone who can find me a car that isn't running.?
Is it cheaper to buy a new car once they bring in 2011 Models though 2010 are still in stock?
i have bad credit and an existing car loan but need a new car. what can i do?
whats the best car for me?
Am I entitled to keep deposit?
Will I be approved for this car loan?
car for under 16k?
Do you know of any free websites that search for repossessed cars or auctions?
How much would this Camaro sell for?
Great reliable cars for under or around 3500?
Will a used car salesman lie to me?
It's time for a first car and I have a couple questions?
How do the financial companies(car loan) compute your monthly bill when you have 10% APR for 4 yrs?
What is the cheapest car you can buy brand new?
95-98 eclipse gst car?
whats a better car then jetta or the passat? and why?
BMW 325i or Scion tC or Mitsubishi Lancer GTS?
I have a 1981 Camaro in fair condition - some rust- 170,000 kms - what is a fair asking price?
Would it be a bad idea to buy a 20 year old car?
What age does a automobile have to be to be considered a classic and an antique?
Is a Range Rover classed as "flashy" or "show-off" car that only rich people drive?
is this a good car deal? 96' mirage...?
Can my grandfather transfer/sell the title of his/my car to me before registering it?
can i buy a car with cash?
Do i have to smog my vehicle in it was transferred to me by family?
Does anyone know any good old manual trucks that have good gas mileage?
Is there a way to lgeally sell a car that isn't fully paid off?
How much is this GMC truck worth?
Still looking to find either a 1983 Nissan Maxima or 1980 Accord for sale in good condition. Where do I go?
2011 Chevy Impala or 2012 Chevy Malibu?
Becoming a UK car dealer advice?
Any opinions on selling cars on e-bay? Is there an easier but better site?
First sports car?
My boyfriend says he loves me so much. But sometimes he dosen't act like it?
Best 4x4 SUV in $2000-$4000 price range?
Best sedan between 70-80lack INR($140000)?
What is a Category D car?
Opinion on which car I should keep?
recent toyota problems?
Car Dealership Question?
what car should i look into buying?
Advice on the financing and fees part of buying a used car?
What car dealer will pay 110% of KBB value?
What car would you buy?
Nissan Altima with over 100,000 Miles?
Nedd help with my Trailblazer 2003.?
How can I sell my classic car.?
Dealer sold me a car that was already sold. What are my options?
If I buy a brand new 370z with no credit, what would my APR or any other charges come close to?
where can I get best deal on used cars online?
blue book price for 750 Honda shadow motorcycle 2002?
where is the best place to sell a cheap car?
Blue book value on a Datsun 240Z 1972?
What are the best automobile manufactorers in terms of durableness?
how much do you think i could get for my car?
help buying a used car?
Looking for a family car.?
Which is the better first car?
what is more worth the money a mazda rx8, honda s2000 or nissan 350z?
I'm looking to sell my car but I don't know how much to sell it?
What car should I get?
planned to buy a car. which car is better diesel or petrol ?
Where can I buy a studded belt?
Hyundai vs. Pontiac?
What car you got?
Can a dealer hold a car when you are buying it?
live in wv but buying a car in ohio?
Stolen Subaru + big mistake...need to get out.?
buying a preowned car from dealership?
Car Tax question?
Price range for used cars in Illinois?
Should I get this for my car?
Buying a used car I found online?
Is this a good deal for a used car/what else should i consider when buying this car.?
I have a chance to get a 66 mustang. My friend has a 65 mustang. They are both white. Would you get the car?
Could I be vulnerable to a lawsuit from the private party sale of a vehicle?
do you know the hydrogen cars?
Is there any way to get out of a vehicle lease?
I bought a used car. sticker said the car has a.c. it does not! Can I get the dealer to pay for theAC install?
Car sales a good career to get into?
What's the average price of a used Honda Element that's two or three years old?
buying private car 2009 NISSAN TIIDA 11,056kms?
Trying to sell a car...Is this a scam?
Should I even sell my Mitsubishi Montero Sport XLS?
Where can buy cheapest cars in the United States?
I want to buy a 2nd hand BMW between P&T reg, any points I should look out for when trading up?
Which MPV / people carriers have the most internal space ?
How long do you normally keep your car until you get another one?
What's the best, small SUV?
How much would you pay 2001 Toyota Sienna with 82,000 miles on it? 10 points!?
Good names for a pickup truck?
How long will it take for my package to arrive?
Would you rather have a newer car with more miles or an older car with less miles?
i have still got the first car i bought new in 1969 should i keep it or sell it?
what can i do about buying an as-is car that breaks down 1 week later in minnesota?
I want to buy a new car with great gas efficiency, what would you recommend?
How much will it cost to buy a car from the states and bring it back?
I am looking for a car!!!?
california vechicle title?
What is the best way to finance a motorcycle and insurance using an enlistment bonus?
Would you pay 30-40k on a Delorean?
How to buy cars to start up a rental car company?
Any tips for a 22 year old female needing to buy a used car?
Value of antique new badger #6 rail-car mover?
Can you send cash in the mail?
A good used car for a teen?
Mazda Miata Craigslist Deal?
I need to know the value of a 1988 Scorpio Merker.?
Guys who know about cars???????????????????/?
What car is sporty but good mpg?!?!?
looking for kelley blue book website for my Kenworth truck value... any help?
how much and how would i get this car? ?
22 grand, which car would you recomned?
Can I get my money back for a used car if I wasn't notified that it was salvaged?
Sporty but inexpensive cars?
where can i buy used snowmobile Yamaha vk professional?
Can the private seller take back his vehicle? In CA.?
checking out used cars help.?
on road price of i10?
I am looking into buy a used Mercedes.?
to good to be true hmm?
Buying a car alone. Any advice?
Does Massachusetts Lemon law require the dealer to tow the car as well as fix it?
looking for a77-81 Chevy pickup must be running 5.7 motor trans a body condition not important?
Should I be concerned about buying a diesel truck with 220k miles on it?
What should I do about a $1,300 car I just bought yesterday & I don't want?
Which model is better to have in the long run?2006 HondaAccordEX or 2006 HondaAccordEX +leather?$$ diff:$1700?
Does Canadian have to pay any sales taxes in Oregon/US..?
How much should these cars cost?
New job And need a car.. Advice?
is it possible to order a brand new car but an older model? coz i am thinking of buying a 2004 ford mustang.?
should goverment investagate car dealers for fraud on cash for clunkers.?
i'm looking for some 19 or 20 inch rims for my car what website will have them for the cheapest?
can i trade-in for a new car while my old car is still in the repair shop?
Which is the better buy?
Hyundi will take over honda/toyota in no northamerica in next 20 yrs as honda/toyata took over from US/Eur Crs
Best car for me to buy?
Drive the fuel miser for one year or sell now and make immediate $$?
which is better BMW or Audi in luxury cars?
Where do junk yards get there cars from? ?
Trading in Vehicle purchased 1 year ago?
Fuel efficient cars in Europe...?
Which car should I get?
What european car should I get?
Can I be held liable in this situation?
Is this a good car (Mazda Mazda3)?
Four/all wheel drive cars with good mileage?
Buying a used car (advice)?
Is this a scam.........?
honda civic otd price incl. dealer fees and tax.numbers pls.just need an idea?
wat is a good first car?
My dad will be in germany in a couple of months, can he bring back a classic SL to the states?
I only have 3000 and I need a reliable car what do I do?
Need help on getting a car?
If I just bought a new car last week and want to get out of the contract how can I?
are there cars under $1000?
Bought a used car 3 days ago... Can I return it?
Looking to buy either a new medium SUV or P/U w/ 4x4?
What is the best used car out of these?
what is 4x2 in car specifications?
Where in PA can you buy impounded cars?
anyone know anything about a 1984 fireball rv?
Buying a car in UK, but owner/seller is abroad?
What is the cheapest year of a convertible bug?
Denver area?
what kind of car do you drive?
I am a college student and I am in need of a car loan? I have been working a minimum wage job all summer and g?
Is this scooter any good?
which dodge should i get?
Which is a better compact car, Honda civic or Toyota corolla ?
Where can I get my finace's classic ford bronco sold though?
what car can i buy, i want something fast and smallish.?
Will value of a 1979 Firebrid go up?
what is the name of the machine that does car inspection in the state of Texas. How Much?
what kind of car should i get for a first car?
what site can i go to, to preview my car with different paint jobs and rims?
Good fast car under 10k?
Wanting to sell my car that i don't have title to?
1975 International Scout II, removable hard top, 358 V8, runs great, body good, interior ok, what's the value?
Nissan Rogue or Scion tc or Honda Civic Coupe?
I love the Ford Anglia! I'm trying to find a vintage club in the US or Canada for these great 1960's cars.
should i get a nissan 350 z or an infiniti g35?
which car is faster? and does good fuel economy with stick shift.?
Best sleeper cars I can get on a budget? ?
Upgrades to get better mpg?
is it safe to buy a truck via ebay?
hi, do you know anything about cars????
Address of Maruti Coutrywide-I am still waiting for my NOC even 4 years after clearing the loan amount.?
which car is better a toyota sienna or ford flex?
how do I check on a Vehicle I have just purchased to see if details I have been given r true?
Need help in buying a dodge truck?
how much would someone expect to pay for a 1995 rover 220 turbo please???
What do people act rich when they clearly aint?
renting a car under 21?
I need a car ASAP, but have a lot of debt and hardly anything for a down payment?
How much does a BMW or even a Mercedes car dealership owner make a year?
Which car is worth more with over 150k on it? Honda? Ford? Toyota? Chevy? Nissan?
Which car would you choose ? Mazda 6 or Mazda 3 ???
which car to buy....?
I want a car.!how can I convince her?
How is this car? 84000 miles on it?
okay should i take the 1999 skyline or 2001 ma pimp one of these rides out,.,which one should it be?
0-60 times for bmw335i coupe and 2007 ss trailblazer?
im buying a subaru forester whats your opinion of this vehicle do you have one its 02 model?
someone settle this?
Which car should I buy? List of contestants below.?
why are car dealerships closed on sundays in canada?
Iwanttosellmy2001FordWinstarVan Price 10,000 Dollars?
Need a good name for a car?
I am a junior that it is deciding which car to get. My choices are the Mercedes C300 or a bmw 328i.?
Looking for a cheap, nice first 213k miles way too much?
What are the benefits if I sell my car online to
What is the advantage of leasing a car as opposed to buying it?
where can i find a toyota ae86 rear axle with complete brake assembly for sale?
Is it possible to get a decent car for under £1,000? If so where? UK Only?
Which Car should I purchase?
what do you think on buying a used car with 123,634 miles on it?
Can u sell Old car windows ?
Has anyone ever had luck with a $500 car?
A question for people working in car sales. I want to ask about trade in values?
When you buy a car from a private seller with out of state plates do they need to come with you to DMV...?
How do I sell my car for more then it's worth?
Best vehicle 2000-2001?
im trying to purchase a used car and i dont want to purchase a lemon what is the best suggestion for a purchas
Which SUV should I buy or lease?
At 14 can a teen drive a car?
Isn't it better to lease a car than to buy?
Does anyone have a car for sale?
Where can I get a nice car for about 500 dollars or less in Raleigh,North Carolina?
Where do cars busted by police go?
does anyone have a car they don't need?
what cars have 4 cylinder 16 valves engines?
Should i get a 1996 firebird with 170,000 miles?
Loan Co-signers?
Is this car a good deal?
Ford or Chevy and 1 good reason!?
Is a b20 swap 99 civic a good car to buy?
can you view everything at once on ebay?
What's the perfect car for me?
what is the most fuell efficient suv in 2001 and 2002?
I'm 17 and am looking at a 02 Kia Optima with 160000 miles. Should I be scared?
Is a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo in excellent condition and 57,000 miles a good buy for $11,000?
where are auto auction within 150 miles of GHENT WV and directions?
2003 solara good car?
What do you think of these "cash for used cars" websites?
When a used car is "priced for fast sale" what does that mean?
Can anyone out there help me find a 1984 Buick Regal?
What first car do i get when tall help ?
need take over car payment contract?
first cars for girls? ?
Can I sell/trade off a brand new car?
BMW x5 xDrive50i or Range Rover Super Charged?
What is the best cheap car with a good motor,to a starter(teenager)?
How much should I sell my 1984 camaro for?
if you had to get a truck even with gas prices like they are what truck would you get if you had to???
best car around 20,000?
Where can I find repo vehicles on the web for FREE?
Should I make payments on a car?
If you buy a car....?
Is it wrong to sell a car to someone when you know there is something wrong with it but you don't disclose it?
Why isn't my car sold at the price as advertised online?
My neighbor is a very wealthy car enthusiast in his late 70's and early 80's?
anybody want to buy a car.?
Sold my car using Ebay, now the buyer wants the money back, watt can I do?
Is an MGF a girls car?
what kind of vehicle should i get for outdoors?
Preapproval applications for auto dealer question?
how much are taxes on a 23,000.00 car?
Is GM going to stop making the Buick Lucerne after 2010? I really wanted that for my first car.?
Wish to buy a Mercedes C220 CDI?
is there any one interested in volkswagen passat like new condition?
Should I get a 350Z or something else?
Where's a good place to buy a american muscle car?
Buying new car and need help?
What does 0% finance mean on an automobile?
Can you buy phone credit in a petrol station in Spain?
What was the first foreign car in the U.S. auto market?
What would make you do business with one car dealer over another?
What should I do for a car?
How to get rid of a vehicle with no documents, already declared scrapped?
What car is good for me?
Will I be able to get a car in the next couple of months?
Which is the worst American car brand in your opinion?
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer?
What is a cheap, fuel efficient car?
At what point do I sell my 2005 car with 17,766 miles on it to get the best value for a trade in?
I'm debating on what jeep to get. Should I get the jeep patriot or the jeep compass?
Do you think a Pontiac Sunfire is a "girl" car?
Anybody selling a dirtbike?
Buying my first car. Need your insight!?
I bought a car in CA from a buy here pay here for 7,000 2 months later I moved to FL to make a story short?
How to get temp tag in Florida?
should i get a new car?
I bought a rebuilt title 04 lexus is300 did I get a decent deal?
What was the price of the Camaro in 1972?
is brett gay?
how much was average new car in 1995?
cars that look like the supra?
Looking for a new SUV - any suggestions? Please see additional comments?
I am looking for some one who needs someone to take over there jeep liberty payments?
I am a Canadian citizen and I would like to purchase a Class B RV that is in Florida.?
I have a question you guys... Has any bought a car thru ebay if u have what are the steps to doing it? Thankz?
Buying a car, please help?
what is the best fuel efficient car with great performance(acceleration, speed, ect..)?
Best 2006 used car for purchase under $8,000?
sales tax on a car ii need help asap?
What kind of car should I get?
can you sell a car with exsisting finance on it.?
Anyone drive a dodge NEON?
What expense will I get if i return a car at a dealership?
how much too lease a 2010 sti?
What should I pay for 2007 Acura TL Type S?
What are the drawbacks of Tata Indigo Diesel car? When was it last upgraded?
Buying a used car (advice)?
Once you upgrade to an Avalon, can you go back to a Camry?
What should I name my cars?
which scooter brand is better? honda or yamaha?
I need parts for a 1979 pontiac bonneville?
Does anyone know where i can buy a small toyota or nissan for 1,000 or cheaper if so let me know .?
If I take over someone else's payments for a car?
Shopping for my first car?
I have a two door car and bought a pair of mirrors from a four door same car will they fit?
front fenders, doors and windshield for 62 falcon. what are they worth. and hood also?
how can i buy 1 or 2 right now?
Want Used Saturn Outlook or Gmc Arcadia?
Help me decide!!!?
Corvette C3- where to buy in NJ/NY/or PA area (or online)?
Ford and GM have big $ problems - how can shoppers know which car makers are still financially healthy?
My parents are buying me a Range Rover for graduating college? What color should i get?
If I payed for it, what type of car would you get, why?
How much should I sell my 2000 Suzuki SV-650 S for?
Does a used cpm have to be flashed or reset?
My car is worth more than my payoff?
good ideas on getting a car?
i need a 4''/6'' lowering kit for a 99' dodge ram 1500 5.2 lt. v8?
Good First Cars For Teenage Guys?
pick 1 please?
Need a selling price?
Whats the best websites on line that i could request a car loan?
Used car or new car, is this range that big?
Getting A BMW At Age 18 What Do You Think And How Long Will It Last?
Torn between 2 chevys.?
they are selling me a 1968 camaro ss, but i dont know if it is a ss for real. how can i know? 5,000 no motor.?
Should I buy this car?
bought newer truck, costs too much! help?
The nicest car I could buy?
automobile auctions on the Internet?
Is a 2002 BMW 530i a good deal?
What kind of truck should I get... Chevy, Ford, or GMC?
I live in Ohio and I want to buy a used car in Indiana. How do I register the title?
Which is a value for money vehicle.?
is there any site online which can give me a book price on my car so i know how much its worth?
i need websites to find a used car near or in ohio, any that you have?
In your opinion what is the best buy for a small car under 20,000?
What's the best car for my lifestyle..?
Excotic car experience ?
What would you guys get a 2007 volvo S80 or the 2007 acura RL? both fully loaded?
What are the handling and safety features of Mahindra Verito?
What is a good first car?
93 pontiac gran prix LE for 1500 good idea?
What is the best SUV?
is $2,500 to much for a 98 ford contour? its in good condition.?
I wanna to buy new gud luking bike wid gud milage not less then 50 kmpl.My estimate is 52000/-on road.plz help?
Sold a Car and buyer wants partial refund?
I'm about to get my first car, and I need some help.?
are there cars under $1000?
Is General motors planning to launch the Hummer H3 in the Indian market?
Does anybody know where I can get a cheap 1967 chevy impala for sale?
how can i get a car imported around cincinati, OH?
buy scrap cars very cheap for project?
Can anyone give me a list of sports car brands?
When you buy a new car ... does it come with insurance?
Best place to buy and sell used playstaytions?
buying cars and making money?
Is it hard to buy a card if you owe more than your trade in is worth?
What do you do if someone ask if you would like to sell your car?
what is the standard apr for a used car?
What would the best car be under 25000?
What Kind of Motorcycle Should i Buy?
What's the best place to get a car in corpus christi texas and surrounding areas?
how much do you think i could sell my 1995 ford escort LX sedan for?
I´m thinking of buying a new car ?
Can I buy a car?because we lost are car we couldn't afford payments?
Buying used car from dealer,will the car be registered in my name right away?
Is Skoda is launching its Fabia hatchback in Jan 2008?
does anyone know what car this is .. ?
i have a budget of 15,000 dollars i want to know the best marker then for that marker the best upgrades then i?
Help with a car for a teenager?
how much is my 2000 saab 93 turbo worth?
please help is this car reliable what can you tell me about it?
What new cars (2008-2009) have the best prices and the most horse power,performance etc!?
safest and best car for a 15 year old girl?
anybody selling a van 5 grand scotland?
What does Cash Delivery Allowance mean?
Sparepart Ford Laser 1997?
does anybody have a four wheeler for free or for sale in ohio?
I wondered how long it would take for the finance company to repo our vehicle.?
will paying off my car in one year help my credit score by very much?
Hey I'm looking into buying a 2010-2011 Camaro How much would insurance be for me?
what type of sat nav should i buy as i drive for a living?
Where i can get BMW at malaysia?
Need a new car bad!?
Why does it look like I'm going to be making extra car payments?
What should I name my new car?
I bought a car but the title isnt yet in the sellers name I have a copy but they havent taken care of it yet?
why do s always wear tiny shirts?
Is there anyway I can return a car I bought day before yesterday and demand my money back?
What kinds of cars don't need a lot of gas?
Best way to pay for this car?
How do I find out what happened to my car that i sold?
Traded in my 09 highlander for a 2011 4runner. Is it possible to give the 4 ruuner back for my highlander?
how do i go about buying my first car?
whats the best SUV with gas usage?
How much is mileage is not good?
What is the best "sports" car for around $20,000?
Carfax Report - corporate fleet?
What new car should i buy?
LIVING WITHOUT A CAR . is it possibile , in America , today ?
xylo or evalia or ertiga please suggest?
Leasing a car need help!!!?
Camaro, Challenger, or Mustang? (all models 2013)?
What kind of car should i use in colorado for college?
What is a good car to purchase w/$15g's cash??? Plz help me I'm buying tomorrow.....?
Are Fiat Puntos reliable from 1998/1999?
Want to buy a plow.?
Renault Megane 1900 DCI 2 door, Yes or No and what are your reasons?
What should my first car be?
A car dealer is offering a $500 cash bonus for Type 1/B sales only. What does this mean?
Car title transfer in Texas?
Ford, Chevy, or Dodge?
Can a dealer hold a car when you are buying it?
I bought a lemon car.The dealership knowingly sold me a lemon what can i do about it ?I?
I'm 6'4", I'm too big for 2000 a mitsubishi eclipse gt?
I sold a car to someone and now they say there is a problem and want their money back. What do I do?
Buy Volvo s40 1998 OR Renault clio 2001 both are same condition?
does anyone have any vw parts for sale?
How to pick my first car?
Buying a car after bankruptsy.?
Good car for under $10,000?
what is the best used truck to buy?
I really want an old car, for cheap, and thats reliable.?
How much on average would you say a car dealership like these make a year (profit)? (links attached)?
A car dealer ripped me off today! Can I legally back out when they reopen tomorrow?
does any1 think that buying a ford probe 2.5 v6 is a good idea. are they reliable.?
What did the new car dealerships do with all the vehicles involved in the floods from Katrina Hurricane?
Can I sell my Honda Civic that has one front panel and front suspension wrecked; with a lost OR no title?
Do you accept personal check when you sell your car?
First car 70-80's big block muscle?
How long will my package take in dest(ination) sort facility?
Cute nicknames for my car?
How should I work out this Craigslist deal?
how should i get my first car? i only need it for a year.?
Some Confusion over buying Fiat Linea 2011?
Is it a good idea to buy a car out of state?
How do I get rid of this car?
What car is better?
Car Makes Harder To Sell?
IS this car a good deal at this price? Link in details...?
what is the cost on a 68 camaro?
How can I sell a 1987 Toyota Corolla for the most money that needs repair? Sell it for scrap somewhere? Where?
What leather color best works with a red car?
What are the tricks for leasing a car so you dont get ripped off?How do you know the exact value of the car to?
where can i buy really cheap kits?
cost of santro zing in bangalore,india?
Anyone interested in purchasing a 1978 Dodge Ramcharger with a transmission that needs to be repaired?
I am a new young driver, what car do you recommend i buy?
Trying to buy a new (used) car?
What's wrong with my car?
How much is my dirtbike worth?
Where can i get a cheap for ranger?
You think $1000 is ok? should I ask for more money?
Where can I buy a traffic light for a reasonable price?
what kind car do you drive?
Which one is the best gps for truck?
Is it wrong to buy a foreign car?
Which of these cars do you think is the best?
How reliable are the 2006 Nissan Frontier 4-cylinder pickups?
Honda warranty for used cars?
in pennsylvania, i signed some papers at a car dealership but do not have the car yet, can I change my mind?
can i buy a new car without any interest at all?
Where can i buy a cheap used van?
Which car should I buy (Ford Fiesta or Chevy Cruze)?
I need advice about cars!! Please help! Professional answers Plz!?
Car Import?
Which is the better deal between 2000 Nissan Altima and a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
Which is the best car for $2000-$2500?
what is the nicest/hottest car out right now to get?
Where can I get a used 2002 or 2004 Chevy Impala from for cheap.?
Audi or Mercedes Benz?
How old do you have to be to get a car loan? Co-signers?
How many miles should a van average per year?
Are BMW's good cars??
Trade in a upside down car?
Is it a bad idea to give someone the VIN # to your car, if you're trying to sell it?
I bought an sc400,and I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of rims would go good with that car?
why are car byers liers?
How do I find out how much a car is worth?
Can a minor legally sell a vehicle?
Will a degree from Walden University work for obtaining the GM College Grad Discount?
is $11,000 to much for a teens first car? just ur opinion .please help me out here?
Lemon Law and mileage rollback?!?
How does leasing and purchase fianancing work?
what is a good tuner car for under $5000?
What is better, buy a new car or used car?
1999 Trans Am or 2000 Trans Am? More details as follows...?
i am thinking of buying a old El Camino but...?
IS 5,500 a good price for a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?
what is the world's most expensive car?
I have a junk car would be worth more to take it to a scrap yard or just call one of thos junk car places?
2004 Toyota Solara V6 vs. 2008 Scion tC?
what should i buy a toyota mr2 with the stage 3 engine or a chevy chevelle?
How much would Carmax give me for my Toyota 01' Celica?
What does Prequalify car loan mean?
Where online can i get info for car auctions?
should I give a car dealer a deposit in check or credit card form?
How much would my saturn sell for?
what is a transaxle range switch on a 96 elantra and why is it hard to find to buy?
My daughter bought a used "as is" car that died within 1 month of driving. Is there any legal recourse?
which would you rather buy?
Where can I submit a review of my vehicle?
A Little Car Shopping?
Best car for 17 old girl, under 2000, nice looking???
which is better a 2001 Beetle or a 2003 Ford Mustang?
buying a car with cash?
Can you own an ex military 5/4 ton diesel 4x4 pickup in california?
need help making decision?
im looking for how many 1968 sport satellite (plymouth) where produced in 1968?
How do i sell my car now?
How do you get a car to sell fast?
Buying a car that is $8000. Not from delership. How do i pay them?
How can I make a car please tell me?
Does This Sound Fishy? Like A Scam?
I am about to buy my first car. Should I buy a small SUV or a small sedan?
2003 350z or new altima coupe? (insurance costs)?
can i legally sell this car ?
What type of car should I buy next year?
What type of cars are these?
Im 14 years old should I start saving for a car.?
Can you help me find my perfect car?
friend gave me a car in 2005, she moved to Japan, haven't heard from her since, how can i sell or trade?
can I see cars in Germany?
What kind of car do you think I should buy?
looking to buy used car parts inventory?
Best Price For A New 2012 Toyota Camry w/ Standard Specs?
im trying to buy a new truck. which one should i get?
Got tips for personal safety when selling a car? I need ideas on self protection when someone answers my ad.?
what is better scion frs or subaru brz?
Looking to buy a cheap very fast car any ideas?
how to id what engine or transmissions a commercial truck has?
I need the adress of japan international motor show in nairobi?r=1235221407?
Trade it or sell it myself?
What do consumers want most when they search on line for used vehicles?? Is price the most important variable?
how to maintain a new car when not in use for a year,because i am working abroad?
For car salesmen, what is your commission percentage?
help me pick my very first car???!??!?!?!?!?
'98 Ford Taurus with 200,000 plus miles for $700, buy or no?
I'm buying a used car, but the owner lives out of town...?
Where can I get a quality tint job for my car in San Antonio, Tx, for "not a lot" of money?
i bought a car privately and less than 24 hrs i would like to take it back?
Does anyone have any car suggestions?
Please answer this if you own or know someone who owns an 04 Pontiac Aztek?
should i buy a corsa as it`s what i`m learning to drive in?
where i can learn about buying a car that was involved in a accident?
What type of cars are good for first time buyers?
What would most of you buy ? a newer car thats high mileage or a older car low mileage?
Is $3,500.00 a good price to pay for a 1997 Jeep Grand Cheroke with 97,000 miles?
Can I sell my leased car?
Are these 2010 Camaro vinyls a good deal?
Mini Cooper or VW Beetle?
what car has the best mpg other than a hybrid?
If i buy a car From a Own a Car Dealer Do I Still have to Pay Registration?
can you buy a winter beater for around a grand?
can i get a loan with a credit score of 648 from cibc?
I just purchased a car and was not quite happy with my payments.?
anyone interested in buying a 1994 lincoln continental 86000 miles for 2500?
Is the 1994 chevy cavalier known to have problem's ?.?
Can I exchange a used car I just bought for a different car?
Bought a car in CA... Smog test was last done in September. Does the seller have to redo a test before sell?
How do you get into used car auction?
Used 2007-2009 F-150 truck?
I wont to buy a Ford escort 1998 with Zetec engine, 1600 cmc, 16v, 110.000 km - it s a good car?
Great fuel economy plus safety?
Is anyone selling a small engine for less than 70 dollars?
is this possible to negotiate price with main car dealer ?
i am wanting to get a vehicle but i have bad credit so what do i do?
how I can be famous?
How much is Diablo 3 WORTH right now?
How can i purchase a vehicle used or new with horrible credit and no co signer or no money down? SOS?
Voluntary Repossession to escape lease and crooked dealership?
R/T, SRT8 Superbee, and SXT differences?
good first cars for teens?
Pre Approval for Auto Loan Question?
I want a nice b.a car with these additional mods, what type of car should I get?
What are the implications of turning in a vehicle purchased with the GMAC Smartbuy finance contract early?
When repo people come to take your car. if you catch them and you say stop they have to stop right?
Where can I find the best auto insurance?
if i were to buy a used car?
2005 Mustang GT.......?
Which is better Ford Explorer or Chevy Trailblazer ??
Good first car that I can modify?
ntw bumper sticker on cars?
What is the ballpark cost of a new Diamond Coach, model VIP 3201?
flipping a car?
How do you determine the value of classic cars and how do you sell them?
What is the fastest cheapest stock car you can buy?
Where can i find a front end for a 95 mustang gt N.Y area tri state at affordable price?
what car should I get?
Can somebody give me an estimate for a 1991 Acura NSX Limited Edition Hardtop It has about 21000 miles on it.?
Can a financial institution approved someone for a car loan and a week later deny it?
What type of car model is this I know it's a forte?
Can I Buy a car on lease if i dont hold a full UK Licence?
hit cars for sale?
Can LEDs be used as headlights for a car?
If I'm selling my car can I give them my loan?
A Honda dealer has asked me to give him references who know me even tho I was paying in full. Discrimination?!?
What car is best for these criteria?
what is the average selling price for a 2001 gmc yukon denali at an auto auction?
when should you pay an out of state tax on a new or leased car.?
How to trade in my car?
Boyfriends carbon fiber hood? helpppppp?
What is your preference in Luxury Cars? Infiniti, Lexus, BMW or Mercedes?
What type of car do you drive?
What's the advantage of buying a factory certified used car over a regular used car?
what kind of experience have you had with
Honda S2000 vs BMW Z4?
whats the best car for a teenage girl to drive?
which car model have two flag in front?
I need to find a car that runs good, but i have no money to put down. & i cant find a place to help me.?
If my airbags deploy, does that mean that my cars title is now in a salvaged state? Thanks!?
I would like to know what means?
Is there anyone selling a nice car for maybe 4,000-5,000.?
I need a new practical car - engine 1.6 L to be used in Egypt?
Can I trade in car that is paid for but is registered in someone elses name?
Anybody have a Honda Accord in good running condition in Atlanta, Ga area for under 1,000.00?
With a car purchase in California, how much typically does sales and licensing cost?
should a person buy a car with no title.?
Would we be stupid to lease a 5 year old vehicle?
Need a good AWD SUV/Sedan?
according to kelly blue book a 99 ford escort with a broken back window is worth 1200, would you pay this?
What should I look for when the seller has a Power of Attorney?
Want to buy old diesel truck?
What should I choose for my first vehicle?
Should I buy a car with 255,000 miles on it or keep looking? suz'n?
what stores sell supra?
2002 Freelander or a Mark 4 Golf ?
Buying a new car. Financial questions. Help!?
Why Range Rovers, the luxurious off road SUV's break so much?
What buying a car at a dealership?
How much????
Can anybody tell me what has happened to the car dealer Leaders in liverpool as nobody answers the phone .?
How do I buy a car in a state that is neither where the car originated from nor where I reside?
Which car would you choose?
Is 127k miles to much for this?
What's the most you have ever paid on a monthly car note?
any chevy caprice for sale in chicago with 24 inch rims?
Do I have to have a cosigner?
where can i find a ford fox body mustang with a 5.0 and a 5spd. for around 3,000?
Car warranty Law suit?
What are the best attributes to look at for a second hand car?
what to buy with $160 on amazon?
do you give back a deposit if the person changes their mind when selling a car?
anybody wanna sell their vehicle, if so, tell me the model, year, etc...?
Month in which swift got its facelift?
did livesay auto in milwaukie go out of business?
Good websites to buy a go kart?