Car Buying

Is 124,000 miles on a 2002 Nissan Sentra too much?
Can I trade my car that's still owned by the bank? If so, what are the consequences?
1988 Chevy Celebrity- Should I avoid? It's $900?
Where can I buy garage vary eyelids.?
what is a good used car for a 19 year old?
Can you find a RAV4 in Louisiana for sale?
Is $500.00 a good down payment on a car thats $3000.00?
how much could i sell car for?
First car ideas? Good car website?
I have a 2005 mustang i want to trade for a hummer h3 and want to know if I should?
blue book price on 1998 ford mustang gt?
sample letter for sell a car?
where do ifind a web site to buy old school cars such as 1972 monte carlo or the 188 cadillac sedan deville?
I have £7000 to spend on a car and i want something old, stylish and convertible. I know nothing about cars?
Should I pay car taxes based on where I register the car and not where I bought the car?
Getting the best deal on a new car?
my car was repo now what can i do?
I'm buying my first car, second hand, should I get the vehicle inspected?
What are the safety scores on a late model Nissan qwest?
Do you think it's possible to get a used car for $1000?
I am looking for the best European small car which is easy for a front passenger with mobility problems?
Hero Splendar which model give best average and low metainance?
I want to buy lancer ex is it worth buying?
how is land rover a british company if it's owned by an indian company?
Should I still be able to try to bargain the price of a new Ford car when using the X plan?
Price for Toyota Rav4 at an auction?
looking for a used car?
How can i get my credit in order to get a new car?
I have about ten thousand dollars. Should I buy a new car, like hyundai accent, or used car like a Volvo S80.?
what would a 1989 kenworth with a Cummings motor be worth?
What is a gas efficient, inexpensive car I could buy?
Buying a used car, do I need an extended warranty?
What is the Renault Duster Petrol RXE 1.6 price in India?
which is the costliest car?
suitable car that's affordable for a 16 year old girl?
Best place in NJ to buy a car with bad credit?
What is a good vehicle for high speed off roading?
How much would you pay?
What law and car mechanic books do you recommend?
Mini cooper wheel offset ?
Deciding on if I should buy a cash car for my first car or make payments?
how can i sell a car like this?
Doe,s anyone in Ga. know where I can find a Chevy s10 truck or GMC to put my motor and transmission in.?
What colour Astra SRi: 5 dr hatchback, White or Black?
I just got a car that I know has sat up for a while and I want to know what are the best products to buy...?
Should I buy a 2006 VW Jetta or VW Passat?
How much is the interest rate for a 2004 nissan maxima?
If you had 200,000 dollars what car would you spend it on?
Im in debate as whether to buy a new car or motorbike with some money that I am being given, what should I do?
Where can I buy a Smart Car?
My friend payments go down as he pays monthly on a car asked a dealer if i could do that same and he said no?
Buying a used car from a private owner?
Should I buy this car or not?
how much will it be worth?
can i use AAA to transport a vehicle without plates/insurance?
I'm looking for a Yamaha Zuma (or other similar scooter). Where is the best place to search?
Is there a way to get out of a car lease agreement?
Should people who are in the car sales business running leasing/sales scams be taken out and...?
I am buying a car. Which is better a manual drive or automatic. I have licence for both?
If i wanted to buy scrap steel in bulk such as crushed cars in Canada how do i do it? Where can i buy it cheap
do i need to make a down payment to buy a used car from a used car dealer?
Vauxhall cars are rubbish. People who only buy Vauxhalls must be easy pleased, That is all I can say.?
People who knows cars- Is this a good car for me?
Does anyone know of a scooter/moped available to buy in New York that doesn't require a class M license?
I bought a car a month ago and now it has no heat,the stabilizers bars are broke and the dealer will not help?
Is MINI a ladies' car? or is it a sporty car for everyone?
What's a legit place to import hondas from japan?
How much was the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R when it was new?
i sold car. New owner want money for repeir.?
Any idea what a set of stock rims from a 2004 Jeep Rubicon would be worth?
Buying a car - what to offer?
Which one is a nicer car?
i was in an accident and the insurance wants to pay me to little for my car.?
Should I buy a car that may need a new transmission soon?
do you have any advice to buy a used car. prefarably 1-6 years old SUV . WHat is the average price range.?
golf or focus????
Is this number high for car miles?
Early termination fees for a mini cooper?
Car buying/repairing laws?
Does anyone have a body kit on sale?
I'm 23 and getting a new car as a gift what should I get it has to be under 20,000?
1999 Toyota RAV4-134,000 miles-$8,000? Good deal or junker? Is the Honda better?
considering trade in of 2006 Tundra 4 door access cab?
how do i start financing for a new car?
which car out of these should i get?
whats a good name for my car?
is this a good car for me? PLZ HELP?
What should I buy tomorrow ?! :)?
What kind of car should i get?
A first car for an Irish 17 year old?
03 Accent Hatchback 5 Speed or 98 Civic Ex Automatic?
What's the best CAR?MOTORS magazine?
Ford Fusion or Honda Civic?
Will I experience any change in MPG?
What I need to do before buying a used car?
Blacked out lifted truck modification list and final price?
This girl sold me a car and she is trying to back. I need help.?
Anyone know of a good website that I can apply for a small personal loan or a person to person car loan?
Can icreturn the car? pls help?
How long will a dealer hold a car if you gave a "good faith" deposit down?
need software for my p3 ibm laptop?
Do I need a license to purchase a car from the dealership?
How long will a land rover range rover at 137,000 miles last?
How to replace lost Auto Purchase Agreement and Loan Agreement?
I sold my car and now they want their money back.?
How much would a.....?
What are my chances of getting a car loan with...?
I want to buy this used car from a private seller but I have an issue....?
I want to get a car, but can i afford it?
How much would i have to put down for a range Rover ?
price list of used van mercedez benz and showroom in the philippines?
how much is my Fiat Cinquecento worth?
Whats the Best First Car for a Girl?
What is the Mileage of New Mahindra Quanto 2012 ?
How can I import a car from the US to the UK and what are the costs involved??
Best-selling cars?
how many people dose a toyota rav 4 seat?
cars for sell for a thousand dolars or less on the gulf coast?
1st time car buyer?
Just bought a 75 suburban, and granny's slipping, help!?
Car co-ownership (under loan)?
how big of a deal is it to return a car?
What do you think? any help plz?
Anyone can you answer this question about a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager Minivan?
do you have to purchase car insurance when paying it off?
Where can i buy a Gaz-21 volga in the UK if not any body kits to make one or anywhere i can get one built?
Which car should I buy to modify as a tuner? I just dont like hondas?
can I sell a car that is on HP THEN, pay off the HP?
Advice on what car to buy in the UK?
What is the best state in the US to buy a new car?
Need first car help, any ideas?
I have a vehicle which is co-signed for, can the co-signer turn the car back into the bank?
2007-2009 Altima Spoiler?
I need someone to ship me a car outside USA?
Good first car ideas?
How much does a good Used moped cost?
What kind of car do you suggest?
Will you please advise me how to import a 1999 Plymouth van into Mexico? We live in Chapala Jal.?
help please?
What's the best color I can choose for my car?
Is it ok to buy a 6 years old BMW?
car searching please help!?
Do you Think Full Size Vans are Cool?
What is needed to bring whenever you go to a used car dealer?
Is it too early to trade in my car?
Choose 1 Truck,Car,Money,or Motorcycle?
should i buy a camry or a accord?
What is the best mpg for a truck?
What is the value of my car?
How to purchase a different car when I still owe on the car I have.?
Low auto low?
I want to get a new car for about £12000. Is it best to get a loan or car finance?
I brought a car from a garage! Now it's being sold elsewhere, where do I stand Legally?
Iim thinking about getting a car from a local auction. how much money should i bring?
Should I buy a Silverado with 100k miles?
what is the higest rate a loan can be financed for a car in indiana.?
Good mpg truck for cheap?
i need a car. something that ranges from $1000-1500 around 1997-2000 and that is in good condition. any help?
MITSUBISHI SHOGUN 1996 3ltr, 5 speed?
How much do you think I'll be able to get?
I need to lower my Truck payment,the bank that has my loan now will not help me,what else can i do ?
things to consider before we purchase a used vehicle?
how much is a super clean 1991 bmw 318IS worth?
looking for a car thats under 10,000 low miles that would make great transpo,and looks good inside and out!!?
Help choosing a new car??.....?
Does anyone have a working vehicle they would like to donate to me?
will my car be repossessed in this situation?
Where can I buy a 1967 chevy impala?
WHo knows what happens to 2005 Nissan models if they did not sell so far, and how can one assess it's value?
my Father in law has got a 1935 humber 12 4 door saloon do you know what price he could sell it for?
How much is the fiberglass cap off a 87 Toyota 4runner worth?
Car with decent gas mileage and luxury interior?
Anyone know where I could find a used F-250 for under 10 grand?
What are some good 5-door Hatchback car models?
Does anyone know where I can find the value of a Mercedes Gazelle replica?
What are my Chances..?
van or 4x4 cars for sale in egypt?
Cheap car for a beginner......?
Which car should I get? BMW 3 series, Lexus IS 350, or Acura TL?
What kind of car could I get with minimum wage?
What type of car is that in grown ups the movie?
Would you consider this?
where can i find a good and cheap civic honda and where they dont get adbantage of me being a lady?
Have a $2000 or $3000 loan on my car? Is that a good idea?
Used car being charged too much from dealer illegal?
Help on decide to get this used car?
What would a girls ten speed schwin bike from 1969 worth?
What car from the years of 2003 and 2004 Good on Gas?
How many pounds of aluminum are on a 1962 International delivery truck?
what car should i buy i got 3 million to spend?
how do i find out if anybody has truck rims for sale over the internet?
2002 honda crv or 2003 infiniti g35 sedan?
how much do you think i should sell my car for?
What action can you take if you purchase a car that claimed to be clean but has actually been in an accident?
What kind of new car should I buy?
Which is the best SUV in India?
What is autoshift on a freightliner?
How to convince parents to let me buy a sports car instead of the crappy car they want me to buy?
do you guys think this is a good deal?
GPS for my used car?????
2002 SS 35th Anniversary Camaro Red with Racing Stripes?
What is a better first car for a new driver?
An Audi 90 20Valve. or Vw GTI... see rest text?
I'm replacing a 1997 cutlass with a better car. Any suggestions for what I should get? I can't go over $10,000?
a customer left his car at my garage for repair 3 years ago and never came back to pick it up can i sell it?
Buying Altima SE-R?
I can't sell my car located in UK.. it's chrysler neon 1998, just 58 000 miles... 700 pounds?
I'm going to buy my first car...suggestions?
What's the best car for a beginner?
what is a good first car for colege kid?
If you had a choice between a NEW Mazda MX5 or a 2008 BMW Z4, which would you choose?
How long is a typical loan for an ATV?
Which SUV do you recommend?
What kind of family car, 3 kids, would you buy?
Where can I buy an old, beat up car (it doesn't have to run) for less than $100?
Which truck would be better?
Anyone in Texas, want to buy a 1999 Extended Cab Toyota Tacoma for $7500?
Is this a car scam, please help!!?
which is a better and nicer car, nissan altima2009 or Volkswagen ( CC or passat komfort) 2009?
new gto good or bad?
How to convince parents to let me buy a sports car instead of the crappy car they want me to buy?
Whats the difference between a vin # check and a Carfax Report?
Should I ask the used car owner to come with me to the tag office so I can be sure the car has a clean title?
where can i check a VIN for free online?
which car is best..............?
what is a good motorcycle for a beginning rider i'm willing to spend around 9 thousand dollas.?
Any websites of companys that buy your used tires?
Is this used 2001 Infiniti I30 worth purchasing?
Should you have to sit a specialist driving test before being allowed to buy a super sports car?
Where in Australia would I find an Mad Max Xb front spoiler?
First car for a 17y/o need realy good gas mileage can NOT spend over 3500$?
No V5 Registration Certificate?
How much money could I get if I sell my 1979 Camaro Berlinetta?
would like to buy nissan pixo how small is the boot?
1999 ford mustang legit add?
Can somebody guide me through the whole process of selling a car in Georgia?
Waiving California smog check when selling?
Renalt Clio?
What Should I Do? Want A Car...?
Why do saleperson from car dealers always assume customers will not come back?
What is the better and more reliable diesel engine for a work truck?
new car need help!? figureing out which one is right for me!!?
What is the exact make, model, and year of a used car to buy for under $3000.?
First Car Ideas????????????????????
Second Hand Car sale advice needed.?
i have a 1964 impala with hydo and in very goog condition, the motor is rebuilt and the back rear $16000 neg?
Which is the best petrol model in Skoda Rapid?
a customer left his car at my garage for repair 3 years ago and never came back to pick it up can i sell it?
I'm buying an acura integra 1993 for 200$ with 200,000 m. good deal or no?
what happens if you get a car used ,old for a gift and you put that on the bill of sale ? ?
Which is better for a first car and why?
Can I trade my 1 month old car back into the dealership for a different model car?
help!!! I can't find the name of the guy i sold my car to. he hasn't registered the car yet!?
Will SUV sales go up once the recession is over?
auto paym't for my car from other bank to 5/3?
Look for a good used car. Where is the best place to get a car?
Do people still buy cars with manual transmissions?
whats a better car **Mustang Gt(2007) vs. Charger RT(2007)** !?
i want sell my tata indica lxi car (AC) 2009 model?
what is the value of my car? Mitsubishi Mirage '01?
Do I need any permits or license to sell my vehicle on the auction?
Is is possible for a dealership to tell you a car and tell you it is used but it really is a salvaged vehicle?
how do i swap auto loans with someone?
which car is better for a first car?
Best car: Maruti Swift lxi or Maruti Ritx lxi or Hyundai i10 magna.?
Who is the owner of Galpin Auto Sports?
Is it possible to get a old new car?
How do I sell my car?
Good car for a teenager..10 points easy?
what American car should I buy?
Trying to get a book price for Jeep?
What are some good first cars for a teenage guy?
Car just broke down, it needs new motor. I owe $6000 on it. We are carless. What should I do?
What should i do with this car that i want?
Can I return a car to the Private seller if it fails inspection the day after I bought it and the failure is?
Is buying a car with cash upfront going to reduce the price or make it any less cheaper?
Why dont Auto Dealers here in Tx Or USA States sell the Chev. Montana 4 cylinder truck its sporty& cool?
What would u rather buy?
Which of these cars are better?
which car gives best milage?
What are the most reliable inexpensive SUV available?
once you leave a dealership with your bill of sale papers is the car your's?
What is the process of selling a car privately if the bank has the title?
is a car still considered new after 2-3yrs?
Which car do you like better???
how wold buy my ASA rims and fushion racing tiers?
i am buying my first car and was wondering if 200,000kms was too high??
Anti-terror laws gone mad!?
when buying a vehicle how many days do you have if unhappy to return?
i am 19 years old and i want to get financed on a car, with no credit history?
Is car trade good and how does it work ?
what is a good car for a single guy who lives in wisconsin?
Would you consider this?
Can I get a car loan with this job?
Hi- I am wanting to know which is the most reputable "Buy Here, Pay Here" car dealership in Lakeland, Florida?
what does it mean LEMON LAW @ car buying?
What is considered good mileage on a used Toyota?
What's the best used car?
Which Car is the best ? read Below...?
i am 18yr who wants to buy a non gear bike which gives more average n suitable for me as well as my family?
broken contract auto dealer can you help?
I want to buy my first car! I know NOTHING about buying a car! Can someone help?
landrover LR8?
What type of car should I get?
Why can't I buy a car?
look for Sales Dealer Hino Wing Box | Tractor Head | Dutro | Ranger in Jakarta?
my apr on a suv i just bought is 18.5% is that right?
Where to buy the best led lights for cars?
What does "Installed Options" mean when looking at a new car feature on the dealer website?
Do automaker's MSRP prices include state sales tax?
which states can I not have to pay sales tax on a new car purchase & what to do bringing back to my state?
Where are some Mitshubishi Auto Salvage yards with WHOLE cars?
Does anyone know a car dealer that accepts unemployment benefits as income?
What are good used 5-speed cars?
Was there ever a BMW 320i or 320 produced in 1988?
Can I get screwed over from checking the sale price on a stolen good tag?
What color under dash LED lights should I get?
Need help on deciding whether to trade in 99 Merc. Cougar...?
which car should I get? 2005 toyota celica gt or 1999 Mustang Gt?
How do you buy...?
Selling my truck what should i price it at?
Gassss prices?
What is the best way to get the most money out my car that I am selling?
Used car buying advice, BMW or Mazda with high mileage?
Anyone interested in a 19710 Buick LeSabre with a 455 engine?
when buying a car can you use tax paper work as you proof of income, but with no pay stubs?
Where can I buy a Standard Vanguard ?
how many miles on a car till it dies?
Where could I find an engine for a 96 Kawasaki 300 Bayou?
what's the difference between the kia rio hatchback lx , ex and sx ?
Any 98-02 Chevy Silverado Step-side black or blue for sale????
Lamborghini. Do you prefer the older ones or the ones made under Audi ownership?
I want to buy a car but i am really confused which one to get.?
Is there a way to buy car options that were originally available on you car, later on?
what is the price of this car?
wear can i get a 1969 dodge charger close to me i arkansas?
Can I keep my car that's in my fiance name?
What makes these people experts?
what kind of exhaust should i get on my car?
Is this a good car for the price?
Which is better? Toyota prado, nissan pathfinder or mazda mpv (all 2006 models)?
how can i get rid of my car?!?
Witch car to get????????
What's better in terms of appearance? Camry 2012 or Altima 2012?
BWM 325i - Should I buy it?
looking for a car don't know where to find it help?
can i get a nice car at a car auction?
should I sell my CLS 55 AMG, for how much?
I can't find anyone to finance or lease a car to me on long island.?
2000 chevy tahoe has cilinder 7 misfire can this be fixed?
Im in the market to get a new car but i want to get a car thats good on gas and that can seat 6 people?
How much should I put down on a truck?
how to calculate the price of used motorcycles?
where can i find a wallaby/wallaroo in the usa for sale?
A typical average MINIMUM to spend for a used car/truck?
I am selling my car, what are the basic thins that I need to do in order to get this done?
what's a good first car to have?
Looking for a good&legitimate source to buy a rebuildable (salvage title) car. I live in San Diego.?
What type of car do you have?
in the susuki forenzo commercial with the red forenzo what is the song in the background?
Bought a car car whent missing ended up in scrap yard?
Should I buy a Ferrari or a lamborghini?
Help, I want to buy american but...?
Is an automatic 2006 Golf GTI be a reasonable car for a 16 year old driver in Illinois without costing a ton?
A good car for first time?
At what point does a purchaser own the car?
Car information?
whats a lexus is200 se worth year 2003 (03),90k,good condition overall?
In CA, car deal fell through. Dealer sold my trade-in, wants new car back and will only refund my $500 down.??
buying 2 used cars from same dealership with cash!?
I live in Canda, can I buy a brand new car from a dealership in USA?
Planning to get a fast FWD/AWD car under $30k?
Buying a Car that is registered in other State?
Cheaper Lamborghinis for sale?
How do you get a title to a vehicle that has been lost?
is it worth it or not what should i do?
i would like to sell my financed Mazda 3 bought Nov 05. can i sell that back to the Mazda dealer?
What is the Expected price of Skoda Visiond?
idk about cars is this a goodf buy?
price of 1983 Cadillac Eldorado?
how much can i get for 1999 Dodge Intrepid Base with 60000 km ?
Which supposed to buy suzuki access or tvs wego??? Which is best among these two only!!! :-|?
my car was repossessed now im getting a surplus check back?
Need phone numbers of top selling real estate brokers in Rio de janeiro,buenos Aires, Satiago Salvado, Brazil?
I'm looking for a car. Any car websites?
Dealer conned me. What are my options?
Did i get rip by car dealers?
when was hot wheeles frist started?
i need a loan for a car. Im 18 and have no credit. what should i do?
car commercial salesman accused of hitting on daughter?
What would make a woman 35 or over buy a Cadillac?
How can I get a free 1967-1969 mustang project car?
is top gear reproductions real?
Will somebody please buy me a Subaru Impreza?
More input on car for 17 yr old boy.?
What do I have to do to get another car?
I need recommendations for the Nissan Altima.?
What kind of SUV do you think an college student should have?
Do you think this car is worth the price?
Good used cars under $8K?
Car buying question??????
hi I was wondering what some good drift cars are that are under or around 5 grand?
when's the best time of year to buy a new car ?
does anybody know where i can get a used honda hatchback for around $550?
why should I buy a Toyota Sienna instead of a Honda Odyesse?
what model i will buy?
Dos anyone know what rim this is?
I just wantto put out there that if you buy a foreign car you are un-American and non-patriotic.?
Can I ask dealership to give me BOTTOM LINE price (including taxes, license & doc fees, registration, etc)?
What size sector 9 should I buy?
Which of these cars should I buy?
Can I Sue dealership if they sold me a car with a different engine without telling me anything about it?
how do i find out if some one is vat reg?
which car should I buy- Ford Figo or GM Beat?
Chevy Cruze vs. Ford Focus?
help looking for a sports car?
How much is BMW 1994 325 convertibleI worth paying for car has new tires, new interior, new hood fulle loaded.
If a business qualitfies for a SBA loan, does it mean it is making a profit?
what is the highest value automobile on the market?
I have came across a car that i want and the add says "recon title",what does the mean?
Are you in Florida?
Is a 2003 Honda Accord EX-V6 A Sedan with 125k miles on it a good deal for $8995?
What is the price range of Renault Duster in Diesel variant?
Why would you NOT buy a Prius?
Is a 1999 Mitsubishi Magna Executive a good first car?
Where can I buy a used right hand drive jeep for mail delivery in western Virginia?
Not sure what to buy? Mercedes E 350 4matic of BMW 530xi?
delay in maruti new vehicle delivery in pune?
what is this car in this link?
I am looking for a 1960's ford bronco in the virgin islands. Any ideas?
Used car under $25,000 suggestions?
is there a website or something where i can view the MPG of a vehicle?
Best car (2nd hand!) for under £500?
If I were to purchase a new car in 2009 would I qualify for a tax credit for that purchase?
in 1962 how much did a new corvette car cost?
ford vs gmc witch is much more better for my $?
What's cars the best please answer????:) thanks?
How much horsepower does a Ferrari have?
which one is300 or rsx?
how is ovel shape and fitment type speakers differ in effect?
Which car would you choose?
i am looking to buy a 1967 pontiac GTO, private party for car dealer. Where is the best place to look?
What is a good first car? Preferably an SUV?
i need a good price range on a 99 model pontiac mini van?
Nissan Rogue or Volkswagon Golf?
4 seat sports car under 10k?
should i buy it? im not so sure?
Is a car with a used motor put in worth it.?
Is this car worth it?
Cheap, rare, classic Amerian muscle cars?
the interest rate on my car is really high b/c i had no can i refinance? is that the right word?
What are the most important considerations when deciding whether to buy new or used?
i would love to buy a Nissan GTR?
If i was quoted at $16,990 for a car but my payments were 340/mth. for 72/mth And the total comes to $24,408.?
Does anyone drive a Saturn VUE?
what is the best type of car?
what kind of cars do filipinos prefer?
How to get into automobile racing in California?
Not sure what car to buy? 2005 Toyota Camry 58K miles 4D. OR 2006 Honda Civic 60K miles 4D? Both are white?
What should I get car?
im 16 and i want to buy a used car, i need help on where to go to get the best deal possible and a good car?
I'm about to buy a 97 Saturn SC2. Good idea?
how to sell my car privately with payments?
Small Truck Diesel?
What is a good first vehicle?
Sold my Car with the plate number and no bill of sale!! What have I done?
Sold me a car with lean on it without telling me.?
Porsche 911 Carrera (996) reliability?
do you think this is an ODD LOOKING automobile?
What is the waiting period for the new swift in India ?!?
I am going to buy a new car. I am trying to decide between a cadillac escalade, a hummer or a Denali.?
waht is the best car to modify.?
Looking for a car with great acceleration?
BMW X5 or VW Touareg?
How much of a down payment will i have to put down for a 3,000$ car?
which bike do u suggest apache rtr 160 or rtr 180 ?
FAST Sporty car with room for 4? Name as many as you know with price?
Where in the world can I find this car..?
How much do you think I can get?
How much is it worth?
What r the ratings on a 2003 Acura 3.2TL Sedan and do they get good gas mileage?
Car or Suv?
Urgent help please???
How much is my 1993 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am worth?
What are some reliable and safe suvs that are pretty cheap. Less than $16,000, new or used?
Are any major car companies have any special deals on car leases?
How do I tax my new car?
Which should I buy : Santro OR Wagon-R?
Moderate damage reported(carfax) what does it mean?
Can you help? I'm trying to buy a used car....Volvo maybe?
Hi guys im looking to buy a new ukuele and im kinda new,but i dont know what to buy?
Can a private car buyer bring suit against the person they bought the car from?
Suggest me a car?
What is a good first car?
which car should i get?
What's the best way to sell a classic car?
What is a car i can turn into an autocrosser that still looks decent?
I have a question I want to sell my car and van but I dont want to pay on internet . I want free side Thanks?
i am comin to mumbai, want to know how to reach linking road from dadar east.?
How do i get out of a 15% interest rate on my new car?
Will I get charged by Toyota for a ed bumper at my end of lease inspection?
Does anyone want to sell their car to me?
Which Sporty Car Should I Get?
Does anyone know where i can buy a small new car for eleven thousand dollars?
were is the best place to buy a car in southren ireland around the munster area a small car around a 1 liter.?
I need to buy a car but my credit is not good.?
side skirts or ground affect for grand cherokee?
how do i advertise my car for sale?
where to get a classic car in new orleans?
Which vehicle is a better choice for me?
Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300?
USED CAR Private sale Problems after 1 week- Advice?
Shouldn't car dealerships that place stickers on the back of Vehicles pay us to advertise?
removing myself from title for car?
what is the book value of 2008 Chevy Impala with 40,000 miles?
How much did you pay for an 06 VW Jetta Value Edition with manual transmission?
A 2004 Audi A6 3.0t or a 2007 Pontiac G6?
what do you guys think of this car?
what are some sporty looking nice cars 00-04 and reliable?
Best place to buy body kits from?
What kind of cars are good with high miles?
what's a good vehicle if you're going to be doing a lot of mountain driving?
Difference between Ex demo and Dealer used cars?
18 year old looking for a car?
How does a trade in work? What should I expect?
How are taxes calculated on trade ins?
Do I have to pay sales tax on car that is a gift?
Bought a car and it has a problem; can I sue the seller?
can you trade in your new car for another new car even though you owe on yours?
Dirt bike, Atv or Dune buggy? please help! (10 points best answer)?
Good price for this car?
Can minimum wage buy a $16000 car?
I want to but a new truck..which is the best..Fored,Chevy,Toyota or what..the class is f-150,2500 etc?
Car import question... How to import used?
If I'm trying to transfer the title of my car to my dad's girlfriend?
How can i find my ss# online?
Should I buy a used car or get this one from my grandma?
I'm looking to get a new car? Any suggestions?
what is better...4cylinder turbos or v6's with more hp?
how much money is the average car?
Where can I find a good critique/review of used pick up trucks?
Should I get this car off of eBay?
If you buy a car with finance on it, are you responsible for paying the debt to the finance company?
What car should i get for my first car?
Car Broken Down...Need Ideas?
I'm thinking about buying a Hummer H3 any suggestions?
Would this be to old for a 16 year old?
I want to buy a used car?
What is a cool and cheap car that a teen can get?
what is the best new small car to buy in vancouver canada?
Which first car? Audi A5 vs Audi A4 vs BMW 328ix vs Infiniti G25x?
What is a decently priced customizable car that isn't too impractical?
wich car is better looking?
We just bought a reallllly expensive italian sports car? How can i make sure no one steals it?
price of hummer H3 vehicle in malaysia?
Does this type of vehicle have power steering?
How can one get out of a contract to purchase a used car?
i paid £500 deposit for the car, at first car dealer found a finance for my name?
Getting a cheap and nasty Aussie car and need some help please?
why , am I having a problem getting a answer to my question, should I just assume is not a good company?
Is 1000miles in one week too much?
I'm going to buy a 2009 car for $18,000. Think I can talk it down to $15,000 if I offer to pay straight cash?
What American car should I get?
would i be able to get a car?
To buy a 85 monte carlo?
sorry its me again i need to sell my car its a 64 impala with higro does anyone want to buy it?
how much would a 2012 Camaro Coupe 1LT cost for a down-payment and a monthly payment?
Does camaro have a manual or automatic?
What kind of salary does it take to comfortably buy a $45,000 car?
Whats a good Tuner car?
Which Americans cars is the best to drive?
Help. If you had $5000 to spend on a car, what would you get?
Is it cheaper to lease or buy a car?
what car is most likely get a hot girl?
What kind of car should i get??
Wanna buy a new scooty in cheap price?
what is the best suv for fuel efficiency AND elbow room?
If I trade my car for another in a straight trade (private party- not a dealer) do I have to pay sales tax?
Easy Car Question...?
What car would you buy and why?
what is a cool but good car i can get for 5000?
Convince me to sell my first car and buy a new car?
Vehicle odometer question.?
Which truck is the best looking?
i need advice on terminating my car loan.?
Can we get a second vehicle in this situation?
how much could i sell this cutlass for?
Whats the difference between a 4 cylinder manual and a 6 cylinder manual?
All long will this vehicle last?
what should i do about being sold car dishonestly?
Do you think car dealers go straight to he** ?
Keep my car or sell it?
Is the 2011 BMW X3 a chick car?
What to do with a car when someone dies?
"Hybrid" cars and resale value.?
How long do car loans usually last?
Is it worth buying a used chrysler 300!?
Im buying a truck for sale by owner?
can i buy a car in ny im 16?
Which one is a nicer car?
I am a high school student and I was wondering. Mitsubishi Eclipse RS-Pontiac Sunfire SE-Mitsubishi Lancer ES?
what is the most trusted indian brands in Cars ?
Where to get a cheap car?
Looking for a car for my family?
does this seller sound like a fake fraud ?! please help?
What size Glasspacks/Cherrybombs should I get?
Does any one know were i can get a good alarm in Arizona cheap?
Should i buy a used car with little or no MOT?
Is this a car dealer scam?
Can you sell a car without having a recent inspection done?
how much should i pay for a Ford F250 diesel?
Newer GM or older Honda or Nissan?
How much is tax to purchase Used Car from New Jersey with NY License but moving into North Carolina soon?
Will i have to pay past due registrion?
web page that predicts difference between my used car and another used car?
Reliable car under 5k?
I would like to buy a 2005 or 06 suv/car, but would not like to have a high monthly car payment.?
Is it cheaper to lease a car or to buy it?
What happens at the ed of a car lease?
2005 Ford Focus 12,000 miles great opportunity or buyer beware?
What truck gets the best gas mileage?
What do you think about Mitsubishi's (Eclipse)?
Nissan 300Z or Dodge Stratus RT Coupe?
Is leasing a car a good idea?
Gtr skyline !?!?! ? 2013?
Which forms do I need to buy a used car in the state of California from a private seller?
how much should i pay for a 2005 Cadillac STS with 70,000 miles?
2013 BMW 335i F30 Sedan or Used Nissan GTR?
Foreign cars versus American.?
Looking for 1950's/ 60's Ford Galaxie.. any suggestions??
What is the difference between a lexus IS 300 and a lexus IS 200? and also help me make a decision please?
what is a better truck???
what cars fit into the £35 tax category?
What are the ramification of not completing car loan?
I have a contract with a dealership on a car but I received the title with my name on it and no lienholder.?
I969 Chevelle vs Modified Alfa GTV6 with v8 engine 470 HP and twin turbos?
Where can i buy a car for $10 online?
how much can the bank loan you without no credit?
whats best auto in u.s.a ?
Fast American Car under 15K?
Why is this car so cheap?!?
Should I make payments on a car?
Help on a first car for son?
Buy a used car from a family member...(title info)?
How do I pay cash for a new car?
should I buy this car?
i want to own my first car..which car???
Which of these cars would be a better buy as a second car(fun car)?
Wanting to buy a good pink car in western australia? Does anyone know of some good web sites?????
wat r SUVs and what are sum bad things about SUVs?
Where can I find truck seats with integrated seat belts for sale?
six doored car with 8 seated?
Good sports car under 10k?
if you have $2000 an you want to buy a car but your mind's not there an you buy something eals how do you get?
Should I buy a car with 194,000 miles on it?
What kind of car should I get?
Honda or Toyota owners. Would you ever buy an American car or truck?
My dad gave me $304,000 as a birthday gift. I am planning to buy a sport car, so what car should i buy.?
What paperwork I have to do when selling my used car in Washinton, DC to a private party?
How much tax would I have to pay if I sell my car for $10,000 in CA to a private buyer?
What is a cool used first car?
My car were towed and sold at auction without my permission?
How much to spend on teen car?
Any Stores (Non-Consignment) in NYC that "Buy" Used Strollers and Car Seats?
I'm looking to pay 5000 to 6000 down on a car but I have fair credit, do this increase my chances?
I got paid by insurance from our totaled car, what's the best plan to get another car?
is it better to buy or lease a car?
which car model looks nice in white?
What is the best car for street racing?
2004 Acura TL with 127,000 miles... good investment or not?
Which car do you perfer?
where can i find buckets seat s for my trans am 1979 ?
How should i buy rift platinum without getting banned ?
looking to trade my car in, but..?
does fla. has a return policy for new automobile?
What tools/items should I get before a car purchase?
Anyone know a good place to sell an old VW Cabriolet Convertible?
who needs a radiator fan motor and how much would you pay for it?
2004 Subaru Impreza WRX or 2004 Honda Accord V6 Coupe w/ Leather?
Can drz 125 2007 model graphics fit a 2003 model?
I will be 16 in December,I need to know what is a good first car to get. My budget is $4,000?
Anyone in Oban know how much stoddarts sell mopeds second hand or not ?
What to do with my new car?
One-Way/Radius Mileage?
I paid off my car over a year ago. They still haven't sent the title? Can I sue?
Should I get a 350Z or something else?
Would putting rims void the warranty?
which is the best car in world?
PLEASE HELP! Bought a used car, discovered old problems, old owner won't take back!!!?
What car would you absolutely not buy?
Honda jazz or toyota Yaris?
First car for a 17y/o need realy good gas mileage can NOT spend over 3500$?
Help buying a car in a different state?
I need a picture of 1994 Ford Mustang?
My first car.............please look?
how much is a super clean 1991 bmw 318IS worth?
What car best fits my lifestyle and budget?
Anyone know of a good website that I can apply for a small personal loan or a person to person car loan?
How much is my car worth?
I paid my car off today with money I wanted to nvest was that smart?
Does anyone here drive a Toyota Supra?
Small/cheap cars for fist time driver?
First time new car buyer with little budget. Which one is better? Toyota corolla, Toyota yaris or Honda civic?
Would it be worth it to trade a 1997 Honda accord special edition for a 1994 acura legend gs?
Kia rio or Hyundi accent?
Process of transferring car from canada to california?
Which Car, and which will be the best Tuned?
Is this a good first car?
What to do if you've lost your car keys?
Certified pre owned Honda Civic?
New vehicle trade in for new vehicle please help?
My car use to get about 18mpg now it's getting 14 wtf is wrong with it?
Which is the better car: 1999 Subaru Forester S vs. 2004 Chevy Malibu?
Can I lease a car when I turn 18?
What would happen if I decided to return my car?
Wharts a cool car to buy?
should i sell my 93 240sx?
I'm in the market for a new SUV. Jeep and/or Tahoe. Should E85 be a deciding factor?
SUV or small car?
Good beginner trucks or SUV for new drivers?
Can i finance a car????????????????????
I want to buy a bike and barely have enough cash. Is selling my car and buying a cheaper one a solution?
Im thinking of buying a Used 04 Audi A6?
We are buying a mid-sedan, how is Hyundai Sonata?
used car battery buyer in korea?
What car models fits tires 251 65 r16?
Can I drive under these circumstances?
Does $9,500 for a 1970s VW Kombi seem a bit much?
Getting Stuff Ready For A Garage Sale ...Any Body Have Ideas On How Much I Should Put For?
Do I get my sales tax and processing fees back upon getting a refund on a car I purchased?
First time buying a car?
Is this a good price for the car I bought, Its for college?
Where to get a cheap car?
Where can i buy/sell a good cheap diesel car in Quebec?
What Car Would You Recommend as A First Car?
went to a website last night but can't remember where can you help?
Do you need to have a license to buy a car in New York?
How much money can you get for used tramsmission?
Is it true that if you walk into a dealership with $10,000 cash or check, you can buy any car up to $15,000?
What is a good used car to buy in the $4,000 Range?
What happens to a car that is in house financed and the dealership goes out of business?
Buying a used car/truck?
any ideas of a first car?
lotus elise?
if i were to get a car, what should it be?
any body selling a good reliable car in georgia?
how long does it take to sell a car online?
If you are driving 30,000 miles a year, which cars are the cheapest in terms of mpg and service intervals?
I bought a used car from a lot and have all that paperwork, but have not been to dmv. Can I still sell the ca?
Where to buy your first car?
Which is better? Foreign cars or American cars?
I need to find someone that is interested in a1996 Pontiac Bonneville?
Whats the best sprots car?
What car is a good work car under 40k?
what is the black book value of a 1995 2dr chevy cavalier. 258000kms?
What are my rights/options to MY car?
What happens if I stop paying my car loan?
Car Purchase Question, ACURA TSX 2004?
If im 6'4" 320lbs can i fit and drive a dune buggy?
Can anyone go step by step on how to buy a car?
what car should i buy for my first car?
Should I give my car to my family or sell it?
How much are dealers paying to use
How much should I pay for a 1999 Ford Mustang GT with 50,000 miles?
Should I keep the car or sell it?
how much's benz c280?
First car for a 17 year old?
What is the best and cheapest used car available?
If ya had to choose would you go with the SATURN SKY or the PONTIAC SOLSTICE?
what is the best car for me?
I'm buying a used GPS, what should I look/check/test before buying?
Is this car reasonably priced or is the dealer ripping me off?
my parents are leasing a car this weekend, it will be our 1st lease. any tips?? suggestions?? thanks 's
what is your favorite car?
truck with best city mpg?
People attack me because I complain about high gas prices because I drive an SUV!?
buying a car?
Why is a 2006 Mazda 6 i sport hatchback 2k cheaper in blue book value than a 2006 Mazda 3 i sport hatchback?
What is the deal w/ a salvage title on a vehicle?
What is the best car?
What would be the best used four door car to buy within the budget of $1000-5000?
what's your dream car?
they sent to me a massage from number 00423662692195 and they infomed me that i won a HUMMER car?
what car should i buy? $18000 max?
Should I buy a brand new Hyundai Accord as my first car?
What kind of car should I get?I like nice expensive things?
Who will give me more money? Carmax or the dealership that I bought the car from?
Why don't Americans buy American cars?
AutoMaster Lemon!! Please help me?
Which car you think i should buy (09 accord coupe or 07 camry) pls rea?
what is the biggest selling new car on the market to day?
when to pay the down payment for a car?
Where is the best place to post a tractor for sale?
Why can't I sell my car?
julian works as a salesman for a text book company. he recieves a monthly salary of 3000 as well as 10% commis?
i am in the market for a new car and was wondering what kind to get?
Is it a good idea?
Is this car a Girls Car?
Recommendations for a sports car with max budget 20k?
whats the best car in india for short height people to drive specifically a lady?
What would be the best first automatic pass?
Nissan 350z or Mustang GT '05-09 (Non- Biased Please)?
How to drift with a car?
how do i sell a car with a bad engine?
Is 250,000 miles on a blue g6 bad?
1997 mustang or 1985 corvette?
2003 Mini Cooper Sport 65000 mi buying for 9500, Good Deal?
Looking for a new car. What's the best kind of car to get?
Is the 2007 Chevy Avalanche worth buying?
What would be the fastest way to sell an 81' chevy pickup?
How negotiable are Dealer Motorcycle prices. Can I play the game like a car or are you stuck with their price
is 12500 a good price for new 2012 nissan senta?
selling price for my Chevy?
How could I lower this price?
looking to buy a mini - how many miles is a lot on the clock?
what can i buy for $50?
Do You Think This is a Good First Car?
Im looking for a car that can...?
How many models are available in Hyundai Elantra?
if i buy a car in California and it has unpaid parking tickets do i have to pay them?
Can i drop my leased car?
what is $12.96 in European money?
does any1 fancy a bum?
The Dodge Aspen is in NY?
i bout my car as is one month ago, but now the transmission need to be rebuilt and the cabin leaks. am i SOL?
Best new HD dually top of the line?
Is the QX56 a good car? Forget about the Gas!?
What happens if my leased car gets into a fender bender?
what is better? a 2004 with 75000 miles, or a 2000 with 50000 miles?
I'm interested in buying my first car. What do I have to learn?
Can I trade in car that's been half paid for?
Buying my first car - don't know which way to go for the same money.?
legally when can you breach a contract in the state of texas?
I just bought a 2011 car. I would like to know if its wise to renew my loan to get a better interest rate?
How much would you spend on a project car?
Value of my car?
What's a good kind of car for me?
I am buying a second hand car in Delhi. What papers do I need from the owner?
how can i look up info with just a licence plate number to find out history of the car i want too buy .?
Buying my first Car, what should i get?
car buying?
Where can i get classic car kits?
i need a name for my car!?
Questions about my truck?
Need to sell my Honda.?
I have an 807 FICO score. I'm ready to buy a car, but I don't know how to use this score to my advantage.?
bought a used car from dealership they made promissory note to fix certain things on car and now don't want to?
What are the top 10, and bottom 10 list of resale value cars by brand (not specific models) ?
Is it better to have more miles on your car or less?
What are some decent affordable used cars?
What is important for you to buy a car?(Type of the car or car's year )?
Buying a Citroen??
What is a good little truck for a first vehicle?
what is a cool looking but still good first car?
Is it better for me to buy a motorcycle (Suzuki GSXR 600) or to buy a Ford Fiesta 1.25 - If I'm 17 years old?
Can a 18 year old with no credit get a new car?
Recommendations on buying 01 Honda Shadow VLX 650cc used?
I have an interview with someone who works at a car dealership--what should i ask?
I bought a car 2 mos. ago and have not got the title, I can't get my plates without it, what can I do?
Repossession of car on a bank loan?
who wants to buy a 1999 ford explorer xlt 4x4 all power?
if you were to choose between a 2006 Jeep grand cherokee or a 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser. what would you choose?
What should I look for when buying a car?
What is the best van or car for transporting a harp?
What is the best car you can buy for $25,000?
Best car for a project car?
Where To Buy Kumho KU31 Coloured Smoke Tyres In AUstralia ?
hey i got a 1986 chevy c-10 and my passenger baelight is styin on how do i get it unstuck so i dont get a tick
Good names for a pickup truck?
Is it legal to sell a car in P.A. with no catalytic converters?
Looking to buy used car, not understanding what the seller means?
How much should I pay for this nissan micra?
What is the best website for used cars in USA ?
How much would a well kept 76 model V W be worth in US?
Getting a used-car loan?
Taking over car pymts, How good is this deal?
Best places to buy used transmissions?
2 question?
Why is the camaro ss so much better that a disgustang? I mean mustang?
Is a Bill of Sale the same thing as a Letter Agreement?
New,Used And Reconditioned Cars?
Which car would you choose?
What do you think of this SUV?
I am going to buy a new car.?
we are looking for a decent people carrier?
Good reliable car?
Good price for a 1972 Chevelle Malibu?
Recommend a good used car?
Should I buy a car?
2006 dodge charger ?????????
Cheap but still alright looking car?
What kind of car do you have? What kind of car do you want to have?
Should I buy a Mazda MX5?
Should I get a Lexus IS 350 AWD or an Acura TL SH-AWD Both 2010 Models?
Where can I find a cheaper version of the segway? I really like them but I don't have $2 grand so throw away.?
how much does it cost to package a nintendo wii game?
Can I try a car for the weekend before I decide if I want to buy it? It is at a dealership.?
what are the pros and cons or refinancing an auto loan?
challenger or camaro?
My car got repossed, now the car company has to sell the car and i pay the remaning balance?
Is a mitusbishi car a "chick car"?
What is the legal age to drive a V12?
How long will the car last?
how much does a 2000 trans am cost?
I am struggling to make my mind up about what car to have when im seventeen?
What car should i get?
Finding the Expected Value?
What is the best second-hand vw golf mk4 to buy ?
What should I buy SX4 or Logan?
would you be put off buying a car if it had an offensive number plate?
If idon't have a job, but i have good credit, and i cosign for my husband to get a car, would we be aprove?
Are Mini Trucks reliable, fast, and have good handling?
Should I buy a 2007 Nissan Versa?
If my car is dying and needs major repairs is it okay to trade it in and by a new or used car.?
Getting out of a car lease Maintenance options! How do I do it?
What's a good used car to get?
help looking for a sports car?
Are Car Salesmen generally shady( bad ) people.?
which kind of fish sleep still open smile?
Is anyone on here in utah? Anyone selling a car?
do you think a corsa vaxhall a good to buy?
Need help/info about SUV?
2011 Chevy Malibu or 2011 Kia Sonata?
Prius or Civic?
How to get financing for a car with bad credit ?
for my 20th birthday,my dad told me that he is giving me an open budget and can get any car i want! suggestion?
What should I pay for a used 2006 Jeep Commander?
Can I trade in my car for another when I am still paying on it?
Part-exchanging a car with fault will the dealer have come back?
Does n/e one know or have a 67-69 camaro or firebird for sale?
Which country build the best cars?
What are advantages/ disadvantages of owning more than one car by the same manufacturer?
Good used car sales websites for California, America?
Thinking about buying a Mini Cooper?
What small suv do you think is better?
Good cheap RWD Daily/Drifter?
How much does it cost to lease a 2006 Hummer H2 SUT in New York City?
CARS! Should I by a 1999 Altima w/70K miles -$5,500 or a 2000 Jetta w/50K miles-$7,000? Which one is better?
How much is it to have a car?
how many car typs are there? there is dsm, jdm and what else?
getting "Lost Title" for a vehicle you purchased?
how much sell for? '01 mercury sable w/49K miles?
Can F1 student buy a car in California?
What do I look for to buy an used car ?
I bought used vehicle in Missouri and 35 days after purchased the engine blows. What should I do?
I want to sell a car to my son. How will he go about getting the tag?
flood cars for sell?
What is the difference between the major brands and "other" brands of scooters (sit down ones), besides price?
Should i make the trade or no?
Scion TC,Honda Civic SI,or RSX type S?
Does anyone want a $1000 car in Portland right now? I have one.?
So im thinking of selling my 07 prius and i want to sell fast and at a decent price...?
Should i quit my full-time and part-time job to become a car salesman?
where can I buy a VW Single cab?
How much is this 1950 Plymouth worth?
I heard there was a new CA law for registering a car?
Buying my first car, what do you think?
what car should i get?
What is the best way to negoiate the price of a new car?
What is a good first car?
Do people normally negotiate price when leasing a car?
I recently bought a brand new car and now i am getting letters at home saying that the dealership is?
Should I trade in, sell or just fix the transmission of my '99 4runner?
I am thinking of buying a new car?
can I get a 3rd auto loan??
How much should I offer for this '85 Grand National?
OMG!! first car insurance how high!!! any advice???? plz read?
Is anybody selling a car?
advice needed plz????. i'll answer yours thnx?
why "total cost to own" is more than "invoice" or "MSRP" price in auto s? which price is true?
Cheap cars for sale without going ot dealership?
1996 chevy cavalier 82000 miles for 3000 v4 4 door or 1999 dodge dakota sport 109000 miles for 4000 v6 2 door?
What fees and costs am I looking at in California for buying a used car?
What colour car should I get?
Porsche 911 Carrera (996) reliability?
How much is a 2012 Hummer H3 automatic?
What is a good second car for an 18 year old?
whats the easiest way to trade in a newer car for an older one that you still owe on?
is 2003 Acura TL or Infiniti g3 serials good cars?
salvage car for 6-7thousand below kelley blue book good price?
Have you ever bought a car through Ebay?
best car for a new driver?
Bourght car from private buyer as good run order. 3 days later garage-loose flywheel. can i claim off seller?
How to buy a car from dealer? ?
Whats a good car for a beginner driver?
Is a Delorean a good first car?
How much will I pay for 17''-18'' rims and tires?
I have never bought a new car before,how much haggle room do you have to play with? especially with the econmy?
Auto Leins Ontario Canada?
Who owns a chrysler 300? and how much is it wort?
Does anybody have a nissan 240sx hatchback 1986/ 1994 that works for sale in the state of Fl?
is this a good suv?
mercedes benz c230 compressor?
What's the best car need some help?
Looking for a new car, back and forth to work low miles in Buffalo, NY?